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Legatus July 2020

Published by Alliance Franchise Brands, 2020-06-29 12:54:18

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07•20 INSIDE VOL 33 • NO 7 Mexican tile fountain at Garden Mission San Buenaventura 20 (Ventura, CA); founded 1782 by Saint Junipero Serra, the Spanish Franciscan missionary priest who launched nine California missions. CALIFORNIA MISSIONS STILL EMBODY ‘CTOHMEMGIRSESAIOTN’ by Jim Graves Spotlight on 3 missions where Catholicism was born in California ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/BPPERRY 10 16 24 STAYING FORGING WHEN SUMMER AHEAD OF THE FORWARD FROM VACATION BEGINS THE STOP AND GO FLATTENED IN MARCH … CURVE BUSINESS JAM by Judy Roberts by Brian Fraga by Gerald Korson … reveals a crisis at the Two Legates describe reconfiguring heart of the crisis Emergence from crisis mode won’t quite be business-as-before 5July 2020po|st-shutdown |comlegpatausn.oyrgplans

MORE COVER 08CHAIRMAN’S DESK 39 PHOTO Tom Monaghan: A wake-up call to evangelize 39FEEDING THE FOODIE travnikovstudio 09EDITOR’S DESK Chef John Folse: Oven-baked garlic crabs PAGE Christine V. Owsik: The real cost of idleness 48FIVE MINUTES PHOTO 26ETHICS MATTERS Abby Johnson: 2020 Summit West speaker Renowned Louisiana chef Ed Morse: Individual liberty during crisis 50 MEET THE CHAPLAIN John Folse cooks 28CULTURE OF LIFE Fr. Doug Grandon: From Episcopal to Catholic up a sizzling summertime John Di Camillo: COVID-19 vaccines raise worries favorite, straight from the bountiful 30GUEST VOICE Mississippi waters – Oven-Baked Garlic Anthony Esolen: Never ‘safe’ to imitate Christ Crabs. 32 FAITH MATTERS Fr. McKale: Belief thrives on faith of our fathers 34ENGAGING THE FAITH Bishop Schneider: Pandemic pushes persecution 37WHAT TO SEE “The Divine Plan”: The Wall came tumbling down 38 HEALTH Kate Martin: Cancer prompts Camino walk BOARD OF GOVERNORS Thomas S. Monaghan Berni Neal Randall W. Hammond Diana Parent Executive Director Ann Arbor Orange Coast Denver Fort Wayne Stephen M. Henley Legatus Secretary Advent Capital Parke Group International Chaplain Founder, Chairman & CEO Bishop Sam Jacobs Troy L. King S. Craig Henry James P. Sarni Bishop Emeritus of Houma-Thibodaux Christopher S. McMahon Orlando Lafayette-Acadiana Pasadena Ecclesiastical Advisor Pittsburgh Dentistry for Children Bradford Food Group Payden & Rygel Archbishop José H. Gomez McMahon Financial, LLC Treasurer Archbishop of Los Angeles Vice Chairman Sam LaVergne Mark R. Scalise President, United States Conference Sean J. Bellew Houston Jupiter/Palm Beach of Catholic Bishops Philadelphia Hunter Buildings LLC Scalise Industries Corporation LEGATUS MISSION STATEMENT: Bellew LLP To study, live, and spread the Catholic faith in our business, Editor Christine Valentine-Owsik Comments, queries and address changes: Legatus magazine is published 12 times per professional, and personal lives. Design Shawna Kunz, Lime Design Legatus Magazine year by Legatus, a membership organization Sta Writer Judy Roberts PO Box 444 of Catholic presidents and CEOs. Sta Writer Brian Fraga Ann Arbor, MI 48106-0444 © 2020 Legatus Editorial Consultant Gerald Korson [email protected] All rights reserved Contributing Writer Patti Armstrong Phone: 866-534-2887 Copy Editor Nancy Carabio Belanger Advertising Sales Representative Peter Kelly To advertise, contact: [email protected]

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CHAIRMAN’S TOM MONAGHAN BLESSED PIER DESK GIORGIO FRASSATI A wake-up call (1901-1925) to evangelize FEAST DAY: JULY 4 AS WE RECOVER FROM THE I have often said that when it comes to BEATIFIED: MAY 20, 1990 COVID-19 pandemic, we have evangelization, one on-fire Catholic is worth PATRON OF WORLD YOUTH DAYS, much to think and pray about. many lukewarm Catholics. How many ITALIAN CONFRATERNITIES, CATHOLIC nominal Catholics convince others to convert to YOUTH, MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS, ere has been a lot of talk Catholicism, if any? On the other hand, many SKIERS, DOMINICAN TERTIARIES about the long-term e ects converts who are on fire for Christ are willing of this crisis on our economy, to share their Faith with others and thus draw Pier Giorgio Frassati, “ e Man of society, and the Church. From others into the Church. If each new Catholic the Beatitudes,” was born in 1901 a spiritual perspective, the converted six – our numbers would be the same, in Turin, Italy to an influential experience of going several but how much more alive the Church would be! family. From his youth, the months without the ability to handsome and personable attend Mass was something Now in terms of those leaving the Church, we Frassati showed a devout nature, many of us could not have have to conclude that they did not understand attending daily Mass, and joined imagined in our lifetime! What what it meant to be Catholic. e same Pew the Marian Sodality and the will be the impact on Catholics Research Survey mentioned above stated that 13 Apostleship of Prayer. worldwide? For some, they percent of all Americans describe themselves may not come back. On the as “former Catholics,” and that 23 percent An avid other hand, this experience of the total population are unaffiliated, outdoorsman, could cause faithful Catholics or the so-called “nones.” These former Pier Giorgio to realize the gift that the Mass Catholics and “nones” are unlikely to step organized and Eucharist are, and be a into a Catholic Church unless we give them mountain wake-up call and catalyst to set good reason. If our faith has no meaning, no climbs and us on fire to evangelize others. substance, no hope, no love…why would anyone hiking trips Several years ago a Pew want to become Catholic? But if we as Catholics with friends. Research Survey reported that are markedly di erent from our secular He loved for every new Catholic who counterparts, then we can truly be beacons, theater and entered the Church, we lose six. ambassadors for Christ and His Church. COMMUNION OF was politically SAINTS active, strongly is is a startling statistic, but As our society comes out of the pandemic, I think anti-Fascist, let us start with the positive… we have an opportunity. People do not want to and involved with the Catholic those entering the Church. I be bound by the fear so prevalent today. Instead, Young Workers Congress. believe it is safe to say that they want to experience love and hope, which converts to the Faith are often we have in the Church. And as I have said on He became a professed ird the most on-fire Catholics in many occasions, Legatus members have more Order Dominican, devoted to the Church. ey are typically potential than most to share our Faith because St. omas Aquinas and St. entering the Church because we are more visible, influential, and credible. L Catherine of Siena. Having a they are attracted to it, at least deep love for the poor, he joined enough to know it is the true TOM MONAGHAN the St. Vincent de Paul Society Faith and comes at a cost – is Legatus’ founder, chairman, and CEO. and spent much free time such as having to change their tending to the needy. lives and make sacrifices, such as upsetting family members. At just 24, he contracted polio Yet the fact that they are willing – which some say he got from to pay a price is evidence that caring for people in the Turin they appreciate the Church. slums. He su ered six days before dying on July 4, 1925. As a testament to his character, the local poor lined the streets of Turin for his funeral procession. St. Pope John Paul II beatified him on May 20, 1990. Pier Giorgio has been a patron for several World Youth Days. L — Brian Fraga 8July 2020 | |

MARK YOUR EDITOR’S CHRISTINE VALENTINE-OWSIK CALENDARS DESK COOPER CLINIC The real cost EXECUTIVE PHYSICALS of idleness JULY 27-29, 2020 IN MID MARCH WHEN THERE Minneapolis police brutality. ‘Peaceful protestors’ was rampant talk of how a – bored kids, really – everywhere morphed into 2020 SUMMIT WEST national home lockdown violent terrorizers, together for hours each night would protect the populace carousing for their cause, with a new night-out SEPTEMBER 17-19, 2020 from unrestrained spread of agenda after usual routines were yanked. COLORADO SPRINGS, CO COVID, we wondered. en came stunning announcements A parallel problem with youth idleness has been WOMEN’S ENCLAVE that churches would close the lack of a civil moral code. e godlessness of indefinitely – with no the ‘nones’ birthed a moral anarchy – they flaunted OCTOBER 25-28, 2020 gatherings, no public Masses, no causes like creeds to be imposed on all. e dearth CALISTOGA RANCH, NAPA VALLEY sacraments – and it gave deeper of Godly confidence in their lives instead got cause for alarm. Daily TV and usurped with flash-mob mania. ose authorities MEN’S ENCLAVE radio public service jingles rang enabling horrific criminality only made it worse. like grating propaganda … “stay OCTOBER 14-17, 2020 home, wash your hands, we’re is is why the Catholic Church needs to remain THE RANCH AT ROCK CREEK, all in this together.” It seemed continually present to all – health scare or worse than Orwellian. But not – so the faithful can spiritually recharge PHILIPSBURG, MT ol’ George got it right with his to shine as exemplars of the order of Christ, dystopian prophecy. and others can come back, or for the first time. 2021 SUMMIT EAST With months of many not going Lonely, under-fathered, una rmed kids need to work, to school, to play sports, friendship, mentoring, and help from those JANUARY 14-16, 2021 to socialize, to visit family, to who can o er hope. Elderly who are isolated PALM BEACH, FL beaches or parks, or even to need companionship, reassurance of God’s will church, the fuse began to burn. for their lives, and practical assistance. e EL CAMINO PILGRIMAGE Nightly TV updates on the virus unemployed need immediate shoring up – ‘progress’ were further anxiety- financially, socially and spiritually – so they won’t APRIL 12-20, 2021 causing, with constantly default to withdrawal, abuse, despair, or suicide. SPAIN escalating tabulations flickering in the screen-corner, coupled Kids thrown o normal routines need new MEXICO PILGRIMAGE with reports of economic plunge ones – exhausting ones – in their place: rigorous and depression rise. coursework, manual labor, and tiring jobs – with JUNE 11-14, 2021 What was worse than the an enforced discipline code. Parents with odd MEXICO CITY, MEXICO avalanching job losses, closed jobs that need doing can commission them to schools, empty commercial bored kids, even if they must first teach them the DECANTING THE FAITH & districts, and tra c-less streets arduous process. WINE OF BURGUNDY was the hidden idleness of so many youth. It made no Busy, productive people are typically happy, AUGUST 31 – SEPTEMBER 7, 2021 front-page news, there were no fulfilled people willing to remain accountable FRANCE photos, video clips, or interviews. for their lot. It’s not rocket science, just the But idleness is like a geyser. nature of healthy soul and psyche. Finally, 2021 SUMMIT WEST Eventually it explodes. when we encounter someone reeling from raw disappointment and hardship, it’s the time to SEPTEMBER 16-18, 2021 en we saw it. e perfect reacquaint him with the fatherly surety of Christ SANTA BARBARA, CA storm gave rise to tidal waves – our enduring Friend who extends His help, of riots – surges incited by the protection, and calming right- OBERAMMERGAU order … simply for the asking. L PILGRIMAGES CHRISTINE VALENTINE OWSIK FALL 2022 is Legatus magazine’s editor. BAVARIA & AUSTRIA FOR MORE INFORMATION: [email protected] OR CALL 866-534-2887 9July 2020 | |


