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Fertility Branding & Marketing Brochure

Published by bccdevelopers1, 2020-04-16 05:07:07

Description: Fertility Branding & Marketing Brochure


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The most common mistake people do in fertility marketing is trying to emulate so-called competitors and thereby burying their original strengths, chasing numbers and percentages in the communication and involving in emotional & forceful patient testimonies with doctors in the video. There are lots of restrictions in healthcare marketing and if you don’t abide by it you can get penalised by MCI. Having said that, there are ethical ways to build your brand in a way you can be proud of and some of the strategies are given here in a nutshell for you to benefit from. Not just reading is enough, implementation of these strategies is the key to building a successful Fertility Brand. Lets take a quick look at 13 effective strategies you can ethically leverage.

CONTENT 13 Fertility Marketing Strategies for Fertility Brands 1 Ruling Google My Business Pg 01 2 Creating Brand Asset Right : LOGO 03 3 Making Website More Powerful 09 4 Opening door to International Patients 15 5 Internal & External Branding 17 6 Capture Voice of your patients 21 7 Talk about the Standards you maintain 23 8 Offer Counselling Help 25 9 Awareness & Procedure Videos 27 10 Creating Educative Funnels through FB 29 11 Thoughtful & Helpful Camps 31 12 Collaborate & Succeed 33 13 Celebrate Brand Day with a Meet-up 35

#1. Ruling Google My Business Google My Business has become very smart & powerful. It has all the essentials necessary which can create a favourable impression about your fertility brand before a prospective patient. 1 13 Fertility Branding & Marketing Strategies for Fertility Brands

6 Main things to capitalise with Google My Business Right Naming (If need be with Location) Photos of Your Facility Reviews & Ratings Precisely Direct to your centre with Google Maps Work Timings (Crucial Factor for Appointments) Phone Number (For Immediate Connect) Tips : There are a lot of interesting features to explore in Google My Business like posting updates that you can explore. If you don't have a website so far then you can create a free website through Google My Business but it will have limited features only (its good for a start). 213 Fertility Branding & Marketing Strategies for Fertility Brands

#2. Create your Brand Asset Right : LOGO Brand is the most desirable asset one can own. The value of which increases day by day manifolds with good work and there is a great pay back if you may prefer to sell it later. Creating the right brand logo is the asset you can cherish and get recognised with. 3 13 Fertility Branding & Marketing Strategies for Fertility Brands

Check if your logo passes 3C Test 3C Test for your Logo 1 Clarity 2 Consistency 3 Connect Test Test Test 1 (a). Is your 2 (a). Is there a 3 (a). Does logo clearly guideline for your your logo carry readable from logo to follow meaningful a distance ? when it appears symbolism that in various your brand formats? stands for? 1 (b). Is your 2 (b). Is your 3 (b). Can your logo Single logo consistent target Colour or when it gets audience relate Dual reproduced in to the visual Colours? stationery, symbolism uniform or your logo signage? carries? Note : Desirable answer for the above should be : ‘Yes’. It means your logo has passed 3C Test. If ‘No’ then align your logo well as per the above test 413 Fertility Branding & Marketing Strategies for Fertility Brands

5 13 Fertility Branding & Marketing Strategies for Fertility Brands

613 Fertility Branding & Marketing Strategies for Fertility Brands

7 13 Fertility Branding & Marketing Strategies for Fertility Brands

813 Fertility Branding & Marketing Strategies for Fertility Brands

#3. Make your Website More Powerful Website has become the most authentic source of information about you by you. So make best use of it to build trust and to connect with your patients immediately. 9 13 Fertility Branding & Marketing Strategies for Fertility Brands

Check your whether your fertility website has the following Call-to-Action Essentials Trust Builders • Phone Number • Services / Treatments Offered • Video Testimonies of Patients • Appointment Form • Infrastructure • Milestones • Address • Doctors & Their Profile • Google Reviews (If your review • Google My Business Direction • About your Fertility Centre • Consultation Timing • Insurance Details are good) • Chat / Whatsapp • Awards / Accolades • Case Studies • Media /PR Snippets Awareness International Patients • Awareness Videos • Easy Call-to-Action • Case Studies Specific to the Region • Patient Education Videos • Local Connect (if possible) • Content in their Regional Language • Treatment / Procedure Videos • Facility Tour • Testimonies Specific to the Region • FAQs • FAQs • Complete Treatment Module Tour (Daywise Program) Promotion Add Ons • Camp Promo • Fertility Calculator • Treatment specific camp • Pregnancy Calculator 1013 Fertility Branding & Marketing Strategies for Fertility Brands

