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Harper's Bazaar USA - April 2022

Published by pochitaem2021, 2022-04-08 16:20:02

Description: Harper's Bazaar USA - April 2022


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THE REINVENTION ISSUE FASHION IS ALL ABOUT MOMENTS, and right now we’re in the midst of one of transition. It’s early spring, which for many of us means the shedding of winter layers. But this season, it feels like we’re also somehow shedding the last vestiges of our lives in the pre-pandemic days. Returning to what we thought of as “normal” is no longer the dream. We finally seem to be looking ahead at both the issues right in front us and what might lie beyond them, living in the space between the irrefutable end of something and the blurry fuzz of potential. It’s a feeling we’ve all become well familiar with over the past two years, as so many aspects of our lives have been rocked by the shock of the new: how we live and interact; our ambitions and concerns; the way we understand our place in the world. We tend to notice transformation most when it’s immediate and undeniable—the quick, big, profound. But everything is always in motion. This issue is about reinvention as that kind of process, as one that happens to us, for us, and around us—and one that we embark upon each day as we strive to live fully in the moment. We explore reinvention as a personal project we undertake as individuals, in our private and professional lives, and as parents, children, siblings, partners, and friends. We examine reinvention in the context of the cultural institutions that surround us and what we choose to value and celebrate or rethink and interrogate. And we look at how reinvention is shaping our sense of mission, tradition, and even memory at a time when so much is changing and so much more still needs to change. HB RENÉE ZELLWEGER Photograph by MEL BLES / Styling by SAMIRA NASR Jacket, bodysuit, skirt, and jeans, CELINE BY HEDI SLIMANE. Earpiece, ANA KHOURI. Clash de Cartier bracelet, CARTIER. D’Orsay pumps, GIANVITO ROSSI. BAZAAR



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EDITOR’S LETTER Reframing REINVENTION It used to be a trope in women’s magazines that when we reached a certain age—say, the ripe old age of 40—it was time to reinvent ourselves. Usually with a short haircut. This issue’s theme is devoted to the idea of reinvention, and my hope is that we can reframe the conversation so that it’s a celebration and interrogation of our constant state of becoming, rather than those arbitrary and sexist changes society would have us impose on ourselves. ZELLWEGER: MEL BLES; FASHION EDITOR: SAMIRA NASR; HAIR: BOB RECINE; MAKEUP: KINDRA MANN FOR DIOR FOREVER; Alexander McQueen dress, $6,900; Our cover subject, Renée Zellweger, photographed by Mel Bles, MANICURE: DIEM TRUONG FOR MORGAN TAYLOR; NASR: JODY ROGAC. SEE THE DIRECTORY FOR SHOPPING DETAILS. Van Cleef & Arpels rings; 877-VAN-CLEEF. has reinvented herself numerous times over the course of nearly three decades in Hollywood—as Bridget Jones, as Roxie Hart in Chicago, and more recently in her Oscar-winning performance as Judy Garland—inhabiting each role so wholly that her characters live on in the pop-culture ether. Next, she portrays small-town murderer Pam Hupp for NBC’s true-crime miniseries The Thing About Pam. Zellweger chooses these roles carefully, often taking long breaks in between projects to allow herself the time to figure out what’s next. “You get quiet and you get creative,” she tells Mickey Rapkin of her process. “Busyness is the enemy of creativity.” Fashion is tasked with reinventing itself every six months. With couture, that challenge is particularly fraught, as designers and their ateliers must adhere to rigorous standards of craftsmanship while breathing newness into their creations. We spotlight the best of spring couture on the streets and quays around Paris’s Canal Saint-Martin in a shoot styled by Camille Bidault-Waddington and photographed by Camille Vivier. We also speak to Nadège Vanhée- Cybulski, who, as the artistic director for women’s ready-to-wear at Hermès, must reinterpret the runway for a 185-year-old leather-goods company known for its unwavering dedication to craft. “What is this oxymoron? I’m doing fashion at Hermès,” she tells our executive editor, Leah Chernikoff, likening using elements from the house’s rich legacy to constructing something out of Legos. Eight years into the job, Vanhée-Cybulski has proved herself to be a master builder. Reinvention can also be about challenging a set of beliefs or traditions. In our Voices section, Juilliard dance director Alicia Graf Mack speaks with one of the conservatory’s most famous recent alums, Oscar-winning musician, composer, and The Late Show With Stephen Colbert bandleader Jon Batiste, about reinventing creative spaces and institutions in the arts. Graf Mack is radically shifting the school’s approach to the rigid and classically oriented world of ballet, doing away with gendered classes and expanding the canon of work that is taught to include more works by women and composers of color. Says Batiste, who this month is up for a leading 11 Grammys, “The institutional elements of marginalization that have been built into certain tracks and fields—that’s not the truth.” As we were shipping this issue to the printer, Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine, an unprovoked act of war. In the few days since the Russian siege began, we’ve witnessed the extraordinary spirit of the Ukrainian people, who have met the attacks with courage and resistance. I, along with so many around the world, have been deeply moved by their sacrifice—and can only pray that it will help us value the privilege of our freedom. 04/22 04/22 21



