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Published by k.newton, 2017-11-17 22:34:56

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New Mindset ~ New Results The 24hr Virtual Clinic™ is a disruptive and rapid response cost mitigation program for Workplace Injuries & Healthcare

In a Nutshell…. “Workers’ compensation is more like a finance tool than an insurance policy. Ultimately, through the experience modification, you will pay for your actual claims. The only way to lower the cost of workers’ compensation in the long run is to lower the frequency and severity of claims that are driving those costs.” The methodology is protected by a US patent

Escalating Workplace Injuries Claims & Costs Almost every business owner loathes workers’ comp insurance. Workers’ comp insurance costs are high and can go up significantly in the event of a claim or multiple claims. Also, workers’ comp can be a cost center which is heavily impacted by fraud and abuse. If employers provide prevention and early intervention in the claim process they can help: • Control the number and severity of claims • Lower workers’ comp costs and put that money to better use The methodology is protected by a US patent

The Rolling Stones were wrong… Time is not on the business owners When a side when it comes to a workplace injury. Workplace A key to lowering workplace injury costs is significantly reducing the time Injury Occurs: from the event to the first conversation with a medical professional. 24hr Virtual Clinic™ is a “rapid response” telehealth approach which shortens the incidence time to medical Time is action, populates and distributes all paperwork, lowers the number and Against the cost of workers’ comp claims. The Virtual Clinic excels in Business ❖ Workplace injuries Owner! ❖ Ergonomic injuries ❖ Emotional Health ❖ Non-Critical Healthcare The methodology is protected by a US patent

24hr Virtual Clinic Timely Decision Making By Phone or Video Conference….. Employees with non-emergency injuries consult with a Registered Nurse from the work site to determine next steps. Often, this saves a costly trip to the ER or Urgent Care. If the nurse has concerns, the worker is transferred to a Medical Doctor for a video consultation. This feature was added to decrease the number of unqualified or potentially fraudulent injuries. In fact, the program has been proven to lower E-MOD scores and to decrease workers comp claims and costs by an average of 40%. The methodology is protected by a US patent

The Largest Sector of Work Comp Claims are MSD’s To alleviate Musculoskeletal Disorders, the 24hr Virtual Clinic™ includes an extensive workstation Ergonomic program designed to remove the causes which impede performance and place employees at risk of injury. Employees have the opportunity to assess their workstation, accurately measure risks and exposures, then receive a personalized risk assessment and training to prevent injury. Good ergonomics is good economics! The methodology is protected by a US patent

80% of Workers Experience Presenteeism The impact of presenteeism in the workplace, i.e. being at work but “out of it”, many times initiates a claim and often has a financial impact as costly as a physical injury. Our experts are available 24/7/365 by phone to discuss emotional/behavioral health issues privately before they escalate and become an incident at work or in the home. This service helps employees defuse situations and redirect their concentration and energy to the job at hand. The methodology is protected by a US patent

With NO waiting room, NO time away from work or school, NO travel Non-Critical 85% of Doctor office visits are f0r self- TeleHealth… limiting, mild, inconvenient disorders which can be handled over the phone. No one wants sick employees on the A Doctor Visit job, but many workers come to work ill because of higher deductibles, long wait at your times for a doctor, as well as the time away from work to see a doctor. Convenience! 24hr Virtual Clinic™ provides access to a medical doctor virtually through telehealth anytime and anywhere. Doctors are available around-the-clock for the entire family and may write and call in a prescription when appropriate. The methodology is protected by a US patent

Only the 24hr Virtual Clinic Married “risk” entities into one service to help risk, safety and human resources. The Virtual Clinic provides cost- saving benefits across the company. One phone number gives access 24/7/365 to: • Workplace injury triage for employees with a Registered Nurse and when necessary a Medical Doctor to mitigate the number and cost of claims • Ergonomic worksite screening for employees including workstation evaluation, assessment and corrections • Emotional Health support for the employee and family to assist with work and life integration • Non-Critical Health virtual access to an MD, decrease unnecessary doctor visits and decrease the costs of healthcare The methodology is protected by a US patent

Unique Benefits of the 24hr Virtual Clinic™ ▪ Use a team of Registered Nurses with ▪ Offer Early Symptom Intervention Take Control… Medical Doctors to reduce the number program and cost of claims ▪ Provide access to all Virtual Clinic ▪ Populate and distribute all workplace programs via one dedicated phone Mitigate Risk, injury reports directly after triage call number Contain Costs ▪ Prevent “unqualified” claims via an MD ▪ Tailor program options to the company’s specific pain points triage with a Definitive ▪ Diagnose, address and provide solutions ▪ Generate an ROI on both healthcare and ROI to ergonomic workstation issues workplace injuries The methodology is protected by a US patent

The Employer - Reduce work comp claims and cost - Stabilize E- Mod rating - Save and stabilize healthcare costs - Increase productivity Everyone - Less turnover - Less absenteeism Benefits with - Less drama - Plus…. Increased Employee - Encouraged to see a Doctor virtually Utilization - Encouraged to call in a workplace injury - Prevention of workplace injuries - Physical and emotional health support 24/7 - Family can utilize the services - Educated about total worker health - Feels appreciated, supported and cared for - Individualized ergonomic workstation evaluation and implementation The Bottom Line – the greater the utilization the greater the savings The methodology is protected by a US patent

 Employees take an average of four days off per year for sick time, but admitted to being unproductive an average of 57.5 days a year.  “…if a company could eliminate one lost day per employee, per year - due to illness, presenteeism, emotional turmoil, or stress – a company could ADD nearly a dollar per share in value.”  Dr Ron Loeppke The methodology is protected by a US patent

Contact 24hr Virtual Clinic™ to understand, using your data, how the Clinic saves your company thousands of dollars Calculate your company savings Contact 24hr Virtual Clinic™ Phone: 855-450-4141 Email: [email protected] The methodology is protected by a US patent

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