11 13 Fertility Branding & Marketing Strategies for Fertility Brands

1213 Fertility Branding & Marketing Strategies for Fertility Brands

13 13 Fertility Branding & Marketing Strategies for Fertility Brands

1413 Fertility Branding & Marketing Strategies for Fertility Brands

#4. Start Medical Tourism India is leveraging a handsome share in the booming Medical Tourism Industry. Fertility Brands are already taking a major chunk of revenue by serving International Patients. Setting few parameters right can help you attract more patients. 15 13 Fertility Branding & Marketing Strategies for Fertility Brands

International Patients are looking for specific communication in your website and those are the below 1 Easy Call-to-Action Whatsapp / Phone Number/ Email / Chatbot 2 Local Connect if possible, if you have local facilitator for follow up it helps. Share the local connect in your website 3 Content in their Regional Language Make them feel you are already close to them. 4 Build Specific Pages for each geography You can add relevant content in their regional language 5 Testimonies Specific to the Region Pick & Highlight testimonies from the same region. So that they can verify & build trust faster. 6 Case Studies Specific to the Region This is another important ingredient to help them know the complex cases you have already handled) 7 Facility Tour Give them a Virtual Tour of your facility. Patients are very particular about your infra capabilities and wont come to you if you have a poor setup 8 Complete Treatment Module Tour Give them a plan of what will happen from the day one of their travel till their safe return to their homeland. 9 FAQs Have a dedicated FAQ section that answers all their queries that helps them get all the answers they want. 1613 Fertility Branding & Marketing Strategies for Fertility Brands

#5. External & Internal Branding External Branding through signages helps people easy to locate you if they are searching for you and also acts as a brand recall whenever they pass by. Internal Branding is the most powerful area which you can make use to build brand credibility & earn their trust faster. 17 13 Fertility Branding & Marketing Strategies for Fertility Brands

Points to consider for External Branding 1 Make sure your external signage is very clearly visible from a distance as it is the most important investment you are going to make please dont be stingy 2 Always use good quality materials for external signages on building so that your brand does not suffer from poor visibility (blinking lights remember!) 3 Make sure the structure erected is very strong with good foundation so that it does not fall as it is a matter of safety (many poorly fixed signages fall against a strong wind) 4 Partner with traffic authorities and set up direction boards in and around the centre - directing them to the centre and also offering Road Safety messages (Usually its 60:40 Ratio - 60% for Road Safety Messages and 40% for Brand Message) 1813 Fertility Branding & Marketing Strategies for Fertility Brands

Points to consider for Internal Branding • When patient are waiting for your appointment they are looking around walls for something to read about you - make use of this opportunity • My specific advise is to fill the communication with the credibility building information about the brand. You can consider the following communication : 1 How you care your patients 2 How easy it is to fix an appointment with you 3 Book of Case Studies at the waiting area 4 Posters / Handouts on Patient & Preventive Education 5 Thoughtful & Comforting Messages (Empathy - You understand their pain) 6 Book of Patient Testimonies (Record Testimonies with patient approval) 7 Navigation Signages (Floor Index / Facility Signages / Consultation Rooms) 8 Doctor Directory which has Consulting Doctors list with Specialty & timing 9 Licensed / Registered Practitioner Board 10 Promo communication about your upcoming Camp / Treatment Offer (Standee / Leaflet / Poster) 11 Media Clipping (Newspaper) 19 13 Fertility Branding & Marketing Strategies for Fertility Brands

2013 Fertility Branding & Marketing Strategies for Fertility Brands

#6. Capture your Patient Voice Always its not a direct testimonial, its about their journey which matches with the journeys of several others and that is going to get you more attention. Your patient’s voice is the most valuable thing you can capture, cherish & spread. This is the voice which is going to build your brand. 21 13 Fertility Branding & Marketing Strategies for Fertility Brands

Thoughts on “Capture your Patient Voice” Capture your patient voice in various forms as it is convenient to them, if they are video hesitant then text will do - make it flexible. Various ways to Capture your Patient Voice Text Platform Google Reviews SMS / WhatsApp Message Video Written Feedback Forms Phone Video / Professional Camera Video Various things your Patient Voice can capture • Your patient journey & how they overcame their challenge • If they go out of the way to praise you dont stop them but dont ask them to do so • Focus on what they underwent & what is the message they want to share to those who lost hope 2213 Fertility Branding & Marketing Strategies for Fertility Brands

#7. Talk about the Standards you maintain Its very much essential to talk about the professional /ethical / hygiene standards you maintain. This instills trust and people can verify by using your services to check what you claim is true. 23 13 Fertility Marketing Strategies for Fertility Brands

