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WEEKLY SA Mirror 37th ED (2)

Published by didiphooks, 2022-02-19 18:20:23

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NONHLE COVID BLACK WOMEN LAUNCHES WASTE PILE-UP ‘LEAVE 11FOUNDATION WARNING SA FIRMS’ page 8page 9page Friday 18 February 2022 D E Q L MIRRORWEEKLY SA Insight to connect the dots... BUST • Luxury cars, homes and other assets of five people to be seized to recover R20-million grant irregularly received from National Lottery. 2• But they have hit back, disputing the seizure, demanding apology... p

2 WEEKLY SA MIRROR NEWS Friday 18 February 2022 SIU GEARS TO SEIZE ASSETS OVER R20M LOTTO GRANT FIASCO FIGHTBACK: But implicated non-profit body refutes SIU seizure order, demands apology… By Monk Nkomo Kaizer Kganyago. freeze and for the respondents to surrender the as- Kaizer Kganyago, Head of the SIU’s stake- FIVE individuals and a non-profit organisation “The SIU is aware that a case was opened to sets to the SIU -appointed curator following an holder relations and communications intensive investigation into the affairs of the NLC fingered for unlawfully obtaining nearly R20 mil- the Hawks and that the assets belong to Mr Jabu and its employees. The probe revealed that Inqaba lion grant funding from the National Lottery have Sibanda and Terrence Magogodela – as per inves- Yokulinda, a non-profit organization, received been ordered to surrender their assets. tigations done by their goodselves. The SIU met funding from the NLC to the tune of R19, 278 000 with Mr Sibanda on February 16 and an acknowl- between February 2018 and September 2019. This But non-profit entity Inqaba Yokulinda has edgement of debt was signed with him amidst the was for the construction of athletic tracks in North since issued a statement, dismissing the Special work being completed when they visited the site in West and Mpumalanga provinces. Investigations Unit (SIU) communique – released January 2021. yesterday – announcing the Special Tribunal order Investigations revealed that only R4,2 million to seize assets belonging to five individuals and “Kindly note that the management of Inqaba of the total amount received was used for the pro- their associated organisation. Yokulinda deems the allegations as concerning, jects. malicious and defamatory and will therefore ask Yesterday, the SIU issued a statement indicat- the SIU to retract the statement and issue a formal ‘’ Furthermore, the SIU investigations in the ing an order had been handed down by Judge Leb- apology to the company, Ms Khoza and Mr Mont- funding revealed prima facie, that there is evidence ogang Modiba on February 14, following a suc- so. The SIU is in possession of the case number,” of collusion between employees of the NLC and cessful application by the SIU. said the organization, which has offices at Orlando members of Inqaba Yokulinda, including uncon- Stadium in Soweto, Free State and Heidelberg. nected third parties who partook in the scheme to Respondents cited in the SIU application were obtain R19,2 million in funding from the NLC for identified as Buyisiwe Khoza, Tshepo Montsho, The SIU believed that the assets were pro- their personal use. Only R4,2 million was used for Jabulane Sibanda, Terence Magogodela, Boitu- ceeds of unlawful activity and as a result had to be its intended purpose’’, Kganyago said. melo Diutlwileng and Inqaba Yokulinda Uniscus forfeited to the State. In the event that any of the So(IT)ons PTY. LTD, a non-profit organisation. vehicles was not insured, the curator may obtain The SIU probe into the NLC, Kganyago added, The judge ordered that they surrender the assets, insurance at the cost of the respondents. revealed that the granting of this funding was con- which included two Mercedes Benz AMG, an Audi ducted ‘’ in a manner contrary to the Lotteries Act, AU 335 A3, a Honda Jazz and a residential prop- In a statement released this week, Kaizer Kg- the Grant Funding Policies as well as the relevant erty in Zwartkop within seven days to a curator ap- anyago, Head of the SIU’s stakeholder relations regulations.’’ pointed by the SIU for control and administration and communications, said the SIU approached pending an application for the final forfeiture to be the Special Tribunal for a preservation order to The SIU now wants the Special Tribunal to instituted by the SIU within 30 days. review and set aside the decision by the NLC to award grant funding to the non-profit organisation, But Inqaba Yokulinda disputes the develop- Inqaba Yokulinda, and to recover losses suffered ments as described by the SIU, claiming that the by the NLC and the State through civil litigation. matter relating to the R20 million was pending be- The investigations into the affairs of the NLC were fore the Special Tribunal only on March 1, instead. continuing. ‘’ In line with the Special Investigat- ing Unit Act 74, of 1996, the SIU would refer any In a statement, Inqaba Yokulinda said: “The evidence pointing to acts of criminality to the Na- management of Inqaba Yokulinda have noted with tional Prosecuting Authority for further action. great dismay and disappointment regarding the statement issued by the SIU on February 17 2022 Kganyago said : ‘’The outcomes of the Spe- that the accounting officer Ms Busisiwe Khoza and cial Tribunal application is a continuation of the Tshepo Montso should surrender assets in terms of implementation of the SIU investigation outcomes the order issued by the Special Tribunal on Feb 17. and consequence management to recover financial losses by the State institutions’’ “Kindly note that the allegations contained in that statement are incorrect since the matter is still The SIU was, in terms of Proclamation R32 of pending before the Special Tribunal which will be 2020, directed by President Ramaphosa to inves- heard on March 1 2022.The work being referred tigate allegations of corruption, maladministration, to was completed in Galeshewe, not in North West malpractice and payments made by the NLC as nor Mpumalanga as stated by SIU spokesman well as the conduct of NLC employees. By Thuli Zungu WOMEN, KIDS some perceptions that arson has increased fol- The latest crime statistics reveal murder rate CONTINUE lowing the torching of parliament in January this is on the rise with more women and children year, these statistics show the crime of arson has killed between October and December last TO BEAR BRUNT been prevalent and fuelled by reasons including year compared to the previous recording at OF HIGH domestic conflict,” Cele said. the same in the last three months of 2020 and 2021. CRIME-RATE The stats show that a family of 5 was set alight in the house at Phoenix and a family of The total number of murders recorded be- INCIDENCE: Attempted murder cases involving women six was also torched at Sydenham in Kwa-Zulu tween October and December 2021 increased rose from 1 157 to 1 240 between October and December Natal. by 562 to 6 859 from 6 297 during the same last year – an increase of 83 attempted murders… time in the previous reporting period. Cele said other property-related crime had about 7 people were victims of attempted murder by 6 811 from 171 764 to 164 955. Also, on the decreased by 7.7%, with Mpumalanga record- Reporting the current crime statistics to the at a wedding they attended in Kagiso. He said the rise, 963 arson cases were recorded in October, ing a double-digit decline of 15.2%. In both parliament’s police committee, Minister Bheki total number of crimes against persons decreased November and December last year. “Contrary to non-residential and residential areas burglaries Cele to parliament’s police committee on Fri- decreased by 7.3 %. “Burglary at residential and day he said the total of murders recorded be- non-residential premises declined drastically. tween October and December 2021 increased Theft of vehicles and motorcycles also declined to 6859 from 6 297 during the same time in the by more than 20%,” he said previous reporting period. Robbery with aggravating circumstances Attempted murder of women rose from 1 also decreased from 34 599 to 34 143. “A total 157 to 1 240 which is an increase of 83 attempted of 7,404 cases of stock theft were opened. This murders. Women were the victims in 12 614 cas- crime declined by 450 cases compared to the cor- es of common assault, compared to 2 528 cases responding period in the previous financial year, where men were assaulted. he said. The statistics showed that the killing of chil- Kidnapping was also reported as worrisome dren, went down with 352 from 373 murdered as the numbers keep escalating from the previ- between 2020 and 2021. ous statistic. Kidnapping increased to 2 837 from 2000 during the current reporting period com- But the number of attempted murders of chil- pared to the previous. dren rose by 30% during the same period, 303 in the previous year to 394. The stats also show that Cases of drunken driving were reported to be on the decline from 37 546 to 36 053.

