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Classic Ford 05.2022

Published by pochitaem2021, 2022-04-20 12:13:01

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100% RALLY READY ESCORT SIERRA ESTATE CLASSIC FORDS HERO MK2 TURBO TOURER 132 May 2022 PAGES MAY 2022 PRINTED IN THE UK £5.99 BUMPER K ISSUE! KELSEYmedia £3K HEROES ia How to buy and improve your own budget blaster — without breaking the bank! ia BUY IT: UPGRADE IT: BUILD IT: MK5 FIESTA BIKE CARBS TUNING GUIDE ON TEST PREFECTS Bag a bargain before Can they outperform Get more from they’re all gone! Webers? We find out your 1950s Ford

Contents SPRING SAVINGS! Features SUBSCRIBE TO CLASSIC FORD FROM £21.99 SEE PAGE 18 100% MK1 ESCORT TURBO RESTORED CORTINA SOCPANECPITRAVILS ’N’ STRIP CLASSIC CRUSADER SPORLEESFUERCVITVOPROLICE June 2021 CAR HOMEBUILT RSETUBNONRINNG RS2000 HEROES HO1M6EVBAUILLVT HEEEROS!CORT XR3 MK1 45 YEARS OF THE FIESTABFISRIPETESHCTDIAAALY! SPECIAL STARS OF TV!AuguThsFetobr2ed0smt2-sa1egl!ling 24 PAGES OF YOUR —Exacsluysoiuv’ev:eTnheevheirt sCeaepnritshferommbOenfolyreF!ools And Horses and Minder July 2021 132PBAUISGMSUPEEESR! SpeciDaElSaIGnNni&veMrOsDaErLyHeISdTiOtiRoYn•cLeIMleITbErDaRREtEEiDSBnTUIOTgILRIDOAtSTNhAIOSNeNDS•i!cRoSnCiOcNMCkEP1T GTMECHSASLTUeAKeEMpSEaOgSRMIeTI5UCE2EART! TWoOrldT’s fiArstLeleLctYric CWortinPaILU—RS inEdeDtai!lEFXITPOARNTT-IS-TPREACMSIPERBRAARSPLUS: ESXMI-EEWRXROICAROKPRSREOLSOJTETOCUTS 16-VALVE ESCORT GHIAYmedia UPGRADE IT: IMPROVE IT: fEZGiBnxUEdpUeYtPrhItIeHDTtibp:eEsYsttRoohfeMthlpe(KyaHboMnao4CudrwgBKbOeUteos5sYRbt)IaGTCTgo:IUtrhNteiInAlDaa!sEt BSUFUTYmIopEPIoTstSEi:tpiTsRn-fAodSrePmbGuaOyUnindRIgMDTthke1E IEMYA1PFSWStOdo0RtdIPeeiOiUnTptFrEiVsev-tbUevEaNEAyeslIl-aEioDTsnElFrt:gtLehsE!Ipaew:VDgpTiWtuyrcEopihTdsHeefOau-9neAdlsDT?cHLRPoOl-nuOcsOslipCsWspKlaitn-TWpdinmOsIo,RrneyElocs, OONNTTHHEE ON THE JUNE 2021 PRINTED IN THE UK £6.50 pDrMoiaUbglTUenSEmoISLsseTNT—eIIGTlefM:acstArtEi!caTl ER KEL KELJULY 2021 PRINTED IN THE UK £5.50 CCOOVVEERR COVER KE B8UC5OIlOeLv0geDarRH-lIpTdToPr:waIgeNMsrterAdiKp, sd3teremeotn- nGoTetCtrUuImLMinoNAPrtehRIeSpONo1SV9wG6IEe0CrIsTT/—a:CpIpPaAenaSdPl RKELISEYmedia KELSEYmedia 31 54 56 08 GRAFTERS: Mk5 Escort ON THE 22 COVER 08 It’s 4WD, turbocharged but no Cosworth. 3286 18 CLASSIC FORD SHOW 78 The latest on this year’s must-attend event. 22 FIESTA SANDPIPER Rebuilt, improved and stunning Mk1 31 £3K HEROES Five fab Fords with tuning potential to buy now with £3000. 38 SIERRA TURBO TOURER ST170 turbo-powered sleeper estate. 48 24-VALVE MK4 CORTINA Reborn feature car with a CosworthV6 heart and matching upgrades. 54 GNOO BLAS SHOW Aussie gathering at a classic racetrack. 56 HERITAGE: Lotus Cortina Ex-police Mk1 is a restored rarity. OCOCNONOVVTTEEHHRREE 82 88 94 84 884COSSACK-TRIBUTE 94 THE SAFARI RALLY MK2 ESCORT CORTINAS In period, Cossack-liveried rally cars Between 1963 and 1968, the were bright red. But isn’t it refreshing Cortina’s rise to legendary rally status to see one looking so desirable in was a surprise to many, not least on Signal Amber? the East African Safari rally. 48 4 May 2022 Subscribe: 01959 543747,

100% HREAROLLMYK2READY ESCORT TSUIREBORRTOAUREESRTATE CLASSIC FORDS 132 May 2022 PBIUASSMGUPEEE!RS MAY 2022 PRINTED IN THE UK £5.99 £3K HEROES—Howwitthooubtubyreaankdinigmtphreobvaenyk!ourownbudgetblaster K KELSEYmedia BUY IT: May 2022 tBGhMeaUgy’KraeIb5DaallrFEggaoIinnEeb!SeTforAe WCOBaeUnbNIPetKhGrseTRE?yAEWoCDuSetEpATfeiInTRrdf:oBorumSt TBUUINLDIINT:G Regulars yGoPeutRrm1E9o5rFe0sEfrFoComrTd S 12 NEWS Ford to rekindle the Capri name? World Cup Rally anniversary event, plus Rusty Corner, The Big Picture, Back In The Day and more. 16 NEW PRODUCTS Two pages of the best new gear for your classic Ford. p16 62 MAILBOX Your letters, emails and online comments. 64 YOURCARS Readers’classic Fords and projects. 66 WHAT’SON Shows and events for April and May. 68 NEXTISSUE Coming up in the June 2022 edition. 128 PARTINGSHOT Classic image from the Getty archive. 128 108 READER’SRESTORATION:CapriGTXLR This immaculate Mk1 has been in the Marriott family for 50 years. Now restored, it doesn’t look like it will be parting company any time soon. CFTech CFBuying & Restoring ON THE COVER 74 82 118 102 74 ON TEST: bike carbs 82 OUR CARS 100 HOW TO: 118 BUYING GUIDE: Structural repairs Mk5 Fiesta Can they outperform DCOEs? The latest on Mike’s Fiesta. Graham finds out. The biggest part of any project What you need to know when 84 EXPERT CLINIC putting strength back into a buying Ford’s 2000s supermini. 78 UPGRADE GUIDE: rusty bodyshell. Here are a few Prefect 107E 86 KNOW THIS tips and tricks that will make 124 READERS’ ADS this task slightly less daunting. Tuning tips for the four-door. Performance pistons explained. Cars and parts for sale. Subscribe: 01959 543747, May 2022 5

THIS ISSUE NEXT ISSUE ON SALE: FRIDAY, MAY 13 Out and about with our band of Blue Oval-loving writers and photographers. ADE BRANNAN CONTRIBUTOR CLASSIC FORD SHOW Ade made a beeline for Dave Ketley’s very TICKETS ON photogenic Mk2 SALE NOW! Escort this month — a car that wears the classic Cossack livery with a twist. Page 88. WWW.CLASSICFORD SHOW.CO.UK ANDY SAUNDERS CONTRIBUTOR Andy turned of his Mac for a few hours to photograph Kurt’s impressive Sierra — a car packed with homebrewed genius. Page 38. MIKE JOHNSON O ne of the criticisms often levelled at the classic Ford scene is that the cars have become too damned expensive to buy. CONTRIBUTOR There is a lot of truth in this, but only if you’re chasing some of the more popular models — and this is something that affects the entire As usual, show classic car world. As soon as demand outstrips supply, up go the prices. season is almost upon us and Mike’s If you’re prepared to remove the blinkers, however, there are some Fiesta is still in bits. It’s bargains to be had, and we’ve chosen five for our £3K Heroes cover all doable though — feature, which kicks off on page 21. I reckon at least one of those cars find out what needs will appeal to you in some way, and even better, provide a solid base for sorting on page 82. a classic Ford that you can use every day and slowly improve. How To Contact Us And if you need some more inspiration for the latter, once you’ve finished reading the feature, turn to page 22 and take a look at Paul Stott’s Fiesta Sandpiper — built on a tight budget but with a show-quality finish. Thanks for reading. Telephone: 01959 541444 Email: [email protected] Write to: Classic Ford, Kelsey Publishing Ltd, The Granary, Downs Court, Yalding Hill, Yalding ME18 6AL, UK

