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Greyfriars Corporate Profile

Published by tdhakappa, 2018-02-27 06:56:49

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Corporate ProfileOur People, Values and Proposition

Index Table of Contents Founder’s Note Roots Services Business Expansion & Entry ManagementCorporate Finance and Merger & Acquisition Interim Management Business Advisory Management Contact

Introduction Founder’s NoteDear Reader,The men and women at Greyfriars are some of the most talented, ambitious, forward thinking individuals;people who are driven, and hence we carry our customers in equal measure. These are some of the mostgenuine and caring individuals I’ve ever met, both in business and in personal life. It may seem odd that asthe founder of a successful finance, taxation, and legal solutions firm, my opening statement is about mypeople. During my long years in business, I have realized that it is our people’s commitment to our customers,the zeal to always to do the right things for them, have helped us deliver enduring results. It is theirunderstanding of how important the business value of a corporate is, the constantly changing face offinancial services, their alignment with customer needs and aspirations, and most importantly their belief thatwe are in this together, is what makes us stand out against competition... they need a mention therefore!Greyfriars takes great pride in terms of the talent we have and the value we bring to the table for ourcustomers. While our services and solutions are our flagship, it is the approach of our people to become avaluable extension of our customer teams that makes us different. We work as one team, which helps usengage effectively with C-level to the front line. Our collaborative efforts emphasize on building teamworkand trust amongst our customers. As a result, most of our business happens through customerrecommendations. We just don’t stop at advising you on your business activities, we nurture you through it;step-by-step.To showcase how we work, let me give you an example. Let’s say your organization wants to expand thebusiness or grow (in) organic in two years. You’d typically like to begin by revamping the structure, businessmodel and plan of your organization. And, you might easily do this on your own, but with our internationalpresence and local exposure, would help you achieve unprecedented results sooner. For example, if youwish to change your business model, we are there to help. Since we ground ourselves in your shoes, align ouractions according to your needs, we could help you reach a viable solution sooner. The effort is to takecorporate responsibility to a new level, because, at the end of the day what is most important is, the businessshould keep running, and your stakeholder should be satisfied about the annual following and continuousimprovement of your bottom line.At Greyfriars our intellectual honesty to lay down fact as they are; in a straightforward manner, is somethingthat attracts new customers. While the focus of many consulting and advisory firms is the customer, builtaccording to their sales dollars, the Greyfriars team looks at your pain points with highest level of integrity.Each employee at Greyfriars is genuinely concerned with the well-being of our customers. Overtime, I’vewitnessed our advisory team go out of their way to add a newly requested feature to an upcomingtransaction to accommodate the needs and requests of our customer. I’ve also seen our support team,which is significantly smaller in number compared to the Big 4, happily spends hours on the phone withcustomers just to make sure they are thorough in addressing concerns and issues our customers face. In fact,often these issues are not business-related, but our team of committed individuals do exactly what youexpect from them provide support at every step.At Greyfriars, our desire to better the overall customer experience is unconditional. The team is selfless andalways looking for newer ways to innovate, to improve the solutions and in turn, your experience of workingwith us. Over the course of the year, we will continue to release new services that each seeks to accomplishthe overall goal of making your business easier, more intuitive, and the best it can be.We are looking forward to work with you. Give us an opportunity to demonstrate ourselves as your partner. Ifyou ever have any suggestions, comments, or concerns that aren’t addressed on our website, please alwaysfeel free to share your thoughts with us.Sincerely,John GrahamFounder Greyfriars

Introduction RootsJohn Graham founded Greyfriars in 1980, as a tax advisory and corporate managementservices practice. Recognizing the importance of financial services practice in every business;small or big, John has built a practice that relies more on high quality service and advice. Theaim was to offer customers a one-stop office dealing with international tax planning; to enablecustomers to define and achieve their financial objectives, be it personal or business. This washighly needed especially till 2010. However, the key decision maker within a corporate, with anintent to go cross border, expand (in)organic or attract finance, required a ‘trusted partner’, anentity, which could guide and assist them identifying their needs and provide customized end toend solution. More importantly, the corporate world required hand-holding; provide financialspecific financial planning, from an organization that had international expertise andexperience.These features together make Greyfriars unique. A One-Stop Office which is easy accessible and provides top class services, Transaction Focus - to guide & assist during any time of the transaction Broad Range of Services in any complex (financial, tax, legal) situation and add value (creativity and out of box) to make the corporate life easier globally, Long-term relationship with its clientsProvide apt solutions relying on our multi-functionality missionand tremendous business sense. To provide tailor-madeservices for every business need, no matter howcomplex the situation is. To do the right thing for ourcustomers, our people, and for the community, bringinghigh level of economic value...always vision Every business deserves to be successful on a global platform, we accompany the most ambitious company’s grow towards their long-term goals; help them become sharper and smarter version of themselvesstrategyEffective Teamwork is the key to our success. With in-depth knowledge of the financial servicesdomain, products in the market, and the prevalent operating procedures, our team of experts iscapable to advice you every financial and business need of the real world. Our business strategyrevolves around three key elements; Easy Accessibility Top Class Service, and the Value we add. Accessibility Added Value Top ClassUnderstandable| Presence Hand-on Business Sense | Multifunctionality Quality | Innovation

