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ABCDE Prices may vary in areas outside metropolitan Washington. SU V1 V2 V3 V4 Mostly sunny 92/74 • Tomorrow: Partly sunny 90/74 B8 Democracy Dies in Darkness TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 . $2 ISIS aimed A look deep into space and time Senate to attack chances Europe with worry chemicals the GOP Ambitions of Iraqi PRIMARY SCARS, weapons expert revealed CANDIDATE ISSUES in new program details Nominees struggling in several marquee races BY JOBY WARRICK NASA/ASSOCIATED PRESS BY MICHAEL SCHERER, In the summer of 2014, as his NASA on Monday released the first full-color image from the $10 billion James Webb Space Telescope, COLBY ITKOWITZ followers were ravaging the cit- launched in December. The image shows a cluster of galaxies, called SMACS 0723, that function as a lens. AND JOSH DAWSEY ies of northern Iraq, Islamic “We’re looking back more than 13 billion years,” NASA’s administrator said at the White House. Story, A5 State leader Abu Bakr al- At a recent Republican donor Baghdadi convened a secret THE UBER FILES | A GLOBAL INVESTIGATION retreat in Chicago, Herschel Walk- meeting with a weapons expert er was asked a question about whose unusual skills the terror- ‘Hit the kill switch’: Covert tech used to foil raids fiscal discipline and balancing the ist chief was anxious to acquire. budget. The GOP nominee for U.S. BY FAIZ SIDDIQUI ready eventful day. had ordered the computer sys- devices from Uber’s internal Senate in Georgia replied with a His guest was a small man, AND JOSEPH MENN “hi!” she typed in a message tems in Amsterdam cut off from systems. “Access must be shut long answer on Black Lives Matter barely above 5 feet tall, and he Twenty minutes after author- Uber’s internal network, mak- down in AMS,” referring to Am- and the police, failing to address had only recently been freed ities raided Uber’s Amsterdam that’s part of a trove of more ing data inaccessible to authori- sterdam. the question, according to people from a years-long stint in U.S. office in April 2015, Ligea than 124,000 previously undis- ties as they raided its European with knowledge of the event. and Iraqi prisons. But before Wells’s computer screen mys- closed Uber records. “My laptop headquarters, documents SEE UBER ON A18 that, Salih al-Sabawi had been an teriously went blank. The exec- shut down after acting funny.” show. The surprised reaction to Walk- Iraqi official of some renown: a utive assistant tapped out a text “Please hit the kill switch The whistleblower: A former er’s response was familiar to Re- Russian-trained engineer who warning her boss of another But her computer’s behavior ASAP,” Kalanick had emailed, executive steps forward. A17 publicans who have been tracking had once helped President Sad- strange occurrence on an al- was no mystery to some of her ordering a subordinate to block his struggling bid in one of the dam Hussein build his extensive superiors. the office laptops and other Influence campaign: Investors most competitive Senate contests arsenal of chemical weapons. sought among foreign media. C1 in the nation. Since easily winning Uber’s San Francisco-based his primary, his polling edge Baghdadi had summoned Sa- chief executive, Travis Kalanick, against Sen. Raphael G. Warnock bawi, 52, to offer him a job. If (D) has become a deficit amid supplied with the right equip- erratic campaigning, verbal flubs ment and resources, could he and disclosures about three chil- produce the same weapons for dren he had not previously spoken the Islamic State? Sabawi’s reply, about publicly. according to a later intelligence report about the meeting, was The result has been a rescue yes. He could do that and more. mission, helmed in part by the National Republican Senatorial Thus began what U.S. and Committee, which has led to sev- Iraqi Kurdish officials describe eral veteran staff hires by Walker’s as a crash effort aimed at build- campaign, including Brett O’Don- ing the biggest arsenal of chemi- nell, the party’s most celebrated cal and, potentially, biological debate prep strategist. It is just weapons ever assembled by a one of the ways GOP leaders have terrorist group. Within six found themselves dealing with months, under Sabawi’s direc- cleanup efforts as they round the tion, the Islamic State would summer bend on what should be a manufacture mustard gas, a banner Republican election sea- chemical weapon from the World son. War I era, as well as bombs and rockets filled with chlorine. Not for decades has the mid- term environment appeared as fa- But Sabawi’s ambitions, and by extension Baghdadi’s, were SEE MIDTERMS ON A6 much broader, according to new- ly disclosed details on the Islam- ic State weapons program. Iraqi Kurdish intelligence reports, SEE ISIS ON A8 A year after protests, Cuba confronts an exodus THE COVID MONEY TRAIL Harassment, threats Looking to fund tax cuts, and tanking economy states seize on federal aid are driving defections More than a year after Con- BY CHRISTINE ARMARIO BRYAN CEREIJO FOR THE WASHINGTON POST GOP lawsuits challenge gress approved a $1.9 trillion one of Congress’s few coronavirus relief package, Re- miami — José Carlos Melo had José Carlos Melo in Miami on Friday. Melo participated in the surge of protests last year in Cuba and limits on relief dollars publicans in nearly two dozen was detained several times by Cuban authorities before he was able to flee the island. states have ratcheted up efforts to never protested before the hot BY TONY ROMM tap some of those funds for an July morning last year when Cu- As gas prices climbed toward unrelated purpose: paying for tax bans began marching in a small record highs this May, Florida cuts. The moves have threatened town outside Havana. Within Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) secured a to siphon off aid that might hours, people were calling for a pause on the state’s fuel taxes — a otherwise help states fight the demonstration in the capital. $200 million plan he helped pay pandemic, shore up their local for with a pot of federal funds economies or prepare for a poten- With his mother’s blessing, the awarded earlier in the pandemic. tial recession. restaurant manager ventured out The policy was intended to to join the thousands chanting save money for local drivers and The intensifying Republican “Freedom!” and “It’s over!” state coffers alike. But it also campaign targets one of the sig- appeared to mark a potential nature programs Democrats ap- Melo would be tear gassed and violation of federal law — and the proved as part of President shoved to the ground. But on latest skirmish in an escalating Biden’s American Rescue Plan Instagram and in television inter- clash between GOP officials and last year. At the urging of the views in the days that followed, he the White House over how states nation’s mayors and governors, recounted it as the happiest day can use generous federal stimu- Congress delivered what largely of his life — a turning point that lus dollars. amounted to a blank check for seemed to mark a before and an every city and state to bolster after in Cuba’s history. their budgets. What came next was more Congress ultimately laid down complicated. State security few conditions for how local lead- agents lurked outside his home. SEE TAXES ON A20 SEE CUBA ON A24 In the News the response by the Arlington County resi- Inside United States has been dents are preparing for TOM BRENNER FOR THE WASHINGTON POST THE NATION THE WORLD inadequate. A11 a battle over housing BUSINESS NEWS ....................... A14 HEALTH & SCIENCE A wildfire in Yosemite In South Africa, daily THE ECONOMY density and a proposal COMICS ....................................... C6 Sending a message The father of a Parkland National Park continues power outages have be- Twitter shares plunged to do away with single- OPINION PAGES.........................A21 Medical mystery school shooting victim interrupted a White to expand in a grove come a fact of life, and another 11.3 percent family zoning. B1 LOTTERIES...................................B3 House event marking a new gun law. A3 of hundreds of giant the economy is showing Monday as the company People of color in- OBITUARIES ................................ B6 Digging into his records, Birth control A drugmaker is seeking sequoias as climate the strain. A7 braces for a legal battle creasingly are creating TELEVISION ................................. C4 a man with cracked teeth approval to sell a daily pill over the counter change exacerbates Relatives and distin- with Elon Musk after he safe spaces for mindful- WORLD NEWS..............................A7 and broken bones found for the first time in the United States. A14 extreme weather. A2 guished guests honored backed out of buying the ness practice, including a possible diagnosis. E1 The Jan. 6 committee Japan’s slain former platform. A14 meditation and yoga. B1 STYLE will hold its seventh prime minister Shinzo THE REGION Beach Drive would be public hearing Tuesday, Abe at a private wake in A Loudoun County open to D.C. motorists Off-screen villain focusing on how far- Tokyo. A10 judge ruled that a grand in every season but sum- right groups took cues Russia attacked civil- jury can continue inves- mer under a plan pro- The House hearings on from President Donald ian targets in Ukraine’s tigating how the public posed by the National the Jan. 6 insurrection Trump and his allies. A4 second-largest city, and school system handled Park Service. B5 have made good use of Biden administration Ukrainian forces struck sexual assault cases. B1 OBITUARIES this cinematic tool. C1 officials are developing back by hitting a Rus- Gun violence has risen Tony Sirico, 79, played a plan for all adults sian weapons depot. A11 sharply in Montgomery Paulie Walnuts on 1CONTENT © 2022 to receive a second The family and friends County this year, ac- “The Sopranos,” a role The Washington Post / Year 145, No. 219 booster shot in hopes of of a retired U.S. Marine cording to Police Chief modeled in part on his curbing another surge of Corps officer who is Marcus Jones. B1 earlier life as a shake- coronavirus cases. A16 missing in Ukraine say down artist. B6

A2 EZ SU THE WASHINGTON POST . TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 KLMNO CORRECTION NEWSPAPER DELIVERY l A July 11 A-section article NOAH BERGER/ASSOCIATED PRESS For home delivery comments about Democrats’ fresh hope for or concerns contact us at a spending deal with Sen. Joe A firefighter protects a giant sequoia while a raging wildfire burns in Yosemite National Park in California. The threat to the Mariposa or Manchin III (D-W.Va.) misspelled Grove, home to more than 500 of the old trees, grew to 2,720 acres Monday after doubling in size over the weekend. send us an email at the last name of Manchin [email protected] or call spokesperson Sam Runyon. In harm’s way: Earth’s oldest trees 202-334-6100 or 800-477-4679 TO SUBSCRIBE l A Best Bets event listing in the BY DINO GRANDONI NATIONAL PARK SERVICE/GETTY IMAGES fornia, to the southeast of Yose- 800-753-POST (7678) July 8 Weekend section for the A raging wildfire in Yosemite mite. TO ADVERTISE Lotus and Water Lily Festival at National Park is burning in an The wildfire in Yosemite National Park was 25 percent contained Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens iconic grove that contains some as of Monday evening. The cause remains under investigation. Other giant sequoias have not Classified: 202-334-6200 incorrectly said that lotus of the biggest and oldest trees on been as fortunate. In total, three Display: 202-334-7642 flowers open their petals in the Earth, marking the latest bout of in the grove, including the 209- vegetation killed by blistering fires over the past three years MAIN PHONE NUMBER morning and close in the extreme summer weather exac- foot Grizzly Giant as well as the drought and built up over years have killed up to 19 percent of the 202-334-6000 afternoon. It is water lilies that erbated by climate change. Bachelor and Three Graces, are of fire suppression, are testing entire population. An early melt- TO REACH THE NEWSROOM do so. The blaze in the Mariposa damaged, according to Phillipe. the mettle of nature’s most mas- ing of the Sierra Nevada snow- Metro: 202-334-7300; Grove threatens to torch more The fire was 25 percent con- sive trees. pack in May is only turbocharg- [email protected] l A July 10 A-section article than 500 mature giant sequoias, tained as of Monday evening. ing dry conditions this year. National: 202-334-7410; about the effects of Elon Musk’s the largest species of tree in the The cause of the fire was still “We’re getting catastrophic [email protected] attempt to terminate his Twitter world, as the fire continues to under investigation, she said. fires at a magnitude that we The Washburn Fire in Yosem- Business: 202-334-7320; acquisition misstated a quote creep north. The Washburn Fire haven’t seen before,” said Joanna ite is also at the doorstep of [email protected] from Columbia Business School at the southern edge of the park The gargantuans, which can Nelson, director of science and Wawona, a community of about Sports: 202-334-7350; professor Donna Hitscherich. in California ballooned to 2,720 live for thousands of years, grow conservation planning for the 160 within the park that is home [email protected] She said, “Is he a mercurial kind acres late Monday after doubling only in about six dozen groves Save the Redwoods League. to campgrounds as well as the Investigative: 202-334-6179; of guy who just changed his in size over the weekend. along a narrow band on the “We’ve seen a really big uptick in historic Wawona Hotel. Normal- [email protected] mind?” not “Is he a material kind “There has been a lot of activi- western slopes of the Sierra Ne- fire extents and intensity and ly swollen with tourists in the Style: 202-334-7535; of guy who just changed his ty and a lot of work by firefight- vada. damage in the giant sequoia in summer, the area cleared out [email protected] mind?” ers to protect the trees,” said particular since 2015.” after a mandatory evacuation Reader Advocate: 202-334-7582; Nancy Phillipe, a Yosemite park Normally, the giant sequoia order Friday. [email protected] The Washington Post is committed to ranger and fire information offi- not only can thrive amid lower- A wildfire sparked by light- TO REACH THE OPINION PAGES correcting errors that appear in the cer. intensity forest fires, it needs ning came dangerously close last The fire is casting a smoky pall Letters to the editor: newspaper. Those interested in Firefighters working from air- them to survive. Its fibrous year to General Sherman, a tree over much of California. The [email protected] or call contacting the paper for that purpose craft and on the ground in tough bronze bark resists burns and that is the world’s largest by haze blotted out the vistas of 202-334-6215 can: terrain are racing to hem in the insulates the interior against the volume and older than the Colos- popular destinations in Yosemite Opinion: Email: [email protected] fire before it destroys the gigan- heat of periodic fires. Its tiny seum in Rome, before fire- such as Half Dome and El Capi- [email protected] Call: 202-334-6000, and ask to be tic trees that have inspired gen- seeds can only successfully take fighters wrapped fireproof blan- tan. It has grown so big that the connected to the desk involved — erations of trekkers and have root in soil left bare by a blaze. kets around it and other giants Bay Area, some 150 miles away, Published daily (ISSN 0190-8286). National, Foreign, Metro, Style, Sports, attracted tourists from around in Sequoia National Park in Cali- was choking under an air quality POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Business or any of the weekly sections. the world. But recent fires, fueled by advisory Monday due to the The Washington Post, 1301 K St. NW, Washington, Comments can be directed to The Workers have even gone as far smoke. D.C. 20071. Post’s reader advocate, who can be as to place orange sprinklers Periodicals postage paid in Washington, D.C., and reached at 202-334-7582 or around the base of the Grizzly Past blazes may help halt the additional mailing office. [email protected] Giant, one of the most iconic current one. Officials said the sequoias in Mariposa Grove. The fire will be slowed as it approach- Download The Washington Post Live humidity from the mist provides es the footprint of a 2017 confla- Washington Post app events a measure of “preventive first gration. aid” if the fire gets too close, Stay informed with award-winning All programs will be streamed live according to ecologist Garrett “That is okay with us because national and international news, at, on Dickman. “We really don’t want what we have seen in the past is, PLUS complete local news coverage Facebook Live, YouTube and to leave this one to chance,” he when unwanted fire gets into a of the D.C. metro area. Create Twitter. Email [email protected] said while standing at the foot of footprint area, then it tends to customized news alerts, save to submit the tree in a recent video on slow,” said Phillipe, the Yosemite articles for offline reading in My questions for our upcoming Facebook. park ranger. Post, browse the daily print edition speakers. All times listed are So far, none of the named trees and scroll through our the Discover Eastern. For now, she urged visitors tab to find stories that interest you. Tuesday, July 12 | Noon still streaming into other parts of Free to download on the App Store The Path Forward: American the park to be patient as the and Play Store, subscribers enjoy Competitiveness southern gate remains shut: unlimited access. Pat Gelsinger, chief executive, Intel “There is a higher impact on Moderated by David Ignatius those other entrance stations Retropolis Tuesday, July 12 | 1 p.m. since this one is closed.” “American Cartel” The past, rediscovered Scott Higham, investigative reporter, The Washington Post Sari Horwitz, criminal justice S0364 1x2.25 reporter, The Washington Post Moderated by Alex Gibney Wednesday, July 13 | 1:30 p.m. Reinventing Small Business Minnie Luong, chef and founder, Chi Kitchen Brit Morin, co-founder, Offline Ventures, BFF and Brit + Co Shiza Shahid, co-founder and co- CEO, Our Place Moderated by Danielle Abril Sponsored by Google Play ENTRY DOOR Never Paint Again! SPECIAL OFFER Our siding products resist extreme climate conditions, 50% Off Installation including high temperatures, humidity, rain, hail, snow, and even hurricanes. Quality Entry Doors Installed In One Day NO payments Professional, Highly Trained Craftsmen and 0% interest for 18 months Sliding Patio Doors and French Doors Available! Payments as low as $159 monthly. 12 months 0% interest *with approved credit. With approved credit based on Offer expires 7/31/22 1000 square feet. NO payments for 12 months Offer valid 30 days following date of written price quote monthly payments as low as $59.* given prior to 7/31/22. 202-816-8808 DC $2,500 off 301-661-3168 MD 703-552-4480 VA a whole house of siding VA #2705029456A | MHIC #46744 | DC #67000878 | NC #77474 VA #2705029456A | MHIC #46744 DC #67000878 | NC #77474 *Terms and Conditions Apply. See Ameritech for details. Minimum purchase of 1000 square feet. Call Today for Free Estimate 202-897-4155 DC 301-264-8642 MD 703-586-9050 VA

TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 . THE WASHINGTON POST EZ RE K A3 Politics & the Nation Biden event for gun law disrupted by a Parkland father BY MERYL KORNFIELD Two people from Buffalo and AND AMY B WANG Uvalde spoke at Monday’s event, praising the administration for Nearly 41/2 years after he lost his what they said was progress in 17-year-old son to a gunman’s combating the gun violence that rampage at a high school in Park- had torn apart their communities. land, Fla., Manuel Oliver did not Garnell Whitfield Jr., the son of think it was time to celebrate. 86-year-old Ruth Whitfield, who died in a shooting at a Buffalo Oliver was among hundreds grocery store in May, recited the who joined President Biden and names of the 10 victims of that lawmakers from both parties on massacre, “all of whom went to the White House’s South Lawn on the only supermarket in their Monday at an event billed as community on May 14th to pick “commemorating the historic up groceries, believing that they achievement of the passage of the were safe — but they were not.” Bipartisan Safer Communities The store was in a Black neigh- Act.” Invitees included family borhood, and the alleged killer members and survivors of mass had declared himself a white su- shootings from Columbine, Colo., premacist. to Virginia Tech to Buffalo to “My family, our families and Highland Park, Ill. our community are devastated, but their intent to divide us and to Oliver, angry that children are promulgate further violence with- still dying — including 19 at an in our community has failed mis- elementary school in Uvalde, Tex., erably,” Whitfield said. “For we less than two months ago — decid- have instead chosen to love over ed to make his feelings known and hate, to speak out rather than stay stood up while Biden was speak- silent, and to stand with those ing. courageous enough to lead us to the signing of the most impactful Then he heckled the president. gun legislation in over 30 years.” “Despite the naysayers, we can Biden has emphasized that he make meaningful progress on intends to keep pushing for more dealing with gun violence,” Biden sweeping gun-control measures, was saying as Oliver, wearing a and he renewed his call Monday shirt with his son’s photo and for a federal ban on assault weap- message demanding change, cut TOM BRENNER FOR THE WASHINGTON POST ons and high-capacity ammuni- in to demand the creation of an President Biden speaks during an event to celebrate the passage of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act at the White House on Monday. tion magazines. office in the executive branch fo- The new law is the first major federal gun measure in decades, and seeks to invest $15 billion for mental health and school security. “We’re living in a country cused solely on gun violence. awash in weapons of war,” Biden “Sit down — you will hear what is going to save lives. And it’s proof killing launched a renewed surge “I’m also angry,” he said. “I’m that the president had met with said. “Assault weapons need to be I have to say,” Biden said to Oliver, that in today’s politics, we can of activism as students at the sad, I’m frustrated, because as Oliver this year. “We agree with banned.” before pausing. “We have one — come together on a bipartisan ba- school pushed for tougher gun- we’re standing here talking, peo- him. We need to do more.” Roy Guerrero, a pediatrician in let me finish my comment.” But as sis to get important things done, control measures, though that ar- ple are still dying.” Referring to Oliver’s demand for a gun vio- Uvalde who treated several of the Secret Service agents approached even on an issue as tough as guns.” guably did not yield significant Oliver, he added, “If you are not lence office is not a new one. young shooting victims in that Oliver, Biden said, “Let him talk. Vice President Harris echoed results until last month. that angry, then you are not doing Eighty-five groups advocating for city, echoed the call for an assault Let him talk.” the sentiment. “For 30 years, our Other family members had a enough yet.” gun control and violence preven- weapons ban. Forty days after a Then he continued, “Make no nation has failed to pass meaning- different reaction at Monday’s Igor Volsky, executive director tion called for such an office to be gunman massacred 19 children mistake about it — this legislation ful gun violence legislation,” she event. Fred Guttenberg, who lost of Guns Down America, which has created before Biden became and two teachers at Robb Elemen- is real progress. But more has to said, adding, “Because of our pres- his daughter, Jamie, in the Park- also called for a gun violence pre- president. tary School, Guerrero said that be done.” ident’s leadership and because of land shooting, reported on Twit- vention office, said that Oliver Still, many gun-control advo- the makeshift memorials have The episode highlighted a ten- so many of you, we have passed a ter that he had embraced Sen. said “what every person in that cates and lawmakers say the ad- been cleared and that all that sion that has run through Biden’s law that will make communities John Cornyn (R-Tex.), a longtime event believed privately.” Volsky ministration made significant remains is “a hollow feeling in our presidency and has intensified in around our nation safer.” opponent of firearms restrictions cited polling that has shown most strides with the bipartisan bill gut.” recent weeks. Many Democrats Oliver said in an interview that who teamed up with Sen. Chris Americans would like to see Con- signed by Biden last month. The “I’m using this pain to speak to have urged the president to do he did not appreciate the congrat- Murphy (D-Conn.) to come up gress pass another round of legis- legislation, designed to prevent you today as a Uvaldian and to more to take credit for his accom- ulatory tone “as kids are still dy- with the compromise that ulti- lation to address gun violence. dangerous people from accessing speak for the parents and victims plishments, including a strength- ing.” He did not regret speaking mately passed. “Our hearts go out to Manuel weapons and to invest $15 billion who seek the truth, transparency ening economy, progress against out, he said after the ceremony. He “I always promised that I would Oliver, who suffered a deep, deep in the mental health system and and, ultimately, accountability,” the pandemic and getting bills just wished he had been able to publicly embrace anyone on the loss,” White House spokeswoman school security, is the first major Guerrero said. “Let this be the through a polarized Congress. At continue talking before being es- right side of this legislation,” Gut- Karine Jean-Pierre said at a news federal gun measure in three dec- start of the movement towards the same time, Biden’s advisers corted out. tenberg tweeted. “I am proud to briefing later Monday, adding ades. the banning of assault weapons.” are wary of seeming insensitive to “I’ve been trying to send a mes- say that I just gave @JohnCornyn voters’ concerns and suffering. sage to President Biden,” Oliver a big bear hug.” In the wake of the Uvalde said. “Today I had the opportunity Other survivors and activists shooting, Congress passed a bi- to be there. But I’m not going to be praised Oliver for sharing their (240) 335-7050CALL TODAY FOR FREE QUOTE partisan bill that was the biggest part of the celebration.” thoughts. He wasn’t the only up- gun-control measure in decades set attendee, said Brandon Wolf, — but also fell far short of what In February 2018, a gunman advocates wanted. It expanded opened fire on students and who was in the bathroom at Pulse background checks, funded pro- teachers at Marjory Stoneman nightclub in 2016 when a shooter grams to seize guns from troubled Douglas High School in Parkland, entered the gay bar in Orlando, individuals and bolstered mental slaughtering 17 people, including killing 49 people, including two of W I N D O WBUY ONE health services. Oliver’s son, Joaquin. The mass Wolf’s friends. Biden touted it Monday, saying, GET ONE “The provision of this legislation DIGEST SUHMMTER %OFF CALIFORNIA SALE 40INCLUDING INSTALLATION 2 dead and 3 wounded Plus no interest until February 2024 at 7-Eleven stores Save BIG for a limited time! Two people were killed and three wounded in shootings JORDAN VONDERHAAR/BLOOMBERG NEWS before dawn Monday at four 7- Eleven stores in Southern Corn crops that died as a result of extreme heat and drought during California and authorities said a heat wave lie withered in Austin on Monday. Texas residents and they were seeking a lone gunman businesses, including the biggest names in oil, autos and technology, in at least three of the shootings. are being asked to conserve electricity as the heat is expected to push the state’s power grid close to its breaking point. The shootings appear to have happened after robberies or Sgt. Maria Lopez, a Santa Ana and blogger who claimed that a We design, build and install your windows, without supply chain delays attempted robberies at the four police spokesperson. suburban Denver officer blocked seen by other window companies! convenience stores on July 11, or him from recording a 2019 traffic 7/11 — a day when the national 7- Lopez said detectives believe stop. Citing decisions from the All Doors All Clog-free Gutter Systems All Siding Eleven brand was celebrating its the suspect in the Santa Ana other courts, the 10th Circuit said 95th birthday by giving out free killing is the same person who the right to record police was 20% 20% 20% Slurpee drinks. then traveled 12 miles to Brea, clearly established at the time OFF OFF OFF where a 7-Eleven employee was and reinstated the lawsuit of the “Our hearts are with the found dead of a gunshot wound at blogger, Abade Irizarry. Thompson Creek is neither a broker nor a lender. Financing is provided by Greensky, LLC under terms and conditions arranged directly between the customer and Greensky, LLC, all subject to credit requirements and satisfactory completion of finance documents.Thompson Creek victims and their loved ones,” about 4:18 a.m. does not assist with, counsel or negotiate financing. *Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required during the promotional period. Making minimum monthly payments during the promotional period will not pay off the entire principal balance. Interest is billed 7-Eleven, Inc. said in a statement. A lower court had said the right during the promotional period, but all interest is waived if the purchase amount is paid in full before the expiration of the promotional period. Financing for GreenSky® consumer loan programs is provided by federally insured, federal and state chartered financial institutions “We are gathering information on Less than an hour later, officers wasn’t clearly established at the without regard to age, race, color, religion, national origin, gender, or familial status. Discount applied at time of contract execution. Four window minimum purchase required for advertised discount. All purchase prices to be calculated prior to application of discount. All purchase this terrible tragedy and working in neighboring La Habra were time, preventing the officer from prices to be calculated prior to application of discount. Excludes previous orders and installations. All products include professional installation. Offer is not valid with any other advertised or unadvertised discounts or promotions. Limit of one discount per purchase contract.Void with local law enforcement.” sent to a reported robbery at a being sued. U.S. government where prohibited by law or regulation. Offer expires 7/31/22. Offer may be canceled without prior notice. Offer has no cash value and is open to new customers only. MHIC #125294,VA # 2705-117858-A, DC Permanent # 8246, NC Limited Building Contractor Lic. #86050 7-Eleven. They discovered two lawyers intervened in the appeal It wasn’t immediately clear to gunshot victims around 4:55 a.m., to support the public’s right to investigators what prompted the according to Sgt. Sumner Bohee. record police. shootings in the cities of Riverside, Santa Ana, Brea and La — Associated Press The court oversees four Habra, or why the violence western and two midwestern happened on July 11. COLORADO states — Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico “I think the only person to Appeals court upholds and Utah — as well as parts of answer that would be the right to record police Yellowstone National Park in suspect,” said Officer Ryan Idaho and Montana. Railsback, a spokesperson for the A federal appeals court based Riverside Police Department, in Denver has agreed with six of The ruling comes after where the first shooting the nation’s other 12 appeals Arizona’s Republican governor happened at about 1:50 a.m. courts that the First Amendment last week signed a law that went “There’s no way it can be a guarantee of free speech gives the opposite direction, making it coincidence of it being 7-Eleven, people the right to film police as illegal in Arizona to knowingly July 11.” they do their work in public. video police officers eight feet or closer without an officer’s In the Riverside case, the The U.S. Court of Appeals for permission. gunman robbed the clerk and the 10th Circuit ruled Monday in brandished a gun, then turned the case of a YouTube journalist — Associated Press the weapon on a customer, opened fire and fled, Railsback said. Police believe the clerk handed over cash from the register. The second shooting happened around 3:20 a.m., about 24 miles away, in Santa Ana, authorities said. Officers responding to reported gunshots at the 7-Eleven in that city and found a man dead in the parking lot with one bullet in his upper torso, according to

A4 EZ RE THE WASHINGTON POST . TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 Jan. 6 hearing likely to focus on links to militants groups BY JACQUELINE ALEMANY MICHAEL ROBINSON CHAVEZ/THE WASHINGTON POST seditious conspiracy charges and AND HANNAH ALLAM his group has splintered into “I’m under the impression that EVELYN HOCKSTEIN FOR THE WASHINGTON POST trying to get Rhodes on Fox News rogue chapters and spinoffs. A The House select committee Mr. Meadows did complete both or Infowars, an online trafficker book proposal from Van Taten- investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, a call to Mr. Stone and General TOP: A mob of President Donald Trump’s supporters as they of conspiracy claims. Van Taten- hove last year described him as insurrection plans to hold its Flynn the evening of the 5th,” stormed and breached the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. hove was part of the inner circle working “side by side” with seventh public hearing on Tues- Hutchinson responded. ABOVE: Members of the Proud Boys, a far-right group with a of Oath Keepers leadership in its Rhodes for about three years. day, with an expected focus on history of violence, during a Trump rally Dec. 12, 2020, in D.C. formative years but had left the “Jason has been waiting for the the ways in which President Don- Hutchinson also testified in a group well before the 2020 elec- right time to tell his own story in ald Trump and his allies sum- videotaped deposition that she A committee aide said Monday that the hearing tion. In interviews with The his own words about his misad- moned far-right militant groups generally recalled “hearing the will lay out the way that far-right militant groups Washington Post last year, Van ventures with Oath Keepers,” the to Washington as he grew in- word Oath Keeper and hearing took cues from the former president and his allies. Tatenhove described Oath Keep- proposal stated. “Now is that creasingly desperate to hold on the word Proud Boys closer to the ers as a cult of personality time.” to power. planning of the January 6th rally around Rhodes. when [Rudy] Giuliani would be The latter portion of the hear- The hearing is likely to drill around.” Von Tatenhove is among many ing will look at efforts by White down on the period after states former Oath Keepers who say House staffers and advisers to cast their electoral college votes Tuesday’s hearing, led by Reps. Rhodes, who boasts a Yale law the president to keep Trump on Dec. 14, 2020, action that Jamie B. Raskin (D-Md.) and degree, promoted violent ideol- away from the Capitol, despite confirmed Joe Biden’s victory. Stephanie Murphy (D-Fla.), will ogy and called on supporters to his attempts to get there. Murphy Trump, the committee is expect- also address the conspiracy theo- revolt but was adept at shielding and Raskin will also home in on ed to argue, then shifted his focus ries — like QAnon, a sprawling himself from legal consequences. “the involvement of members of to using the date of the congres- set of false claims — that ulti- Van Tatenhove said Rhodes Congress in the final stretch sional counting of the votes, Jan. mately radicalized some of the raked in membership dues to before January 6, particularly 6, 2021, to block a peaceful trans- Americans who stormed the Cap- radicalize cadres of military vet- their involvement in a pressure fer of power. itol. One of the live witnesses erans and former police officers. campaign against the Vice Presi- scheduled to appear Tuesday is Rhodes amassed a large nation- dent specifically,” said a commit- A committee aide said on a Jason Van Tatenhove, who served wide network, though he com- tee aide. conference call with reporters as national spokesman for the manded few actual forces; the Monday that the hearing will lay Oath Keepers and as a close aide Jan. 6 showing was among the The hearing after Tuesday’s, out the way that far-right mili- to Oath Keepers founder Stewart biggest in Oath Keeper history which is expected to be led by tant groups like the Proud Boys, Rhodes from around 2014 to 2018 and ultimately was the group’s Reps. Elaine Luria (D-Va.) and Oath Keepers and others took — an era he said Rhodes consid- undoing. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.), had cues from the former president ered “the golden years” for his been tentatively planned for and his allies. Particular atten- group. Rhodes is now among the Thursday, but is now slated for tion will be paid to his Dec. 19, Capitol riot defendants facing next week in light of new evi- 2020, posting on Twitter: “Big Van Tatenhove’s job involved dence and testimony obtained by protest in D.C. on January 6th,” committee investigators. Trump tweeted. “Be there, will be wild!” Lawmakers on the panel said over the weekend that the public The tweet served as “a pivotal could expect to see parts of moment that spurred a chain of former White House counsel Pat events, including preplanning by Cipollone’s transcribed interview the Proud Boys,” said the commit- from Friday appear during the tee aide, who was not authorized hearing Tuesday. to speak on the record. The tweet was issued “a little more than an Committee spokesperson Tim hour after meeting with Rudy Mulvey told The Post on Sunday Giuliani, General Mike Flynn, that Cipollone provided “critical Sidney Powell and others where testimony on nearly every major they consider taking actions like topic in its investigation, rein- seizing voting machines, ap- forcing key points regarding pointing a special counsel to Donald Trump’s misconduct and investigate the election.” providing highly relevant new information that will play a cen- The committee will also high- tral role in its upcoming hear- light the ties between violent ings.” extremist groups and Trump as- sociates — connections lawmak- A federal judge on Monday ers on the committee have al- rejected Stephen K. Bannon’s ready hinted at during previous bid to delay his trial next week hearings. after the Justice Department called his offer to testify before “We will show how some of the committee a “last-ditch at- these right-wing extremist tempt to avoid accountability” groups who came to D.C. and led on charges of criminal contempt the attack on the Capitol had ties of Congress. Bannon had for to Trump associates, including months resisted testifying be- Roger Stone and General Mike fore the committee but reversed Flynn,” said the committee aide. himself over the weekend. During a hearing late last Bannon’s name could come up month featuring Cassidy in Tuesday’s hearing, as lawmak- Hutchinson, a former aide to ers see the former White House Trump White House Chief of strategist as a key figure in Staff Mark Meadows, the com- radicalizing some of Trump’s mittee’s vice chairwoman, Rep. supporters. They say they have Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), asked evidence showing that Bannon Hutchinson about her former repeatedly talked to Trump and boss’s communications with his advisers in the lead-up to Stone and Flynn. Jan. 6. Bannon’s executive-privilege claim denied in ‘last-ditch’ try to postpone trial BY SPENCER S. HSU MATT MCCLAIN/THE WASHINGTON POST Tuesday on the Trump White that it wanted information about A federal judge on Monday re- House’s ties to domestic extremist his activities at the Willard hotel fused to delay Stephen K. Ban- Former Trump aide Stephen K. Bannon after appearing in federal court on Nov. 15 in D.C. groups. before the riot, when Trump sup- non’s trial next week after the Jus- He was indicted on two counts of contempt of Congress after refusing to comply with a subpoena. porters discussed ways to over- tice Department called an offer by It followed Trump’s combative turn the 2020 election results. The the former Trump aide to testify torneys David I. Schoen and M. tee who served in George W. he may have from compelled testi- letter Saturday offering to waive committee alleged Bannon was before the House committee in- Evan Corcoran argued, the very Bush’s Justice Department from mony, or from producing privi- his disputed claim of executive there during an “effort to persuade vestigating the Jan. 6, 2021, insur- circumstances raised by his case. 2005 to 2009, said Bannon could leged materials, the judge said. privilege for Bannon to testify af- members of Congress to block the rection a “last-ditch attempt to argue to a jury whether he thought ter all on condition that the com- certification the next day,” and avoid accountability” on charges In an overnight filing, U.S. pros- the window for compliance re- The judge read a follow-up from mittee agree to his former White sought his deposition about that of criminal contempt of Congress. ecutors urged Nichols to keep mained open. But the judge reject- Trump attorney Justin Clark, House strategist’s choice of “a time and other activities related to “I see no reason for extending Bannon’s trial on track for July 18 ed other defenses, saying Bannon which stated that his initial letter and place.” “I watched how unfair- Jan. 6. The subpoena noted that this case any longer,” U.S. District and to withhold from jurors Ban- could not argue that he thought he “didn’t indicate that we believe ly you and others have been treat- Bannon predicted that “hell is go- Judge Carl J. Nichols said in reject- non’s “sudden wish to testify,” was protected by executive privi- there is immunity from testimony ed,” Trump said in the letter. ing to break loose” on Jan. 6, and ing a host of Bannon’s defenses which they called an 11th-hour lege, that he believed the Justice for your client. As I indicated to “Therefore, if you reach an agree- the committee’s report recom- after a hearing, including his con- ploy to airbrush away the conduct Department’s past policy state- you the other day, we don’t believe ment on a time and place for your mending that he be found in con- tention that Donald Trump had that spurred his prosecution. ments on the privilege applying to there is.” testimony, I will waive Executive tempt said the comments indicat- claimed executive privilege over White House aides covered him or Privilege for you, which allows for ed he “had some foreknowledge his testimony and documents. The “It is important to vindicate the that the House panel was invalid When Schoen objected after the you to go in and testify truthfully about extreme events that would judge narrowed Bannon’s defens- statute and Congress’s authority because Republicans had largely ruling, “What’s the point of going and fairly, as per the request of the occur the next day.” es at trial mainly to whether he in these matters to quickly adjudi- boycotted it. None of the Justice to trial if there are no defenses?” Unselect committee of political understood the deadlines for an- cate the criminal matter,” Assis- Department’s past statements Thugs and Hacks, who have al- Costello — who has withdrawn swering lawmakers’ demands. tant U.S. Attorney Molly P. Gaston “concern a situation involving ac- Nichols simply answered, lowed no Due Process, no Cross- from Bannon’s criminal case be- “While I am certainly cognizant argued to Nichols in court. tions committed by a nongovern- “Agreed.” Examination, and no real Republi- cause he said he may be called as a of Mr. Bannon’s concerns regard- mental employee of a president can members or witnesses.” witness — declined to cooperate ing publicity, in my view the cor- It would set “a bad precedent” who at the time of the subpoena Monday’s hearing came one day with the committee in October, rect mechanism at this time for and reward another kind of “con- was no long in office,” Nichols said. after Bannon attorney Robert J. Bannon, who has pleaded not writing that he was contacted by addressing that concern is tempt and obstruction” to allow Costello wrote House panel chair- guilty, argued that he refused to Trump lawyer Clark and instruct- through the [jury selection] proc- Bannon to defy the committee, In fact, Nichols disputed that man Bennie G. Thompson (D- respond to a Sept. 23 subpoena by ed not to respond. Costello said ess,” Nichols said, adding that he trigger a Justice Department Trump ever invoked the privilege Miss.), saying, “Mr. Bannon is will- the committee in part on the ad- Bannon would not cooperate found it “unlikely” the court criminal prosecution and occupy for Bannon. The former presi- ing to, and indeed prefers, to testi- vice of Costello, who said Trump without a court order or a commit- would be unable to find unbiased a federal court’s docket only to say dent’s attorney instructed Bannon fy at your public hearing.” asserted executive privilege over tee agreement with Trump. jurors. on the eve of trial that he will only “where appropriate” to in- appearances by his former aides. Bannon, 68, the former Trump comply in hopes of dismissing his voke any immunity and privilege Bannon’s offer to appear live In the government’s overnight chief strategist, was indicted in criminal case, Gaston said. and unedited before the House “This isn’t an 11th-hour move by filing Monday, prosecutors dis- November on two counts of con- select committee investigating the Mr. Bannon,” Schoen said. “His closed that they had interviewed tempt of Congress after refusing Nichols, a 2019 Trump appoin- events of Jan. 6 came days before principled position has been that Clark and said that the former to comply with a committee sub- the panel has set a hearing for his hands were tied . . . because of president’s counsel never asked or poena issued earlier for his testi- his understanding of executive was asked to attend Bannon’s mony and records about his ac- privilege, his respect for executive House deposition, that Costello tions leading up to the Capitol riot privilege invoked by a former misrepresented to the committee by a pro-Trump mob on Jan. 6. The president. And now his hands what Clark told him and that Clark misdemeanor charges are punish- have been untied for the first “made clear to the Defendant’s able by at least 30 days or up to one time.” attorney that the letter provided year in prison upon conviction. no basis for total noncompliance.” Bannon’s attorneys sought to Nichols was unconvinced. delay his trial to October, saying None of Bannon’s defenses was Prosecutors have argued that the House committee’s ongoing relevant to what the government executive privilege provided no hearings about the Capitol siege has to do to prove guilt, the judge basis for Bannon’s total refusal to and lawmakers’ statements have said — that his failure or refusal to appear and that, even if applica- fueled a “media blitz,” tainting the appear was deliberate and inten- ble, he was required to appear pool of potential jurors. “Select tional, not that he knew or should before lawmakers and invoke re- Committee members are trying to have known his conduct was un- sponses to specific topics. He left drive home a message to the pub- lawful, nor that he purportedly the White House in 2017 and was lic — that President Donald J. relied on advice of his attorney or subpoenaed for testimony and Trump and his close advisors bear Trump’s invocation of privilege. documents about events that took responsibility for the attack” and place while he was a private citi- “that close advisors to President “Thinking one is legally exclud- zen, they said. Trump have not cooperated with ed or thinking a subpoena is inval- the Select Committee,” Bannon at- id is not the same as thinking a “How are [Bannon’s] comments reply date was put on hold,” Nich- on his podcast covered by execu- ols said, the only valid type of tive privilege?” Assistant U.S. At- “misunderstanding” that binding torney Amanda R. Vaughn asked appeals court precedent allows. rhetorically in court, or his con- versations with GOP lawmakers. In compelling Bannon’s appear- ance, the House committee wrote

TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 . THE WASHINGTON POST EZ RE A5 Webb telescope’s first image of space is released to world BY JOEL ACHENBACH TOM BRENNER FOR THE WASHINGTON POST Hammel, who is among the scien- away to be visited by astronauts. NASA’s revolutionary, long- tists scheduled to use the Webb in But none of those single point delayed $10 billion James Webb President Biden talks with NASA leaders as the first full-color image from the James Webb Space coming months. Hammel de- Space Telescope has produced its Telescope is revealed at the White House. More images will be released Tuesday. scribed the initial deep look un- failures happened. The Webb has first full-color image, and it’s a veiled Monday as “proof of con- surpassed astronomer’s scientific doozy: a glimpse deep into space The astronomical reveal of images during a news that orbit distant stars, looking cept . . . whetting our appetite for expectations, despite getting and back in time, capturing the community is buzzing conference scheduled for Tues- for signs of possible habitability the record-breaking results we dinged recently by a micromete- faint light of galaxies forming in day morning at NASA’s Goddard — such as the presence of an now know will come from this oroid that put one of the mirror the infancy of the cosmos. with excitement, Space Flight Center in Greenbelt. atmosphere similar to Earth’s. exceptional facility.” segments slightly out of whack. The image, revealed Monday in awaiting what it a White House ceremony by Pres- believes will be NASA and its partners, the “You’re going to see whether or Regardless of whatever wow “This telescope is one of hu- ident Biden and top NASA offi- revolutionary views European Space Agency and the not planets, because of the chemi- factor is generated by the new manity’s great engineering cials, shows a cluster of galaxies, of the universe. Canadian Space Agency, have cal composition that we can de- images, the significant fact is that achievements,” Vice President called SMACS 0723, that func- been keeping a close hold on the termine with this telescope, of the Webb works. This was never a Harris said Monday at the unveil- tions as a massive lens, magnify- tion images of the infrared uni- first Webb images during the their atmosphere, if those planets slam-dunk mission. The tele- ing. ing the extremely faint and cos- verse ever captured.” The Webb is initial sequence of observations are habitable,” Nelson said. scope was repeatedly delayed, mically distant objects behind it. designed to observe in the infra- as the telescope, launched last and its price tag soared. At one The Webb will study the forma- “We’re looking back more than red portion of the electromagnet- Christmas, orbits the sun roughly The telescope — conceived as point, Congress nearly killed the tion of the earliest galaxies and 13 billion years,” NASA Adminis- ic spectrum, gathering light at a million miles from Earth. the successor to the still-opera- project. For many years, it was the evolution of the universe as it trator Bill Nelson said at the wavelengths inaccessible to the tional Hubble — “has capabilities unclear whether the Webb would has expanded. And it will look at White House event. “Light travels acclaimed Hubble telescope. NASA has previously released that far surpass my most optimis- get off the ground, literally. objects that are in our own solar at 186,000 miles per second, and a few testing-phase images of the tic dreams,” Garth Illingworth, an system, including small, icy that light that you are seeing from The White House event was a telescope — thrilling astrono- astronomer at the University of The ambitious scientific goals worlds beyond the orbit of Nep- one of those little specks, has preview of a more comprehensive mers with their clarity — but has California at Santa Cruz who in set out by NASA and its partners tune. been traveling for over 13 billion described the images being re- the late 1980s was instrumental required a revolutionary design. years.” leased Monday and Tuesday as in developing plans for an infra- The scientists who in the 1980s NASA on Friday identified the He added: “And by the way, the first full-color images. red space telescope, wrote in an began advocating what was origi- five initial “targets” of the Webb: we’re going back further. Because email to fellow astronomers nally called the Next Generation this is just the first image. . . . The astronomical community Monday. “The capabilities of Space Telescope argued that an l Wasp-96 b: This is a giant We’re going back almost to the is buzzing with excitement, Webb are truly out of this world.” infrared space observatory would planet, maybe half the size of beginning.” awaiting what it believes will be be able to peer deeper into the Jupiter, that circles a star 1,150 The new image is what is revolutionary views of the uni- The initial deep look into the universe — and further back in light-years from Earth. The plan- known as a “deep field” observa- verse across cosmic distances and universe by the Webb is just a time, to an era roughly a few et is too close to the brilliant star tion, with the telescope staring at with unrivaled resolution. The taste of what is to come, said hundred million years after the to be resolved as an individual what NASA called a “patch of sky Webb promises to study planets planetary astronomer Heidi big bang. That’s when the first object, but an instrument on the approximately the size of a grain stars ignited and starlight flood- telescope has obtained the spec- of sand held at arm’s length by ed the young universe. tra of the planet, a scientifically someone on the ground.” important feat because it can Outer space when viewed like The telescope — or the “ob- reveal the composition of the this looks incredibly crowded — servatory,” as scientists often call planet’s atmosphere. not so very spacious at all. What it — features 18 gold-plated, hex- the Webb sees through this pin- agonal, individually maneuver- l Southern Ring Nebula: Lo- hole examination of the cosmic able mirrors that function like a cated about 2,000 light-years darkness is a hornet’s nest of single mirror about 21 feet across. away, the nebula is a gas cloud brilliant but enigmatic objects in This giant light bucket is not surrounding a dying star. many colors. A smattering of inside a protective tube but rath- stars have parked themselves in er is open to the universe like a l Carina Nebula: The nebula is the foreground, but everything flower. packed with stars, including the else is a galaxy — a vast agglomer- ultraluminous star system Eta ation of stars, rendered into a The mirrors, cameras and oth- Carinae. Situated roughly 7,500 small splash of light by the im- er instruments that need to be light-years from Earth, within mense distances involved. kept ultracold for infrared as- our own Milky Way galaxy, the Strikingly, the lensing effect tronomy are protected from the nebula is visible from the South- has distorted some of the distant sun’s radiation by a five-layered, ern Hemisphere. galaxies in the background, mak- tennis-court-sized sun shield. ing them appear stretched and The sun shield and many other l Stephan’s Quintet: Five be- manipulated, as if made of Play- components, including the mir- guiling galaxies, four of them in a Doh. rors, were folded up at launch cluster about 290 million light- “It’s astounding,” Biden said, and had to be deployed during years away, in the constellation expressing awe at the sight of “the the telescope’s nearly month-long Pegasus. The quintet has been oldest documented light in the journey to its orbital post. previously observed by the Hub- history of the universe — from ble, and the new image will allow over 13 billion — let me say it One report found 344 separate a side-by-side comparison of again — over 13 billion years ago.” things that could go wrong — what the two space telescopes see The White House described “single point failures” — and as they gather light in different the image as the “highest-resolu- potentially derail the entire proj- wavelengths. ect. The telescope is not designed to be fixed if something goes l SMACS 0723: The deepest seriously awry. The instruments look. The galaxies in the cluster are not modular and cannot be operate as a gravitational lens swapped out if they break. Unlike and, according to NASA, “magni- the Hubble, the Webb is too far fy and distort the light of objects behind them, permitting a deep field view into both the extremely distant and intrinsically faint gal- axy populations.” You can take our word for it: Ask about our DAILY “Never Clean Your Gutters Again!”® DISCOUNT! And you can take theirs, too: “Excellent rain resistance… 100% gutter compatibility… Best-in-class warranty”, 3/2/2022 © Forbes Marketplace Operations, Inc. 2022 OUR WOW PROCESS® A Company Built on Family Values & Trust Since 1981. 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A6 EZ RE THE WASHINGTON POST . TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 Candidate challenges, primary scars have GOP worried MIDTERMS FROM A1 MATT ROURKE/ASSOCIATED PRESS BRYNN ANDERSON/ASSOCIATED PRESS with his campaign team in the coming weeks to talk about how to vorable to Republicans, with Pres- TOP: Senate candidate Herschel Walker speaks to GOP supporters on May 24 in Atlanta. against Vance, raising $9.1 million help the campaign, a person with ident Biden’s approval rating at 39 ABOVE: Kathy Barnette, left, Mehmet Oz, center, and George Bochetto at an April 2 forum. in the second quarter of the year knowledge of the visit said. Trump percent, according to a Washing- and Stacey Abrams, who is mak- adviser Susie Wiles, who also ton Post polling average in June quette University poll last month, the moment, Democrats in these approve his judicial nominations ing her second run for governor in works for the NRSC, has taken a and the share of voters approving taken before new disclosures that key statewide contests appear to and blunt House Republicans’ ef- Georgia, announcing massive more aggressive role in trying to of the country’s direction drop- his office had attempted to play a be outpacing the historical norms. forts to derail his administration fundraising totals between two help his campaign, people famil- ping to 10 percent in a Monmouth role in pushing an alternate slate In the 2014 midterms, no Senate with hearings and investigations. campaign accounts. iar with the matter said. poll late last month. But four of electors for the 2020 election. candidate performed more than And, after the Supreme Court rul- months from Election Day, Re- Johnson was viewed favorably by nine points better than then-Pres- ing to overturn Roe v. Wade, Dem- Republicans, for their part, ex- Concern has grown among ad- publicans are struggling in sev- 37 percent of the state’s registered ident Barack Obama’s approval ocrats holding on to the governor- pect the polls to shift after Labor visers to Senate Minority Leader eral of the marquee Senate races voters in that poll and unfavorably rating in exit polls, a pattern that ships in states with Republican Day, when the GOP nominees are Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who had because of candidate challenges by 46 percent. would doom the party with Biden legislatures could determine settled, ads flood the states about previously embraced Walker as a and campaigns still recovering polling at or below 40 percent. whether abortion remains legal issues such as rising inflation and candidate, a person familiar with from brutal Republican pri- Mehmet Oz, the Republican there. crime, and voters begin to tune in the matter said. Walker, for his maries, putting control of the up- nominee for Senate in Pennsylva- Democrats are also ahead in to the campaigns. On key issues part, has told staff that he trusts per chamber of Congress in 2023 nia, is also polling slightly behind gubernatorial polling averages for “The question is, are there forc- like inflation, crime and immigra- few people — particularly outside up for grabs. his Democratic opponent, Lt. Gov. Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin and es in the election more powerful tion, the GOP maintains clear ad- entities like McConnell whom he John Fetterman, following a bru- Pennsylvania. Internal party poll- than the disappointment in vantages over Democrats. previously did not know, accord- In the battle for control of the tal Republican primary that flood- ing has found Democratic incum- Biden?” asked Simon Rosenberg, ing to a person familiar with the House, which tends to hew closely ed the state’s airwaves with attack bents in some gubernatorial races a Democratic strategist. “The an- “There’s no such thing as the conversations. to the national mood, strategists ads against the retired surgeon polling double digits ahead of swer is yes, and that is opposition perfect candidate,” said Terry Sul- from both parties say they think and television personality. Biden on both job approval and and fear for MAGA, which is the livan, a GOP operative. “There’s Chris Hartline, a spokesman for Republicans are well-positioned favorability. thing that has driven the last two absolutely an opportunity for the the NRSC, said the GOP candi- to win back the majority. But their Democrats have also been elections.” winds to shift over the next four dates were well positioned to win success in the fight for the evenly pointing to recent reporting on “They see governors taking ac- months, but right now it’s a gale in November. “We don’t get dis- divided Senate and in gubernato- J.D. Vance, the GOP senate nomi- tion and give them credit for it,” Rosenberg’s reference to Make force against Democrats, and it’s tracted by Beltway gossip and in- rial races, where candidate quality nee in Ohio, comparing abortion said one Democratic strategist in- America Great Again, Trump’s unlikely to turn 180 degrees be- trigue,” he added. and the unique political contours and slavery in an interview last volved in gubernatorial contests 2016 campaign slogan, is a nod to tween now and Election Day.” of each state tend to factor into the year with a Catholic podcast. In about voters. “In Michigan in fo- the tie many Republican nomi- Walker has tried in recent outcome, are less of a sure thing in Arizona, where the primary is cus groups recently, people com- nees have to the former president. Georgia, which represents one months to make inroads with crucial battlegrounds. next month, they have gone after plained that they don’t know what His endorsement boosted many, of the GOP’s best chances of flip- GOP power brokers, and has im- Blake Masters, a candidate backed it is getting down on the national such as Walker, Oz and Vance, in ping a seat, has been an especially pressed some. Brian Ballard, a “In some of these contests right by former president Donald level, but people know they got their primaries. Democrats hope worrisome race in Republican cir- major Republican lobbyist, said now, there are some concerns, at Trump for the Republican Senate $400 back from [Michigan Gov.] Trump’s embrace of those candi- cles. NRSC staff members have he recently held an event for Walk- least in the Senate map,” said Kev- nomination who has promoted Gretchen Whitmer because of dates will persuade more centrist been concerned about the recent er at his Washington office after in Madden, a veteran GOP opera- the false claim that the former auto insurance refunds.” voters in swing states to vote performance by Walker and did being asked by a mutual friend. tive. “There are warning signs that president won the 2020 election against them. not know, for example about his some of these candidates are not and has espoused hard-line immi- If Democrats lose the House, it multiple nonpublic children. “Everyone in the group came as strong as they could be given gration views. could extinguish Biden’s legisla- Democratic candidates have They encouraged a reset of his away hugely impressed with his the opportunity at hand.” tive policy goals for the last two also posted strong fundraising campaign operation, which began grasp on policy and his charm and For now, there is limited inde- years of his term, but if Democrats numbers in recent days, with Rep. to happen this past week, with the his desire to help America,” Bal- Although Republicans are in- pendent polling, but at least for can hold the Senate, they can still Tim Ryan, the Democrat running hiring of O’Donnell, veteran strat- lard said. “I am a big believer that creasingly fretting about their egist Gail Gitcho as a senior advis- he can win.” Senate candidates, Democrats re- er and Chip Lake as a consultant main nervous about the overall on the campaign. Walker’s spokeswoman Mal- political climate. Inflation, rising lory Blount said in a statement crime and persistently high gas “I don’t know anyone who has that “voters of Georgia are going prices on Democrats’ watch have confidence in the campaign in- to see Warnock for who he really is put their own nominees in serious cluding people on the campaign. — a Washington elitist who votes peril, forcing them on the defen- He doesn’t have standard candi- with Joe Biden instead of his sive in many places. Come the fall, date discipline,” said Erick Erick- state.” operatives in both parties ac- son, a conservative radio host in knowledge, if anger over these Georgia. “He just doesn’t have a The situation in Pennsylvania is issues remains high, even weaker deep grasp of the issues nor really also challenging for the GOP, as Oz GOP Senate contenders could pre- the desire to learn those issues. My digs his way out of the months of vail. sense is he just thought he could personal attacks from his Repub- carry the Trump flag through lican primary rival, David McCor- Democrats are defending the Georgia and rally enough Repub- mick, whom he beat by fewer than narrowest possible Senate majori- lican candidates, and never 1,000 votes. Fetterman, his Demo- ty — the chamber is split 50-50, thought about independent vot- cratic opponent, has been recover- with Vice President Harris break- ers.” ing from a stroke since mid-May. ing ties — in November, and their The Democrat has struggled to vulnerable incumbents in states Erickson said when he offered regain the ability to speak fluidly such as Georgia, Arizona and Ne- Walker an hour on his conserva- but is expected to resume cam- vada are top targets for Republi- tive talk radio show, the candidate paign events in the coming weeks. cans charting a path back to pow- declined, even as other candidates er. But none is a sure-bet pickup. came on. An aide later told Erick- In the meantime, Democrats The GOP is also defending seats in son they didn’t want him on “free have settled on a strategy of ham- Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, form” for an hour, according to mering Oz further, focusing on his where it had hoped to be in a more Erickson. recent return to Pennsylvania af- favorable position. ter living for decades in New Jer- Some of the NRSC staff are sey, New York and Florida. Fetter- Nathan Gonzales, a nonparti- expected to visit Georgia to meet man has trolled Oz on social me- san political analyst, said Republi- dia over his immense wealth. cans, even with their candidate struggles, remain in a strong posi- “Dr. Oz’s biggest disadvantage tion to take the Senate. “They in the race for Pennsylvania Sen- don’t need to win all of these ate is being from New Jersey,” said races; they need a net gain of one Rebecca Katz, a consultant for seat, and they have at least three, Fetterman, before noting that Oz four or five takeover opportuni- or his campaign had misspelled ties and two vulnerabilities. Out of his address in Huntingdon Valley, that combination, netting one Pa., on a recent federal form. seat looks better,” Gonzales said. Oz’s campaign believes there is But behind the scenes, Republi- plenty of time to reset the playing can operatives are growing in- field. creasingly nervous. One GOP strategist watching the Senate “Dr. Oz had tens of millions of race closely, who like others inter- dollars in negative ads dumped on viewed for this article spoke on his head and still won the most the condition of anonymity to brutal primary in the country — comment more openly about in- that speaks directly to a strong ternal deliberations, said that candidate,” said Erin Perrine, an “there are massive problems on Oz consultant, who said the cam- the candidate front.” The Republi- paign planned to hit Fetterman can likened the situation to 2010 for his record on criminal justice, and 2012, when the party fell short his work ethic and his support for of winning the Senate majority Biden. “The opportunity to run up because of undisciplined and po- Fetterman’s negatives is endless.” larizing candidates such as Shar- ron Angle in Nevada, Todd Akin in Nachama Soloveichik, a GOP Missouri and Richard Mourdock consultant who helped run retir- in Indiana. ing Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Patrick J. Toomey’s campaigns, It’s not just political novices said that Oz is untested as a gener- who are struggling. In Wisconsin, al election candidate, but she GOP Sen. Ron Johnson is roughly would still bet on him in Novem- even with three of his four poten- ber. “I’d still rather be a Republi- tial Democratic rivals in a Mar- can than a Democrat in this envi- ronment,” Soloveichik said. Scott Clement and Emily Guskin contributed to this report. (202) 730-9010

TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 . THE WASHINGTON POST EZ RE A7 The World Daily power outages are disrupting life in South Africa Both wealthy and poor KIM LUDBROOK/EPA-EFE/SHUTTERSTOCK KIM LUDBROOK/EPA-EFE//SHUTTERSTOCK SIPHIWE SIBEKO/REUTERS feel the effects — and so does the economy stant on-again/off-again is caus- nation can no longer rely on have surged 36 percent in South to deal with this hole,” Bing said. ABOVE: Store clerk Alicia ing dozens of localized trips.” Eskom. Africa this year, in part because of “We can’t seem to get out of the Skeepers makes calculations as BY LESLEY WROUGHTON Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. quagmire.” she assists a customer by the Energy expert Chris Yelland “I’ve been told of companies glow of a rechargeable light in khayelitsha, south africa — said the constant power cuts are a forced to lay off staff because they Greg Bing, owner of AP Jones, Bing bought a generator to East London, Eastern Cape national emergency, and they simply couldn’t open their doors,” a family clothing store in Cape keep the lights on in the store and province. FAR LEFT: Hulda de It has become a fact of life in could become a national disaster. Mavuso wrote in her weekly Town’s southern Fish Hoek sub- batteries to operate cash registers Villiers, a graphic designer, South Africa, as predictable as newsletter. “Those with genera- urb, said years of power outages and credit card machines. “The cooks her dinner using a gas the rising sun. Every day, it “In the worst-case scenario, a tors couldn’t get diesel to fill have had a “huge effect” on busi- problem is that with increased cylinder after another power seems, the power goes off. partial or a national blackout them fast enough. Those on bat- ness. frequency of load shedding, the cut in her suburb of with all its consequences, includ- teries found them running dead.” batteries don’t have time to re- Johannesburg. LEFT: An area Sometimes it happens only ing social unrest,” is possible, The situation has been exacerbat- “After the worst of covid was charge properly and the phones without street or house once a day, for two hours. Other Yelland said. “The government ed by record gas prices, which over, we were waiting for the don’t work,” he said. lighting after a power cut in days, rolling blackouts can last and Eskom have had more than a euphoria, but now we’re having the Westdene suburb of eight hours or more, crippling decade to talk through and ad- Down the road in Fish Hoek, Johannesburg. South Africa has economic activity and disrupting dress the challenges, but the hard “I’ve been told of companies forced to lay off staff Shiji John, owner of the Bhanda- used load shedding, or rolling life in this nation of 60 million statistics show that the situation because they simply couldn’t open their doors.” ris Indian restaurant, said people blackouts, to conserve people, which is still struggling to is not improving.” are too afraid to go out at night electricity since 2008, but the get back on its feet from the Busisiwe Mavuso, chief executive of Business Leadership South Africa during the blackouts. “No one current outages are the worst pandemic. Busisiwe Mavuso, chief execu- comes out in the dark,” John said. anyone can remember. tive of Business Leadership South “I don’t know how we can contin- Blackout warnings frequently Africa, called for diversifying ue to operate a business like this.” Even in such challenging pop up on cellphones, and people electricity sources because the times, there are small success try to plan their days and nights stories. around the power outages in their area. Business at Mohammed Hus- sein’s corner convenience store in The wealthy minority here the PJS informal settlement in have backup power systems at Khayelitsha has been good home to keep the lights on, and thanks to a project funded by a the WiFi and refrigerator run- Swiss research university, ETH ning, but no one is immune. Zurich, to install small solar Traffic signals don’t work, caus- lights on 750 houses in the area. ing jams at major intersections. Gas stations and stores can’t han- While neighboring streets are dle electronic transactions, and plunged into darkness during cash machines can’t function. load shedding, the area outside his shop is still illuminated, at- For the poor majority in this tracting people from all over in deeply unequal society, it is an search of a late-night snack. ever-worsening nightmare. Al- ready coping with high unem- “People come from neighbor- ployment and soaring inflation, ing areas because there is light,” families in townships and infor- Hussein said. mal settlements struggle to pre- pare meals at night, while chil- dren do their homework in the dark. “We are all struggling,” said Xolelwa Maha, a community leader in the PJS informal settle- ment of Cape Town’s Khayelitsha township. “When I go home, there is no electricity and I can’t cook until it comes back on. Sometimes that is too late and the children have gone to bed with- out a proper meal for days.” South Africa has used load shedding, or rolling blackouts, to conserve electricity since 2008, but the current outages are the worst anyone can remember. In April alone, 1,054 gigawatt-hours of power got cut nationwide, compared with 2,521 gigawatt- hours cut for all of 2021, accord- ing to data compiled by Bloom- berg News. The government has blamed the additional blackouts on a recent wildcat strike by workers at Eskom, the state utility compa- ny, but the problems with South Africa’s power grid run much deeper — rooted in an aging fleet of coal-fired power plants, a lack of maintenance, corruption, theft and vandalism. The strike has been resolved, but cash-strapped Eskom has warned that a backlog of repair work at the power stations could take weeks to clear, while the system could face more breakdowns. In Cape Town, water service in some areas cannot be maintained because outages prevent pumps from filling reservoirs that supply the region. “Heavy machinery, such as water pumps, sewage pump stations, electricity trans- formers, and substations, are just not made to take this kind of abuse,” the city warned in a statement this week. “The con- DIGEST RUSSIA activists and freeze their bank PHIL NOBLE/REUTERS lower chamber to rubber-stamp speaker said, after protesters accounts. his agenda. Instead Macron and stormed the residences of the Navalny launches new People sit on an empty beach in Hoylake, England. The United his government are faced with current president and prime anti-corruption fund Navalny’s social media feeds Kingdom and the European continent are in the midst of a heat wave negotiating legislation on a bill- minister, who have offered to quit said the first funds for the new that is expected to last through the weekend, the Guardian reports. by-bill basis, taking a degree of amid an economic meltdown. Jailed Russian opposition Anti-Corruption Foundation control of the process out of his President Gotabaya Rajapaksa is leader Alexei Navalny on Monday International would be the 50,000 precipitate the government’s fall. difficult in Parliament. hands. set to resign Wednesday. His launched an international anti- euro ($50,000) he received as part While the outcome had been After enjoying a comfortable brothers and nephew earlier quit corruption organization, a year of the Sakharov Prize for freedom The no-confidence motion had as ministers as Sri Lanka began after his Russian Anti-Corruption of thought last year. expected, the vote was meant as a majority in the lower house been expected to fail after the running out of fuel, food and Foundation (ACF) was outlawed show of intent by the Nupes during his first mandate, newly conservative Republican party other essentials in its worst crisis as extremist. Navalny was jailed in 2020 for alliance — the largest bloc in reelected Macron lost his and Marine Le Pen’s far-right since independence from Britain violating bail conditions on his opposition to President absolute majority in Parliament National Rally said they would in 1948. Parliament will Navalny’s Telegram channel, return from Germany, where he Emmanuel Macron’s centrist in legislative elections last month abstain. reconvene Friday and vote to which carries messages passed to had been recovering from a near- grouping — to make the his life and can no longer count on the elect a new president five days his supporters via lawyers who fatal poisoning in Russia with a — Reuters later, Speaker Mahinda Yapa are allowed contact with him, Soviet-era nerve toxin. This year Monsoon rains kill 150 since Abeywardena said. said the fund’s advisory board he was sentenced to a further June 14 in Pakistan: Monsoon 3 gored at Spanish bull festival: would include former Belgian nine years in prison for fraud and rains over the past month have A tense fifth bull run at the San prime minister Guy Verhofstadt, contempt of court, charges that killed at least 150 people as Fermín Festival in Pamplona, political scientist Francis he says were fabricated. downpours continue to lash Spain, left three people gored, Fukuyama, Pulitzer Prize- Pakistan, triggering flash floods including one American, and winning journalist and historian — Reuters in some parts of the country, three others with bruises, the Anne Applebaum, and Navalny’s officials said. The National Navarra regional government wife, Yulia Navalnaya. FRANCE Disaster Management Authority said. It was the first run with said 91 women and children are gorings in the festival this year. Navalny came to prominence Premier survives among the dead. At least 163 The festival ends Thursday. The by using his foundation to no-confidence vote people have been injured in rain- regional government said a 25- catalogue the wealth of senior related incidents since June 14, it year-old runner from Sunrise, Russian officials in widely French Prime Minister said. Heavy rains and flash floods Fla., was gored in the calf in the watched videos. He has become Elisabeth Borne on Monday fully or partially damaged more bullring. The other two gored President Vladimir Putin’s comfortably survived a motion of than 1,000 houses nationwide. were Spaniards, one in the ring fiercest critic. no-confidence brought against Sri Lanka to get new president and one on the street. None was her by a broad alliance of left- next week, speaker says: Sri in serious condition. A court ruling last year wing opponents. Lanka’s Parliament will elect a outlawing the foundation in new president on July 20, its — From news services effect barred Navalny’s allies from An official vote count showed running in elections and gave 146 lawmakers supported the authorities the power to jail ACF motion. The motion required an absolute majority of 289 votes to

A8 EZ RE THE WASHINGTON POST . TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 New details show ISIS planned chemical attacks in Europe ISIS FROM A1 ASSOCIATED PRESS chemical attack ever conducted against civilians. seen by The Washington Post, U.S. DEFENSE DEPARTMENT CHRISTOPHE ENA/ASSOCIATED PRESS shed new light on the role played “Few people in the world,” by Sabawi, a mysterious figure U.S. DEFENSE DEPARTMENT/GETTY IMAGES CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: Islamic State forces parade in an Iraqi security forces armored vehicle in Ismail said, “have experienced known within the terrorist group Mosul in 2014. An investigator works outside a concert hall after the Islamic State attack in Paris in more chemical attacks than the as Abu Malik, and the ambitious towns along the border. 2015 that killed over 130 people. Former ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi oversaw the activity of the Kurds.” plan by Islamic State leaders to Among the scores of scientists terrorist group. Iraqi chemical weapons expert Salih al-Sabawi was known within ISIS as Abu Malik. develop and use weapons of A secret intercept mass destruction in Iraq and employed at Muthanna was Sa- dom. He walked out of prison in had no other way to make a for Crimes Committed by Daesh. The Islamic State’s interest in abroad. bawi, who, according to his intel- 2012, precisely the moment living. By contrast, a summary Daesh is one of several common ligence file, took a job in the when his old insurgent group document profiling Sabawi’s role names for the Islamic State. mustard gas as a battlefield New insights also are emerg- facility in 1989, at age 28. An was beginning to regain strength in the terrorist group suggests he weapons triggered alarms in ing from a U.N. investigation that Army chemical engineer who under a new name, the Islamic was an enthusiastic participant Because of Sabawi’s back- Washington. But those concerns is combing through millions of had trained in Iraq and in the State of Iraq. Later it would who was personally loyal to ground in making mustard gas, deepened with the discovery of pages of Islamic State records as Soviet Union, he worked at the become known simply as the Baghdadi, and well-rewarded for his first attempts at weapons plans by the group’s leaders to it seeks evidence of the group’s weapons plant until operations Islamic State, or ISIS. his service. production started with that rel- make additional weapons and war crimes. In addition, several halted with the defeat of the atively simple compound. A blis- export them for use in terrorist current and former U.S. officials Iraqi army in the first Gulf War in Iraqi Kurdish officials said “He was a high-ranking offi- ter agent, it penetrates clothing attacks. in interviews with The Post 1991. Sabawi may have known Bagh- cial in ISIS, close to Abu Bakr and causes excruciating burns to spoke for the first time in detail dadi from his years as an insur- al-Baghdadi and responsible for the skin and eyes or, if inhaled, Over the fall and winter of about an urgently planned mili- At the end of the war, Muth- gent. In any case, the self-pro- advancing chemical and biologi- potentially fatal damage to lung 2014, Sabawi came under contin- tary operation, conducted in anna was at its peak, its three claimed caliph of the Islamic cal weaponry,” the document tissues. Yet, despite his expertise, uous surveillance by U.S. intelli- 2015 by U.S. Special Operations main factories capable of churn- State became intensely interest- states. Sabawi appears to have strug- gence agencies and Special Oper- forces with assistance from ing out 500 tons of sulfur mus- ed in the former weaponeer after gled at first to replicate the ations units, with assistance Kurdish Peshmerga operatives, tard, commonly called mustard his fighters completed their Shortly after his meeting with formula used for making mus- from Iraqi Kurdish operatives, to kill Sabawi and crush the gas, each year, along with smaller stunning conquest of Mosul in Baghdadi, the records show, Sa- tard gas at Muthanna. according to two U.S. officials weapons program before it quantities of deadlier nerve 2014. bawi was given his own labora- with knowledge of the operation. reached maturity. agents, such as tabun, sarin and tory, in a technical school on the Experts familiar with Sabawi’s From intercepted communica- VX. Sabawi was specifically in- That was Baghdadi’s moment grounds of Mosul University, and program say he switched to a tions came the discovery of Sa- U.S. officials learned through volved in mustard-gas produc- of triumph, and he was looking allowed to recruit and hire a simpler formula that yields a less bawi’s efforts to obtain ingredi- electronic surveillance in 2014 tion during the plant’s final three to capitalize on it. Having seized professional staff that included potent product. Investigators ents for botulinum toxin and that Sabawi was working to pro- years, according to a dossier huge swaths of Iraq and Syria, he foreign-trained engineers. For from the Organization for the ricin. duce powerful new weapons us- maintained by the Iraqi Kurdish now controlled resources that no production of the weapons them- Prohibition of Chemical Weap- ing highly lethal botulinum toxin Regional Government’s Counter terrorist leader had ever pos- selves, the Islamic State com- ons, a chemical-weapons watch- Islamic State records obtained and ricin, while also pursuing Terrorism Department. sessed: military bases, factories, mandeered a factory in Wadi dog group based in The Hague by the U.N. investigators also plans to make weaponized an- universities, television stations, Ikab, a bleak industrial neigh- that would later collect samples, describe the group’s pursuit of thrax. After the war, Sabawi found internet servers and banks filled borhood in the far western out- concluded that his brand of mus- botulinum toxin and ricin weap- that his skills as a weaponeer with millions of dollars in hard skirts of Mosul. tard gas was relatively crude, and ons, and reveal an “interest in Botulinum toxin, a neurotoxin were no longer needed. The currency. tended to degrade quickly. Still, developing anthrax,” according derived from same bacteria that chemical weapons factories at In the summer of 2014, to help it was good enough to be used in to an interim report prepared for causes botulism, was explored as Muthanna were systematically With tens of thousands of Sabawi acquire the needed ma- battle. U.N. Security Council members potential weapon by both the dismantled in the 1990s under fighters at his command, and terials, the caliphate organized in May. United States and the Soviet U.N. supervision, and hundreds more arriving each day, Baghda- an extensive canvass of the re- Investigators have document- Union during the Cold War. Ri- of tons of the weapons he helped di proclaimed to his followers gion’s hundreds of laboratories ed 20 chemical attacks by the U.S. analysts and experts note cin, a toxin extracted from castor make were destroyed in inciner- that the Islamic State would and warehouses for equipment Islamic State between January that Sabawi appears to have had beans, was weaponized by the ators or chemically neutralized. eventually conquer all the Mid- and supplies that could be used 2015 and April 2017. All involved no specific training in anthrax or Soviets and used in political dle East, while using the threat of to make weapons of all kinds, mustard gas or chlorine, a com- biological toxins such as ricin, so assassinations. Sabawi kept his army job and mass-casualty terrorist attacks to from conventional explosives to mon industrial compound wide- he likely would have needed was eventually promoted to brig- keep Western countries from in- toxic compounds, said Jeff Bro- ly available in Iraq and Syria, many months of trial and error Sabawi’s intention, current adier general, but his resentment tervening. To accomplish his vi- deur, a retired U.S. Army chemi- loaded into mortar shells or to produce usable weapons. But and former U.S. officials said, over the destruction of the Iraqi sion, U.S. officials said, Baghdadi cal and biological weapons ex- rockets or placed in barrels and in 2014, with the Islamic State in was to create a large stockpile chemical weapons program ap- needed special weapons. And pert who investigated Islamic detonated in suicide attacks. firm control of Mosul and all its consisting of multiple types of pears to have lingered. Sabawi knew how to make them. State activities after the group resources, he may have believed chemical and biological agents to was driven from Mosul. The worst episode, near Taza he had plenty of time. be used in military campaigns as According to the dossier, he ‘Emir’ of chemical weaponry Khurmatu, a Kurdish town south well as in terrorist attacks joined an insurgent group after Sabawi’s Kurdish dossier is a Terrorist operatives went into of Kirkuk, wounded between 600 The fruits of his research were against the major cities of Eu- the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003, schools, factories and medical and 1,000 people in March 2016. to be delegated to a special unit rope. allying himself with Islamist ex- thick sheaf of documents and clinics and stripped them of At least three victims later died, created by Baghdadi to carry out tremists who called themselves reports that span 10 years, in- every item deemed useful. “They said retired Brig. Gen. Hajar terrorist attacks overseas, U.S. “They were specifically look- al-Qaeda in Iraq. He was cap- cluding the brief but intensely just went in and harvested what- Ismail, an adviser to the Iraqi officials said. That unit, led ing at Western Europe,” a senior tured in 2005 and spent the next busy period when he held the ever they needed,” Brodeur said. Kurdish Regional Government mainly by French and Belgian U.S. official knowledgeable seven years behind bars, first in a title of emir of Manufacturing of who participated in the investi- volunteers, would gain infamy in about Islamic State operations U.S. military detention center Chemical and Biological Weap- As U.N. investigators would gations, in an email. 2015 after spectacular attacks on said. Like several other U.S. and and then a civilian-run Iraqi onry for the Islamic State. A mug later confirm, the Islamic State cities in Western Europe. Iraqi officials, he spoke on the prison. shot accompanying the file de- offered up the use of Iraqi prison- In addition to the physical condition of anonymity to dis- picts a middle-aged man with ers as possible human test sub- harm, Ismail said, the attacks The deadliest was the coordi- cuss details obtained from sensi- As a former high-ranking mili- close-cropped hair, a gray-fleck- jects for the new weapons Sa- struck fear across a band of nated terrorist assault on cafes tive surveillance operations. “We tary officer, Sabawi maintained ed beard and brown eyes. bawi would make. Kurdish towns and villages that, and entertainment venues in know they were also interested important political ties, and in- years earlier, had been targets of Paris in November of that year. in U.S. military bases, on the telligence officials said he even- Some of the Iraqi experts who Records and interviews sug- Hussein’s chemical weapons. Using small arms and suicide continent, or really anywhere,” tually was able to use those went to work for the Islamic gest the group did use inmates in Bombs and rockets filled with bombs, the assault killed more the official said. “They were connections to regain his free- State would later claim that they human trials on several occa- lethal gases killed at least 3,200 than 130 people and wounded ultimately going to go with the were forced to take jobs or sions, according to a report last people around the city of Halabja around 400. easiest target.” accepted positions because they year by the U.N. Investigative in March 1988, the deadliest Team to Promote Accountability His final commute That the Islamic State had At the time of the intercepts, manufactured small quantities of chemical weapons has been an American-led coalition was previously reported. The terror- beginning its fight to retake ist group used chlorine and mus- territory seized by the Islamic tard gas against Kurdish and State, including Mosul, which Iraqi forces nearly two dozen was fully liberated in 2017. times, from early 2015 until the liberation of the Iraqi city of But the chemical threat could Mosul two years later. not wait. Pentagon officials de- cided to strike quickly, in an Other terrorist groups, includ- effort to eliminate Sabawi’s oper- ing al-Qaeda, have explored the ation before he had a chance to feasibility of making chemical build bigger and better weapons. and biological weapons. But by U.S. officials were able to moni- recruiting Sabawi, the Islamic tor his daily commute from his State had acquired the services laboratory at Mosul University to of a rare expert with years of his home in a residential district practical experience in making called al-Mithaq, about six miles chemical weapons in industrial- away. sized quantities. One afternoon in late January The U.S. government’s only 2015, Sabawi was driving home public reference to Sabawi came from work, accompanied by one in a brief 2015 Pentagon state- of his sons, apparently unaware ment announcing the recent that his vehicle was being death of a “chemical weapons tracked. A U.S. aircraft, most engineer” named Abu Malik in likely a drone, fired a missile that an airstrike. Few knew at the struck the car and killed both time about the extent of Sabawi’s passengers. experience or his vision for pro- viding Islamic State leaders with Other strikes followed, target- frightening weapons to augment ing Sabawi’s small network of the group’s terror campaign in labs and production centers. The Europe. two U.S. officials with knowledge about the operation said his “If Abu Malik had survived, Mosul University lab proved to his experience working for Sad- be the most challenging target dam’s program would have made because of its location on a the threat of the Islamic State’s heavily populated urban cam- chemical weapons much higher,” pus. said Gregory Koblentz, an expert on chemical and biological weap- Military planners deliberately ons and director of the Biode- scheduled the airstrike for late at fense Graduate Program at the night, on an evening when Schar School of Policy and Gov- weather and winds conditions ernment at George Mason Uni- were favorable for minimizing versity. the chances that any chemical releases might drift into from “It is pretty horrifying to think residential districts, the officials of what could have happened if said. the Islamic State had used a chemical weapon, instead of As the missile was being guns and bombs, to conduct one launched, Kurdish operatives of their attacks in a major Euro- waited in nearby neighborhoods pean city,” Koblentz said. with special sensors that could Toxic factories in Iraq detect a toxic plume. During the 1980s, at the The devices picked up faint height of Saddam’s reign as the traces of chlorine and other tell- strongman leader of Iraq, the tale chemicals, but there were no manufacturing center for Iraqi reports of deaths of injuries chemical weapons was a massive resulting either from the explo- industrial complex called the sion or the attack’s aftermath, Muthanna State Establishment, the officials said. some 85 miles northwest of Baghdad. By late 2016, all of the Islamic State’s known chemical weapons Iraqi scientists oversaw the facilities had been destroyed, production of at least four kinds and most of its senior operators of chemical weapons, which the killed or captured. The liberation army put to immediate use in the of Mosul a few months later brutal trench warfare of the effectively ended the program’s Iran-Iraq War. Iraqi chemical active phase. bombs and shells were used to kill or wound more than 50,000 Yet, it may not have eliminated Iranians, from front-line soldiers the group’s ambitions for chemi- to civilians living in villages and cal and biological weapons, the officials said. Some of Sabawi’s former accomplices escaped the initial bombing campaign, and a few are believed to be still alive, the officials said.

TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 . THE WASHINGTON POST EZ RE A9 Shanghai fears another lockdown WDGEOETNIET. OVER TEN THOUSAND HOMEOWNERS SERVED IN THE DMV Residents concerned that lockdown in March. “Originally I and the unemployment rate for WINDOWS BA.5 variant will force half believed them. As soon as 16-to-24-year-olds hit a record of SIDING Industry leading 5 year warranty a return to confinement there was a denial, I rushed to 18.4 percent in May, leading to DOORS Skilled and licensed professionals stock up on goods,” read a com- emergency meetings headed by TRIM that care for you and your home BY CHRISTIAN SHEPHERD ment that received more than Premier Li Keqiang in which he TILE Voted “Best Handyman” in The arrival of the BA.5 corona- 10,000 likes. urged officials to do more. The VANITIES Washington City Paper and virus variant in China is threat- government has also begun to FLOORING Bethesda Magazine ening economically damaging Growing concern from resi- gradually tweak coronavirus pol- COUNTERTOPS Awarded “Top Workplace” by lockdowns across the country, dents has clashed with contin- icy, including reducing quaran- ACCESSIBILITY The Washington Post including in Shanghai, where ued upbeat messaging from pro- tine requirements for interna- & MORE many residents only recently pagandists. On Friday, the local tional arrivals from 14 to seven emerged from a grueling two government launched a month- days in a government-run facili- VA 703.691.5500 months of confinement in their long campaign to collect pic- ty. MD 301.388.5959 homes. tures, videos and objects to tell a DC 202.770.3131 Over the weekend, the coun- “heartwarming” story of the But even with renewed stimu- try’s most populous city con- city’s lockdown, according to the lus, many analysts doubt that firmed that the increasingly Shanghai edition of Wen Wei Po, China can hit its yearly economic VA #2701039723 | MD MHIC #1176 | DC #2242 dominant subvariant of omicron a Hong Kong-based state-run target of 5.5 percent growth in had arrived only weeks after outlet. gross domestic product, espe- officials declared victory against cially as the arrival of BA.5 has the coronavirus following a city- During the last lockdown, buy- led cities across China to tough- wide lockdown. ing groceries or securing basic en coronavirus controls once Even though total numbers of medical care became a daily again. infections in China remain low struggle for the city’s 25 million compared with many other residents. Calls to mental health Macao, the former Portu- countries — the National Health hotlines tripled. For many, the guese colony and leading Asian Commission on Monday report- trauma was worsened by con- gambling destination, an- ed 352 locally transmitted cases stantly shifting goals from the nounced Monday it was closing — Beijing remains deeply con- authorities, creating deep uncer- its casinos for a week, marking cerned that the highly transmis- tainty about when restrictions the first time in more than two sible subvariant’s arrival will would end. years it had adopted such strict lead to a mass outbreak and a measures, to stem an outbreak wave of deaths, especially among “Originally I half of more than 1,500 confirmed the under-vaccinated elderly believed them. As soon infections. population. as there was a denial, Shanghai authorities quickly A similar ratcheting up of tried to ease fears of a return to I rushed to stock up restrictions is taking place April and May, when the city’s on goods.” across China, with cities includ- reputation as a smoothly run ing Hangzhou, Hefei and Nan- international financial hub was A Weibo user, discussing a chang increasing the frequency shattered by China’s most dis- potential lockdown in Shanghai of mandatory PCR testing. Start- ruptive coronavirus restrictions ing at midnight Sunday, the since the initial outbreak in Wu- Last month, in the clearest northern city of Lanzhou im- han. indication yet of where priorities posed week-long “temporary In response to questions about lie, Chinese President Xi Jinping control measures,” closing most whether another large-scale called the likely consequences of businesses and public spaces lockdown was imminent, the a shift in coronavirus policy after it reported just over two government said on the social “unthinkably” bad. dozen cases. media app WeChat that the plan was only to conduct PCR tests for Implementing a “dynamic The spread of BA.5, which all residents in nine of the city’s zero covid policy” is still best appears to be resistant to anti- 16 districts. suited to China’s national cir- bodies built from vaccines and While only one street had cumstances, he said, and pro- previous infections, is also add- been designated high risk, 37 tects the overall security and ing urgency to China’s vaccina- were deemed medium risk on health of the masses “even if it tion drive. In Beijing, the local Monday, meaning residents are temporarily somewhat impacts government imposed China’s not allowed to leave their economic growth.” first vaccine mandate for public homes. places last week — only to re- On the microblogging plat- At the same time, Xi ordered verse the decision days later after form Weibo, many noted that that healthy economic perform- a public backlash against forced Shanghai officials had made ance should be maintained “as immunization. similar denials about a wider much as possible,” leaving local officials with a tricky balancing “China needs to return to the act. basics and launch a powerful drive for third doses to be admin- Economic activity indicators istered, especially among the plunged during strict lockdowns, elderly,” Hong Kong University virologist Jin Dongyan told local media. Vic Chiang in Taipei, Taiwan, contributed to this report. A DIVISION OF Protecting Public Safety Local law enforcement, federal government and community leaders discussed how they are responding to the rise in violent crime and mass shootings while also working to strengthen police accountability and improve public trust. VANITA GUPTA KEITH ELLISON, Minnesota Attorney General ART ACEVEDO, Former Chief of Police in Austin, Houston and Miami Associate Attorney General MICHAEL S. HARRISON, Baltimore Police Commissioner DERAY MCKESSON, Co-Founder & Executive Director Campaign Zero Justice Department Content from Council on Criminal Justice In a segment presented by the Council on Criminal Justice, members of its Violent Crime Working Group and Task Force on Policing, (Chico Tillmon, Linda Harllee Harper, Walter Katz and Thomas Abt) discussed how different constituencies can unite behind solutions that advance safety and fairness as the nation grapples with an increase in violent crime. To watch exclusive video highlights from this event, visit or scan code using a smartphone camera: PRESENTING SPONSOR The Council on Criminal Justice is an invitational membership organization and nonpartisan think tank building consensus for solutions that enhance safety and justice for all. @POSTLIVE #POSTLIVE Listen wherever podcasts are available.

A10 EZ RE the washington post . tuesday, july 12, 2022 Abe’s family holds wake for slain Japanese ex-premier BY MICHELLE YE HEE LEE and killed, was reelected in Sun- Kim Kyung-Hoon/Reuters ple offered condolence messages resentment,” the newspaper re- AND JULIA MIO INUMA day’s upper house election. He vis- at the Japan-Taiwan Exchange As- ported. Police have not released ited the memorial near the site of Akie Abe, wife of Shinzo Abe, sits in the hearse carrying his body to sociation office in Taipei, while the name of the group. TOKYO — Relatives and distin- the shooting in Nara to deliver the a night vigil at a Tokyo temple. A private funeral is set for Tuesday. Taiwanese flags at government news of his election victory. buildings and public schools flew At a news conference Monday, guished guests gathered Monday Abe. … There’s a profound sense of “I’m here because the United at half-staff. In Australia, the Syd- the head of the Japan office of the to honor slain former Japanese The Japanese government an- sorrow at his loss, which I share.” States and Japan are more than ney Opera House was lit up to Family Federation for World Peace leader Shinzo Abe at a private nounced Monday it would honor allies; we are friends. And when resemble the Japanese flag. and Unification, also known as the wake, traditionally held the night Abe with the nation’s highest dec- On Monday, Secretary of State one friend is hurting, the other Unification Church, said that the before a funeral here, as investiga- oration, the Collar of the Supreme Antony Blinken made an unsched- friend shows up,” Blinken told re- South Korean Foreign Minister man’s mother is a member and tors probed the motives of the Order of the Chrysanthemum, uled stop in Tokyo to offer solidari- porters after meeting with Japa- Park Jin visited a memorial for that she attended events about suspected gunman in the assassi- making him the fourth prime min- ty and condolences to the Japa- nese Prime Minister Fumio Kishi- Abe on Monday arranged by the once a month. The Washington nation of the former prime minis- ister of postwar Japan to receive nese people. The top U.S. diplomat da. “I’m really grateful to him for Japanese Embassy in Seoul. Other Post had confirmed her member- ter three days ago. the honor. rerouted his itinerary after a trip taking time to see us in this incred- South Korean officials, including ship with the group Sunday. to Thailand and Indonesia, where ibly difficult time.” President Yoon Suk-yeol and na- Monday’s tsuya, a ceremony to Treasury Secretary Janet L. Yel- a gathering of Group of 20 foreign tional security adviser Kim Sung- Tomihiro Tanaka, the official, send off the dead, was a small len and U.S. Ambassador Rahm ministers was jolted last week by Around the region, tributes for han, were expected to pay tribute declined to comment on whether event held at the Zojo-ji Temple in Emanuel attended the wake. In the news of the assassination. Abe have flowed. In Taiwan, peo- there. the mother had given donations to Tokyo and was attended by former Japan to discuss economic sanc- the organization, citing the on- prime ministers and representa- tions on Russia, Yellen entered an The man accused of assassinat- going investigation. He said the tives of the emperor as well as open hall at the mouth of the ing Abe, 41-year-old Tetsuya group is prepared to cooperate family and a few American offi- temple amid a throng of mourners Yamagami of Nara, told investiga- with police if asked. Any dona- cials. A private funeral is sched- mostly dressed in black suits and tors that he believed that the for- tions she made would have been in uled for Tuesday, and larger cer- ties. Yellen expressed her condo- mer prime minister was linked to the 1990s, when she first joined, emonies are expected at a later lences to the family and later ex- a religious group he blamed for his he said, and the organization was date in the capital and in Abe’s tolled Abe’s focus on “women and mother’s financial difficulties. aware she ran into financial trou- hometown in Yamaguchi prefec- womenomics,” with women mak- ble starting in 2002. Police have ture. Plans for a state funeral have ing major advances in labor force Japanese media outlets, citing not yet identified the religious or- not been announced. participation under his tenure. police sources, subsequently re- ganization that Yamagami named She also said her work in Japan ported that Yamagami told inves- as his motivation for the attack. The killing of Abe, who stepped was in line with Abe’s support for tigators that his mother had do- down from office in 2020 for the bilateral relationship between nated money to the group. Yamag- Abe, like many other world health reasons, horrified a nation the two countries. ami told investigators that his leaders, appeared at Unification unaccustomed to gun violence. mother had become bankrupt af- Church-related events as a paid The 67-year-old former leader was “The loss of Prime Minister Abe ter the donations, according to the speaker. Most recently, he spoke attacked during a campaign event is shocking and profoundly sad for Mainichi Shimbun newspaper, on a September 2021 program via in Nara for upper house elections the world,” Yellen told reporters which cited police sources. He said video link. held over the weekend. after exiting the wake. “Being here his family fell apart because of his in Japan I’ve seen firsthand how mother’s obsession with the Jeff Stein in Tokyo and John Hudson in Kei Sato, the politician Abe was much the Japanese people admire group, and he targeted Abe “out of stumping for when he was shot Bangkok contributed to this report. Protesting bank depositors in China are beaten by mob as police stand by BY CHRISTIAN SHEPHERD system, the central government to violently suppress protests. It’s wearing white tops who all arrived “If I hadn’t experienced it my- downs on poorly regulated finan- AND PEI-LIN WU stepped in, punishing five local unclear exactly why the banks together. Videos of the incidents, self, I really wouldn’t believe it. cial products and peer-to-peer officials. have frozen withdrawals, but po- shared widely on Chinese social When foreign media reported lending have drawn investors to Hundreds of rural bank cus- lice are investigating Henan New media before censors stepped in, similar incidents in the past, I the capital to pressure authorities tomers in central China’s Henan Over the weekend, the deposi- Fortune Group, a shareholder of showed the blue-shirted officers always thought it was slander,” he to compensate for losses. province were swarmed, beaten tors tried again, this time with four banks, on suspicion of illegal standing by as the burly men in said. and dragged away by a group of valid “green” codes. At daybreak fundraising, according to local white shirts began attacking the China’s rural banks are current- unidentified men on Sunday as on Sunday, according to videos of media reports. crowd. Protesters were dragged In response to videos of the ly the focal point of a government they protested local government the incident shared on Chinese down a flight of steps before being scene, Tsinghua University law campaign to rein in debt. These corruption amid a months-long social media, hundreds of protest- It is common practice for police carried away. Some were loaded professor Lao Dongyan called on institutions make up about 29 per- freeze of their deposits. ers unfurled banners alleging cor- in China to be present at sensitive onto buses, often sporting bruises the microblogging platform Wei- cent of all the high-risk financial ruption on the steps of the local events without uniforms, instead from the clashes. bo for those behind the beatings to entities in the country as of mid- Since mid-April, the depositors branch of the People’s Bank of often wearing prearranged insig- be held criminally responsible. 2021, according to the People’s have been pressuring the Henan China. nia. During past legal proceedings “I’ve been in shock from yester- Bank of China. authorities to help recover savings for Chinese human rights lawyers, day until today,” one protester said Lao added that an “immune from at least four small “village” “The Chinese dreams of foreign journalists and diplomats in an interview, who spoke on the system” of media and the law Henan’s Banking and Insur- banks that had stopped withdraw- 400,000 depositors in Henan have who gather outside the court- condition of anonymity out of fear should have prevented the deposi- ance Regulatory Commission said als. The campaign attracted na- been shattered,” read one banner, house have occasionally been of official repercussions for talk- tors’ quest to retrieve their savings on Sunday that it will accelerate tional attention last month after a referring to President Xi Jinping’s shoved by unidentified individu- ing to foreign media. He repeated- from descending into such brutal the verification process for cus- planned demonstration in slogan promising a better life for als wearing identical yellow smi- ly described the men as “unidenti- scenes. tomers of the four village banks Henan’s capital, Zhengzhou, was those who work hard and remain ley face badges. fied” but added, “I never thought it under investigation and will an- thwarted by digital health codes loyal to the Chinese Communist could happen that officials could Lost savings are a relatively nounce a resolution to the prob- that mysteriously turned red. Af- Party. Many demonstrators waved The unusually bold demonstra- use this kind of violent beating common cause of protests in Chi- lem soon. ter a nationwide outcry over mis- Chinese national flags. tions were met by dozens of uni- against unarmed and defenseless na, despite pervasive efforts by the use of the coronavirus-fighting formed police officers as well as a regular people.” stability-obsessed Chinese Com- Vic Chiang in Taipei, Taiwan, They also accused the govern- team of heavyset men mostly munist Party to prevent public ment of working with the “mafia” unrest. In recent years, crack- contributed to this report. Reinventing Small Business Wednesday, July 13 at 1:30 p.m. Entrepreneurs discuss how they have reinvented their businesses in the face of uncertainty and the role small businesses play in the national economy. Content from Google Play MINNIE LUONG BRIT MORIN SHIZA SHAHID PURNIMA KOCHIKAR Chef & Founder Co-Founder, Offline Ventures Co-Founder & Co-CEO Vice President Chi Kitchen BFF & Brit + Co Our Place Google Play Partnerships To register to watch, visit: or scan code using a smartphone camera: SPONSORED BY

TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 . THE WASHINGTON POST EZ SU A11 War in Ukraine Family, friends of missing American urge U.S. to do more BY ALEX HORTON by Russian forces, and another LANCE CPL. AARON DOUDS/U.S. MARINE CORPS In 2007, Kurpasi was wound- U.S. Marine Corps veteran who The family and friends of a two members of their unit were ed along with several other Ma- was part of Kurpasi’s team, was U.S. military veteran who went killed soon after. Grady Kurpasi, then a U.S. Marine Corps officer, speaks to students rines when an insurgent deto- hit along with a Dutch volun- missing in Ukraine have accused in Swansboro, N.C., in 2019. He was last seen April 26 in Ukraine. nated a suicide vest during a teer. Pascal said he tried to treat the Biden administration of in- The State Department made mission in the city of Ramadi, their wounds but was unsuc- action, saying any hope of find- contact with Kurpasi’s wife, week she was “astonished” her George Heath, one of Kurpasi’s said Don Turner, a fellow vet- cessful. He described having to ing him alive hinges on diploma- Heeson Kim, soon after he was brother’s case has not received friends. eran who served with Kurpasi crawl more than a half-mile cy between Washington and reported missing. Last month, a such attention. Biden called her and Heath. before running toward a friend- Moscow but that so far the group of veterans who served following the report, vowing to The two U.S. military veterans ly unit. government’s efforts are lacking. with him in the Marines provid- secure his release, a White captured in Ukraine, Alexander Kurpasi was later commis- Grady Kurpasi, 50, was last ed officials with a 46-page docu- House official said. J. Drueke and Andy Tai Huynh, sioned as an officer after gradu- Pascal said he could not re- seen April 26 in southern ment detailing, among other are being held by Russian- ating from UCLA, where he trieve the bodies of those slain Ukraine, where his team of inter- information, the coordinates of The lack of a strong public backed separatists. Drueke’s received a scholarship from the and did not see what became of national volunteers was engaged his last known location and response to Kurpasi’s disappear- aunt Dianna Shaw said the fam- Pat Tillman Foundation. The Kurpasi and Hill after they in combat with Russian forces. where his phone had been de- ance may suggest the adminis- ily is encouraged by the efforts group provides education grants walked away. His loved ones fear he has been tected after his disappearance. tration has made a distinction in of State Department personnel to promising leaders with a killed or captured — and they are how it views such cases. Griner and lawmakers in Alabama. U.S. military background. He retired Hill was captured and later mindful of the Kremlin’s recent In a statement, the State De- was arrested while working in and Ukrainian diplomats are from the military in 2021. charged with fighting as a mer- declaration that Americans tak- partment said U.S. officials are Russia whereas Kurpasi joined working to get both men on a list cenary by officials in the self- en off the battlefield shall not be in contact with Ukrainian and the war in Ukraine on his own of captives potentially eligible Although the U.S. government proclaimed Donetsk People’s Re- granted protections afforded to Russian authorities regarding accord. for negotiated release, she said. has warned American citizens public, a Russian-backed zone prisoners of war. American citizens “who may not to join the war, Kurpasi, within eastern Ukraine. Russian A U.S. official, speaking on the have been captured by Russia’s Kurpasi’s friends said that “When you have good civil friends say, was compelled to state media has reported that he condition of anonymity to dis- forces or proxies while fighting Biden has not spoken to the servants, you get good results,” help the Ukrainians fight back could face the death penalty. cuss internal deliberations, said in Ukraine.” The agency de- family and that the U.S. govern- Shaw said. and felt his leadership experi- the administration is closely clined to address questions ment rarely shares anything illu- ence would be valuable. He Photos taken from Hill’s monitoring the situation and about Kurpasi’s disappearance minating about the case. Rather, Kurpasi, who lives with his arrived in mid-March and par- phone and distributed to his seeking information for the fam- specifically. they contend, the State Depart- wife in North Carolina, was born ticipated in battles outside the contacts on the WhatsApp mes- ily, but stopped short of saying ment appears dependent on in South Korea and immigrated capital, Kyiv, before assembling saging platform after his cap- what more the government may His wife and friends said they them for information. “The re- to the United States. He enlisted a team that was dispatched to ture appear to show a Russian do. Neither the Russian Embas- are upset by what they charac- sponse I got back was, ‘He was in the Marines at age 29 and the south, near Mykolaiv. fighter with a camouflage tarp sy in Washington nor the Ukrai- terized as a lack of urgency from fighting under another flag, so served three tours in Iraq, ac- used by Kurpasi, his wife said. It nian Defense Ministry respond- the administration. In an email, keep digging and doing what cording to his military service The events surrounding has led his family and friends to ed to requests for comment. Kim said, “I don’t have confi- you’re doing to help,’ ” said record provided by the Marine Kurpasi’s disappearance were believe that Hill may have infor- The mystery surrounding dence that they invested or are Corps. recounted by a surviving mem- mation about what happened to Kurpasi’s whereabouts presents going to invest any resources” to ber of his unit, Team Raven, Kurpasi, and they have urged a unique dilemma for President help track down what happened which had been tasked with the State Department to work Biden, who has rallied Western to her husband. holding an observation post to with British counterparts to see support for Ukraine while ruling blunt Russia’s advance outside if they can glean anything from out direct military intervention Biden has faced public pres- the coastal town of Oleksandriv- him. and strongly cautioning Ameri- sure from the families of other ka and buy time for civilians to cans against getting involved. At Americans held by Russia, in- escape. Kim told Kurpasi’s friends least two U.S. citizens are be- cluding WNBA star Brittney Gri- that a State Department official lieved to have been killed in the ner, who on Thursday pleaded The team members received told her that they would try. A fighting, and another two are guilty in a drug case that has fire from an area they believed spokesperson for Britain’s For- known to be captured. magnified the diplomatic stand- was a Ukrainian position, but eign, Commonwealth and Devel- Kurpasi is a retired Marine still between the world powers they did not have radio commu- opment Office said the depart- Corps infantry officer and Iraq over the war in Ukraine. nication with nearby units, a ment will not discuss individual War veteran. The day of his German volunteer named Pascal cases. disappearance, he and a British Griner’s case has been elevat- told The Post. He spoke on the man, Andrew Hill, had left their ed to an office within the State condition that his full name not There are many military vet- position in a makeshift observa- Department that deals with citi- be disclosed, citing a fear of erans working to uncover what tion post to investigate the zens it decides are wrongfully reprisal. happened to Kurpasi, Turner source of incoming fire, a mem- detained, and the president has said, adding that their friend ber of the group told The Wash- told her wife that he is working Kurpasi and Hill, the British would do the same if the roles ington Post. Hill was captured to secure her release. That drew fighter, left to investigate. They were reversed. a rebuke from the family of Paul radioed back, saying they were Whelan, a Marine Corps veteran receiving artillery and small- “When you served with some- sentenced by a Russian court to arms fire, and needed covering body, you have a bond,” he said. 16 years in prison over espio- fire to return. Russian units “And that bond is unbreakable.” nage charges he has denied. shelled the position in response. Missy Ryan contributed to this Whelan’s sister told CNN last report. Willy Joseph Cancel, another As Russia hits civilian targets in Kharkiv, Putin expands citizenship offer BY ADAM TAYLOR, OLEG PETRASYUK/EPA-EFE/SHUTTERSTOCK he added. visit since the war began to call ANNABELLE TIMSIT In an apparent appeal to on other allies to offer more AND JENNIFER HASSAN Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte tours a damaged area of Borodyanka, Ukraine, near Kyiv. Rutte also weaponry. He noted that the Russian strikes hit the north- met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and urged allies to provide more weapons. Ukrainian society, Putin signed a Netherlands had supplied ern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv on decree Monday to expand a fast- Ukraine with Panzerhaubitze Monday, with officials reporting critical areas to set conditions for weapons depot in Nova Kakhov- wrote that U.S.-supplied high- track procedure for Russian citi- 2000 howitzers and other heavy at least three deaths as Russian future ground advances.” ka. mobility artillery rocket systems, zenship — even for individuals equipment. President Vladimir Putin moved known as HIMARS, were behind living outside Russian-con- to extend his influence over Yet Ukraine’s military claimed Oleksiy Arestovych, an adviser 10 similar strikes on Russian trolled areas of the country. “We need to support Ukraine Ukrainians by offering them citi- a significant hit of its own Mon- to President Volodymyr Zel- depots. Those in the Kherson with a sophisticated, modern zenship. Late in the day, a report- day night after images were ensky, confirmed the strike on region were in preparation for an The process first announced type of weapons,” Rutte said at a ed counterstrike by Ukraine ap- shared on social media of a Telegram and warned, “This is “offensive to liberate the south,” in 2019 allowed only residents of joint news conference with Zel- peared to damage a Russian massive explosion at the Russian just the beginning.” Arestovych Donetsk and Luhansk, both con- ensky. weapons depot in the occupied tested by Moscow-backed sepa- Kherson region. ratists, to apply. Following Rus- Despite recent deliveries of The attacks on civilian targets sia’s full-scale invasion in Febru- equipment and supplies from in Kharkiv, the country’s second- ary, this was broadened in late abroad, Ukraine’s military re- largest city and a major regional May to include the Zaporizhzhia mains bogged down after hub, left 31 people hospitalized, and Kherson regions in the months of heavy fighting. The including young children, Gov. south. Institute for the Study of War’s Oleh Synyehubov wrote Monday latest note said that while Rus- afternoon on Telegram. Russian Ukrainians now can apply for sian forces had entered a “the- antiaircraft missiles hit “only Russian citizenship without hav- ater-wide operational pause,” its civilian structures,” including a ing to meet the normal require- troops were “regrouping to rest, shopping center and residences, ments of living in Russia for five refit, and reconstitute.” Synyehubov added. years plus passing a Russian Other cities have suffered language test, according to the Ukraine has suffered heavy similar assaults in recent days. Tass news agency. losses of personnel. A call center As more bodies were pulled that is helping to track down from the rubble of an apart- Government officials in missing Ukrainian service mem- ment building in the eastern Ukraine did not immediately bers has reported more than city of Chasiv Yar on Monday, respond to the decree. But in a 7,200 cases, an official in charge officials updated the death toll message posted online Monday of the effort told local media from a strike there last week to morning, Zelensky called on Monday. 31. Ukrainians to stay together. The Institute for the Study of Officials believe that most are War said in a note published “We have to hold on, we have being held by Russian forces. Sunday that Russia appeared to to fight together on all fronts “Eventually, they will be offered be using “heavy artillery fire in now — on the political, informa- for exchange and they will return tion and economic fronts, with- home,” Oleh Kotenko, Ukraine’s out showing weakness any- commissioner for people who where,” he said. disappeared under special cir- cumstances, told the Suspilne TV Zelensky hosted Dutch Prime station. Minister Mark Rutte in Kyiv on Monday, and Rutte used his first Iran will send hundreds of drones to Russia for use in war, U.S. says BY JOBY WARRICK “Our information indicates of Iranian aircraft could help Mos- Ukraine has used UAVs — many military bases in the Middle East, cides to do so, according to nu- AND AMY B WANG that the Iranian government is cow replenish a key weapons sys- of them supplied by NATO coun- as well as civilian targets such as clear weapons experts. U.S. intelli- Iran is preparing to supply Rus- preparing to provide Russia with tem that suffered heavy losses tries such as Turkey — to destroy oil refineries. gence agencies say they have seen sia with hundreds of drone air- up to several hundred UAVs, in- during the four-month conflict. hundreds of Russian tanks and no evidence to date that Iran has craft, including advanced models cluding weapons-capable UAVs Surveillance UAVs play a crucial armored personnel carriers since Over the years, Russia has been begun making actual weapons. capable of firing missiles, the on an expedited timeline,” Sulli- role in the targeting of enemy the start of the invasion. Addition- a key trading partner and occa- Biden administration said Mon- van told reporters in the White forces by artillery, and weap- ally, Moscow has struggled to re- sional military ally to Iran. While Some Iran experts predict that day, publicly revealing what U.S. House briefing room. onized drones can hover over the place some of its lost military Moscow joined the United States the country may attempt to dis- officials say is a secret effort by battlefield for hours, launching hardware, while Ukraine is receiv- and European Union in backing rupt Biden’s upcoming Middle Tehran to provide military assis- “It’s unclear whether Iran has missiles that can destroy tanks ing billions of dollars’ worth of the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal, it East visit by authorizing its proxy tance for Russian’s invasion of delivered any of these UAVs to and other armored vehicles. weapons. also fought alongside Iran in help- groups to commit a provocation, Ukraine. Russia already,” Sullivan said, ing defend Syrian leader Bashar such as a missile strike targeting a The planned delivery of un- “but this is just one example of Receiving the UAVs is a “signifi- Iran has emerged in recent al-Assad — a key ally for both U.S. military installation. manned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, how Russia is looking to countries cant statement” about the limita- years as a major manufacturer of countries — during Syria’s 11-year disclosed by national security ad- like Iran for capabilities.” tions of Russian capabilities, said unmanned aircraft. Among its civil war. “An attack during the summit viser Jake Sullivan at a White Frederick Kagan, director of the military models is the Shahed-129, could hold several benefits for House briefing, could provide a The revelation comes as Presi- Critical Threats Project at the which closely resembles the Iran’s apparent decision to pro- Tehran,” Michael Eisenstadt, di- significant boost to Moscow’s ef- dent Biden prepares to depart for American Enterprise Institute. U.S.-made Predator UAV used in vide military assistance to Mos- rector of the Military and Security forts to find and destroy Western- the Middle East, where he is ex- military and counterterrorism op- cow could further undercut ef- Studies program at the Washing- supplied artillery and other weap- pected to confer with key allies on There are various indications erations overseas. Some military forts to revive the nuclear accord. ton Institute for Near East Policy, ons systems that have slowed the a unified regional policy toward that Russian-backed forces are experts believe the Shahed-129 is a After President Donald Trump’s wrote in an essay posted Monday advance of Russian troops in re- Iran. Tensions between Washing- running out of precision weapons, Predator clone, a reverse-engi- unilateral withdrawal from the on the group’s website. Among the cent weeks. ton and Tehran have been further something that the UAVs from neering of a U.S. spy plane that agreement in 2018, Iran reneged possible benefits: “humiliating Sullivan said Iran is also pre- strained in recent weeks, amid Iran would change, he added. crashed in Iran several years ago. on its promise to limit its stockpile U.S. officials and their Saudi hosts paring to train the Russians on faltering nuclear talks and an up- of enriched uranium to levels far [and] demonstrating that Wash- how to use the weapons, with tick in rocket and drone attacks on “It’s difficult to evaluate what Iranian leaders have freely below what would be needed to ington cannot protect its friends initial training sessions set to be- U.S. military installations in the the effect will be, but it will clearly shared UAV systems with outside build a nuclear weapon. Since even while the president is visit- gin as soon as this month. Middle East, conducted by militia give the Russians more capability groups, most especially pro-Iran then, Tehran has blown past the ing,” he wrote. groups armed and funded by Iran. to conduct air attacks, presum- militias in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. agreed restrictions and now pos- Praveena Somasundaram ably deeper into Ukrainian terri- Iranian-designed drones have sess enough fissile material to contributed to this report. While Russia has its own exten- tory than they have now,” Kagan been used to attack U.S. and allied make at least one bomb, if it de- sive arsenal of drones, the arrival said.

A12 EZ RE K THE WASHINGTON POST . Why do 500,000 American app developers build on Google Play?

TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 EZ RE K A13 97% of developers pay no fees, benefitting from Google Play services for free 2.5 billion+ people use Google Play each month 125 billion apps are checked for safety every day with Google Play Protect $120 billion+ has been earned by developers since Google Play launched Today, hundreds of thousands of American developers choose Google Play to grow and scale their businesses. Google Play invests in the platform, tools, services, and marketing opportunities that support apps and games businesses worldwide. Learn how Google Play powers businesses at

A14 EZ RE K THE WASHINGTON POST . TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 ○ DOW 31,173.84 Economy & Business DOWN 164.31, 0.5% ○ NASDAQ 11,372.60 ○ S&P 500 3,854.43 ○ GOLD $1,731.70 ○ CRUDE OIL $104.09 ○ 10-YEAR TREASURY YIELD 2.99% CURRENCIES DOWN 262.71, 2.3% DOWN 44.95, 1.2% DOWN $10.60, 0.6% DOWN $0.70, 0.7% DOWN 2.8% $1= 137.41 YEN, 1.00 EURO Twitter shares slide after Musk moves to cancel takeover The monetary stakes are clear as the social media giant prepares for a potentially protracted legal battle to keep the billionaire Tesla CEO on the hook BY RACHEL LERMAN MICHAEL M. SANTIAGO/GETTY IMAGES settlement “sooner rather than AND YIWEN LU later, just because everybody is A Twitter logo is displayed at the New York Stock Exchange on Monday. Shares fell another 11.3 percent ahead of an expected lawsuit. dissatisfied on both sides.” Twitter has been thrust into the awkward position of going to over years. the hook for a $1 billion breakup The dropping stock price, un- same mind, tweeting just after The broader market ended in court to enforce a takeover it Ultimately, Musk’s decision to fee, and potentially more after easy workforce and general un- midnight Monday: “They said I sharply lower Monday as inves- wasn’t even sure it wanted in the court proceedings. Twitter has certainty plays into a “worst-case couldn’t buy Twitter. Then they tors geared up for earnings sea- first place. drop the bid stems from his retained a prominent New York scenario” for the company even if wouldn’t disclose bot info. Now son. The tech-heavy Nasdaq insistence the company is with- law firm to help it complete the it prevails in court, experts say, they want to force me to buy slumped about 2.3 percent to But with its stock in a nosedive holding information on bot ac- sale. because it opens the company to Twitter in court. Now they have to close at 11,372.60, while the S&P — falling another 11.3 percent on counts; Twitter contends it has new financial risks. Twitter could disclose bot info in court.” 500 sank 1.2 percent to end at Monday after Elon Musk moved turned over significant informa- Twitter sent a letter to Musk on be forced to make key business 3,854.43. The Dow Jones indus- Friday to back out of the $44 bil- tion. Sunday, saying that his move to metrics public, inviting skepti- The tweet included a meme trial average dropped 0.5 percent, lion deal — Twitter’s board is terminate the agreement is “in- cism from Wall Street about the with photos of Musk laughing. or nearly 165 points, to settle at expected to file a lawsuit in the Legal experts have said that it valid and wrongful” and demand- company’s health. 31,173.84. Delaware Court of Chancery as will be difficult for Musk to just ing that Musk fulfill his obliga- Carl Tobias, a law professor at soon as this week to keep the walk away from the deal with tions. Musk appeared to be of the the University of Richmond, be- Investors will be closely moni- billionaire Tesla CEO on the that reasoning. He could be on lieves the suit will end in a toring financial results from the hook. major banks this week, including JPMorgan Chase and Morgan The board has a responsibility Stanley on Thursday, and Wells to get the best value for share- Fargo, PNC Financial and Citi- holders, experts say, and right group on Friday, to gauge the now that path appears likely to health of the economy. Experts involve a lengthy legal battle to say the amounts they have in compel Musk to fulfill the agree- reserve — the amount of cash ment. they hold to meet central bank requirements — matters because The monetary stakes are clear: it shows their level of concern Twitter shares fell to their lowest about a recession. point in two months on Monday after Musk announced he was Wall Street has been trying to “terminating their merger agree- regroup after closing out the first ment” in a regulatory filing. The half of the year with steep losses stock closed at $32.65, nearly 40 in the face of soaring prices and percent below the $54.20 a share geopolitical turmoil. Changing price that Musk agreed to pay in monetary policy has fueled much April. of those declines this year: The Federal Reserve has raised its “It puts the Twitter board in a benchmark interest rate three tough position,” said David times in 2022 in an attempt to Larcker, a professor at Stanford’s tamp down inflation and sig- graduate school of business who naled that four more increases studies corporate governance. are on the docket. The most “Either the court is going to force recent hike, in June, came in at him to buy the company, the three-quarters of a percentage court is going to let him off the point, the Fed’s largest since hook with a buyout — or some- 1994. thing else is going to happen.” This week, the Bureau of Labor Another option could include a Statistics will release inflation possible renegotiation or settle- data for June. In May, the con- ment. sumer price index rose 8.6 per- cent, a 40-year high. The Biden The would-be deal has been administration and the Fed have tumultuous from the start, since warned that prices will continue Musk launched his hostile take- to rise until supply chains and over bid in April. It initially consumer demand recalibrate appeared as the though company and the economy recovers. might pass, but the board was persuaded that a sale would be in “The hope among investors the best interest of the company and traders is that this week they and shareholders. In the months will get to see a reading that will that followed, Musk has regularly confirm that inflation in the U.S. criticized Twitter on its own plat- has reached its peak level, and if form. Many employees have that happens, it will provide voiced concerns he would funda- some comfort to many traders in mentally alter operations, slash the market,” said Naeem Aslam, jobs and roll back content safe- chief market analyst at AvaTrade. guards that had been put in place FDA approval sought for nation’s first over-the-counter birth control pill BY LAURIE MCGINLEY tion and “doesn’t put any barri- Welgryn said the application remarks were short on details; 50 members of the House’s Pro- the-counter use of the emergen- A French drugmaker on Mon- ers” for its use, referring to the “is coming at the right moment,” instead, he directed Health and Choice Caucus wrote to FDA cy contraception pill, Plan B, also day asked for permission to sell age limits the agency initially given the Supreme Court’s over- Human Services Secretary Xavi- Commissioner Robert Califf urg- known as the “morning after daily birth control pills over the imposed for Plan B, the emergen- turning of Roe v. Wade last er Becerra to explore ways to ing the agency to move to make pill,” in 2006, but the medication counter for the first time in the cy contraceptive. month. protect access to abortion, in- oral contraceptives available became available without age United States, handing federal cluding access to FDA-approved without prescriptions. limits only in 2013 after years of regulators a major reproduc- “This is not a substitute for “It will provide another option abortion medication. wrangling, political controversy tive health issue just as the access to abortion care in the for managing reproductive “Birth control pills are one of and legal battles. Biden administration struggles U.S., but will provide one more health,” Welgryn said. “But it is Some advocates have won- the most studied medicines on to respond to the Supreme tool for the toolbox for prevent- not the solution for abortion dered whether the White House the market today and they meet “As we learned with Plan B, the Court decision striking down ing unintended pregnancies and access.” will press the FDA to move FDA’s standards for over-the- initial age restrictions were en- the constitutional right to abor- more options for family plan- quickly to approve the over-the- counter status,” the letter said. tirely unnecessary, and when tion. ning,” Wood said. Welgryn said the company counter switch for the birth con- “Additionally, evidence supports these age restrictions were final- Paris-based HRA Pharma said expects the FDA review of the trol pill. the safety and benefits of over- ly dropped did not increase any in a news release that it submit- Oral contraceptives have been application to take about the-counter birth control pills risks for young people. (The sky ted its application to the U.S. available in the United States 10 months. The FDA declined to But a senior administration with no age restriction, and ado- did not fall!),” Wood said. “In Food and Drug Administration with a prescription for six dec- comment. official said the White House will lescent sexual and reproductive fact, expanded access to anyone for a progestin-only daily oral ades. The HRA Pharma pill, probably be careful not to place health experts support access for needing contraception will only contraceptive. Progestin is a syn- called Opill, was approved by Women’s health groups and overt pressure on the agency, people of all ages.” reduce the risk of unintended thetic form of the hormone pro- the FDA on a prescription-only major medical organizations saying that tactic carried politi- pregnancy, hopefully something gesterone. basis in 1973 and marketed for such as the American Medical cal risks and would fly in the face The agency is increasingly we all agree on.” “This is good news,” Susan F. several years by Pfizer. It has not Association and the American of the administration’s oft-cited finding itself in the middle of Wood, a former assistant com- been sold in the United States College of Obstetricians and Gy- pledge that it will follow the battles over reproductive health In addition to HRA Pharma, missioner for women’s health at for more than a decade, and necologists have expressed sup- science on medical decisions. and abortion. In December, it another company, Cadence the FDA and now director of HRA Pharma acquired it in port for years for making birth The official spoke on the condi- dropped a requirement that Health, has been working with George Washington University’s 2014. control pills available over the tion of anonymity because they women seeking the abortion pill the FDA to move oral contracep- Jacobs Institute of Women’s counter. were not authorized to discuss pick up the medication in person tives over the counter. Cadence, Health, said in an email. She said Frédérique Welgryn, chief the issue publicly. at a doctor’s office; now, patients which is working on a pill that is she hoped the FDA would strategic operations and innova- President Biden on Friday an- can take part in a telehealth a progesterone-estrogen combi- promptly approve the applica- tion officer at HRA Pharma, said nounced steps aimed at bolster- Pressure to make birth control appointment and receive the nation, has said that it will in an interview that the company ing abortion rights, responding pills available over the counter — medication in the mail, in states conduct additional studies be- has been working on switching to growing demands from activ- as they are in more than 100 where that is permitted. fore submitting an application to the pill to over-the-counter sta- ists that he take bolder and more countries — has been building the FDA. tus for years. forceful action weeks after the for years. In March, more than The agency approved over- Supreme Court decision. But his DIGEST PHARMACEUTICALS finances or activities. settle U.S. opioid lawsuits natural gas for an extended given Cheniere’s gigantic ALSO IN BUSINESS “This new evidence shows an nationwide. period and endanger the LNG plant on the outskirts of A federal judge said Subway N.Y. attorney general: country’s efforts to ramp up the Gulf Coast city of Corpus can be sued for allegedly Teva lied on opioids even greater disregard for the James’s lawsuit is among supplies to Europe, according to Christi a pass for overshooting deceiving customers about its pain and destruction that this more than 3,300 filed by state, documents reviewed by Reuters. emissions limits on other tuna products, including a claim New York’s attorney general company fueled,” and may local and Native American tribal pollutants, according to it uses other fish species, on Monday said Teva constitute a “fraud on the court,” governments accusing The request imposes an previous Reuters reporting. chicken, pork and cattle instead Pharmaceutical Industries lied James said. drugmakers of downplaying uncomfortable dilemma on of the advertised “100% tuna.” to evade accountability for opioid addiction, and President Biden’s At issue is a rule under the U.S. District Judge Jon Tigar in helping fuel the state’s opioid The attorney general also said distributors and pharmacies of administration as it tries to U.S. Clean Air Act called the San Francisco called it crisis, and should be restored to Teva’s use of offshore accounts ignoring red flags about how balance efforts to slash National Emissions Standards premature to accept Subway’s litigation where the Israeli to shelter potentially large sums opioids were being misused. pollution from the fossil fuel for Hazardous Pollutants, which argument that any presence of company’s U.S. unit had been of money from its American industry against promises to imposes curbs on emissions of non-tuna DNA might result found liable. business created “real concern” — Reuters help European allies cut energy known carcinogens like from eggs in mayonnaise, or the company might not pay ties with Moscow over its formaldehyde and benzene from cross-contact with other In a court filing, Attorney damages following a Dec. 30 ENERGY invasion of Ukraine. stationary combustion turbines. ingredients that its restaurants’ General Letitia James (D) said Suffolk County jury verdict that employees handle. In a new evidence showed that a the U.S. unit violated state Cheniere seeks an Denying Cheniere could The Environmental statement, Subway said it senior Teva tax executive had in public nuisance laws. emissions exemption reduce America’s LNG exports Protection Agency (announced “serves 100% tuna” and was a sworn affidavit made for months or years, while in February that starting in disappointed the “reckless and “demonstrably false” In a statement, Teva said: Cheniere Energy has asked granting its request would mean August, the rule will apply to improper” lawsuit could representations that the parent “Teva denies misleading the for an exemption from limits on ongoing emissions of toxic two types of gas-fired turbines continue. did not promote or sell opioids court, and after the court is fully emissions of cancer-causing pollutants into poor and that had been left out of the in the United States, or control briefed we expect the judge to pollutants, arguing they would minority neighborhoods Biden regulation for nearly two — From news services Teva Pharmaceuticals USA’s rule in our favor.” reduce shipments from the top has vowed to protect. decades. U.S. exporter of liquefied The company said in May it Texas regulators have already — Reuters may have to pay $2.6 billion to

TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 . THE WASHINGTON POST EZ RE A15 THE MARKETS 6 Monitor your investments at Data and graphics by DOW JONES NASDAQ COMPOSITE INDEX STANDARD & POOR'S Close 36,800 '21 Close 17,000 '21 Close 4,800 '21 31,173.84 11,372.60 3,854.43 1D % Change 33,340 1D % Change 13,000 1D % Change 4,230 -0.5% -2.3% -1.2% YTD % Change YTD % Change YTD % Change -14.2% -27.3% -19.1% 29,880 10,000 3,660 J A S O N D J F M A M JJ J A S O N D J F M A M JJ J A S O N D J F M A M JJ Dow Jones 30 Industrials RATES S&P 500 Industry Group Snapshot Company Close 1D % Chg % Company Close 1D % Chg % B4an.7k P5rim%e 5.75%30-Yr Fixed mtge '21 10-yr note Industry Group Daily % -40.7% Chg % 1Yr +40.7% Chg YTD Chg YTD 4.94%15-Yr Fixed mtge Yield: J&J 1.75%Federal Funds 31-Y.r8AR5M% Construction Materials Chg 3M Co 129.01 0.2 -27.4 JPMorgan 178.35 0.0 4.3 2.99% Electric Utilities AmerExpCo 140.58 -0.8 -14.1 McDonald's 112.86 -1.3 -28.7 2.42%LIBOR 3-Month 5Yr CD Natl Multi-Utilities 1.6 Amgen Inc 247.78 -0.3 10.1 Merck & Co 253.28 0.0 -5.5 5-yr note Household Products 0.7 Apple Inc 144.87 -1.5 -18.4 Microsoft 1.6 23.0 Consumer Rates 1.56 Yield: Building Products 0.7 Boeing 136.99 -1.5 -32.0 NIKE Inc 94.30 -1.2 -21.4 Automobiles 0.6 Caterpillr 175.02 -2.3 -15.3 Prcter& Gmbl 264.51 -2.6 -36.9 Money Market Natl New Car Loan Natl 3.06% Auto Components 0.1 Chevron 141.51 -0.9 20.6 Salesforce 105.11 0.7 -10.7 Internet & Catalog Retail -6.2 Cisco Sys -0.3 -31.8 Travelers Cos I 146.04 -0.6 -31.4 0.11 5.07 2-yr note Semiconductors & Semi Eqp -4.4 Coca-Cola 43.25 -0.3 6.3 UntdHlthGr 174.36 -0.3 7.7 Yield: Textiles & Apparel -3.2 Dow Inc 62.94 -0.7 -10.1 Verzn Comm 168.52 -0.3 2.9 6Mo CD Natl Home Equity Loan Natl -2.9 Gldman Schs 51.01 -1.1 -23.4 Visa Inc 516.95 0.0 -2.8 3.07% -2.6 Hnywll Int 293.18 -0.3 -17.1 Walgreens 0.7 -5.4 0.50 7.41 Home Depot 172.84 0.0 -31.0 Walmart 50.50 -0.3 -28.2 6-month bill Gainers and Losers from the S&P 1500 Index IBM 286.39 0.4 5.5 Walt Disney 205.06 0.0 -13.3 1Yr CD Natl Yield: 1D % 1D % Intel Corp 141.00 -2.1 -27.8 -2.3 -39.5 Company Close Chg Company Close Chg 37.20 37.43 0.94 2.68% Cross Country Hlth 24.38 8.4 Pennant Group Inc 125.45 10.77 -12.0 Mexico $ Murphy USA Inc 266.79 4.6 Twitter Inc 32.65 -11.3 93.64 20.74 AMN Hlth Services 117.01 3.4 SiriusPoint Ltd 4.59 -11.2 Currency Exchange 6.38 -10.8 YTD % Chg Seneca Foods Corp 55.67 3.4 Tupperware Brands 8.22 -10.7 COMMODITIES EU € Japan ¥ Britain £ Brazil R$ Canada $ +11.4% 137.68 -10.3 StoneX Group Inc 76.97 3.0 Coherus Biosciences 2.82 -9.9 Futures Close 1D % Chg Futures Close 1D % Chg 1.00 137.41 0.84 5.38 1.30 +19.3% 4.99 -9.9 Range Resources Corp 26.33 2.8 Helen of Troy Ltd 14.42 -9.6 Copper 3.43 -2.6 Silver 19.13 -0.5 +11.9% 29.53 -9.5 -0.7 Sugar 18.86 -0.8 INTERNATIONAL STOCK MARKETS CONSOL Energy Inc 51.42 2.7 Diebold Nixdorf Inc 16.39 -8.8 Crude Oil 104.09 -0.6 Soybean 14.05 0.6 17.70 -8.7 6.5 Wheat -3.9 Frontdoor Inc 25.70 2.5 8x8 Inc 12.35 -8.5 Gold 1731.70 0.2 Corn 8.57 0.9 Markets 3.53 -7.8 6.29 Kontoor Brands Inc 34.31 2.4 LivePerson Inc 12.51 -7.6 Natural Gas 6.43 Americas Daily 8.06 -7.5 % Chg -11.4% AZZ Inc 42.01 2.4 Greenbrier Cos Inc 43.48 -7.3 Orange Juice 1.64 BRAZIL IBOVESPA INDEX Close 24.45 -7.1 S&P/TSX COMPOSITE INDEX Cboe Global Markets 121.28 2.3 SunPower Corp 91.25 -7.1 S&P/BMV IPC 98212.46 -2.1 6.34 -7.0 18816.80 Perrigo Co PLC 41.99 2.2 Enhabit Inc 47369.89 -1.1 $1000 invested over 1 Year $1000 invested over 1 Month MartinMariettaMatrl 313.58 2.0 O-I Glass Inc -0.4 $1762 UGI Corp 40.03 2.0 Nektar Therapeutics Exchange-Traded 1D % Chg $713 Europe -19.3% Lakeland Financial 68.52 1.9 Unisys Corp (Ticker) -3.1 STXE 600 (EUR) Pr 415.02 -0.5 Duke Energy Corp 107.96 1.9 eHealth Inc -2.8 CAC 40 INDEX 5996.30 -0.6 Coffee (COFF.L) 3.1 DAX INDEX 12832.44 -1.4 Carter's Inc 76.04 1.9 LendingTree Inc Copper (COPA.L) -1.6 FTSE 100 INDEX 7196.59 0.0 Corn (CORN.L) -0.3 SpiritRealtyCapital 40.50 1.9 Cerence Inc Cotton (COTN.L) -0.4 Crude Oil (CRUD.L) -0.4 Taylor Morrison Home 25.81 1.8 Heska Corp Gasoline (UGAS.L) 4.3 Gold (BULL.L) -0.6 Asia Pacific -11.9% Universal Corp/VA 53.94 1.7 Sabre Corp Natural Gas (NGAS.L) Silver (SLVR.L) S&P/ASX 200 INDEX 6602.16 -1.1 Data and graphics by: Note: Bank prime is from 10 major banks. Federal Funds rate is the market CSI 300 INDEX 4354.62 -1.7 rate, which can vary from the federal target rate. LIBOR is the London HANG SENG INDEX 21124.20 -2.8 Bloomberg Interbank Offered Rate. Consumer rates are from Bankrate. All figures as of NIKKEI 225 26812.30 1.1 4:30 p.m. New York time. ‘American Cartel’ Tuesday, July 12 at 1:00 p.m. A Conversation with Alex Gibney Scott Higham Sari Horwitz Academy Award-winning Investigative Reporter Investigative Reporter Documentarian The Washington Post The Washington Post Higham and Horwitz discuss their new book, “American Cartel,” with Academy Award-winning documentarian Alex Gibney. To register to watch, visit: or scan code using a smartphone camera: @POSTLIVE #POSTLIVE Listen wherever podcasts are available. Did you hear The Post today? S0108 6x1 Washington Post podcasts go with you everywhere Politics • History • Culture • More

A16 EZ RE THE WASHINGTON POST . TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 Officials push to offer second booster shot to all adults BY DAN DIAMOND, FREDERIC J. BROWN/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY IMAGES velops a highly targeted response LAURIE MCGINLEY to earlier versions of a virus and AND LENA H. SUN A woman receives a coronavirus vaccine in Los Angeles. Biden officials are worried by data that suggests immunity wanes within several fails to adapt as that virus evolves. Biden administration officials months of the first booster shot. Expanding access would allow people who are boosted now to receive reformulated shots later this year. are developing a plan to allow all “As you continue to boost with adults to receive a second corona- that all Americans age 5 and older and that their first booster shot is lored to target the omicron sub- cine Education Center at the Chil- the same ancestral strain, you virus booster shot, pending feder- receive at least one booster shot critical, Fauci said, “we also need variants. dren’s Hospital of Philadelphia lock yourself into that response,” al agency sign-offs, as the White several months after undergoing to allow people who are under 50 and an outside adviser to the Offit said. “Should there ever be a House and health experts seek to their initial vaccinations, al- to get their second booster shot, The White House referred FDA, has repeatedly criticized virus that is truly resistant to blunt a virus surge that has sent though the timing varies based on since it may have been months questions to its health agencies. federal officials for what he char- protection against serious illness hospitalizations to their highest which vaccine was originally ad- since many of them got their first An FDA spokesperson said the acterized as “booster mania.” . . . you need to start all over again levels since March 3. ministered. Regulators in March booster.” agency is evaluating the situa- and give that vaccine.” Virus levels have risen across also said adults over age 50 and tion, including the emerging epi- “I do think [a second booster the country, fueled by ever-more- some immunocompromised peo- “If I got my third shot [in 2021], demiology indicating increased shot] does make sense for certain Other experts and officials em- contagious omicron subvariants ple should receive a second boost- it is very likely the immunity is hospitalizations, and will be open groups, but a universal boosting brace the idea of making a fourth such as BA.5 that evade some er. waning,” he added. to all potential options to address strategy doesn’t make sense,” Of- shot more widely available. immune protections and have in- this, if necessary. The CDC did not fit said in an interview Monday, creased the risk of reinfections. While about 67 percent of all Another official said some ad- immediately respond to a request citing data showing that three At a recent FDA vaccine advi- About 112,000 new cases have Americans have been fully vacci- ministration experts are worried for comment. doses of mRNA vaccine provided sory committee meeting, Kent been reported per day, according nated against the virus, only the BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants of long-lasting protection against Carper, president of the Kanawha to The Washington Post’s rolling 34 percent of eligible Americans omicron “might be a little worse” CDC Director Rochelle Walen- severe disease. “At some level, County Commission in West Vir- seven-day average — with the have received a first booster dose, than earlier virus lineages, citing sky and FDA officials have pri- we’re going to have to get used to ginia, pleaded with the agency for actual number probably many according to federal data. the modest increase in hospital- vately signaled their openness to mild illness and moderate illness broader eligibility for second times higher, experts say, as most izations and concerns the trend the strategy, three officials said. as part of this virus — which is booster shots so that younger first Americans test at home. Hospi- In an interview, Fauci said he’s might worsen. “This is a really complex decision, going to be with us for the rest of responders could get them. talization and death levels are “leaning” toward allowing sec- and there are pros and cons that my life, the rest of my children’s mounting, although they remain ond booster shots for younger Those officials hope to move need to be carefully weighed,” one lives, the rest of their children’s “There is an urgent need for significantly below January adults, pending authorization within the next two weeks to of the officials said. lives.” second booster shots to protect peaks, with about 38,000 people from the Food and Drug Adminis- broaden eligibility for boosters our first responders,” Carper said. hospitalized with covid as of Sun- tration and agreement by the and avoid having the strategy get Some outside experts have cau- Offit also warned that repeat- “First responders include law en- day and an average daily death CDC. tangled up with the administra- tioned against a second booster edly administering the same vac- forcement, firefighters, EMTs, toll of 327 as of Monday. tion’s planned vaccination cam- shot for more Americans, howev- cine could lead to a phenomenon telecommunicators, nurses and Currently, a second booster While persuading those who paign this fall. That effort is likely er, saying there is scant data sup- known as “imprinting,” where an our doctors. It’s important this is shot is available only to those 50 haven’t gotten vaccinated or fully to kick off in October, using refor- porting the strategy. individual’s immune system de- done now and not later.” and older, as well as to those 12 vaccinated to get the full regimen mulated vaccines specifically tai- and older who are immunocom- Paul Offit, director of the Vac- Peter Hotez, a molecular virol- promised. But administration of- ogist and dean of the National ficials are concerned by data that School of Tropical Medicine at suggests immunity wanes within Baylor College of Medicine, told several months of the first boost- The Post that he supports the er shot. Swiftly expanding access authorization of a second booster to booster shots also would en- shot for people younger than 50. able people who are boosted now to receive reformulated shots that We have already seen the ben- target newer virus variants, when efits in 50 and older,” he said, those become available, probably citing a pattern that has emerged later this year. In addition, offi- with earlier data. “Eventually cials want to use vaccine doses what’s true for older people turns that are reaching their expiration out to be true for younger folks — dates and would otherwise be it just takes longer to reveal itself.” discarded. While the booster plan still According to preliminary un- needs formal sign-off from regu- published CDC data presented to lators and public health officials, the FDA’s vaccine advisory com- it has the backing of White House mittee late last month, a fourth coronavirus coordinator Ashish mRNA dose was 62 percent effec- Jha and Anthony S. Fauci, the tive in preventing urgent care and government’s top infectious-dis- emergency room visits among ease expert, according to five offi- healthy adults older than 50 dur- cials who like others interviewed ing omicron, when different sub- in this report spoke on the condi- variants were dominant. A fourth tion of anonymity because they dose was 80 percent effective in were not authorized to discuss preventing hospitalizations. the plan. The Centers for Disease Con- But Ruth Link-Gelles, a CDC trol and Prevention recommends epidemiologist who leads the agency’s task force on vaccine effectiveness, said that while a fourth dose provides “substantial additional protection” among those with frail immune systems and healthy adults over 50, it was “too early to draw conclusions” about a fourth dose in the broader population. Pat Gelsinger, CEO, Intel Gelsinger discusses the global shortage of computer chips and Intel’s investments to expand U.S. manufacturing capacity on Tuesday, July 12 at 12:00 p.m. To register to watch, visit: or scan code below using a smartphone camera: @POSTLIVE #POSTLIVE Listen wherever podcasts are available.

TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 . THE WASHINGTON POST EZ RE A17 The Uber files | A global investigation Former top executive comes forward as whistleblower Onetime chief lobbyist in spokesman said Monday that in the face of legal or regulatory “We had actually sold DAVID LEVENE/GUARDIAN lives,” MacGann said in a state- Europe acknowledges his MacGann was paid 550,000 euros hurdles. people a lie — how can ment. “I am disgusted and role in Uber’s strategies (about $554,000). “It is notewor- And MacGann played a role in ashamed that I was a party to the thy that Mark felt compelled to In media interviews and speak- you have a clear the conversations around pro- trivialisation of such violence.” BY ELAHE IZADI ‘blow the whistle’ only after his ing engagements throughout his conscience if you don’t tests against Uber that had erupt- Mark MacGann, a former high- check cleared,” Edwardsen said. tenure, MacGann declared that stand up and own your ed in some European cities — Angry taxi drivers who thought ranking Uber executive who Uber was not “anti-regulation” contribution to how sometimes involving physical at- their livelihoods were threatened served as the company’s public MacGann had previously ac- but simply a “tech company” us- people are being treated tacks on Uber drivers — accord- by Uber saw MacGann as the face face in Europe during a tumultu- knowledged that “certainly, I ing data to match supply with ing to the internal communica- of the company and, at times, ous period of expansion, revealed have had my grievances with demand — and that’s why, he today?” tions the lobbyist leaked. aimed their ire at him. He said himself Monday as the whistle- Uber in the past.” On Monday, argued, it shouldn’t have to abide that he received death threats on blower behind blockbuster rev- after Uber released its statement, by the old regulatory models for Mark MacGann, who pushed In a text message exchange Twitter and harassment at air- elations into the ride-hailing he said that his conversations the taxi industry. Uber’s European expansion from January 2016, Kalanick ports and train stations, and that company’s inner workings. with the Guardian began in De- urged his top lieutenants to orga- taxi drivers followed him, record- A longtime European lobbyist, cember, five months before Uber Now, MacGann summarizes between 2014 and 2016 nize a counterprotest in Paris and ed where he lived and posted MacGann interacted with top moved to settle his legal dispute, Uber’s strategy as one of simply appeared to downplay concerns photos online of him with his global business and government and that “my lawyers are still barging into new markets and “about taxi violence” against children. “They needed someone leaders during his tenure with the fighting for me to receive the full expanding as best it could, de- Uber drivers. “I think it’s worth to shout at. They needed some- company between 2014 and 2016 payment.” He said he put no spite awareness that it may well it,” Kalanick wrote. “Violence body to intimidate, somebody to but also came face to face with the restrictions on when journalists have been violating local laws. guarantee success.” threaten,” MacGann said. “I be- violent protests over Uber’s dis- could use the documents he came that person.” ruptive practices. leaked to them. “The mantra that people re- Spurgeon said the former exec- He said he left the company peated from one office to another utive “never suggested that Uber In one incident, he said, a having concluded that Uber’s cul- MacGann added: “The data I was the mantra from the top,” should take advantage of violence group of taxi protesters in Rome ture left him powerless to ques- have made public speaks for it- MacGann said. “Don’t ask for at the expense of driver safety. blocked a car carrying him and a tion or change its ways, and fear- self.” permission. Just launch, hustle, Any accusation that Mr. Kalanick colleague away from a meeting ing that the rancorous backlash enlist drivers, go out, do the mar- directed, engaged in, or was in- with an adviser to the Italian against the company put his fam- MacGann is the latest whistle- keting, and quickly people will volved in any of these activities is prime minister. The harassment ily’s safety at risk. blower who has gone public wake up and see what a great completely false.” Hazelbaker, the persisted even after he cut ties MacGann leaked more than about a decision to leak confiden- thing Uber is.” Uber spokeswoman, acknowl- with Uber; in 2017, police were 124,000 company documents to tial documents that have illumi- edged past mistakes in how driv- called after he said taxi drivers the Guardian, which shared the nated how some of the world’s Devon Spurgeon, a spokes- ers were treated, especially in the surrounded his Uber ride outside materials with the International most powerful and consequential woman for Uber founder and years that Kalanick ran the com- a train station in Brussels. Consortium of Investigative Jour- players, including tech giants and then-chief executive Travis Ka- pany, but said that no one, includ- nalists, which helped lead the governmental agencies, operate. lanick, said in a statement that ing Kalanick, wanted to see vio- MacGann said he does not project, and dozens of other news Uber’s “expansion initiatives lence against Uber drivers. blame those who lashed out at organizations, including The In 2013, former government were led by over a hundred lead- him and shares their frustration Washington Post. The Uber Files, contractor Edward Snowden re- ers in dozens of countries around In his interview with the with Uber’s business practices. which date to between 2013 and vealed himself as the confidential the world and at all times under Guardian, MacGann said he He was dismayed that the compa- 2017, reveal the ride-hailing com- source who provided documents the direct oversight and with the thinks Kalanick “meant that the ny’s only reaction to the threats pany’s aggressive entrance into to the Guardian and The Post, full approval of Uber’s robust only way to get governments to against him was to assign him cities around the world — and its which exposed the National Secu- legal, policy, and compliance change the rules, and legalize bodyguards. “There was no frequent challenges to the reach rity Agency’s vast global surveil- groups.” Kalanick helped pioneer Uber and allow Uber to grow, as change in behavior,” MacGann of existing laws and regulations. lance programs. In 2018, former a business model that “required a Uber wished, would be to keep said. “No change in tactics. No MacGann, 52, came forward in Cambridge Analytica research di- change of the status quo, as Uber the fight, to keep the controversy change in tone. It was, keep the a video interview with the Guard- rector Christopher Wylie shared became a serious competitor in burning. And if that meant Uber fight, keep the fire burning.” ian published Monday. As the materials with journalists that an industry where competition drivers going on strike, Uber driv- chief lobbyist charged with push- showed how the data firm had had been historically outlawed,” ers doing a demo in the streets, MacGann said he didn’t see ing Uber’s European expansion, improperly harvested data from she added. Uber drivers blocking Barcelona, how to promote fundamental MacGann said he bears some millions of Facebook users to blocking Berlin, blocking Paris, change from the inside. In No- responsibility for company ac- target voters on behalf of the In a statement sent to The Post then that was the way to go.” vember 2015, he announced his tions he now condemns — includ- Donald Trump campaign. And in after MacGann unmasked him- resignation, around the same ing the way it wooed govern- 2021, former Facebook product self Monday, Spurgeon said, “We MacGann added: “Of course time several other top executives ments and the public with rosy manager Frances Haugen shared have no comment at this point.” it’s dangerous. It’s also, in a way, also left. visions of upward mobility and confidential company documents very selfish. Because he was not economic freedom for low-in- with the Wall Street Journal, and The Uber Files also implicate the guy on the street who is being “This was not a culture where come drivers. later the U.S. Securities and Ex- MacGann, though, along with his threatened, who is being at- you could actually stand up and Pulling back the curtain on the change Commission, that showed former colleagues, in some of tacked, who is being beaten up question the company’s decisions company’s operations during the company failing to thwart the Uber’s more hard-charging busi- and, in some cases, shot.” or the company’s strategy,” he those years — even exposing com- spread of false and incendiary ness practices. They show him said. “I realized that I was having munications that show his role in content. The Facebook Papers, personally appealing to Emman- MacGann had been part of that no impact, that I was wasting my some of Uber’s more controver- like the Uber Files, were reviewed uel Macron, then the economy text exchange, as one of the voices time with the company, and that sial practices — is his attempt to by a consortium of news organi- minister for France, after a local raising concerns about safety. But feeling, at that point in my career, make amends, he said. zations, including The Post. official in the city of Marseille emails from several months earli- combined with the fact that I was “I was the one talking to gov- banned an Uber service in 2015, er show him praising a 2015 cor- worried not just for my own safe- ernments, I was the one pushing Whistleblowing can lead to and participating in an aggres- porate strategy to encourage me- ty but the safety of my family and this with the media, I was the one major investigations, prosecu- sive lobbying and influence cam- dia coverage of violence against my friends.” telling people that they should tions and new laws. Although paign to try to solidify a foothold Uber drivers in the Netherlands. change the rules because drivers their motivations may be com- in Russia. MacGann later received a post- were going to benefit and people plex, corporate or government “There is no excuse for how the traumatic stress disorder diagno- were going to get so much eco- leakers often express a belief that company played with people’s sis, which a March 2019 medical nomic opportunity,” he said. public disclosure of confidential report said was linked in part to “When that turned out not to be activities is the only way to guar- the stress he experienced during the case — we had actually sold antee the change they hope to see. his time at Uber. people a lie — how can you have a clear conscience if you don’t MacGann is an Irishman who MacGann did not share those stand up and own your contribu- speaks fluent French and spent concerns publicly at the time. He tion to how people are being more than two decades as a tech, told the Financial Times that his treated today?” telecommunications and finan- 18 months thus far at Uber was But MacGann ultimately fault- cial services lobbyist throughout “like five years anywhere else … ed the company for what he said Europe before joining Uber. He it’s all consuming, but it feels like was its willingness “to break all began working for the company a privilege.” He told the Wall the rules and use its money and as a consultant in summer 2014. Street Journal that he was confi- its power, to impact, to destroy.” dent the company had “turned a Uber spokeswoman Jill Hazel- Months later, he was brought corner” in Europe and that “it’s baker said “mistakes” made earli- onto the staff as a chief lobbyist hard to leave what is unquestion- er in Uber’s history led five years with a tall order: courting govern- ably the most exciting enterprise ago to “one of the most infamous ments in more than 40 countries of our generation.” reckonings in the history of cor- across Europe, Africa and the porate America,” which involved Middle East. It was a role that Rachel Whetstone, then Uber’s lawsuits, investigations and sev- placed him at the nexus of power communications and public pol- eral departures from the ranks of at a whirlwind moment for the icy chief, called MacGann “a won- executive leadership. company. A business world still in derful leader” who helped the “We have not and will not make thrall to the rise of tech compa- company recognize “the need for excuses for past behavior that is nies such as Google and Facebook modern regulations that promote clearly not in line with our pre- perceived Uber as a next big safety while also increasing sent values,” she said. “Instead, thing; investors vied to get in on choice.” David Plouffe, then we ask the public to judge us by the ground floor, and top talent Uber’s head of global policy, what we’ve done over the last five signed on for executive roles with called him “a terrific advocate for years and what we will do in the the hope of stock options that Uber on three continents.” Both years to come.” could turn into mini-fortunes. have since left the company. Regarding MacGann, though, Uber spokesman Noah Edwards- Uber was “the hottest ticket in MacGann stayed at Uber as a en said in a statement Monday town, and to a certain extent, consultant until August 2016. In that “he is in no position to speak both on the investor side and also November of that year he joined credibly about Uber today.” He on the political side, people were Russian-owned telecommunica- said that “Mark had only praise almost falling over themselves in tions firm VimpelCom, which for Uber when he left the compa- order to meet with Uber and to several months earlier reached a ny six years ago,” citing a depar- hear what we had to offer,” said $835 million settlement on U.S. ture email in which MacGann MacGann, who suddenly found and Dutch bribery charges. Later, called himself “a strong believer he had personal access to world he started his own company. in Uber’s mission.” leaders and their advisers. It was MacGann and Uber recently an “intoxicating” experience, he But his time with Uber re- settled a legal dispute out of court said. mained with him long after his that the Guardian reported relat- stint ended. ed to compensation. Uber’s But the company was facing resistance in several countries, “I own what I did, but if it turns primarily from taxi drivers who out that what I was trying to couldn’t compete with the low persuade governments, minis- fares offered by Uber, whose driv- ters, prime ministers, presidents ers in new cities were heavily and drivers turned out to be subsidized, at first, with millions horribly, horribly wrong and un- of dollars in investor capital. Pro- true, then it’s incumbent upon me tests erupted in Berlin, London to go back and say, ‘I think we and Paris. Local courts in Ger- made a mistake,’ ” MacGann told many restricted some of Uber’s the Guardian. “To the extent that services. MacGann was put in people want me to help, I want to charge of a team tasked with play a role in trying to correct that lobbying governments to allow mistake.” Uber to make inroads, sometimes Aaron C. Davis and Alice Crites contributed to this report. Retropolis She had a loud, Stories of the past, rediscovered. nonstop crunching noise in her head… Read “Medical Mysteries,” Tuesdays in Health & Science. S0129-3x2.5 S0137-3x2.5

A18 EZ RE THE WASHINGTON POST . TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 The Uber files | A global investigation Extensive systems developed to confound official inquiries UBER FROM A1 LUCY NALAND/WASHINGTON POST ILLUSTRATION; REMKO DE WAAL/ANP/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY; UBER SCREENSHOTS; ISTOCK tag Koenig, a teacher at Universi- té Paris Nanterre with a doctorate Uber’s use of what insiders Uber discussed or invoked the on the condition of anonymity to “On every occasion IT department and through an- in criminal law who specializes in called the “kill switch” was a kill switch — code-named Ripley describe sensitive matters. where I was personally other location in Denmark to pro- technology issues. brazen example of how the com- — more than a dozen times in at involved in ‘kill switch’ tect local employees who might pany employed technological least six countries over a two-year “I don’t have any comment on activities, I was acting otherwise be accused of obstruc- Uber’s Hazelbaker said that tools to prevent authorities from span, according to the new docu- whether that was the case back on the express orders tion or forced to override it, two “Uber does not have a ‘kill switch’ successfully investigating the ments and previous reporting on then, but that’s certainly not how from my management former employees said. Accord- designed to thwart regulatory in- company’s business practices as it the tool. References to Greyball we would respond today,” said ing to the documents, Uber used quiries anywhere in the world” disrupted the global taxi industry, appear repeatedly, in countries Uber spokesman Noah Edwards- in San Francisco.” it to cut access to devices that and that it has not used one since according to the documents. including Denmark, Belgium and en. could have been seized in raids, Kalanick’s replacement, Khos- Germany. The documents show Mark MacGann, sometimes while authorities rowshahi, became chief execu- During this era, as Uber’s valu- that, in at least some cases, Uber’s Such confrontations forced Uber’s former top lobbyist in Europe searched for evidence within tive. Although software that re- ation was surging past $50 bil- legal department in San Francis- questions about long-established Uber’s offices. motely isolates devices is stan- lion, government raids occurred co was aware of the use of the kill taxi regulations into view. Nega- dard for companies to use in cases with such frequency that the com- switch. tive articles about arrests and Uber officials eventually began of lost or stolen laptops, Uber said pany distributed a Dawn Raid other clashes, meanwhile, in- hitting the kill switch as soon as “such software should never have Manual to employees on how to Uber employees sometimes ex- creased public awareness of the they considered a raid imminent, been used to thwart legitimate respond. It ran more than 2,600 pressed concern about the use of service, a former employee told the documents show. The action regulatory actions.” words with 66 bullet points. They technological tools amid multi- The Post. blocked the laptops from access- included “Move the Regulators plying government investiga- ing information held on remote The statement from Kalanick’s into a meeting room that does not tions. In a text exchange in Janu- Kalanick exuded an overt hos- servers, former employees said, spokeswoman said, “Travis Ka- contain any files” and “Never ary 2016, officials in Europe dis- tility toward the taxi industry — making the devices unable to re- lanick never authorized any ac- leave the Regulators alone.” cussed the pros and cons of build- which he dubbed “Big Taxi” — and trieve even email. tions or programs that would ing an alternative version of the the regulators, he argued, pro- obstruct justice in any country.” That document, like the text Uber app. tected it from competition, the Some employees engaged in She also rejected as “completely and email exchanges related to documents and news reports stall tactics so the kill switch false” any allegation that he “di- the Amsterdam raid, are part of “Point is more to avoid enforce- show. could be activated before police rected, engaged in, or was in- the Uber Files, an 18.7-gigabyte ment,” wrote Thibaud Simphal, got their hands on their devices volved” in any activity that may trove of data that former top Uber then general manager for Uber in In the period covered in the by, among other strategies, asking have obstructed justice. lobbyist Mark MacGann provided France. documents, Uber was embarking that the police or tax authorities to the Guardian. It shared the on an aggressive expansion in wait together in a room without Local operations managers, trove with the International Con- Simphal, who is now Uber’s countries such as Spain, France, computers until local lawyers ar- who had a great deal of autonomy sortium of Investigative Journal- global head of sustainability, said the Netherlands and Belgium — rived, according to the docu- in running their own offices, of- ists, a nonprofit newsroom in in a recent statement: “From 2014 many of which outlawed paid ments and interviews with people ten made the initial requests for Washington that helped lead the to 2017, Uber has been in the news transport in private personal ve- familiar with the tactics. activation of the kill switch, said project, and dozens of other news both for its positive impact on hicles. former employees. That would organizations, including The mobility and the economic oppor- “The procedure was, if you lead to consultations with the Washington Post. The files, span- tunities it has created and for Regulators barged in, conduct- have law enforcement, you try to general manager of the relevant ning 2013 to 2017, include 83,000 certain practices that do not com- ing raid after raid, in an effort to buy time by greeting them, and global region as well as top execu- emails and thousands of other ply with the frameworks and re- prove Uber was flouting the law, call San Francisco,” said one of tives in California, according to communications, presentations quirements of the countries in while police conducted stings to Uber’s former lawyers in Europe, former executives and the docu- and direct messages. MacGann which we have developed. We catch drivers in the act. who spoke on the condition of ments. Employees sometimes was the company’s head of public have publicly acknowledged this. anonymity to describe the tactics. copied top officials including Ka- policy for Europe, the Middle Our current CEO, Dara Khosrow- Inside Uber’s offices, however, “Even if it was 2 a.m. in San lanick and general counsel Salle East and Africa from 2014 to 2016. shahi, has been transparent law enforcement agents were Francisco, there were people who Yoo. San Francisco executives typ- about these issues since his arriv- sometimes surprised to find that were supposed to react.” ically issued the final command, They show that Uber devel- al, and has made significant re- the computers — as many as two said several former employees. oped extensive systems to con- forms to the company’s culture.” dozen simultaneously — would Many companies use kill found official inquiries, going go black. That was the experience switches or other remote admin- “On every occasion where I was well past what has been known Kill switch of one individual close to a raid in istration tools to cut off devices personally involved in ‘kill switch’ about its efforts to trip up regula- Uber’s tactics were born out of Paris on March 16, 2015, who when employees are fired or lose activities, I was acting on the tors, government inspectors and spoke on the condition of ano- them. Inside Uber, workers were express orders from my manage- police. Far from simply develop- more than stubbornness. To top nymity to candidly describe the told they would also be used in ment in San Francisco,” Mark ing software to connect drivers Uber executives, they were exis- events. case of “unexpected visitors,” a MacGann, Uber’s former top lob- and customers seeking rides, tential. What started as a simple term that covered angry passen- byist in Europe, said in a state- Uber leveraged its technological idea in 2008 — to offer on-de- That same month in Amster- gers or drivers as well as police or ment. capabilities in many cases to gain mand taxi service in private cars dam, the company’s Europe hub, other authorities, according to a covert edge over authorities. — had burgeoned by 2015 into a company executives worried former executives. The former European lawyer bona fide Silicon Valley “unicorn,” about a looming crackdown and for Uber who spoke on the condi- In written responses to ques- a start-up rapidly multiplying in likely raid by transport authori- Uber was never charged crimi- tion of anonymity said colleagues tions, Uber acknowledged that value but one that hemorrhaged ties to collect evidence, the docu- nally with obstruction of justice, sometimes raised objections with the company made numerous money, requiring regular cash in- ments show. and the company said it shut Yoo. missteps during the time covered fusions from investors. down machines mainly so that by the files, an era when Kalanick, Uber was making preparations investigators did not see more “Of course we highlighted it to who was ousted by the board in It faced fierce rivalry from that included moving documents than they were entitled to. When Salle, that this is not how you 2017, led the company. “We have companies such as Didi in China, off-site and compiling a list of investigators later asked for spe- should proceed in Europe,” the not and will not make excuses for Yandex in Russia, Ola in South office employees “to ensure an IT cific documents, the company lawyer said. “But that was kind of past behavior that is clearly not in Asia and Lyft in the United States. kill gets everyone,” according to generally furnished them, said disregarded. There was a bigger line with our present values,” said Uber competed in part by luring an email at the time from Zac de former employees. mission behind it: ‘Everyone is company senior vice president customers to its app with steep Kievit, European legal director wrong, and we are right.’ ” Jill Hazelbaker. “Instead, we ask discounts, and it recruited drivers for Uber. Some European legal experts the public to judge us by what with generous incentives. said using a tool such as a kill Yoo provided the following we’ve done over the last five years Uber also was finalizing its switch is legal only before a gov- statement in response to requests and what we will do in the years to The business model also relied Dawn Raid Manual, which was ernment authority produces pa- for comment: come.” on overcoming legal barriers to shared by email with employees perwork entitling them to look competing with a taxi industry in Europe. While other compa- for specific documents. But after- “During my time at Uber, we Devon Spurgeon, a spokes- that was heavily regulated in nies give written guidance on ward, cutting access could break developed systems to ensure the woman for Kalanick, said in a much of the world. Authorities how employees should interact national laws, they said. company acted ethically and con- statement to The Post that Uber’s dictated the colors of those com- with authorities, Uber’s was strik- sistent with the law in the coun- expansion efforts were led by peting vehicles, the licensing and ing in its details. The manual, “If a raid by a supervisor or tries where we operated. Working more than 100 people in dozens of insurance rules for drivers, and labeled “CONFIDENTIAL -- FOR economic investigator has al- with outside counsel, my team countries — with approval from how and when drivers worked. INTERNAL USE ONLY,” formal- ready begun, and it has been and I instituted policies to safe- the company’s legal, policy and ized many of the strategies Uber made clear that copies of records guard the company’s data and compliance teams. Uber insisted on designating would employ against regulatory are being requested, a company made it clear that the policies its drivers as independent con- raids, the documents show. may no longer intervene by mak- were never designed to prevent or “Uber, like most other busi- tractors rather than full-time em- ing them inaccessible,” said Bren- inhibit the company’s coopera- nesses operating overseas, used ployees. The company said the Uber did not respond to ques- dan Newitt, of De Roos & Pen tion with regulators and local tools that protect intellectual distinction afforded drivers more tions about the raid manual. Lawyers in the Netherlands. “The authorities. If I had learned of any property and the privacy of their work flexibility, but it also freed same applies if regular investiga- illegal or improper behavior, I customers, and ensure due proc- Uber from the obligation to pay ‘Unexpected visitors’ tors have already started, for ex- would have immediately taken ess rights are respected in the them costly benefits while limit- On several occasions, includ- ample, a computer or network steps to stop it.” event of an extrajudicial raid,” ing its own legal liability. search to obtain the records.” Spurgeon said. “They are a com- ing twice in Montreal in May Corporate siege mentality mon business practice and not Confrontations also developed 2015, authorities entered the In France, a prosecutor in- Looking back, a corporate designed or implemented to ‘ob- between authorities and the com- company’s offices only to find volved in the initial investigation struct justice.’ These fail-safe pro- pany over its business practices. devices such as laptops and tab- could add new charges based on a siege mentality and poor training tocols do not delete any data or Uber sometimes would not com- lets resetting at the same time, kill switch “if it turns out that it is contributed to serious mistakes information and all decisions ply with cease-and-desist orders court documents showed. not automated, that there is a in judgment, said another former about their use involved, were if it believed immediate enforce- human action leading to a discon- Uber executive from this era. vetted by, and were approved by ment actions were unlikely, two The kill switch helped thwart nection and that there is a will to Uber’s legal and regulatory de- former employees said, speaking authorities by locking devices out obstruct justice,” said Sophie Son- “That’s rookie bulls---,” the ex- partments. Notably, Mr. Kalanick of Uber’s internal systems. Al- ecutive said of cutting access after did not create, direct or oversee though it was used international- a raid had begun. “It’s cowboy these systems set up by legal and ly, the kill switch was controlled culture, no governance, improper compliance departments and has centrally by Uber’s San Francisco compliance controls.” never been charged in any juris- diction for obstruction of justice In one instance, documents or any related offense.” show de Kievit, the European legal executive, sent direct in- According to the documents structions copying Kalanick and and interviews with former em- Yoo regarding a raid in Paris in ployees, the company used a pro- November 2014. gram called Greyball to keep au- thorities from hailing cars — and “Please kill access now,” de Ki- potentially impounding them evit wrote, according to an email and arresting their drivers. from the trove of internal Uber documents. It used a technology called “geofencing” that, based on loca- He soon followed up with an- tion data, blocked ordinary use of other email, “Please let me know the app near police stations and when this is done.” other places where authorities might be working. And it used The kill was done 13 minutes corporate networking manage- after the initial request, the docu- ment software to remotely cut ments show. computers’ access to network files after they had been seized by “They have not been too ag- authorities. gressive so far, but we are taking no risks,” de Kievit wrote to policy The Post was unable to learn and strategy head David Plouffe, whether authorities ultimately referring to authorities. gained access to all the data they were seeking in such cases. Plouffe, a former campaign Bloomberg News, which first re- manager and adviser to President ported on the kill switch in 2018, Barack Obama, said that his time reported that in at least one case, at Uber coincided with a “fierce Uber turned over records not ini- debate about how and whether tially available to authorities after ridesharing should be regulated,” they produced a second search during which some within Uber warrant. wanted “to go too far.” While some of these technol- “I did my best to object when I ogies have been reported previ- thought lines would be crossed — ously, the Uber Files provide the sometimes with success, some- most extensive, behind-the- times not,” Plouffe said in a writ- scenes account of how Uber exec- ten statement. utives ordered their deployment to gain advantages over authori- De Kievit, who is now an attor- ties. ney in Australia, did not respond to questions emailed to his law office in Melbourne or voice-mail messages on his cellphone. In addition to the kill switch, executives sometimes used a comprehensive remote-control program called Casper, a com- SEE UBER ON A19

TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 . THE WASHINGTON POST EZ RE A19 The Uber files | A global investigation UBER FROM A18 JEFF CHIU/ASSOCIATED PRESS said that Dutch authorities had asked him whether he had or- mercial software suite Uber tai- Former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick in 2018. Devon Spurgeon, a spokeswoman for him, said that Uber’s expansion efforts were led by more dered equipment disconnected lored for its own use, the docu- than 100 people in dozens of countries — with approval from the company’s legal, policy and compliance teams. and told him he was being ments show. Casper could cut charged with obstruction of jus- network access even after devices meant to try and protect Uber’s Schmahl, in response to a Post “We have not and will Employees sometimes had res- tice. were removed by authorities, doc- drivers. Notably, neither Mr. Ka- request for comment, replied not make excuses for ervations about Uber’s tactics. uments and interviews reflect. lanick nor anyone else at Uber has with an image showing a single past behavior that is Two Dutch government offi- Fake view ever been accused of or charged sentence. It was a quote some- clearly not in line with “Of course, it gave pause,” said cials, a prosecutor and a trans- with any offense related to Grey- times misattributed to Thomas our present values.” the former Uber lawyer in Europe port law enforcement official, re- Uber employees shielded activ- ball by any enforcement agency.” Jefferson: “If a law is unjust, a who spoke on condition of ano- cently confirmed that an Uber ity in the app with Greyball, man is not only right to disobey it, Jill Hazelbaker, nymity. “But what Travis was say- employee was arrested that which falsely indicated to sus- Spurgeon further character- he is obligated to do so.” Uber senior vice president ing was, ‘Do something and ask month, though they declined to pected authorities that no Uber ized the resistance Uber as it for forgiveness later.’ ” name the person. The prosecutor rides were available near them, in challenged the taxi industry in Uber used another tactic dur- said the case was settled. an effort to thwart investigations many important markets, saying: ing a crackdown by authorities in U.S. prosecutors launched an and enforcement actions, the “To do this required a change of Brussels in January 2015. The investigation into Greyball after One of the former Uber execu- documents show. the status quo, as Uber became a company, which had received a its disclosure by the New York tives said, reflecting on that era, serious competitor in an industry tip that an enforcement action Times in 2017 but have brought “It was like a religion inside the Greyball was created as a where competition had been his- was coming, learned that authori- no charges. company that we had to beat taxi fraud-fighting tool to limit scam- torically outlawed. As a natural ties were using people that Uber and we had to beat other ride- mers’ access to the app, a former and foreseeable result, en- described as “mystery shoppers” Some Uber employees paid a share competitors, whatever it executive said, and was at times trenched industry interests all to order rides with the intention price for their alleged efforts to cost.” used to frustrate violent Uber over the world fought to prevent of impounding the vehicles when circumvent regulators. Gore-Coty opponents hunting drivers. But the much-needed development of drivers arrived. and Simphal were taken into cus- Hazelbaker, the Uber spokes- Uber operations executives took the transportation industry.” tody in 2015. They were later woman, said the company has not control of the program and rede- Faced with this threat, Uber convicted of complicity in operat- used Heaven or Greyball since ployed it against the government, In Germany, a Munich official had employees sign up and pose ing an illegal transportation serv- 2017 and now works cooperative- former employees said. in 2014 had managed to ride with as mystery shoppers — with the ice and fined but avoided jail ly with authorities worldwide. several Uber drivers, whom the intention of snarling the opera- time. Raid dilemma The company used geofencing, company then expected would tion. meanwhile, to limit where people receive sternly worded letters Gore-Coty, who is still an exec- During a different raid, in Paris could access the regular version from authorities, as other drivers It blocked newly signed up utive for Uber, said in a recent on July 6, 2015, Uber employees of its app. Uber employees could had received at the time, accord- users from ordering cars. It used statement: “I was young and inex- faced an internal battle: Comply create a geofence targeting a po- ing to the documents. The letters geofencing to screen rides in the perienced and too often took di- or obstruct? lice station so anyone in or near accused Uber drivers of trans- area where the crackdown was rection from superiors with ques- the building would see the Grey- porting passengers without the taking place. And it told employ- tionable ethics. While I believe Paris executive Simphal wrote ball version of the app, which necessary paperwork. ees to advise drivers to circle just as deeply in Uber’s potential to colleagues saying that local Uber sometimes called Fake around or claim to be stuck in to create positive change as I did authorities had arrived and that View, the documents show. It Uber then sought to prevent traffic rather than fulfilling ride on day one, I regret some of the they wanted access to computers. banned riders it suspected were the Munich official from riding requests deemed suspicious. tactics used to get regulatory re- MacGann, the lobbyist, replied by government employees. with any more drivers. form for ridesharing in the early text that the Paris staff should Uber employees planned to days.” play dumb as Uber centrally cut As Danish transport authori- “He drove with 4 other drivers watch all of this play out on its access to device after device. ties began an investigation of before we were able to Greyball/ “Heaven” view computer system In another case revealed by the Uber in January 2015, Uber strat- ban,” said in the September 2014 that allowed them to watch trip Uber Files, de Kievit emailed the But one escaped their reach — egized to impose one such digital email from Cornelius Schmahl, activity across an area in real company leadership on April 10, that of Gore-Coty, Uber’s general shield around its activities, an Uber operations manager. time, documents show. 2015, to say he had been arrested manager for Western Europe. changing how its app behaved in the Amsterdam office. He also near government facilities, ac- “F--- it seems Pierre’s laptop cording to an internal email say- was not KS,” Simphal wrote, refer- ing, “Blackout geofences around ring to the kill switch. main police stations.” He instructed Gore-Coty to try The documents show Greyball to close an open browser tab that was a preferred response mecha- could provide access to Uber’s nism for areas where Uber was systems, according to the docu- alleged to be operating outside ments. existing laws or regulations. As Uber brainstormed ways to dodge “But lawyers are saying that authorities in Italy, Spain, the the moment we obstruct they will Netherlands and Belgium, execu- take us and staff into custody,” tives discussed Greyball as a way Simphal wrote to colleagues as to avoid detection. the search continued. “They have full access right now on Pierre’s “It feels to me like greyballing computer and are browsing is better than banning, as the through everything. Should we greyball user is likely to think that continue getting them full access? there’s just no supply out there (as Or block knowing it means cus- opposed to being banned, or not tody and being charged with ob- seeing the view at all),” Uber’s struction?” Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty, then Western Europe regional general Internal communications sug- manager, wrote in an email in gest Uber wanted to give the October 2014. appearance of complying. “I would give them access to the Spurgeon, speaking on behalf computer but in the background of Kalanick, said the CEO never we cut access” to online systems, authorized or directed Greyball de Kievit responded by text mes- to be used “for any illegal pur- sage. pose.” Alice Crites, Aaron C. Davis, Doug “The program was designed MacMillan and Michael E. Miller of and used to protect Uber drivers The Post; Nicole Sadek and Fergus from harassment and assault Shiel of the International Consortium from taxi drivers—an unfortu- of Investigative Journalists; Paul nate occurrence during the early Lewis, Rob Davies and Simon days of Uber,” she wrote. “Govern- Goodley of the Guardian; Gaby De ment regulators were aware of Groot of Het Financieele Dagblad; the harassment and assaults Uber Martin Untersinger of Le Monde; drivers suffered at the hands of Frédéric Zalac of CBC and Radio- taxi drivers, and the program was Canada; Romy van der Burgh of Investico; and journalist Melissa Iaria contributed to this report. Revelations about Macron may lead to a parliamentary inquiry in France BY RICK NOACK news organizations worldwide, CHRISTOPHE PETIT TESSON/POOL/EPA-EFE/SHUTTERSTOCK Valls and others who advocated including The Washington Post. stricter rules for Uber and similar paris — French President Em- French President Emmanuel Macron attends a military ceremony in Paris on Monday. A trove of companies. On Monday, former Uber lob- documents has revealed Macron’s close links with Uber during his time as France’s economy minister. manuel Macron was facing public byist Mark MacGann publicly Marine Le Pen’s far-right party criticism and parliamentary scru- identified himself as the source of ing to his critics, that has in- Mélenchon has regularly com- acted as a “lobbyist for a U.S. — which, despite her defeat in the tiny Monday after a trove of the files. The Post and other volved steamrolling anyone who plained of the “uberization” of multinational aiming to perma- presidential contest, won 11 times documents detailed close links project partners previously had raises concerns over the social French society, an umbrella term nently deregulate labor law.” more seats in last month’s parlia- between him and Uber during his agreed to keep his identity confi- impact of his moves. used to describe ride-hailing and mentary election than it did in time as France’s economy minis- dential. home delivery services, and he Aurélien Taché, a left-wing 2017 — similarly seized on the ter. That criticism is expected to lashed out against Macron’s sup- member of Parliament, said the files, describing them as “the first According to the files, Uber find a bigger stage in Parliament port for a sector that he views as files raised questions about “Em- scandal of Emmanuel Macron’s “We urgently need to be able to managers and lobbyists believed during his second term, now that having undermined worker manuel Macron’s conception of five-year term.” get clarity, and to draw the conse- that Macron was willing to sup- he has lost his absolute parlia- rights. loyalty in politics, toward the quences,” said Alexis Corbière, port them by pushing regulators mentary majority, amid gains government to which he be- But Macron’s allies — who still the vice president of the main to be “less conservative” in their from the far left and far right. Members and allies of Mélen- longed at the time and toward his hold a simple majority in Parlia- far-left party’s parliamentary interpretation of rules limiting Far-left leader Jean-Luc Mélen- chon’s party, France Unbowed, country.” ment — appeared ready to defend group, who suggested a special the company’s operations, and by chon, a staunch critic of Uber and were among the most vocal critics his interactions with the compa- inquiry beyond the debates ex- attempting to ease rules that other multinationals operating in on Monday. According to the files, Macron ny. pected in the French National hampered the company’s expan- France, is now the public face of was in frequent contact with Assembly and Senate this week. sion in France. the biggest opposition bloc in the Mathilde Panot, the alliance’s Uber executives between 2014 “Above all, he is the president “A president — or someone who lower house of Parliament, where leader in Parliament, suggested and 2016 and strategized over who has allowed the arrival of a wants to become one — cannot be At times, Uber was even sur- the possible inquiry would take that Macron had helped Uber in moves that at times appeared to certain number of companies and a lobbyist in the service of inter- prised by the extent of his back- place. “looting the country” and criti- conflict with the objectives of indeed to promote the emergence ests of private companies,” said ing, internal communications cized the president for having then-Prime Minister Manuel of companies in our country, Corbière, according to Public Sé- show. promote their establishment, nat, a parliamentary television support our reindustrialization, channel. Asked for comment ahead of facilitate job creation. I believe publication of the documents, the that this is clearly the role of a France’s left-leaning and far- French presidency said in a state- minister of the economy and of a right opposition parties, embold- ment to The Post and other out- head of state,” Aurore Bergé, who ened by recent gains in the coun- lets that the “economic and em- leads Macron’s party in Parlia- try’s parliamentary election, ployment policies at the time, in ment, said on French TV. jumped on the revelations on which [Macron] was an active Sunday night and Monday morn- participant, are well known” and The Uber Files may raise ques- ing, describing them as a looming that his “functions naturally led tions in France that go beyond the “state scandal” and potential evi- him to meet and interact with extent of Macron’s support. dence of a “collusion of interests.” many companies.” Asked for ad- ditional comment after publica- The files also show that Uber Macron never hid that he was tion, the Élysée on Monday re- used covert tech to thwart gov- an early Uber supporter. But ferred reporters back to its earlier ernment raids during its global company executives’ internal statement. expansion. messages from 2013 to 2017 sug- gest that his backing went far “I knew that [Macron] was in And as enraged taxi drivers, beyond what had been known favor of Uber,” said Alain Vidalies, fearing for their professional sur- publicly — and on occasion con- who was France’s transportation vival, clashed with their Uber flicted with the policies of the minister of state from 2014 to competitors on the streets of left-leaning government he 2017. But “I must say that even I Paris in 2015 and 2016, some served at the time. am flabbergasted,” Vidalies told company executives viewed the France’s public broadcaster. physical confrontations as a The documents are part of the means to win public sympathy Uber Files, a trove of more than Although the documents end and support. 124,000 internal records ob- in 2017, the year Macron was tained by the Guardian and elected president, they directly “The most important ques- shared with the International relate to how Macron has tried to tion” now, wrote Cédric O, Consortium of Investigative Jour- implement his agenda since. France’s former state secretary nalists, a D.C.-based nonprofit for digital affairs under Macron, newsroom, and dozens of other Macron, who was reelected in “is whether or not the establish- April, has sought to liberalize the ment [of Uber] was a good thing French economy — and, accord- socially and economically.”

A20 EZ RE THE WASHINGTON POST . TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 States sue to tap aid for tax cuts TAXES FROM A1 OCTAVIO JONES/REUTERS how they come up with tax cuts and create workarounds,” said ers could use the pot of money, SAMUEL CORUM/BLOOMBERG NEWS Lucy Dadayan, the leader of the which totaled $350 billion na- State Tax and Economic Review tionally. But they were clear TOP: A flag depicting Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is seen April 16 in Orlando. State documents show that DeSantis and his project at the Tax Policy Center. about one thing: The federal allies have leveraged federal aid to help pay for a planned suspension of the gas tax this October. ABOVE: President Biden is seen She attributed the cuts to both government would not subsidize June 22 in Washington. Legal decisions have often left his administration unable to enforce rules on coronavirus relief funds. “federal funds and the strong state tax cuts. Lawmakers led by growth in revenues.” Sen. Joe Manchin III (D-W.Va.) expected increase in tax revenue. date too aggressively. The Treas- “We benefit when As the court cases play out, 24 said at the time that Washington Over the second, third and fourth ury Department countered that it states experiment in states have slashed income, sales But Dadayan predicted possi- should not be on the hook to pay quarters of the 2021 fiscal year, had not stood in the way of those or major excise tax rates over the ble trouble on the horizon, partic- for reductions in state tax reve- for example, major sources of policies, but GOP officials sought how to keep and past two fiscal years, according to ularly if the United States enters a nues, because that could leave state tax revenue surged by more to go further. In a flurry of court attract more small the Tax Foundation, primarily by recession that cuts deeply into major budget holes once federal than 20 percent compared with filings, many of the states argued businesses based on cutting individual income rates economic activity nationally and aid ran dry. the same period in 2020, accord- for the ability to move money in ways that provided relief to once again depletes states’ tax ing to data compiled in May by around freely — plugging federal their tax policy. families as well as some business- receipts. “Once the states run out Since then, however, GOP lead- the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy dollars into various parts of their We’re going to fight es. None of the cuts appear to rely of the federal funds, then they are ers have challenged the tax cut Center. budgets, for example, then using them every step of the directly on federal pandemic aid, going to face challenges to fill the prohibition in federal court- the savings to pay for state tax though some states paid for the gap for lost revenues,” she said. rooms and state capitals. Attor- What initially seemed like an cuts. way.” rate reductions out of broader neys general in 21 states have unfathomable economic crisis savings achieved thanks to feder- The loose strictures on the fought to overturn the Biden became an unexpected boomlet Republicans have won nearly Tom Sullivan, vice president for al coronavirus funds — or, at state and local money, as drawn administration’s policy, federal in city halls and state capitols, every federal lawsuit, convincing small-business policy at the U.S. least, the economic improve- up by Congress in the American court filings show, backed at paving the way for policymakers judge after judge that the rules ments that Washington-led in- Rescue Plan, have compounded times by powerful groups such as — largely Republicans — to try to are unconstitutional. The Treas- Chamber of Commerce vestments helped bring about. the challenge of oversight. In the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, seize on the friendly fiscal climate ury Department repeatedly has June, the U.S. government finally whose corporate members have to push for long-sought tax cuts. appealed, but the decisions for “Much of the movement on tax released spending data for a frac- lobbied conservative-leaning now have left the Biden adminis- reform and tax relief began be- tion of the money through the states to reduce their tax bills. In The GOP crusade began about tration unable to enforce the fore any court had ruled on the end of December. Gene Sperling, nearly every case, these legal a week after Biden signed the rules in much of the country. That tax mandate,” said Jared Walczak, a top White House aide oversee- efforts have prevailed, ham- American Rescue Plan last year. includes Florida, one of the 13 the vice president of state proj- ing the law’s implementation, stringing the Treasury Depart- The Treasury Department had states to have prevailed earlier ects at the foundation. “However, said much of it had been spent as ment while opening the door for not even started writing its set of against the Treasury Depart- the multiple court decisions fa- intended “to address issues like states to pursue their own tax draft agency rules when Republi- ment. A federal judge blocked the voring the states has created violence prevention, broadband, cuts. cans mobilized to undo the prohi- U.S. government from enforcing more comfort around tax relief.” workforce development and af- bition on using the money to cut the tax prohibition in November, fordable housing.” In Florida, the legal wrangling taxes. Led by Arizona, Georgia essentially preventing Washing- In Tennessee, for example, has enabled DeSantis and his and West Virginia, attorneys gen- ton from threatening to claw Gov. Bill Lee (R) signed into law a Other states appear to be eye- political allies to leverage about eral from 21 states last March back funds. A court is set to hear new version of his state’s budget ing additional tax cuts in the $200 million in federal coronavi- threatened action over a policy an appeal later this year. this year that offered fresh sales event they succeed in a slew of rus aid to help pay for a planned they saw as an unconstitutional tax relief, including a two-week lawsuits that could eventually suspension of the gas tax this encroachment on states’ rights. “Treasury has a robust compli- pause on taxes that normally reach the Supreme Court. In October, according to state budg- ance process for reviewing pro- would apply to groceries and Montana, for example, a spokes- et documents. Lawmakers essen- The Treasury Department grams after a government has prepared food. (Tennessee has no man for Gov. Greg Gianforte (R) tially adopted a law that deposit- soon clarified that nothing initiated them and begun report- individual income tax.) To pay for blasted the overall stimulus plan ed its allotment under the stimu- stopped states from using their ing to the Department,” agency it, the state tapped $100 million as “fiscally irresponsible” yet add- lus program into the state’s gen- own funds for tax cuts, provided spokeswoman Liz Bourgeois said from its general funds, according ed in a statement, “The governor eral fund, then appropriated the they could afford them, no matter in a statement. to budget documents. But the will consider next steps should money for the tax holiday, rec- what they did with federal relief money was available partly be- Attorney General [Austin] Knud- ords show. money. But the assurances didn’t States slash taxes cause the state previously se- sen’s suit prevail.” mollify Republicans, who filed six cured more than $700 million in The policy, set to take effect major lawsuits challenging the An improved fiscal climate — made possible in part by historic federal “reversions,” a technical term for Adding to the pressure on the later this year, could be in direct policy over the next year. stimulus spending — helped more than 20 states cut rates over the past two money transferred from key state Treasury Department, the U.S. conflict with the federal tax re- fiscal years. agencies back to its general cof- Chamber has participated in six striction, local lawyers and advo- In one seminal case, brought by fers. Some of the savings were of the lawsuits, each time arguing cates say. But Christina Pushaw, a Alabama and West Virginia with Individual Individual and corporate made possible because those in favor of granting states flexibil- spokeswoman for the governor, the support of 11 other states, same agencies had received fed- ity to set tax policy. The group’s blasted the tax prohibition in a Republican officials argued that MT WI NH eral stimulus aid, the local offi- members would stand to gain statement, calling it “not legally Washington had no right to dic- ID cials said. from lower corporate taxes, in- valid.” tate how they spend their money, NE IA cluding those financed by federal balance their budgets or set tax UT CO OK IN OH The maneuvering reflects a relief dollars. The spending decisions have policy. They said the stimulus had AZ signature challenge facing the troubled some fiscal experts, who forced them to make an “unten- MO KY NC White House, where a top aide — “We benefit when states exper- fear that the push for aggressive able choice” between relinquish- SC speaking on the condition of iment in how to keep and attract tax cuts this year could leave state ing “control” of their taxing pow- TN anonymity to describe the admin- more small businesses based on budgets lacking much-needed ers or surrendering “massive and AR istration’s internal thinking — their tax policy,” said Tom Sulli- revenue in the event of a reces- much-needed aid.” acknowledged that stimulus van, the vice president for small- sion. The moves also have flum- MS GA funds are fungible. Similar trou- business policy at the Chamber. moxed local advocates, who say The argument that the states bles have plagued other coronavi- “We’re going to fight them every that every federal dollar devoted needed the money stood in stark LA rus relief programs: In Texas, for step of the way.” to lowering tax bills is one less contrast to the comments of their example, state leaders shifted available for targeted relief — Republican representatives in Some states, including New Mexico and New Jersey, slashed other tax rates; federal coronavirus dollars In some states, the U.S. Cham- from improvements in housing to Washington, who had voted still others implemented one-time tax holidays (both not pictured here). around in the budget to help free ber has scored additional tax investments in aging infrastruc- unanimously against the package up funds for a crackdown on victories: It has encouraged legis- ture. out of a belief that it was wasteful. Source: Tax Foundation TONY ROMM/THE WASHINGTON POST immigration, The Washington lators and governors to use their Post previously reported. The in- federal dollars to shore up their “You have to look at the oppor- The Republican attorneys gen- spector general for the Treasury unemployment insurance pro- tunity cost of what else they could eral pointed to a slew of pending Department is now investigating grams. Many states’ jobless ben- have done with American Rescue tax proposals, including some the matter. efits ran dry earlier in the crisis, Plan dollars,” said Esteban Santis, targeted at low-income Ameri- forcing them to borrow from a budget analyst at the Florida cans, that they said their states “States are always creative in Washington to pay checks to a Policy Institute. might not be able to pursue if record number of out-of-work Washington enforced its man- Americans. Normally, that might The controversy around the prompt states to raise taxes on state and local aid program re- businesses to replenish the funds flects a broader challenge facing — but the Chamber has instead Washington as it looks to keep encouraged states to fill the gaps watch over more than $5 trillion using federal relief money. in emergency spending approved since the start of the pandemic. By the end of last year, at least The loans, grants, direct checks 16 states had committed about and other assistance exceeded $14 billion toward replenishing the size of the entire federal their unemployment funds, ac- budget in fiscal 2019, creating a cording to federal data reviewed unique and lasting strain on poli- by The Post. The moves in some cymakers to ensure the funds cases spared businesses from tax have been put to proper use. hikes, but they also cleaved deep- ly into money that these govern- The investments helped deliv- ments might have put toward er public health resources, put other health or economic initia- vaccines in millions of Ameri- tives. Sullivan confirmed the cans’ arms and pull the economy Chamber and its members had out of its worst crisis since the lobbied for such a move in parts Great Depression. But the aid of the country, arguing that tax also has become a wellspring for increases could have set back fraud and abuse, reflecting the businesses fresh off an economic haste with which Washington downturn. crafted and enacted the historic spending packages. Republicans in Washington also have joined the crusade. Last Initially, federal lawmakers year, 78 Republicans in the House had hoped to stave off what they and Senate — represented by Jay thought would be a fiscal dooms- Sekulow, a former top lawyer to day. In the earliest days of the President Donald Trump — inter- pandemic, they had heard an vened in the suit filed by Alabama earful from the nation’s mayors and West Virginia to argue that and governors, who feared that Congress had exceeded its power. rising public health costs and Some of those same lawmakers, falling tax revenue would create including Sens. Mike Crapo (Ida- shortfalls and force them to make ho) and Rob Portman (Ohio), cuts, including massive layoffs. later asked a federal watchdog to review the Biden administra- A similar crisis persisted long tion’s implementation of the after the 2008 recession, cleaving rules. massive holes in local govern- ments’ finances that took years to The outcome of those lawsuits reverse. So Congress enacted the could carry significance far be- $350 billion state and local fiscal yond the American Rescue Plan: recovery fund as part of Biden’s It could affect not only the fate of rescue plan, aiming to ease local the $350 billion aid program but budget deficits, finance new eco- also the ability of Washington to nomic initiatives, and even en- police critical elements of future able cities and states to make stimulus packages. longer-term investments in infra- structure. “States want the power to put in their own policies and be able The state and local aid comple- to set fiscal policy the way they mented a slew of stimulus pro- want,” said Jamie Yesnowitz, a grams that put billions in the top state tax lawyer at the firm pockets of Americans — in the Grant Thornton. “They don’t form of stimulus checks, child tax want to be stifled by this provi- payments, unemployment ben- sion that essentially says, ‘Hey, efits and a flurry of other direct the federal government is going aid. All of the money soon pro- to give you this money, but there duced a surge in consumer are significant strings attached to spending, and with it, a once-un- it.’ ”

TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 . THE WASHINGTON POST EZ RE A21 TUESDAY Opinion KAREN ATTIAH MAREN AMINI FOR THE WASHINGTON POST I asked about I’m a journalist who stopped reading the abortion at a news. Is the problem me — or our product? Texas gun show. Really. I BY AMANDA RIPLEY countries, women are significantly more words, “Cities swallowed by dust. Hu- ists to accept that some of their own core have a secret. I kept it hidden for likely to avoid news than men. It wasn’t man history drowned by the sea.” I kid beliefs are outdated. “The journalist’s S dallas longer than I care to admit. It felt just me and my hypocrite journalist you not. This was a well-intentioned theory of change is that the best way to tanding next to a display of unprofessional, vaguely shameful. friends after all. effort, but it was simply not designed for avert catastrophe is to keep people fo- military-grade weapons, I won- It wasn’t who I wanted to be. humans. I don’t know what species it cused on the potential for catastrophe dered aloud to the dealers at the But here it is: I’ve been actively Why are people avoiding the news? would work for, but it’s not one I’m 24/7,” Bornstein says. That used to work gun-show booth if more women avoiding the news for years. It’s repetitive and dispiriting, often of familiar with. — kind of. Reporters could rigorously should get guns in Texas to protect dubious credibility, and leaves people chronicle threats and corruption, and themselves now that they will be forced It wasn’t always this way. I’ve been a feeling powerless, according to the sur- By contrast, consider another recent then sit back and let the accountability to carry a pregnancy to term even in journalist for two decades, and I used to vey. The evidence supports their deci- New York Times article, this one about a rain down. But that dynamic works only cases of rape. spend hours consuming the news and sion to pull back. It turns out that the different problem — homelessness. That if the public is more unified and journal- calling it “work.” Every morning, I read more news we consume about piece detailed how the city of Houston ists are widely trusted. These days, it “You can’t rape a .38,” one of the gun The Washington Post, the New York mass-casualty events, such as shootings, moved 25,000 people experiencing doesn’t matter how many of former dealers said, smiling. Times and sometimes the Wall Street the more we suffer. The more political homelessness into their own homes. It president Donald Trump’s lies reliable Journal. In my office at Time magazine, I news we ingest, the more mistakes we was not credulous; it featured extensive fact-checkers count; it won’t change The line was equal parts laughably had a TV playing CNN on mute. I lis- make about who we are. If the goal of reporting and plenty of caveats. But anyone’s mind. A lot of journalists, per- cheesy and tragically grim. As we spoke, tened to NPR in the shower. On week- journalism is to inform people, where is reading it, you feel a space open up in haps frustrated by their impotence, have a little boy walked by waving around a ends, I devoured the New Yorker. It felt the evidence it is working? your chest — like unlocking a trap door responded by getting louder and more toy machine gun, pretending to spray like my duty to be informed, as a citizen out of a dungeon. shrill. Which only causes more people to everyone in the vicinity with bullets. A and as a journalist — and also, I kind of The people producing the (yes, you guessed it) avoid the news. few booths over, a female attendant loved it! Usually, it made me feel more news themselves are Second, humans need a sense of wore a black-and-red “All Lives Splatter” curious, not less. agency. “Agency” is not something most A better theory of change, Bornstein T-shirt. struggling, and while they reporters think about, probably be- suggests, might be something like: “The But half a dozen years ago, something aren’t likely to admit it, it is cause, in their jobs, they have it. But world will get better when people under- The Fort Worth Gun Show, at the changed. The news started to get under feeling like you and your fellow humans stand problems, threats and challenges, Amon Carter Exhibit Hall, is one of the my skin. After my morning reading, I felt warping the coverage. can do something — even something and what their best options are to make oldest gun shows in gun-loving North so drained that I couldn’t write — or do small — is how we convert anger into progress.” He and his colleagues have Texas. I attended the two-day event this anything creative. I’d listen to “Morning So maybe there is something wrong action, frustration into invention. That now trained more than 25,000 journal- month to see what it would be like on the Edition” and feel lethargic, unmotivat- with the news. But what? A lot of people self-efficacy is essential to any function- ists to do high-quality solutions stories heels of both the Uvalde school massa- ed, and the day had barely begun. say the problem is bias. Journalists say ing democracy. all over the world. cre and the overturning of Roe v. Wade. I the problem is the business model: Neg- Low-ego journalism wanted to see how the Texas gun com- What was my problem? I used to ativity is clicky. But I’ve started to think Nowhere is the crying need for agen- munity would make sense of the two cover terrorist attacks, hurricanes, plane that both theories are missing the most cy and hope more apparent than in Finally, and this is closely related: The events. crashes, all manner of human suffering. important piece of the puzzle: the hu- climate coverage. Of all the climate people producing the news themselves But now? I was too permeable. It was as man factor. stories aired on nightly news and Sun- are struggling, and while they aren’t A dealer asked me whether I wanted though I’d developed a gluten allergy. day morning shows in 2021, only a third likely to admit it, it is warping the to hold an MP-5, a military-grade rifle. And here I was — a wheat farmer! Today’s news, even high-quality print discussed possible solutions, according coverage. News junkies tend to drink “I’m sorry to say this,” he said. “But for news, is not designed for humans. As to a study by Media Matters for Ameri- deeply from the darkness, mistakenly women who deal with break-ins, many So, like a lot of people, I started to dose Krista Tippett, the journalist and host of ca. What would agency look like? It thinking it will make them sharper. All times the woman gets raped.” For my the news. I cut out TV news altogether, the radio show and podcast “On Being,” might look like The Post’s April article that angst has nowhere to go — and it first gun, the dealers agreed, I should because that’s just common sense, and I puts it, “I don’t actually think we are detailing six ways to halt climate leaks into our stories. start out with a .22 rifle. waited until late afternoon to read other equipped, physiologically or mentally, to change. Or it might look like the viral news. By then, I figured, I could gut it out be delivered catastrophic and confusing videos on TikTok, where nonjournalists I know what you’re thinking: What Does the end of one constitutional until dinner (and wine). news and pictures 24/7. We are analog such as @thegarbagequeen have start- about the money? The business model right mean women should rush to em- creatures in a digital world.” ed to fill the void, celebrating incremen- for news requires clicks. And the easiest brace another that our Supreme Court is But the news crept into every crevice How can it be fixed? tal environmental victories and de- way to get attention is through a fire rushing to expand? Even before the fall of life. I couldn’t avoid exposure — in my bunking “climate doomers.” hose of outrage, fear and doom. of Roe, it was a common pitch of gun email inbox, on social media, in text I’ve spent the past year trying to enthusiasts: Women are safer when they messages from friends. I tried to tough- figure out what news designed for 21st- Finally, we need dignity. This is also But how do we know people won’t own a gun. But the reality is, women who en up. I gave myself stern lectures: “This century humans might look like — inter- not something most reporters think click — or subscribe — if the news were have guns are more likely to have them is real life, and real life is depressing! viewing physicians who specialize in about, in my experience. Which is odd, designed for humans? How do we know, used against them. And the biggest dan- There is a pandemic happening, for communicating bad news to patients, because it is integral to understanding if hardly anyone has tried? ger is not a stranger slipping through a God’s sake. Plus: Racism! Also: Climate behavioral scientists who understand why people do what they do. window or lurking in a parking garage, change! And inflation! Things are de- what humans need to live full, informed There aren’t many major news outlets but a man already in their life. pressing. You should be depressed!” lives and psychologists who have been What does dignity look like? Shamil systematically creating news for hu- treating patients for “headline stress Idriss, the head of Search for Common mans yet, but one that I admire (and Sadly, the threat of gun violence is The problem is, I wasn’t taking action. disorder.” (Yes, this is a thing.) Ground, which works to prevent vio- now subscribe to) is the Christian Sci- even more real for pregnant women. The dismay was paralyzing. It’s not like I lence in 31 countries, explains it simply: ence Monitor. Each issue features re- According to a study published last year was reading about yet another school When I distilled everything they told “To me, it’s the feeling I have that I porting from around the globe, vivid in the journal of Obstetrics and Gynecol- shooting and then firing off an email to me, I found that there are three simple matter, that my life has some worth.” In photos, brutal realities — right along- ogy, homicide is a leading cause of death my member of Congress. No, I’d read too ingredients that are missing from the journalism, treating people like they side hope, agency and dignity. Stories for pregnant women and those who many stories about the dysfunction in news as we know it. matter means, most importantly, listen- include a brief explainer called “Why we have recently given birth. Congress to think that would matter. All ing to them — maybe the way WBEZ’s wrote this,” treating readers like respect- individual action felt pointless once I First, we need hope to get up in the “Curious City” listens to its audience to ed partners. The study, conducted by Tulane Uni- was done reading the news. Mostly, I was morning. Researchers have found that decide what to investigate, for example. versity researchers, revealed that the just marinating in despair. hope is associated with lower levels of It can mean inviting viewers to talk to It’s a kind of low-ego, high-curiosity “pregnancy-associated homicide” rate depression, chronic pain, sleeplessness each other, with civility, like Atlanta journalism that I’ve started trying to in 2018 and 2019 was 3.62 per I went to a therapist. She told me and cancer, among many other things. NBC station 11Alive did, enlisting local emulate in my own work. I don’t always 100,000 women — 16 percent higher (ready?) to stop consuming the news. Hopelessness, by contrast, is linked to parents skeptical of critical race theory succeed. It can feel uncomfortable to, than homicides of women who are not That felt wrong. Wasn’t it important to anxiety, depression, post-traumatic to interview school officials and histori- for example, let listeners dictate the pregnant or haven’t recently given birth. be informed? Quitting the news felt like stress disorder and . . . death. ans on camera. And it means writing subject of the podcast I host. But last Homicide beat hemorrhage and preg- quitting the world. about people as more than the sum of month, I spent four hours at an anti- nancy-related hypertension as the top “Hope is like water,” says David Born- their circumstances, as journalist Kath- abortion rally with a camera crew and single cause of death. A majority of the Then one day a journalist friend con- stein, co-founder of the nonprofit Solu- erine Boo did so famously in the pages of did something I’d never done before: I slain women were killed with guns, and fided that she was avoiding the news, tions Journalism Network. “You need to this newspaper. just tried to understand, deeply, what two-thirds were killed in their homes, too. Then I heard it from another jour- have something to believe in. If you’re in people told me. I didn’t try to extract the suggesting partners were involved, ac- nalist. And another. (Most were women, the restaurant business, you’re gonna There is a way to communicate news most chilling quote or the vivid, ironic cording to the authors. The rates were I noticed, though not all.) This news give people water. Because you under- — including very bad news — that leaves anecdote. I just asked deeper questions, highest among Black women and about disliking news was always whis- stand human biology. It’s weird that us better off as a result. A way to spark without judgment. It felt less transac- younger women. pered, a dirty little secret. It reminded journalism has such a hard time under- anger and action. Empathy alongside tional, more human. I also felt more me of the scene in “The Social Dilemma” standing this. People need to have a dignity. Hope alongside fear. There is informed. In Texas, the news is a sad reflection of when all those tech executives admitted sense of possibility.” another way, and it doesn’t lead to bank- this. In October, 25-year-old Cavanna that they didn’t let their kids use the ruptcy or puffery. But right now, these So, as we brace ourselves for the Smith told her boyfriend that she was products they had created. In December, the New York Times examples I’ve listed remain far too rare. coming midterms, variants and cata- pregnant and sent him a card with a published an ambitious multimedia clysms, here’s my plea to all my fellow picture of the ultrasound; she was later And that gets to the heart of the project called “Postcards From a World It’s hard to generalize about the news journalists: Please send a search party found dead, shot in the head. The boy- problem here: If so many of us feel on Fire,” chronicling how climate media. The category includes hard- for the 42 percent of Americans who are friend has been charged with her mur- poisoned by our products, might there change has altered life in 193 countries. working beat reporters, dedicated fact- avoiding the news. We can’t all be der. In April, 20-year-old Dontia Clark be something wrong with them? It led with a graphic of the Earth in checkers and producers, as well as wrong. Or oversensitive or weak. And we was found shot to death in her Houston flames, spinning in space, and the shameless propagandists, dupes and might just be you. apartment a day after learning she was Last month, new data from the Reu- conflict entrepreneurs. It’s almost too eight weeks pregnant. According to re- ters Institute showed that the United big a category to talk about with any Amanda Ripley is the author of “High ports, there were no signs of forced States has one of the highest news- clarity. But it’s fair to say that if news Conflict: Why We Get Trapped — and How entry. avoidance rates in the world. About sites were people, most would be diag- We Get Out” and host of the Slate podcast 4 out of 10 Americans sometimes or nosed as clinically depressed right now. “How To!” Much has been said and written about often avoid contact with the news — a women who seek abortions for medical higher rate than in at least 30 other Changing that might require journal- threats such as ectopic pregnancies. But countries. And consistently, across all what of women who seek to end their pregnancies to protect themselves from violence at the hands of the men in their lives? Or who don’t want to bring a child into the world with a potential abuser? In Texas, women can no longer choose a safe abortion as a means of self-defense. What are we going to do, tell them to get a .22? Much has also been made of the Sen- ate’s recent agreement to close the “boy- friend loophole” on gun restrictions. Pre- viously, under federal law, domestic abusers could be prohibited, via the na- tional instant criminal background check system, from having guns only in cases where they have been married to, lived with or had a child with the victim; that has now been widened to include those who have been in a serious rela- tionship with the target. But in Texas, which allows private gun owners to sell to others without background checks, another enormous loophole remains open. It’s no stretch to expect that even more pregnant women will be assaulted and killed by partners now that abortion is all but banned here. Texas lags other states in mental health resources and has faced funding shortages for domes- tic violence prevention. If women are to be forced to carry pregnancies — if Texas truly wants to “protect life” — so much more must be done about the issues of maternal homicide and interpersonal violence. I left the gun show without a .22 rifle. Sad to say, but as a woman who values access to safe reproductive choices, my best form of defense is probably leaving my home state altogether.

A22 EZ RE THE WASHINGTON POST . TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 ABCDE DRAWING BOARD AN INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER EDITORIALS Honoring Mr. Abe’s legacy The U.S. should support Japan’s move to legitimize its military. I T IS difficult to describe the shock that went through Japan after the however, that in order to protect his The document, drafted under U.S. tute- BY ANN TELNAES assassination of former prime min- country’s post-World War II develop- lage after World War II, “forever re- ister Shinzo Abe on Friday by a ment, he would have to update it: by nounce[s] war,” and promises “never” to LETTERS TO THE EDITOR gunman in a society where shootings of shaking up its torpid economy through maintain “land, sea, and air forces” — and [email protected] any kind are all but unknown, let alone a the aggressive stimulus plan known as yet Japan spends about $50 billion per fatal one involving a major political Abenomics; by articulating a new stra- year on a 250,000-member “self-defense The heartbreak of guns sults in stigmatizing attitudes, which can figure. Also difficult to express, in a tegic vision for the “Indo-Pacific” (his force.” prevent people from seeking treatment. different way, is how admirably resilient coinage) in conjunction with the United Now that the Supreme Court has ruled Studies have shown that people with sub- Japanese democracy has just shown it- States, India and Australia; and by mod- The United States and other democra- that it is unconstitutional to require gun stance use disorder who experience stig- self to be. Voters still reeling from the ernizing Japan’s military. All of the above, cies should support the legitimation of a owners to show “a good and substantial ma are less likely to seek treatment. tragedy turned out in large numbers Mr. Abe correctly saw, was necessary to democratic Japan’s military capability. reason” to carry a concealed weapon, Sunday to elect new members for the counter China’s rise — and the possible To be sure, many in Japan, mindful of Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) has lifted The article failed to mention one an- upper house of Japan’s parliament. “It threat to Taiwan — as well as North militarism’s awful legacy, still recoil from those restrictions for Marylanders [“Cit- swer to improving patient care: educating was extremely meaningful that we car- Korea’s nuclear potential. the idea. South Koreans and Chinese ing court decision, Hogan orders relax- on the principles of harm-reduction and ried out the election,” said Fumio Kishi- have their own bitter memories of Japa- ation of concealed-carry rules,” Metro, evidence-based treatment. Legislation da, Mr. Abe’s most recent successor as At the time of Mr. Abe’s death, neither nese occupation. And no doubt support July 6]. Our communities already are pending on Capitol Hill, if enacted, would prime minister after Mr. Abe’s retire- he nor his successors had been able to for an amendment is strongest in Japa- unsafe with the proliferation of guns, mandate addiction education for holders ment in late 2020 because of a chronic complete his program. The Trans-Pacific nese conservative nationalist circles, including assault weapons, that has re- of a controlled-substances license. illness. “Our endeavor to protect democ- Partnership free-trade agreement would which Mr. Abe long represented. sulted in the devastating carnage we read racy continues.” have connected the U.S. and Japanese about every single day. To reduce the grim death toll of over- economies more thoroughly, along with Nevertheless, the proposed amend- dose deaths in this country, we must do all Protecting Japan and its democracy those of nine other nations. But Donald ment would only legalize what is already We are not safer with this ruling. Imag- we can to get people with substance use was the mission that defined Mr. Abe’s Trump scuttled TPP as president despite reality — Japan has land, sea and air ine all the guns in every grocery store, disorder the care they need. own career, which included two stints as Mr. Abe’s aggressive efforts to court him, forces. It would not repeal the renuncia- every theater, every outdoor gathering, prime minister, from 2006 to 2007 and and President Biden has not revived it. On tion of war, but would ease Japanese help every campus, workplace, etc. Imagine Regina M. LaBelle, Takoma Park 2012 to 2020, the latter being the longest another crucial point, though, Sunday’s with collective security, possibly including someone hearing sounds like gunfire. The writer is director of the Addiction and in the country’s modern history. Even election advances Mr. Abe’s agenda of defense of Taiwan. Twenty-first-century Imagine everyone pulling out their weap- after he stepped down, Mr. Abe remained amending Japan’s 75-year-old constitu- Japan is a trustworthy member of the ons. How can you tell who is the good guy Public Policy Initiative a politically influential leader of thecon- tion to clarify the legality of its military international community; its contribu- with the gun and who is the bad guy with at the Georgetown University servative ruling Liberal Democratic Par- forces. Supporters now control the neces- tion to global security is even more neces- the gun? You can’t. They will all start Law Center’s O’Neill Institute. ty, for whose candidates he was cam- sary two-thirds of both houses to enact it, sary now than it was before Russia’s shooting at each other. We lose so many paigning when attacked. Mr. Abe saw, subject to a national referendum. The idea invasion of Ukraine. Mr. Abe is gone too lives, adults and children, to gunfire. Ut- Three woofs for Mr. Gerson is to end an outmoded legal ambiguity: soon. The impact he made, on Japan and terly heartbreaking, and it is only going to the world, should not be forgotten. get worse. What on earth are we doing? Three woofs to Michael Gerson’s July 5 op-ed, “Why I will never live without a dog Time to vote Andrea S. Ingram, Laurel again,” for illuminating the power of the The July 7 Politics & the Nation article dog: affection, unconditional love and joy. Maryland’s gubernatorial candidates are in a tight race, but the choices are clear. “After school shootings, teachers are They care for us, we care for them, and A WEEK before Maryland primary struggling for years” discussed the after- love, or whatever science wants to call it, voters go to the polls, with each math of several teachers’ experiences of a connects us at the intersection in a deep party’s leading gubernatorial mass shooting event. These teachers are freeing way. candidates locked in a statistical understandably traumatized and still in dead heat, the political jockeying and recovery, as are their students. I find this almost daily in my family’s tsunami of ads flooding the airwaves Talented and dedicated teachers have Shih-poo, Jerry, whom we brought into have blurred what looks to us like a clear left their professions, which is a great loss, our home as a therapy dog for a son who choice on both party ballots. but they have not forgotten their students barely survived a life-threatening trauma. On the Democratic side, Tom Perez, nor the shooting incident. Other teachers Naturally, he became a therapy dog for all whose experience as a civil rights pros- continue teaching while advocating for of us facing a pandemic and increasing ecutor, local and state official, top Justice their students and taking on activism gun violence. As Mr. Gerson noted, their Department civil rights enforcer, and through gun-violence prevention organi- personalities are pure, they give where we former U.S. Cabinet secretary is light- zations. Teachers and administrators stumble, they do indeed renew us. In years ahead of the rest of the field, has have created a network of support to simplest terms, they do not allow us to not distinguished himself as the most clear- assist each other through a horrific ex- love. If we had more Lattes and Jerrys eyed, straight-talking and substantive perience. than the means to hurt each other, we’d all contestant. Then readers were given advice on “how be much better off. Among the Republicans, Kelly to stay safe during an active shooter event” M. Schulz, who has served in term-limited BILL O'LEARY/THE WASHINGTON POST in the news article on the same day, “Plan Gary Logan, Millersville an escape route. Move away from gunfire. Michael Gerson’s reflection on “Why I Gov. Larry Hogan’s Cabinet as both labor Maryland Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Perez speaks to supporters Regain a sense of control.” So it has come to will never live without a dog again” pro- secretary and commerce secretary, is a during a campaign stop in Silver Spring on July 2. this, in this gun-obsessed society. Please vided much-needed relief from the relent- voice of moderation in a party where that remember that schools practice such lessly grim news. has become a scarce commodity. and command of policy set him apart. have run strong races. But none, includ- events, but when the event occurs it is hard Not that having a dog protects you from Mr. Perez and Ms. Schulz have run on His added dimension, presented with a ing Mr. Moore, would enter office with to react. The article recommended “taking bad times and ultimate sorrow. We bipeds very different platforms — his strikingly crisp blend of detail and big-picture the knowledge and strategic savvy that care of yourself in other ways.” However, generally outlive our pets and must bear detailed, hers resolutely broad-brush. framing, is an ability to harness lessons Mr. Perez would possess on Day 1. the obvious is missing here: Assault-style the pain of loss. But, as Mr. Gerson wrote, What they have in common is that each he has learned from an impressive career Like Mr. Perez, Ms. Schulz has project- weapons should not be for sale, and they “the transforming presence of love is worth is self-evidently competent and qualified in public service and apply them to ed a sense of balance along with a centrist should not be available to the public. Strict the inevitability of grief.” Day in and day to be governor, by dint of their broad Maryland’s most pressing problems. agenda. In her case, the contrast with her gun-control laws must be in place to stop out, our furry friends give us the uncondi- backgrounds in governance. Neither has On the staggering toll of homicides and main primary rival, state Del. Daniel mass shootings. tional affection and utter joy in the mo- heeded the siren song of extremism that gun violence that has gripped Baltimore L. Cox (Frederick), a right-wing extrem- ment that we rarely find in the human has come to exert a tight grip on many in and other parts of the state, for instance, ist, is obvious. Mr. Cox, endorsed by Linda Ebersole, Shady Side world. the GOP, and plenty in the Democratic his proposals would mobilize local, state former president Donald Trump, peddles I have a Havanese puppy, too, and can Party as well. and federal authorities to work in tighter the lie that the 2020 presidential election Reduce the stigma attest to his “thermonuclear cuteness.” He The Post endorsed Mr. Perez and coordination, including with the assis- was fraudulent and wrote that Vice might not be the best-trained canine, nor Ms. Schulz this spring, and the cam- tance of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, President Mike Pence was a traitor for As the Biden administration’s former an asset to our household cleanliness. But paign has reinforced our confidence in Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; Presi- not intervening to overturn the results. acting director of the National Drug Con- Wolfie is perfect as he is, and he thinks I each. dent Biden’s nominee to lead that agency Ms. Schulz, who has dismissed such non- trol Office, I appreciated the article point- am, too. Or so I believe. In the sole televised debate among the once worked under Mr. Perez’s supervi- sense, has advanced a traditional con- ing to ways health-care providers can crowded field of Democrats, in June, and sion in the Justice Department. servative agenda of lower taxes and better care for patients they label “diffi- Rayna Aylward, Annandale in a radio interview featuring Mr. Perez Other Democrats in the primary race, tough measures to fight crime. cult” [“When doctors dislike patients, and one of his two chief rivals this notably Wes Moore, a former nonprofit Both Mr. Perez and Ms. Schulz are quality of care might go down,” Health, More potential base names month, his agenda of concrete proposals executive and Army combat veteran, solid picks to lead the state. July 5]. With record rates of overdose death in the United States, more than In addition to the names listed in Bogus charges in Belarus 100,000 deaths in 2021 alone, hospitals David Von Drehle’s July 7 op-ed, “The and emergency departments provide a proposed new names for military bases Mr. Lukashenko’s actions against civilians should not go unpunished. critically important intervention point for are inspiring,” I would suggest two more. D ANUTA PEREDNYA was an people at risk of overdosing. However, honors student at Mogilev State broadly. This is not the face of a terrorist hold bloggers, business executives, art- stigma and a lack of addiction training for First, Ira Hayes, the Marine and Pima University in Belarus when or a criminal. Rather, it is the face of a ists, performers and journalists, many physicians can stand in the way of proper Indian who was one of the flag raisers at Russia began a military on- dictatorship using terror and coercion arrested in the aftermath of the 2020 care for people with substance use disor- Iwo Jima. I would also include one against its own people to smother free vote, a testament to Mr. Lukashenko’s der. Confederate general, James Longstreet, slaught against Ukraine. On Feb. 27, just speech and association. It is the face of a thuggery. for what he did after the war. He support- days after the invasion, she reposted a tyrant, Mr. Lukashenko, who was de- Mr. Lukashenko has increasingly Surveys of physicians and other health- ed the Republican Party and fought text in an online chatroom that harshly feated in the 2020 presidential election sought protection from Russia and care professionals provide evidence of against white supremacists. To under- criticized Presidents Alexander Lukash- but stole it from the true victor, Svetlana turned Belarus into a Russian air base. their reluctance to treat individuals with stand why there are no monuments to enko of Belarus and Vladimir Putin of Tikhanovskaya, after she was greeted by While Belarusian troops have not en- addiction. This reluctance too often re- Longstreet in the South (there is one at Russia for unleashing the war. She huge crowds with hopes for change. tered combat in Ukraine, Belarusian Gettysburg) is to understand the purpose called for protests and spoke out against Mr. Lukashenko declared himself the runways are aiding Russian forces in of the existing monuments. Belarusian troops entering the conflict winner, incarcerated hundreds of pro- staging bombing and missile raids on directly. testers and forced Ms. Tikhanovskaya civilian targets in Ukraine. On June 26, Alan Bromborsky, Silver Spring The next day, Ms. Perednya got off a into exile. How is it possible to insult these raids hit an apartment complex in bus in Mogilev from her hometown of such crude despotism? Kyiv and targets across northern and Kirovsk and was arrested. She was Ms. Perednya is not alone. The pris- western Ukraine. On July 5, Britain expelled from the university, and ac- ons of Belarus are full of those detained adopted new trade, financial and trans- cused of actions aimed at causing harm on sham accusations. Viasna, a Belaru- port sanctions against Belarus, which to the national interests of the Republic sian human rights center, reports there “has actively facilitated Putin’s invasion, of Belarus and of insulting Mr. Lukash- are 1,236 political prisoners in the letting Russia use its territory to pincer enko. On June 10, she was labeled a country. Among the prisoners are Ms. Ukraine — launching troops and missiles person involved with terrorist activities Tikhanovskaya’s husband, Sergei Tikha- from their border and flying Russian jets by the Belarusian security services. On novsky, who dared declare a candidacy through their airspace.” The United July 1, Ms. Perednya was sentenced to against Mr. Lukashenko; Viktor States and the European Union should 6½ years in a penal colony — for simply Babaryko, a businessman who ran in follow suit with new sanctions. Mr. Lu- expressing her views. the election; and Maria Kolesnikova, kashenko menaces his own people and In a photograph widely circulated who campaigned shoulder to shoulder serves as an accomplice to Mr. Putin’s online, Ms. Perednya, 20, is smiling with Ms. Tikhanovskaya. The prisons terrible war on Ukraine. ABCDE NEWS EDITORIAL AND OPINIONS OFFICERS RUTH MARCUS................Deputy Editorial Page Editor FREDERICK J. RYAN JR. SALLY BUZBEE .................................... 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TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 . THE WASHINGTON POST EZ RE A23 MEGAN MCARDLE What’s with Musk’s Twitter-deal madness? E lon Musk is not just your gar- WASHINGTON POST ILLUSTRATION/KYODO NEWS STILLS VIA GETTY IMAGES den-variety weird billionaire; he extends a weapons-grade Biden sells out American values weirdness field around him for votes by meeting MBS that makes everything he touches turn weird, too. Case in point, the Twitter BY FRED RYAN murder — just before he was scheduled president shaking his hand. So, MBS MBS’s direction. Women are second- acquisition — which Musk announced to visit Saudi Arabia to plead for eco- held out until Biden grew desperate class citizens, and LGBTQ and minority this weekend he’s walking away from. I nexperienced politicians often nomic investment that would boost his enough to give in. We can be sure other rights do not exist. learn the hard way about the differ- own 2023 reelection bid. Now, it is the “allies,” whose support we need, are Musk’s main explanation is he ence between campaigning and U.S. president who is turning a blind eye taking note. Biden’s team has already said that the believes there are too many bots governing, making bold statements to Jamal’s murder in an effort to lower president will “raise the issue of human using the service. As reasons go, this on the trail that later require embarrass- gasoline prices in advance of this fall’s Biden’s meeting also sends a danger- rights” with his Saudi counterparts. is kind of weird, because there’s not ing reversals. But when it comes to midterms. ous message about the value the United With that box checked, conversations much evidence that Twitter is suffi- international realpolitik, no recent can- States attaches to a free press. A grip- are sure to turn swiftly to the real ciently bot-infested to materially didate could have been better informed Biden needs the Saudis to increase and-grin photograph with MBS signals agenda items for the meeting — like oil complicate the deal. Musk is surely than Joe Biden. After decades on the their oil production to help keep global to autocrats everywhere that you can flow — with nothing real to show for it. aware that there are plenty of real Senate Foreign Relations Committee energy prices in check. The trip sends quite literally get away with murdering Biden should insist on more. Before people on Twitter, since as Bloom- and eight years as vice president, Biden the message that the United States is a journalist as long as you possess a meeting with MBS, Biden should send berg’s Matt Levine pointed out, that’s campaigned in 2020 partly on his for- willing to look the other way when its natural resource the United States over a list of political prisoners to be where he met the mother of some of eign-policy experience. commercial interests are at stake. We wants badly enough. released as a precondition for the en- his children. have learned, through decades of hard counter. And, as Ronald Reagan did When, seeking votes, Biden vowed to lessons, that terrorists recruit by ex- This danger is hardly hypothetical. when visiting the Soviet Union, Biden The sudden obsession with bots make Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed ploiting hatred of the United States When Jamal, who lived in Virginia, was should insist on meeting face-to-face strikes most knowledgeable observers bin Salman a “pariah” for his role in among people brutalized by their own killed, the world was stunned that MBS with Saudi dissidents while in the coun- as an obviously pretextual excuse to murdering Washington Post contribut- despotic leaders. That narrative suc- would butcher a journalist so closely try. If he is going to bring global atten- cancel the merger, or at least to rene- ing columnist Jamal Khashoggi, the ceeds best when Americans talk a good connected to the United States. Today, tion to burnish a murderer’s image, the gotiate its price now that the stock world had every reason to think he game about human rights until there’s Vladimir Kara-Murza, another Post con- least he can do is turn a spotlight on men market has tanked. But this is really meant it. something else we need more — such as tributor and a permanent U.S. resident, and women risking everything for the not that much less weird. Chancery cheap oil. languishes in a Russian jail. And Austin freedom and dignity of their people. judges are not very fond of BS excuses, So why is President Biden now going Tice, a U.S. citizen who has freelanced nor of people who whimsically offer to to Jiddah on bended knee to shake the About-faces such as the one Biden is for The Post and other outlets, remains In a country where total censorship, buy a company, then try to get out of it “pariah’s” bloodstained hand? Once making erode our moral authority and in captivity in Syria after nearly a dec- public floggings, beheadings, “disap- with the legal equivalent of a text again, he is seeking votes. breed anti-American resentment. They ade. When the image of Biden pressing pearances” and hundreds of political reading LOL JK hahahahah. They can, communicate to democracy activists flesh with Jamal’s murderer flashes prisoners are the norm, releasing a few and probably will, at least make him The president has justified his trip as and reform-minded governments around the world, what will it say to activists will make a small dent in ad- pay the deal’s $1 billion breakup fee. a necessary move to promote stability in worldwide that Washington is an unreli- Vladimir Putin and to the Syrians, who dressing the kingdom’s barbarity. But They might force him to pony up the Middle East and to deter Russian able partner. And that sows confusion hold the lives of these journalists in it’s a start. It is a way to show that Biden’s $44 billion to buy the company as and Chinese aggression. But the presi- and sabotages our diplomacy — the their hands? self-abasement is meant to secure great- promised. dent should know meeting with Mo- opposite of what Biden says his trip is er human rights, not just cheaper gas at hammed bin Salman, or MBS, as he is trying to achieve. Some have tried to argue in advance American pumps. And it’s something But then we get to the truly weird known, will give the Saudi leader exactly of Biden’s trip that enough time has MBS can do now, immediately upon thing: If Musk can get out of this for what three years of Saudi PR campaigns, No meaningful obstacle prevented passed since Jamal’s murder to allow Biden’s request, as a minimum show of $1 billion (plus hefty lawyer’s fees), lobbying expenses, and even a new golf the Saudis from boosting oil output as the U.S.-Saudi relationship to simply good faith. he’ll probably end up making money league have not: a return to respectabili- soon as Russian troops rolled into move on. But it’s not too late for Biden to on the debacle. ty. This undeserved absolution will, in Ukraine. In response to U.S. pleas for wring some good out of this ill- If Mohammed bin Salman delivers turn, only undermine the foreign-policy increased production, MBS instead conceived blunder. We cannot forget anything less, Biden should refuse the Musk may be the richest guy in the goals Biden hopes to achieve. snubbed key Biden administration offi- that, even though Jamal was killed more staged handshake the crown prince so world, but most of his net worth cials and refused to participate in a than three years ago, right now, every desperately craves. Otherwise, MBS’s consists of Tesla stock and stock op- First, Biden’s meeting will signal that phone call with the president. day, the Saudi people are subjected to cherished photo will belong in an album tions. If you’re a Tesla shareholder, American values are negotiable. Earlier grotesque repression. Political prison- of American shame. that’s exactly how you want it, because this year, Turkish President Recep Neither meetings with Biden’s depu- ers, dissidents, independent journalists The writer is publisher of The Post. your interests and his are tightly Tayyip Erdogan abruptly shut down the ties nor a phone call would give MBS and others are jailed and tortured at aligned. But if you’re Musk’s financial trial of 26 Saudis suspected in Jamal’s what he most wanted: a photo of the adviser — or, you know, Musk himself — you would probably like a little EUGENE ROBINSON insurance, in the form of other invest- ments, in case this whole electric car If Herschel Walker wins in Georgia, America will have lost its mind thing doesn’t work out. I t’s not yet clear who will be the weirdest and most unfit Republican JAMES GILBERT/GETTY IMAGES As for lies, Walker claimed he graduat- And this is what he said on Fox News Unfortunately, it’s somewhat diffi- Senate candidate in November. But ed from college when he didn’t, claimed two days after the Uvalde, Tex., school cult for a CEO in that situation to do my early pick is Herschel Walker in GOP senate hopeful Herschel Walker. he had “worked in law enforcement” shooting: “Cain killed Abel and that’s a the obvious thing: selling some of his Georgia. If he wins — and he could — this when he didn’t, and claimed he owned problem that we have. What we need to do company’s stock to buy other stocks. nation has truly lost its mind. describes his relationship with his “the largest minority-owned chicken is look into how we can stop those things. When you’re the richest guy in the 22-year-old son Christian, is also the business in the United States” when he You know, you talked about doing a world, you need to sell quite a lot of The flashing red lights and blaring father of three other children of whom he didn’t. disinformation — what about getting a stock just to diversify a fraction of your sirens are not just about the former does not speak — and with whom he is not department that can look at young men net worth. Selling that big a chunk of football star’s myriad lies and stunning in regular contact. According to reporting We’ve had liars and hypocrites in the that’s looking at women that’s looking at one stock will saturate the market and hypocrisy. That kind of stuff doesn’t by the Daily Beast, the mother of one of Senate before — we have some now, their social media. What about doing make the price fall, so all your other necessarily trouble GOP voters in the those unmentioned children, a 10-year- actually — and the republic has survived. that? Looking into things like that and we shares will be worth less — particular- least, given their continued devotion to old boy, had to sue Walker to get him to But to an alarming degree, even for a can stop that that way.” ly after people start asking themselves Donald Trump, who counts Walker as a pay child support. senator, Walker seems to believe he knows why Tesla’s CEO doesn’t want his longtime friend. It’s Walker’s combina- everything about everything — while his Even by the standards of today’s Sen- shares. tion of utter ignorance and total confi- I’m old enough to remember when one words suggest he knows nothing about ate, a body of which Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) dence, which challenges even that of the secret “love child” was enough to end the anything at all. is a member, this is incoherent, “Looney It has recently become urgent that former president. political career of John Edwards, who Tunes” babble — even if Walker rambled Musk solve this problem, because in twice was a credible candidate for the According to the Atlanta Journal- his way around to a generally sensible 2012, he was awarded nearly 23 mil- Mind you, Walker does challenge even Democratic presidential nomination. Constitution, this is how he explained his position: increasing funding for mental lion Tesla stock options that will ex- Trump’s record of dubious achievement Three secret offspring haven’t slowed views on climate change to a group of health treatment. pire this August. He has presumably on the lies-and-hypocrisy score. For years, Walker down any more than would-be Republican activists: “We don’t control been sitting on them to put off paying he railed against the irresponsibility tacklers did when he was barreling down the air. Our good air decided to float over While Walker wanders along the cam- taxes on them, but he has reached the shown by absent African American fa- the field for touchdowns at the University to China’s bad air. So when China gets our paign trail, Walker’s Democratic rival, “use it or lose it” point. Might that thers. The “fatherless home is a major, of Georgia. good air, their bad air has got to move. So incumbent Sen. Raphael G. Warnock, has explain why Musk has started manu- major problem” in the Black community, it moves over to our good air space. Then, concentrated on emphasizing what he has facturing what seem like excuses to he told conservative radio host Charlie now, we’ve got we to clean that back up.” accomplished for Georgians in his brief sell stock? Kirk in 2020. In a 2021 conversation with time in office. Despite the choice between conservative personalities Diamond and This is how, in March, he explained his crazed and competent, polls show Walker In November, Musk offered his fol- Silk, Walker lamented: “The father leaves doubts about evolution: “At one time, and Warnock in a statistical tie. lowers a Twitter poll. “Much is made in the Black family. He leaves the boys science said man came from apes. Did it lately of unrealized gains being a alone so they’ll be raised by their mom. If not? . . . If that is true, why are there still Warnock won his seat in a runoff means of tax avoidance,” read the you have a child with a woman, even if you apes? Think about it.” election on Jan. 5, 2021, after Trump, question, “so I propose selling 10% of have to leave that woman … you don’t furious at having lost the state, told my Tesla stock. Do you support this?” leave that child.” This is how he promised right-wing Georgia Republicans that their votes The ayes had it, 58 to 42 percent, and podcast host Glenn Beck a quack cure for wouldn’t be counted fairly. Trump essen- Musk sold $5 billion worth of shares a That stance became a punchline when covid in August 2020: “Do you know, right tially gifted Warnock his seat. Now, by few days later. it was revealed that Walker, who proudly now, I have something that can bring you endorsing Walker, let’s hope Trump may into a building that would clean you from be doing it again. On the one hand this was a very covid as you walk through this dry mist?” Muskian troll of Democratic legisla- tors who have lately taken to propos- ing impractical and destructive plans to tax unrealized capital gains. On the other, it was a great excuse to sell shares. Now when people asked why Musk was divesting, instead of saying “because I want to have something to fall back on if Tesla underperforms,” he could say “because I am a wild and crazy guy who likes to troll libs on Twitter.” Now, in a rational world, “I love trolling more than my company” should probably make you less bullish on the future of Tesla, but here on Earth Prime, the lib-trolling is one reason his most avid fans love him, and the company he runs. This barely caused a hiccup in the stock. In April, Musk sold another $8.4 billion as he raised funds for the Ultimate Troll: buying Twitter itself. Between then and now, the stock market has swooned, and the value of Tesla has declined by more than a quarter. In other words, if Musk had held onto those shares, he’d have about $6 billion worth of stock. In- stead, he got $8.4 billion worth of cash. Even if he gives $1 billion of that to Twitter, he’s still more than a billion dollars to the good. Musk couldn’t have known he was selling close to the peak, of course; the timing was fortuitous. But it’s none- theless excellent reason for a judge to force Musk to go through with it. Otherwise, his good fortune will be- come legend and encourage more frivolous deals. Things are weird enough already in the market. We don’t need to give anyone encouragement to make them worse.

