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WellnessRE - JUNE 2021 - SAMPLE issue

Published by Local Umbrella Media, 2021-06-10 14:37:19

Description: WellnessRE, the magazine that brings health & home together.

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wellness RE™ THE MAGAZINE THAT BRINGS HEALTH & HOME TOGETHER VOL 2 | ISSUE 6 JUNE 2021 Travel well YOUR PHOTO HERE! Brad Weber [email protected] (619) 300-1732 EXPLORING WELLNESS IN REAL ESTATE CALL now to find out how YOU can be the exclusive local publisher of this magazine in your area

Giving You the Gift of Wellness Are you ready to travel well? Summer is just around the corner, so get ready to embrace all of the fun times and memories! After a year of putting our travel hopes and dreams on the backburner, it's finally time to start making plans and getting back out there. Wellness travel is everything right now, whether this looks like taking a self-care spa day to give yourself much needed R&R or simply connecting with nature in the great outdoors. Traveling can be so good for the mind, body, and spirit. As you read through this month's issue, remember that wellness truly starts from within... within yourself, within your house, within your routines, and within your relationships. Giving yourself breaks, caring for your space, and mindfully nourishing your body will help you feel and live better. Key takeaways: We can declutter our spaces and minds as we begin to engage in warm-weather activities with our families and children. We take care of our bodies and our planet by working wellness travel into our lives. We create functional spaces in and around our home while being mindful of the changing seasons and the climates in which we live. We use color to enhance the way we cook, eat, and live mindfully. You deserve to live in a healthy home environment that supports you and your family, provides you comfort, and brings you joy each day. And this magazine is dedicated to helping you do that. Enjoy! Brad Weber YOUR PHOTO HERE! [email protected] (619) 300-1732 CALL NOW TO FIND OUT HOW YOU CAN BE THE EXCLUSIVE LOCAL PUBLISHER OF THIS MAGAZINE IN YOUR AREA

05 Recipe of the Month 06 Organized Travel 09 LAGOM: A Harmonious Way of Living 14 Did you Know? 16 Encourage Healthy Eating 21 Say Goodbye to Indoor Allergens & Pollutants HELLO 8I S S U E 24 Building a Healthy Pantry 27 Feature: Wellness Travel 35 Agent Spotlight: Pino Fortunado 42 A Wellness Room 46 Biophilic Design 53 Fifty Shades of Blue 61 Glossary of Terms

travel (trav-el) noun the only thing you buy that makes you richer. WellnessRE | page 04

RECIPE OF THE MONTH Lemon Poppyseed Almond Ricotta Pancakes (VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE) 2017 James Beard Heather says \"Waaay back in the day, when Pete and I were dating, we used Award Nominee for to always go to this one place in Seattle for weekend brunch. Even when we both ordered our own breakfast, it was mandatory that we got a batch of her amazing Ricotta Pancakes- they were that good! Honestly, that started a love affair cookbook PURE with ricotta pancakes that lasted a decade, right up to the moment I realized that I would no longer be eating dairy for the rest of my life. I really wanted DELICIOUS to reproduce the tender, light ricotta pancakes of those long-ago breakfasts, and I was absolutely floored by how wonderful the results were! So I am thrilled to share the recipe with you and I hope you love them!\" Click HERE to view the full recipe. Heather Christo is a classically trained turned Allergen-Free celebrity chef who makes eating healthy a delicious way of life. WellnessRE | page 05

As summer is approaching, many are getting ready to travel again. It's nice to be organized when you start packing. The cost of bringing multiple suitcases on a trip quickly adds up. Which is why it is important to maximize your usage of space. Here are some tips to stay organized and save some money while traveling. WellnessRE | page 06

1. Make a list of things you 3. Purchasing Travel Size will need on your trip Products Making a check list will save you time and Pack travel size soap and shampoo bottles avoid forgetting anything. it will also for your toiletry bag so you can avoid reduce excess packing of items you don’t checked baggage fees. This also includes need! I like to make my list according to sunscreen and any other liquids you want my trip's length and planned activities. to travel with. 2. Pack your outfits together 4. Organize Travel Products in Your Home Roll up your pants and shirts together to save space inside your suitcase. Setting Having a designated area in your home aside your outfits will make getting ready for your traveling necessities makes it easier and reduce the stress of finding easier when you are packing for a trip. matching pieces. This includes toiletry bags, mini shampoo/conditioner/deodorant, travel size hairbrush, etc. By, Angie Wegener Angie helps families de-stress their home so they Residential Organizational can focus on what’s important and enjoy the Specialist things that matter most. Click here for more organizational tips! WellnessRE | page 07

Blooming! A Healthy Home by Design PODCAST is dedicated to uncovering all the elements that lead to a healthy home. You will learn new ways to create an environment that supports your health and happiness so you and your family will bloom and grow! WellnessRE | page 08

LAGOM: By, Cassy West A Harmonious Lagom (pronounced law-gohm) is Way of Living the Swedish word used to describe an amount or a state which is ‘just right’- not too much and not too little. It is an amount so perfect that it creates a sense of harmony and serenity. Unlike hygge, a Norwegian term for a momentary state of bliss promoting warmth and comfort, lagom is a way of living. A way of life for Swedes for generations, the concept of living the “lagom” life has, within the last few years, evoked curiosity among Americans. There are many books describing ways to reach lagom, and how to apply the lagom concept in interior design, cooking, fashion, and sustainable living. WellnessRE | page 09

