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Published by pochitaem2021, 2022-07-31 13:25:05

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THE FUTURE TODAY The Maritimo M55 fuses the latest advancements in nautical technology and design with the iconic features of Maritimo’s M-Series models of the past. Australian built, its sharpened exterior design, re-imagined entertainment areas, and high performance reset the international standard for long-range cruising motor yachts. With an all-new fully enclosed, climate-controlled flybridge sky lounge, it’s the future of flybridge motor design today. M55

Unmatched Seaworthiness (Get back to port and still be married) Ö0HQRUTX­Q Available in ФÖÖ Ö 7KHKXOOVKDSHKDVEHHQGHYHORSHGE\\ßVKHUPHQRYHUJHQHUDWLRQVWRKDQGOHELJVHDV LQFRPIRUW$OOPRGHOVKDYHD(XURSHDQ&DWHJRU\\$FHUWLßFDWLRQZKLFKLVIRUVHDV RIPRUPRUHDQGIRUFH NQRWV ZLQGV,GHDOIRU1HZ=HDODQGFRQGLWLRQV Sasga Yachts New Zealand Bruce McGill – Sales Director | 021 748 437 | [email protected] Ernest Henshaw – Director | 021 669 133 | [email protected] Christine Bird – Sales Executive | 021 0220 5398 | [email protected]


EDITOR’S NOTE Winter enjoy a couple of great days’ boating. I was, frankly, amazed there was Wonderland no one else doing the same. Last week I had the privilege of spending two days in the snowy Back home again, temperatures were positively balmy by Southern Lakes district. I was there to go boating, which isn’t comparison, but still chilly for Auckland, especially when my fishing always at the front of people’s minds when temperatures are buddy and I launched his open boat at Sandspit before dawn. We had in the low single digits. But while it was a bit nippy outside, the the beach to ourselves at that early hour, and while the 30-minute sun was shining, so our two days on the water proved to be not only run down North Channel always sucks the heat from your body, Mark exhilarating, but also surprisingly pleasant. and I are old hands at this and dress for the conditions. Multiple layers, It’s hard to beat the spectacular surroundings of this part of the wind breakers and leggings, gloves and hats ensured we were ready to country and the mountainous region’s many beautiful lakes offer start fishing as soon as we arrived at the spot some wonderful boating opportunities – even in winter. Lake Wanaka was the venue for our review of the ground-breaking Soon, with the sun up and the fish biting, the cold was forgotten Candela C7 foiling electric trailer boat, published in this issue, while and by mid-morning we were stripping the layers off. With the Lake Dunstan is where we spent an afternoon with a Buccaneer 605 sunshine, other boaters hit the water and by late morning the channel Exess, which you can read about next month. was busy with boat traffic. Amazingly, despite the bright sunshine and relatively relaxed start on both days, we had Lakes Wanaka and Dunstan virtually to ourselves There’s nothing worse than being cold and miserable on the – Dunstan completely so. And while it was cold and neither of the water – in extreme cases it can be dangerous, even life-threatening vessels had enclosed cabins, we thoroughly enjoyed taking in the – but winter cold shouldn’t stop us enjoying our boating. If we dress sights and the winter sun on our faces. appropriately and follow the relevant safety guidelines, boating in New They say there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes. Zealand is a year-round pursuit. That’s certainly true when it comes to winter boating. In the South Island, by dressing appropriately for the conditions, we were able to And winter boaters often avoid the crowds, which is a big plus in my book. John Eichelsheim Editor BOATING NZ sign up to our EDITORIAL SUBSCRIPTIONS e-newsletter CONTACT (09) 373 3436 Freephone 0508 692 628 6 Boating New Zealand

Redefining the Standard The Mercury Diesel 3.0L V-6 150, 230 & 270hp The New 3.0L common-rail highspeed engine delivers exceptional performance and offers substantial improvements in acceleration, top speed and range. Utilising Variable Geometry Turbochargers (VGT) virtually eliminates turbo-lag, enabling these engines to provide outstanding low-end torque while delivering better fuel economy than petrol engines of similar horsepower. The lightweight compact design boosts performance further, while clean and quiet operation enhance your day on the water. For more information visit

AUGUST 2022 CONTENTS REVIEWS 078 024 Sasga 42 HT 078 Candela C7 This new Spanish-built trawler-style launch retains a classic Trailer boats don’t come much more unconventional than look while offering all the comforts you’d expect from a modern the Candela C7. Boating NZ travelled to beautiful Lake Wanaka cruising launch. So, if you can’t go to the Mediterranean, this to experience the Swedish-built electric-powered foiling new trawler-style launch can bring it to you. monohull. BY SARAH ELL BY JOHN EICHELSHEIM 050 Fjord 38 xpress 090 Princess F55 The Fjord 38 xpress offers performance, accommodation and Princess Yachts has been making high quality motoryachts a versatile deck layout in a stylish package. This sturdy open since 1965, with a range that currently runs from 35 to 105 feet. day-boat can also take you on coastal hops and has the ability to The company has delivered the flybridge sweet spot to stand out return home, no matter the weather. among 50-plus-footers with its well-proven F55. BY KEVIN GREEN BY KEVIN GREEN 8 Boating New Zealand

ACTLIIVVEESTOANARRGET RESOLUTION LIVE SONAR DOWN AND SCOUT VIEWS AND SEE THE FISH - LIVE! GAME ON!HIGHEST FORWARD, EASY TO USE COMPATIBLE WITH ®Reg. U.S. Pat. & Tm. Off, and ™ common law marks. Visit to review the global trademark rights and accreditations for Navico Holding AS and other entities.

CONTENTS F E AT U R E S 044 032 Love in the time of COVID 098 A waterproof recipe Sailing cat Dulcinea’s remarkable refit took place during Waterproof dodgers, bimini tops and covers using this simple recipe. Auckland’s COVID restrictions. She recently left Orams’ yard Silicone, white spirit and lodts of stirring is all that’s required. for the South Pacific in ‘as new’ condition. BY BIRGIT HAKL AND CHRISTIAN FELDBAUER BY ALEX STONE 104 Preserving maritime heritage 044 Thrills in the Southern Ocean Auckland’s Maritime Museum is undertaking a massive digitisation Boating and skiing in Antarctica. An edited extract from Mark project for its huge collection of historic photographs and images. Sedon’s self-published book What Could Possibly Go Wrong? BY LAWRENCE SCHÄFFLER A few things, as it turns out. BY MARK SEDON 116 Buoyage and beacons 058 Simrad’s new NSX revealed Navigation buoys and beacons are essential to safe navigation. Incredibly, the conventions governing them are not the same Simrad’s new, fully expandable NSX range has a new operating everywhere. We are Region A, but there’s also Region B... system and improved features across the board. BY LINDSAY WRIGHT BY JOHN EICHELSHEIM 013 068 103 129 BOAT BOAT RETRO THE WORLD BUSINESS BOATS MARINA 014 Boat World News 069 Boat Business News 108 Created content 130 Brokerage 040 Boat Bling 062 Created content 076 Better Boat Handling Kennedy Point Marina Boat sales yards C-TEK performance Briefing the crew 110 Reflections 144 Directory 064 The Catch BY ANDREW FLANAGAN The Tim Barnett Story For all your boating needs Winter squid 084 DIY Boating BY JOHN MACFARLANE – yummy calamari Bilge pumps 113 Crossword BY MARK KITTERIDGE BY NORMAN HOLTZHAUSEN 120 Sail Journey 10 Boating New Zealand 088 Created content Power onboard Ownaship gets new vessels BY CHRIS WOODHAMS 124 Vintageview Harold George, Celox & Victory BY HAROLD KIDD

