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โรงเรียนในฝัน (2)

Published by maliwannatnichar, 2022-01-04 09:09:44

Description: โรงเรียนในฝัน (2)

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School policy • Encourage students to understand the culture and activities in the school • Students not only study in the classroom but also can use the magic they have studied Can be used in everyday life as well

school advice Teaching in this study area focuses on understanding what makes the ritual experience meaningful and effective. and develop skills in ritual designand leadership Destiny is the act of acquiring information, insight, and wisdom through instinct, magic, or symbolic means. The program's offerings cover the use of fortune-telling tools. (such as Tarot and Astrology) and a more natural approach. (talking with other beings and spirits, exposure to psychic powers, etc.)

School seal

school subjects วิชาที่โรงเรียน 1) Pcloatsisons 2) sCpaesltl a

3) Camouflage 4) Transfiguration 5) Self D efence

6) Herbology 7) Astronomy 8) Table manners

9) Piano 10) Violin 11) Dance

12) Swordsmanship 13) Archery 14) Art

15)leMssaoknesup 16) Learn to dress 17) Sewing

กิจกรsรchมoภolายacใtiนvโitรieงsเรียน AlvhSooccesttiii 1)costume 2) minigame party

3)Show stage 4)e-sports 5)Aftteeranoon

6)Night party s7o)nDgapnrcaecatinndg 8)Maegentedinneygroaoutfinogsneerniors 9)Tthraevweloarlrdound

Rea1cdc0rtee)isavMstietiraoiteknseal 11)cSaummpmer

12)Boyany 13)Magic spell

14)Forecast 15)Astromy

w16ibt)heCaosmtnsatgaicct 17)Going back in time

18)Invisibility 19)Sweieacnydiosn of

2a0)mbCeahagosiotcsailng 21)Jewelry inspection

Class Schedule



BROOCH identification marks

BROOCH identification marks

Jewelry and accessories

Jewelry and accessories

Jewelry and accessories

Jewelry and accessories

Term fees

Conditions and inscriptions • Accepting applications from 15 to 18 years of age • Study 5 years • our school Will be classified into 5 levels, namely s.1-s.5 (stars 1-star 5) All our students will receive the best education. • You can choose to study by yourself. But there are compulsory subjects that must be learned ( potions class , cast a spell , self defense , table manners and dancing ) • Have a willingness to participate in school activities ( Not required to enter all activities ) • Students are able to follow school rules well • Motivated • Have a good attitude • Listen to the opinions of others • Have basic magic and basic skills • Have analytical creativity

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Make by Tar Thanwarat Singkraipan Am Napasorn Taweepongsak Grace Benyapa Sornsil May Piyanoot Chanaphai

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