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KKP Canada Product Guide

Published by Alliance Franchise Brands, 2016-11-14 11:48:05

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YES WE CAN! We have something for everyone business to business digital mailing marketing promo signs design print Page 1

Table of Contents 1 Digital 2 Mailing 3 Marketing 4 Promo 5 Signs 6 Design 7 PrintYour online, Variable data KKP delivers the Corporate For posters Our designers Why colour?web experts print, impact right marketing gifts, & banners can help you Find out why mail mix promotions & that make a grow by design & morePage 4/5 merchandise BIG impact Page 6/7 Page 8/9 Page 14/15 Page 16/17 Page 10/11 Page 12/13 Resources A selection of tools & trade tips Page 18

IDEASinnovationprintdigitaladvicedesignWe have something for everyone.The communication tools for a successful business are constantly changing and so is KKP.Of course we do printing but we can also do much more. Need a website for a new product, a banner forthat all-so-important trade show, or how about merchandise with your company’s logo? Maybe you knowyou need something produced but not sure exactly what it is.Then you should give us a call.With our expertise, experience and capabilities, the answer to most of your questions is:Yes we can! Page 3

1 Page 4

Involving or relating to the use of computer KKP can enhance your online presence. Ask our design team totechnology: “the digital revolution.” set you up with a full suite of electronic branding, including: • Mobile website design • QR code generation • Website banner ads • Email signatures • Scanning • CD/DVD • Microsoft templates • Image enhancements • Digital signs Page 5

2 Page 6

Something sent by mail... as in apiece of mass advertising, directmail or one-to-one communication. Complete Mailing Service We are your one-stop mail shop. We design. We produce. We can also arrange distribution and mailing too. Using your existing data or a clean high-quality list sourced to your specifications, we can print and address envelopes, mail merge your printed product and prepare for postage. • Direct mail design • Database services • Variable data application • Personalized mailing • Unaddressed bulk mail programs Get the Personal Touch Customers appreciate feeling valued. KKP’s direct mail service provides a convenient solution that will keep both you and your customers happy. We can design one master document and using variable data printing, which allows text and graphics within the document to be customized according to your customer database, we can produce unique messages for each individual, inspiring them to act – and adding to your bottom line. Page 7

Page 8

The process or technique of promoting, selling and Marketing Servicesdistributing a product or service. KKP delivers effective marketing services to meet every challenge. KKP has a proven track record in helping clients find the very best marketing mix to match the client’s exact business needs. We can develop a tailor-made marketing plan drawing on the experience of our skilled staff, proven process and the very latest technology. From a logo that helps you stand out, to direct mail and email campaigns that get results. KKP will work with you to understand your business needs and deliver a range of marketing solutions on time and within budget. Our range of marketing services can also include campaign development, point of sale signage, website and email marketing through to promotional products. KKP delivers a proven process that starts by analyzing your needs. Options are explored and materials developed to address those exact needs. Only when you’re satisfied do we move to production. You are involved every step of the way. • Marketing campaign development • Brand identity • Direct mail • Email marketing • Point of sale • Impact marketing • Other media Page 9

4 Page 10

All Sizes, All Shapes From corporate promotional gifts, personalized calendars and branded bags to mouse mats and magnets, leave your customers with a useful reminder of your brand and your special products and services with KKP’s help. Because we can print on a vast range of shapes and materials, you really do have the freedom to think outside the square for your next promotion. • Point of sale items • Wall calendars • Desk calendars • CD and DVD covers • Post it notes • Note pads • Desk pads • Pull up banners • Writing instruments • Mouse pads • Water bottles • Magnets • USB keysThe publicization of a product,organization or venture to increasesales or public awareness. Corporate gifts Roll up banners Wine boxes, bags and custom boxes Note pads Page 11

