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2022 June Nuhra - Monthly of Knanaya Region, USA

Published by Nuhra Monthly, 2022-07-01 03:57:29

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Blessed be the God [...] [who] chose us in him, before the foundation of the world, to be holy and without blemish before him. In love...» (Eph 1:3-4).

To be understood and loved. There received daily, enables them to is no deeper hunger and thirst in gradually learn, with tenacious us. The family, which is the basic perseverance and humble patience, structure of the human life is the place to love one another and to love as where we experience love in its fullest. Jesus loves. Thus family love paves the way to holiness to each The theme of the World Meeting of member of the family as well their Families 2022 from June 22-26 is acquaintances. All members of the “Family Love: A Vocation and a Path family including children, young to Holiness.” Pope Francis on this people, parents and grandparents, occasion emphasizes that Christian are called to discover in themselves family life is a vocation and a way of a call to holiness. holiness, an expression of the “most attractive face of the Church” As Cardinal De Donatis says “Christian couples are invited to Through the Sacrament of Matrimony, walk their path of holiness together, a husband and wife are answering to following in the footsteps of a calling that God has made to them. illustrious saints and beatified That calling entails loving as He couples and sustained by their loves. intercession. Example is given by Married couples are called to love the parents of St Thérèse of Lisieux each other despite all their fragility and or the Beltrame Quattrocchi weaknesses. Family life, entwined with couple, people who trustingly relationships, sometimes complicated, accepted life’s painful trials and who and with relationships that are not saw the faithful presence of Christ always easy, becomes a particularly in the story of their love. The surge suitable and favorable context for of hope generated by God’s faithful contemplating the action of the Spirit love gives rise to a desire to of God, who can convert human proclaim God’s love and make the hearts, change their attitudes and family “the way of the Church”, the make the members of the family place where new vocations are capable of loving as Christ loves and nurtured” help each of us encounter God and grow in holiness. Let us pray for all married couples in our community that they may A relationship with God enables receive the grace to live love in the Christian couples to rekindle the grace fullest in the midst of their day to they have received, and this sustains day struggles. May our families them in their daily tasks and struggles. grow in holiness and share God’s This requires that the spouses love to our children as well as to continually welcome this grace which, the world around us. Dr. Bibita Parappallil Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth (1 Corinthians 13:4–8)

Fr. Thomas Mulavanal God creates everyone with a purpose, and the essence of the family, which makes the family holy. When family a mission. That mission is known as is love. That love, in the divine family, lays its foundation in God’s love and vocation. Responding to God’s call to is the Holy Spirit”. The family is thus focus on God grace in its daily life, love is the fundamental and innate related to God’s very being. This there will start a natural growth of vocation of every human being. Trinitarian dimension finds expression Christian holiness. Everyone in that Traditionally, the word vocation in the theology of Saint Paul, who family then will share the happiness, referred to a particular form of lived relates the couple to the “mystery” of joy, and true love. discipleship: specifically, a particular the union of Christ and the Church (cf. A person who identifies his/her state form of the celibate, vowed life of Eph. 5:21-33). of life designed by God must bear nuns, priests, monks, or brothers. But Family love is a vocation and a path to witness to it as a vocation and path the vocation to family life is another holiness. Every family need to pray of holiness. To make it possible they form of religious life, rooted in vows and worship together and learn how need their life based on true love. In before God that consecrate our to love one another with the love that their interpersonal relationships, they families toward God’s unfolding comes from God’s own heart. must build up and sustain mutual trust. project in the world. Personal prayers make us God’s Understanding, respecting others, and Marriage and family provide an children. Praying together makes us growing in faith are very important to opportunity to live the commandment God’s family. The love between the up bring holiness in one’s life. It is of love in a concrete way. It father, son and Holy spirit knows no true that the family is the basic unit of manifests the value of relationships bounds. Thus, we need a broader vision the society where a person acquires his/ by sharing joys and struggles of daily and a renewed awareness of the her basic characteristics and habits. life and helping each other encounter importance of marriage and the family. One’s personality, moral and spiritual God. Pope Francis recently said, The gift of marriage and the family are development are very much affected “Christian family life is a vocation and for perseverence in conjugal love by the family environment. Hence, the a way of holiness”. The beauty of joy strengthened by the virtues of parents play an important role in the found in family life, inspire its generosity, commitment, fidelity, and integral development of their children members to live with love more fully patience. and the salvation of their souls. in their everyday life. The common vocation of all is a Vocation to family life should be based vocation to holiness. When family lives As the scripture teaches, “Train up a on the Trinitarian love. The human in love, it fulfils the commandment to family is, in a certain sense, the icon “love one another.” The genuine love child in the way he should go and of the Trinity because of love among the members of the family between its members and fruitfulness when he is old, he will not depart from of love. According to St. John Paul II, “Our God in his deepest mystery it” (Prov. 22:6). W is not solitude, but a family, for he has within himself fatherhood, sonship, “It is from the love experienced in family life that the vocation of every child is born; it is love savoured within the domestic walls that traces the first steps on the path to holiness – Cardinal Farrell

