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Seaside Courier Encinitas September 2017

Published by Local Umbrella Media, 2017-09-21 11:23:48

Description: Seaside Courier Encinitas September 2017 San Diego, CA

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www.LocalUmbrella.comYour Neighborhood source - Serving local communities, kids and causes Volume 4 - Number 6 - September 2017TAKEO SUGIMOTO’S STORY IS PART WHAT’S INSIDE?OF WHAT MAKES ENCINITAS SUCH A Girlfriends, Golf and WELCOMING PLACE TO LIVE. Gratitude SEE PAGE 6 NFL Hall of Famer Andre Reed Starts Kids’ Reading Program Page 8 SEE PAGE 8 Art of The Americas SEE PAGE 20 By Lois Sunrich of Story Arts, Inc when Tak was young life with no plumbing (Courtesy photo.) The 13th Annual the Japanese were not or electricity and using LeucadiART WalkTakeo Sugimoto, a be- aOllvoewr ethdetoyeoawrsn, hlains horses to pull plows, Ruth passed away inloved Encinitas’ elder, ents, brother and two to successfully owning December 2014. Tak Page 22Twaaks’sbfoarmniOlycwt a5s, 1th9e27. sisters, along with Tak and operating the La still lives with his fam-first Japanese family to became well-respected Costa Pharmacy, with ily here in Encinitas, EDITORIAL/LETTERSrlievneteindElanncdintihtaesy. fTahrmeyed throughout the local his wife Ruth, which where he is active with [email protected] Saxony where the region for their farm’s they bought in 1974 many local organiza- ADVERTISINGYMCA is now, because produce. In Tak’s life- and sold in 2007. Along tions. time, he went from a the way they raised five Alice Jacobson [email protected] children, now all adults. Tak’s personal story tells the tale of what makes Encinitas such a CONTINUES ON PAGE 12 PROFIT FROM OUR AWARD-WINNING SERVICE.760-994-2404 start at License #: 01945487


3SEASIDECOURIER.COM | SEPTEMBER 2017 |Derrick Gilday wants to teach you character exploration through the eyes of a clown. By Jon Wesley EwellDerrick Gilday is a clown. He's also a character, a buffoon, a Lucky for us, beneath all the masks and current directors Joe Dieffenbacher/ Failure is just one step closer to success mime, The Young Matador shields we wear on a regular basis – to Dan Griffiths and has passed the Cirque and I prefer to interact with this 'oh so(more on that later) and a performer. protect our made up persona – there du Soleil audition process for Clown serious world' with a buoyant heart an exists a loving, fearless and buoyant hu- and Character performer. Derrick has inquisitive mind and a child's giggle. Now, Derrick is man that can look at, and interact with studied and performed Clown, Com- Everything is not what it seems andtaking on the role the world with the strength of a warrior media Del Arte, Buffoon and mime. objects and scenarios look completelyof instructor for the and the heart of a child.\" different depending on the angle inClowning & Char- I asked him how difficult the Cirque which you view them.\"acter Exploration Derrick has the credentials too; he du Soleil audition was.Course at the San has been performing for national and I've seen many of Derrick's perfor-Diego Circus Center. international audiences for over ten \"The Cirque du Soleil audition was mances. My favorite being his TheThe course begins years. He is an alumni of the Clown rigorous and daring.\" He answers, Young Matador play over the Sum-Thursday September Conservatory of San Francisco under \"There were 45 physical theater/clown mer at the OB playhouse and Theater21, 2017 and runs actors in the studio and after 8 hours of Company. It was an extremely creativethrough Thursday exercises and showcases, only 4 artists story about a young matador, his father,November 30, 2017. were left. I was happy just to be there a bull (of course) and an opening scene and got giddy every time they called my that had me laughing before any actors Over eight weeks, it will cover char- number to stay in the room. My mom uttered one single word.acter exploration through the eyes of was super happy! I'd call her every timea clown; it will feature improv, charac- I made it to the next round.\" So there you have it, take this courseter development, and \"funny bones.\" and you could become a clown. Not aAttendees are invited to \"explore the I've always wondered if clown per- scary clown like IT from the recent boxbuoyancy of play while breaking out formers – like comedians – have a office smash film, but instead, a per-of personal boundaries and barriers in lot from their past that makes them former who can play, teach and makeorder to become the artist, entertainer explore comedy and playfulness in people laugh. Or just learn how toand superhuman that you are.\" adulthood. develop your creativity even more. Derrick Gilday can show you how to \"This eight week series of classes will \"Studying these particularly daring do it. This could be something thatallow people the opportunity to go forms of theater helped me discover changes your life, and it could makedeep within themselves to find the true that I was carrying a lot of baggage you much more fun at parties.essence of their being. Derrick explains from my child/adulthood.\" Derrickand adds, \"I know this sounds like a comments, when I ask him about using More course info is at:spiritual awakening course and that's these skills in his everyday life, \"I was sandiegocircuscenter.orgbecause it's kind of what it is. The only constantly wearing a mask without Visit our website to see a videodifference is that we will be utilizing the being aware of it. Once you realize that clip of The Young Matador:timeless art of \"play\" and the accep- masks can be taken on and off you and beauty of failure to unearth tend to only put them on when neces-the truly genuine person that you are. sary. Life is much richer for me when I can be my true self which is vulner- able, fearless and accepting of failure.Our Services include: 2333 State Street, Suite 200• Tax Management • Bookkeeping & Write Up Carlsbad, CA 92008• Payroll • Financial Planning • Retirement Planning 760-599-1040 / [email protected]• Set Up & Restructuring • IRS Representation • Audit Services

