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Tirumala _ NAPS Intro _ PPT dated 17 Nov 21

Published by narendrasingh, 2021-11-22 10:02:31

Description: Tirumala _ NAPS Intro _ PPT dated 17 Nov 21


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ABOUT US TSDC Tirumala Facility Management India LLP A 20 Years old Pune based Company with PAN India Presence (Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, New Delhi , Uttar Pradesh , Jharkhand , Haryana etc.) Services  National Apprenticeship promotion Scheme (NAPS) implementation.  Manpower Outsourcing  Training and Development  Facility Management Certification  ISO 9001:2018 Manpower Engaged  5000 nos. 11/18/2021 E Mail : [email protected] & [email protected]

TSDC National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS) Presented by Tirumala Facility Management India LLP. 11/18/2021 E Mail : [email protected] & [email protected]

Introduced TSDC ABOUT 19th August 2016 by NAPS Govt. of India 11/18/2021 Purpose To provide financial support to the Establishments and Promote the engagement of Apprentice Constituents Basic Training + On The Job training Benefits of Scheme Govt. will share 25% of the prescribed stipend or maximum upto Rs.1500.00 per Apprentice per month (For the State of Gujarat, Apprentice reimbursement to the organization of upto INR 4500.00 PM per Apprentice is applicable) Govt. will share the cost of Basic Training with BTP at the rate of Rs.15/hr, maximum upto 500 hrs. Organization can enroll 2.5% (minimum) to 15% (maximum) of the total employees strength (Permanent + Contractual). The Stipend can be paid from the CSR Budget ( over and above 2.5% of total manpower) No ESIC, EPF Bonus etc. is applicable AppEreMnatilic: [email protected] e& [email protected]

TSDC APPRENTICESHIP EARN WHILE YOU EARN Boost Your Skill and Enhance Your Employability 11/18/2021

Category of Apprentice TSDC under NAPS Other Highlights: 1. Fresh Apprentice 5th to 12th Pass (Non Graduate with • The Total Duration (BT + OJT) of Apprenticeship varies from 6 to 36 no institutional or skill training) months as per job role. 2. ITI • Basic Training is compulsory for Fresh NCVT or SCVT Apprentice only. 3. Diploma • On the Job Training is compulsory for all the Holds Diploma from recognised apprentice, can be done only at establishment. Institute E Mail : [email protected] & [email protected] 4. Graduate B.E., B.Sc., B.Pharma etc. from recognised institute 11/18/2021

TSDC Life Cycle for Engaging Apprenticeship Establishment/BTP Course Search Candidates Sign and Engage Conduct Assessment and Registration Under Upload Contract With TPAs (optional) BT and OJT Certification NAPS Adoption/ Design and make Offer While an Apprentice is contributing in Production at your site, all the above activities are to complied either by the organization or through a TSDC ( Facilitator) . We also facilitate entire portal management including attendance, Stipend paid details, claim for reimbursements and follow-up till reimbursement are released into organization's account . 11/18/2021 E Mail : [email protected] & [email protected]

TSDC CTC Unskilled contract labor ( Average) Rs. 12000.00 Cost-Benefit Stipend (Apprentice as Prescribed as Rs. 7000.00 Analysis per Apprenticeship Act) Rs. 10000.00 Stipend (Apprentice Recommended) For 10th&12th Std. Stipend (Apprentice Recommended) Rs. 12000.00 For ITI Average Difference between CTC of Unskilled contract labour and apprentice Recommended is Rs.2000.( approx). 11/18/2021 E Mail : [email protected] & [email protected]

Roles and TSDC responsibility of the Facilitator • Establishment Registration Under NAPS • BTP/BTC Registration, Approval Under NAPS 11/18/2021 • TOT Certification • Sourcing of Candidates • Maintain /Upload records in the Portal i. Attendance, Leave etc. of all the apprentice ii. Entry and Exit ( Biometric ) records of all the apprentice iii. Stipend payment records as per Bank Statement iv. Training records of OJT as per the format required. v. Personal File of all the apprentice as per the rules • Data Uploading and Claim Processing • Organise Assessment Process for certification • Liasioning and follow-up with the concerned Govt. Agency(Sector Council, NSDC, State Govt.) E Mail : [email protected] & [email protected]

