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NJSI News Bulletin Xmas issue 2019

Published by njsi.super, 2019-12-22 01:02:41

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NEPAL JESUIT SOCIAL INSTITUTE g]kfn Hf];'OTf ;fdflHfs ;+:Yff ”Reaching the Unreached“ December, 2019 Incarnating Knowledge in Rural Nepal Incarnating Knowledge in Rural Nepal Human beings had no access to salvation on their own. So, salvation comes to them. That’s the meaning and mes- sage of Christmas this year for us in Rural Nepal. The people of rural village in Nepal has no access to decent education. And there, a vast number of growing generation are often misled by the superstitions and myths giving only limitted world view and self identity. If Christ is the model for humanity, he is also the incarnation of the Knowledge of human identity. Bringing Good News to the poor in rural Nepal cannot be separated from the incarnation of this self - realizing knowledge to them- in other words, bringing a decent and required education of the rural population. Being a Jesuit institute, that has been called to set models of education in Nepal from the 1950s, NJSI foots itself in the new mission of improving education in rural Govt. schools at this crucial period of Democratic transition in Nepal. We can’t just be content with the tradition of established private schools catering to only a limitted number of selected benefi- ciaries anymore. How are we going to get to the rural people? The answer is Jesus Christ. The mystery of incarnation itself, as the movement from centre to the periphery is our take. Christ connected the struggling humanity to the family of God by his incarnation. In Modern language, we can call it the greatest “Network” of all the time. Humanity is linked to the Trinitar- ian Network! There comes the future of education as well. We have seen it being worked effectively in Fe y Alegria, Jesuit World Wide Learning (JWL), etc. Even private firms have developed apps that can give tuitions to the children at home through Android devices. Then, why can’t a child in the rural Nepal be connected to better education than now? It is possi- ble that today we can have direct consultation of an educationist from any part of the world. NJSI experimented with some “mobile computer classes” by sending a couple of laptops to the villages. The effect was marvellous. They joy on the faces of those children who had a chance to touch computer for the first time, was a moment of awakening for us as well, to know that there is a whole rest of the Universe unknown to them. We are looking at a revolution of modern education itself. We are looking at researching and developing tools that would benefit the rural education in Nepal in a very cost effective and value oriented manner. We are looking at the resources we already have all around the globe and linking them to the people here in need. We become the mediators of networks and agents of change. We are looking at a global community beyond the borders of the countries, cultures, religions, language and other limitting structures. In fact we are looking at a new hope for the development of true human concious itself. Yet, these hopes are not fulfilled, unless your hands, all of you out there reading this message, often invisibly, are supporting us. It is with much hope and gratitude that I write this to you all. Thank you for your continued support and wish you a grace filled Christmas. Fr. Roy Sebastian, SJ Director Nepal Jesuit Social Institute (NJSI)

HIGHLIGHTS don’t have much expectation or any big aspirations, they just want to live with their families Five Tertian Sisters of the Congrigation of together.” - Sharrd by the Sisters Jeusus (CJ) Conducted Experiment with NJSI Massimo and Beppe from Caritas Italy visited As part of their Tertianship program, the Sisters Ramechaap Irrigation project site took the adventure of staying in two remote villages where NJSI has been actively working. Sr. Arpita and Sr. Marina visited 25 families in Roshi-7, Kavre where most of the families were involved in agri- culture sectors or in Brick kiln centers. Annual meeting and Seminar of Nepal Jesuit Mobile Clinic program was held at NJSI Similarly, Sr. Celina, Sr. Divya and Sr. Maria visited SIGNIS Commlab Nepal 2019 at NJSI 29 families in Chappadi, Ramechaap. Both the group NJSI gave accomodation and facility for 16 students took literacy classes, helped with English Language, and five anmators of SIGNIS in the month of October. and homework for the students. Computer classes were The program was aimed at developing Multimedia also taken, in which they were trained to use Microsoft and communication skills among the youth in Nepal. word Documents, Microsoft Power Point and typing. Fr. Arul meets Pope at the world Jesuit Social Action meeting, Rome “Working with the people in rural areas espe- cially with the marginalized, underprivileged ones have brought to an exposition to the reality. Adieu!! Palpasa Welcome!! Darsana Rai Still there are schools whose students are studying in Activity Coordinator temporary shelter made out of Tin sheet even after al- most 5 years of the devastating earthquake. Livelihood Congratulations!! options are very limited, bounded to traditional agri- Shristi and Prakash cultural practices that lead to minimal production with less commercial experiences. Gender bias against wom- en are prevalent in the communities due to lack aware- ness, superstitious beliefs and illiteracy. People are living with smiling faces along with high en- durance despite of all the complications. They