Delivery available to New Zealand late 2023! Ph: 021 390 052 or 09 413 9465 | [email protected] | 315 348 388 418 458 new460 508 548 588 675 EDITORIAL TEAM Editor John Eichelsheim [email protected] Regular contributors Roger Mills, Sarah Ell, Andrew Flanagan, Norman Holtzhausen, Harold Kidd, John Macfarlane, Lawrence Schäffler, Matt Vance, Chris Woodhams, Lindsay Wright CREATIVE TEAM Art director Debra Tunnicliffe Production manager Mike Embleton Digital imaging Willie Coyle Video editors Hummingbird Video and Photography Cover design Debra Tunnicliffe Cover photo Mark Sedon and Roger Mills ADVERTISING Brett Patterson 0274733945 [email protected] Tim Porter 0274952233 [email protected] MANAGEMENT TEAM Publisher Tim Porter Sales manager Brett Patterson BOATING NEW ZEALAND CONTACT Office 5 William Laurie Place, Albany, Auckland 0632, New Zealand Postal PO Box 301063, Albany Auckland 0752, New Zealand Telephone (09) 373 3436 Email [email protected] PRINTING & DISTRIBUTION Printer Ovato Limited, New Zealand Distributors Gordon & Gotch (NZ) SUBSCRIPTIONS AND BACK ISSUES FREEPHONE 0508 692 628 Website Postal Boating NZ Subscriptions PO Box 12028, Hamilton 3248, New Zealand BOATING NEW ZEALAND MAGAZINE IS A PUBLICATION OF MARINE MEDIA LTD COPYRIGHT Boating New Zealand incorporates: Nautical News, Boating Quarterly and New Zealand Yachting. The contents are copyright and may not be reproduced without the consent of the editor. Unsolicited editorial material may be submitted, but should include a stamped, self-addressed envelope. While every care is taken, no responsibility is accepted for material submitted. Opinions expressed by contributors are not necessarily those of Boating New Zealand Ltd. All rights reserved. THIS MAGAZINE IS SUBJECT TO THE NEW ZEALAND PRESS COUNCIL • Complaints to be first directed to [email protected] with ‘Press Council complaint’ in the subject line. • If unsatisfied, the complaint may be referred to the Press Council, P O Box 10 879, The Terrace, Wellington 6143 or by email at: [email protected] • Further details and online complaints at AUDIT 12751 TOTAL NET CIRCULATION JULY 2011-JAN 2012 12 Boating New Zealand

013 BOAT WORLD Boat World News Review: Sasga 42 HT Dulcinea refit | Antarctic sea & ski Boat Bling | Review: Fjord 38 xpress New Simrad NSX | The Catch: Winter squid | subscribe | Boating New Zealand 13

BOATWORLDBOATWORLDBOATWORLDBOATWORLDBOATW ROARING 40S ...things were “bloody cruel” Another year, another Roaring 40s boat race on Lake Tekapo for those in open running laps around a 15-kilometre course. cockpits. The annual event, organised by the Timaru Yacht and Powerboat Club, took place over the weekend of July 10-11. The event attracted 30 boats ranging from 600hp to 70hp and a good complement of spectators, despite extremely cold conditions. So cold, writes powerboat enthusiast George Empson, that while the crews with enclosed cabs might have been fine, things were “bloody cruel” for those in open cockpits. Indeed, George did not hang around long enough to see the winners because “the log fire beckoned”…   14 Boating New Zealand

WORLDBOATWORLDBOATWORLDBOATWORLDBOATWORLD ABOVE Exciting but cold mid-winter power boat racing on Lake Tekapo attracted 30 entrants of all sizes. | subscribe | Boating New Zealand 15

BOATWORLDBOATWORLDBOATWORLDBOATWORLDBOAT QUANTUM RACING ROLEX TP52 WORLD CHAMPIONS Cascais in Portugal remains one of the most rewarding owner-driver DeVos on the helm. venues for the Quantum Racing team as Doug DeVos’ Hutchinson said, “The entire event was close. You take the USA-flagged crew lifted the 2022 Rolex TP52 World Championship title, their third back-to-back regatta win good with the bad. It’s ironic today as the previous four days we on the Atlantic waters off the Portuguese coast. started really well and today we didn’t start so well. We were a bit conservative. It’s hard here as we all have right on the brain but it’s This is Quantum Racing’s fourth world title achieved during the how you get there that’s the tricky part. I give Alegre and Platoon ten year history of the 52 SUPER SERIES, and their second ‘worlds’ high marks there. We won our last world championship here in win in Cascais. This 2022 championship is also special to tactician Cascais so it’s getting pretty special for us. The neat thing about this Terry Hutchinson and the whole crew as it is the first won with championship we’ve won with Doug on the boat – to be able to share this with him is awesome.” BREAKTHROUGH MEDAL GOLD AWARD FOR FOR NEW ZEALAND NACRA PAIR ELECTRIC FERRY All the signs pointed to Micah Wilkinson and Erica Dawson picking Wellington Electric Boat Building Company was up their first medal at an international regatta – and the pair delighted to receive Innovation Gold at the delivered. Wellington Gold Awards. The Wellington Gold Wilkinson and Dawson finished second in the Nacra 17 at the Awards, in association with The Dominion 49er, 49erFX and Nacra 17 European Championships in Aarhus, Denmark, Post, have been celebrating the excellence and enterprise in July. This rounded out a block of racing in Europe that has seen of businesses in the Wellington Region since 1999. consistent progression. The company was recognised for its work on Ika Rere, The pair have recorded results of sixth, fifth, fourth and now second the southern hemisphere’s first fully electric fast ferry. against the world’s best. But know they have some work to do to catch Ruggero Tita and Caterina Banti who have dominated the class in 2022. Described by Managing Director, Fraser Foote, as a The Italians finished 65 points ahead of the Kiwis, only once finishing ‘mind-bendingly difficult’ project, the Award is testament outside the top two in the 33-boat fleet across 15 races. to the work and commitment of WEBBCo’s team of boatbuilders, project managers, admin staff, suppliers, as Wilkinson and Dawson have worked hard to understand the new well as the project’s innovative design and tech team. rudder rake systems introduced in March which allows foiling upwind most of the time and it’s paying off. “We’ve had fantastic support from the Wellington community since we started this project,” says Fraser Foote. “We’re stoked,” Wilkinson said. “It’s a massive relief we were able “And we’re delighted to be acknowledged in this way.” to finish it off but it’s also really exciting for our whole campaign. We are both fully committed to this and to punch out consistent results all After two months’ operation, WEBBCo’s client East by season is exciting as a team. We know we have so much to improve on West Ferries reported that at a per passenger level, the cost so both have a lot more to give.” of electricity for sailings on Ika Rere was over 70% less than the cost of fuel to run their diesel ferries. The pair will spend August training at the Olympic venue in Marseille before heading to Canada for September’s 49er, 49erFX and Nacra 17 East by West Ferries also had a successful night, coming world championships. away with the Green Gold Award for Ika Rere and other sustainable practices within the business.  16 Boating New Zealand


BOATWORLDBOATWORLDBOATWORLDBOATWORLDBOATW 2022 SYDNEY INTERNATIONAL BOAT SHOW The Sydney International Boat Show returns from 28 The open-air Event Deck is also home to the Rooftop Bar, July to 1 August 2022 at the International Convention the ideal place to relax and gather with family and friends while Centre (ICC) Sydney and Cockle Bay inside Darling enjoying a spectacular view across the city. The Main Stage will Harbour. feature fishing demonstrations and cooking tips. There is also From paddleboards to powerboats, kayaks to catamarans, a packed programme of boating, fishing and marine education snorkelling to sailboats, there is something for everyone to sessions with some of Australia’s leading experts. enjoy at the 53rd Sydney International Boat Show, billed as Australia’s largest recreational boating lifestyle event with A new level of corporate hospitality and visitor experience hundreds of exhibitors set to attract more than 60,000 visitors. is also available, as the brand-new VIP precinct The Harbour Lounge takes over the 60m superyacht The Jackson, moored in The five-day event has something to offer the whole family. the iconic Darling Harbour. The 5000m2 Event Deck has a purpose-built 35-metre pool for on-water demonstrations of marine products where Offering a private haven and a taste of the superyacht life, visitors can see and trial kayaks, stand-up paddleboards and The Harbour Lounge is ideal for entertaining clients, or enjoying pedalboards and kids can enjoy free bumper boat rides and an unforgettable experience with friends. participate in a treasure hunt. NEW BASE FOR ETNZ Emirates Team New Zealand will complete the transition and move from the VEC following a blessing of the new home of Emirates Team Emirates Team New Zealand has signed a lease of the former New Zealand by Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei. Ineos Britannia team base on Wynyard Point and will move in by the end of September. Emirates Team New Zealand said it had always been the intention to move its central operations to a more permanent site in Auckland with greater certainty of length of tenure for the team and a suitable tenancy agreement based on commercial rental. Emirates Team New Zealand will be based out of the new base for the next six years where it can run its America’s Cup and sailing operations as well as its associated technology projects such as the hydrogen powered foiling chase boat Chase Zero. Emirates Team New Zealand will be launching another three boats as part of its 37th America’s Cup defence from their new base in Auckland. Eke Panuku Development Auckland has taken over the management of the INEOS base and Emirates Team New Zealand has agreed commercial terms for the duration of the lease. 18 Boating New Zealand

