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Storytime - June 2022

Published by pochitaem2021, 2022-06-08 16:37:11

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Let’s dream! StorytimeTM THE ACE Billie Jean plays her own way – and wins! THE THINGIN THE WOODSTHE CLEVER FROG He’s too smart for his owngood! Bastet Goes Missing, Feathered Friends, Lucky H9ca2n36sb2A8-8N7cD3-4A0eF9-Eb0Afe-R88Lf4E0Sb5S739Ge9IRL!


DFrreoammsthaOenur cdhfaroacstertrs teorasverltfairsean!dswide! In the woods there are adventures to be found... if you let your SPOT IT!“pWuidlldyisnooguo?og”ihvituensmgariedy.s..“o…”Imaem imagination be your guide! This issue belongs to: Storytime™ magazine is published every ILLUSTRATORS: month by Storytime Magazine Ltd, Anastasiia Bielik The Clever Frog 3 Endless Street, Salisbury SP1 1DL Irene Saluzzi The Ace Giorgia Broseghini The Swan’s Nest © Storytime Magazine Ltd, 2022. All rights Forrest Burdett Bastet Goes Missing reserved. No part of this magazine may be used Ekaterina Savic The Thing in the Woods or reproduced without prior written permission Fanny Liem The Girl Who Knew No Fear of the publisher. Printed by Warner Group. Roger Simó Lucky Hans Giovanni Abeille The Sun’s Tale Editorial Director: Lulu Skantze Editor: Sven Wilson Tales from Egypt, Turkey Commercial Director: Leslie Coathup and the United States! Storytime and its paper suppliers have been independently certified in accordance with the rules of the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council)®. 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

Read happily ever after... Famous Fables Around the World Tales The clever frog The girl who 28 A smart frog thinks he knows 6 knew no fear best – until he gets lost in the How will she discover what woods at night! it means to be scared? Awesome Adventures Favourite Fairy Tales The Ace Lucky Hans 33 The true tale of a girl who loves 9 The adventures of a humble tennis and is determined to farmboy who believes that become a champion! he is very lucky indeed! Short Stories, Big Dreams Storyteller’s Corner The Swan’s nest 14 The Sun’s Tale 39 A swan feels lonely until he The Sun tells the Wind and the finds some feathered friends Rain a magical tale about how to share his nest with! she has blessed the world! Myths and Legends Storytime Playbox Bastet Goes Missing 16 Spot the weather patterns, 43 design a poster about a lost Egypt’s cat-goddess runs cat-goddess and find your away from home, so two feelings in a word search! gods go looking for her! Tales from Today Story Magic The thing in the woods 20 Check out three amazing 50 new books that you could Elliott meets a mysterious win in our monthly contest! creature while wandering in the forest! OUR COVER STORY SEE Play a cool game PAGE 48! of card tennis! 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

Try reading with sound effects activated by your voice! 1. Scan to download the app 2. Scan again to start the story 3. Turn the page and read! Storytime has partnered with Readmio to bring one of our incredible stories to life for you and your little ones! Just scan the QR code on this page and download the Readmio app to enjoy the Clever Frog story – with sound effects triggered by your voice every time you read out a word printed in bold. Imagine the delighted expressions on your children’s faces when they hear the toad croaking at Giuseppe! Happy reading! Download a special version of the story to read along with at 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

Famous Fables The clever frog Of all the frogs who lived in the pond in the woods, Giuseppe was by far the cleverest. He could talk for hours about the stars in the sky, the way that plants grew, or the lives of great poets and kings. He also had a very big vocabulary! “That Giuseppe knows so many fancy words that sometimes I can’t understand what he means!” his neighbour said. “That’s how clever he is!” Giuseppe was a very friendly and polite frog, but he was also proud of being the smartest in the pond. That was why he never asked for anyone’s advice or cared about their opinions! One day, he decided to go into the woods to read. “I want to finish my book, and it is hard to concentrate here because of all the croaking!” he said to himself. 6 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

So he hopped off into the forest and “You’re quite far from the pond – found a nice toadstool to read on. do you need directions?” After reading for a few hours, though, Giuseppe felt restless. Giuseppe didn’t want anyone to think that someone as clever as “I might wander around for a bit!” him would need help. he said. “I’ll take the long way back to the pond – who knows what I will “Oh no, I’m fine!” he told the mole find along the way?” before hurrying off. He hopped off down the forest path By now, it was getting quite dark. – but before long, he had lost his way. Would Giuseppe be able to get back home before nightfall? “Have I gone past that tree stump before?” he thought. “I was sure that He heard a loud croak. It was an my pond was over here!” old toad, who was staring at him. Just then, a mole poked his head up “What’s a little frog like you doing out of the earth. in the woods at this time of night? Do you want directions?” the “Oh, hello Giuseppe!” the mole said. toad rumbled. 7 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

But Giuseppe still felt too proud and He wished that he had not been embarrassed to admit that he was lost. so proud of his cleverness and had asked for directions instead. “Oh no, I am… looking at the stars!” he muttered as he hurried away, “Perhaps someone will come along and help me?” he croaked hopefully. “How can you look at the stars in a forest with so many trees?” the toad But the woods were dark and wondered. “What a silly young frog!” silent. Not a single animal came by – and the clever frog had to It was now really dark, and Giuseppe spend a wet and chilly night had lost all sense of direction. In shivering under a mushroom. the darkness, he couldn’t see any Giuseppe decided that from now landmarks to guide him. on, he would not be too proud to ask for advice. “How will I be able to find my way home now?” he thought to himself, “If I was really clever I would have feeling miserable. listened to others!” he thought. 8 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

