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Marketing Insider Issue 1 2022 KKP-flipbook

Published by Alliance Franchise Brands, 2022-02-18 18:15:02

Description: Marketing Insider Issue 1 2022 KKP-flipbook


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Dear Fellow Marketer: The world of marketing continues to shift and change rapidly, thanks to ever-evolving technology and new ways of meeting customers. There are more marketing channels available to you than ever before, and those marketers who are able to take advantage of all of them can give themselves an edge on the competition. As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Where that first impression happens can vary, so it’s crucial to always be putting your best foot forward. This means everything from your signs, to your mailers, to the in-store experience has to be enforcing your message and your brand. This issue of Marketing Insider highlights a number of options for creating that key first impression on a new client. Starting right on page 2, you’ll learn how direct mail still plays a key role in delivering response rates and connecting with customers. Read on to pick up some of the hottest marketing trends to focus on in 2022. Later, you’ll be able to catch up on best practices for email marketing so you can stand out even in the busiest inboxes. On page 6, learn about sensory marketing. Maintaining a brand that’s visually appealing is one thing, but do you know how to connect with your customers through the senses of smell, taste, touch and hearing? There are many unique ways to incorporate all the senses into your marketing plans. Trade shows and other events are making a comeback, so prepare for your return to the show floor starting on page 10. You’ll also learn about hybrid events and how you can integrate a digital aspect into your trade show marketing. As always, don’t hesitate to let us know if there’s anything we can do to help you, even if you simply need someone to help you brainstorm your next project. Drop us a line to set up a free consultation! Take care,

ISSUE 01 2022 Contents 06 SPOTLIGHT Engage All the Senses with Sensory Marketing IN THIS ISSUE 02 Deliver More with Direct Mail Learn best practices to ensure your next direct mail campaign is a success. 04 Top Marketing Trends for 2022 Stay ahead of the game with trends to pay attention to this year. 05 F ive Quick Tips for Email Marketing Gain a fresh perspective and see how your emails can stand out in customer inboxes. 10 A dding Value to Trade Show Marketing Return to events and shows with confidence – both in-person and online – with these tips. 12 Staying Safe Through Smart Signage Add a sense of safety to your space, no matter what kind of industry you’re in.


DELIVER MORE WITH DIRECT MAIL T here’s so much mail and so little time to read Be willing to test: Marketers know that much of their it – so how do you stand out in a busy mailbox? success is a result of a “test, learn, improve” formula. Studies show that direct mail continues to deliver Testing helps you identify the best list source, most results, even in the face of growing digital options for powerful offers and best copy and design treatments. marketing. If you can, test your mail against a control group with one variable, such as different offers. The hard numbers tell the story: a study by the Data & Marketing Association1 showed that response rates for Keep it simple: Postcards are more popular than ever, house lists are at about 9%, which far eclipses response and for good reason. It’s just the right amount of visual rates for emails. On top of that, more than 42% of direct real estate for a message, offering a quick read for those mail recipients read or at least scan the mail they receive. just looking to scan their mail. It also achieves the lowest cost-per-response of direct mail! But that doesn’t mean you should ignore digital marketing options – a strong online presence is a must-have regardless Personalize: Variable printing technology allows you of what industry you’re in. However, online marketing to create a one-to-one campaign with specific imagery efforts face more challenges than ever, including adblockers, and content that’s relevant to every individual on your unpredictable pay-per-click costs, email filters and the list – which drives better interest, better engagement splintering effect of social platforms. and better response rates. Marrying direct mail with digital marketing campaigns can better achieve your ideal results. In fact, more than 60% Stand out: of marketers say they use online tracking capabilities to High-impact better measure responses to their direct mail campaigns. print options should always be Combining the targeting ability and memorability of considered. Use direct mail pieces with personalized web pages where an interesting- your audience can engage with your business can looking paper that matches your branding, or a textured achieve breakthrough results for your company. stock that captures attention through touch. Here’s a few other things to consider when using direct Go dimensional: To really make an impact, trade your mail in your next marketing plan: envelope or postcard for a mailing tube or small box and include a logoed item that coordinates with your Clean up your list: Ideally, your data should be cleaned campaign. According to the Advertising Specialty up before every mailing. Take the time to remove Institute2, 85% of consumers remember the advertiser duplicate addresses and names that often occur as a who gave them a promotional product. n result of merging multiple lists. Need even more ways to drive results with your direct mail? Let us know – we can help! 1 h ttps:// 2 ISSUE 01 | 2022 03

