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HHWS Annual Report 2018-2019

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2018-19 Annual Report Give Hope Today + 9 1 8 0 4 3 7 1 8 2 3 7   |     |     Kalkere, Bangalore

In this Report 2018-19 Chairman's Message 1 Direct Child Sponsorship 2 Special Institutions 3-6 Projects 7-13 Benefit Concert 14 Financials 15 Board of Directors 16

Chairman's Message With the turn of this year, it gives me immense pleasure to present the Annual Report for 2018-19, which provides a glimpse of what we did (Past) and achieved this year (Present) through our synergized effort. The more significant and essential contribution for what we accomplished this year came from the generous cooperation of our donors and partners. Your generous support for the year 2018-19 for Helping Hand Welfare Society was marked with landmark achievements. The efforts that we made were mainly directed at transforming the lives of orphan/semi- orphan and children at risk, through collaborative approaches. “In pursuit of changing lives together by Giving Hope Today.” We could not have reached here if we had not received support from partners and donors. Bobban Varghese Chairman 1

DIRECT CHILD SPONSORSHIP Education Sponsorship or Direct Child Sponsorship focuses on children to receive quality education in a private English Medium till undergraduate college degree. The highlight of sponsorship program this year is adding new region by sponsoring 50 new children in 2 schools from North East of India. STUDENTS CROSSED IMPORTANT MILESTONES 122 293 546 COLLEGE GRADE 12 GRADE 10 Lilly Pushpa, Lilly Pushpa was thirteen years old when her father Oncologist Nurse passed away. Soon, after ten days her mother was diagnosed with cancer and due to lack of information and education, the family could not provide required medical attention and shortly after she lost her fight against cancer.  Though heartbroken, the young Lilly determined within herself to be an Oncologist nurse and care for cancer patients. HHWS Education Scholarship Program supported her to fulfill this dream. A hardworking Lilly stood first in her university for diploma in Oncology.  Lilly is working as an Oncologist Nurse at Kidwai Cancer Hospital, Bangalore in the state of Karnataka in India. She is forwarding the kindness that other nurses showed to her mother during her battle with cancer. 2

SPECIAL INSTITUTIONS CHILDREN'S HOMES Sandhya from Sunshine Home Swetha from Sunshine Home received best student worker of the received best student of the year year award at Spicer Memorial award in 12th grade at ED Thomas College, Pune School, Kudikadu 6 children The volunteer couple, David and Patricia, from Argentina, conducted a workshops and classes at Sunshine Home for Spanish reintegrated with language, story telling, regular physical training, and supported their families with farming and bakery for over 10 months. During this time they also raised funds through their blog called Saamna to sponsor sports shoes for the children through. Home children had fun and learning trip to the Science and Technology Museum to Bannerghatta zoo. 3

SPECIAL INSTITUTIONS CHILDREN'S HOMES Our Home Care Program does not end with children graduating. Just like a family, the Home Directors take personal interest in ensuring that the children are reintegrated in the society including getting married and setting up homes.Till date, Sunshine Children's Home had 56 weddings and this year there were four weddings. Sunrise Children's Home Renewed License for next five years Inaugurated the Vocational Training Centre to develop Computer and Tailoring skills Installed new library and sports center Constructed a counselling room 4

SPECIAL INSTITUTIONS CHILDREN'S HOMES K. Bala Krishna from Elim Home received an award from Mahatma Gandhi university vice-chancellor Dr. and got elected as Youth representative from Telangana State Mrs. Shamoly Bara took charge of Bethel Children's Home  5

SPECIAL INSTITUTIONS SCHOOLS FOR SPECIAL NEEDS On 26th November 2018, World Disabled Sports the children from Asian Aid School for Blind participated in running race, Chess, Cricket, shot put, etc. and won 82 prizes in all categories. Korada Vaikunta and Sunkari Jagadeesh won 1st prize in State level running race and were selected to participate at National level Rani and Raghavendra's was the first marriage conducted at the School for Speech and Hearing Silent Warriors Pathfinder Club Induction Program 6

PROJECTS CHILD FOCUSED INITIATIVES Installation of Water filtration system & bore well with hand pump at Farjali High School, Rajampalle School Improvement Programs at SDA School, Lambadipeta 5 Classrooms at SDA School, Laskarpara, Barobisha 1,100 ₹ 83 Lakhs BENEFICIARIES TOTAL BUDGET Water filter and Hand Pump at Fjarli School Beautification, Room Construction and Academy, Ongole Supplied Sports Equipment at Lambadipeta 7