Awesome Adventures The ACE Billie Jean was always full of energy! At school, she would watch the hands of the clock, counting down the seconds until lunchtime. That was when she could go out and play! When the bell rang, she would charge 9 outside into the warm California sunshine and join any game that was going. She was fast and strong and always played as well as she could. One teacher suggested that she should be more ‘ladylike’ and try not to win all the time, but her parents didn’t agree. “Play as well as you can and be the best you can be!” they told her. One morning, Billie Jean’s friend Susan tapped her on the shoulder during class. “Do you want to play tennis?” “What’s tennis?” Billie Jean whispered back. “It’s a fun game. You’ll love it – you get to run and jump and whack a ball with a racket!” Billie Jean didn’t know what a ‘racket’ was, but tennis sounded exciting! That evening, she pestered her father when he came home from his job at the fire station. 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

“What’s the best sport for a girl?” There were lush gardens and Her dad had a think. uniformed waiters and ladies wearing “Well, there’s swimming…” expensive jewellery and spotless white Billie Jean felt her heart sink. She tennis dresses. She felt quite out of had tried swimming at the pool, but place in her baggy T-shirt and shorts! she found it difficult to stay afloat! “Or golf?” But her nervousness disappeared Billie Jean made a face. Golf was far when she got out onto the sunny too slow and boring for her! tennis court. Susan handed her a “And tennis, of course!” strange thing that looked like a net She felt a thrill. Maybe this ‘tennis’ with very tight strings. was the sport for her! “This is a racket. You hit a ball with it!” The next weekend, Susan took Billie Jean to the Virginia Country Club. Susan lobbed a fuzzy yellow ball at It was a really fancy place! her. Billie Jean frowned and swung her racket as hard as she could. There was a mighty THWOCK, and the ball went sailing over the fence. “HOME RUN!” Billie Jean yelled. Susan began giggling uncontrollably. “It’s not softball, you nincompoop!” 10 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

Her friend showed her how tennis She put all the money she earned in should be played. They did their best to a jar, and it slowly filled up. Her parents hit the ball over the net in the middle of were very impressed by how hard she the court, giggling and shrieking as they worked and gave her two extra dollars! played. The ladies in the nice tennis dresses tutted, but the girls didn’t care Finally, the big day came: they took – they were having a blast! Billie Jean to a sporting goods shop with the eight dollars and twenty-nine Billie Jean spent more time hitting the cents she had saved. She picked out a air than she did hitting the ball – but little wooden racket with a purple grip. she loved playing tennis anyway! It was the most beautiful thing she had When she went home that night, ever seen – and she went to sleep sunburned and exhausted, she holding it that night! had only one question on her mind. “Can we go to the Virginia Country Club “Mom? Dad? Can I please have a tennis to play?” she asked in the morning. racket of my own?” Her mom frowned. “We can’t afford a Her parents looked at each other. fancy place like that, love. What about the public courts at Houghton Park?” “Money is a bit tight,” her mother said, “but you can save up for one!” Billie Jean quickly agreed! When they From that day on, Billie Jean pestered arrived at the park, she saw a funny people in the neighbourhood about any jobs she could do. “Can I sweep old man with a big nose waiting by your driveway? Or weed your garden?” the tennis court. 11 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

“I’m Clyde!” he said. “Do you want When her mom came by to pick her some tennis lessons?” up, Billie Jean had something important to say: “I found out what I’m going to do Billie Jean wanted to learn, but she with my life! I want to be the best tennis was worried. “Yes… but I don’t have player in the world!” any money.” “Clyde, can you make me a champion?” The man just smiled and jingled the she asked her coach. coins in his pocket. “It’s free! Come on in – and close the gate behind you!” He just smiled. “No, Billie Jean. But with hard work, you can.” This was only the second time that Billie Jean had tried to play tennis, Billie Jean took his words to heart. and she didn’t know anything about She would practise hitting the ball the rules of the game. against the fence behind the house until it fell apart. Her dad built a Clyde was patient with her. He showed new wall out of concrete so that her how to hold the racket, how to do she could keep practising! a ‘forehand’, and how to keep score. The more Billie Jean learned, the more Susan and Billie Jean started entering fun she had! She loved the feeling of tennis tournaments and were invited getting her whole body behind a hit, to take part in an important one at the and the jolt that went down her arm famous Los Angeles Tennis Club. when she struck the ball cleanly. They were thrilled to be there. 12 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

They even got to play with fresh fuzzy yellow WHAT balls, and Billie Jean loved sniffing the lovely HAPPENED new-ball smell! NEXT... All the players lined up on the steps of the B illie Jean King became a tennis club to have their photo taken – but world number one tennis then a strange-looking man waddled up. player in 1966, and won dozens of top competitions “You can’t be in the photo!” he snapped. as a singles, doubles and “You’re not wearing a skirt or dress!” mixed doubles player. Billie Jean was indignant. Her mum had made her In many sports, women have shorts especially for her – and why should people had to deal with sexism like him tell her what she could or couldn’t do? and discrimination. Billie Jean once challenged a “Don’t worry, Mom!” she told her mother. male player who claimed “I’ll show them one day! Everybody will know female players weren’t any who I am, and they’ll all want to copy my style!” good. This match was called ‘The Battle of the Sexes’, And Billie Jean did! She never gave up or let and Billie Jean beat her petty people tell her how she should behave – opponent while 90 million and she became one of the greatest and people watched on TV! most famous sports legends ever! Billie Jean has won many awards – she was Associated Press Female Athlete of the Year in 1967, and Life magazine named her as one of the ‘100 Most Important Americans of the 20th Century’ in 1990. She was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 1987. She still fights for women’s equality and has always spoken out against sexism and racism. She is an inspiration for anyone determined to live life 23 on their own terms! 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

