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Event Calendar and Checklist

Published by Kayla Gettle, 2019-10-01 10:37:23

Description: Event Calendar and Checklist


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Event Hosting Calendar and Checklist Hosting an event of any size requires appropriate planning and attention to detail. Stay on track with your event details by using the checklist below to cross items off your list. Or, use it as a template to create your own. Before you begin, please ensure you are familiar with the compliance requirements set forth in the \"Communications with the Public\" chapter of the Advisor Compliance Manual. Getting started  Choose your topic, give your presentation a title, and write a brief description of the event.  Choose a date and time for your event (or make a list of potential dates and times if you have flexibility).  Determine the number of attendees you envision attending.  Prepare an event budget to ensure you don’t overspend in the planning process.  Select a desired venue and reserve the space.  If you plan to have a speaker or special guest, coordinate schedules and book their time. Three to four months prior to the event  Create your invite list. Determine which clients/prospects you’d like to invite and put together a spreadsheet with the necessary details (e.g., address, email, phone number, etc.). Create a backup list of those you might like to invite should some of your first-choice guests be unable to attend.  Decide how you’ll invite your guests. Will you send printed invitations or email invites? Is the event open to the public, and if so, how will you get the word out?  If you’re sending printed invitations, order the invitations and envelopes. Eight weeks prior to the event  Arrange for any equipment you might need. Will you need to rent a projector, sound system, or microphone? If you’re hosting a webinar or workshop, ensure the details for broadcast and taping are confirmed.  Send your invitations. Whether printed or emailed, send the first round of invitations two months prior to the event.  Choose your menu. If there is a food and drink component to your event, book the caterer or restaurant and put together the menu well in advance. Choose the beverages you’ll serve and book any servers or bartenders as needed.  Create a spreadsheet or use your CRM to track RSVPs. Four weeks prior to the event  Begin follow-up emails or calls with guests who have not yet RSVP’d.  If a number of guests have declined, begin reaching out to B-level guests, if appropriate. Two weeks prior to the event  Confirm the venue reservation, food order, and audiovisual equipment.  Confirm speakers or presenters and ensure they’re adequately prepared.  Begin rehearsing your presentation. .

 Make sure you have enough brochures and business cards to hand out; order more if necessary. One week prior to the event  Prepare any handouts you plan to distribute, such as financial planning questionnaires, a feedback survey, or referral forms.  Brief your team on how to greet guests and who is responsible for what during the event.  Place follow-up phone calls to “tentative” guests to confirm. Send email confirmations to confirmed guests. Day of the event  Arrive at least an hour early to test audiovisual equipment and, if you’re using an outside event space, ensure the room is set up properly.  Test video capabilities for webinars or workshops  Inform the venue of any last-minute changes, such as guest cancellations. Within five days after  Follow up with thank-you calls or letters that include a call to action.  Send a follow-up message to those who could not attend with highlights from the event or recordings (for webinars or workshops). Member FINRA/SIPC Tracking #1-804498 For Broker/Dealer use only. Not for use with the public.

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