Sandra Kunnassery Chicago “A family that prays together stays many things are possible that “If you want to change the world, together” This is a very famous weren't before.You need teamwork go home and love your family” This quote that is known all throughout in a family to have family love and is another quote by Mother Teresa. the world. When all the members in order to live a holy life you need Everything good starts from the of the family have a good relation- to love your family. Teamwork will family. When you love your family, ship with God, they are able to have help you to live a joyous and holy that love that you share with your a good relationship with eachother, life along with your family. family is able to be shared through which will lead them to a path of “Children follow the example of their the world, that way it will spread holiness. When the family prays to- parents. The child does or will do through the entire world. When you gether they are able to let go of all what the parent does. If a parent love your family you get the right the grudges they have towards each gives the extra they to the poor; perspective of love in your life, you other, they are able to reconcile the child will see and will do the are able to see everyone as your when they pray. When a family same. If a parent doesn't stop at the brothers and sisters and you are able prays together they are able to stay red stop light the child has a ten- to love them. When you are not able together because they are able to dency to do the same. You learn to love your family you see others live in harmony with each other. everything from your family, how as objects and ways to earn money “To live in harmony both the chil- to follow the rules, to be kind to and so you are not able to love dren and the parents haveto do others, how to get to and do things everyone. When you are able to things together, with teamwork. on time. The most important virtue love everyone in this world, you are “ I can do things that you cannot, you learn from your family is how able to live a holy life. You are able you can do things I cannot, together to love others . When you love to live in harmony with everyone. we can do great things” This quote your family you are able to love ev- When you do this you are following means that together everything is eryone and that will lead you to live one of the most important rules Jesus possible. One person can't do a holy life. You learn to share, to be taught us, to love others. This is why everything, but together with God kind, to be compassionate, to be Family Love is a Path to Holiness. tidy, to take care of others, and more, at your home. Children that W live with older genera- Each of us think in our tions, such as their grand- heart about our children parents are able to be tol- — if we have any; [...] erant and learn to care for And let us all think about the elderly. If you do not our parents and thank learn this in your home God for the gift of life. then you cannot give it to others, and to the rest (Pope Francis) of the world.

