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Magazine Design Software - Design Dynamic Digital Magazines With Page Turning Effect

As the user-friendly magazine design software, PubHTML5 enables publishers make realistic page turning effect with interactive reading experience.

Magazine Design Software Page Turning Effect Friendly Interactive

Online magazine Publishing software

Why PubHTML5?

With the development of science and technology, digital publishing has gradually replaced the traditional print publishing, human beings have begun to move towards the digital world. This has given birth to a lot of software for making electronic magazines. Pubhtml5 is a professional magazine design software for making digital magazines, catalog and so on. It is very powerful and very secure, and it has page turning effect, which gives the reader a sense of what it is like to be reading a print magazine when reading an digital magazine. PubHTML5 is easy to use and fully functional, even if you are a novice, you can use it to design a beautiful and interesting digital magazine with page turning effect. In the meanwhile, PubHTML5 has a friendly interaction design, when you are designed with a satisfying magazine, you can choose to publish it and share it with everyone.
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PubHTML5 is the best magazine design software

Introduce PubHTML5 is the best magazine design software

1. Customize unique digital magazine

Give play to your unlimited ability to customize a unique magazine, so that the audience a bright, your magazine full of shock feeling. In PubHTML5 you can customize navigation toolbars that match your magazine and branding. Of course, you also can customize the background image of your magazine.

2. Add multimedia to enrich the magazine content

To enrich your content and give more readers a good reading experience, you can add rich multimedia, such as YouTube video, image or music and so on. Adding multimedia allows readers to have a deeper impact on your magazine.

3. Support mobile devices friendly

After you designed a digital magazine, you can share with your friends, your family and your readers with social network such as Facebook and Twitter. Your readers will browse your magazine through all kinds of mobile devices like mobile phone, iPad and other mobile devices

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