WELCOME TO YOUR ONE STOP SHOP FOR COMPETITION PROVEN QUALITY PARTS AT COMPETITIVE PRICES. LOOKING FOR QUALITY COMPETITION PARTS AT COMPETITIVE PRICES THEN LOOK NO FURTHER. 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ALL OR RIC FRONT CHASSIS SKIDS REVO UTION 4 S E GP4 RWD WHITE £108.00 EAC £27.54 PAIR SILL SKIDS X X 13 I X X £21.30 PAIR REVOLUTIO 5 SPO E GP4 W EEL LARGE GEARBOX TUNNEL WITH ROUND EDGES £49.15 REVO UTION WHIT GP4 £133 20 EAC ZF GEARBOX TURRET WITH RAILS X 5I X1 I8 IX £69.54 NEW WHE L OWD R TIN SE GP1 SHAPED FIREWALL £51.12 STEERING RACKS, REAR SUSPENSION GP4 FIREWALL COMPLETE WITH INFILLS AND TRACK ROD ENDS ETC CLUBMAN 4 LINK KIT COMPLETE SUPPORT PLATES £248.00 £82.60 BRA D EW LARGE BO Y STEERING RA KS I ESCORT MK1 GP4 4 LINK BODY KIT D OR LH £148.08 GP4 SHAPED CHASSIS GUSSET ESCORT MK1 GP4 SHORT LINK KIT COMPLETE £19.24 £3 .0 EACH £403.20 BRA D NEW YLO STEERI G R ESCORT MK2 2 PIECE 4 LINK BODY KIT GP4 STRUT TOP PLATES £190.80 EAC £168.60 £45.92 PAIR GENUINE F RD RS TR RO EN ESCORT MK2 4 LINK WIDE H/DUTY KIT COMPLETE £45.00 EAC £354.00 LONG DIFF TUNNEL GP4 STEERING J WATTS LINKAGE KIT COMPLETE BDA £20.86 £42.60 EAC £324.00 GP4 LO G STEERIN WATTS LINKAGE KIT COMPLETE OHC 15” STEEL REAR TUBS JO £324.00 £234.00 PAIR £57.6 EAC BILSTEIN STEEL COIL OVER SHOCK ABSORBER £216.00 EACH MK2 ROUND TURRET BOXES EW WEBBE STEERIN BILSTEIN GP1 REAR SHOCK ABSORBER £83.28 PAIR RMS GR VEL £126.00 EACH ARMAC SPE BILSTEIN TURRET REAR SHOCK ABSORBER WELD IN SEAT MOUNT KIT FIA STD £2 .0 AI £115.03 EACH £78.00 EACH EW S ND STEERI G RM THIS IS A SMALL SELECTION OF SUSPENSION ESCORT MK2 STEEL FRONT WING £204 AI AVAILABLE OFF THE SHELF. £108.72 EACH ESCORT MK2 FRONT PANEL £78.55 ESECSOCROTRMTKM2KF2ULFLULRLEARREAQRUQAURTAERRTEPRANPEANE £6£2616.09.600EAECAHCH MAIL ORDER & EXPORT WELCOME, CARRIAGE ARRANGED. ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS WELCOME 01559 363731 - CALL TODAY WE’RE HERE TO HELP [email protected] WEST WALES RALLY SPARES, UNIT 11 PARC MENTER, LLANDYSUL ENTERPRISE PARK, LLANDYSUL, CEREDIGON, SA44 4JL ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT

Words and Photos Jon CassGrafter: Steve Norris Age: 36 Job: Mechanical Engineer Location: NorthYorkshire, UK FLOORED GENIUS Your projects: Hankering after an Escort WRC but not at those eye-watering prices? Follow Steve Norris’ lead and build your own using a Mk5 Escort shell and Impreza floorpan and running gear... 8 May 2022

your projects: mk5 escort Car: 1993 Escort 1300 Start condition: One owner complete car Condition now: shell and floorpan mated, roll cage fabricated Estimated completion date: September 2022 W ith a background in my first car aged 12 and within a year restoration and fabrication work, and mechanical engineering, I had my own welding gear,” Steve being here is just like heaven for me!” Steve Norris decided it was remembers. “I attended welding Not wanting to miss an opportunity, possible to build a 4WD 300 bhp classes after school while I was Steve soon became involved with the replica of Carlos Sainz’s 1997 Escort preparing for my exams, I’ve worked workshop side of the business and WRC without the need to pay the on all aspects of cars ever since.” He helps out in the day to day running of dizzy prices the genuine article now now owns 35(!) cars himself including the cafe, too, “Spending so much time demands. Instead, he’s creatively the ex-John Cross Mk3 Fiesta here means I’m not sat at home opted to use a more than capable rallycross car, Steve Soper’s Peugeot spending money on anything daft,” Subaru Impreza 2000 floorpan and 406 BTCC car along with a former Steve laughs. “It was when the running gear combined with a familiar Rapid Fit Mondeo BTCC car. He also co-owner mentioned she’d love Mk5 Escort shell. It may sound a has numerous Evos, RS Turbos, and a another Escort Cosworth to replace daunting prospect to many but armed few cool rally replicas including a 6R4 the one she had to sell to fund her new with a large workshop and a wealth of and a Citroen Xsara WRC car. Quite a venture, the idea of building a replica engineering experience, Steve was mouth-watering collection for sure! with a difference came to mind.” confident this would prove to be a relatively straightforward project, to “When a local café aimed for car This certainly isn’t one for the his eyes at least! enthusiasts opened, my 406 BTCC car purists, but you can only admire became part of their collection of Steve’s ambition and the necessary In fact, Steve seems generally exhibits,” Steve explains. “A skills needed when it comes to unphased by the problems any workshop has now opened adjacent to putting together a mammoth project potential project may bring: “I owned the café which caters for all types of such as this. May 2022 9

How did you come across this car? Above: what’s left of Steve’s 1999 Impreza. The The Escort belonged to the father of one of Escort will run Tein coil-overs and Alcon brakes. our customers, and he asked if we had any use for it as it wasn’t being used at the time. It was a rare opportunity not to be missed. The Subaru Impreza I bought complete for a bargain £200 as it needed a lot of repairs to the bodywork. What was it like? correct CompomotiveTH1882 wheels in original Impreza propshaft can even be The Escort was a very tidy, one-owner base white. Once I’ve completed the build and retained along with the running gear, I model with just 27,000 on the clock. resprayed the shell, I’ll fit aWRC bodykit and haven’t needed to alter the floorpan Originally, I’d considered turning it into a have Carlos Sainz/RepsolWRC replica either.This also makes sourcing any Carlos Sainz rally replica, keeping the graphics added to the exterior replacement parts much easier. original floorpan and just upgrading the engine.When the plan morphed into using a What have you done so far? I removed the Escort’s chassis and 4WD Subaru Impreza floorpan and running It was only after measuring the Subaru’s floorpan leaving a bare shell then hoisted gear using the rusty 1999 Impreza I had, it wheelbase against that of the Impreza it on to the Subaru’s bare rolling chassis. made sense to use this solid Escort shell. and finding only 5 mm difference This meant I could trial-fit the Escort’s The Subaru’s chassis was solid, most of the between the inner and outer sills, I knew body on to the Subaru’s chassis to make rust had affected the bodywork which I the project might actually be more sure it would all fit including where the wasn’t planning to use anyway. straightforward than I thought.The wheels would be located within the arches — luckily, I have use of a What’s the intended spec of the large workshop! completed car? I’m hoping for around 300 bhp which should The roll cage I measured up and be fairly straightforward with Impreza fabricated myself, once installed this has running gear, retaining the stock internals essentially tied the chassis and shell and gearbox. It will have aVF34 turbo, together, making it easier to work on. lightened and balanced flywheel, boot- mounted alloy fuel tank,Tein coil-overs, Alcon brakes with 370 mm discs and pads and I’ll be fabricating my own exhaust system.The original Escort dash will be retained, and I’ll add bucket seats and the “I’M HOPING FOR 300 BHP WHICH SHOULD BE STRAIGHTFORWARD” 10 May 2022 Subscribe: 01959 543747,

your projects: mk5 escort Impreza floorpan fits like a glove — almost. Custom roll cage helps tie it all in. Below: it’s a Mk5 Escort, but not as we know it. Using the floorpan means everything bolts straight in. Right: engine will be rebuilt for easy 300 bhp. I’ve added extra gusseting throughout Any problems so far? Shell will eventually wear full Repsol livery. including the A-posts and welded new metal Ensuring all the measurements are correct into the sill tops, front inner wings, and has taken a lot of time, but so far, it’s all chassis legs.The front arms will be going to plan.The moments before I finally extended, and the strut tops moved forward made the decision to cut into a very tidy by 10 mm, increasing the castor angle.The three-door Mk5 Escort shell proved to be adjustable Rose-jointed bottom arms will quite nerve-wracking! need to be relocated 25 mm forwards, I’ll be making these myself. When will it be completed? I’m hoping for September this year — if it all What’s the interior going to be like? goes to plan! I’ve fabricated my own roll cage and the Escort dash will be going back in along with What’s your dream project? a pair of bucket seats and an alloy fuel cell in I’d love a Senna single seater with a DFV the rear. I’ve also fabricated a new dash bar engine one day! and mount for the steering column. I’ll be retaining the Impreza’s power steering and Anyone you’d like to thank? ABS, so it still has some creature comforts! Yes, NY500 in Pickering, NorthYorkshire. Subscribe: 01959 543747, May 2022 11