We live in a world where we crave tranquility and balance. Lagom focuses on moderation and the ‘less is more’ philosophy, creating that perfect balance between not enough and too much. With interior design, the emphasis is on buying quality, timeless pieces and living with less clutter. Interiors are more restrained and favor a curated style. Simpler color schemes are adopted, and accessories are kept to a minimum. Lagom encourages people to enter life in the slow lane and enjoying everything it has to offer, just with a little more self- restraint. Devoted lagom-ites know when enough is enough and they are at their happiest adopting a more sustainable way of living. WellnessRE | page 10

HOW CAN YOU BRING 3. Accessorize with Items LAGOM INTO YOUR HOME? that Bring You Joy 1. Adopt a Neutral Palette While the lagom concept means you accessorize Lagom spaces are often calm and clean, while still with less stuff than the Danish style hygee, it feeling inviting. It’s rare to see a lot of different colors doesn’t mean you can’t buy objects for your or patterns in a lagom interior. Whites, greys, pastels home. Instead of buying items on impulse, the and earthy tones work well in harnessing the lagom philosophy encourages you to consciously shop feeling. Stick to just a few key colors, but introduce a for items that bring you joy and add beauty to variety of tones to build up warmth and texture so your space. as not to create a space that’s too clinical or dull. If you feel your space needs more warmth, introduce Choose pieces that are timeless and not trendy. natural timbers, leathers, or fabric with a textural Editing is also key to achieving the lagom weave. inspired look. Rather than clutter their space with many accessories, lagom-ites tend to style 2. Focus on Practicality the items on their own. That way, you’re more likely to notice its beauty and appreciate the An interior that encourages the lagom way of living object. Beauty is also recognized in the small is practical. The design of the room and the objects details. within supports its purpose. Impractical furniture or pieces that are highly ornate are less sought after. 4. Choose Quality Over Instead, lagom inspires homeowners to choose furniture that suits the size of the space, and pieces Quantity that are timeless and functional. When it comes to lagom style, less is definitely Consider if the furniture encourages the room to more and finding the right balance will help you flow, if it allows you to easily circulate and meets achieve the desired look. The philosophy focuses your needs. Opting for furniture that works with your greatly on investing in quality over quantity. lifestyle and interior rather than overcomplicating the design will help you embrace this way of living. Instead of buying disposable furniture and design objects, opt for pieces that are well-made and are classic. Splurge on the items you love, and on items that celebrate the artisan craftsman. Look for the natural beauty in quality materials and in the intricate design details. WellnessRE | page 11

How to adopt the LAGOM lifestyle? The lagom philosophy extends further than interiors. It’s a way of life. Beyond styling your home with restraint and focusing on quality materials, there is a way you can incorporate more balance into your daily life. WellnessRE | page 12

LIVE WITH LESS STUFF BUY LESS Clear out the items of your life that don’t Ask yourself, do you really need that? Buying less bring you joy. From your wardrobe to your will help you live with less and reduce your waste. desk, get rid of the clutter and live with less. Spend your money on special things that last and But, it’s not just items you can declutter. Think on experiences that enrich your life. It’s simply about the relationships you have with people. about being mindful. Perhaps you can part ways with those who no longer add value and happiness to your life. FIND BALANCE WASTE LESS Focus on finding balance in your life. This could be fostering a work/life balance or worryingly less Learn to waste less whether that’s the food in about doing better and instead, focusing on doing your fridge, paper, clothing or general house your best. Live life simply. hold trash. Focus on reusing, up-cycling, and donating. Design well to live well. Cassy West Cassy helps clients find and Design Well to Live Well create healthier more comfortable Eco Friendly Interior homes through her expertise in Designer & Wellness Real eco-friendly design and GREEN Estate Agent in living. She has been a LEED v4 Massachusetts Green Associate, a Fitwel Ambassador since 2017 and she holds the GREEN Designation through the National Association of Realtors. Reach her directly at [email protected] WellnessRE | page 13

Leonard Steinberg started a DID YOU KNOW? firestorm in the real estate profession when he joined the Real Estate in the News from one of small start-up technology- America's Top Brokers: Leonard Steinberg focused New York-based brokerage Urban Compass as May 19,2021 company President in mid-2014 DID YOU KNOW? Consumers are ready to go back after 17 years in the industry. shopping in-store.....Target's first-quarter in-store sales The 50-person company has (BEFORE Covid full Vaccine impact) were up 18%! mushroomed in just 6 years to WOW! The vast majority of their sales - 95% - were a 20,000-person, nationally fulfilled IN their bricks-and-mortar stores including recognized brand called curbside pick-up, etc..... (CNBC) Compass with over 325 offices throughout the USA and $91 May 13, 2021 billion in sales volume in 2019. DID YOU KNOW? More than 58% of Americans over the age of 18 have received at least one dose of Covid-19 It is now the third-largest vaccine, and the country is re-opening EVERYWHERE. It privately held brokerage in the is a sight to behold. Starting next Wednesday in OHIO, USA. Leonard has always adults who have received at least one vaccine dose, remained in daily brokerage and are at least 18 years old, may enter a lottery that and changed his title to Chief will provide a $1 million prize each Wednesday for 5 Evangelist in 2018 as Compass weeks. adapted to include several regional presidents. May 12, 2021 DID YOU KNOW? More than 7 million households He embodies the new breed of moved to a different county in 2020, nearly half a modern real estate professional million more households than in 2019. Big cities fared who provides substantive worst: One new household moved in for every three knowledge about all aspects of that left Manhattan. In 2019, two moved in for every real estate with over two three that left. Alarmingly, Miami-Dade lost over 60,000 decades of experience and while gaining around 42,000 .....while Palm Beach county several billion dollars in sales. gained over 50,000 while losing around 46,000. Similar patterns happened in many larger cities including Dallas Each day he sends a Compass- and Denver where moving further out of urban centers wide journal he calls Compass was the biggest trend. Contemplations. This section, called DID YOU KNOW? is full of quick real estate and other related news you may not have heard. Leonard has kindly agreed to share his news with the readers of WellnessRE Magazine. WellnessRE | page 14