STAYING [FLATTAOEFHNTEAHEDED] CURVE The nation emerges slowly fyreotmbcerbisusisinmeosdse-a, sb-uutsiutawl on’t As society gradually reopens following the lockdown in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, things simply won’t be the same for a while. Even as states and municipalities progress through the phases of loosening social restrictions, the possibility of a second infection wave calls for caution. There has been talk of a “new normal” a ecting businesses, schools, institutions, and even how we interact with one another. Two Legates — one a health care executive, the other recently retired from the restaurant business — recently shared their perspectives on the pandemic. Here’s what they had to say about their experiences, their reliance on faith, and how this crisis could change the industries they know best and even society itself. By Gerald Korson 11July 2020 | |

PRESIDENT AND PATIENT “I never presented with the I knew my own arrogance caused harm to my early dominant symptoms, family.” He was guided by the words of the Michael Maron, a Legate fever and respiratory distress,” prophet Micah: is is what God asks of you: to act of the Newark Chapter, Maron recalled. “Fatigue, loss justly, to love tenderly, to walk humbly with your is president and CEO of taste, chills, gastrointestinal God. of Holy Name Medical issues were my main Less than two weeks later — after a regimen of Center in Teaneck, NJ, a symptoms.” Still, he came to hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and hydration — he suburb of the New York appreciate just how serious the was back at work, shepherding the Holy Name metropolitan area. As virus was. “My confidence in health system through the continuing pandemic. the novel coronavirus my Superman DNA gave way Maron underlined the seriousness of COVID-19 pandemic escalated in to concern and worry that both by pointing out some of the unprecedented Michael Maron the region, he became one my wife and I were now that ways hospitals have responded to the influx of much closer to the possibility critically ill patients: rapid construction of new of its patients. Infected of being hospitalized and with the SARS-CoV2 virus, he was diagnosed intubated in an ICU,” he “intensive-care units (ICUs), tapping into strategic with COVID-19, the now-familiar disease it confessed. … both my wife and causes. Perhaps worst of all, his initial I were now that denial gave way to remorse, much closer to the Maron initially dismissed his fatigue as the sadness, worry, and guilt at possibility of being e ects of stress and overwork in the midst of the having brought the virus home hospitalized and crisis. Even as his family entered self-quarantine, with him. intubated in an ICU he planned to work from home through Not surprisingly, he turned to videoconferencing and other technology, his Catholic faith. figuring he’d be back in a couple of days. “I was wrong,” he said. Soon his condition worsened, and his wife’s “I prayed often for strength, health deteriorated as well. for the ability to overcome the virus,” he said. “I prayed for wisdom and humility, because ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/LITTLENY 12July 2020 | |

stockpiles of personal protective ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/MATTHEWLEESDIXON equipment (PPE), and renting refrigerator trucks to expand morgue capacity. Holy Name itself expanded its ICU from 20 to 120 beds, converting an auditorium for ICU use in just seven days. “ ere is a long litany of 100-year ‘firsts’ in health care delivery this crisis created,” he said. THREAT REQUIRES SACRIFICE Having firsthand experience more thoroughly, “the “ e health care industry will be learning from both as a patient and as a unprecedented circumstances this crisis for decades to come. Improving our health care executive in the we’re living through might surveillance systems, our response capabilities hardest-hit region of the United also teach us some profound and our moral and ethical obligation,” he States, Maron stresses the lessons about ourselves,” said. “We have demonstrated that we are far seriousness of the pandemic. Maron said. more e ective when we cooperate rather than “ is virus is highly contagious, and this virus is very deadly,” ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/DANI_FOTOGRAFO compete, when we innovate he warned. “Any statistical and accept responsibility manipulation to minimize these facts is grossly to respond and execute in irresponsible and will lead to more casualties creative ways.” in the years to come. Any public messaging For humanity in general, the that suggests otherwise and leads to careless pandemic — which knows no behavior is equally irresponsible.” borders and attacks across all races, religion, ethnicities, e only intervention presently available economic classes, and other to us to mitigate the spread of this virus is lines of division — reminds social distancing and isolation, he pointed us of our commonality. out. “ e irony is that the “We do not know for certain what the enforced social distancing contagious period of the virus is, its keeping us apart has also incubation period, how it is transmitted, made us more keenly aware what symptoms are most identifying of of how inextricably linked the presence of the virus,” he explained. we are as a human family,” “Knowing only that it is transmitted Maron said. “ e process person to person leaves physically of containing the virus has separating of people as the only means to hopefully opened our eyes to slow the spread of the virus.” the precious bonds that exist We’ve succeeded in “flattening the between us and the care and curve” to take the stress o our health nurturing these relationships care systems, and “tens of thousands if need along life’s journey.” not hundreds of thousands of lives have “We are all in this together,” been saved,” Maron said. at’s all due to he said. sacrifice, he added — of leaders making the unpopular decisions to shut down society, of the economy itself, and of individuals who comply with public health recommendations. SOCIETAL LESSONS While the scientific data will eventually enable us to understand COVID-19 13July 2020 | |

HEALTHY IN BODY AND FAITH with our priests, and spiritual the key lesson — gleaned also from his own communion is more than once long tenure in the restaurant industry — is Longtime restaurateur a day!” said Micatrotto. “Prayer adaptability. Joe Micatrotto Sr. resides life has never required a far from the pandemic’s building. Truly, we are ‘temples “Anyone who says they were or are prepared for hotbed states of New of the Holy Spirit.’” this pandemic needs to hope the confessional York and New Jersey. e His family’s Micatrotto opens fast,” said Micatrotto. Even now, Las Vegas Legate said Restaurant Group sold its “Everything you write and believe needs ‘white- his extended family has portfolio of 40 Raising Canes out’ because it may change in coming months. not been a ected, and restaurants back to the chain’s Change happens at speeds like the rotation of he personally knows founder months before the the earth: we do not see or feel the rapidity of only one person who has COVID-19 crisis erupted, change, so accept it with a mind to adapt.” contracted COVID-19. which “may have seemed Joe Micatrotto Sr. and his providential,” he said. But he Micatrotto, founder of the Buca di Beppo wife, Constance Micatrotto believes the chain will survive restaurants, o ered the example of how he the pandemic. moved his family business from full-service “We have very few “While sales are obviously restaurants to the “fast casual” establishments. health concerns provided we keep some impacted, [customers] have “Americans wanted great food, but wanted the simple precautions,” he said, adding that “the been stacked in line for flexibility to dine with it as they wished,” he said. health professionals ‘on the ground’ have been the drive thru, and not one “Adaptability does not mean you lose your heart magnificent.” He praised President Trump’s employee was let go because or character; rather, you take that which you handling of the crisis but had harsh words for of the virus,” he said. “Surely, make or love and put it into a format that allows the mainstream media and their priorities. “I while revenues are down, the for many and varied applications.” wish the media cared for the killing of millions of goodwill and character of the babies in the womb as much as they do reporting Raising Canes team has never To restaurant industry executives and workers deaths from a virus, which grotesquely pales in been greater.” struggling through the present crisis, he proposes comparison,” said Micatrotto. two general bits of advice: Treat the guest as if he ADAPT TO SURVIVE is always right, and focus on service. It’s been a trial from a faith standpoint, accustomed as he is to attending daily Mass, he e COVID-19 crisis will “If you do not like being a servant,” he suggested, said. Watching daily Masses online and assisting change the restaurant “get out now, since being in service is who and at his own parish’s livestreamed liturgies has business, he explained, but what we are in this business.” L been helpful. On the more positive side, he and his wife, Constance, have “really kicked GERALD KORSON up” their daily shared prayer in the absence of is a Legatus magazine editorial consultant. parish life. “We stay in regular communication “There is a long litany of 100-year ‘firsts’ in health care delivery this crisis created ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/ANDRESR 14July 2020 | |

ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/XAVIERARNAU LOVE IN A TIME OF PANDEMIC John D. Rockefeller Jr. wrote as part of the Rockefeller Creed: “I believe that the rendering of useful service is the common duty of mankind and that only in the purifying fire of sacrifice is the dross of selfishness consumed and the greatness of the human soul set free.” I have no doubt the power of the human soul has been set free from the fires of sacrifice that have burned so large and so bright over the last several months. It is one of my hopes coming out of this crisis that the prevalence of selfish, egocentric, and narcissistic behavior that has become the norm in our modern world will start to yield to the love of neighbor, humility, and altruistic character that better defines who God intended us to be. If there’s an unearned blessing in this tragedy, it is the opportunity to better understand not only our physical similarities but our true heritage as living souls. We are spiritual beings — equally valued by a loving Creator — and here to fulfill a sacred purpose on earth. — Michael Maron 15July 2020 | |

Pushing through today’s Business was great. e economy was humming. Sales were at all-time highs. en the pandemic hit. “Our business pretty much dropped 80 percent across the board,” said Dave Anderson, president of Brand RPM, a Charlotte-based company that produces apparel and merchandise for corporations and athletic teams. In late March, most of the nation’s governors issued stay-at-home orders, and mandated all businesses deemed “nonessential” to shut down in an attempt to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, which by early June had already killed more than 110,000 Americans. e shutdowns and social-distancing protocols arguably saved lives and prevented numerous hospital intensive care units from being overrun with COVID-19 patients. But those measures have come at a steep cost. More than 21 million people in the United States were still out of work in early June. e national unemployment rose to about 13 percent by late May, a figure not seen since the Great Depression of the 1930s. e country has been o cially in recession – since February – and businesses are struggling. Some may not recover. While weathering the economic storm, some business leaders have deftly adapted their companies to the new reality, repositioning their organizations for growth and charting new paths for a post-pandemic future. Legatus magazine spoke with two Legates who lead companies, one small and one large, to see how the pandemic has changed those businesses, both in the short-term and over the long haul. by Brian Fraga July 2020 | 16 |

‘red-lighbt-ugrseineens-lsigjahmt’ ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/ROCKS3 17July 2020 | |

