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Gun Digest Buyers Guide 2022

Published by pochitaem2021, 2022-07-16 20:01:39

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FN 15 DMR3 Rifle PRESENTED BY Handguns, Federal Rifles, Rimfire, Terminal Optics & Shooting Accessories Ascent Bullet PLUS US $7.99 CAN $8.99 57 Burris 0 74851 50263 1 XTR Pro Riflescope DISPLAY UNTIL OCTOBER 31, 2022

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TABLE OF CONTENTS CONTENTS BUYER’SGUIDE 2022 | VOLUME39 ISSUE11 DEPARTMENTS p. 22 p. 30 6 First Shot 8 Know Your Cartridge COLUMNS 10 Defensive Handgunning RICHARD MANN 14 Hardware Talk PATRICK SWEENEY 16 Drawing Conclusions MARTY HAYES, J.D. 18 Guns & Gear GD EDITORS 82 First Look GD EDITORS FEATURES 22 Sig Sauer P322: This is the .22 pistol you’ve been waiting for. RICHARD MANN 30 Top Semi-Auto Pistols of 2022. ROBERT SADOWSKI 38 The Complete Package: Today’s best cassette-style drop-in triggers. JOSH WAYNER 44 Unexpected Optics: Value riflescopes to meet your hunting, tactical and long-range needs. ELWOOD SHELTON 68 Five Budget Long-Range Rifle Rigs: You don’t need to spend a lot to get a lot. THOMAS GOMEZ 76 If You Build It: Top new reloading gear for 2022. PHIL MASSARO GEAR TO GET p. 38 p. 44 28 Rimfire 30 Handguns 38 Triggers 49 Optics 68 Rifles 78 Reloading THE BEST GUN p. 76 LIST IN PRINT p. 68 51 Show & Auction Listings 57 The Gun Digest Marketplace Gun Digest the Magazine (ISSN 1938-5943) is published monthly by Caribou Media dba Gun Digest Media, LLC. Corporate Headquarters is 5600 W. Grande Market Dr., Suite 100, Appleton, WI 54913. Periodicals postage paid at Appleton, WI 54913 and at additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Gun Digest the Magazine, P.O. Box 460220, Escondido, CA 92046. Copyright © 2022 Gun Digest Media. GUN DIGEST THE MAGAZINE and its logo are registered trademarks. Other names and logos referred to or displayed in editorial or advertising content may be trademarked or copyrighted. The publisher and advertisers are not liable for typographical errors that may appear in prices or descriptions in advertisements. 4|GUN DIGEST THE MAGAZINE|BUYER’S GUIDE 2022 GUNDIGEST.COM

we’ve got you covered The EDC X9 series of 9mm handguns Wilson Combat accessories offer best-in-class reliability and and Bullet Proof™ parts are superb, high-capacity performance. the industry standard made from the highest quality materials for a variety of firearms. Hundreds of extreme Our custom AR Rifles performance, USA-made AR are available in a host of calibers parts, and accessories for your and with unmatched, guaranteed next custom rifle project. accuracy and reliability. FINANCING EASY AND AFFORDABLE GET STARTED AT WWW.WILSONCOMBAT.COM

FIRST SHOT // LUKE HARTLE Are things getting “better,” or are of services, rolling blackouts, supply chain 5600 W. Grande Market Drive, Suite 100 they not? limitations and inflation. Appleton, WI 54913 I stopped by a sandwich shop recently for lunch, and With all this going on, it might seem in- Phone: (920) 471-4522 • FAX: (920) 471-0031 rather than being met with a smile and a sensitive to be offering a buyer’s guide full greeting, I was met with a locked front door of new and shiny guns, optics, ammo and and a handwritten sign that read “Closed gear. But from my perspective, this is also E-mail us: [email protected] due to staffing issues.” That was in the mid- the perfect time. dle of the day … on a Friday. Odd, right? CARIBOU MEDIA GROUP PUBLISHER The basic needs for survival are food, JIM SCHLENDER Maybe everyone was out protesting water and shelter—and “security” is something, somewhere. Or gas prices completely synonymous with “shelter.” EDITOR-IN-CHIEF got so high that it’s not worth it for them And what gives us security? Guns, optics, LUKE HARTLE to drive to work. Or they’re pitching in ammo and gear. It’s quite simple. elsewhere to help alleviate the supply MANAGING EDITOR chain issues plaguing nearly every facet of Please don’t misunderstand this mes- LAURA PELTAKIAN the economy these days. Or, maybe—just sage: I’m not interested in conspiracy maybe—they’re hunkered down at home, theories or trying to incite fear. In fact, ONLINE EDITOR still hiding from the COVID headlines. things are pretty good in my world over- ELWOOD SHELTON all—heck, I can finally find ammo regu- The truth is, I don’t really care. Yes, it larly again. SR. ART DIRECTOR was an inconvenience to not have the GENE COO sandwich I wanted, but I didn’t actually But, on the other hand, everything have to go far to work up a plan B and seems extremely volatile right now—vola- ART DIRECTOR find some lunch. My simple point is this: tile and weird. My philosophy? Work to- KATIA SVERDLOVA There’s still plenty of weirdness going on ward peace while preparing for the worst. all over this country, forcing itself into our With preparation comes security, and COLUMNISTS daily lives, for which we all need to be pre- with security comes peace of mind. FRANK GALLI, RICHARD MANN, pared—high gas prices, protests of legal PHIL MASSARO, PATRICK SWEENEY, decisions, foreign wars, random shutdown MARTY HAYES 6|GUN DIGEST THE MAGAZINE|BUYER’S GUIDE 2022 ADVERTISING SALES ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER RYAN FARNER (760) 809-8729 [email protected] SENIOR ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE ALEX OSTROWSKI (920) 212-5677 [email protected] SENIOR ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE DAVID FIGG (813) 418-1060 [email protected] SENIOR ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE LORI MCDANIEL (715) 498-3768 [email protected] ADVERTISING ASSISTANTS BROOKE CASTLE CHING CORNFORTH GUN DIGEST MEDIA, LLC GM/PUBLISHER GLEN CASTLE DIRECTOR OF FINANCE JENNIFER SEXSTONE NETWORK MANAGER JOHN SCHWARTZE NEWSSTAND SALES NPS MEDIA GROUP [email protected] Subscription Services U.S. and Canada: 1 (800) 829-9127 Outside the U.S.: (760) 407-2297 P.O. Box 460220 Escondido, CA 92046 E-mail: [email protected] GUNDIGEST.COM

RAPID FIRE // KNOW YOUR CARTRIDGE FROM GUN DIGEST’S CARTRIDGES OF THE WORLD. ORDER AT GUNDIGESTSTORE.COM. Bill Ruger’s handheld namesake. HISTORICAL NOTES The key to delivering the two-thirds rugged double-action six-shooter, the of a ton of muzzle energy is a well-rea- Super Redhawk, which wears an integral After a half-century of production, soned balance among bullet weight, scope mounting system on the top strap. millions of shooters use Bill Ruger’s velocity and operating pressure, in a It has served big-game handgun hunters firearms—but only one very special cartridge derived from the venerable and metallic silhouette target shooters pistol cartridge bears the man’s name. .45-70 case. with distinction. The .480 Ruger was never intended to be the biggest and heaviest-recoiling The cartridge is chambered in Ruger’s handgun cartridge on the block. It splits the difference between the .44 .480 RUGER FACTORY BALLISTICS Remington Magnum and .454 Casull cartridges. BULLET POWDER GRAINS VELOCITY ENERGY SOURCE 325 Hornady XTP FL FL 1,350 1,315 Hornady GENERAL COMMENTS Using a Hornady 325-grain XTP Magnum bullet (diameter 0.475 inch) and Hornady brass, the .480 Ruger of- fers a significant velocity and energy increase over the .44 Remington Mag- num cartridge, but without the recoil disadvantage of other super-powered handgun cartridges. 8|GUN DIGEST THE MAGAZINE|BUYER’S GUIDE 2022 GUNDIGEST.COM

DEFENSIVE HANDGUNNING // RICHARD MANN Top ways to carry extra ammo. 01 04 03 02 I f you pour over the pages of magazine carrier needs to be IWB 07 gun magazines or scour the or OWB. Next, you’ll need to decide internet, when it comes to ev- if one hand insertion is important. 01 CLCM Carry Lite Mag eryday carry (EDC), you’ll find Then, you’ll need to determine if a Carrier more than enough information on tension adjustment is—given your handguns and holsters. I’m not sug- lifestyle—needed, and if the color This is the least expensive dedicated magazine gesting all this information is good matters at all. Do you want leather or carrier Galco offers. It’s made of premium information, just that there’s a lot of it. a man-made material, which side will cut steer hide and will fit belts up to 1¾-inch you carry it on, and how much mon- wide. This pouch could be worn IWB or OWB. In most every EDC-type article, ey are you willing to spend? These However, if worn IWB, it’s not stiff enough to you’ll also see a reference to—or at are all additional considerations hold the belt out for one-hand insertion. From least the encouragement of—carry- an EDC standpoint, this isn’t a concern, but it’s ing a reload. What you don’t see a lot With double-stacked 9mm hand- not a good idea for a training class. It’s very of information on is specifics about guns being the most prolific con- ambidextrous and comfortable, and only comes how to carry that reload. Granted, cealed carry guns, I looked at what in black. an extra magazine for a defensive Galco had to offer and asked them MSRP: $30 handgun isn’t all that heavy, but a to send me samples of seven differ- double-staked 10-round magazine ent models. Prices ranged from $24 GUNDIGEST.COM will approach about a half pound. to $74, and when I received them, I spent at least a full day wearing each So, what’s the best way to carry it? of them, while attempting to keep To answer that question, let’s them concealed. first look at some considerations. First, you’ll need to decide if your Here’s what I learned. 10|GUN DIGEST THE MAGAZINE|BUYER’S GUIDE 2022

