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Summer Assignment- IX (Social Studies) in PDF

Published by atishay.soni.snc170, 2022-05-16 06:14:45

Description: Summer Assignment- IX (Social Studies) in PDF


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Project work Class -IX Social Science SOCIAL SCIENCE A. Prepare a project file keeping in mind the following points: 1. The total length of the project report should not be more than 10-12 hand written pages on A-4 size sheet. 2. Credit will be awarded to original drawings, illustrations and creative use of eco- friendly material. 3. The project report should be developed and presented in the following order: a) Cover page showing project title, student information, school and session b) Certificate page c) Acknowledgement d) Index- List of contents with page numbers, e) Introduction f) Relevant content with headings g) Summary and conclusions based on findings h) Bibliography: should include the title, author, publisher and if a website the name of the website with the specific website link which has been used Project -1 1. Theme: Disaster Management 2. Title of Project: “Covid-19 Pandemic in India – causes, impact, precautions and remedies” 3. The project must include the following points A. Meaning and definition of disasters B. Types of disasters C. Causes of disasters D. Preparedness before disaster E. Response during the disaster F. Recovery measures after, the disasters G. A short description of Covid -19 (origin, history, causes, symptoms, mutation, countries affected by covid (map work) 4. Covid in India a. A brief history b. Different waves with time line c. Mutants prevalent in India

d. Worst affected states 5. Steps taken by the government to control Covid-19 6. Vaccination drive in India a. Name of the major vaccine producers in India b. Time gap between doses of two vaccines c. Why vaccine administration was difficult in India d. Reasons for the success of the vaccine drive in India 7. Research Work: Prepare a small questionnaire to gather information about the level awareness and precautions taken by people to fight against covid-19. (At least 10 questions and 10 respondent) 8. Analysis of responses on the basis of bar chart/graph 9. A special page in the honour of covid-19 warriors 10. Outcome / conclusion Project -2 “Democracies avert famines.” is a famous theory propounded by Nobel laureate Dr Amartya Sen. He has a firm conviction that democracy is better in handling famines and calamities. Analyse the sentence with the help of research to conclude this. You can design your research method, but it has to be logical and based on some rationale. For example, you can collect the data on the countries that faced famines and catastrophes and the type of government they have and correlate how many countries with democratic governments faced famines. S.NO Famine/ Name of Nature of Government 1 Catastrophe country Not a perfect democracy Covid -19 China Refer the following links to facilitate your research 1. 2. free-press-has-had-major-famines/534152/ 3. famines/ Project -3 Imagine India without the Himalayas. What will be its repercussion on the social, political and economic scenario of India? (Word limit thousand words)

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