A24 EZ SU THE WASHINGTON POST . TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 Cubans who took to the streets are fleeing the country PHOTOS BY BRYAN CEREIJO FOR THE WASHINGTON POST LEFT: Eliexer Márquez Duany at his home in Miami on Friday. Duany, a rapper, helped pen the song “Patria y Vida,” a protest anthem opposing the Cuban regime. RIGHT: Saily González on Saturday. After the July 11, 2011, protests, González channeled her frustrations on Instagram, where she posted videos calling for detained protesters to be released. She also staged two protests. CUBA FROM A1 both exuberant and terrifying. ‘Please don’t let me die’ undercover agents forcing him three artists involved with “Patria ing factory. Melo’s audio broadcasts openly Garcia’s departure was fol- into a white police car and a letter. y Vida” who were still living in “For sure [the opposition] has His mother was pushed out of her expressing dissent on Twitter Cuba when the song was released job. Police detained Melo, 27, Spaces drew hundreds of listen- lowed by others. “I am going to the United last year. Cuban Americans young been weakened because most ac- three times, threatening to levy ers. Activists formed a group Rapper Denis Solís — a mem- States on a raft because I am and old gathered in front of the tivists have had to leave the coun- charges that could yield hefty jail called Archipiélago and started afraid,” he had written. “Please stage to sing along. try,” she said. But as long as time. planning another march for No- ber of the San Ysidro artists’ don’t let me die.” conditions in Cuba remain un- vember. International news out- movement whose 2020 arrest El Funky started his set changed, she said, “I think there By December he decided there lets interviewed young, frustrat- sparked an earlier revolt — fled to The Miami in which the immi- dressed in a Miami Heat jacket, will be many more activists.” was only one path forward: Go to ed Cubans and asked whether the Serbia. El Funky left after getting grants are arriving is a city where but by the end of the performance prison or leave. island was on the verge of a new an invitation to the Latin Gram- even middle class families are he’d taken it off to reveal a T-shirt For now, the new arrivals are revolution. mys. YouTuber Dina Stars — who being steadily squeezed out. The with the image of El Osorbo, his spending much of their time fo- “So I left,” he explained, in was detained while giving a live median asking price for a rental detained collaborator. cused on surviving in the United Miami. But the crackdown had already television interview last July — in May was over $3,100. Income States: Getting jobs. Learning begun. The U.S.-based human went to Madrid. The teen caught inequality is on par with that of Márquez says he’s still not used English. Figuring out the bus map. A year after the internet-fueled rights groups Cubalex and Justi- in a viral photo waving a bloodied Panama and Colombia. But fam- to life in Miami. Shortly after protest rocked Cuba last July 11, cia 11J say more than 1,400 people Cuban flag on July 11 is also in ily ties and the allure of a city arriving, his father died. He takes “I think the government has many who took to the streets are were arrested in the wake of the Spain. where Spanglish is the lingua some comfort in knowing his won the battle, if not the war,” now defecting, joining one of the protests. franca has nonetheless drawn father, watching from afar, got to Henken said. “But at what price? largest exoduses from the island But most of the young Cubans many. see him accept two Grammys. But They’re sending a whole new gen- since Fidel Castro launched the A year later, an estimated 700 fleeing are arriving in Miami — he described himself as “strug- eration of young people with tal- revolution in 1959. are still behind bars. The most the city of exiles. Arletis Relova, a 29-year-old gling.” ent, ambition, creativity and pa- common charges include public former schoolteacher, is living triotism abroad to pursue their Some are activists who were disorder, contempt and sedition. More than 140,000 Cubans with her cousin in an efficiency He has not made any money future.” detained, threatened and ha- Several dozen people have been have been taken into U.S. custody apartment in Miami. Space is from “Patria y Vida.” To do that, he rassed. Others are teachers, farm- tried in military courts. Two of at the Mexico border since Oct. 1, tight, but she believes she’s better says, he would need to join a U.S. Melo arrived in March. In a ers and parents of young children the most prominent detainees — according to U.S. Customs and off. artist licensing organization — post on Instagram, he shared a who decided they would be better rapper Maykel “El Osorbo” Castil- Border Protection, typically after which requires a Social Security photo of the immigration termi- off leaving as the economy contin- lo Pérez and artist Luis Manuel long journeys that start with an “In Cuba, you don’t even have number, which he does not yet nal at Miami International Air- ued to tank, the state enacted no Otero Alcántara — were sen- expensive flight to Managua. The detergent to wash your clothes,” have. These days he is living in a port. He described leaving Cuba significant reforms and Nicara- tenced recently to nine and five exodus has eclipsed the massive she said one recent morning, as tiny, spartan apartment. When he as “the most selfish and at the gua lifted its visa requirement, years in jail. 1980 boatlift, when Fidel Castro she lined up with other Cubans goes out, people recognize him same time the least selfish deci- making travel there easier. opened the port of Mariel to outside a social services agency. and cheer him on. sion” he had ever made. For many others, however, the anyone who wanted to leave — The flight is sapping the com- consequences have been less pub- and 125,000 people did. Now Relova and others have a “I feel good because everything He was willing to forfeit his job munist state of much of its youth lic. Melo’s landlord kicked him different problem: They can’t yet I did, I did with heart,” he said. or even go to prison for protest- at a time when the nation’s popu- out of his apartment and his The poorest today continue to work. While many Cubans are But “Inside, I feel sad.” ing. But seeing loved ones suffer lation is growing at its lowest rate internet was repeatedly cut. Saily flee by sea. U.S. Coast Guard released into the United States for his actions was another mat- in six decades. It also poses a González, 31, who ran a bed-and- officials have intercepted over after short detentions by U.S. ‘A bitter lesson’ ter. challenge for the opposition, as breakfast in the central city of 2,900 Cubans since Oct. 1 — far Border Patrol, most must wait Ted Henken, a Cuba scholar at some of the most vocal leaders for Santa Clara, said pro-government surpassing the 838 the previous months to apply and receive em- “When it’s not you who loses change flee the island. In Miami, mobs threw eggs and rocks at her fiscal year. ployment authorization. In the Baruch College who wrote a book your job, who goes hungry, who meanwhile, new arrivals are find- home. State security agents kept meantime, many are taking up on the island’s digital awakening, lives in fear every day over what ing it hard to get by — many don’t Eliexer Márquez Duany, 40 — a Yariel Alfonso Puerta, 27, de- jobs off the books at carwashes notes that technology allows an- might happen, that changes have permission to work, rents rapper known as El Funky, who parted on a homemade sailboat and factories. Most can’t legally gry citizens to spark a protest in a things.” are at record highs and families helped pen the protest anthem crafted out of sheet metal and drive — or afford a car. Even matter of days that in the past are trying to accommodate the “Patria y Vida” — under strict wooden planks a day before he prominent figures, such as El would have taken months to orga- Melo said Miami is “nice.” And recent arrivals on couches and air house arrest. was due to stand trial for disobe- Funky, are relying on friends to nize. when he’s not thinking about mattresses. dience after protesting last July. get around. Cuba, he can feel moments of Still, many kept organizing and His mother said, “I’m not sure But that doesn’t mean they peace. Wilfredo Allen, an attorney in pushing for greater economic and how it floated.” On an overcast spring evening, have the tools and strategies to Miami, says he’s getting 20 to 30 political liberties. he commanded the stage at La change the status quo. But much of the time, his head emails a day from people think- The U.S. Coast Guard stopped Tropical, a beer garden in Miami’s is still on the island, thinking ing about leaving Cuba, waiting at “After July 11, I couldn’t hold it Puerta in international waters. Wynwood neighborhood mod- “In some ways it’s a bitter les- about the consequences of his the border or already in the Unit- inside anymore,” González said. He was taken aboard a cutter eled after the one founded in son,” Henken said. “Because the actions, and what he might have ed States. He calls the movement She channeled her frustrations carrying a cellphone that con- Havana in 1888. He was one of protests in July happened with done differently. “unstoppable.” on Instagram, where she posted tained a video showing a dozen almost no central organizing en- videos calling for detained pro- tity, personality or set of de- “Putting Cuba in a box — that One defining aspect of the testers to be released and sepa- YAMIL LAGE/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY IMAGES mands.” has crossed my mind,” he said. newcomers: “Almost every Cuban rately, staged two protests. “I’m going to be honest. Because I’ve dealt with is young. And they A man is arrested during a protest against the government of The main movements — San it’s a lot. I had my life figured out. are leaving because they have no Then came November. A day Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel in Havana, on July 11, Ysidro, Archipiélago — still have And now I’m alone here.” hope.” before Archipiélago’s planned 2021. Many opposition members have since left the country. members on the island, but are ‘Fatherland and Life’ march, security forces blocked much diminished. The question The only thing that really gives access to and from group leader of how much change in Cuba can him peace, he said, is thinking Estimates of how many people Yunior García’s home. Stuck in- be effected from Miami has been about his mother, the woman marched last summer range from side, he extended a hand carrying a debate since the first exiles who gave him permission to go to 100,000 to half a million — a a white rose out his window — landed here more than 60 years the protest — and who now, for narrow slice of the island’s and left for Spain a few days later. ago. Those interviewed for this the first time in a long time, can 11.1 million population, but a sig- Others, including Melo, were pre- story said they’d stay in the strug- rest easy, knowing he’s not about nificant portion in a country vented from leaving their homes. gle — but right now, González to be jailed. where mass protest is rare. The Some protest leaders, startled, said, the strategy is to create a demonstrations stretched from discouraged people from going new strategy. On a recent day, he placed a big cities such as Havana and out, deeming it too risky. video call to his mom as he toured Santiago de Cuba to towns such The entrepreneur fled in June Miami so she could accompany as Aguacate, where a few people “It’s hard to do the street when after officers told her she should him in discovering the city. He gathered in a square to yell “Pa- your leader left,” Melo said. “And leave or risk being put in jail. She showed her the towering glass tria y Vida!” — Fatherland and everyone who was on the street left almost all of her belongings condominiums downtown, the Life, a play on the revolutionary was a policeman. You see people behind — taking just a suitcase colorful murals of Wynwood and slogan “Patria o Muerte”: Father- with guns — you don’t go to the with a few changes of clothes. Her finally La Ermita, the waterside land or Death. street. brother needed her laptop. church that has become a shrine for Cuban exiles. The days that followed were “People were afraid.” Now González and her hus- band are living in a small apart- He pointed the camera at the ment. He works at a curtain-mak- water and silently gave thanks to the spirits that brought him to Miami.

METROKLMNO EZ SU B TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 . WASHINGTONPOST.COM/LOCAL 8 a.m. Noon 4 p.m. 8 p.m. High today at JOHN KELLY’S WASHINGTON MARYLAND OBITUARIES approx. 4 p.m. 70° 81° 85° 81° A park in Fairfax County Montgomery’s touch- Actor Tony Sirico, 79, was 85° is abuzz with gorgeous screen ballots are unfair best known as enforcer hummingbird photos on to some candidates, Paulie Walnuts on “The Precip: 0% display. B3 organizations alleged. B6 Sopranos.” B6 Wind: S 6-12 mph Chief: Gun Grand jury violence on free to look the rise in into schools’ Md. county sex assaults Official cites year-to-date JUDGE PERMITS jump as Montgomery INQUIRY IN LOUDOUN Board had sued to stop weighs legislative action the investigation BY DAN MORSE BY RACHEL WEINER Gun violence has risen sharply A Loudoun County judge ruled in Montgomery County this year, Monday that a grand jury investi- with nonfatal shootings nearly gation of Loudoun County Public double what they were 12 months Schools’ handling of two sexual ago, the jurisdiction’s top officer assaults can move forward, de- said Monday. spite a legal challenge from the county school board. Police Chief Marcus Jones “We cannot know where this made the remarks to reporters as will lead,” Judge Jim Plowman county leaders discussed a pro- said in Loudoun County Circuit posed legislative action that Court, explaining his ruling. He would scale back the places some- concluded that while the grand one could carry a handgun. He jury’s work is ongoing, it would be also spoke the day after dozens of “premature” to say the school gunshots were fired in a shopping system has been damaged: “I do center parking lot in Montgom- not believe that there is a cogniza- ery’s Briggs Chaney area, sending ble, irreparable harm here.” a victim to the hospital with seri- The special grand jury was ous injuries and driving bullets convened as part of an investiga- into several businesses. tion by Virginia Attorney General Jason S. Miyares into the han- “Literally 60 rounds were fired dling of two sexual assaults com- in that parking lot,” Jones said. “It mitted last year by the same Lou- just shows you that gun violence doun student. The school system has become sort of the norm, has come under intense criticism which is not where we need to be.” for transferring the student after his first sexual assault to a differ- While gun-related homicide ent campus, where he committed numbers are essentially flat com- a second. pared with the same period last The teen, who was 14 when he year, nonfatal shootings are up 75 percent and noncontact shoot- SEE LOUDOUN ON B4 ings have increased 29 percent, according to figures provided by Fierce fight the police department Monday. looms over housing in SEE GUNS ON B4 Arlington Eight years BY TEO ARMUS later, still The topic of housing wasn’t looking for even on the agenda for lawmakers Relisha in Arlington County, but residents streamed into one recent meeting It’s not Relisha BONNIE JO MOUNT/THE WASHINGTON POST with a sea of posters to express Rudd’s birthday. their dueling views on the issue. And it isn’t the Practicing mindfulness “Save Our Neighborhood. No anniversary of among familiar faces Upzoning!” one sign read. “In Our the day she was Neighborhood, Density Means Di- last seen. versity,” another declared. One Petula That was side said that “Arlington Is For Dvorak Everyone.” A few rows back: “The March 1, 2014, Arlington Way Has Gone Astray.” when a grainy At one point, a few people leav- security camera image in a ing the room repeatedly shouted: motel hallway showed an 8- “No upzoning!” year-old walking away from a That raucous meeting offered a struggling family and a troubled I BY MICHELLE BOORSTEIN for people of color.” taste of what promises to be one of life in a miserable shelter for n the tiny Virginia town of soybean fields and She took her first class the next day. Right away, the most contentious political bat- homeless families. But what no stoplights where Kimberly Matthews- tles in recent memory in Arling- was she walking toward? Williams grew up, her Black church was “I exhaled. You know the first time you’re away ton: a proposal to legalize “miss- family, and that felt really good — on from your family home and you come home and go: ing middle” housing — ranging That’s what July 11 — Relisha Sundays. On her own later, as a student in ‘Home,’” she said. “I literally was like: ‘This feels from townhouses to eight-unit Rudd Day — is about. D.C., something was missing, and she looked for a good.” buildings — that many are treat- “We kind of failed Relisha spiritual practice that felt to her like a connection ing as an existential debate over Rudd on so many different to the universe, one she could carry into her every The boom of mindfulness everywhere from the future of this affluent, deep- levels, so many different people, day, and began Buddhist chanting groups. There, classrooms and gyms to mosques and offices in the blue Northern Virginia suburb on from the community, from she’d rarely see faces and bodies that looked like past decade or so has slowly pulled in Americans far the doorstep of the nation’s capi- family, from government, law hers. more diverse than the practitioners who began tal. enforcement,” said Henderson decades ago adopting practices like yoga, medita- The draft framework, which Long, chief executive of D.C.’s The past few years, with pandemic-stressed tion and reiki that originated in Asia. Now Black county lawmakers will begin tak- Missing Voice, the group that teens in her house and racism constantly reflected practitioners are creating their own spaces, centered ing up Tuesday, would do away created Relisha Rudd Day. back in the national news, Matthews-Williams around their backgrounds and bodies and comfort. badly needed a change. In the fall of 2020, sitting in SEE HOUSING ON B5 On this day, musicians, poets, her home in Takoma Park, she googled “meditation SEE MINDFULNESS ON B2 advocates, officials and friends began a five-hour vigil to cover Dana Smith leads a class at her Spiritual Essence parts of her disturbing story, Yoga Studio in Upper Marlboro in June. one that rattled the city and led to the eventual demolition of D.C. General, the abandoned hospital that served for years as the capital city’s biggest shame, SEE DVORAK ON B3

B2 EZ RE THE WASHINGTON POST . TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 African Americans are creating spaces for mindfulness MINDFULNESS FROM B1 PHOTOS BY BONNIE JO MOUNT/THE WASHINGTON POST Welcome to the era of African Owner Dana Smith, at top leading a class at Spiritual Essence Yoga Studio and at center holding a through mainstream mindful- worked to find inviting ways to American mindfulness. pose, sought out yoga online in 2001, when she was grieving a friend lost in the Sept. 11 attacks, facing ness classes in the D.C. and disarm. a pregnancy on her own and rising blood pressure. Alexis Braswell, above, engages her breath. joined them because they center That can mean simply classes his experience as a non-White “Things I’ve said that once where teachers and students are was not understood or shared. of compassion and love. it mean to be human? Before that person. offended people of faith, like ‘I mostly Black. It can mean spaces She joined with Hughes, who He traveled to the Philippines my focus was to acquire and need to meditate on that’ — it where people can raise issues reach God outside of me. This The classes include acknowl- used to offend and now it like the Will Smith/Chris Rock grew up playing trumpet and and Korea and around 2014, he practice invited me to look at edgment of ancestors “we know doesn’t. Once people get a little incident or Supreme Court Jus- piano in church in Richmond, quit the Christian ministry to myself and be considerate of how and that are unknown,” Heart more understanding, it starts tice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s and came to D.C. to attend How- begin training and tutoring in I’m looking.” Refuge’s website says, and our cross over.” confirmation hearings and ev- ard University in 2006 where he mindfulness. “individual and collective lin- eryone understands why those studied music and went on to the Juneous A Pettijohn’s path eage of joy and suffering, of Newman-Brown said she nev- may feel like deep challenges to divinity school. He became a “What mindfulness gave me into mindfulness came through power and pain.” It says it offers er felt out of place in majority inner peace. It can mean getting Baptist pastor but began feeling was this capacity to get to know holistic wellness and yoga, in “an inter-generational under- White classes but have heard that some of your relatives think separate from the concept of myself for myself in a way that 2008. Raised Baptist, Pettijohn standing of the importance of other people of color say they felt mindfulness puts the spiritual “God” he understood and began was grounded in kindness and a eventually balanced mindfulness embodied mindfulness practices unwelcome or unseen. above God, or above the Black exploring Buddhist mindfulness, deep acceptance of who I was. I work with church, and attends for Black, Indigenous, and Peo- church. Or being on the mat next including the book “Living Bud- was a minister and a student of Unity Church, which is a Chris- ple of Color.” Ali said being with people of to a woman wearing a “yoga has dha, Living Christ,” a classic text theology and I was feeling sepa- tian denomination that empha- different backgrounds remains curves” T-shirt. by the famous late Vietnamese rate from God. Mindfulness sizes spiritualism and universal- Another model of mindfulness essential to her, in addition to monk Thich Nhat Hanh, that practice was the tool, the means, ism. that aims to be extra sensitive to Heart Refuge, because it’s what According to the National emphasizes the shared teachings that helped me to begin to ask the needs of non-White people is she believes. Center for Health Statistics at the myself: Who am I and what does He knew Hughes and Ali in Upper Marlboro, where Dana Centers for Disease Control and Smith has been teaching yoga “It’s the reason I’m still in Prevention, 9.3 percent of non- and mindfulness and training White spaces. If you look at the Hispanic Black Americans did teachers full-time since 2006 whole thing from a Buddhist yoga in 2017 and 13.5 percent when she ran the operation out perspective, the ‘delusion of sep- meditated. The overall use of of her basement. She has since aration’ — a core Buddhist issue these practices is up sharply trained about 500 teachers, in- since 2012, when the CDC said cluding many of the Black-led “If you’re leading with the percent of Americans who studios around Prince George’s. the goal of minimizing did yoga went from 9.5 percent suffering at the core of to 14.3 and meditation from Smith’s Spiritual Essence Yoga 4.1 percent to 14.2 percent. is an oasis of pastels and high mindfulness and ceilings in a typical brick and Buddhism, you want to Rhonda V. Magee, a University concrete suburban strip mall. of San Francisco law professor Smith, Sanskrit words are placed create spaces where who writes, leads workshops and over rooms that offer reiki and people can just teaches on the intersection of sound healing, or a place to sit feel safe.” mindfulness and race, said with crystals and tea, or practice mindfulness has been popular- yoga. Almost all students are not Rhonda V. Magee, a University of ized and shaped for decades White, mostly African American. San Francisco law professor who “through a White lens.” writes, leads workshops and teaches Smith, a 46-year-old mother of on the intersection of mindfulness “We’re opening up options for three, sought out yoga on line in people and creating the kind of 2001, when she was grieving a and race spaces that may not exist to serve friend lost in the Sept. 11 attacks, us right now. With the rise in facing a pregnancy on her own — is the cause of harm,” she said white supremacy and hate every- and rising blood pressure. She of a Buddhist teaching that dis- where, it should surprise no one began driving an hour each way connection from other humans that many of us might feel com- to classes in Dupont Circle, and other life-forms is a kind of forted by affinity group space,” where she remembers people poison. she said, using the term for being kind but emphasized in a people who share a common way that “felt like a petri dish.” Alexis Braswell, 24, began interest. practicing and studying with She began teaching classes in Smith a year ago. Her father had “It’s not about just creating her basement, but was sensitive recently passed away and she re-segregation or re-Balkanizing to her parents, who are strict was struggling with trying to the world with meditators at the Christians, and many of the Afri- figure out how to transform and lead. It’s instead about deepen- can Americans she knew who find herself. While she sees ing our capacity to heal the ranged from hostile to those who mindfulness practices as still wounds that we carry. So people simply said: “I don’t see any taboo among some people, she of color don’t need to feel they Black people. I don’t feel safe.” found herself googling “yoga are the victims of microaggres- classes near me.” sion or worse. If you’re leading Twenty years later, Smith’s with the goal of minimizing classes and center are meant to After one of her first few suffering at the core of mindful- be welcoming to all and com- classes, she found herself crying, ness and Buddhism, you want to pletely universal, not focusing on with a feeling of “deep release.” create spaces where people can race. Teachers trained there sim- just feel safe.” ply talk about the importance of In addition to working for the representation, of seeing people FDA and teaching gymnastics to One focus for Magee has been of color and of different sizes and toddlers and parents, she is integrating mindfulness into shapes. studying to be a teacher and the higher education and the legal value of a majority-Black space is field. Among the new mindful- A recent class of eight stu- representation. ness programs she’s seeing are dents included one White per- those created for veterans, peo- son. “Being the healer that Dana ple with disabilities and the fat has been able to be, and to teach rights community. “I can see myself on her site, and offer community, and seeing and that is helpful, because our someone who looks like me and I Black people interviewed for bodies are built differently,” said can be like them,” she said, this story came to mindfulness Niki Newman-Brown, 43, an in- encourages her to be a healer. for different reasons. Some structional director for Prince heard yoga or meditation could George’s County schools. She help them with unhealthy stress. said there has been a gradual Others were drawn by core philo- increase of curiosity and trust in sophical ideas including seeing yoga from the church set. Mind- divinity in oneself, and the power fulness teachers have also of paying intense, quality atten- tion. “In church I felt really good on Sunday, and my Monday I was like …” Matthews-Williams said and trailed off into a silent pause. “With my mindfulness practice it’s not getting to a place, it’s being where I am, carrying it with me at all times.” Matthews-Williams, 55, who works in human resources policy for the federal government, is part of Heart Refuge Mindful- ness Community, a D.C.-based program founded in 2019. It started with regular in-person classes but went online during the pandemic. Heart Refuge was founded by Ayesha Ali, 68, and Rashid Hughes, 33, who have both been active in other majori- ty White practice groups and retreat centers but decided something else was needed. “This is harmful. There’s just a sense of disconnect; we’re not watching the same movie the same way,” is how Hughes de- scribed it. Ali grew up in D.C., where her grandfather was a deacon at the historic Third Baptist in Shaw. She explored ideas including Sci- ence of Mind, an early 1990s philosophy, as well as the Nation of Islam, Sufism and Orthodox Islam. She started practicing mainstream Western mindful- ness more than 15 years ago but felt alienated by what she saw as an emphasis on quiet — a type attainable through privileged means such as the ability to get to rural centers or studio spaces and time inaccessible to many Americans. She felt the experi- ence of non-White practitioners Subscriber Exclusives Hee-haw: Free tickets to Old Crow Medicine Show on July 29 at The Anthem “Few bands generate as much exuberance and enthusiasm as Old Crow Medicine Show, a band that’s built its following through populist appeal and absolute allegiance to down-home upstart Americana” ( “On Paint This Town, Old Crow Medicine Show’s seventh album and first in four years, the band is back with some of their strongest songs yet, a bit darker, but all complex, compelling character-driven tracks that is the closest thing to having Springsteen lead a string band” ( See details at

TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 . THE WASHINGTON POST EZ M2 B3 A park in Fairfax County is abuzz with beautiful hummingbird photos I have been and at Green Spring Gardens. Central and South America. promised “Some of us plan travel They’re so small, so vulnerable, hummingbirds. I and yet they’re able to make that am, after all, at together,” she says. migration up and down every Green Spring That’s to destinations such as year.” Gardens, in the John Alexandria area of Costa Rica, where dozens of The exhibit is up until Oct. 16 Kelly's Fairfax County, hummingbird species buzz and at 4603 Green Spring Rd., Washington prime shimmer in the air. The exhibit Alexandria. Admission is free. hummingbird at Green Spring Gardens territory. includes stunning photos of That ’70s show On this particular summer exotic birds from Costa Rica and Images of a different sort are in day, the garden is a profusion of Ecuador — the violet-ear the window of Second Story colorful blooms, presumably hummingbird, the violet Books at 2000 P St. NW. The dripping with tasty nectar. In sabrewing, the long-tailed sylph black-and-white photos are of fact, just before I arrived — — but just as many were taken Dupont Circle in 1971, snapped toting my camera and its long, within a stone’s throw of the by Charles Sacks, an Army heavy lens — Jane Gamble has 1784 house. Around these parts, psychiatrist who had just fired off a few shots of her own, it’s the ruby-throated returned to the United States capturing a ruby-throated hummingbird that holds court, after a tour of Vietnam. hummer feeding on coral though the occasional rufous honeysuckle blossoms near the hummingbird also drops in. Charles decided not to live in park’s historic 1784 brick house. the Fort Belvoir barracks, This bird has inconsiderately The photos let you scrutinize choosing to room near the circle, zipped off, so Jane takes me these sublime creatures: the which was the center of the somewhere we’re guaranteed to rainbow of colors, the tiny District’s counterculture. find hummingbirds: inside the crosshatched feathers, the house, where 46 hummingbird needlelike beak. “I went to the circle almost photos hang on the walls. every weekend. A lot was going The exhibit opened last Why do some photographers on there,” said Charles, now 83 month, the work of Jane and love hummingbirds so? JANE GAMBLE and living in Chevy Chase, Md. fellow members of a group she dubbed the Capital “Their diminutive size and Jane Gamble of Alexandria recently photographed this ruby-throated hummingbird at Green Spring There were political Hummingbird Photographers, a ever-changing colors Gardens in Fairfax County. She has organized a photo exhibit at the garden’s historic 1784 house. demonstrations. Music. People immediately attract you,” Jane carousing in the fountain. People collection of like-minded, mostly says. “There’s the added In most of the photos, the with work in the exhibit are four her shutter speed at 1/1,250th of playing chess. Playing football. amateur, nature photographers. dimension of the beauty of the birds are frozen with their wings — Jane, Parameswaran a second to freeze the rapid Hare Krishnas whirling. “We’re more than friends. flowers.” outstretched, like tiny versions Ponnudurai, Barbara Saffir and motion of their wings. We’re a little community,” says of the Winged Victory of Kathrin Swoboda — whose “Everything was intriguing Jane, whose day job is with the The photographers hope for Samothrace. In others, the birds photos have graced my annual But it’s not all about and exciting and interesting to State Department. “We’re always more than just a good bird shot. are perched. Squirrel Photography Contest, so equipment or technique. You me,” said Charles. “It was just running into each other.” The best photos include fetching you know the quality is high. have to know the birds, what such an amazing time. Just They run into one another at flora to complement the “They’re cute when they’re plants they favor, how often they thinking about it gives me real places such as Huntley feathered fauna. resting,” Jane says. “They have How do you take a good return to drink up. nostalgic feelings.” Meadows, with its boardwalks all kinds of cute facial hummingbird photo? through the bird-rich wetlands, As we walk through the expressions, like puppy dogs.” “I think of them as being Charles said he hopes the garden, Jane points out red hot “You have to have the speed resilient,” Jane says. “They have window display — there’s a box poker plants. They look like, Among the 20 photographers up,” Jane says. She usually sets an enormous migration from of photos inside the store, too — well, red-hot pokers. Those are will help people “understand the the flowers where evolution of D.C., what it was photographers want to catch the like, how marvelous it was.” hummers. LOCAL DIGEST PETULA DVORAK MARYLAND Researcher allowed to A day for Relisha, and all the missing Black girls continue experiments 2 killed in collision DVORAK FROM B1 LEFT: D.C. POLICE; RIGHT: NATIONAL CENTER FOR MISSING AND EXPLOITED CHILDREN in Montgomery After securing a new state permit, a Johns Hopkins a warehouse filled for years Relisha Rudd was 8 when she vanished. An age-progressed image shows what she might look like now. A married couple in their 70s University researcher will be with up to 600 homeless were killed in a crash Sunday allowed to continue medical children. juDsot iysonu’t hyaovuer astyklietcahneynmthoaret? night in Montgomery County, experiments on barn owls. police said. Relisha was 8 when her mom With Kitchen Saver you receive the quality of a People for the Ethical let her go home with a janitor in major kitchen remodel for the price and efficiency Prabodh Vaid, 79, and Nirmala Treatment of Animals, which has that shelter — Kahlil Tatum, a of cabinet refacing, without the mess or the hassle. Vaid, 77, both of Silver Spring, campaigned for years to end the man known to give cash and were killed in the collision, which researcher’s experiments, calls gifts to many of the little girls in occurred about 7:45 p.m. on the work “cruel” and “worthless,” that place. Georgia Avenue, county police the Baltimore Sun reported said. Sunday. The group has lodged It proved to be a terrible complaints with state regulators decision. Relisha was reported Prabodh Vaid was driving a about the legality of Hopkins’ missing 18 days after she was Toyota, trying to turn left from testing practices. last seen. Tatum killed his wife, northbound Georgia onto May then himself before police could Street when the car was struck by The Maryland Department of question him about Relisha. a southbound vehicle, police said. Natural Resources last month Nirmala Vaid was a passenger in issued Hopkins a permit that Police did grid searches of the the Toyota. allows the experiments to go on. lotus fields and waterways at Kenilworth Gardens, where Both died at the scene, police The university has defended Tatum killed himself. She hasn’t said. The driver of the other the experiments, saying associate been declared dead. vehicle was taken to a hospital professor Shreesh Mysore’s work with injuries described as not could yield critical insight into “8 years ago #RelishaRudd life-threatening. medical conditions, including went missing & we haven’t ADHD and autism. given up our search for her,” the — Martin Weil Metropolitan Police The experiments involve the Department tweeted, along Hyattsville man placement of electrodes into the with an age-progression photo charged in killing brains of the owls. The electrodes that the National Center for do not hurt or damage the birds, Missing and Exploited Children A 34-year-old man has been though the owls are ultimately generated. charged with murder in the euthanized so the brain tissue stabbing death of his sister, can be examined. She looks 16 in the photo. We Prince George’s County police all hope that girl is somewhere. said. — Associated Press “We know that age The killing happened about Army sees progress progression photos can work,” 4:50 p.m. Thursday in the 2000 in groundwater fight said Angeline Hartmann, block of Oglethorpe Street, just communications director at the off Queens Chapel Road in the The U.S. Army says it is making National Center for Missing and unincorporated area of progress in the effort to address Exploited Children. “We have Hyattsville. groundwater contamination at seen cases where missing part of Fort Detrick that was used children are found because Police said they received a call as a test site for the Army’s someone recognized an image for “unknown trouble” and that biological warfare program. just like this. Today, on Relisha when officers arrived, they found Rudd Day, we’re asking Nashanna Belnavis, 38, of The Army has been studying everyone to take a close look at Hyattsville unresponsive inside the groundwater problems on this photo and share it. It just an apartment. and around the “Area B” portion takes one person to bring home of the Frederick, Md., post for a missing child.” She had “trauma to the body,” more than a decade. Joseph police said, and was pronounced Gortva, chief of Fort Detrick’s Somebody knows something. dead at the scene. Environmental Management That’s what the folks still Division, recently told the looking for Relisha believe. Police said an initial Frederick News-Post he is investigation found that she was “cautiously optimistic” the Army But Relisha Rudd Day is fatally stabbed by her brother, will complete field work at the about much more than the 8- Timothy Edwards, also of site within the next two years. year-old whose photos — both Hyattsville. the ones of her smiling and the The U.S. Environmental one of her deadpan stare — He is charged with first- and Protection Agency has haunted D.C. second-degree murder and other designated the Area B assault charges and is being held groundwater as a Superfund site. It’s about acknowledging the without bond. It was not disturbing silence that often immediately clear whether he — Associated Press surrounds the disappearance of had a lawyer. Black girls. — Dana Hedgpeth Hundreds go missing every year, walking, being snatched, LOTTERIES coerced, tricked or simply running from their lives. But Results from July 11 Bonus Match 5 (Sun.): 3-9-10-11-34 *37 they don’t make the news the $750 OFF FREESchedule Your DISTRICT Bonus Match 5 (Mon.): 5-10-28-32-39 *19 way White girls do. Day/DC-3: Virtual or In-Home DC-4: 2-1-8 VIRGINIA 3-4-6 ^7 D.C. police began tweeting 18 months Consultation Today! DC-5: 3-7-2-1 Day/Pick-3: 5-5-2-7 ^2 bulletins of missing individuals no interest and Night/DC-3 (Sun.): 8-9-3-4-5 Pick-4: not long after Relisha’s no payments* DC-3 (Mon.): Night/Pick-3 (Sun.): 5-4-7 ^3 disappearance shook the city. DC-4 (Sun.): 9-2-6 Pick-3 (Mon.): 8-7-6 ^6 And following these missives, Coupon must be presented at the time of estimate. Offer cannot be DC-4 (Mon.): 9-2-2 Pick-4 (Sun.): 6-7-0-5 ^5 it’s clear police have their hands combined with any other discounts. Subject to credit approval. DC-5 (Sun.): 9-8-9-2 Pick-4 (Mon.): 6-6-7-8 ^0 full. DC-5 (Mon.): 2-0-6-4 Cash-5 (Sun.): 5-18-21-27-37 202-996-3561 DC MARYLAND 5-3-9-1-4 Cash-5 (Mon.): 13-20-36-37-38 Thousands go missing every 301-264-8319 MD Day/Pick 3: 6-2-3-9-1 year. Most of them are found. 703-552-4050 VA Pick 4: Pick 5: MULTI-STATE GAMES D.C. has a 99 percent Prepare to be impressed.™ Night/Pick 3 (Sun.): 1-7-6 Cash 4 Life: 2-10-15-22-29 ¶4 clearance rate on missing cases. Pick 3 (Mon.): 9-7-2-4 Lucky for Life: 13-14-20-27-34 ‡8 Pick 4 (Sun.): 6-3-2-3-2 Powerball: 4-26-34-37-52 †9 There are 22 open cases of MHIC#28743 District of Columbia Basic Business License #420214000004 Virginia Class A Contractor’s License #2705152898 Pick 4 (Mon.): missing people in D.C., Pick 5 (Sun.): 3-4-7 Power Play: 2x including Mya Barnes, who was Retropolis Pick 5 (Mon.): 6-1-0 Double Play: 16-25-38-62-67 †5 17 when she was last seen on Multi-Match: 4-8-7-4 *Bonus Ball ‡Lucky Ball March 5, 2018, and Kyon Jones, Stories of the past, rediscovered. 3-1-3-3 ¶Cash Ball †Powerball ^Fireball who disappeared May 5, 2021, at S0129-3x.75 1-1-4-2-5 2 months old. 7-7-1-3-1 For late drawings and other results, check 4-8-12-37-40-43 Relisha is the oldest on their books. Contact 202-727-9099 or text 50411 if you have any information that will help bring Relisha home.

B4 EZ SU THE WASHINGTON POST . TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 Judge says investigation can continue Gun violence has risen sharply in Montgomery LOUDOUN FROM B1 KATHERINE FREY/THE WASHINGTON POST GUNS FROM B1 2022, according to data from the committed the first assault, was Montgomery County Police De- found guilty in both cases and People demonstrate outside a Loudoun County School Board meeting on Oct. 26. The board sued in “It is of grave concern,” Jones partment. sentenced to live in a residential May to stop the work of a grand jury investigating the school system’s handling of two sexual assaults. said. treatment facility until he is 18. “There are several contributors Loudoun school officials apolo- also pursuing information from ney general’s office of interfering J. Sanford asked that Monday’s Leaders in Montgomery Coun- to the community violence, in- gized for the handling of the closed school board sessions. “It’s in the attorney-client relation- hearing be closed because “public ty following the rise in violence cluding drug robberies and inter- incidents and promised major going to chill board members ship, including by reaching out to access . . . would play a negative this year have cited several expla- personal disputes or beefs, many changes to disciplinary pro- from doing things and saying witnesses to access privileged ma- role.” Privacy, he wrote, would nations. of which begin or escalate on so- cedures. things,” he said. terial. Webster alleged that spe- “protect the proper functioning cial media,” according to a recent cial counsel Theo Stamos told two and secrecy of the Special Grand One is the availability of fire- report to the County Council on The ruling can be appealed to a Loudoun County Public school board members to “get Jury.” The school board opposed arms — in particular guns that can youth safety. higher court. Attorneys for the Schools transferred a your own lawyers” because “the that request, calling it “violative of be assembled at home from parts school board declined to com- student who committed school board is not looking out for the constitutional rights of the ordered online. Residents build Between June 2021 and June ment; Deputy Attorney General sexual assault to a their best interests.” press and public.” “ghost guns” — so named because 2022, according to the report, Steven Popps said his office is different campus, where they have no serial numbers — or “there have been 20 firearm homi- “very pleased with the result.” In a he committed a second. Popps called those allegations Plowman kept the hearing buy them on the streets already cide victims in the County, of statement, a spokesman said the “absolutely incorrect” and “un- open, saying, “It’s not a grand jury assembled, police say. which eight were 21 and younger.” school system does not agree with The parents of the first victim true.” More broadly, he said “the proceeding.” all of Plowman’s rulings Monday said the charged youth was “gen- school board does not know what Another big factor behind the The report also said county po- but “appreciates the Court’s der fluid,” prompting renewed the special grand jury is doing; The mother of the first victim violence, leaders say, is the disrup- lice have recovered more than 730 thoughtfulness” in addressing attacks on a policy in Loudoun very few people know.” It’s “en- said after the court hearing that tion of so many young lives be- guns. About 110 of those were the issues. The system is consider- County schools that allows trans- tirely inappropriate” for the she was glad to see the investiga- cause of covid-19. Teenagers didn’t ghost guns. “These numbers are ing all available legal options but gender students to use bath- school board to argue “that they tion move forward. The Washing- have the structure of in-person on track to overtake last year’s has not made any final decisions. rooms that match their gender can somehow divine the intent” ton Post does not generally identify classes or after-school programs. total of 1,192 recovered firearms,” identity. That policy was adopted of the probe from some subpoe- victims of sexual assault and is not the report said. While campaigning last year, after the May assault; the perpe- nas and witness interviews. naming the parents to avoid indi- “Kids on the cusp of being at Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin trator was described in criminal rectly identifying their daughter. risk fell toward criminality,” Jessi- Tom Didone, who retired as a made the incidents part of his court as male. Plowman agreed, saying, “It’s ca Zarrella, a Montgomery County Montgomery assistant chief a year criticism of school policies. On his impossible to say whether an in- “We are healing through this,” defense attorney and former pros- ago, agreed that the availability of first day in office in January, he Webster said that because the vestigation is being made that she said. “I want everybody, every ecutor, said in an interview earlier firearms — ghost guns in particu- issued an executive order autho- full school board has not been involves solely civil or policy mat- person that did not protect the this year. lar — and the destabilizing effect rizing Miyares “to conduct a full subpoenaed, a civil suit was the ters” as opposed to criminal victim to be held responsible.” of covid-19 have contributed to investigation into Loudoun only way to challenge the scope of wrongdoing. If there are criminal Gabe Albornoz, president of the increased shooting violence. County Public Schools.” A special the investigation. charges, he said, they can be The courthouse was ringed Montgomery County Council, grand jury has since subpoenaed fought through that process. And with signs posted by Kate Smith, a added that the police department “I think it’s all related,” he said. the superintendent and individu- Webster also accused the attor- if the grand jury instead makes a retired architect, describing Lou- is stretched thin because officers Didone remains active on traf- al members of the school board, report that includes policy rec- doun as a diverse and welcoming are retiring at a higher rate than fic safety matters with the Interna- according to court records. ommendations, he said, it community, as she has at previous new police academy prospects are tional Association of Chiefs of Po- Youngkin tried unsuccessfully wouldn’t be “binding” on Lou- hearings. coming in — a trend Albornoz lice. The No. 1 concern he hears this spring to force all nine mem- doun. “That has no impact on the noted is taking place nationwide. from chiefs around the country is bers of the school board to face school,” he said. “They can thumb “We’ve got a lot of people how to get their officers to reen- elections this year. their nose at it.” shouting a lot of negative messag- “It’s a perfect negative storm,” gage in traffic stops. es,” said Smith, 65. “I hope the he said. “We’re still getting guns off the The school board sued in May In a court filing last week, As- system will protect everyone streets. It’s just not the same per- to stop the work of the grand jury, sistant Attorney General Thomas that’s involved, and not make a Under legislative action to be centage,” he said. saying both Youngkin and Mi- stump presentation out of it. introduced Tuesday, Albornoz Such stops have received scruti- yares overstepped their authority We’ve seen enough of that.” said, the county would make a ny over the years because they can and are engaged in a “fishing “zone text amendment” to forbid a escalate into a fatal shooting by expedition” rather than a legiti- person — even if they have a police and there have been con- mate criminal probe. “wear-and-carry permit” from the cerns nationwide about dispari- state — from taking a gun into a ties in such stops. The attorney general’s office is “place of public assembly.” Didone acknowledged that, “investigating non-criminal ac- around the country, too many offi- tivities, which they are clearly not The council president said such cers took the practice too far — allowed to do,” attorney Steven locations “are purposely wide- coming up with any excuse to pull Webster, representing the school ranging,” and could include places over a car, for example. But he said board, said in court. of worship, shopping centers and that as long as officers are making businesses. true traffic stops — running a red Grand jury investigations are light, talking on a cellphone — he generally conducted in secret. “Montgomery County is abso- would welcome a return to officers But Webster said in court that the lutely seeing a rise in gun vio- more often using that as a chance issued subpoenas include re- lence,” said Lee Holland, president to try to find guns. quests for “every Facebook post” of Montgomery’s police union. “Officers have to get back to made by some school employees “It’s alarming the number of doing our job. Montgomery is about the “Title IX policy,” which shootings our members are re- moving back in this direction fast- prohibits sex discrimination, and sponding to on a weekly and in er than a lot of places,” Didone “the policy on transgender stu- some cases daily basis.” said. dents.” He said the grand jury is As of the end of June, homicides involving guns, victims and sus- pects under the age of 21 have more than doubled from 2021 to FFLLOSOSAOALRREIINNGG MARYLAND FREE INSSTTALLATION ON ALL CARPET HARDWOOD LAMINATE VINYL DEMETRIUS FREEMAN/THE WASHINGTON POST Attorney Ben Crump, left, and members of George Floyd’s family speak to the media after meeting with President Biden and Vice President Harris at the White House in May 2021. Crump now representing parents suing Baltimore and city schools W Mention Promo Code “WAPO”U! BY SABRINA LEBOEUF Baltimore-based Thomas & Li- cators to pass all 58 percent and To Save An Additional $100 bowitz law firm. Jovani Patterson 59 percent grades, which are baltimore — Trial attorney Ben has Republican Party ties and close to making the mark. 855-C9AL9L T7OD-AY0! 772 lost a bid for Baltimore City Crump, who has represented Council president in 2020. Following the report, the E COME TO YO families in the Trayvon Martin, Shawnda Patterson used to be a school system promised it will George Floyd and Flint, Mich., city teacher. conduct an independent review FREE civil rights cases, is adding par- of grading procedures. ents Jovani and Shawnda Patter- The lawsuit alleges that the EISNT-IHMOAMTEES son to his list of clients as he joins school system offers “no benefit” Meanwhile, Mayor Brandon their fight against Baltimore City to city residents and that it “com- M. Scott (D) celebrated city Sale Applies To AlI Carpet, Hardwood, Laminate, and Vinyl. and its public school system. pletely fails to perform its most schools CEO Sonja Santelises on Offer Good Through July 31, 2022. important function.” The parents July 5 to honor her for holding The Pattersons sued in Janu- claim that the city school system the position the longest since ary, claiming both parties have has poor student performance, a former CEO Alice Pinderhughes, defrauded taxpayers by failing to “pattern” of enrollment and grad- the first woman to lead the sys- provide acceptable education to ing scandals, and prior instances tem. At the event, Scott applaud- public school students. Scott of false entries in public records, ed Santelises for her work. Marder, another lawyer repre- racketeering, mail fraud, theft senting the Pattersons in the and embezzlement. The suit aims “For me personally, it’s great to case, said this is a unique ap- to have the court impose over- see someone who cares deeply proach, noting that past school sight on the school system. about young people. Even when lawsuits have tried to argue over no one is looking,” Scott said. civil and constitutional rights. Last month, Richard Henry, Maryland’s inspector general for Crump said he was asked a “This lawsuit is about the sys- education, reported that his of- year ago to join the case, and as tem and its performance and fice’s examination of grading pol- he learned more, he decided he how it continues to fail our chil- icies revealed inconsistencies. wanted to take part. Marder said dren,” Crump said at a news Specifically, the report found it helps to have a nationally conference Wednesday. “It goes more than 12,500 situations recognized lawyer such as Crump to the crux of the matter that where high-schoolers’ grades on the case because he is able to educational injustice leads ulti- were changed from failing to see the bigger picture of how this mately to racial injustice because passing between 2016 and the case will affect society at large. it puts our children, our Black end of the 2019-2020 school year. and Brown children especially, Though there are many reasons “I think you can kill people in on a fast track to the school-to- for grade changes, such as mis- many ways,” Crump said. “You prison pipeline.” calculations or students complet- can kill them with a racist crimi- ing missed assignments, investi- nal justice system. You can kill The Pattersons, who have a gators discovered that some them by them not having ad- child in the city school system, school administrators told edu- equate education. These slow started off with representation deaths are what we’re focused on from Marder, who is with the today.” — Baltimore Sun

TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 . THE WASHINGTON POST EZ SU B5 ‘Missing middle’ To achieve lower home prices housing proposal and add more stock to a hot real divides Arlington estate market, county planners are pushing for an unusual level of HOUSING FROM B1 prices to accommodate a growing MARVIN JOSEPH/THE WASHINGTON POST density: “Eight-plexes” — small number of residents. buildings divided into eight apart- with single-family zoning across A draft framework for Arlington County’s “missing middle” housing plan would eliminate single- ments — could be built by right on the county. It is a product of a Civic groups have already trad- family zoning, paving the way for more small apartment buildings and townhouse-style condominiums some of the largest existing lots, years-long study that considered ed barbs on the role of developers — like these in the Shirlington neighborhood — in an effort to ease the county’s housing crunch. avoiding red tape, lengthy and the role these medium-density (How much do they stand to ben- costly approval processes, and po- types of housing can play in ex- efit?), parking minimums (Are end of April, it is the latest phase of ing off into shorter buildings and years to allow for the construction tential pushback from neighbors. panding the housing supply in an they necessary?) and the lowest- a broader, years-long effort by finally the single-family homes of more townhouses and duplex- increasingly expensive metropoli- income renters (Will they be county planners to study different and green lawns that occupy the es. Across the Potomac River in What that may look like is likely tan area. helped or displaced?). Ahead of housing types and draw feedback vast majority of the county. Montgomery County, Md., county to be amended in greater detail the county work session Tuesday, from thousands of Arlington resi- planners are considering similar over the coming months. The cur- “At the end of the day, the ques- some groups are sounding an dents on the topic. But as major companies have changes as an explicit way to pro- rent draft framework dictates that tion is: Should we legalize forms of alarm, saying major changes have brought their headquarters to Ar- mote racial equity. At the federal any structure must not be bigger housing other than ‘one house on been rushed through without suf- “We’re in a housing crisis. We lington, more people have moved level, President Biden is pushing a than whatever is allowed by right one lot’ in about 80 percent of the ficient input. need more homes,” said Green, to the D.C. area and housing prices $10 billion plan that would incen- as a single-family house. The lot county?” Katie Cristol (D), the who rents a two-bedroom apart- have shot up, county planners tivize states and localities to relax size would determine the maxi- county board chair, said in an in- “The vast majority of home- ment in the Radnor/Fort Myer have sought to reconsider wheth- single-family zoning laws. mum number of units on a given terview. owners have absolutely no idea Heights neighborhood. “So let’s do er existing land-use policies are property, so “six-plexes” and that there is such a proposal, and everything we can to allow more the most effective for a former The extraordinarily high cost of “eight-plexes” would generally be But in a county where different they have absolutely no idea what homes that builders want to bedroom community that has be- housing in Northern Virginia — allowed only on larger lots of at neighborhoods can sometimes it might mean for them,” said Peter build.” come an economic powerhouse in the average price of a detached, least 12,000 square feet. feel like different worlds — quiet, Rousselot, a leader of the group its own right. single-family home in Arlington tree-lined streets in some areas Arlingtonians for Our Sustainable Arlington has a proud history of was more than $1.2 million in Cristol said the county will cre- and bustling high-rises near Met- Future and a condo owner in Vir- careful suburban planning, and it Other jurisdictions across the December — means that the coun- ate additional engagement oppor- ro stations in others — it’s a ques- ginia Square. The survey and feed- has for decades operated under country have already taken steps ty’s framework could be one of the tunities — in particular for resi- tion that has residents preparing back process “is not an objective one guiding principle: Develop- toward a similar goal: Portland, most transformative zoning dents to speak with one another for battle. As in other jurisdictions approach to something that is so ment and growth belong around a Ore., and Minneapolis have re- changes nationwide. about their diverse experiences as around the region and across the profoundly different to the way few high-density corridors, taper- laxed their zoning laws in recent renters and homeowners — as country, potential changes to sin- Arlington has developed until planners revise the draft frame- gle-family zoning have sharply di- now.” work and shape it into draft ordi- vided residents who predict wildly nances. different consequences for their His group has taken to labeling neighborhoods. Tuesday as “D-Day,” urging the But as she vows to see through county board to delay any formal some sort of zoning overhaul by Longtime Arlington home- discussion without a more robust the end of her one-year term as owners who moved here decades effort to measure public opinion chair in December, some clashes ago fear that greater density and forecast the effect of more are likely to lie ahead. would take away the tree canopy housing and more residents on that attracted them to the area Arlington’s budget. When some critics at the meet- while crowding roads and schools ing in June interrupted her and and potentially leading to higher Jane Green, president of the began booing, she attempted in taxes. Other advocates, many of YIMBYs of Northern Virginia, vain to shush the crowd. Instead, it them renters, argue that the plan which supports greater density, was county board member Libby would expand housing options said there’s no reason to further Garvey (D) who managed to grab and lower skyrocketing housing delay the process. While the draft the audience’s attention, offering a framework was released at the booming rebuke. “Excuse me! Excuse me! Can everyone please behave?” Garvey said. “You may be seeing how peo- ple behave elsewhere in this coun- try and across the region. … Yell- ing and screaming has never been a way to solve problems.” The crowd let Garvey finish, then started booing again. VIRGINIA Settlement reached in lawsuit over outbreak at Farmville detention center BY ANTONIO OLIVO U.S. IMMIGRATION AND CUSTOMS ENFORCEMENT An immigrant detention cen- ter in Virginia’s Farmville com- LEFT: A view of an immigrant detention center in Virginia’s munity that saw more than 300 Farmville community, which saw over 300 inmates infected by the inmates infected by the coronavi- coronavirus in 2020. ABOVE: One of the facility’s dormitory halls. rus in 2020, one of whom died, A settlement will limit the facility’s capacity to 180 detainees. will be limited to a quarter of its capacity under a federal court mer 2020,” said Simon Sandoval- day. This settlement will make STEVE HELBER/ASSOCIATED PRESS positive for the coronavirus, fuel- were pepper-sprayed by facility settlement. Moshenberg, legal director of the sure that never happens again.” ing what was then the nation’s guards when protesting their Under the terms of the settle- Immigrant Advocacy Program at transfer of dozens of detainees on largest coronavirus outbreak in- crowded living conditions. ment last week between detain- the Legal Aid Justice Center, An official at ICA referred those flights as a way to skirt side a detention center, court ees who sued the site’s operator, which represented some of the questions about the settlement to rules that bar ICE employees records showed. Now, guards must consult with Immigration Centers of America, plaintiffs in the federal lawsuit ICE on Monday, which didn’t from traveling on the charter the facility’s medical staff before and U.S. Immigration and Cus- filed in U.S. District Court in immediately provide comment. flights unless detainees are also The Trump administration de- using pepper spray, “unless esca- toms Enforcement, no more than Alexandria. aboard, according to a Depart- nied the operation existed, say- lating tension makes such action 180 detainees will be allowed The agreement ends a years- ment of Homeland Security offi- ing the detainees were trans- unavoidable,” the settlement said. inside the facility at a time, with “Then they made matters long battle at the troubled Farm- cial with direct knowledge of the ferred to Farmville as a pandem- empty dormitory halls spaced worse by failing to ensure protec- ville facility, which was also at the operation and a former ICE offi- ic-related precaution to ease The medical staff must also between those that are occupied tion within the detention center, center of a controversy over the cial who learned about it from overcrowding at other detention check for any preexisting ail- with no more than 30 people. and failing to provide adequate Trump administration’s misuse other personnel. They spoke on centers. ments that could be exacerbated Additionally, detainees des- medical care for those who got of “ICE Air” flights as a means to the condition of anonymity to by the use of force. tined for the Farmville facility infected,” Sandoval-Moshenberg quell the social justice protests in discuss sensitive internal deci- As part of the settlement, the must first be housed at a separate said. “Our clients are suffering Washington in the summer of sions. Biden administration and ICA Finally, the plaintiffs’ attor- ICE detention center in Caroline the effects of long covid to this 2020. also agreed to alter protocols for neys were awarded $186,500 in County, where the living arrange- Once at the Farmville facility, disciplining inmates — another fees and court costs. The plain- ments make isolation more pos- That incident involved the many of the new arrivals tested source of complaints after sev- tiffs each received an undisclosed sible if someone tests positive for eral plaintiffs claimed that they amount in fees, Sandoval-Mosh- the coronavirus and where the enberg said. detainees will first be tested for infection and vaccinated if need- ed. Each arriving detainee must test negative for the virus within 48 hours before being allowed inside the Farmville facility, ac- cording to the settlement. “ICE showed a reckless disre- gard for human lives when they transferred covid-positive de- tainees into ICA-Farmville with- out adequate testing or isolation, even by the standards of what was commonly known in sum- THE DISTRICT National Park Service weighs making summers car-free on Beach Drive BY LUZ LAZO ed traffic congestion in parallel TONI L. SANDYS/THE WASHINGTON POST Branch Road NW. The car-free about people creating trails The National Park Service is routes. stretches are separated by areas where there aren’t any, which proposing summer-long closures Cyclists ride on Beach Drive. The National Park Service’s proposal for drivers to cross through the affects wildlife. of the northern stretch of Beach Now the Park Service said it would keep cars off the road from Memorial Day through Labor park or reach picnic areas. Drive running through Rock has come up with a compromise Day, in addition to continuing closures on weekends and holidays. “Reduced traffic in the closed Creek Park, a section that has that addresses both sides: Keep The Park Service has reviewed section during the warmer stayed car-free since near the Beach Drive car-free every sum- year, in addition to the continu- this fall. A 30-day public com- more than 4,100 public com- months when forest vegetation is beginning of the coronavirus pan- mer and open to cars the rest of ing closures on weekends and ment period opened Monday on ments since last year as it weighs densest provides protection and demic. the year, except on weekends and holidays. the proposal, and the Park Service whether to make the closure to preservation of wildlife and habi- The four-mile section of Beach holidays. will hold a virtual public meeting cars permanent, revert to the tat for several park species be- Drive in Northwest Washington The road is expected to remain about it at 6:30 p.m. on July 18. weekend-only setup or find some cause dense vegetation prohibits closed to vehicles in April 2020, “It allows for the continuation closed through Sept. 5, or until a other plan. The agency also con- visitors’ desire and ability to cre- creating a popular recreation of commuting during the fall, decision is finalized, Washburn The closures extend from the sidered whether to keep the park ate and use unofficial trails that area for people on foot and bikes winter, spring, and then in the said. But it could be open to cars Maryland state line to Broad car-free some days of the week or impact forest habitat,” the envi- during the pandemic. Before the summer when traffic is lighter, it at certain times of the day. But ronmental assessment says. pandemic, commuters used the allows for full recreational use,” those configurations were dis- route to head downtown. It was Rock Creek Park Superintendent missed because they would have The vehicle-less section has be- closed to cars only on weekends Julia Washburn said Monday. “I presented “considerable opera- come a popular destination for and holidays. think it’s a very good compro- tional and communication chal- bike riders, joggers and families A push to make the restriction mise.” lenges” and potentially create with children and dogs. The D.C. permanent has divided the com- more confusion for drivers that Council and Mayor Muriel E. munity. Park users and some city An environmental assessment would lead to safety concerns, the Bowser (D) have called for mak- leaders have lobbied to keep cars unveiled Monday identified the Park Service said. ing the closure permanent. off the route, citing benefits to the seasonal closure as the preferred environment and the communi- solution, citing “greater park ac- Washburn said the seasonal The Park Service said 5,000 to ty’s health. But some park neigh- cess” for people on foot and in closure is the safer alternative. It 8,000 cars a day would drive the bors and commuters say the ex- cars. And it notes this option will establish a clear time frame closed stretch before the pan- tended closures have resulted in would decrease the “effects to the for when the route will be closed demic. The Rock Creek and Poto- more cars cutting through neigh- local transportation network dur- to cars, reducing chances of driv- mac Parkway, the main commut- borhood roads and has exacerbat- ing the period when traffic vol- ers being confused about when to er thoroughfare through the umes are highest.” enter the road. She said the op- park, remains open and averaged tion also addresses growing con- about 50,000 vehicles daily be- The proposal would keep cars cerns during the past two years fore the pandemic, according to off Beach Drive from Memorial the Park Service. Day through Labor Day every