02 SMC Single Magazine 03 Best OWB Option: QMC 04 Kydex Single Magazine Pouch Quick Magazine Carrier Carrier This is an ambidextrous mag pouch made of pre- With a preference for leather, this is one of my favorite If you’re not a leather fan, this Kydex mag carrier mium steer hide and is available either black or tan. mag carriers. It’s similar to the Concealable Magazine is a good option. It comes in black only, but it’s It has a leather loop belt strap with a snap, and Carrier, but instead of a belt loop, it has an injection ambidextrous. It also has a tension device and is while it’s an OWB design, it could be worn IWB … but molded 1¾-inch clip for easy on and easy off. It’s am- packaged with a belt slot and a belt clip. It’ll obvi- not as comfortably. It does have a tension device to bidextrous, comes in black and is made of premium ously hold its shape and allow one-hand insertion. help hold your magazine in place and would make steer hide. It can also be worn effectively between the I really liked the clip option for the on- and-off an excellent range/training pouch as well as an EDC belt and pants. Worn like this, it would still technically ease it allows. For a single pouch for range/practice option. If you like the Kydex Single Magazine Carrier be OWB carry, but this method pulls the carrier a little exercises, you’d be hard pressed to find a better but prefer leather, this is the perfect carrier. It, too, closer to the body to prevent printing. Carrying in this option. On me, it tended to print a bit much for EDC tended to print a bit with an untucked shirt. manner also makes on and off even easier. when wearing just an untucked shirt. MSRP: $56 MSRP: $74 MSRP: $52 05 07 Concealable Magazine 06 Carrier Constructed of premium steer hide, this is the most expensive single magazine carrier offered by Galco. Well, that’s unless you want it made of exotic leather like shark or alligator, where prices can quadruple. It’s an ambidextrous minimalist OWB option, that’s very attractive, but there’s no tension adjustment. At $74, it’s available in black, tan or Havana brown. One- hand insertion shouldn’t be a problem, and it’s show-off barbecue appropriate. It would also be a good choice for range/training exercises. MSRP: $74 05 Best IWB Option: Inside 06 Carry Safe Accessory For EDC application, if you’re go- the Waistband Magazine Carrier ing to carry a reload for your pistol, Carrier you need to be able to carry it com- This isn’t specifically a magazine carrier, but it can be fortably—and you need to be able to This is a well-made IWB option that’s ambidextrous used for that purpose. Alternatively, it could hold a conceal it. For working on the range, and comes in black. The belt loop is offset to reduce loaded speed strip for a revolver, a compact flashlight it’s a good idea to train the way you bulk. It also comes with an optional, height adjust- or even pepper spray. While it’s best worn outside the carry. However, sometimes range able, Santoprene, 1¾-inch belt loop and an optional, belt and constructed of fabric, it does have a retention training is more focused on shoot- tuckable, 1¼-inch C-hook. Made of ultra-smooth strap to hold whatever it’s carrying in place. It’s avail- ing than on tactical application. For premium steerhide, it’s also ultra-comfortable. But able in any color you like—as long as its black. Unless those instances, an OWB style pouch the softness that makes it so comfortable mostly you’re engaging in rigorous physical activity with worry that facilitates one-hand insertion prevents one-hand insertion, depending on how tight of your magazine falling out of the pouch, this carrier is is a good idea. It’s also a good idea you wear your belt. For IWB carry, this may be one of probably best left for accessories. If you need to reload to pay as much attention to the way the best options available from any manufacturer, during a fight, having to unstrap your magazine carrier you carry your reload as to how you and it’s totally worth the price of admission. isn’t a good idea. I’d rate this as the least appealing carry your pistol. If you think it’s not magazine pouch, but at its price I’d suggest everyone as important, then don’t bother car- MSRP: $64 get one, especially if you like to carry a compact tacti- rying a spare magazine. cal flashlight. MSRP: $24 GUNDIGEST.COM BUYER’S GUIDE 2022|GUN DIGEST THE MAGAZINE |11

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I shoot a lot, so I go through a lot of ammo. (No, I don’t have any extra I can send you.) One match, in particular, that I still compete in is The Pin Shoot, which calls for ammo in near cubic-foot quantities. Long ago, I gave up on cardboard boxes to store ammo and ended up with a room lined with shelves stuffed with plastic shoebox-sized contain- ers—but they’re not durable enough to go on the road. MTM solved that problem. The X-Can Ammo Crate is a set of ammo cans in plastic, with a holding tray. I use X because they make them in The three-can, three 50-caliber cans, and four and five doing so.) That way I don’t have to .50-caliber Ammo .30-caliber cans. open the lids to see what is what; I just Crate, with cans and read the label. So, you have (and I have) three 50- tray, labeled. caliber plastic ammo cans, in a durable Now, if you want to keep your ammo tray that lets you pick them all up at individually stored, MTM makes The label tells the once. The tray handles also have clear- ammo boxes. As for me, I tried that author what’s in- ance for a securing strap, so you can back in the 1970s and got tired of it side, and the ammo keep all the cans in the tray with a strap. pretty quickly. Not to brag, but in the stays protected, volume I shoot (and many others do as as MTM makes the Capacities? Well, my three-can well), you pour ammo; you don’t pluck cans with a rubber .50-caliber Ammo Crate has 12-gauge each round out of its individual slot. O-ring seal in the buckshot in them, and each of the At least, not reloads. three cans holds just under 200 shells. lid. The .30-caliber tray (I have just the With the MTM Ammo Crate sys- four-can, because it fits on top of the tem, my ammo can be loaded and la- three-can .50-caliber tray just right) beled. And when it comes time to pack with its four cans, each of which holds up for the trip to the range, it’s easy to approximately 1,000 rounds of 9mm, grab a can or pick up a whole tray and or up to 600 .45 ACP. So, with one tray slide it into the vehicle. of each size, I can have pretty much all the ammo I’ll need for the Main Range Oh, fair warning: A tray stuffed to at The Pin Shoot. (The rifle and shot- the gills with ammo gets to be heavy. gun slug events are a different matter.) If you haven’t practiced or prepared yourself to pick up 50 to 75 pounds of Ammo cans are good, but you can’t ammo, you’re going to hurt yourself. see into them. What’s in there? You can pop open the lid to see, or you That’s about the only drawback I can can write it down. Writing, invented see, but having 75 pounds of ammo is in Mesopotamia in about 3,300 B.C., an excellent problem to have. lets us keep track of things and iden- tify things. What I do is turn on my So, grit your teeth, pay the freight compact Brother label maker and label for primers and load in volume. Then, the contents. (Yes, I sometimes have store in volume; practice takes ammo. flashes of The Big Bang Theory while If you’re going to get good at shooting, you have to spend more time shooting than you do storing ammo. GUNDIGEST.COM BUYER’S GUIDE 2022|GUN DIGEST THE MAGAZINE |15

DR AW I NG CONCLUSIONS // MARTY HAYES, J.D. Understanding what happens to your brain and body when you’re under attack. “The good news is that investigating officers are more likely to write up a report calling the shooting justifiable. The bad news is that more prosecutors are being elected on an anti-gun, anti-self-defense platform.” 16|GUN DIGEST THE MAGAZINE|BUYER’S GUIDE 2022 GUNDIGEST.COM

“While the brain is command- ing the trigger finger to work, the optic nerve is now sensing a change in the input (the sus- pect falling to the ground). In the extreme stress of the event, it’d take a minimum of the 0.25 second previously discussed, to more likely 0.5 to 1.0 second for the brain to overcome the last command and cease firing.” GUNDIGEST.COM Marty Hayes is president and founder of the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network Inc. Possessing a Juris Doctor degree, he has over 30 years of experi- ence teaching the law of self-defense through his own training school, The Firearms Academy of Seattle, and for the world-renown Massad Ayoob Group. He routinely works as an expert witness in self-defense cases. BUYER’S GUIDE 2022|GUN DIGEST THE MAGAZINE |17

GU NS & GE A R // GDTM EDITORS 01 Sig Sauer P320- 02 Aimpoint Duty RDS 03 Springfield SA-35 04 SilencerCo XTEN Harvester EVO Aimpoint sights are widely regarded as Among Springfield, FN and Turkish Suppressor Some people are still staunch believ- the gold standard of red-dot optics, but companies like Girsan, the HiPower has ers in the power of 10mm, but in our that reputation comes with a high price been experiencing a renaissance as of Understanding that one of the most world where 9mm reigns king, their tag. Aiming to produce a lower-cost late. This alone is reason to celebrate, practical and popular suppressor applica- handgun options have been com- electronic optic for law enforcement, as many would argue that the HiPower tions today is hunting, SilencerCo released paratively limited. With Sig Sauer’s Aimpoint released the Duty RDS. Origi- was Browning’s best pistol design and the Harvester EVO. Purpose-built to be release of the P320-XTEN, however, nally only available to police, the Duty one that never received appropriate the hunter’s do-it-all can, the Harvester there’s one more solid option on the RDS was released to the commercial attention or praise in the U.S. thanks to EVO can be used on everything from .223 list. The P320-XTEN is essentially a market earlier this year and with a rela- our affinity with the 1911. For those who Remington to .300 Winchester, although full-size P320 in 10mm with XSeries tively affordable price as well. The optic were late to the BHP party, Springfield’s it’s most effective with .30-caliber projec- features. The pistol sports a new is a no-frills 2-MOA red-dot sight that new SA-35 is now here to help get tiles. Since surviving being trekked long XSeries grip frame with an extended includes a riser mount and is powered by you through the door. While FN’s new distances through rough country was nec- beavertail, a flat-faced trigger and an a single CR2032 battery. The battery can HiPower was a drastic departure from essary for a can like this, SilencerCo made optics-ready slide. The XTEN has a be changed without removing the optic, the original design, Springfield went the it shorter (6.24-inch OAL) and lighter (10.8 15-round magazine capacity, and the but that shouldn’t need to be done too more conservative approach. The SA-35 ounces) than most other suppressors, 5-inch barrel will help to unlock the often, thanks to the advertised battery is a new-production, American-made while keeping it durable thanks to the full potential of 10mm as well. life of more than three years on bright- HiPower clone built using modern ma- use of stainless steel, Inconel and Cobalt ness setting seven. chining with a few, subtle upgrades. 6 in its construction. Each can ships with MSRP: About $1,000 (not direct thread 1/2x28 and 5/8x24 mounts, yet available) MSRP: $499 MSRP: $699 making it ready to attach to most common threaded hunting rifles. MSRP: $680 01 01 03 04 02 18|GUN DIGEST THE MAGAZINE|BUYER’S GUIDE 2022 GUNDIGEST.COM