4 4| SEPTEMBER 2017 | SEASIDECOURIER.COM | SEPTEMBER 2017 5 of the Best newer-to-the-game San Diego IPAs Living the provide IPAs with amazing tropical notes and crisp citrus finishes. All The Cheater HopsHOPPY 6.5% IPA incorporates all three, so you’re left with an explosion of orange, lemon, grapefruitLIFE and melon notes. If you haven’t visited their location inside The Local downtown, add itwith Beau Schmitt to your list. Pair it with their Ahi Tuna Wrap.1. THUJA IPA: 4. BREAKING NEWS! IPA: AbnormalBurgeon Beer Company (Carlsbad) Beer Company (Rancho Bernardo)Their 6.8% West Coast IPA is juiced up with This tasty and refreshing IPA has notes ofCitra, Centennial and Amarillo hops. “Very melon and stone fruit to lighten its palate. Adanky” sums up the nose, and the finish is true “San Diego” IPA, this 7% IPA is clear andtropically juicy. There’s a slight citrus bitter- crisp with a dry finish. Also notable, that thisness, but the flavor profile is dominated with IPA was created in collaboration with The-passion fruit and grapefruit. The best music FullPint for their anniversary.pairing for this IPA is “Welcome to Jamrock”by Damian Marley. Burgeon Beer Company 5. BREW PROJECT IPA:is the result of three, notably young ambitious Mason Ale Works (Oceanside)men. Derek, Anthony and Matthew are cer- That’s right; we’ve got our own house IPAtainly creating as much buzz as their beers. now. Mason Ale Works created this 6.7% trop- ical gem for us a couple weeks ago. Brewed2. DOPEUR HAZY IPA: with Simcoe, Amarillo, Mosaic and Citra hops,Rouleur Brewing Company (Carlsbad) Brew Project IPA is a citrus and tangerineRouleur Brewing Company was started by a bomb. It’s almost crystal clear to look through,bicyclist named Rawley, and he has since but comes with a grapefruit bite at the end.named all his beers after bicycling terms. The And the best part… it’s always on draft for6.7% Dopeur IPA is named after the “doper,” $5/pint. Also, we remodeled, have new menusor the bicyclist who “juices” before competi- and double the size of our bar.tions. Brewed with Vermont-style yeast, TheDopeur has intense pineapple aromas, but is Oh yeah, all these IPAs are currently on tapsmooth on the palate. Notes of tangerine and here. Our goal is to find the best local beer tostone fruit dominate the flavor profiles. share with our guests. We hope to see you in for a pint soon.3. ALL THE CHEATER HOPS IPA :Resident Brewing Company (Downtown) The Brew Project is dedicated to creatingIt’s safe to say that some of the most popular more exposure and awareness for San Diego’sIPAs around the world use either Nelson, independently owned and operated breweries.Mosaic or Galaxy hops. Why? Because they We stand for localism. Have a great week, Beau [email protected]

5SEASIDECOURIER.COM | SEPTEMBER 2017 | 5SEPTEMBER 2017 |HAPPY 90TH BIRTHDAY! Winnie’s family threw a 90th birthday party for her at Ponce’s Mexican Restaurant. There were close to90 family members and friends came to celebrate along with her. Winnie was so overwhelmed and loved every minute of the party!WINNIE’S SUGAR TIME - John Turturro, Mary Louise SHANGHAI GHETTO – 1939. The last Parker. Based on a true story. Their affair hope for thousands of Jews. This is the bestPICKS! shook the Mob and shocked the world. A very documentary. It is so powerful. Please don’t entertaining story about Sam Giancana and miss this one. Narrated by Academy AwardFRENCH KISS – Meg Ryan, Kevin Kline. A TOUCH OF GREATNESS - A great Phyllis McGuire (of the singing group, The winner Martin Landau. This video recalls theOh yes, this is an oldie, but did you ever see American teacher and the lives he influenced. McGuire sisters). A mobster and the songbird. true story of 1,000 of European Jews who wereit? Meg is so charming in this movie. We A maverick teacher, Albert Cullum, who trans- Their relationship rocked the nation. They find shut out of country after country. They triedneed that after watching all the thrillers. Treat formed a generation of young people by out that her career and his life were in danger. to escape Nazi persecution in the late 1930s.yourself! A light hearted love story that takes enabling them to discover their own inner Yes, this is an older movie, but a must see. The interviews, the pictures and the story areplace in Paris, where Kate’s fiancé is smitten greatness. Today you could not do what he so worth watching.with a Frenchwoman and falls in love with did in the classroom, but the children had fun ARTICLE 99 - Ray Liotta, Kiefer Suther-her. Kate flies to Paris to see what is happening and they were able to learn so much just hav- land. A hard hitting movie about a powerful TOGETHER – Violin prodigy, Liu Xiaochunand to get her man back. She then meets a ing fun. document. This takes place at a Veteran’s and his father head to Bejing seeking fameFrenchman, Kevin Kline, and things start to Administration hospital. Another one of and fortune. So Xiaochun is tutored by ahappen. those older films you should not miss. The famous music professor and success is finally health of patients is secondary to politics. The in his future. A very warm story about a father group think they have learned how to break that works so hard to open doors for his son the rules and save lives without getting caught. to find success. Do not miss this one. AMERICAN ADVENTURERS HISTORY If you are having a hard time finding a movie CLASSICS – 5 discs about Lewis and Clark. or you want a copy made of a VHS or DVD, Andrew Jackson, Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett, please call Guy (my son) and he will do this Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane, Annie Oakley, service for you. Call 619-990-0852 or email Jesse James and Charles Lindbergh. Wow, what at [email protected]. history! Have fun learning so much in these discs. See you next month, Winnie

6 | SEPTEMBER 2017 | SEASIDECOURIER.COM CALENDAR 6 | SEPTEMBER 2017O n December 3rd 2017, Girlfriends, Golf, and Gratitude: The some of San Diego’s most Making of the Carini Women’s Golf Tournament accomplished women and future leaders of our By Alison Aragon, Grants & Communications Specialist at Pro Kids | The First Tee of San Diego.county will descend upon ColinaPark Golf Course, home of Pro Kim Harrington, Assistant Golf Professional & Tournament Coordinator with Pro Kid Kalena at the Women’s Tournament.Kids | The First Tee of San Diego recently launched her own blogin City Heights to participate in (Girlfriends Guide to Golf )wherethe second annual Carini Women’s she helps women learn about golfGolf Tournament. The tournament etiquette, the rules of golf, and per-is hosted by Carini Heating and sonal style on and off the course.Air, a family owned and oper- Without leading ladies like Mar-ated heating and air conditioning cela, Pro Kids | The First Tee of Sancompany serving all of San Diego Diego would not have the dynamicCounty. The tournament benefits young women’s programming itthe women and girls of Pro Kids, has today.a local nonprofit operating out ofCity Heights and Oceanside. If you are interested in joining the female-run fun this Decem- Pro Kids challenges underserved ber, please visit www.cariniwom-youth to excel in life by promoting to learn more aboutcharacter development, life skills, the tournament and how you canand values through education and get involved.the game of golf. The programwas started in 1994 by former San The start of the Women’s Tournament last year San Diego in June. Marcela and JaneDiego Charger Ernie Wright in played with friends. No one knows Marcela started volunteeringcollaboration with the small group this better than Advisory Councilof dedicated volunteers and golf Chairsperson Marcela Smith, who with the Girls Mentoring Com-professionals. The Pro Kids pro- learned the game after her best mittee at Pro Kids | The Firstgram served as a model for the friend Jane insisted she take a few Tee of San Diego a year ago, andPGA’s The First Tee program (now lessons. is impressed with the variety ofan international organization) and rewarding experiences avaiable tocontinues to operate as an affilate Marcela started playing golf ultimately help kids get into col-of The First Tee, with a hightened after retiring from the escrow/title lege and live productive lives. Shefocus on supporting kids through- insurance industry and has loved it is an advocate for women in golf,out their personal and professional ever since. She served on the board playing what she calls “girlfriendjourney from elementry school to of Big Brothers Big Sisters of North golf ” as often as possible with hercollege. The Women of the Carini County, and knows the value of friends. Marcela’s zest for life andWomen’s Golf Advisory Coun- mentors and role models for young passion for the game runs throughcil are the new-age of dedicated women. Marcela is involved in the the planning and execution of thephilanthropists and volunteers leadership of the Santaluz Women’s Carini Women’s Golf Tournament,focused on a particularly unique Golf Association at The Santa- which will prove to be even moreneed; welcoming women and girls luz Club, which recently hosted lively this year with a jazz bandto the sport and supporting their a ‘Home & Home’ with the young and champagne brunch. Marcelainvolvement in Pro Kids’ golf and women of Pro Kids | The First Teelife skills program through men-torship. Working together to raise fundsfor the second annual ladies-onlytournament, the Carini Women’sAdvisory Council is made up ofa diverse group of accomplishedwomen committed to the task ofelevating and encouraging fellowwomen through the game of golf.The mission of the yearly tourna-ment is to raise money for ProKids’ initiatives benefiting girls andyoung women; and to help makethe event an enjoyable experiencefor tournament participants andthe Pro Kids players who par-ticipate in each of the event four-somes. So how did the women of theCarini Women’s Golf AdvisoryCouncil approach transformingthe most frustrating sport aroundinto a vibrant, welcoming eventfor beginners and pros alike? Byremembering golf is a game best

