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April 2022 Windlass Run Newsletter

Published by mlbmonk, 2022-04-01 03:21:03

Description: April 2022 Windlass Run Newsletter


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WINDLASS RUN NEWS BLAST APRIL 2022 NEW NEIGHBORS! Welcome to the neighborhood, we hope you love it here!

Win a $25 Gift Card HOA BOARD OF DIRECTORS Win a $25 Gift Card from our Community Manager! President, Ray Peele Natis Cifone is looking for appropriate, beautiful photos which Vice President, Sabrina highlight our community. Whether it is a photo of community gatherings, beautiful landscaping, or photos of the amenities Trently such as the clubhouse - send your photos to Secretary, Jennifer Hudak [email protected] by May 1, 2022. All entries will need to Treasurer, Donna Lummis sign a waiver and please practice proper etiquette when taking Member at Large, Brian photos (always get permission from people when taking their photo before taking the picture). The winner of the contest will Letnaunchyn have their photo featured in our next newsletter as well as win a $25 gift card. Best of luck to everyone who enters (no limit on The Preserve at Windlass the number of entries). Run Community Portal Fines Enforcement Committee m/ It is springtime again! Early spring is the time to get ready for Email the HOA Board lawn-growing and mowing season. Here are a few [email protected] tips/reminders as we usher in the 2022 season: m 1. Now is a great time to feed/fertilize your lawns as it’s Email the Management been dormant for the last 5 months. Company [email protected] 2. Per PWR covenants - your lawns height must not exceed four inches. During the hot summer months Follow \"Preserves at staying close to the 4-inch guideline will help to prevent Windlass Run HOA\" your grass from burning. Facebook page (private group) 3. You may want to consider sharpening your mower blades. Dull blades tear the grass and leave jagged Real-time information edges that discolor the lawn and invite pathogens. between the Board of Directors and the 4. Before adding or subtracting (trees, bushes, flowers, community fixtures) from the outside of your home, please review the guidelines and submit any required architectural ▪ Community requests. Newsletters The full text of the community’s Covenants, Conditions and ▪ Managing and Restrictions is available on the HOA web portal enforcing Bylaws, ( under Architectural Structural and much more! Guidelines. Happy Easter!

““Volunteers don’t get paid, not COVID-19 because they’re worthless, but Vaccine Clinic because they’re priceless.” Maryland Department of Sherry Anderson Health mobile vaccination clinic staff are onsite Sign Me Up! administering Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Volunteering Johnson COVID-19 While serving on the board is probably the most visible example of vaccines and boosters. volunteerism in our association, there are many other ways that you Ages 12 and up are eligible can contribute your time and talents to improving our community. to receive booster vaccines; Your participation in the community is beneficial to you, your ages 5 and up can receive neighbors and the association. For example, common benefits gained the COVID-19 vaccine. by volunteering include: Bring your health insurance card (if you • Making a positive difference in other peoples’ lives have one) and • Sharing or learning new skills identification. Bring your • Boosting your resume—volunteer jobs are fair game vaccination card if you are • Meeting new people receiving a second dose or • Having fun booster dose. Wear a shirt with a sleeve that is easy Don’t let our community suffer from lack of enthusiasm. Even a few to roll up. For more hours of your time can make a big difference in the culture of the information, call 855-MD- community. Help us generate goodwill, encourage “paying it forward” GoVAX (855-634-6829) or and strengthen our community. click here. We are looking for volunteers for the ARC Committee as well as the Fines & Enforcement Committee. Contact the Board of Directors or Date: Saturday, April 2, our Property Manager at [email protected] 2022 Time: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Event Type: Health & Wellness Age Group: Adult, Elementary School Age (6 to 11 years) Branch: Parkville-Carney

Picture Perfect: Smartphone PICTURE Photography Tips PERFECT Technology Keep it Clean With the advent of smartphones, it is easier than ever to take Chances are your smartphone gets a and share photos. Here are ten tips for making the most of every lot of use and a lot of smudges, so use photo opportunity: a Q-tip to gently clean your lens periodically. Perfect Your Lighting Rein in the Rays Use natural light whenever possible, with the sun behind you or To remove glare and soften harsh lines over your shoulder. When shooting indoors, find the brightest and shadows in outdoor shots, hold a spot in the room and position your subject directly under it. sunglass lens over the camera lens as close as possible. Forget the Flash Style and Share Because the duration of a smartphone’s flash is too long, it does There is a wealth of apps for editing not freeze the action in a frame the way a traditional flash does. your digital images, so use them! This results in blurry and poorly lit images. Unless you have no Instagram, Hipstamatic, Retro Camera other option, avoid the flash, and look for more creative low- and Vignette are just a few of the light solutions. popular tools for perfecting (and sharing) your pictures. Compose Your Shot Avoid placing your subject dead center—you create more visual interest if you vary your composition. Keep the horizon as straight as possible unless you are intentionally shooting an angled shot. Move in Close Minute details can often make a photo more interesting—move in when shooting. Avoid using the zoom feature—it enlarges pixels but does not bring your subject closer. Stay Steady Your photo’s clarity depends on how steady you keep your phone, so support your device with your palm, keep your grip firm and lean against a wall or other support when shooting. Tap, Then Snap Just before taking a photo, tap your subject on the touchscreen—on most smartphones, this will adjust the lighting and focus on the subject. Use HDR Turn on the HDR (high dynamic range imaging) setting to enable your device to take two photos—one that focuses on bright areas and one that focuses on dark areas—and merge them for an optimal image.

Pool Information Our pool will be open 7 days a week 10am-8pm (except for days in which Baltimore County schools are still in session). The pool will be open starting May 28th through September 5th All homeowners must have a key fob to gain entry and present a pool pass. Pool passes can be purchased for anyone over the age of 5 years old from; Additional information on the process and rules can be found at the above website. Do not wait, get your passes TODAY.

Pet Owners “Definition of good neighbor: someone to be trusted; a courteous, Please be responsible and clean up after your pet, this friendly source of help when help is includes the wooded areas, Campbell Blvd, playground, needed; someone you can count on; and communal areas. As always, please do not allow your pet to potty on your neighbor’s lawn! Pick up after your someone who cares.” pet; IT’S THE LAW! Check out the HOA Walking pets - If you have a child, family member, dog Facebook page for the walker, or a friend walking your pet, it is your responsibility to ensure they are informed about being food truck schedule! responsible. Thank you Glad! Pet owners keep YOUR PETS off YOUR neighbor’s lawn. Members of the community take immense pride in their lawns. Please keep YOUR pets off THEIR lawns. Baltimore County Law indicates “Owners are responsible for the timely removal of pet waste on PUBLIC and PRIVATE property.” If you witness someone not picking up after their pet, please take a photograph and submit it to the county. Parking Here are a few parking reminders: ► Do NOT block the sidewalks ► Do NOT park in front of a fire hydrant ► Do NOT park in areas that have been designated as NO PARKING Although there is no assigned parking in the community, please be considerate of your neighbors and allow them an opportunity to park in front of their homes.


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