This isn’t the first time Ford has brought back the Capri name. Between 1989 and 1993 Ford Australia built the Ghia-designed and Capri-badged SA30 convertible based on the Mazda 323 platform. IS THE CAPRI COMING BACK? Ford has trademarked classic names from its back catalogue If Ford do bring the Capri badge back on a car, will it — including Capri — fuelling speculation that modern have the classic swoop side profile? Let’s hope so. recreations are on the cards quoted on suggests that With Ford having a track record of Ford’s Europe design chief, Murat Gueler, has Ford’s CEO, Jim Farley, is a “fan of using model reusing model names from its past, already revealed in an interview that reviving names with built-in recognition, which is the the trademarking of five of its previous model names could be an effective reasoning behind the use of Mustang in the previously successful monikers – marketing move as the firm strives to make its Mustang Mach-E.” Capri, Cortina, Escort, Granada and Orion – has presence felt in the electric vehicle market: increased speculation of a comeback for at With sales of traditional saloons and estates least one of them, likely to be used within the “There’s a lot of stuff coming from China dwindling under pressure from the SUV sector, company’s forthcoming electric car line-up. which is very competitive, and the Koreans are it’s almost certain that any future model already very competitive with beautiful designs wearing a Cortina, Escort or Granada badge is The move follows Ford filing to trademark and strong technology, so the question for likely to be a crossover of some description. the long-dormantThunderbird model name last manufacturers like Ford is: how do you position year, plus the reintroduction of the Bronco and yourself? I think we have the unique asset of Arguably more likely, however, would be a Maverick nameplates for the US market. having nameplates from the past that we can Capri being launched in that same sector, tap into to emotionalise our product and to tell following the success of the Mustang Mach-E The company has already reintroduced names stories no other brand can tell.” – an SUV that manages to incorporate some from classic models in the UK and Europe, with recognisable Mustang design cues into its the current Puma crossover inheriting its badge Gueler added that reviving moribund model styling, despite having nothing in common from the firm’s compact coupe of the 1990s, names could be, “an opportunity for Ford to spec-wise with the sporting Mustang coupe. while the company’s all-electric SUV was given distinguish itself from the bombardment of A more compact electric SUV with Capri Mustang Mach-E badging. electrification that’s coming.” badging is conceivable, following the Puma model name’s successful transformation Ford is developing its next generation of Ford has filed to trademark Capri, Cortina, from modern-classic coupe to family- electric models in conjunction with Escort, Granada and Orion with the friendly crossover. Volkswagen, using the German company’s Intellectual Property offices of Australia, New MEB platform – currently used forVW’s electric Zealand and the European Union.The official What do you think of Ford re-igniting classic ID family, plus the Skoda Enyaq and Audi Q4 line from Ford is that, “the registration of model names? Drop us an email with your e-tron – as its basis.The new line-up of electric intellectual property is not a signal for any thoughts to [email protected]. Fords is expected to enter production in 2023. future product plans”. However, a source 12 May 2022

THE BIG PICTURE STEVE TAYLOR, 1958 2022 We’re sad to report that classic Ford specialist, Steve Taylor of engine swaps (including turbocharging the I4 twin-cam), but he Steve Taylor Performance Conversions passed away recently. would work on anything that was interesting, and helped us out Steve was probably best-known for his well-regarded Mk3 on a number of pivotal tech features over the years. He’ll be Cortina conversions, with a particular penchant for unusual greatly missed. BACK IN THE DAY DURATEC MK2 CAPRI RESTO RS2000 REBORN! BARN-FIND 2.8i From the Classic Ford archives 5 YEARS AGO May 2012 Terminally-rotten old Fords MAY 2017 KILLER Ptouoswhrnodth-peorwoaedreadnFdotrrdasckb!uilt WSquint and you can just about make out a two-door Mk2 Cortina buried in the First Class Fords? All classic Fords are first CROSSFLOWSPUSHROD undergrowth from this phone snap sent class, aren’t they? Well this septet were in by NeilWilliams. more first class than others thanks to their PERFORMANCE standout levels of detail and finish — Zetec 34-page Kent engine “It’s in a field with five other classics XR2, Mk2 Zephyr with Raymond Mays tuning special! alongside the Leeds/Liverpool canal,” kit, Lotus Anglia. Skyline-powered Pop, says Neil, “and I’m afraid it’s been Millington Mk2 Escort, 24-valve Capri and a Genuine there years.” superbly-restored Mk1 Escort van. Lovely. Crossflow turbo Spotted an unloved Ford on your travels? Email photos and details of your find to 7CARPROJECT THE ALAN MANN STORY SMALL FORD SUNDAY Fiesta XR2!ISSUE 185 £[email protected] or you can TRICKS AUSTRALIA’S FINEST 1700cc screamer write to us at the address on page 6. REVEALED Mk1 Cortina built See p50 May 2017 for the drag strip! INSIDE! MAY 2012 Granada Coupe V6 Crossflow head flow test Mk3 Cortina XL rebuild Track-day Capri project Escort Mexico Challenge Zakspeed’s BDA turbo Cars & parts for sale PULL OUT WEEKEND TECH CARB SHOOTOUT BARGAIN CLASSIC POSTER HOW TO REPAIR ON TEST DGV BUYING MK2 INSIDE EXTERNAL TRIM & DCOE CARBS TRANSIT VAN SKYLINE POP 100E DIY guide to sorting out How much more bhp How to grab yourself the those scabby side trims! will sidedraughts give? practical classic Ford! 10 YEARS AGO COSWORTH CAPRI MAY 2012 A decade ago, it was all about the 16 VALVE FIESTA XR2 Crossflow (well, for us) and why not? It’s FIRST CLASS FORDSRAYMONDMAYSZEPHYR THIS SUMMER an engine that continues to power a huge XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX BUILDS TO WATCH OUT FOR Complete number of classic Fords and in the May issue we revealed how to get the SEVEN FRESH your collection at: best out of one, with a plethora of LOTUS ANGLIA https://shop.kelsey. tech guides and the now-classic feature on Kristof Wuyt’s Croix Or call us on Blanche turbo Fiesta XR2! MILLINGTON ESCORT RESTORED MK1 VAN 01959 543747 BUY IT: BUILD IT: UPGRADE IT: May 2022 13 MK1 GRANADA FIT POWER CORTINA SLEEPER STEERING Four pages of Inspiration for your We show you how to expert buying tips Mk1 V8 project install an EPAS kit

DRIVE IT DAY RALLY PLATES WHERE TO GO NOW AVAILABLE IN MAY Taking part in this month’s Drive It Day with your The initiative, run by the Federation of British classic Ford? Enthusiasts taking part are being HistoricVehicle Clubs (FBHVC), is selling the World Cup Rally encouraged to buy special rally plates to carry on rally plates, priced from £10 for a standard 50th anniversary their cars for Drive It Day 2022 to raise funds for plate to £30 for a platinum plate, with When: May 1 proceeds going to charity. Where: British Motor the NSPCC Childline charity. Museum, Gaydon UK The event, which takes place on Sunday, April 24, runs under the banner of the FBHVC’s What’s going on: After a two-year Drive It Day, which was first organised in 2005 wait due to Covid-19 restrictions, the Historic Marathon Rally Group and is timed for the closest weekend date to (HMRG) is finally able to go ahead the running of the 1000-MileTrial of 1900, with its planned reunion and 50th which was then held to anniversary of the London to Mexico raise the profile of the World Cup Rally of 1970.The reun- then new motor vehicle. ion takes place at the British Motor Drive It Day is all about Museum, Gaydon on Sunday, May classics and sharing 1 and will mark 50 (plus 2) years them with friends, since the competitors left Wembley families and communities, Stadium on the 16,000-plus mile however and wherever. adventure through Europe and South To order your plate, go to America. A total of 96 teams com- peted but just 23 finished with the works Escort of Hannu Mikkola and GET Gunnar Palm taking first prize. Some ’MART 38 surviving cars and their teams will be at Gaydon providing films, memo- The monster new Machine Mart rabilia, talks and interviews with the catalogue is out now and it is packed full competitors and team personnel.The of all the tools and equipment you might union is free to attend but there are need, whether you’re a hobbyist, DIY the usual charges for anyone wishing enthusiast or professional. to visit the museum. Featuring over 400 new products, Classic Ford Track Evening the new 492-page spring/summer When: Wednesday, May 11 catalogue is a must have for anyone Where: Cadwell Park, UK seeking a huge choice of tools and equipment. What’s going on: Brand-new for 2022, we’re offering you the opportunity With over 6000 items of tools and to get out on track in our dedicated machinery in the new catalogue, Classic Ford track evening, allowing we’re pretty sure you’ll find all the yourself and like-minded enthusiasts tools and machinery you need. to take to the track at Cadwell Park and put your driving skills to the test, To order your Spring/Summer along with the perfect chance to see 2022 Machine Mart catalogue, go what your classic Ford is capable of. to, Whether you’re putting a wheel on visit your local store or call track for the first time or a track day 0844 8801265. enthusiast looking for your latest thrill, all levels of experience are COMING UP INSIDE YOUR JUNE 2022 ISSUE welcome. Find out more: https://classicsworld. Five reasons why you just can’t miss the next edition of ON SALE Classic Ford: May 1. Full feature on this ace, Zetec-powered Mk1 Cortina. 2. Find out how to upgrade your anti-roll bar(s). 13! 3. Full coverage of the Classic Car & Restoration Show. 4. Summer-ready and stunning Mk4 Escort Cabriolet. 5. In-depth Sapphire buyer’s guide. The June 2022 issue hits the newsstands and is available to download from Friday, May 13.Why not subscribe to make sure you don’t miss it?Turn to page 20 for our latest subscription offers. 14 May 2022