Thoughts on “Quality Standards” Its necessary to inform patients about the standards you maintain 1 It can be about the materials & drugs you use (educating on that to make quality transparent - also will justify your pricing if the patients feel its higher) 2 How you strictly adhere to standards set by authorised bodies for Quality (If your centre is NABH accredited, how you follow those standards or other bodies as may be relevant) 3 The ethical standards you maintain in terms of maintaining patient’s records. If you are using technology in storing patient’s case history will be an added advantage (this will build loyalty) Ease of fixing appointments, getting admitted & checkout process - 4 all these are also considered quality parameters in the minds of patients - it has to be hassle free experience which can happen by putting the right technology at use. The idea is to build trust. Whatever you think that can add value, can be brought out in the communication. We are not getting into the broad subject of “Quality Standards in Clinical aspects” as it will deviate from the topic. 2413 Fertility Marketing Strategies for Fertility Brands

#8. Offer Counselling Help Its Counselling and not “SELLING”. Make use of right Counselling methods to give them confidence and help them come out of their problems. Genuine interest in their well-being is the key. Advise what is right and not what is favourable to your brand (if what you advise is right & most favourable for your brand then you are most welcome). If this is done right, this will be your most powerful marketing tool. 25 13 Fertility Marketing Strategies for Fertility Brands

If your counselling happens right, then they are going to opt your services for sure. 1 A productive counselling is one where decent time is spent withpatient Right Counselling will give the patient mental confidence to take up 2 the treatment (if they desire so and they will also know if there is a need too) 3 It will build immense loyalty with brand Those who get right counselling will not sit quite, they will speed the 4 message. They will become word-of-mouth marketing agent for your brand 2613 Fertility Marketing Strategies for Fertility Brands

#9. Awareness & Procedure Videos People are consuming health related information online more than ever. The easiest way to consume information online is through videos. There is huge number of increasing viewership for videos which talk about preventive health and treatment procedure. 27 13 Fertility Marketing Strategies for Fertility Brands

Best Practices for Awareness & Procedure Videos Creation & Dissemination Make use of Youtube Any hot / trendy topic if you may 1 extensively. Its free now, 8 wish to cover be first to do so may be payable later. related to your specialty Make the communication You can also pick up questions 2 in English and Regional 9 from Google / Quora and create Language videos answering them Break Down the video into If you are creating videos for your international patients, make your 3 simple steps so that it is easy to remember & follow 10 video in English and make the subtitles in the language they understand better 4 11Avoid Medical Jargons - make Lot many are interested to it as simple as possible to understand the process involved understand in a treatment, make sure you make videos on the same Pick-Up topics from your every day interaction with patients 5 ( if you have more number of patients asking a particular question then it means, its time to create a video on that topic) Also pick up topics from youtube (if there videos made on a particular 6 subject which has more viewership you can also make a video for your audience on that subject) 7 Stick on to your specialty specific information (if that has been the purpose) & dont deviate 2813 Fertility Marketing Strategies for Fertility Brands

10. Creating Educative Funnels through FB Facebook is the most powerful Social Media, it has all the important data on earth about individual behaviour. Making use of FB in creating awareness through educative content is the way forward. 29 13 Fertility Marketing Strategies for Fertility Brands

Check your whether your fertility website has the following • Create a Video / Article / IVF Guide and run your FB campaign with precise targeting. You will be able to know people who are interested in the information. • Through videos you establish your brand personality. People want to know how you address the issue before fixing up an appointment with you and all these help you in building your personal & organisational brand ethically digitally. • You can create a series of communication and you will be able to grow your audience online who would be interested in such communication. • When people are coming to your website to obtain information routed through FB funnel, they will be able to find more information about you, the treatments you offer, credibility your have built through patient testimonials & lot more - they may end up fixing up an appointment with you or refer those in need. 3013 Fertility Marketing Strategies for Fertility Brands

11. Thoughtful & Helpful Camps The effectiveness of traditional camps have gone down drastically, people understand the camps to be a direct marketing approach to induct patients. A thoughtful & helpful camp strategy is the need of the hour. 31 13 Fertility Marketing Strategies for Fertility Brands

Thoughtful & Helpful Camp Strategy Camp has to begin with a general address to set the camp tonality by inviting the Camp 1 patients, Existing patients & Local Gynecs (if they can come - give them also a role). It has to be awareness on pregnancy driven approach (Knowledge Session + Camp) will work. 2 Inviting your existing patients during that time who have delivered babies for a general meet up is good as it builds confidence with those who have come for the camp 3 Registration before coming to the camp should be made compulsory as it will createseriousness 4 Once the registration happens, you can send them educative videos about pregnancy created by you Helpful Counselling has to be the core of the Camp Strategy. Couple 5 counselling is most effective 6 Conducting camps in your premise is the right way forward to build trust 7 Check ups if any can be included (optional) 8 If camp patient decide to opt for your services you can consider on reducing the cost. With those where you find genuine need for further counselling with some test - you can 9 offer them 4 week / 4 times max free counselling (Free is not commitment free. They have to come obtaining appointments & follow the protocols). The probability of them opting your services will be high if they make use of the opportunity. 10 Converting those who come to the camp as your audience online will help you stay connected with them 3213 Fertility Marketing Strategies for Fertility Brands