Friday 18 February 2022 NEWS 3WEEKLY SA MIRROR SOLEMN: Actress Hlubi Mboya (foreground) pays homage to her departed sister Kuli Rob- erts while (Kuli’s} daughter India, son Laeun, family friend Afropop star Ringo Madlin- gozi, her sister Rethabile and brother Siyanda look on. The family attended a memorial service held at Birchwood Hotel in Boksburg on Wednesday. Photo: Sipho Maluka STOIC KULI THRIVED ON ADVENTURE, ADVERSITY GO-GETTER: She’d say: “I am Xhosa girl; I can survive anywhere” By Gugu Sibiya We were stressing about being captured naked in “I’m a Xhosa girl I can survive anywhere”, and that were evident while growing up. She was of- Socialite and media personality Nomakula the shower, she wasn’t. she did, whatever curve balls life threw her way. ten the orchestrator of inevitable punishment that Roberts was buried yesterday in a private cer- She loved and was dedicated to her children. She was dished out to her and the other children at emony in Johannesburg attended by family, Instead, she was complaining about never once brought her parents to a hair product event. home. As a result of her extensive curiosity as a friends and relatives. On Wednesday, a larger having won anything before. When she did, she Her younger sister Hlubi Mboya, was promot- child, Kuli, developed the art and skill of find- gathering of friends and families bid farewell was ecstatic. She really worked hard especially ing the hair product. Cousin Thomas Msengana ing or knowing exactly where to find whatever to the festy and effervescent Kuli at a memo- around cooking and none of us expected that. joined them and their parents were understand- item was needed at a certain moment, all due to rial ceremony held at the Birchwood Hotel in I could write a book about Kuli’s exploits, but ably proud. Love her, hate her, Kuli lived her life her habit of scratching, searching, and snooping Boksburg, east of Johannesburg. uppermost in my mind is her fascinating, feisty, on her own terms! May her bubbly soul rest in around. unpredictable, genuine personality. It was com- eternal peace. When I heard of Nomakula Roberts’ passing, plimented by her generosity of spirit. She loved She was always full of energy, except for I had to sit down just to digest the news. Bet- giving of herself, volunteering and giving to the KULI’S OBITUARY COMPILED BY HER FAMILY when house chores needed to be done. All would ter known as Kuli, the naughty, adventurous, needy, off the spotlight. Kuli was born on December 16 1972 in be in a frantic search for `skelm Kuli’, only to livewire, go-getter joined our publication Weekly ultimately find her in a deep, peaceful slumber in SA Mirror five months ago from Sunday World. She thrived on shocking people by doing the Langa, eSkomplaas, the home of Brenda Fassie. the most peculiar and unthought of spaces or cor- Brimming with ideas, she was looking forward unthinkable. When she was caught in a compro- She was brought up by her maternal grandpar- ners of the family home. Even though she was to contributing to the growth of the publication. mising situation, she hardly got embarrassed. She ents, Cab and Lawukazi Makwela, while her par- indeed more than a handful, and a little menace loved partying but had moments where she shed ents Nothemba and Prof. Mboya were studying at certain times, she was always a bright and bril- I first met Kuli at a function while work- rivers of tears or preferred solitude. overseas. She attended the Adventist’s Riverside liant child and person, in whose presence there ing for Drum magazine. She walked up to me, Primary in Athlone, Cape Town, then proceed- was never a dull moment. introduced herself and that was the beginning of Crossing swords with her, was at your peril. ing to Good Hope Adventist High School, where a great working relationship. She complimented She unleashed all her fury, which was quickly she studied for a year. Afterwards, she went to Kuli’s career in journalism began at Naspers me on my outfit, adding how much she loved my forgotten thanks to her sweet nature. From a the prestigious Diocesan School for Girls in Gra- in Cape Town, where she worked for Fairlady eyes. livewire, soul of the party to quiet sister. Who hamstown. Kuli furthered her studies by obtain- magazine. She moved up to Joburg, where she could forget the gossip page she ran for a week- ing a degree in politics from the University of worked for more magazines and newspapers. The next time she loved my get-up, present- end paper? That is where those who’d stepped on Cape Town. It was evident from an early age that Her career took a different turn as she entrenched ed me with a fur coat to complete the look. As I her toes would feel her fury. Kuli was destined for greater things. Her person- herself in TV and radio becoming a bona fide ce- got to know her, I learned how generous and im- ality reflected an inner strength which later devel- lebrity who made appearances on countless TV pulsive she was with compliments and gifts – in She lit up TV programmes such as What to oped into resilience. She has always been forth- shows such as The Real Goboza, Strictly Come as much as she enjoyed receiving them. Wear, RGB and Trending SA; acted on Angelina right, brazen, and unpretentious when expressing Dancing and most recently Trending SA. and the soapie The Queen, as well as featured on herself. After writing extensively about Big Brother, a few commercials. As a media personality, she Kuli is survived by her parents. her son Lauen I was invited to the house for a weekend. Ms featured on a number of magazine covers. At the Her sense of mischief, at times questioning and daughter India, granddaughter Isabella, two Roberts was there. We had a blast, but being fol- time of her passing, she was working for Weekly and challenging authority, were personality traits sisters, Hlubi and Rethabile, and brother Siyanda. lowed by cameras 24-hours a day, it wasn’t fun. SA Mirror. May your beautiful soul rest in eternal peace. Her never-die spirit was legendary. She’d say, KULI, THANK YOU FOR BEING MY COMPASS BOSOM FRIEND: Nambitha Ben-Mazwi BOND: Eulogy By Nambitha Ben-Mazwi personal and career. You would also annoy me, and by actress and Nomakula mtasekhaya. You know, how our it’s funny because you knew you would get away entrepreneur to her friendship started is such a random story from the with murder with me. departed close friend outside looking in. Kuli Roberts, Weekly I’d shout at you, and well, I’d get over it. Honest- SA Mirror columnist, We met at Trending SA, a show you absolutely ly, it was hard being mad at you, even though budika who passed on last owned by the way. It was the make-up room where at times. week… we embraced, and you looked at me and said, “we look like sisters”, and proceeded to introduce me Sis wam, thank you. Thank you for being my as your sister from that moment on. After the show compass when I didn’t even realise I needed one. wrapped filming, I said my goodbyes to the team, Thank you for always looking out for me, for your and, while we were walking to our cars, you invited honesty, for your presence, for always showing up no me to your birthday lunch which was a few weeks matter what. Thank you Kuli, for being you. We can away. We were both December babies, 15 days apart. all attest that just by your bold, unapologetic, consist- Kuli, from that day on, you truly assumed that role ent nature, it left a mark in us that either inspired or of my big sister. You felt like home. I don’t know forced us to look inward and assess our hearts. if it’s because we are both Xhosa and loud, but, mtasekhaya, you were my safe space in this industry Thank you for showing me all sides of you, for and you took me under your wing. I needed you, and feeling safe with me. For showing me your most as much as I experienced it years later, you needed beautiful part, your fragility and vulnerability. me immensely too. Your last words to me, minutes before your un- You have never missed a beat in my life. Both timely passing were, “no stress, chat later boo”. Those words have been my source of comfort, and peace. So, until we meet again, it shall be “no stress, chat later boo”.

4 WEEKLY SA MIRROR NEWS Friday 18 February 2022 MOB JUSTICE CLAIMS FOURTH VICTIM HITMAKER: DJ Citi lyts will be sorely missed for his talent and enterprising spirit… TOLL: Twelve suspects arrested after vigilante attack, leaves one man and another CITI LYTS WAS A injured… SHINING LIGHT SENSELESS: Like a candle in the wind, Citi lyts’ life was snuffed by the scourge that’s crime. By Gugu Sibiya recalls how this casual encounter turned into a By Frank Maponya ing to run for his life. But the man was grabbed by Once again crime has claimed the life of a star beautiful and mutually beneficial friendship. Yet another incident of mob justice has oc- the group and stabbed with spears, knives as well whose light shone brightly, brightening the curred in Limpopo. This follows the brutal as hit with stones until he lost his life. way for other artists to bask under the highly “What I liked the most about him, was his killing of a 30-year-old man in GaSeleka, out- sought-after spotlight. skill - musically, the way he went about working side Lephalale on Tuesday. The murder of the He said the second victim was also brutally on it, which always yielded impressive result. He man brings to four the total number of people assaulted by the group and later taken to hospital DJ Citi lyts was gunned down in Dube, Sowe- was brimming with ideas that always made things brutally killed in acts of vigilantism in the past in a critical condition while the third man man- to, on Tuesday. He is said to have been shot eight sound easy. He was quiet but big on delivering. A two weeks. The victim was allegedly attacked aged to escape. times by hijackers, who took his life for a car. giant who was big on collaborations. We worked by a group of people. together on the Vura and Shishiliza”, Sjava says Police found the group had already left the A producer of note, he didn’t latch on his of their monster hits that were on high rotation Police said Kgohla Alpheus Majadibodu was scene. Mojapelo said the hunt for the suspects famous, late brother ProKid or Kid‘s coat tails. for a long time. with his two friends allegedly walking from a lo- commenced immediately and that 12 people, in- He, instead, distinguished himself, worked with cal tuckshop in GaSeleka 2 village around 3pm cluding teenagers aged 17, were arrested. cream of the crop artists like Saudi, Sjava, Fifi “What I’ll miss the most about him, is the dif- when they allegedly heard people shouting, alert- Cooper, Emtee and Blaq Diamond. These are hit- ference he brought into artists’ lives. Besides the ing them that there was a group of people coming “The arrest of the suspects within hours after makers and award- winning artists who have had collaborations, he was good at bringing together to fight them. these brutal attacks is commendable and should the country and the entire continent singing along artists who complemented each other and putting send a clear message that the police are more than to their best sellers while dancing the night away. on shows that kept the wolf at bay. Something he Police spokesperson Brigadier Motlafela said determined to fight the scourge of vigilantism,” was known and appreciated for. I’m sad at the the victim and his companions ran to the home of Mojapelo said. Saddened by the senseless and unnecessary way he died and pray that his soul rests in peace” one of their friends where they locked themselves loss of a dear friend’s life, Sjava was in pain, al- he says, offering a prayer for the Jabulani-born inside the house. “Incidents of this nature cannot be allowed to most palpable in his voice. DJ. take root anywhere in the province and we will He said the group of people allegedly sur- continue to hunt down any possible remaining “I met Citi lyts in 201 4. We were both at the Citi lyts’ memorial was held yesterday. He rounded the house and started breaking doors and suspects and bring them to book,” he concluded. Dogmor studios to record our projects. As is the will be tomorrow. May his soul rest in eternal windows. The victim, according to Mojapelo, case when you’re waiting, we started talking”. He peace. then jumped through the window, apparently try- Three people were killed in mob justice in- cidents near Seshego last week. The fourth man was injured and is still recovering in hospital. No arrest has been made. By Frank Maponya GRIEF AS This week’s positive identification of the re- TESTS REVEAL mains of five of the women believed to be vic- IDENTITIES OF tims of an alleged serial killer in Polokwane SERIAL KILLER’S will bring closure to their families, according to Limpopo police commissioner Lieutenant- VICTIMS General Thembi Hadebe. LOSS: Families hope for closure and justice Hadebe was speaking after the identities of the remaining five bodies were confirmed through after months of nightmarish waiting… DNA test results. The results, released on Wednes- day, positively identified five of the seven bodies mediately established a team of investigators. The gally, was charged with murder, rape, kidnapping, of women found in several locations in the prov- investigations led to the discovery of seven bod- robbery and defeating the ends of justice. He is still ince. They were believed to have been victims of ies of women dumped in different locations in Se- in police custody after abandoning his bail applica- a serial killer who was terrorising women in the shego, Polokwane, Mankweng and Westenburg, tion shortly after his arrest. He surprisingly opted to areas last year. as well as the subsequent linking of the suspect to confess to his involvement in the murders. He will these murders. appear in the Seshego Magistrate’s Court on Feb- Only two of the bodies could be positively ruary 28. He was initially arrested for possession identified at the time and were consequently Zimbabwean national Prince Themba Dube of a suspected stolen cellphone, which later police handed over to their families for burial. But the was arrested and immediately linked to the mur- established through investigations that it belonged five bodies whose identities could not be ascer- ders of the women reported missing in the areas to a woman who was allegedly kidnapped in Leb- IDENTIFICATION: Limpopo police commis- tained pending DNA test results have since been between August and October last year. Dube, 34, owakgomo last year. sioner Lieutenant-General Thembi Hadebe identified as Sarah Moitswadi Mothiba, 42, who who also confessed to have been in the country ille- was reportedly kidnapped in Lebowakgomo and was reported missing in October last year, Lesotho national Moleboheng Mothibeli, 34, who was re- ported missing in Polokwane in October last year, Eva Khomotso Makhura, 41, who was reported missing in October last year, Mpho Sanah Senyatsi, 34, who was reported missing in Luthuli Park in October last year, and Chisimango Gumbo, 48, a Zimbabwean national who was reported missing in Seshego in August last year. Hadebe said the remains of the victims had been released to the bereaved families following receipt of the DNA results. She said preliminary investigations had revealed that all the victims had been lured with the promise of job opportunities. When the initial investigations pointed to the possible involvement of a serial killer, Hadebe im-