T he realm of marketing is always shifting and changing, want. In 2022, look at both short-form and long-form adapting to new technology and opportunities. videos. Short-form videos of 60 seconds or less are Stay ahead of the game and on the cutting edge of your more popular than ever, thanks to their ability to catch industry with these top trends as we head into 2022. someone’s attention and pitch an idea quickly before a viewer moves on. However, long-form videos of 30 Automation: Marketing automation is continuing to minutes or more are quickly taking off – these are a increase in popularity due to how much time and money great opportunity for you to go in-depth on a specific it saves businesses, so if this isn’t already on your radar, topic unique to your organization. maybe it should be. Studies showed that 76% of companies in 2021 were already using automation, with more planning Online optimization: Your business’s online on incorporating it. Marketing automation can be used presence should be as strong as possible – and that to reach out to prospects through email and digital ads, means focusing both on mobile and search engine increasing a campaign’s effectiveness. optimization. In 2022, make sure you take a hard look at what your website looks like on mobile devices like Personalization: It’s easier than ever to add a personalized phones and tablets. If this experience isn’t user-friendly touch to your marketing, which can help you forge a and easy to navigate, it’s time for a change. Your stronger connection with your audience and drive a better search engine ranking should also be evaluated – if response rate. This can be done with both physical direct you aren’t ranking for the right keywords, strategize mail and with email. More marketers than ever are adding and determine what kind of copy or headers need personalization to their messages, ranging from simply to be updated. adding a recipient’s first name to the card, or going hyper- specific with messaging. The marketing options available to your business now are more numerous than ever, and it can be Visualization: Video has been trending up for the last overwhelming to pick a place to start. Fortunately, several years, and 2022 will be no exception. While video you have a partner in us! Contact us today for a free usage has continued to increase, the types and lengths consultation to discuss all your available marketing have changed as marketers figure out what audiences channels and plan out what your 2022 will look like. n 04

5 QUICK TIPS FOR EMAIL MARKETING Anyone can send an email – but running a successful email 3 Go for inclusivity: Consider every part of your marketing campaign takes time and effort. Here are five audience when building emails, including what their simple tips to ensure your next campaign delivers big for accessibility needs may be. Think about readability, your business: dark/light modes, alt tags and other features to make your emails inclusive for all readers. 1Drive decisions with data: Look at your data from previous email campaigns to see what your 4 Break it up: Most readers just scan emails to find subscribers responded to before, and use that the most important information, so divide up your to create a benchmark for success. Specifically look for content into the most important points. Bulleted subject lines with high open rates, hyperlinks that inspire text and short paragraphs simply read better! higher click-through rates and sending times that work for your audience. 5 Personalize it: It’s easier than ever to personalize emails thanks to integration of customer data. 2 Keep mobile in mind: Assume that many of your Strengthen the connection with your audience by readers will be viewing your content on their adding that personal touch, whether it’s just including a phones – so ensure that your emails look great on first name or going more complex with specific messaging. all devices and for all email clients. A good-looking mobile experience is critical for long-term success, so make it a Need a fresh perspective on your next email marketing priority if it isn’t already. campaign? Contact us to learn how to make your messaging and branding stronger across the board, no matter what marketing channel you’re opting for. n ISSUE 01 | 2022 05


W hen laying out their promotional strategies and tactics, direct marketers typically say things like, “We need to get more eyeballs on this,” or “How can we cut through the clutter and get noticed?” Both thoughts illustrate a desire to have their content seen and remembered by their target audiences. One of the biggest challenges for marketers is losing control of the buying process. As media options have multiplied, audiences have become more fragmented and selective about when, where and what type of content they consume that ultimately drives their buying decisions. Consider the following: • 86% of senior-level marketers agree that creating a cohesive customer journey across all touchpoints is important. (Pedowitz Group) • 51% of companies use at least eight channels to interact with customers. (Aberdeen) How can you reach new prospects and customers with the most growth potential through content that connects on a deeper emotional level and leaves a lasting impression? It’s time to make sense of the human senses. ISSUE 01 | 2022 07