Short Stories, Big Dreams The Swan’s nest The swan was proud of the nest that he had made on a little island in the lake. He had spent ages piling up sticks and reeds, until it was tall and snug and cosy. There was only one problem: he had nobody to share it with. Nearby were the nests of other members of the flock. They all had partners and sometimes even fluffy baby cygnets. But somehow, he had never found the right swan to share his nest with, and he felt a bit sad and lonely. It reminded him of when he had been a little ugly duckling! He had been so glad when he found out that he was a swan and had been adopted by this flock! He felt a little nostalgic, thinking about it now… The swan decided to waddle into the woods and see if he could find some more sticks, to make his nest bigger… just in case! The skies were grey, and a cold wind blew through the bare trees. The swan didn’t mind, because his feathers kept him warm. 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

When he was pulling a stick from When he got close to the water’s edge, a clump of brown grass, he heard a though, he heard a quark-quark-quark. peep-peep-peep. What could that be? A fluffy duckling poked its head out of the reeds and looked at him. He found a tiny baby sparrow, who was huddled in the grass and trying to keep The swan’s heart melted. He had been warm. The swan couldn’t help but feel raised by ducks and couldn’t leave this sorry for the little thing. little fellow out in the cold. He put him on his back and went back to his nest. “What happened to you? Did you fall out of your nest?” The swan reached He dropped his new little friends in his out with his long neck. He gently warm, downy home and paddled off picked up the little sparrow and to get them dinner. He fed them a put him on his wide feathered back. hearty meal of worms and little fishes. Once they had eaten, the baby birds The swan went further into the forest, snuggled underneath his wing and where ferns and bracken grew. That fell fast asleep. was where heard a squeak-squeak- squeak. Pushing through the leaves, The swan was happy, because his he found a baby pigeon whose nest wasn’t lonely any more! feathers hardly covered her pink body. She was lost and cold and hungry! The swan felt sorry for her. He put her on his back and returned to the lake. 15 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

Myths and Legends Bastet Goes Missing W hen the cat-goddess Bastet was young, she lived in the palace of her father, the sun-god Ra. Both of them had strong opinions, and often argued with each other! One day, Bastet decided that she had had enough! She stormed out of Ra’s palace in a terrible temper. The goddess stalked south along the river Nile until she reached the dark jungles of Nubia. There, Bastet prowled through the trees, growling and pouncing on anything unlucky enough to cross her path! It took a while for Ra to realise that she was gone. However, he soon noticed that she wasn’t shedding fur on the floor or asking to be let in (or out) at night. Ra began to miss her terribly. 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

Bastet’s powers had protected Shu and Thoth agreed to help. They the land of Egypt. When she left, the used their powers to turn into baboons Nile no longer flooded, and the rich and set off in search of Bastet. farmland beside the river became dry and dusty. The people were upset, as Together, they travelled all over the their crops would no longer grow. world looking for her. They went from the deserts of the east to the Ra was worried about his daughter. mountains of the west, searching He summoned Shu, the god of the under every rock and bush. air, and Thoth, the god of wisdom. Finally, they travelled far to the “Go and find Bastet, wherever she is!” south, to the jungles of Nubia. the sun-god said. “She may always get As the two baboons were walking underfoot, and she can get irritable down a narrow path, they saw – but I miss her and want her back!” something move quickly in the shadows. Before they knew it, Bastet had pounced on them! 17 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

“What do we have here?” she purred. “Since you left, the river no longer “Two tasty baboons for my dinner!” floods, and the people miss you terribly!” he said in a solemn voice. She was very surprised when her prey “If you were to return, they would transformed into her father’s friends, hold great festivals and make Shu and Thoth. offerings in your honour!” “Please come back to Egypt with us!” Bastet had quite a big ego, and liked Shu begged her. “We have been the idea of people worshipping her. looking all over for you!” “What kind of festivals are you talking Bastet turned up her nose at him. about? Tell me more!” she asked, her “Why should I go back? I am so whiskers twitching. much happier here, where nobody tells me what to do!” she replied. “Oh, there would be singing and dancing!” Thoth said. “And much Wise Thoth knew that Bastet was feasting in your honour! The festivals easily flattered, so he spoke to her. would last for many days!” 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

Bastet loved this idea. Soon after Bastet returned, the river Nile flooded again, and crops grew “Oh well, I think I might return…” in the rich black soil. The god Ra was she purred, “… if people show overjoyed to see his daughter again. me the proper appreciation!” He made sure that a festival for Bastet was held every year, so she wouldn’t And so it was that Thoth and Shu go astray ever again. Needless to say, brought Bastet back to Egypt. that festival was Bastet’s favourite time They arranged for her to be carried of the year! on a golden throne with silk cushions. A long procession of musicians followed close behind, playing tunes to please her. TiwamEkhC–mnageepadsyapuotcpntswmcrattdmhwatoima-inryligecndistoeorehsretsudeioawpdnmicnwptee,ahuearasmneemdsnyusAdfmBafstornisaeailnofilcsuadmpeistmeeedrgonottseofhtatwcdteeEEfoatadciggerdttseyyrsogaspvprtrybsheatto!eiieroiaafnycyfnntashmsducte!oiaoseSerhttdehhotseehm.resey. 19 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

Tales from Today The Thing in the Woods The brakes squealed as the bus skidded to a stop. “We’re here! EVERYBODY OFF!” shouted the bus driver. There was a lot of noise and confusion as all the kids tried to grab their bags and get out. Elliott was bumped and jostled and had his hat knocked over his eyes! Finally, he managed to haul his suitcase out into the blinding sunshine. Shading his eyes with one hand, he could see log cabins among the nearby trees. Beyond that were endless hills, covered with dark forests. He sighed. “Everybody line up! Time to sort you into cabins!” A tall, skinny teenager in a yellow shirt counted the new arrivals and divided them into groups. “Zack! Kumanan! Olly! Pedro! Elliott! Cabin seven!” 20 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