TSDC Why to Engage Tirumala Facility Management as Facilitator Performance Appraisal for Apprentice ( Qaurterly) Please return to the HR Department after completion Aprrenticeship Period : from ------------------------- to ---------------------------- ( Total Duration:----------------------) , Aprraisal for the Period ( From ------------------ to ------------- Name of the Apprentice Mr.___________________________________ Department : ____________________________________________ Job Role : ____________________________________________ Apprenticeship code No.____________________________ General Guidelines 1. We do Quarterly Appraisal of every Apprentice 1- Please Note that this is an important instrument in establishing and sustaining an Apprentice/Trainee's Career 2. We give Work Diary to every apprentice in which he 2- Please write the rating in the appropriate box at the point of scale that giv es the best assesment of Apprentice. has to fill the job knowledge / competencies he has learned on weekly basis. 3- The Area Incharge ( Superv isor) will rate the parameters . 3. We have included the manufacturing excellence 4- Recall instances typical of the Apprentice's work and ways of working during the whole period and try to prov ide the supporting data as much as possible concepts into our General Training syllabus 5- Be sure you will be able to justify your ratings objectiv ely if called upon to do so either by Rev iewing Officer or During the rev iew discussion ( if Any) 1 2 LMN XYZ Q1 ( April , May , June) Q1 ( April , May , June) Example/ Data Example/ Data to support the S.No. PARAMETERS : Appraisar RATING to support the RATING ratings ( If any ) ratings ( If any ) 1 QUANTITY OF JOB (Learning output ) A Very low output ( less than 80% average target) 00 B Hard worker but is a plodder ( Slow working) ( 80% to 90%) 20 20 C 30 30 D Very hard worker and completes his job on time ( 90% to Area 60 60 2 100%) Incharge A (Supervisor) 0 0 Exceptionally quick and handles more than his share ( above 100% or did additional job after completing the assigned job) QUALITY OF JOB Careless and haphazard worker ( Produces only 85% ok Product ) Area Incharge (Supervisor ) The Apprenticeship Act 1961 Proforma of Work Diary Name and Address of Establishment:_______________________________________________ Name of Apprentice:_____________________________________________________________ Trade:___________________________ Registration Number:_____________________ S.No. Date ( Week) Subject Knowledge / Competencies covered During the Remark ( If Any) week From To •SAFETY •5S •KAIZEN •QC •CLIT •VISUAL CONTROL •COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE 11/18/2021 E Mail : [email protected] & [email protected]

Apprenticeship Program TSDC Reduces Attrition Following are the recognised print media also endorse the same FICCI mint People Matters Apprentice has Low attrition as compare to high attrition ( 18%-25%) of contract Apprenticeship Program can cut Apprenticeship is multifaceted tool to take care workmen . attrition by an estimated 25-50% of finding right talent , enhancing productivity, because of their structure of learning controlling attrition and hiring cost. while earning. 11/18/2021 E Mail : [email protected] & [email protected]

01 Hours of Work . TSDC Applicability of An establishment can engage apprentices of age Hours of Work, eighteen and above in normal working hours of the Leaves and Holiday establishment & Overtime on Apprentice 02 Leaves and Holiday An apprentice shall be entitled to such leave as may be prescribed and to such holidays as are observed in the establishment in which he is undergoing training. 03 Overtime No apprentice shall be required or allowed to work overtime 11/18/2021 E Mail : [email protected] & [email protected]

Category and Stipend TSDC Stipend to be School Pass-out ( Class 12th) - Rs. 7000.00 Paid to the ITI Pass - Rs. 7000.00 - Rs. 8000.00 InvestingApprentice as per Diploma Pass Notification ExplaineDegree (B.E., B.Sc., B.Pharma etc.) - Rs. 9000.00 dated 25th Sept 2019 d Annual Increment • AfteriAn1vbYeresiaetrifn1gg0u%idinetthoe tphreescbriabseidcms ionifmum stipend •After 2nd Year 15% in the prescribed minimum stipend • Fresher apprentices to be paid 50% of stipend when undergoing only BTP and paid 100% when undergoing BTP + OJT 11/18/2021 E Mail : [email protected] & [email protected]

Suggested Job role for TSDC Pharma Industries . 1. Packaging Assistant – Life Sciences Sector Skill Council : Life Sciences Sector Skill development Council Qualification Required : 10th Pass, Total Duration of Apprenticeship ( BT+OJT) – 12 Months 2. Production Machine Operator Life Sciences Sector Skill Council : Life Sciences Sector Skill development Council Qualification Required : 12th Pass, Total Duration of Apprenticeship ( BT+OJT) – 24 Months 3. QC Chemist Microbiology – Life sciences Qualification Required : Graduation ( Science) , Total Duration of Apprenticeship ( BT+OJT) – 12 Months 11/18/2021 E Mail : [email protected] & [email protected]

TSDC Few of our valuable Clients 11/18/2021 E Mail : [email protected] & [email protected]

Some glimpse of our Training Centre TSDC 11/18/2021 E Mail : [email protected] & [email protected]

Contact Us TSDC Improve the Quality of Shop floor manpower and make future ready talent pool. Please feel free to reach out to us for NAPS Support, Manpower Outsourcing and Training and Development . Phone Number Website Email Address 9981141558 [email protected] 9023963402 [email protected] Registered Office: S.No.6, Ashis Apartment, plot No.6, Flat, 42/A/1A/2F, Erandwane, Pune, Maharashtra-411038 Contact Nos.: +919981141558 , +919049002656 Gujarat office: Tirumala Skill development Centre ( TSDC) , A-34, Sector 25, GIDC Estate , Gandhinagar, Gujarat 11/18/2021 E Mail : [email protected] & [email protected]

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