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Ethos brochure pdf.compressed

Published by Paul Mc Nicholl, 2016-05-09 05:07:52

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Kitchen / Bedroom Product Catalogue Vinyl Doors 2016/17 Acrylic 5 Piece Zoom Painted SolidKitchen / Bedroom DoorsProduct Catalogue 2016/17

Kitchen & Bedroom Doors – 3 Product Catalogue 2016/17Ethos When selecting a new kitchen or bedroom you naturally want a design that reflects your personality and compliments your home whether a rural farmhouse or city apartment. This brochure offers a broad choice of doors styles, colours and finishes. The thing that unites them all is quality; as it is our ethos to design, manufacture and deliver a consistent, world class product every time. We hope the pages that follow will inspire you as to what can be achieved by incorporating the perfect kitchen and bedroom doors in your living spaces.

Ethos Kitchen & Bedroom Doors – 4/5 Product Catalogue 2016/17 SectionsKitchen Vinyl 06/43Bedroom Acrylic 44/55 5 Piece 56/71 Zoom 72/79 Painted 80/99 Solid 100/119 Vinyl 120/161 Acrylic 162/169 5 Piece 170/177 Veneer 178/181 Painted 182/189 Door Index 190/205 Handles 206/209

Danbury / Dust Grey & Light Grey

Ethos / Kitchen Vinyl 6/7DanburyThis style icon has all the sophistication of Nigella and theattitude of Gordon. Monotones effortlessly showcase coolsophistication with solid reliability. A modern day twist on theauthentic cook’s kitchen, Danbury’s enduring characteristicsblend equally well with traditional or contemporaryaccessories and furnishings.HandlesPewter Rectangular ‘D’ / Code 085Pewter Square Knob / Code 086Other Danbury colour options include:Left to rightLegno IvoryLegno MusselLegno Kashmir

Brentford / Iconic Beech & Quadra Black

Ethos / Kitchen Vinyl 8/9BrentfordA perfect balance of contrasting tones, Iconic Beech andQuadra Black provide a symphony of creative expression.When your kitchen is so much more than just another room,make it a space to demonstrate who you truly are. Sleekrecessed handles combine with a selection of door fronts insubtle neutral tones. This is a high concept statement, truly fororiginal thinkers.Other Brentford colour options include:Left to rightLegno MusselLegno Light GreyLegno WhiteImage left–Brentford handle detail in Quadra Black

Duleek / White Gloss & Brown Santana

Ethos / Kitchen Vinyl 10/11DuleekA landmark design statement, Duleek brings out-of-this-worldpossibilities to the table. Just imagine pulling up a stool to thisisland, with its exemplary curves in Brown Santana. White glosswall cabinets, with a fusion of curved and straight lines providethe perfect backdrop for both well-groomed entertaining andday-to-day living.HandlesAries Steel Bar 502mm / Code 003

Duleek / Matt Kashmir & Stone Grey

Ethos / Kitchen Vinyl 12/13DuleekWhen shape has to be pioneering and form must followfunction, Duleek ticks even the most discriminating boxes.Elegant curves, sleek lines, glazed cabinets and perfectsymmetry combine as an exquisitely choreographed displayof local craftsmanship at its very best.HandlesKeyhole Bar 152/480mm / Code 065Other Duleek colour options include:Left to rightWhiteLight GreyDust Grey

Cologne / Dakar & Amfissa

Ethos / Kitchen Vinyl 14/15CologneAdding a new perspective on the old French farmhouse look,Cologne is a tour de force in kitchen design. With detailsa plenty, notice the understated cornice work, the glazedcabinets and the gently moulded curves of the island unit.Handles‘D’ Handle / Code 002

Amalfi / Legno White

Ethos / Kitchen Vinyl 16/17AmalfiA tailored suit, a vintage car, a night at the opera, a fine picnicin the park. The superlative Amalfi joins nostalgic classics.Pictured in Legno White, this timeless gem has all therobustness you would expect from a hardworking design.While practical accents add finesse.HandlesBeech Knob / Code 057Other Amalfi colour options include:Left to rightLegno DakarLegno MagnoliaLegno Stone Grey

Calcutta / Ivory & Stone Grey

Ethos / Kitchen Vinyl 18/19CalcuttaWith a design that pushes the boundaries, Calcutta deliversone hundred per cent. Traditional elements of glazed storagebring country chic to bevelled doors. While gently curved unitsbring the benefits of ergonomics to this hard working design.HandlesBeehive Knob / Code 073Other Calcutta colour options include:Left to rightCreamGraphiteKashmir

Vancouver / Stone Grey

Ethos / Kitchen Vinyl 20/21VancouverCountry etiquette at its very best, Vancouver speaks of refinedliving with its recognisable design traits. Classic inlaid doorscombine with a speckled marble top to create a timelesssetting. Mixed with either contemporary or more traditionalaccessories, this kitchen looks equally dynamic with up-to-the-minute chrome or more rustic accents.HandlesBeehive Knob / Code 073

Ruskin / Stone Grey

Ethos / Kitchen Vinyl 22/23RuskinArtistry and allure are a poignant medley when practicaland aesthetic considerations are important. A no-nonsenseapproach to storage gives this design the capacity tocater to all of your needs. While its solid appeal creates anaccomplished backdrop for culinary mastery.HandlesWinchester Drop / Code 091Winchester ‘T’ / Code 093Other Ruskin colour options include:Left to rightLight GreyDust GreyGraphiteImage above left–Mantle Shelf Bracket

Gallo / Avola Grey & Avola White

Ethos / Kitchen Vinyl 24/25GalloLook no further than Gallo for the super-league of kitchens.Avola Grey and White give solidity and structure to the virileforms. A centrepiece of design form and function, the curvedisland unit demonstrates ergonomics at their very best. Solidlydesigned storage and display shelving give ruggedness to theoverall look.Image above–Inner island concave door handle detail.