Furloughs, pay cuts, new offerings won’t be what they were in the past, but we hope that with the Anderson, the president of Legatus’ Charlotte pivot to PPE, it’ll help us make Chapter, said the first three months of 2020 were up some of the lost ground,” “the biggest months” ever for his company of 110 said Anderson, who has full-time sta employees. But as the pandemic already started to bring back hit the United States in earnest, Anderson knew some of the furloughed sta he had to act quickly. employees full time. “ e first thing Working from home … we did was works furlough 10 percent of our One lasting e ect that sta ,” said Anderson expects the Anderson, pandemic to have will be more who added companies such as Brand RPM Brand RPM this year reoriented its core apparel and branded that everyone encouraging their employees to merchandise business to becoming a large provider of personal else in the work from home. protective equipment – face coverings, hand sanitizers, gloves, company took and disinfectant wipes. In April, it had its largest revenue month a 50-percent “We were already doing in the company’s 12-year history. Brand RPM vice president Steve Bleser, pay cut. ose teleconferencing and video- ensuring an embroidery project for moves helped conferencing,” Anderson In the meantime, he has found a valuable Charlotte-Douglas Airport is being resource in his fellow Legates and other CEOs accurately set up and completed to prevent said. “I think that will be a with whom he can bounce o ideas and ask layo s. more common theme moving questions. forward as more companies “We’re all in this together,” Anderson said. Anderson and his team also examined their see that working from home cash flow and consulted computer models to see really works.” From millions monthly, to zero what they could expect with the virus-ravaged economy over the next six to nine months. By mid-October, Anderson Pat Molyneaux grew his fourth-generation hopes his company will have family flooring business, Molyneaux, into “As a small business, if you don’t have cash, regained its equilibrium, a thriving enterprise with 12 locations in you’re out of business,” Anderson said. though he added that Pennsylvania. But within a week of his state “everything is a moving target.” shutting down from coronavirus, Molyneaux Brand RPM pivoted from its core suddenly had to lay o 95 percent of his apparel and branded merchandise “Funny enough, we had employees. business to becoming a large our largest revenue month “We went from making close to $2 million a provider of personal protective month in revenue to zero,” said Molyneaux, a equipment – face coverings, hand in our company’s entire founding member of Legatus’ Pittsburgh Chapter. sanitizers, gloves, and disinfectant 12-year history in April wipes – to companies such as Lowe’s, which purchased two million masks in April. “Funny enough, we had our The 2020 COVID business upheaval allowed Molyneaux largest revenue month in the unforeseen opportunity to move beyond its core our company’s entire 12-year flooring business to now encompass kitchen remodeling. history in April,” Anderson said. “And probably 90 percent of it, I never touched; I just dropped- shipped masks from the suppliers to the customers.” Anderson said Brand RPM is ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/HIKESTERSON looking to be a reliable source of “PPE” for companies as they reopen across the country amid their states’ loosening restrictions. Anderson expects the demand for masks, hand sanitizers, and gloves to be steady over the next year to 18 months. “We think our overall numbers for the second half of the year 18July 2020 | |

“We grew this business in my 30 years here… and overnight it’s taken away,” Molyneaux said. But that reality sparked a conversion of sorts as Molyneaux began to see that he had made the family business into an idol. Having a strong balance sheet and a successful enterprise had become the most Molyneaux company team, 95 percent of whom were laid o this past spring due to Pennsylvania’s mandatory COVID-19 shutdown. The important things in his life. company then changed its primary business model from brick-and-mortar flooring sales to shopping from home – and added a kitchen- remodeling unit. Home-shopping appointments then went through the roof. For Molyneaux, that epiphany cast the first ten Lord was opening my mind at-home appointments are through the roof this verses of 2 Corinthians 12 into sharper focus. In and giving me the grace of month,” said Molyneaux, who added that in-store those verses, St. Paul speaks of being given a thorn more creativity around what appointments were already on the decline but in the flesh to keep him humble, and how God’s we needed to do to use this that the pandemic accelerated that trend. power is made perfect in someone’s weaknesses. opportunity to make the business stronger. I feel like Molyneaux said this year also provided an “For a co-owner and member of the executive that was a grace.” opportunity for his company to move into team, that is the verse for these times,” kitchen remodeling. ose changes may not Molyneaux said. “Whether it’s as a pastor, a Molyneaux said his company have been possible before quarantines and bishop, or whether it’s as a C-level executive, how has started to change its social distancing forced him to reexamine his can we become both strong and weak?” primary business model from approach to business. showrooms in brick-and- Molyneaux identifies strength as having the mortar buildings to a “shop “As human beings, idol worship is a real capacity for meaningful impact, and weakness from home” approach where temptation,” Molyneaux said. “I think often our as vulnerability. a design consultant visits the businesses, what we accumulate through our customer at home. businesses, can become idols. e rhythms and Grace makes business stronger processes of work can become idols. is gave us “ at’s the way the industry a chance to expose those idols.” L “After I repented and hit that point of deeper is going. People want that conversion,” Molyneaux said, “I feel like the convenience. Most of our shop- BRIAN FRAGA is a Legatus magazine sta writer. “ … the Lord was opening my mind and giving me the grace … to use this opportunity to make the business stronger ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/MAMMUTH 19July 2020 | |

But after Mexico won its independence from Spain in 1821, the missions were taken from the Church and their lands sold o to private parties. After California became a U.S. state in 1850, many of the mission buildings were returned to the Catholic Church, but they had passed from being a center of Catholic life in the state to decaying remnants of an earlier era. Yet by the latter half of the 19th century and into the 20th century, preservationists began to take the initiative to restore many of the mission sites, preserving disintegrating adobe buildings, repairing or replacing rotting wooden window frames and doors, and going in search of mission artifacts that were held in private hands. roughout the state today, the missions are often popular tourist attractions, their original structures preserved to varying degrees. ey contain some common elements, such as mission-style architecture, adobe buildings, arches, fountains and winding pathways, gardens, and Spanish colonial- era art. But each has its own unique characteristics and history. Here is a glimpse at three. by Jim Graves July 2020 | 20 |


Mission San Juan Capistrano – best preserved, bells still ring e seventh of nine missions founded by PHOTO COURTESY JIM GRAVES St. Junipero Serra, California’s most famous missionary, Mission San Juan Capistrano is the “best preserved” of any mission in the state, according to docent Bob Spidell. Legatus’ San Juan Capistrano Chapter holds its meetings at the Mission every month, and hosted the 2019 Summit’s opening evening there. Established in 1776, its 9-acre site includes Serra chapel, an adobe structure that is one of California’s oldest buildings. e long, narrow chapel is still used for daily Mass, and includes ornate Spanish Mission San Juan Capistrano’s Great Stone Church was completed in 1806, but collapsed in an earthquake in 1812, when art that predates the mission itself. more than 40 worshippers inside were killed. Preserving its ruins was a longtime preservation e ort of the mission. Another of the Capistrano mission’s unique \"… rich part OF THE St. Joseph’s Day, March 19, during the features include its Great Stone Church, an state’s history, mission’s most famous celebration, the impressive stone structure completed in 1806, Return of the Swallows. but which collapsed in a massive earthquake and THE birthplace Other structures on the grounds during morning Mass on December 8, 1812. More include 18th-century soldiers’ barracks, than 40 worshippers were killed in the disaster. a kitchen, storage house, and dining OF THE Catholic room. ere are also remnants of the Among the Capistrano mission’s most notable faith in California mission work areas, such as its winery features are its historic bells, rung annually on and metal smelting area. PHOTO COURTESY JIM GRAVES e Capistrano mission calendar shows many impressive annual events, such as its Music Under the Stars summer concert series. e historic mission site is located alongside a new parish mission church and the parish school; take a stroll into the new church and see its magnificent Golden Retablo (altarpiece) installed in 2007. The campanario, or bell wall, of Mission San Juan Capistrano. The bells were rung to call mission residents to Mission Santa Barbara – meals, work, prayer, for weddings and funerals, or the sighting of a ship. Today, they are rung for the mission’s CA’s first Catholic caTHEdral annual Return of the Swallows celebration. The miracle of the “swallows” of Capistrano takes place each year here on March 19th, St. Joseph’s Day. Swallows migrate 6,000 miles from Goya, Argentina to San Juan Capistrano e tenth of California’s missions, this is the first in large groups. The town of San Juan Capistrano welcomes visitors from all parts of the world to witness the not founded by Fr. Serra himself. Fr. Fermin return of the swallows, a tradition that has been celebrated since the early 1930s. Lasuen, a protégé of Serra’s, established the Santa Barbara mission in 1786 after the saint had died. It served the Chumash Indians; during the period 1786-1846, over 4,700 Chumash were received into the Catholic faith. ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/S. GREG PANOSIAN Popular features include the Sacred Garden with its tall palms and fountain; the oldest quadrangle of the mission that was originally a work area, but was transformed into a garden in the 19th century. e 1820 mission church with its neo- classical façade is another noteworthy feature. It is actually the third adobe church built on the site, and it replaced a previous church which collapsed in an 1812 earthquake (a few weeks after the one that destroyed the Capistrano church). San Juan Capistrano Mission’s Serra Chapel, nearly 240 years old, facing the altar. Other original buildings include a convento wing where the mission’s museum is housed, with a second story added later in the 19th century. e museum depicts the role of baptized Chumash July 2020 | 22 |

Popular features of Mission Santa Barbara include its Sacred Garden with its tall palms and fountain. The oldest PHOTO COURTESY JIM GRAVES quadrangle of the mission was originally a work area, but was transformed into a garden in the 19th century. as artists, musicians, singers, and artisans, said priests for a time, but since Its old adobe church was built from 1816-21, and Mónica Orozco, the mission’s executive director, 1928 has again been given to is notable for its interior frescoes created by artist and it houses a recording of the acts of faith, hope, the care of the Franciscans. Esteban Munras. ere is an adobe kitchen, and charity recited in Barbareño Chumash by dining room, reception area, and large open Ernestine Ygnacio-De Soto, whose mother was the courtyard. Exhibits tell the story of the Salinan last fluent speaker of Barbareño Chumash. people and life in the early mission era. e mission’s 15-acre site also includes a Mission San Miguel’s history includes the most cemetery and historic mausoleum. Look for appalling mass murder ever committed on the the large Ficus tree dating back to the 19th grounds of a California mission. In 1848, the century, and the plaque marking the site where mission was the residence of William Reed and the famous Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island his family. It was the start of the Gold Rush, and was buried (she lived alone on an island o Reed bragged he had struck it rich. Six men came California’s coast for nearly 20 years before to the mission to steal his gold. An orgy of killing coming to the mission; the children’s novel e began when one of the killers struck Reed from Island of the Blue Dolphins is based on her story). behind with an axe (you can still see the fireplace Also enjoy an olive grove with Stations of the in front of which he was murdered). ey went on Cross, and La Huerta, a historical garden. to kill the rest of Reed’s family and his servants, including an Indian boy who begged for his life. A recreated 17th-century kitchen gives visitors A total of 11 died. No gold was discovered. A the chance to see the original building materials ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/BPPERRY posse caught up with five of the killers; two were of adobe and sandstone, and a treasures room killed in a shootout and three captured and later includes the mission’s original tabernacle and executed. e sixth was never found. altar constructed by Chumash artisans in 1789. Also part of the San Miguel mission’s story is e mission is home to 23 Franciscan friars and the 2003 earthquake that severely damaged its the order’s Franciscan Novitiate Program. It buildings and led to its temporary closure. e also served as the state’s first Statue of St. Junipero Serra diocese raised $15 million for Catholic cathedral, and was repairs, and the mission has the residence of its first bishop, since reopened to the public. But, Bishop García Diego. He is as with all the missions, repair buried behind the altar in the and restoration is ongoing. church. When visiting California, make time to visit one or more of the Mission San Miguel missions. ey are a rich part of the state’s history, and the – founded for birthplace of the Catholic faith Salinan Indians Located about halfway in California. Check websites for between Los Angeles and the hours, costs, and tour information. San Francisco Bay area along PHOTO COURTESY JIM GRAVES Most are functioning parishes, the 101 freeway is Mission San so look for Mass and Confession Miguel, another mission founded times. It will be a greatly by Fr. Lasuen, this one in 1797. treasured experience. L Founded by Franciscans to serve the Salinan Indians, it JIM GRAVES is a Catholic writer living in was administered by diocesan Mission San Miguel was founded in 1797 to serve the Salinan Indians. It was administered by Newport Beach, California. diocesan priests for a time, but since 1928 has again been given to the care of the Franciscans. July 2020 | 23 |