05 Colt Short-Barreled 06 Holosun AEMS 07 Walther WMP Python The advantages of enclosed-style red-dot Unveiled at NRAAM 2022, this was another unexpected release this For too many years, Colt’s iconic snake revolvers sights have become more talked about lately. year. While there’s a decent selection of .22 Magnum revolvers on the had been relegated to the secondhand market. One of the models embracing this trend market, options were severely lacking in the automatic pistol depart- Thankfully, however, in 2017, the company began is the Holosun AEMS (Advanced Enclosed ment. The Kel-Tec PMR 30 was one of the only readily available models reintroducing several popular models. The most Micro Sight). The housing is made of 7075- for a while, but Walther has just changed that with the release of the head-turning release recently has been the Colt T6 aluminum, which, combined with its WMP (Walther Magnum Pistol). While the WMP may not have the short-barrel Python. The 3-inch barrel now pro- enclosed nature, makes for one durable optic. same giant capacity as the PMR 30, it’s still very respectable at 15+1 vides shooters with a more CCW-friendly option The emitter is protected from the elements, rounds. The pistol also comes optics-ready. These features combine for those interested in carrying a .357 Magnum, making the AEMS impervious to mud and to make the WMP a very interesting new option not only for plinking, with the same quality and excellent DA/SA trigger snow—and even allowing the optic to survive competing and hunting, but also for defense for those who may not be as Colt’s full-sized Python models. The short- being submerged in water. Despite all this, the comfortable with a larger caliber. barrel Pythons feature adjustable rear sights and AEMS manages to remain very compact and a quick-acquisition front sight ramp with a red, lightweight at 3.9 ounces. The optic also has MSRP: $549 user-changeable insert. The polished stainless a very large viewing window with three dif- steel finish and checkered walnut grips make this ferent reticle options to choose from, and it’s GEAR one classy-looking piece as well, but many still available with either a green or red dot. wish that a blued finish was an option, too. MSRP: $470.58 (Red) MSRP: $1,499 TO GET07 05 06 GUNDIGEST.COM BUYER’S GUIDE 2022|GUN DIGEST THE MAGAZINE |19

GU NS & GE A R // GDTM EDITORS 08 FN 15 DMR3 Rifles 09 Springfield 10 Zastava 11 Smith & Wesson Armory SAINT Edge ZPAPM90PS CSX FN is a storied producer of AR-pattern ATC rifles by this point, having made M16 While AKs have grown more popular in Smith & Wesson came out of left field variants for the U.S. military since Springfield’s ATC rifle looks a bit awkward America in recent years, the future of when they revealed the CSX pistol at the late 1980s. Since the company at first glance, primarily due to the 7.62x39 ammo supplies has never been SHOT Show 2022. The market has been began producing commercial rifles component that gives the rifle its name. more uncertain. In response, 5.56x45mm saturated with polymer-framed micro-9 for the civilian market in 2014, FN has ATC stands for “Accurized Tactical Chassis,” AKs, in particular, have grown in popular- carry pistols over the past few years, and shown some interesting innovations and it’s this new feature that’s at the ity as well. Zastava of Serbia had offered as nice as they can be, most agree we’ve on the platform. Sporting 18-inch bar- heart of the Edge ATC’s performance. the ZPAP85 5.56 AK pistol for quite a seen plenty of them. The CSX pistol rels, the FN DMR line of rifles is more Advertised as a rifle that can extract while, but it wasn’t until the summer of breaks the modern CCW pistol mold by concerned with precision than with maximum precision out of the AR 2021 that the company began importing being alloy metal-framed, hammer-fired handiness or speed. The barrel on the platform and .223/5.56 cartridge, the ATC ZPAP M90 5.56 rifles, too. M90 rifles and SAO, but it’s still a “micro-sized” new DMR3 is free-floated and made rifle features a free-floated barrel and sport 18.25-inch barrels to provide the 9mm with a decent capacity of 10 … of FN’s famous “machine gun barrel” a monolithic aluminum lower receiver/ lightweight 5.56 projectiles with more or 12+1 depending, on the magazine. steel; it’s also chrome-lined and sport- handguard. This monolithic chassis is then energy than a standard 16.3-inch barrel Most who’ve shot the CSX have noted ing a 1:8 twist. Each DMR3 includes a tensioned to the upper using “Accu-Tite would, and each gun includes a Magpul it for having good ergonomics despite two-stage Geissele GS2 trigger and a Plus” set screws, eliminating play and folding Zhukov stock and an adjustable being so compact. It might not be for SureFire ProComp muzzle brake. The providing a more secure lockup. These gas system. The M90 isn’t the only 5.56 everyone, but it was nice to see a fresh FN 15 DMR3 might not be the AR-15 for combined systems allow Springfield to AK option on the market, but it remains design in an otherwise stagnant CCW everyone, but the upgrades included in guarantee sub-MOA accuracy from the one of the best to consider. handgun market. this new model make for one very nice ATC when used by a good shooter with precision-oriented AR. match-grade ammo. MSRP: $1,223.99 MSRP: $609 MSRP: Starts at $2,152 MSRP: $1,549 09 08 20|GUN DIGEST THE MAGAZINE|BUYER’S GUIDE 2022 11 GUNDIGEST.COM

12 Creedmoor 13 True Velocity 14 Arrowhead Sports Advanced Composite-Cased Tactical Apparel Press Head Ammo CCW Clothes The Redding T-7 reloading press This product may not offer any Arrowhead Tactical Apparel came is one of the most popular mod- obvious advantages for the aver- onto the scene in 2021 to provide els on the market. Despite being age shooter, but it represents more comfortable options for so well-liked, Creedmoor Sports an important step in ammuni- concealed carry-friendly clothing. still felt like there was room for tion technology. True Velocity’s If your desire to wear gym shorts or improvement. Their answer was composite-cased ammo was sweatpants has ever prevented you the Creedmoor Advanced Press originally developed for the U.S. from packing, this company’s prod- Head, a drop-in upgrade for the Army’s Next Generation Squad ucts are worth looking at. They offer Redding T-7. By using improved Weapon program, and despite not multiple styles of athletic shorts and manufacturing technologies, being selected for adoption, it’s pants, but they all share a common Creedmoor Sports can make its still an important milestone. While component: an internal belt system. upgraded components ultra- the company makes other calibers This internal belt is invisible to the flat and with incredibly tight as well, currently only .308 Win- outside observer, yet it allows for the tolerances. The result is a press chester is available commercially wearer to carry a holstered pistol just that’s more precise, easier to with a choice of either HPBT or as securely as is possible with jeans use and one that should last Nosler AccuBond projectiles. This is and a gun belt. This can be a great longer as well. This looks to be certainly well-made ammunition, solution for those whose desired a must-have upgrade for any but the 30 percent reduction in wardrobe has left them unarmed in serious reloader who uses a weight it offers isn’t worth much the past. Redding T-7. while hunting or at the range, mak- ing this more a collectible curiosity MSRP: $94.99 (Carrier Pants) MSRP: $179.95 than anything practical with its current cost per round. 14 MSRP: $69.99, box of 20 10 12 13 GUNDIGEST.COM BUYER’S GUIDE 2022|GUN DIGEST THE MAGAZINE |21

SIG SAUER P322 // RICHARD MANN This is the .22 pistol you’ve been waiting for. 22|GUN DIGEST THE MAGAZINE|BUYER’S GUIDE 2022 GUNDIGEST.COM