Elliott followed the other four, dragging When his cabin-mates ran down his suitcase along the dirt path to their towards the lake, Elliott trailed behind. cabin. In the dark, musty-smelling Swimming wasn’t his favourite sport! space, he found a bottom bunk near the back. The lake shimmered in the sunlight. Dozens of kids were already in the “Can I chill out and read my book water, shrieking and yelling and now?” he thought to himself. splashing each other. Elliott left his T-shirt and towel under a tree and A face looked down at him from went down to dip a toe in the water. the top bunk. It was freezing! “Come on, Elliott, let’s go for a swim in the lake!” That was Zack, one of After splashing about with the water his new cabin-mates. He was friendly up to his knees, Elliott sneaked back and very enthusiastic! to the tree where he had left his stuff. Elliott sighed and changed into his All the yellow-shirted camp bathing suit. He tucked his book counsellors were watching the kids into his towel – perhaps he might in the water – so he might have a get a chance to read it... chance to sneak off and read! 21 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

The shrieks and yells of the kids in the He didn’t notice when a huge, furry lake were very loud, so he wandered creature in the shadows behind him into the woods. opened its eyes. They were yellow and as big as dinner plates ! The trees got taller as he walked further down a shadowy path. Elliott was startled by a deep voice. Ferns uncurled far above, and strange “What are you reading?” glowing insects zigzagged back and forth in front of him. Elliott let out a The boy spun around, his heart sigh of relief – he needed some pounding. The looming furry figure peace and quiet! stepped forward into the light. It was larger than a bear, with soft At long last, he came to a mossy purple fur. A creature that big should dell by the stump of a huge old tree. have been scary, but its huge eyes Sunlight shone down there, making and smile made it seem friendly. it feel warm and inviting. Elliott finally found his voice. Elliott flopped onto the soft moss. “It’s called Prince Caspian. It’s about He pulled his book out of his towel some kids who have adventures in and turned to where he had left another world…” his bookmark… 22 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

The creature looked thoughtful and There is magic in the soil there! made a humming noise. Dragons roam the skies, and enchanted flowers bloom!” “That sounds very interesting indeed. What brings you to this place?” The monster sighed. “But sometimes there is too much going on there, and Elliott sighed. “Well, my mum told me I need to relax, too. That is why I slip that I had to go away to camp. She through a hidden door to this forest, said I would make friends, and that where I can enjoy the peace and exercise would do me good!” quiet. I would be happy to share my peace and quiet with you, though!” The creature blinked its owl-like eyes. Elliott smiled and nodded. It was nice “But it’s so noisy and confusing!” Elliott to meet someone who understood him continued. “I don’t know anybody, and – even if it was a purple-furred monster! sometimes I just need time to myself!” The creature cleared its throat. The monster nodded wisely. “I have a special place I go to when I need peace. Hold on to me!” “I know just how you feel. My name is Nocturnis, and I come from a land Elliott climbed onto Nocturnis’s furry called the Monster Kingdom. back. The beast pulled a glowing blue flower from its fur – and they began to float up through the air between the towering tree trunks! Just ahead was the tallest tree of all. 23 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

“It must be a thousand years old!” Elliott SPOT IT! Can you find all these things in this picture? 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

thought as he gazed up at it in wonder. How many birds are there in this picture? Write your answer here! 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9 Answer: There are 5 birds (including the owl)

Normally, Elliott was scared of After an hour or two had passed, heights –but somehow, he didn’t feel though, Elliott noticed that the sun nervous as he floated through the air was dipping towards the horizon. on his new friend’s back. They went higher and higher – above the rest of “Thank you so much for sharing the trees. He could see the camp far your special place with me!” he below, and the lake with the other kids said. “But I should be going – the splashing around in it. counsellors must be wondering where I am!” At last, they touched down at the top of the tree, and Nocturnis showed him In the distance, he could see the a nest it had made in the branches. other kids playing on the camp’s sports fields – and he smelled Elliott sat down in the nest and read food cooking on barbecues. his book to his new friend, who hooted and growled with excitement as he The creature ran its claws through listened to the tale. its thick fur and pulled out another glowing blue flower, just like the 26 one it had used to get them to the top of the tree. 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

Nocturnis hoisted Elliott up onto its They finally touched down in a back, and the boy hung on tight. shady spot between some trees. Then, the great purple-furred “Thank you for your story, little monster stepped off the tree Elliott!” the monster rumbled. branch and into space! “See you around!” They gently drifted towards the Before Elliott could blink, his friend earth far below, with Nocturnis had disappeared into the shadows. holding the flower up above him like a tiny umbrella. Zack came running up, out of breath. As he felt the summer breeze on his “Hey, there you are! Come on, face and looked at the woods and or you’ll miss the barbecue!” the camp spread out beneath him, Elliott began to laugh. Nocturnis Elliott grinned at him, and joined in, hooting joyfully. they ran off towards the smell of the campfire. 27 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

Around the World Tales The Girl Who Knew No Fear Adapted from the Turkish folk tale ‘Fear’ A long time ago, in the land of Turkey, there lived a little girl who was never frightened of anything. In fact, she did not know what fear was! One night, there was a terrible storm that battered the little house where she lived with her mother. The wind slammed the door open, and her mother screamed. “Close the door, please!” she told her daughter. “I’m frightened!” The girl shrugged and calmly latched the door shut. “What does ‘frightened’ mean?” she asked curiously. “Oh, it is when you have fear in your heart!” her mother explained. 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