7SEASIDECOURIER.COM | SEPTEMBER 2017 | 7SEPTEMBER 2017 | Advisory Council The Carini Women’s Golf Tournament at Pro Kids | The First Tee of San Diego is honored to have an Advisory Council comprised of a variety of accomplished and committed women from all over San Diego County. The Council helps support and guide the mission of this yearly event, to raise ĵŅĹåƼüŅų{ųŅUĜÚűŸĜĹĜƋĜ±ƋĜƴåŸÆåĹåĀƋĜĹčŞųŅčų±ĵŸüŅųčĜųĬŸ±ĹÚƼŅƚĹčƵŅĵåĹſ±ĹÚƋŅĘåĬŞĵ±ĩå the event a fun and enjoyable experience for the tournament participants and the Pro Kids play- ers who participate in each of the event foursomes.We are grateful to have the following individuals on our Advisory Council: MARCELA SMITH SHARI SEVERSON VIVIAN SAYWARD:ŅĬüĬƚÆeþĬĜ±ƋĜŅĹě‰Ę儱ĹƋ±ĬƚDŽĬƚÆ :ŅĬüĬƚÆeþĬĜ±ƋĜŅĹô‰ĘåųĜÚčåŸ :ŅĬüĬƚÆeþĬĜ±ƋĜŅĹô‰ĘåųŅŸÆƼ Chairperson - Advisory Council UDOKA NWANNA VICTORIA WRIGHT SUE WAGGENER:ŅĬüĬƚÆeþĬĜ±ƋĜŅĹěĬƚÆŅųŞØ :ŅĬüĬƚÆeþĬĜ±ƋĜŅĹô‰ĘåųŅŸÆƼ :ŅĬüĬƚÆeþĬĜ±ƋĜŅĹô%åĬa±ų University Club NANCY LINDSAY MARSHA DRESSEL JENNIE RUSS:ŅĬüĬƚÆeþĬĜ±ƋĜŅĹôŅƚĹƋųƼĬƚÆ :ŅĬüĬƚÆeþĬĜ±ƋĜŅĹôaŅųč±ĹƚĹ :ŅĬüĬƚÆeþĬĜ±ƋĜŅĹô±ĬÆŅ±{±ųĩ Ņü±ĹÏĘŅåųűųÚŅ

8 | SEPTEMBER 2017 | SEASIDECOURIER.COM8 | SEPTEMBER 2017NFL Hall Of Famer Andre Reed Starts Kids’ Reading Program BY JEANNE RAWDIN Del Mar resident Andre Reed calls it the“fifth boys. Reed plans on going on tour to the clubsquarter” of his NFL career. The NFL Hall of for “Reading Rallies” to meet the young readersFamer played 16 seasons with the Buffalo Bills in person.and Washington Redskins, and now he’s lever-aging that time on the field to teach kids the Andre cites statistics that show good readinglove of reading. habits are tied to high graduation and success rates. “If you’re not reading by a certain age, “The football thing doesn’t last forever,”notes the likelihood to end up in jail rises. That’s whyAndre. “You don’t know how long you’re going literacy is so important early on in life.”to play, and you’ve got to have something to fillthat void no matter what it is. You’ve got to be Reed can identify with the kids he’s trying toprepared for the end. There’s got to be a plan help since he grew up with few resources atafterward, something you’re passionate about, home. He remembers his own childhood as“75just as passionate about as playing every Sunday.” percent volatile and 25 percent good.” He was raised with two brothers and a sister in a mostly So Reed has started a new non-profit venture single-parent home. His mom worked as acalled READ 83 as part of the Andre Reed Foun- seamstress in a garment factory. His dad wasdation. It’s a play on his own last name (chang- out of the house a lot but when he was there,ing the E for an A) and tacking on his profes- “He ruled with an iron fist. I think there wassional jersey number, 83. READ 83 encourages love in the household; I just didn’t know whereinner-city kids to read at least 30 minutes a day to find it. Did I cry a lot? Probably. Was Iusing the theme of football as a motivator. He’s scared? Yes. But when I got on the football field,bringing the program to Boys & Girls Clubs in it all went away. “six NFL cities to start. Those cities are SanDiego, Cleveland, Boston, Kansas City, New Andre has spoken to 20 clubs across theYork, and Buffalo. The pilot program starts at country in 15 states to get his message out tothe San Marcos Boys & Girls Club in October. urban youth. Although he travels a lot, he always appreciates coming home to Del Mar. Andre himself spent a lot of his childhood He describes Del Mar as “just an easy place to(from age 6 to 16) in the Boys & Girls Club live. I got everything I need at my fingertips.back in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and says he And even though I don’t go to the beach thatlearned most of his values there, and then much, I feel comfortable here.”applied them out in the community. “Just likea football team, you have different personalities, Another recent stop on his life’s journey wasdifferent backgrounds, and you need to put it Israel, where he was baptized in the Jordanall in one pot, and make it good.” River. He says the experience renewed his faith and passion for biblical history.“It was like look- Even though he was taught some values at ing into a living Bible. Over there, you see ahome, the club reinforced what he learned. hill and a bunch of trees, but that hill and those“That’s really important, especially today in this trees represent something in the Bible that reallyworld, where there’s a big conglomerate of meant something. To see that kind of thingbeing on the right side or wrong side of the gets deep in you. You realize you’re in a placetracks. You’ve got to have the right resources where the world started.”to stay on the right side of the tracks.” Reed says since that trip, he has truly evolved READ 83 partnered with iKnow ABC, a group on a new spiritual path. He now goes to theof inner-city education experts, to help “game- Rock Church regularly, and volunteers by serv-ify” reading. The curriculum is taught by Boys ing meals to the homeless twice a month. He& Girls Club instructors as an after-school pro- feels the passion of his faith deepening, butgram. Kids get to track their books, earn stickers, knows the path is still unfolding ahead of him.and score touchdowns as they read 83 books in “My life has been a path of curves and peaks30 days. It may sound like a lot, but Andre pops and valleys. I always knew there was a point Iin via the internet once a week to ask questions wanted to get to. I’m not there yet. But I knowwhich allows kids to get extra points toward their if you can find fulfillment in your own self andgoal. Reed explains,“We encourage kids to exer- in your own heart, you’re on the right path.”cise their mind, just like an athlete exercises hisbody. If you don’t exercise, you don’t get results. It’s that kind of passion that Reed wants toIf you don’t tackle a good book every day, you instill in the kids taking part in READ 83. Thewon’t get far in this world.” first step is getting them to engage -- getting them into the game of knowledge and learning. Reed points out that “football was my focus As he puts it, “You can’t win if you don’t play.”for 30 years. My body became attuned to play- It’s a great slogan as he continues to play hising every year. I got used to it, like a habit. We own “fifth quarter” in the game of life.want reading to become a habit to these kids.We want it to become important to them. For more information on READ 83, or toReading is cool.” purchase the children’s book/autobiography of Reed’s life with proceeds going to the READ He says the football theme works for both 83 progam, email [email protected] and girls; in fact, girls are usually more or call 716-913-8959.excited to see him online and in person than