May 11, 2021 DID YOU KNOW? This is a good time of the year to service air conditioning systems. Regular filter changes are essential, but when last did you have your DUCTS cleaned? DID YOU KNOW? The super-yacht business is a great barometer of the ultra-wealthy....and we hear that all yacht-builders are fully booked for many months/years ahead. Even the second-hand yacht market has soared in the past 12 months. The ultra-rich added almost $2 trillion in wealth since January 2020. May 9, 2021 DID YOU KNOW? 2020 was a banner year for the mortgage business: Lenders originated a record $3.83 trillion in home loans. This year, total originations are expected to fall to $3.3 trillion, a 14.2% decline. Still, at that level, 2021 would rank among the best years on record. The good news for borrowers is that as mortgage volume decreases, lenders are now vying for customers by lowering the rates they charge. (WSJ) May 7, 2021 DID YOU KNOW? The year of the pandemic saw the largest increase in Global house prices since the U.S. housing boom of the mid-2000s. And there is no sign the rally is coming to an end. House prices rose by 4.91% across 16 economies monitored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas last year, the sharpest increase since 2006. Across 18 advanced economies, mortgage lending has grown from around a third of total bank lending in 1960 to very nearly 60%. (WSJ) Leonard Steinberg Chief Evangelist at Compass W eWl el nl lensessRs ER E| |ppa ga gee1 51 5

Encourage Healthy Eating Layout Your Home to Support Healthy Habits by Amanda Klecker WellnessRE | page 16

Have you ever thought about how you For me it started with my work and finance goals. have your house laid out? I think about WE had a designated room in our basement set it from time to time, but more often aside for my work space. But I found I used it than not, I just get used to the current infrequently because I wanted to be where the way of life and the way our spaces are family was. This realization that I wasn’t working as arranged. I usually get so used to it I often as I wanted because I missed time with my forget that, yes, we can change the family led us to turning our formal dining room way our house is laid out ANY time. into an office and craft space. You might be wondering why anyone would want Now I can hop on the computer and do even 10 to change the layout of rooms or their house. minutes of work here or there while the kids are Some people just like a change to experience a around and I feel like a part of the family. change, really. But, that got me to thinking, why aren’t we using the layout of our house to coincide After this change I began thinking about other with a healthy lifestyle and our goals? areas that could also be used to benefit our current lifestyle or at least enhance it. WellnessRE | page 17

NUTRITION Healthy eating and healthy food is a HUGE part of a healthy lifestyle. The key to healthy How can the layout of meals is to do the prep work and make it your space impact the EASY to eat healthy. The easier it is to make quality of your dietary a healthy choice, the more likely it will be health and nutrition? that the right option is chosen. Fruit Bowl Having a fresh bowl of fruit out is a GREAT way to make sure healthy options are in plain view. We use things like apples, bananas, oranges and pears, which are all easy things to grab and snack on. It’s great for when kids say they’re hungry too. WellnessRE | page 18

Decluttered Counters A kitchen that is fresh and open is a kitchen where you will feel more balanced. A more balanced and fresh approach in the kitchen means you will feel less rushed while preparing a cooking. This in turn means you will be more intentional about what you’re eating. And isn’t that one of the biggest goals around EVERYTHING in your life? Being more intentional can truly help you achieve most of your goals and can also help you stop bad habits that have formed. Keeping counter tops clear and leaving out ONLY the essentials you use on a daily basis can really help you create a fresh space where nourishing your body is the sole purpose of the room. Cutting Board For Christmas this year, my husband bought me a cutting block. While I hadn’t asked for one, I was so surprised he did tons of research and purchased one from an Etsy shop. We are all about practical gifts in our house and this one is the QUEEN of practicality in that I use it every. Single. Day. You might be wondering how this piece of decor/tool is a way to make your kitchen work for your nutrition goals. By keeping a tasteful cutting board out on your counter, you’re more likely to use it by chopping up fresh foods that need preparation. I love preparing fresh foods with my cutting board and it’s been a great addition to our healthy kitchen. Diffuser Sometimes the urge to snack seems to be knocking on the door all the time, doesn’t it? But did you know that there are essential oils you can diffuse in your kitchen that help suppress that urge to snack when you’re really not hungry? It’s kind of along the lines of putting something fresh in your mouth, like a mint or gum, after a meal. It signals to your body you’re done eating. WellnessRE | page 19

Mindfully following these 4 simple practices will help you be create spaces that support healthy habits in the kitchen! I think our homes are definitely more than just a space to live and sleep. They’re a space that can truly support and benefit just about any area of our life. But knowing just how to create a space that coincides with your health goals is the key to creating a healthy home. Next month we will learn easy ways your home environment can encourage movement! Amanda Klecker, Certified Building Biology Advocate & Certified Professional Inspector Amanda helps homeowners learn how to create a Healthy House for their families. Download your Free eBook to show you how! WellnessRE | page 20

SAY GOODBYE TO INDOOR ALLERGENS & POLLUTANTS Improving the IAQ of Your Home By: Joseph Gentile WellnessRE | page 21