ORLDBOATWORLDBOATWORLD ACUOTN&HTOSAERCFRIOTSVREOICDUAERPQTAUEROATTMSE PREDATOR Ovlov Marine FREE Limited Est. 1978 RAKIURA Forest & Bird says ridding Rakiura Stewart Island of introduced D13 IPS 1350 predators will be a global game-changer and welcomes the recently announced $2.8m research agreement between D6 440 DPI Manaaki Whenua and Predator Free Rakiura.     At 180,000ha, Rakiura Stewart Island would be the largest island-based Ovlov Marine Limited Est 1978 predator eradication project ever attempted anywhere in the world.   Forest & Bird Spokesperson Dean Baigent-Mercer says “Freeing Ph 09 377 4285 • Fax 09 377 9665 Rakiura Island from introduced predators is a massively ambitious and [email protected] important vision that will pave the way for environmental protection in the rest of New Zealand, and the world.  142 Beaumont Street, Westhaven “As well as being a game changer for native species like the Stewart Pine Harbour – Ph 09 536 5249 Island brown kiwi, hoiho, New Zealand dotterel and many more native and endemic species, Predator Free Rakiura would be a major draw card for nature tourism and the local economy, and for the expression of mātauranga Māori.”   Cats and hedgehogs have also been included in the research project.   Rakiura was the home of the last population of kākāpō, which were transferred to safe offshore islands because cats were hunting down and killing the last of their species.   “The success of this project could see both kākāpō and South Island tīeke saddleback, which narrowly escaped extinction too, being returned to Rakiura,” Mr Baigent-Mercer says.  “Currently there are forested areas of Rakiura in active collapse, with tōtara being eaten to death by possums. Turning this situation around will be a milestone and help repair the native forest as a carbon sink”.  Future residents might see millions of seabirds flying into forests at sunset and hear loud bird song, the chatter of tui, bellbirds and kakariki by day and the cries of kākāpō, kākā and seabirds by night.   “Sixty years ago, Forest & Bird members led the very first humble rat eradication on Maria Island in the Hauraki Gulf, which covers only one hectare. It’s incredible that today New Zealand is researching the removal of all introduced predators off an island 180,000 times bigger,” says Baigent-Mercer. | subscribe | Boating New Zealand 19

BOATWORLDBOATWORLDBOATWORLDBOATWORLDBOATW DAMPENER FOR WATCH IT PROJECT SPEED Lake Gairdner in South Australia, a natural salt lake with a very Emirates Team New Zealand Meteorolgist Roger ‘Clouds’ Badham flat surface and excellent grip, is the venue chosen for Emirates has been monitoring the lake, the weather and atmospheric conditions Team New Zealand’s wind-powered land speed record attempt for months now and expects to see the rates of water evaporation with Glenn Ashby as pilot. continue to increase. However, Lake Gairdner, usually bone-dry, had about 50mm of water in it, according to Ashby, who in preparation for the World This time of year, it is normal to see around 100mm of water record attempt went see the lake in mid-July. evaporation each month and as the months clock closer to summer That may seem like a showstopper, but not for an optimistic Ashby. this will only increase. As will the winds expected over the coming “Three weeks before the lake had 120mm of water in it. So we are months with September and October the windiest months of the year definitely trending in the right direction. For sure this does slide our in the location. programme back by a few weeks, but nothing that I am too concerned about right now. We just need to be a bit patient!” Precisely what is needed to propel Horonuku to World Record breaking speeds.| CELEBRATION OF 40 YEARS OF RACING The New Zealand Multihull Yacht Club (NZMYC) is pleased to announce the 40th PIC Coastal Classic Yacht Race from Auckland to Russell in the Bay of Islands is officially open. Organisers are now accepting entries online and encouraging participants to get prepared for the Labour Weekend ritual. “Get ready for an epic race and Labour Weekend. This year marks 40 years since the Coastal Classic began in 1982, and with Covid causing us to cancel last year we are beyond excited to get this race underway” says NZMYC Commodore Greer Houston. “You could say it’s been two years since the fleet sailed into Russell with 2020 seeing only 16 boats reach the finish line due to light winds. Considering this, we are expecting a large fleet of competitors who are looking to ‘grind’ their way to the finish line.” To mark this 40-year milestone, organisers are offering the chance to win two return airfares to Barcelona – the home of the 2024 America’s Cup! “We just wanted to do something special” says Greer. “Forty years of racing is really something to be celebrated and this prize is open to anyone who competes in the 2022 PIC Coastal Classic – crew and skippers!”  Considered one of the world’s most famous yacht 20 Boating New Zealand

ORLDBOATWORLDBOATWORLD WOMEN’S AND YOUTH AMERICA’S CUP EVENTS FORMATS ANNOUNCED During the 37th America’s Cup, both the Women’s and Youth America’s Cups will be sailed on the America’s Cup racecourse off the Barcelona waterfront during the final stages of the Challenger Selection Series and the opening of America’s Cup Match itself. Both regattas will be contested between 12 teams split into two pools of six for an initial fleet race series. Both pools will race a series of 6-9 fleet races, then a final series of 3-4 fleet races before the top two teams compete in a single match-race final to determine the overall winners of each event. Racing will be in a fleet of six one design AC40’s supplied by the America’s Cup teams and the events will be aired to a global broadcast across multiple platforms. races, the Coastal traditionally attracts the very best of New Zealand yachting to race alongside a colourful fleet of boats of all shapes, sizes and abilities. It’s traditionally a battle between monohull and multihull yachts. Starting in the vicinity of Devonport Wharf on the morning of Friday 21 October 2022, the 119 nautical mile long challenge is again expected to draw well-seasoned yachties and beginner sailors alike. Competitors can download the Notice of Race and enter online at | subscribe | Boating New Zealand 21

BOATWORLDBOATWORLDBOATWORLDBOATWORLDBOATW BERGE BULK SHIPWITH WINDWINGS Berge Bulk, the dry bulk shipping company, WindWings will be installed on board Berge Bulk’s will equip its Newcastlemax bulk carrier vessel in the second quarter of 2023. Berge Olympus with BAR Tech WindWings by Yara Marine Technologies. Berge Bulk has committed to be carbon neutral Berge Bulk, BAR Technologies, and Yara Marine by 2025 at the latest. The company owns and Technologies have agreed to install four BAR Tech manages a fleet of over 80 vessels, equating to more WindWings on board the 210,000 deadweight than 14 million DWT.  tonnes (DWT) ship. The large, solid wing sails on board their ships BAR Technologies provides design and will measure up to 50m high and will be capable of engineering consultancy services with a focus on reducing CO2 emissions by as much as 30 per cent five key sectors: high performance and super yachts; through a combination of wind propulsion and route leisure marine; heavy marine, data and electronics, optimisation.  and renewables. BOAT Rresource consent had been granted for and provide critical infrastructure that many marine HARBOUR a boat harbour to be developed in Keepa businesses in the town require to support their GAINS Road in Whakatane. ongoing businesses in Whakatāne.” CONSENT Sustainability considerations, both human and environmental have been top-of-mind Project Director Phil Wardale said the region from the beginning. was supported by the Fast Track consenting “We are excited about what this means for the process, which provided certainty of timing for the future of the region,” says Mayor of Whakatāne, consenting process. The consent is issued with a Judy Turner. “It will create long term job robust package of over 100 consent conditions. opportunities in the maritime and tourism sectors, The community can read more about them on the website: 22 Boating New Zealand