9SEASIDECOURIER.COM | SEPTEMBER 2017 | 9SEPTEMBER 2017 |By Bart Mendoza September 22 Stone Horse Stone Horse Alison Moyet Chica Diabla The most scenic music venue in San Diego? It’s easily the Bahia Belle, Untouchables a paddle boat that cruises Mission Bay, complete with live music. On September 22 classic rockers Stone Horse will perform aboard the vessel, beginning at 9 p.m. Led by guitarist Carlos Rodriguez and singer Danielle Spade, this top notch band will mix originals from their two albums with choice covers by the likes of Traffic, Chicago and Led Zeppelin. With both incredible views, tasty snacks and drinks, plus a spacious dance floor, this performance from Stone Horse could be one of the month’s best date nights. September 26 Nina Francis Alison Moyet October 7 British hitmaker, Alison Moyet, appears at the Music Box on September Nina Francis 26. Not many performers get more than once chance at the brass ring, but Moyet is currently on her third run at the charts since her 1982 On October 7, singer song-writer Nina Francis will host a special debut as singer with synthpop duo Yazoo, with her latest album, Other, event at Java Joe’s in honor of her latest release, Between Dreams. hitting #12 on the U.K. charts. Thirty five years after making her recorded Known for her mix of pop, jazz and Americana, as heard on debut with synthpop duo, Yazoo, Moyet remains a vocal powerhouse. her new single and video, “Cold Water,” Java Joe’s warm, inti- Other is full of atmospheric tunes that display her vocal prowess to mate, open air stage is the perfect place to catch a set from good effect and is a welcome addition to her discography but you can Francis, who over the past two years, has emerged as one of the expect the night’s biggest cheers to be for early classics such as “Don’t area’s top singer-songwriters. With a growing fan base and rising Go,”“Love Resurrection” and “Invisible.” profile, the sky is the limit for Francis, her success down to a solid mix of songwriting prowess and engaging stage persona. October 6 Liz-Fest On October 6, the Casbah will be the site of Liz-Fest, a benefit for Breast Cancer awareness as well as a memorial concert for Elizabeth Borg, the lead singer for indie rockers Chica Diabla, who passed away a year ago. On hand will be a host of local notables connected to Borg, including sets from the surviving members of Chica Diabla as well as Call Me Alice, Whole Hog, Chamber Sixx, the Touchies and Mittens. A night that combines great music while raising funds for a good cause is the perfect way to remember a beloved member of the local music community. October 7 Cattle Decapitation Totally 80’s Tour October 11 Fans of eighties new wave and ska will want to head to the House of Cattle Decapitation Blues on October 7 for the latest edition of the Totally 80’s Tour. This time out the event will feature four of the era’s chart contenders, Extreme metal fans won’t want to miss hometown heroes, Cattle including Missing Person’s, Bow Wow Wow, When in Rome and the Decapitation appearing at Brick by Brick on October 11. Formed Untouchables. While all the groups are great fun, one of the night’s in 1996, the band is one of the few local groups to make the charts highlights will come early with opener The Untouchables, whose good in recent years, despite no hope of commercial airplay, the band time party music hasn’t aged a bit. Still featuring original singer Jerry continues to draw a devoted following. The show kicks off a North Miller, The Untouchables set will include their high energy hits such American tour that wraps up November 20, the group still touring as “Free Yourself” and “I Spy (For The FBI)” resulting in a packed behind their 2015 album, The Anthropocene Extinction. This show dance floor from the moment they hit the stage. is not for the faint of heart. Fans can expect brutal, adrenaline charged rock, played at a blistering pace, with volume to match.

10 | SEPTEMBER 2017 | SEASIDECOURIER.COM ATTENTION ENCINITAS BUSINESSESOne office. Two top docs. Advertise in our ◊ Dr. Julia Kurlan. Dermatologist. direct mail newspaper ◊ Tues. & Fridays by appointment. ◊ Rashes, moles, skin checks. Local community information ◊ Botox, fillers, & sclerotherapy. SHOP / EAT / SPEND LOCAL! ◊ Major insurances accepted. ◊ All ages. CONTACT US For More INFO: For Derm appt. [email protected] 760-230-2878 LOW◊ Dr. Matt Kurlan. RATES◊ Urgent Care specialist.◊ Walk in. No appt. needed. For urgent care◊ Quick service. Open wk/ends. 760-230-ASAP◊ Infections, injuries, physicals.◊ Affordable fees. Cash only.KURLAN MEDICAL519 Encinitas Blvd. #106, Encinitas ( Located 1/4 mi. E. of I-5 )

11SEASIDECOURIER.COM | SEPTEMBER 2017 |Voted North Coast'sBest Physical TherapyCompany 2015 and 2016.