P L AY L I S T INTRODUCING THIS ISSUE’S MUSIC DIRECTOR CHLOË SEVIGNY FEATURED 6. “CHANGES” ORANGE JUICE, RIP IT UP: COURTESY ORANGE JUICE; DIANA ROSS, DIANA: MOTOWN RECORDS/UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP; TRACKS Black Sabbath THE VELVET UNDERGROUND AND NICO, THE VELVET UNDERGROUND & NICO: POLYDOR/UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP; THE SMITHS, LOUDER THAN BOMBS: 1. 7. “BEGINNING TO COURTESY RHINO RECORDS/WARNER MUSIC GROUP; DAVID BOWIE, CHANGESONEBOWIE: COURTESY RHINO RECORDS/PARLOPHONE RECORDS SEE THE LIGHT” “RIP IT UP” The Velvet Orange Juice Underground 2. 8. “THIS WILL BE OUR YEAR” “I’M COMING OUT” The Zombies Diana Ross 9. “FOLLOW ME” 3. Amanda Lear “ALL TOMORROW’S 10. “NEW KIND PARTIES” OF KICK” The Velvet The Cramps Underground and Nico 11. “WITHOUT ME” 4. Eminem “OSCILLATE WILDLY” 12. “CHANGE” The Smiths Tears for Fears 13. “RE-IGNITION” Bad Brains 14. “FEELING GOOD” Nina Simone 15. “I CAN” Nas 16. “NEW LIFE” Depeche Mode 17. “OUT ON THE WEEKEND” Neil Young 5. Listen to Sevigny’s full playlist “CHANGES” David Bowie exclusively on Apple Music. “I’m in a CONSTANT state of evolution or REINVENTION, whether it’s with my STYLE, ATTITUDE, CONFIDENCE, or SELF-ACCEPTANCE,” says actor CHLOË SEVIGNY. Since her breakout performance in 1995’s Kids, Sevigny has been Michelle Carter’s “texting-suicide case” and the events that led a singular force in film, TV, and fashion, appearing in critically to the death of her boyfriend, Conrad Roy III. “It’s very much an acclaimed flicks and prestige hits and collaborating with brands American tragedy,” says Sevigny, who portrays Conrad’s mom. ranging from Opening Ceremony to Miu Miu and Marc Jacobs. For this issue, Sevigny curated a playlist around the theme of During the pandemic, she took on her most transformative role reinvention. Along with David Bowie’s “Changes,” she included yet when she gave birth to her first child. “That was extremely Orange Juice’s “fun and empowering” track “Rip It Up” and “All life-changing,” she says. “I’m still figuring out how to manage Tomorrow’s Parties” by the Velvet Underground and Nico. “I imme- work with the baby.” Currently, Sevigny appears in Hulu’s The diately thought of it,” Sevigny says of the last song. “When I was Girl From Plainville. Based on the 2017 Esquire article of the younger and going out to clubs, every night was an opportunity same name, the series tells the true story of then-17-year-old to reinvent myself.” ARIANA MARSH 24 PHOTOGRAPH BY ALEX PHILLIPE COHEN BAZAAR