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new gear ESSEX ROCKER COVERS HIGH TEMPERATURE ADHESIVE SPRAY £192.50 Burton Power Burton Power is pleased to announce it can now provide £14.41 (650ml can) DEI alloy rocker covers for the Essex V6 engine. The rocker covers come in natural alloy finish but are suitable for DEI has improved the formula of its painting if preferred (Burton also stocks suitable engine high-temperature Spray Adhesive to paint). The design features polished ribs and the ESSEX V6 provide greater holding strength. The legend. Sold as a pair. adhesive is perfect for installing DEI Contact: 020 8518 9127, heat and sound control products, and creates a strong heat- and water- MK1 FIESTA XR2 resistant bond. DEI Spray Adhesive is HEADER TANK ozone-friendly and dries quickly too. The price shown is for supply direct 57 Euros Motomobil from DEI in America and will be Has your XR2’s header/expansion tank seen subject to import tax, shipping costs better days? Motomobil can now offer a and handling fees. For full details brand-new replacement in the shape of the and a list of local retailers, head to excellent reproduction item. Available for the website. around £ plus shipping, it can be ordered direct Contact: from Motomobil’s website. Contact: MK1 AND MK2 LED HEADLAMP BULBS COIL OVERS £33.60 Classic Car LEDs £1229.16 GAZ Shocks Classic Car LED’s new P15D bulbs are GAZ now has Gold coil-over kits suitable for all 6 and 12-volt vehicles with DC available for Mk1 and Mk2 Fiestas.The electrical systems, either positive or negative kit is suitable for serious track or earth. They have fantastic light output and a competition vehicles although it can very defined level pattern dipped beam with a also be used on street cars if you are full bright main beam. A simple plug and play prepared to trade excellent handling for fitment that is a direct replacement for your a harder ride.The units are bump and existing lamps. The design produces its own rebound adjustable and can be focused beam of light so it really does not adjusted while on the vehicle by matter what condition your reflectors are in means of easily accessible either. They run cooler than incandescent adjusters. Ride height is lamps and draw around 75 per cent less adjustable through 60 mm current. The bulbs are available in two colour of adjustment and the units temperatures — 3000 kelvin which is a are plated in black zinc classic warm white for a period look, or for a and fitted with more modern look, choose 4300 kelvin, anodised adjusters which is similar in colour output to a modern for long life. halogen lamp. Contact: Contact: 0800 2465678, 01268 724585, May 2022 17 Subscribe: 01959 543747,

CLASSIC FORD SHOW NEWS The biggest and best show for old Fords is back! Here’s what’s new for 2022. NEW ROAD ROUTE! CLASSIC FORD For those who are camping at the Classic at the event, so why not give it a go and SHOW FACTFILE Ford Show, why not spend your Saturday explore the Sussex countryside! When: Sunday, July 10 Where: South Of England Showground, out on the local roads following our Camping tickets are £10 per person, Ardingly, West Sussex RH176TL UK exclusive Classic Ford Show Road Route? with under 5s free. Book yours at Tickets: The route book will be available to collect £22 in advance (camping £10) Find out more: APPLY FOR VISIT WWW.CLASSICFORDSHOW.CO.UK THE TOP 50 Check out the official Classic Ford Show website for all the latest info and updates on this year’s event — plus, you can buy your advance tickets. Want to know what the 50 finest The website also contains movie clips from previous shows, trade news, show and classic Fords are in the UK right now? shine and much more. Plus, you’ll find all the contact details you’ll need as well as Look no further than our Top 50 answers to the most frequently asked questions. display featuring original, restored and modified examples that represent the classic Ford scene in its best light — from spaceframed 1950s Pops through to concours 1990s RS Turbos, it’s all here. If you think your classic Ford should be part of the Top 50 then show us what you’ve got! Submit your details here: 18 May 2022 Subscribe: 01959 543747,

MAY 69 2022 JOIN US ON THE 2022 CLASSIC FORD TOUR We are pleased to announce that details of the What’s Included: 2022 Classic Ford Tour have been confirmed, and • Return P&O Ferry Crossing from Dover to we’re off to Bruges in Belgium! Our four-day, Calais (other crossing options available) three-night 2022 Classic Ford Tour will take place over the long weekend of May 6-9, 2022, and will • 3 Nights at the Velotel Hotel, Bruges be to the Medieval city of Bruges. Known as the • Dutch Coastal Run & visit to Sluis Venice of the north, Bruges, is a well-preserved • Classic Ford Car Display in Bruges • Optional visit to Ypres & WWI Battlefields city where the entire historic centre has been • Buffet Breakfast each morning and Dinners recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site. The attractions of this magical place include a as meal basis below wide range of museums, churches, historical • Detailed Road Book featuring Maps, Great buildings and canals and streets that can be Drives & Local Attractions explored by boat, foot or horse! • Commemorative Classic Ford Tour This is a great tour and includes a day at leisure in Bruges to sample the local breweries or Rally Plate chocolatiers, with the option to display your car in • Complimentary Car Parking at the Hotel the historic city. On the other day, there’s an optional drive into Holland, following the Dutch Coast for some great photo opportunities, followed by an afternoon in the charming Dutch town of Sluis. The hotel has a great indoor/outdoor car park and is only a short drive or 30 minute walk from the centre of Bruges. We hope to see you at the ferry port! The tour costs £399 per person – to reserve your place with our tour organisers, Scenic CarTours, call 01732 879153 or go to:

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Words Daniel Bevis Photos Adrian BrannanBISCUIT OR CAKE? Original or modified? Budget build or show-stopping finish? As Paul Stott’s Jaffa Cake Fiesta proves, you don’t always have to make these decisions. Sometimes you can have both. 22 May 2022

T his is my mid-life crisis car,” Paul that spirit of thriftiness that’s helped to Stott admits, and you can’t deny that inform this Sandpiper build. Frugality has it’s an outstanding choice. Side- always been the watchword with the stepping the usual route of oozing into ever-economical Fiestas, and with a strong some soft and wallowy Lexus or Jaguar, cast of characters to help where necessary, Paul has instead opted to relive his boy-racer Paul’s been hands-on in spiriting this days; a misspent (or, more accurately, very special-edition back to life and turning it well-spent) youth haring around in Mk1 into the sort of spec his 20-year-old self and Mk2 Fiestas. “Although I’m 40 now, would approve of. I feel like I’m 20 when I drive this car,” he beams. “I’d recommend it to anyone, “The project began when, after a few restoring a car you were fond of back in the drinks one night, I texted a pal saying ‘Sell day. I’m so glad I’ve got another Mk1 back me your Fiesta, I want to save it’. I woke up in my life!” the next morning to a text saying yes, so I immediately thought: what have I done?” Back in his youth, Paul was picking up Paul laughs. “I stuck to my word and these runabouts for 50 quid a pop, and it’s bought it, but didn’t really realise what May 2022 23

MK1 FIESTA The Sandpiper’s velour trim was all present and correct, with Paul just needing to give the seats a good clean. “THE CAR NEEDED WORK BUT AMAZINGLY THE BOOT FLOOR AND FLOORPANS WERE IN GREAT SHAPE” I was taking on until I went to properly – Graeme’s old-school mechanical look over it… it had been sat outside for knowledge of Fords was particularly handy.” many years, and let’s just say the weather had taken its toll! But me and my good When it came to the running gear, it had friends, Mikey Reid and Lewis Walker, always been Paul’s plan to refresh the towed it into C&D Autos (Mikey and his Fiesta’s original 1.1-litre Valencia unit – dad Graeme’s garage) and got it on the until opportunity came a-knocking, and a ramp to assess the situation.” chance to further rekindle those boy-racer memories was just too good to pass up. Not floored “An XR2 Kent motor and transmission What the fellas found was that it was a bit of a popped up on the Mk1/Mk2 Fiesta group mixed bag. The car needed rear sections of on Facebook,” he explains. “I couldn’t the outer sills, the front valance, wing corners resist, and bought it from Dave Carpenter, a and sides on the scuttle; the shocks and good contact in the Fiesta world.” Stripping springs were shot, as were the brakes – but the engine and reasoning that a rebuild amazingly the boot floor, floorpan and doors would be the best thing to enliven it, Paul were all in great condition. The tailgate carefully cherry-picked the specs to create needed some fabrication, although that something properly entertaining. What would be far less complex than trying to find we’re looking at today is a Stage 3-spec a new one. And bizarrely, one of the front 1640 with a ported and polished big-valve arches had been rolled but not the other; head, lightened and balanced flywheel, all helpfully it was originally done by the guy in mated to the XR2 four-speed. the unit next door, so the shell was wheeled in there to have the other side rolled to match “The engine has the standard XR2 carb – bodywork artistry in action. with a K&N filter at the moment,” he says, “but I do have a new big-jet Weber 34/36 “We quickly fell into a routine,” Paul to go on. It’s being temperamental so I recalls. “Mikey let me use the ramp every fitted the standard carburettor back on to Saturday, which helped loads, and whenever get it running for now; I’ll suss out the other Lewis was free he could help me out with carb in the summer!” Fair enough – with the bits of welding. Mikey and Graeme pitched car complete, Paul’s more than earned the in too and it all started coming together right to enjoy it, there’s no rush to get everything optimised. This is about 24 May 2022