12 | SEPTEMBER 2017 | SEASIDECOURIER.COM Continued from page 1Takeo Sugimoto's personal story.OwenlcDoemcienmgbpelrac7ethto, 1l9iv4e1. that they were to only Tak remembers his tas on their farm, when ovation. Also Tak is bring two suitcases per time in Poston with a just one of his many fgarmatielfyuwl thoot,hwehEecnketheyhe remembers picking person; everything else sppoisriitti,vwe,haidchvehnetufereoluss chores was to light thebsqroutahsehrwanitdh ohnisemofohthiser, had to be left behind. he inherited from kerosene lamp every were all taken to the For Tak’s family, that night. lcoacmalpJsa,poafnfeerseedftaomsitloierse’sisters. As they looked not only meant their bfaotthherh. iIsnmthoethireeraarnlyd Returning to Encin-ofiveeldrst,owthheerseuortrhoeurnJdaipn-g home and farm, but 20s, his parents came itas after being incar- personal possessions in also their father, who cbeerrastaelds,oThaokwresmafeeman- d tWhehiernlaTrgaek wanadrehhiosuse.anese families also were was in the hospital in tforotmhesUmnailtlefdarSmta-tesfinarsmuiintsga, rtrhievyinsgawinmbiegn San Diego being treat- ing villages around welcomed he felt. His brother returned, the ed for tuberculosis, tehxepehroiemnecteoiwnnEwnchienrietas, Eckes had maintainedblack cars taking away ahlisnodh. Wadittho btheelecfutrbtaei-ns fOatshaekra’s, Jfaapmainly. dHiids not their family truck forseorsm. eToakf ,thwehmo awleasfaornmly- drawn so no one could have enough land to he grew up, was in them. “It became the rdiiernecctescohnethraasdt itno bexopthe- only thing we had tofourteen, did not un- stheeemoutto, tPhoesttroaninInttoeorkn- support their family help us start a new life.pdeernsitnagn.dEwarhliaetrwinasthheap- ment Camp in Arizona there, so he decided San Diego and Vista, I wish I could thank to come to San Diego owchcearseioonns thweohsaedpharisate everyone who was soday, he and his mother wfohretrheetnheexytwthorueledysetaayrs where he became a kind to us during thosehad heard on the radio fisherman, married, life threatened. How- years, especially thethat Pearl Harbor had with 10,000 other Japa- and had four chil- erevteurr, nsiixngmforonmthsPaofstteorn, warm and generousbeen bombed. By that enrenseC, maliofostrnfrioam. TaSkouatnhd- dren. Tak’s mother people in Encinitas.”February his family was wanted to move to when he received hisordered to go to the his family would never Encinitas and start dtiiopnlofmroamatShanis Dgriaedguuiat-oOceanside train sta- Hseee dthieedirbfaetfohreer tahgeayin. farming as her fami-tion along with all local ly back in Japan also High School, the entireJapanese families. They were released. had done. Tak, now ssttuafdfeanntdbsocdhyo, oplabreonatrsd,were not told where ficDueltspciitrecuthmessteadnicfe-s, 90, remembers wellthey were going, but growing up in Encini- gave Tak a standing

13SEASIDECOURIER.COM | SEPTEMBER 2017 | POETRY By Jack Webb Founder and Director of the Border Voices Project \"You have ignited a series of Roman candles!!! These young people are writing, writing, writing!\" – teacher, Standley Jr. High.In the next three pages, you’ll meet some of the thousands of K-12 students who’ve learned to write poetry by way of the25-year-old Border Voices Project. Border Voices students have appeared on TV and at fairs with famed poets from aroundthe world (think Maya Angelou, Lawrence Ferlinghetti). And in 2018, we will offer workshops for senior citizens!Jansun Xiao First Place, Upper Division Maya Angelou drew a full house at the 12,000-seat Viejas Arena (formerly Cox)Grade 4, Spreckels Elementary 2017 Border Voices Poetry Fair as part of a Border Voices celebration.Poet-teacher: Seretta MartinClassroom Teacher: Elizabeth Stewart Me and the DucksHamsa Mohamed – Boston Public GardensGrade 5, George Washington It’s raining in Boston in the public gardens.Carver Elementary Birds are singing and pink tulipsPoet-teacher: Claudia Poquoc are blooming near the brick wall.Classroom Teacher: Rhonda Sloan Wet ducks waddle down the old stone sidewalk. The ground is a dull gray like the sky. I’m the kid in a yellow raincoat and red boots walking with the duck family. I’m carrying my rainbow umbrella, and I can smell the far-away flowers opening their petals in the rain. – Jansun Xiao Second Place, Upper Division Lawrence Ferlinghetti appeared at several Border Voices events. 2017 Border Voices Poetry fair Get inside the minds of The Terrifying Truth these young poets at Monsters... huge demons with protective wings, inspired-kids. slimy creatures with rotten breath, spiked animals and millions of them. You’ll find transcripts The most deadly one is an adult human. of their TV and radio shows, and more ex- Their mouths drip with poison called gossip. amples of their quirky They shoot word bullets at your heart humor and insight. and stab you with their eyes. The worst is yet to come. Their most powerful weapon is to lie. Children learn to distrust them quickly. Luckily, not all people are monsters. But if we discover we have a bit of monster inside us, it’s best not to feed it. – Hamsa Mohamed

14 | SEPTEMBER 2017 | SEASIDECOURIER.COM POETRY By Jack Webb Founder and Director of the Border Voices ProjectAs I told a rep from the mayor’s office, fame is only valuable for what you can do with it. The student poems printed here aretriumphs of art, prelude to noble careers. I still remember what student Hamsa said when asked how he came up with “TheTerrifying Truth” that there are monsters among us. “I’m an eavesdropper,” he said, eyes twinkling. You’ll find similar goldennuggets in the poems of Jansun Xiao; Allyson Jane Evangelista; Valerie Hernandez, and Eli Anderson. – Jack WebbAllyson Jane Evangelista My Happiness into the Dark Risa the Poetry Clown has entertained A sadness eclipsed my happiness crowds at many poetry fairs.Grade 4, George Washington Carver with a dark cloud.Elementary It hid me At the radio studio: Hamsa and Allyson were stars.Poet-teacher: Claudia Poquoc when a ship took my dad away.Classroom Teacher: Bill McClain I felt like I had swallowed the sun. Darkness was now outside of me.Eli Anderson, age 15 I felt like taking karate and chopping up the sadness in my soulEli is the grandson of Jack Webb, and into different shades of purple.appeared on one of the Border Voices Then the wonder of love for my dadTV shows. would shine through. – Allyson Jane Evangelista Old Man’s Détente Souls writing down all their ever-loving sea! forgotten graces, What can you do to a beseeching to God - but In the end, a new start. A slippery decision? key to the cryptic lock they’d really forgotten – a heart, It’s red and blue, an old just what it's about with man's incision and the old man's their big ball of cotton decision is, “until into his heart, cutting that they call a home, an death do us part.” the veins and the plugs autocracy, a shell, from the drugs and the sap that dripped into his lungs – Eli Anderson and ran through the gown an old empty husk that seems more like a hell and into his soul. than a freshly buttered turkey that may be shared What’s making him whole among friends Get inside the minds is the baffling ring that a of the kings and their of these young poets queens amid the leaky at localumbrellamedia. sleigh bell has sung. bends com/inspired-kids. In the snow, in the snow in the hermetical nonsense You’ll find transcripts from the gallows he’d hung. Like a snake wraps around that marks us as man. a grain-cutting scythe, from the martyrs of Iliad Oh God! The grains that of their TV and radio will fall through my hand! shows, and more that were lost with the examples of their sprites To the beach below my quirky humor and in- with the flesh rotting off of feet, away with the sight. their crumbling faces. hypocrisy, the false symphony to the