“I have never seen or felt this ‘fear’ The robbers laughed wickedly. One before…” said the girl. “Perhaps I said, “Fear is wherever we are, missy!” should go out and find it!” The girl was puzzled. “But if that is so, The next day, the girl set off in search why can’t I see it, taste it, or touch it?” of fear. She wandered into the hills, and that evening, she saw a campfire The robbers didn’t know how to reply! in the distance. Sitting around it were Finally, one of them said, “If you want many mean-looking men and women to truly know what fear is, go into those with wicked-looking swords. The girl dark woods over yonder and cook us knew that they must be dangerous a pudding for our supper. Then you bandits, but she was not afraid. She will know fear!” walked up to the fire and sat down among the ruffians. So the girl took a cooking pot and the ingredients the robbers gave her and They were very surprised! went into the shadowy forest, whistling as she went. “Who are you?” one growled. She made a little fire beside an ancient “What are you doing here?” said tree and soon had a pudding bubbling another, with a menacing frown. away in the pot. “Oh, I am in search of fear. Do you When the dessert was nearly done, know where I might find it?” she had a taste. It was good! 29 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

That was when she heard a growling Eventually, she came to a place voice behind her. where a boy was sitting on a swing that hung from a tree. He was crying. “Will you give me some pudding?” it said. “I am sooo hungry…” As the girl came near, a pale maiden ran up to her with tears in her eyes. A lean, menacing-looking wolf pushed its nose towards the cooking pot. “Please help me!” she cried. “My little brother cannot get down from The girl rapped it on the snout and the swing – but if I could climb on said, “NO! This is for my nice friends your shoulders, I might reach him!” with the shiny swords!” The girl agreed to help, and let the When she took the pudding back maiden get on her back. to the bandits, their jaws dropped. However, the boy and the swing “If you can make a meal in the wolf’s disappeared – and the maiden turned woods, then you are truly without into a white-scaled serpent that tried fear!” said their chief. to wrap its coils around her! After saying goodbye to the robbers, Almost anyone else would have been the girl continued her quest to find out terrified, but not our brave heroine! what fear was. She strolled down the With a shrug of her shoulders, she road in the moonlight. threw the serpent aside and continued on her way. 30 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

After walking for many days, the “I have visited many lands and girl came to the seashore. There, seen many strange things!” she saw that a boat was about to she said to herself. “But I crash into a jagged reef! have never found fear!” “Help us!” the people on the boat At long last, she came cried. “Something is pulling us to the capital city, which towards those rocks!” was full of noise and commotion. There were crowds everywhere, The girl didn’t think twice – she and people were talking to took off her cloak and dived into each other nervously. the raging sea. “What is going on?” she When she plunged beneath the asked a merchant. water, she saw that a sea witch had wrapped her tentacle-like hair “The Shah who ruled this around the hull of the boat and country has died without leaving was pulling it towards the reef! an heir – so the sacred pigeons will choose our new ruler!” the The girl wasn’t frightened, of man replied. “We must all gather course. She just pulled her knife in the main square at noon!” from her belt and used it to cut the sea witch’s hair. The wicked The girl curiously followed creature gave a shriek of anger the crowds to the grand main as the boat broke free and floated square, where a white-bearded to safety. man stood beside a cage full of grey pigeons. When The sailors thanked the girl the cage was opened, all for saving their lives, and she the pigeons fluttered out – continued on her quest. But after and landed on the girl! wandering for many months, she began to lose hope. 31 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

The crowd cheered and clapped. “You are our new ruler!” they yelled. “Long live the new Shahbanu!” Suddenly, the girl had a vision of what her life would be like from now on. She would have to spend all her time ruling, trying to make poor people rich, miserable people content, and bad people good. And no matter how hard she tried, she knew that she could never make everybody happy. For the first time, the girl felt fear in her heart! But she now had to rule a country, so she summoned up her courage. “It was nice to live without fear!” she said to herself as she was carried to the throne and had a crown placed on her head. “But now that I know what fear is, I must overcome it, and do the very best I can!” She did, and ruled with courage and kindness for many years! THINK ABOUT IT! daiffcFtteharerueuaesytnrtioetimsudcaiasagf.hnrnhiTueteshgnnemihdnoeaeogtmnoltsspdiroestaunehceodsnaamtuuhcrttryoloaaatfutesraoaercatvbsaaerfincogsnrareue!,m!eYbolAponeiugutkur,ciscfnlaeoatdnauonrwdsbta,ooealrrkdn,tdo 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

Favourite Fairy Tales Lucky Hans S ome people are born lucky, and some are not. But the luckiest people of all are those who think they are lucky. They always look on the bright side of life and believe that things will get better! One of these extra-lucky people was a 33 humble lad named Hans. “It is amazing!” he would say to himself. “Everything always seems to work out well for me!” Hans was not handsome or rich. He was a simple peasant boy who worked for a farmer. For seven years, he milked cows and tilled the earth and picked weeds in the fields. “I am so lucky to have this job!” he said to himself one day. “It is interesting and keeps me busy. But I think it is time for me to go home and see my mother…” When Hans told the farmer that he was leaving, the man was sad. 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

“You have been a good and faithful “Now there’s the way to travel!” worker, and you are always cheerful!” Hans said. “A fine beast carrying he said. “Please accept this gift as you along as comfortably as if you thanks for everything you have done!” were in an armchair, and no heavy lump of silver upon your back!” He gave Hans a lump of silver as big as his head, and Hans thanked him The gentleman overheard him and kindly. The young man put the silver stopped his horse. in his cloth bag before slinging it over his shoulder and setting off for home. “I am sorry to hear that your silver is a burden!” he told Hans. “If you like, I will After Hans had walked for many hours trade it for my horse. I will give you its down the dusty road, though, the silver harness and my riding-coat, too!” in his bag seemed to grow heavier. Hans could not believe his luck! “I wish I wasn’t burdened by this He agreed to the gentleman’s weight!” he thought to himself. bargain and gave him the silver. In return, the gentleman gave him Just then, a gentleman trotted past on his riding-coat and showed him a mare. The buckles on the horse’s how to mount the horse. harness jingled merrily. 34 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