NJSI INTERVENTIONS AND ACTIVITIES Kavre Livestock Training Program Construction of Kavre Regional Center Few months back NJSI had supported financially to 25 families of Danuwar community at Jaretar. NJSI assist- ed these women in order to start up their own busi- nesses independently. There are five different groups in With a financial support from “Xavier Network”, NJSI which one group has started their tailoring business, Regional Center is developing fast in Panchkhal Rural another group startes with the poultry business and Municipality, Kavre district. From 2020, NJSI will be three groups have started the goat rearing business. starting the training programs in this center for 5 dis- Each group consists of five members. The main motive tricts; Kavre, Dolakha, Sindhupalchowk, Ramechhap of this program is to make women economically inde- and Sindhuli. 4 buildings are going to rise up, which pendent. includes boy’s and girl’s dormitories, staff residence and NJSI had provided Livestock training program from kitchen cum dinning hall. 24 September to 26 September to the same group. th th At present, the construction of staff residence, boy’s Here, the resource person Mr. Bidur Giri, shared ideas dormitory and kitchen is nearing completion. regarding cattle rearing. He specially focused on how to Side by side, a model agriculture farm has been set up protect the animals from various factors like diseases, for the future to conduct agriculture training programs unclean environment, contaminated food etc. more- on the methods and techniques to give a proper care to over, he discussed all sorts of means to overcome such improve the production. situations as well. He also demonstrated on making Our main purpose to give the training is that they well protective shelters for the animals. would apply the practices in their villages which would The beneficiaries were very pleased to obtain the need- make the beneficiaries self-sustaining through utilizing ed information through the training program and their own local resources. thanked to the donor “Xavier Network” and NJSI.

Nutritious Food Distribution to the children with special needs NJSI conducted Training Program for caretakers and parents with financial support from “Caritas Italy”. It was a two day program from 26 to 27 of September, th th conducted at “Activity Center” of Shree Bhagawati Sec- The grant sustained by “Caritas Italy” has helped NJSI ondary School which was built by NJSI recently. to support the children with special needs of Shree The first day, the training program was for caretakers Bhagawati Secondary School and Kali Devi Secondary where 6 caretakers and teachers participated and on School. Every trimonthly, as per their need we provide second day, 19 parents attended the program. nutritious food to them. So, on the month of Septem- The training was on implementation of ABA (Applied ber, NJSI provided nutritious food containing 50 kgs Behavior Analysis) Therapy on Special Children. The of grains, 50 kgs flour, 40 kgs weaning food and one training was given by Rama Karki, Senior Pyschologist. cartoon of eggs to the 20 children of Shree Bhagawati She recalled all the techniques and tools which she had Secondary School. And in Kali Devi Care Center, 25 shared in previous training program. She also focused kgs of grains, 25 kgs of flour, 20 kgs of weaning food on changed behavior of their children after applying and one cartoon of eggs to the 10 children of Kali Devi ABA therapy. After that, the interaction session was Care Center. conducted among the caretakers. Training program for Caretakers and Similarly, on the second day, the resource person shared the idea of ABA therapy with the parents as well, Teachers of Special Children she talked about the rights that the children possess in this era, she encouraged the parents to take the stand for their children if any mistreat or any abuse happens to them. Two-way interaction session was conduct- ed among parents and the resource person where the parents cleared out some of their doubts regarding the children. The parents were very happy to attend the training program and requested us to conduct more programs which would help them to develop their understanding regarding their children.

Medical Camp at Koshidhekha Training program on Early Childhood Development NJSI has been involving in uplifting the education sys- tem of Government schools in rural areas. We have been distributing educational materials, uniforms, furniture, and construction of classrooms in schools. On 24 September, NJSI conducted free medical camp Beside these, training programs are also provided to the th in Koshidekha, Kavre district in collaboration with teachers so that they could improvise the teaching style Navjyoti Center. for their students. Before doing any medical camps, at first we do the pilot Lately, from 24 September to 27 September, NJSI th th study of the place where we figure out the most general conducted ECD training program with financially sup- problems the people are facing in that particular area. port from “Xavier Network”. It was conducted at Shree And after that, we intervene accordingly as per their Bhagawati Secondary School where 9 teachers from need. This time, it was a general checkup specially fo- different schools participated. In the training program, cused on women’s reproductive system. different modern techniques were taught for the stu- Simultaneously, various health related awareness vid- dent’s advancement. eos, songs and news were shown to the people while The resource person helped the teachers to understand they were standing on the que to meet the doctor. Alto- the essence of available resources and to utilize it. Dif- gether, 263 people appeared for the checkup. The team ferent kinds of updating system were introduced to of Navjyoti Center, NJSI and doctors made the camp a them like calendar chart, birthday chart, merit, demerit successful one. chart, weather chart etc.