Services & Expertise Business Expansion& Entry Management Our aim is to help corporate what we dodecision makers arrive at a right,well-informed, and logical conclusion Domiciliation and Directorshipwhen it come to their business Accounting, bookkeeping and Cash managementexpansion. We would provide you Banking and finance assistancesolutions that would answer “why”, Company secretarial services“where” and “how” you should do it; Regulatory and (tax) complianceconfiguring your expansion plans to suit Payroll managementevery business need. Our business Immigration and work permit managementexpansion services offer a variety of Expat assistance (i.e. housing, education etc.)solution that would help you create Office renting and other office facilities, plus warehousingsolid footprints in newer areas ofoperation, while managing yourrevenue and efficiency are we different At Greyfriars, we look at every business case from the management perspective. For us is important that our customers focus on their day to day business, while multiplying its EBIDTA, and not on compliance, statutory and regulatory challenges in a jurisdiction. We are there to take over the burden and make sure that everything is in the right place for you. We start by asking the right questions, and then take a deep dive to understand business to unearth the right solutions for you. Also for any hand-holding assistance, to make life easier for everyone at your Organisation, we are there for you. And we don’t just stop here... We ensure that the decisions we take get translated quickly into actions that will allow you and your team to sustain the momentum into the future. ex For many of our clients is it difficult to open a bank account and are still not able to open a bank account after one year. Most of our competitors try to arrange it on a straight forward way and fails often. Our team has found the solutions to open the bank account easily by positioning the company on a different which enter a new jurisdiction (i.e. The Netherlands). This saved the corporate a lot of time and money where they remain with their day to day activities with-out any worries.our expertsCorporate Management Services Business Expansion & Entry Management Olav VerbernePeter Bronkhorst M: +31 20 685 30 85M: +31 6 12 80 60 68 E: [email protected]: [email protected]

Services & Expertise Corporate Finance,Merger & Acquisition In case of mergers and acquisitions, it what we dotakes powerful synthesis of toughness andhigh level of discipline to win a deal. However, Target and Match Makingat Greyfriars, it is not only this, but also how Merger and Acquisitionsthese deals are structured so that they create Fund and Equity Raisingsustainable value that is best suited for all Private Equity Advisorythose involved. We look at mergers and Institutional Equityacquisitions as an integral part of your growth Structured Financeplan globally. Our team of experts can help Stock Listingyou build an acquisition model throughfrequent and continuous deal are we different For your global growth, it is important that you have absolute clarity about your business progression. Future is of course important, but for you to secure it to an extent, you need synergies between buyer, lender, investor and the seller, equally. We would look for such opportunities, as the success of a deal can only be measured if it is a win-win situation for every stakeholder. It is also important how the phases, after the transaction, are derived at. We believe that sky is the limit and that you should think in future, but while you do that, you need to plan for opportunities long before. At Greyfriars, we have the sense for it; we understand the pulse of the market better, and hence, we are able to assist our customers better in these deals. ex In our view, a company is not any more an entity; a conglomerate of thousands of employees and capital-intensive process. In modern times, high-tech innovation companies are small, but holds a lot of promise; a future potential. The valuation methods can be different, and your management strategy should calculate it based on future forecast. We have assisted many of our customers change the thought process; brought in different perspectives for better clarity. Especially with new entrants like ‘artificial intelligence’ it is important that you are aware of it , and can adapt it seamlessly into your business. This is also what we strategize when we target a company for our customers.our expertCorporate Finance and Merger & AcquisitionNedthesh SarmaM: +31 6 14 75 87 98M In: +91 99201 97662E: [email protected]

