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Plan 060 pwp

Published by Phu Pha, 2021-01-13 08:53:19

Description: Plan G.4 pwp


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Unit 1 Me & My Family

นทิ าน Ana and her Family

Family Members Father Mother คุณพ่อ คุณแม่ 3

Family Members Brother Sister พ่ชี าย/น้องชาย พ่สี าว/น้องสาว 4

Family Members Grandfather Grandmother คุณป่ /ู คุณตา คุณย่า/คุณยาย 5

Family Members Uncle Aunt คุณลุง คุณป้ า 6

Susan 7

grandfather grandfather father mother uncle aunt brother Susan siste8 r cousin cousin

COnversation How many people are there in your family? There are four people in my family. 9

COnversation Who are they? There are father, mother, brother and me. 10

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