15SEASIDECOURIER.COM | SEPTEMBER 2017 | When I think of poetry and San Diego, the voice and face I hear is Border Voices and Jack Webb. – Dana Gioia, California poet laureateAmy Glassford, age 10, clutched her book of Berenice Palafox Luza- Jenny Garstany, age Billy Collins, a true Dana Gioia, Califor-poems while waiting her turn to recite at the nilla, age 10, at the Tijuana 11, writes on the poetry crowd-pleaser with his nia poet laureate andBorder Voices Poetry Fair at San Diego State Univer- orphanage Aldea Infantil wall at one of the Border humorous poetry, has former chairman of thesity. SOS, where Border Voices Voices poetry fairs. been a welcome National Endowment for taught classes. visitor to Border Voices the Arts. events.Michelle Zhang leaps for joy after she won first place in the Penguin Dreams Our Deafness Amusesmiddle school division in a Border Voices poetry contest. Their Gentle Souls The penguin dreams about going to a hot place like Africa My sweet dog’s voice wanders in the heat and eating delicious pizza— then returns with lolling laughing tongue, not just fish. joyful eye, fan of tail telling me of the dogs he met and chatted with He dreams that he can fly, cross-legged, in the moonlight, drive a car, and have repeating their stories over and over. different colors of fur. You know how silly little dogs are. – Valerie Hernandez They love us, they run until they catch us, Grade 3, Olivewood Elementary they always forgive our simple ears ... Poet-teacher: Johnnierenee Nelson how we cannot hear the birth-cry of an egg Classroom Teacher: Karolyn Kmet-Moran or the sun breaking through clouds. The Bee Keeper’s Story They pay us the attention we need, with eyes more pure than ours. In their honey-house her bees shuffle Overflowing with laughter and love and spin their sticky magic. This morning they follow us into the years that terrify, she visited them as she does every day. the days of peace. – Jack Webb, founder-director Border When she removed the lid angry bees Voices Poetry Project swarmed and chased her down the hill. She worries — 2 Haiku Did I crush a bee when I dropped the lid? stretching the width Returning in the afternoon of winter wind she opens the lid, finds five bees red-tailed hawk diligent as medics clustered around the injured one. autumn in Alaska They tug and pull its legs until lining every rooftop the crippled bee rises and flies away. antlers Healing comes with the patient passage of – Seretta Martin, assistant director time. Border Voices Poetry Project Southern California Haiku Study Group 2016 – Seretta Martin, assistant director Border Voices Poetry Project Get inside the minds of these young poets at: Poem Published: Serving House Journal, 2014 California Poets in the Schools 45th You’ll find transcripts of their TV and radio Anniversary anthology, 2009 shows, and more examples of their quirky humor and insight.

166||SSEEPPTTEEMMBBEERR 22001177 | SEASIDECOURIER.COMFriends Of Balboa Park Acquiring Historic Balboa Park Carousel BY: REEMA MAKANI BOCCIA, APROfficial ribbon cutting to transfer ownership to nonprofit Friends of Balboa Park. Friends of Balboa Park has entertainment and much more. said Friends of Balboa Park Executive Steen and his family, the sellers, spearheaded major capital improve-acquired the historic Balboa Park There more than 3,200 riders on the Director John Bolthouse. “Since owned the carousel for more than ment initiatives throughout TheCarousel and launched a capital carousel and around 10,000 atten- 1999, Friends has partnered with the 40 years. Park, including information kiosks,campaign to complete funds for the dees who celebrated the festivities, City Parks & Recreation Department restoration of the historic gate housessale and restoration. The goal of the among them Councilmember Chris to help fund projects throughout the “We decided to sell to the Carousel and lily pond, Adopt-A-Plot, benchcampaign is $3 million through Ward, Supervisor Ron Roberts as Park, and the Carousel is our largest to a San Diego organization who tributes, tree dedications, and other2020. Escrow closed on June 30, well as numerous other elected offi- undertaking yet.We need the public’s would appreciate and maintain it for programs that facilitate the commu-2017, and poised the nonprofit to cials and community leaders will support in funding the endeavor, and future generations,” said Steen. “We nity’s direct involvement in themaintain uninterrupted operation of help celebrate the momentous occa- are looking forward to continuing to are grateful for the opportunity to enhancement of Balboa Park.the carousel. sion. the Carousel being in the spotlight, work with Friends to help preserve just as was intended more than a cen- this shining gem for the 'Jewel of San To support the capital campaign, Friends kicked off its capital cam- “The Carousel was one of very few tury ago.” Diego’ for people from around the visit with a major community cel- privately owned assets in Balboa world to enjoy.”ebration on July 25 – National Park, and our taking over its owner- Located off Park Blvd. and Zoo Editor’s note: Read about BalboaCarousel Day. The festivities included ship aligns perfectly with Friends’ Place, the Carousel has been privately Friends of Balboa Park is an affin- Park’s Executive Director John Bolt-free rides on the Balboa Park mission to preserve and maintain the owned for more than 100 years by a ity group that enhances and main- house in our Rolando News coverCarousel, face painting, children’s Park for future generations to come,” few different San Diego families. Bill tains The Park through donations story. and Park programs. The group hasOriginal carousel in Tent City in Coronado The community enjoyed free Carousel rides and festivities on the first annual National Carousel Day on July 25