Friday 18 February 2022 CONSUMER & LEGAL MATTERS 5WEEKLY SA MIRROR Consumer Eye AWARD-WINNING CONSUMER EDITOR LOOKS 060 936 2673 INTO YOUR COMPLAINTS Giuseppe Virgillito, FNB Head of Digital DOWNLOADING sibility to educate our customers as well as warn Banking APPS TO the public. The prevention of fraudulent activities By WSAM Reporter MOBILE such as remote access, phishing, vishing, and many Remote access scams are on the rise as consum- more, requires financial institutions and consumers ers are tricked into compromising the security DEVICES RISKY to work together. People can learn about the most of their information and financial credentials. - WARNS BANK recent fraud scams and how to avoid them through our trusted digital platform under the Security Cen- First National Bank has warned consumers REPORT: Clients should report suspicious tre tab. “We encourage all consumers to familiarise about the dangers of downloading remote access activity on their bank accounts themselves with methods that criminals use to de- apps on their mobile devices as this exposed them fraud unsuspecting victims. More importantly, we to risks of fraud. to cause panic by offering clients some help to stop • remote access to your device. urge consumers to protect their personal informa- fraudulent transactions on their bank accounts. • verbally confirm your PIN and tion at all times. Giuseppe Virgillito, FNB Head of Digital Bank- passwords for your devices. ing, says the modus operandi targets unsuspecting The success of this fraud required coopera- • share your banking credentials Our customers can use any of our banking in- user, particularly elderly persons, by coercing them tion from the user to install a remote access app such as card & CVV number, PINS, OTPS, terfaces to immediately report any suspicious ac- to automatically download remote software onto and sadly, some consumers fall for these tricks and passwords and usernames tivity on their bank accounts. Customers can also their devices under the pretence that it was a ‘se- end up compromising their credentials, according • Move money between accounts for safekeeing. use the FNB App to change their PIN/Passwords, curity app’ they were installing for their protection. to Virgillito. temporarily stop or cancel their cards if they sus- In some instances, remote access requests may be “Our utmost priority is to protect our customers pect that their credentials may have been compro- obtained via a phone call or SMS that was designed FNB reminded consumers that a reputable fi- and empower them to protect themselves. We mon- mised,” says Virgillito. nancial institution would never ask for the follow- itor such scams 24/7 and have made it our respon- ing information: Manie van Schalkwyk, CEO of Southern Afri- can Fraud Prevention Service (SAFPS) encouraged consumers to register with their organization. He says the Protective Registration was a free service protecting individuals against future fraud. Con- sumers can apply for this service and the SAFPS in turn alerted its members to take additional care when dealing with the individual’s details. Protective Registration provided an added layer of protection and peace of mind regardless of whether the identity of the applicant had been compromised. “If a member of the public wants to become proactive in the fight against fraud, the SAFPS is there to serve them’’. Interested persons can visit their website on ‘’For best results, use your smartphone to go to our website. Once you have uploaded key pieces of information, you will add another layer of protec- tion against potential ID fraud,” says Van Schalk- wyk. GOLF EVENT IN HONOUR OF MUSO ROBBIE MALINGA HANDICAP: Ann Malinga, wife of the late Robbie Mallinga, stands next to her hubby’s picture unveiled at an occasion to launch a golf day in his honour. The one-day tournament will be held at Killarney Golf Course on March 3. Photo: TLADI KHUELE

6 WEEKLY SA MIRROR SKILLS DEVELOPMENT Friday 18 February 2022 IKUSASA SKILLS DEVELOPMENT CAREER GUIDE By Victor Mecoamere HOW TO MAKE them become financially stable at a young age. “It Young people ought to consider careers in con- CONSTRUCTION is one of the most common dilemmas that young struction to make a living while also making a people experience after graduating: whether they difference in their communities. AN EXCITING can get a job with a stable income or not. Once they CAREER FOR can gain some traction and start small, they already Chris Jackson, a strategist for international THE YOUTH have a big chance of becoming financially stable company Best Access Doors, has said recently in as early as their twenties,” he said. Jackson said an article in the Construction Executive website HOPE FOR A BRIGHT FUTURE: Millenials that ensuring stability for young people is crucial. that, with many workers now retiring from their with technological leanings want challenging “Some young people might be financially stable, jobs, the youth— also known as the Millennials innovations even without being a part of the construction indus- and Generation Z in our population —would be the try, because of their parents’ money,” said Jackson. ones forming the workforce in any industry, includ- “Nonetheless, it is also wise to make sure that the ing construction. “Unfortunately,” said Jackson, money grows, and the construction industry can “with most youths lacking interest in the construc- become a safety net for them in moments where tion field, construction companies may have a hard they need emergency money. Due to the Covid-19 time enticing them to join.” Jackson said, to per- pandemic, many young people have a hard time suade young people, companies must know how to securing a job. Even before the pandemic started, approach them so that they would not feel like they looking for jobs used to be a struggle.” are being lectured. “Most young people do not like it when people lecture them, as they think they are Driving the point home in making the youth being shackled or restrained,” he said, adding that see their participation in construction as commu- an excellent method of trying to talk to them about nity building gesture, Jackson said a properly-con- the industry is by giving youngsters hope. structed building is a big help to the community, and that, “the construction industry’s primary pur- “Any person would want something that would pose is to help the community and provide a sus- make them successful, now and in the future,” said tainable commercial building in which tenants can Jackson. “Most young adults have just finished col- grow their businesses. It is beneficial to them, but lege or university, and some don’t know where to it’s also a big help in increasing the local economy. go. They feel lost and need a sense of direction in which they can have better lives. When discussing “Lastly,” said Jackson, “Any firm can start with the construction industry, young people need to simple steps, such as introducing exciting things know that there’s a successful future. With a little in the construction industry to young people. In bit of perseverance, the youth might gain some- the construction industry alone, new technologies thing valuable out of it.” and trends emerge yearly. Today’s youth are more technologically-oriented, so they might be excited Jackson said, to convince young people to join and challenged by upcoming technological inno- the construction-related trades, they need to know vations. The younger generation will advance the that venturing in the construction industry can help construction industry once baby boomers retire.” UNRAVELLING By Victor Mecoamere construction, assembly and installation of THE TOP TEN OTHER than laying bricks or digging trenches products that are made of sheet metal, like CONSTRUCTION JOBS for building foundations, there are ten well pay- roofs and walls on commercial, industrial and ing jobs in construction which young people residential buildings. DECENT LIVING: These are alternartives should aim for to earn a decent living. • A carpenter does one of the most versatile jobs of laying bricks in the construction industry, such as installing According to global online construction equip- a kitchen cabinet to constructing cement foot- ment rental company, Big Rentz, sufficiently-ambi- ings for a skyscraper, meaning that being a car- tious youngsters can strive to work as construction penter is a jack of all trades kind of skill. managers, elevator Installers or repairers, electri- • Equipment operators drive all different types cians, plumbers, sheet metal workers, carpenters, of cranes, excavators, steam rollers and other equipment operators, masons, glaziers, or as solar construction machines. system installers. • Masons deal with concrete, which is the most • Construction managers ensure that the projects’ popular construction material ad one that been used since the time of the Romans. Masons deadlines are met, respond to emergencies and will utilise a variety of equipment, from cranes protect the safety of everyone on a construction to forklifts, to move materials and build struc- site. tures. • Elevator installers or repairers assemble, in- • Glaziers are an important position in construc- stall, maintain and replace elevators, escala- tion as they specialise in measuring, cutting, tors, chairlifts, moving walkways and other handling and installing any product in a con- similar items in buildings. struction site that involves glass. They meas- • Electricians install, maintain and repair practi- ure, cut and install glass features throughout cally anything that runs on electrical power in an entire construction project, ensuring that homes, businesses and factories. The expertise everything is a perfect fit. For a house, they’re of a licensed electrician is also required for re- the ones that install the windows, mirrors and lated repairs. other fixtures with glass. • Plumbers are responsible for the installation, • Solar systems installers assemble, install and maintenance and repair of any pipe or system maintain solar panels used for energy genera- that involves the process of moving a liquid tion. or a gas. As well as inspecting plumbing sys- Typically, an electrician will be responsible for tems and installing, repairing and maintaining the work of connecting the panels to the power HVAC systems. grid, but in many states, this can also be part of • Sheet metal workers are responsible for the the solar installer’s job, too.

Friday 18 February 2022 FOOD AND WINE 7WEEKLY SA MIRROR ANGELINA BUBBLY LITERALLY SHIMMERS WITH GOLDEN PALATE UNDERTONES: Gold flakes infused into the sparkling wine joyously mingle with its fine bubbles… By Len Maseko The magic of a sparkling wine undeniably lies BRAND: Siya Mqulwana, Kanu’s marketing man SPARKLE: The bottle of Kanu Angelina Gold is fitted with light-emitting diode (LED) in its effervescence, in which is embedded not (LED) unit in the bottle’s punt which lights up unit in the punt, which lights up the gold flakes when switched on. only its soul but true essence. the gold flakes when switched on. The interplay Photo: Mbali Maseko between the sparkling wine’s fine bubbles and the From the very first sip, a bubbly introduces glimmering gold flakes in the bottle dazzle the his grandmother’s house on the Goedgeloof farm. made in such a way that it will always deliver on a tippler to the depths of its soul, through the ex- eye under the glare of the light fixture ensconced Apparently, he would tell of the mythical bird he quality and flavour”. plosion of its mousse, much like someone baring under the bottle. had seen flying over the farm. According to him, their heart to a stranger, to the effect of either if the bird’s shadow touches your crop, you are Founded in 1692 as part of the famous Noo- evoking a gush of sensations to the unsuspecting Notably, Kanu derived its name from a leg- promised a bountiful year’s harvest. itgedacht farm, Kanu has evolved over time to palate or simply blowing up like a balloon. end told by an old Xhosa man who was raised in become what it is today. From 1997, the land and For its part, the owners of Kanu say the leg- the wines became known as Kanu. The farm is And so Kanu Angelina Gold introduced itself end so inspired them that they crafted an ethos located in the Polkadraai Hills of Stellenbosch to my palate on Valentine’s Day, unfurling on my for their business around it, committing that “each originally known as Goedgeloof (meaning “good palate refreshing, crisp layers of tactile expres- wine made by Kanu, no matter the price point, is faith”). sions of red berry fruit, red apple and mouth-feel of candy floss flavours that wonderfully linger SPLENDOUR: Kanu wine estate’s swanky lounge. longer enough to impart a sumptuous swath to the finish. If only the bubbly was chewable to elevate the disarming introduction to a gastronomical expe- rience, yet still, every sip that followed the first went on to deepen an instant fondness which sim- ply culminated into an utter seduction. Thanks to the allure of Pinot Noir, the single noble grape that gives the bubbly both its eye- catching salmon hue and characteristic delicate light-bodied palate. Evidently, the bubbly’s deli- cate poise might have benefited from the absence from the mix of masculine influence of Chardon- nay. “Entry onto the palate is dry with persistent red fruit, malted barley and wild strawberries, and has an extended finish with a toasty undertone,” says Johan Grimbeek, winemaker and cellar mas- ter at Kanu. In a world currently swooning over nectar bubblies, some of the ardent fans of the fruitier genre may well find Kanu Angelina Gold a bit dry, most discernible with the first sip, but might warm to it later as the bubbly’s red-fruit flavours gradually sweep over its crispiness while the wine opens up. At R1 200, the bubbly comes blazing with the bells and whistles of a unique kind. Grimbeek and his winemaking team have pulled a coup with a unique feature to make the bubbly irresistible to the night-clubbing Bling types – thanks to an ex- ceptional 24 carats of edible gold flakes infused into wine, the first for a sparkling wine in South Africa. Yes, you can now have your gold and eat it…(oops!) drink it. Indeed, all that glitters is gold with Kanu An- gelina Gold, which is marketed by Stellenbosch winery as a unique Cap Classique with a “touch of gold”. “Extensive research and development have been undertaken regarding the insertion of gold flakes into wine,” Grimbeek says. “These flakes are completely edible and harmless.” Another feature that puts this Cap Classique in a different league is a light-emitting diode