“Sensory marketing” or “sensory branding” is a TOUCH strategy that appeals to one or more of the five human senses: sight, touch, sound, smell and taste. The idea A landmark neuroscience study by Millward Brown shows is to create emotional associations with your product that “tangible materials leave a deeper footprint in the or service to influence buyer behavior and ultimately brain and produce more brain responses connected with drive long-term loyalty. internal feelings.” Direct mail marketers have capitalized on this quality of print promotions while adopting a “print Business and consumer marketers have long known and” rather than a “print or” mindset to integrate digital that emotion beats logic when motivating customer channels into their campaigns. behavior. Brain research tells us that it simply takes more energy to come to a logical decision than an To ignite a spark from touch: emotional one – and, like it or not, we prefer taking the path of least resistance. • C hoose a paper stock that matches your messaging, like smooth or textured; thick or thin. Embossing will Here’s a look at how your marketing can activate give you a raised impression on the paper for event the senses to help you deliver a more holistic and invitations or business cards while a debossed pattern emotional brand experience. sinks into the surface. SIGHT • The blur of home and office has nudged aside traditional business attire for more casual apparel. While logoed Of the five senses, sight is the predominant T-shirts and polos are perennial favorites for employees consideration for most B2B and B2C marketers. At an or as giveaways, according to the Advertising Specialty elemental level, every start-up organization chooses Institute, denim is hot, “fueled by pandemic-era desires a logo to be a visual representation of who they are for a rugged outdoor look and nostalgic escapism to and what they bring to the market. Mature brands ask simpler times.” And it just feels good. themselves if their logo is tried-and-true or old-and- tired when they evaluate an update to a logo’s look SOUND and feel. Big-brand marketers aren’t alone when they invest time Content marketing strategies also rely heavily and money in an advertising jingle. Just think about small on sight: companies that manage to pierce the consciousness in their local markets, and you can understand the power of • Infographics are a great way to break down complex the sound connection. information or processes into a few words and pictures. Other ways for sound to make an impression: • Video can bring a brand to life, connecting in a • H igh-quality outdoor flutter flags and feather banners way that no other medium can. Through visual can catch the ear as well as the eye, pique interest and storytelling, you can tap into empathy, excitement or drive foot traffic inside a physical location. curiosity, to name just a few emotional triggers. • D urable and shatter-resistant acrylic makes a different statement than a paper business card. As a dimensional mailer sent to key decision-makers for a business purchase, printable acrylics tap into both touch and sound when you naturally want to, well, tap it. 08

SMELL Multi-sensory Experiences Made Easy Real estate professionals have long advised home sellers Marketers’ use of QR codes has ebbed and flowed since to pay attention to smells. Agents suggest that freshly their introduction in the 1990s. The two-dimensional baked cookies or an apple pie just out of the oven can matrix barcode is experiencing a resurgence credited to keep potential buyers looking longer and send them on the pandemic and the need for touchless ways to expand their way with a more positive impression. the conversation. The code takes up little real estate on a mailer, poster or Translating your brand to a scent may be more of a business card and opens a new world of information with challenge and should consider your target market, a quick scan. You can capitalize on the tactile strength of desired emotional touchpoints and your company history. print and span the bridge to video, audio files, websites or campaign landing pages for a multi-channel customer Still, you can add aromas into your marketing with: experience. • P oint-of-purchase or trade show displays that set a When you want to surprise and delight your customers, mood with a light fragrance diffuser nearby. prospects or employees, try thinking about the senses instead of the channels. It may just open your eyes to a • S cratch-and-sniff stickers or cards and scented papers new strategy or help you add flavor to an existing one. that can take a promotional campaign, new product Want to learn more about sensory marketing? Let us introduction or special event theme to the next level. know. We can help! n TASTE When you want to leave your target audience with a good taste in their mouths but don’t have a product or service that lends itself to edibles, don’t despair. There are many ways to tempt the taste buds, regardless of your business or industry. Here are two ideas that can get your creative juices flowing: • As a thank-you for a large order or continued loyalty, launch a customer appreciation campaign that delivers cookies or a pie fresh from your local baker or supermarket in a branded and logoed box. • M ail a branded crystal candy dish to your top clients or high-value prospects and take refills when making in-person visits. ISSUE 01 | 2022 09

Adapting to the Evolving Trade Show Environment Improve the experience before and after the event I ndustry expos, conventions and trade shows still have Hybrid events in particular have become increasingly a place in today’s marketing environment, and many popular, especially over the last couple of years due to the have learned to live harmoniously with digital trends. conditions caused by the pandemic. These are events that Your methods of communicating with your audience have feature both an in-person and online component, allowing changed over the years, and likely now include both face- individuals to virtually attend the show from the comfort to-face and video conferencing options. of their own home, without having to travel to a busy expo hall. 10