B6 EZ RE THE WASHINGTON POST . TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 MARYLAND Montgomery’s digital ballots disadvantage some candidates, groups say BY DANIEL WU tiple digital pages, the letter says, the second page. Early voting be- tion, Progressive Maryland and Sayles and members of the or- rector for the Montgomery County Several Maryland organiza- with inadequate notice that voters gan Thursday. Jews United for Justice Campaign ganizations testified to the Mont- Board of Elections, said she was tions alleged that Montgomery must press a small button labeled Fund, which endorsed Sayles. gomery County Board of Elections working with an attorney and the County’s touch-screen ballots dis- “more” to view additional candi- “Even a small number of voters about the issue Monday after- state elections board on the phras- advantage candidates in certain dates on the next page. becoming confused by the ballot Sayles campaign manager Jef- noon. According to Bruce Turn- ing of signage in voting centers to primary election races in a letter construction could affect the out- frey Groce said, “They did not bull, a board member of Jews inform voters of the issue. sent to the county and state boards The letter highlighted the Dem- come of the election, to the specific notify the candidates that this is United for Justice, the elections of election Monday. ocratic primary in the Montgom- detriment of the candidate who is the way the electronic ballots board pledged to inform voters of Groce and McLaughlin said the The full list of candidates run- ery County Council at-large race, by herself on the second screen of would look. How we found out the issue and in signage when issue was known to the state elec- ning in certain races in the county in which it says seven of the eight the At-Large Council listing,” said about it is, people who were voting voters decide whether to vote by tions board as early as 2015, but no primaries is displayed across mul- candidates running for office are the letter, which was signed by for Laurie-Anne Sayles said, ‘We paper ballot or digitally. action was taken. The state elec- displayed on the first page and groups including the Montgom- were having trouble finding the tions board did not immediately only one, Laurie-Anne Sayles, is on ery County Education Associa- candidate’s name.’” Alysoun McLaughlin, acting di- respond to a request for comment. obituaries TONY SIRICO, 79 A ‘Sopranos’ henchman with a backstory to match BY MATT SCHUDEL living with his mother in a small EVAN AGOSTINI/GETTY IMAGES 16 Czechoslovakians. Guy was an to class. “I have an arsenal of weapons apartment in Brooklyn. He tried interior decorator.” “Everything I do is inspired by and an army of men, and I’m out for two roles and was told by Tony Sirico, seen in 2003 in New York, won renown for playing a going to use them,” Tony Sirico, David Chase, the show’s creator, silver-haired mob enforcer in “The Sopranos.” Memories of the Christopher: “His house one actor — James Cagney,” he who played the mob henchman that he didn’t get either of them. actor’s past as a “stickup artist” were never far from the surface. looked like s---.” said in 2012. Paulie Walnuts in the HBO crime drama “The Sopranos,” was once “He said, ‘No, I got you in mind ed by profanity. In one episode, he — journey to New Jersey’s deso- They chase the Russian on foot Mr. Sirico was an extra in the quoted as saying, “and . . . I’m for somebody else,’ ” Mr. Sirico was cooking lunch for his pals late Pine Barrens in pursuit of a through the snow, wearing light 1974 organized crime film “Crazy going to come back here and said on CNN’s “Larry King Live” when he paused for a long disqui- Russian rival in the dead of win- leather jackets and no hats or Joe,” then began to get parts in carve my initials in your fore- in 2001, “and along came Paulie sition on the dangers of wet shoe- ter. gloves. (The scene was filmed in commercials and TV shows, usu- head. You better learn a lesson. Walnuts.” laces. 11-degree weather.) Christopher ally cast as a crook or a cop. You better show me the respect I Paulie receives his orders from shoots at the fleeing Russian but deserve.” The character’s formal name “Why would they be wet?” he Tony Soprano, who says, “Bad succeeds only in killing a deer. “I have been in over 40 films The lines seem to have come was Peter Paul Gualtieri, who had asked, while everyone was eating. connection, so I’m going to talk and God knows how many TV from a script for the ground- been a trusted lieutenant of Tony “You go to public bathrooms? You fast. The guy you are looking for is Running through woods, Pau- shows, and I have had a gun in my breaking series, which aired from Soprano’s late father, Johnny Boy stand at the urinal? . . . You look at an ex-commando. He killed 16 lie tumbles to the ground, ends up hand in most of them,” Mr. Sirico 1999 to 2007, won 21 Emmy Soprano. During the show’s first ladies’ johns, you could eat maple Chechen rebels single-handed.” with snow caked in his mussed said on “Larry King Live.” “But I Awards and is acclaimed as one of season, Paulie Walnuts described walnut ice cream from the toilets hair, then looks forlornly at his don’t feel bad about it, Larry. I pay the greatest programs in televi- his life in this way: “I was born, . . . But the men’s? Heh! . . . Even if Paulie: “Get . . . outta here.” foot, saying, “I lost my shoe.” the rent and mortgage.” sion history. But the words are grew up, spent a few years in the you keep your shoes tied, and Tony: “Yeah, nice, huh? He was taken verbatim from a 1970 police Army, a few more in the can and you’re not dragging your laces with the Interior Ministry. Guy’s Gennaro Anthony Sirico Jr. Mr. Sirico had an early mar- charging record, documenting here I am, a half a wise guy.” through urine . . .” some kind of Russian Green Be- was born July 29, 1942, in Brook- riage that ended in divorce. Survi- the reasons for Mr. Sirico’s arrest ret. This guy cannot come back to lyn and grew up in the heavily vors include two children; two on extortion and weapons charg- He got his nickname when he Perhaps Mr. Sirico’s most mem- tell this story. You understand?” Italian Bensonhurst section. His brothers; a sister; and at least two es. thought he was hijacking a truck orable episode came in the third The telephone connection goes father was a dockworker and later grandchildren. Long before he became re- loaded with televisions. It turned season, when he and his fellow dead, and Paulie explains the ran a candy shop, and his mother nowned for playing a silver- out to be carrying nuts. mobster — Christopher Moltisan- situation to Christopher: “You’re was a homemaker. When Mr. Sirico took the role haired enforcer for New Jersey ti (played by Michael Imperioli) not going to believe this. He killed of Paulie Walnuts on “The Sopra- mob boss Tony Soprano (played Mr. Sirico wore a pinkie ring in Young “Junior” Sirico, as he nos,” he said he would do any- by James Gandolfini), Mr. Sirico real life, the same as Paulie. When was then known, was first de- thing except rat out his friends as was a real-life hoodlum who was the show’s wardrobe staff picked tained by the police when he was an informant — in part because arrested 28 times and spent two out a shirt for him, he said he had 7 for stealing change from a news- he still lived in his old Brooklyn stints in prison, totaling almost one just like it at home. On the stand. As a teenager, he was shot neighborhood. He asked for a three years. show, while sitting outside a meat in the leg and back when he script to be altered only once, The memories of his earlier life market that was an informal mob kissed another boy’s girlfriend. when Paulie was called a “bully.” were never far from the surface as clubhouse, Paulie would flip open He had no problem with his new Mr. Sirico portrayed Paulie Wal- an aluminum reflector, brighten- “Where I grew up every guy description as “psycho.” nuts throughout the six-season ing the tan on his neck and face. tried to prove himself,” he told the run of “The Sopranos,” creating Los Angeles Times in 1990. “Ei- The success of “The Sopranos” one of television’s most unforget- And then there was his hair: a ther you had a tattoo or a gun scar. brought Mr. Sirico other roles, table characters. Mr. Sirico was 79 pompadour first sculpted into I have both.” including a voice-over part as a when he died July 8 at an assist- place in the ’50s, now highlighted talking dog on “Family Guy” in ed-living facility in Fort Lauder- by two wings of silver slicked He served in the Army, then 2013. He also raised millions of dale, Fla. back on the sides. Mr. Sirico re- returned to Brooklyn, admiring dollars for St. Jude Children’s The death was announced in a fused to let anyone touch his hair the style of the gangsters in his Research Hospital, wounded vet- statement from his brother Rob- and spent hours combing and neighborhood. erans and other charities. ert Sirico, a Catholic priest in spraying it before shooting a Michigan. He reportedly had de- scene. “So I hooked up with these Unlike many of his associates, mentia. guys,” he later said, “and all of a Paulie Walnuts survived all six Before “The Sopranos,” Mr. Sir- His character killed more peo- sudden I’m a stickup artist. I seasons of “The Sopranos.” The ico had played a mobster in Mar- ple than any other during the stuck up every nightclub in New character made Mr. Sirico a popu- tin Scorsese’s “Goodfellas” (1990), course of the show — nine — but York.” lar figure around the world, and had acted in several films direct- there was much more to “The especially in his Brooklyn neigh- ed by Woody Allen, including Sopranos” than mob violence. It He first went to prison in 1967. borhood. He even found friends “Bullets Over Broadway,” “Mighty was about families, both criminal “I was a pistol-packing guy,” he among his onetime enemies on Aphrodite” and “Everyone Says I and nuclear; about being part of a told the Times. “The first time I the police force. Love You,” and appeared in the fading culture failing to adapt to went away to prison, they 1997 police corruption drama change; and about the problems searched me to see if I had a gun “I ran out of my local OTB” — “Cop Land” with Sylvester Stal- associated with addiction and de- — and I had three of ’em on me. an off-track betting booth for lone and Ray Liotta. pression. They’d ask why I was carrying horse races — “and a cop was When he auditioned for “The and I’d say I live in a bad neigh- putting a ticket under the wipers Sopranos,” Mr. Sirico was 55 and When Tony Soprano revealed borhood. It was true.” of my double-parked car,” Mr. he was seeing a therapist, Paulie In 1970, he entered the maxi- Sirico told the New York Daily admitted he had too: “I had some mum-security Sing Sing prison in News in 2000. “When he saw me, issues.” New York, where he saw a troupe he tore up the ticket and asked for of actors who had been inmates. an autographed picture, which I Mr. Sirico once said, “If Paulie “I thought, ‘I can do that,’ ” he carry in the trunk . . . In one year, can’t curse, he can’t talk,” and he said. it’s like I got a life transplant. delivered some of the show’s fun- When he was released after 20 Sometimes I gotta remind myself niest lines, always in a serious, months, he began to take acting I’m Tony Sirico, from Benson- deadpan style, usually punctuat- lessons. One of his teachers had to hurst.” remind him not to bring his gun HARVEY DINNERSTEIN, 94 Realist artist sketched bus boycott and captured rhythms of New York life BY HARRISON SMITH was probably best known for Wilmington. In a phone inter- GERALD PETERS GALLERY marched for civil rights. Both of and taking commissions. Esquire Harvey Dinnerstein, a realist drawings he made in early 1956, view, she praised Mr. Dinner- them supported his desire to be- sent him to Washington in 1968 to artist who documented the Mont- when he traveled to Alabama with stein’s “absolute mastery” of figu- Harvey Dinnerstein in a 2016 come an artist. draw the Poor People’s Campaign, gomery bus boycott in drawings fellow artist Burton Silverman, a rative drawing, adding that the self-portrait. He sought to apply an anti-poverty effort originated that captured civil rights activists’ high school classmate, to chroni- way he captured Parks “gives you the centuries-old tradition of “They had no special interest in by King. dignity and resolve, and who later cle the bus boycott in Montgom- such a sense of her quiet dignity figurative painting to his vivid, art, or conception of what it channeled the rhythms of his na- ery. and strength.” socially conscious works. meant to be an artist,” Mr. Dinner- Mr. Dinnerstein later illustrat- tive New York in grand-scale stein told Linea, an Art Students ed the Grammy-winning album paintings of street parties, sub- The duo had been moved by Mr. Dinnerstein and Silverman before the door slams shut. League publication, in 2021. “But cover for “The Siegel-Schwall way scenes and ordinary people at newspaper accounts of the boy- made about 90 pictures, half of The crowd includes a business- they had convictions that placed Band,” a 1971 record by the blues- work, died June 21 at a hospital in cott, a year-long campaign that which were acquired by the Dela- human values above monetary rock group of the same name. He Brooklyn. He was 94. ultimately succeeded in desegre- ware Art Museum. Some of the man, a construction worker, a concerns, and encouraged me to taught at the School of Visual Arts The cause was complications gating the bus system, and sought illustrations ran in newspapers mother and child, a beggar pursue my studies in a field that and the National Academy of De- from a fall, said his niece, concert to make illustrations that would and magazines, and many were crouched with a cup and a young was totally alien to them and must sign, both in New York, before pianist Simone Dinnerstein. complement the work of journal- exhibited at a gallery in New York. man passing him change. At the have seemed, at the time, com- moving to the Art Students Mr. Dinnerstein launched his ists such as Murray Kempton, Covering the boycott reaffirmed door stands Mr. Dinnerstein him- pletely impractical.” League in 1980. art career in the early 1950s, mak- whose columns in the New York Mr. Dinnerstein’s commitment to self, easily recognizable with his ing realist paintings inspired in Post had first captured their at- realism, although he also sought glasses and white beard, record- Mr. Dinnerstein was admitted Survivors include his wife of 71 part by the work of Rembrandt, tention. to move away from journalism. ing the scene in his sketchbook. to the High School of Music & Art years, art historian Lois Behrke Degas and German artist Käthe in Manhattan and took weekend Dinnerstein of Brooklyn; two chil- Kollwitz. While most of his peers With their thick New York ac- “At some point I started to real- The older of two brothers, Har- classes from Russian-born figura- dren, Michael of Denver and Ra- turned toward abstraction, he re- cents and sketchpads in hand, the ize that it wasn’t enough just to vey Dinnerstein was born in the tive painter Moses Soyer, a promi- chel of Endicott, N.Y.; and his mained defiantly committed to 27-year-old artists were obviously record incidents,” he told the Ep- Brownsville section of Brooklyn nent figurative artist. He later brother, Simon, a fellow artist. realism, seeking to apply the cen- outsiders. But they soon gained och Times in 2017. “One had to on April 3, 1928. His mother was a studied at the Art Students turies-old tradition of figurative the trust of activists in Montgom- reach beyond the narrative, be- homemaker from Belarus, and his League, and he graduated in 1950 In an essay for Linea last year, painting to his vivid, socially con- ery, attending private church yond the moment, for something father was a pharmacist and labor from the Tyler School of Art at Mr. Dinnerstein wrote that he and scious depictions of contempo- meetings and visiting organizers’ deeper, more transcendent . . . to union activist who joined the Temple University in Philadel- his wife had spent the past 17 rary life. homes as they drew people car- some other level of perception.” Communist Party USA and phia. months of the coronavirus pan- Looking at one of his portraits pooling to work or walking alone demic self-quarantined at home, — of a New York subway worker, to the office or grocery store. Still, he continued to find inspi- Drafted into the Army during with virtually no contact with the perhaps, or a dancer from Brazil ration from ordinary events, the Korean War, he made greeting outside word. “After a period of — “you would think you were The artists also documented while walking through Central cards for G.I.s while stationed at uncertainty, I found great solace looking at a major Velázquez or the trials of the boycott’s leaders, Park or taking the subway from Fort Monmouth in New Jersey. when I picked up a drawing tool Sorolla,” at a painting by “one of including the Rev. Martin Luther his home in Brooklyn to art class- (According to family lore, it was or brush and somehow the cre- the grandmasters,” said Alice Levi King Jr., and drew organizers es in Manhattan, where he taught his drawing ability that kept him ative spark returned,” he wrote. Duncan, senior director at the such as Rosa Parks, who launched for 40 years at the Art Students from being sent to Korea.) In 1955, “An affirmation of life, beyond the Gerald Peters Gallery in New York the boycott with her refusal to League of New York. he had made his solo debut in shadows of the deadly virus.” that represents Mr. Dinnerstein. give up her bus seat to a White New York with an exhibition at His work had “reverence for the man. Mr. Dinnerstein’s pencil and Many of his works seemed to the Davis Galleries in Manhattan. Mr. Dinnerstein was still work- past,” she said in a phone inter- pastel drawing of Parks showed celebrate diversity and resilience, A New York Times reviewer lik- ing up until the day before he view, “but translated it into the her holding a Bible in a moment of showing a mix of young and old, ened his “deft and subtle figure died, drawing “on the backs of 21st century.” contemplation, with her head White and Black, partying outside drawings” to works by French envelopes, anything he could get Mr. Dinnerstein worked with bowed and a cross on her chest. a Brooklyn brownstone or gath- artist Édouard Vuillard. his hands on,” his niece said. oils, pastels and engravings but ered together on a train. One of his “You look at that image of Rosa most evocative paintings, “Under- Over the next decade, Mr. Din- Last year, he completed a pastel Parks and you get a sense of her ground Together” (1996), stretch- nerstein began to support his art called “From Darkness Into Light” calm,” said Heather Campbell es nearly nine feet and shows a career by illustrating books (in- showing an old woman with a Coyle, curator of American art at dozen figures aboard a subway cluding a collection of Sherlock mask over her face, leading a child the Delaware Art Museum in car, glimpsed from the platform Holmes stories for Macmillan) through a dark tunnel and toward a brightly lit garden.

TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 . THE WASHINGTON POST EZ SU B7 LEONARDO DEL VECCHIO, 87 DEATH NOTICE DEATH NOTICE DEATH NOTICE DEATH NOTICE BIERLY JONES MOORE SPENCER EUGENE WENDELL BIERLY DR. YVONNE JOYCE JONES NANCY LOUISE MOORE ROBERT LEE SPENCER “Bob” Dr. Eugene Wendell Bierly, 90, of Bethesda, Entered into eternal rest on Wednesday, Nancy Louise Moore, aged 83, of Chevy Robert Lee Spencer (Bob), 84, passed Maryland, passed away Friday morning, June 29,2022. She is survived by her hus- Chase, MD, passed away June 16, 2022 at peacefully into the loving arms of God on July 8, 2022, with his wife of 69 years, band, Sidney Jones; daughter, Kia Jones her home. She was surrounded by family July 5, 2022, at Wake Forest Baptist Uni- Charlotte, by his side. Services will be at Mitchell (Herbert); two grandsons, Brian and protective pets. versity Medical Center. Nicholson Funeral Pumphreys Funeral Home, 7557 Wiscon- Paige and Sean Ellerbee; four great-grand- Nancy was born in Ohio on April 5, 1939 Home is assisting the family. Survivors: sin Avenue, Bethesda, Maryland 20814, children, Sydney Paige, Brilyn Paige, Brian to proud parents Howard C. and Jane L. loving wife, Toleda Rada Proehl Spencer on Saturday, July 16 – Visitation 10 a.m. to Paige, Jr. and Zoe Ellerbee; a host of other Miller. For 51 years, Nancy lived on Willow (Rada), Statesville, NC; loving daughters, 12 p.m. with the service to directly follow relatives and friends. She was preceded in Avenue in Takoma Park, MD. She was a Colleen Spencer Buck and Kristin Spen- from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. Click here for de- death by her father, Frank Braxton, Jr. and pillar of the community, having worked at cer Sinkins; three grandchildren; two tails: https://www.pumphreyfuneralhome. mother Geneva Braxton. Mrs. Jones will Takoma Park Elementary School as the ad- step-grandchildren, Alexandria, VA; addi- com/obituaries/Eugene-Wendell-Bierly?o- rest at St. Martin’s Catholic Church, 1908 ministrative secretary for 31 years. Nancy’s tional extended family. Complete obituary: bId=25322950#/obituaryInfo. North Capitol St., NW on Thursday, July 14 two girls recall frequently being stopped by Memorial from 10 a.m. until service at 11 a.m. Inter- parents of children at TPES to express their service: Forest Park Presbyterian Church, CERUTTI ment at Lincoln Memorial Cemetery. love and adoration of their dear mom. Nan- July 30, 2022, 11 a.m.; family greets friends: cy leaves behind a huge hole in the heart of 10 to10:45 a.m. prior to the service. DAVID W. CERUTTI her family and friends, but is now at peace and forever joined with her beloved par- April 9, 1959 – July 8, 2022 MCCOLLOUGH ents, close friend and ex-husband Robert David William Cerutti, of Alexandria, VA, Moore; and many beloved family pets. She died peacefully Friday, July 8, 2022 follow- GWENDOLYN W. (JACKSON) is survived by her two daughters, Angela ing a nearly two-year battle with cancer. MCCOLLOUGH M. Wholihan (husband, Paddy) and Alice J. He was born in Washington, D.C., April 9, Moore; and six grandchildren, Lauren, Kev- 1959, to Priscilla Jane (Crowe) Cerutti and August 3, 1945 to June 15, 2022 in, Olivia, Rachel, Molly Wholihan, Charlotte William Benjamin Cerutti both of whom Born in Norfolk, VA and raised in Wash- Moore; and brother Thomas Miller (wife, preceded him in death. He is survived by ington, DC, Gwen was the eldest of three Cathy). There will be a celebration of life his life partner Elizabeth “Libby” Shough; daughters born to Dorothy and James Jack- on July 16, 2022. If interested in attending, three brothers: Charles E. (wife Chrysti- son. Among others, her sense of humor please send an email to daughter Alice at anne), Brian S., and Andrew C. (wife Joyce); was her standout quality, she could easily [email protected] niece Ann Marie, and nephews Brian and bring a smile or an outright laugh to the Stuart. He worked as a Machinist and Proj- face of anyone she encountered. Through- DEATH NOTICE ect Engineer in support of the U.S. Postal out her life she accomplished many things, Service Engineering Department: training graduating from Federal City College MANDAVA and mentoring colleagues. He previously (UDC), establishing a successful career LAPRESSE/ASSOCIATED PRESS worked for Raytheon and numerous other with AT&T that spanned thirty years just to NAGA BHUSHAN MANDAVA Bhushan served as president of The Chemi- job shops in support of DoD and private name a couple. She will be sorely missed cal Society of Washington and as a council- Leonardo Del Vecchio grew up in an orphanage and went on to projects. He was a true master of his trade by all who knew her. She leaves to mourn Our beloved husband, father, and grandfa- or, career consultant, and ACS Ambassador found Luxottica, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of and was always willing to give his knowl- her passing, her sisters, Vanella Jackson ther Naga Bhushan Mandava passed away for the American Chemical Society for over eyeglasses. Its acquisitions included Ray-Ban and Oakley, and edge to anyone desiring to learn. A private Crawford, Zillah Jackson Wesley; two niec- at the age of 87 years old in Potomac, 25 years. Luxottica manufactured frames for lines such as Chanel and Prada. memorial service will be held by the family. es; two nephews; a great nephew; a great Maryland on Thursday July 7 2022. He was He received the prestigious Hillebrand In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions great niece; cousins and friends. Memorial born October 14, 1934 in Andhra Pradesh, award in 1986 and served as Director of Italian entrepreneur rose may be made to the INOVA Schar Cancer services will be held on July 15, 2022, at India. Bhushan received his Ph.D. from the United Nations Agencies (UNIDO, UNDP, to titan of eyewear from Institute. 11 a.m. at Peoples Congregational United Indian Institute of Sciences (IISC) in Banga- FAO) to advise 15 countries in Asia and the Church of Christ, 4704 13th Street, NW, lore, India in 1962. The family immigrated to Pacific Region on agricultural productivity humble beginnings KIVITT Washington, DC 20011. In lieu of flowers the United States in 1963 on a fellowship at and crop safety. please send donations to Jones-Haywood Oklahoma State University. Bhushan held 4 U.S. and Canadian patents CATHY SHORTEN KIVITT (Age 67) Dance School, 1200 Delafield Pl. NW, WDC A renowned scientist; notable for his work as well as published over 170 papers, 2 20011. in the field of Agriculture, he dedicated 24 books, and edited 6 books on naturally oc- Of Leesburg, FL passed away on April 12, years of public service to the USDA and EPA curring pesticides. 2022. Cathy graduated from Mt. Vernon where he was involved in the discovery of Our father was a kindred spirit who touched High School in 1972 and obtained her asso- the sixth class of plant hormones: Brassin- many people across different communities. ciate degree from Ferrum College in 1974. olide. He was an iconic pillar in the communities A service will be held on July 30, 2022 at he helped create. His greatest impact was Beyers Funeral Home in Leesburg, FL. Con- on his family and the telugu community. dolences may be left for the family at Bhushan’s spirit is carried on through his loving life partner of 66 years, Leela, and MOORE their son Srinivas, daughter Santi and son- in-law Milan; grandchildren Natasha, Shaan, BERNARDINE ALICE MOORE (Age 80) Nikhil, and Kosh as well as extended family and friends. On Thursday, July 7, 2022, of The viewing is on Tuesday, June 12 from 6 Gambrills, MD. Beloved daugh- to 8 p.m. and the Funeral services are to be ter of the late John and Marga- held on Wednesday June 13 from 9 a.m. to ret Moore; sister of John (Gail) 12 noon with cremation to follow at Pum- Moore, Jr.; aunt of Marlia Mat- phrey Funeral Homes, 7557 Wisconsin Ave- tke, Karin Wells and Brendan nue, Bethesda, MD 20814. Moore. Relatives and friends may call at Collins Funeral Home, 500 University Bou- levard West, Silver Spring, MD, on Friday, July 15 from 10 to 11 a.m., where Funeral Service will follow at 11 a.m. Entombment to follow immediately at Gate of Heaven cemetery. Memorial contributions may be made to the Christ Child Society, 5101 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Suite 102, Washington, D.C. 20016 or on-line at: www.christchild- BY EMILY LANGER chief executive Andrea Guerra, NAU DEATH NOTICES MULLIGAN Leonardo Del Vecchio, an Ital- the Economist reported, Mr. Del ian entrepreneur who grew up in Vecchio said that his strategy had FREDERICK NAU MONDAY- FRIDAY 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. DOROTHY EDNA MULLIGAN folk before moving to their home of 60 years an orphanage and went on to “diverged” from his own. SATURDAY-SUNDAY 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. in Alexandria, Virginia, in 1959. They traveled amass a multibillion-dollar for- On Sunday, June 26, 2022. He was the be- February 14, 1925 to July 6, 2022 widely and hosted several family cruises to tune as founder and chairman of Mr. Del Vecchio was past 80 loved son of John and Carmilla Wehausen; To place a notice, call: Dorothy Mulligan, 97, of Falls Church, died celebrate their major wedding anniversa- Luxottica, one of the largest man- when he finalized the deal with beloved brother of Georgene C. Piazza, 202-334-4122 on July 6, 2022, after a long, productive, ries. Gene and Dorothy’s shared progressive ufacturers of eyeglasses in the Essilor. In 2019, he paid more Joanne Zamer and Mary Theresa Farrell, and happy life. Born on a farm near Topeka, political and spiritual ideals created a deep, world, died June 27 at a hospital than $6 billion for a Dutch com- also survived by many nieces and neph- 800-627-1150 ext 4-4122 Kansas on Valentine’s Day in 1925, she was unshakable bond between them. in Milan. He was 87. petitor, GrandVision, to form ews. Friends are invited to celebrate Fred’s the third of four children born to the late A highly skilled editor and writer, Dorothy His death was announced by what Forbes described at the time life on Monday, July 18 from 11 a.m. until FAX: Faith and CV Cochran. Dorothy is survived loved words: books, periodicals, word puz- his company, now known as Essi- as “the world’s biggest eyewear Mass of the Resurrection is offered at 12 202-334-7188 by her devoted husband of nearly 70 years, zles, jokes, and board games. The booklet lorLuxottica, and was widely re- brand.” p.m. at St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic Eugene Worth Mulligan; children Greg Mulli- she created decades ago, “Editing Yourself,” ported in the Italian media. The Church, 14908 Main St., Upper Marlboro, EMAIL: gan (Jeanne) of Baltimore, Maryland; Laura is still being used today for submissions to cause was not immediately avail- Mr. Del Vecchio was born MD. In lieu of flowers, contributions may [email protected] Mulligan Thomas (Paul) of Charlottesville, the national School Administrator magazine, able. May 22, 1935, in Milan, where his be made to the Wounded Warrior Project Email and faxes MUST include Virginia; Mark Mulligan (Arend) of Cam- published by The School Superintendents Mr. Del Vecchio founded his parents had emigrated from the ( Inurment name, home address & home phone # bridge, Massachusetts; and Cathy Mulligan Association. Dorothy volunteered in mul- company in the 1960s and grew southern region of Puglia. Al- will follow at Maryland Veterans Cemetery of the responsible billing party. Young (Sunder) of Kea’au, Hawaii; grandchil- tiple capacities throughout her children’s his operation through acquisi- though reticent about his person- in Cheltenham, MD. Condolences may be Fax & email deadline - 3 p.m. daily dren Eric Mulligan, Stephen Mulligan, Emily years in the Alexandria Public Schools, tions to include the Ray-Ban and al life, he spoke at times about his made online at: Waters (Cetch), Leo Thomas, Alden Young, then worked for the Kingsbury Center, the Oakley brands, as well as the experience in the orphanage and Phone-In deadline and Elizabeth Young; one great grandson, National School Volunteer Program, and LensCrafters, Pearle Vision and how it had marked him. WILKE 4 p.m. M-F Roman Waters; brother-in-law Robert Mul- Applied Management Sciences. For many Sunglass Hut chains. Luxottica ligan; sisters-in-law Joan Weber and Eileen years, she served as Information Special- manufactured frames for luxury “For years my lunch was based NANCY JANE BURCHELL WILKE 3 p.m. Sa-Su Mulligan; a host of nieces and nephews, ist for the Alexandria Public Schools, then lines including Giorgio Armani, on boiled cabbage,” the Associat- CURRENT 2022 RATES: and many devoted friends. She was pre- worked as a writer and editor for the Amer- Chanel, Prada and Bulgari, as ed Press quoted him as saying. A memorial service for Nancy Jane Wilke, deceased by her sisters Ruth Seiberling ican Association of School Administrators. well as producing its own models. “Its smell reminds me of the great who passed away on April 17, 2022, will be ( PER DAY) (George) and Ethel Quant (Bob), and brother As a devoted member of the Unitarian Uni- At the time of his death, Mr. Del effort, the dream that I had to do held this Wednesday, July 13 at 12 noon at George Cochran. versalist Church of Arlington, she wrote the Vecchio ranked No. 52 on the something that was mine, even if Westminster Presbyterian Church, located MONDAY-SATURDAY After graduating with a degree in journalism weekly newsletter and annual report for Forbes list of world billionaires, small, but where I could put to at 2701 Cameron Mills Rd. in Alexandria, Black & White from Kansas State and serving two years as many years. with a net worth that the maga- use my ideas and my abilities.” VA. Friends and family are invited to at- a newspaper reporter and editor in Manhat- Dorothy was well-loved and widely respect- zine estimated at $27.3 billion. tend. 1\" - $150 (text only) tan, Kansas, Dorothy moved to Washington, ed for her optimism, idealism, and sustained In Italy, his wealth placed him From a young age, he saw the 2\" - $340 (text only) D.C. to work for the Food and Agriculture commitment while working towards the in an orbit with Silvio Berlusconi, value in work, in whatever form it When the Organization of the United Nations. She goals of exemplary public schools and so- the media magnate and former took, telling Forbes that if he had need arises, 3\" - $490 met her future husband, young naval officer cial justice. She was loving, compassionate, prime minister, and the late Gio- started life as a fruit seller, he let families 4\" - $535 Gene Mulligan, through mutual friends. Dor- funny, vivacious, curious, and deeply sup- vanni Agnelli, the head of the would have been “passionate find you in the 5\" - $678 othy and Gene lived in Annapolis and Nor- portive of her family and of others. She was auto company Fiat. But Mr. Del about fruit.” As it happened, he Funeral Services very kind to everyone and chose to see the Vecchio cultivated a quieter pres- found an apprenticeship at a fac- Directory. ------ bright side of any situation. Throughout her ence as he built his empire from tory that made molds for goods SUNDAY life, Dorothy was a true ally to her family, her nothing. including eyeglasses frames. To be seen in the Black & White friends, and to the marginalized and less for- Mr. Del Vecchio never knew his Funeral Services 1\"- $179 (text only) tunate. Among her many interests and tal- father, a produce vendor who The region of Northern Italy Directory, please call 2\" - $376(text only) ents were gardening, sewing, quilting, fami- died before he was born. Unable where Mr. Del Vecchio estab- paid Death Notices 3\" - $543 ly history, and photography. Dorothy herself to provide for him and his sib- lished his company had a centu- at 202-334-4122. 4\" - $572 wrote in a memoir that she did not wish her lings amid the deprivations of ries-long history of producing 5\" - $738 obituary to read that she had “passed;” rath- World War II, his mother placed eyeglasses. In addition to turning 6\"+ for ALL Black & White notices er that she enjoyed life tremendously and him in an orphanage when he was the industry into one of high $150 each additional inch wkday hoped that her happiness gene would be 7. He went to work at 14, severing fashion, he brought it to the inter- $179 each additional inch Sunday inherited by her progeny. part of a finger in an industrial national market, listing Luxottica -------------------- A memorial service will be held Saturday, accident. on the New York Stock Exchange MONDAY-SATURDAY August 13 at 1 p.m. at the Unitarian Uni- Mr. Del Vecchio opened his in 1990. His purchase of Lens- versalist Church of Arlington. Donations in first factory in Agordo, a small Crafters in 1995, according to Color Dorothy’s memory may be sent to the UUCA town ensconced in the Dolomite Forbes, was the “first significant 3\" - $628 at 4444 Arlington Boulevard, Arlington, VA mountains of Northern Italy hostile takeover of an American 4\" - $676 22204. where he had obtained free land company by an Italian enter- 5\" - $826 through a program aimed at prise.” NEWMAN boosting the region’s economy. ------ Over the years, Mr. Del Vecchio Mr. Del Vecchio was married SUNDAY iel Weppner. Wife of 67 years to William M. turned his company, Luxottica, three times, including twice to his Newman. She leaves behind eight children: into a giant that manufactured a second wife, Nicoletta Zampillo, Color Steve Newman (Donna), John Newman significant portion of all glasses according to Italian media re- 3\" - $665 (Cathy), Jim Newman (Pam), Mark Newman, frames worn in the world. At the ports. 4\" - $760 Vince Newman, Phillip Newman, Catherine time of his death, Forbes de- 5\" - $926 Craig (John), Patricia Fleming; 16 grand- scribed Luxottica, which merged With his first wife, Luciana 6\"+ for ALL color notices children; and 13 great grandchildren. Born in 2017 with the French lens-mak- Nervo, he had a son, Claudio, who $249 each additional inch wkday in the suburbs of Chicago, and graduated er Essilor in a $49 billion deal, as is the former chief executive of $277 each additional inch Sunday from Abington High School in North Phila- the “world’s largest producer and the clothing retailer Brooks Notices with photos begin at 3\" delphia, she then moved to Maryland where retailer of sunglasses and pre- Brothers, and two daughters, (All photos add 2\" to your notice.) she raised her family in Lanham/Cheverly scription glasses.” Marisa and Paola. With Zampillo, ALL NOTICES MUST BE PREPAID while employed at Woodward and Lothrop Central to Mr. Del Vecchio’s he had a son, Leonardo Maria. He MEMORIAL PLAQUES: Department Store. She was a homemaker, success was his insight that glass- had two other sons, Luca and All notices over 2\" include enjoyed swimming, going to the beach, trav- es need not be merely an eyesight Clemente, with a companion, Sa- complimentary memorial plaque eling, attending church, reading, bowling, aid perched atop the nose. They bina Grossi. A complete list of Additional plaques start at $26 each and spending time with family. could also be an expression of survivors was not immediately and may be ordered. The viewing will be held on Thursday, July personal style, a purchase that available. All Paid Death Notices 14 from 2 to 4 p.m. and 6 to 8 p.m. at Lee reflected fashion preference as appear on our website through Funeral Home Calvert, 8200 Jennifer Lane, much as it did medical prescrip- Mr. Del Vecchio owed his suc- Owings, MD 20736. Funeral services will tion. cess in large part to the intensity LEGACY.COM be held the following day, Friday, July 15, at Mr. Del Vecchio stepped down of focus that he maintained from Included in all death notices 11 a.m. at Jesus the Good Shepherd Cath- from daily management in 2004 his first days as a factory appren- Optional for In Memoriams olic Church, 1601 W Mount Harmony Road, but returned to lead the company tice until the end of his career. Owings, MD 20736, with interment at Fort 10 years later amid turmoil in the PLEASE NOTE: Lincoln Cemetery 3401 Bladensburg Road, executive ranks. Of departing “If you are distracted or rest on Notices must be placed via phone, fax or Brentwood, MD 20722. your laurels, as I saw happen with email. Photos must be emailed. You can various entrepreneurs who start- no longer place notices, drop off photos ed out with me, without your realizing it, someone will come and make payment in person. and claim your business,” the Payment must be made via phone with Corriere della Sera, an Italian daily, quoted him as saying. debit/credit card. “Once they have surpassed you,” he added, “it becomes very, very DEATH NOTICE DEATH NOTICE difficult to catch up.” MOEN FLORENCE ANNE NEWMAN “Anne” positions as a Command Pilot and Public Florence “Anne” Newman, 90, of Dunkirk, Affairs Officer. Among his decorations were MD, passed away on July 6, 2022. She was the Air Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Air predeceased by her parents, Richard and Force Meritorious Service Medal, and the Florence Weppner; and three brothers, Air Force Commendation Medal. Richard Weppner, David Weppner, and Dan- After leaving the Air Force, Mr. Moen joined LARRY R. MOEN the President’s Economic Stabilization Pro- Because your loved one served proudly... gram as director of Public Affairs for the Pay Larry R. Moen, 90, a retired Air Force officer Board. Military emblems are available with death notices and in-memoriams and a Public and Consumer Affairs execu- Later he was deputy director of Public Af- tive for the U.S. government until his retire- fairs for the Cost of Living Council. Before To place a notice call 202-334-4122 or 800-627-1150, ext. 44122 ment in June 1987, died peacefully, Tuesday joining the Veterans Administration as Dep- July 5, 2022. uty Administrator for public affairs, he was C0979 2x3 A former member of the U.S. Senior Exec- director of Information for the Employment utive Service, he lived in Vienna, VA from and Training Administration. From 1985 to 1968 until 2010, when he and his wife, Bar- 1986, he was on Executive loan to NASA bara, moved to a retirement community in and the Young Astronaut Council as their Fairfax, VA. He was born in Cornell, WI, on first director of Public and Congressional September 19, 1931, son of Ole and Eva Relations. Moen, and was a graduate of the University Mr. Moen was a member of the Air Force As- of Nebraska. sociation, The Military Officers Association, He also did post-graduate work at American and the Army-Navy Country Club, where he and Boston universities. was a charter member in the Fairfax Follies Mr. Moen retired as a major from the Air golf group. He was co-founder in Cornell, Force in 1971 after serving in several key WI, of the Society for the Prevention of the Extinction of the Art of Lutefisk Eating, (SPEALE), an organization with chapters in several states. Survivors include his beloved wife Barbara (Malone), of Fairfax, VA; three daughters, Re- becca Fields (RC) of Alexandria, VA, Connie Burgess (Gregg) of Lake Frederick, VA, and Krislyn Keller (RJ) of Lewes DE; eight grand- children; four great grandchildren and a brother, Daryl, of Columbia, MO. He was pre- deceased by his sister, Ardell May of Madi- son WI; and a brother, Warren of St. Paul MN. Services and burial at Arlington National Cemetery will be held at a later date.

B8 EZ RE THE WASHINGTON POST . TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 The Weather WASHINGTONPOST.COM/WEATHER . TWITTER: @CAPITALWEATHER . FACEBOOK.COM/CAPITALWEATHER Hot and muggy Today Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday OFFICIAL RECORD Mostly sunny Partly sunny Periods of sun Clouds and Mostly sunny A t‑storm Under partly sunny skies, highs are sun; nice Temperatures AVERAGE RECORD ACTUAL FORECAST mostly in the low 90s, but it feels several degrees hotter with 92° 74° 90° 74° 86° 71° 84° 69° 88° 73° 89° 75° moderately high humidity. In the afternoon and evening, storms are FEELS*: 97° FEELS: 95° FEELS: 88° FEELS: 86° FEELS: 92° FEELS: 93° possible. Lows are near 70. CHNCE PRECIP: 25% P: 5% P: 20% P: 10% P: 25% P: 55% WIND: SSW 8–16 mph W: W 6–12 mph W: NW 6–12 mph W: NE 6–12 mph W: ESE 6–12 mph W: SSW 7–14 mph Th F Sa Su M Tu W Th F Sa Su M Tu W Th HUMIDITY: High H: High H: Moderate H: Moderate H: Moderate H: High Statistics through 5 p.m. Monday Dulles BWI REGION NATION Weather map features for noon today. Reagan 85° 2:29 p.m. 86° 2:53 p.m. 60° 5:11 a.m. 61° 6:00 a.m. Harrisburg Philadelphia High 84° 3:31 p.m. 88°/67° 89°/68° 89/69 93/73 Low 66° 5:22 a.m. 98° 1988 100° 1988 Normal 90°/73° 52° 1983 53° 1996 Hagerstown Baltimore Record high 99° 1988 88/68 Record low 54° 1898 92/70 Dover Difference from 30–yr. avg. (Reagan): this month: –1.5° yr. to date: +0.1° 91/72 Davis Cape May Precipitation PREVIOUS YEAR NORMAL LATEST 79/61 Washington Annapolis 86/73 92/74 90/74 OCEAN: 72° Charlottesville Ocean City 92/71 82/74 Lexington OCEAN: 73° Reagan Dulles BWI 90/69 0.00\" 0.00\" 0.00\" Virginia Beach Past 24 hours 4.74\" 2.77\" 5.51\" Richmond 89/76 Total this month 1.61\" 1.49\" 1.46\" 94/74 26.66\" 22.74\" 27.48\" OCEAN: 75° Normal 21.94\" 23.03\" 22.67\" Norfolk Total this year 92/77 Normal Kitty Hawk 86/76 OCEAN: 77° Pollen: High Air Quality: Moderate Moon Phases Solar system Grass Low Dominant cause: Ozone Rise Set Trees Low Weeds Low UV: Extreme Mold High 11 out of 11+ Blue Ridge: Today, mostly sunny, humid; a strong Sun 5:53 a.m. 8:34 p.m. afternoon thunderstorm in spots; however, dry in central Moon 8:04 p.m. 4:08 a.m. parts. High 77 to 81. Winds west–southwest 7–14 mph. T-storms Rain Showers Snow Flurries Ice Cold Front Warm Front Stationary Front Yesterday's National World July 13 July 20 July 28 Aug 5 Venus 3:57 a.m. 6:39 p.m. Tonight, a strong thunderstorm in spots; storms can bring High: Needles, CA 115° High: Basrah, Iraq 117° Full Last New First hail and damaging winds. Low: Afton, WY 27° Low: El Calafate, Argentina 3° Quarter Quarter Mars 1:19 a.m. 2:41 p.m. Atlantic beaches: Today, humid; sunny; however, some <–10 –0s 0s 10s 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s 100s 110+ Jupiter 12:10 a.m. 12:29 p.m. clouds in the south. High 82 to 92. Winds south 10–20 for the 48 contiguous states excludes Antarctica mph. Tonight, mainly clear, humid; a thunderstorm in the Saturn 10:20 p.m. 8:49 a.m. area in the north. Low 72 to 77. Winds southwest 7–14 mph. NATIONAL Today Tomorrow Des Moines 84/65/s 86/66/s Oklahoma City 94/70/pc 95/70/s WORLD Today Tomorrow Islamabad 91/76/pc 85/75/t Rio de Janeiro 85/71/pc 74/69/sh 83/67/s Riyadh 106/84/c 108/85/c Detroit 82/63/pc 80/59/sh Omaha 86/65/s 88/68/s Addis Ababa 64/58/sh 67/58/r Istanbul 82/67/s 85/63/s Rome 85/66/s 85/66/s 75/54/pc 64/42/c San Salvador 85/70/t 87/70/t Albany, NY 85/63/t 82/62/s El Paso 101/77/pc 99/78/s Orlando 95/77/t 94/77/t Amsterdam 80/68/pc 87/71/s Jerusalem 86/64/s 87/66/s Santiago 58/38/pc 54/35/c 61/52/c 90/80/pc Sarajevo 74/49/pc 76/52/pc Albuquerque 89/67/t 90/70/c Fairbanks, AK 78/56/pc 66/48/sh Philadelphia 93/73/t 91/73/pc Athens 88/72/s 111/86/s Johannesburg 64/43/s 92/81/sh Seoul 87/75/c 79/74/r 89/80/t 62/56/sh Shanghai 101/86/pc 105/87/pc Anchorage 68/58/c 66/58/c Fargo, ND 82/57/s 86/64/s Phoenix 111/90/pc 112/92/pc Auckland 64/55/r 90/72/s Kabul 89/69/s 84/75/r Singapore 86/79/t 88/79/t 84/57/pc 64/58/pc Stockholm 76/55/pc 76/54/c Atlanta 88/74/t 89/73/t Hartford, CT 87/66/t 89/66/s Pittsburgh 84/64/t 81/62/t Baghdad 109/83/s 64/48/r Kingston, Jam. 89/80/t 99/73/pc Sydney 62/49/pc 57/50/sh 80/59/pc 83/60/pc Taipei City 96/82/t 94/80/c Waterways: Upper Potomac River: Today, mostly sunny. Wind south– Austin 104/74/s 104/74/c Honolulu 86/76/c 88/76/c Portland, ME 80/65/pc 84/62/pc Bangkok 88/79/r 58/50/s Kolkata 91/82/t 103/79/pc Tehran 102/78/s 97/77/s southwest 7–14 knots. Waves 2 feet or less. Visibility unrestricted. 95/73/s 88/80/t Tokyo 83/75/sh 81/75/t • Lower Potomac and Chesapeake Bay: Today, mostly sunny. Wind Baltimore 92/70/s 90/70/pc Houston 100/79/t 98/77/t Portland, OR 90/59/s 80/58/pc Beijing 78/72/pc 79/66/t Kyiv 69/56/pc 75/56/t Toronto 79/59/s 73/59/sh south 7–14 knots. Waves 1–2 feet on the Lower Potomac and the 76/55/pc 79/62/s Vienna 75/57/pc 85/65/pc Chesapeake Bay.• River Stages: The stage at Little Falls will be Billings, MT 90/63/s 100/67/c Indianapolis 84/66/pc 85/64/s Providence, RI 83/70/s 90/67/s Berlin 79/60/pc 86/78/c Lagos 82/75/r 76/59/pc Warsaw 69/61/c 78/62/pc around 3.20 feet today, with no change of 3.20 Wednesday. Flood 69/50/pc 83/80/r stage at Little Falls is 10 feet. Birmingham 94/76/c 91/73/t Jackson, MS 96/75/pc 90/72/t Raleigh, NC 94/75/pc 90/72/t Bogota 66/50/r 67/53/c Lima 64/58/c 75/52/c 88/62/pc 95/86/t Bismarck, ND 86/56/s 89/65/s Jacksonville, FL 91/74/t 94/75/pc Reno, NV 101/67/pc 97/61/s Brussels 82/68/pc 88/62/s Lisbon 99/72/pc 66/53/pc 84/77/pc 78/58/s Boise 102/73/pc 100/67/s Kansas City, MO 86/64/s 88/66/s Richmond 94/74/s 90/70/t Buenos Aires 53/46/s 73/58/r London 88/66/pc 96/67/s 85/77/t 82/62/pc Boston 86/70/pc 87/69/pc Las Vegas 112/88/pc 110/87/s Sacramento 93/60/s 90/59/s Cairo 96/74/s 91/83/t Madrid 101/75/s Buffalo 77/60/t 76/60/t Little Rock 98/77/s 94/72/pc St. Louis 88/70/pc 90/71/s Caracas 78/67/t Manila 90/80/t Burlington, VT 83/64/t 80/62/pc Los Angeles 79/61/pc 81/62/pc St. Thomas, VI 88/79/t 89/78/t Copenhagen 74/63/pc Mexico City 77/57/t Charleston, SC 88/75/t 92/76/t Louisville 89/69/t 86/70/pc Salt Lake City 103/78/pc 104/82/pc Dakar 87/80/pc Montreal 78/62/t Today’s tides (High tides in Bold) Charleston, WV 86/65/t 84/62/pc Memphis 100/74/s 94/75/c San Diego 71/65/pc 71/65/pc Dublin 73/50/c Moscow 74/58/sh Washington 1:25 a.m. 7:03 a.m. 2:42 p.m. 7:43 p.m. Charlotte 92/73/pc 90/71/t Miami 92/81/t 92/80/t San Francisco 73/60/pc 72/57/pc Edinburgh 71/51/pc Mumbai 85/79/r Key: s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, r-rain, Annapolis 4:47 a.m. 11:29 a.m. 4:12 p.m. 10:28 p.m. sh- showers, t-thunderstorms, sf-snow flurries, Ocean City 12:54 a.m. 6:38 a.m. 12:44 p.m. 7:14 p.m. Cheyenne, WY 85/57/t 90/66/t Milwaukee 83/64/pc 75/62/pc San Juan, PR 88/78/pc 85/77/t Frankfurt 84/60/pc Nairobi 68/52/c sn-snow, i-ice Norfolk 2:52 a.m. 8:41 a.m. 2:42 p.m. 9:13 p.m. Sources:; US Army Centralized Point Lookout 12:26 a.m. 12:34 p.m. Chicago 84/65/pc 78/62/pc Minneapolis 83/64/s 83/63/s Seattle 82/57/s 75/55/pc Geneva 85/59/pc New Delhi 96/84/t Allergen Extract Lab (pollen data); (air 7:57 a.m. 6:07 p.m. quality data); National Weather Service Cincinnati 85/65/t 83/66/s Nashville 94/71/t 89/71/t Spokane, WA 92/67/s 88/60/s Ham., Bermuda 84/77/sh Oslo 72/57/r * AccuWeather's RealFeel Temperature® combines over a dozen factors for an accurate Cleveland 82/65/t 79/62/t New Orleans 89/78/t 83/76/r Syracuse 84/63/t 80/58/t Helsinki 79/62/t Ottawa 78/58/t measure of how the conditions really “feel.” Dallas 104/81/s 103/76/pc New York City 91/73/t 90/73/s Tampa 92/81/t 94/81/t Ho Chi Minh City 84/78/sh Paris 90/66/pc Denver 91/62/t 97/66/s Norfolk 92/77/pc 88/73/t Wichita 89/67/t 90/68/s Hong Kong 91/82/s Prague 74/56/pc Custom Blinds, Shades, Shutters & Drapery Ask us what we are doing to keep you safe. 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StyleKLMNO EZ RE C TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 . WASHINGTONPOST.COM/STYLE THE UBER FILES | A GLOBAL INVESTIGATION Uber sought ‘strategic investors’ in foreign media to win government favor BY SARAH ELLISON hundreds of thousands of unem- in an email, referring to the coun- influence campaign that was the Uber’s global ambitions came ployed Syrian refugees were try’s chancellor at the time, An- company’s strategy for powering up against a major obstacle in scrambling for a foothold in the gela Merkel. its way into skeptical local mar- September 2015: Its path into the country. Uber’s proposed solu- kets around the world. lucrative German market was tion? Hire them as Uber drivers. Ultimately, the bold refugee- slowed by unfavorable legal rul- “There is no job that can scale hiring plan never saw the light of In a concerted effort to influ- ings and resistance from the pow- faster than being an Uber driver,” day. Yet within months, Uber had ence international politicians, erful taxi industry. But one execu- Graves wrote. nonetheless invited the German regulators and thought leaders — tive had an idea to win over the publishing conglomerate that at a time when the company faced leaders of Europe’s biggest econo- His colleague, Rachel Whet- owns Bild to claim a piece of its legal challenges and local bans — my. stone, seemed to like the idea. She world-conquering vision as a Uber underwrote academic re- “They have a problem, and we proposed an unusual strategy for $5 million strategic investor. search that positioned its gig driv- have a solution,” Ryan Graves, advancing Uber’s interests — and er service as an economic mobility senior vice president of global suggested enlisting the help of The conversation about Ger- engine. And it invited media own- operations, wrote in an email to Bild, Germany’s most popular many, revealed within a trove of ers to invest in Uber, in hopes of his colleagues. tabloid newspaper, to overcome more than 124,000 leaked inter- enlisting them to make high-level Germany’s problem was that the expected political hurdles. nal documents from Uber, is a window into the aggressive global SEE UBER ON C3 “Bild is the best route to get this done and get to Merkel,” she wrote LUCY NALAND/WASHINGTON POST ILLUSTRATION; BEN MARGOT/ASSOCIATED PRESS; ROLF VENNENBERND/ PICTURE-ALLIANCE/DPA/ASSOCIATED PRESS; UBER SCREENSHOTS; ISTOCK JABIN BOTSFORD/THE WASHINGTON POST CRITIC’S NOTEBOOK Out of frame but not out of mind At the Jan. 6 hearings, a familiar character comes back to haunt us: the off-screen villain BY ANN HORNADAY tropes of classic cinema: Taking a page from Lurking unseen during the hearings, for- As the Jan. 6 hearings resume this week, Star Wars, they’ve maximized the benefits of mer president Donald Trump might as well be they will advance what has become the must- serial storytelling, with callbacks to previous the shark in “Jaws” or Keyser Söze in “The see TV series of the summer: Compulsively episodes and tantalizing previews of scenes to Usual Suspects,” his threat looming larger the watchable and DVR-ready, the proceedings of come. Committee Chairman Bennie G. longer we can’t see him. As witnesses to his the House committee investigating the 2021 Thompson’s opening remarks play like one of lies, manipulations and shameless efforts to attack on the U.S. Capitol have been expertly George Lucas’s opening crawls, bringing view- overthrow the 2020 election have come for- produced with a keen eye toward building ers up to speed on how much ammunition the ward, what has emerged is less an evil master- suspense, audience engagement and relent- Rebel Alliance has gathered in its fight against mind than a petty, tyrannical bully, desperate less forward momentum. the Galactic Empire. to hold on to power at any cost. At varying Not surprisingly, the hearings have also points, Trump has resembled the Great and exhibited some of the most time-honored And they’ve obeyed a cardinal rule of movie- Powerful Oz, terrifying until he’s revealed to be making: Keep the villain off-screen as long as you can. SEE NOTEBOOK ON C5 BOOK WORLD ‘Elsewhere’ is a chilling, eerily current story of motherhood BY SUZANNE BERNE ELSEWHERE The book is set in a town “high thing extreme, an “affliction” erased by motherhood. ‘FUNNY GIRL’ Framing motherhood as an By Alexis above the rest of the world” — a that affects only mothers — usu- According to Vera, “in a typical affliction might, understandably, Schaitkin “cool, damp place” with an un- ally young ones. For reasons left Lea Michele lands Broadway role. C2 provoke outrage. But this is one Celadon Books, usual weather pattern: “Every mysterious, every so often one of year we lost about three or four of the disarming virtues of a 240 pp. $26.99 day at dusk the clouds appeared, them vanishes, evaporating into mothers,” including her own KIDSPOST fantasy novel: It can confront gathering and thickening until those omnipresent clouds. some time before the story be- social norms without directly they covered us with their beau- gins. One morning a mother will Get clued in about this museum. C8 appearing to do so. In her brood- tiful, sinister white.” Much of the first half of “Else- be “gone.” Her family sits outside ing second novel, “Elsewhere,” where” is devoted to this phe- the house, while other mothers CAROLYN HAX Alexis Schaitkin delves into a Something stranger than per- nomenon, one that, like specula- and fathers hurry inside to seize subgenre that might be called petual dampness marks this re- tive fiction itself, turns a familiar her personal effects and to hunt Unpacking the stress of moving. C8 Domestic Dystopia, well-mined mote town, as Vera, the novel’s human concern into something out all photographs with her by writers like Shirley Jackson heroine and narrator, soon re- otherworldly. In this case, the image. A crowd gathers in the and Margaret Atwood. veals. While the “climate was town’s affliction magnifies a front yard to watch a bonfire of ever-mild and pleasant,” the common fear among young those photographs, while the townspeople suffer from some- mothers that they are being SEE BOOK WORLD ON C4

C2 EZ RE THE WASHINGTON POST . TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 JATI LINDSAY The cast of “The Hot Wing King” includes Blake Morris, Michael Kevin Darnall, JaBen Early, Bjorn DuPaty and Brian Marable. The play addresses issues ranging from mental health to marinade-making. THEATER REVIEW In Studio Theatre’s ‘The Hot Wing King,’ hanging out is on the menu BY CELIA WREN striving to top his previous tri- play’s 2020 world premiere in At “The Hot Wing King,” pre- umphs at the hot wing festival — New York, has assembled a fabu- pare to do some hanging out. But Parmesan- and blueberry-fla- lous cast for this version. Just to not because urgent themes are vored entries — with an auda- single out two performances: lacking in this Pulitzer Prize-win- cious new recipe. Cuisine is a Marable notably fuses a lost-soul ning work by Katori Hall, now at valuable distraction for Cordell, wistfulness into Cordell’s verve, Studio Theatre. The funny, mov- who still feels uneasy about hav- and Morris expertly channels ing tale of Black gay friends and ing left his wife and kids to move Dwayne’s energy, misgivings and lovers navigating responsibility in with his supportive lover, charm. and guilt — all while prepping for Dwayne (Blake Morris) in Mem- a hot wing festival — touches on phis. Set designer Michael Carnah- pressing issues such as mental an’s detailed impression of a health as well as on the intricacies Helping out as fry crew are two Memphis home helps round out of Cajun marinade. That’s on top friends: Big Charles (Bjorn Du- our understanding of the charac- of its exuberant comedy involv- Paty) and the animated and gar- ters’ situations. Amy Kellett de- ing, for instance, ways to ruin rulous Isom (Michael Kevin Dar- signed the props, of which one — Cajun marinade. nall). A glide path to hot wing a container said to hold a viru- But hanging out is also on the glory seems likely, until the unex- lently spicy ingredient — func- menu, because in this excellent pected arrival of Dwayne’s teen- tions conspicuously as a Scoville- production directed by Steve H. age nephew, Everett (Derrick scale equivalent to the gun in Broadnax III, the playwright Sanders III), and Everett’s father, Chekhov’s famous playwriting (“The Mountaintop”) has created TJ (JaBen Early). principle. such vivid, lively characters that an understandable dramaturgi- Revelations about Everett’s A final reveal in the visual cal strategy is to let them riff. The family give “The Hot Wing King” design helps gives the story pleas- audience gets a chance to hang somber, socially resonant depths. ant closure. Such an assist is with them as they do that riffing But between those serious beats almost necessary because the — as they tease, flirt, bicker and — Broadnax calibrates the tones characters in “The Hot Wing celebrate, with interludes of soul beautifully — the comedy retains King” hardly seem inclined to searching and the sampling of its zest. Here it’s Cordell shifting wrap up their banter. They might lemon-pepper chicken. The re- into mock-grandiloquent mode just hang out all night and riff. sulting scenes can feel quite to raise his helpers’ morale. There The Hot Wing King, by Katori Hall. loose, especially in the play’s first it’s Isom reveling in double enten- Directed by Steve H. Broadnax III; half, but they can also be delecta- dres and other conversational costume design, Ivania Stack; ble. ebullience. “I can smell shade a lighting, Alan C. Edwards; sound, At the center of the sustenance mile away — I’m a walking um- Curtis Craig. About 21/2 hours. $65- is Cordell (Brian Marable), who’s brella,” Isom crows when he sus- $95. Through July 31 at Studio pects his friends of dissing him Theatre, 1501 14th St. NW. 202-332- behind his back. 3300. Broadnax, who staged the Exuberant glee from Lea Michele about landing title role in ‘Funny Girl’ BY SONIA RAO DIMITRIOS KAMBOURIS/GETTY IMAGES Life’s candy today for Lea Mi- chele. Lea Michele will succeed Beanie Feldstein in the role of Fanny On Sept. 6, the actress will Brice in the Broadway revival of “Funny Girl.” During her tenure replace Beanie Feldstein in the on “Glee,” Michele performed several songs from “Funny Girl.” Broadway revival of “Funny Girl.” Michele — a known superfan of August Wilson [Theatre] for the Green argued that the revival Barbra Streisand, who originated love and support you have shown “shows why it took so long.” While the role of Fanny Brice onstage in me and our amazing cast and making note of her zealous na- 1964 — memorably covered the crew,” the statement reads. “The ture, critics panned Feldstein’s show’s anthemic “Don’t Rain on people I have had the great joy of vocal abilities, particularly in My Parade” in the first season of bringing Funny Girl to life with contrast with Streisand’s. television’s “Glee” and later per- every night, both on and off stage, formed the song at the 2010 Tony are all remarkably talented and The Washington Post’s Peter Awards. She publicly expressed exceptional humans.” Marks stated that “while, for in- interest in playing the part dur- stance, you believed outright that ing a talk show appearance years Lynch is now also exiting earli- Streisand was a star, with Feld- ago, fueling fascination on social er than planned, taking her final stein, your foremost belief is that media with the idea of her taking bow on Sept. 4. Mrs. Brice will be she believes she’s a star.” it on, and has been rumored as played by four-time Tony nomi- the replacement lead since Feld- nee Tovah Feldshuh. (Standby According to weekly statistics stein’s exit was announced. Julie Benko will play Fanny Brice from the Broadway League, a Michele has history with Fan- in August, and on Thursdays trade organization, “Funny Girl” ny Brice; her “Glee” character, beginning in September.) filled the theater to 97.8 percent Rachel Berry, performed several capacity in mid-May, probably “Funny Girl” songs on the show “Funny Girl” received largely because of the strength of pre-re- and even landed the role in the negative reviews. Variety’s Frank view advance sales. By early July, fictional universe’s revival. On Rizzo referred to it as “underpow- that number dropped to just be- Monday afternoon, after that sto- ered.” The New York Times’s Jesse low 75 percent. ryline became a reality, Michele wrote on Instagram that “a dream come true is an under- statement.” The revival of “Funny Girl,” a well-received production that was adapted into a successful Streisand-starring film in 1968, opened in late April following years of rumors and subsequent delays. After Feldstein took a break from the show because she tested positive for the coronavi- rus, she announced in June that her last performance would be Sept. 25. The production con- firmed the news on Twitter and added that actress Jane Lynch, who played Mrs. Brice, would also be exiting then. Feldstein then shared in a statement posted to Instagram Sunday night that she would be leaving “Funny Girl” at the end of July — two months earlier than the initially announced date. She attributed her early departure — a highly unusual Broadway oc- currence — to the production deciding to “take the show in a different direction.” “I will never forget this experi- ence and from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank every single person who came to the

TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 . THE WASHINGTON POST EZ RE C3 Documents detail Uber’s drive for media partnerships UBER FROM C1 BEN MARGOT/ASSOCIATED PRESS ing up the ‘spirit,’ about understanding and networking to accelerate the stra- connections and spread a favorable mes- CHRISTIAN MARQUARDT/GETTY IMAGES tegic and cultural transformation that sage. was already in motion.” Both Diekmann TOP: “I consistently pushed back on Uber’s more aggressive business practice, ” Rachel Whetstone and Hazelbaker said that his consulting “Having [Bild parent company Axel] said. ABOVE: Kai Diekmann, a former executive for Bild, a tabloid owned by Axel Springer, said there work for Uber began only after he left Springer on our side is very valuable if we was no conflict of interest between his role as a newspaper publisher and the efforts he made for Uber. Axel Springer. are to make progress in Germany,” Whet- stone wrote in one of the emails. “I believe impact of big technology companies at promotion at the end of the year to letting it be known that Merkel had been Whetstone, now an executive at Net- they will actually do things proactively to the American Economic Liberties Proj- become the publisher of Bild. the company’s guest at another summit flix, left Uber in the spring of 2017. “I help.” ect. just the previous day. consistently pushed back on Uber’s more In late 2015, Uber executives ex- aggressive business practices — which The Guardian obtained the docu- “If you are trying to lose money until changed messages about the possibility Kalanick took them up on the offer, were established well before my arrival — ments, called the Uber Files, and shared you acquire market power, your core of Axel Springer making an investment. taking a seat onstage at the Berlin confer- with some success but resigned after them with the International Consortium competency, at least for a period of time, At the time, an invitation to invest in ence alongside Dieter Zetsche, the chief eighteen months due to significant, on- of Investigative Journalists, a nonprofit is storytelling,” he said. Uber was a rare and valuable commodity. executive of the automotive conglomer- going concerns about the company’s cul- newsroom in Washington, D.C., that The company’s fast growth was the stuff ate then known as Daimler AG — now the ture.” helped lead the project, and dozens of Early in 2015, Kalanick made plans to of hyperventilating headlines and CEO Mercedes-Benz Group — where both other partners worldwide, including The meet with Bild Editor in Chief Kai Diek- envy, especially among media company were interviewed by Diekmann on “the It’s an open question what Uber’s bold Washington Post. mann and Axel Springer chief executive leaders who wanted to shed their hide- future of mobility and what place trends public-relations goals accomplished in Mathias Döpfner, documents show. bound reputations and present them- such as connected or self-driving cars will Germany. After being hit with more viola- The deal with Axel Springer — whose selves as digital visionaries. have in this future.” There was no public tions and fines for using drivers who had U.S. holdings now include Politico and Later, another Uber executive, Fabien mention of Axel Springer investment in not obtained the proper license to trans- Insider — resembled one that Uber struck Nestmann, the company’s Western Eu- Whetstone wrote in an email to col- Uber, nor was there any reference to port passengers, Uber pulled out of three a year earlier in India, during an emer- rope public policy chief, suggested in an leagues that a partnership with Axel Diekmann’s recent flirtation with going German cities. Although the company gency campaign to repair its image after a email that Uber partner with “someone Springer would be especially welcome, as to work for Uber. said at the time it would continue to offer driver raped a passenger in 2014. Uber like Bild” in a community-service gesture “they have traditionally been somewhat limousine services and employ licensed pursued and secured a $16 million invest- toward refugees. It launched in five Ger- close” to the powerful taxi industry. “So The event generated buoyant head- taxi drivers, it has always continued to be ment from the digital arm of the Times of man cities in early September 2015. anything we could do to work with them lines. Business Insider: “Uber’s CEO is so hampered by restrictions to its business India group, which included a “commer- “BILD REFUGEE CAMPAIGN: “WE would be great.” confident in his company that he’s let his in the country. cial marketing arrangement,” the compa- HELP” blared a headline on one such driver’s license expire.” The Star newspa- ny said at the time of the 2015 deal. effort. “Taxi service Uber picks up your Fraser Robinson, who oversaw Uber’s per of Malaysia: “Now roughly equal in U ber also sought to strike an alliance donation,” the Bild headline, on an article business development in Europe, the value, Uber and Daimler trade gentle with a powerful media partner in Other media investors who bought that began, “Bild helps refugees. And this Middle East and Africa, replied that “the blows.” Insider: “Uber’s CEO rocked up to India. stakes in Uber included Lord Ro- is how you can help too!” It urged readers key value here would be their support and a German tech conference in a Trabant.” After the 2014 rape of a passenger — a thermere, who owns the Daily Mail in to use the Uber app to beckon a car that influence in Germany and Brussels. They Fortune: “Travis Kalanick Says Don’t Ex- case that drew international media atten- Britain; Ashley Tabor-King, founder of would pick up donations of food, clothing claim to have done a lot to help Airbnb pect an Uber IPO For a Very Long Time.” tion, and resulted in the driver being the largest commercial radio group in and other goods and ferry them to relief with policy in Germany and are going to Afterward, Kalanick and Zetsche attend- convicted and sentenced to life in prison Europe; Bernard Arnault, CEO of luxury organizations serving the influx of refu- send examples.” ed a private dinner at Diekmann’s home, — the Indian government banned Uber goods giant LVMH, which is the parent gees. according to internal company emails. cars from the streets of Delhi for operat- company of French financial daily Les Axel Springer made its investment in ing without proper permits. Indian offi- Echos; and Carlo de Benedetti, publisher But Whetstone — a powerful public Uber in early 2016, according to internal Hazelbaker said that Uber was just one cials also faulted the company’s back- of Italian newsweekly L’Espresso — relations executive married to former company emails, and announced the deal of many participating companies in the ground check system for allowing the whom Uber executives asked to help British prime minister David Cameron’s in April 2017. conference. Zetsche said that there was a perpetrator to drive despite a history of make a connection for founder and for- policy guru Steve Hilton — had bigger “benefit for the Mercedes brand” in shar- sexual assault. mer chief executive Travis Kalanick with ideas. According to documents, at the time ing a stage with Uber, noting “the young then-Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi the two entities had discussed the deal in audience and a certain coolness factor,” Uber’s immediate plan was to go silent. in 2015, according to emails. (De Benedet- In the September 2015 email exchange terms of a relatively small $5 million though he was not aware of any financial The company was “deliberately not brief- ti acknowledged hosting several of the in which her colleagues dreamed about a investment of “media + cash.” What form relationship between Uber and Axel ing the press of this situation because the company’s executives for dinner at his massive refugee-employment program, exactly the “media” would take was not Springer. “Certainly I didn’t see the event situation is dynamic/fluid,” Ben Novick, house in Rome that year but said that “I she expressed an eagerness to gain the spelled out in the emails. in that light.” then an Uber communications manager never made lobbying operations with support of Diekmann. A consultant hired in Europe, wrote in an email at the time, them or anybody else.”) by Uber had previously identified the Bild Axel Springer’s Wiekner said that “me- A year later, after he left Axel Springer, “and we do not want to give a running editor as “one of the single most powerful dia” didn’t include editorial coverage but Diekmann joined Uber’s advisory board commentary until we agree our next legal Uber’s aggressive approach to media figures in German media” who had “sin- simply meant giving free advertising in Germany. In that capacity, he coun- steps.” partnerships was a hallmark of the com- gle handedly forced the last President space in the company’s publications. seled Uber’s communications team for pany’s strategy as it expanded under the from office,” according to internal mes- how to shape media coverage — includ- But Uber was making an exception to leadership of Kalanick. Mark MacGann, a sages. Whetstone expressed optimism Documents suggest that Uber execu- ing in Germany, where his former news- grant an interview to a local newspaper former top lobbyist for Uber who worked that Diekmann could help cinch the high- tives anticipated that it would also mean room, Bild was a key player. with whom the company had a strong on establishing these partnerships, said level connections and introductions that high-level introductions in Germany. relationship. Novick wrote that Uber that every one of the company’s invest- Uber sought — although that would have Diekmann says there was no conflict of would talk to the Times of India “to tackle ment rounds carved out space for “stra- been a highly unconventional and ethi- In the spring of 2016, Uber made a interest between his role as a newspaper some of the misconceptions in the media tegic” investors. cally fraught role for a journalist to play. more formal bid to hire Diekmann, ac- publisher and the efforts he made for about the case.” cording to internal company messages Uber. His role at Axel Springer, he said in “This meant people or entities that had Whetstone also attempted to recruit and a person familiar with the discus- a statement, was to gather ideas and Later, Kalanick exchanged a series of demonstrable political influence in their the Bild editor in chief into a top job at sion, offering him a top communication establish tech world contacts “to further emails with his top deputies who were home countries, whether it was oligarchs Uber in November 2015, according to job, but he turned it down. advance digitalization at Bild and the trying to plan a February 2015 India trip in Russia, media groups in Germany and documents. Instead, though, Diekmann company in general. This was about pick- for him — the purpose of which was to Spain, luxury and telecom tycoons in stayed with Axel Springer, winning a As they were closing their deal, Axel “get Delhi back live” and “thus not have France, captains of industry in Italy,” the Springer offered to introduce Kalanick to that ‘ban’ cloud,” as an Uber general former executive said. “We didn’t really policymakers at an Axel Springer-spon- manager based in Asia wrote. (The com- need the money, we believed we were sored conference in Berlin in June 2016 — pany restarted its service in Delhi in late doing them a favor by taking their money, January even though the government because we wanted the top-level political ban was still in place.) access and influence that came with the money.” The manager wrote that he planned to set up meetings for Kalanick with Prime Jill Hazelbaker, Uber’s senior vice pres- Minister Narendra Modi and cabinet offi- ident of marketing and public affairs, cials as well as court local investors. said the company behaved like many Kalanick, though, emphasized that one other start-ups in seeking “strategic in- priority for the trip should be to preserve vestors who could help us understand Uber’s relationship with the Times of certain markets and grow our business.” India, the far-reaching media conglomer- They included media companies, she ate that has been owned by the well-con- said, but “we never presumed that we nected Jain family for decades. would receive favorable coverage — in fact, it’s fair to say we have received lots of Weeks earlier, an editor within the critical coverage from all of the outlets … Times’s family of publications had invit- many, many times.” ed Kalanick to join a panel discussion on “new regulations for new-economy com- Malte Wienker, a spokesperson for panies” at its January 2015 Global Busi- Axel Springer, said that its $5 million ness Summit — a chance, the editor investment was “economically insignifi- promised, for Kalanick to meet key gov- cant” for both companies, amounting to ernment officials and business leaders about 0.01 percent of Uber’s value and and help set the agenda for policy formu- less than 0.1 percent of Axel Springer’s lation. Though Kalanick ultimately de- equity interests over the past 10 years. cided not to travel to India because of the Wienker added that the company’s edito- continuing controversy over the rape rial divisions work independently of its case, he told his executives that he was business side and that “we fail to recog- “down to go above and beyond” for the nize the one-sided, overly friendly report- Times of India group, according to the ing on Uber that you imply.” documents. Uber’s Hazelbaker said that the Axel “If there is something we can do for Springer investment was public and that them that makes sense, we should do it,” “any advertising space given by Axel Kalanick wrote. Springer was clearly declared as such according to their standards” and that to The next month, the company an- Uber’s knowledge, “there was at no time nounced a “strategic partnership” with editorial content influenced or altered” Times Internet, the digital arm of the by the company. Times of India Group, which “centered around a commercial marketing arrange- In a statement, Devon Spurgeon, a ment accompanied by a small invest- spokeswoman for Kalanick, noted that he ment,” Uber said in a company statement. and his team “pioneered an industry that has now become a verb” but that “to do According to data from venture capital this required a change of the status quo, industry researcher PitchBook, the in- as Uber became a serious competitor in vestment was $16 million. Times Internet an industry where competition had been said at the time that the deal was part of historically outlawed.” an investment initiative that had previ- ously invested in HuffPost and Gawker U ber’s first ventures into many Euro- Media, aiming “to help the best compa- pean countries in the early 2010s nies in the world succeed in India.” Later drew vocal opposition from taxi that year, Bennett Coleman & Company, associations, which accused the company the owner of the Times of India, invested of violating local labor laws and under- an undisclosed amount in yet another cutting the taxi industry’s competitive- Uber funding round. ness by offering subpar wages to Uber drivers, many of whom were immigrants. In May 2015, David Plouffe, a top White House adviser under President Barack In the summer of 2014, more than Obama who had joined Uber as a senior 10,000 taxi drivers across Europe and vice president, gave an interview to the Britain took to the streets to protest Uber, Times of India that was published under which had by then expanded to more the headline: “Uber is growing because than 100 cities in 45 countries. In re- people know it is safe.” sponse, Uber repeatedly circulated a statement casting its car-dispatch service Sivakumar Sundaram, chairman of the as a “truly revolutionary innovation” executive committee of Bennett Cole- that, like other disruptive businesses, man, said in a statement that Times faced “stiff opposition from incumbents Internet made its own investment deci- and rearguard actions by regulators.” sions independently of its parent compa- ny. He denied that the company made In Germany, Uber was hit that fall with connections for Uber “with any form of a fine of 250,000 euros after it continued political access or promoting changes in operating in violation of a Berlin court’s legislation/regulation.” And he added order to stop operating two of its services. that a corporate firewall within the Times But Kalanick insisted to colleagues that Group kept the business side from influ- the fine “does not bother me in the least,” encing editorial decisions. according to emails, and urged the com- pany’s representatives in Germany to “do In July 2015, a judge ruled that it was what is possible to keep building the legal for Uber to resume operations in business and fighting the fight.” Delhi while it sought a license from city officials. Embarking on a public relations charm offensive is a well-worn strategy Douglas MacMillan, Alice Crites, Petra Blum of for ambitious start-ups, said Matt Stoller, WDR, and Felicity Lawrence of the Guardian who studies the political and economic contributed to this report.