Let’s face it, indoor air quality has become a hot Sealed Ducts topic over the past several months. Up until recently, the prevailing thought was that the air There are so many benefits to well-sealed inside your home was far superior to the air outside ductwork from a cost savings and comfort of it. In most cases this is simply not true. There are perspective. Let’s focus on what it means solely for many aspects of a home that improve its air quality indoor air quality. inside. Think about the location of your ductwork. It’s At Pearl, we like to help guide agents on how to usually hidden behind your walls, under your feet feature these benefits when marketing a home to or above your head and tucked away in the attic, potential buyers. These are the benefits you should crawlspace, behind the walls or in the garage. be keeping an eye out for when purchasing a home These places have higher levels of airborne or when you are looking into making a home contaminants — including dust, dirt, and mold. As improvement investment. the conditioned air is running through the duct it’s sucking in all these contaminants and blowing them Air Sealing through your vents into the air you breath. If you or someone in your family suffers from allergy-like A well air-sealed home has three main benefits: symptoms or asthma, you may want to call Less dust, less bugs, and greater humidity control. someone in to seal up that ductwork. What most people don’t know is air is being pulled in through all sorts of cracks in openings in the home you don’t know exist. Most of them aren’t around doors and windows; they’re in hidden places. For example, let's look at the rim joist of the home. There are small gaps where the foundation meets the joist. These small gaps are a prime entry location for small insects, dirt particles and moisture. Don’t believe me? Look for cobwebs in your basement or crawl space. Spiders tend to build their webs close to an entry point, so where there’s a web there is going to be a gap that needs sealing. If you need to find a home performance company to help, reach out to Pearl and we’ll put you in touch with one of our Pearl Contractors. WellnessRE | page 22

Quality Air Filtration System: Speaking of air traveling through your HVAC system, it’s always a great idea to make sure that the air is filtered as best you can. Most systems give you the ability to add a filter to help clean up your air. Use a simple fiberglass filter or upgrade slightly to a MERV 13 to rid yourself of viruses, smoke, and smog. If you’re looking to take the air quality to the next level in your home, you can explore adding a HEPA filter on to your system to help rid yourself of all contaminants that you might breathe -- but you will want to consult a professional for this one, as HEPA filters are so good that they reduce the amount of air flowing through your system, which can create other problems. There is no reason why the air inside your home can’t be as enjoyable as — or better than — the air outside of it. Follow the above steps to breathe easier. When we make investments like these, not only are we bettering our health, we are also adding value to our homes. Pearl is always here to help introduce you to qualified agents that know how to leverage these types of features during the real estate transaction. Please email us at [email protected] or visit for more info today. By, Joseph Gentile, VP of Real Estate, Pearl Certification WellnessRE | page 23

BUILDING A HEALTHY PANTRY by, Kristen Flowers Building a healthy pantry is not only easy, but easy on your wallet as well. Using these few dried and canned items, you will be able to build a variety of healthy meals and snacks. Cabinet by cabinet, let’s explore the healthiest food items you should always have on hand. WellnessRE | page 24

The biggest key to healthy cooking is actually within some of the smallest items in your pantry – your spices. Healthy food should not be bland, and a full spice rack will keep your dishes full of flavor. Several basic spices are the building blocks from which to construct, and they are garlic powder, onion powder, Italian seasoning (or separately, dried basil, oregano, thyme), paprika and smoked paprika, a basic curry powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, chili powder, cumin, and cayenne. These basic spices can be found in many recipes, and your spice cabinet will only grow in diversity as you cook different cuisine. Within the heart of your pantry are your dry and canned goods. While many people feel canned goods are not ideal, having a few cans of different types of beans is a great way to pull a meal together in a jam. Additionally, canned or jarred tomato products such as diced, crushed, paste, and sauce, are wonderful to have on hand for sauces and curries. Some additional canned items that offer versatility and pack a nutritional punch are canned coconut milk, vegetable broth, and your favorite nut butters (no sugar, no oil, no salt added). Some other dry goods that are key in a healthy pantry are baking soda and baking powder for baking, pastas, dried beans, lentils, dried rice, quinoa, oats, and other desired grains like barley, grits/cornmeal, and flour. Flaxseed meal, hemp hearts, and chia seeds can be used in baking, atop cereal or oats, or in your savory dishes, and provide necessary Omega Fatty Acids. Store each of these dry items well, in tightly sealed, clear containers so you are able to easily see the contents. Some items can afford a longer shelf life by being stored in the refrigerator as well, if you prefer, like your oats, flax and hemp, and nut butters. Making sure you have healthy snack items on hand is another key to your healthy pantry. Items like popcorn kernels (which can be popped without oil in a paper bag), nuts (roasted or raw, without salt or oil added), seeds, and dried or freeze-dried fruit (no sugar added), as well as healthier versions of typical “snack foods” like fat free whole grain pretzels or healthy crackers, will afford you the opportunity to make healthier choices when you’re feeling peckish. A well-stocked basic pantry coupled with a refrigerator filled with fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables presents you with a wonderful opportunity to prepare healthy meals and snacks for yourself and your household. The items mentioned above, especially your dry pantry items, are cost-effective, and last well if stored properly. Not only will your pantry keep you feeling healthy, but it will keep your wallet hardy as well. by, Kristen Flowers Kristen is a writer & Instagrammer who loves her family, fitness, & vegan food. Follow her @VeganFlowersForever

\"Wherever you go go with all your heart.\" CONFUCIUS WellnessRE | page 26

WELLNESS TOURISM TRAVEL WELL By, Sheila Alston Photo Credit: Miraval Resorts WellnessRE | page 27