ORLDBOATWORLDBOATWORLD OBITUARY DEALER OF RODMAN BOATS BUILT TOUGH WITHOUT COMPROMISE NOW IN NEW ZEALAND 1290 EVOLUTION SPORTS-FISHER JOHN LIDGARD From $995,000 31 SPIRIT SPORTS-CRUISER 1931 – 2022 From $350,000 Many designers, boatbuilders and sailors were deeply 1090 EVOLUTION SPORTS-FISHER saddened to hear of John Lidgard’s passing the bar on July 6, 2022, just a week shy of his 91st birthday. From $595,000 An icon of the modern classic timber boatbuilding era, Lidgard will long be remembered for pioneering laminated timber 1/6th SYNDICATES AVAILABLE boatbuilding, along with significant achievements in yacht design, ocean racing and offshore cruising. 890 SPORTS-FISHER 33 OFF-SHORE Lidgard served his apprenticeship under his father Fred and uncles Roy and Mike at Lidgard Bros Boatbuilders. Lidgard spent the final years of his apprenticeship on Kawau Island, where he designed his first yacht aged only 17. Named after his then-girlfriend Heather Atherton, Heather was the first of over 220 Lidgard designs and, in the best romantic tradition, Heather herself later became his wife and remained so until her death in 2021. Lidgard went out on his own in 1959, building the first four of many Stewart 34s - Patiki, Princess, Pim and Patiko. He then designed and built several fast offshore cruiser/racers such as Takiri, Taonui and Renegade. However, his 1967 design Runaway really put him on the map when she became one of the three New Zealand boats taking out the top three places in the 1971 Sydney Hobart Race and the Southern Cross Cup. In the mid-1970s, Lidgard began designing and building lighter offshore capable yachts such as Imp, XYZ, Result and Regardless. His two sons, Kevin and Duthie, who themselves became boatbuilders and designers in their own right, worked at Lidgard Yachts, with Duthie eventually taking it over in 1986. This freed Lidgard to focus on his twin loves of design and sailing, and over the next two decades, he and Heather undertook numerous offshore racing and cruising voyages. Lidgard would eventually clock up more than 250,000 nautical miles offshore, most with the capable Heather at the navigator’s table. Lidgard’s forte was designing fast, offshore capable cruiser/racers – strong, straightforward, honest and highly competitive boats – just like the man himself. There were no hidden agendas and he didn’t seek fame. Typically, he’d decide to have a crack at something new and just do it. Lidgard was a massive inspiration to other boatbuilders, designers and sailors, even if they’d later become competitors, and he enjoyed enormous respect from all who knew him. His dry sense of humour and love of a post-race party won him countless friends. John Lidgard, a gifted boatbuilder, designer and ocean racer, was a wonderful example of a man who lived his passion, followed his dreams and remained true to himself. He’s survived by sons Kevin and Duthie, wives-in-law Sharron, Brigitte and Sue, four grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. John Macfarlane WWW.YOURMARINE.CO.NZ | subscribe | Boating New Zealand 23

review Sasga 42 HT WORDS BY SARAH ELL PHOTOGRAPHY BY ROGER MILLS Cruising the Mediterranean, relaxing in warm sunshine and anchoring in a perfect bay every night has been a fantasy for many Kiwis over the past couple of covid-affected years — not to mention more recently, in the depths of a very wet winter. Well, if you can’t go to the Mediterranean, this new trawler-style launch can bring the Med to you. VISIONS OF THE 24 Boating New Zealand

arlier this year Boating profiled E the Menorquín 34 HT, built in the Spanish Balearic Islands by Sasga Yachts. This is its big sister, the 13-metre-long Menorquín 42 HT, and she shares some of the same distinctive features. The Menorquín range (pronounced Men-or-keen) are based on the look and shape of a traditional small Balearic fishing boat, the llaüt. From its rounded stern to its swept-up sheerline, oval portholes and wooden stem post on the foredeck and the timber radar block on top of the cabin, these boats retain a classic look while offering all the comforts you’d expect from a modern cruising launch. As well as the smaller, 10.5-metre 34, which has found a home in the Marlborough Sounds, there’s also a 16.6-metre 54 model, one of which is heading for New Zealand next year, and a 21-metre model (the 68), which comes as a flybridge model only. The HT in the Menorquín 42’s name means hard top, so the boat has a sedan-style layout, though a flybridge version is available. Christine Bird, who along with Bruce McGill represents the marque for New Zealand agents European Marine Imports, first came across this style of boat during an extended period cruising and working in the Med. These boats are built in Menorca, the second largest of the Balearic Islands, by an established family boatbuilding business. MEDITERRANEAN | subscribe | Boating New Zealand 25

RIGHT The 42 HT has a decent turn of speed and is a pleasure to helm. The helm station is a work of art. BELOW The standard of fit and finish is outstanding throughout the vessel. The 42HT is available for as little as $1,150,000 but the price as tested was $1,378,000. 26 Boating New Zealand

2013 “There are lots of these boats over there, and Battle one of the big things about them is that they are the sea. really seaworthy,” Bird says. “The seas around the Balearics and elsewhere in the Mediterranean can World-Leading be quite short, sharp and challenging, so these Thruster Technologies boats are designed to be seaworthy in a range of for the Future of Boating conditions.” She adds that the Menorquíns often appeal to sailors wanting to step back from active NEW SHOWROOM: cruising into something more leisurely, but still 173 Marua Road, Mt Wellington wanting a safe, economical and comfortable ride Tel: 09 845 5347 with a traditional boat look. Email: [email protected] The other thing about this particular model which will appeal to local owners is the galley-style kitchen arranged along the port side of the saloon. The other option is to have it forward and down on the lower cabin level, with an extra settee in the saloon, but with this layout the chef can remain part of the action and be enjoying the view out while meals are prepped. The Kiwi owner of the 34 HT was particularly impressed with its construction and standard of finish, and the same can be said for the 42. The boat has the look of being hand-made rather than factory produced — Sasga makes fewer than 25 boats a year — with neatly finished traditional looking timber work throughout, including teak decks, teak and holly sole, a timber cap-rail on the bulwark and timber detailing under the hardtop out in the cockpit. The helm station is a work of art, too, with a classic timber and chrome wheel and analogue dials providing a classic look amid the mod-cons and electronics, such as the large Raymarine screen, joystick controls for the bow thruster, and the Zipwake automatic trim system monitor. | subscribe | Boating New Zealand 27

Due to the boat’s four-metre beam and the generous walk- arounds on each side of the cabin, the saloon is not hugely wide, but there’s more than enough room for that galley to port – with a ceramic stovetop with two hobs, an electric oven with microwave, an under-bench fridge and a top-load freezer – for the five of us to sit comfortably around the table to starboard. (There’s another a drawer fridge under the helm seat, too.) The saloon seating area feels nicely elevated, with glass all around for great views and skylights above to give it the feel of a conservatory. A flat-screen TV also pops up out of the cabinetry on the port side if further entertainment is required. Down below there are three double cabins: a twin to starboard and a double to port under the saloon, and the owner’s cabin in the bow. Also to starboard is the day head and shower, with the generous freeboard providing plenty of headroom here. The master cabin also has a full ensuite head and shower room to port, with timber detailing for a nautical look and large hatch above letting in plenty of light. 28 Boating New Zealand

OPPOSITE Big foredeck from which to soak up some sun; The helm station is simple but functional; The 42 HT cruises at 22 knots, maintaining a level attitude. BELOW The Menorquín is a nice place to be on a sunny day; Engines are twin Volvo Penta D4 320hp; Anchored at Motuihe. The boat is immaculately finished and feels like it has real personality... We managed to get one of the few fine days amid Auckland’s epically wet winter and headed out onto the Waitemata. The only drawback to it being so clear and sunny is that it is extremely cold – but no matter, we can maintain our Mediterranean illusion by turning on the central heating in the cabin. This is only the 42’s second time out of the dock, and she still has that delightful ‘new boat’ smell. We head off down a glassy harbour, and once past the low- speed zone accelerate comfortably into 15-knot cruise. The boat is powered by a pair of Volvo D4 320hp diesels – moderate units for a boat this size but which provide plenty of power to push her up as far as 23 knots as a top speed. She sits comfortably in displacement mode and climbs up to planing speed without digging in at the stern, keeping the ride level and maintaining good visibility forward. There isn’t any chop to speak of to test | subscribe | Boating New Zealand 29