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TV One WWE NXT (Live) (10:08) Movie: Blended ★ (2014) — Olivia McCormack USA Network Law & Order: SVU Wild ’n Out Wild ’n Out Wild/Out Wild/Out Wild/Out Wild/Out Wild/Out Wild/Out Wild ’n Out Wild ’n Out VH1 Paid Program Oxygen Gov.Mat. 7News at 6 Sports ABC News News Govt. Matters The National Desk WNC8 LEGEND: Bold indicates new or live programs ◆ High Definition Movie Ratings (from TMS) ★★★★ Excellent ★★★ Good ★★ Fair ★ Poor No stars: not rated A dark depiction of new motherhood that might be more real than fantasy BOOK WORLD FROM C1 affliction was terrible,” Does loving their chil- on a few unusual objects and ruled by a simpler, thinner cal- with a chance to gain some Vera acknowledges, “but dren too much leave habits to indicate larger, more culus,” notes Vera somberly. perspective, she doesn’t seem woman’s belongings are carted it was not as terrible as certain women more pervasive differences. Early in “They didn’t have our affliction fully awake to the affliction’s off to a kind of consignment living without it.” This vulnerable to disap- “Elsewhere,” for example, Vera so they could not learn what it weirdness or grow suspicious store. As a result, her clothes conviction is tested pearance? Or the real- mentions “skinfruit,” some- taught us, did not possess what about its origins. (The local men, and accessories live on, worn when Vera becomes a ization that love cannot where between a fig and fleshy it gave us.” for instance, seem a bit too proudly by former friends and mother herself. protect her family from pomegranate, eaten voraciously resigned to the possibility of neighbors, while she is scrubbed Sealed in by those loss? by young mothers, who also use Schaitkin, author of “Saint X” losing their wives.) Like those from collective memory. It’s un- dank clouds, Vera and Aside from its afflic- its vines to weave baskets. Oth- (2020), is at her sharpest and oppressive clouds, the narrative clear why the evaporated moth- her “new mom group” “Elsewhere” tion, the town stays un- erwise, the town’s eeriest feature darkest when depicting the anx- is at times opaque, and perhaps ers must be forgotten; just as it’s wait to see who will de- author Alexis easily relatable, even is its isolation. ieties and self-justifications of some occasional humor would unclear how, exactly, they van- materialize, watching Schaitkin. given its Amish over- new mothers, their fears of be- have provided a clarifying ish. each other obsessively tones, herds of wet Convinced that where they ing judged as unnatural or inept, breeze. Still, at this particular for predictive “signs,” which can goats and Bavarian-sounding live is lovelier, happier than particularly by other mothers, moment, a novel that dramatizes What is clear is that the range from being too attentive to street names. Children go to anywhere else, the residents the standard of maternal excel- the perils of motherhood, and town’s affliction is not only ac- their children to negligence, to school, perform in musical recit- can’t imagine leaving, though lence being as impossibly high challenges the idea that it should cepted but cherished. A woman anything in between. Vera feels als, grow up to become dentists there is a train, by which they in this misty place as every- be all-important, could not be who does not become a mother especially endangered, having or shop owners or manager of receive supplies and export where else. more relevant. is “safe, but she was also de- lost her own mother so young, the Alpina hotel; they marry, those baskets, and they get few Suzanne Berne’s latest novel, prived.” Motherhood is seen as worried that whatever made her have children of their own. visitors, despite having a hotel. Although, frankly, the reader “The Blue Window,” will be providing a woman’s keenest mother susceptible to the afflic- World-building often requires Strangers always fail to grasp also struggles to understand the published in January. joys, notwithstanding the ubiq- tion lurks within her, as well. an almost-realism, depending the importance of the town’s lessons of the affliction or why no uitous risk of extinction. “Our affliction. “Their lives were one questions it. Even when Vera becomes an outsider herself, My tenants don’t appreciate me, so I want to raise their rent. Is that fair? Ask Amy Dear Amy: I have raising the rent since theirs is greeted with the news that you a shock. Your next tenants medical issue. I hope she has essentially broadcast on tenants I have well below market now. are raising their rent by might be noisy, destructive, received a thorough checkup. Facebook the fact that her bent over 10 percent. partying scofflaws. grandchild had lost all their AMY backward for. I Since their communication Dear Amy: My wife and I have Your wife's weight loss might possessions in a fire, soliciting DICKINSON cut their late fees skills are poor and they don't Have you ever been a tenant? been together for years. also be the result of an outside funds along the way. show appreciation, I’m no Generally, a rent hike is not flirtation or even infidelity. in half and allow longer in the mood to give them greeted with gratitude but with She has recently lost a lot of That sort of behavior is them to pay the rent by the 15th any more breaks. grousing and possibly an weight. She says she just doesn't I'm not saying that flirtation extremely stressful to a young of each month. attempt to negotiate. like the way food tastes (this causes weight loss (if only!), but person who has already been I take care of their home My thought was to increase was before covid). She has not any time a partner experiences a traumatized. before my own. Their credit is the rent by 10 percent, but I The way your tenants express been working out or using significant body change, it could not great, but I still approved know they won’t appreciate or their gratitude each month is to medication. be a sign that they are polishing — Upset them to move in. thank me, even though I could pay their rent on time and in themselves up for someone else. Upset: Thank you. I didn’t read They do pay their full rent raise it by much more. full. This is a business She is very proud of her the letter quite that way; each month, but they seem to relationship, not a cotillion. weight loss, but since then, Further evidence is that your assuming that the grandchild get some attitude when I make If they give me attitude, I may things haven't been the same wife has become more had already posted news of this simple requests, primarily to give them 30-day notice to You do sound like a between us. She's changed a lot “independent,” and the intimacy fire on social media. not interfere with contractors I vacate. Maybe once they are thoughtful landlord, but the way and become more independent. in your marriage has changed. send to my rental property. forced to move into a home half to raise the rent should have If I’m wrong about that, I They have changed the scope the size with 50 percent higher been in increments, over time. If I feel like we’re going through These are only theories, and agree with you. of the work without my rent, they will appreciate me. you had done so over the years, the motions of being married. I’m sincerely sorry to share knowledge. They offer short or these tenants might be paying What can I do? I’m concerned them, but I think it’s something Amy's column appears seven days a conflicting responses when I ask I feel that I’m within my close to the market rate by now. about her well-being. She says you should consider. week at them if work has been done rights to determine the new rent she loves me and doesn’t want Write to [email protected] correctly. amount and send a message You should not place tenants anyone else. I hope you won’t accuse your or Amy Dickinson, P.O. Box 194, They seem unappreciative that appreciation, manners and in charge of repairs made to the wife of cheating on you, but Freeville, N.Y. 13068.  You can also and oblivious to the many “thank you” goes a long way. home. That's your job. The What are your thoughts? instead approach this issue as a follow her @askingamy. breaks I have given them. requirement to “communicate — Mystified reason to talk about your own After six years, I am finally — Nice Guys Finish Last well” is probably not included in relationship. © 2022 by Amy Dickinson distributed by Nice Guy: You should NOT your lease agreement. Mystified: Your wife’s weight Dear Amy: You missed the mark Tribune Content Agency expect your tenants to express loss might be the result of a in your response to “Offended appreciation or thanks when If you usher these longtime Gran.” This grandmother tenants out, you might be in for She loves her daughter’s cooking, but she can’t eat sugar tried saying, “I love your What should one do in such an not dishonest, presuming that cooking, but as I can’t have instance? It feels a little you are not testifying under oath. Miss Dear Miss to be food critics: We would Manners handle this delicate sugar, I’ll just try the other dishonest not to mention that I Nor is gushing — “My favorite Manners Manners: My order several dishes and desserts social situation? dishes. Unless you feel that using already possess the item author!” or “This is just my young adult and critique their presentation, Does your daughter associate a sugar substitute would not (especially if asked), but then the style!” for instance, followed by daughter is taste, etc. All of us would have food with love? If so, Miss spoil the dish.” giver may feel disappointed. “Thank you so much, that is so JUDITH wonderful in the such a nice time. Manners would think she would Dear Miss Manners: On a Should I just thank the giver and kind” — instead of answering a MARTIN, kitchen. She be motivated to find ways to couple of occasions, I have compliment their selection direct question. JACOBINA I love my daughter and admire please her beloved mother by received as a gift an item (a without mentioning the New Miss Manners columns are MARTIN AND creates desserts, her skills, but I can’t eat sugar. I producing dishes that do not specific book and a piece of duplication? posted Monday through Saturday on NICHOLAS as well as main have come to associate eating endanger her health. clothing) that I already owned. Why would you want to inform You can IVOR MARTIN dishes, that are as food with loving someone, and it So while the gift was appreciated a generous person that this send questions to Miss Manners at doesn’t seem enough to admire Your saying that this is a and a very good selection as to generosity was a failure? her website, You delicious as they my daughter’s presentation of delicate matter sounds my preferences, it is an item I do can also follow her are lovely. food without also eating it. suspiciously as if you have not not need/can’t use. Miss Manners can assure you @RealMissManners. She and I used to enjoy getting that withholding information is a group together and pretending Or is it? How would Miss

TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 . THE WASHINGTON POST EZ RE K C5 Jan. 6 panel keeps us on edge with a Trump-shaped monster lurking nearby NOTEBOOK FROM C1 Its dramatic production values EVELYN HOCKSTEIN/REUTERS Georgia election worker Shaye ing Wheel” segued into the mob notwithstanding, “Unprecedent- Moss recounting in chilling detail drama “Goodfellas,” as rebooted a frightened little man. Or he’s ed” doesn’t add much to the Committee officials Bennie G. Thompson (D-Miss.) and Liz Cheney the death threats she received by Aaron Sorkin. shape-shifted into Orson Welles’s Trump canon. Rather, it repack- (R-Wyo.) meet with former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson. after being slimed by Trump Harry Lime — the oily, amoral ages what we already know into a through his lawyer, Rudy Giu- This week’s hearings promise black marketeer at the center of psycho-biographical Shiv-vs.- hustler and showman devoid of images conjured by U.S. Capitol liani. to “connect the dots” between the 1949 film noir “The Third Kendall narrative of dynastic moral character despite his chil- Police officer Caroline Edwards Trump and his legions of follow- Man.” Or a James Bond baddie competition and generational dren’s best efforts to sell him as during her stunning testimony at The most lurid word-pictures ers on the extremist right, who throwing world-ending tantrums trauma, following Ivanka, Eric “the people’s president” and the committee’s first hearing on so far have been brought to life by demanded and got from their idol in some faraway lair. and Donald Trump Jr. on the 2020 staunch defender of law and or- June 9, when she recalled slipping Hutchinson at the Jan. 6 commit- the virulent form of fan service campaign trail as they “audition” der. in people’s blood during the sedi- tee’s two-hour cliffhanger in June: that Jan. 6 epitomized so bloodily. Or maybe Logan Roy secreted for their father’s approval, as one tious attack on the Capitol, which Few will forget her story of Trump Once again, the Jan. 6 committee away in a Manhattan penthouse of the film’s talking heads puts it. Those descriptions ring offen- she described as “a war scene.” Or literally fighting a member of his — using Trump’s template of poli- or absconding on his private jet. sively hollow compared with the Secret Service detail in a black tics-as-entertainment — can be Trump himself is interviewed Suburban, or ketchup running counted on to dole out informa- That’s the image purveyed by — Holder snagged his last sit- down the Oval Office dining room tion carefully enough to keep the “Unprecedented,” Alex Holder’s down at the White House — but, wall like so much fake blood in a audience oriented and on edge. three-hour documentary that like his children, he avoids the B-movie. No doubt they will also serve up premiered on Discovery Plus on subject of Jan. 6, calling it “a sad some memorable plot points, Sunday. Holder, who testified be- day” before seeking to justify the After Hutchinson wrapped up bombshells and — if Stephen K. fore the House committee on deadly assault on the U.S. Capitol. her testimony, Vice Chairwoman Bannon’s potential agreement to June 23, goes out of his way to His followers were “angry from Liz Cheney indicated that testify is any indication — a few compare Trump and his children the standpoint of what happened Trump’s literal power grab and his red herrings. to the wealthy, entitled Roys, in the election,” he explains, “be- penchant for throwing White whose dysfunctional squabbling cause they’re smart, and they see.” House china might have been Meanwhile, the Trump-shaped and dizzying ambition anchor McGuffins: The real aim of the hole at the story’s center will come HBO’s runaway hit “Succession.” Compared with the explosive surprise hearing became clear more fully into focus as a monster Each episode of “Unprecedented” June 28 testimony of former when she read threatening texts willing to shred the Constitution begins with swooping music White House aide Cassidy that could leave Trump and his and every other democratic norm reminiscent of Nicholas Britell’s Hutchinson, “Unprecedented” associates vulnerable to charges in the name of narcissistic ego. It magnificent “Succession” score, lands with a fizzle and, finally, a of intimidating and tampering will be up to the audience (and accompanying scratchy montag- shrug. And even with the former with witnesses. In a third-act perhaps the Justice Department) es similar to the TV show’s enig- president right there on screen, twist, the action thriller “White to decide whether this country matic opening credits. he’s still a Trump-shaped hole — a House Down: Gimme the Steer- can afford to greenlight a sequel. MOVIE DIRECTORY (!) No Pass/No Discount Ticket Tuesday, July 12, 2022 DISTRICTAMC Georgetown 14 AMC Academy 8 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG- Lightyear (PG) 2:45 Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) Thor: Love and Thunder (PG- Everything Everywhere All At Thor: Love and Thunder 3D Thor: Love and Thunder 3D Jurassic World Dominion (PG- 3111 K Street N.W. 6198 Greenbelt Road 13) OC: 12:30 The Black Phone (R) 4:30-8:00 11:50-3:20-6:40 13) 12:00-12:30-1:30-2:00- Once (R) CC: 1:15-7:35 (PG-13) CC: 12:30-3:30-6:30- (PG-13) XD: 2:00 13) 11:10-2:15-5:45-9:10 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) AMC Loews Elvis (PG-13) 3:00-6:40 Jurassic World Dominion 3:00-3:30-4:30-5:00-5:30-6:00- Thor: Love and Thunder 3D 9:30 Happy Birthday (Telugu) Space Jam: A New Legacy CC: 12:25-1:10-2:40-3:30-5:00- CC: 10:15-11:15-1:30-2:30- (PG-13) 12:10-3:50-7:20 6:30-7:30-8:00-8:30-9:00-9:30 (PG-13) CC: 11:00-2:00-5:00- 6:20-9:35 (PG) 10:45AM 6:25-7:15-8:40-9:35 5:15-7:30-9:15-10:30 St. Charles Town Ctr. 9 Hoyt's West Nursery Thor: Love and Thunder Lightyear (PG) 11:30-2:40 8:00 Alamo Drafthouse Cinema - I Love You (Bahebek) 11:40- Thor: Love and Thunder (PG- Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) 11115 Mall Circle Cinema 14 (PG-13) 10:00-10:30-11:30- The Black Phone (R) 11:10- Minions: The Rise of Gru 3D One Loudoun 9:30 13) 12:50-7:00-10:05 CC: 10:00-1:35-3:35-4:35-6:35- CC: 10:30-1:30-4:20-7:15-10:10 12:00-1:30-2:00-2:30-3:00- 1:50-5:20-8:10 (PG) CC: 10:00-12:30-3:00- Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Lightyear (PG) 11:05-2:00- 7:35-10:35-11:05 Jurassic World Dominion Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) 1591 West Nursery Road 3:30-4:00-5:00-5:30-6:00-6:30- Elvis (PG-13) 12:20-3:50-7:20 5:30-8:00-10:30 20575 East Hampton Plaza 10:45-1:10-1:40-7:05 4:50-10:50 Jurassic World Dominion (PG- (PG-13) CC: 11:15-12:50-4:10- CC: 11:30-12:30-2:00-4:30- Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) 7:00-7:30-8:30-9:00-9:30 Thor: Love and Thunder 3D Thor: Love and Thunder - The Mission: Impossible (PG-13) Thor: Love and Thunder The Black Phone (R) 5:00- 13) CC: 12:05-3:30-6:45-10:05 7:20-9:45 7:00-8:00-9:00-9:30 CC: 12:55-1:40-2:20-3:10-4:00- Lightyear (PG) 10:10-12:55- (PG-13) 10:30 IMAX 2D Experience (PG-13) 7:30 (PG-13) 10:30-12:20-1:30- 7:55-10:40 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG- Thor: Love and Thunder Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) 4:40-5:20-6:20-7:00-7:40- 4:10-6:50 Thor: Love and Thunder - The CC: 11:30-2:30-8:30 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) 2:40-3:10-3:20-3:45-4:30-6:20- Elvis (PG-13) 11:45-3:30-7:10- 13) CC: 12:00-3:00-6:00-9:00 (PG-13) CC: 10:00-11:00- CC: 11:30-2:45-6:00-10:15 9:20-10:05 The Black Phone (R) 11:20- IMAX 2D Experience (PG-13) Thor: Love and Thunder - An 11:00-12:30; 3:15; 6:45 7:30-9:20-10:30 10:45 Lightyear (PG) CC: 10:55-1:30- 12:00-1:00-3:00-4:00-6:00- Jurassic World Dominion (PG- Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) 2:20-5:10-7:50 4:00-7:00-10:00 IMAX 3D Experience (PG-13) Thor: Love and Thunder (PG- Thor: Love and Thunder 3D Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) 1:45 4:05-6:35-9:05 7:00-9:00-10:00 13) CC: 11:45-3:15-6:30-10:00 CC: 1:00-2:00-3:20-4:20-6:15- Elvis (PG-13) 11:00-2:40-6:20 Thor: Love and Thunder - An CC: 5:30 13) 3:30-4:00-4:30-6:30-7:00- (PG-13) 11:40-5:40-8:40 Thor: Love and Thunder 3D The Black Phone (R) CC: 2:45- The Black Phone (R) CC: Thor: Love and Thunder (PG- 7:15-9:10-10:10 Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) IMAX 3D Experience (PG-13) Thor: Love and Thunder (PG- 8:00; 12:00-1:00 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG- (PG-13) 3:55 5:45-10:45 10:45-1:45-4:30-7:40-10:15 13) CC: 10:45-11:15-1:45-2:15- The Bob's Burgers Movie 10:50AM 1:00 13) CC: 10:00-11:15-12:00- Sing (PG) 11:30AM 13) XD: 10:00-11:00-1:00-4:00- Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Elvis (PG-13) CC: 10:05-12:50- Thor: Love and Thunder 3D 4:45-5:15-7:45-8:15-10:45 (PG-13) CC: 1:20-9:45 Thor: Love and Thunder 3D Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) 1:00-2:15-3:00-4:00-5:15- Elvis (PG-13) 2:15 5:00-7:00-8:00-10:00-11:00 OC: 12:35 4:15-7:40-9:35 (PG-13) CC: 2:00-5:00-8:00 The Black Phone (R) CC: Jurassic World Dominion (PG- (PG-13) 12:30 12:50-2:30-3:10-4:50-5:40- 6:00-8:15-9:00-10:00; 7:00; The Black Phone (R) 3:00 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG- Marcel the Shell with Shoes Minions: The Rise of Gru 3D 11:30-2:10-4:45-7:30-10:30 13) CC: 12:45-4:00-6:15-9:40 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) 7:10-7:50-9:20 10:45-1:45-5:00-8:15 Elvis (PG-13) 11:15AM Regal Ballston Quarter 13) 11:50-2:55-6:00-9:05 On (PG) CC: 10:50-1:15-5:15- (PG) CC: 4:15-6:45 Elvis (PG-13) CC: 10:45-2:30- Thor: Love and Thunder 11:40-12:40-2:10-3:10-5:40- Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) 671 North Glebe Road Thor: Love and Thunder 3D 7:30-9:50 6:15-10:00 (PG-13) CC: 12:45-1:30-3:00- 7:10-8:10; 4:40 Regal Westview & IMAX AMC Potomac Mills 18 3:50-7:15; 12:15 (PG-13) 11:15AM Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) CC: AMC Annapolis Mall 11 Thor: Love and Thunder 3D 3:40-4:25-6:00-6:35-7:20-8:50- 5243 Buckeystown Pike 2700 Potomac Mills Circle Thor: Love and Thunder (PG- Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Thor: Love and 10:05AM 1020 Annapolis Mall Road (PG-13) CC: 12:00-3:00-6:00- 9:30-10:15 Regal Hyattsville Royale 13) 2:30-6:00 11:00-12:00-12:30-1:30-2:30- Thunder (PG-13) Everything Everywhere All At 9:00 Lightyear (PG) CC: 1:05-3:50- 6505 America Blvd. Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Jurassic World Dominion 3:00-4:10-5:10-5:40-6:40-7:40- 12:20-1:20-1:50-2:05- Once (R) CC: 3:15-10:50 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Minions: The Rise of Gru 3D 7:10-9:25 11:00-1:20-2:30-4:00-5:00- CC: 10:10-10:45-11:15-11:45- (PG-13) 3:10-6:15 9:20-10:20 2:20-3:25-4:25-4:55-5:10- Minions: The Rise of Gru 3D CC: 10:05-11:20-12:20-1:50- (PG) CC: 3:00-5:30 Downton Abbey: A New Era Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) 7:30-9:10-10:10 12:15-12:40-1:15-2:15-2:45- Thor: Love and Thunder (PG- Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) 5:25-6:30-7:30-7:45-8:00- (PG) CC: 11:00-1:45-4:05 2:50-4:20-5:20-6:45-7:45- (PG) CC: 4:05-6:55 11:00-11:45-12:30-1:30-2:30- Sing 2 (PG) 12:00 3:10-3:45-4:45-5:15-5:40-6:15- 13) 11:00AM 12:40-4:00-7:10-10:20 8:15-8:30-9:35-10:35-11:00 Thor: Love and Thunder - The 9:10-10:10 AMC Magic Johnson The Black Phone (R) CC: 3:40-4:25-5:45-6:10-7:30- Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) 7:40-8:10-8:45 Elvis (PG-13) 6:15 Jurassic World Dominion IMAX 2D Experience (PG-13) Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) Capital Center 12 12:50-4:55-7:30-10:00 8:15-9:10 12:20-3:30-6:50-10:05 Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) 11:40-3:15-6:50-10:10 Regal Manassas & IMAX CC: 11:00-2:00-8:00-11:00 CC: 10:10-1:10-4:10-6:20-7:20- 800 Shoppers Way Elvis (PG-13) CC: 1:10-4:30- Sing 2 (PG) 11:30AM Jurassic World Dominion CC: 11:20-12:30-2:30-3:45- (PG-13) 11:35AM Thor: Love and Thunder 11380 Bulloch Drive Thor: Love and Thunder - An 9:20-10:20 7:50 Jurassic World Dominion (PG- (PG-13) 11:00-3:40-7:10 7:10-8:40-10:00 (PG-13) 10:45-11:15-11:50- IMAX 3D Experience (PG-13) Jurassic World Dominion (PG- Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Thor: Love and Thunder 3D 13) 12:05-3:35-7:10-10:40 Space Jam: A New Legacy Jurassic World Dominion (PG- Angelika Film Center Mosaic 12:50-1:50-2:20-3:25-3:55- Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) CC: 5:00 13) CC: 11:10-2:40-6:10-9:40 CC: 10:45-11:45-1:15-2:15- (PG-13) CC: 2:15-5:10-8:05 Space Jam: A New Legacy (PG) 12:00 13) CC: 11:40-3:00-6:20-9:40 2911 District Ave 4:55-5:25-6:00-7:00-7:30-8:00- 11:30-1:35-2:10-3:10-4:10- Thor: Love and Thunder (PG- Thor: Love and Thunder 3:45-4:45-5:15-6:45-7:15-7:45 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) 11:30AM Thor: Love and Thunder (PG- Thor: Love and Thunder 8:30-9:05-10:05-10:35 4:40-5:40-6:45-7:15-8:20- 13) CC: 10:10-11:30-2:30-5:30- (PG-13) CC: 9:30-10:00-11:00- Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) (PG) 8:40 Thor: Love and Thunder 13) 12:30-2:20-3:10-3:50-5:30- (PG-13) CC: 10:00-1:00-4:00- Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) Lightyear (PG) 12:20 9:15-9:40 7:00-8:30-9:30-10:00 12:00-12:30-1:00-2:00-3:00- CC: 10:30-1:45-4:55-8:00 (PG-13) 11:15-12:20-1:50- 6:20-7:00-8:40-9:20-10:00 7:00-10:00 1:55-4:45-7:30 The Black Phone (R) 12:10- Sing 2 (PG) 11:00AM The Black Phone (R) OC: 8:15 3:30-4:00-5:00-6:00-6:30-7:00- Jurassic World Dominion (PG- Landmark 2:20-3:00-3:25-4:00-4:55-5:25- Elvis (PG-13) 11:30-3:20-7:20 Lightyear (PG) CC: 10:20-1:10- Jurassic World Dominion 10:40 Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) OC: 8:00-9:00-9:30-10:00-11:00 13) CC: 10:15-1:40-3:50-7:10 Bethesda Row Cinema 6:00-6:30-7:05-8:00-8:30-9:10- Thor: Love and Thunder 3D 4:00-6:40-9:20 (PG-13) 1:15-4:30-7:35 Elvis (PG-13) 3:25-7:10 12:10-3:40-6:50-10:15 12:30 Lightyear (PG) CC: 10:45- Doctor Strange in the Multi- 9:35-10:10 (PG-13) 11:50AM The Black Phone (R) CC: Lightyear (PG) 4:35 Thor: Love and Thunder 3D Jurassic World Dominion Everything Everywhere All At 1:20-3:50 verse of Madness (PG-13) CC: 7235 Woodmont Avenue Lightyear (PG) 3:10-6:45-9:25 Thor: Love and Thunder - The 11:00-1:40-4:20-7:00-9:45 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) 2:55 (PG-13) 4:00-7:20 Once (R) OC: 6:25 The Black Phone (R) CC: 10:20-1:20-4:20-7:20 Official Competition (R) (!) The Black Phone (R) 11:25- IMAX 2D Experience (PG-13) Elvis (PG-13) CC: 10:30-2:15- (PG-13) 12:00-12:45-1:30- Kira & El Gin 8:10 Space Jam: A New Legacy Thor: Love and Thunder (PG- 11:50-2:30-5:10-7:40-10:40 Thor: Love and Thunder 1:05-6:45 2:10-5:00-7:40-10:40 4:30-7:40 6:00-9:30 2:45-3:30-4:15-5:30-7:00-8:15- (PG) 11:00AM 13) OC: 1:00-4:00 Elvis (PG-13) CC: 12:10-3:40- (PG-13) CC: 11:00-2:00-3:00- Lightyear (PG) CC: (!) 3:45 Elvis (PG-13) 11:35-3:25-7:20 Thor: Love and Thunder - An Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) CC: 9:00-9:35 Regal Dulles Town Center Thor: Love and Thunder 7:10-10:15 5:00-6:30-8:00 Downton Abbey: A New Era Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) 10:00 IMAX 3D Experience (PG-13) 5:45 Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, 21100 Dulles Town Circle (PG-13) 11:50-1:20-1:50- Angelika Lightyear (PG) CC: 10:10- (PG) CC: (!) 3:50-6:50 Thor: Love and Thunder 3D 1:30 Jurassic World Dominion 3D a Journey, a Song (PG-13) 2:20-2:55-3:25-4:20-4:55- Pop-Up at Union Market AMC Center Park 8 12:55-3:40-6:15 Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) CC: (!) (PG-13) 12:50 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) (PG-13) CC: 7:15 2:00-7:10-9:35 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) 5:25-6:00-6:30-7:30-8:00- 4001 Powder Mill Rd. The Black Phone (R) CC: 1:10-3:40 I Love You (Bahebek) 12:00- OC: 6:40 Thor: Love and Thunder 3D Elvis (PG-13) OC: 1:35 12:10-1:00-1:30-2:40-3:30- 8:30-9:00-9:35-10:30 550 Penn Street NE - Unit E 10:05-12:40-3:15-6:10-8:45 Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) 2:55-5:35-8:40 (PG-13) CC: 9:30 Marcel the Shell with Shoes 4:10-5:10-5:50-6:30-7:40-8:20- Lightyear (PG) 12:00-2:00- Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Thor: Love and Thunder 3D CC: (!) 1:20-2:00-4:20-5:00- Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) Xscape Theatres Minions: The Rise of Gru 3D On (PG) 12:40-2:50-5:00- 9:20-9:55-10:50 5:15-7:50-10:30 1:15-4:15-7:15 CC: 10:15-11:00-12:45-3:00- (PG-13) CC: 12:00-3:30-6:00 7:30-8:15 12:15-3:30-6:50-10:15 Brandywine 14 (PG) CC: 1:45-4:15-9:15 7:15-9:30 Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) The Black Phone (R) 12:00- Thor: Love and Thunder (PG- 4:45-5:45-8:00-9:45-10:20 Thor: Love and Thunder - The Elvis (PG-13) CC: (!) 1:00- 7710 Matapeake Business Drive Thor: Love and Thunder - The Thor: Love and Thunder 3D 11:20-3:00-6:10-9:30 2:40-5:20-8:10 13) 1:30-4:30 Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) IMAX 2D Experience (PG-13) 4:30-7:50 Regal Laurel Towne Centre The Angry Birds Movie (2016) IMAX 2D Experience (PG-13) (PG-13) 6:15 Jurassic World Dominion Elvis (PG-13) 2:45-6:15 Elvis (PG-13) 12:30-3:45-7:00 CC: 10:00-1:00-4:00-7:00-10:00 CC: 10:00-1:00-4:00-7:00 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG- 14716 Baltimore Avenue (PG) CC: 9:30AM CC: 12:00-3:00-9:00 Elvis (PG-13) 4:55-8:15 (PG-13) 11:40-3:20-6:40- Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) 9:50 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG- Jurassic World Dominion Thor: Love and Thunder (PG- 13) CC: (!) 12:45-1:15-2:30- Jumanji: Welcome to the Thor: Love and Thunder - An 10:20 Thor: Love and Thunder 3D 13) OC: 7:30 (PG-13) CC: 10:10-1:15-4:15- 13) OC: 12:30 4:15-5:30-6:45-7:15-8:30 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Jungle (PG-13) CC: 9:30AM IMAX 3D Experience (PG-13) CMX Village 14 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) 11:20AM 7:15-10:15 11:00-11:20-1:15-1:45-2:10- Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) CC: 6:00 1600 Village Market Boulevard (PG-13) 11:15-11:50-12:50- Thor: Love and Thunder - Avalon Theatre Thor: Love and Thunder (PG- AMC Montgomery 16 Phoenix Theatres Marlow 6 2:40-4:00-4:30-5:10-6:30-7:00- CC: (!) 11:30-12:20-1:50-2:50- Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) 1:50-2:55-3:55-4:55-5:25-6:00- The IMAX 2D Experience 5612 Connecticut Avenue 13) CC: 10:30-12:30-1:30-3:30- 7101 Democracy Boulevard 3899 Branch Avenue 7:45-8:50-9:20-10:00 4:10-5:10-6:40-7:20-8:50-9:50 OC: 6:45 12:20-12:50-1:40-2:10-3:35- 7:00-7:20-8:00-8:30-9:05- (PG-13) 12:50-7:00-10:05 Elvis (PG-13) 12:15-3:45-7:15 4:30-6:30-7:30-9:30-10:30 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) Thor: Love and Thunder 4:05-4:35-6:10-6:40-7:10-8:30 10:05-11:05 Thor: Love and Thunder - An Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) 1:30- The Black Phone (R) CC: CC: 12:00-12:45-1:30-2:00- Smurfs: The Lost Village (PG) 11:10-1:50-4:35-7:10-10:00 CC: 10:20-1:20-4:20-7:10-10:10 (PG-13) CC: 10:30-11:00- Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) Elvis (PG-13) 11:30-3:10- IMAX 3D Experience (PG-13) 4:30-7:30 10:45-1:45-4:45-7:45-10:45 2:30-3:15-4:00-4:30-5:00-5:45- 10:00AM Jurassic World Dominion (PG- Jurassic World Dominion (PG- 11:30-12:30-1:30-2:00-3:30- 12:00-1:15-3:10-4:25-5:30- 10:30 3:55 Thor: Love and Thunder 3D 6:30-7:30-8:15-9:00-10:00 The LEGO Movie 2: The Sec- 13) 11:10-2:35-6:00-9:30 13) CC: 11:40-2:50-6:10-9:20 5:00-5:30-6:30-7:30-8:00-8:30; 6:30-7:50 Thor: Love and Thunder 3D Kira & El Gin 11:40AM Landmark (PG-13) CC: 11:30-2:30-5:30- Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) ond Part (PG) 10:00AM Thor: Love and Thunder Thor: Love and Thunder (PG- 4:30; 2:30 Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) 10:45AM Regal Springfield Town Center Atlantic Plumbing Cinema 8:30 CC: 1:45-5:15-7:00-8:30-10:15 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) (PG-13) 11:00-11:30-1:00- 13) CC: (!) 11:00-1:00-2:00- (PG-13) 12:05-3:50-7:20 Minions: The Rise of Gru 3D Minions: The Rise of Gru 3D Jurassic World Dominion (PG- 12:15-2:30-4:45-7:00-9:30 2:00-2:30-3:00-3:30-4:00-5:00- 4:05-5:00-7:00-8:00-10:00 AMC Shirlington 7 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG- (PG) 11:00AM 6859 Springfield Mall 807 V Street Northwest (PG) CC: 2:00-7:10 13) CC: 12:15-3:45-7:05-10:30 Jurassic World Dominion (PG- 5:30-6:00-6:30-7:00-8:00-8:30- Lightyear (PG) CC: (!) 10:25- 2772 South Randolph St. 13) 12:30-1:00-1:30-2:45-3:45- Thor: Love and Thunder (PG- Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Elvis (PG-13) OC: (!) 4:00 Thor: Love and Thunder 13) 11:05-2:15-5:35-8:45 9:00-9:30-10:00 12:55-3:25-6:35-9:05 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) 4:15-7:00-7:30-8:00 13) OC: 2:20 11:30-12:10-2:00-3:50-4:30- Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) AMC Columbia 14 (PG-13) CC: 12:30-1:15-2:00- Thor: Love and Thunder (PG- Lightyear (PG) 11:10AM The Black Phone (R) CC: (!) CC: 10:00-10:45-1:00-3:20- Lightyear (PG) 12:15-6:50 6:30-7:10-8:50-9:20-10:00 CC: (!) 4:30-7:30-8:15 10300 Little Patuxent Parkway 2:30-2:45-4:00-4:15-5:00-5:30- 13) 11:00-12:00-1:55-2:45- The Black Phone (R) 11:10- 2:40-5:20-7:50-10:20 5:40-10:50 The Black Phone (R) 1:10- Regal Fairfax Towne Center Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) Elvis (PG-13) CC: (!) 7:00 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) 5:45-6:30-7:00-7:15-8:00-8:30- 4:35-7:15-8:15-10:00 1:50-4:20-7:00-9:40 Elvis (PG-13) CC: (!) 11:55- Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) 5:20-8:20 4110 West Ox Road 12:20-3:30-6:40-9:50 Thor: Love and Thunder CC: 12:15-2:45-3:45-4:45-5:30- 8:45-9:30-10:00-10:30 The Black Phone (R) 11:30- Elvis (PG-13) 11:00-2:30- 3:35-7:05-10:25 CC: 10:05-11:10-1:10-2:10- Elvis (PG-13) 12:40-4:00-7:40 Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) CC: (!) 3:50-4:20-4:50- 6:15-7:15-8:00 Lightyear (PG) CC: 1:00-4:15- 2:00-4:35-7:15-9:45 5:55-9:15 Thor: Love and Thunder 3D 4:10-7:20-10:20 Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) 3:30 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) (PG-13) 11:00-2:30-6:10-9:40 6:40-7:10-7:40 Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) 7:15-9:30 Thor: Love and Thunder 3D Thor: Love and Thunder 3D (PG-13) CC: (!) 12:05-3:00- Jurassic World Dominion (PG- Thor: Love and Thunder 3D 1:20-3:40-5:15-6:40-7:40-9:15 Thor: Love and Thunder Everything Everywhere All At CC: 12:30-3:30-6:30-8:30-9:30 The Black Phone (R) CC: 1:15- (PG-13) 5:30 (PG-13) 12:00 6:05-9:00 13) CC: 12:20-3:40-7:00-10:20 (PG-13) 4:45 Sing 2 (PG) 12:00 (PG-13) 10:50-11:20-11:50- Once (R) OC: (!) 4:10 Jurassic World Dominion (PG- 3:30-7:20-10:05 Minions: The Rise of Gru 3D Thor: Love and Thunder (PG- Thor: Love and Thunder Minions: The Rise of Gru 3D Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) 12:50-2:20-2:40-3:00-4:00- 13) CC: 12:00-3:20-6:40-9:55 Elvis (PG-13) CC: 12:30-3:35- Regal Bowie (PG) 12:20 13) CC: (!) 10:30-12:30-1:30- (PG-13) CC: 10:25-1:10-1:50- (PG) 2:55 12:30-3:40-6:50-9:50 5:00-5:30-5:50-6:00-7:00- Landmark E Street Cinema Thor: Love and Thunder (PG- 6:00-9:50 15200 Major Lansdale Boulevard 3:30-4:30-6:30-7:30-9:30-10:30 4:00-4:40-5:10-6:50-7:30-8:00- Thor: Love and Thunder 3D Jurassic World Dominion 8:00-8:30-9:10-9:40-10:10 555 11th Street Northwest 13) CC: 1:00-4:00-7:00-10:00 Everything Everywhere All Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Regal Rockville Center iPic Pike & Rose 9:45-10:25 (PG-13) 4:45-6:00 (PG-13) 2:00-6:10-9:30 Lightyear (PG) 1:00-3:40-6:50 Lightyear (PG) CC: 12:40-3:20- At Once (R) CC: 12:45-3:55- 12:00-1:10-2:30-3:40-5:00- 199 East Montgomery Avenue 11830 Grand Park Avenue Elvis (PG-13) CC: 10:15-3:30- Cinema Arts Theatre Space Jam: A New Legacy The Black Phone (R) 11:10- Mad God (!) 2:15-5:00 6:10-9:05 7:10-10:20 6:20-7:30 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) 7:10-10:20 (PG) 12:00 1:50-4:40-7:30-10:20 Elvis (PG-13) OC: (!) 7:15 The Black Phone (R) CC: Thor: Love and Thunder (PG- Sing 2 (PG) 11:00AM 11:20AM 7:00-10:30 Thor: Love and Thunder 3D 9650 Main St Thor: Love and Thunder Elvis (PG-13) 12:30-4:20-8:25 Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, a 12:40-3:20-6:20-9:10 13) OC: 3:30 Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) (PG-13) CC: 12:30-10:45 Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) (PG-13) 12:45-1:50-2:55-3:50- Thor: Love and Thunder 3D Journey, a Song (PG-13) CC: Elvis (PG-13) CC: 12:00-2:50- Cinemark Egyptian 24 and XD 12:45-4:00-7:15-10:00 11:35-2:50-6:10-9:20 6:00-8:45 Minions: The Rise of Gru 3D CC; DVS: 10:00-1:00-4:00-7:15 4:30-5:00-6:00-7:00-7:30-8:00- (PG-13) 1:50 (!) 1:10-4:10-7:30 6:25-9:55 7000 Arundel Mills Circle Jurassic World Dominion (PG- Jurassic World Dominion Jurassic World Dominion (PG) CC: 8:00 Thor: Love and Thunder 9:00-10:00-10:20 Minions: The Rise of Gru 3D The Hangover (R) CC: (!) Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) CC: Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) 13) 12:00-3:20-6:45-9:45 (PG-13) 1:00-4:30-8:00 (PG-13) 6:45-10:30 AMC Tysons Corner 16 (PG-13) CC; DVS: 9:40-12:00- Elvis (PG-13) 12:50-4:20-7:50 (PG) 1:20 1:30-7:30 12:00 9:35-10:00-10:25-10:55-11:30- Space Jam: A New Legacy Thor: Love and Thunder Thor: Love and Thunder (PG- 7850e Tysons Corner Center 2:30-5:00-7:30 Thor: Love and Thunder 3D Official Competition (R) (!) Thor: Love and Thunder 3D 12:05-12:35-1:05-1:25-1:55- (PG) 11:00AM (PG-13) 11:10-12:20-12:50- 13) (!) 6:30-7:15-8:00-10:00- Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Downton Abbey: A New Era (PG-13) 12:15 Regal Virginia Gateway & RPX 1:20 (PG-13) CC: 1:30-4:30-7:30 2:30-3:30-3:55-4:20-5:30-6:20- Thor: Love and Thunder 1:30-2:20-3:00-3:30-4:00-4:40- 10:45-11:15 CC: 11:20-12:00-12:35-1:10- (PG) CC; DVS: 2:35-5:05-7:40 Kira & El Gin 10:10 8001 Gateway Promenade Place The Forgiven (R) CC: (!) 4:00 Minions: The Rise of Gru 3D 6:45-7:55-9:10-10:20 (PG-13) 12:50-1:40-2:10-3:00- 5:20-6:00-6:30-7:00-7:40-8:20- The Black Phone (R) 6:15-9:15 1:50-2:25-3:35-4:15-4:50-5:25- The Phantom of the Open (PG- Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Everything Everywhere All At (PG) CC: 2:15-9:45 Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) 3:50-4:50-5:20-6:10-7:00-7:50- 9:00-9:30 Elvis (PG-13) 6:15-10:15 6:05-7:50-8:30-9:25 13) CC; DVS: 9:50-2:30-4:50 OC: 4:10 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Once (R) CC: (!) 6:45 Thor: Love and Thunder - The 9:55-10:45-1:10-2:20-4:25- 8:20-9:10-10:00 Lightyear (PG) 11:40-2:30- Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) Lost Illusions CC; DVS: 11:00AM Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) IMAX 2D Experience (PG-13) 5:35-7:35-9:00-10:45 The Black Phone (R) 12:10- 5:30-8:10 AMC Courthouse Plaza 8 CC: 11:30-2:45-6:15-7:35-9:30- 1:10-7:00 Regal Fox & IMAX Sing 2 (PG) 11:00AM CC: (!) 1:05-4:05-7:05 CC: 12:00-6:00-9:00 Jurassic World Dominion 3:10-5:45-8:30 The Black Phone (R) 12:30- 2150 Clarendon Blvd. 10:45 Official Competition (R) CC; 22875 Brambleton Plaza Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) Thor: Love and Thunder Thor: Love and Thunder - An (PG-13) 12:10-3:35-6:00-7:00- Elvis (PG-13) 9:00 3:20-6:20-9:10 Jurassic World Dominion (PG- DVS: 9:40-12:05-7:10 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) 12:45-1:30-4:35-7:40-9:50 IMAX 3D Experience (PG-13) 9:25-10:25 Thor: Love and Thunder 3D Elvis (PG-13) 11:50-3:40-7:20 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) 13) CC: 11:25-2:50-6:25-9:50 Elvis (PG-13) CC; DVS: 9:55- 1:00-3:30-6:15-8:55 Jurassic World Dominion VIRGINIA(PG-13) CC: (!) 1:00-1:45-4:00-CC: 3:00 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG- (PG-13) 12:00 Thor: Love and Thunder 3D CC: 1:00-1:30-3:20-5:40-6:30- Thor: Love and Thunder (PG- 1:05-4:15-7:20 Sing 2 (PG) 10:30AM (PG-13) 11:10-2:30-6:05-9:30 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG- 13) 10:40-1:40-4:40-7:40-10:40 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) (PG-13) 11:45AM 8:00-8:50-10:20 13) CC: 12:10-3:10-6:10-9:10 Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) CC; Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) Space Jam: A New Legacy 4:45-7:00-7:45 13) CC: 12:30-2:00-5:00-6:30- Kaduva (Malayalam) 8:45 10:00 Minions: The Rise of Gru 3D Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) Lightyear (PG) CC: 11:05-1:45- DVS: 10:05-12:10-4:25 3:20-10:00 (PG) 11:00AM Elvis (PG-13) CC: (!) 1:00-4:30 8:00-9:30; 3:30 Lightyear (PG) 10:35-1:35- (PG) 11:30AM CC: 11:30-1:10-4:10-7:10-10:10 4:20-7:05-9:40 Jurassic World Dominion Thor: Love and Thunder (PG- Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) OC: AMC DINE-IN Rio Cinemas 18 4:40-7:25-10:10 Regal Cinemas Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Thor: Love and Thunder The Black Phone (R) CC: Cinemark Centreville 12 (PG-13) 12:00-6:25 13) 12:50-7:00-10:05 (!) 4:20 9811 Washingtonian Center The Black Phone (R) 9:45- Majestic Stadium 20 & IMAX 12:10-12:40-1:50-2:40-3:10- (PG-13) CC: 11:00-11:30-1:50- 11:10-1:55-4:45-7:30-10:25 6201 Multiplex Drive Space Jam: A New Legacy Lightyear (PG) 1:55-4:45- Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) 12:25-3:05-5:45-8:30 4:20-5:10-5:50-6:50-7:50- 2:20-3:40-4:40-5:10-7:30-8:00- Elvis (PG-13) CC: 11:15-2:55- (PG) 11:00AM 7:20-10:00 Regal Gallery Place CC: 11:00-11:15-11:45-12:15- Elvis (PG-13) 11:45-3:20-6:55- 900 Ellsworth Drive 8:40-9:25 9:20-10:20-11:10 6:40-10:20 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Thor: Love and Thunder The Black Phone (R) 11:40- 701 Seventh Street Northwest 1:15-1:45-2:15-2:45-3:45-4:15- 10:30 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Regal UA Snowden Square The Black Phone (R) CC: Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) CC: 9:50-10:55-11:45-12:35-1:20- (PG-13) 11:15-3:25-4:10-5:25- 2:25-5:05-7:45-10:25 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) 4:45-5:15-6:15-6:45-7:45- Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) 11:30-12:00-1:00-1:30-2:05- 9161 Commerce Center Drive 11:00-2:30-5:20-7:50-10:25 3:30 2:10-3:45-4:35-5:25-6:10-7:00- 6:30-8:30-9:35 Elvis (PG-13) 10:50-2:40- 11:00-11:30-12:10-1:30-2:00- 9:15-10:15 9:40-12:35 2:35-3:35-4:40-5:10-7:15-7:45- Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Elvis (PG-13) CC: 12:00-3:30- Everything Everywhere All At 8:35-9:25-10:55 Kaduva (Malayalam) 10:55- 6:10-9:40 2:30-3:50-4:30-5:00-6:20-6:50- Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) Thor: Love and Thunder 3D 9:50-10:00-10:30 11:20-12:10-1:40-2:50-3:10- 7:00-10:30 Once (R) CC: 6:40-10:00 Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) 7:45 Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) 10:20 7:20-9:20-10:00 CC: 1:35-3:45-4:45-7:00-8:00- (PG-13) XD: 1:15 Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) 4:10-5:50-6:50-8:20-9:20 Thor: Love and Thunder 3D Thor: Love and Thunder 3D 9:40-12:50-4:10-7:20-10:10- Elvis (PG-13) 11:20-3:10-6:40- Thor: Love and Thunder 3D Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) 10:15-11:00 Minions: The Rise of Gru 3D 12:10-3:30-6:50-10:10 Sing 2 (PG) 11:30AM (PG-13) CC: 12:50-6:30-10:50 (PG-13) CC: 1:00-4:00-7:00- 10:30 10:20 (PG-13) 3:55 11:50-3:10-6:40-10:20 Jurassic World Dominion (PG) 3:00 Jurassic World Dominion Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) Minions: The Rise of Gru 3D 10:10 Thor: Love and Thunder Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) Minions: The Rise of Gru Jurassic World Dominion (PG- (PG-13) CC: 11:15-2:40-6:00- Happy Birthday (Telugu) 3:40- (PG-13) 11:30-12:30-3:05- 12:30-4:00-7:20 (PG) CC: 10:55-4:00 Minions: The Rise of Gru 3D (PG-13) 10:45-1:45-4:45-7:25- 11:30AM (PG) 11:30-12:00-12:35- 13) 11:10-3:00-6:20-9:40 7:15-9:45-10:45 7:05-10:20 4:05-6:40-7:40-10:15 Jurassic World Dominion (PG) CC: 3:00-10:15 7:45-10:45 Thor: Love and Thunder 3D 2:05-2:35-3:10-4:10-4:40- Lightyear (PG) 1:10-7:10-9:50 Doctor Strange in the Mul- I Love You (Bahebek) 4:55- Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) 11:40-3:40-7:10 AMC Hoffman Center 22 Thor: Love and Thunder - The Lightyear (PG) 10:10-1:40 (PG-13) 12:50-3:55-7:00- 5:10-5:45-6:45-7:15-7:50- The Black Phone (R) 11:40- tiverse of Madness (PG-13) 7:45-10:35 (PG-13) 11:00-11:30-12:00- Space Jam: A New Legacy 206 Swamp Fox Rd. IMAX 2D Experience (PG-13) The Black Phone (R) 11:20- 10:05 8:20-9:20 2:40-5:15-7:50-10:40 CC: 11:00 Thor: Love and Thunder 12:15-1:00-1:30-2:00-2:30- (PG) 11:30AM CC: 11:00-2:00-8:00-11:00 2:00-4:50-7:30-11:00 Thor: Love and Thunder - The Thor: Love and Thunder Elvis (PG-13) 12:50-4:40-8:20 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) 10:30-10:50-11:10- 3:00-3:20-4:00-4:30-5:00-5:30- Thor: Love and Thunder (PG- Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Thor: Love and Thunder - An Elvis (PG-13) 10:40-2:25- IMAX 2D Experience (PG-13) (PG-13) 10:45-11:50-1:50- Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) 8:50 (PG-13) CC: 12:00-1:30-2:30- 11:50-12:15-12:30-12:50-1:30- 6:00-6:25-7:00-7:30-8:00-8:30- 13) 12:50-3:50-7:00-10:00 CC: 11:00-11:45-12:00-1:30- IMAX 3D Experience (PG-13) 6:00-9:35 11:50-6:00-9:05 2:20-4:55-5:25-6:00-8:00- Thor: Love and Thunder 3D 3:00-3:30-4:30-5:30-6:00-6:30- 1:50-2:10-2:50-3:15-3:30- 9:00-9:30-10:00-10:30 Lightyear (PG) 12:20-3:30- 2:15-2:30-4:00-4:45-5:00-6:30- CC: 5:00 Thor: Love and Thunder 3D Thor: Love and Thunder - An 8:30-9:05 (PG-13) 1:00-4:00-7:00-10:10 7:30-8:30-9:00-9:30-10:30 3:50-4:30-4:50-5:10-5:50- Lightyear (PG) 11:20-2:10- 6:20-9:10 7:15-9:00-9:45 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) (PG-13) 11:30-2:30-5:30-8:30 IMAX 3D Experience (PG-13) Thor: Love and Thunder 3D Thor: Love and Thunder (PG- London Nahi Jaunga 11:30- 6:15-6:30-6:50-7:30-7:50-8:10; 4:45-7:20-9:55 The Black Phone (R) 2:10- Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) OC: 6:50 Minions: The Rise of Gru 3D 2:55 (PG-13) 2:55 13) 10:50-11:30-12:00-1:20- 3:00-6:30-10:00 8:50-9:15-9:30-9:50-10:30- The Black Phone (R) 11:40- 4:50-7:40 CC: 10:00-12:00-1:00-3:15- Thor: Love and Thunder (PG) 3:00-7:50 Happy Birthday (Telugu) 1:50-2:50-3:30-4:20-4:50-6:00- Lightyear (PG) CC: 12:45-3:30- 10:50 2:20-5:05-7:40-10:15 Elvis (PG-13) 11:00-2:40-6:40 4:15-6:30-7:30-9:45-10:30 (PG-13) CC: 11:35-1:25-2:35- Jurassic World Dominion (PG- 10:50-2:15-5:45-9:20 Smithsonian - 6:30-7:30-8:00-9:10-9:40-10:30 6:25-9:00 The Black Phone (R) 11:05- Elvis (PG-13) 11:05-2:50-6:25- Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) 12:00 Jurassic World Dominion 3:45-4:25-5:35-6:45-7:25-8:35- 13) 10:15-1:05-4:30-8:00-10:15 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Airbus IMAX Theater Thor: Love and Thunder 3D The Black Phone (R) CC: 1:45-4:35-7:20-10:00 10:00 Thor: Love and Thunder 3D (PG-13) CC: 11:15-1:45-2:45- 9:45-10:30; 12:30 Thor: Love and Thunder 11:10-12:30-2:00-3:00-4:30- 14390 Air and Space Museum Parkway (PG-13) 2:20 12:00-2:45-5:30-8:15-10:50 Thor: Love and Thunder 3D Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) 12:15- (PG-13) 11:50-9:00 6:15-8:50-9:45 AMC Worldgate 9 (PG-13) 9:30-10:00-12:15- 5:30-7:15-8:10-9:45-10:30 Journey to Space (2015) (NR) Thor: Love and Thunder (PG- Elvis (PG-13) CC: 11:15-3:00- (PG-13) 11:25-2:25-5:25-8:25 3:20-6:20-9:20 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG- Doctor Strange in the Multi- 13025 Worldgate Drive 1:00-3:15-4:00-4:25-6:15-7:00- Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) 10:20-3:10-4:20 13) 5:30-8:30 6:45-10:30 Thor: Love and Thunder Everything Everywhere All At 13) 11:10-1:50-2:20-3:00-3:20- verse of Madness (PG-13) CC: Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) 9:15-10:00 11:40-6:50 To Fly! (1976) (NR) 10:50- Lightyear (PG) OC: 4:10 Jug Jugg Jeeyo 12:00-3:30 (PG-13) XD: 11:00-2:00- Once (R) 7:00 4:20-5:00-5:15-5:30-6:00-6:30- 10:00-4:30 CC: 11:00-12:00-2:15-3:00- Jurassic World Dominion 3:45-4:55 Everything Everywhere All At 5:00-8:00-11:00; 10:40- Thor: Love and Thunder 3D 7:30-8:00-8:15-8:30-9:30 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG- 4:30-5:00-6:00-7:15-9:00 Cinemark (PG-13) 2:50-10:15 Top Gun: Maverick - The MARYLANDAFI Silver Theatre Once (R) CC: 7:00-10:15 1:40-4:40-7:40-10:40; (PG-13) 1:45-4:45-7:45 Regal Waugh Chapel & IMAX 13) CC: 11:45-2:45-5:45-8:45 Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) Fairfax Corner and XD Thor: Love and Thunder IMAX 2D Experience (PG-13) Cultural Center Thor: Love and Thunder 3D 11:00-2:00-5:00-8:00-11:00; Thor: Love and Thunder - The 1419 South Main Chapel Way Lightyear (PG) CC: 10:00- CC: 10:45-2:00-6:00-9:15 (PG-13) 10:45-1:20-1:50-2:05- 12:30 8633 Colesville Road (PG-13) CC: 11:00-2:00-5:00- 10:15-4:15-7:15-10:15 IMAX 2D Experience (PG-13) Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) 12:40-3:20-6:00-8:40 Jurassic World Dominion (PG- 11900 Palace Way 2:35-4:25-4:55-5:10-5:40-7:30- Blue Planet (Il pianeta azzur- The Tale of The Princess 8:00-11:00 Cinépolis Gaithersburg 12:30-6:30-9:30 11:50AM The Black Phone (R) CC: 13) CC: 11:15-2:45-6:45-10:00 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) 8:00-8:15-8:45-10:35 ro) (NR) 11:25AM Kaguya (Kaguyahime no Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) CC: Thor: Love and Thunder - An Sing 2 (PG) 10:00AM 10:15-1:00-3:40-6:20-7:25- Thor: Love and Thunder (PG- 11:55-12:50-2:25-3:15-4:50- Thor: Love and Thunder 3D University Mall Theatre monogatari) (PG) 4:30 11:30AM 629 Center Point Way IMAX 3D Experience (PG-13) Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) 9:00-10:10 13) CC: 11:30-1:30-2:30-4:30- 5:40-7:15-8:05-9:40-10:30 (PG-13) 2:20 Lost Illusions 2:45-8:45 Minions: The Rise of Gru 3D Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) 3:30 12:40-3:40-6:40-9:50 The Forgiven (R) CC: 10:15- 5:30-7:30-8:30-9:30-10:30 Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) Regal Kingstowne & RPX 10659 Braddock Road Official Competition (R) (PG) CC: 8:40 3:15-6:20 Fourth of July 7:00 Jurassic World Dominion (PG- 1:10-4:10-7:10-10:10 Lightyear (PG) CC: 11:45AM 12:55-4:05-7:15-9:30-10:25 5910 Kingstowne Towne Center Minions: The Rise of Gru 12:15-9:00 Thor: Love and Thunder - The Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) Happy Birthday (Telugu) Elvis (PG-13) CC: 10:00-11:00- The Black Phone (R) CC: Jurassic World Dominion Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) (PG) CC; DVS: 12:30-2:30- Elvis (PG-13) 5:40 IMAX 2D Experience (PG-13) 3:45-7:20 11:45-3:15-6:50-10:10 (PG-13) 1:30-4:55-8:20 11:30-12:05-1:05-1:35-2:35- 4:40-7:00-9:00 The Music Room (Jalsaghar) CC: 1:00-7:00-10:00 Jurassic World Dominion Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Kaduva (Malayalam) 2:30-6:00 3:10-3:40-4:10-4:40-5:40- Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) (1958) (NR) 7:15 (PG-13) 4:00-5:40 OC: 4:05 Lightyear (PG) 10:45AM 6:15-6:45-7:15-7:50-8:45-9:15- CC; DVS: 1:00-4:00-7:15-9:55 The Black Phone (R) 10:55- 9:50-10:20 Regal Germantown 4:20-7:05-9:45 Ishtar (PG-13) 6:45 Thor: Love and Thunder - An Thor: Love and Thunder 20000 Century Boulevard 13) 11:40-2:50-6:50-10:10 2:45-5:15-6:30-10:15 12:00-2:45-5:15-8:00-10:45 Elvis (PG-13) 11:35-3:10-6:45- Sing 2 (PG) 10:45AM Thor: Love and Thunder (PG- Divorce Italian Style (Divorzio IMAX 3D Experience (PG-13) (PG-13) 2:30-3:30-5:00-6:00- Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Space Jam: A New Legacy Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) CC: Elvis (PG-13) CC: 10:30-2:15- 10:20 Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) 13) CC; DVS: 12:10-2:35-5:00- all'italiana) (NR) 2:20-9:15 CC: 4:00 7:00-7:40 10:20-1:10-3:40-6:10-8:40 (PG) 10:00AM 10:15-1:10-4:05-7:00-10:00 6:15-9:45 Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) 12:10 1:10-4:15-7:20-10:30 7:30-10:00

C6 EZ RE THE WASHINGTON POST . TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 CLASSIC DOONESBURY GARRY TRUDEAU PICKLES BRIAN CRANE BRIDGE RED AND ROVER BRIAN BASSET AGNES TONY COCHRAN TOM THAVES WUMO MIKAEL WULFF & ANDERS MORGENTHALER N-S VULNERABLE NORTH ♠ AK2 ♥ J 10 3 ♦ AKQ2 ♣ 763 WEST (D) EAST FRANK AND ERNEST ♠ Q J 10 7 ♠ 864 ♥ A4 ♥ 762 ♦ 10 8 5 ♦ J9763 ♣ AQJ4 ♣ 10 9 SOUTH ♠ 953 ♥ KQ985 ♦4 ♣ K852 The bidding: WEST NORTH EAST SOUTH 1 ♣ Dbl Pass 2♥ Pass 4 ♥ All Pass Opening lead — ♠ Q Ioften hear ill-considered CLASSIC PEANUTS CHARLES SCHULZ MIKE DU JOUR MIKE LESTER remarks at the table. For RHYMES WITH ORANGE instance, a player might LIO HILARY PRICE MARK TRAIL JULES RIVERA say, “We should have been HAGAR THE HORRIBLE at game” after his partner BLONDIE MARK TATULLI MOTHER GOOSE & GRIMM MIKE PETERS played at two spades, mak- ing four when two finesses CHRIS BROWNE BALDO HECTOR CANTU & CARLOS CASTELLANOS worked. DEAN YOUNG & JOHN MARSHALL SALLY FORTH FRANCESCO MARCIULIANO & JIM KEEFE A common misstatement I hear is, “There was no way to make it” after a contract fails. At today’s four hearts, South won the first spade with the ace, led the jack of trumps to West’s ace, won the next spade and drew trumps. He took dummy’s high diamonds to pitch his spade loser and a club, ruffed dummy’s last spade and led a low club. East won and led another club, and West took the jack and ace. Down one. “No way to make that one,” South shrugged. “I had nine winners and no more.” South must draw only two rounds of trumps, then take dummy’s high diamonds, pitching two clubs. He ruffs dummy’s last diamond and exits with a spade, and West is end-played: If he leads a club, South’s king scores; if West leads the 13th spade, South gets his 10th trick with a ruff-sluff. DAILY QUESTION You hold: ♠ Q J 10 7 ♥ A 4 ♦ 10 8 5 ♣ A Q J 4 Your partner opens one heart, you bid one spade and he rebids two hearts. What do you say? ANSWER: Since partner promises six or more hearts in this auction, you could raise to four hearts. An option is to force with a bid of three clubs, intending to pass if partner next bids 3NT. Incidentally, it would have been fine to respond two clubs; then you could have bid an economical two spades over two hearts by partner. — Frank Stewart ©2022, TRIBUNE CONTENT AGENCY, LLC. SUDOKU SHERMAN’S LAGOON JIM TOOMEY CURTIS RAY BILLINGSLEY BREWSTER ROCKIT: SPACE GUY! TIM RICKARD

TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 . THE WASHINGTON POST EZ RE C7 MUTTS PATRICK McDONNELL ZITS JERRY SCOTT & JIM BORGMAN HOROSCOPE DILBERT SCOTT ADAMS JUDGE PARKER FRANCESCO MARCIULIANO & MIKE MANLEY BIRTHDAY | JULY 12 You like life to be calm and orderly with everything in its place, and you work hard to achieve this. You are confident, organized and hardworking. You are a natural leader. This is a year of learning and teaching for you, which will require more solitude to focus on what is necessary. Moon Alert: After 5 a.m. today, there are no restrictions to shopping or making important decisions. The Moon is in Capricorn. ARIES (MARCH 21-APRIL 19). This is an excellent day to talk to bosses and people in power, because they will listen to you. Your requests are reasonable; furthermore, they are practical and doable. Ask for what you want. FRAZZ JEF MALLETT CANDORVILLE DARRIN BELL TAURUS GARFIELD JIM DAVIS BARNEY AND CLYDE (APRIL 20-MAY 20). DUSTIN Today you are confident STEVE KELLEY & JEFF PARKER THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN making plans or discussing foreign interests or matters connected with publishing and the media. In fact, you can teach others or persuade them to agree with your point of view. WEINGARTENS & CLARK GEMINI (MAY 21-JUNE 20). Today Venus is in your sign dancing nicely with Saturn, which makes this an excellent day to discuss any problems you might have with relationships. When it comes to financial issues, you’ll be conservative. CANCER (JUNE 21-JULY 22). Interactions with others, friends and groups will be lively today. It will likely be in your best interests to accommodate someone else. Perhaps you will have to go more than halfway to make things work out smoothly. STAN LEE & ALEX SAVIUK LEO (JULY 23-AUG. 22). You’ll be effective when dealing with others today, whether on an individual basis or with a group. You will naturally take on a leadership role, especially at work. You see what needs to be done, and you will take practical steps in order to achieve your goals. PRICKLY CITY SCOTT STANTIS LOOSE PARTS DAVE BLAZEK VIRGO (AUG. 23-SEPT. 22). It’s easy for you to impress others today because they see you as competent, conscientious and reliable. In fact, you make such a favorable impression on others that a romance or flirtation might begin. LIBRA (SEPT. 23-OCT. 22). You might take the initiative talking to a family member today, because you understand what is needed. This is a good day to start projects, perhaps at home, because your energy level is high. NON SEQUITUR WILEY BABY BLUES RICK KIRKMAN & JERRY SCOTT SCORPIO (OCT. 23-NOV. 21). You’re eager to talk to others today, and they will want to talk to you because you’re full of positive energy. Discussions about shared property, insurance matters and inheritances will be practical. BIG NATE LINCOLN PEIRCE ON THE FASTRACK BILL HOLBROOK SAGITTARIUS (NOV. 22-DEC. 21). You might be keen to shop for something today because you have strong ideas about how you want to handle your cash flow and deal with your belongings. In business dealings, you will be confident and ready to initiate. CAPRICORN (DEC. 22-JAN. 19). Today the Moon is in your sign being energized by fiery Mars, which makes you feel courageous and confident! This is why you will take the initiative, especially when making emotional contact with others. BEETLE BAILEY MORT, BRIAN & GREG WALKER PEARLS BEFORE SWINE STEPHAN PASTIS AQUARIUS (JAN. 20-FEB. 18). Sensible discussions with your kids will go well today. Likewise, romantic partners might have practical discussions about the division of labor or how to divide and share expenses. PISCES (FEB. 19-MARCH 20). This is a great day to schmooze with friends because you are emotionally confident. Some of you will take the lead and initiate a redecorating project in which others pitch in to help. — Georgia Nicols © 2022, KING FEATURES SYNDICATE, INC. PREVIOUS SUDOKU SOLUTION SPEED BUMP DAVE COVERLY DENNIS THE MENACE H. KETCHAM FAMILY CIRCUS BIL KEANE REPLY ALL LITE DONNA A. LEWIS PREVIOUS SCRABBLEGRAMS SOLUTION More online: Feedback: 1301 K St. NW, Washington, D.C., 20071; [email protected]; 202-334-4775.