PROJECTS CHILD FOCUSED SCHOOL DEVELOPMENT Project Goal: This project contributes to ensuring children and youth in G. Madhavaram and neighbouring communities are ready for and accessing quality education and economic opportunities while contributing towards community. Project Location: Highlights 2018-19: G. Madhavaram Village, Krishna District, Setting up School Library Andhra Pradesh Installing Computer Laboratory Providing Sports Equipment Total Project Duration: Initiating PT Classes Dental and Eye Camp for Children July 2017 to August 2020 1,500 ₹ 40 Lakhs BENEFICIARIES TOTAL BUDGET FOR 2018-19 Injamuri Pakeeraiah, age 39, was born in the village of Pedapuram, Andhra Pradesh. He belongs to a community that depends on agriculture for their livelihood.  Mr. Pakeeraiah had completed his 12th grade in a little town called Kanchencherela. Due to an accident, he had to discontinue his studies. Shortly, he developed spinal issues and had to undergo surgery. The surgery failed and he developed permanent back problems. Due to financial challenges, he had to sell his herd. His wife is the only regular earner at home. Hence, his family is identified under the livelihood scheme and were beneficiaries under the Goat Herding Program.  The family was given goats from which they would be able to generate a steady source of income in the upcoming months. Mr. Pakeeraiah said, “I am happy, and I hope I would be able to develop and grow my herd and make a living out of it.“ His two sons are studying at the CFSD project school and are selected as child representatives within the project. 8

PROJECTS CHILD FOCUSED SCHOOL DEVELOPMENT School Library Sports Equipments Computer Laborartory Nursery Classroom Goat Bank Income Generation Support to Women Self Help Group 9

PROJECTS SPECIAL SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT CCTV Installation at School for Speech and Hearing Impaired, Kollegal Rebuilding wall collapsed due to floods at School for Speech and Hearing, Kollegal Computer Laboratory with JAWS software at Asian Aid School for Blind, Bobbili 250 ₹ 8.8 Lakhs BENEFICIARIES TOTAL BUDGET FOR 2018-19 Computer Lab with JAWS Software with UPS at School for Blind, Bobbili CCTV in School for Speech and Hearing Impaired, Kollegal 10

PROJECTS CHILDREN'S HOME IMPROVEMENT Completed Administrative Block Construction and CCTV installation at Sunrise Children's Home, Karada, Vizianagaram Sewage Tank Construction at Bethel Home, Barobisha Interlock tile flooring in common areas, Sewage system repair, CCTV and LED TV Installation for Sunshine Children's Home for Girls and Sunshine Children's Home for Boys 250 ₹ 44 Lakhs TOTAL BUDGET FOR 2018-19 BENEFICIARIES Completed Administrative Block at Sunrise Home CCTV at Sunshine Home, Bangalore 11

PROJECTS WOMEN EMPOWERMENT THROUGH LIVELIHOOD TRAINING & ADULT LITERACY Basic Tailoring Training for women in Bharathinagar Slums in Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh Tailoring Course at Fjarli Academy, Ongole, Andhra Pradesh for women and young girls Adult Literacy for women in Devanahalli, Bangalore, Karnataka 100 ₹ 40 Lakhs FAMILIES TOTAL BUDGET FOR 2018-19 Reema* is a 30 old, uneducated & married with two children. Beyond her situation, Reema is a fighter, she always has a confident smile for her family, they draw their positive energy and light from her. She wanted to do something more for her children. She joined tailoring classes and realised that this is where heart lies. She has completed her basic course and now looks forward to join the Advanced Sewing classes and Fashion Designing. Lakshmi*, 26, is considered to be the best learner of Hurulugurkki village. She has three children-two girls and a boy. As a child she often suffered from stomach infection and hence, could not study after 2nd grade. After marriage and with children, she is happy to attend the adult literacy class with her friends and neighbors. She feels that her and family's health has improved by following good habits. Here, they have learnt the importance of drinking clean water by boiling it which will keep them free from many sicknesses. 12

This income generation project launched on March 01, 2019 will ensure that Sunshine Children's Home becomes self sustainable. The school managed by Mr. Rahul Davamony is an example of how life comes a full circle. Rahul, who grew up in Sunshine Home went on to complete his 8th grade in music from Spicer Memorial College, Pune, with a degree from Trinity School of Music, London. The profits from this school will be utilised to meet the needs of Sunshine Children's Home. 13

GIVING HOPE TODAY A BENEFIT CONCERT 2nd December 2018 was an evening of a 'Giving Hope Today - A Benefit Concert', organized in Bangalore, India. The special guests were Dr. Benny Prasad an instrumental guitarist and a Guinness World Record holder for being the fastest man to visit 195 countries in the world and Ms. Shalini Saraswathi, the Bangalore’s blade runner. Along with them were 10 groups that performed songs and choreography; a mesmerizing well coordinated choreography by the deaf children from the school for speech and hearing from Kollegal was an inspiration to many children and donors. 15 New Donors through Benefit Concert 14

FINANCIALS The following pie provides a summary of expenses that HHWS has incurred in the year 2018-19: 15

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Bobban V. (Chairman) Binu Sam Beulah Subburaj Entrepreneur CEO, HHWS CFO, HHWS Dr. R. N. Prabhudas Dr. Jacob D. Philip S. Education Director (SUD) Dentist Sr. Product Manager - VTC Dr. Praveen Aaron Anupama E. Ganta Samuelson D. 16 Principal, College of Physiotherapy AVP, Deutsche Bank Sr. Program Manager (Microsoft)

CONTACT INFORMATION Beulah Subburaj CHIEF FINANCE OFFICER Tel +91 99000 88694 [email protected] Society Information HELPING HAND WELFARE SOCIETY Sunshine Campus, Kalkere Main Road, Horamavu Post, Bangalore – 560 043 Tel +91 80 4371 8237

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