The Menorquín 42 HT offers a bit more than your average launch... out her seaworthiness, but she feels solid and to the engines and genset easy: a smaller one Menorquín 42 HT stable, even when doing donuts for the camera. with a ladder, or the whole large panel can be lifted for greater access. Fuel and water tanks PACKAGES FROM It’s not often you get Motuihe’s Takutairaroa are further forward, under the saloon. $1,150,000 Bay (Ocean Beach) all to yourself, but the extreme cold must have put off even the hardiest A walk-through on the starboard side leads PRICE AS REVIEWED of other boaties. With the heating on and the sun to the very large boarding platform, which $1,378,000 streaming in, we might just as well be anchored really deserves the title ‘aft deck’. There’s a load somewhere in the Mediterranean. The doors of space here for storing a tender or swimming MANUFACTURED BY at the back of the saloon are bi-folds, so they or fishing off, and an in-built storage locker for Sasga Yachts can be opened right up when the weather is a water toys. The attention to detail goes right bit warmer, creating a large indoor/outdoor down to a timber-handled boathook, stowed room. With the sun out, the cockpit is another along the cabinside. nice place to be, with shelter overhead from the hardtop, a comfortable padded coffer seat at the The wide walk-arounds make it easy to get HIGHLIGHTS curved transom, and clears which can be brought up to the foredeck, which has a central raised down to enclose the space. area above the master cabin and rises up to the Immaculate finish stem post and the anchor capstan and electric and real personality Two hatches in the cockpit floor make access winch, which can be operated remotely from the helm. There’s a large anchor locker up here, Galley-style forward of the bow cabin, and tidy stainless kitchen fender-stowage racks. Covered aft deck, The Menorquín 42 HT offers a bit more than with side curtains your average launch: an additional touch of class and definite point of difference. The boat Heating in is immaculately finished and feels like it has winter real personality, rather than being something mass-produced – and its heritage and design SPECIFICATIONS features will certainly start a few conversations over drinks on the aft deck. It might be a while loa 13.2m before we can get back to the Mediterranean, hull length 11.98m so it was a pleasure to spend the day in such beam 4m Spanish style. BNZ draft 1.10m light displacement 11.26 tonnes engine 2 x Volvo D4 320 hp diesels fuel 1200 litres freshwater 500 litres cruising speed 15 knots max speed 23 knots WATCH IT 30 Boating New Zealand

feature Dulcinea refit WORDS AND PHOTOGRAPHY BY ALEX STONE BELOW Dulcinea with three reefs in the main leaves town for the Pacific. OPPOSITE Skipper Matt Thomas, left, and Angelo Lavranos at the helm station. 32 Boating New Zealand

LOVE IN THE TIME OF THE COVID Alex Stone with the story of a remarkable re-fit in Auckland ulcinea. She’s the imaginary recipient of the D chivalrous love of the ever-hopeful Don Quixote. You know, from the famous 1605 novel, where our hapless hero and his sidekick Sancho Panza sally forth to tilt at windmills, among other equally madcap adventures. But Quixote’s love for Dulcinea, the epitome of perfection, was forever unrequited. And we all know that a beautiful yacht can also be a demanding mistress. And one who offers rewards of a richness beyond imagining. And so to the remarkable story of the impressive catamaran Dulcinea, and her make-over in Auckland. All in the time of the Covid in that city. But to go back a little: Matt Thomas, the skipper of Dulcinea fills me in. “The owner of this cat is a very experienced sailor, based in the Greater Seattle area, who has owned a similar-sized catamaran, a Morelli Melvin/Westerly Yachts design called Gizmo, currently in Indonesia.  “Having sailed through large portions of the Pacific, he was he purchased the vessel in the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten. Lerouge is also known for his very impressive Pulsar offered what he thought was a fair price for Gizmo and sold her, range of trimarans. thinking that he’d possibly stop sailing, but within a year he was Built in Latvia and previously named Wildcat, the yacht had been used for day charters in the Baltic and Caribbean. looking for another cat. “After the purchase, the re-named Dulcinea was sailed to He looked at a number of catamarans, many of them larger, French Polynesia where the family enjoyed a number of trips, but at the onset of Covid the decision was made to ship the boat but felt that what he wanted was something around 65ft (20m) to New Zealand for a full refit, at Orams Marine Services in Auckland,” Matt continues. that would be more cruising-orientated than his previous Which is where our story begins. carbon fibre cat, but it had to be a good sailing cat.” Having previously owned a smaller Erik Lerouge catamaran, he was immediately attracted to the only 65ft Wildcat catamaran on the market at the time. After some negotiation, | subscribe | Boating New Zealand 33

At times we felt as if we were employing the whole of Westhaven... “The hull is 12 years old and the vessel has already completed multiple ocean crossings, and as part of the repainting a number of cracks were found. While these presented no major concerns it was decided that further investigation would be worthwhile and, in that regard we engaged Pure Design & Engineering ( to oversee any structural concerns and to develope any required solutions. Additionally, Gino Morelli of Morelli Melvin (www. came on board to offer additional comments on any issues and solutions. Erik Larouge (http://erik.lerouge.pagesperso-orange. fr/ELYD.htm) the original yacht designer was also engaged to ensure that all parties had access to the original design philosophy. Erik was also there to comment on any changes to 34 Boating New Zealand

ABOVE Unusual elevated steering Proud suppliers to Dulcinea position, dubbed the ‘Popemobile’. We are highly skilled and experienced marine service INSET Dulcinea’s saloon. technicians. We have 20+ years’ experience installing, upgrading and maintaining all marine systems including BELOW Lots of beam, and the spacious galley in the starboard hull. watermakers, pumps, plumbing, valves and more. We have worked on some of the world’s largest superyachts, and thrive on our attention to detail and high level of quality workmanship. With a focus on personalised service, competitive rates and customer satisfaction, we are always working to exceed our clients’ high standards and expectations. Brendon Callander – 021 030 2043 [email protected] Congratulations to team Dulcinea. Thank you and safe travels. be made to Dulcinea during the refit. Which evolved Our team supplied all the interior into a $4 million investment into the Westhaven-based and exterior upholstery and covers, boating industries, at a time when they needed it most. including Strataglass clear screens, tender, bbq and sail covers, mesh screen “While it was clear that after 12 years of sailing and multiple ocean crossings there was some wear covers for the cockpit enclosure. and tear, there were a number of structural elements Wall linings, bed heads, designer settee, that would benefit from refitting. Sail gear and cockpit upholstery, electric bike bags etc. systems have been completely upgraded to current technology and associated areas have been reinforced ph: +64 9 3094302 as required. [email protected] “At times we felt as if we were employing the whole of Westhaven,” Matt jokes. Indeed, the makeover’s cast reads as a who’s who of the best in New Zealand’s recreational maritime industry: | subscribe | Boating New Zealand 35

• Overall contractor and project management ONBOARD - Orams Marine Services Angelo Lavranos, an old friend and noted yacht designer, and I • Orams Project Manager - Henry Murchison went for an early sail trial on Dulcinea. Matt reminded us “what • Interior design - Donna Maree Yacht Interior Design you got to see and experience was the result of 16 months of • Structural design and updates - Pure Engineering hard work by a large team of contractors.” (Andrew Corkery), with consultation from Gino Some noteworthy elements to Dulcinea. For most cruising Morelli and Erik Lerouge yachties, I imagine it’s hard to visualise the generous extent of • Boat building - Orams Marine Services a bridgedeck saloon in a cat that’s 10.5m wide. Suffice to say, • Painting - Orams Marine Services • Carpentry - Orams Marine Services • Sailing systems - GT Yachting • Rigging and mast Service - RigPro/Southern Spars • Plumbing, water-maker, sewerage, engineering - Centro Marine • Mechanical engineering, new motors and genset - Marine Propulsion • Sails service and repair - Evolution Sails NZ • Electrical system design and installation - Attest Marine • Hull wrap and signage - Signcorp • Fastenings and equipment - Auckland Engineering Supply • Equipment and sailing Gear - Fosters Chandlery • Upholstery and enclosures - Boat Covers And not forgetting, coffee and breakfasts from Johnny Wray’s Coffee. “I’m hoping I haven’t left anyone out...” says Matt. New sails were bought from Elvstrøm. PRICE LIST ASDClerlAapbwtLoeLnamtosb3ne0ar1n327ti0t9fho29O[email protected]itSnoonewrervraiincmwetasshsemL‘itSraduArbpnineettriefwtoi.mecueloenS’..np1ezstcJiaulnme oannedy3b0athck. Prices apply to Winter Special 1st June to 30th September 2022 for the 85T Travel Lift only GST INCLUSIVE LENGTH PRICE $ in ft - up to incl GST 25’ $ 1,834 26’ $ 1,988 27’ $ 2,036 28’ $ 2,084 29’ $ 2,132 30’ $ 2,305 31’ $ 2,325 32’ $ 2,363 33’ $ 2,400 34’ $ 2,534 35’ $ 2,667 36’ $ 2,750 37’ $ 2,832 38’ $ 2,910 39’ $ 2,987 40’ $ 3,304 41’ $ 3,534 42’ $ 3,664 43’ $ 3,766 44’ $ 3,883 45’ $ 4,001 46’ $ 4,156 47’ $ 4,318 48’ $ 4,480 49’ $ 4,579 50’ $ 4,632 51’ $ 5,187 52’ $ 5,269 53’ $ 5,300 54’ $ 5,544 55’ $ 5,645 56’ $ 6,034 57’ $ 6,367 58’ $ 6,440 59’ $ 6,508 60’ $ 6,789 61’ $ 7,148 62’ $ 7,245 63’ $ 7,553 64’ $ 7,981 65’ $ 8,121 66’ $ 8,418 67’ $ 8,829 68’ $ 8,959 69’ $ 9,240 70’ $ 9,582 Stern Leg - $280 each plus GST Sail Drive - $170 plus GST 36 Boating New Zealand