Eco club Follow up in Azad Secondary Distribution of Science Lab Materials School in Azad Secondary School Eco Club NJSI helps to establish Eco clubs in the schools with the notion of “Save Our Planet”. This program is about encouraging the schools and the students to build up On 20 November, Science lab materials and 2 cup- th insight regarding the ecological issues. boards were handed over to Azad Secondary School. Basically, the club is monitored by the school itself once The school management committee and the students it is established. NJSI is helping them to establish and were jubilant to receive the materials and expressed provide needful information to run the club. A short their gratitude towards the donor “Xavier Network” and presentation is given to them regarding the practices NJSI. that help to conserve the environment. The students are divided into six different groups in order to form the working groups with specific tasks and responsi- Eco club follow up in Shree Bhagawati bilities. The Cleanliness group keeps their classrooms Secondary School and school premises clean, Documentation and Media groups cover every story or activities conducted, Plan- tation group plants trees and takes care of them, Fund- raising group collects the fund needed for activities, Recycling and Reuse group collects the waste products and separates them which can be reused or recycled. Last year, Azad Secondary School was also one of the schools where NJSI had started the “Eco club”. After a year, on 23 August, NJSI revisited the schools rd with follow up activities. Along with that the students shared their experiences of whole year, shared all the activities they have done so far. They had done garden- ing inside their school compound, organized cleaning campaign, and organized some competition like essay writting and drawing. The students were very happy and proud to be the member of the Eco club and thanked NJSI.

NJSI team went for Eco club follow up program in Paralegal Training Program was conducted for the “In- Shree Bagawati Secondary School on 28 August. Al- drawati women’s group” from 18 to 21 of November. th th st together 64 students participated. The students shared The training program was conducted at women center their experiences on how the exposure program to which was constructed by the NJSI itself. “Tarumitra” has helped them to gain further more According to the women, they are using the center for concepts on ecological issues. They had shared their multipurpose. They are conducting their regular meet- knowledge to the whole school and collectively teamed ings, community functions and welfare activities, it has up for the environment preservation. They had done been a very helpful to them and the community as well. plantation in their school compound, organized clean- liness programs by the students itself. They even cele- Sindhupalchowk brated on “Environment Day” by conducting drawing competition. PDC and Parent’s Oreintation at Shree Eco Club Establishment Bansanghu Secondary School What is Personal Development Camp (PDC)? Personal Development Camp conducts activities such as giving some information regarding the scholarship programs, Child Rights and critical thinking exercises for high school students. Related presentations and vid- eos are shown to them to make it more effective. In collaboration with Navajyoti Center, NJSI formed Parent’s Oreintation Program? Eco club in Shree Ram Secondary School on 3 De- Parent’s Oreintation Program is give guidance to the rd cember. There were altogether 94 students from class parents on how to make an effective bond and bridg- 8 to 12. ing the gap between the parents and their children. The program comprises fun filled activities with informative Paralegal Training Program learnings to the parents. Moreover, different scholarship programs provided by the Government are also intro- What is Paralegal Training Program? duced to the them. It is a two day program in which NJSI team shared the information regarding the citizen’s rights. Along with that “Gender Based Violence” issues are also discussed in the program. The program intends to teach the constitution of Ne- pal to the village people. The program is not just to give an awareness of their rights but to make them stand strong. An abridged book of the constitution of Nepal will also be supplied to them free of cost. Demonstrated through pictures