C8 EZ RE THE WASHINGTON POST . TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 CHIP SAYS kidspost KIDSPOST.COM The original charter of the Central Intelligence Agency TODAY Find more fun things to (CIA) prohibits it from spying on American citizens. The do in the Washington organization has disobeyed that prohibition many times Skies are partly sunny, highs reach area in our Events & since its beginning in 1947. the low 90s, and there may be Activities section. storms later in the day. ILLUSTRATION BY MASSEY DOUCET, 10, FALLS CHURCH From fake poop to cool gadgets, Spy Museum reveals fascinating trade secrets IBY MARYLOU TOUSIGNANT some students visiting the Ameri- into the background, and a mi- PHOTOS BY BILL O’LEARY/THE WASHINGTON POST The International Spy Museum in D.C. is celebrating its 20th t’s no secret: Lucy Stirn can ambassador in Moscow gave crodot camera that can reduce birthday with a party on July 19. TOP: The museum displays a loves working at the Inter- him a hand-carved Great Seal of film images to the size of the plays that go to “the dark side” of World War II-era camera designed to be strapped to a pigeon. national Spy Museum in the United States. The attractive period at the end of this sentence. espionage, one museum official BELOW: Also on display are walnuts that were used to conceal Washington. And not just gift stayed in his office for seven A special historical artifact is a said. Controversial topics such as information, and a flying spy camera built to resemble a dragonfly. because she gets to tell kids years, until technicians discov- 1777 letter in which George Wash- interrogation techniques, leaks of about spies hiding things in fake ered a bug hidden inside. It took ington seeks to start a spy net- classified information and intelli- If you go tiger poop — a highlight of any them two months to figure out work during the American Revo- gence failures are now included. museum tour. how it worked. lution. Workshops with older students What: The International Spy may feature discussions of ethical Museum is holding a free outdoor “You’re never going to have a Many museum exhibits have There are stories and items (right versus wrong) issues and birthday party from 10 a.m. until kid come in and say ‘Oh, that’s clever origins. Hammond likes from many countries and several current news events. 4 p.m. on July 19. There will be boring,’ ” said Stirn, director of the “amazing” story of pigeons “try it” challenges such as defus- music, glitter tattoos, decoding and youth education at the museum, fitted with tiny cameras and re- ing a bomb (not a real one, of The museum also offers special other activities, and free ice cream which celebrates its 20th birth- leased over World War I battle- course) and walking like a ninja. programs for people with autism (while supplies last). day this month. fields to photograph enemy posi- Visitors are given agent names or memory loss. And last year it Where: 700 L’Enfant Plaza in tions. and assignments. added a robot, so hospitalized Southwest Washington. There’s something for every- kids can tour the building re- When: Open Monday-Thursday and one among the museum’s 10,000 Other artifacts popular with The spy museum moved to its motely by controlling where the Saturday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Friday artifacts. Part of the appeal for kids include a dragonfly drone, a current, larger facility in South- robot goes and what its camera and Sunday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. kids is “it’s a little naughty and a camouflage suit that makes an west Washington in 2019. The sees. It’s just one more supercool During the busy summer months, little sneaky,” said Stirn, a former agent seem invisible by blending added space allowed for new dis- thing at the International Spy it’s best to purchase timed-entry teacher who has worked at the Museum. tickets online. museum for 10 years. “They come How much: ages 7 to 12, $16.95; in looking for the cool gadgets,” ages 13 and older, $23.95-$26.95; she said. “They don’t know about ages 6 and younger, free (ticket the historical aspects, so we [re- required). veal] that, too.” For more information: Call 202- 393-7798 or visit Visitors are surprised when an object that appears to be one thing turns out to be something very different, said Andrew Ham- mond, the museum’s artifacts cu- rator and historian. What looked like tiger poop was actually a device used to detect enemy troop movements in jungles during the Vietnam War (1955-1975). Enemy soldiers didn’t think to pick it up and examine it. “All is not what it seems,” Stirn reminds young visitors. Another example: An ordinary-looking dead rat in an alley might have been gutted to hide money or messages in it. Spies used these rats during the Cold War with the Soviet Union (1945 to 1991). When stray cats began picking up the rats, agents sprinkled them with hot sauce. Problem solved. The Soviets turned the tables on U.S. intelligence in 1945 when LA TIMES CROSSWORD By Catherine Cetta ACROSS NICK GALIFIANAKIS FOR THE WASHINGTON POST 1 California wine Various ways to give yourself a little region near peace of mind during a stressful move Sonoma 5 Not quite Adapted from an l Take breaks. Unless the van is can’t. It takes practice, patience 11 Zamboni online discussion. pulling in the driveway right now, and tolerance for imperfection. surface you have five minutes. 14 Nowhere to be Dear Carolyn: — Anonymous seen, for short You once l Make lists. Breaking tasks Anonymous: This reminds me of 15 Simple shelter © 2022 Tribune Content Agency, LLC. 7/12/22 mentioned a into pieces and offloading them something I do: When I’m upset, I 16 Prom rental friend of yours from your mind can help tame remind myself of a similar 17 *Performer 64 Tinkers (with) 26 Disneyland hat 39 Swanky 48 Cook in some Carolyn who, despite going anxiety. situation I’ve been in before, then who may wear 65 Avant-garde pair 40 Like olive oil, say Hax through some recall how long it took me to feel harem pants l Cross all nonessentials off the better. So I’ll think of this bad 19 Lob’s path DOWN 28 Sore disappointing 49 Tugs at a really difficult list. It’s fine to start out being moment I’m in now as being 20 “Star Wars” 1 Capture 32 Genetic coffee fishing line things, managed to keep a calm ambitious, but if an ambitious to- about the same size/scale/pain heroine 2 Knock the 41 McMuffin outlook. You’ve noted that’s an do list has you spinning, get level as X, then I’ll recall I felt 21 Taylor Swift’s material meat option 50 Choir section attitude one can cultivate. realistic. better with X after about three “__ Song” socks off 33 Construct 42 Think too 54 November Couldn’t agree with you more, but days, or a month, or whatever. 22 If not 3 Tadpole 34 Bun, e.g. much (about) how? I’m annoyed with myself l Find a reliable source of Then I think, “Yeah, I can do three 23 Tree frog sound 4 Hay fever, e.g. 36 Wine barrel 43 Old-__ honorees about how stressed I’ve been perspective. It’s hard to stay days/a month/a whatever,” 25 *People in 5 “Marriage 37 Giggled forest 56 Pic taker moving homes. Do you have any overwhelmed, I think, about the because I’ve done it before. a love-hate 44 Ebb 57 Shade on a wisdom to share on what has mundane when you have an There’s something incredibly relationship Story” self-consciously 46 Rather smart helped you? I’m aware of my eyeful of sunset or starry sky or reassuring about that. 27 Transmission actor Alan 38 Smart __: color wheel issues and I’m getting help, but ocean or mountain vista. We are choice for 6 Actress 58 Plead blips, all of us. That can be Other readers’ thoughts: driving uphill Thompson know-it-all 59 Big __ Country depressing or comforting, l I find it helpful to seek out 29 Stockpile 7 Regal home depending on your mood, but ways to do the opposite of 30 Chips __!: 8 Promptly are there steps I can take to be a when you’re in need of reminders whatever is stressing me out. If I cookie brand 9 Rudder’s chiller me? that It Just Doesn’t Matter, feel stuck, I look for ways to move; 31 Creme Egg locale MONDAY’S LA TIMES SOLUTION — Stressed whatever It is, nature has your if I am being run ragged, I try to candymaker 10 Only Canadian back. find a minute to sit in one place. 35 Hearty MLB city Stressed: If calm isn’t where you l What helps me is asking the holiday drink 11 Firenze locale are, then look at it as the place These are all specific, but if you question, “Now what?” As in: “I 36 *Body-lifting 12 Swear words you want to be, a destination you squint, as a group, they are a wish I were calmer about this exercises 13 More than can make plans to reach and hold blueprint for remaining calm. move, but I’m not, so now what?” 37 Spigot necessary in your mind. Recognize your bad time as just a That kicks my brain into gear to 40 Ambushed 18 Cry of pain bad moment, and know that it do something to alleviate my 41 Corn Belt tower 22 Television So, you’re not calm about the will pass. Look forward instead of stress, rather than allowing it to 42 Storybook award move. (Don’t beat yourself up. back, breathe, break scary things beat me up for not being calmer. brutes 23 Tartan-sharing Moving is awful.) All you can do down to size and hand over Write to Carolyn Hax at 45 Tracks down kin now is take steps to get yourself whatever you can to the sky. [email protected] Get her 47 *Veers from the 24 Santa’s jolly there somehow; you can’t change Re: Stress: I’ve developed the column delivered to your inbox each straight and syllables the past. habit of asking myself whether morning at narrow 25 Physically freaking out over THIS THING  Join the discussion live at noon 51 Pet rabbit’s delicate What steps? As always, when RIGHT NOW is worth it. In the Fridays at home you’re trying to move yourself end, there just aren’t that many chats. 52 Wallop somewhere emotionally, go for things worth freaking out about. 53 Feel crummy the low-hanging fruit. Forgive But I also don’t punish myself for 54 Carpenter’s yourself for losing your cool. “I’m the anxiety; sometimes I can talk clamp human, and this is hard, and it myself out of it, and sometimes I 55 Source of milk got the best of me. I’m still okay.” for pecorino cheese Then, take progressively bigger 56 Dieting advice, steps: and what the answers to the starred clues literally do 60 Time zone word: Abbr. 61 Dined at a bistro, say 62 Nerd 63 That lady

SPORTSKLMNO DM2 TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 . WASHINGTONPOST.COM/SPORTS Even as coach, Rooney makes D.C. worth watching Pick a positive Crew at D.C. United mind? talent — what United needs and moment from Tomorrow, 8 p.m., NBCSW United is banking (see the whether Rooney can help bring D.C. United’s past it out. That will be addressed at five seasons, and More than any figure in, say, clever verb choice?) that the Tuesday’s reintroduction, and it there’s a better the past decade, Rooney — the answer is “Yes.” According to my will be shown in United’s than fair chance Manchester United legend, the peerless colleague Steven Goff, remaining 17 regular season Barry it involves Wayne English scoring icon — made United will introduce Rooney as games. The most recent of Svrluga Rooney’s legs, D.C. United appointment the ninth full-time coach in those: a 7-0 lambasting at the Wayne Rooney’s television for the casual fan. franchise history at a Tuesday hands of Philadelphia on Friday feet, Wayne Rooney’s work Audi Field can’t be filled solely afternoon news conference at under interim coach Chad ethic, Wayne Rooney’s flair — or with soccer — eh, futbol — Audi Field. A measure of this Ashton, the longtime assistant some combination of them all. A cognoscenti, right, Barra Brava? move’s import: Goff staked out under whom the club had won confession: There is one United There has to be a draw, and Rooney as he arrived at Dulles just one of its past eight YouTube highlight and only one Rooney the player was nothing International Airport on Sunday matches. United YouTube highlight I have but. night. That’s a beat writer’s sought out repeatedly — ever. It dedication, for sure. But it’s a Clearly, United needs a jolt. It JOHN MCDONNELL/THE WASHINGTON POST is from August 2018. It is But as a . . . coach? There was star’s pull, too. sits 13th in the 14-team Eastern mesmerizing. We’ll get to it. magic in his football feet. Is Conference with the second- Wayne Rooney will be introduced as D.C. United’s ninth full-time there magic in his football I’m not going to pretend to coach Tuesday after playing for the MLS club from 2018 to 2019. know — be it in tactics or in SEE SVRLUGA ON D2 Djokovic There is power and peril to being an NFL authority. Just ask ESPN’s Capitals let expects Adam Schefter, whose star has risen despite several pitfalls. Samsonov to sit out walk, have U.S. Open JOE CARROTTA FOR THE WASHINGTON POST zero goalies Unvaccinated star knows The insider scoop BY SAMANTHA PELL policy is likely to pause his pursuit of history A BY BEN STRAUSS season, all year. The Washington Capitals on dam Schefter did not want to be photo- He is the biggest reporter covering America’s Monday did not extend a qualify- BY CHUCK CULPEPPER graphed. He was in the parking lot of an ing offer to restricted free agent upscale steakhouse, in a leafy Long Island biggest sport on America’s biggest sports network. Ilya Samsonov. That means the wimbledon, england — After suburb near where he lives, to talk to a Earlier this year, he signed a new contract worth goalie will be an unrestricted free reporter about his job as ESPN’s preemi- around $9 million per year, according to one report, agent at noon Wednesday, when one golden Sunday at Wimble- nent NFL “insider.” A photographer had tagged cementing his status in the NFL ecosystem and at NHL free agency opens. don came one quirky Monday in along, but Schefter was skeptical. ESPN. His Twitter feed has nearly 10 million follow- tennis, with the forecast calling “I was at a charity event, and they took my picture,” ers and is a clearinghouse for NFL news big and Samsonov seemed to be in line for one weird balance of the he said. “It’s like I was trying to do a good thing. Now small. Tom Brady’s short-lived retirement, Russell to be the Capitals’ backup after summer. the picture shows up everywhere when I screw up.” Wilson getting traded to Denver, Tyreek Hill sent to Vitek Vanecek was traded to New Schefter is shorter than he appears on TV, but his Miami, Andrew Luck’s shocking exit — you heard it Jersey at the draft last week. Now Novak Djokovic became that brawny frame filled out his tailored blue suit. He all first from Schefter. the Capitals have no goaltenders unprecedented player to win works out daily, he says, a Peloton-and-push-up Those sorts of scoops have made Schefter, 55, an on their NHL roster and will need Wimbledon and then fall four regimen that helps give him the stamina to be up invaluable resource not just for fantasy football to find two before next season slots in the rankings — from No. 3 before dawn and to stay on top of the news all day, all starts. to No. 7 in his case — because the SEE SCHEFTER ON D4 ATP Tour did not award rankings Samsonov could still re-sign points for this Wimbledon be- ESPN’s Adam Schefter, shown at a Long Island restaurant, stands still long enough to have his photo with the Capitals, but the team cause of Wimbledon’s ban on taken despite his misgivings. He hardly rests while on his longtime beat, reporting on the NFL. would push for him to do so at a Russian and Belarusian players, lower salary. He made $2 million which Wimbledon enacted be- this past season. As a restricted cause of Russia’s invasion of free agent with arbitration rights, Ukraine. Samsonov may have seen his 2022-23 salary jump into the Then Djokovic looked ahead to range of $3 million to $3.5 million August and the U.S. Open and had the Capitals tendered a quali- reckoned he probably won’t get fying offer. That was more than to play even though he isn’t Washington wanted to spend on injured. Samsonov to be the backup. “Yeah, I mean, I’m not vacci- The 25-year-old Russian, a nated, and I’m not planning to first-round pick in 2015, posted a get vaccinated, so the only good subpar 3.02 goals against average news I can have is them removing and .896 save percentage last the mandated green vaccine card season. His numbers improved — or whatever you call it — to slightly in the postseason, but the enter United States, or exemp- tion,” he said Sunday. “I don’t SEE CAPITALS ON D4 know. I don’t think exemption is realistically possible. If that is No all-star possibility, I don’t know what spot, but exemption would be about. I Bell’s work don’t know. I don’t have much has paid o≠ answer there. I think it’s just whether or not they remove this Despite the snub, in time for me to get to U.S.A.” first baseman has been Nationals’ best hitter How irregular, all of it. As of a proclamation from BY ANDREW GOLDEN President Biden and the Centers for Disease Control and Preven- Every summer, the announce- tion on Oct. 25 — some six weeks ment of MLB’s All-Star Game ros- after Djokovic finished second at ters brings a flood of chatter the 2021 U.S. Open — the United about who didn’t make the cut. States requires proof of vaccina- This season, you could make a tion against the coronavirus for strong case for the Washington nonimmigrant noncitizens to en- Nationals’ Josh Bell, who stood ter the country. Djokovic restated out in a crowded field at first base just before Wimbledon his deci- in the National League. sion to remain unvaccinated, even while he has not extended “I think I need about 15 homers that decision into any crusade before the break to catch up with about other people. The U.S. those guys,” Bell said. “It’s defi- Open, which celebrated Djok- nitely a tough position, especially ovic’s feat Sunday in a series of with [the St. Louis Cardinals’ tweets, will strive to avoid the Paul] Goldschmidt breaking rec- confusion of the Australian Open ords; [the New York Mets’ Pete] of January, when Djokovic en- Alonso has double the RBI as me. tered that country thinking he . . . It’s definitely fun being in the could play, remained in quaran- conversation.” tine and in court hearings for 11 days, then departed as deport- When the rosters were un- ed. veiled Sunday, Goldschmidt and He spent various moments at Alonso were joined on the NL Wimbledon, including Sunday, roster by C.J. Cron of the Colorado describing how that kerfuffle ad- Rockies, his team’s lone selection. dled him through ensuing Star outfielder Juan Soto was the months, derailing temporarily Nationals’ only representative. Does he think Bell should be join- SEE DJOKOVIC ON D2 ing him July 19 at Dodger Sta- dium? SOCCER “Yeah, definitely,” Soto said. The U.S. women defeat “He’s putting up the numbers. He rival Mexico on a late goal has everything to be an all-star. from Kristie Mewis. D2 Why not?” TRACK AND FIELD How about hitting coach Dar- nell Coles? Mo Farah reveals that he was trafficked to the U.K. SEE NATIONALS ON D3 and given a false name. D2 Mariners at Nationals ON THE NBA Today, 7:05 p.m., MASN2 Inside: Juan Soto will sock dingers Top picks Paolo Banchero in the Home Run Derby again. D3 and Chet Holmgren have looked the part so far. D8

D2 EZ M2 THE WASHINGTON POST . TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 CONCACAF W CHAMPIONSHIP Mewis’s late tally lifts United States to a close win as group play concludes UNITED STATES 1, The Americans, though, strug- will be decided next year in a two- ineffective on set pieces. vantage in the 73rd minute when treatment. Portland Thorns mid- MEXICO 0 gled all night, even after Mexico leg playoff between the second- In the first half, Margaret Purce Lizbeth Ovalle was red-carded for a fielder Sam Coffey, who trained received a red card in the second and third-place finishers in the W dangerous tackle on Lavelle. with the U.S. team before the tour- BY STEVEN GOFF half. Finally, in the 89th minute, Championship. (Silver Spring) hit the post with an nament, was recalled. Teams are The World Cup berth was se- substitute Kristie Mewis scored angled five-yard attempt, and late On her last activity before being allowed to make roster changes cure, a semifinal slot sealed and from close range for a 1-0 victory at The Americans posted their in the half, she made a 60-yard run replaced, Alex Morgan almost because of injury after the group first place in the group all but Estadio Universitario in Monter- third consecutive shutout, and to set up Lindsey Horan for a weak broke the deadlock by flicking Rap- stage. . . . clinched, but for the U.S. women’s rey. Mexico (0-3-0) finished a disap- bid from 12 yards. inoe’s corner kick narrowly wide of national soccer team Monday, pointing tournament without a the far post. Left back Emily Fox (coronavi- there was still the matter of facing Mewis knocked in the ball after goal. Despite few forays into the U.S. rus protocols) wasn’t available. The the host team, Mexico, in the Con- Itzel González made a spectacular end, Mexico played hard and de- Then came the breakthrough. Ashburn native started the first cacaf W Championship. reflex save on Emily Sonnett’s The all-time series remains ter- fended well, gaining belief as the Ashley Sanchez slipped the ball two matches. . . . Billed before the tournament as header. ribly lopsided (40-1-1), and since match transpired. back to Morgan’s replacement, Tay- a showdown between the two-time losing to host Mexico at the 2011 lor Kornieck, who lifted the ball to Panama (1-2-0) and Haiti (1-2-0) defending world champions and a The Americans (3-0-0) will face World Cup qualifying tournament, With no breakthroughs after in- Sonnett for the header. González finished third in their groups and regional upstart, the match lost its Costa Rica (2-1-0) in the first semifi- the Americans have won 16 in a row termission, U.S. Coach Vlatko An- made the stop, but Mewis cleaned qualified for a World Cup playoff bite after Mexico dropped its first nal Thursday, followed by Canada by a 65-4 margin. This one, though, donovski turned to four subs in the up the rebound for her seventh tournament in New Zealand early two games last week. (3-0-0) vs. Jamaica (2-1-0). All four was arduous. 64th minute, including Megan Ra- international goal. next year. Ten teams will vie for the have qualified for the 2023 World pinoe and Rose Lavelle. Rapinoe last three slots. Cup in Australia and New Zealand. Mexico was determined to sal- had missed Thursday’s 5-0 victory Notes: Washington Spirit strik- Concacaf W Championship, vage some pride in front of its sup- over Jamaica to travel to Washing- er Ashley Hatch was dropped from semifinal: U.S. vs. Costa Rica The final next Monday will de- porters, while the United States, ton to receive the Presidential Med- the roster because of a muscle Thursday, 7 p.m., CBSSN termine the region’s first berth in despite abundant possession, was al of Freedom at the White House. strain in her left leg. She was sched- the 2024 Olympics. The second slot sluggish in the run of play and uled to return to the D.C. area for The Americans gained an ad- BARRY SVRLUGA nowhere. The tackle and strip that followed would have been Rooney’s return as coach enough, because they showed brings much-needed buzz everything he was brought in for — effort and commitment, SVRLUGA FROM D1 money in her or his pocket will KATHERINE FREY/THE WASHINGTON POST not to mention brute force and walk west across South Capitol will. That he got up, leaving worst goal differential in all of to Audi Field because Rooney is Wayne Rooney, shown warming up in August 2019, injected Audi Field with energy over two seasons. Johnson in his wake, and MLS. It ranks 17th in the back. pushed the ball forward was 28-team league in attendance, at some point, more spending the club was overridden by United’s history. D.C. was characteristic of his time here. selling out once in nine home Seem silly? At some level, on players is necessary. Maybe financial problems that cost it locked in a 2-2 tie with Orlando matches. It fired Hernán Losada sure. But think of it this way: it’s immediate. Maybe it’s in the points in the standings and City in stoppage time at Audi He didn’t come to the as coach in April, just six games When Rooney came to play for offseason. This is a franchise eventually led to its relegation Field. Orlando was playing with District for a vacation. He came into the season. It has scored United in 2018, he was instantly that was once one of the — his two seasons as a player 10 men, trying to defend a here to change what United saw more than one goal once in its the most internationally league’s pillars, winning four here provide something of a United corner kick with even as possible. He committed to past five matches. recognizable Washington MLS Cups in its first nine clue as to the energy he’ll bring. D.C. goalkeeper David Ousted the club. He committed to the athlete — and it wasn’t seasons. Rooney will now lead a Those summers of 2018 and ’19, surging forward. Orlando community. His time was Throw in the fact that the particularly close. This is hardly side that hasn’t won a playoff when Audi Field opened and managed a clear, and fleeting because a young family region’s soccer community as a scientific, but add up the match since 2015. Rooney was running down balls midfielder Will Johnson pulled him back home to whole is pretty beaten up — a Twitter followers of the most because he simply worked reached midfield with nothing England. But he was a beacon season after winning the NWSL prominent pros in town — Alex While it’s impossible to know harder than his opponent, were but grass in front of him. An while he was around, 23 goals championship, the Washington Ovechkin of the Capitals, what kind of coach Rooney will enthralling. empty net — and a United loss and 15 assists in 48 matches, a Spirit hasn’t won since opening Bradley Beal of the Wizards, be — his time with second-tier — loomed. 10-match unbeaten streak to night, and Washington and Chase Young and Terry English club Derby County Take the play mentioned close the 2018 regular season, Baltimore were overlooked as a McLaurin of the Commanders, offers limited evidence because earlier, a hallmark moment in And here came Rooney. From real hope for a return to glory. host of 2026 World Cup Elena Delle Donne of the matches — and it’s clear a jolt is Mystics and Juan Soto of the Maybe that’s what Rooney timely and needed. Nationals. You get just more will articulate Tuesday: a than 3.8 million. That’s 13.4 different path forward to new So here comes Rooney — on million fewer than Rooney has possibilities. That night four the sideline. If this seems like a by himself. Shoot, if Rooney’s years ago, he took three touches Ted Williams-manages-the- wife, Coleen, were thrown into forward, then served a ball Senators kind of move for the mix, she would rank second across the entirety of the field relevance, well, maybe it’s only to Ovechkin on the D.C. to little Luciano Acosta, who because it’s a Ted Williams- athlete Twitter list, because she already had two goals. The ball manages-the-Senators kind of has 1.2 million followers on her first found Acosta’s head. It move for relevance. own. then found the back of the net. Bedlam. It should be noted that Of course, social media denizens of that larger stadium popularity means nothing when Haven’t seen it? Look it up. across South Capitol Street it comes to MLS victories, and You won’t watch it just once. from Audi Field — Nationals there is some peril in a Park — are in the midst of a franchise having its biggest Wayne Rooney can’t make going-nowhere, rebuilding draw be its coach when it’s that kind of play from the summer. Why not make clear United also needs an sideline. But he automatically whatever sort of splash you injection of talent. That means, brings buzz to a team that badly can? Maybe a fan with some needs it. What comes next for D.C. United is impossible to say. But what comes next is something it wasn’t when the weekend began: absolutely worth watching. Unvaccinated Djokovic set to miss U.S. Open, putting pursuit of history on hold DJOKOVIC FROM D1 for what we are practicing. It was women’s tennis went misshapen ing for the next couple weeks And his coach: “Today my holi- his mind.” not easy. Now it’s better. You in 1993 for an unforeseeable out- because it has been quite an day started,” Ivanisevic said. “My All the while, Djokovic reached his sense of self on the court. His know where you can go, where side cause — a deranged fan of exhausting and demanding peri- vacation, deserve it. I go back coach, Goran Ivanisevic, the 2001 you cannot go. It’s more easier.” Steffi Graf stabbing the rival, od for me the last few months. A home [to Croatia]. It’s a nice 35 in May, even if it’s an unusually Wimbledon champion, said Sun- Monica Seles, who had surpassed lot of tennis, which I was very summer. Beautiful. If he goes to robust 35, and if he can’t play the day: “Was shock for me, and I was In a normal year, 2019 and Graf to No. 1 — the history of happy about. I got what I wanted States, it’s going to be beautiful. If U.S. Open or the 2023 Australian there. I was free. Imagine for before, Djokovic would have men’s tennis may go twisted with here. Then I’ll wait hopefully for he don’t go to States, what can we Open because of vaccination sta- him.” landed in North America a few a pandemic and with a vaccina- some good news from U.S.A. be- do? It’s [other] tournaments. tus, he might not see another weeks from now, intending to tion decision by a man with a cause I would really love to go We’ll see. A lot of crazy things Grand Slam event until right From there, Ivanisevic said, the start the hard-court binge in the Monte Carlo restaurant full of there. That would be probably happening in the world. It’s come after his 36th birthday, at the schedule went clouded with U.S. Open run-up tournaments in wildly healthy food and a famous the next big tournament, the next every day something is changing, 2023 French Open. enough uncertainty that, in the Canada and near Cincinnati. He fanaticism about what he allows big swing, playing a tournament something new. We see what’s case of the United States, the played Cincinnati every year into his body. Rafael Nadal leads or two before U.S. Open and U.S. going to happen. Still we have, The clock ticks, if maybe not as apparent certainty does help. “I from 2005 to 2019 except 2016 Djokovic, 22-21, in Grand Slam Open. If that doesn’t happen, what, one-and-a-half months. rapidly for him. mean, if you say three, four weeks and 2017 (injury). He played Can- titles even as those numbers then I have to see what the Anything [can] happen or not before French Open, he was not ada, which alternates between might stand transposed had the schedule will look like.” happen.” “I don’t feel I’m in rush really allowed to play French Open Toronto and Montreal, every year nine-time Australian Open anywhere to end my career in a [which ultimately changed], and between 2007 and 2018 except champion Djokovic gotten to play He does know he doesn’t figure He said: “There is one movie year time or two years time or you cannot make a schedule be- 2017 (injury). He has played every the 2022 event, which Nadal won. to chase rankings points any- back home, is a ‘Long, Hot Sum- whatever it is,” he said. “Just not cause one country changes the U.S. Open except 2017 (injury) where, largely because of his mer.’ This is going to be for me a thinking about it. I want to keep rules,” Ivanisevic said. “Now you since debuting in 2005, with Now: “I am on vacation,” Djok- satisfaction with already having long, hot summer vacation. I my body healthy because that’s can enter; now you cannot enter. three titles and six other appear- ovic said Sunday night. “Whether reached the record for time at going to have vacation from to- obviously necessary in order to We cannot make any schedule. ances in finals. or not I’m playing any tourna- No. 1, at 373 weeks to 310 for day. I don’t know till when. I don’t keep going at this level. Of course, We practice, but we don’t know ment soon, I’ll definitely be rest- second-place Roger Federer. know. Maybe Biden will change keep myself mentally sane and Now, just as the history of motivated to compete with the young guns.” DIGEST TRACK AND FIELD “I would have thought the R&A TELEVISION AND RADIO TENNIS ATP: Hall of Fame Open and Swedish Open, early rounds; would have stayed above it all MLB 5 a.m. WTA: Ladies Open Lausanne and Hungarian Ladies Open, early rounds Farah reveals he was given their position in world » Tennis Channel trafficked to Britain golf,” Norman, a two-time British 1 p.m. Chicago White Sox at Cleveland, first game » MLB Network Open winner, told Australian 7 p.m. Seattle at Washington » MASN2, WJFK (106.7 FM) SOFTBALL World Games, semifinal » CBS Sports Network Mo Farah, the most successful Golf Digest. “[It’s] petty.” 7:45 p.m. Los Angeles Dodgers at St. Louis » TBS 5 p.m. World Games, semifinal » CBS Sports Network British track athlete in modern 8 p.m. Baltimore at Chicago Cubs » MASN, WIYY (97.9 FM) 8 p.m. Olympic history, revealed that he Norman is the chief executive 9:30 p.m. Houston at Los Angeles Angels » MLB Network was trafficked to the United of LIV Golf, the Saudi-funded Kingdom as a child under a false circuit that has lured some of the WNBA Washington at Los Angeles » Monumental Sports Network MEN’S WATER POLO name. game’s top names. 10:30 p.m. 10:30 p.m. Exhibition: Italy at United States » ESPNU In an interview with the BBC — Matt Bonesteel NBA SUMMER LEAGUE GIRLS’ HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL for an upcoming documentary, The dispute between the PGA the four-time gold medalist said Tour and LIV Golf has the 5 p.m. Chicago vs. Toronto » NBA TV Noon Elite Youth Basketball League, under-16 final » ESPNU he was born in the breakaway attention of the U.S. Justice 6 p.m. Memphis vs. Brooklyn » ESPN2 2 p.m. Elite Youth Basketball League, under-17 final » ESPNU region of Somaliland with the Department, according to the 7 p.m. Atlanta vs. Miami » NBA TV name Hussein Abdi Kahin and Wall Street Journal, and the PGA 8 p.m. Boston vs. Golden State » ESPN HOCKEY Pogba to Manchester United for a illegally brought to the United Tour said it was confident it 9 p.m. Detroit vs. Indiana » NBA TV Evgeni Malkin decided to then-record fee of around Kingdom. would prevail. 10 p.m. Phoenix vs. Dallas » ESPN $116 million, Italian power The Journal said players’ 11 p.m. Los Angeles Lakers vs. Los Angeles Clippers » NBA TV enter free agency rather than re- Juventus reacquired the France “Most people know me as Mo agents have received inquiries sign with the Pittsburgh midfielder on a free transfer. . . . Farah, but that’s not my name or from the Justice Department’s CYCLING Tour de France, Stage 10 » USA Network Penguins before the market the reality,” he said in a clip antitrust division that involve 8 a.m. opens Wednesday, a person with Iran fired men’s national team released Monday. PGA Tour regulations on knowledge of the move told the coach Dragan Skocic four competing events and the tour SOCCER UEFA Women’s Championship, Group B: Finland vs. Denmark » ESPN2 Associated Press. months before the World Cup, — Michael Errigo suspending players for playing in Noon UEFA Women’s Championship, Group B: Germany vs. Spain » ESPN2 where it will face the United LIV Golf events. 3 p.m. Women’s Copa América, Group B: Brazil vs. Uruguay » Fox Sports 1 Malkin’s decision may be the States in Group B. . . . GOLF PRO FOOTBALL 5 p.m. Women’s Copa América, Group B: Peru vs. Argentina » Fox Sports 1 end of an era in Pittsburgh, where Greg Norman said he is not Condoleezza Rice, the former 8 p.m. he has won three titles over his 16 Beth Mead’s hat trick U.S. secretary of state, is joining seasons with the team. . . . propelled host England to a pleased that he was not invited by the incoming ownership group of The Pittsburgh Steelers no died of heatstroke, police said. women’s European British Open officials to play in the Denver Broncos led by longer have a partnership with Police found the 38-year-old The Colorado Avalanche re- Championship-record 8-0 rout of this week’s Celebration of Walmart heir Rob Walton, the Heinz, which had served as their signed forward Valeri Norway in Brighton. . . . Champions, a four-hole team’s new owners announced. stadium’s title sponsor since it dead June 1 at a Frisco, Tex., Nichushkin to an eight-year, exhibition and dinner for former opened in 2001. apartment. . . . $49 million deal and promoted Netherlands goalkeeper Sari winners that precedes every — Mark Maske general manager Joe Sakic to van Veenendaal was ruled out British Open played at The venue will now be called Gary Moeller, who succeeded president of hockey operations. for the rest of Euro 2022 with a St. Andrews in Scotland. Acrisure Stadium. . . . Bo Schembechler as Michigan’s SOCCER shoulder injury. coach and later led the Detroit Former Dallas Cowboys Lions as interim coach, died at Six years after selling Paul — From news services running back Marion Barber III age 81. and staff reports

TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 . THE WASHINGTON POST EZ M2 D3 Baseball National League American League EAST W L PCT GB L10 STR CENTRAL W L PCT GB L10 STR WEST W L PCT GB L10 STR EAST W L PCT GB L10 STR CENTRAL W L PCT GB L10 STR WEST W L PCT GB L10 STR New York 54 33 .621 — 6-4 W-1 Milwaukee 48 39 .552 — 4-6 L-2 Los Angeles 56 29 .659 — 9-1 W-7 New York 61 25 .709 — 5-5 L-2 Minnesota 48 40 .545 — 5-5 W-1 Houston 56 29 .659 — 8-2 W-1 Atlanta 52 36 .591 21/2 7-3 L-1 St. Louis 47 42 .528 2 4-6 W-2 San Diego 50 38 .568 71/2 4-6 W-1 Boston 47 40 .540 141/2 4-6 L-1 Cleveland 42 42 .500 4 3-7 W-1 Seattle 45 42 .517 12 9-1 W-8 Philadelphia 46 41 .529 8 6-4 L-2 Pittsburgh 37 50 .425 11 6-4 W-3 x-San Francisco 43 41 .512121/2 3-7 W-2 Tampa Bay 46 40 .535 15 6-4 W-1 Chicago 41 44 .482 51/2 5-5 L-1 Texas 40 44 .476 151/2 4-6 W-1 Miami 41 44 .482 12 6-4 L-1 Chicago 34 52 .395 131/2 4-6 L-4 x-Arizona 38 48 .442 181/2 4-6 L-1 Toronto 45 42 .517 161/2 1-9 L-4 Detroit 36 51 .414 111/2 6-4 L-4 Los Angeles 38 49 .437 19 2-8 L-4 Washington 30 58 .341 241/2 1-9 L-4 Cincinnati 32 54 .372 151/2 6-4 W-4 Colorado 38 49 .437 19 5-5 L-1 Baltimore 43 44 .494 181/2 8-2 W-8 Kansas City 34 52 .395 13 6-4 W-3 Oakland 29 59 .330 281/2 4-6 L-2 x-Late game NOTES Bell is in a tough position: And my job is to make sure that he TODAY First baseman for NL team doesn’t take it to a point where [the METS’ ALONSO TO SEEK change] doesn’t make sense.” Interleague games A DERBY THREE-PEAT Mets slugger Pete Alonso Early in his career, no matter which MARINERS AT NATIONALS, 7:05 will return to the Home side of the plate he was batting from, Run Derby next week in NATIONALS ON DECK Bell’s stances and swings were simi- W-L ERA TEAM Los Angeles, seeking to lar. That changed in 2018 after a become the first player to NATIONALS FROM D1 conversation with Pittsburgh Pirates Flexen (R) 5-8 4.00 6-10 win the event three times teammate David Freese. Freese told in a row. “I’ll be highly disappointed if he’s vs. Seattle Mariners Bell that a former Cardinals team- Gray (R) 7-5 4.14 8-8 The field also is set to not,” Coles said Saturday. mate, Lance Berkman, viewed him- include Braves OF Ronald self as a different hitter from each side ORIOLES AT CUBS, 8:05 Acuña Jr. and Cardinals Bell still could make the All-Star of the plate. veteran Albert Pujols. Game as an injury replacement, and Today 7:05 MASN2 Lyles (R) 5-7 4.50 6-11 there’s no question that the 29-year- Moving forward, Bell approached PERSONNEL DEPT. old has been the Nationals’ most Tomorrow 12:05 MASN the plate with two different swings — Sampson (R) 0-0 2.91 2-1 Braves: Acquired the consistent hitter. The switch hitter and he ended up a 2019 all-star with No. 35 overall pick in the leads the team in batting average the Pirates. His right side is his natu- REDS AT YANKEES, 7:05 upcoming draft from the (.304), hits (96) and doubles (19), and ral one, so his knees are bent and he Royals for a trio of minor he’s second among NL first basemen vs. Atlanta Braves can let loose with a short, compact Ashcraft (R) 4-2 4.35 6-3 leaguers, headlined by in batting average and on-base per- swing. The left-handed swing feels OF Drew Waters. centage (.386). less natural: He stands up straight so Cole (R) 8-2 3.26 13-4 Phillies: Will be without he can load and generate more power. C J.T. Realmuto, IF Alec When he looks at stats to see how Thursday 7:05 MASN He focuses on being short with his PHILLIES AT BLUE JAYS, 7:07 Bohm and RHPs Aaron he stacks up against his peers, Bell right hand — his dominant hand — so Nola and Kyle Gibson for a said, he typically considers on-base- Friday 7:05 MASN he can generate a quick swing. TBD ---- ---- ---- series in Toronto because plus-slugging percentage, where he 12-5 of Canadian restrictions checks in at .877. He was fourth Bell’s preparation and swing ad- Berríos (R) 6-4 5.44 on unvaccinated among NL first basemen entering justments have produced results. But travelers. . . . Bohm Monday — trailing the three NL all- Saturday 4:05 MASN with the numbers he has put together, BREWERS AT TWINS, 7:40 suffered a dislocated left stars and just a tick behind Alonso Bell might not be around much lon- ring finger against (.881). Sunday 1:35 MASN ger, given the Aug. 2 trade deadline Alexander (R) 2-1 4.75 3-3 St. Louis on a headfirst and his ability to reach free agency in 4-1 slide into second base. Bell got off to a slow start last year the offseason. Still, he has made the Winder (R) 4-2 3.12 Pirates: Placed OF Bryan after testing positive for the coronavi- most of this season — even if he Reynolds (right oblique rus, then found his rhythm toward at Arizona Diamondbacks JONATHAN NEWTON/THE WASHINGTON POST doesn’t make it to the All-Star Game. Interleague score strain) on the 10-day the end of the season. Entering this injured list. year, he wanted to do a better job of July 22 9:40 MASN2 Josh Bell has been the Nationals’ “We always work our tails off in the SUNDAY’S RESULT Rays: SS Wander Franco taking advantage of runners in scor- most consistent hitter but wasn’t offseason. . . . This time last year, I at Cincinnati 10, Tampa Bay 5 will be sidelined for five to ing position. July 23 8:10 MASN2 selected for the All-Star Game. was hitting .224, something like that,” MONDAY’S RESULTS eight weeks after surgery Bell said. “So for me to be able to kind No games scheduled. on a fractured hamate In April, Bell felt he hit too many July 24 4:10 MASN2 dropped to 46.8 percent, and his of bounce back after last season, that bone in his right hand. double play balls with men on, a power numbers increased. He had 16 slow start, and have a strong one, it’s result of thinking too much about Radio: WJFK (106.7 FM) extra-base hits in June after totaling just fueling the fire and knowing that NL games 553BY THE NUMBERS moving runners over instead of driv- 12 in the first two months. what I’m doing is working.” ing them in. Bell finished the month hitting .365, but 55 percent of the PIRATES AT MARLINS, 6:40 Consecutive games balls he hit were grounders, many of Coles said Bell is extremely rou- played by Whit Merrifield, them into the shift. So he changed his tine-oriented, which allows him to W-L ERA TEAM a Royals record, before approach. make adjustments to his swing mid- the second baseman sat season. But Coles didn’t want Bell to TBD ---- ---- ---- out the opener of “Sometimes I get caught up in, ‘Just change his swing too much. Monday’s doubleheader get the runner over,’ ” he said. “But if I Castano (L) 1-2 3.60 3-2 can get balls on a line, that’s when the “Sometimes what can end up hap- 1,378with a right toe injury. RBIs come. And that’s when the pres- pening is you can overthink things or METS AT BRAVES, 7:20 sure’s off Nelson [Cruz] behind me.” you can add things that don’t neces- Career extra-base hits for sarily need to be there,” he said. “He’s Peterson (L) 5-1 3.48 9-2 Albert Pujols, who broke a In June, Bell found the right bal- been really good about not doing that. 2.60 4-4 tie with fellow Cardinals ance: His groundball percentage Strider (R) 4-2 legend Stan Musial for third place all-time with a DODGERS AT CARDINALS, 7:45 seventh-inning double against the Phillies. White (R) 1-1 3.38 4-3 5-1 STAR OF THE DAY Liberatore (L) 2-1 4.74 Bobby Witt Jr., Royals The rookie infielder PADRES AT ROCKIES, 8:40 finished with a combined six hits, two runs scored, Clevinger (R) 2-1 3.34 6-1 three RBI and three stolen 6-8 bases in Kansas City’s Soto will take another swing at Derby Gomber (L) 4-7 6.46 doubleheader sweep of Detroit. GAME 1 GAME 2 DIAMONDBACKS AT GIANTS, 9:45 TODAY’S GAME Royals 3, Tigers 1 Royals 7, Tigers 3 Keuchel (L) 2-6 7.63 4-7 TO WATCH Brad Keller tossed sev- Bobby Witt Jr. had his Red Sox at Rays, Webb (R) 7-3 2.98 10-7 7:05 p.m. en strong innings and rook- first career four-hit game Left-hander Chris Sale is ie Vinnie Pasquantino along with three RBI to Nats slugger set mark tern: missed opportunity, a flash NL scores set to make his long- homered and drove in a help Kansas City beat De- with his 520-foot shot of his usual dominance, a soft awaited season debut for pair of runs to lead Kansas troit for a doubleheader groundball to the right side, re- SUNDAY’S RESULTS Boston, facing Tampa Bay City past Detroit. sweep. in last year’s event peat. at Atlanta 4, Washington 3 (12) righty Corey Kluber (4-5, Miami 2, at N.Y. Mets 0 (10) 3.62 ERA). Injured Royals infielder Robbie Grossman had BY JESSE DOUGHERTY Then Soto joked that the derby at St. Louis 4, Philadelphia 3 Whit Merrifield didn’t play, three hits for the Tigers, After setting a Home Run Der- might help his swing. Then it did, Pittsburgh 8, at Milwaukee 6 AL leaders ending his consecutive who have lost four straight by record with a 520-foot shot last according to him and hitting San Francisco 12, at San Diego 0 games streak at a fra- following a six-game win- summer, Juan Soto will partici- coach Kevin Long, who drilled Colorado 3, at Arizona 2 Entering Monday’s games. nchise-record 553, longest ning streak. pate in the event again, two peo- Soto in the days leading up to the at L.A. Dodgers 11, Chicago Cubs 9 BATTING active string in the majors. ple confirmed Monday night. competition. They raised Soto’s MONDAY’S RESULTS Arraez, Min ...................................... .348 TIGERS AB R H BI BB SO AVG The Washington Nationals launch angle a tad. In the batting Pittsburgh 5, at Miami 1 Devers, Bos ...................................... .327 star, 23, hit one of the most mem- cage, Long had him aim for where at St. Louis 6, Philadelphia 1 Bogaerts, Bos .................................. .315 TIGERS AB R H BI BB SO AVG Grossman lf ........5 1 3 0 0 1 .210 orable homers of his career at the back net met the top of it. N.Y. Mets 4, at Atlanta 1 Martinez, Bos .................................. .313 Báez ss ...............5 1 1 1 0 0 .211 Dodger Stadium, a game-tying Typically, Soto would have shot San Diego 6, at Colorado 5 Benintendi, KC ................................. .313 Greene cf ............4 1 2 0 0 1 .256 Cabrera dh ..........4 0 1 1 0 1 .290 blast against Clayton Kershaw in straight for the screen, following Arizona at San Francisco, late Kirk, Tor ........................................... .309 Báez ss ...............3 0 0 0 1 1 .211 Haase c ...............3 0 2 0 1 1 .243 the eighth inning of Game 5 of the a years-long promise to pound Díaz, TB ........................................... .307 H.Castro 2b.........4 0 1 0 0 0 .268 Schoop 2b ...........4 0 1 0 0 0 .213 National League Division Series line drives like a robot. But the AL games Alvarez, Hou .................................... .306 Cabrera dh ..........4 0 0 0 0 2 .291 W.Castro cf.........4 1 2 0 0 0 .260 in 2019. He’ll need a lot more to change in swing path worked. France, Sea ...................................... .306 Candelario 3b......4 0 0 0 0 1 .190 Torkelson 1b.......4 0 0 0 0 0 .192 compete with a field that will WHITE SOX AT GUARDIANS, 1:10 HOME RUNS W.Castro rf.........4 0 1 0 0 1 .255 Candelario 3b......4 0 1 1 0 2 .191 include two-time defending After the all-star break, Soto Judge, NY ............................................ 30 Torkelson 1b.......3 0 0 0 0 1 .195 Reyes rf ..............4 0 0 0 0 1 .295 champion Pete Alonso of the New logged 18 homers and a batting W-L ERA TEAM Alvarez, Hou ....................................... 26 Clemens lf...........3 0 0 0 0 1 .161 York Mets. average of .348, an on-base per- Trout, LA ............................................. 24 Barnhart c...........2 0 0 0 0 0 .215 TOTALS 37 3 11 3 1 6 — As he did a year ago, Soto will centage of .525 and a slugging Cease (R) 7-4 2.45 12-5 Buxton, Min ........................................ 23 Reyes ph .............1 0 0 0 0 0 .307 represent the Nationals in the percentage of .639. Asked in late Stanton, NY ........................................ 22 Haase c ...............0 0 0 0 0 0 .234 ROYALS AB R H BI BB SO AVG All-Star Game on July 19 in Los September whether the derby Bieber (R) 3-5 3.44 10-6 Rizzo, NY ............................................ 22 Angeles. The derby is the night was the cause — or if he and Long RBI TOTALS 32 1 4 0 1 8 — Melendez c............ 3 2 1 1 1 0 .217 before. The right fielder has had were keeping up a bit for the sake RED SOX AT RAYS, 7:10 Ramírez, Cle ....................................... 66 Witt Jr. ss............. 5 1 4 3 0 0 .252 an odd first half, often struggling of it — Soto said, “I really do Judge, NY ............................................ 65 ROYALS AB R H BI BB SO AVG Pasquantino dh..... 3 0 2 0 2 1 .213 with runners in scoring position. JONATHAN NEWTON/THE WASHINGTON POST believe it made a difference.” Sale (L) 0-0 0.00 0-0 Alvarez, Hou ....................................... 60 Dozier 1b............... 5 0 0 0 0 1 .261 But he earned all-star and derby 3.62 8-8 Tucker, Hou ........................................ 59 Taylor dh ..............4 0 1 0 0 0 .264 O'Hearn rf............. 4 0 1 2 0 2 .182 nods with 17 homers and an .870 Juan Soto is on a hot streak as This time around, also similar Kluber (R) 4-5 Story, Bos ........................................... 58 Benintendi lf ........4 0 0 0 0 1 .313 Olivares lf ............. 3 0 1 0 1 0 .308 on-base-plus-slugging percent- this year’s all-star break nears. to last year, Soto is rolling ahead Stanton, NY ........................................ 56 Witt Jr. ss ............4 1 2 0 0 0 .243 Benintendi lf......... 0 0 0 0 0 0 .313 age. That OPS is less a product of of the break. In his past 15 games, WHITE SOX AT GUARDIANS, 7:10 Rizzo, NY ............................................ 54 Pasquantino 1b ....4 2 2 2 0 1 .182 Isbel cf .................. 4 0 0 0 0 1 .203 his power (.473 slugging percent- walks (.398 on-base percentage). his slash line is .409/.567/.705. He Ohtani, LA .......................................... 54 Rivera 3b ..............4 0 2 0 0 0 .233 Rivera 3b............... 3 2 1 0 1 0 .235 age) than a majors-leading 73 And if history repeats, the derby homered in back-to-back games Martin (R) 1-2 4.29 0-2 Guerrero Jr., Tor ................................. 54 O'Hearn rf ............2 0 0 0 0 0 .177 Lopez 2b................ 3 2 2 0 0 0 .237 could help Soto’s numbers mov- in Atlanta over the weekend. If ---- ERA Olivares ph-rf.......1 0 1 0 1 0 .307 ing forward. the derby leads to another spike TBD ---- ---- McClanahan, TB ............................... 1.73 Isbel cf..................4 0 0 0 0 1 .209 TOTALS 33 7 12 6 5 5 — in production, he and the Nation- Verlander, Hou ................................ 2.00 Gallagher c ...........3 0 1 0 0 0 .243 He smacked 46 homers during als will take it. Meanwhile, with ATHLETICS AT RANGERS, 8:05 Manoah, Tor .................................... 2.34 Lopez 2b ...............3 0 0 0 0 1 .232 DETROIT ........ 100 110 000 — 3 11 0 the derby at Denver’s Coors Field Long now the hitting coach for Cease, Chi ........................................ 2.45 KANSAS CITY 131 000 02X — 7 12 1 in 2021. He even beat Los Angeles the Philadelphia Phillies, Soto has Kaprielian (R) 1-5 5.06 6-7 Valdez, Hou ..................................... 2.64 TOTALS 33 3 9 2 1 4 — Angels two-way star Shohei to decide who will throw to him. 5-6 Pérez, Tex ........................................ 2.72 E: Rivera (4). LOB: Detroit 8, Kansas Ohtani before Alonso eliminated Otto (R) 4-5 5.26 Cortes, NY ....................................... 2.74 City 9. 2B: Báez (15), W.Castro (10), Ca- him in the semifinals. Yet heading Gilbert, Sea ...................................... 2.80 DETROIT ........ 000 001 000 — 1 4 1 brera (8), Witt Jr. (18), Rivera (6). into that event, Soto had just 11 TIGERS AT ROYALS, 8:10 SAVES KANSAS CITY 000 102 00X — 3 9 1 homers and had grounded into 13 Clase, Cle ............................................ 19 TIGERS IP H R ER BB SO ERA double plays. His slugging per- Brieske (R) 2-6 4.16 5-9 Pressly, Hou ....................................... 18 E: Báez (11), Witt Jr. (9). LOB: Detroit centage was 28 points lower than 6.84 4-8 Romano, Tor ....................................... 18 5, Kansas City 7. 2B: Gallagher (5), Tay- Faedo................ 12/3 4 4 4 4 2 5.53 it is at the moment. And much like Bubic (L) 1-6 Hendriks, Chi ...................................... 17 lor (6). HR: Pasquantino (2), off Pineda. Alexander ......... 31/3 5 1 1 0 0 4.30 the start to this season, that first Soto, Det ............................................. 17 TIGERS IP H R ER BB SO ERA Foley.................... 1 1 0 0 0 0 3.48 half followed a frustrating pat- ASTROS AT ANGELS, 9:38 Holmes, NY ......................................... 16 Jiménez ............... 1 0 0 0 0 2 2.97 López, Bal ........................................... 16 Pineda............... 51/3 7 3 2 0 2 3.58 Lange................... 1 2 2 2 1 1 2.38 Garcia (R) 7-5 3.81 10-5 Iglesias, LA ......................................... 15 Chafin ................. 2/3 0 0 0 1 2 2.39 5-8 Barlow, KC .......................................... 14 Vest ..................... 2 2 0 0 0 0 3.55 ROYALS IP H R ER BB SO ERA Syndergaard (R) 5-7 3.84 STRIKEOUTS McClanahan, TB ................................ 141 ROYALS IP H R ER BB SO ERA Lynch ................... 4 6 3 2 1 3 4.92 Cease, Chi ......................................... 133 Cuas..................... 1 2 0 0 0 0 2.65 Cole, NY ............................................ 124 Keller ................... 7 3 1 1 1 8 4.15 Zerpa ................... 2 1 0 0 0 0 0.00 AL scores Ray, Sea ............................................ 123 Clarke .................. 1 1 0 0 0 0 3.99 Coleman .............. 1 2 0 0 0 1 3.22 Ohtani, LA ........................................ 111 Barlow ................. 1 0 0 0 0 0 2.27 Barlow ................. 1 0 0 0 0 2 2.21 SUNDAY’S RESULTS Javier, Hou ........................................ 102 at Baltimore 9, L.A. Angels 5 WP: Keller (5-9); LP: Pineda (2-4); S: WP: Zerpa (1-0); LP: Faedo (1-5). Inher- at Chicago White Sox 4, Detroit 2 Barlow (14). Inherited runners-scored: ited runners-scored: Alexander 3-2, at Kansas City 5, Cleveland 1 Chafin 2-1. WP: Keller, Clarke. T: 2:30. Cuas 1-1. WP: Faedo, Lange, Zerpa. T: Minnesota 6, at Texas 5 A: 11,084 (37,903). 3:00. A: 16,202 (37,903). Houston 6, at Oakland 1 at Seattle 6, Toronto 5 Pirates 5, Marlins 1 Guardians 8, Cardinals 6, Phillies 1 Mets 4, Braves 1 Rays 10, Red Sox 5 Padres 6, Rockies 5 at Boston 11, N.Y. Yankees 6 Mitch Keller pitched White Sox 4 Miles Mikolas pitched Max Scherzer pitched Yandy Díaz had three Manny Machado, Jake MONDAY’S RESULTS at Cleveland 8, Chicago White Sox 4 one-run ball over seven in- Rookie Nolan Jones effectively into the eighth seven strong innings, Luis hits, scored three times Cronenworth and C.J. at Tampa Bay 10, Boston 5 nings, Jake Marisnick hom- drove in four runs in his inning, Albert Pujols Guillorme homered and and drove in three runs as Abrams each hit 400-foot Game 1: at Kansas City 3, Detroit 1 ered and doubled, and home debut for Cleveland, passed Stan Musial on the drove in two runs, and Tampa Bay beat Boston. homers, and San Diego Game 2: at Kansas City 7, Detroit 3 Pittsburgh beat Miami. leading the Guardians to a career extra-base hits list New York beat Max Fried stopped a 10-game losing at Texas 10, Oakland 8 win over Chicago. and Corey Dickerson and and Atlanta. Díaz’s 10th multihit streak at Coors Field by Diego Castillo singled Lars Nootbar homered as game since June 26 raised beating Colorado. NL leaders twice and drove in two Jones hit a two-run sin- St. Louis beat Philadelphia. Pete Alonso also had two his batting average over runs and Kevin Newman gle in the first inning off RBI, and Scherzer gave up his past 15 games to .500 The Padres had lost 10 Entering Monday’s games. had three hits for the Pi- Lance Lynn. He then The teams split the four- only three hits, including (27 for 54). of their previous 14 overall. BATTING rates, who have won three chased the right-hander by game series and are tied Austin Riley’s seventh-in- Goldschmidt, StL ............................. .340 straight. driving home two more for the final wild-card spot ning shot. That cut the The Red Sox have given Cronenworth had three Harper, Phi ....................................... .318 runs with a double in the in the National League. Mets’ lead to 2-1, but Guil- up 25 runs in losing their hits, including a 410-foot McNeil, NY ....................................... .311 PIRATES AB R H BI BB SO AVG fifth. The Cardinals have won lorme answered with his past three vs. the Rays. solo homer in the third. Machado, SD .................................... .309 two straight but are just homer in the eighth. Hoerner, Chi ..................................... .306 Newman ss.........5 1 3 1 0 0 .288 3-6 in their last nine. RED SOX AB R H BI BB SO AVG PADRES AB R HBIBB SO AVG Lux, LA ............................................. .304 Hayes 3b.............5 1 1 0 0 1 .250 Bell, Was ......................................... .304 Chavis 1b ............4 0 0 0 1 1 .237 WHITE SOX AB R H BI BB SO AVG Duran cf...............5 1 1 1 0 2 .277 Cronenworth 2b-1b...4 2 3 1 1 1 .241 Freeman, LA .................................... .304 Vogelbach dh ......3 0 0 0 2 2 .238 Vázquez c ............5 1 1 0 0 2 .290 Machado 3b...............5 1 2 1 0 1 .310 HOME RUNS Castillo rf............4 0 2 2 0 1 .204 Anderson ss........4 1 1 0 0 0 .317 METS AB R H BI BB SO AVG Martinez dh.........4 1 2 2 0 0 .313 Mazara rf ..................5 0 2 0 0 1 .309 Schwarber, Phi ................................... 28 Suwinski lf .........1 0 0 0 0 0 .205 Moncada 3b ........4 1 1 3 0 1 .191 Bogaerts ss .........3 1 2 1 1 0 .315 Voit dh ......................4 0 0 1 0 2 .224 Alonso, NY .......................................... 23 Gamel lf-rf..........4 0 0 0 0 3 .247 Robert cf.............4 0 0 0 0 1 .283 PHILLIES AB R H BI BB SO AVG Nimmo cf.............3 2 1 0 2 2 .269 Verdugo lf ...........4 0 2 1 0 0 .265 Hosmer 1b ................3 0 0 0 2 0 .273 Riley, Atl ............................................. 23 VanMeter 2b ......4 1 1 0 0 1 .197 Abreu 1b .............4 1 2 0 0 1 .295 Lindor ss..............5 0 3 0 0 0 .245 Story 2b...............4 0 0 0 0 1 .222 Kim ss .......................0 0 0 0 0 0 .235 Walker, Ari ......................................... 21 Marisnick cf........3 2 2 2 1 1 .192 Sheets rf.............4 0 0 0 0 1 .237 Schwarber lf .......4 0 0 0 0 2 .219 Alonso 1b ............5 1 1 2 0 2 .272 Cordero 1b...........4 0 0 0 0 4 .240 Alfaro c .....................4 1 1 0 0 0 .263 Betts, LA ............................................ 20 Delay c ................4 0 2 0 0 0 .278 Jiménez dh .........3 0 0 0 1 2 .218 Hoskins 1b..........4 1 2 1 0 0 .255 Canha lf ...............3 0 1 0 2 1 .273 Refsnyder rf........3 1 1 0 1 0 .338 Grisham cf ................2 1 0 0 2 1 .190 Cron, Col ............................................. 20 Pollock lf.............4 0 2 1 0 0 .247 Castellanos rf .....4 0 1 0 0 2 .251 Do.Smith 1b ........0 0 0 0 0 0 .210 Dalbec 3b.............3 0 0 0 1 1 .205 Abrams ss-2b ...........4 1 2 3 0 0 .234 Goldschmidt, StL ................................ 19 TOTALS 37 5 11 5 4 10 — García 2b.............3 1 2 0 0 0 .212 Hall dh ................4 0 1 0 0 1 .283 Escobar 3b...........5 0 1 0 0 1 .216 Azocar lf....................4 0 0 0 0 0 .233 RBI Zavala c ..............3 0 0 0 0 0 .323 Realmuto c .........4 0 2 0 0 1 .240 Guillorme 2b .......3 1 2 2 1 0 .309 TOTALS 35 5 9 5 3 10 — Alonso, NY .......................................... 70 Gregorius ss .......3 0 0 0 0 0 .241 Davis dh ..............4 0 0 0 0 1 .241 TOTALS 35 610 6 5 6 — Cron, Col ............................................. 66 MARLINS AB R H BI BB SO AVG TOTALS 33 4 8 4 1 6 — Bohm 3b..............1 0 1 0 0 0 .273 Jankowski rf .......2 0 0 0 1 0 .200 RAYS AB R H BI BB SO AVG Goldschmidt, StL ................................ 65 Muñoz 3b ............2 0 0 0 0 0 .242 Nido c ..................4 0 0 0 0 1 .210 Turner, LA ........................................... 61 Wendle 2b-ss .....4 0 2 0 0 0 .275 GUARDIANS AB R H BI BB SO AVG Stott 2b ..............3 0 0 0 0 1 .177 Díaz 3b ................3 3 3 3 0 0 .307 ROCKIES AB R H BI BB SO AVG Lindor, NY ........................................... 60 Cooper dh............4 1 1 0 0 0 .299 Vierling cf ...........3 0 1 0 0 0 .241 TOTALS 34 4 9 4 6 8 — Choi 1b ................2 2 1 1 1 1 .283 Schwarber, Phi ................................... 57 Aguilar 1b ...........2 0 0 0 0 1 .248 Kwan lf ...............4 0 2 0 0 0 .278 Ramírez 1b..........2 1 2 2 0 0 .330 Joe lf...................5 1 1 1 0 1 .267 ERA Fortes c...............0 0 0 0 0 0 .273 Rosario ss...........5 1 2 0 0 0 .278 TOTALS 32 1 8 1 0 7 — BRAVES AB R H BI BB SO AVG Arozarena dh ......4 0 1 0 1 1 .255 Blackmon dh .......4 2 2 1 1 0 .268 Gonsolin, LA .................................... 1.62 García rf..............4 0 1 1 0 2 .229 Ramírez 3b .........4 0 0 0 0 1 .287 Aranda 2b............4 0 2 1 0 1 .500 Cron 1b ...............4 0 0 1 0 3 .292 Alcantara, Mia ................................. 1.73 Sánchez cf ..........3 0 0 0 1 0 .207 Naylor 1b ............4 1 1 0 0 1 .279 CARDINALS AB R H BI BB SO AVG Acuña Jr. rf..........4 0 1 0 0 1 .274 Chang 2b .............1 0 1 1 0 0 .167 Rodgers 2b..........4 0 1 0 0 2 .254 Musgrove, SD .................................. 2.09 Anderson 3b .......4 0 0 0 0 3 .250 Reyes dh .............4 2 3 1 0 1 .222 Swanson ss.........4 0 0 0 0 1 .299 Lowe rf ................5 0 1 2 0 2 .187 Iglesias ss...........4 0 1 1 0 2 .296 Burnes, Mil ...................................... 2.20 De La Cruz lf .......4 0 1 0 0 1 .226 Giménez 2b.........2 2 0 0 1 1 .297 Edman ss ............. 4 0 0 0 0 0 .254 Olson 1b ..............4 0 0 0 0 4 .251 Mejía 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Gorman 2b ........... 4 0 0 0 0 2 .242 d'Arnaud c...........3 0 0 0 0 2 .262 Hader, Mil ........................................... 26 TOTALS 31 1 5 1 2 9 — Carlson cf ............. 4 1 3 0 0 0 .260 Harris II cf ...........3 0 0 0 0 0 .294 TOTALS 35 10 14 10 3 7 — TOTALS 36 5 10 5 2 9 — Rogers, SD .......................................... 23 Pujols dh .............. 4 1 1 0 0 1 .216 Canó 2b................3 0 2 0 0 0 .169 Jansen, Atl ......................................... 20 PITTSBURGH . 210 000 002 — 5 11 1 TOTALS 34 8 12 8 2 6 — Dickerson lf.......... 3 2 2 3 0 1 .196 SAN DIEGO .... 101 000 130 — 6 10 0 Bard, Col ............................................. 18 MIAMI............ 000 001 000 — 1 5 1 Sosa 3b ................ 3 1 1 1 0 1 .183 COLORADO .... 000 100 112 — 5 10 0 Díaz, NY .............................................. 18 CHICAGO........ 003 100 000 — 4 8 1 Knizner c .............. 3 0 1 1 0 0 .181 TOTALS 32 1 5 1 0 13 — BOSTON ......... 012 110 000 — 5 9 1 Bednar, Pit .......................................... 15 CLEVELAND... 500 030 00X — 8 12 0 TAMPA BAY... 230 002 03X — 10 14 0 Kimbrel, LA ......................................... 15 E: Delay (2), Aguilar (3). LOB: Pitts- E: García (6). LOB: Chicago 3, Cleveland NEW YORK..... 002 000 011 — 4 9 0 LOB: San Diego 8, Colorado 7. 2B: STRIKEOUTS burgh 9, Miami 7. 2B: Newman (5), 7. 2B: Pollock (13), Jones (2). HR: Mon- TOTALS 33 6 9 6 0 9 — ATLANTA ....... 000 000 100 — 1 5 0 E: Dalbec (4). LOB: Boston 6, Tampa Bay Mazara (6), Díaz (7), Iglesias (19), Joe Burnes, Mil ....................................... 134 Marisnick (3), Delay (3), VanMeter (3), cada (4), off Quantrill. 7. 2B: Bogaerts (22), Vázquez (18), Mar- (15), Blackmon (16). 3B: Blackmon (3). Rodón, SF .......................................... 124 Cooper (21). HR: Marisnick (1), off Ya- WHITE SOX IP H R ER BB SO ERA PHILA............. 100 000 000 — 1 8 0 LOB: New York 10, Atlanta 4. 2B: Guil- tinez 2 (29), Díaz 2 (18), Mejía (10). HR: Cronenworth (8), off Ureña; Macha- Nola, Phi ........................................... 120 cabonis. Lynn..................... 4 9 8 8 2 3 6.97 ST. LOUIS....... 000 030 21X — 6 9 0 lorme (8), Nimmo (16), Alonso (14), Ozu- RED SOX IP H R ER BB SO ERA do (15), off Gilbreath; Abrams (2), off Alcantara, Mia .................................. 111 Foster .................. 1 1 0 0 0 1 4.89 na (12), Acuña Jr. (10). HR: Guillorme Bird; Grichuk (9), off Manaea. Morton, Atl ....................................... 108 PIRATES IP H R ER BB SO ERA Kelly .................... 1 1 0 0 0 2 9.22 LOB: Philadelphia 4, St. Louis 3. 2B: (2), off O’Day; Riley (24), off Scherzer. Bello..................... 4 7 5 5 3 5 10.1 PADRES IP H R ER BB SO ERA Greene, Cin ....................................... 107 Banks................... 2 1 0 0 0 0 3.19 Sosa (3), Pujols (6). HR: Hoskins (18), Davis .................... 1 1 0 0 0 2 2.48 Wheeler, Phi ..................................... 104 Keller ................... 7 5 1 1 0 5 4.88 off Mikolas; Dickerson (3), off Nola; METS IP H R ER BB SO ERA Diekman...............1/3 1 2 2 0 0 3.48 Manaea............. 61/3 5 2 2 1 5 4.09 Wright, Atl ....................................... 103 De Jong............... 2/3 0 0 0 1 0 2.20 GUARDIANS IP H R ER BB SO ERA Nootbaar (3), off Kelly. Valdez .................. 2 4 3 0 0 0 4.70 Crismatt ........... 12/3 2 1 1 1 3 1.98 De Los Santos .. 11/3 0 0 0 1 4 2.81 Quantrill .............. 6 8 4 4 1 3 3.99 PHILLIES IP H R ER BB SO ERA Scherzer............... 7 3 1 1 0 9 2.15 Rogers ................. 1 3 2 2 0 1 4.04 Stephan............... 2 0 0 0 0 2 3.00 Ottavino............... 1 2 0 0 0 1 2.67 MARLINS IP H R ER BB SO ERA Clase.................... 1 0 0 0 0 1 1.49 Nola ..................... 7 7 5 5 0 7 3.35 Díaz...................... 1 0 0 0 0 3 1.73 RAYS IP H R ER BB SO ERA ROCKIES IP H R ER BB SO ERA Kelly .................... 1 2 1 1 0 2 3.00 Rogers .............. 51/3 6 3 2 3 7 5.42 WP: Quantrill (5-5); LP: Lynn (1-2). In- BRAVES IP H R ER BB SO ERA Wisler .................. 1 0 0 0 0 1 2.52 Ureña................... 6 7 2 2 3 3 2.66 Pop.................... 12/3 1 0 0 0 1 2.25 herited runners-scored: Foster 1-1, Fleming................ 3 6 4 4 2 3 6.84 Gilbreath ............. 1 1 1 1 0 3 3.76 Bleier ................... 1 0 0 0 0 1 4.63 Stephan 2-0. HBP: Lynn 2 (Kwan,Gimé- CARDINALS IP H R ER BB SO ERA Fried..................... 5 5 2 2 5 5 2.56 Bard ..................... 3 3 1 1 1 2 1.00 Bird..................... 2/3 2 3 3 2 0 3.97 Yacabonis ............ 1 4 2 2 1 1 6.75 nez), Banks (Ramírez). T: 2:51. A: Mikolas............. 71/3 6 1 1 0 5 2.62 Lee ....................... 2 2 0 0 0 1 1.35 Poche ................... 1 0 0 0 0 1 1.95 Estévez............. 11/3 0 0 0 0 0 4.60 13,655 (34,788). Cabrera ................ 1 0 0 0 0 1 2.16 O'Day ................... 1 1 1 1 0 0 4.15 Adam ................... 1 0 0 0 0 3 1.27 WP: Keller (3-6); LP: Rogers (4-8); S: De Fernández........... 2/3 2 0 0 0 1 0.00 Stephens ............. 1 1 1 1 1 2 3.14 Los Santos (3). Inherited runners- WP: Bard (1-0); LP: Diekman (4-1). HBP: WP: Manaea (4-4); LP: Ureña (0-1); S: scored: De Los Santos 1-0, Pop 2-0. WP: Mikolas (6-7); LP: Nola (5-7). T: WP: Scherzer (6-1); LP: Fried (9-3); S: Bello (Díaz), Diekman (Walls). PB: Mejía Rogers (24). Inherited runners-scored: HBP: Keller (Aguilar). T: 3:03. A: 8,560 2:41. A: 34,399 (45,494). Díaz (19). HBP: Fried (Jankowski). T: (5). T: 3:31. A: 10,629 (25,000). Estévez 1-0. T: 3:01. A: 27,592 (50,445). (36,742). 3:03. A: 42,925 (41,084).