LEFT Dulcinea’s battery bank – 12 200Ah lithium phosphate batteries, running a 24V system. RIGHT Plenty of solar energy on tap when the sun shines. BELOW The helm is equipped with the latest electronics technology. An electronics refit was an integral part of the project. Matt and his makeover team have utilised this space with grace: no clutter or overt furnishings. The for’ard part of the saloon was re-purposed to accommodate a huge battery bank, hidden under a (very) wide, hinged shelf. At the same time, this created an additional strengthening box construction under the mast. This space contains 12 x 200Ah lithium phosphate batteries, running a 24V system. Also, most cruising catamaran sailors, perhaps used to | subscribe | Boating New Zealand 37

less spacious boats, have become used to the ‘galley up’ configuration. The starboard hull of Dulcinea has space for a fine galley down, complete with a full-on, stand-up fridge/ freezer. She’s a big boat in every respect. Unusually for a cat of this size, Dulcinea has a single, midships steering station. But the elevated steering position (called a ‘Popemobile’ in less flattering circumstances) is streamlined, and well-integrated into the profile aesthetics of the yacht. Visibility is fine from here; and with the powerful bow thrusters Matt can do fine manoeuvring too. New motors were installed in Dulcinea: two Yanmar 110hp. And, as Matt says, “An electronics refit was an integral part of the project. “About the only original things still there, are the shell and the wingmast.” Which created a challenge for David Minors of DM Marine Electronics, who installed the all-new, integrated B&G Zeus system. The radar and wind sensors, mounted on that rotating mast need constant, real-time re-calibration to deal with the changing angles of their moving base. But no problem – all sorted. Last word to Dean Kennedy, Principal Surveyor of Marine Survey New Zealand Ltd (MSNZ) who conducted the survey: “Dulcinea is in many areas of superyacht standard and has greatly benefited from a professionally run re-fit from a very competent captain. The re-fit work has been expertly completed by a world-class yard to the highest of standards. “It is the undersigned’s opinion that relative to her age, Dulcinea is in as-new condition cosmetically. Structurally, the vessel is in very good condition. The vessel was a pleasure to survey.” As I write this, I learn that Dulcinea is making her way to Fiji, sailing upright, stable and safe, effortlessly doing 12.5knots under reduced canvas. A pleasure to sail too. A fine ending to our story of Love in the Time of the Covid. BNZ DULCINEA – DETAILS, DESIGN, LAUNCH AND RE-FIT Designer: Erik Lerouge Batteries: 12 x Juice JLI2400PRO Lithium – New 2022 Thru Hull Fittings: TruDesign ISO 9093-2 – New 2022 Builder: Wild Cat Ltd, Latvia Solar Panels: 6 x – New 2020 Thru hull fitting all fitted with tapered, soft wooden bungs Date of Launch: 2011 Wiring System: Attest NZ- New 2022 AC system: Dometic Marine Air 48,000 BTU – New 2022 Date of Refit: 2022 @ Orams Marine, NZ Sailing Instruments: B&G H5000 – New 2022 Fire System Engine Room: 2 x FirePro FP-500 – New 2022 Length: 19.99 m (65 ft) Forward Looking Sonar: B&G Forward Scan - 2022 Fire System Battery Compartments: 2 x FirePro FP-500 – New 2022 Beam: 10.5 m (34.4 ft) Chart Plotter: B&G Zeus with 3 screens – New 2022 All thru compartment cable/hose holes are sealed with CSD Draft: 1.52 m (5 ft) Auto Pilot: B&G H5000 Pilot – New 2022 Fiwa sealant – New 2022 Lightship: 21,000 kg (23.1 tons) Radar: B&G Halo20+ – New 2022 Fire/Smoke Alarms: Cavius Integrated Wireless – New 2022 Cruising Displacement: 26,000 kg (28.7 tons) VHF fixed: B&G V100 DSC with 2 x Handsets – New 2022 Anchor Primary: Plow 55kg Carbon Wing Mast: 25.1 m height (70.5 ft), 17 m2 area (183 sq. ft) VHF Portable: B&G H60 Wireless – New 2022 Anchor Secondary: Fortress Main Sail: 142 m2 (1,528 sq.ft) – Elvstrøm – New 2020 AIS:– Vesper Watchmate XB6000 Anchor Chain: 100 m x 13 mm – New 2022 Jib: 91 m2 (980 sq.ft) – Elvstrøm – New 2020 Satellite Communications fixed: IridiumGO fixed antenna Anchor Windlass: 3,500 w with gypsy & capstan – Rebuilt & new Code Zero: 162 m2 (1,819 sq.ft) – Quantum – lightly used and – New 2022 motor 2022 serviced 2022 by Evolution Sails NZ Satellite Communications Portable: Iridium 9555 – New 2020 Interior Paint – New 2022 Spinnaker: 269 m2 (2,985 sq.ft) ) – Quantum – lightly used and Stereo: Fusion Black Box with remote panel – New 2022 Exterior Paint – New 2022 serviced 2022 by Evolution Sails, NZ Amplifier: Fusion – New 2022 ExteriorVinyl Wrap – New 2022 Engines: 2 x Yanmar 4JH110 – 110 HP – New 2022 Speakers: 4 x Fusion – New 2022 Structural Upgrades 2022: All calculations done by Pure Design Gearboxes: 2 x ZF V Drive – Refurbished 2022 TV: Samsung Frame 55” – New 2022 & Engineering, together with Morelli Melvin Design and Engine Controls: Micro Commander Electronic – Refurbished 2022 Soundbar: Sennheiser Ambeo – New 2022 Erik Lerouge. Shaft Seals: 2 x PYI Dripless – New 2022 Toilets: 4 x Tecma Silence Plus 2G – New 2022 a) Mast Crossbeam linking & reinforcement – Carbon Fibre Generator: Fischer Panda 30X 230VAC – New 2022 Black Water Tanks: 2 x Custom tanks – New 2022 b) Bridge Deck crossbeams – Carbon Fibre BowThrusters: 2 x Vetus BOW9524D– New 2022 Grey Water Tanks: 2 x Custom tanks – New 2022 Inverters: 3 x Victron Quattro 8,000 VA – New 2022 Plumbing System: Custom – New 2022 38 Boating New Zealand

PITCH BLACK, NOW IN FULL SEE AT NIGHT WITH COLOUR THERMAL VISION NEW M300 CAMERA THE NEW M300 CAMERA BLENDS THERMAL & HIGH DEFINITION VISIBLE COLOUR TO CREATE DEFINED OBJECT OUTLINES AND ENHANCE IDENTIFICATION Active electronic Patented Colour 30x zoom low light ClearCruise™ image & two axis Thermal Vision™ camera delivers Augmented Reality gyro stabilisation (CTV) & MSX® better-than- compatible binocular stabilised performance Auckland - 09 415 8303 Tauranga - 07 927 9270 Whangarei - 09 438 6353 LAB0341