When summer vacation begins in March ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/ROMOLOTAVANI by Judy Roberts For Legate Kevin Kelly, Ohio’s mother-in-law plus five children Greg Schlueter, who leads recent coronavirus stay-at- between 11 and 22. “It’s been a family-focused ministry like an extended spring break or known as Mass Impact, home orders were less of an extended Christmas vacation.” said even among Catholic During the shutdown, they parents, social media postings imposition and more of a joy. selected movies for everyone indicated that not all took to view, played board games, delight in having more time and had long discussions, with their children. For him, Two of his eight children came discovering a greater sense of that revealed a crisis at the home from college, joining two closeness, interdependency, and heart of the crisis. “Too many Greg Schlueter of their younger siblings, and solidarity. of us ‘good Catholic parents’ overall, Kelly said, everyone have delegated our unsurpassed, irreplaceable liked having extra “hang-out” Still, not everyone shares appointing and anointing. Too many of us are time. ey watched movies, that experience. Higher rates languishing without knowing and embracing prayed the rosary together of some kinds of domestic God’s vision for our marriages, families, and and on Sundays, gathered in violence, child abuse, and homes.” one spot for a live-streamed suicide were reported amid Reorienting responsibility. Schlueter, a father Kevin Kelly Mass, something Kelly seized the sheltering-in restrictions, of six, has tried looking upon the coronavirus restrictions as an occasion for families to more as an opportunity to talk about the Mass and its according to Dr. Susan Hatters- fully recognize and rely upon Christ, and for meaning in their lives. Friedman, a professor of parents to reclaim responsibilty often consigned forensic psychiatry at Case to churches and schools. “It’s almost as if God Although state-enforced sheltering-in orders Western Reserve University, reached into our activity-addicted, spaz-fest have been stressful for many households, for writing in the New York Daily culture of delegated parenthood and said, ‘Stop!’ families whose lives are informed News. In addition, a Or rather, with regard to rediscovering and living by the Catholic faith, increased FoxBusiness report in our God-designed nature: ‘Start!’” togetherness has often been more said attorneys were blessing than blight. seeing an increase in rough its “I Love My Family” program, divorce inquiries with Schlueter’s ministry encourages families Some enjoy, others not so much. “It one lawyer predicting to dedicate weekly time to meaningful feels a little awkward saying it, but the quarantines could conversation and prayer, making their homes we’ve actually enjoyed it,” said Dr. hasten divorces for places of ever-deepening encounter with Christ. Christopher Stroud, a Legate whose marriages on the household includes his mother and Dr. Christopher Stroud brink. July 2020 | 24 |

e ministry provides a “Live IT Gathering ‘‘Why did we need Guide,” available free online, and can be used an international to discuss and pray over the Sunday Mass pandemic to tell readings. e guide includes an outline with people to slow prayers and questions for strengthening family down and be less relationships. It is coordinated with a “Family scheduled? Road Trip” radio broadcast on which several families discuss their own experiences with weekly “Live IT” meetings. “I Love My Family” also o ers in-person meetings for groups of couples and families, but with those suspended during the coronavirus restrictions, some groups have met on Zoom and the ministry has aired an interactive Parental Pow-Wow on Facebook and YouTube. Schlueter said many families who start “Live IT” ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/ALDOMURILLO gatherings in their homes previously had some practice of formal family prayer, such as the to be able to communicate and rosary, but not a way to engage in meaningful, respect each other.” Because relational encounters with each other. When of the gatherings, Lorna said, they overcome the initial awkwardness, he said “Without a doubt, our faith, families often experience transformation. our marriage, and everything across the board has grown.” Kelly noted that although his family has not Even though she initially was incorporated “Live IT” into their prayer times, uncertain about the e ect he has seen its fruit in other families and in one that sheltering-in would have, of his own sons, who went through a period of she found the result has been not relating to his faith. rough participation in something of an answer to a “Live IT” youth gathering, “He became really prayer. “ e way God can do alive in his faith and learned it.” good through hard things is so evident . . . Really, very Boosting communication. Steve Findley, whose quickly, the good fruit of it was family used “Live IT” for about six years, said abundantly obvious from the their communication improved to such a degree get-go.” that he can’t imagine what sheltering-in with Schlueter said “Live IT” six children from 6 to 20 would have been like participants like the Findleys without it. have embraced the coronavirus circumstances as a way His wife, Lorna, noticed very few challenges to spend meaningful time The Erikson family during the stay-at-home restrictions. “I think our together, recalibrate who they Stroud, an obstetrician/gynecologist, said he has ability to handle this and be happy in it is largely are, and go deeper into their heard many stories like his own of families who due to the amount of communication we have souls, marriages, and families. are seeing the benefit of slowing down and being in our prayer life and faith. Having that focus Purifying priorities. Liz at home during the coronavirus restrictions. At makes all the di erence.” Erickson, whose family is his Legatus men’s forum recently, he said one part of the “Live IT” ministry, of the questions the members considered was eir family has learned to open up and discuss said sheltering-in has given “what will you do di erently post-pandemic?” their struggles through the weekly “Live IT” her and her husband, Walt, “A lot said they were going to try to be less busy gatherings, which provide opportunities to more quality time. ey have and savor going to Mass more. It was kind of a rm, seek forgiveness, and to pray with and been praying together more a universal response and I would certainly ask for prayer from each other. Sharing and as a couple, and with their six echo that. Why did we need an international discussing a problem with the family, she said, children. is has extended pandemic to tell people to slow down and be less lightens the burden for those who are struggling. to her parents, siblings, and scheduled?” “Being their families, who have begun a bigger praying the rosary together He sees the stay-at-home orders as a good time family, it’s on Zoom every Sunday. “ at to learn to love people for what makes them always was not happening before,” she unique. “Sometimes the things that make a a noisy said. family member unique can get under your challenge skin. It’s a good time to thank God for their because uniqueness, and a good time to reflect on how we everyone have to love each other, and that it’s not always wants to rainbows and da odils.” L talk at the same time, JUDY ROBERTS but it’s great is a Legatus magazine sta writer. Steve & Lorna Findley July 2020 | 25 |

ETHICS EDWARD A. MORSE MATTERS Individual liberty during a crisis – a salute to federalism TWO RECENT CRISES HAVE (1905), “the rights of the individual … may at tested the mettle of our nation, times, under the pressure of great dangers, revealing much about our be subjected to such restraint, to be enforced citizens and government. e by reasonable regulations, as the safety of the emergence of the coronavirus general public may demand.” ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/TERO VESALAINEN challenged our public health response. Experts States possess wide discretion in choosing recommended measures to measures to thwart disease, and political slow transmission and avoid accountability is the primary constraint on overwhelming our critical- those measures. Public o cials routinely care capacity. Government claim their policies are rooted in science, but o cials deftly responded with political preferences often dominate. Notably, restrictions that also disrupted religious gatherings have been restricted as economic and social life, “nonessential” activities in order to inhibit including cherished liberties. contagion. Some churches and synagogues with violence. Nevertheless, political leaders have challenged those restrictions as unfairly routinely embrace this false narrative, which Another crisis emerged from targeting religion. Public-interest law firms have may mollify some protestors but does nothing the protest movement centered done important work in advancing their claims to solve genuine problems in our communities on concerns about racial against o cials who abuse their powers, with including disparate impacts from crime. Unfairly bias from police. Violence mixed success. casting aspersion on police likely increases associated with these protests violent targeting against police and reduces police has caused death, injury, and Public o cials have attempted to constrain e ectiveness, with the greatest adverse impacts destruction in communities the impact of violence associated with the likely felt in minority communities, further already su ering protest movement, damaging the health of our civic bonds. We can from coronavirus but they have do better. restrictions. But “Our government willingly subsumed protestors and reflects the reality of restrictions on Our federal system allows local responses that government our fallenness, and the public gatherings to reflect varying conditions and values. Citizens responses to their facilitate the airing choose their local government and live with the actions are also of grievances. results – for better or worse. ey can hold their raising important state of our spiritual Ironically, the leaders accountable in the next election, and questions that commitments protest movement we can all watch and learn from these di erent cause us to reflect has unwittingly outcomes. upon the health of raised other our civil society. important Our government reflects the reality of our questions apart fallenness, and the state of our spiritual In both crises, state and from its questions about racial injustice. Is commitments. Growing a culture of ordered local governments exercised a protest assembly more “essential” than liberty that fosters human thriving requires primary responsibility. Our attending church? Is identity politics a new and commitment from vigilant citizens who believe constitutional system embraces preferred form of religion? Does this (quasi) that the common good must be informed by federalism, which ensures that religion embrace mercy and forgiveness, or just deeper enduring truths, and who are willing to states retain “police powers” condemnation and smiting? Are protestors more act on those beliefs. Perhaps more than ever, the for the purposes of protecting committed than traditional religious people content of the common good needs nurturing – the health, safety, and morals content to stay home from church? in some places more than others. L of the people. Constitutional limits on those powers entail e protest movement also reveals the selective EDWARD A. MORSE is a law professor and a balance of individual rights nature of the claimed preference for scientific member of the board of directors of the Thomas against other social goods. As truth among the political class. Available data the Supreme Court explained casts doubt on the movement’s claim that police More Society (, a national in Jacobson v. Massachusetts routinely and unfairly target minority suspects public interest law firm based in Chicago and Omaha devoted to restoring respect in law for life, the family, and religious liberty. July 2020 | 26 |