Services & ExpertiseInterim Management At Greyfriars, we what we dohelp you redefine youroperations, by unlocking Vision planning managementthe hidden potential in Strategy, tactical and operational integration managementyour team. The effort is to HR management assistancemake you a better, Financial, legal, regulatory & compliance management assistancesmarter outfit sooner. Data and process analysis managementOur consulting experts Acquisition and management buy-out managementcan help you achieve Global expansion managementmanagement Restructuring managementexcellence within shortertime buildan acquisition modelthrough frequent andcontinuous are we differentA typical advisor/lawyer/consultant/accountant will provide an advice only and will not occupy the seatauthority within the management of a Company. Greyfriars professionals think as entrepreneurs, andhence understand the corporate language of our customers. We believe in growing together, as a team,working hand-in-hand with you; sharing the responsibilities. We, therefore, see the importance ofappropriate planning and management of the day to day activities, and sure that they are aligned to yourshort, mid-term, and long-term vision.ex Companies in the high-tech industry (i.e. Blockchain, E-mobility) have the habit to focus on R&D, but what they miss in the bargain is the administrative excellence in terms of their administrative, financial, legal/tax, and commercial obligations. Most often than not, the control comes in, or is thought about, only after the damage is done and this increases the overhead activities and related expenses. At Greyfriars we help you minimize the damage control and make sure that your management related activities stay on track. For any organisation especially the new start-ups with a lifecycle of 1-3 years, it is crucial that the fundamentals are in place. Our team is there to manage and maintain the fundament; maintain the sanctity of your work ethos.our expertInterim ManagementIbrahim BoyaliM: +31 6 42 73 21 57E: [email protected]

Services & Expertise Business Advisory Management At Greyfriars, we care about what we doevery customer. We are patientenough to listen to you talk about Business plan formationyour business, your work culture, Advisory (International) business structuremore importantly your aspirations. (strategy, tactical, operational)The effort is to make you profitable Supply chain managementtime after time. We will help you with Business valuationssolutions that will address all the Corporate reorganizationsdifficult issues surrounding your Restructuring and resalebusiness, locally or globally. BEPS and Transfer pricing International corporate and personal tax planninghow are we differentThe business of any corporate begins only when you define the vision and mission statement. Greyfriars isa team of experts that will guide and assist you in this enduring process, since we assist our customers infinding end to end solution. The overall view of our business sense will make it easier for you to implementthe business strategy, as it evolves over time during different phases of your business.ex To enter the European market, we have seen that well-planned future can bring the business concept(s) in various models, at your doorsteps. Most times these models are easily accessible but can be effective on a short/long-term period. However, for us it is important that you should earn money first before you spend it. This requires a mindset change; for example, having people on payroll or have them as consultant(s). We will help you take such meaningful business decisions ahead of time.our expert International TaxationBusiness Advisory John GrahamNedthesh Sarma M: +31 6 55 14 06 9 E: [email protected]: +31 6 14 75 87 98M In: +91 99201 97662E: [email protected]

Contact Contact UsmanagementJohn Howard Graham Nedthesh SarmaCEO CCOForte: International Taxation Forte: Business & Strategy AdvisoryM: +31 6 55 14 06 9 M: +31 6 14 75 87 98E: [email protected] M In: +91 99201 97662 E: [email protected] Bronkhorst Ibrahim BoyaliCOO CFO & Head of Turkey DeskForte: Corporate ManagementServices Forte: Accounting & FinanceB: +31 20 78 80 827 D: +31 20 788 0829M: +31 6 12 80 60 68 M: +31 6 42 73 21 57E: [email protected] E: [email protected] organisation we could assist you in the following jurisdictions:The NetherlandsUnited KingdomUnited States of AmericaDubaiSingaporeLuxembourgSwitzerlandHong Kong,India,Turkey.

for queries ContactThe Netherlands Contact UsNedthesh Sarma IndiaM: +31 6 14 75 87 98 Jignesh ThakkarM In: +91 99201 97662E: [email protected] M: +91 98336 86722 E: [email protected] Boyali Others Nedthesh SarmaM: +316 18 42 25 03E: [email protected] M: +31 6 14 75 87 98 M In: +91 99201 97662 E: [email protected]

Greyfriars GroupHemonystraat 11 |1074 BK Amsterdam | The Netherlands E-mail: [email protected] Website:

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