B O AT B L I N G B O AT B L I N G B O AT B L I N G B O AT B L I N G B O AT B L I N G B O AT B SCANSTRUT FLIP PRO AIS POSITION VIA PREDICTWIND SNUBBER TWIST FLIP IT FAST DIRECT DATA A PRACTICAL SCANSTRUT FLIP PRO works with PREDICTWIND now offers AIS (Automatic TWIST either a 12V or 24V input and features 1x USB-A and 1x USB-C charging ports. Identification System) vessel position data, further THE SNUBBER TWIST is a patented mooring compensator that absorbs When not in use, the spring-loaded enhancing boating safety for their users.  the dock line’s shocks and reduces the cap remains tightly closed, protecting stress on your boat and the dock. the ports from the elements; when AIS data via PredictWind gives access to charging, it locks open to protect your The snubbers are made from cables when plugged in. 280,000 vessel positions around the globe high-quality materials and will not lose colour or leave marks on your Featuring a super-compact at any one time and allows you to see what boat. Measuring 542mm long, they footprint, Flip Pro is constructed from are suitable for boats weighing up to premium, marine-grade materials, vessel movements are happening in your area 6,000kg, and cater for different line and is IPX4 waterproof, making it types and diameters. completely washdown-ready. of interest.  The Snubber Twist can be attached Flip Pro will charge at up to 36W A key safety feature is the ability to download to dock lines while they are in use on a 12V system or up to 60W on a and can also be used on the anchor 24V system. This makes it perfect for AIS data via satellite connection. Using the line. Made in Finland, they are durable charging modern laptops via the USB-C enough to handle the harshest port. It’s also charges large tablets fast PredictWind Offshore App, via a satellite environments and weather conditions. and can effortlessly charge both an iPad Available from Burnsco stores Pro and an iPhone at the same time.  connection such as the Iridium Go!, you can nationwide and online. The installation cut-out matches FIND IT @WWW.BURNSCO.CO.NZ those of standard USB sockets for easy retrofitting or swapping of an existing USB charger.  FIND IT @WWW.SCANSTRUT.COM download AIS data in a 300nm range.  PredictWind developed AIS aggregation in its DataHub product, further increasing the WATCH IT quality and safety of AIS data worldwide.  AIS vessel data is available: PredictWind Forecast website, PredictWind App or the Offshore App.  WWW.PREDICTWIND.COM Image: Haines Hunter 635 SUCCESSFUL TOGETHER Gurit supports your marine projects with high performing composite materials, including structural cores, prepregs, formulated products, and engineering services. [email protected] 40 Boating New Zealand

B L I N G B O AT B L I N G B O AT B L I N G B O AT B L I N G B O AT B L I N G B O AT B L I N G NEXT-GEN EPIRBS GPS FOR LEGACY FURUNO GENESIS ON C-MAP APP TOTHE RESCUE PLOTAHEAD NEXT GEN ACR ELECTRONICS and Ocean Signal have DIGITAL YACHT has introduced a new version C-MAP® HAS MADE its announced next generation EPIRBs which meet of the GPS160 which is a simple replacement crowd-sourced Genesis new mandated standards and incorporate more for older Furuno plotter and GPS systems. mapping data available on features to significantly enhance the chance of the C-MAP navigation app, as rescue in an emergency. Devices like the Furuno GP32, Navnet and well as across Lowrance®, GPS310/320 utilise a specific format for GPS B&G® and Simrad® apps Introducing integrated AIS (Automatic data and this new sensor emulates that for powered by C-MAP charts. Identification System) within its EPIRBs for the essential compatibility. Some of these older first time, ACR and Ocean Signal launched GPS sensors have suffered from technical The Genesis layer allows the advanced beacons this year ahead of the issues with the GPS system roll-over changes, users across the world enforcement of new updated IMO (International which can render a chart plotter useless to see C-MAP’s extensive Maritime Organization) Maritime Safety without a working GPS input. crowd-sourced database Committee EPIRB regulations effective from of marine mapping data July 1, 2022. The GPS160F provides an economical and that has been reviewed and reliable solution to these problems. TriNav quality controlled by C-MAP AIS EPIRBs will offer the extra reassurance outputs the older NMEA 0183 sentences and engineers as an option to that other nearby vessels will be notified in data format that legacy Furuno systems can view on the app’s charts. an emergency, in addition to the beacon’s read. The new GPS160F is a simple ‘drop-in’ traditional capabilities to transmit a 406 MHz replacement for failed positioning sensors, The Genesis layer distress signal via the Cospas-Sarsat satellite tested with a wide variety of legacy Furuno adds more than 30,000 system to contact global rescue services. products including the original NavNet MFDs, submissions to C-MAP charts NavNet VX2, M1735 Radar, GP7000 and the data. Sonar logs have been FIND IT @ WWW.ACRARTEX.COM FCV family of sounders. submitted from over 80 countries, including NZ. Supplied with a 10m cable and user manual with dedicated Furuno interfacing information, FIND IT @ WWW.C-MAP.COM the GPS160F will work straight out of the box and just requires a simple 4 wire connection to the existing Furuno system. FIND IT @ WWW.DIGITALYACHT.CO.UK Protecting Marine Craft in New Zealand and the world for 30 years Å Clear Protective Coating Å Preserves both Metal and 0800 692 542 Painted Surfaces 0274 351 069 [email protected] Å Highly Corrosion Resistant Å Highly Cleanable Surface Å Restores Paint Appearance Å Long Lasting Protection | subscribe | Boating New Zealand 41

B O AT B L I N G B O AT B L I N G B O AT B L I N G B O AT B L I N G B O AT B L I N G VICTRON’S AGM SUPER CYCLE BATTERY ZIPWAKE E SERIES 400E GILL VOYAGER DUFFEL BAGS SUPER CYCLE REACHING NO NEW HEIGHTS DUFFERS, VICTRON’S NEW AGM Super Cycle THESE Battery features the latest battery NEW TO THE ZIPWAKE E SERIES interceptor electrochemistry technology. range is the 400E, which is a compact 400mm Gill Voyager Duffel Bags are interceptor with a massive stroke of 60mm from built tough from puncture- Thanks to a new type of paste on its more powerful servo motor. resistant, fully waterproof the battery’s positive plates, which PVC fabric with a stitch- makes them less sensitive to softening, There are many boats in the New Zealand free welded construction. the new AGM Super Cycle Battery can market requiring more lift but with little transom The wide mouth opening be completely discharged multiple space – particularly larger vessels with twin on the bags ensures ease times without damaging the plates outboards or sternlegs. of access and the roll- and without the need to change the down closure provides a charging system. The 400E can be used on its own, or in watertight seal. conjunction with other larger-sized Zipwake Clever new additives in the interceptors in a larger interceptor array system. The bags also feature electrolyte solution greatly reduce reinforced handles at both sulfation during a deep discharge. The Zipwake 400E will be sold as a kit which ends, D-ring attachment They also offer excellent resistance to includes the Gyro GPS Controller, distribution points for securing the bag, capacity loss due to sulphation during unit, and two 400mm Interceptors. Stock will be waterproof ID pocket and a a Partial State of Charge. available in the third quarter of 2022. non-slip padded shoulder strap. New AGM Super Cycle batteries For more information, talk to the offer more than 300 cycles at 100% knowledgeable team at Advance Trident. Voyager Duffel Bags are Depth of Discharge (DoD) more than available in 30-litre, 60-litre 700 cycles at 60% DoD and over 1000 FIND IT @ WWW.ADVANCETRIDENT.COM and 90-litre sizes.  cycles at 40% DoD. FIND IT @ WWW.BURNSCO.CO.NZ Victron’s new AGM Super Cycle batteries are also smaller and lighter than comparable batteries and have a lower internal resistance. FIND IT @WWW.LUSTY-BLUNDELL.CO.NZ PH (09) 415-8303 42 Boating New Zealand

A new era in Aluminium Motor Yachts A new era in Aluminium Motor Yachts SUPERIOR L35 | L45 | L52 | L70 IN EVERY WAY W W W . L E G A C Y M A R I N E . C O .N Z Legacy Marine has been established with the vision to better what exists - not match it. Equally suitable for those that thrive on offshore adventures or the inshore entertainer, WKH/HJDF\\UDQJHLQVSLUHVFRQ¿GHQFHLQHYHU\\ZD\\DQGZLOOIXO¿OO\\RXURQZDWHUGHVLUHV in unmatched comfort, quality and functionality. It is time to live a life full of endless possibilities and experience the exceptional - it is time to create your Legacy...