“You use the reins to tell the beast After a while, though, Hans got bored which way to go,” the man explained, and decided to take another gallop. “and if you want her to go faster, just click your tongue and say, ‘JIP!’” He said, “JIP!” and the horse charged down the road while Hans held on Hans did as the gentleman instructed, for dear life, yelling and whooping. and was soon galloping down the But then the horse leaped over a road on his new horse. fence – and Hans went tumbling off into a mud-hole! It was terribly exciting to see the countryside whip by and feel the As he crawled out, Hans muttered, wind on his face! After a while, the “Riding is not all it’s cracked up to be! mare slowed to a walk, and Hans My horse is disobedient, my bottom enjoyed the ride. is sore, and my nice new coat is all covered with mud!” “What a fine way to travel!” he said. “Bouncing on the saddle is making A cowherd was passing by, leading my bottom a bit sore, but this is so a fine dairy-cow. much better than walking with a heavy lump of silver in my bag!” “If your horse is so much trouble, I will trade you my cow for it!” the man said. 35 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

“What a fine idea!” said Hans. Now, that cottage was the home of “A cow is much better than a horse! a farmer. He overheard what Hans It will never dump me in a mud-hole, said and waved to him. and it gives milk into the bargain!” “If you don’t want that cow, I will trade So Hans gave his horse to the her for one of my fat geese!” cowherd, and went merrily on his way with his new cow. “What a wonderful idea!” said Hans. “Goose eggs are nicer than milk, and “How lucky I am!” he thought. I can use its feathers to fill my pillow!” “Walking like this is much more restful than bouncing in a saddle!” So he agreed to the trade and walked on, leading his fine fat goose. But the Whenever he felt thirsty, he would goose soon got irritable. It tried to milk the cow and enjoy a nice drink. get away, and even nipped him with its beak! But by the next day, Hans had become weary of walking, and Hans then came to a village. In the was irritated by the sounds and square he saw a scissor-grinder, smells the cow made. who was whistling as he sharpened a blade on a great stone wheel. “I am sick of milk!” he said to himself He seemed so merry that Hans as he passed by a cottage. “I could felt a bit jealous! do with a nice, tasty egg instead!” 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

“You look like you are having a fine Hans was feeling incredibly lucky day!” he said. “Being a scissor-grinder by now! He quickly agreed and must be a fun job – and your grinding- gave the goose to the scissor-grinder. wheel doesn’t try to peck you!” He heaved the heavy stone grinding- wheel onto his shoulder and set off “Oh, it is a fine life!” grinned the for home once again. scissor-grinder. “I visit different towns, and there is always lots of business. “How pleased my mother will be Scissors and knives are always going to see me!” he thought to himself. blunt, you know!” “Especially when she finds out that I am now a scissor-grinder!” “I wish I was a scissor-grinder!” sighed Hans. “But alas, I have no grinding- But as Hans walked on, the grinding- wheel – just a troublesome goose.” wheel seemed to become heavier and heavier. The scissor-grinder nodded his head. “My back is so sore!” Hans thought. “I always like to help people in need… “This grinding-wheel has become a so I could trade you my grinding- curse – I wish I could be rid of it!” wheel for that fine fat bird!” 37 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

As he went over the bridge near his mother’s house, the weight of the grinding-wheel became too much for him. He tripped on a cobblestone, and the grinding-wheel slipped off his shoulder. It plummeted into the deep river with a SPLASH and disappeared! With his heavy burden gone, Hans felt light and happy. He ran to his mother’s house and greeted her with a big hug. “It is wonderful to see you!” he told her. “And even better, my horrible heavy grinding-wheel has disappeared forever. Truly, I am the luckiest lad in the whole wide world!” Lucky you!thfaohncoesckuulGtrpfseorursaraMolyuttnfeiytostiuwrmatMdothwheeiafnmeeetids’eetsahklaMggillnayupoagzcootgsiktsdnreyiwateir!intves.iIctt!eouohtcudeeamarmemvn/lefidopvbr.itleeaDeiaoesrtognyeatwo!otnaohndtdalobttaoed 38 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

Storyteller’s Corner The Sun’s Tale “L et me tell you a story!” said the Wind one day as it blew across the wide blue skies. “Oh no, you don’t!” said the Rain. “You have been howling away for ages. Now it’s my turn!” “Is this any way to repay me?” complained the Wind. “I turned all of those people’s umbrellas inside-out so you could soak them in a downpour!” Their bickering went on until the Sun finally said, “SILENCE!” Her golden warmth stunned the Rain and the Wind, and they were suddenly quiet. “That’s better!” said the Sun. “Now it is time to tell you my story, about all the things I have seen as I travelled far above the Earth. 39 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

“I shone upon a beautiful swan as it “From that book, the boy learned flew high above the ocean waves. about nature and its wonders. It Its feathers were golden, and inspired him to seek more knowledge, glistened in the light! One feather so he went to school. When he flew away and was tossed hither became a man, he continued his and thither by the sea breezes. quest to learn about the world… and today he is a great scientist! “Finally, it landed on the shoulder of a young man as he stood on the deck “The golden swan flew on for many of a sailing ship. This feather blessed more miles, until it finally reached him, and many years later, he became its nest beside a pond in the forest. a great sea-captain and explorer. It was a peaceful place where wild berries grew and the song of a cuckoo “The swan flew on until it reached echoed between the mossy trees. land. Far below, it saw a mighty tree in a meadow. Beneath it lay a shepherd- “A poor woman wandered through boy, only seven years old, who was the forest, looking for firewood. sleeping in the shade. She carried a bundle of sticks on her back, and a small child in her arms. “The breeze from the swan’s wings caused leaves to fall from the tree “She saw the swan in its nest, and was – and the leaves turned into the pages surprised when it suddenly spread its of a book. When he awoke, the boy golden wings and flew away. found the book and began to read it. 40 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