8 WEEKLY SA MIRROR OPINION/ANALYSIS Friday 18 February 2022 Comment POLICE MUST BEEF UP OR TONS OF COVID-19 RISK BEING OVERRUN BY HEALTH CARE WASTE POSES CRIMINALS GLOBAL HEADACHE One of the major responsibilities of govern- ment – any government, for that matter – is WARNING: Urgent need to improve waste management systems to to provide adequate protection to its citizens and the country, in general. All citizens have a dispose of nearly 87 000 of used personal protective equipment (PPE)… right to live freely without any threat to their lives or being robbed or raped. They have a Tens of thousands of tonnes of extra medical This means having effective management sys- ing urgency to address environmental sustainabil- right, too, to live freely in their households waste from the response to the COVID-19 pan- tems in place, including guidance for health work- ity offer an opportunity to strengthen systems to and without any threat to their property. demic has put tremendous strain on health care ers on what to do with PPE and health commodities safely and sustainably reduce and manage health waste management systems around the world, after they have been used. care waste. This can be through strong national Yet, the latest crime statistics presented by threatening human and environmental health policies and regulations, regular monitoring and Police Minister, Bheki Cele, paint a different pic- and exposing a dire need to improve waste man- Today, 30% of healthcare facilities (60% in reporting and increased accountability, behaviour ture regarding the safety of South Africa’s popu- agement practices, according to a new World the least developed countries) are not equipped change support and workforce development, and lation. They reveal a country irrevocably saddled Health Organization report. to handle existing waste loads, let alone the ad- increased budgets and financing. with the most alarming crime statistics – particu- ditional COVID-19 load. This potentially exposes larly showing it up to be unable to protect the The WHO Global analysis of health care waste health workers to needle stick injuries, burns and “A systemic change in how health care man- most vulnerable in society against the scourge in the context of COVID-19: status, impacts and pathogenic microorganisms, while also impacting ages its waste would include greater and systematic of crime. What – as statistics announced by the recommendations bases its estimates on the ap- communities living near poorly managed landfills scrutiny and better procurement practices,” said Dr Minister today show – with rape cases having in- proximately 87,000 tonnes of personal protec- and waste disposal sites through contaminated air Anne Woolridge, Chair of the Health Care Waste creased sharply between October and December tive equipment (PPE) that was procured between from burning waste, poor water quality or disease Working Group, International Solid Waste Asso- last year. March 2020- November 2021 and shipped to sup- carrying pests. ciation (ISWA). port countries’ urgent COVID-19 response needs According to Cele, although there has been through a joint UN emergency initiative. Most of “COVID-19 has forced the world to reckon “There is growing appreciation that health a nine percent decrease in sexual offence cases, this equipment is expected to have ended up as with the gaps and neglected aspects of the waste investments must consider environmental and cli- a total 11 315 people were raped during this pe- waste. stream and how we produce, use and discard of our mate implications, as well as a greater awareness of riod. A total 5 012 of these cases occurred at the health care resources, from cradle to grave,” said co-benefits of action. For example, safe and ration- residences of the victims. The authors note that this just provides an ini- Dr Maria Neira, Director, Environment, Climate al use of PPE will not only reduce environmental tial indication of the scale of the COVID-19 waste Change and Health at WHO. harm from waste, it will also save money, reduce More shocking is the number of women and problem. It does not take into account any of the potential supply shortages and further support in- children who were killed between October and COVID-19 commodities procured outside of the “Significant change at all levels, from the fection prevention by changing behaviours.” December last year. The numbers increased from initiative, nor waste generated by the public like global to the hospital floor, in how we manage the 6 297 to 6 859. The attempted murder of women disposable medical masks. health care waste stream is a basic requirement of The analysis comes at a time when the health rose from 1 157 to 1 240. Cele also announced climate-smart health care systems, which many sector is under increasing pressure to reduce its that there had been a decrease in property-related They point out that over 140 million test kits, countries committed to at the recent UN Climate carbon footprint and minimise the amount of waste crimes, burglaries at residential and non-residen- with a potential to generate 2,600 tonnes of non- Change Conference, and, of course, a healthy re- being sent to landfill — in part because of the great tial areas, drunken driving as well as robbery infectious waste (mainly plastic) and 731,000 litres covery from COVID-19 and preparedness for other concern about the proliferation of plastic waste and with aggravating circumstances. Police, Cele of chemical waste (equivalent to one-third of an health emergencies in the future.” its impacts on water, food systems and human and added, were however very concerned about the Olympic-size swimming pool) have been shipped, ecosystem health. escalating number of kidnap cases in the country. while over 8 billion doses of vaccine have been ad- The report lays out a set of recommendations *This report was led by WHO Water, Sanitation, ministered globally producing 144,000 tonnes of for integrating better, safer, and more environmen- Hygiene and Health Unit in collaboration with Police might be having a lot on their plate, additional waste in the form of syringes, needles, tally sustainable waste practices into the current the following WHO teams: Infection Prevention but what the South African population wants is and safety boxes. COVID-19 response and future pandemic prepar- and Control, Emergencies, Medical Devices, and their safety. Police’s biggest Achilles’ Heel re- edness efforts and highlights stories from countries Immunizations. Technical input was provided mains visibility, a factor that is most important As the UN and countries grappled with the and organizations that have put into practice in the by WHO partners, Health Care without Harm, to prevent crime. Cele has previously lamented immediate task of securing and quality-assuring spirit of “building back better”. the United Nations Development Programme that there were limited financial resources within supplies of PPE, less attention and resources were (UNDP), the Global Fund, and the International his department to address critical issues, includ- devoted to the safe and sustainable management of Recommendations include using eco-friendly Solid Waste Association (ISWA), a global, inde- ing staff shortages. This amid recent reports COVID-19 related health care waste. packaging and shipping, safe and reusable PPE pendent, non-profit association, working in the that police management had failed to utilise its (e.g., gloves and medical masks), recyclable or public interest to promote and develop sustainable full budget involving millions of rands during “It is absolutely vital to provide health work- biodegradable materials; investment in non-burn waste and resource management in the transition the previous financial year. Under-utilisation of ers with the right PPE, “said Dr Michael Ryan, Ex- waste treatment technologies, such as autoclaves; to a circular economy. budgets is a grave omission on the part of police ecutive Director, WHO Health Emergencies Pro- reverse logistics to support centralized treatment as this continues to have a negative impact on gramme. “But it is also vital to ensure that it can be and investments in the recycling sector to ensure their capacity to win the war against crime, leav- used safely without impacting on the surrounding materials, like plastics, can have a second life. ing the whole country under the siege of crimi- environment.” nals. The COVID-19 waste challenge and increas- Most countries around the world boast for- midable police forces which maintain a high visibility all the time as part of their crime-pre- vention strategy. They have teams dedicated to patrol the streets and make sure they are visible, especially at crime hotspots. Few dockets are devoted to a team of detectives, instead of piles of dockets being loaded on one detective who is bound to fail in cracking any of the cases and ensure successful prosecutions. With the latest shocking statistics, it is time that Cele put his foot down and demand enough financial resources to help him beef up the police force. Also, senior SAPS managers who fail to utilise their allocated budgets should be removed from their positions and be replaced by commit- ted and efficient managers who understand how to administer and control the budgets. South Af- ricans cannot afford to live under lock and key while there are millions of rands on offer to im- prove their safety. v 060 936 2673 [email protected] Weekly SA Mirror is published by Weekly SA Mirror Pty Ltd. Correspondence to be directed to: PostNet Suite 230, Private Bag X 9, Melville 2109. Website: Contact: 060 936 2673 Letters to be sent to: [email protected] MIRRORWEEKLY SA Insight to connect the dots... Weekly SA Mirror subscribes to the Press Code of Ethics and Conduct for South African Print and Online Media. As a subscriber publication and member of the Press Council of SA, the publication is thus subject to the Press Code and to the jurisdiction of the PCSA’s com- plaints procedures.