TRAVELWELL COVID-19 SILVER LININGS Who knew?? Between May and July of 2020 the Global Wellness Institute conducted a study of more than 2000 people in over 80 countries. They found over 70% of respondents realized that there were some unexpected benefits of the COVID-19 restrictions that have had a positive effect on their wellbeing! The top 5 benefits are: 1. Deeper connection to family 2. Eating healthier 3. Less stressed 4. Better sleep 5. Increased fitness As restrictions begin to lift, people want to continue their feelings of wellbeing and not just go back to the way they used to be before the pandemic. So it’s no surprise that Wellness Travel is predicted to skyrocket in 2021. Photo Credit: Miraval Resorts WellnessRE | page 28

“Wellness Travel What is your favorite vacation is travel that destination? enhances, maintains or There are so many reasons we want to get away and so many beautiful wondrous places in this kickstarts your world, it’s no wonder there are endless own wellbeing” opportunities to create a vacation getaway that can rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. - Global Wellness Institute Wherever you may choose to go, the heart of deyevrus elpoep 0002 every great vacation is wellbeing: happiness, fun, connection, relaxation, exploration and even 1202 ni levart lliw %78 inspiration are all feelings of wellbeing that we can get from going away on a little vacay. tnenopmoc ssenllew edulcni lliw %67 sucof yradnoces %36 So while our reasons for going on a trip may have sucof yramirp %31 always included wellbeing, there is a growing trend of travelers intentionally making travel choices with wellbeing in mind. According to the Global Wellness Institute, “Wellness Travel is travel that enhances, maintains or kickstarts your own wellbeing”. GWI has categorized wellness travel into two groups: Primary Wellness Traveler: Wellness is the sole purpose or motivating factor for their trip & destination choice. Secondary Wellness Traveler: Seek to maintain wellness while taking any type of trip. WellnessRE | page 29

TRAVELWELL The study findings are good news for Photo Credit: Miraval Resorts wellness destinations and great news Photo Credit: Miraval Resorts for consumers! As people become Photo Credit: Miraval Resorts more mindful and begin to make travel decisions with intentions toward wellness, it’s a great opportunity for new types of vacations to be created and exciting new wellness destinations for us to explore. I was so blessed to have the opportunity to visit a couple of amazing wellness destinations last month with some of my good girlfriends. One was to an established wellness resort and spa, the other was to a brand new farm-to-table experience destination out on a rural working farm! The city slicker in me was very intrigued with the idea of staying on a farm and eating a delicious gourmet meal there while learning all about the food they grow there. Both of these places allowed me to experience a different connection to nature than I am normally used to, so I was super excited when the time came for me to go. First stop: a wellness resort and spa in Tucson, AZ: Miraval. Miraval’s mission of creating life in balance through mindfulness has been guiding individuals to elevate their wellbeing for over 25 years. After my visit, it’s no surprise to me that they have been a leader in global wellness destinations. Miraval is all-inclusive, which is pretty amazing because you have access to all sorts of engaging wellness classes, an array of fitness classes, meditations, yoga, and smoothie bar, snacks and gourmet meals included with your stay. They even give you a daily resort credit each day towards your choice of spa services, activities, and private sessions. I really was impressed with the unique offerings available and the food was so incredibly flavorful it made eating healthy a delicious treat! WellnessRE | page 30 Photo Credit: Miraval Resorts

Photo Credit: Miraval Resorts MY FIRST FULL DAY: 8:00am morning meditation 8:45am visit to the smoothie bar for green smoothie and quick breakfast bites 9:00am nourishing food class 10:00am morning yoga 11:30am relaxed by the pool 12:30pm lunch with my friends on the outdoor patio 2:00pm Ayurveda body scrub /massage 4:00pm afternoon stretch 5:30pm discover your dosha 7:00pm dinner and cocktails with my friends 9:00pm evening meditation in my room and a refreshing early night to bed (which I usually never get to do!) The best part was that I could have done absolutely anything or nothing at all and the environment at Miraval is just so beautiful and peaceful that you can’t help but feel good while you are there. WellnessRE | page 31

TRAVELWELL Photo Credit: Sagra WellnessRE | page 32

Photo Credit: Sagra Rolling down the dirt road, past the sheep and cows and up to the red barn, I couldn’t help but Next stop: Sagra Farms at Stemple feel a bit like a little kid exploring something Creek Ranch in Tamales, CA totally brand new. Truth be told, I’ve never stayed on a farm before! We enjoyed some local Sonoma I featured Sagra Farms in the February issue of county wine in the main barn and then set off to WellnessRE and was so fascinated with the idea explore our accommodations. Sagra offers the of experiencing the ultimate farm-to-table meal choice of cabin or safari tent, both with private and connecting with the people who grow and bathrooms. There were 3 of us and we thoroughly cook the food. Tamales is located just north of enjoyed the experience of getting out of our San Francisco about an hour or two depending element and enjoying nature and eating delicious on traffic. It took us a couple of hours longer local food. since we made a pit stop in the charming town of Sausalito on the way. As we drove, the rural The next morning we enjoyed a yoga flow class landscape of rolling hills, grass and trees as far as outside the barn enjoying the sounds of the farm the eye can see is really quite peaceful. animals. It was such a unique experience! I really enjoyed my time there and think it would be an It immediately gets you in a amazing wellness retreat destination for groups. So more relaxed frame of mind. leaders who think outside of the box, bring your groups to Sagra, it will be an experience to remember! WellnessRE | page 33

