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Marketing Way Test 3

Published by jford1, 2017-12-14 16:36:10

Description: Marketing Way2


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Welcome to the Marketing Way! TELISA’S MARKETING VISIONEach of us is challenged not only to fulfill our day-to-day Build the brand to lead the charge toresponsibilities, but to keep up with the rapid pace of grow revenue by adding newchange and find ways to challenge the status quo through customers, increasing share-of-innovation. To be effective and equipped to both run the wallet for existing customers, andbusiness and advance it forward, we need a shared providing seamlessly integrated andunderstanding of both high-level concepts and day-to-day delightful experiences that causefundamentals of marketing and the insurance industry customers to not only stay with thethat we operate in every day. brand, but to also advocate for the brand.This comprehensive guide was developed to increase ourmarketing acumen, discipline, and effectiveness by ROB’S MARKETING PURPOSEensuring everyone in marketing knows the base levelmarketing practices within American Family Insurance and As an exceptional marketingour industry. division, we will utilize our marketing acumen and strong brandThe three crucial functions covered inside include: to be truly customer-driven and enhance the organization’s businessBRAND LEADERSHIP: results by partnering with the product lines, the field and otherManaging how American Family Insurance is perceived in divisions. These business resultsthe hearts and minds of our customers, agents and include acquiring new customers,employees. retaining current customers, increasing cross-sellingGROWTH STRATEGY: opportunities and maintaining profitability.Leading the way from mono to multi-line household andfrom single transactions to multiple values and loyaltycreation interactions.CHAMPION OF CUSTOMER EXECUTION:Defining how we attract, engage, sell and retain customersby segment (what we do against which segment)We hope you enjoy this guide and find its content usefuland insightful!


OUR BRANDWHAT IS A BRAND? “A brand is a distinguishing name/symbol (such as logo, trademark, or package design) intended to identify the goods or services and to differentiate those goods or services from those of competitors” David Aaker, Branding Expert, Author “The thoughts, feelings and perceptions that become linked to a brand in the hearts and minds of people” Jim Stengel, former CMO P&GWHAT DOES IT TAKE TO BUILD A BRAND?Positioning: A set of strategic choices that aims to make a brand occupy a distinct position, relative tocompeting brands, in the hearts and minds of customers.

THE BRAND HOUSE Goals of the brand house: 1. Tells a cohesive story 2. Keeps the chosen target’s unique needs and desires at the forefront of everything 3. Drives competitive distinctiveness 4. Injects emotional meaning or “soul” into the brand


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