Cologne / Trojan Oak & Horns White

Ethos / Kitchen Vinyl 26/27CologneWith an air of poise and grace, Cologne’s very a la modeaccents elude to an update on the French farmhouse look. Buttaken a step further, down a path of true artistry, elegant curvesand unmistakable design ethics deliver a modern masterpiece.An eclectic contrast of wood and painted finishes give just theright blend of panache and savoir vivre.Handles‘D’ Handle / Code 002

Duleek / Mussel & Lava

Ethos / Kitchen Vinyl 28/29DuleekElemental in its force, the natural good looks of Duleek are setto become a classic of the future. Knowing just how to unitesoft and powerful ingredients, the organic colourways of Lavaand Mussel break the boundaries of bold style statements.Solid reliability is delivered with tenacious capability.HandlesTubular Boss 204mm / Code 064*Also available 595mm

Duleek / Terra & White Gloss

Ethos / Kitchen Vinyl 30/31DuleekAn urban love story of high gloss and sleek wood, let Duleekcharm you with its beguiling allure. A new landscape in kitchendesign is emerging and this, quite simply, is it. No passing fancy,this design is committed to stand the test of time. With morethan enough agility and prowess to provide for the busiest ofhouseholds, its innate attraction will be a welcome addition.HandlesAries Steel Bar 502mm / Code 003

Duleek / Gloss Tiepolo & Gloss Aubergine

Ethos / Kitchen Vinyl 32/33DuleekShapely, sophisticated and ultimately chic, Duleek is picturedwith Gloss Tiepolo floor cabinets. Making a smart contrast tothe wood tones, the Gloss Aubergine cabinets are the choiceof colour for the curved lift-up cabinets. And variety providesthe spice for this kitchen with glass-fronted and open shelvedstorage, plus an inventive island unit.HandlesKeyhole Bar / Code 065

Vilo Graphite

Ethos / Kitchen Vinyl 34/35Vilo GraphiteA landmark of excellence is an understatement to describe thefinesse of this post-modern epic. When a cut above is the orderof the day, this beauty serves up savvy ingenuity in abundance.HandlesRectangular Aluminium / Code 089Square Aluminium / Code 090Other Vilo colour options include:Left to rightWhiteLight GreyDust Grey

Gallo / Gloss White & Anthracite

Ethos / Kitchen Vinyl 36/37GalloA kitchen for today and all your tomorrows, Gallo bringstogether the genuine elements of pragmatism withquintessential design. Angular functional cabinets in glosswhite are combined with the stunning arched island in glossanthracite; making this kitchen the epi-centre of style andfunctional flair.

Duleek / Gloss Black

Ethos / Kitchen Vinyl 38/39DuleekDramatic, chic, urban - these are just a few words to describethis incredibly stylish kitchen. Gloss black doors coupled withextra thick worktops enhance the elegant linear design. Thisstyle of door also lends itself to a mix and match approach - forexample, introduce a second colour such as red for an evenmore striking design.HandlesTaurus Aluminium / Code 055Image above–Duleek Gloss Red & Black

Stockholm / Ivory

Ethos / Kitchen Vinyl 40/41StockholmThe T&G effect panelling in this Stockholm door is carriedthrough in the end panels and canopy fascia. A checkedroman blind has been added to create a pleasing ‘moderncountry’ look.HandlesBeech Knob / Code 057

Duleek / Gloss Ivory

Ethos / Kitchen Vinyl 42/43DuleekIvory has to be one of the most versatile choices for thosewho want to create an individual kitchen. In this case, thegloss doors and stylish letterbox handles result in clean linesand a contemporary feel. The wood tones of the flooring andworktops add warmth and texture. An ideal kitchen for modernliving and relaxed dining!HandlesWave Surface Letterbox / Code 067Other Duleek colour options include:Left to rightGloss CappuccinoGloss CreamGloss WhiteImage above–Close up Wave Surface Letterbox handle

Kitchen & Bedroom Doors – 44/45Product Catalogue 2016/17Acrylic

Phoenix / Light Grey & Fossil

Ethos / Kitchen Acrylic 46/47PhoenixFull of quality and finesse, Phoenix is a treasure of a kitchen.Taking modern thinking to the next dimension, the flush sweepof cabinets can be designed to suit all requirements, with arange of distinctive low and high level configurations. And,noticeably, the acrylic laminated doors are beautifully edged.HandlesTubular Boss 595mm / Code 064*Also available 204mm

Phoenix / Gloss Black

Ethos / Kitchen Acrylic 48/49PhoenixCharacter and personality are fully loaded with thePhoenix kitchen. Moving with the times yet able to deliveron function for every generation, the dynamic design canadapt to all architectural demands. Black acrylic laminatedand edged gloss doors are sublimely combined with richdark walnut and the finishing touch is in the form of angularstainless steel handles.HandlesBeam 196/496mm / Code 076Other Phoenix colour options include:Left to rightGloss DakarGloss MusselGloss Stone GreyImage above–Glass effect edge detail

Phoenix / White Gloss

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