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CONTENTS 21. EDITOR’S LETTER 93. COVER CLOCKWISE FROM TOP, ZELLWEGER: MEL BLES; FASHION EDITOR: SAMIRA NASR; HAIR: BOB RECINE; MAKEUP: KINDRA MANN; MANICURE: DIEM TRUONG. “MOMMIES WHO MUSHROOM”: THOMAS ALBDORF; 24. PLAYLIST: RENÉE ZELLWEGER SET DESIGN: TINA HAUSMANN. “MODERN LOVE”: CAMILLE VIVIER; FASHION EDITOR: CAMILLE BIDAULT-WADDINGTON; MODEL: ZINNIA KUMAR; HAIR: ROGER CHO; MAKEUP: STEPHANIE KUNZ; MANICURE: 93. HANAÉ GOUMRI. “THE HERMÈS PRINCIPLE”: CAMILLE VIVIER; FASHION EDITOR: HANNES HETTA; MODEL: IRIS DELCOURT; HAIR: AKEMI KISHIDA; MAKEUP: VANESSA BELLINI; MANICURE: JULIE VILLANOVA CHLOË SEVIGNY RENÉE ZELLWEGER 32. WHY DON’T YOU…? LETS DOWN HER GUARD (SORT OF) 36. CONTRIBUTORS Story by Mickey Rapkin Photographs by Mel Bles THE BAZAAR Styling by Samira Nasr 45. THE GOOD BUY FASHION 46. MARKET MEMO 48. THE STATEMENT ACCESSORIES 106. 50. 4 OF A KIND MODERN LOVE 52. IN THE FASHION CLOSET Photographs by Camille Vivier 54. PRO SHOP Styling by Camille Bidault-Waddington 56. THE NECKLACE 59. JEWELRY NEWS 116. 60. THE DESIGNER DEBUT INNER VISIONS 61. SHOPPING LIST Photographs by Peter Langer Edited by Amanda Alagem VOICES 128. 62. IN CONVERSATION: JON BATISTE A CUT ABOVE AND ALICIA GRAF MACK Photographs by Deirdre Lewis Photographs by Xavier Scott Marshall Styling by Tony Irvine 66. ESSAY: THE BURDEN FEATURES OF BEARING WITNESS Text by Kiese Laymon 124. Artwork by Glenn Ligon THE HERMÈS PRINCIPLE 68. AS TOLD TO: PAMELA ADLON Story by Leah Chernikoff Photographs by Camille Vivier NEWS & CULTURE Styling by Hannes Hetta 70. OFF THE GRID 136. Text by Chantal Fernandez Photographs by Andrea Spotorno MOMMIES WHO MUSHROOM Story by Andrea Stanley 74. FASHION & CULTURE NEWS 78. WELLNESS REBOOTED Photographs by Thomas Albdorf Text by Maura Egan 90. ASTROLOGY 144. DIRECTORY BEAUTY 146. ARCHIVE: 81. SCENTS OF PLACE DAVID BOWIE, AUGUST 2002 Text by Jessica Matlin Photograph by Horacio Salinas On the blue cover: Louis Vuitton tailcoat bomber jacket, $6,800, and lingerie dress, $6,250; 84. GET YOUR BEST SMILE Text by Jamie Wilson 866-VUITTON. Ana Khouri earpiece; Van Cleef & Arpels rings; 877-VAN-CLEEF. 86. STRAIGHT FLUSH Text by Katie Intner Manolo Blahnik pumps, $665; Photograph by Davey Adésida Rogan Gregory Nebula table (2021); rogangregory .com. On the white cover: Celine by Hedi Slimane 88. BEAUTY NEWS jacket, $4,950, bodysuit, $1,350, skirt, and jeans, $760; Ana Khouri earpiece; anakhouri From top, on Zellweger: Gucci coat; Ana Khouri earpiece; Saint Laurent .com. Cartier Clash de Cartier bracelet, $9,250; by Anthony Vaccarello pumps, $675; 212-980-2970. 800-CARTIER. Gianvito Rossi d’Orsay pumps, From “The Hermès Principle”: Hermès dress; $1,095; To get Zellweger’s look, From “Modern Love”: Armani Privé try Phyto-Blanc Le Cushion Foundation ($133), Stylo Lumière ($75), Mascara So Stretch ($75), bustier dress and hat; 212-988-9191. Cartier Phyto-Sourcils Perfect ($63), Phyto-Blush Sixième Sens High Jewelry bracelet; 212-446-3419. Twist in No. 6 Passion ($76), Phyto-Lèvres Perfect 30 in No. 3 Rose Thé ($63), and Le Phyto Rouge in No. 10 Beige Jaipur ($63). All, Sisley Paris. See the Directory for shopping details. BAZAAR