Updating the two-tone colours and adding the orange pinstripe was an inspired decision RS four-spoke reps work a treat on Paul’s refreshed Sandpiper. SON OF A TWITCH THE SANDPIPER & SANDPIPER II Ford had a bit of a thing for birds in the late-1970s.You could order yourself a Mk2 Escort Linnet, which was a fancied-up base model with GL seats and two-tone side-stripes, or an Escort Goldcrest — a Ghia-style offering resplendent in brown and gold. Over in the Fiesta range, the Sandpiper arrived in 1979 — a limited run of 2500 cars, based on the 1.1 L and painted in two-tone Roman Bronze over Cordoba Beige.The interior had Ghia-style seats in unique two-tone velour trim, plus a push-button radio. Such was its popularity that a Sandpiper II was released in 1981, of which 4000 were built in Roman Bronze over Solar Gold.And what is a sandpiper? Why, it’s a wading bird with a long bill for plucking invertebrates out of the mud. May 2022 25

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mk1 fiesta HOMEBUILT HERO CXxxxxxxx One drunken text to a mate later, and Paul was now the owner of a Sandpiper in need of some work... The Mk1 had been parked up for some time and was looking somewhat the worse for wear. With the engine out, at weekends Paul and his mates were able to crack on with the repairs. The 1.1 Valencia was never going to cut it, so Paul Conversion decal is a throwback to when pumps Paul’s wisely left the interior largely tracked down an XR2-spec 1600 Crossflow. changed from gallons to litres in the mid 1980s. standard — even down to the radio. One rebuild (and rebore) later and with the head long-held memories, after all. “The exhaust everyday 1.1, those 4.5 inch steels with trim modified to Stage 3, it was looking much healthier. and manifold are stock XR2,” he continues. rings were never going to cut it here. Paul’s “I’m planning on fitting a four-branch wisely opted to fit the RS four-spoke reps When it came to laying on fresh colour, the two- manifold but keeping the stock XR2 middle from JBW, their 185-section tyres serving up tone was staying, only with some subtle tweaks. and back section — it gives the car a retro markedly more grip for all that extra power. look and sounds nice.” The Sandpiper’s interior is largely original, Sensible solutions as it was all good enough to be saved – that magnificent two-tone brown and cream trim This spirit of ongoing evolution and finding is oh-so-period, and the factory push-button the best-quality and most affordable radio is still in place… even if it can’t pick up solutions continues throughout the spec anything beyond the odd random cricket sheet. The brakes are all standard-spec 1.1 broadcast these days. (albeit thoroughly refreshed), as XR2 carriers are akin to hen’s teeth, but Paul’s Bronze and gold strongly considering a set of Wilwoods when funds allow. The shocks are new OE items What’s most notable about the project is the working with 30 mm springs from Outlaw exterior treatment – but possibly only if Motorsport, and Paul’s fitted an XR2-type you’re a seriously hardcore-spec nerd. You Panhard rod as the factory-fit 1.1 items are see, there were two generations of Sandpiper like chocolate. In terms of wheels, this is an (see boxout on page 25), and Paul’s kinda element that he feels really sets off the remixed the formula to create his own aesthetic: while the Sandpiper was originally dream fusion of the two. offered an upgraded wheel design over the “It’s meant to be metallic Roman Bronze over flat Cordoba Beige, but I just thought Subscribe: 01959 543747, May 2022 27

MK1 FIESTA the beige was a bit bland,” he says. “So I set What else should be here but a Crossflow? up a vote on Facebook to see whether I This one’s now a 1640 with big-valve head. should do it to original spec, or instead paint the lower half in the metallic Solar Gold of the Sandpiper II — and the gold won! I wanted a pinstripe too, and the painters – Kenny and Alison at Kenny’s Kolours – suggested orange. I wasn’t sold on the idea but again I put it to the vote and that was the popular choice.” “Once it was done I was so impressed! And now everyone knows the car as the Jaffa Cake, because of the colours.” The results of the project speak for themselves, as it’s been really beautifully done – but it’s the emotional connection that’s strongest for Paul. “It’s not perfect, but I’m pretty proud of how it’s turned out,” he smiles. “I’m a long-distance lorry driver and free time is very short; sometimes I wanted to give up, but my pals kept me going to get it finished. The help I got will always be appreciated.” That’s what it’s all about, really. It’s not just a mid-life crisis. It’s a bunch of good mates and a Jaffa Cake! “NOW EVERYONE REFERS TO THE CAR AS JAFFA CAKE BECAUSE OF THE CHOICE OF COLOURS” Tech Spec Body 1979 Mk1 Fiesta Sandpiper, restored shell. Paint: two-tone Roman Bronze and metallic Solar Gold with orange pinstripe Engine 1640cc Stage 3 Crossflow, 771M block, ported and polished big-valve unleaded head, electronic distributor, stock XR2 carburettor with K&N air filter, XR2 manifold and exhaust system Transmission XR2 four-speed manual, lightened and balanced flywheel, XR2 driveshafts and hubs, XR2 lower cradle Suspension Front: Outlaw Motorsport 30 mm lowering springs, new OE dampers. Rear: Outlaw Motorsport 30 mm lowering springs, new OE dampers, adjustable XR2-type Panhard rod Brakes Rebuilt 1.1-spec discs and drums Wheels and tyres 6x13 inch JBW RS four-spoke replicas, with 185/50R13 tyres Interior Original-spec Sandpiper interior in brown and cream velour, original Ford push- button radio Thanks Mikey Reid and Graeme Reid at C&D Autos (01330 820008), LewisWalker, Kenny and Andrew Bruce, and everyone who played a part helping… and all the people on the online forums and groups for all the help and advice to find parts 28 May 2022 Subscribe: 01959 543747,

The Car Cave Scotland Unit 6A Butlerfield Industrial Estate Bonnyrigg, Midlothian e. [email protected] t. 01875 820527 Car Cave (Scotland) Ltd At Car Cave we always carry a stock of around 25 Classic Cars and have many more on the way. We specialise in Classic Fords. If we do not have what you want in stock we may be able to source it so please feel free to ask. We also have a small selection of modern vehicles that have been hand picked to ensure quality. Looking to sell your Car We specialise in selling Classic Cars, if you have a classic car you wish to sell - simply get in touch with us and we can see if we can help you.

£3K HEROES Don’t feel left out T imes are tight. Inflation is rocketing, road again. It’s all well and good having a — here are five petrol costs more than champagne, lovely old motor in the garage, but if you fantastic Fords and the used-car market is seeing can’t get out and enjoy it this summer, you can buy some ridiculously overblown prices. Old where’s the fun in that? and enjoy for Blue Oval-badged machines never cease to reach record-breaking auction results. Instead, we’ve come up with five classic £3000 or under. Fords that can be bought and driven for Yet it’s not too late to buy into the classic sensible money. Yes, you may need to Words DanWilliamson Ford scene, even on a relatively modest rummage around for something suitable, budget. A sum of just £3000 will see you but that’s all part of the fun of buying an behind the wheel of a seriously cool or old car. eminently tuneable car; whether you prefer old-school or something capable of covering Each of these classics is something we’d everyday duties, three big ones will bag a happily buy with our own money (and, in respectable classic Ford – if you choose wisely. several cases, already have), so we’ve made a few notes on which models to choose and While it’s still possible to find a Mk1 what to look for when buying. For Cortina, Mk2 Escort or Capri at this price inspiration, we’ve also included our thoughts point, most will be in need of full restoration on what modifications we’d fit to make these and serious cash to get them back on the classic Fords to be proud of. May 2022 31