Notice the three controls on the left side of the P322. From muzzle-end to rear, you have the take- down lever, the slide lock and the manual safety. If you want to go full-tactical, you can with the P322. W ith the country seem- providing an almost perfect balance of it forward and off the carbon steel bar- ingly in constant comfort and security in hand. There’s rel. The recoil spring wraps around the uproar, self-defense also a nice undercut behind the trigger barrel and is held captive by a bushing handguns are selling guard, and a three-slot accessory rail behind the thread protector on the like acid at Woodstock. Rightly so: Ev- that could be used to mount a light or muzzle. eryone is worried for their safety. laser. But there’s no real reason to remove But there are these things called .22 The gun ships with two trigger it; you can punch the tube and access pistols—and while they’re not ideal for shoes; one is flat, and the other is all the internals once the slide has been self-defense, they’re fantastic for help- curved. These shoes can be swapped removed. If you want to use a suppres- ing you become a better pistol shot. with the assistance of a small punch in sor, an adapter is supplied with the They’re even better at helping you have less than a minute. The grip frame also gun. fun. has an ambidextrous manual thumb safety and an ambidextrous slide lock. The pistol’s 4.6-ounce slide is an Sig Sauer has introduced a .22 pistol On both sides, both controls are just that might be the best thing we’ve seen small metal tabs. The slide lock is since Ruger introduced their famous small and about the right size; how- semi-automatic rimfire pistol in 1949. ever, I’d like a bit more robust thumb That’s a bold statement, and one I be- safety. There’s also a takedown lever on lieve the Sig Sauer P322 can back up. the left side of the frame, and, smartly, if there’s a magazine in the gun, it can- SIG’S ‘BIG’ .22 not be activated. Like Sig Sauer’s popular P320 and Field-stripping this pistol is about P365 pistols, the P322 is built around a as easy as it gets. With the pistol un- polymer frame. To me, it feels a bit like loaded and the magazine removed, the P365, but this is a full-size pistol, simply rotate the takedown lever 90 with a full-size grip and a 4-inch bar- degrees counterclockwise, pull the rel. The grip surfaces are textured on slide to the rear and up, and then slide the sides and on the front and back, GUNDIGEST.COM BUYER’S GUIDE 2022|GUN DIGEST THE MAGAZINE |23

SIG SAUER P322 //JOSH WAYNER From the top, you can clearly see the ambidextrous manual safeties and slide locks. The takedown lever is the most forward lever on the pistol’s left side. mounting plate that’s removable with two screws. Once this plate is removed, you can mount a Sig Sauer RomeoZero Elite mini-reflex sight, which retails for about $200. For some of the test- ing, I used a Crimson Trace CTC-1500 reflex sight. alloy metal and, by looking at the pic- disconnect to keep the pistol from P322 SPECIFICS tures, you’ve probably assumed this is firing unless it’s fully in battery. Also, a striker-fired pistol. It’s not. Hidden the manual thumb safety prevents the So, let’s get back to the trigger. As under the rear portion of the slide is trigger from full depression and sear mentioned, it comes with two trigger a hammer. This is a single-action pis- release. faces or shoes that are easily swapped. tol, which goes a long way explaining Some will like the flat-faced trigger why the trigger is so good, but more There are front and rear grasping shoe, and others will like the curved. on that later. Inside the slide, there’s groves on the slide, and it comes with The pull sensation seems a bit lighter a firing pin that the hammer strikes, three-dot fiber-optic sights that in- with the flat-faced trigger, but the trig- and there’s also a hammer-blocking cludes a fully adjustable rear. That said, ger shoe/face has nothing to do with there’s a bit of weirdness with the rear pull weight; it only changes the way sight: The adjustments aren’t where the trigger feels to your finger. With you think they should be. The wind- either installed, the trigger on the test age adjustment is on top of the sight gun had a slight bit of take-up and and the elevation adjustment in on the just a bit of a hitch before the trigger side. Also, the rear sight is part of a releases the sear. But, at the break, it was clean and consistent at an amazing 3 pounds. Now, let’s talk about the magazines. A 20-round magazine for a .22 pistol is rather uncommon, and it’s one of the things that makes the P322 so much fun to shoot. However, if you don’t load these magazines correctly, you’re 24|GUN DIGEST THE MAGAZINE|BUYER’S GUIDE 2022 GUNDIGEST.COM

Notice on the top of the frame, just above the tang, you’ll see the hammer. This is a single-action—not a striker fired—pistol. The recoil spring is held captive by the barrel and the thread protector for the threaded muzzle. likely to experience some problems. ounces. One thing that really On each side of the magazine, there’s With a handgun you’re sets the P322 apart from other rimfire pistols is its a button to help you compress the going to like as much as 20-round magazine. If you magazine spring while loading. It’s fine this one, you’re likely to want load it correctly, this gun to use these buttons … but only on a to carry it around. I don’t one-round at a time basis. By that I mean as a self-defense EDC will run any ammo you mean don’t pull the follower way down gun, but very likely as a trail gun want to put through it. and drop rounds in the magazine. If or as a gun to have handy as you’re you do this, they’re likely to get out of working on the ranch or farm, or position once the follower is released. when hunting. For starters, Sig Sauer If that happens, you’ll have some is- does offer a polymer IWB/OWB hol- sues. If you load these magazines right, ster for the P322. As popular as I’m this gun will run just like Forest Gump. sure this handgun will almost imme- diately become, it won’t be long until Size-wise, Sig Sauer lists this pistol there are lots of holster options out as “compact.” From front to rear, it there from a variety of makers. measures 7 inches, and it’s 1.4 inches wide and 5.5 inches tall. I guess that’s PUNCHING HOLES not duty-size pistol proportions, but it’s nearly identical in size to the Glock The pistol was tested for precision 22 I carried on duty for many years. from a sandbag rest at 10 yards with However, the light weight of this two different loads. The average group pistol would probably place it in the size for six, five-shot groups—three sub-compact category, at least when groups with each load—was 0.85 inch. compared to centerfire handguns. Un- This is quite respectable for open loaded, it tips the scales at a mere 17.1 sights, and with a reflex sight attached, GUNDIGEST.COM BUYER’S GUIDE 2022|GUN DIGEST THE MAGAZINE |25

SIG SAUER P322 //JOSH WAYNER The P322 is shipped with a suppressor adapter. SIG The P322 ships with SAUER two trigger faces that P322 can be easily swapped out. ACTION: Semi-automatic I bet those groups would shrink a capabilities only add to the effective- CHAMBERING: .22 Long Rifle bit. On the range I had no problem ness and fun of the P322, and it’d be a BARREL LENGTH: Carbon steel, 4 inches consistently ringing a 4-inch gong— great trainer gun for those transition- OVERALL LENGTH: 7 inches offhand—at 25 yards. And, the pistol ing from open sights to reflex sights on WIDTH: 1.4 inches ran perfectly … as long as I took the a carry pistol. HEIGHT: 5.5 inches time to make sure the magazines were SIGHT RADIUS: 6 inches loaded with care. Prices for the new Sig Sauer P322 ACCESSORY RAIL: M1913 with three slots seem to be all over the map; I’ve seen TRIGGER: Single-action 3 pounds As far as I’m concerned, the Sig them as high as $800—twice the mini- GRIP: Polymer/stainless steel Sauer P322 is the best new rimfire mum advertised price. However, as SLIDE: Alloy steel, hard-coat anodized pistol of 2022. Time will of course tell supply catches up with demand, prices SAFETY: Ambidextrous, manual thumb style how durable these pistols are, but if it should drop to something more practi- SIGHTS: Three-dot fiber optic, adjustable rear holds up long term, it’s positioned to cal and affordable. (removable slide plate for optics mounting) become one of the best .22 pistols ever. CAPACITY: 20+1 You can compete with this pistol. You When they do, if you like to shoot ACCESSORIES: Two magazines, suppressor can hunt small game with this pistol. pistols, you need one of these. In fact, adapter, curved and flat trigger shoe, loader And, of course, you can blow through maybe you ought to get two of them. assist, sight adjustment wrench, foam-filled a brick of .22 ammo in no time at all, hard-sided case plinking and having fun. MAP (MINIMUM ADVERTISED PRICE): $399 The optics- and suppressor-ready 26|GUN DIGEST THE MAGAZINE|BUYER’S GUIDE 2022 GUNDIGEST.COM

GEAR TO GET Rimfire 2022 04 02 01 03 05 01 Browning 02 Taurus TX22 03 Ruger 04 Norma 05 Bushnell Buck Mark Plus Competition Wrangler Rimfire Ammo Rimfire Vision Americana SCR Birdshead 3-9X40mm Suppressor Rimfire handguns and rifles are Illuminated Ready New for 2022, Taurus has taken Not everyone is into semi-au- worthless without ammo, and, their TX22 and reconfigured it to rimfire handguns; most of for 2022, Norma has introduced There are three things The newest Buck Mark rimfire for Steel Challenge compe- us have some cowboy in us— three new loads. Their Xtreme that make this new handgun from Browning is a tition. It comes with three and it’s an itch that needs LR-22 is intended for long- rimfire riflescope from real looker, especially if you’re magazines, a threaded muzzle periodic scratching. The best range precision, but the ECO Bushnell special. The of the patriotic mindset. This with a thread protector and a and most affordable way to Power-22 and Hunter Power-22 first is its BDC reticle pistol has a vibrant blue frame compensator, and an optics do that might be with Ruger’s loads have been designed for that’s ideally configured and barrel shroud, with white mount is standard. But the new Wrangler Birdshead. hunting. The ECO load pushes for the .22 Long Rifle am- starts and cutouts revealing optics mount on this pistol is This single-action revolver a lead-free 24-grain bullet at munition with a muzzle the bright red barrel. It comes different: The slide is of the has a 3.75-inch barrel and a blistering 1,700 fps, with 155 velocity of about 1,240 with a fully adjustable rear open-top configuration, and comes with either a black, foot-pounds of muzzle energy. fps. The second neat sight, a fiber-optic front sight the optics mount is attached silver or burnt bronze Cera- The bullet is of a fragmenting thing about this scope and an optics rail. As the name directly to the barrel. Since this kote finish. Ideal for plinking design; it has four petals that is that the BDC reticle suggests, this pistol is suppres- is a blowback pistol, the barrel but with enough precision sheer off and radiate outward is illuminated. I’ve been sor ready, and it ships with its never moves. This means the for small-game hunting, the from the primary bullet path. testing this scope for a own pistol rug for storage and sight will get pounded less, Wrangler Birdshead also The Hunter load is topped off few months, and it way transport. and it should last and hold zero carries well on the trail and is with a 40-grain hollow point at outperforms its price longer. easy on the pocketbook. 1,260 fps. tag. MSRP: $799.99 MSRP: $589 MSRP: $279 MSRP: $6.99 and up (50 MSRP: $119.99 count) 28|GUN DIGEST THE MAGAZINE|BUYER’S GUIDE 2022 GUNDIGEST.COM