5 Page 12

An object, whose presence Large Format Printingindicates the occurrence ofsomething else. Well-designed posters and banners are people interest magnets. At exhibitions, special events – even in the office – KKP’s large format printing options are sure to draw all eyes to your promotion. Whether you’re looking to create stunning pull-up banners for a trade show or needing to print detailed architectural plans, we’re ready to help with your large format printing. Signage Whether you sell yoga lessons, cars or gourmet food, people need to know who you are, where you are and what you can offer. Well-designed signage announces your company to potential customers, inviting them to utilize your services. Using eye-catching full-colour images, KKP can design and print a range of large format signage to maximize your exposure. Poster Printing When you’re looking for the WOW factor, choose from many larger-than-life poster printing options. • Light boxes • Reception signage • Banners and posters • Vehicle graphics • A-frames • Window graphics • Event signage • Posters • Floor graphics Page 13

6 Page 14

Design Process Brief & Concept Design Feedback Design Consultation Creation Development & Proofing Delivery Tell us what you This is where we Once you have As the collateral Voila! A quality need and we can take the brief and chosen a concept, comes together, finished product work with you to come up with the we can turn it into we’ll work with you that conveys hone your thoughts ideas for you to the collateral pieces to ensure we are on your brand and into a working brief choose from. you need. brief and have your most importantly, that ensures we’re approval, each step gets you great all on the same of the way. results. page. Effective communication begins with a strong, clear design. To boost your project value from the beginning you need a great design that will inform, persuade and excite.The merging of passion and function. Our KKP designers will work with you to think through every design detail to reinforce your unique selling points and produce a top-quality printed piece to grab your audience’s attention and get you results. • Brochures • Postcards • Direct mail • Catalogues • Corporate identity & collateral • Folders • Business cards ... and much more Page 15

7 Page 16

At the first sign of RBD* *Really bad design kkp.YD..DEirPeeSocstsigtMenWr,asDEr,kSigetitatCiatnilAog, S,nNPiegr!rninys,t, CreatEivfefescotluitvioens wwwto.anlyetaorwn WetaslkhouCArlefdfaoEtrfifvdeeacbstolievluetions Affordable kkp... StCreiteyXt,,P1UrXonvi1tinXXc1Xe [email protected],kk,ppDaccSaarnnitagakaddaieatt..cciataaoiln,nSge,igrPynrsin, t, YES WE CAN!XXXSample wwwt.aonyletoarwnnm.kokprecavnisaitda.caProduce in quantity, by the mechanical process Business Essentialsinvolving the transfer of text or designs to paper. Every aspect of your business correspondence shapes the way your existing and prospective customers perceive your company. Whether it be emblazoned on a business card, stamped across an invoice or on your brochures, your company’s logo and services are something that will remain long after you’ve left the room. To do justice to all your hard work, KKP can help you lift and coordinate the presentation of your company’s image with an extensive range of business cards, letterheads, envelopes, brochures, marketing collateral, corporate reports and manuals. If it has your logo on it, it’s promoting your business. Let KKP lift the presentation of the items you send out every day making them work harder for you. • Brochures and marketing material • Business forms • Business stationery • Manuals, reports and training • Wedding invitations • Tradeshow material KKP can print everything you need to run your business. But these days our expertise doesn’t stop at printing. We’ll help you put your mark on everything – quickly and cost-effectively. With a huge range of options for turning your initial idea into a final result, we truly have something for everyone. Page 17

ResourcesA stock or supply of experience,materials, staff and other assetsthat can be drawn on in orderto function. Page 18

Your Account Manager Brief & ConsultationWhen you bring your design and print work to KKP, we will take the time to get to know yourbusiness, discuss your requirements and act as a central contact point for managing your jobs. EstimateAs you know, printing is a complex business with infinite production techniques and cost Orderimplications. As a print and image expert, KKP can give helpful advice on how to get the bestresults for your job and your budget.Our team reviews your print requirements – we are able to discuss technical issues directly withour press operator on your behalf and work with the designers to really lift your communicationsand brand image.The Business Checklist Familiar with your goals and Design Proofing Printing desired job outcomes, we are Delivery Business cards your print and image expert. Letterhead Envelopes Order With compliments slips History Fax headers Note pads Tip! Business cards are an essential tool for Corporate folders any business. Make sure your card stands out Report covers from the crowd. Desk pads Labels Ver tical Horizontal Folded Invoices Two sided Special formats Time cards Receipt books Die-cut Photographic Multi-fold Price lists Purchase order books Page 19 Job cards Post it notes Memo pads Cheques Other