3K HEROES 1950s Anglia/Prefect/Popular 100E 1950s styling with 1970s upgrades makes for a cracking classic Ford Years produced: 1953 to 1962 although the 107E’s use of a Kent TOP 5 powerplant makes dropping in a Crossflow MODS Price guide: much easier; fitting 107E bits to an earlier A: £5800 100E allows the same upgrade, which is • Hot Crossflow/ B: £4600 pretty much essential to replace the Zetec C: £1500 hard-to-maintain and painfully slow • Escort struts and (68 mph) sidevalve. Yes, it’s tuneable, but steering No smart-priced feature can be complete you’ll struggle to see 70 bhp. • Banded steels without a Pop – the original budget-priced • Slammed Blue Oval that pretty much gave birth to the Corrosion is the biggest concern when suspension UK Ford tuning scene. buying; the front wings, strut tops, bulkhead, • Half-cage sills, chassis rails, floorpan, spring hangers, The cuddly 100E was introduced in 1953 as doors, A-pillars, scuttle, boot floor and ONE the first small Ford with monocoque body and valance are all rot spots. Reproduction panels FOR MacPherson strut front suspension. Powered are available, but they’re surprisingly pricey SALE  by a 36 bhp 1172cc sidevalve engine and for a low-value machine. three-speed gearbox, the 100E was initially For sale on: eBay offered as a two-door Anglia or four-door You’ll be replacing pretty much everything Barter the dealer Prefect, with Deluxe versions from 1955 else, of course: a Zetec on throttle bodies down to £3000 adding extra chrome and autobox option. would be our choice, complete with from its £3450 Leather trim and a heater were optional. refabricated bulkhead and tunnel for a asking price, and five-speed gearbox. Use a 105E rear axle, this 1959 Anglia The angular Anglia 105E took over in and update the front with Escort Mk1/Mk2 100E has perfect 1959, while the 100E continued as a struts, disc brakes and steering rack instead of sleeper potential. Popular, stripped down to become Britain’s the pre-historic originals. It’s a runner in cheapest car. It was sold alongside the need of similarly-styled Prefect 107E – a four-door Sensible money might invest in a pre/ recommissioning Deluxe with the 105E’s 997cc overhead- part-built project, but a patina-mottled, – ripe for a valve engine. And let’s not forget the de-bumpered 100E looks smart on slammed naughty 100E-based Squire and Escort estates, or the suspension and banded steels without Crossflow and rare and chunky Thames 300E van. hubcaps. Fit bucket seats and half-cage, then wide rims. Leave Two-doors are generally most desirable, add battle-scarred roundels to the doors for the paintwork as cafe-racer cool. is, and keep the two-tone brown/ beige leatherette interior if you dare… 32 May 2022

1970s/1980s Mk5 Cortina Cheap and easy to tune, the Mk5 is a Ford modifier’s dream Years produced: 1979 to 1982 Crusader saloons, a fair few of which survive TOP 5 today. Not that they have it easy – corrosion MODS Price guide: munches on Mk5 Cortinas’ sills, chassis rails, A: £7500 slam panel, inner and outer wings, scuttle, • 24-valve B: £5000 A and B-pillars, boot floor and rear quarters. Cosworth C: £2500 Serious rot can turn a project into scrap. transplant • Five-speed Cortinas are obligatory for any Classic Ford Interiors wear well, although upholstery gearbox list, but it’s increasingly tricky to find becomes baggy, and finding correct-colour • Subtle lowering something suitable for £3000. A left-hand- replacements can be tricky. Fortunately, the • Bigger brakes drive Mk2 basket-case could be an option, oily bits are cheap and cheerful: Pinto •Wide steels but it’s surely more sensible to buy the best engines are renowned for camshaft noise and you can – and in Cortina terms that’s a overheating, while buyers of a 2.3 should be ONE roadworthy Mk5. wary of cracked heads. Cortinas eat through FOR rear void bushes, causing the handling to feel SALE  A facelift of the 1976 Mk4, the 1979 Mk5 even soggier than normal; knocking from the (officially called Cortina 80) added plastic front comes from failed tie-rod bushes. For sale on: grille, bulky bumpers and bigger back lights, Facebook plus larger glass area and flatter roof. Two/ But you’ll be improving all that anyway: Marketplace four-door saloons or five-door estates were Polyurethane bushes should help, alongside Well under our available, powered by 1.3 Crossflow lowering springs and uprated dampers. Capri budget at £2400, (60 bhp), 1.6 Pinto (73 or 90 bhp), 2-litre 2.8i front brakes and rear disc conversion are this 1981 Cortina Pinto (101 bhp) or 2.3 Cologne V6 essential basic upgrades, especially when you requires (114 bhp); rare two-doors had only the increase the engine power. restoration but is smallest engines. Trim ranged from basic reckoned to be Saloon to L, GL and Ghia; optional S Pack Most owners opt for tuning the 2-litre driveable included sports suspension, driving lamps Pinto – taken to 2.1 with tasty cam and – presumably very and (from 1981) fishnet Recaros. 45 DCOEs for 150 bhp – and Type 9 slowly, since it five-speed ’box. Better still, use V6 bits to seems to have Bling was added by a series of run-out bolt in a Scorpio Cosworth 24-valve. Wide started life as a 1.3 editions, including ultra-popular Carousel and steels and stock bodywork is the way to go: Crusader.The sleeper Cortinas have always been winners. upmarket cabin looks complete, so spend your cash dropping something bigger beneath the bonnet and upgrading the suspension to suit. “BUY THE BEST YOU CAN, AND IN CORTINA TERMS THAT’S A ROADWORTHY MK5” May 2022 33

3XKXXHXEXRXOES 1980s Mk4 Escort/Mk2 Orion Find a solid base model and you’ve got a bargain with huge potential Years produced: 1986 to 1990 Early Mk4s – particularly on C and TOP 5 D-registrations – rot like there’s no MODS Price guide tomorrow, so survivors are rare, if not A: £4500 terminally rusty. But corrosion can take hold • Zetec on throttle B: £2500 of any Escort, so pay attention to the inner bodies C: £750 wings, battery tray, bulkhead, scuttle panel, • Tarmac-hugging front wings, sunroof, sills, floorpans, rear coil-overs When did you last see a bog-standard wheelarches, fuel filler, boot floor and back • Clubsport cabin Mk4 Escort or Orion? Today they’re firmly panel. Replacements are available, but a • Peugeot 17 inch into classic territory, closely following the particularly rotten Mk4 will require more steels ever-appreciating Mk3. welding than it’s worth. • ST170 brakes The Escort Mk4 (and Orion Mk2) went Cabins can be tatty and, although not ONE on sale in 1986, featuring plastic bumpers, pricey, finding matching trim can be tricky. FOR modernised dashboard and vaguely refreshed Speccing up to XR/RS levels comes with SALE  underpinnings. The range was vast, offering associated high prices. three- or five-door hatchbacks, estates, For sale on: eBay four-door (Orion) saloons, vans and Mechanically, base-model bits cost pennies Buying a convertibles. Engines were 1.1 or 1.3-litre to replace, but it’s worth ensuring the engine half-finished Valencias, 1.4 or 1.6-litre CVHs and gutless isn’t knocking or puffing out blue smoke, project can be a 1.6 and (later) 1.8 diesels. Trim varied from and that the gears engage without crunching; bargain if the tortuous Popular to plush Ghia and pretty a floppy stick is common, but jumping out of ingredients are much everything in between – not to gears, rumbling or clicking is bad news. all there – in this mention innumerable special-editions and case it’s a 1.4-litre sporting variants: the XR3i and RS Turbo There’s no end to modification Ghia with MoT, need no introduction here. opportunities and power potential, although lowered it’s cooler to avoid building an RS Turbo suspension, poly Yes, you’ll just about bag an XR for our replica, so go easy on spoilers. How about bushes and 16 £3000 budget, but it will almost certainly ground-scraping stance, 17 inch Peugeot inch rims. Ideally feature more holes than metal and a dubious steels, ST170 stoppers, basic grey-plastic you’d get a few past. The safer option is a poverty-spec bumpers and clubsport cockpit with cage and quid knocked off Bonus or hearing aid-beige GL. bucket seats? Stick a Zetec on throttle bodies under the bonnet, and it’s a cool car in any era. the price and use it for a respray or Zetec swap. 34 May 2022

1970s/1980s xxxxxxxx Fiesta Mk1 and Mk2 TOP 5 MODS Early, non sporty Fiestas are still very affordable — especially the Mk2 • Zetec conversion Years produced: 1976 to 1989 plastic bumpers. The XR2 was now powered • Debadged, by a carb-fed 1.6 CVH, which led to detrimmed and Price guide mainstream Mk2s gaining the option of a detailed A: £4800 1.4 CVH from 1986, plus a new warm- • Retrointeriorwith B: £2800 hatch: the 1.4S. OEM upgrades C: £1500 • Ultra-wide alloys Today’s buyers will do well to find any • Slammed Old Fiestas became cool overnight; suddenly roadworthy sporting variant within budget, suspension XR2s and Supersports are mortgage money, so it’s instead wise to search for the best- and any Mk1 is a desirable classic Ford. The condition bodyshell you can find. Fiestas are ONE key to getting good value is to choose the true classic Fords in their ability to rot, so FOR right model for your £3000. you’ll need to inspect the wings, scuttle, SALE  wheelarches, fuel filler, strut tops, floors, Launched in 1976, the Fiesta was the first doors, sills and so on. For sale on: eBay British front-wheel-drive Ford. The idea was At £1595, this Mk2 to produce a simple economical car, so the Mechanically, Valencia engines are rattly leaves plenty in the majority of models featured small-capacity but may be due a rebuild if smoking and budget to replace engines and basic equipment. breathing; CVHs are better, but again prone its puny 1.1 motor to showing signs of wear. Beware of and autobox with There was a new Valencia power unit; a rumbling transmissions and difficulty a tasty Zetec. In shortened version of the Kent in 957cc or selecting gears; if you’re going to use the car Ghia trim with 1117cc sizes, plus a 1298cc from 1977. as a daily driver, it’s worth seeking out a 26,000 on the Transversely-mounted, it mated to a fresh Mk2 with five-speed gearbox; otherwise, clock, it’s reckoned gearbox, MacPherson front struts, rear it’s high on the list of upgrades for any Mk1 to be a solid shell beam, and front disc brakes. Trim levels or Mk2. and great runner, began with basic Fiesta, L, Ghia and S, later albeit requiring joined by GL, Popular and Popular Plus. A Modification potential is almost unlimited, some welding. stream of limited-editions followed, plus 1.3 with tuned Crossflows, CVH turbos and Even the clean Supersport of 1980 and 1981’s 1.6 XR2. Zetecs finding favour. Sticking to a budget grey cloth makes ultra-clean debadged/trimmed upholstery adds The Mk2 took over in 1983, offering an bodywork, serious lows and wide rims – the retro appeal. aerodynamic facelift of smooth nose and coolest way to stand out from seas of XR reps. “THE KEY TO GETTING GOOD VALUE IS TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT MODEL” May 2022 35