Ancy Benny in creation of God and they bring forth Each simple deed of a family member Kattuveettil, New Jersey their offsprings, their children. can lead to holiness. Parents work hard to give everything their children F- Father In creating man and woman God need. For that they sacrifice their A- and instituted the human family and whole life leaving many markings in M- mother endowed it with it’s fundamental I- I constitution (ccc 2203). Family as the their body, mind and spirit. Parents L- love basic unit of society provides stability. are the basic teachers for their Y- you. A life of loving relationships within the children. They teach them faith, love, A family is a group of people living family constitute the foundations for and charity. They instill in them a together who are related by marriage freedom, security and fraternity within sense of hope and safety. And when or blood. It typically includes a father, society (ccc 2207). So in God’s law, a they leave this world they leave mother and children. According to family contains a man, a woman and everything to their children. the Second Vatican Council, family their children. All other human laws Children are also called to a life of is the basic foundation of society. are contrary to God’s law as far as holiness in the family. By doing their Many families form a parish and family is concerned. share of the household chores, by many parishes form a diocese. Many being obedient to their parents and dioceses and churches form the In family life every member has a elders, by doing their homework in Catholic Church, the body of Christ. vocation to know, love and serve God time, by not falling in wrong In that sense we are all members of in this life and to be with Him eternally relationship, by practicing our one family, the universal church. in the next. As we form a family with Catholic spirituality in their daily life Each family should be able to enjoy the grace of God our priority changes. they are able to lead a holy life. the fullness of the church Then there is no longer “I, but we”. unconditionally because each family This leads us to the fundamental nature A praying family can pray even in is a domestic church. of a family; family life leads to holiness. In family life everything we the car during a drive. Following the The concept of family begins right do, we do it for the betterment of the from the very beginning of creation. family as a whole. footsteps of the holy family of Jesus, In Genesis 1:26-28, we read God created man in His own image and Each member of the family strive to Mary and Joseph, each member of likeness and He created them male one’s own and each member ’s and female. And God blessed them conversion on a daily basis. The father the family can imitate the holy family and said “be fruitful and multiply, and in the family thinks he has his wife and fill the Earth, and subdue it.” children for him to love and serve. The by doing the will of God. Our life can Therefore a man leaves his parents mother thinks she has her husband and and cleaves to his wife and they children for her to love and serve. be a living prayer as we grow become one flesh. At the utmost Children think they have their parents oneness of their flesh they take part and siblings for them to love and serve. A family worship together, pray together. They put the family first. They work hard to create intimacy. together in faith and love. Families must eat together, bless each other and attend Mass together especially on Sundays and obligatory days. Through these simple steps of daily life, each family member leads each one to holiness. W God bless.

Heavenly Father, experienceYour infinite mercy and find new ways to grow in love. We come before You to We pray to You for children and young people: may they praise You and to thank encounter You and respond joyfully to the vocation You You for the great gift of the have in mind for them; family. We pray for parents and grandparents: may they be aware that they are signs of the fatherhood and We pray to You for all families consecrated by the motherhood of God in caring for the Sacrament of Matrimony. children who, in body and spirit,You May they rediscover each day the grace they have entrust to them; and for the experience received, and as small domestic Churches, of fraternity that the family can give may they know how to witness to Your presence and to to the world. the love with which Christ loves the Church. Lord, grant that each family might live We pray toYou for all families faced with difficulty and their specific vocation to holiness in suffering caused by illness or circumstances of which the Church as a call to become missionary disciples, in onlyYou know. the service of life and peace, in communion with our priests, Sustain them and make them aware of the path to religious, and all vocations in the Church. Bless the World holiness upon which You call them, so that they might Meeting of Families.Amen. W The Love of God mercy, but with important differences that can give us manifested in the love insight into what the path to holiness is like, through the of Father and Mother love of a father and mother. (excerpt from the catechesis of the World Hesed is the most commonly used term in the Old meeting of families Testament for mercy and love. It means tenderness made 2022) up of faithfulness, assurance, initiative and trust that affirms and accompanies, that does not abandon, that remains steady, that conveys reassurance. In the book of Exodus, after the Jewish people had Raham comes from “rehem” which in Hebrew means worshipped the golden calf, the Lord revealed to Moses the womb, the place in which the life of the child is formed the quality of His Love: and grows: it is a love that forms the body, that preserves, «Having come down in a cloud, the LORD stood that protects, that nourishes and welcomes the existence with him there and proclaimed his name, “LORD.” of another person. Thus the LORD passed before him and cried out, Two dimensions of God’s love are thus revealed to us: “The LORD, the LORD, a merciful and gracious one that is paternal-masculine and another that is maternal- God, slow to anger and rich in kindness and fidelity, feminine. Masculine love is imbued with a tender but continuing his kindness for a thousand generations, powerful, operational energy; feminine love, on the other and forgiving wickedness and crime and sin” » (Ex hand, generates, builds and nourishes from a visceral bond. 34:5-7). Mother and father are for their children the manifestation Let us dwell on these two words: merciful and gracious. of this love. In Hebrew, these are raham and hesed; both mean love,