Special Finishes // To make your communications really stand out, try adding some of these special finishing techniques. Metallic ink Foiling Fine particles of metal mixed with A step-up from metallic inks, foiling ink provide a lustrous metallic stamps a thin layer of pure metal onto sheen. paper or a card for a dazzling highly- reflective finish. Hologram Raised type These special patterned foils Also known as thermography. A powder are a popular anti-counterfeiting is applied to a freshly printed page and technique. then heated to produce glossy, raised lettering. Embossing Die cutting A metal stamp creates a three- A special knife – similar to an oversized dimensional raised image on the ‘cookie-cutter’ – is used to cut the page page. into a custom shape. Flocking Drilling An adhesive area is coated with For binding documents in a ring binder dust-like fibers to give a raised, to drilling holes for swing tags. velvet-like feel. Spot UV varnish Rounded corners Clear varnish is printed over Square-cut corners are sanded off to the top of others finishes and produce rounded corners – a more instantly dried with a UV lamp for economical alternative to die cutting. an exceptionally glossy finish for small areas. Page 20

Binding Techniques // To help make your document a little bit more special, choose from our selection of binding options.Case binding Comb bindingPerfect binding Saddle stitch bindingLoop binding Singer bindingSection binding Screw & post bindingRing binding Spiral binding Page 21

Choosing Paper // We translate the trade talk to help you navigate the world of paper.Coated Paper Uncoated Paper Special Textures & FinishesPaper that has been coated with These papers have a more tactile, • Adhesivesa mix of substrates to smooth its ‘papery’ feel than coated papers. • Canvas texturedsurface. Printing ink sits on the Images printed on uncoated paper • Carbon papersurface of coated papers rather than will have a narrower tonal range • Clear acetatesoaking in, often allowing for a slightly compared to the results on coated • Corflutesharper image and faster drying time papers (in other words, uncoated • Highly reflective cast-coated silveron press.The coating can be applied stocks will show slightly lighter blacksin different ways to produce different and slightly less saturated colours.) or gold papersfinishes: Uncoated papers also tend to be • Linen textured bulkier: an 84-page report printed • Metallic and pearlescent papers• Gloss – the most reflective on uncoated stock will be thicker • Parchment• Matte – more subdued, with than the same report printed on • Tracing film coated stock of the same weight. • Thick recycled boxboard minimal glare• Silk or satin – halfway between gloss and matteOften used for: brochures, Often used for: stationery,magazines, business cards reports, brochures, business cards, note padsEnvironmental-Sensitive Paper // We’re happy to advise which stocks offer the best green value at a price-point to suit you.There is a range of ways to rate a paper’s green credentials. Some have more recycled content, while others conform to variouseco-standards such as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). If you use an environmentally-accredited paper, you’re entitled to publicizethe fact by adding the appropriate set of accreditation logos to your artwork. Page 22