July 2020 | 27 |

CULTURE OF JOHN A. Di CAMILLO, PH.D., Be.L. LIFE COVID vaccines raise worry over life and liberty protection AS INDEPENDENCE DAY ARRIVES receive immunizations of immoral in this year of the coronavirus, origin when there are gravely we begin to taste again the proportionate reasons — including basic freedom of personal serious risks to personal or public interaction with friends, family, health — with no better alternative colleagues, and with our available. Some may refuse Blessed Lord in the Most Holy vaccination to give special witness Eucharist. Yet as public health to the dignity of unborn children, ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/SKYNESHER restrictions are cautiously while others at high risk might opt to eased, a question of life and safeguard personal and community liberty looms on the horizon: health by pursuing vaccination. the COVID-19 vaccination. Origins aside, vaccination decisions We should certainly welcome demand consideration of the facts rapid and widespread access to to make an informed judgment. an adequately tested, safe, and With any treatment, a person has e ective vaccine, but it is easier the right to know the expected benefits and risks, discussion of the certitude of expectations, said than done. Some major burdens. Will the vaccine have an e ectiveness and respect for individual judgments. ethical concerns include the rate of 80 percent or 25 percent? How extensive use of abortion-derived human was the testing to rule out adverse side e ects? Government overreach is another major fetal cell lines Population health ethical issue. e principle of subsidiarity is a in development, benefits do not fundamental precept of Catholic social teaching: restrictions on “Population health automatically matters should be handled at the most local level proper consent, and benefits do not create obligations possible, with higher levels o ering supportive disproportionate for individuals. intervention only when truly necessary. Given government automatically create e decisions the varied ways COVID-19 impacts di erent intervention. obligations for regions, a vaccine mandate from federal or state remain personal, governments would be too blunt an instrument. accounting for Abortion-derived individuals. The decisions circumstances. is would feed a lack of public trust. In a similar human fetal cell remain personal … Risks, including vein, proposals for contact tracing or vaccination lines should not possible adverse “chips” raise profound privacy concerns, further be used in the side e ects, must erode public trust, and can even sow mistrust production of not be obscured. within communities. any vaccine. e Catholic Church a rmed this A concern with fast-tracked vaccines is Government has a rightful interest in protecting in the instruction Dignitas the reliability of information concerning the public from widespread and serious illness. Personae. Only a handful of e ectiveness and risks, the very facts essential Yet when it comes to concrete vaccination the COVID-19 vaccines in to informed consent. Experimental vaccines for decisions, human dignity demands witness development make use of these coronaviruses in years past have never been to the value of life, provision of adequate and lines, so there is a hope that a approved; a COVID-19 vaccine would be a first reliable information, freedom of conscience, morally sound candidate will for this whole family of viruses. E orts by health protection of privacy, and prioritization of more be successful. Regardless, we care professionals, pharmaceutical companies, local government over higher levels. Anything are called to give witness to government, and media to push the vaccine less jeopardizes life and liberty. L the dignity of human life by by ignoring or vilifying those with reasonable demanding that new vaccines misgivings will weaken an already-waning JOHN A. Di CAMILLO, PH.D., Be.L., have no ties to abortion. public trust in vaccination practices. Integrity is a sta ethicist at The National Catholic Bioethics and transparency about the methods, quality, At the same time, Dignitas and conclusions of the research are crucial. is Center in Philadelphia. He earned his graduate personae clarifies that end includes clear admissions of what we simply do degrees at the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina users are permitted to seek and not know, identification of expected benefits and Apostolorum in Rome. He lives in Lancaster County, PA, with his lovely wife Serena and their children. July 2020 | 28 |

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GUEST ANTHONY ESOLEN VOICE It is never ‘safe’ to imitate Christ IT IS JULY 18, 1882. GENERAL What would we say? Charles Pomeroy Stone, an American engineer in the e days have dragged on. “Death to the employ of the Khedive Ismail Christians!” they hear from outside. One faithful of Egypt, has since July 6 been servant has pleaded with them to flee to the separated from his wife and country to lodge with his family, in hiding. But their two daughters while the Mrs. Stone remained firm. “I shall not run away British – with but two days’ from my servants like a coward,” she says, “and warning – bomb Alexandria. leave my house to be pillaged.” She insists upon Stone is there with the Khedive. waiting for word from the general. “I propose His small son John is alone that we stay at home like brave women,” she says on a frigate o shore. e rest to her girls, “and live like Christians as long as we of his family is in Cairo, 120 can.” miles away. ey do not know if the general is alive or dead. She reads to them from e Imitation of Christ: “It Rumors are all bad. e nation is good for us now and then to have some trouble is on the brink of civil war. and adversities, for oftentimes they make a man enter into himself, that he may know that he is in On this day, the general’s exile and may not place his hope in anything of ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/FOCUSONYOU eldest child, Frances (age 17), this world.” her sister, and a few Muslim servants walk to an English What those adversities were, we may gather chapel nearby to fetch some from Mrs. Stone’s words on the 12th: “I want you books. e clergyman, to to promise me to be patient, to be cheerful, and Frances’ disappointment, had always brave. Go on with your studies, keep abandoned his post. always busy, and trust e Muslims take to me to save you, if it cushions from the “… courage is the is possible, when the First, courage is the foundational virtue; without seats to kneel on and worst comes.” ey it, the other virtues wither. pray while the girls go foundational virtue; have firearms to hold to the library. When without it, the other o the enemy till the Second, courage finds good soil in the loyalty they return, they find sta o cers come, but and obedience that Christian family life the servants looking virtues wither if they do not, she says, demands. curiously at the “you can be brave and organ. So Frances sits face death like good down at it and plays soldiers.”… ird, the family is more powerful than we know, “Nearer, My God, to ee,” while and that is why Satan hates it. the men listen, rapt. After many days of fear and privation, and strategy too – frustrating spies by conversing Fourth, it is never safe to imitate Christ, and it “Poor fellows!” Frances writes. simultaneously with loyalists in English, Arabic, never will be. L “ ey are such fine brave men, French, and Italian – they would be reunited and do so long to see us safe with General Stone on August 9. “Fanny” Stone DR. ANTHONY ESOLEN is a professor with Papa. I wonder what [the published the selections from her diary in e and writer-in-residence at Magdalen College Khedive’s challenger ‘Urabi] Century Magazine, June 1884, in language that of Liberal Arts in Warner, NH. He is author and and his creatures would have for clarity and breadth of knowledge would be translator of more than 20 books, including said could they have looked impressive for a college professor in our time. in and seen a young Christian Defending Boyhood: How Building Forts, Reading girl playing sacred music to I recount some of the story to make four Stories, Playing Ball, and Praying to God Can two armed Mussulmans in a observations. Christian church.” Change the World; Nostalgia: Going Home in a Homeless World; Out of the Ashes: Rebuilding American Culture; Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child; and Defending Marriage: Twelve Arguments for Sanity (St. Benedict Press). July 2020 | 30 |

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FAITH FR. HAROLD McKALE MATTERS Evangelization springs from authentic faith of our fathers POPE ST. JOHN PAUL II PROVIDED Inevitably, people simply stop coming to Mass know through the mainstream media, which Holy Mother Church with a when they are no longer entertained or don’t feel does a woefully poor job of explaining Church great corpus that inspired, the need for validation. Any deformation of the teaching, usually reporting doctrine incorrectly rea rmed and evangelized liturgy deforms the content of faith. and almost always without the nuances that are Catholics in an era when important for understanding them. everything seemed up for When the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is done well revision. Since then, the Church — meaning that Father and his servers allow True evangelization begins and is nourished has moved forward with the their personalities to fade into the background within the family. Without the father, it is New Evangelization, which and each carries out his responsibilities well unlikely that a family will practice the Faith. isn’t so di erent from the first. — the Mass draws people into the mystery of As head of the household, the father sets the Essentially, the Church must our salvation. Beautiful ceremonies lift man to priorities of the household. Even if the father do what she does best -- preach higher things, impelling him to be more than does not impede his wife, the heart of the the gospel to all nations until he is. Heavenly mysteries, truly unable to be household, in her own expression of the Faith, the end of time using all the fully understood, never fail his children will take great resources she has at her to fascinate the believer and note that their father disposal. gently draw the unbeliever to “Without the father, it is does not bow his head to A well-known Catholic blogger Christ’s Church. unlikely that a family will God. For children, there often states, “Save the Liturgy is no more powerful — Save the World.” Indeed, Once drawn into the heart practice the Faith witness than to see their ne’er a truer word be spoken. In liturgical celebrations of the Church, the process of father humbly kneel in where the focus is taken away unpacking what the Church the confessional or pray from God, where we applaud prays generates a conversion before St. Joseph. each other and tell each other of living in earnest. While she how great we are, something has many well-established methodologies of In his catechesis on the Creed, Pope St. John demonic is taking place. doing this through her schools, CCD programs, Paul II stated that “Jesus is the only model of Authentic worship is distorted RCIA programs, adult faith formation, and so filial life directed toward, and united with, the into something else, something on, the unfortunate reality is that most Catholics Father.” Fathers model this for their children. banal and uninspiring. go through life with a sixth-grade education in It is through the silent example of their father the Faith. e majority tend to drop out after and the loving encouragement of their mother receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation. that children learn the Faith and receive their Statistically, understanding of who God is. barely 20 percent attend e Church needs to continue to turn her Holy Mass creativity to supporting Catholic families, and every Sunday thereby to creating more deeply committed and on holy Catholics. She will keep them by o ering a days. beautiful and worthy celebration of the divine mysteries. Ultimately, it is not a matter of So where do programs; rather, it is the Church simply being most Catholics faithful to who she is, and to him who is her head learn what and bridegroom. L they believe FATHER HAROLD McKALE, about God ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/RAWPIXEL and the a priest of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, sacraments? is parochial vicar to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Seemingly, Parish in Doylestown, PA, and works with the significant Philadelphia Latin Mass community. He holds a numbers learn what they B.S. in business from Millersville University, think they and M.Div. and M.A. degrees from St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in Philadelphia. July 2020 | 32 |

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ENGAGING THE BISHOP ATHANASIUS SCHNEIDER FAITH Nod to pandemic advances modern Christian persecution ON MAY 8, 2020, A DOCUMENT characteristic of a ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/BISERKA STOJANOVIC Moral CATECHISM titled Appeal for the Church totalitarian regime, judgment 101 and the World: to Catholics whose main weapon must and all people of good will was against dissidents condemn published [which this author are not factual the plague of totalitarian states signed]. Its initial signatories arguments, but which systematically falsify included, among others, three rather demagogic the truth, exercise political cardinals, nine bishops, 11 and popular rhetoric. doctors, 22 journalists, and 13 Only dictatorships lawyers. It is astonishing to fear objective debate see how representatives of the when there are ecclesiastical as well as political di ering opinions. and media establishment have, in obeisance to the prevailing e Appeal does not deny the existence of an control of opinion through the uniform thinking, unanimously epidemic and the need to fight it. However, some media, manipulate defendants sought to discredit the concerns of the security and prevention measures involve and witnesses at public trials, expressed in the Appeal and imposing forms of complete surveillance over and imagine that they secure squelch any further discussion people. Under the pretext of an epidemic, such their tyranny by strangling with the “knock-out argument” measures violate fundamental civil liberties and repressing everything they that it is mere “conspiracy and the democratic order of the State. Proposals consider “thought crimes.” theory.” I remember a similar regarding compulsory vaccination, with no form of reaction and language alternative to the state-approved vaccine, and Catechism of the under the Soviet dictatorship, which would inevitably restrict personal liberties, Catholic Church, #2499 when dissenters and critics of are also very dangerous. Such measures and the prevailing ideology and proposals are accustoming citizens to forms of SCRIPTURE For freedom politics were accused of being technocratic and centrally directed tyranny — and 101 Christ set us complicit in the “conspiracy civic courage, independent thinking, and, above free; so stand theory” disseminated by the all, any resistance, are being severely paralyzed. firm and do capitalist West. not submit One aspect of the security and prevention e critics of the Appeal refuse measures that have been similarly implemented again to the yoke of slavery. to consider the evidence, such in almost all countries is the drastic ban on public Galatians 5:1 as the o cial mortality rate worship. Such bans have existed only in times of (for the same time period) of systematic Christian persecution. e absolute the 2017–2018 flu season, as novelty, however, is that in some places, State compared with the current authorities are even prescribing liturgical norms COVID-19 epidemic in Germany. to the Church, such as the manner of distributing Holy Communion. is is a clear interference in e mortality rate of the latter is matters that pertain to the immediate authority much lower. ere are countries of the Church. History will one day lament the with moderate coronavirus “regime-clerics” of our time who subserviently security and prevention accepted such interference by the State. History measures that, due to their has always lamented that, in times of great crisis, implementation, do not have a the majority remained silent, and dissenting higher mortality rate. If the mere voices were stifled. erefore, the Appeal for the acknowledgment of the facts, Church and the World should at least be given a and discussion about them, is fair chance to initiate an honest debate, without labeled as “conspiracy theory,” fear of social and moral reprisals, as befits a then anyone who still thinks democratic society. L independently has good reason to be concerned about the May 13, 2020 possibility that subtle forms of + Athanasius Schneider, auxiliary bishop of the dictatorship exist in our society. Archdiocese of Saint Mary in Astana, Kazakhstan As is well known, eliminating This piece, written by Bishop Athanasius Schneider, appeared originally in or discrediting societal debate the German Catholic newspaper Die Tagespost in May 2020. and dissenting voices is a chief July 2020 | 34 |