Eucharistic miracle in Alboraya-Almacera, 1348 In 1348, in the town of Alboraya-Almácera, a Eucharistic The priest immediately ran to the church and returned to miracle occurred which seemed to recall episodes in the the river bank with another ciborium. He did everything in life of Saint Francis that demonstrate how, if men were such a hurry that he didn’t even stop to ask himself if the to fully live in the grace of God, all God’s creatures would fishermen’s story was believable. Great was his joy when live in harmony. A priest, carrying a ciborium containing he saw that the three remarkable fish were there, almost the Viaticum (Eucharist) destined for some sick people, completely out of the water, lifting the Hosts intact with was crossing a river on mule-back when he was suddenly their mouths, like little trophies. He fell to his knees, and swept off his mount by a rushing wave. The priest extending his chalice, prayed as he had never prayed before tumbled into the water along with his ciborium, which in his entire life; and thus, he saw the fish deposit the Hosts was emptied of its precious content. The Hosts fell out in the chalice one after the other, and then dive and slither and were being carried away by the current toward the rapidly back into the water to disappear into the sea. Only mouth of the river nearby. The priest, barely saving at that moment did the priest notice that he was surrounded himself, full of remorse, and lamenting what had occurred by a group of men and women who had witnessed the as he tried to free himself from the mud and the waters, entire scene. was approached by some fishermen who were stunned Today it is still possible to consult numerous documents to have witnessed, in the place where the river water testifying to the miracle. There even exists a small church, flowed into the sea, three fish, each with a little white with two fish sculpted on the door, built on the site of the miracle, and two paintings reproducing the entire eventW. disc resembling Communion Hosts, in its mouth. YOUCAT 260 Why did God dispose man and woman for each other? God disposed man and woman for In this way they are to live in love, be fruitful, and thus each other so that they might be “no longer two but one” (Matthew 19:6). become a sign of God himself, who is nothing but overflowing love. W continuation page -6 «The first need, then, is precisely this: that a father «Being a mother doesn’t only mean bringing a child to be present in the family. That he be close to his wife, the world, but it is also a life choice. What does a to share everything, joy and sorrow, hope and mother choose, what is the life choice of a mother? hardship. And that he be close to his children as they The life choice of a mother is the choice to give life. grow: when they play and when they strive, when And this is great, this is beautiful. they are carefree and when they are distressed, when they are talkative and when they are silent, when A society without mothers would be a dehumanized they are daring and when they are afraid, when they society, for mothers are always, even in the worst take a wrong step and when they find their path moments, witnesses of tenderness, dedication and again; a father who is always present. To say moral strength. Mothers often pass on the deepest “present” is not to say “controlling”! Fathers who sense of religious practice: in a human being’s life, the are too controlling cancel out their children, they value of faith is inscribed in the first prayers, the first don’t let them develop. [...] A good father knows acts of devotion that a child learns. It is a message how to wait and knows how to forgive from the depths that believing mothers are able to pass on without of his heart. Certainly, he also knows how to correct much explanation: these come later, but the seed of with firmness: he is not a weak father, submissive faith is those early precious moments. Without mothers, and sentimental. The father who knows how to not only would there be no new faithful, but the faith correct without humiliating is thhiemsoenlef»1w.ho knows would lose a good part of its simple and profound how to protect without sparing warmth»2. W

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