Choosing Colour // It’s easy to get control over the colours you want to achieve when you understand the different techniques for printing colour.PMS CMYK RGBPMS – or Pantone Matching System CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, RGB stands for red, green and blue.– is a precise method for specifying Yellow and Black. This method splits Screen displays such as computersolid colours. In the same way that each of these four basic colours monitors and televisions breakhouse paint is made by blending into patterns of tiny dots, which colour down into different levels ofexact amounts of different colour, are overlapped during printing to red, green and blue light. ColoursPMS ink colours are specially mixed produce a wide spectrum of colours. specified in this system whichbefore printing. PMS colours allow This is why it’s also known as the is also used by Microsoft Word,areas of rich, solid colour to be “four colour process”. It’s the most PowerPoint and Publisher programs,printed more uniformly. Metallic and commonly used system in both must be converted to their CMYKfluorescent inks can also be specified digital and traditional offset printing equivalents before printing.with the PMS system. Documents for projects that use many colourscan be run both in CMYK and a and photographic images. Tip!PMS special and be printed as a five-colour job. Tip! Converting RGB colours to CMYK doesn’t always produce Image Quality Screen displays show sharp expected colour match, because one images at 72 dots-per-inch (dpi), is a colour created essentially from light Image quality is determined by the but print production requires a greater and the other is created by ink on paper. number of pixels that make up an resolution of 300dpi for the same result. To save yourself from unexpected colour image file. Generally, more pixels An image which may display well on screen variations, talk to your KKP Account = larger files = higher resolution = will look pixelated when printed at a similar Manager. Files for print should be set sharper results. size. Speak with your KKP Account Manager up using CMYK or PMS colours in for best results. Supplying the largest image a professional layout application Any graphic element with crisp edges, files you can is highly recommended.This such as logos or lettering, should be such as Adobe InDesign. supplied in an .eps. Supplying these in .jpg or .tiff format is risky, as they can usually means supplying the original, high pixelate when displayed at a large size. resolution (hi-res) copy of a digital photo rather than it’s smaller, faster-to-view version. 72 DPI 300 DPI Page 23

1/8\" bleed 1/8\" bleed Crop Marks: (shown here in black) tell the printer where to trim theBleed: professional designers add a finished job to its final size. Becauselittle more area to any elements that of bleed, even common sizes such asreach the edge of the page. When 8.5x11\" may be printed on 11x17\"the job is trimmed, these elements sized paper, then trimmed.will successfully ‘bleed off ’ ratherthan stopping abruptly at white. Supplying Artwork for Print File Formats we Adobe InDesign Accept Adobe Illustrator Setting up a file for print on your own can be challenging, Adobe Photoshop especially if you’re new to the process. Follow this checklist to Microsoft Word ensure your job prints the way you want it to – and remember, Microsoft PowerPoint that it’s always best to consult your KKP Account Manager before Microsoft Publisher starting a big job. It will save you valuable time later. Adobe FreeHand PDF Pre-flight Checklist CorelDRAW EPS TIFF • Has the job been proof read? PSD • Has the job been spell checked and grammar checked? JPG • Is the document colour mode set to CMYK, including all images? If used, PMS colours are correctly nominated? • All fonts are supplied or have been converted to outlines? • Are all images high resolution (300dpi at their final size)? • All images are embedded or supplied as links for non-PDF files? • Is the document the correct size? • Crop marks and fold marks are included? • 1/8\" bleed has been added? Ways to Supply your Artwork • Send via email (up to 10MB) • Upload your files via your KKP location’s website • Burn onto a CD or DVD • Load onto a USB stick Page 24

Folding Plain fold Plain fold Double French fold Gate fold Booklet making Z fold Custom folds 4 pages horizontal parallel fold 8 pages 6 pages multiple pages 6 pagesGet more out of your 4 pagesprinting by combining it with 8 pageseffective folding. Foldingbrochures help maximize Mailezi Walletyour message. #10 9x12 A10 Double windows & ImpactEnvelopes ver tical Pocket BankerPrinted envelopes grabattention for your business, Jewel cases Face printing Printed Card cases Inser ts Burning &brand or promotion. sleeve cases with disk tray duplicationLS= Lick & Stick // O= Outside Wrap PockethowlditehrcardSide Seam // SS= Self Seal // SG= around selfStrip n’ Grip // Ungummed Flap // Glued pocket Pocket with gusset Self locking pocket Twin pocketW/F= Window Face lockEnvelopes can also come in a widerange of colours and specialty types.CD’s & DVD’sWith so many options forpackaging and printing ontodisks there’s no reason notto make an impression.FoldersCreate an impression witha professional presentationfolder. Choose from aselection of standardtemplates or indulge in acustom built design.Paper Sizes 13x19\" 11x17\"Listed are some common customand economical paper sizesbut remember at KKP we 12x18\" 8.5x14\" 8.5x11\"have the ability to trim paperto any size. Page 25

kkp.Y.E. S WE CAN! Direct Marketing, Print, Design, Digital, Signs, Posters, Stationery


Yes we can!

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