Friday 18 February 2022 OPINION/ANALYSIS 9WEEKLY SA MIRROR WHY BLACK MILLENNIAL WOMEN ARE LEAVING SA COMPANIES INEQUALITY: Study reveals black women had to SCARCITY: Mpumi Madisa, only two black women in CEO positions deal with racial inequality in addition to gender bias... at JSE Top 40-listed companies in South Africa, according to the authors of the study By Davina Zibi and Kurt April It’s an experience many women – and women of ful, exhausting and uninspiring, especially for nies can do to make women feel more valued at viduals. colour in particular – will be familiar with. The women who have family commitments to balance work. Organisations that genuinely want to keep But there is an additional concern for compa- frustration and disappointment that comes from at home. Millennial women of colour can start by appoint- running up against an unsympathetic older/ ing more women of colour in senior positions to nies. Most women in the study highlighted that it white/male boss or colleague who is unwilling or In our study, black women in particular said show that it is possible for others to succeed. Di- took them a year to resign, with many stating that it unable to understand why women feel unheard that they had to deal with racial inequality in ad- versity conversations must include men and biases was an unpleasant experience. and overlooked in the workplace. dition to gender bias. One participant stated: “A need to be explored to help remove tensions in white female, in my opinion, has to work harder the office. Women could use more support, either This means that, for an extended period, these Being unheard can be a maddening and frus- than a white male, but then I come along, and I through mentorship or coaching, while men should unhappy employees may have been engaged at a trating experience that can lead to feelings of fail- have to work even harder than the white female and gain more insight into organisational mindsets and very low level, impacting negatively on company ure and depression in women, many of whom will the white male.” On paper, the lived experiences spend time deconstructing their embedded mental performance. leave the organisation rather than stay to fight to be of millennial black women are different to those models. taken seriously. of older white men; homosocial reproduction ex- From a personal point of view, the decision plains that this results in a disconnect between the It could also help to have a senior person in the to leave and start afresh can lead to a happier and In a new study from the UCT Graduate School two groups, meaning black women have to work corporation champion diversity and inclusion, like more fulfilled personal and professional life and the of Business entitled Homosocial Reproduction: that much harder to bridge the gap. the CEO or CFO. The research showed six themes reward that comes from staying true to one’s values The Lived Workplace Experience of Diverse Mil- for organisations to focus on – (1) developmental and beliefs. lennial Women, we wanted to understand further Yet, there is a demonstrated benefit for work- support, (2) fostering diversity, (3) voice amplifica- what’s driving this negative cycle and how it could places in South Africa to be more diverse and in- tion, (4) management support, (5) enabling work But so much more value can be achieved by be broken. clusive. A wealth of research has made the link environment creation, and (6) equitable rewards helping to give women in the workplace a louder between diversity and better bottom-line results, and recognition. voice in order to contribute to the building of a We spoke to 25 professional, millennial women not least of which is a 2020 McKinsey Report that more diverse, equitable and inclusive South Afri- in South Africa who had resigned from their organ- found companies with strong gender diversity on Organisations unable to do this risk losing can workplace. Our communities and economy de- isations, in order to find out what they had been executive teams were 25% more profitable that even more talent as millennial women constitute serve it, and will be stronger for it. through. The results show clearly that the women those who did not. a large portion of the ‘brain drain’ and the ‘great *Davina Zibi is a strategist and entrepreneur, felt uncomfortable in their workplaces, and this resignation’. Earlier this year, Rand Merchant Bank leading her consulting company, DEZ Advisory discomfort was typically linked to their identities. That is a big performance advantage. Millen- (RMB) CEO James Formby said that thousands of Services. Professor Kurt April is the Endowed Al- Their stories put real, lived experiences to the most nial women also bring fresh perspectives as well skilled South Africans were leaving the country lan Gray Chair and Director of the Allan Gray recent numbers presented in Parliament for the Em- as valuable points of view on services, products, each year in search of greener pastures. Senior IT Centre for Values-Based Leadership at the UCT ployment Equity Amendment Bill. Women of all processes, and customers. specialists are especially in demand overseas; so Graduate School of Business. This article first ap- races account for just under a quarter of executive too healthcare and pharmaceutically-trained indi- peared in the University of Cape Town’s Graduate positions. According to news website All Africa, Fortunately, our paper highlights what compa- School of Business there are only two black women in CEO positions at JSE Top 40-listed companies in South Africa: Themba Mkhwanazi at Anglo American and Mpu- mi Madisa at Bidvest. These numbers are concerning. Women of colour represent over 80% of the South African workforce and are the demographic with the high- est unemployment rate in the country. They are disproportionally impacted by poverty, patriarchal societal norms, and COVID-19, as well as gender- based violence. And our research found another reason to add to the literature on this topic – ho- mosocial reproduction. Designed for men, by men. Homosocial reproduction describes the human desire to be around others who are like us – people with a similar background, upbringing, education or culture. It makes us feel safe and able to trust others. But this also results in workplaces being tai- lored according to older male, white experiences, as they are economically dominant and hierarchi- cally powerful in the country. The homosocial reproduction phenomenon provides a theory into why so many organisations are still led by older white men – “like attracts like”. The study does not vilify older, white men in South African organisations, but makes the point that more awareness of this bias is needed. We know that people in “old boys’ networks” receive twice as many job leads as women or individuals from other marginalised groups. Male-dominated environments can sometimes lead to a more ruthless culture at work, where men are driven to perform “at all costs”. Working as a woman in a winner-takes-all environment is stress-

10 WEEKLY SA MIRROR FASHION/LIFESTYLE Friday 18 February 2022 ANNAPATAT KIDS HAVE STYLE WONDERLANDS: How a hobby became a business… the story By Mpumi Brown As a passionate and creative person, An- ​“I am so fortunate to have loyal clients Kids have become more stylish over the neke is all Annapatat Kid wearing S/S Bo- who have supported me with every collec- years! Parents have seen the rise in local tanical Body Vest - long sleeve. About doing tion I have launched – I think they see how kid boutiques that offer comfort and style. things differently and standing out from the unique my locally designed and printed fab- crowd. Annapatat Kids reflects that. rics are which means Annapatat Kids moved from Cape Town to Johannesburg, inspired by Anneke Anneke explains her brand journey: “My Fashionable Wear for Fashionable Kids: du Toit’s desire to start a new ‘hobby’. In brand is built on my love for anything quirky, Champagne Frill Tutu 6 - 12 months, Cham- the nine years that followed, her hobby has pretty and local, my signature look being lo- pagne Frill Top they know they are getting grown into a business which opened its first cally designed and printed floral fabrics that pieces that can’t be found anywhere else.” physical store in the latter half of 2021 at we use to make leggings, vests, accessories Soko District in Rosebank Mall, Johannes- and more. The Annapatat Kids online store All the trendy mothers in South Africa burg. went live at the end of 2015” like Annapatat. “…they also appreciate the impeccable quality. I am so in awe of the I​​n 2012, Anneke found herself with ​Of course, a lot still has to happen be- support and recognition; it really makes all quite a lot of extra time on her hands as her hind the scenes to have a successful store! the hard work so worth it!” then boyfriend was working long hours. And that is where Annapatat’s studio comes in. All the clothing and accessories are made A​ nneke looks forward to creating pieces She decided to try her hand at starting a in Cape Town, while the prep and finishing that will continue to bring clients back and kids’ clothing side hustle that would generate touches are applied in her studio in Bryan- showcasing like-minded small businesses in some additional income to supplement what ston. her Soko District store. she was making from her day job in the décor industry. A short while later the magazine she ​Anneke proudly explains how her mem- Anneke’s search for beautiful fabrics and was freelancing for ran a feature on her busi- orable pieces are of such exceptional quality creating more of her own prints is at the heart ness, and it snowballed from there. that they stand the test of time and are fre- of Annapatat Kids and will continue her pur- quently passed on to siblings: suit to create pieces which make Annapatat Kids what it is today.

Friday 18 February 2022 ENTERTAINMENT 11WEEKLY SA MIRROR CONFIDENT; The bubbly Nonhle Thema is NONHLE The Meadowlands-born lass started dreaming work,” she adds matter-of-factly. Whilst you might determined to empower others THEMA big way back when she was a starry-eyed 13-year- be thinking Nonhle is slowing down, plans are LESSONS old. Fast forward 27-years later, her life journey afoot to set up a foundation aimed at targeting the IN LIFE ticks all the right boxes. Her childhood dreams, rural areas to unearth and nurture talent with skills among others, was to grace the billboards adver- and knowledge to succeed in the world of acting, PLOUGHING BACK: tising beauty products - a feat she eventually at- television presenting, modelling, public speaking, The former Channel O tained. and entrepreneurship. presenter has launched school to empower kids She used to daydream of visiting the USA Indeed, Nonhle has found her purpose in life. and everyone who wants when she reaches age 21; an achievement she “I know my purpose now, learnt my lessons, and to enter the industry grasped four years later than her deadline when everything I’ve gone through has moulded me to she was 25. She fantasized about being a Channel be stronger and courageous. “I’m now ready to By Ali Mphaki O presenter (a channel she used to watch religious- lead and teach others with all that I’ve learnt in Older, wiser and resolute. Now a tad closer to ly); a coup she accomplished with aplomb. She my journey,” she says. A mother of a nine-year- that golden age of 40, the efferverscent Nonhle also imagined herself as an actor, and this came to old daughter expect more philanthropic acts from Thema reckons she has seen it and done it all fruition when she featured as a leading woman on Nonhle, born of the late wordsmith Derrick Thema, and it’s time to pass on the baton. Zabalaza for a few years. actress and former model mom Cynthia Shange. In a world teeming with Indians and not nearly “I’m blessed to have lived all my childhood ‘They were my great aspiration,” she says. enough chiefs, it is quite refreshing to come across dreams, now I have different dreams of empower- MATURED: Nonhle Thema now older but someone her age who can boldly proclaim to have ing others,” she says. To mark the launch of her wiser achieved all what they ever dreamt about. new success offensive, Nonhle has started a skills development school aptly called Talent Coaching Academy. The academy’s focus is to empower all those who dream of making it big to understand all the ins and outs of the entertainment industry and life in general, she says. What makes Talent Coaching Academy unique is that all participants will get to experience Nonhle’s personal touch, imbibing from her own experiences. “We take everyone from five years right up to 65,” she says. Nonhle’s magnanimity is born out of a deep- felt longing to cultivate a culture of self believe and self- reliance among her people. Her message to the youth is that they need to be equipped and do all they could to get knowledge about their field of choice. Stealing from Steve Jobs, she adds that the only way to do a great work is to love what you do. “If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.” She advocates for a paradigm shift where more black people should start seeing them- selves as capable, as their own bosses. She is highly impressed by black-owned out- fits such as The Fergusons, Black Brain, and Seriti Films, though she feels there is a need for more such production houses. In her books the current situation where there are less production owners but more talented people looking for work, is un- sustainable. “People don’t have to sell their souls for FATHER AND SON By Victor Mecoamere ACTORS NEED HELP TO STAGE ARTISTS Arthur and Mpho Molepo are hoping that there is a Good Samaritan out there who can help them to inaugu- THEIR PLAY IN GREECE rate their new theatre production in Greece in April. COLLABORATION: Greeks only paying for the flight tickets The duo, who are actors, playwrights, directors and produc- ers are formidable father and son duo who are best known for FAMILY TIES: Father-and-son acting duo Arthur and Mpho Molepo poised to wow the Greeks appearances in popular television soapies. Arthur Molepo has appeared in Generations on SABC1 while his son has been seen in Rhythm City on etv. Both are also experienced stage perform- ers. Through their production company, Molepo Theatre Pro- jects and non-profit organisation, (NPO), Nkgo Ya Metsi, they have staged Arthur’s play, Mama I Want the Black That You Are, across South Africa to highlight the plight of people living with albinism. Arthur’s other stage work, The Diary, is a one- hander about women abuse that has featured the award-winning actress, Tina Mnumzana. Mpho is best known as the amiable Fats in Rhythm City and is currently featuring as a no nonsense policeman, together with the celebrity painter Rasta, in the latest Chicken Licken televi- sion commercia. Last year, Arthur unveiled Who Killed Mabel? It is about people with autism. It features this unassuming father and son duo acting together on stage for the first time. “For me acting together with my father on stage it is a dream come true,” Mpho has said. One of the places where the two-hander was performed is the University of Pretoria. That is where they met the institution’s Dr Raita Steyn, who has since linked them up with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece. Damianos Konstandinidis, the university’s head of depart- ment, has said recently in part in a letter addressed to Steyn that, “…it is with great pleasure that the School of Theatre, Faculty of Fine Arts, of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, would like to invite you (Dr Raita Steyn), as well as author and director Arthur Molepo and producer Mpho Molepo together with Suc- cess Mdluli (a University of Pretoria Post Grad Student who is a person living with albinism), as part of the ongoing exchange collaboration…” Konstandinidis has said the Molepos are expected to con- duct a series of workshops with “our acting, directing, scenog- raphy, as well as creative writing students to be conducted from the 1 April 2022 until 16 April 2022. Your presence and the workshops that will be conducted are vital to the encouragement of cross cultural and inter disciplinary between our students and our institutions.” But the snag is that the Greeks are only covering the airfare, the University of Pretoria is unable to help and the Molepos cannot afford the accommodation and meals during their stay in Greece. Coincidentally, the University is fully funding Mdluli’s trip. Both Arthur and Mpho Molepo told Weekly SA Mirror that they would need about R70 000. The Nkgo Ya Metsi NPO’s details are FNB Cheque Account number 62750052202, and the branch code is 250655. Arthur Molepo can be contacted at 082 454 6380 and Mpho Molepo is at 082 748 6146. Caption: Father and son artists Arthur and Mpho Molepo are requesting the Weekly SA Mirror readers’ help to make their working trip to Thessaloniki, Greece a reality.