12. Collaborate & Succeed The only mantra for success is right collaboration. In places whether there is a good collaboration with Fertility Specialists & Gynecs we see a good amount of patient referral happen. Also there is a collaboration opportunity with multi-specialty hospitals who dont offer fertility services. 33 13 Fertility Marketing Strategies for Fertility Brands

Collaborate & Succeed Strategy Local Gynec collaboration 1 Conduct education programs / CMEs to 4 Have a strict “no commission policy” Gynecs in & around your geography to as it is against the MCI Guidelines increase their knowledge levels on the various fertility treatments that are available 2 Give them a facility tour 5 Do camps partnering with Strong Local Gynecs in their clinics, also create growth opportunities for your Local Gynecs in your hospital as well. 3 Educate them as to when their patient get qualified for getting referred to you. How, even after the referral, you keep the Local Gynec informed on a regular basis about the health status of their patient and how on discharge the referred patient can start consulting with their Local Gynec as usual. Multi-Specialty Hospital Collaboration You can make an IVF set up You will have a steady 5 This method ensures flow of patients due to good growth mutually 1 3inside a multi-specialty the hospital’s goodwill centre and your brand goodwill You can use hospital infra for conducting It will save you cost on 4 You can work on 6 CMEs on the subject revenue sharing by inviting Local 2 expansion as licensing and partnership with Gynecs other management related them things are already handled by the centralised hospital management 3413 Fertility Marketing Strategies for Fertility Brands

13. Celebrate Brand Day with a Meet-up Fertility brand has a unique advantage in this case as it touches patients emotionally in building their family. Patients also create a sense of belonging to the brand family and the brand family increases. Celebrating the Anniversary of the Fertility Brand as Brand Day with a Meet-up will strengthen bonding. 35 13 Fertility Marketing Strategies for Fertility Brands

Celebrate Brand Day with a Meet-up Plan 1 Those who experienced your services and still connected with you, by living a healthy & happy life is the greatest gift to cherish in your profession. 2 Plan the day like a family event, invite the Couples with kids to come & participate in a variety of games - give winners & participants prizes & gifts 3 Allow them to share their journey - this is one of the best places to record your patient voice with their approval 4 You connect with them by reassuring your family like support As your Brand Family grows you reach more organically well and all your 5 ethical promotion will only amplify with more word-of-mouth positive agents all around. 3613 Fertility Marketing Strategies for Fertility Brands

Mohammed Ilias Healthcare Branding & Marketing Strategist BCC Healthcare Author, Trainer, Speaker, Market Creator & Ethical Marketer Mohammed Ilias is an International Healthcare Branding and Marketing Strategist successfully running BCC Healthcare - an integrated healthcare branding and marketing agency with presence in India, UAE and Srilanka. He works closely with Hospitals, Celebrity Doctors, Pharma Companies, Labs, Medical Equipment Manufacturers. With a decade of experience in healthcare industry he has served over 100+ brands to achieve better presence and deliver enriched brand communication in the market. His mastery over the art of amalgamating strong marketing strategies and aesthetically rich creatives to bring out campaigns that hit the right chord at the right time in the right target audience is remarkable. BCC Healthcare is a branding and marketing What we do: agency working extensively on healthcare We create tailor-made campaigns for our clients, our segment with a presence in India, Sri Lanka repertoire as an agency extends from creating quick and UAE. We have developed a number of brand deliverables, digital brand assets to immensely successful campaigns for various impactful TV commercials. We add value to our clients established hospitals and other healthcare through the following services: brands. • 360-degree Healthcare branding and marketing Healthcare is our specialty too, we serve as brand partners for numerous Healthcare campaign Brands. Our expertise in Healthcare Marketing is a result of our deep insights • Engaging Digital Marketing Strategies(National & driven by experience and derived from market study & analysis. We understand International) your target audience as much as you do. We find that one USP of our client to make them • Specialty Specific Content Marketing cut through the noise and stand out in a • SEO friendly Hospital Website market overcrowded by competitors. • Signages as per NABH norms • Techno-Creative Products • Outdoor& Indoor Hospital Branding • TV Commercial • Educative Doctor Branding & Interview Videos • Brand Souvenirs • CME Management and Promotion • Medical Tourism outreach Digital Support

Build your Fertility Brand Ethically! Build your Legacy! Dont get caught in some cheap promotion tactics which are short-lived. There is nothing called competition in this world, its a pure myth atleast in the healthcare world its very true. Create a brand that you will be proud of, your brand family will be proud of and your next generation will be a proud of. Leave a great brand legacy for others to look upto you and set you as an example to follow!

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