If you are planning a vacation this year, I encourage you to think about why you are choosing the destination. Why do you want to go to the beach or the mountains? It will give you insight to the real reason you need a vacation. Whether it's happiness, fun, connection, relaxation, exploration and even inspiration you are searching for, knowing ahead of time will help you achieve that goal. If wellness is the sole purpose or motivating factor for your trip & destination choice or if you simply seek to maintain wellness while taking any type of trip, a feeling of wellbeing can be yours! Isn't that why we go on vacay anyway! Cheers to you and safe travels! - Sheila Alston WellnessRE | page 34

AGENT SPOTLIGHT: By, Catie Hofmeister Pino Fortunato Licensed Real Estate Salesperson at Compass Founder of Wellness Real Estate Advisory Creator of Green Building Map Photo credit: Joey Sbarro WellnessRE | page 44 WellnessRE | page 35

The beautiful thing about real estate agents is their ability to utilize their diverse backgrounds, unique passions, and special skills to work towards a common goal... helping our communities and planet truly thrive. I just love meeting talented and creative agents who use their strengths to take an intersectional approach to the industry. For agent Pino Fortunato, real estate was something Photo credit: Joey Sbarro that came to him naturally after years of following his passions in law, sustainability, architecture, and art. Pino’s interests and experiences give him a fresh perspective on real estate helping him do more than just push a paper business transaction. He is an advocate for community and environmental wellness, which starts with how we design and live in our space. As an active real estate agent with The Leonard Steinberg Team at Compass in NYC, Pino specializes in green properties and has created an incredible online tool called The mapping app locates green certified residential and commercial properties and features green architecture, design, and technology components. This Green Building Map is a complete game-changer, making the real estate community more transparent. Pino is also the founder of Wellness Real Estate Advisory, a national network of real estate professionals, building industry experts, and specialized companies working in this niche market. This wellness agent continues to give back in the most inspiring ways, all while doing what he loves. Pino is the Founder and Executive Director of EcoArt Project, a nonprofit arts and design organization with the mission to stimulate climate change action and environmental awareness by leveraging the creativity of artists and designers. The latest program Pino has launched with his nonprofit is called Rebound-NYC. The initiative repurposes empty storefronts in New York City into transformative temporary pop-up art experiences and aims to beautify and revitalize the city by empowering artists through curated exhibitions and experiences as well as commissioned performances. Not only is Pino’s work supporting local artists, but it is bringing life back to spaces that need it the most after a difficult year of battling the COVID-19 pandemic. How amazing!! We absolutely loved getting to know Pino Fortunato better, and so should you! Check out our interview questions below for a sneak peek into this wellness agent’s wonderful work. WellnessRE | page 36

Pino, you have such an interesting background! How did you know you wanted to be a real estate agent? I didn’t initially know that I wanted to be a real estate agent. I got my start in law, then I went into marketing, branding and sponsorship sales. It wasn’t long before I found a way to connect those interests to my passion, the creative art world, by helping to sponsor and produce public art installations and events. When I moved to NYC eight years ago, fascinated by the architecture of the city, I realized I could combine my passions with my skills by working in real estate. I pretty much had to reinvent my life - professionally and personally. I started by identifying what my top skills were, what interested me the most, and what I wanted my day to day life and future to look like. Then I talked with some of my closest experienced friends that I consider wise, amazing mentors, bounced ideas with them, and ironically they all said the same thing: “You would be a great real estate agent”. So I had no doubts when I started my licence process. I’m a people person and a continuous networker. I love that my job allows me to form very deep relationships with my clients to help them achieve their goals. Last but not least, my father was a master mason, and I had to help him when I was off from school as a teen. Since then I developed a strong interest in architecture and I love exploring the inside-out of a building, and New York City surely has some cool stuff around. WellnessRE | page 37

\"That’s what pushed me to create the Green Building Map - a tool that would not only help buyers find green homes but also a tool to re- envision the real estate sector where sustainability is highly valued.\" Photo credit: Joey Sbarro How did you decide you wanted Today’s buyers - many of whom are millennials - are to build the green building map? increasingly favoring eco-friendly options. That’s what (What were the problems you pushed me to create the Green Building Map - a tool that were seeing and how did the would not only help buyers find green homes but also a solution come to you?) tool to re-envision the real estate sector where sustainability is highly valued. I’ve been working in the sustainable development space for more than 20 years, from a variety of It’s still a bit of a dream, yes, and it’s limited in that there angles. I grew up in a small country village immersed are not too many homes and buildings that are green- in nature with no industry and the negative impact of certified. But in the next couple years, with the upcoming human activities on the environment has always industry-wide mandatory decarbonization efforts, we will bothered me. increasingly see around the country stringent regulations on building emissions, forcing the adoption of high As I entered the real estate business in NYC - where green-building standards for new constructions, and one building basically emits more greenhouse retrofitting works on existing buildings, with introduction gasses and waste per year than a whole village, not of fines. to mention the procurement of materials and natural resources necessary to build it - I thought: How could Why do you think it’s so important, and I integrate my interest in sustainability here? what is the Wellness Real Estate Advisory initiative that you launched? The Green Building Map helps buyers and renters who are looking for the benefits of a healthy home The whole ecosystem of buildings is being re-imagined ( I don’t see too many others by pioneering architects and developers. We know that focusing on green buildings. Data show that the way we build is no longer sustainable, not just for the consumers themselves are becoming more and planet but also for ourselves. I’m very wellness-oriented, more concerned about climate change and will allow and I think it’s incredibly important for everyone to live that concern to sway their purchasing decisions. and work in spaces that actively promote their own health. WellnessRE | page 38