12 WEEKLY SA MIRROR MOTORING Friday 18 February 2022 THE EXOTIC FERRARI MOTORING:Briefs FS90 STRADALE TESLA SCREECHES INTO FERRARI FS90 RACISM SLURS STRADALE: Tesla is being sued for alleged racial discrimi- The Maranello-based nation and harassment by a California regulator brand first series which claims the electric carmaker operates “a racially segregated workplace”. plug-in hybrid model The California Department of Fair Employ- SERIES PRODUCTION: It is unlike the brand to design a supercar for ment and Housing (DFEH) said it had received every-day use and isn’t a limited model if you can afford it “hundreds of complaints” from workers at the Fremont factory. Tesla called the lawsuit “mis- By Ali Mphaki guided”. Kevin Kish, director of the DFEH, said the agency “found evidence that Tesla’s Fremont As you read this, someone somewhere in SLEEK: Sharp creases and focussed linework factory is a racially segregated workplace where South Africa is driving around in a brand new black workers are subjected to racial slurs and Ferrari SF90. Oops, he or she is not alone, REAR LIGHTS: Quad squared-off tailights ala Audi R8 discriminated against in job assignments, disci- since according to reports two Ferrari SF90 SUPPLE: Bucket seats upholstered in supple leather pline, pay and promotion”. units sold in South Africa during that long, dry and treacherous month of January. LUXURIOUS: A mix of the exotic with everything controlled on the steering wheel It claimed that employees would refer to areas where Black or African-American staff We may never know who the two lucky in- worked with racist historical names, such as “the dividuals are but the sale no doubt confirms the plantation”. brand’s popularity and somehow dispels the stub- born myth that price can be a deterrent. VOLUMINOUS VOLVO IN THE MAKING Whilst the hyper supercar league is a hotly contested terrain featuring the likes of Bugatti Volvo will add a fourth SUV to its lineup by Veyron, Pagani Zonda, Lamborghini Huracan etc. launching a large crossover slotting between the the 2021 sales and financial report confirms 2021 midsize XC60 and three-row XC90. Volvo will set the new record for the highest annuals sales of add a fourth SUV to its lineup by launching a Ferrari globally. large crossover slotting between the midsize XC60 and three-row XC90. The brand registered double-digit growth compared to 2020, but more importantly, it set its According to Automotive News, the new best-ever year in terms of global sales and deliv- SUV will be built in Volvo’s factories in China eries. Of interest, says the company, the Europe, and the United States. The model is almost the Middle East, and Africa remained Ferrari’s certain to be offered as a fully-electric vehicle, largest market last year with a total of 5 492 de- though a petrol or petrol-electric hybrid power- liveries, a 14 percent increase over 2020. train could also join the range. Even though relatively the smallest market Internal sources told Automotive News that for the brand, sales volume also increased in the grand plan of production for the new model mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, with is 100,000 units, with 40 percent of production 899 units sold. scheduled for the USA and the remaining 60 per- cent in China. Production on the new Volvo large The Americas, however, obtained second po- SUV is expected to start in late 2024 for a 2025 sition overall, with 2 831 Ferraris sold. release. What is the Ferrari SF90 (the source of this JEEP’S NEW SEVEN-SEATER article), you may ask. FOR INDIA Launched in 2019, the Ferrari SF90 is a blis- Jeep India has christened its 7-seater SUV as Me- teringly quick, eye-catching two-seater supercar ridian. The car is based on the Compass, and the which shares its name with the SF90 Formula company has named it the Meridian to resonate One car with SF90 standing for the 90th anniver- a strong bond with India, hence, the name refers sary of the Scuderia Ferrari racing team. to the 77th Meridian East, which also passes through the most populous areas on Earth. Boasting a mid-engined 4.0l turbocharged V8 and three electric motors mated to an 8-speed Speaking on the occasion Roland Bouchara, gearbox, it packs a whooping 735kW combined CEO and MD, Stellantis India said, “Jeep is an output. iconic brand, globally recognized for its capa- ble SUVs. The Jeep brand’s journey in India has It is the first all-wheel drive Ferrari and does been legendary and we hope to build on this, with not have a reverse gear. another equally legendary SUV - the Jeep Merid- ian. Ferrari’s official estimate is that it will rocket from zero to 100km/h mph in a scant 2.5 seconds, Developed specifically for the Indian cus- though others reckon its does the mandatory tomer, we have delivered a sophisticated and sprint in a flat 2.0 seconds. capable SUV ready to harness a unique segment opportunity. Our product offensive for 2022 and For a car of its design, expect less room for beyond will continue to illustrate our commit- cargo even though it is 1, 972 wide and has a ment to India as we work towards strengthen- length of 4,710mm. ing our market presence. The Jeep Meridian will further push the brand’s attractiveness and trans- Unlike other models of the exclusive brand, form the product portfolio for the Indian market.” Ferrari has not limited production of the SF90, which it punts as an everyday car. JAY-Z - THE RICHEST RAPPER ON EARTH The question, however, is where will you able to enjoy all its raw power given the strict Married to the equally popular music star, Be- road regulations we live under. yoncé Knowles, Jay-Z was recently named the first billionaire rapper by Forbes. The American Capable of reaching 200km/h in less than 10 rapper is a true car enthusiast. seconds, the Ferrari SF90 could just as well be like a male dining and wining a girl, only to dis- Jay-Z’s collection is a heartland of exotic cover they are lesbian when they reach the hotel. cars: · Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport - $2 Million It retails from R12,5-million. (R30,2-million) · 1957 Chevrolet Corvette · Jeep Wrangler - $27,600 To $44,900 (R680, 000) · Rolls-Royce Phantom - $400,000 (R6-miil- ion) · Pagani Zonda F - $1.4 Million (R21-million). · Maybach Exelero - $8 Million (R120,9-mil- lion) · Alfa Romeo Spider - $57,500 · Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud - $1 Million · Tesla Model S - $85,000 · Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet - $116,000 · Ferrari F430 Spider - $102,652 To $458,864 · Gmc Yukon Slt - $54,700 · Armored Dartz Prombron - $225,000 · Bentley Continental Gt - $225,376 · Mercedes-Benz Slr Mclaren - $1.45 Million · Maybach 62s - $500,000 (R7,5 million). He also owns a private jet - a $40 million Bombardier Challenger 850 (R608,9-million).