“The child in her arms cooed and “With the pointed with a little hand. There rings no longer was something in the swan’s nest – weighing it down, and it glittered like gold. the golden cygnet flapped its wings and fluttered out “The old woman saw that it was a of the cottage. golden egg! When she picked it up, it was still warm. “The four boys then went outside to play,” said the Sun, “and I saw what “The woman tucked it carefully into happened next!” her shawl and carried it back to the cottage where she lived with her four The Rain and the Wind held their sons. One was the baby she held, and breath until the Sun continued. the other three were aged between five and ten. When the poor woman “The eldest went down to the pond, took out the golden egg to show them, where he scooped up a handful of it made a tick-tick-tick sound, as if it clay. He loved ancient myths and was a golden watch… legends, so he pressed and moulded it into the shape of the Greek hero “Suddenly, the shell burst open, and Jason, who went in search of the they saw a beautiful little bird inside. Golden Fleece. That boy grew up Its down was golden – and there were to become a famous sculptor! four gold rings around its neck! The poor woman gently took the rings and “The next eldest picked flowers in gave one to each of her boys. a meadow. When he pressed them between his palms, he found that they made a rich blue-green dye. 41 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

“He daubed his skin with it, creating would bring joy to the hearts of beautiful patterns. That boy became everyone who read it. His poems a painter, whose works would hang in became like the golden swan – the palaces of kings! beautiful and immortal! “The third son held up his ring “The rings gave them blessings that and flicked it gently with his finger. they shared with the world, and it all A beautiful note rang out and soared started from a little ray of sunshine that like the golden swan in the sunlight. shone many years ago.” It made the boy think of gorgeous melodies, and he would go on to “That was a terribly long-winded compose songs that would lift the story!” complained the Wind. spirits of thousands of people. “I agree!” the Rain grumbled. “I’m “The youngest son sat in the bright going to go and rain on somebody!” sunlight outside the cottage while his mother did the cleaning. He loved But the Sun paid them no mind and holding his new ring up to the sunlight smiled to herself. She knew that she and watching how it sparkled. Inspired would bless the world with many by its beauty, he created poetry that more sunny days… 42 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

PStlorayytibmeox Play a fun game of tennis, find the feelings in the special word search, and design a poster for a missing goddess! 1 EGG MYSTERY The swan has found a strange egg in his nest. Do you know which kind of animal WON’T hatch out of it? 2 HSWAAPPPSY! 3 QQUUIICZK!Athptrlaihalddegodemefedstnhao–eslnlos,tmhehaeiiennswigdjfoshytuietocrhrnkueaethciynHaearntahernefiewssnehden A. Eagles Which birds chose the new B. Doves you do! ruler in the tale of ‘The Girl C. Pigeons Who Knew No Fear’? 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

4 FWROORDGS! Giuseppe the frog is famous for being good with words! How many words can YOU make out of the parts on his book? BATTOEOYD PTTOOEAMT Can you work out what weather comes A 5 WHAT next in these three WEATHER? weather patterns? Draw them in! B C D 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

?WHO AMI? Emxotrnastbeirtshfooldreyro!ur 6 Can you guess which Rysiyenyottcoomocuoourluemuoycrcmadltaamianembknnoeeldeodanroym,tdswustotdhaneounegirtfrlq.ooatecuUeazrcxesmideutn!eraspfaetrttl.uoohatchrmmeoteeimmnissg/esfree character this is? 1. I like to tell stories! 2. I never feel cold! 3. Sometimes you can’t see me, but I come up every day! 7 MAKE A MONSTER PENCIL HOLDER! GROWASNK-AUP! Create a cool monster friend that can live on your desk! You could make it look like Nocturnis! • You will need an empty tin can, brushes, craft paint, card or paper, printed templates from, scissors, sticky tape and googly eyes. Ask an adult to clean the can thoroughly and sand off any sharp edges before you start! • Paint the can in a bright colour of your choice and let it dry! This will be the main body colour. • Print out the template on the card or paper and cut out the arms, legs, tail, hair and eyebrows. You can colour them in or use coloured paper. • Paint a mouth and nose on the can. If you would like the monster to have a pattern, you can add some dots, stripes or other markings as well. • Fold over the tabs on the arms, legs and tail and tape them onto the can in the correct positions. • Roll up the hair strips and tape them inside the top of the can so the spiky hair sticks out at the top. • Stick the googly eyes in place. • Put your pencils and pens in your monster! TIP! To make your monster extra-cute, try making ears, hair or other body parts out of brightly coloured artificial fur! 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