W e had just finished The Canik Rival mourning the loss of the Browning Hi- CZ P10 F Power when Spring- Competition-Ready field Armory decided to introduce a new clone of the iconic pistol. Then, with white outline. The Buck Mark extended magazine catch, extended FN, the original manufacturer of the Plus Vision Black/Gold Suppressor slide stop, and HB Industries trigger. Hi-Power, did the classic pistol one Ready (MSRP $749.99) has all the Comes with a matte black finish and better with a reworked design. I’ve run features of the Americana but with a gold accents on the barrel, slide cover the SA-35 and can only say I am smit- matte black frame and barrel sleeve and trigger. Ships three magazines ten. The only question is: Do we call it with diamond shape cutouts that re- equipped with aluminum Henning a Hi-Power or High Power? veal a gold barrel. Group bases. There were other new semi-auto CANIK More competition-ready guns pistol happenings: Look for micro-9s include an updated CZ TS 2 (MSRP: that are red-dot ready from H&K, Tau- The SFx Rival (MSRP: $680) is de- $1,695) built on the classic but highly rus, Mossberg, SCCY, SIG and others. signed for IDPA, IPSC and USPSA. modified CZ 75 frame. This racer These compact pistols are excellent for Features include adjustable fiber-optic features a slide profile like the Shadow concealed carry. Kimber and Spring- sights, a lightened aluminum flat 2, so reciprocating weight is focused as field Armory continue to evolve the trigger, reversible magazine releases, low as possible. Chambered in 9mm 1911 platform with new releases. The ambidextrous slide release, aggressive- and 40 S&W. The CZ TS 2 Racing Kimber Rapide series is a beautiful ly serrated and ported slide, external Green (MSRP: $2,055) is an evolution yet highly functional line. The Emis- magwell, three backstrap sizes, double of the new TS2, bringing in some criti- sary from Springfield Armory brings undercut triggerguard, ergonomically cal features like thin green anodized near-custom gun quality direct from redesigned beavertail and aggressive aluminum grips, magazines with green the factory. Brands like CZ, Browning grip texturing. Comes in gray with anodized bases, height-adjustable rear and Canik are pushing the envelope Cerakoted gold accents and in an all- sight, extended left-side safety, thumb on competition pistols. What’s new in black configuration. rest, flat side stop and adjustable green semi-automatic pistols? Read on. magazine release. Also new to the P-10 CZ-USA series is the P-10 M (MSRP: $505), a BROWNING concealed carry 9mm with an internal The P-10 F Competition-Ready slide stop. No controls or levers are on Get your rimfire competition on (MSRP: $1,009) is built for speed either side of the gun other than the with the new Buck Mark Plus Vision and accuracy. This 9mm is built on a magazine release. This helps prevent Americana Suppressor Ready (MSRP full-size P-10 F frame with a half-inch any part of the pistol from snagging on $799.99). It features an anodized blue longer barrel and slide for an extended receiver with white stars and cutout sight radius. Features include fiber- stripes revealing a red barrel. Includes optic front sight and fixed serrated a Picatinny optics rail, suppressor- rear sight, optics ready, Apex Tactical ready threaded barrel, muzzle brake, UFX overmolded grips, fiber-optic front sight and adjustable rear sight The Browning Buck Mark Plus Vision Americana Suppressor Ready GUNDIGEST.COM BUYER’S GUIDE 2022|GUN DIGEST THE MAGAZINE |31

TOP SEMI-AUTO PISTOLS 2022 // ROBERT SADOWSKI FN 502 Tactical FDE Heckler & Koch VP9SK clothing during the draw. HECKLER & KOCH Kimber R7 Mako HK’s new VP9SK (MSRP: $899-$999) is now optics-ready and is compatible with virtually any red-dot optic. Two variants are offered, one with night sights and three magazines (two 13-round and one 10-round) and the second with two mags (one 13-round and one 10-round). FN Kel-Tec P15 Mossberg MC2sc The High Power legend is reborn. front with a fully adjustable, tritium, sights. Both striker-fired pistols feature FN — the original manufacturer of two-dot rear. polymer frames, 11-round flush-fit the famed High Power 9mm — has magazines and 13-round extended introduced a modern update to one of MOSSBERG magazines. Kimber’s Performance Carry the world’s most-trusted single-action Trigger also features a smooth, consistent combat pistols. The new High Power The MC2 series of compact striker- pull and clean break. Kimber gives the (MSRP: $1,269–$1,369) has improved fired 9mms now has two new models. O.I. treatment to both the Micro 9 Black ergonomics and controls and a more The MC2sc (MSRP: $556) features OI (MSRP: $905) and Micro 9 Stainless straightforward takedown design. It 3-dot sights and is optics-ready. It also OI (MSRP: $904); these micro 9mm comes with steel sights, two sets of G10 has a 10-round flush-fit magazine and pistols are factory-fitted with a Swampfox grips and two 17-round magazines, and a 14-round extended magazine. The Sentinel Optic red dot. you can get it in stainless steel, blued or MC2sc TruGlo (MSRP: $662) is set up FDE. with TruG-loc Tritium Pro Night sights Other new Micro 9 models include and is also optics-ready. the Rapide treatment of stepped cocking Want some low-cost rimfire fun? The serrations and slide lightening cuts new 502 Tactical (MSRP: $519) is FN’s KIMBER to four Micro 9 models. The Micro 9 first .22 LR pistol, and it comes tricked out with tactical features. The slide is Kimber’s entrant into the world of high- optics-ready with co-witness iron sights, capacity micro-9s is the R7 Mako O.R. 15-round magazine, front slide serra- (MSRP: $599) with TruGlo night sights tions, accessory rail and threaded barrel. and the R7 Mako O.I. (MSRP: $799) that The hammer-fired 502 has a similar comes with a Crimson Trace CTS-1500 weight to its 9mm big brother, the 509, so red dot co-witnessed with TruGlo night while having fun, you can also train with the 502. Comes in FDE and black with 10- and 15-round magazines. fnamerica. com KEL-TEC There’s a new 9mm striker-fire in town called the P15 (MSRP: $425). Kel-Tec’s new compact pistol has a 15+1 capacity; the flush-fit magazine holds 12 rounds. Sights consist of tritium and fiber-optic 32|GUN DIGEST THE MAGAZINE|BUYER’S GUIDE 2022 GUNDIGEST.COM

Rapide (Black Ice) (MSRP: $986) has a is designed for shooting comfort and like the grip angle and flat-face trigger. Black KimPro finish, TiN-coated barrel EDC. Unique is the chassis system, Man, did I reduce my split time with and flush-fitting magwell; the Micro which is the serialized component of the this factory pistol! The slide has Sig’s 9 Rapide (MSRP: $986) has a black pistol, giving users the flexibility to use Pro-Cut treatment, so it looks like a finish with gold accents; the Micro 9 a wide variety of grip frames. Features CNC programmer was given free rein. Rapide Dawn (MSRP: $986) wears a include two 18-degree interchangeable The slide looks racy, and it has a soft strik-ing two-tone KimPro finish and grip modules to adjust grip size, recoil pulse. It’s also cut for a red dot TIN gold-coated barrel; the Micro 9 ambidextrous magazine release and and outfitted for fast reloads with a Rapide Scorpius (MSRP: $986) has slide catch, and a short, crisp trigger gaping alloy magwell and 17-round with a short reset. Magazine options magazines with Henning Group the Kimpro II black run from 7-, 8- and 10-round capacities. aluminum base pads. finish on the frame, and the slide wears The P320 Classic is a retro take brushed stainless SCCY on the P320 design. This pistol uses sides. The Micro 9 the P320 trigger module assembly ESV Two Tone (MC) The popular and affordable striker-fired in the metal frame, and you’d swear (TP) (MSRP: $976) DVG-1 is available in a red-dot-ready it looks like an old-school Sig. The features a mini-compensator to reduce configuration (MSRP: $469). This Hogue walnut grips give it a classic muzzle flip and felt recoil. The ESV slide lightweight offers a 10+1 capacity and is look. Also new to the P320 line is the is topped with TruGlo Tritium Pro night available in various colors—from lime P320 AXG Equinox (MSRP: $1,200), sights. It wears Hogue black rubber green and pink to black and purple. sccy. which should look familiar to Sig fans. wraparound grips. com The AXG alloy frame and slide have For the 1911 platform, Kimber also the Equinox treatment consisting of extends the Rapide treatment. The SCCY a two-tone polished slide and nickel- Rapide (Dawn) (MSRP: $1,733) has DVG-1 plated controls. This pistol will only be the Kimpro Silver finish with brush- available for a limited time. polished flats and a gold TiN finish barrel. The Rapide (Scorpius) The P365 line also has a new vari- ant with the P365XL Spectre Comp Savage Stance (MSRP: $1,299). As the name implies, this version of the P365 XL has an integrated compensator to reduce muzzle flip and recoil. It features a la- (MSRP: $1,733) SIG SAUER Sig P320 AGX has a Kimpro Black with brush-polished Equinox flats with a black DLC barrel. Both Sig continues to evolve the P320 Rapide 1911s are full-size and chambered design with two new variants: The ser-stippled grip module, optics-ready in 9mm. P320 AXG Pro (MSRP: $1,199) and slide, titanium nitride gold barrel and P320 AXG Classic. The 9mm pistols XSeries flat trigger. SAVAGE use the AXG alloy frame, as far from a polymer frame as possible. The AXG Savage has returned to its roots with frames offer more weight for better a new micro-compact 9mm called recoil management. I’ve been running the Stance (MSRP: $479). This pistol a P320 AXG Pro, and I am impressed. I GUNDIGEST.COM BUYER’S GUIDE 2022|GUN DIGEST THE MAGAZINE |33