WHY D ON’ T YOU...? The Month in CULTURE and STYLE 1 CATCH 2 DISSECT MAN IN THE MOON CASHMERE PILLOW BY SAVED NEW YORK, $490, ANATOMÍA SUTIL OBJECT BY ILA CERAMICA, $138, AND MAISON LELEU CONSTELLATION CASHMERE THROW BY SAVED NEW YORK, $1,400; EN-PLACE.CO. A BROADWAY REVIVAL ANATOMY OF A SCANDAL Big Little Lies creator David E. Kelley and House of Cards showrunner Melissa James Gibson Funny Girl, the 1964 are behind this anthology series premiering April 15 on Netflix. production that helped launch Sienna Miller plays the wife of a British politician accused of rape (Rupert Friend) who is convinced of her husband’s innocence. Barbra Streisand into the stratosphere, returns to 4 CELEBRATE Broadway this month with THE FEMALE GAZE Beanie Feldstein in the title role. Opening April 24 at the Our Selves: Photographs by Women Artists From Helen August Wilson Theatre, Kornblum, opening at New the musical follows chorus York’s Museum of Modern girl Fanny Brice as she rises Art on April 16, includes works from collector Kornblum’s through the ranks and trove of images by artists becomes one of the biggest such as Carrie Mae Weems and Cara Romero. stars in show business— on her own terms. 3 STREAM LADY FOR SALE The sophomore effort from actor-musician Lola Kirke, inspired by female musicians of the ’80s and ’90s, serves up 10 country- pop tracks about new love, including the buoyant single “Better Than Any Drug.” The album drops April 29. 5 DOUBLE UP ON OLIVE OIL Yes, you need two kinds. Graza offers a bold Drizzle oil for topping salads, popcorn, and more, plus a mellower Sizzle oil for cooking, each packaged in a convenient squeeze bottle. 6 LOOSEN UP 7 DISCOVER YOUR FORMALWEAR GLOBAL ARTISANS Follow in Bottega Veneta’s, Loewe’s, En Place, a new digital and Alexander McQueen’s footsteps marketplace, works with luxury and leave your high heels in storage boutique hotels to curate and connect guests to a range this spring. For a comfortable of handmade decor items, look that’s equal parts sporty and including ceramics molded sophisticated, ground an evening by women in Central America dress with monochromatic sneakers. and sustainable Mongolian cashmere throws and pillows. BEANIE FELDSTEIN: MATTHEW MURPHY; RUPERT FRIEND AND SIENNA MILLER IN ANATOMY OF A SCANDAL: NETFLIX; LOLA KIRKE’S LADY FOR SALE: THIRD MAN RECORDS; CARRIE MAE WEEMS, UNTITLED (WOMAN AND DAUGHTER WITH MAKEUP), 1990, GELATIN SILVER PRINT, 27 3/16 × 27 3/16 IN (69.1 × 69.1 CM): THE MUSEUM OF MODERN ART, NEW YORK, GIFT OF HELEN KORNBLUM IN HONOR OF ROXANA MARCOCI, © 2022 CARRIE MAE WEEMS, PHOTO BY JONATHAN MUZIKAR; GRAZA’S OLIVE OILS: ANISHA SISODIA; BOTTEGA VENETA, LOEWE, AND ALEXANDER MCQUEEN SPRING 2022: COURTESY THE DESIGNERS; SAVED NEW YORK’S MAN IN THE MOON CASHMERE PILLOW, ILA CERAMICA’S ANATOMÍA SUTIL OBJECT, AND SAVED NEW YORK’S MAISON LELEU CONSTELLATION CASHMERE THROW: COURTESY EN PLACE 32 TEXT BY ARIANA MARSH BAZAAR, Luxury Salons and Spas, Bluemercury, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sephora