8 LOST & Bastet has gone missing! Can you create a poster FOUND to let everybody know? Fill in a description of her, and draw her picture in the frame. CaMt-IGSoSdINdGe:ss Description Answers to the name of: If found, ptlheeasSeunr,eHtuelrinoptoolRisa!, Palace of 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9 E C GEBF I J I OSP ANSWERS: 1. Egg Mystery – the cow; 2. Happy Swaps! – the grinding wheel V H APP I NE S SDG H L EPAC I F E SAC S WO F UCANA T AA and goose are on page 44, the cow is on page 45, the horse and the silver are C Z A V F B M F O R D N WhaAt NWSeWatEhRerS?: –1. AF.atlhseu,n2d.eTr,ruBe. ,r3a.inF,aCls. es,u4n., FalsTFe,AE 5.N False,P E L V N 6. True,R E H X 7. True, 8. False. on page 46; 3. Quick Quiz! – C, 5. G SSR I UL E S ADN E I SCE CRH I T D. wind; 6. Who Am I? – the Sun; 9. Find Your Feelings! – see right. F A R K L A N D S OWT F N HA I NOE ENVY S D T T A SMAN I A I A B O R E DOMC A C I BOREDOM STRESS HAPPINESS ANGER ENVY ANXIETY CALMNESS FEAR LOVE SADNESS E C GEBF I J I OSP V H APP I NE S SDG H L EPAC I F E SAC S WO F UCANA T AA C Z AV F BMF ORDN T E NP E L VNREHX F A GSADNE S SR I U L ECRH I T I SCE F A R K L A N D S OWT F N HA I NOE ENVY S D T T A SMAN I A I A B O R E DOMC A C I FIND YOUR FEELINGS! 9 We have a lot of emotions inside us! Can you find all the feelings hidden in this word search?

CARD Kogehfpaeaimhpevoceetwerswaoymcofoknaupnoaynpear! TENNIS! Ccuhtaolluetntgheey2o1utrefnrnieisndcsartdosaagnadmueseofthceamrdttoepnlnaisy! Print and a match! How to Play Y2setpoet1aaountcgrenhywenist,pinilamllsiasncneyodcemeraetirnrwda,dgp:gostlabwucdzosoooianutwphrendnle.tacelooSoyrnasmeEdrRtt/shoefV,erdkteEhoefeercpeo(apptmerodtnsr)ai,ftcotehkre Tbntppmtahaihbauhsllnelaaeuacmeotdykyscyhonfibtekeemngbrcepddsiebyarrottl.yahanotovFpphye’epnopllctaaa,spralsaitayyttcorethtcyeihdoennxheairerqaengewiirrimnumngirdiraogattcupha’owplscosclpptaieactuthtopuoah,rtna5drorniortyfran,denetrttt!hrtenht5hgwoOoanoteerioettthntighrhhrfiahhieeiteotrhtaaatstserptsihsstnwhgtrpeaepehajiteoupshlebpqbanesaroatua.ey,nilIainlenlftlltrt of the score. or higher value on it. One counter should be put on each of the LOVE (zero points) squares on the scoreboard. Esdtghhaoiveucwemhfflnn.peitTlnsoahtaytehheepSermiEltyeaRoakwVuneinEdsthgcptoehauusertttdisrplotstlhehaoenoykmuiecnlrag.dfardabcstee, After a player wins a point, they get the SERVE card and must play it. Each player then draws 3 cards from Wimrsanuhnhontodherueoenuluiefdrsrtveohsoemahtfrhnucaetdfahflmp,reedtlihatrstoeyhpiyenemilriegrtahh.edkaeWtiessitrhcoanpeaopninrldieemcte,whkodtehurpyceepialyhec3raa!dvrsdes their pile and holds them. Tbohynepthyueottutinangbgletehs.etTpShleEaRySeVErER‘sVceaErrvcdeasfra’dtcheheausbpaall Wt–oohvfhebeteuhPrnt!eOTtmahIhNapehtTlaapdssyloapeweyarso’ecsnnre’sct,soctmihuxaeenngaytaepnwmrlatriehneyseatuihcmnnhatatetioltsgctoaahnlme.ise value of 3. Tbwhaitelhl obapavpcaoklsubineygoppful3tatioynregrgdmroeuawstnet rhanitcetaxhrtedto the SERVE card. 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

PLAYER 1 YOU WIN LOVE 1 POINT 15 30 40 15 30 40 YOU WIN PLAYER 2 1 LOVE POINT 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9

STORY MAGIC BrILLIANT BOOkS rEVIEWED! THE MISSING PIECE by Jordan theme! The art is bright and full of Stephens, illustrated by Beth Suzanna character, and the rhyming text is (Bloomsbury) tells the tale of Sunny, great fun to read out loud. who loves jigsaw puzzles! But when her grandmother gives her a puzzle with a A NEW FRIEND by Lucy Menzies, missing piece, the girl discovers that illustrated by Maddy Vian (Frances there are many other joys in life. The Lincoln) is really two books in one! story is gentle but thought-provoking, It tells the parallel tales of Joe, who with gorgeous art. has moved to a new town, and Mae, who wants to make a new friend. THE ROBBER RACCOON by Lou The lovely art tells their stories side Kuenzler, illustrated by Julia Woolf by side, and as you might guess, the (Faber) is a tale about a thrilling caper – pair meet up in the end and go on an and it has an unexpected environmental imaginative adventure together! WIN! Do you know which story the quote on page 3 is from? Send us your answer to enter a draw to win this month’s books! Don’t forget to add your address. Go to: LET’S TALk ABOUT... Expressing Emotions I’VE GOT A FEELING! TrY THIS! Every day we can experience lots of Talking: Take a deep breath, count back from 3, different feelings, and some of them can and then share your feelings with someone you trust. build up and start to feel heavy. This is why it is important to learn how to express our Being creative: We can express our feelings in emotions in healthy and positive ways. artistic ways, such as writing, drawing, dancing, singing and role-play. Telling someone about how we feel can be hard sometimes, but you are definitely not You can download a colouring frame at alone in the feelings you experience! It has colour- coded cues to help you express emotions! THINk DEEPEr: If you are unsure about what it is you are feeling, sit down with a sheet of paper and try answering some of these questions. What colour is it? What does It look like (a shape?) and how big is it? Can you draw it? Jessica Bowers is our expert consultant for the My Mind Matters! section. She is a wellbeing writer, 9c236b28-87c3-40e9-b0fe-88f40b5739e9counsellor and psychotherapist. Visit her website for more information:

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