Create an event checklist that includes what you need for set up and follow up to make your next event a success. While many industry shows and events are returning to ✖ DON’T forget to set measurable goals. Are you their traditional in-person venues, research shows that hybrid events are here to stay. A study from EventMB introducing a new product? Prospecting for new business highlighted that 71% of event planners intend on keeping in a specific industry? Make sure you set objectives ahead virtual elements moving forward due to how successful of time (such as 10 new orders or 50 new contacts) and they’ve been. then track your results throughout the show. When planning your next trade show appearance, ✖ DON’T miss the chance to analyze the competition. here are a few things to keep in mind in today’s event atmosphere: Check out the other businesses on the show floor, or visit their digital booth. Check out any demonstrations ✔ DO your research. Once you know what show your competitors are holding, or videos they may be showcasing in their online booth. This can help you better you’ll be appearing at, get a registration list from the define your own marketing messages by highlighting how organizers. Send pre-show mailings that tease special you differ from your competition. offers, giveaways and demonstrations. Make sure you get a list of virtual attendees, too, and invite them to your ✖ DON’T let prospects leave empty-handed. Who booth with a QR code that will send them directly there. doesn’t like free stuff? Promotional products are a cost- ✔ DO invite current customers. Make sure you invite effective way to make a great impression and extend your brand messaging. You can also easily mail small existing clients to come see you at the show, and set time promo items to hybrid attendees to make sure they’re aside during the expo for them. Have pre-set meetings encouraged to visit you in person after the show. prior to or after show hours in a meeting space away from distractions and noise. Your digital attendees can easily ✖ DON’T neglect the follow-up. Your efforts at the join you via video conference call, too. show will be wasted if you don’t nurture your leads. ✔ DO assess your booth or display. When was the last Post-show mailers are easy to pre-package and drop off the moment you return from the show. Take the moment time you updated your messaging? While you might have to personalize with a handwritten note, or even just become comfortable with wear and tear, remember that including attendees’ first names, to stand out. your prospects will be seeing it for the first time. Consider newer lightweight fabric displays that quickly pop up and If you need a little extra help when planning your next are designed for portability. event, let us know! We can help with pre-show direct mail promotions, on-site signage and displays, printed ✔ DO engage with your prospects before the event. marketing collateral, promotional giveaway products, and much more. n Whether you host a social media contest or mail a promotional product to hybrid attendees in advance, starting the conversation before the show can help you be remembered afterward. ISSUE 01 | 2022 11

SMART SIGNAGE W hen you think “safety signs,” your mind may jump sanitization stations. Use them to ensure safe foot traffic to the kind of large warning signs seen around throughout your building. construction sites or manufacturing plants. And you’d be right – but safety isn’t only a priority for busy worksites! No WINDOW DECALS: matter what industry you’re in, it’s crucial that your signs Post the latest health and safety information your inform everyone of current best practices. business is following where it can be seen by all – right at eye level on your glass windows and doors. Over the last couple of years, having the right signs in place has been crucial for creating safe and hygienic A-FRAMES: environments for guests and staff members alike. Since Portable and easily reused, A-frames are an ideal option the onset of the pandemic, signs displaying information for informing guests of updated business hours, limited regarding occupancy, social distancing and hygiene capacity or other guidelines you’re currently following. practices have been more important than ever. Even as a sense of normalcy begins to return, many of Consider how you can use the following to enhance the health and safety measures enacted in early 2020 safety in your workspace: are likely here to stay. If you purchased temporary safety signs during the onset of the pandemic, it’s probably FLOOR GRAPHICS: time to update them – and we can help! Give us a call to Durable vinyl floor graphics are great for enforcing set up a consultation to discuss your business and identify social distancing, as well as for pointing people towards your signage needs. n 12

DIRECT MAIL Few things can beat a well-designed direct mail piece, even as marketing continues to BY THE NUMBERS go digital. If you’re not already including mail in your marketing mix, below are a few statistics to keep in mind: 5.1% 118% 13.5 billion The direct mail response The boost in response rate for households. That’s rate seen in marketing The number of postcards far stronger than the 0.6% campaigns that use direct Canada Post mailed in for email and 0.4% for mail in conjunction with 2021 to allow consumers social media! one or more digital media to stay in touch with family marketing options. in friends. 2 billion $2,095 The number of postcards The amount in goods sold mailed yearly in the by marketers for every United States. $167 spent on direct mail. 50% 135% 37% The chance of increasing The amount that you The return on investment response rate by targeting can increase response for oversized envelopes, your customers on a rates by simply adding making it the highest 1:1 level. a customer’s name when compared to other and full color. Further mediums. It’s followed by Sources: personalization can postcards and letter-sized (Canada Post) boost that even more, envelopes at 29%. (Compumail) up to 500%! ( Need some help preparing your next direct mail campaign? Contact us to set up a consultation – we know all the ins and outs of direct mail and can help make your next plan a success!

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