July 2020 | 35 |

WHAT TO READ America on Trial: A Defense of philosophers and their use not immediately have the strategies the Founding of reason, and to the Person words to refute the challenge, and self- Robert R. Reilly of Christ Himself. From this so we are left stammering confidence Ignatius Press, 366 pages they drew the principles of while our questioner senses necessary natural law that were the victory. Karlo Broussard’s to share It is claimed that real foundation of our nation, excellent book raises 50 their faith Enlightenment thinkers like where freedom and reason common Protestant objections e ectively. must together prevail. to Catholicism based on Here he John Locke, Scripture and o ers the tools examines the Charles Meeting the Protestant for showing how Catholic example of Jesus, discusses Montesquieu, Challenge: How to Answer 50 teaching or tradition does not the pathway to discipleship, and Jean- Biblical Objections to Catholic contradict the Bible but rather suggests the kinds of Jacques Beliefs is in harmony with it. His questions that we might ask Rousseau Karlo Broussard language is straightforward, to open doors to evangelizing, and the Catholic Answers Press, 287 pages providing a worthy study to what conversion really means, theories of help us explain our faith when and how to share our own government As Catholics, called upon. faith stories in various social “by the people” that they we may love situations. He also covers developed profoundly our faith and The Contagious Catholic: The the importance of spiritual influenced the framers of the even know it Art of Practical Evangelization mentorship and some of the U.S. Constitution and its Bill rather well, Marcel LeJeune obstacles that holds Catholics of Rights. Robert R. Reilly not but there Ascension Press, 191 pages back from success. It’s not only denies this assertion, are times a di cult read, but it is an but turns it on its head. In when we are Cleverly titled for a time important one if we are to step fact, he traces the American challenged by of pandemic, this book by up in our God-given mission to concept of ordered liberty to a denominational Christian the founder of Catholic spread the Gospel. L the Judeo-Christian ideal of who cites Bible verses to Missionary Disciples strives one God who creates man in counter our beliefs. We might to train Catholics in the His own image, to the ancient July 2020 | 36 |

WHAT TO SEE Why the Wall came tumbling down POPE JOHN PAUL II AND the collapse of the Soviet Union, through the Ignatius Press The Divine Plan President Ronald Reagan the fall of the Berlin Wall, and Parish Screening Program. By Robert Orlando (writer-director), each lost his father in his the end of the Cold War. way of a retelling of the story youth. Each clung to faith to along with the recollections Peter Rezniko (narrator), guide him through di cult at all might sound a bit and insights of historians, Paul Kengor, George Weigel, times. Both were actors. like that oft-published list of political figures, Church leaders, Anne Applebaum, Douglas Brinkley, Each recognized the evil of coincidences surrounding scholars, and journalists, e atheistic communism and the Lincoln and Kennedy Divine Plan makes a rather Bishop Robert Barron, its oppression of human assassinations, but it’s compelling case. Cardinal Timothy Dolan freedom. Each became a remarkably true. Most Reagan and the pope both world leader, and each was historians agree that this sensed they had a mission 117 min • Rated: PG shot and nearly killed in president and this pope played to fulfill, and that sense was an assassination attempt pivotal roles in bringing only magnified by their near- Reagan found the perfect ally in the spring of 1981. Most about popular and peaceful death experiences. In their in the Holy Father. Together, importantly, each believed his revolution across Central and private meetings, they spoke with help from above, they life was spared because God Eastern Europe and liberating openly about this shared altered the course of history. L wanted him to play a role in millions from the iron grip of vision. Reagan himself was the defeat of communism. communist rule. known to refer to the “DP,” GERALD KORSON or “divine plan,” of defeating is a Legatus magazine sta writer. e two men bonded over this at’s the premise of the communism. He felt he had a common goal — and, in the documentary film e Divine “rendezvous with destiny,” an end, they triumphed, having Plan, which had a limited apt term he borrowed more exerted significant influence in theatrical run in late 2019 than once from FDR. such victories as the rise of the and is now available on DVD, Solidarity movement in Poland, some streaming services, and July 2020 | 37 |

HEALTH KATE MARTIN MATTERS Cancer diagnosis inspires walk on the Camino FOR SOME PEOPLE, A CANCER Unfortunately, Mayo Clinic physicians found a diagnosis feels like the end. For breast tumor the size of an egg. Leslie, it was a chance to make a di erence while funding For women with dense breast tissue, there’s less research to help others. than a 50 percent chance that a mammogram will find a tumor. at’s because tumors and dense Leslie Yerger had gone for breast tissue both appear white on a mammogram. a routine annual checkup. Now, just 55 years old and Rhodes helped develop a new method, feeling completely normal, she Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI), which is was told something looked far more e ective at detecting tumors in abnormal in her baseline bone women with dense breasts than standard density scan. at led to more mammography alone. e MBI unit is now FDA ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/MARBOM tests, more specialists, and a approved and commercially available, and all bone biopsy. She learned she Mayo Clinic locations use them as standard had breast cancer that had supplemental screening for women with dense metastasized to her bones. breasts. However, MBI is not yet widely available. Stage IV. In 2018, Leslie embarked on the Frances Way, a 500- Healthnetwork connected her mile segment of the ancient spiritual passage in to Mayo Clinic for a second Europe called the Camino de Santiago. [Legatus will Leslie kept a blog while walking the Camino. On opinion, and her diagnosis was host its own El Camino Pilgrimage in April 2021.] October 1, the start of Breast Cancer Awareness confirmed. Month, she wrote: “My real why [for walking] is “For women with dense She walked, she said, about kids without moms, grandkids without Leslie returned because “I needed grandmas, and widowers without wives. It’s to Mayo Clinic breast tissue, there’s less to reckon with about careers unfinished, potentials not met, and dreams not realized.” for a customized than a 50 percent chance not knowing the plan and that a mammogram will future.” But mostly rough private donations and a matching worked with she walked for the grant, Leslie raised more than $105,000 to Dr. Deborah 40,000 women who support Density MATTERS, Mayo Clinic’s multi- Rhodes, who find a tumor die from breast site trial headed by Rhodes and her team. said something cancer annually in Leslie will never the U.S. forget: “You are “Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI) needs to be the woman I’ve available to more women with dense breast dedicated the last ten years of tissue, so that more cancers can be found earlier, my career to.” when they are at the curable stage,” she says. “ is was something I could do that would help One of the most confusing other women, if only in a small way.” L things for Leslie was that her diagnosis came soon after an Leslie Yerger and husband, John KATE MARTIN is director of marketing “all clear” mammogram and for Healthnetwork. She has worked within the ultrasound. Leslie then had thought that at least she “knew” company since 2003, formerly as writer and she didn’t have breast cancer. medical coordinator. HEALTHNETWORK is a Legatus membership benefit, a health care “concierge service” that provides members and their families access to some of the most respected hospitals in the world. One Call Starts It All: (866) 968-2467 or (440) 893-0830. Email: [email protected] HEALTHNETWORK FOUNDATION is a nonprofit whose mission is to improve medicine for all by connecting CEOs with leading hospitals and their doctors to provide the best access to world-class care and increase philanthropic funding for medical research. July 2020 | 38 |

FEEDING THE JOHN D. FOLSE AND MICHAELA D. YORK FOODIE When Louisiana’s Highway 1 was the pathway to paradise BY THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL, Apartments, where the boys and had been seasoned with we were well on our way with men stayed in one house while the the pungent aromas of plans for our summer vacation. women, girls, and babies stayed in Zatarain’s Crab Boil, fresh- Freedom rang while swinging another. To us, the Shady Rest was cut lemons, and onions. from willow branches into the like Buckingham Palace. ere After what seemed an cool waters of the Mississippi. were several wood-paneled rooms eternity, the boiled crabs, We fished from the sandbar, with mismatched furniture and corn, and potatoes were captured crawfish behind one wall-mounted window fan that poured onto the outdoor Mamere’s, and caught river blew air for 25 cents an hour. We tables that were spread shrimp during the June Rise, were in the lap of luxury! with past issues of New the second annual flood of the Orleans’ Times-Picayune. spring. No sooner had we arrived than the boys darted to the beach for a Grand Isle vacations By mid-July, however, we were swim. After an hour or so, the men were a family ritual that restless. at’s when Daddy arrived with dogwood crabbing always included Sunday packed all eight of us into poles, scoop nets, and bait. We Mass at Our Lady of the his 1949 Chevrolet Coupe for brought beef tripe (the bait) with us that had Isle Catholic Church. ey were wonderfully a vacation at Grand Isle – a been purchased from either Chiquet’s Meat predictable until the year my sister, Ruth, sportsman’s paradise! We were Market in St. James or ordered from “Chewing brought a few girlfriends along, creating a joined by most of our extended Gum” Poirrier’s mobile butcher shop. We tied whole new level of excitement. My brothers and family and a few of Daddy’s the bait to the crab line, carefully spacing the I fought to teach the girls to crab. We o ered coworkers. meat 3 feet apart. en we took turns walking them the best bait in the bucket. Our chivalry the line with the scoop knew no end. We even o ered “our guests” the We followed net and collecting those fullest crabs at the evening boil. Of all our years Highway “The great thing about blue jewels of the gulf in at Grand Isle, that particular summer truly was 1 — mostly the apartments was wooden hampers. paradise! L gravel then — the outdoor screened e great thing about from Bayou CHEF JOHN D. FOLSE is an entrepreneur with interests ranging Lafourche, houses, where fresh- the apartments was the from restaurant development to food manufacturing, catering to culinary LA to the Gulf caught seafood was outdoor screened houses, of Mexico. where fresh-caught education. A cradle Catholic, he supports many Catholic organizations After hours of seafood was cleaned and including the Sister Dulce Ministry at Cypress Springs Mercedarian traveling, we cleaned and prepared prepared. e crabs were Prayer Center in Baton Rouge, LA. pulled into the rinsed of sand, then tossed MICHAELA D. YORK is vice president of Shady Rest into the boiling water that communications for John Folse & Company. OVEN-BAKED GARLIC CRABS • Prep Time: 1 Hour • Yield: 4-6 Servings Comment: 1 pound melted butter Method: Place crabs in a large casserole dish with a one-to- This crab recipe calls for many cloves 1 cup olive oil Preheat oven to 400°F. In a two-inch lip and cover with garlic butter mixture. of garlic. Once the garlic has been ¼ cup diced onion large sauté pan, melt butter over Bake 15-20 minutes, remove from oven, and serve sautéed in the butter sauce and ¼ cup diced celery medium-high heat. Pour in olive warm with hot French bread. baked with the crabs, it becomes ¼ cup diced red bell pepper oil to prevent butter from burning. quite sweet. The garlic can then be ¼ cup sliced green onions Add sliced garlic, onion, celery, spread on French bread and dipped ¼ cup chopped parsley bell pepper, green onions, parsley, in the butter sauce from the baking 2 bay leaves and bay leaves. Stir constantly pan. Delicious! Worcestershire sauce to taste to prevent garlic from scorching Louisiana hot sauce to taste (over-browned garlic will taste Ingredients: Salt and cracked black pepper to bitter). Season to taste with 1 dozen crabs, cleaned taste Worcestershire, hot sauce, salt, and 40 cloves garlic, sliced pepper. July 2020 | 39 |

ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/BULAT SILVIA U.S. Secretary of State. The initiative semester before Thanksgiving. By BRIEFS would ban abortions in the state not having breaks, the school hopes after 22 weeks, with an exception to to eliminate students returning to NEW SUPREME COURT ‘TRANS’ save the life of the mother. campus with potential infections. RULING REORIENTS EMPLOYMENT Colorado remains one of the only Meanwhile, The Catholic University LANDSCAPE states where late-term abortion is of America said it would reopen WASHINGTON – With its stunning not, under law, explicitly protected with social-distancing standards, 6-3 ruling in mid-June, the U.S. or restricted. As a result, abortions aggressive cleaning protocols, and Supreme Court intensified the can take place up until birth. The face coverings where appropriate. sidelining of employers’ religious Archdiocese of Denver encouraged liberty by its decision that both Catholics to sign the petition. JUSTICE DEPT. ASKED TO “sexual orientation” and “gender PROSECUTE ONLINE PORN identity” are now shielded as civil CATHOLIC COLLEGES LOOK TO VENDORS AGGRESSIVELY rights under the 1964 Civil Rights Act. REOPEN SAFELY THIS FALL IN WASHINGTON — A former On June 15, the Court determined PANDEMIC’S WAKE colleague of Attorney General in Bostock v. Clayton County that the WASHINGTON – For Catholic William Barr is backing a letter word “sex” in Title VII of the Civil colleges and universities, going from three Catholic bishops asking Rights Act – in the section which “back to business as usual” this Barr to aggressively pursue anti- addresses employment – must fall isn’t going to happen due to the obscenity prosecutions in the include both sexual orientation and coronavirus pandemic. To this end, wake of increased traffic to online college administrators have put pornography sites with the onset of gender identity. The Court’s majority pandemic task force teams in place the COVID-19 pandemic. opinion was penned by Neil evaluating measures to ensure the Gorsuch, joined by John Roberts. safety of entire school communities. “With five a year, you’d put the Though limited to employment Any reopening of classrooms and porn industry out of business,” protection for now, the ruling dorms by fall involves immense said Patrick Trueman, president could conceivably be expanded emergency preparation. of the National Center on Sexual later to include rights to public Among novel measures, the Exploitation and a former Justice accommodations such as locker University of Notre Dame Department obscenity prosecutor. rooms, waxing salons, educational announced the school would In late April, Archbishops Salvatore institutions – and to girls’ sports, begin classes during the week J. Cordileone of San Francisco and housing, and room rental. of Aug. 10 and continue without Paul S. Coakley of Oklahoma City a fall break in order to end the and Bishop David A. Konderla of COLO. PRO-LIFERS GATHER Tulsa, OK, wrote Barr to request SIGNATURES TO PUT LATE-TERM stepped-up prosecutions. ABORTION ON BALLOT Lax enforcement of obscenity laws DENVER, CO — A coalition of leads to “more and more extreme volunteers in Colorado hopes to videos” that may create a demand gather 125,000 validated signatures leading to increased incidence of to put a late-term abortion ban on “trafficking, child pornography, the November ballot – an effort other abuse, and broader unjust complicated by restrictions related conditions,” the bishops wrote. L to the coronavirus pandemic. SOURCES: Catholic News Agency, Catholic News The Coalition for Women and Children filed the petition during Service, Crux, Associated Press July 2019 with the Colorado July 2020 | 40 |

WORLD the beginning of the year and since Pope Francis appointed BRIEFS mapped a campaign of destruction Archbishop Paul D. Etienne as and arson carried out against coadjutor of the Seattle Archdiocese ITALIAN BISHOPS PUSH BACK churches in the African nation. in April 2019. AGAINST ANTI-“HOMOPHOBIA” Intersociety said Nigeria’s main The new archdiocese encompasses AND -“TRANSPHOBIA” LAW Islamic Jihadists have intensified nearly 175,000 square miles and ROME – Italy’s proposed anti- their anti-Christian violence and serves some 31,000 Catholics. homophobia and anti-transphobia “[t]he atrocities against Christians law would threaten free expression, have gone unchecked, with the K OF C FOUNDER TO BE BEATIFIED, says The Italian Bishops’ country’s security forces and SAINTHOOD FOR BL. DE FOUCAULD Conference (CEI) in speaking concerned political actors looking WASHINGTON — The Vatican out against it in mid-June. Their the other way or colluding with the announced in late May that Pope Jihadists.” Francis has recognized a miracle statement on June 10 said “adequate Intersociety said some 32,000 through the intercession of Father safeguards with which to prevent Christians have been killed in Michael McGivney, the founder of any violent or persecutory behavior” Islamist attacks since 2009. the Knights of Columbus, clearing are already in place. the way for his beatification. Interestingly, the Italian bishops mentioned, for example, that POPE RECONFIGURES ALASKA “We’ve been praying for years for “subjecting to criminal proceedings TO CREATE ANCHORAGE-JUNEAU this to occur, and finally this day those who believe that the family, ARCHDIOCESE has arrived,” said Carl L. Anderson, in order to be one, requires a VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis supreme knight of the international mother and a father – and not the has merged the Archdiocese of fraternal order, who called Father duplication of the same figure – Anchorage, Alaska, and the Diocese McGivney a “pro-life hero” since the would mean introducing a crime of Juneau, Alaska, and erected the miracle involved the healing of an of opinion.” This new “crime” type new ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the unborn child with a life-threatening would thus limit “personal freedom, Archdiocese of Anchorage-Juneau, condition. educational choices, the way of it was announced in May. thinking and being, the exercise of He also has appointed Juneau Among the 13 individuals whose criticism and dissent,” they said. Bishop Andrew E. Bellisario to head sainthood causes were advanced REPORT ON PERSECUTION IN the newly configured archdiocese. was Blessed Charles de Foucauld, NIGERIA: 600-PLUS CHRISTIANS The new archbishop has been a French-born Trappist monk who KILLED IN 2020 serving as apostolic administrator was killed by marauders in Algeria ABUJA, Nigeria — Christians of the Archdiocese of Anchorage in 1916. in Nigeria faced escalating persecution and a mounting death Dates for Father McGivney’s toll in the first four months of beatification and Bl. de Foucauld’s 2020, according to a May report by canonization were not immediately the International Society for Civil announced.  L Liberties and the Rule of Law, or Intersociety. SOURCES: Catholic News Agency, Catholic News Their report said that 620 Nigerian Service Christians have been killed since 41July 2020 | |

CHAPTER NEWS NEW ORLEANS MEN’S SPIRITUAL BOOT CAMP Cindy Nolan, wife of On Friday, May 29 at 8:30 a.m. New Orleans Chapter Eastern time, Legatus kicked off president Mike Nolan, its first Spiritual Boot Camp via was named 2020 winner Zoom – for sharpening faith and of the Archdiocese of getting fit. Fr. Stephen Gadberry New Orleans Regina (former contestant of American Matrum Award. The Ninja Warrior) hosted the one- award honors her hour workout session, designed as an outstanding to help members collectively shed Catholic mother – as the heavy burdens and pounds of MEN’S SPIRITUAL BOOT CAMP. the “adoptive” mother quarantine. The workout is likewise friends and family to the virus/ of Thomas Binanbiba TIMES-PICAYUNE archived for members on Legatus complications. And many said their Bamoah, a seminarian Networks, under the “Media” tab. businesses had been adversely from Ghana, West impacted, at least temporarily. Africa attending Notre NEW ORLEANS. Dame Seminary in New But the group enjoyed many laughs Orleans. Mrs. Nolan responded to TAMPA BAY and are looking forward to soon a letter Bamoah sent to the Regina The Tampa Bay Chapter reunited reuniting amid a big celebration. Matrum committee, appealing via Zoom on May 12 to pray the At its first in-person meeting in two for much-needed material and rosary and catch up after a two- months since the virus shutdown financial support in order to attend month hiatus due to the COVID – on June 2 – Tampa Bay Chapter seminary. “He literally had nothing” shutdown. Members shared how members gathered at the home upon entering, and [I wanted to] their personal and business lives of Hector and Claire Vila to pray, provide him with the basic needs of have been affected; some lost take a visual tour of the Holy Land, life,” she said. “His letter and enjoy delicious appetizers and brought me to tears” wine. The Chapter is grateful to – so the Nolans then the Vilas, having joined Legatus provided him clothing just last year; and members were and financial support, immersed in the inspiring display driving lessons, and of pictures from the Holy Land as shared meals. She and they prayed the sorrowful mysteries Mike have been married of the rosary. The Kelleys, Vilas, 48 years, and also have and Hamills recently traveled to three children and eight the Holy Land pre-shutdown, and grandchildren. shared their experiences and the area’s rich history. TAMPA BAY. CHARLOTTE. Featured speaker at the Charlotte Chapter’s June 11 digital TAMPA BAY. meeting was Sister Mary Raphael of Daughters of the Virgin Mother, who spoke on “The Beatitudes and The Gifts of The Holy Spirit.” June 2020 | 42 |

CHAPTER Fr. Schmid and friend/fellow priest, FORT LAUDERDALE NEWS Fr. Matt Lowry, produce a podcast The May 20 Fort Lauderdale called Northern Fathers, where their meeting also featured a delectable PHOENIX lighthearted banter and reflections cheese-tasting of the fine cheeses At its June 10 meeting via Zoom, Fr. on the daily readings motivate of Cheeses & Mary (owned by Mary William Schmid was invested as listeners to evangelize in their Mayer, in Milton, GA). Specialty the Chapter’s new chaplain, after everyday lives. Follow Northern cheese-nuts-and-cracker packages he celebrated Mass for members Fathers on SoundCloud or other were sent to members in advance from the Nativity of Blessed Virgin podcast platforms. of the virtual meeting-tasting, and Mary Chapel in Flagstaff, AZ. Bishop Thomas J Olmsted sent Chapter chaplain, a message to Fr. Schmid and the Monsignor James Chapter saying, “Bearing Dixon presented a witness to the Gospel of Christ reflection on Mary in the public square, you and how all things make a vital contribution to are possible the mission of the Church in through her Arizona.” His Excellency also intercession – in said: “His willingness to accept keeping with the the additional duties of Legatus Church’s special chaplain demonstrates not only honoring of Mary his generous heart but also his during May. conviction about the great need FORT today for witnesses of Christ in LAUDERDALE. the marketplace, board rooms, and other places of work and business.” PHOENIX. ATLANTA. At their May 13 virtual meeting, the Atlanta Chapter enjoyed a wine tasting featuring the wines of Judy Barrett, Napa Valley Legate and owner of Chateau Montelena Winery. Chapter chaplain Fr. Juan Pablo Durán gave a thoughtful reflection on the significance of wine in the Mass. His unique perspective of “Humanism, Theology, and Spirituality” offered the members an inspiring insight for appreciating wine and its role in the Liturgy. July 2020 | 43 |

