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Published by ah.30 siranton, 2021-10-30 20:12:08



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3D DESIGN GRAPHIC DESIGN MOTION GRAPHIC PORTFOLIO .21 081322494019 [email protected]

Hello. Born; Jakarta, 30 Maret 1984 Religion; Kristen Protestan My name is Antony.H Height; 167cm Weight; 75kg Status; Single Profile 0813 2249 4019Contact Education I’m a Creative Designer, i love to work bases on 2D Design & [email protected] 3D Design. My work experience in the company since 7 years in the industry Event Management & Brand Activation. Antony Hasudungan I’m creative, problem solver & critical thingking. I’m very easy work with the team, I believe the power of the team, to create Antony Hasudungan a great work I'm used to working under pressure, because I respect if my creative work can be useful. @siranton30 Jl. Adhi karya No.26 Rt.009/05, Kedoya Selatan, Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta Barat, 11520 2003-2010 DKV Universitas Pasundan Bandung 1999-2002 SMK Bina Bakti Jakarta Barat 1996-1999 SMPN 207 Jakarta Barat 1990-1996 SDN 01 Petang Jakarta Barat Software Skills Language Ai Ps Ae Pr Au Creative Field Interest 2020 - PT. KREASI IMAJI PUTRA RACMAN 2013 - PT. CIPTA PROMOSI (evio production) Sr.Creative Designer (puzzle eo) Creative Designer Creative design & creative strategy proposal concept Creative concept 2D & 3D for client selection & prepare to for persentation as a part of team creative division support 2D design & 3D design to team as account manager or project manager. Provide secretarial and administrative 2018 - 2019 PT. FLASH KREATIF HUB support project, proposal concept, production & new brief (flash hub) Creative 3D Designer from client. Creative 2D & 3D design & also prepare communication 2012 PT.KOMUNIKASI MANTAP INDONESIA concept strategy with account and production team to (ekomando) Jr.Graphic Designer create persentation ideas Prepare 2D design using adobe, to make logo, flyer, banner, etc as material promotion event & responsible 2D design to 2013 - 2017 PT. TROJAN POWER production & create bumper event using AE & Pr & also create (trojan brand activation) 3D Graphic Designer 3D Design as stage design, layout, & exhibition using autodesk 3D max & create creative concept 2D & 3D for clients selection Creative 3D concept & prepare 3D design as stage design, layout & exhibition as a part creative team division & Support & responsible 3D design to the production team & account team 081322494019 [email protected]

Company Profile 2D Design | Magazine PT KOMUNIKASI MANTAP INDONESIA Make editorial magazine for showreel company My work Layouting, Typography, logo, Etc 081322494019 [email protected]

Digital Branding 2D Design| Digital Content PT XELA PENTAS KOMUNIKA Make branding design for Digital marketing 081322494019 [email protected]

Corporate Branding 2D Design | Layout EVIO PRODUCTION Make corporate branding, stationery, buisness Branding, ID Card, Etc [email protected] Jl. Mangga No. 1F Rt/Rw 005/004 Gandaria Selatan, Cilandak, Jakarta Selatan, 12420 (021) 276-51-120 [email protected] Jl. Mangga No. 1F Rt/Rw 005/004 Gandaria Selatan, Cilandak, Jakarta Selatan, 12420 (021) 276-51-120 RIFKY PRATAMA PUTRA ACCOUNT DIRECTOR 081295006520 [email protected] Jl. Mangga No. 1F Rt/Rw 005/004 Gandaria Selatan, Cilandak, Jakarta Selatan, 12420 (021) 276-51-120 [email protected] 081295006520 Jl. Mangga No. 1F Rt/Rw 005/004 [email protected] Gandaria Selatan, Cilandak, Jl. Mangga No. 1F Rt/Rw 005/004 Jakarta Selatan, 12420 Gandaria Selatan, Cilandak, (021) 276-51-120 Jakarta Selatan, 12420 (021) 276-51-120 RIFKY PRATAMA PUTRA 081322494019 [email protected]

3D Graphic SCAN ME Design 3D Design | Stage | Exhibition PT TROJAN POWER BRAND ACTIVATION Make 3D Graphic Design, Stage, Booth, etc. 081322494019 [email protected]

Calender Design 2D Design | Layout PT KREATIF FLASH HUB Make graphic design layout calender 081322494019 [email protected]

Motion Graphic Design Animation | Video SCAN ME 081322494019 [email protected]

081322494019 [email protected]

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