1177SEASIDECOURIER.COMS|ESPETPETMEMBEBRER20201717| |KIDS’ KORNER: Airborne San Diego BY: CARTER ROBINSON Did you know that Airborne San saw the tubes, it was unbelievable! When I was up I leaned into the and even turned me around in cir- family and friends, and I began toDiego is a place that will make you I couldn’t believe I was about to go wind tunnel with my hands cles. It was one of the greatest get the hang of it.feel like you are are flying? inside a wind tunnel and fly. crossed on my chest. I was very moments of my life, learning how excited, because it was my very first to fly. I think Airborne was a great In my opinion, Airborne is a life The next thing I knew they took time. At first, I got very scared, experience for me, because I con-changing experience, an experience us into a class, all suited up, before because it was hard to breathe. But, I watched my whole family float quered my fear and had a fantasticI will always remember. going into the tube. The instructor the instructor looked into my eyes like a pros and learned a lot from time learning how to fly. told us hand signals before we went and told me to breathe through my them. Even my five-year- old sister On my way there, I felt excited, inside the wind tunnel to help keep nose. tried it. Locally owned and operated,but I was also a little nervous too. I us safe. Finally, they walked us over Airborne San Diegowas nervous because I didn’t know to the tube and we saw a board that I learned really quickly and had I was, now, really ready for my Call Today!what to expect. told us the order of our names for a blast soaring through the tunnel! second flight. My second turn was (619) 661-0194 our flights. even more thrilling, because I I knew it was a once in a life time The instructor helped me float learned all the moves from myopportunity. When I walked in andMe with my family at Airborne San Diego! My dad and mom, Seth and Jaime Robison, and my sister, Emily. Me flying in the tunnel with my instructor, Tristan.

18 | SEPTEMBER 2017 | SEASIDECOURIER.COM18 | SEPTEMBER 2017 Women's History Theater Festival Women's History comes to life this September in Liberty StationJ oin the Women's Museum Tea with Eleanor Female Voices of Hollywood: Golda’s Balcony of California and American Imagine, an invitation to visit the The Golden Age of Musicals The life and times of Golda Meir, History Theater for three White House to have an afternoon An evening of music celebrating a woman who rose from the po- weekends of plays celebrating tea with the First Lady, Eleanor the female voices of the musicals groms of Russia to the halls of theextraordinary women in politics Roosevelt. Buying a ticket will give made in the 1930’s and the 1940’s. Knesset in Israel, to become oneand entertainment, September one just that. Annette Hubbell, Hollywood’s galaxy of great of the most influential leaders of16th – October 30th, 2017. The a veteran actress from southern female voices included Ginger the Twentieth Century. Directedplays this year include an inter- California, brings the First Lady Rogers, Jeanette McDonald, Do- by Melissa Malloy, and starringactive one women show about alive during the fateful years of ris Day, the Andrew Sisters, Lena M. Susan, Golda’s Balcony cov-First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, a the Great Depression and World Horne and the legendary Judy ers the story of a people whomusical review of women from War II. This tea includes tea, deli- Garland. These were the golden faced centuries of discrimination,the Golden Age of Hollywood, cious desserts, stories about the years when Hollywood studios segregation, and abuse through-and Golda's Balcony, the longest- president and the men and women produced musicals to relieve the out European history. When therunning one-woman show in who guided the nation during this stress of the Depression and War horrors of the Holocaust wereBroadway history. era. years. Get your tickets early for acknowledged, Jewish leadersThe Women's History Theater September 16 &17 at 4:00 PM this spin down memory lane star- demanded a return to their his-Festival is an annual event that Tickets: $25 per person OR $100 ring San Diego’s professional torical homeland. When the statetakes place at the Women's Mu- for a table of four September 16, 17, 23, 24 of Israel was established by theseum in Liberty Station tickets Tickets: $14.00 Gen Admission • United Nations in 1948, Goldacan be purchased at the Women's $12.00 seniors, Students, Military Meir was one of those foundersMuseum of California website, who eventually rose to lead new nation in a war for survival. The one-woman play includes the names and voices of many world leaders of the 1950’s and 60’s. September 23, 24, 30 and Octo- ber 1 Tickets: $14.00 Gen Admission • $12.00 seniors, Students, Military American History Theater http:// American History Theater is a new up-and-coming official 501C3 nonprofit dedicated to bringing the stories of history's most influential women through theater, and raising awareness around women's issues, with a continued focus on military women. Through theater we look to shed light on the triumphs and struggles of women throughout history and address issues such as Military Sexual Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress.The Women's Museum of California is one of 3 brick and mortar museums in the country which focuses on women's history and the onlyone in California. Founded in 1983, our mission is to educate and inspire future generations about the experiences and contributions ofwomen have made throughout history. The WMC features a variety of changing exhibits and displays on women's history, sponsors work-shop and lecture series, develops and implements educational and cultural events, including art shows, live performances and presenta-tions; maintains a library, archive & collections.

19SEASIDECOURIER.COM | SEPTEMBER 2017 |Your September Horoscope brought to you by 580 A Grand Ave. Unit A, Carlsbad, CA 92008ARIES your friends at 760-994-2404Take time to enjoy what’s left of the summer sea- juncalrealestate.comson, Aries! Plan for a break or vacation to help ease License #: 01945487any recent stress. You’ll feel like a new person! DOWNTAURUS 1. Zoo attractionHonest comments to others will help you scoremajor brownie points, Taurus! Don’t say something 2. Sunbeamyou might regret later though. Remember it’s goodto compliment, but don’t lay it on too thick! 3. Most transparentGEMINI 4. Walks in waterGemini, your energy will take an upswing thismonth. Hold on tight and enjoy the ride. Things 5. Ill-humorenjoy the moment! 6. BondCANCER 7. Ground beef pattyIt is time to put into practice all the things youhave learned, Cancer! You have been sitting on 8. Luxurious resortsSummon up your courage and get in the game! 9. Rowing bladesLEO 10. Contribute a shareHappy Birthday Leo! What a “lucky” lion you arethis month! Look out for fortunate windfalls as the 11.summer draws to a close. It’ll seem like penniesfrom heaven as the cosmos will shower you with 19. Fox’s burrowgifts from above! 21. European peaksVIRGO 22. Cabbage dishthat you’ve been working on will begin to bloom.Are you ready for an early harvest? 23. Ebb ____LIBRA 24. Most sternYou’ve been so busy taking care of business, Libra,that you haven’t been taking care of yourself! 25. Lacking brightnessTake a break and try new relaxing techniques thismonth. Remember that to unwind doesn’t mean 28. Prickly plantsyou have to unravel. 29. Sherry or port, e.g.SCORPIOThe lines between business and pleasure blur for 30. Picksyou this month, Scorpio. Enjoy yourself and makethe most of this unique combination. You will be 32. Strategylike a kid in a candy store, so have fun and live lifeto its fullest! ACROSS 36. Venomous snake 38. SlackenedSAGITTARIUSYou are caught between a rock and a hard place 1. Curve 48. Splash gently 39. “____ So Cold”lately. Don’t get discouraged, because it’s only 4. Amongtemporary. Keep your spirits high and everything 8. Ride the wind 51. Edge of a roof 40. Soil additivewill soon fall back into a pleasant pace! 12. Comrade 13. Opera highlight 52. Exclusive 41. Babble wildlyCAPRICORN 14. Window ache?Sometimes you are soooo stubborn, Capricorn! 15. Needle aperture 53. Make a blunder 42. Bit of infoCurb that quick temper and be prepared to listen 16. Reckonto what those closest to you are trying to tell you. 17. Liberal ____ 54. Derive 46. Court amorouslyEven though you might hate to admit it, they may 18. Citrus quencherhave some good points …so listen up! 20. Hunting hound 55. Narrated 47. Plumbing jointAQUARIUS 56. Earth’s upper atmosphere 49. Floating zooCreativity buzzes around you this month! Let your 50. Jimmyyourself open for inspiration from all directions. Happy Solving!PISCES ANSWERSThis has been a wacky year for you so far, Pisces!Take time to count your blessings instead of dwell- 22. Nerve-rackinging on the setbacks. You may realize that the prosdo out weight the cons! 26. Debtors burden 27. Canvas cover 28. Tango total 31. Paid notices 32. Goody-goodies 33. Body joint 34. Sopping 35. Fishing cord 36. “____ Misbehavin’ ” 37. Leading ladies 39. Run at full speed 43. Liable 44. Warmth 45. Meadow munchers