Personal Development Camp was conducted on 8 The basic tailoring program is of 3 months and is funded th and 9 of August for the students of Shree Bansanghu by “Xavier Network”. th Secondary School. In total, 44 students of class 8 and 9 The women are persistent to become economically inde- participated in the program. pendent and have a great wish to initiate and maintain- The students seemed very delighted to be the part of ing the balance towards their family needs. the program and participated in each of the activity enthusiastically. Soap Making Training Program On 10 of August, an orientation program was con- th ducted for the parents whose children are studying in Shree Bansanghu Secondary School. Inaguration of Shree Khsyamadevi Women Center On 29th September, Shree Khsymadevi Women’s Group received a multipurpose activity hall which is located at Barabise Rural Municipality- 4. The group was established in 2058 B.S. and has 32 members in it. NJSI provided needful guidance for the soap making The beneficiaries were very pleased and expressed their training program to “Majuwa Swabalamban women’s gratitude towards the donor “Missio Achen” and NJSI group” of Haibung on 4 September. 26 women partici- th for implementing the project. They utilize the center pated in the program and prepared 1300 pcs. of soaps. It for multipurpose such as regular meetings, welfare ac- was a two days program. tivities, medical camps or any community celebrations. The purpose of this training program is to make women economically independent. After the training, women has the confidence to make their own soaps and sell in 3 Months Tailoring Training Program the market. This training program as funded by “Xavier Network” PDC and Parents oreintation program at Shree Sharda Secondary School On 5 September, the interested 15 women of “Ma- th juwa Swabalamban Women Group” started the basic tailoring training program.

PDC, Eco club establishment and Parent’s Oreintation Program at Shree Bhimsen Secondary School On 18 August, NJSI team conducted PDC at Shree th Sarada Secondary School, Barabise Municipality. In the program, 72 students participated. The students were pretty active and involved with a great spirit. On 20 August, NJSI team conducted “Parents orien- th tation program”. Computer Distribution and Eco Club at Shree Saraswati Secondary School On 6 November, NJSI conducted Eco club follow th up program at Shree Saraswati Secondary School and NJSI organized PDC, established Eco club and conduct- distributed 10 laptops which will run few hours even ed parent’s orientation program from 10 to 12 Novem- th th without electricity. The students and school manage- ber at Shree Bhimsen Secondary School, located at Jugal ment committee were very happy towards NJSI for the Rural Municipality. laptops and conducting the program. In the program, The students, school management committee were ec- the students shared their experiences of the whole year static for conducting the program and requested further that they have done regarding the environment issues. more programs in upcoming days.

Personal Development Camp was organized at Shree Dolakha Bhumesthan Secondary School on 11 and 12 Septem- th th ber, for the students of class 8 and 9. The school is lo- PDC Program at Shree Bhumesthan cated in Melung Rural Municipality which is one of the difficult terrains of Nepal. NJSI assisted to form Eco club Secondary School in the school. This has guided the students to have fore- thought regarding the environment preservation. On 10 of September, orientation program was conduct- th ed for the parents whose students are studying in Shree Bhumesthan Secondary School. Inaguration and Handover of Jaladevi Women Center A new multipurpose hall at Baiteshwor-7 for Jaladevi Swastha Ama Samuha women’s group was inaugurated and handed over on 5 October. The construction was th Students participating in the activities funded by “Xavier Network”. local representative from Government, NJSI team and beneficiaries were present for the inauguration and handing over ceremony. Soap Making Training Program Parent’s Oreintation Program

On 24 to 25 of November, the women of “Jaladevi th th Swastha Ama Samuha” received the paralegal training program. In total, 17 women participated in the pro- gram. The women were thankful to NJSI for introduc- ing constitution to them. At the end of the program they shared their positive attitude towards us, moreover they assured themselves to raise the voice if any mistreat hap- pens to them. PDC, Parent’s Oreintation and Eco club Program “Kalidevi Krishi Sanstha Samuha” of Suri received soap making training program on 17 October. th 18 women participated in the training program and made about 1200 pcs. of soaps. The training pro- gram was for two days, where all the women learned the techniques of making it and got familiar with the needed ingredients and the process to make it. They have decided to sell those soaps in the market and re-invest the profits. Advanced Tailoring Training Program Along with this, NJSI has provided Advanced Tailor- ing Program to 14 women of “Kalidevi Krishi Sanstha Samuha” to make them more professionals as they had already taken the basic course. The training has been started from 18 September and will be completed on th 18 December, 2019. th Paralegal Training Program NJSI conducted PDC, parent’s orientation and Eco club club follow up program at Shree Haleshwor Secondary School, Gadepu, Suri. The program was from 20 No- th vember to 22 November. nd Teachers, 35 students and their parents participated in the program very actively. The school management com- mittee was very happy and expressed their acknowledg- ment and requested for further more programs that helps schools in holistic development.