3XKXXHXEXRXOES 1990s Puma Fine-handling coupe is cheap as chips — but not for much longer Years produced: 1997 to 2001 upholstery and black paint) and 1.6/1.7 TOP 5 Thunder (leather upholstery and grey/silver MODS Price guide paintwork) – which often command a A: £3000 premium. Production ended in 2001, but • Lowered springs B: £1500 new-car sales lasted well into 2002. and uprated C: £500 dampers Like Fiestas, Pumas tend to rot: rear • ST170 front Is the Puma a classic Ford? Well, it was built wheelarches are most common, but inspect brakes in limited numbers, it’s 25 years old, and it’s the sills, floorpan, inner arches, doors and • FRP induction, a hoot to drive. Whichever way you look at pillars. Excessive corrosion isn’t worth the ECU, exhaust and it, Pumas have all the makings of a low- cost of restoration. decât budget hero, and they’re incredible value • FRP LSD gearbox for money. Interiors show wear on the driver’s seat •Turbo transplant and steering wheel, and it’s not unusual to Excepting the desirable £15,000-plus find damp carpets covering rusty floors. The ONE Ford Racing Puma (FRP), any version of the steering and suspension should still feel FOR little coupé can be bought and tuned within sharp, so avoid anything soggy. Brake pipes SALE  our £3000 budget. rust away, the IB5 gearbox rumbles or crunches when knackered, and a slipping For sale on: Early versions, built from June 1997, were clutch should be avoided. Facebook powered by a revvy 123 bhp 1679cc Marketplace Yamaha-developed Zetec SE with variable Neglect kills the 1.7 engine, so look for blue There’s no cam timing, hitting 126 mph and 0-to-60 smoke, difficulty starting and nasty noises. Steer shortage of mph in 8.8 seconds. Despite a Fiesta floorpan clear of 1.4s, but 1.6s aren’t as sluggish. Pumas for £3000 (and dashboard), stiffer springs and 15 inch or under, but this alloys resulted in sublime handling – Whichever you buy, you’ll need to lower shiny 1.7 in Pacific recognised as an all-time great. the lofty ride-height, albeit not so much it Green caught our cripples the roadholding; shorter springs, eye at £1695. It’s A less-desirable 1.4 (89 bhp) was added in quality dampers and poly bushes make done 91,000 1998, replaced in 2000 by a Sigma-engined massive improvements. miles, comes with 1.6 (101 bhp). There were also limited- loads of MOT and editions – 1.7 Millennium (leather Recaros FRP parts under the bonnet produce FSH, and it’s a and yellow paintwork), 1.7 Black (leather 150 bhp, while a turbo conversion could double private sale, so that figure. Find an LSD-equipped FRP there may be gearbox, add ST170 brakes, and you’re sorted. some bartering room.What are you waiting for? Get it bought! 36 May 2022

38 May 2022

SBPRECEIAWL Built in a garage at home and with 400 bhp on tap, this unsuspecting Sierra estate is a perfect homebuilt hero in every way. S ometimes you find yourself falling into turbocharged homebrew special under a project without even meaning to, the bonnet and an unsuspecting look both but it’s often those kind of builds that inside and out, Kurt has built a truly unique turn out best. With no tune to follow, the classic Ford. natural process of fate will find a way of helping, which is exactly how owner As he likes a 1980s Ford, Kurt has owned Kurt Tann turned this cheap and cheerful a few over the years and was actually in the Sierra into an awesome homebuilt street process of rebuilding both a Mk2 Orion and sleeper like no other. Thanks to a Mk3 Granada when he first heard this Sierra was up for sale. Words Simon Holmes Photos Andy Saunders May 2022 39

MK2 SIERRA “A friend was actually eyeing the car up “I literally had no idea what to do with the Digital display and extra and decided against it,” Kurt recalls. “He had car, as all I actually planned was to run it gauges keep tabs on the vitals. sent me the details and after a chat I decided through summer 2015 to go to the Classic if he wasn’t going to have it, I had to have a Ford Show and then sell it to crack on with look. I literally had no interest in Mk2 Sierras my other cars.” at all, but at £250 I couldn’t knock it for a rear-wheel-drive Ford.” Rolling project Sure enough the car appeared to be a However, that soon changed as fate began to bargain, as not only was it a really tidy play into his hands and the car became a example but the engine bay and interior were rolling project after a small bump while spotless. Aside from a couple of small bits the driving on ice was followed by the discovery bodywork was decent too, plus it had every the trusty Pinto needed attention. service stamp, past MoTs and a whole load of history. But although it was great buy, Kurt “As I straightened out the damage, I found didn’t actually have much need for the car the stem seals in the original engine had gone other than to use it for a summer. hard,” Kurt reveals, “so I figured I’d drop a Zetec on bike carbs into it that I had sat “It sounds odd, but I actually purchased it waiting on a pallet.” because at the time I thought the rear end was that ugly it looked cool,” he explains. Along with a few other upgrades and additions the Sierra soon began to pick up Drilled bumper supplies extra air pace, especially when a bet with a mate in the to the RS500-style intercooler. pub led to a budget-build Zetec turbo conversion. That saw a few revisions when it came to plumbing and manifold configurations but ended up making a healthy 275 bhp and led to bigger things. “When that motor died after a drag racing day out in 2019, I decided if I was going to do it again I would take the time and do it properly,” remembers Kurt. “So the ST170 turbo idea soon came about from chatting about specs with a couple of mates.” “THE ST170 TURBO IDEA CAME ABOUT AFTER CHATTING ABOUT SPECS WITH A COUPLE OF MATES” 40 May 2022

Left: roll cage and GLX-spec trim? Well, why not? THE LOOK WHY THE RED BONNET? Although the car has a great, understated style, Kurt tells us it happened by accident, quite literally. “There wasn’t really a plan for the exterior as such,” he reveals.“But partially down to the little mishap I had, I’ve always had a soft spot for theAmerican Moonshine Runner/Bootlegger cars; rough enough, simple and set up with a bit of poke underneath.”With that in mind, the replacement red bonnet has purposely been kept that contrasting colour and coupled with the steel wheels and sleeper style the car always gets a good reaction.“Mostly people laugh and it’s generally good really,” tells Kurt.“I think it’s down to the fact that most people can relate to wanting something similar themselves — although the bonnet can split opinion.” For the road: Sierra’s interior remains fully trimmed. May 2022 41

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mk2 sierra HOMEBUILT HERO CXxxxxxxx Initially, Kurt bought the Sierra as a (very) cheap runaround. Only later did he see its potential. The Mk2 Sierra was clean, untouched and more-importantly, just £250. The ideal daily driver. Then, once he saw the potential Kurt got carried away, with fuel system and diff upgrades underway. Once done, the suspension and running gear were The red bonnet certainly draws comments, Kurt has plans for the GTX turbo, including a smaller removed to respray the underside in body colour. but there’s no doubting this is Kurt’s car. exhaust housing to make it more road-friendly. The rear beam, diff casing and fuel tank were The current build is the best yet and US-spec rocker cover to fit,” reveals Kurt. “It painted or powdercoated too, for an on-point finish. revolves around a heavily-reworked ST170 involved coupling an ST170 and US-spec engine, complete with upgraded, forged Zetec cover into one.” Meanwhile, the new engine was in-progress, pistons, steel rods and a tickled cylinder head. with the turbo sat on a modified Nissan manifold. To go with it is a large GTX3076 turbo that Essential upgrades much like the rest of the build has been fitted using Kurt’s home-brewed skills. For instance, To continue the mixed-and-matched theme, the exhaust manifold is a Nissan 200SX item the engine is attached to a Mazda RX-8 that has been heavily adapted to fit and the gearbox with an uprated clutch and powers same goes for the inlet plenum, which started the wheels via a proper, plated LSD. The life on a Mitsubishi Evo and has been modified combination is incredibly effective and Kurt to fit the ST170 lower manifold. says the car performs very well, so far running a best of 415 bhp and 335 lb.ft of torque. “Pretty much the majority of the work was Having previously managed a best of done by myself, bar a couple bits of alloy TiG 13.5 seconds in the quarter mile with just welding and the odd piece of help here and 275 bhp, the new set-up is yet to be properly there where I’ve not been able to access kit,” tested but should be plenty quicker. he explains. “The majority was done between sheds at home by juggling space.” While the running gear has been heavily reworked and the exterior finely detailed (see Other custom parts with Kurt’s input boxout on page 41), the inside remains include the sump, plumbing and external oil relatively standard, which was always the plan: pump set-up, although he tells us the trickiest job was something that looks much simpler. “Anyone that’s owned a Sierra knows how “The hardest part was actually getting the comfy they are so I didn’t want to lose that and bought a scrapper GLX estate for just £40 with Subscribe: 01959 543747, May 2022 43