TOP SEMI-AUTO PISTOLS 2022 // ROBERT SADOWSKI SPRINGFIELD ARMORY magazines with bumper Springfield Armory pads, forward-cocking SA-35-9mm-Handgun If you haven’t heard, Springfield serrations and a match- Armory introduced its version of grade barrel. The 1911 Springfield Ar- the iconic Hi-Power pistol, called Emissary (MSRP: $1.349) mory Hellcat- the SA-35 (MSRP: $699). At first chambered in .45 Auto RDP 3.8 Micro glance, it might seem to be just is as close as you can get another Hi-Power clone, but it’s not. to a custom gun without paying and thin G10 grips with grenade SA made subtle design changes like a custom gun prices. It features a trip texture. New to the Ronin 1911 forged frame and slide, recontoured top-slide to diffuse light and U-Dot series is a commander-size model hammer (so there is no hammer bite), sights for clean target acquisition. It chambered in 9mm or .45 Auto oversized thumb safety and big, bold has a unique squared-off triggerguard (MSRP: $899). There are two new modern sights. Springfield also ditched with a flat trigger, an accessory rail, 9mm Ronin EMP (MSRP: $899) the magazine disconnect, so the mag models—one with a 3-inch barrel, the drops free, and you can fire the pistol other with a 4-inch barrel. without a magazine inserted. New to the XD-M series is the XD-M Elite Compact OSP (MSRP: The 1911 Garrison series are heirloom-quality 1911s chambered in .45 Auto in either classic hot salt blue finish (MSRP: $849) or stainless steel (MSRP: $899). Features include thin line wood grips, low-profile 3-dot sights, extended thumb safety, skeletonized hammer and extended beavertail. Need a 1911 outfitted with duty-grade tactical features? Check out the 1911 Operator .45 ACP (MSRP: $1,159). This 1911 has Tactical Rack rear/tritium front sights, G10 grips, ambidextrous safety, two 8-round The Smith & Smith & M&P Wesson M&P Wesson M2.0 in Shield Plus CSX 10mm SMITH & WESSON unloaded and is just 6.1 inches in able 18-degree angle the M&P line is length. S&W is chambering the M&P known for. S&W has also gotten back How’s this for ignoring the striker-fire Shield Plus (MSRP: $595) in 9mm and in the 10mm game by introducing the trend? The new CSX (MSRP: $609) is a the all-new .30 Super Carry cartridge. M&P M2.0 (MSRP: $665) in 10mm. hammer-fired subcompact 9mm build With 9mm, you get a 13+1 round This big-bore, full-size M&P has all on an aluminum alloy frame. It has capacity; with .30 Super Carry, you get the M&P M2.0 features, including interchangeable polymer grip inserts, a whopping 15+1 rounds. Both models a flat-face trigger, a slide cut for red ambidextrous slide stops and thumb feature a flat-face trigger, slide cut for dots, four interchangeable palm swell safety. Comes with 10- and 12-round optics, tritium sights and that comfort- grip inserts, etc. magazines. It weighs only 19.5 ounces 34|GUN DIGEST THE MAGAZINE|BUYER’S GUIDE 2022 GUNDIGEST.COM

TOP SEMI-AUTO PISTOLS 2022 // ROBERT SADOWSKI Taurus TX22 Competition SCR TAURUS (MSRP: $589) is the next iteration of Taurus’ TX22 platform. SCR stands Taurus has added the new GX4 for Steel Challenge Ready and features T.O.R.O. (MSRP: $468) to the GX4 TandemKross Game Changer PRO line. This model features the T.O.R.O. squared compensator for added weight (Taurus Optic Ready Option) and a custom bull barrel for enhanced mounting system for attaching a red accuracy. dot. The G3 series now includes a G3X (MSRP: $342)—a compact 9mm with a full-size grip, manual thumb safety and a redesigned 6-pound trigger. The TX22 Competition SCR $653) with a 3.8-inch match barrel and The size except for a 4.6-inch chambered in big-bore calibers like Stoeger threaded barrel and 15-round .45 Auto and 10mm. These compact STR-9C magazines. walther pistols have 10-round magazines and come optics-ready. The XD-M Elite $329-$399) has a 3.5-inch barrel, 10+1 Compact OSP with Hex Drag-onfly capacity, medium backstrap and one You Know Guns optic (MSRP: $837) comes with a variant is optics-ready. stoeger factory-installed red dot. The single- This article is an excerpt from the 76th stack XD-S (MSRP: $465) features a edition of the World’s Greatest Gun 3.3- or 4-inch barrel and a compact Book. To get your 592-page copy, visit grip. They are also available with a factory-mounted red-dot sight (MSRP: $568). GUNDIGEST.COM Finally, the Hellcat gets a bit of the Roland Special treatment in the Hellcat RDP 3.8 inch (MSRP: $962) with a self-indexing compensator and Hex Wasp red-dot sight. This 9mm comes with 11-round flush-mount magazines and a 13-round extended magazine. STOEGER WALTHER Stoeger has added three new models to New to the Walther PDP line is the the STR-9 striker-fire 9mm pistol line. PDP PRO SD Full-Size (MSRP: The STR-9F is full size (MSRP: $329) $829) with a 5.1-inch threaded with a 4.6-inch barrel, 17+1 capacity barrel, Dynamic Performance trigger, and modular backstrap. A 3.8-inch aluminum magwell and comes with barrel is featured on the STR-9C three 18-round magazines with compact (MSRP: $399) with a 13+1 aluminum base pads. A compact capacity, and it comes optics-ready. version, PDP PRO SD (MSRP: $829), The STR-9SC subcompact (MSRP: has the same features as the full 36|GUN DIGEST THE MAGAZINE|BUYER’S GUIDE 2022


THE COMPLETE PACKAGE //JOSH WAYNER Today’s best cassette-style, drop-in triggers. While I’m a bit younger trigger being contained in one packet as a than the average Gun single part, and its corresponding ability Digest writer, I still to be dropped in with little or no gun- lucked out having smithing skill. As far as technology and grown up in the pre-internet age. I’d nev- advancement goes, this is really nothing er go so far as to say that I lived in a cave, new, but 2022 marks the broadest expan- but I certainly have an appreciation for sion of the market. Never has there been the simple things in life, especially those this many options out there for as many things that don’t center on a phone, or a gun types. The number grows seemingly computer or … need their own app. daily with no signs of stopping. I remember the good old days of The advancement of the cassette trig- Blockbuster video and my parents’ stereo. ger has allowed something of a rewind in I also recall the library of tapes and cas- many gun accessory areas; rifles known settes needed to listen to a song or watch for terrible triggers have been given new a movie. Time has marched on, but the life and, in some cases, new accuracy po- simplicity of the self-contained cassette tential has been discovered. In other ar- has now come to a rifle near you, and eas, such as the saturated AR market, new upgrading your stock unit has never been and legacy companies have been able to easier. reach more customers at a wider range of price points. Today, you can buy a cheap HAMMER TIME AR with a crappy trigger, and for an ad- ditional hundred bucks and 10 minutes So, what constitutes a cassette trigger you can do an incredible upgrade. exactly? The answer is a broad one if you count all designs, but it boils down to the A big reason why cassette triggers have 38|GUN DIGEST THE MAGAZINE|BUYER’S GUIDE 2022 GUNDIGEST.COM


THE COMPLETE PACKAGE //JOSH WAYNER become more common is that they’re a 01 .308 Winchester, I prefer single-stage no-fuss solution that’s self-correcting … units with a flat face set to around 2½ in most cases. While the AR design has 02 pounds. On my long-range target rifles, I the broadest range of applications for like a single stage at around 1½ pounds. these types of triggers, let’s also not forget ing the pins and sliding the that the same basic trigger design exists new trigger and sear in as one I run Timney triggers in many of my in most common rifles, such as the AK package. bolt-actions, while my semi-auto rifles series, the SCAR, Sig MPX and more. tend to have a variety. I’ve come to trust Today, an extraordinary Timney over the years and have bagged If it has a traditional design with the number of rifles benefit from most of my game with their bang switch- hammer and trigger mounted on pins in aftermarket support thanks es. Since they come with my personal the receiver, it’s a candidate for a cassette- to this design. Guns as small recommendation, let’s look at some of style trigger. The ability to upgrade your as CZ 457 Scout Rifles in .22 Timney’s new products and some of the gun by removing the old trigger and sim- LR, all the way up to massive guns cham- ones I trust first. ply dropping in a match-grade unit that bered in .50 BMG, can make use of these requires no additional gunsmithing cassette-style triggers. The sky is really the 01 TIMNEY ELITE HUNTER REM limit as far as what can be done with tai- 03 loring your trigger to your end use. 700 TRIGGER is a huge plus for today’s modular- For example, I like to use a slightly This trigger is first on my list not only minded consumer. heavier pull for hunting rifles in big-bore because it’s a newer offering from Tim- calibers, usually in the 3½-pound range. ney, but because it’s something that I’ve However, cassette triggers have been For hunting and target rifles in centerfire been using with great success. This trig- in use for quite some time—just not in cartridges, such as 6.5 Creedmoor and ger is a fantastic drop-in option; it’s well semi-automatic rifles. Bolt-action rifles engineered for field use and is a perfect have been using cassette-style triggers trigger for medium-distance hunting for decades, such as the Savage 110 and in cold weather (which is where I most Remington 700. These rifles, unlike the often find myself). This trigger has lived Mauser they evolved from, had no lugs underneath the receiver and were typi- in my .450 Bushmaster and has cally machined out of round stock. These been exceedingly comfortable tubular receivers required a separate to use thanks to its wide recoil log and a new means of mounting shoe with a textured the trigger. surface. Hunting in rural The Mauser design, while extremely Michigan is a medium robust and reliable, was a more com- distance game, virtually plicated product and had an integrated all the shots are within hanger for the trigger, as well as an 300 yards, and because integral recoil lug, all as one piece. Sim- we have to use big-bore, plicity in manufacturing saw that the Remington 700 and Savage 110 needed straight-wall cases, there’s a good amount a self-contained trigger module that was of recoil and not very much in the way of held in the receiver by pins. As the years flat trajectory. Knowing your drop and passed, aftermarket companies began de- breaking a clean shot in the cold is the veloping replacement units that could be name of the game, and I’ve found this mounted in the same way, thus allowing trigger is up for the challenge. It’s avail- guns to be upgraded simply by remov- able in a black or nickel finish, and the body of the trigger is a tasteful hunter’s green. MSRP: $149 TO $159 02 TIMNEY DANIEL HORNER SIGNATURE ADJUSTABLE TWO- STAGE TRIGGER Not only is Daniel Horner a great shooter, but he’s also a very solid guy, and I was very happy to see his signature on a Timney product. This is a high-speed 40|GUN DIGEST THE MAGAZINE|BUYER’S GUIDE 2022 GUNDIGEST.COM