Friday 18 February 2022 PERSONAL FINANCE/BUSINESS 13WEEKLY SA MIRROR MONEY market DOUBTS RAISED ing providers. This can be achieved by putting three OVER THE AMENDED measures in place: By Isaac Moledi 1. Transparency One of the professional bodies in the training in- BLACK ECONOMIC dustry has questioned the speed at which many EMPOWERMENT Companies that want to have successful bursa- of the skills training programmes have been in- CODES ry programmes have to move beyond compliance. troduced since the broad-based black economic empowerment (B-BBEE) codes were amended BURSARY: There are suspicions that the new “If you have a value system and culture that to include bursaries. drives the empowerment of your students, it’s bursary courses were money-making schemes much easier to ensure your delivery partners align They have asked if many of these newly-intro- to this value system too.” duced bursary courses were not money-making Sean Sharp, EduPower Skills Academy head schemes. Measuring this is as simple as talking to your duced bursary courses were another money-making quality of the education.” students and getting their feedback. “They’ll be Sean Sharp, EduPower Skills Academy Head Mechanisms. He also asked if the training provid- For bursaries to make the impact and transfor- able to tell you if the programme that has been of Sales, says the speed at which many of these pro- ers were delivering the quality of education that is promised is what is being delivered. You should grammes had been introduced since the B-BBEE so desperately needed? mation that is needed, Sean says the courses offered also be monitoring your training provider through Codes were amended about a year ago, was con- must deliver the skills that will lead to meaningful monthly reporting and site visits. If you arrive un- cerning. He said this had further fuelled South Af- “There’s been a massive increase in the num- employment opportunities. “It’s all about the stu- expectedly at the training site and your students rica’s multibillion rand training industry and may ber of training providers that now supply the level dent and equipping them with the best possible start cannot be found, this is a red flag.” impact the quality of education in the country. of qualification required for bursary programmes,” to their careers.”. 2. Value Sean said. “A case of supply and demand as well as Since December 2019, the B-BBEE Codes the speed at which many of these programmes have To ensure the quality and impact of corporate Price is all about value. “When it comes to your have required large companies to spend 2,5% of been introduced is concerning as it may impact the bursaries, Sean says that sponsoring companies bursaries, true value can be measured as the trans- their annual payroll on bursaries for black students have to work closely with their students and train- formation and economic empowerment of your at institutions of higher education. Under the pro- students beyond the bursary programme. Training posed new skills development targets in the codes, partners that impart skills and transform your stu- a total of four points have been set aside solely for dents’ lives by increasing their potential are truly bursaries for black students at Higher Education In- providing value.” You can guarantee that there will stitutions. The target expenditure is now set at 2.5% be some training providers that offer you bursaries of the entity’s “leviable amount” (in short, payroll at a lower price, but this means they are cutting cor- expenses), which is carved out of the current 6% ners. Training will be delivered on a shoestring and target. The remaining 3.5% must still be allocated the student will be the loser as no transformation or to qualifying learning programmes which may also empowerment will occur. include additional expenditure on bursaries. 3. Impact In addition, the current 15% cap on unaccred- One wants investment in bursaries to make the ited and informal training will be increased to 25%, most meaningful impact possible and this starts which Sharp believes will come as a relief to most with the selection process. This will identify the training companies. This means that companies most deserving candidates and those who are most will be able to spend a greater portion of their train- likely to complete the programme. You should ing and development budgets on internal training therefore interrogate your training partner’s recruit- and a much greater variety of shorter, job-relevant ment process, making sure their vetting is thorough educational interventions. and meets all your requirements. The amendments were introduced to address “ At EduPower, we assess the candidate’s CV the critical need to provide tertiary education to as qualification and conduct assessments and inter- many young South African’s as possible. But Sharp views to determine the candidate’s suitability. has questioned whether many of the newlyintro- We take our client’s impact one step further as we specialise in bursary programmes for Peo- ple with Disabilities (PWDs), facilitating tertiary qualifications that change their lives beyond meas- ure.” What his company has learnt, Sean says, is that while there is no guarantee that a candidate is perfect from the outset, high retention and comple- tion rates have been a strong indicator that his com- pany’s selection process works. “For B-BBEE bursaries to make the impact that is needed, the sponsoring company and the train- ing provider have to work together to empower the student to be all they can be. If we can achieve this, we will ensure that each and every bursary is help- ing to transform the future for our youth and move South Africa forward,” according to Sean. WORLD ECONOMIC Turkey. FORUM REPORT EXPOSES The experts suggest three key building blocks WIDE PAY GAP BETWEEN for women to take control of their finances: MEN AND WOMEN 1. Have a budget CARE: Single mothers urged to save and Women need to understand exactly where Pat Magadla, senior business development handle their finances with care manager at Old Mutual Investment Group every rand is going and to be mindful of the small 3. Focus on the future By WSAM Business Reporter investments.” expenses that can snowball into bigger ones. “I al- A report by the World Economic Forum has Magadla has been working with independent ways like to refer to the Benjamin Franklin quote: Studies have shown that women are now liv- revealed that the Covid-19 pandemic and lock- “’Beware of the small leaks for they too can sink ing longer than men, so planning for a long retire- downs have impacted women more severely financial adviser and financial coach Naseera Tur- a great ship,”’ says Turkey. ment is imperative for women. than men, further widening pre-existing gen- key, CEO of Azzuri Capital, to empower women der pay gaps. to be fearless and financially free. He says in putting together a budget, a finan- According to Magadla, investing in a unit cial advisor will be able to help you to create a trust is a cost-effective way to start creating a nest Statistics also show that women were still While fully cognisant of the social realities realistic plan based on your circumstances and egg. paid less than their male counterparts, thereby that make it harder for women to save and invest, goals. This advisor needs to be someone that you worsening the already dire situation. According to both Turkey and Magadla stress that having a sol- feel comfortable being completely honest with, as “For as little as R500 a month you can start to Pat Magadla, Senior Business Development Man- id financial plan – and committing to it – goes a they will need to know everything to create an ap- get exposure to both local and international shares ager at Old Mutual Investment Group, a recent long way to counter these factors and gain greater propriately tailor-made plan for you. listed on stock exchanges. It is also a completely survey also revealed that from a middle manage- financial freedom. transparent investment, where you will see exact- ment perspective, in South Africa, women gener- There are also several online and digital tools ly where your fees are going and how your invest- ally earned 72c to the rand. “Women need to have a well-thought-out that women can make use of to assist them, not ment is performing.” financial plan and commit to it. Not for anyone only their budgeting requirements, but also track- “We also can’t ignore the fact that many else, but for themselves. Start off by looking at ing how they are performing relative to their According to Magadla, women must spend households in South Africa are single mom house- your daily, weekly, and monthly spending habits. budgets. less than what they are earning so that they can holds. These factors make it that much harder for If you look at how you manage your money in 2. Build an emergency fund. free up the money needed to save and invest, but women to save or put money away for long-term terms of your household expenses, you’ll gain this requires consistency and dedication. insight into, and most likely confidence in your The past 18 months have highlighted the im- ability to handle your personal finances,” says portance of having a buffer to protect people from In the words of Warren Buffet, “don’t save unforeseen financial challenges. Magadla advises what’s left after spending, but spend what’s left that women should ideally work towards having a after saving.” stashed fund that can have enough to sustain them for three to six months, should the unfortunate happen (such as a retrenchments, reduced earn- ings, etc.) in order to prevent their financial plans from being thrown off course. He believes that starting an emergency fund is relatively simple, but you need to ensure that it is kept in a separate account from your day-today spending, so that you are not tempted to dip into it. Critically though, advises Magadla, women must look for a savings or investment vehicle that will give them a return which can outpace the steady increase in the cost of living and doesn’t lose value.

14 WEEKLY SA MIRROR SPORT Friday 18 February 2022 RIN GSIDE V IEW JUNIOR VOWS TO WIN WORLD PULE GLORY FOR HIS MOKHINE HOME TOWN MALAMULELE: Makondo wants to emulate local heroes to become the fourth to By Pule Mokhine wrest global belt If there is any boxer that cherishes dreams of fraternity as the man that knocked out Baloyi to believes that a new global champion will be GIANTS: Following in the footsteps of his keeping the home town fires burning by winning capture the IBO title at Carnival City in 2000. crowned in himself and the town. homeboys is the hard-hitting Nkhensahosi a world title for his hometown and emulate home That battle elicited a big uproar in the fight frater- Makondo boys who achieved this feat previously, it is none nity as Hlatshwayo caused an upset by defeating “I’ve been hard at work at the gym and be- lightweight six round battle against Zimbabwe’s other than Nkhensahosi “Junior” Makondo. Baloyi, his idol and home boy. lieve I owe it my town Malamulele to win the Cecilia Pitasini. world crown and bring back boxing glory there. The vast town of Malamulele in Limpopo is Now Makondo believes the time is rife for I may have had fewer fights than my opponent, The Sting who is from Qhunu in the Eastern renowned for having gained instant international him to shine and bring back the glory days of but I will win by knockout. Watch this space,” Cape but boxes out of Johannesburg, is one of fame previously by producing three top-class the boxing-mad Malamulele by being crowned says Makondo. the enterprising female fighters to have emerged pugilists that captured the global crowns in dif- the next new world title holder in a long time on the scene. ferent weight divisions. The now-retired trio are – long after the era of his heroes who have now His last bout was an impressive third round Cassius “Hitman” Baloyi, Isaac “ The Angel” hung up their gloves. knockout victory over Siphiwe Lusizi in Booy- In another encounter, Khaya Busakwe and Hlatshwayo and Jeffrey “ Mongoose” Mathe- sens in October. Talent Balyi will slug it out for the Gauteng light- bula. The 26-year-old boxer gets his big chance of weight crown over ten rounds. boosting his fledgling career when collides with Generally, the WBF does not match with the Baloyi hoisted the IBF super featherweight Jacques Muvuno from the Democratic Republic IBF, WBO, IBO and WBC as it (WBF )is gener- between 2006 and 2009. Hlatshwayo conquered of Congo for the vacant WBF world junior mid- ally being considered as being an inferior sanc- the IBF welterweight and IBO lightweight wel- dleweight championship at Kagiso Memorial tioning boxing entity compared to the trio. terweight diadems between 2005 and 2008. Hall in Krugersdorp on February 27. Mathebula was the IBF junior featherweight But Makondo is upbeat to lift the belt and kingpin. The bout Is likely to be a competitive slug- join the league of famous pugilists in the area to fest to prove Makondo is good enough to swim have done so previously. The trio are widely renowned for having with the sharks. He comes into the fight with a hoisted the flag of their town as well as the entire record of seven wins and five defeats in a career “Capturing the WBF crown will pave the province at large as boxers of note in the past. spanning 12 professional bouts. His opponent is way for me to contest other global champion- believed to a hard puncher with more than 22 ships such as the IBF and IBO. But lifting this Not many pugilists have commanded such a professional bouts. forthcoming title will simply give pride once great deal of acclaim in the fight scene like these more to my town,” explains Junior. pugilists during their boxing days. Junior is so upbeat about winning that he The other bout on the bill will feature Ndo- Hlatshwayo is best remembered by boxing bayini “ The Sting” Kholosa in an international OH CAPTAIN MY CAPTAIN LEKGWATHI FOURTEEN YEARS: Lucky will go down in history as one of the long-serving and most dedicated of defenders at Orlando Pirates By Masoja Cele Nedbank Cups (2010 and 2014) and one Telkom CLASSY: A patron waiting to be served outside the state-of-the-art Grootman cafeteria of Just like in his playing days, Lucky “Phin- Knockout trophy in 2010. former Bucs captain Lucky Lekgwathi (in picture) damzala” Lekgwathi will always rise after eve- ry fall. “I still hold the record of being the long- est serving captain of the team after Ephraim A victim of the mad unrest which gripped ‘’Shakes’’Mashaba,” he says proudly. Interest- certain parts of the country last July in where his ingly, Lekgwathi has always had an affinity with shop was looted and burnt down in Kliptown, the number 14, hence his jersey was also of the Lekgwathi’s cafeteria known as Grootman is up same number. and running again, albeit at a different location in Southdale. What a pity that an investment in the Even when he made his appearances for Bafa- township economy should go to such waste. na Bafana, he wore jersey number 14 and earning 14 caps. He also owns an apparel label known as It was through the inspiration of his chair- F14 clothing. Looking back, Lekgwathi believes person at Orlando Pirates, Dr Irvin Khoza, that the Bucs/Chiefs derby games always brought the the former Bucs longest serving captain gleefully best out of him. ventured into business, after his successful play- ing career that spanned over 20 years. Success He is not shy to admit that one of his diffi- though, has not come easy for the tough-as-teak cult opponents to mark was former Kaizer Chiefs Lekgwathi, born in a home in Garankuwa, Preto- striker Siyabonga Nomvethe. It was a huge relief ria. His break to the big times came in 2002 when when Nomvethe came back from an overseas stint his former team Ria Stars sold him to Pirates in an in Europe to join Pirates and the two were now undisclosed deal. teammates. Lekgwathi, 47, though still dreams of having an active role at Pirates, his mind is set on This would spell the beginning of a successful his business, which he hopes to franchise in the 14 years at Pirates, where he went on to win three near future. Premier League Championships (2002, 2010 and 2012) two MTN 8 trophies ( 2010 and 2012) two He also has the Lucky Lekgwathi Foundation to run, whose objective is to give back to the com- munity.