Eco Club Follow up at Bachchhaladevi Dhadhing Secondary School Distribution of Computers in Shree Mahendra Ratna School 63 students of Bachchhaladevi Secondary School par- ticipated in Eco club follow up program. According to the students, they find the program very informative and participated very vigorously. As the school had done some of the activities within a year of Eco club establishment, they have done gardening NJSI provided 10 laptops to Shree Mahendra Ratna inside their school premises, conducted awareness pro- School with 4 long tables. gram in nearby schools. The school management committee and the students were very happy to receive it. They had computer but Eco Club Follow up and Science Lab it wasn’t enough for them, so NJSI gave a helping hand Materials Distribution for the bright future of the students. This would help the students to compete with the outer world. Construction of Classrooms at Shree Robang Basic School NJSI provided science lab equipments to Dongden Devi Secondary School, Tipling and conducted Eco club fol- low up program. Seeing the school initatives for the envi- ronment preservation, NJSI effort has been paid off. Ramechhap Irrigation Project A concrete two storey building is coming up for the Chepang students of Shree Robang School. “Che- pang” is one of the ethnic communities who are way backward on the ground of opportunities. The earthquake of 2015 had destroyed their school Fence work completed for the reservoir tank buildings. At present, they are staying in a very frag- ile TLC. They don’t have enough spaces as two of the By end of this December, the irrigation project is expect- classes have been merged. So, they are staying in a ed to complete, the work is accelerating in a very fast. same classrooms with a tin sheet in between. The villagers are very excited and happy as the project is This project is financially supported by “Xavier Net- going to complete and soon they will get enough water work”. for irrigation.

Lalitpur NJSI had started 3 batch of computer training program rd from 10 to 22 of November in Kamal Niwas. It was of nd th 150 hours of intensive computer trainingwhich lasted for Graduation program of 2 batch 15 days. NJSI provided accommodation and food for all nd Computer Training at Kamal Niwas the 20 participants. The participants were from different districts; Kavre, Dhadhing, Dolakha, Jhapa and Morang. Training pro- gram has given hope to evolve themselves more confi- dently . On 22 November, a farewell program was orga- nd nized for the students. Follow up Eco club program at Shree Mahalaxmi Secondary School NJSI had conducted 300 hrs. of intensive computer training program with the package of spoken English, personality development and office management courses for 16 participants who were residing in Ka- mal Niwas. On 4 August, the students got graduated with precise th cultural program. They seemed very happy to return their hometown with the skills they obtained at NJSI. Completion of 3 Batch of Computer rd Training In Shree Mahalaxmi Secondary School, NJSI team went for follow up program on 23 August. In each class- rd rooms, small flower pots were kept, notice board was filled with ecological issues in colorful chart papers, and they celebrated the “Environment Day”. Seeing their activities, it seemed that the students and the teachers are putting their effort to persue the importance of conserving the environment. Computer Graduation Ceremony of St Anne’s

Girls Performing in their Graduation Day Secretariat Course of 6 months for 15 girls has come to an end. On 1 December, graduation ceremony was st conducted at St. Anne’s, as they are one of the collab- On 25 November, NJSI team conducted a paralegal th orators of NJSI. All the students got graduated with training program for the women’s group named “Naya flying colors and were enjoying the moment. Their Gau Samudaik Samuha”. The program was conducted parents attended the program as well and were really in the women center which was built by NJSI. 28 wom- proud seeing their children performing. en participated in the program and gained the rightful Computer Training program for the knowledge regarding the country’s constitution. “Teachers” Integral Legal knowledge to women’s group at Dudhauli The issue of the schools in rural areas are, they have the theoretical computer classes with no practical knowledge. So, to intervene in such situation, NJSI has decided to train the teachers from schools where NJSI had constructed a women center for “Ranikhola we will be distributing the computers. Samudaik Samuha” which is located at Dudhauli Munic- th From 30 November to 6 December, NJSI has started ipality. On 26 November, NJSI conducted a paralegal th th the computer training program. The 15 teachers were training program for them in which 13 women attended from different schools. On 6 Dec, NJSI distributed the program. The women actively participated in the th the certificates to each participants. activities and spontaneously raised the questions to clear out their queries. The program went well, the women were very thankful for providing the knowledge which Sindhuli they were unware before. Legal Guidence to a women’s group Thank You for Your Generosity!!! Please send your donations to the bank account given below: BankName: Laxmi Bank Limited Address: Phulchowk, Lalitpur Account Name: NJS Nepal Jesuit Social Institute Account No: 00711107858 Swift Code: LXBLNPKA

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