05A 05B competition trigger that’ll make your felt that the triggers old-timers still consider me a kid, I do rifle of choice absolutely rock. I’m a fan were somewhat play in their league when it comes to my of two-stage triggers in semi-automatic wanting. And by wanting appreciation for fitting 1911 triggers. rifles; I really do enjoy the take-up before I mean in desperate I’m good at it—but I really hate doing it. the shot, and it just feels much more nat- need of upgrade. This new Not only is it a complete night-and-day ural to me. This trigger is relatively new, trigger unit fits all of the CZ difference from dropping in a trigger but it’s sure to take the match-shooting Scorpion models, including the new 3+ bar on a Glock, but you also stand a very world by storm. As far as features go, models. Because of how affordable the high likelihood of ruining your parts if there’s hardly a competition trigger out Scorpion is, it’s really nice to see the you make even one errant stroke with a there that can match it for the price; it’s growing aftermarket for it and to have file. completely drop-in, with no gunsmithing products like this that really help to required. control such a light and compact gun. Nighthawk has removed a substantial amount of the guesswork and released a MSRP: $299 MSRP: $227 cassette-style drop-in trigger package for the 1911. This is absolutely huge news. 03 TIMNEY CZ SCORPION 04 NIGHTHAWK 1911 DROP-IN Not only does this unit replace all of the hard-to-fit parts, but it also requires no CZ’s popular Scorpion line only TRIGGER UNIT modification to the gun, and you get continues to grow. Timney recognizes to save those parts you no longer have this and came out with an absolutely As a dedicated 1911 aficionado, this one inside of it. stellar self-contained, drop-in unit to genuinely took me by surprise. Fitting upgrade the trigger on the stock model. triggers on the old warhorse can be a MSRP: $299 I’ve spent quite a bit of time with the chore, and it’s certainly not a task for the new CZ Scorpion models and always faint of heart. Even though most of the 05 SIG SAUER P365 & P320 FIRE 04 CONTROL UNITS According to the ATF, this is legally a firearm … but it sure operates just like a cassette trigger. Unless you’ve been GUNDIGEST.COM BUYER’S GUIDE 2022|GUN DIGEST THE MAGAZINE |41

THE COMPLETE PACKAGE //JOSH WAYNER camped out in the boonies for the last six 06 or seven years, you probably already 07A know all about Sig Sauer’s modular pistol designs. The reason why I 07B include this as a cassette trigger is that it really is a cassette trigger in the truest sense, but legal standing makes it the serialized part of the pistol. Using these units, you can build up a pistol of your choice using a plethora of aftermarket components. The list grows every day and has no signs of stopping. Of note, you can also use this Fire Control Unit as part of an SBR, large-format pistol, or even a carbine or personal defense weapon (PDW). Companies like Fire Control Unit (an independent company, not the same as the Sig FCU) build integrated chas- sis systems that accept the Sig FCU in their X01, making for a PDW-style end product. There have been rifle designs in 5.56mm that have used the P320 serialized FCU. MSRP: $349 06 WILSON COMBAT 9MM 07 HIPERFIRE Reducing trigger pull weight means a reduction in spring tension. Not AR TRIGGER AR/MPX only does this mean that the hammer is moving with less momentum, but it Pistol-caliber carbines have become DROP-IN also means that the firing pin is moving exceedingly popular in the last couple of forward with less power. If you want years, and what has also become quite POWER a very light pull with an absolutely 10 well-known is the number of issues they out of 10 strike force, Hiperfire has you experience across the board. Unlike the TRIGGER covered with their new Power Trigger. standard AR-15, which is gas operated The company states that this trigger will and very well understood, there are A common theme not be guilty of a light strike … ever. quite a few competing designs when it among triggers Having worked with Hiperfire triggers comes to PCCs. Some models are gas that try to reduce pull is a reduction in quite a bit, I’ve every reason to believe operated, others use delayed blowback strike force on the primer. This can be a that this claim is true. You can now have and still more are simply recoil operated. serious issue if you’re trying to get better your cake and eat it too when it comes to accuracy, but it’s also a big problem for a light pull and a hard strike. Because of the variances in these match shooting and self-defense. A designs, there’s quite a bit of play when substantial number of cartridges out MSRP: $171 it comes to the amount of mass moving there have military-hardness primers. inside the gun. To solve these issues, the These are primers that feature a much 08 CMC ELITE AK DROP-IN Wilson Combat trigger was designed thicker cup and require a good amount to be safe and compatible with virtually of force to set off. While surplus TRIGGERS all operating systems, while at the same ammunition isn’t as common these days time fitting in a standard lower with as it was during the War on Terror, it’s still While well-noted for their reliability, standard pins. Only time will tell if this relatively easy to find mil-spec ammo trigger lives up to the Wilson Combat with mil-spec primers. reputation, but if it’s anything like their well-known 1911 magazines, it should be the choice trigger for pistol-caliber carbines going forward. MSRP: $189.99 42|GUN DIGEST THE MAGAZINE|BUYER’S GUIDE 2022 GUNDIGEST.COM

09A 09B the AK series of rifles 08 It’s one of the most common guns out has never been known for there to use a self-contained trigger pack- stellar trigger pull or reset. the ability to use drop-in units should age. As a result, upgrading your 10/22 is they wish. CMC has a variety of options extremely easy and requires few tools and In fact, they have often available, and they’re all serious upgrades. just a couple minutes. CMC’s new com- been chastised for having Having spent some time with the flat-face pletely machined drop-in match trigger some of the worst model the company offers, it’s one of the unit is a step up from those that use a best options available for the AK today. polymer housing. Not only is the trigger triggers imaginable. A surprising note A downside is that not all AK rifles are available with a curved or flat bow, but is that original Soviet rifles actually had made to the same spec; you’ll have to it’s also fully ambidextrous and features a quite nice triggers; the import versions make sure that your trigger pin spacing bolt hold open. available in the U.S. from the ’80s onward works with these before you can install it. were of usually dubious quality and MSRP: $250 displayed terrible triggers. MSRP: $225.99 DON’T FORGET TO REWIND As time went on, very few companies 09 CMC RUGER 10/22 MATCH- released upgrades, but now AK fans have GRADE DROP-IN TRIGGERS Cassette triggers are now more popular than ever and available for more guns The 10/22 is obviously not a new design, than ever. If you’re looking for a quick but it’s certainly benefited by new parts. and simple upgrade, but don’t think that your gun is supported, you may need to think again. Every day, new triggers come out, many of them for vintage designs. A new trigger can breathe life into just about any gun, and it’s certainly worth a look to see what’s available. GUNDIGEST.COM BUYER’S GUIDE 2022|GUN DIGEST THE MAGAZINE |43

UNEXPECTED OPTICS // ELWOOD SHELTON As an entry-level pre- GUNDIGEST.COM cision optic, the Helos is a perfect match on a production-class competition gun. 44|GUN DIGEST THE MAGAZINE|BUYER’S GUIDE 2022

Value riflescopes to meet your hunting, tactical and long-range needs. At this point, it’s been said a Chances are good that your granddad And glass? thousand times, but it war- would’ve flown over the moon if he head- Harking back to the less-than-good rants repeating: We live in ed out for whitetail toting a sub-3-MOA old days, chances are high that you spent a golden age of shooting. I rifle. Nowadays, a similar iron is a non- more time cursing your scope than you know, breaking news. But when you sit starter unless it has provenance of Iwo did hitting the mark with it. How times back and think about it, the situation is Jima action or was once owned by Jim have changed. quite marvelous. Corbett. Even the most affordable rifles, As much as shooters fawn over the the type nearly any shooter can fit the bill advancements in firearms, the great leaps GUNDIGEST.COM for—the Ruger American, the Mossberg in aiming solutions should leave our Patriot or the Savage Vanguard—are tack jaws dragging. This is no small feat: A drivers by any other era’s standards. riflescope is a finely tuned instrument—a kissing cousin to the telescope and, going the other direction, the microscope. Yet, it’s one built to endure the whiplash of a .300 Winchester Magnum recoil and ask for more. With such operational parameters, it’s no wonder riflescopes cost a mint—or used to. Much like the rifles they complete, optics have become more reasonably priced over the years. Heck, even if you have the credit limit to shop Nightforce, Zeiss or Swarovski, there are still unex- pected optics—long on affordability and BUYER’S GUIDE 2022|GUN DIGEST THE MAGAZINE |45