Friday 18 February 2022 SPORT 15WEEKLY SA MIRROR SPORTS: Briefs BUCS CONTINUE QUEST TO RADICAL SHAKE-UP OF INTERNATIONAL RUGBY CONQUER AFRICA Global rugby chiefs will meet next month to final- NO INJURIES: Pirates invade Libya with close ise plans for a ‘world league’ that would represent to a full complement of players travelling for the the biggest shake-up of the Test game in decades. clash Plans for the new World Nations Championship LETHAL; Amabhakabhaka’s Kwame Peprah By WSAM Reporter just days after their last assignment - a midweek competition, a tournament of two 12-team divisions poses a serious threat against the Libyan Orlando Pirates head off to Libya for their league assignment against Golden Arrows, which running over two years, had initially been abandoned champions finished in a goalless draw. in 2019 but have been put back on the agenda after next fixture, as they prepare for their CAF Confed- intervention by the Six Nations and Sanzaar, the or- eration Cup Group B clash against the country’s The Buccaneers currently lead Group B after ganisers of southern hemisphere rugby. It could be reigning league champions, Al-Ittihad on Sunday a 2-0 home victory against JS Saoura from Alge- ratified in a meeting in London within weeks and night. ria, and will look to consolidate their position by would begin as early as 2024. Governing bodies returning with something from their trip to Beng- have been keen to create a rolling narrative for inter- The fixture will see the Buccaneers returning hazi. The fixture arrives with the Soweto Giants national rugby but have struggled to unite the game’s to the Martyrs of February Stadium, located in enjoying some good form, winning four of their various different stakeholders. Benghazi, having set foot there during the previ- last five matches across competitions. ous edition of the Confed Cup. Initial plans for the international league were Pirates look to have overcome the spate of in- abandoned three years ago following disagreements They visit a side yet to kick start its group juries that dogged the squad throughout the first over the prospect of promotion and relegation from stage campaign, following the postponement of half of the season, with close to a full complement the Six Nations and the potential exclusion from the what would have been their opening fixture post- of players travelling for the clash. top division of the Pacific Island sides. – The Tel- poned. egraph This bodes well for the Club amid a busy Al-Ittihad were scheduled to take on Royal period, allowing the First-Team coaches options NEW ZEALAND CRUSH SOUTH Leopards on Matchday 1, but that fixture did not should they look to make changes to the side that AFRICA TO WIN FIRST TEST take place due to a delay in confirming the Es- did duty in midweek. watini outfit’s participation in this stage of the CHRISTCHURCH - New Zealand claimed a rare competition. Al-Ittihad will be able to call upon some ex- victory over South Africa on Saturday, wrapping up perience up front, with the forward duo of Salem the first Test by a comprehensive innings and 276 As a result of that postponement, the Bucca- Roma and Mohamed Zaabia likely to lead the line, runs in just seven sessions in Christchurch. It is only neers become the Libyans first Group B opponent, while Tunisian international Ghazi Ayabi is ex- the fifth time in 46 Tests since 1932 that New Zea- as they take to the field for the first time since late pected to pull the strings in the middle of the park. land have beaten South Africa with their last victory January. coming in 2004. “It’s a great day,” an elated captain At the back, former Raja Casablanca defender Tom Latham said. South Africa, who were 387 be- Unbeaten in five matches since the beginning Sanad Al Warfali will relish the opportunity to hind on the first innings, resumed the day at 34 for of the year, Al-Ittihad have registered two victo- take to the field against the Buccaneers, having three and showed little appetite to chase down the ries, drawing the rest, and lead the standings in missed out when the Soweto Giants took on his total, losing their final seven wickets before lunch to Group B of the Libyan Premier League. former side in the previous instalment of the Con- be all out for 111. fed Cup. They are in the Confed Cup after dropping Latham said winning the toss and putting South out of the CAF Champions League, and made The game kicks off at 18:00 and will be Africa in to bat was critical for New Zealand’s suc- the group stages following a second-leg walkover screened live on SuperSport Variety 3 (Channel cess. The tourists crumbled in their first innings for against Nigerian giants Enyimba. 208). Orlando Pirates will also provide live up- 95 on a green wicket with Matt Henry bagging seven dates via the Club’s social media platforms. for 23.-EWN On the other hand, Pirates head to the fixture MASSIVE WEEK AHEAD FOR SUNDOWNS WARY MAN UNITED OF MATHAITHAI Ralf Rangnick has admitted he may need to rotate his LAST 16: Nedbank Cup draw pits starting line-ups next week in order to keep everyone Bafana ba Style against unknown Free fresh in a series of important games. It’s a massive State minnows week for Manchester United both in their hopes of qualifying for next season’s Champions League and By Sports Reporter the mysterious opponents from the Free potentially even winning the famous trophy this year. The fixtures for the last 16 of the Nedbank State province will be tested when they Cup have been revealed following the come to the home of champions. It begins with a trip to fierce rivals Leeds United draw that took place on Monday evening. on Sunday in a match Rangnick’s side need to win to The Brazilians will host third-tier side “We don’t want to undermine them, as they look to keep in front of the chasing pack in Mathaithai FC in their last 16 encounter, because they can pull a shocker on us and the top four race. Mosa Lebusa – who attended the draw – cause an upset for us if we undermine expressed his thoughts on the outcome of them. We will go to this game 100% fo- Then on Wednesday United will play their the draw: cused, give a 100% performance and be Champions League last 16 first leg against Spanish professional. The approach is always the champions Atletico Madrid in Spain before return- “We can’t complain because we’ve same, whether we are playing a team in ing to Premier League action against lowly Watford.- got a home game, that’s what we want be- the PSL or the lower league teams, the Manchester News cause our schedule is very hectic, so it’s a main point is to win the game and we try little bit of an advantage. We are playing by all means to win our games. TEAM JAMAICA OYLMPIC BOB- a team that we know little about, which SLED DEBUT IMPRESSIVE makes them a bit dangerous for us, but Games are not the same, sometimes we approach every game as we always do it’s hard but we push through, we make Team Jamaica failed to advance to the third and and we make sure that we win the game.” sure that we make our opponents tired fourth heats of the men’s four-man bobsled event and towards the end of this season it will after coming in last place during Friday’s first and Bafana Ba Style go in search of their come down to quality, and our quality second heats. The team had an overall time that was fourth Nedbank Cup title after being will always pull us through the line.” Said 5.19 seconds slower than one of the three teams rep- knocked out on penalties by Tshakhuma the skipper. resenting Germany, who set the fastest pace at 1:57. Tsha Madzivhandila in the semifinals last year. The Premier Soccer League will re- Although they will not advance to the finals, Ja- lease the dates, kick-off times, venues and maica’s bobsled team have become unlikely heroes at With their next opponents confirmed, all around the eight Nedbank Cup fix- the Beijing Olympics, thanks in part to the 1993 hit tures in due course. movie Cool Runnings. Their four-man team was the first from the country to qualify for a Winter Games in over 20 years. BENNI MCCARTHY LOOKS TO TALKS LEAF OUT OF KAIZER CHIEFS’ CAFCL BOOK! AmaZulu registered their first three points of the CAF Champions League group stages with a narrow 1-0 win over Horoya AC on Friday. Luvuyo Memela scored the only goal of the game with a cheeky back heel in the first half, and that proved to be the differ- ence on the night. Usuthu started on the front foot with Tapelo Xoki connected with Keagan Buchanan’s cross into the box but the former’s header went over the crossbar. AmaZulu took control of the game, and they were duly rewarded in the 30th minute when Memela found the back of the net from an Augustine Mulenga cross. That proved to the last goalscoring chance for Horoya as Usuthu held on to register their first ever group stage win and moved to three points. AmaZu- lu’s next assignment is against ES Setif next week where they will be looking to take control of the log.

MIRROR SPORTWEEKLY SA Insight to connect the dots... BEWITCHING BATTLE OF THE CHAFED HUMDINGER: THRILLER ON THE CARDS AS BOTH TEAMS ATTEMPT TO STAVE-OFF THREATENING RELEGATION AXE By Ali Mphaki Their latest acquisition of two veteran UNEASY: TS Galaxy How incongruous? Both teams boast former Swallows FC players in Vuyo Mere coach Sead Ramovic aviation monikers, yet are struggling to and Thabo Matlaba, adds another dimen- take off. sion to the game. Both Mere and Matlaba and Swallows FC ‘s would be vital in plotting Swallows FC’s Dylan Kerr have a date One defies scientist Sir Isaac Newton’s downfall. third law of motion, while the other seems this evening to have forgotten they can soar like eagles Teaming up with the likes of Ethan - only to assume the uncharacteristic status Brooks, Augustine Kwem, and Wayde of a chicken. In the history of the beauti- Lekay, nothing short of a victory against ful game it is perhaps only in South Africa their former team will appease the veteran where such a rare phenomenon could play pair, who apparently left Swallows FC un- itself out. der acrimonious circumstances. A win for the Rockets will also confirm their status At the bottom of the DStv Premiership as giant-killers, as they will be claiming are the Rockets (TS Galaxy). Perched a po- the scalp of another Soweto team in Swal- sition above them are last season’s kings lows FC. It will imbue their players with of draws, the Dube Birds (Swallows FC). dollops of self-belief, particularly going to their next PSL fixture away to Amazulu on Bewitched, bothered and bewildered, Tuesday, followed by a meeting with log crooner Frank Sinatra would have de- leaders Mamelodi Sundowns home next scribed the susceptible situation. It was Sunday. therefore inevitable that both teams should ring in some changes, changing their tech- It will be folly, however, to assume nical staff and signing on new players. Swallows FC as pushovers. They showed true grit and determination during their The Rockets signed up Serbian coach mid-week game where they were able to Sredo Ramovic, while the Maltese-born snatch a last-minute equalizer away to Kylan Derr put his pen on paper as head Stellenbosch FC. coach for Swallows FC towards the end of last year. The onus is upon Lebohang Mokoena, Ruzaigh Gamildien, Sphesihle Mbele, The duo may not have had the luxury Mwape Musonda to rise to the occasion. of time, but it is apparent they have brought in some much needed urgency to their re- A loss for Swallows would only spell spective teams. With both their teams pit- disaster as it would see them losing their ted against each other Saturday evening at position 15 status and moving to the bot- the Dobsonville stadium in Soweto, this tom of the log. makes for a game of huge interest. It is a battle of the wounded and the dangerous in Time for Swallows FC to stop playing their frantic attempts to improve their log dead (a common trait across the animal standings. kingdom) and show they can rise Phoenix style. On paper, confidence should be high among TS Galaxy players, especially com- For TS Galaxy, no more anomalies af- ing out of their shock win against Kaizer ter liftoff. The Rockets need to enter orbit Chiefs in the Nedbank Cup last Sunday. as scheduled. Kick-off 6pm

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