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Published by MJEH, 2021-10-28 00:53:22

Description: english project


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Once upon a time there was a kid named although there are Jamal who lives in Madagascar and lives in charities for World hunger. Jamal's family poverty with his family are still hungry and have no food to eat or although Madagascar is really dangerous to drink. Jamal's relatives live in because of Pneumonic plague and are dying from starvation. unfortunately, Covid 19 and also world hunger. Jamal can't get education because his family but they have no choice because they have are poor. Jamal and his no money to get out of the country and seek family were sitting outside begging for food help. and searching for water, but

there was a kind man named John who After eatting John sat down and talked to travels a lot, one day john was really hungry, Jamal's family and decided but there wasn't a place to buy food, but to help them because they were really kind then he stumbled across Jamal's family and to John and wanted to give Jamal's dad a job Jamal's family saw the hungry man and they to help him get back on decided to help the man and his feet. John and Jamal's dad sat together feed him using the money they begged for. and john asked Jamal's dad if he wanted to get a job at his successful business and the dad was crying and said yes while crying.

John gave them money to travel to America One day Jamal's dad decided to make a because charity to help people who are suffering his business is there and Jamal's family from starvation and now today that charity is traveled to America to seek the American one of the biggest charities. dream. Jamal's family are no Jamal's dad till this day is still helping the longer struggling with money or food poor and the people who are suffering from because of the nice man named John. starvation the end.

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