CHAPTER NEWS SAVANNAH RALEIGH (DEVELOPING) Eager to gather again in person The present Chapter members (while following social-distancing met May 28 via Zoom, along with protocol), Savannah Chapter three member-prospects, a guest members gathered on June 2 for couple from the Denver Chapter, the their monthly event at the historical Chapter’s chaplain and assistant Oglethorpe Club. Newly elected chaplain, guest speaker Richard Lane, diocesan administrator and and the Legate-owner (Judy Barrett Chapter chaplain, Father Daniel – Napa Valley Chapter) and manager Firmin, provided insight on former (Sheri Bowen) of Chateau Montelena. Archbishop Gregory J. Hartmayer, It was a fantastic evening with an OFM CONV, and his recent incredible wine tasting and wonderful appointment and transition as the presentation by Mr. Richard Lane. new archbishop of Atlanta. GREENVILLE The Greenville Chapter again met ORANGE COAST SAVANNAH. virtually on June 2 via Ring Central. The Orange Coast Chapter kicked RALEIGH. In keeping with event format, they off a West Region reopening on led off with the rosary and the day’s June 9 with a Taco Tuesday – for a Mass readings, followed by a brief beautiful in-person, balmy-evening homily from chaplin Father Jonathan event. Chapter president Gary Crisp Duncan. The evening’s speaker was and his wife, Julie, arranged for local priest Fr. Rhett Williams from the in actual meeting under the St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church shade of umbrellas on the lawn in Simpsonville, SC, who spoke on of Newport Beach Country Club. “Our Spirit-Filled Mission: Pentecost Chaplain Fr. Patrick Moses led the in the Workplace.” group in the rosary. Many Legates brought their favorite vintage to GREENVILLE. share while reconnecting after a two-month hiatus. Tim and Diann LeVecke even brought margaritas for sampling! So many commented how happy they were to see fellow Legates and be together again. ORANGE COAST. ORANGE COAST. July 2020 | 44 |

CHAPTER NEWS SOUTH BAY OF LA SOUTH BAY OF LA. Pam Geraghty and Ann MIAMI. The Miami Chapter’s May 19 meeting was a wonderful “Cheeses & Mary” get- At a multi-chapter Zoom Armstrong of the South Bay of LA Chapter, handing out together, wherein members gathered virtually to sample the artisanal cheeses of Mary meeting on May 13 hosted by the the dinners and wine for the May 13 virtual meeting. Mayer, owner of Cheeses & Mary (Milton, GA) — pictured in the digital meeting here — Pasadena Chapter (wherein all and members enjoyed hearing Mary’s faith-filled story. Three cheese selections, pecans, the West chapters were invited, crackers, and jam were shipped in advance to members for the special tasting. Chapter and over 100 participated), chaplain Fr. Richard Vigoa also gave a talk on “Mary, Our Mother,” and spoke on food the South Bay of LA Chapter producers, farmers, and saints — such as St. Brigid — who had a connection to cheese. ordered dinner for their Chapter members – a four-course gourmet dinner with two bottles of wine, delivered to individual members by the board members. Monsignor Albert Bahmuuth began the meeting with a prayer and blessing, followed by a delightful 30-minute presentation by Mary Rice Hasson. DENVER SOUTH BAY OF LA. South Bay of LA Chapter MIAMI. Following their inaugural board meeting hosted by chaplain Fr. Richard At the Chapter’s May 7 members Jamie (Chapter vice president) and Kristina Vigoa at St. Augustine Parish in Coral Gables on June 9, members of the Miami virtual meeting, chaplain Cappetta, enjoying their chapter-provided four-course board pause for a photo. Chartered in February, the Chapter met virtually through Fr. Daniel Leonard offered dinner during the May 13 multi-chapter virtual meeting. the pandemic for three months and even added new members during that time. Mass at the St. John Vianney Seminary via Zoom for all members – some 188 tuned in. Caterer Lisa at Eclectic Elegance delivered meals to members, with the added help of Chapter president Rob Attai. As a special treat, Sister Maris Stella (Sisters of Life), a graduate of the Naval Academy who served five years as a surface warfare officer on ships and in special operations, gave an uplifting message on love, hope, and the joy of life during these trying times. ORANGE COUNTY DENVER. ORANGE COUNTY. The June 11 event for Orange ORANGE COUNTY. | County Chapter was also enjoyed in person – after a three-month hiatus – at Newport Beach Country Club, attended by about 40 members in beautiful weather following the week’s heat wave. Mass was celebrated for the Chapter by chaplain Monsignor Lawrence Baird. L July 2020 | 45

July 2020 | 46 |

July 2020 | 47 |

2020 SUMMIT WEST SPEAKER 5 MINUTES BRIAN FRAGA WITH Conversion to pro-life and the Catholic faith was providentially ‘unplanned’ ABBY JOHNSON, FORMER ABORTION CLINIC DIRECTOR, TO ADDRESS LEGATUS SUMMIT WEST MOST CATHOLIC AUDIENCES What will you speak about at the people who went from “pro-choice” to pro-life. are familiar with Abby Johnson, Legatus Summit West? That’s really what it was all about: showing the pro-life speaker and author people the goodness of God, and that anybody who resigned as director of a What I really want to talk about is living out our can change their mind. Conversion is real. Planned Parenthood clinic in faith in a very public way. The people who are 2009 after she witnessed an going to be at this conference are leaders in their How well did actress Ashley Bratcher ultrasound of a 13-week-old fields, in their businesses. I think sometimes we portray you? baby being aborted. What people may worry, when we’re in places She did a good job. Unfortunately, she was cast not know about of leadership, about being at the very last minute. We didn’t have any time Johnson, a feisty too vocal about our beliefs or to spend together before she actually went to Texan known our faith, about what people the set. She’s not Southern, so maybe there was for speaking her are going to think and who a little bit of feistiness missing. My friends who mind, is that it’s we’re going to offend. I watched the film said, “Oh, she was way too nice.” not always easy believe we’re in times when I wish we could have had some time together, for her to be “out we must be very bold about but given the circumstances and the quick front” on an issue our faith, our beliefs, and turnaround of casting, I think she did a great job. that generates about Christ. great controversy What led you and your husband to in secular society. What was it like to see enter the Catholic Church in 2012? “There are times your story onscreen? I’ve thought, ‘I don’t want to When I left Planned Parenthood, I left all of talk about this right now,’ and I felt very vulnerable. It was definitely difficult my friends and support network behind. All I’ve shied away from being to watch the first few times, seeing the worst my new friends happened to be Catholic. My bold,” said Johnson, who will version of who you were played out on a screen husband and I were raised with a covert anti- be a featured speaker at the and realizing that millions of people across the Catholicism. We were against it, but our friends 2020 Legatus Summit West, to world are going to see this as well. I just had to kept bothering us. So we went to Mass one be held Sept. 17-19 in Colorado keep remembering why I did this. It wasn’t to Sunday, and we walked out thinking, “Huh. Springs, CO. make Abby Johnson a household name. It was There’s something there we want to know more Johnson, 39, a wife and mother really to make God’s mercy and his redemption about.” As soon as we told our friends that, we of eight children, will speak known in every household. found ourselves in RCIA, and all these questions about being a strong public Doug and I had our whole lives started being witness for Christ and the What feedback did you get answered. Little by little, that’s where we found right to life. Her autobiography from people? the Truth. L about her pro-life conversion, Unplanned, was adapted into I started to hear all these stories of how people’s a movie last year that grossed lives were changed, babies who were saved, $21 million worldwide. She spoke recently with Legatus magazine. July 2020 | 48 |

July 2020 | 49 |

MEET THE BRIAN FRAGA CHAPLAIN Studying church history led him on the road home DENVER’S FATHER DOUG GRANDON WENT FROM EPISCOPAL CLERGYMAN TO LAY LEGATE TO PRIEST-CHAPLAIN FATHER DOUG GRANDON IS the gospel at 13 and became Describe your recent experience as a among the few who have been a Christian at 14. I spent most Legatus chaplain. both a lay Legate and a Legatus of my life as an evangelical chaplain. Protestant. I was a missionary I love our Chapter members and have a very “The amazing vision special relationship with them. I did a mission to Tom Monaghan had in Communist Romania with some FOCUS university students was that those serving Yugoslavia for five years, in March. When I returned, everybody who at the higher echelons and then a church- came from Europe was asked to self-quarantine of business deserve to planting pastor. I began [for COVID-19]. I quarantined in my basement, be evangelized because reading more in church where I celebrated a daily Mass on my dresser. they can influence history, and I realized God put it on my heart to contact our Legatus so many people in a that my evangelical families. We have 75 or more families in our very positive way for the Protestantism was large Chapter. I called every family. I found that kingdom,” Fr. Grandon weak historically and they needed to talk to somebody. Some of them said in a recent interview liturgically. wanted to talk for a half hour. Sometimes they with Legatus magazine. would cry. One Legatus wife had the virus, and Father Grandon, 61, associate What happened as I was privileged to go anoint her. Any Legatus chaplain of Legatus’ Denver you learned more chaplain would love his people like that. Chapter, his wife, Lynn, and about church history? four of their six children entered the Catholic Church My wife and I became What’s something that people are in 2003 after he spent five Episcopalian for eight years. surprised to learn about you? years as an Episcopal priest. The church sent me to England He joined Legatus as a layman for my formation, and I served I have a collection of about 100 Soviet anti- in 2005. Three years later, he as an Episcopal clergyman Christian propaganda posters dating from 1917 was ordained a priest for the for five years. My Episcopal to the 1980s. When I was Episcopalian, I taught Diocese of Peoria, IL, under the diocese was evangelical, but four winters in Moscow. My first winter there, I pastoral provision created by also very “small-c” catholic. began discovering these posters in flea markets St. Pope John Paul II for former That’s where I learned about and antique shops. I began buying them. They Protestant clergymen. apostolic succession, the Real were fairly inexpensive. Every now and then Today, Fr. Grandon is national Presence in the Eucharist, and someone asks me to do an exhibit and give chaplain for the Colorado- the intercession of the saints. lectures on religious freedom today and Soviet based Fellowship of Catholic It eventually became very Communism’s attacks on the Christian Church. University Students (FOCUS). clear that we almost certainly couldn’t have apostolic What books are you reading? How was your religious succession, we didn’t have valid upbringing? sacraments, and therefore I A Gentleman in Moscow, by Amor Towles, a L wasn’t a “Catholic” priest as I great fictional read. I also immensely enjoyed I was a pure pagan. My family was told I was. I told my bishop J.D. Vance’s Hillbilly Elegy. If you can endure didn’t go to church. I heard that I had concerns about my the profanity, it’s profoundly wonderful and ability to celebrate a valid Mass. significant. He said, “If you have concerns, you should become a Roman Catholic.” So I did. July 2020 | 50 |

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