MK2 SIERRA a mint interior, so it was a no-brainier.” Sure Load bay now houses the battery and Tech Spec enough, the combination of comfort and swirl pot for the fuel system — Kurt performance make the car a joy to use and the plans to upgrade the latter further. Body Kurt tells us it’s at home on the road as much as it is on the strip. Inlet plenum is a much- 1990 Sierra LX estate, strengthened rear modified Mitsubishi Evo item. turrets, boot floor/rear wheel well “It actually drives pretty well day-to-day,” removed, Ford option front splitter. Paint: he explains. “It’s definitely still useable on the Maritime Blue with red bonnet road, albeit Cornish roads aren’t the most forgiving for a lowered car but a majority of Engine the time it’s just used for going for a drive and enjoying at the occasional drag day!” 2-litre ST170 engine, home-made sump, ARP bottom end studs with custom More and more adapters to run windage tray, standard crank, PEC steel H-beam rods, ARP rod As with any home build, there’s still more to bolts, Focus RS spec forged pistons with do as Kurt has plans to tune the car further custom valve pockets, decked ST170 and make some improvements, as he explains. block, 0.6 mm MLS head gasket, ARP “I want to dial the VVT in and drop the head studs, ST170 head with exhaust exhaust housing size a bit to move the boost ports flowed and polished, Peugeot 106 range a bit lower,” he reveals. “There’s also a GTi Newman Cams 160 lb valve springs Supra diff to go in the back end along with a and retainers,ToyotaYaris coil-on-plug spare rear beam that’s destined for the chop set-up, home-made external oil pump saw to make it fully adjustable. Plus I’d like set-up, home-made water rail, Garret Gen beef up the fuel system, add some more boost 1 GTX3076r turbo, homemade exhaust and sort out a few project niggles.” manifold (Nissan SR20-based), home- made plenum (4G63 Mitsubishi-based), With no end in sight but more ideas in the modified runner and throttle body flange pipeline, we expect to see Kurt developing to suit ST170 lower inlet, 80-mm throttle the special brew Sierra a whole lot more in body, Siemens Deka 875cc injectors, the future. 280 lph fuel pump, Facet lift pump, homemade swirl pot, 8 mm copper fuel lines, Zetec to Cosworth lightened flywheel, homemade 3 inch exhaust, custom US-spec/ST170 rocker cover, modified Sierra Cosworth radiator, modified RS500-style intercooler, homemade 2.5 inch boost pipes, Range Rover fans for cooling, Ecumaster EMU Classic management Transmission Custom Zetec to Mazda RX-8 adapter plate, Mazda RX-8 gearbox, hydraulic clutch conversion, CG Motorsport Stage 3 Cosworth clutch kit, homemade propshaft,Titan Motorsport plated slipper with adapted stub shafts Suspension Front: GAZ coil-overs, Mk3 Granada anti- roll bar Rear: GAZ coil-overs, XR4x4 rear beam. Polybushed throughout Brakes Front: Sierra Cosworth four-pot callipers and discs. Rear: XR4x4 rear discs and callipers. Braided lines all round Wheels and tyres 7x16 inch Citroen steel wheels, with 165/45R16 tyres Interior Standard specification GLX trim, LD Performance dash display, Safety Devices six-point roll cage Thanks Massive thanks to anyone that’s had any involvement with it over the years in different ways, whether it be motivation, advice or midnight help, and especially, Phil,Tub, Ben, Shakey, Josh and Ads, my parents, andYas The current ST170-based and home-brewed engine is “THERE’S ALWAYS heavily-reworked to handle the boost, making 415 bhp. MORE TO DO I WANT TO DIAL THE VVT IN A BIT MORE, FOR INSTANCE” 44 May 2022 Subscribe: 01959 543747,


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MK4 CORTINA Words and Photos Jon Cass BORN AGAIN Originally featured two decades ago, ‘WOO’ has been given a new lease of life thanks to Ben Thompson. 48 May 2022

W e all remember the late Peter Kennedy’s looking out for a project to keep me busy during Covid giant-killing Capri 4x4 Cosworth that made a and with no cars available from South Africa, I started welcome comeback recently. Its registration searching in the UK instead,” he admits. “A Mk4 Cortina plate happened to contain the three distinctive letters fitted with a 24-valve V6 in London caught my eye.” WOO which helped to make it instantly recognisable. While Peter’s Capri was busy decimating everyone it met As Ben was based 200 miles away and regularly buys cars on the quarter mile two decades ago, there was another without viewing them in person, a chat with the vendor blue oval badged car making a name for itself on the along with some photographs was enough to convince show scene also bearing the same three letters, WOO. him to take the plunge. “I knew it was a risk, but I was confident any defects I’d be able to sort,” Ben recalls. When Ben Thompson came across this 24-valve “The first warning sign occurred when the recovery Cortina, a well-known feature car from back in the day, it company phoned to ask if I still required their services as was in a sad state, but that burning desire to resurrect a they noticed the car was so rotten.” Ben’s optimistic side legend just couldn’t be ignored. took over and the Cortina was transported 200 miles to his workshop only to discover the recovery company weren’t We’ve featured a few of Ben’s cars in the past, many of exaggerating. “It was nothing like I’d initially been told,” which originated from the southern hemisphere. “I prefer Ben laughs, “the rot was well disguised and after a quick to buy cars from South Africa as rust-free examples are still inspection, it was confirmed terminal.” The tin worm had obtainable, as long as you do your checks,” Ben explains, destroyed the entire floor and bulkhead though the outer “unfortunately when Covid happened, the opportunity to panels were surprisingly good, “I wasn’t sure what to do at import any cars soon disappeared!” Although Ben buys first, there were many salvageable parts, but the shell itself and sells many of the cars he brings in from South Africa, was well beyond saving,” Ben explains, “my first thought he happens to have a genuine passion for old Fords and was to break the car, most probably at a significant loss.” more than he’d prefer end up being keepers. “I was May 2022 49

MK4 CORTINA “BEN DECIDED TO RESURRECT WOO AND ADD HIS OWN MARK ON THE CAR IN THE PROCESS” Resurrection time (Signal Amber in the UK market) with a tan MIM alloys usually found on BMWs interior catching his eye. “By now, I’d already but look great on the Cortina. This would have been the most sensible spent far more than I’d planned, but luckily I option, but Ben had by now discovered this managed to recoup some cash selling the system, there was little space left within the Mk4’s interesting history interspersed with a doors, bonnet and bootlid from the UK car, bay and I was reluctant to install the battery period of trophy winning fame. “I’d tracked the few parts that had no rust!” Ben smiles. in the boot.” Matched to a Type-9 five-speed down the previous magazine feature from ’box with quickshift and V6 bellhousing, the June 2002 when the car was owned by Steve Fortunately, Ben’s Cortina-sourcing luck 220 bhp Cosworth is certainly no slouch and Whittaker,” Ben continues. “It had been had improved with the South African 1.6L as the tuneful howl thanks to that bespoke rebuilt by Lee Selway with the help of Steve the only small areas of rust on the lower rear Keltec exhaust soon becomes addictive. Taylor to show standard, though it was a quarters were easily repairable. “I stripped more recent keeper, Gavin Black who kindly out the tan interior and fitted a new Sensible upgrades sent the information.” Armed with the headlining,” Ben says, “I then fitted a vinyl knowledge that his next decision could easily roof by Will Trim, an aspect of the original That significant increase in available power see the demise of a piece of modified Ford car I deemed essential.” With the 1600 Pinto has led to a few sensible chassis upgrades too. history, Ben took the major decision to engine removed, Ben then set about installing “I wanted the car to handle and stop well, but resurrect WOO and add his own mark on the the all-important 24-valve Cosworth running I was keen for the stance to be bang on,” Ben car in the process. gear from the original UK car along with a tells us, “so getting the balance just right took few clever upgrades including an improved a lot of time and effort.” This has been “As the shell was beyond saving, my main cooling system. “The cam cover has been achieved by using GAZ Gold dampers on the priority was to retain the spirit of the original, powdercoated white and a smaller battery rear with bespoke solid nylon void bushes on but in a replacement shell,” Ben tells us, from Odyssey Motorsport is now located at top of the axle, close to the diff along with “effectively an up-to-date equivalent of the the rear instead of the front,” Ben points out, heavy-duty lowering springs. Meanwhile at original project.” By now, Covid rules had “as by the time I’d re-routed the water the front, standard front springs remain, but been relaxed, enough for Ben to track down a with the addition of GAZ Gold dampers once solid donor shell from his favoured source, again. “The original version of WOO had South Africa. “I looked for a GL or a Ghia larger 16 inch seven-spoke wheels, I wanted with no success and bought a yellow Mk4 3.0S,” Ben tells us, “this would have been ideal, but once it arrived in the UK, I knew it was far too good to butcher by swapping parts.” A further search proved more fruitful, this 1977 Mk4 1.6L in Wild Tangerine 50 May 2022

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