UNEXPECTED OPTICS // ELWOOD SHELTON Lightweight and pow- erful, the Elite 4500 is an ideal option for hunts that need the long shot to come in. performance—worth a gander. providing opportunities from 50 yards free-floating scales. into nearly 500 yards out—the range The mention of such a system might FOR THE HUNTER: BUSHNELL some aoudads were taken—was the scope’s turret system. Yes, I know it’s a send icy chills among diehard precision ELITE 4500 4-16X50MM point of pride for many to have main- shooters; it’s ideal for hunters. Simply find tained the same zero since the Reagan the zero mark, press down on the turret Whitetail deer were thin on my safari to Administration, but there comes a time and adjust. It’s intuitive and perfect for a West Texas’ Davis Mountains, but oppor- where dead-nuts drop compensation isn’t tunities to shoot were not. a luxury, but a necessity. A unique free-floating turret system is appealing to hunters in the market for a A pair of distant coyotes froze in place Bushnell foresaw the stubborn nature for a moment too long and a running hog of some hunters, engineering a compro- system to dial shots. made up for a buck … sort of. While I mise adjustment system. If point-blank didn’t walk away from the desert moun- shooting is your thing, the capped turrets tains with any venison in the icebox, I did won’t lose your zero, no matter how thick return with a newfound respect for what’s the scrub you hunt. coming out of Bushnell. However, if your game and nerves The Kansas company is among the open the possibility of a country-mile at- most prolific optics manufacturers in the tempt, the proven system is there for you. nation, but hasn’t sat on its laurels milk- You need only take the time to proof your ing old designs. There’s plenty of innova- distances and dial numbers beforehand. tion pouring out of the heartland, with Doing such is a snap as well, thanks to the Elite 4500 providing a good example. For the price, The crew of gun writers tramping the Elite 4500 the ¼-million acres of the Kokernot 06 offers up top- Ranch were each outfitted with the hunt- notch glass. ing-focused scope, all the 4-16x50mm model. The optic topped every shape and form of Mossberg rifle—from MVP Patrol to the tried-and-true Patriot. In this healthy cross-section of rifles, the variable-power scope excelled across the board. And Bushnell wasn’t afraid to show the Elite 4500 stuff from the start. We were picking off steel aoudad silhouettes at 500 yards at sight in, nearly all on first at- tempts, after zeroing at 100 yards. Making the scope a natural on a hunt 46|GUN DIGEST THE MAGAZINE|BUYER’S GUIDE 2022 GUNDIGEST.COM

segment of the shooting world that has, variable optic (LPVO) isn’t quite what While pricey compared to the for the most part, shied away from dial- comes to mind when “affordable” scopes entire market, the Meopta’s ing shots. are mentioned. In fact, it runs a rather LPVO is a great value mea- steep $999—a price point easily beaten As for the glass proper, the Elite 4500 by plenty of other optics companies with sured against other European caught my eye—quite literally—with its similar options, particularly domestic manufacturers. clarity. A generous eyebox made find- brands. However, that’s an apples-to- ing the duplex crosshairs second nature, oranges comparison. a more efficient power-management and the ample objective was appreciated. system. Plus, the tube (30mm) and glass Conveniences and weight savings often The correct way to put RD into the have been beefed up. put hunters off of large objectives, much balance is with similar European scopes. to their detriment. But unless you pick From that angle, the Meopta deal shines With the 1-4x, what stood out for me off most of your game under the mid-day through. In many cases, the RD equates was its 1x magnification. This was the real sun, any light-gathering enhancement to half the price of the continent’s other deal, facilitating natural shooting with should be embraced. tactical operators. At the same tick, it both eyes open. Face it—plenty tout their brings all the precision engineering. LPVOs as true 1x options, but a look Coated lenses, moisture-proof con- through the ocular tells a different story. struction, fast magnification adjustment The scope itself is a mature design, This isn’t only a shame for money wasted, ring and side parallax adjustment—the essentially a tactical variation of the but the fact many invest in this style of scope’s list of assets goes on. The most company’s time-proven MeoStar ZD scope for home defense. notable, however, is the Elite 4500’s price 1-4x22mm. Basically, it’s shorter (9.6 tag. At $335, there’s little excuse for any inches), has a more elaborate reticle and Legit on the CQC front, the RD also hunter to settle for the same old same old. has the chops to help intermediate car- tridges live up to their name. The 4x top CONTINENTAL OPERATOR: end is ideal for 300- to 500-yard engage- ments and is enhanced by an elegantly MEOPTA ZD 1-4X22MM RD LPVO simple bullet drop compensation (BDC) reticle. Known as the K-5.56, the illumi- Meopta doesn’t get the ink it probably nated reticle consists of a center dot, cross deserves stateside. bars and BDC chevrons—that’s all. This is likely because German optics suck the air out of the room when talking European glass. Yet, the Czech company is on par with its Teutonic neighbors by any measure—its stuff is just a bit friend- lier on the pocketbook. Not to mention, the other revered European brands likely have Meopta parts of some kind, given its an OEM lens and components manu- facture for other big names, Zeiss and Aimpoint to name a few. I say all this because some perspective is required talking about the Meopta ZD 1-4x22mm RD. The low-power- It’s a perfect fit on BUYER’S GUIDE 2022|GUN DIGEST THE MAGAZINE |47 small and nimble guns still capable of reaching out. GUNDIGEST.COM

UNEXPECTED OPTICS // ELWOOD SHELTON Oversized turrets make The magnification dialing shots ring is a smooth operator. easy. The clean layout has its advantages, glass to do? One answer is to turn to a stand why clarity and lack of distortion in particular fast target acquisition and new(ish) generation of optics companies become such hot-button topics. Move transition. This is enhanced, given the that have put a premium on performance to 1,000 yards and you see why they’re reticle is on the second focal plane, thus and price. Athlon ranks among the fore- imperative. The 6-24x56mm wasn’t the never changes size. The bug in the oint- most in this category. most crystalline optic I’ve ever gazed ment, despite boasting the name K-5.56, through, yet it more than delivered for its the BDC function doesn’t match up Around for nearly a decade, the price point. dead-on with M855 ammo. Kansas-based concern made its bones with high-quality optics for every shoot- Couple that with the APRS6 reticle, Of course, the sun doesn’t rise and set ing passion, but it’s perhaps best known and you have a setup for success. The with green tip—a heavier load might bet- for its long-range offerings. And when it fineness of the subtensions—.03 Mil ter align. Beside a little time with a ballis- comes to a first dedicated precision optic, crosshair and .05 center dot—are appre- tic calculator and at the range, the system its Helos BTR Gen2 6-24x56mm ranks ciated, as is the scope’s illumination fea- is adaptable to any cartridge. up there, or should, as a go-to. ture. But it’s the rest of the etched reticle that makes it top-notch. With low-rise turrets, attached caps, I mated one up to a Bergara Premier lens protectors and a svelte weight, there’s Competition Rifle in 6mm Creedmoor At once, the reticle has everything plenty more that could be said about and couldn’t have walked away more required to make ranging measure- Meopta’s LPVO. However, the most sub- impressed. Fair enough, the Bergara is ments, holdovers and wind adjustments stantial is, you likely won’t find a better a shooter—designed for the production but isn’t so busy as to create a confusing deal in this class of European glass. gun class of Precision Rifle Series compe- mess in the shooter’s dominant eye. If titions. However, the scope was a natural you’ve looked through some of the more LONG-RANGE STARTER: ATHLON on top of the chassis rig and would more complex offerings out there, it’s easy to than help the rifle excel in its intended see how a shooter can miss the target for HELOS BTR GEN2 6-24X56MM role. the reticle. The average marksman, with the right By no means is the Helos BTR Gen2 Luckily, this generally pricey end of equipment, practice and, above all, pa- an earth-shattering design (it’s the the optics market has moderated in re- tience—can ring the bell at 1,000 yards. second-generation model). It comes with cent years. This has led to more options But this game ain’t cheap. Not by a long exactly what you’d figure from a first focal for the entry-level marksman. But even shot. plane (FFP) long-range optic—oversized in the face of more competition, the turrets, side parallax adjustment, gener- Helos BTR Gen2 6-24x56mm more than Strangely enough, the largest invest- ous objective lens, very clear glass and has the stuff to hold its own. ments in the quest at a country mile a functional-but-simple Christmas tree isn’t typically the rifle. Instead, the scope reticle. Yet, Athlon accomplishes this at a PARTING SHOT required to get on target is what costs price nearly any aspiring competitor can a mint. After all, this is a discipline afford. Yeah, a $788 MSRP isn’t peanuts, By no means is this an exhaustive survey dominated by names such as Nightforce, but it’s a couple of worlds away from what off all optics that overdeliver on price Schmidt & Bender and Kahles. you’ll drop on a comparable U.S. optic. and performance. Thankfully, each year this end of market becomes more and What’s an average shooter without a For my money, the glass is what gets more saturated. In turn, few shooters month or two worth of salary to drop on kudos in this setup. Start reaching out have any excuse not to set their sites on past 500 yards and you quickly under- an optic that’ll hit the mark. 48|GUN DIGEST THE MAGAZINE|BUYER’S GUIDE 2022 GUNDIGEST.COM

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