200||SSEEPPTETMEMBEBRER20210717| SEASIDECOURIER.COMART OF THE AMERICAS Pre-Columbian Art from Mingei’s Collection The Mingei International Muse- (wind instruments), roller stamps Dish, 700-900 A.D., Panama. Unknown artist. Slip painted terracotta. Collection ofum will present more than 125 used for decorating cloth, as well as Mingei International Museum; purchase made possible by a generous gift from Akaloaobjects in “Art of the Americas — adornments such as beads and ear Resource Foundation.Pre-Columbian Art from Mingei’s plugs. A rare collection of Maya tex- Stone Sculpture, c. 1440-1520 A.D., Teno-Collection,” the most comprehen- tile fragments and ancient bead chitlan, Mexico. Unknown artist. Basalt.sive presentation to date of the strands will also be presented. Bequest of the Robert Bruce Inveraritymuseum’s significant holdings of Estate.objects used by people from the One of the few exhibitions of Polychrome Chip and Dip Vessel, 700-ancient cultures of Mexico, Central ancient art, “Art of the Americas” is 1100 A.D. Panama. Unknown artist. Slipand South America. part of Pacific Standard Time: painted terracotta. Collection of Mingei LA/LA. International Museum; purchase made pos- The exhibit opens Sept. 16 and sible by a generous gift from Akaloaruns through Feb. 18, 2018 Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA is Resource Foundation. a far-reaching and ambitious explo- Objects featured in the exhibition ration of Latin American and Latinostraddle cultural boundaries — art in dialogue with Los Angeles.from the Maya civilization in Mex- Supported by grants from the Gettyico to the Moche civilization in Peru Foundation, Pacific Standard Time:— as well as numerous ancient tra- LA/LA takes place from Septemberditions and cultures from western 2017 through January 2018 at moreMexico. than 70 cultural institutions across Southern California, from Los Objects range from those made Angeles to Palm Springs, and fromfor ritual and ceremonial use — fig- San Diego to Santa Barbara. Pacificurines, vessels and sculptures Standard Time is an initiative of thedepicting gods, shamans, animals, Getty. The presenting sponsor ismarine life and floral motifs — to Bank of America.objects for domestic use includingjars, bowls, spindle whorls, ocarinasIndonesian Shadow Puppets Current Mingei exhibit showing through March 18, 2018 The Mingei’s current exhibition, Shadow Puppet-Tree of Life. (Kayon or Gunungan) – front view Late 20th Century. Shadow Puppet-Tree of Life. (Kayon or Gunungan) -back view. Late 20th Century. Java,“Indonesiam Shadow Puppets,” is being Java, Indonesia. Painted parchment, hide, bone. Gift of Edward Inskeep. Indonesia. Painted parchment, hide, bone. Gift of Edward Inskeep. (Photo by Katieshown in the Warren Theater Gallery. (Photo by Katie Gardner) Gardner) Shadow puppet performances havebeen a highly-refined and complex sto-rytelling tradition in parts of Indonesiafor hundreds of years. Known as wayangkulit, these flat puppets are cut andpunched from water buffalo hide andthen colorfully painted, usually on bothsides. Sticks or handles made from waterbuffalo horn or wood, attached to thebase and limbs of each puppet, enable itto come to life in the hands of the dha-lang, or puppeteer, who sits behind a cot-ton screen and manipulates the puppetswhile narrating a story. This intimate installation in the Muse-um’s Theater Gallery will feature approx-imately 30 puppets, which depict the vastrepertoire of heroes and heroines,demons and pranksters featured in thegreat Hindu epics, the Mahābhārata andRāmāyaṇa, as well as local gods andmythical subjects. Puppet performancesprovide entertainment, a sense of com-munity, as well as an opportunity forsacred and secular instruction. Tradition-al performances are always accompaniedby a gamelan, a musical ensemble com-prised of gongs, drums, xylophones andstringed instruments.


22 | SEPTEMBER 2017 | SEASIDECOURIER.COMThe 13th Annual LeucadiART Walk The 13th Annual Leucadia Art Walk was a great success. Featuring free open air trolley rides, six live music stages, live art, dance, craft beer, the Scripps Health Children’s Art Pavillion and much more. The event attracted over 5,000 people from all over North County.The band playing at Coffee Coffee Roy Kerckhoffs Art The crowd Andrew Palmer Artist The greeting table! Carla Funk Designs Special thanks

23SEASIDECOURIER.COM | SEPTEMBER 2017 |Beautiful Glass Art Laura Cunningham Buddy Smith, Glass Art AkZana - Maxim Fine ArtHand Crafted for You! Larry Beard Fine Art, Larry BeardJudy Sayer Artist Entertainment

24 | SEPTEMBER 2017 | SEASIDECOURIER.COM LET US HELP YOU FIND YOUR NEXT CRIB.PROFIT FROM OUR AWARD-WINNING SERVICE. OB Juncal Noreena Sgarbossa Mary Goulet Lori Mitchell Leta Amick Lenette DiCataldo-Gray Jessica Aliano Rigo PantojaOffice (760) 994-2404 Mobile (760) 803-5732 Mobile (760) 445-2022 Mobile (760) 908-5756 Mobile (760) 637-1375 Phone (760) 685-3585 Mobile (760) 877-4709 Mobile (510) 736-8868 Cassie Ott Frances Mouser / FAM Team Crystal Pierce Don Lowe David Silva Christy Butler Payton Parnegg Peter BolaneMobile (760) 201-9407 Mobile (760) 310-4849 Mobile (760) 889-4433 Mobile (760) 525-9350 Mobile (858) 354-7496 Mobile (760) 815-9995 Phone (760) 607-7755 Mobile (760) 214-7456 760-994-2404 Start at License #: 01945487

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