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Brain Sensei Offers 2022 PMP Exam Guide & Practice With A Live Instructor francis

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Number of Questions 30
Score atleast 90% easily with our EXCEL SHEET for any values (EVEN IF VALUES CHANGES) of below mentioned Question
Exercise 129   Prepare the necessary adjusting journal entries indicated by each item for the year ended December 31, 2017.
Exercise 132 
                            1. An income statement.
                           2. A retained earnings statement.
                            3. A balance sheet.
Brief Exercise 3-2Splish Repair Shop had the following transactions during the first month of business as a proprietorship. Journalize the transactions
Brief Exercise 3-8     Included in Novak Company’s December 31 trial balance is a note receivable of $12,360. The note is a 4-month, 10% note dated October 1. Prepare Novak’s December 31 adjusting entry to record $309 of accrued interest, and the February 1 journal entry to record receipt of $12,772 from the borrower.
Brief Exercise 4-3        Kingbi

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