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CONTRIBUTORS ON A TIME THEY REINVENTED THEMSELVES MEL BLES MICKEY RAPKIN PETER LANGER CAMILLE VIVIER RAPKIN: ILANA DIAMOND; LANGER: DEBORA MITTELSTAEDT; LAYMON AND MARSHALL: SELF-PORTRAITS PHOTOGRAPHER: WRITER: PHOTOGRAPHER: PHOTOGRAPHER: “Renée Zellweger Lets Down Her “Renée Zellweger Lets Down Her “Inner Visions,” “Modern Love,” page 106, and page 116 “The Hermès Principle,” page 124 Guard (Sort Of),” page 93 Guard (Sort Of),” page 93 “I try to ‘reinvent’ with “I was in Zurich to photograph “I’ve tried to reinvent myself “I was a hypermotivated every breath I take, but I am HR Giger’s house and garden. numerous times and have type-A personality He was a Swiss artist famous always failed dreadfully, always the same person. throughout college. But Every time I am willing to for having designed the thinking I needed to become when graduation came, acknowledge my thoughts, xenomorph creature in Alien. a more organized, sophisti- I hit pause on any so-called I let them go and come back to the freshness of I had this vision of a dark cated version of myself. plans and got a job and nerdy universe, but I realized a few years ago that teaching kindergarten in the present moment.” being immersed in his world this version of me isn’t going Madrid. I was a terrible changed my perception and helped me be more anywhere. And of course, teacher but also never this original, wilder persona the same.” open-minded.” is doing just fine.” KIESE LAYMON ANDREA STANLEY XAVIER SCOTT MARSHALL LEAH CHERNIKOFF WRITER: WRITER: PHOTOGRAPHER: HARPER’S BAZAAR “The Burden of Bearing “Mommies Who Mushroom,” In Conversation: Jon Batiste EXECUTIVE EDITOR, WRITER: and Alicia Graf Mack, page 62 “The Hermès Principle,” page 124 Witness,” page 66 page 136 “I go into each chapter “I wouldn’t say I reinvented “The pandemic forced me, “I grew up in a rural part of of my life with an open- myself when I became a like most folks I know, to the country, so moving mindedness that allows me to become a better version of mom—I don’t like to subscribe create new rituals. Instead to New York City was a big myself. Whether it’s major to the idea that motherhood of writing, teaching, and moment for me. Although shifts in setting or changes in hopping on planes every my perception of the world fundamentally changes I look at it as less of a brought on by scholarly who you are—but it week, I became one of those reinvention and more of thinkers such as bell hooks, people whose daily pleasure a continuation in the pillar reinvention means allowing crystallized the things that moments that will ultimately your mind to be malleable.” are important and was parking at the dog be the whole of my life.” park and listening to music helped me let go of the until I fell asleep. That’s a things that aren’t.” beautiful day to me now.” BAZAAR 36

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Editor in Chief SAMIRA NASR Creative Director LAURA GENNINGER Executive Editor LEAH CHERNIKOFF Executive Managing Editor ELLEN PAYNE Executive Fashion Director NICOLE FRITTON Digital Director NIKKI OGUNNAIKE Entertainment Director ANDREA CUTTLER Managing Editor CARL KELSCH FASHION ART Fashion Director MIGUEL ENAMORADO Art Director GARY PONZO Accessories Director AMANDA ALAGEM Digital Design Director PERRI TOMKIEWICZ Deputy Fashion News Editor ALISON S. COHN Fashion & Accessories Editor JACLYN ALEXANDRA COHEN Art & Color Coordinator JUSTIN MAIN Fashion & Retail Credits Editor ALICIA BANILIVY Digital Imaging Specialist KEVIN ARNOLD Associate Fashion Commerce Editor HALIE LESAVAGE Assistant Fashion Editor NICOLE TRIPODIS VISUAL Assistant Accessories Editor JENNIFER JENKINS Contributing Fashion Assistants CHRIS CHIDI, JOÃO COZMAN, MAX HAN, Chief Visual Content Director, Hearst Magazines ALIX CAMPBELL BRINLEY KNOPF, MAYRA MORALES, ADESUWA ODIASE Bookings & Visual Production Director IGNACIO MURILLO Visual Director NATASHA LUNN BEAUTY Digital Visual Director JENNIFER ALGOO Photo Archivist & Research Editor KARIN KATO Beauty Director JESSICA MATLIN Contributing Visual Editor MARINA SCHOGER Digital Beauty Director JENNA ROSENSTEIN VIDEO Beauty Editor JAMIE WILSON Associate Beauty Commerce Editor TIFFANY DODSON Producer AMANDA DIMARTINO Director of Photography RYAN DEVITA Assistant Beauty Editor KATIE INTNER Post-Production Supervisor ERICA DILLMAN Senior Video Editor LEE MANANSALA NEWS & FEATURES ADMINISTRATION Features Director KAITLYN GREENIDGE Contributing Editor at Large STEPHEN MOOALLEM Editorial Business Director CAROL LUZ Editorial Business Manager KATHERYN REMULLA Digital Deputy Editor IZZY GRINSPAN Special Projects Editor NOJAN AMINOSHAREI 39 Senior Features Editor ARIANA MARSH Digital Senior News Editor ROSA SANCHEZ Senior Social Media Editor MARIAH MORRISON Digital Culture Editor BIANCA BETANCOURT Digital Associate Editor CHELSEY SANCHEZ Executive Assistant to the Editor in Chief ALEXANDRA DELIFER Editorial & Social Media Assistant SABRINA PARK COPY & RESEARCH Copy Chief SARAH STRZELEC Research Chief JIL DERRYBERRY Copy Editor LIEF NIELSEN 04/22

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