This past year, the pandemic has amplified the need for a healthy home. Now that we have all become germaphobes, we are moving from green to clean, to the level of installing hospital-grade air filtration systems, touchless light switches, as well as keyless entries, voice-activated appliances, such as televisions and coffee makers, and motion-controlled doors. We will seek out finishes based on their cleanability and pay more attention to energy efficiency since we are all spending more time at home increasing the electricity bill. The wellness real estate concept stands for a healthy life within the built environment, starting with the materials that surround us, the water we drink, the waste we produce, the air we breathe, the amount of natural light we are exposed to, the noise we tolerate, etc. The Wellness Real Estate Advisory is a new network that I am creating, made of professionals working in the wellness real estate sector: green minded brokers and agents for referrals around the country, engineers, designers, inspectors, builders, contractors, developers, certification entities, and technology solution providers. WellnessRE | page 39

Tell us more about your nonprofit work! How did by, Nina Kossman you come up with the idea? I love that you are making the city more beautiful and helping artists at eco Bust the same time. That’s wonderful! by, Vishwanath Mallabadi I’m the Founder and Executive Director of Eco Art Project, online at, a nonprofit organization that elevates public engagement with climate change and environmental awareness through the universal language of art and design. Our mission is to generate cultural impact in the global green economy. The Green Building Map was incubated by Eco Art Project with Columbia University, Architecture and Urban Design Program. The nonprofit organization is now set to receive percentages of the profit coming from the real estate business to support its programs. The ambition is to institute a life-long endowment. I started EcoArt about 12 years ago in Rome by launching a website, which soon became a large international platform and today we have ongoing programming thanks to the support mainly from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. We organize open calls for artists and designers, residencies with international cultural exchanges, exhibitions, and art + science + technology salon series. On our online Showcase, we published work in any media by over 1,500 artists from around the world. Our newest initiative is called Rebound-NYC; the goal is to repurpose empty storefronts across NYC into transformative art experiences and aims to beautify and revitalize the city by empowering artists through curated exhibitions and commissioned performances. Wellness Real Estate is the heart of healthy living, so finding a property that encourages healthy habits and eco-friendly designs is so important for your overall well-being. Being mindful about these special sustainable and wellness features when looking for homes or doing renovations can totally transform the way you feel for the better! If you need help finding something that fits your unique wellness needs, looking for specialized wellness agents, designers, and tools like the Green Building Map can be so helpful. To learn more about Green Buildings and Wellness Real Estate, check out Pino’s Green Building Map at! by Angela Gonzalez by Robert Santore

Any day spent with you is my favorite day. So today is my new favorite day. – Winnie the Pooh WellnessRE | page 41

A Wellness R O O M 3 simple steps to Achieving Harmony in your Home By, Charisse Marei Everyone deserves a home that nourishes, Now more than ever it’s essential to release the beautifies, and enhances well-being, to clutter and create a special space that brings the love the space you are in, to refresh and joy back into your home and revitalizes your revitalize from the inside out and the being. You’ll be surprised at how freeing this outside in. process will make you feel! A healthy home environment is as essential as How do you transform a present state of clutter nutrition and exercise. To truly thrive a home into pure bliss? It’s as simple as beginning with should be void of elements that drain your energy an intention to remove clutter. When you set an and zap your joy. One of the easiest ways to intention, you will begin to notice new ideas and decrease stress and anxiety is to remove clutter in new awareness of inspired thought. Have you your home environment. ever heard of people being in the “zone” or in the flow? This is the inspired thought I’m referring to, Clutter in your home can clutter up your mind. It and when your rooms and mind are filled with can include anything or anyone that makes you clutter, it’s difficult to tap into that inspiration that feel less than the person you are meant to be. It is inherently yours. transfers over and into environmental and emotional toxicity that creates feelings of imbalance, stress, and lack of clarity. WellnessRE | page 42

Creating a Wellness Room 3 Simple Steps to a More Harmonious Home A wellness room is simply a space that you designate as your peaceful refuge. It’s full of elements that bring you joy and a place where you can relax and feel inspired. Having a wellness room in your home will allow for you to feel good and in turn your feeling good will help to create more harmony in your home. 1. Have a Purpose for your space Keep it simple. The purpose of a wellness room is to release dis-ease, renew a present state of being, and revitalize with uplifting vitality. What you choose to put in your holistic haven is a reflection of your desires, uniquely yours. Does your plan include meditation, journaling, to use drops of essential oil in your space and on your body, detox on a bed of amethyst crystal, delve into “me time” recipes, or all of the above? You decide then create a plan, a self-designed menu to invoke self-love to bring forth your inner light and outer glow for beautiful, joyful living. 2. Choose The Room Choosing the space is a breeze. Transform an existing room—bedroom, playroom, empty room, loft, or even a large closet—into a wellness room. Remove items that revoke clean living. Gather organic furnishings that complement your purpose and plan such as a massage table, mini sofa, bookcase, side table, and floor pillows. Introduce color, texture, and live greenery. Embellish with essential products and mood enhancers that promote healthful living. WellnessRE | page 43