THRILLS IN THE SOUTHERN OCEAN An edited extract from Mark Sedon’s self-published book What Could Possibly Go Wrong? was halfway down a 40o ski descent, occasionally gazing out over the deep-blue I ocean where icebergs were floating, seals were sleeping on the beach, penguins were walking about the snow on the shore and our 20m yacht was anchored in the bay. I smiled to myself. I had returned to the Antarctic Peninsula for my second expedition and this one suited me perfectly – we were just here to ski. It was then that I started a small avalanche, which a member of our group skied into before being pushed down the slope towards the cold ocean and out of sight around the corner. “Stop!” I yelled to the others above as I took stock of what had happened… I was on my second trip to Antarctica, aboard the 20m Santa Maria Australis. We set sail from Ushuaia and after four full days at sea we spotted land – magnificent glacier-covered mountains cascading into the sea, rich deep-blue ocean, the odd fur seal popping its curious head up, schools of penguins, humpback whales and, most importantly this time, exciting-looking ski slopes. The skiing in Antarctica is always a challenge. Picking out ice-cliffs and crevasses is especially challenging in bad visibility, so being out front I had to take care as we picked our way down the nice corn ski runs, making as many turns as possible. We hadn’t come here to sit about, so we would usually try and ski in all sorts of weather. But as the cloud continued to grow denser during our first day’s skiing, we decided to carry on back to the yacht, happy to have enjoyed some great turns. 44 Boating New Zealand

feature Antarctic expedition WORDS AND PHOTOGRAPHY BY MARK SEDON OPPOSITE It’s not just about the skiing – sometimes it’s as if you were in a giant Cinemax movie. ABOVE Our expedition vessel: home and transport. | subscribe | Boating New Zealand 45

Trying to find the right words to explain the allure Antarctica holds over me, and anyone I take there, is difficult. It’s a package deal. It’s not just the skiing, it’s the remoteness, it’s the wildlife, the mountains, the ocean, the grandeur of it – it’s as if you are in a giant Cinemax movie. Everywhere you look is spellbinding. The danger is another allure, although guides go to great lengths to minimise it. The crevasses are huge and if you fell into one it might well be fatal. If you twist or break your leg, rescue is extremely difficult and may be impossible. We always ski with extra caution. You know in the back of your mind that if you blow this and break your leg it might well take the yacht a week to get back to Argentina. As the weather was wet the following day, we headed south through the Lemaire Channel, also known as Kodak Alley because of its steep-sided mountains. They plummet almost vertically into the 100m-wide passage, which is clogged with icebergs and sunbathing seals. The rain had eased by the time we’d tied up at Hovgaard Island, so we went to a nearby penguin rookery and took a few hundred photos of the cute but extremely foul-smelling little critters. 46 Boating New Zealand

LEFT There’s always work to do on deck, but fun times as well. SEAFARER SEE QUALITY TOP Trekking up to the slopes surrounded by wildlife and stunning views of Waddington Bay. REPAIRING, RETUBING, CUSTOM INFLATABLES ABOVE Penguins: cute, but smelly! We only use the finest quality German The next day was clear, but a strong southerly wind was Valmax PVC & TPU fabrics, welding these blowing and cloud surrounded the summit of Mt Demaria, fabrics is our specialty. Customized welding which we intended to ski. Nevertheless, it wasn’t enough to deter our group and we headed over to give it a crack. The one machine for most reliable high quality seal we disturbed on the beach looked confused and curious as welds & allow us to 100% thermobond we unloaded our skis and three-day rescue cache (in case the weather changed and blew up a swell or pushed in brash ice that weld the tubes. stopped us getting back to the yacht). Our aluminium hulls are designed in-house Off we went in improving weather, up the steep, soft snow. & manufactured in NZ by local aluminium It was hard work breaking trail and hot in the Antarctic sun. We were also in the runout of avalanches from above, so for boat building experts. We only use the the first two hours we didn’t stop, climbing high up above the highest quality marine grade aluminium icebergs floating lazily in Waddington Bay to a shoulder 150m from the cloud-covered summit. What to do? Up or down? and powder coating compound. Up of course! Because it was too steep for a skin track, we We also offer AFFORDABLE RE-TUBES & attached our skis to our packs and plugged steps up through a REPAIRS by Experienced technicians who rock band and more soft snow to the lovely corniced summit have been trained to the highest standards. just as the cloud cleared. What a view! We could see the nearby Lemaire Channel with perfect reflections of peaks in its deep E: [email protected] blue waters, giant icebergs sunbathing silently in the bay below W: with occasional seals sleeping on them, and inland to the high peaks and the spine of the Antarctic Peninsula with its perfect untouched white ridges, valleys and peaks. | subscribe | Boating New Zealand 47

You’d have to call the skiing variable: some good corn, ABOVE Left. some way too soft. Corn snow is an enjoyable form of skiing. You wouldn’t It starts the day frozen ice and ends up as slush. The time want to in between these two forms is called corn, a very easy and misjudge the enjoyable type of snow to ski on. But we weren’t just there for stop. the turns, it was a smorgasbord of views and sensations. TOP RIGHT We were close to the bottom when I set off an avalanche No ski lifts in that headed towards Nat. Once everyone had stopped, I skied Antarctica. around the corner to see where he’d ended up and found him tucked safely under a rock. No big epic, that was to come later RIGHT while we were sailing home. Heading for Cape Horn. Soon enough it was time to head back across the Drake. As the German skipper Jochen wanted to beat a storm BELOW The forecast for Cape Horn in five days’ time, we took off at full grandeur of speed and for the first 24 hours everything went well. Antarctica is indescribable. Then at 1:00am on Day Two we had to shut down one of the two engines when the water pump broke. It was unfixable. Back to sleep – it wasn’t too much of an issue and we hoped to still beat the storm. Then at 3:00am I awoke to yelling. When I turned on my light, I was horrified to see that the yacht was filled with smoke. Fire! I threw on my clothes and rushed upstairs to see Nick monitoring the diesel fire which had blown out. No fire thankfully – just smoke. But then when we looked on deck the skipper and the first mate were holding on for dear life to the end of the mast’s steel forward stay with the jib sail pulling roughly on it. It had broken off the deck and was swinging wildly like an angry serpent. The heavy rigging was easily capable of WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG? A fatal helicopter crash – Summiting Mt Everest – Kiteskiing across Antarctica – swept by an avalanche into a deep crevasse – Trapped and starving in a Papuan mine – A broken mast in the Southern Ocean. This list of near-death experiences is longer than he’d expected . . .  Mark Sedon has experienced more highs, thrills, danger and accidents than most of us. The dangers have been life- threatening, the rewards often sublime and lifechanging.  This book is both an absorbing read and a challenge to every one of us to live life to the full and take risks within reason. Books available from: 48 Boating New Zealand

killing someone or smashing the boat if it worked its way free. Victor and I tied into our lifejackets and went to help. They had managed to tie the jib off temporarily, but the sail was still pulling roughly against it. Being out on the deck at night, in the Southern Ocean, in ginormous 15-20m-high rolling swells with a strong wind was extremely intimidating. It took the skipper several dangerous trips up the mast before he managed to retrieve the sail by swinging out and sliding down it with a large sharp knife, cutting the sail away from the steel rigging. The yacht tipped aggressively to starboard as the swell hit us beam-on and while we pitched steeply over there was enough light to see the dark black ocean as it appeared to be pouring off the sides of the Earth and into the darkness. I held onto the mast, also tied in, but the view didn’t actually terrify me, it more intrigued me. I was afraid for Jochen because when we lifted him aloft, the moving yacht would throw him into the mast and I’m sure he took quite a beating. It would have been so easy for a loose steel shackle or a sail end to hit someone in the face or head and do some real damage. That took almost four hours and then the sun started to rise, revealing the major structural support of the mast gone. We were now down to just the one motor, at half speed. By then we were heading directly into the storm. “What could possibly go wrong?” I asked Victor quietly. We made a bee-line for Cape Horn, no one speaking aloud about what we’d do if the last engine broke down. We weren’t going to sink, but we might have floated extremely uncomfortably around the Southern Ocean for a week until the Argentine or Chilean navy came to rescue us. The group’s laughter became more forced, and we all sat around much more quietly, waiting for what Cape Horn, with its 800 sunken ships and 10,000 dead seamen, would throw at us. But thankfully the storm weakened, and the engine worked tirelessly. After three more tense days, we passed Cape Horn in calm, smooth seas accompanied by a large school of dolphins. All of us breathed quiet sighs of relief, followed by celebratory drinks. BNZ The yacht tipped aggressively to starboard as the swell hit us beam-on... | subscribe | Boating New Zealand 49

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