3. Enhance the mood Mood enhancers are a necessity to mindfully set the stage to transform an everyday space into a revitalizing haven. Interlace mood enhancers, inspired by nature, with authentic treatments to pamper the senses and promote well-being. Himalayan Salt Crystal Salt crystals are uniquely pure essentials to empower and engage, to look and feel, and to create wellness in your space. Counteract harmful positive ions (pollution in the air) with healthful negative ions in the form of Himalayan salt lamps. When lit, salt crystal lamps emit a healthy soothing glow and naturally produce an array of benefits— releases impurities, improves indoor air quality (IAQ), reduces electromagnetic pollution (EMFs), clears negative energy, and balances the senses. An array of beautiful crystal lamp designs await to suit your specific needs. Before making a purchase consider placement, size, shape, and quantity. I have a host of favorites though three of my besties are the pink glowing salt lamp, detox foot tiles, and lamp massage fire ball. Nature's Pure Essence Pure grade essential oils enhance physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness, beautify and healthify for various purposes to awaken the senses, balance, and renew. To enhance your revitalizing experience, place an intention then breathe-in the fragrant botanicals to release, renew, revitalize—“The 3Rs.” Apply essentials to both wrists, behind the ears, spritz a pillow or two, or diffuse. Perfect for a Raindrop or release session. Favorites include: -calm: White Angelica -balance: Grapefruit -renew: Sacred Mountain -sipping: Lime WellnessRE | page 44

Breathe-able Air An air purifier is useful to remove harmful air particulates such as allergens, mold, and bacteria providing clean breathe-able air. Consider a mini air purifier to avoid unnecessary oversized clutter. Lighting Lighting options change with the time of day, seasons, and mood. Receive the benefit of natural daylight to uplift your being. Dim lights for a soft-glow setting. Music Soothe the soul and calm the mind. Reach for an instrumental, meditative, and nature venue. Beverage & Delights Stay hydrated. Prepare a special area to place a beverage and small sampling of edible delights. -organic herbal luxury tea—white ginger pear -fresh, organic —melons, berries, kiwi Need help to design your wellness room? Learn more here then book your free clarity call. Charisse Marei, BBEC Eco-Conscious Designer, Certified Professional Building Biologist, Eco-Author, Healthy Home Coach, Young Living Specialist Grab your FREE Gather additional healthy home transformations in my recent book, Eco-Conscious Home, complete with eco- download: guides, checklists, water solutions, and more. It’s your traveling companion to be engaged, purposeful, and A \"Clutter-Feeling” - A empowered. mini guide to clearing WellnessRE | page 45 that clutter!

BIOPHILIC DESIGN Seek Out Experiences That Bring You Closer to Nature By, Michelle Ifversen If you haven't planned out your summer experiences yet, add theses places to your list to travel safely and experience the wonders of biophilic buildings first hand. Get inspired and and experience why building this way truly increases your well being. You can definitely take elements away from these environments and apply them to your own home, like lighting, views, landscape, shapes and acoustic comfort. WellnessRE | page 46

VanDusen Botanical Gardens Here is a list of a some of my favorite VanDusen Botanical Gardens Biophilic Buildings and their elements that WellnessRE | page 47 inspire nature: VanDusen Botanical Garden Visitor Centre and Gardens - Vancouver, BC The visitor's center building was inspired by a white bog orchid, a flower that thrives in the streamside across much of Canada. A beautiful and dramatic focal point where all the roof “petals” converge, the central skylight oculus also serves a practical function: to cool the building and facilitate natural ventilation. Its form was inspired by the genius of the termite mound, which uses an earthen chimney to expel heat and cool the inside. My husband and visited there a couple years ago. It was a highlight of our trip, along with Stanley Park (which my mother, a renowned landscape architect, helped design). The building and the gardens are spectacular!

Thorncrown Chapel - Eureka Springs, AR Nestled in a woodland setting, Thorncrown Chapel rises forty-eight feet into the Ozark sky. This magnificent wooden structure contains 425 windows and over 6,000 square feet of glass. It sits atop over 100 tons of native stone and colored flagstone, making it blend perfectly with its setting. The chapel's simple design and majestic beauty combine to make it what critics have called \"one of the finest religious spaces of modern times.\" Designed by renowned architect E. Fay Jones, Thorncrown has won numerous architectural awards. WellnessRE | page 48

The Jewel - Singapore, Singapore Bosco Verticale – Milan, Italy Silver Falls State Park, near Salem OR WellnessRE | page 49

By, Michelle Ifversen Biophilic Cities Network Environmental Wellness Director, DesignWell Studios It is comprised of cities from around the globe dedicated to improving the connection between Michelle, an environmental wellness residents and urban nature. Take a look at some of designer helps her clients increase their their partner cities if you are traveling or live in well being and home value by eliminating these areas and get to know them on a greener toxins and introducing more design level! features that mimic nature. Here's a link to more cities around the world to see WellnessRE | page 50 how they are connecting nature with residents and tourists. Once international travel is something we can do again, there are some amazing biophilic buildings around the world. Singapore has the Jewel, which is a nature- themed entertainment and retail complex on the land side of Changi Airport, Singapore. Linking three of its passenger terminals, the centerpiece is the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, named the Rain Vortex, surrounded by decks of forest in the promenade. In Milan, Italy you will find two residential towers named Bosco Verticale. The towers are 111 meters and 76 meters high, entirely covered by approximately 900 trees planted in the terraces surrounding the structures. The plants are entirely sustained through the use of renewable energy and collecting wastewater. Things that you can do at home : Install a water feature, bird bath to attract birds Plant butterfly, bird and bee friendly plants to attract them to your yard. Go on a hike in your area or seek a place to venture out to and experience (see Silver Falls Park in Oregon) - waterfalls, the scent of the forest, views of waterways and sunsets. Go camping in nature and sleep under the stars. Happy Summer everyone and travel safely!

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