D4 EZ SU THE WASHINGTON POST . TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 NFL insider is a position NFL contracts aren’t guaranteed. filled with power, peril Within the transaction ecosys- tem, it’s a victimless crime, they SCHEFTER FROM D1 basketball team didn’t need a wa- JOE CARROTTA FOR THE WASHINGTON POST said, because teams don’t care ter boy, and the football team about the exact numbers and fans players and bettors but for coach- didn’t need an equipment manag- NFL insider Adam Schefter recently signed a contract to stay at ESPN worth around $9 million a year. only care about where a player es, players, executives and own- er, so he went to the newspaper. signs. But those same standards ers. “He’s so plugged in,” Los An- with New England Coach Bill delivers something invaluable ESPN reporter, Dan Murphy, don’t work outside of transaction geles Rams Coach Sean McVay At a few events he covered, he Belichick. Shanahan said he that fills a whole day of shows for called him to do follow-up report- reporting. said in an interview. It’s not just introduced himself to Mitch Al- called Belichick to tell him that us.” ing on the case. According to that Schefter’s first but that he’s a bom, the famed Detroit colum- Schefter was a reporter he could Cragg, Murphy criticized the eth- Charania, the NBA reporter, conduit of information, incoming nist. “That’s who I wanted to be,” trust; a few years later, Belichick With so much at stake, the ics of Schefter’s reporting. (Mur- wrote a story last year that ex- and outgoing, about all of the Schefter said. “I even tried to called back and confirmed Shana- competition for scoops is fierce. phy, in an interview, said he re- plained, citing anonymous league’s happenings. “I mean, write those one-sentence para- han was right. One agent told of hearing NFL called only sympathizing with sources, that Kyrie Irving’s deci- trades, people you’re interested in graphs like he did.” reporters call begging for scoops, Cragg’s frustrations about Scheft- sion not to receive a coronavirus drafting, free agency hirings,” Schefter was also early to un- even saying their own upcoming er’s reporting.) vaccination was an effort to be a McVay said. “I will ask. He’s Eventually, Albom asked derstand an information ecosys- contract negotiations were de- “voice for the voiceless.” Multiple steered me in the right direction.” Schefter to be a research assistant tem that was being upended by pendent on their ability to break “I wish in hindsight that I had reporters at the Athletic raised on two of his books, including one technology. He created email lists news. When Sports Illustrated done it differently,” Schefter said concerns internally about the If big-city columnists or Sports about Michigan’s Fab Five. One on his Blackberry that he would followed Schefter around during over lunch. But he also insisted he piece, including how the publica- Illustrated feature writers used to day, Albom called up with an separate into general managers, the opening day of NFL free agen- hadn’t dashed off the tweet. He tion should handle Charania’s re- be the most prominent jobs in assignment: He needed to find coaches, executives and owners. cy a few years ago, the story de- reached out to the Vikings and the porting beyond transactions. sports media, now it is the insider. Jalen Rose’s dad, a former NBA When he filed a story or had news, scribed Markman awarding NFL, he said (though he didn’t (Charania did not reply to a re- Like Adrian Wojnarowski, whose star named Jimmy Walker whom he would fire it off to his lists as he “points” to reporters based on talk to ESPN’s news desk). quest for comment.) NBA news breaks for ESPN have Rose had never met. Schefter, was also sending it to the news how many signings they broke. their own hashtag, or Shams Cha- who by then had earned a gradu- desk. One former NFL executive The tally, according to the story, But the result was sloppy. Com- “I should stay in my lane,” rania of Stadium and the Athletic, ate journalism degree from described this as “Twitter before found Schefter far ahead. But Ian pounding the mistake, a few Schefter said. Though in his next Schefter has ascended to the Northwestern, tracked down a Twitter.” Rapoport, NFL Network’s insider, months later, Schefter tweeted breath he remained adamant that heights of the job. phone number for Walker and went through Markman’s math quarterback Watson’s belief that he could do more difficult and passed it to Albom. Albom found When Schefter’s NFL Network and believed the tally hadn’t given the truth was out after he wasn’t adversarial work. “I’m a reporter,” But he also has repeatedly dem- him and later introduced him to contract came up, the sides played him proper credit; he sought a indicted by a grand jury. It had a he said. “I get information. I onstrated its pitfalls. In October, Rose. hardball. correction from Sports Illustrat- similar feeling: that Schefter was found Jimmy Walker, right?” emails surfaced that showed he ed. willing to push the narrative of a sent the full text of a story to a Schefter still remembers what Schefter signed a new deal with player accused of violence against ‘You feel it’ team executive, a journalism faux Albom said to him then: “You ESPN, but NFL Network wouldn’t Markman has since discontin- women. Before Schefter re-signed with pas, asking for feedback and obse- must be some kind of a super let him out of his contract. In- ued the points system, but the quiously calling him “Mr. Editor.” sleuth or something.” stead, it kept him off the air for six battle for every morsel of news To Schefter’s friends and de- ESPN, there were rumblings A month later, he reported that months, locked him out of his has only intensified because the fenders, the incidents were the around the industry that a Minnesota Vikings running back The more you know office and, worst of all, wiped all of demand is real. So are the re- product of the speed and pressure gambling company such as Dalvin Cook was accusing a wom- The first NFL reporter to spe- his contacts from his phone. Be- wards, even if it baffles some of of his job. Markman noted Scheft- DraftKings or FanDuel might an of domestic violence without fore he could break any news in the reporters themselves. “None er’s body of work and said that poach him, hoping to draw his relaying the full context of a com- cialize in providing sports news his new job, he had to rebuild his of us are worth what we’re paid,” while ESPN has made no specific massive following to place bets on plicated situation, including that “nuggets” was the Boston Globe’s contacts. one NFL insider said. policy adjustments, he and its platforms. Schefter said he the woman was actually suing Will McDonough, who decades Schefter have talked and he is never explored free agency exten- Cook, alleging he was abusive. ago wrote a weekly column col- Always be texting Schefter, meanwhile, main- more careful now about seeking sively. He had breakfast earlier Then, after a Texas grand jury lecting news and rumors from Schefter sat at a table in a tains there is a personal touch to input from editors. When Scheft- this year with ESPN President declined to charge star quarter- around the league. In a sign of the work. He remembers the er reported over Memorial Day Jimmy Pitaro, who told him how back Deshaun Watson amid sex- how different that era was, he corner of the restaurant and laid wives and children of his sources. weekend the death of a player, he much ESPN valued and appreci- ual assault allegations, Schefter used to call around to other re- two phones on top of the white And Schefter has grown famous ran all of the language by the news ated his work, and he re-signed tweeted that Watson had wel- porters to collect notes on their tablecloth. For the next two hours, among some in the NFL orbit for desk. Bob Ley, the former host of soon after. comed the case all along because teams. they never stopped buzzing. his holiday gifts. He has a list of ESPN’s heralded news magazine, the truth would vindicate him — 150 recipients who receive, de- “Outside the Lines,” also defended Asked if his sources would still implying, wrongly, that a grand Not long after Schefter got his One text offered a heads-up pending on the year, Vineyard Schefter’s news judgment and want to break news with him if he jury “no-bill” decision meant Wat- first full-time job, covering the that the Rams’ Aaron Donald and Vines ties or Scotch or chocolate ethics. “I know Adam’s values,” were working for a gambling com- son had been found innocent. Denver Broncos for the Rocky Cooper Kupp would be signing or ice cream. They go mostly to Ley said. pany, he answered, “Would my Mountain News, he met contract extensions. That after- sources but also to some ESPN Twitter feed be coming with me?” Each incident prompted a pub- McDonough at the airport. noon, Schefter would break the co-workers and others. One year But the mistakes were part of a He reached for one of his phones lic response from Schefter and McDonough, who had parlayed Donald news, feeding a news cy- he spent $16,000 on chocolate. growing body of incidents that and pulled up a recent tweet of the raised eyebrows at ESPN, where his column into a network TV gig, cle across ESPN’s many plat- left Schefter facing criticism from image of the new Madden video text messages flew between re- was picked up by a limousine. A forms. “I have relationships with peo- readers and other journalists. game cover, showing that it gar- porters and on-air personalities, young and impressed Schefter ple,” Schefter said. “It’s not all There was the “Mr. Editor” email, nered 8 million impressions. (His wondering how the network’s hopped a ride. He recalled Inside and outside the net- transactional.” which Schefter dismissed as a tweet announcing that Colin marquee reporter could be either McDonough’s advice: Always work, there is a fascination with joke, and a report that Schefter Kaepernick would have a workout so careless or so clueless. have four solid league sources, the job of the insider because so The gifts, he added, are a busi- and New England owner Bob with the Las Vegas Raiders re- and you’ll be in good shape to much of it is ephemeral. There are ness expense that he writes off on Kraft were investors in the same ceived 9 million impressions.) “He is your preeminent jour- break news. Schefter laughs now, news breakers at other networks, his taxes. gambling company, which Scheft- nalist for the preeminent sport in thinking of his dozens, if not hun- too, and often one reporter beats er also dismissed as inconsequen- Schefter knows this is his most America,” said one on-air ESPN dreds, of tipsters. another by minutes, or even sec- Out of his lane tial. “If an NFL owner owns Apple valuable commodity. When pitch- personality, who spoke on the onds. Several reporters described On Nov. 21, Schefter tweeted: stock, do we share an investment ing sources to break their news, condition of anonymity to discuss He came to dominate the Bron- group text messages that agents there, too?” he asked. (ESPN de- he cites that reach. Several ESPN internal company business. “I cos beat. Longtime Broncos coach have so that no one feels slighted. “Minnesota Vikings’ RB Dalvin clined to comment on whether it colleagues said Schefter can be would hope that as a network Mike Shanahan said he liked to Usually, the news is broken on Cook is the victim of domestic has a policy prohibiting reporters generous with his Twitter feed, you’re embarrassed by that, but talk to Schefter because Schefter Twitter, not on TV or abuse and extortion — there’s from sharing full stories with such as when he helped publicize I’m blown away that ESPN doesn’t already knew everything. “People pending litigation, according to sources.) a fund that raised more than seem to care.” said, ‘Oh, Mike tells him every- Seth Markman, who oversees his agent Zac Hiller.” Schefter $1 million to support the son of a thing,’ but he did his homework,” ESPN’s NFL studio coverage and tweeted again, citing Hiller, and The Cook incident was the colleague who died after a cancer “I have learned I don’t always Shanahan said. “He talked to so recruited Schefter, deemed his he reported a member of the mili- most serious, and multiple people battle. have to be first,” Schefter would many people. He would tell me time so valuable that he hired him tary had stolen a garage door who work at ESPN, speaking on say at lunch that day. “I can lean about the sleepers in the NFL a car service so he could report opener “and Maced Cook directly the condition of anonymity to While Schefter mostly gushes on my editors more. When there is draft.” during his commutes. There is in his eyes immediately upon ille- discuss internal matters, said about ESPN, the biggest perk to sensitive information, I need to internal research, Markman said, gally entering.” they worried that it and the Wat- leaving the network would have take a pause, to take a beat. I’ve Schefter once reported a sign- that shows the impact of Scheft- son reporting reflected a failure to been an off-ramp from the hours learned that over the past year.” ing so quickly that it prompted a er’s reporting. When Schefter The tweets were a bombshell. understand the sensitivity of do- and demands of the role. It both- puzzled Shanahan to ask him how broke the news that Odell Beck- But a couple of hours later, the mestic violence allegations. ers him that people don’t appreci- First, though, the photograph. he knew. Schefter answered, “Ev- ham Jr. was signing with the Minneapolis Star-Tribune pub- ate how hard he works the beat. “What do you think?” Schefter erybody has an agent.” Rams last fall, ESPN saw an im- lished a story that described the Told of those concerns, Scheft- “People used to say I got every- asked his agent, David Koonin, mediate ratings bump. Further, woman, Gracelyn Trimble, as er first asked, “Are they going to go thing from Shanahan, then I got who had accompanied him to “That’s all he was doing,” Shan- Markman said, data shows view- Cook’s ex-girlfriend and reported on the record?” He denied not everything from the league, now I lunch. Photos were usually stan- ahan said. “All he does is commu- ers stick around and watch that she was suing Cook for al- taking the issue seriously, and he get everything from agents,” he dard for a profile, Koonin an- nicate with people.” Schefter when he appears on TV. leged domestic violence. Disturb- denied that he was framing the said. “I’ve been doing this for 30 swered. Schefter, begrudgingly, But nothing is more important ing images of Trimble’s alleged allegations favorably for Cook years, and information comes stood for a handful of shots. “The more information you than being the place sports fans injuries also surfaced. and Watson to curry favor from from everywhere.” “I want you to get what you have, the more people talk to you,” turn, and perhaps no one re- the players’ agents. “I’ve never put need,” he told the photographer. Schefter said, describing his re- inforces that kind of branding The Star-Tribune had received out information thinking I would Chris Mortensen, another “I hope I never f---ing see them. I porting mantra. “And the more better than Schefter. a tip about the pending lawsuit get something back in the future,” ESPN insider, called Schefter “the don’t need any more attention.” people talk to you, the more infor- and spent days reporting the sto- he said. “If people want to work best to ever do what we do.” ‘Super sleuth’ mation you have.” One former ESPN executive ry, according to multiple people with me, great. If not, okay.” Mortensen set boundaries on his Schefter grew up on the south suggested that ESPN should have who worked on it. Schefter’s tweet time, such as when Markman shore of Long Island. A high There were competitors in more confidence in its own plat- had come an hour after reporters Schefter also pointed out that once called him on Christmas to school basketball benchwarmer, Denver who wondered whether form to make stars. “Isn’t that had reached out to Cook’s agent both of the tweets cited sources, do a live hit on ESPN. Mortensen he didn’t have much talent, but Schefter’s relationship with Shan- your superpower? That you can seeking comment. He had report- not his opinion, and multiple na- said no; Schefter never does. “I’ve the idea that he could score a ahan was too cozy; Schefter has create the next Adam Schefter ed half of a complicated story. tional NFL reporters acknowl- never set boundaries,” Schefter basket and find his name in the proudly told a story that Shana- because you’re ESPN?” the person ESPN eventually ran a news story edged that some of their reporting said. “That’s one of the reasons agate section of the newspaper han sought, and received, his ad- asked. that covered both accounts, and is parroting what agents say. ESPN and I get along so well.” the next day fascinated him. And vice when the team was consider- Schefter tweeted it. Cook has sued When a contract is first reported, as a die-hard fan of New York’s ing a trade of running back Clin- Markman said he had never Trimble, alleging fraud and defa- for instance, the value is often Schefter said he doesn’t consid- teams, he loved combing the ton Portis. But to Schefter, that considered it. “Adam is a cyborg,” mation. inflated initially because of hard- er himself a talented writer or TV sports page of his hometown pa- was the job. “I liked being privy to he said. “He’s uniquely suited for to-reach bonuses and because presenter; he is armed only with per, Newsday, for the snippets of things going on,” he said. “My job this. I can’t tell you how many Dan Cragg, Trimble’s lawyer, his work ethic and his ability to information that now populate was to break that story, and I did.” times on a slow news day he said that the next day, another always be on. He tries to respond Twitter, hints at where a Jets or to every text message within sec- Giants player might go or who In 2004, Schefter was tapped as onds. might be nursing an injury. the lead reporter for the league’s His parents ran a string of mod- newly launched NFL Network. Asked if he still had fun doing est five-and-dime stores, and his There were advantages built into the job, Schefter said it has childhood had few frills. “We the perch: Jerry Jones once stood changed, and maybe he has, too. didn’t take vacations,” he said. “I up at a league meeting and told “Everything is heavier,” he said. knew that I wanted more. The teams they should give their news “And so much faster. My wife tells only way I knew how to get there to NFL Network, which usually me it’s stressful to eat with me was to work.” meant Schefter, to build its credi- because I eat so fast. Did I use to He traces his knack for the bility and popularity. But Schefter eat this fast? I don’t know.” compulsive nature of his job to was also preternaturally good at childhood, when he says he never the job. On the network’s first Then he brightened, thinking missed a day of school. When he NFL draft telecast, Schefter broke of a moment from this year’s NFL arrived at Michigan for college, the news that Mario Williams, not draft. He was at his son’s gradua- Schefter was rejected by the fra- Reggie Bush, would be the first tion and supposed to be off, but ternity he tried to pledge. The pick. the details of a huge trade be- tween the Philadelphia Eagles “It put us on the map as a and New Orleans Saints came network,” said Rich Eisen, a for- trickling in. mer colleague of Schefter’s. And Schefter parlayed his good rela- “You’re . . . getting the informa- tionship with Shanahan into tion in real time,” he said, his voice more relationships, including rising. “It’s eight picks; it’s going to reshape the whole draft, even the league. There’s a rush to that, and you feel it.” After letting Samsonov walk, 2.54 goals against average and a “If you line it up and you look Larsson and Johansson arrived at next season. The 20-year-old, a Caps have no goalies on roster .921 save percentage in the regu- and kind of pay attention to what the trade deadline but did not first-round pick in 2020, played lar season. John Gibson, who teams are thinking, it’s a little make much of an impact. six games for the Capitals last CAPITALS FROM D1 Lellan said last week that the turns 29 this week, has five sea- chaotic and scrambly,” he said. season, notching a goal in the Capitals planned to give Samson- sons left on an eight-year, “You’ve got to be constantly moni- Complicating the Capitals’ sal- season opener, before returning Capitals fell to the Presidents’ ov a qualifying offer. Instead, $51.2 million deal he signed with toring it and seeing what’s hap- ary cap picture is the status of to the Quebec Major Junior Hock- Trophy-winning Florida Panthers MacLellan will be in the market the Anaheim Ducks in 2018. He pening.” center Nicklas Backstrom, who ey League. in six games. for two goalies. The Capitals have would be a younger option, but underwent hip resurfacing sur- made it clear that they are look- his performance has stagnated in The Capitals have other deci- gery last month. MacLellan said Another notable name at camp Zach Fucale, who appeared in ing to add an established veteran recent seasons. sions to make, too. Defenseman last week that the 34-year-old is defenseman Vincent Iorio, a four games with the Capitals last as their starter. Justin Schultz and forwards Jo- hopes to play next season, but the 2021 second-round pick who season but spent most of the year Toronto’s Jack Campbell, 30, han Larsson and Marcus Johans- team at first would seek to fill his signed a three-year entry-level with Hershey of the American Washington has been linked to also is in line to be an unrestricted son are among their unrestricted roster spot internally. Connor Mc- contract in October. The 19-year- Hockey League, is now the only several players. Darcy Kuemper is free agent and is expected to have free agents. MacLellan said last Michael, Aliaksei Protas and Hen- old had 11 goals and 33 assists goalie under contract with Wash- an unrestricted free agent slated several suitors. Like Gibson, Mon- week that the Capitals had pre- drix Lapierre — one of the stand- over 60 games in the Western ington who has played in an NHL to hit the market after helping the treal’s Jake Allen, signed for one liminary talks with all of their outs at the Capitals’ development Hockey League last season. Also game. Colorado Avalanche win the Stan- more year, could be a trade target. unrestricted free agents. Schultz’s camp this week — are expected to at camp: Peter Laviolette, the ley Cup. The 32-year-old posted a two-year contract carried a compete for a spot. 24-year-old son of the Capitals’ General Manager Brian Mac- MacLellan said last week that $4 million average annual value; coach. The undrafted forward the goalie market was constantly if he returns, it is expected he Lapierre probably is the only played at Division III Plymouth changing, but Washington is pre- would have to take a pay cut. player at development camp who State. pared to pay top dollar. has a chance to make the roster CLAESFGSHIFIIED D5 TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 EZ the local expert homes for sale, rentals merchandise, garage dogs, cats, birds, fish Trustee Sales on local jobs commercial real estate sales, auctions, tickets 202-334-5782 rentals pets recruit realestate merchandise washingtonpost/ PublicNotice.asp For Recruitment advertisements, go to To place an ad, go to Legal Notices: 202-334-7007 or call or call 202-334-6200 Auctions, Estate Sales, Furniture: 202-334-7029 202-334-4100 (toll free 1-800-765-3675) Non-commercial advertisers can now place ads 24/7 by calling 202-334-6200 Biz Ops/Services: 202-334-5787 C JOBS C JOBS 820 Official Notices 820 Official Notices 857 Howard County 872 Fairfax County 840 Trustees Sale - DC 840 Trustees Sale - DC 840 Trustees Sale - DC 840 Trustees Sale - DC TRUSTEE’S SALE OF Newspapers carriers NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING IN THE CIRCUIT COURT 4405 LONGWORTHE SQUARE, PARDO & DRAZIN, LLC MCMICHAEL TAYLOR GRAY, LLP ON PROPOSED REVENUE BOND FINANCING BY FOR HOWARD COUNTY, ALEXANDRIA, VA 22309 Russell S. Drazin, Attorney 11900 Parklawn Drive, Suite 320 needed to deliver 4400 Jenifer Street, NW, Suite 2 INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY OF MARYLAND In execution of a Deed of Trust Rockville, Maryland 20852 ARLINGTON COUNTY, VIRGINIA ERIC D. VANDELINDE in the original principal amount Washington, DC 20015 (470) 480-1820 201 International Circle, of $344,000.00, with an annual 202-223-7900 The Washington Post Notice is hereby given that the Industrial Development Authority of Suite 230 interest rate of 3.000000% dated SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEE'S SALE Arlington County, Virginia (the “Authority”), will hold a public hearing Hunt Valley, MD 21030 October 3, 2005, recorded among SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEE’S SALE OF REAL PROPERTY in on the application of Standard Communities (“SC”), requesting the Substitute Trustee the land records of the Circuit OF REAL PROPERTY Authority to issue up to $80,000,000 of revenue bonds for the Plaintiff, Court for the County of Fairfax 1257 U Street, SE 2553 Alabama Avenue SE DC, MD and VA area renovation and modernization of Park Shirlington Apartments, a 293- v. as Deed Book 17823, Page 1570, Washington, DC 20020 unit affordable apartment community, including apartment units, BALL, ARNETTE the undersigned appointed Sub- Washington, DC 20020 Lot 219 in Square 5730 leasing office and a pool, to be owned by Park Shirlington Preservation 8868 SPIRAL CUT LANE #G-49, stitute Trustee will offer for sale Lot 0803 in Square 5773 LP, a Virginia limited partnership, all on approximately 15.7 acres COLUMBIA, MD 21045 at public auction all that property Under a power of sale contained in a certain Deed of Trust at 4531 31st Street South in Arlington, Virginia (the “Property”). Defendant(s) located in the County of Fairfax, Under a power of sale contained in a certain Deed of Trust, (\"Deed of Trust\") dated September 17, 2019 and recorded on the courthouse steps at the Assignment of Rents and Security Agreement (“Deed of Trust”) as Instrument No. 2019105131 in the principal amount of Great part-time income opportunity! The issuance of revenue bonds as requested by SC will not constitute CIVIL NO. C-13-CV-21-000696 front of the Circuit Court building dated February 10, 2016 and recorded on October 25, 2016 $195,000.00, securing that certain Commercial Deed of Trust Transportation required. a debt or pledge of the faith and credit of the Commonwealth of NOTICE OF SALE for the County of Fairfax located as Instrument No. 2016018135, from Solar Plus Energy Inc., Note dated September 17, 2019 in the principal amount Virginia or Arlington County, Virginia, and neither the faith and credit at 4110 Chain Bridge Road, Fair- as grantor, to Jeffrey Levin and Joel S. Aronson (“Original of $195,000.00, default having occurred under the terms nor the taxing power of the Commonwealth of Virginia or any political Notice is hereby issued by the fax, Virginia on August 16, 2022 Trustees”), as trustees, for the benefit of JCL Funding Group, thereof, and following the mailing and recordation of a Deed subdivision thereof will be pledged to the payment of such revenue Circuit Court of HOWARD COUNTY at 11:00 AM, the property with LLC, as beneficiary, securing that certain Promissory Note dated of Appointment of Substitute Trustee removing Daniel Huerts bonds. this 23rd day of June, 2022 that the improvements to wit: February 10, 2016 in the principal amount of $230,750.00 as trustee and appointing Diana C. Theologou and Michael T. sale of the property mentioned Lot 337, Section 5, Pinewood Lake made by Solar Plus Energy Inc. payable to the order of JCL Ondeck (\"Substitute Trustee\") as successor trustee, an Affidavit To apply, go to The public hearing, which may be continued or adjourned, will be in these proceedings, made and Tax Map No. 101-1-06-0337 Funding Group, LLC, default having occurred under the terms of Non-Residential Mortgage Foreclosure, and a Notice of held at 6:00 o’clock p.m., or as soon thereafter as the matter may reported by Eric D. Vandelinde, THIS COMMUNICATION IS FROM A thereof, and following the mailing and recordation of a Deed of Foreclosure Sale of Real Property or Condominium Unit, at the be heard, on Monday, July 18, 2022, before the Authority. Due Substitute Trustee, be ratified and DEBT COLLECTOR. Appointment of Substitute Trustee removing Original Trustees as request of the current noteholder, Substitute Trustee will sell to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, in accordance with applicable confirmed, unless cause to the TERMS OF SALE: ALL CASH. A trustees and appointing Russell S. Drazin (“Substitute Trustee”) at public auction at the office of Harvey West Auctioneers, federal and Virginia law, the public hearing will be conducted through contrary be shown on or before bidder's deposit of 10% of the as successor trustee, an Affidavit of Non-Residential Mortgage Inc., 5335 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, Suite 440, Washington, DC conference call. Members of the public may witness and participate the 25th day of July, 2022, pro- sale price, will be required in cash, Foreclosure, and a Notice of Foreclosure Sale of Real Property 20015, (Please Note: In the event that the office building at in the public hearing by using the dial-in number and conference code vided, a copy of this notice be certified or cashier's check. Set- or Condominium Unit, at the request of the current noteholder, 5335 Wisconsin Ave. NW is closed, all scheduled Washington, set forth below: inserted in The Washington Post, a tlement within fifteen (15) days Substitute Trustee will sell at public auction at the office of DC sales will take place at the front entrance door of the Chevy newspaper published in HOWARD of sale, otherwise Trustees may Harvey West Auctioneers, Inc., 5335 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, Chase Pavilion) on 1405 Cars 850 Montgomery County DIAL-IN NUMBER: 1-844-844-0414 COUNTY, once in each of three forfeit deposit. Additional terms Suite 440, Washington, DC 20015, (Please Note: In the IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR successive weeks, before the 18th to be announced at sale. Loan event that the office building at 5335 Wisconsin Ave. NW July 19, 2022 AT11:30 AM 2008 TOYOTA SOLARA SE COUP MONTGOMERY COUNTY, CONFERENCE CODE: 1533568# day of July, 2022. type: Conventional. Reference is closed, all scheduled Washington, DC sales will take Great cond't, minor body scratch MARYLAND The report states the amount of Number 19-284566. place at the front entrance door of the Chevy Chase ALL THAT LOT OF GROUND AND THE IMPROVEMENTS The public hearing will provide an opportunity for interested persons sale to be $140,000.00 PROFESSIONAL FORECLOSURE Pavilion) on THEREON (if any) situated in the City of Washington, District 100K mi - $7K - 301-996-1677 to be heard. Interested persons wishing to express their views on the CORPORATION OF VIRGINIA, Sub- of Columbia, known as 2553 Alabama Avenue SE, Washington, issuance of the revenue bonds may also submit written comments Wayne A. Robey stitute Trustees, C/O LOGS LEGAL JULY 26, 2022 AT 2:00 PM DC 20020, and more fully described in the Deed of Trust. 2016 Dodge Dart SRT, Loaded, Main Building Condominium prior to the time of the hearing to the Authority's bond counsel, Clerk of the Circuit Court GROUP LLP, 10021 Balls Ford The property will be sold in an \"AS IS\" condition, with no warranty Silver & Black w/ all options. Red Association, Inc Michael W. Graff, Jr., Esq., 1750 Tysons Boulevard, Suite 1800, Tysons, Road, Suite 200, Manassas, ALL THAT LOT OF GROUND AND THE IMPROVEMENTS of any kind, and subject to conditions, restrictions, agreements, MGP Brake covers. WILL NOT LAST Plaintiff, Virginia 22102. The hearing shall provide the fullest opportunity for for Howard County, MD Virginia 20109 (703) 449-5800. THEREON (if any) situated in the City of Washington, District of liens, and encumbrances of record affecting the same - except $8499. Please call 240-535-3346 the expression of opinion and for argument on the merits on the June 28, July 5, 12, 2022 12389075 Publication Dates: Columbia, known as 1257 U Street, SE, Washington, DC 20020, those encumbrances of record that are extinguished by operation v. issuance of the proposed revenue bonds. June 28, July 12, 19, 2022 and more fully described in the Deed of Trust. of District of Columbia law by virtue of the foreclosure of the 1447 Autos Wanted 871 City of Alexandria 12387196 The property will be sold in an “AS IS” condition, with no war- Deed of Trust. Estate of Michael Phillip Beaver Industrial Development Authority of Arlington County, Virginia ranty of any kind, and subject to conditions, restrictions, agree- Purchaser will take title to the property subject to all taxes, water DONATE YOUR CAR/TRUCK/RV 9610 Dewitt Drive Unit B-105 Published: July 9 and July 12 TRUSTEE’S SALE OF TRUSTEE’S SALE OF ments, liens, and encumbrances of record affecting the same – and sewer charges, and other utility charges, if any. Purchaser Lutheran Mission Society of MD Silver Spring, Maryland 20910 5090 Donovan Drive #101 6333 SHIREY LN, except those encumbrances of record that are extinguished by assumes the risk of loss or damage to the property from the Compassion Place ministries Defendant. 851 Prince Georges County 851 Prince Georges County operation of District of Columbia law by virtue of the foreclosure date of sale forward. Purchaser shall be responsible for obtaining help local families with food, IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR THE IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR THE Alexandria, VA 22304 CENTREVILLE, VA 20121 of the Deed of Trust. physical possession of the property. clothing, counseling. Tax deductible. Case No: C-15-CV-22-000002 COUNTY OF PRINCE GEORGE'S, COUNTY OF PRINCE GEORGE'S, Purchaser will take title to the property subject to all taxes, water TERMS OF SALE: A deposit of $22,000.00 by cashier's MARYLAND MARYLAND In execution of a Deed of Trust and sewer charges, and other utility charges, if any. Purchaser check will be required of purchaser at the time and place MVA licensed #W1044. NOTICE In execution of a Deed of Trust in the original principal amount assumes the risk of loss or damage to the property from the of sale. Purchaser shall settle within thirty (30) days of sale. 410-228-8437 in the original principal amount of of $280,000.00, with an annual date of sale forward. Purchaser shall be responsible for obtaining TIME SHALL BE OF THE ESSENCE WITH RESPECT TO NOTICE is hereby issued this 29th WILLIAM M. SAVAGE, et al. WILLIAM M. SAVAGE, et al. $403,492.00 dated December 29, interest rate of 3.250000% dated physical possession of the property. SETTLEMENT BY PURCHASER. Balance of the purchase price day of June, 2022, by the Circuit Trustee(s) Trustee(s) 2015 recorded among the land January 27, 2005, recorded TERMS OF SALE: A deposit of $25,000.00 by cashier’s to be paid in cash or certified funds at settlement. Interest to be Court for Montgomery County, Plaintiff(s) Plaintiff(s) records of the Circuit Court for among the land records of the check will be required of purchaser at the time and place paid on the unpaid purchase money from the date of sale to the Career Training - Emp Svcs Maryland, that the sale of the con- vs. vs. City of Alexandria on December Circuit Court for the County of of sale. Purchaser shall settle within thirty (30) days of sale. date of settlement at the applicable interest rate set forth in the TRAIN ONLINE TO DO dominium lein against the prop- SANDRA W COLLINS ANNIE R MOORE 30, 2015 as Instrument Number: Fairfax as Deed Book 16926, Page TIME SHALL BE OF THE ESSENCE WITH RESPECT TO debt instrument secured by the Deed of Trust. Purchaser shall MEDICAL BILLING! erty mentioned in these proceed- Defendant(s) Defendant(s) 150021443, the undersigned 1323, the undersigned appointed SETTLEMENT BY PURCHASER. Balance of the purchase price be responsible for payment of all settlement costs. Become a Medical Office ings and described as 9610 Dewitt Mortgagor(s) Mortgagor(s) appointed Substitute Trustee will Substitute Trustee will offer for to be paid in cash or certified funds at settlement. Interest to be The noteholder and its affiliates, if a bidder, shall not be required Professional online at CTI! Drive Unit B-105, Silver Spring, offer for sale at public auction, sale at public auction all that paid on the unpaid purchase money from the date of sale to the to post a deposit or to pay interest. Get Trained, Certified & Maryland 20910, made and CIVIL NO: CAEF21-16577 CIVIL NO: CAEF22-00470 at the Main entrance of the cour- property located in the County of date of settlement at the applicable interest rate set forth in the In the event that purchaser does not settle as required for any ready to work in months! reported by the Sustitute Trustee, NOTICE NOTICE thouse for the Circuit Court of Fairfax, on the courthouse steps debt instrument secured by the Deed of Trust. Purchaser shall reason, purchaser shall be in default. Upon such default, the will be RATIFIED AND CONFIRMED, City of Alexandria, 520 King St., at the front of the Circuit Court be responsible for payment of all settlement costs. deposit shall be forfeited to Substitute Trustee and all of the Call 888-453-2456. unless cause to the contrary NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, this 22nd NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, this 28th Alexandria, VA 22314 on August building for the County of Fairfax The noteholder and its affiliates, if a bidder, shall not be required expenses of this sale (including legal fees and costs, and full (M-F 8am-6pm ET) thereof be shown on or before the day of June, 2022 by the Circuit day of June, 2022 by the Circuit 10, 2022 at 11:30 AM the property located at 4110 Chain Bridge to post a deposit or to pay interest. commission on the gross sale price) shall be charged against and 29th day of July, 2022, provided a Court for the County of Prince Court for the County of Prince described in said deed of trust, Road, Fairfax, Virginia on August In the event that purchaser does not settle as required for any paid out of the forfeited deposit. Substitute Trustee may resell 815 Legal Notices copy of this NOTICE be inserted in George's, Maryland and by the George's, Maryland and by the located at the above address and 16, 2022 at 10:00 AM, the property reason, purchaser shall be in default. Upon such default, the the property at the risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser. some daily newspaper printed in authority thereof, that the sale authority thereof, that the sale briefly described as: with improvements to wit: deposit shall be forfeited to Substitute Trustee and all of the The defaulting purchaser shall not be entitled to any surplus Notice is hereby given that the said County, once in each of three made by William M. Savage and made by William M. Savage and Lot 53, Pendleton Park expenses of this sale (including legal fees and costs, and full proceeds or profits resulting from any resale of the property. following named company (FTX (3) successive weeks before the Gregory N. Britto, Trustees, of the Gregory N. Britto, Trustees, of the Condominium Unit 446, Phase 10, Tax Map No. 0651 08 0053 commission on the gross sale price) shall be charged against and Defaulting purchaser shall be liable to Substitute Trustee for Lend Inc.) at the address listed 29th day of July, 2022. Real Property designated as 6110 Real Property designated as 5200 THE CONDOMINIUMS AT THIS COMMUNICATION IS FROM A paid out of the forfeited deposit. Substitute Trustee may resell legal fees and costs incurred by Substitute Trustee in connection herewith (167 N Green Street, Osborn Road, Landover, MD 20785, Martin Dr, Oxon Hill, MD 20745, CAMERON BOULEVARD, and the DEBT COLLECTOR. the property at the risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser. with such default. Floor 11, Suite 2, Chicago, IL The report states the purchase and reported in the above entitled and reported in the above enti- limited common elements appur- TERMS OF SALE: ALL CASH. A The defaulting purchaser shall not be entitled to any surplus If Substitute Trustee is unable to settle as set forth herein, 60607) has made application to price at the Foreclosure sale to be cause, will be finally ratified and tled cause, will be finally ratified tenant thereto, in a condominium bidder's deposit of 10% of the proceeds or profits resulting from any resale of the property. purchaser's sole remedy at law and in equity shall be limited to a engage in the business of loaning $5,000.00. confirmed, unless cause to the and confirmed, unless cause to constituted and established sale price, will be required in cash, Defaulting purchaser shall be liable to Substitute Trustee for refund of the deposit and the sale shall be considered null and money for the license year end- contrary thereof be shown on or the contrary thereof be shown on under the Virginia Condominium certified or cashier's check. Set- legal fees and costs incurred by Substitute Trustee in connection void and of no effect whatsoever. ing December 31, 2022 as pro- Karen A. Bushell before the 22nd day of July, 2022 or before the 28th day of July, Act, Chapter 4.2 of Title 55 of the tlement within fifteen (15) days with such default. Substitute Trustee reserves the right, in Substitute Trustee's sole vided by the Act of Congress, Clerk of the Circuit Court For next; provided a copy of this order 2022 next; provided a copy of this Code of Virginia (1950), by dec- of sale, otherwise Trustees may If Substitute Trustee is unable to settle as set forth herein, discretion, to reject any and all bids, to withdraw the property approved February 14, 1913. be inserted in THE WASHINGTON order be inserted in THE WASHING- laration recorded as Instrument forfeit deposit. Additional terms purchaser’s sole remedy at law and in equity shall be limited to a from sale at any time before or at the auction, to extend the Anyone desiring to protest County of Montgomery POST, 1150 15th Street, Washing- TON POST, 1150 15th Street, Wash- 000010808 at Page 183 et seq., to be announced at sale. Loan refund of the deposit and the sale shall be considered null and time to receive bids, to waive or modify the deposit requirement, against the issuance of this ton, DC, MD published in said ington, DC, MD published in said amended in Instrument Number type: Conventional. Reference void and of no effect whatsoever. to waive or modify the requirement that interest be paid on the license should do so in writing to July 5, 12, 19, 2022 12386095 County of Prince George's once County of Prince George's once a 010003421, as further amended Number 19-280748. Substitute Trustee reserves the right, in Substitute Trustee’s sole unpaid purchase money, and/or to extend the period of time for the Commissioner of the Depart- a week for three successive weeks week for three successive weeks in Instrument Number PROFESSIONAL FORECLOSURE discretion, to reject any and all bids, to withdraw the property settlement. ment of Insurance, Securities and IN THE CIRCUIT COURT before the 22nd day of July, 2022. before the 28th day of July, 2022. 010005225, and further amend- CORPORATION OF VIRGINIA, Sub- from sale at any time before or at the auction, to extend the Additional terms may be announced at the sale. The successful Banking, 1050 First Street, NE, FOR MONTGOMERY COUNTY, The report states the amount of The report states the amount of ed in Instrument Number stitute Trustees, C/O LOGS LEGAL time to receive bids, to waive or modify the deposit requirement, bidder will be required to execute and deliver to Substitute Suite 801, Washington, DC the sale to be $273,000.00. the sale to be $300,000.00. 010005723, as further amended GROUP LLP, 10021 Balls Ford to waive or modify the requirement that interest be paid on the Trustee a memorandum or contract of the sale at the conclusion 20002, in the manner prescribed MARYLAND in Instrument Number Road, Suite 200, Manassas, unpaid purchase money, and/or to extend the period of time for of bidding., by said Act: See DC Code Title 26, Mahasin El Amin #597 Mahasin El Amin #597 010008067, as further amended Virginia 20109 (703) 449-5800. settlement. Chapter 9 and 16 DCMR 2. Diane S. Rosenberg Clerk of the Circuit Court For Clerk of the Circuit Court For in Instrument Number Publication Dates: Additional terms may be announced at the sale. The successful Diana C. Theologou, Michael T. Ondeck, Substitute Trustees Mark D. Meyer 010010270, as further amended June 28, July 12, 19, 2022 bidder will be required to execute and deliver to Substitute Maurice O'Brien County of Prince George's County of Prince George's in Instrument Number 12387390 Trustee a memorandum or contract of the sale at the conclusion Rosenberg & Associates, LLC 010014480, as further amended of bidding. 4340 East West Highway in Instrument Number TRUSTEE’S SALE OF Suite 600 010014739, and as further 5743 WALCOTT AVENUE, Russell S. Drazin, Substitute Trustee Bethesda, MD 20814 amended in Instrument Number 010017275, and any and all sub- FAIRFAX, VA 22030 Substitute Trustees sequent amendments thereto, as Plaintiff(s) permitted by said declaration, In execution of a Deed of Trust among the land records of the in the original principal amount Notice to Debtors and Creditors v. LOGS LEGAL GROUP LLP LOGS LEGAL GROUP LLP City of Alexandria, Virginia. Tax ID: of $700,000.00, with an annual All creditors of the Estate of SALLY 10021 Balls Ford Rd, Suite 200 10021 Balls Ford Rd, Suite 200 50683950. interest rate of 2.000000% dated ALBRECHT CAREY REVOCABLE Melissa Smith Manassas, Virginia 20109 Manassas, Virginia 20109 October 13, 2005, recorded TRUST, late of Fairfax County, Vir- 3623 Silver Spruce Circle (703) 449-5800 (703) 449-5800 among the land records of the ginia, deceased, are hereby notified Burtonsville, MD 20866 Trustee File #21-289465 Trustee File #21-289189 Circuit Court for the COUNTY OF to render in their demands to the June 28, July 5, 12, 2022 July 5, 12, 19, 2022 12389667 FAIRFAX as Deed Book 17873, undersigned according to law, and Defendant(s) 12388869 Page 1804, the undersigned all persons with indebted to said IN THE CIRCUIT COURT appointed Substitute Trustee will Estate are required to make imme- Case No. 485815V IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR THE FOR PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY, offer for sale at public auction diate payment. COUNTY OF PRINCE GEORGE'S, all that property located in the This 1st day of July, 2022. Melissa NOTICE MARYLAND TERMS OF SALE: A bidder’s COUNTY OF FAIRFAX, on the cour- K Carey, Executor of the Estate MARYLAND deposit of $13,000.00 or 10% of thouse steps at the front of the of Sally Albrecht Carey Revocable Notice is hereby given this 29th KEITH M. YACKO, the sale price, whichever is lower, Circuit Court building for the Trust, Deceased. day of June, 2022, by the Circuit WILLIAM M. SAVAGE, et al. Substitute Trustee, et al, will be required in the form of a County of Fairfax located at 4110 Please send all correspondence to: Court for Montgomery County, Trustee(s) Plaintiffs, certified or cashier’s check. Cash Chain Bridge Road, Fairfax, Vir- Sally Albrecht Carey Maryland, that the sale of 3623 Plaintiff(s) v. will not be accepted as a deposit. ginia on September 13, 2022 at Revocable Trust Silver Spruce Circle Burtonsville, vs. MARK A. DEARLOVE, et. al. Settlement within fifteen (15) 10:00 AM, the property with 2930 Domingo Ave #1310 MD 20866, made and reported, GLORIA J OGDEN Defendant(s) days of sale, otherwise Trustee improvements to wit: Berkeley, CA 94705 will be ratified and confirmed, Defendant(s) may forfeit deposit. Additional LOT 46, SECTION 1, LEWIS PARK unless cause to the contrary Mortgagor(s) Case No. CAEF20-12088 terms to be announced at sale. Tax Map No. 0664 05 0046 820 Official Notices thereof be shown on or before the NOTICE This is a communication from a THIS COMMUNICATION IS FROM A 29th day of July, 2022, provided CIVIL NO: CAEF21-16560 debt collector. This notice is an DEBT COLLECTOR. ABC LICENSE: Two Fish VA, Inc. trad- a copy of this notice be inserted NOTICE ORDERED this 29th day of June, attempt to collect on a debt and TERMS OF SALE: ALL CASH. A ing as Yoko Sushi 2946-J Chain in a daily newspaper printed in 2022, by the Circuit Court for any information obtained will be bidder's deposit of 10% of the Bridge Road Oakton (Fairfax County) said County, once in each of three NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, this 22nd PRINCE GEORGE'S County, Mary- used for that purpose. sale price, will be required in cash, VA 22124. The above establishment successive weeks before the 29th, day of June, 2022 by the Circuit land, that the sale of the property certified or cashier's check. Set- is applying to the VIRGINIA ALCO- day of July, 2022. The Report of Court for the County of Prince at 11501 Colts Neck Drive, Upper (Trustee # 21-005503) tlement within fifteen (15) days HOLIC BEVERAGE CONTROL (ABC) Sale states the amount of the George's, Maryland and by the Marlboro, MD 20772 mentioned of sale, otherwise Trustees may AUTHORITY for a Wine & Beer On foreclosure sale price to be authority thereof, that the sale in these proceedings, made and Substitute Trustee: ALG Trustee, forfeit deposit. Additional terms Premises license to sell or manufac- $310,500.00. made by William M. Savage and reported Keith M. Yacko, et. al, LLC C/O Orlans PC PO Box 2548, to be announced at sale. Loan ture alcoholic beverages. Munkyu Gregory N. Britto, Trustees, of the Substitute Trustees, be ratified Leesburg, VA 20177 type: Conventional. Reference Chegal/President Date notice post- Karen A. Bushell Real Property designated as 9439 and confirmed, unless cause to (703) 777-7101 Number 15-253986. ed at establishment: 06/29/2022 Clerk of the Circuit Court Franklin Ave, Lanham, MD 20706, the contrary be shown on or website: PROFESSIONAL FORECLOSURE NOTE: Objections to the issuance of and reported in the above entitled before the 29th day of July, 2022 CORPORATION OF VIRGINIA, Sub- this license must be submitted to Montgomery County, cause, will be finally ratified and next, provided a copy of this Publication Dates: stitute Trustees, C/O LOGS LEGAL ABC no later than 30 days from the Maryland confirmed, unless cause to the notice be inserted in some news- GROUP LLP, 10021 Balls Ford publishing date of the first of two contrary thereof be shown on or paper published in said County, Road, Suite 200, Manassas, Vir- required newspaper legal notices. July 5, 12, 19, 2022 12389669 before the 22nd day of July, 2022 once in each of three successive July 5, 12, 2022 12386777 ginia 20109 (703) 449-5800. Objections should be registered at next; provided a copy of this order weeks before the 29th day of July, Publication Dates: or 800-552- IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR be inserted in THE WASHINGTON 2022 next. 872 Fairfax County July 12, August 9, 16 12390146 3200. MONTGOMERY COUNTY, POST, 1150 15th Street, Washing- The report states the amount of MARYLAND ton, DC, MD published in said sale to be $508,000.00. TRUSTEE’S SALE OF TRUSTEE’S SALE OF 850 Montgomery County County of Prince George's once 2931 LAWRENCE DRIVE, 6033 CHAPMAN RD, IN THE CIRCUIT COURT James E. Clarke, et. al. a week for three successive weeks Mahasin El Amin #597 FALLS CHURCH, VA 22042 LORTON, VA 22079-4135 FOR MONTGOMERY COUNTY Substitute Trustees before the 22nd day of July, 2022. Clerk of the Circuit Court MARYLAND Plaintiffs The report states the amount of Prince George's County, In execution of a Deed of Trust In execution of a Deed of Trust V. the sale to be $314,000.00. in the original principal amount in the original principal amount CARRIE M. WARD, et al. Sandra Watson Maryland of $870,000.00, with an annual of $618,589.00, with an annual July 8, 12, 14, 18, 6003 Executive Blvd, Suite 101 Defendant(s) Mahasin El Amin #597 July 5, 12, 19, 2022 12389672 interest rate of 2.910000% dated interest rate of 4.500000% dated Rockville, MD 20852 Clerk of the Circuit Court For December 15, 2014, recorded June 4, 2010, recorded among Substitue Trustees/Plaintiffs, Civil No. C-15-CV-22-000957 852 Anne Arundel County among the land records of the the land records of the Circuit NOTICE PURSUANT County of Prince George's Circuit Court for the County of Court for the County of Fairfax vs. Fairfax as Deed Book 23911, Page as Deed Book 21078, Page 0482, TO MD RULE 14-215 (A) LOGS LEGAL GROUP LLP IN THE CIRCUIT COURT 0244, the undersigned appointed the undersigned appointed Sub- MARYLAND 12387112 STEPHANIE LONG ORDERED, by the Circuit Court 10021 Balls Ford Rd, Suite 200 FOR Substitute Trustee will offer for stitute Trustee will offer for sale EDWARD K. LONG (DECEASED) for Montgomery County, Mary- Manassas, Virginia 20109 sale at public auction all that at public auction all that property Roommates 610 Dogs for Sale 21700 Slidell Road land, this 23rd day of June, 2022, (703) 449-5800 ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY property located in the County of located in the County of Fairfax, Boyds, MD 20841 that the foreclosure sale of the Trustee File #19-285183 William M. Savage, et al. Fairfax, on the courthouse steps on the courthouse steps at the CAPITAL HEIGHTS - Sr.'s & disabled CHURCHVILLE VA - SCOTTISH Defendants(s). property described in the deed of June 28, July 5, 12, 2022 Substitute Trustees at the front of the Circuit Court front of the Circuit Court building rehab home. Furn rms. 2 baths, 2 TERRIER PUPS AKC vet checked trust docketed herein and located 12388867 building for the County of Fairfax for the County of Fairfax located kits, $350 sec dep. $700m. W/D. Case No. 442951V at 1121 W. University Boulevard, Versus located at 4110 Chain Bridge at 4110 Chain Bridge Road, Fair- July 12, 14, 18, 20, 22, 25, 2022 12389046 prkg + sec fence. Util incl. Nr Metro. shots $2000 540-337-7277 NOTICE Unit 714B, Silver Spring, MD 20902, IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR THE Road, Fairfax, Virginia on August fax, Virginia on August 16, 2022 N/S inside. Text/Call 202-568-0792 French Bulldog, M/F,, AKC reg, S/W made and reported by James E. COUNTY OF PRINCE GEORGE'S, Mary Ella Thomas 16, 2022 at 11:00 AM, the property at 10:00 AM, the property with 872 Fairfax County 873 Prince William County Call after 4pm Notice is hereby given this 30th Clarke, and Christine M. Drexel, Defendant with improvements to wit: improvements to wit: blue merile, lilac merile, bl/tn, day of June, 2022, by the Circuit Substitute Trustees, Be RATIFIED MARYLAND LOT 129 FENWICK PARK Lot 18, Section 4, Hallowing Point CAPITAL HEIGHTS - House to share. brindle, fluffy $3750-5500 Court for Montgomery County, and CONFIRMED, unless cause to NO. C-02-CV-19-003665 Tax Map No. 050-3-15-0129 River Estates TRUSTEE’S SALE OF TRUSTEE’S SALE OF Close to shopping & Metro. Call or text 301-252-9213 Maryland, that the sale of the the contrary be shown on or WILLIAM M. SAVAGE, et al. THIS COMMUNICATION IS FROM A Tax Map No. 1221020018 10221 VALENTINO DR, APT 7412, 14717 LUTHER ALLEN PLACE, Photos on website property mentioned in these pro- before the 23rd day of July 2022; Trustee(s) NOTICE DEBT COLLECTOR. THIS COMMUNICATION IS FROM A $175 & up each Friday. 240-840-6308 ceedings and described as 21700 provided a copy of this Order be Plaintiff(s) Notice is hereby issued this Tues- TERMS OF SALE: ALL CASH. A DEBT COLLECTOR. OAKTON, VA 22124 WOODBRIDGE, VA 22193 Slidell Road, Boyds, MD 20841, inserted in The Washington Post, vs. day, July 5, 2022 that the sale of bidder's deposit of 10% of the TERMS OF SALE: ALL CASH. A In execution of a Deed of Trust In execution of a Deed of Trust Highland MD, located between Olney Goldendoodle & Labradoodle F1B made and reported by the Substi- once in each of three (3) succes- ANDREW L ROBINSON the property in the proceedings sale price, will be required in cash, bidder's deposit of 10% of the in the original principal amount of in the original principal amount and Clarksville, MD bedroom plus pups! Hypo allerg nonshed. Hlth Guar. tute Trustee, will be RATIFIED AND sive weeks before the 23rd day of Defendant(s) mentioned, made and reported certified or cashier's check. Set- sale price, will be required in cash, $35,000.00, with an annual inter- of $506,300.00, with an annual sitting rm, with pvt entrance and Vet check $1000&up call/txt 540-729- CONFIRMED, unless cause to the July, 2022. Mortgagor(s) by Gregory N. Britto, Substitute tlement within fifteen (15) days certified or cashier's check. Set- est rate of 3.896200% dated June interest rate of 2.875000% dated contrary thereof be shown on or The Report of Sale states the Trustee of sale, otherwise Trustees may tlement within fifteen (15) days 21, 2007, recorded among the January 25, 2007, recorded prkg, no smoking, no pets, park like 6365 before the 30th day of July, 2022, amount of the sale at $143,000.00. CIVIL NO: CAEF22-00434 BE RATIFIED AND CONFIRMED, forfeit deposit. Additional terms of sale, otherwise Trustees may land records of the Circuit Court among the land records of the setting, clean, quiet, $697 incl utils Labradoodles , health guarantee, provided a copy of this NOTICE be NOTICE unless cause to the contrary to be announced at sale. Loan forfeit deposit. Additional terms for the County of Fairfax as Deed Circuit Court for the COUNTY OF shots, worming, 2 vet visits. Parents inserted in some daily newspaper BY THE COURT: thereof be shown on or before type: FHA. Reference Number to be announced at sale. Loan Book 19434, Page 0495, the PRINCE WILLIAM as Deed Instru- 240-351-5150 on premises$500. 717-372-0750 or printed in said County, once in Karen A. Bushell NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, this 22nd the 4th day of August 2022 next; 22-290448. type: FHA. Reference Number undersigned appointed Substi- ment Number 200701260012100, Rockville- Share house, lg br w/ each of three successive weeks Clerk of the Circuit Court day of June, 2022 by the Circuit provided, a copy of this Notice PROFESSIONAL FORECLOSURE 22-290433. tute Trustee will offer for sale the undersigned appointed Sub- walk in closet, nr trans/ shopping, no 717-372-1787. before the 30th day of July, 2022. Montgomery County, Md. Court for the County of Prince be inserted in some newspaper CORPORATION OF VIRGINIA, Sub- PROFESSIONAL FORECLOSURE at public auction all that property stitute Trustee will offer for sale smoking, no pets, clean quiet, very Orlans 19-701426 George's, Maryland and by the published in Anne Arundel Coun- stitute Trustees, C/O LOGS LEGAL CORPORATION OF VIRGINIA, located in the County of Fairfax, at public auction all that property pvt, $697 incl utils. 240-351-5150 Marbury - Goldendoodles M avail. The report states the purchase June 28, July 5, 12, 2022 12389204 authority thereof, that the sale ty, once in each of three succes- GROUP LLP, 10021 Balls Ford Substitute Trustees, C/O LOGS on the courthouse steps at the located in the COUNTY OF PRINCE Red & apricot. $1600. Vetted, 1st price at the Foreclosure sale to be made by William M. Savage and sive weeks before the 4th day Road, Suite 200, Manassas, LEGAL GROUP LLP, 10021 Balls front of the Circuit Court building WILLIAM, on the Court House SILVER SPRING - 1 Room avail in shot, health certf. 240-299-9592 $222,000.00. 851 Prince Georges County Gregory N. Britto, Trustees, of the of August 2022 next. The report Virginia 20109 (703) 449-5800. Ford Road, Suite 200, Manassas, for the County of Fairfax located steps in front of Main Entrance for bsmt w/ pvt entr & full bath. Furn SCHNAUZERS Mixed Real Property designated as 9016 states that the amount of sale Publication Dates: Virginia 20109 (703) 449-5800. at 4110 Chain Bridge Road, Fair- the Circuit Court building for the or unfurn, All utils inc. W/D Free Wi- Up to date on shots & wormed. Karen A. Bushell IN THE CIRCUIT COURT Lake Largo Drive, Upper Marlboro, of the property at 303 COLUMBUS June 28, July 12, 19, 2022 Publication Dates: fax, Virginia on September 13, County of Prince William located Fi. Nr public trans. Call 202-997-2402 Can meet for delivery.. Clerk, Circuit Court for FOR PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY, MD 20774, and reported in the ROAD, GLEN BURNIE MD 21060 to 12387345 June 9, July 12, 19, 2022 2022 at 11:00 AM, the property at 9311 Lee Avenue, Manassas, $400. Text preferred Montgomery County, Maryland above entitled cause, will be finally be $255,000.00. 12387309 with improvements to wit: Virginia on September 13, 2022 Time Shares/ 301-672-1072 or 434-277-8108 MARYLAND ratified and confirmed, unless VISTAS OF VIENNA PH1 BLDG 7 at 2:00 PM, the property with Rentals, Sales BWW#MD-207688 cause to the contrary thereof be Scott A. Poyer Home delivery Tax Map No. 0474-13-7412 improvements to wit: SHIH-TZU PUPPIES - $650. CKC reg, July 5, 12, 19, 2022 KEITH M. YACKO, shown on or before the 22nd day Circuit Court For makes good THIS COMMUNICATION IS FROM A LOT 1, BELL AIR ESTATES Timeshare Cancellation Experts vaccinated. Falls Church, VA. Substitute Trustee, et al, of July, 2022 next; provided a copy Anne Arundel County, Maryland sense. DEBT COLLECTOR. Tax Map No. 8091-45-3084 Wesley Financial Group, LLC Call 202-304-6161 Plaintiffs, of this order be inserted in THE TERMS OF SALE: ALL CASH. A THIS COMMUNICATION IS FROM A Over $50,000,000 in timeshare debt 12390117 v. WASHINGTON POST, 1150 15th July 12, 19, 26, 2022 12390256 Wake up 1-800-753-POST bidder's deposit of 10% of the DEBT COLLECTOR. and fees cancelled in 2019. Get SHITZU PUPPIES. Mother and father MANHEIM HOLDINGS, LLC, Street, Washington, DC, MD pub- to home delivery. sale price, will be required in cash, TERMS OF SALE: ALL CASH. A free informational package and on premises, shots and wormed, IN THE CIRCUIT COURT Defendant(s) lished in said County of Prince IN THE SF certified or cashier's check. Set- bidder's deposit of 10% of the learn how to get rid of your time- $800+ each FOR MONTGOMERY COUNTY, George's once a week for three CIRCUIT COURT 1-800-753-POST tlement within fifteen (15) days sale price, will be required in cash, share! Free consultations. Over 450 540-406-0740 Case No. CAEF22-02198 successive weeks before the 22nd Youh,otmooe, dcoeluivlderhy.ave of sale, otherwise Trustees may certified or cashier's check. Set- positive reviews.Call 888-984-2917. MARYLAND NOTICE day of July, 2022. FOR SF 1-800-753-POST forfeit deposit. Additional terms tlement within fifteen (15) days 620 Cats The report states the amount of ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY to be announced at sale. Loan of sale, otherwise Trustees may 245 Electronics KEITH M. YACKO, ORDERED this 29th day of June, the sale to be $325,000.00. Home delivery SF type: Conventional. Reference forfeit deposit. Additional terms DISH Network. $64.99 for Full bred Persian kitten. 3 wks old Substitute Trustee, et al, 2022, by the Circuit Court for John Ansell, et al. makes good Number 18-277302. to be announced at sale. Loan 190 Channels! Blazing Fast Internet, ready & 5 weeks. Plaintiffs PRINCE GEORGE'S County, Mary- Mahasin El Amin #597 Substitute Trustees sense. PROFESSIONAL FORECLOSURE type: Conventional. Reference v. land, that the sale of the property Clerk of the Circuit Court For Versus CORPORATION OF VIRGINIA, Sub- Number 17-270065. $19.99/mo. (where available.) $1200 571-699-7006 ERIN BUCKINGHAM, et. al. at 2804 Cricklewood Drive, Fort 1-800-753-POST stitute Trustees, C/O LOGS LEGAL PROFESSIONAL FORECLOSURE Switch & Get a FREE $100 Visa Gift Defendants. Washington, MD 20744 mentioned County of Prince George's Estate of Francis J. Murphy, et al. GROUP LLP, 10021 Balls Ford CORPORATION OF VIRGINIA, Sub- Card. FREE Voice Remote. FREE HD in these proceedings, made and Defendants SF Road, Suite 200, Manassas, Vir- stitute Trustees, C/O LOGS LEGAL Case No. 438245V reported Keith M. Yacko, et. al, LOGS LEGAL GROUP LLP ginia 20109 (703) 449-5800. GROUP LLP, 10021 Balls Ford DVR. FREE Streaming on ALL NOTICE Substitute Trustees, be ratified 10021 Balls Ford Rd, Suite 200 NO. C-02-CV-21-001596 Youh,otmooe, dcoeluivlderhy.ave Publication Dates: Road, Suite 200, Manassas, Vir- Devices. Call today! 1-855-407-6870. ORDERED this 22nd day of June, and confirmed, unless cause to Manassas, Virginia 20109 NOTICE 1-800-753-POST July 12, August 9, 16 12390148 ginia 20109 (703) 449-5800. 2022, by the Circuit Court for the contrary be shown on or (703) 449-5800 Publication Dates: 265 Home & Garden MONTGOMERY County, Maryland, before the 29th day of July, 2022 Trustee File #21-289579 Notice is hereby issued this Tues- SF July 12, August 9, 16 12390331 that the sale of the property at next, provided a copy of this June 28, July 5, 12, 2022 day June 21, 2022 that the sale BATH & SHOWER UPDATES 11608 Luvie Court, Potomac, MD notice be inserted in some news- 12388870 of the property in the proceedings Hisocmone vdeenliievnerty. Home delivery Home delivery is so easy. in as little as ONE DAY! Affordable 20854 mentioned in these pro- paper published in said County, mentioned, made and reported by 1-800-753-POST SF is convenient. 1-800-753-POST SF prices - No payments for 18 months! ceedings, made and reported once in each of three successive Hisocmone vdeenliievnerty. John Ansell , Substitute Trustee Lifetime warranty & professional Keith M. Yacko, et. al, Substi- weeks before the 29th day of July, 1-800-753-POST SF BE RATIFIED AND CONFIRMED, 1-800-753-POST Home delivery INSURANCE tute Trustees, be ratified and con- 2022 next. unless cause to the contrary there- is convenient. installs. Senior & Military SERVICES firmed, unless cause to the con- The report states the amount of Home delivery starts of be shown on or before the 21st SF Discounts available. 877-738-0991. trary thereof be shown on or sale to be $311,000.00. your day off right. day of July 2022 next; provided, 1-800-753-POST DENTAL INSURANCE from Physicians before the 22nd day of July, 2022 a copy of this Notice be inserted Home delivery is so easy. Wake up Mutual Insurance Company. Cover- next, provided a copy of this Mahasin El Amin #597 in some newspaper published in 1-800-753-POST SF SF to home delivery. age for 350 plus procedures. Real notice be inserted in some news- Clerk of the Circuit Court Anne Arundel County, once in dental insurance – NOT just a dis- paper published in said County, Prince George's County, each of three successive weeks If only you had home delivery. 1-800-753-POST count plan. Do not wait! Call now! once in each of three successive before the 21st day of July 2022 1-800-753-POST SF Get your FREE Dental Information Kit weeks before the 22nd day of July, Maryland next. The report states that the SF with all the details! 1-855-337-5228 2022 next. July 5, 12, 19, 2022 12389668 amount of sale of the property at The report states the amount of 7845 JUNE DRIVE, PASADENA, MD sale at $951,000.00. If only you had home delivery. 21122 to be $345,000.00. 1-800-753-POST SF Karen A. Bushell Scott A. Poyer Clerk of the Circuit Court For CIRCUIT COURT FOR Montgomery County, Maryland ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY, MD. June 28, July 5, 12, 2022 June 28, July 5, 12, 2022 12388850 12389044 If only you had home delivery. 1-800-753-POST Ask me about home delivery! 1-800-753-POST SF SF 1-800-753-POST SF

D6 CLASSIFIED OPQRS EZ TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 850 Montgomery County 850 Montgomery County 850 Montgomery County 850 Montgomery County 850 Montgomery County 850 Montgomery County 851 Prince Georges County 851 Prince Georges County 851 Prince Georges County 851 Prince Georges County BWW Law Group, LLC BWW Law Group, LLC BWW Law Group, LLC MCMICHAEL TAYLOR GRAY, LLC LAW OFFICES 6003 Executive Blvd., Suite 101 6003 Executive Blvd., Suite 101 6003 Executive Blvd., Suite 101 11900 Parklawn Drive, Suite 320 Shulman, Rogers, Gandal, Pordy & Ecker, P.A. Rockville, MD 20852 Rockville, MD 20852 Rockville, MD 20852 Rockville, Maryland 20852 12505 Park Potomac Avenue, 6th Floor (301) 961-6555 (301) 961-6555 (301) 961-6555 (470) 480-1820 Potomac, MD 20854 TRUSTEE'S SALE (301) 230-5241 SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEES' SALE SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEES' SALE SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEES' SALE OF REAL PROPERTY AND ANY IMPROVEMENTS THEREON OF REAL PROPERTY AND ANY IMPROVEMENTS THEREON OF REAL PROPERTY AND ANY IMPROVEMENTS THEREON 6705 MCKELDIN DRIVE File No. 113852.00825 SUITLAND, MD 20748 TRUSTEE’S SALE 19316 HEMPSTONE AVE. 18119 ROYAL BONNET CIR. 18601 HARVEST SCENE CT. POOLESVILLE, MD 20837 MONTGOMERY VILLAGE, MD 20886 BOYDS, MD 20841 Under a power of sale contained in a certain Deed of Trust dated OF IMPROVED REAL PROPERTY Under a power of sale contained in a certain Deed of Trust dated December 17, 2001, Under a power of sale contained in a certain Deed of Trust dated October 1, 2004, JULY 21, 2005 and recorded in Deed Book 23135 at Page 14664 CAMBRIDGE CIRCLE recorded in Liber 20448, Folio 514 among the Land Records of Montgomery County, recorded in Liber 28951, Folio 192 among the Land Records of Montgomery County, Under a power of sale contained in a certain Deed of Trust dated August 20, 2007, 361 among the Land Records of PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, LAUREL, MD 20707 MD, with an original principal balance of $175,950.00, default having occurred MD, with an original principal balance of $193,965.00, default having occurred recorded in Liber 34915, Folio 535 among the Land Records of Montgomery County, Maryland, default having occurred under the terms thereof, the (the “Property”) under the terms thereof, the Sub. Trustees will sell at public auction at the Circuit under the terms thereof, the Sub. Trustees will sell at public auction at the Circuit MD, with an original principal balance of $675,000.00, default having occurred Substitute Trustees will sell at public auction at the PRINCE Court for Montgomery County, at the Court House Door, 50 Maryland Ave., Rockville, Court for Montgomery County, at the Court House Door, 50 Maryland Ave., Rockville, under the terms thereof, the Sub. Trustees will sell at public auction at the Circuit GEORGE’S COUNTY COURTHOUSE LOCATED AT FRONT OF Under a power of sale contained in a certain Indemnity Deed MD 20850, on MD 20850, on Court for Montgomery County, at the Court House Door, 50 Maryland Ave., Rockville, THE DUVAL WING OF THE COURTHOUSE COMPLEX 14735 of Trust (the “Deed of Trust”) from Shirley J. Blair, dated May JULY 29, 2022 AT 4:10 PM MD 20850, on MAIN STREET, UPPER MARLBORO MD 20772 on 11, 2017 and recorded in Book 39832, at Page 9, among the ALL THAT FEE SIMPLE LOT OF GROUND, together with any buildings or JULY 22, 2022 AT 3:24 PM Land Records of Prince George’s County, Maryland, default improvements thereon located in Montgomery County, MD and more fully described in ALL THAT FEE SIMPLE LOT OF GROUND, together with any buildings or JULY 15, 2022 AT 2:12 PM JULY 21, 2022 AT 10:15 AM having occurred under the terms thereof, the Substitute Trustee the aforesaid Deed of Trust. improvements thereon located in Montgomery County, MD and more fully described in ALL THAT FEE SIMPLE LOT OF GROUND, together with any buildings or (“Trustee”) will sell at public auction at the Circuit Court for The property, and any improvements thereon, will be sold in an \"as is\" condition and the aforesaid Deed of Trust. improvements thereon located in Montgomery County, MD and more fully described in ALL THAT LOT OF GROUND, together with the buildings and Prince George’s County, located at 14735 Main St., Upper subject to conditions, restrictions and agreements of record affecting the same, if any, The property, and any improvements thereon, will be sold in an \"as is\" condition and the aforesaid Deed of Trust. improvements thereon situated in , Maryland, located at the Marlboro, MD, 20772 (Duval Wing entrance, located on Main and with no warranty of any kind. subject to conditions, restrictions and agreements of record affecting the same, if any, The property, and any improvements thereon, will be sold in an \"as is\" condition and above address and more fully described in the aforementioned St.), on Terms of Sale: A deposit of $14,000 in the form of certified check, cashier's and with no warranty of any kind. subject to conditions, restrictions and agreements of record affecting the same, if any, Deed of Trust (the “Property”). check or money order will be required of the purchaser at time and place of sale. Terms of Sale: A deposit of $17,000 in the form of certified check, cashier's and with no warranty of any kind. JULY 14, 2022 at 1:00 PM Balance of the purchase price, together with interest on the unpaid purchase money check or money order will be required of the purchaser at time and place of sale. Terms of Sale: A deposit of $76,000 in the form of certified check, cashier's TAX ID#: 06-0529578 at the current rate contained in the Deed of Trust Note from the date of sale to Balance of the purchase price, together with interest on the unpaid purchase money check or money order will be required of the purchaser at time and place of sale. TERMS OF SALE: A deposit of $18,000.00 by cashier’s/certi- All that Fee-Simple lot of ground and the improvements thereon, the date funds are received by the Sub. Trustees, payable in cash within ten days at the current rate contained in the Deed of Trust Note from the date of sale to Balance of the purchase price, together with interest on the unpaid purchase money fied check or such other form as the Substitute Trustee may if any, identified as Tax ID No. 10-1035658 and more fully of final ratification of the sale by the Circuit Court. There will be no abatement the date funds are received by the Sub. Trustees, payable in cash within ten days at the current rate contained in the Deed of Trust Note from the date of sale to allow, in their sole discretion, required at time of sale except described in the aforesaid Deed of Trust. of interest due to the purchaser in the event additional funds are tendered before of final ratification of the sale by the Circuit Court. There will be no abatement the date funds are received by the Sub. Trustees, payable in cash within ten days for the party secured by the Deed of Trust. Risk of loss on The Property and improvements, if any, thereupon will be sold settlement. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE FOR THE PURCHASER. Adjustment of of interest due to the purchaser in the event additional funds are tendered before of final ratification of the sale by the Circuit Court. There will be no abatement purchaser from date and time of auction. The property and in \"as is\" condition and subject to conditions, restrictions and all real property taxes, including agricultural taxes, if applicable, and any and all settlement. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE FOR THE PURCHASER. Adjustment of of interest due to the purchaser in the event additional funds are tendered before improvements will be sold in “as is” physical condition without agreements of record affecting the same, if any, and with no public and/or private charges or assessments, to the extent such amounts survive all real property taxes, including agricultural taxes, if applicable, and any and all settlement. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE FOR THE PURCHASER. Adjustment of either express or implied warranty of any kind and subject to all warranty of any kind. foreclosure sale, including water/sewer and front foot benefit charges, to be adjusted public and/or private charges or assessments, to the extent such amounts survive all real property taxes, including agricultural taxes, if applicable, and any and all conditions, restrictions and agreements of record affecting the Terms of Sale: A deposit of $11,000.00 by certified check. to date of sale and thereafter assumed by purchaser. Purchaser is responsible for any foreclosure sale, including water/sewer and front foot benefit charges, to be adjusted public and/or private charges or assessments, to the extent such amounts survive same. Balance of the purchase price to be paid in cash within Balance of the purchase price to be paid in cash within ten recapture of homestead tax credit. All transfer taxes and recordation taxes shall be to date of sale and thereafter assumed by purchaser. Purchaser is responsible for any foreclosure sale, including water/sewer and front foot benefit charges, to be adjusted ten days of final ratification of sale. Interest to be paid on the days of final ratification of sale by the Circuit Court for Prince paid by Purchaser. Condominium fees and/or homeowners association dues, if any, recapture of homestead tax credit. All transfer taxes and recordation taxes shall be to date of sale and thereafter assumed by purchaser. Purchaser is responsible for any unpaid purchase money at the rate of 3% from the date of sale George’s County. Interest to be paid on the unpaid purchase shall be assumed by the purchaser from the date of sale. Purchaser is responsible paid by Purchaser. Condominium fees and/or homeowners association dues, if any, recapture of homestead tax credit. All transfer taxes and recordation taxes shall be to the date funds are received in the office of the Substitute money at the rate of 5.5% from the date of sale to the date for obtaining physical possession of the property, and assumes risk of loss or damage shall be assumed by the purchaser from the date of sale. Purchaser is responsible paid by Purchaser. Condominium fees and/or homeowners association dues, if any, Trustees. There will be no abatement of interest in the event funds are received in the office of the Trustee. There will be to the property from the date of sale. The sale is subject to post-sale audit of the for obtaining physical possession of the property, and assumes risk of loss or damage shall be assumed by the purchaser from the date of sale. Purchaser is responsible additional funds are tendered before settlement or if settlement no abatement of interest in the event additional funds are status of the loan with the loan servicer including, but not limited to, determination to the property from the date of sale. The sale is subject to post-sale audit of the for obtaining physical possession of the property, and assumes risk of loss or damage is delayed for any reason. tendered before settlement or if settlement is delayed for any of whether the borrower entered into any repayment agreement, reinstated or paid off status of the loan with the loan servicer including, but not limited to, determination to the property from the date of sale. The sale is subject to post-sale audit of the TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE FOR THE PURCHASER. Adjust- reason. The noteholder shall not be obligated to pay interest the loan prior to the sale. In any such event, this sale shall be null and void, and the of whether the borrower entered into any repayment agreement, reinstated or paid off status of the loan with the loan servicer including, but not limited to, determination ment of all real property taxes, including agricultural taxes, if if it is the purchaser. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE FOR THE Purchaser's sole remedy, in law or equity, shall be the return of the deposit without the loan prior to the sale. In any such event, this sale shall be null and void, and the of whether the borrower entered into any repayment agreement, reinstated or paid off applicable, and any and all public and/or private charges or PURCHASER. Adjustment of all real property taxes, including interest. If purchaser fails to settle within ten days of ratification, subject to order of Purchaser's sole remedy, in law or equity, shall be the return of the deposit without the loan prior to the sale. In any such event, this sale shall be null and void, and the assessments, including water/sewer charges and ground rent, to agricultural taxes, if applicable, and any and all public and/or court, purchaser agrees that property will be resold and entire deposit retained by Sub. interest. If purchaser fails to settle within ten days of ratification, subject to order of Purchaser's sole remedy, in law or equity, shall be the return of the deposit without be adjusted to date of sale and thereafter assumed by purchaser. private charges or assessments, including water/sewer charges Trustees as liquidated damages for all losses occasioned by the purchaser's default court, purchaser agrees that property will be resold and entire deposit retained by Sub. interest. If purchaser fails to settle within ten days of ratification, subject to order of Condominium fees and/or homeowners association dues, if any, and ground rent, to be adjusted to date of sale and thereafter and purchaser shall have no further liability. The defaulted purchaser shall not be Trustees as liquidated damages for all losses occasioned by the purchaser's default court, purchaser agrees that property will be resold and entire deposit retained by Sub. shall be assumed by the purchaser from the date of sale forward. assumed by purchaser. Condominium fees and/or homeowners entitled to any surplus proceeds resulting from said resale even if such surplus results and purchaser shall have no further liability. The defaulted purchaser shall not be Trustees as liquidated damages for all losses occasioned by the purchaser's default Cost of all documentary stamps, transfer taxes and settlement association dues, if any, shall be assumed by the purchaser from from improvements to the property by said defaulted purchaser. Sub. Trustees will entitled to any surplus proceeds resulting from said resale even if such surplus results and purchaser shall have no further liability. The defaulted purchaser shall not be expenses shall be borne by the purchaser. Purchaser shall be the date of sale forward. Cost of all documentary stamps, transfer convey either marketable or insurable title. If they cannot deliver one or the other, or if from improvements to the property by said defaulted purchaser. Sub. Trustees will entitled to any surplus proceeds resulting from said resale even if such surplus results responsible for obtaining physical possession of the Property. If and recordation taxes and settlement expenses shall be borne ratification of the sale is denied by the Circuit Court for any reason, the Purchaser's convey either marketable or insurable title. If they cannot deliver one or the other, or if from improvements to the property by said defaulted purchaser. Sub. Trustees will the Substitute Trustees are unable to convey title for any reason, by the purchaser. Purchaser shall be responsible for obtaining sole remedy, at law or equity, is return of the deposit without interest. BIDDERS ARE ratification of the sale is denied by the Circuit Court for any reason, the Purchaser's convey either marketable or insurable title. If they cannot deliver one or the other, or if the purchaser's sole remedy in law and equity shall be limited physical possession of the Property. Purchaser assumes the STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO FOLLOW CDC GUIDANCE AND WEAR A COVER OVER sole remedy, at law or equity, is return of the deposit without interest. BIDDERS ARE ratification of the sale is denied by the Circuit Court for any reason, the Purchaser's to a refund of the deposit without interest. If the Purchaser risk of loss or damage to the Property from the date of sale BOTH NOSE AND MOUTH AND PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING AT THE AUCTION. STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO FOLLOW CDC GUIDANCE AND WEAR A COVER OVER sole remedy, at law or equity, is return of the deposit without interest. BIDDERS ARE defaults, the deposit shall be forfeited to the Substitute Trustees forward. Additional terms may be announced at the time of sale. (Matter No. 23761-1) BOTH NOSE AND MOUTH AND PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING AT THE AUCTION. STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO FOLLOW CDC GUIDANCE AND WEAR A COVER OVER for application against all expenses, attorney's fees and the full If the Trustee is unable to convey good and marketable title, (Matter No. 150851-2) BOTH NOSE AND MOUTH AND PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING AT THE AUCTION. commission on the sale price of the above-scheduled foreclosure the purchaser's sole remedy in law and equity shall be limited PLEASE CONSULT WWW.ALEXCOOPER.COM FOR (Matter No. 337162-3) sale. In the event of default, all expenses of this sale (including to a refund of the deposit without interest. If the purchaser STATUS OF UPCOMING SALES PLEASE CONSULT WWW.ALEXCOOPER.COM FOR attorney's fees and the full commission on the gross sale price fails to go to settlement, the deposit shall be forfeited to the STATUS OF UPCOMING SALES PLEASE CONSULT WWW.ALEXCOOPER.COM FOR of this sale) shall be charged against and paid out of the Trustee for application against all expenses, attorneys’ fees and Howard N. Bierman, Carrie M. Ward, et. al., Substitute Trustees STATUS OF UPCOMING SALES forfeited deposit. The Trustees may then re-advertise and resell the full commission on the sale price of the above-scheduled Howard N. Bierman, Carrie M. Ward, et. al., Substitute Trustees the Property at the risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser foreclosure sale. In the event of default, all expenses of this sale Howard N. Bierman, Carrie M. Ward, et. al., Substitute Trustees or may avail themselves of any legal or equitable remedies (including attorneys’ fees and the full commission of this sale) against the defaulting purchaser without re-selling the Property. shall be charged against and paid out of the forfeited deposit. July 12, 19, 26, 2022 12390160 July 5, 12, 19, 2022 12389627 June 28, July 5, 12, 2022 12388937 In the event of a resale, the defaulting purchaser shall not The Trustee may then re-advertise and resell the Property at be entitled to receive the surplus, if any, even if such surplus the risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser or may avail McCabe, Weisberg & Conway, LLC BWW Law Group, LLC BWW Law Group, LLC results from improvements to the Property by said defaulting himself of any legal or equitable remedies against the defaulting 312 Marshall Avenue, Suite 800 6003 Executive Blvd., Suite 101 6003 Executive Blvd., Suite 101 purchaser and the defaulting purchaser shall be liable to the purchaser without re-selling the Property. In the event of a resale, Trustees and secured party for reasonable attorney's fees and the defaulting purchaser shall not be entitled to receive the Laurel, MD 20707 Rockville, MD 20852 Rockville, MD 20852 expenses incurred in connection with all litigation involving the surplus, if any, even if such surplus results from improvements (301) 961-6555 (301) 961-6555 Property or the proceeds of the resale. This sale is subject to to the Property by said defaulting purchaser and the defaulting SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEES’ SALE post-sale audit of the status of the loan secured by the Deed purchaser shall be liable to the Trustee and secured party for OF IMPROVED REAL PROPERTY SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEES' SALE SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEES' SALE of Trust including, but not limited to, determining whether reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses incurred in connection 571 W. DIAMOND AVE. OF REAL PROPERTY AND ANY IMPROVEMENTS THEREON OF REAL PROPERTY AND ANY IMPROVEMENTS THEREON prior to sale a bankruptcy was filed; forbearance, repayment or with all litigation involving the Property or the proceeds of the GAITHERSBURG, MD 20877 other agreement was entered into; or the loan was reinstated resale. Under a power of sale contained in a certain Deed of Trust from Gladys Leiva, dated 15019 DINSDALE DR. 20720 NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE. or paid off. In any such event, this sale shall be null and void September 22, 2006 and recorded in Liber 33083, folio 127 among the Land SILVER SPRING, MD 20906 BROOKEVILLE, MD 20833 and Purchaser’s sole remedy shall be return of deposit without Benjamin P. Smith, Records of Montgomery County, MD, default having occurred under the terms thereof Under a power of sale contained in a certain Deed of Trust dated May 17, 2006, interest. Substitute Trustee and at the request of the parties secured thereby, the undersigned Substitute Trustees recorded in Liber 32555, Folio 660 among the Land Records of Montgomery County, Under a power of sale contained in a certain Deed of Trust dated October 4, 2010, will offer for sale at public auction at the Circuit Court for Montgomery County, at the MD, with an original principal balance of $286,400.00, default having occurred recorded in Liber 40267, Folio 1 among the Land Records of Montgomery County, Keith M. Yacko, Gregory Thorne, Substitute Trustees Court House Door, 50 Maryland Ave., Rockville, MD 20850, on under the terms thereof, the Sub. Trustees will sell at public auction at the Circuit MD, with an original principal balance of $750,000.00, default having occurred File No.:MD2020-00367 JULY 29, 2022 AT 4:20 PM Court for Montgomery County, at the Court House Door, 50 Maryland Ave., Rockville, under the terms thereof, the Sub. Trustees will sell at public auction at the Circuit ALL THAT FEE SIMPLE LOT OF GROUND AND THE IMPROVEMENTS THEREON MD 20850, on Court for Montgomery County, at the Court House Door, 50 Maryland Ave., Rockville, June 28, July 5, 12, 12388846 situated in Montgomery County, Maryland and described as Unit numbered 40, in a JULY 22, 2022 AT 3:20 PM MD 20850, on condominium subdivision styled \"Plat of Condominium Subdivision Stratford Mews ALL THAT FEE SIMPLE LOT OF GROUND, together with any buildings or July 5, 12, 19, 12388505 Condominium\" and more fully described in the aforesaid Deed of Trust. The property improvements thereon located in Montgomery County, MD and more fully described in JULY 15, 2022 AT 2:10 PM is improved by a dwelling. the aforesaid Deed of Trust. ALL THAT FEE SIMPLE LOT OF GROUND, together with any buildings or Samuel I. White, P.C. GREENSPOON MARDER, LLP The property, will be sold in an \"as is\" condition and subject to conditions, restrictions, The property, and any improvements thereon, will be sold in an \"as is\" condition and improvements thereon located in Montgomery County, MD and more fully described in 596 Lynnhaven Parkway, Suite 200 201 International Circle, Suite 230 easements, encumbrances and agreements of record affecting the subject property, if subject to conditions, restrictions and agreements of record affecting the same, if any, the aforesaid Deed of Trust. any, and with no warranty of any kind. and with no warranty of any kind. The property, and any improvements thereon, will be sold in an \"as is\" condition and Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Hunt Valley, MD 21030 Terms of Sale: A deposit in the form of cashier's or certified check, or in such Terms of Sale: A deposit of $26,000 in the form of certified check, cashier's subject to conditions, restrictions and agreements of record affecting the same, if any, SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEES' SALE OF SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEE'S SALE other form as the Substitute Trustees may determine, at their sole discretion, for check or money order will be required of the purchaser at time and place of sale. and with no warranty of any kind. VALUABLE FEE SIMPLE PROPERTY OF IMPROVED REAL PROPERTY $25,000 at the time of sale. If the noteholder and/or servicer is the successful Balance of the purchase price, together with interest on the unpaid purchase money Terms of Sale: A deposit of $59,000 in the form of certified check, cashier's bidder, the deposit requirement is waived. Balance of the purchase price is to be at the current rate contained in the Deed of Trust Note from the date of sale to check or money order will be required of the purchaser at time and place of sale. KNOWN AS KNOWN AS paid within fifteen (15) days of the final ratification of the sale by the Circuit Court the date funds are received by the Sub. Trustees, payable in cash within ten days Balance of the purchase price, together with interest on the unpaid purchase money 8912 South Cherry Lane 8508 Rejicher Street for Montgomery County, Maryland. Interest is to be paid on the unpaid purchase price of final ratification of the sale by the Circuit Court. There will be no abatement at the current rate contained in the Deed of Trust Note from the date of sale to Upper Marlboro, MD 20774 Landover, MD 20785 at the rate of 5% per annum from date of sale to the date the funds are received in of interest due to the purchaser in the event additional funds are tendered before the date funds are received by the Sub. Trustees, payable in cash within ten days the office of the Substitute Trustees, if the property is purchased by an entity other settlement. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE FOR THE PURCHASER. Adjustment of of final ratification of the sale by the Circuit Court. There will be no abatement Under and by virtue of the power of sale contained in a certain By virtue of a power of sale contained in a Deed of Trust than the noteholder and/or servicer. If payment of the balance does not occur within all real property taxes, including agricultural taxes, if applicable, and any and all of interest due to the purchaser in the event additional funds are tendered before Deed of Trust to FIRST AMERICAN TITLE COMPANY, Trustee(s), from JOHNNIE L. BURBANK, dated January 22, 2018 fifteen days of ratification, the deposit will be forfeited and the property will be resold public and/or private charges or assessments, to the extent such amounts survive settlement. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE FOR THE PURCHASER. Adjustment of dated February 22, 2018, and recorded among the Land Records and recorded in book 40545 , page 305 among the at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser. There will be no abatement of interest foreclosure sale, including water/sewer and front foot benefit charges, to be adjusted all real property taxes, including agricultural taxes, if applicable, and any and all of PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY, MARYLAND in Liber 40786, Land Records of PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY, Maryland, due from the purchaser in the event settlement is delayed for any reason. Taxes, to date of sale and thereafter assumed by purchaser. Purchaser is responsible for any public and/or private charges or assessments, to the extent such amounts survive folio 295, the holder of the indebtedness secured by this Deed default having occurred thereunder (Foreclosure Case docketed water rent, and all other public charges and assessments payable on an annual basis, recapture of homestead tax credit. All transfer taxes and recordation taxes shall be foreclosure sale, including water/sewer and front foot benefit charges, to be adjusted of Trust having appointed the undersigned Substitute Trustees, as Case No. CAEF21-12134; Tax ID No. 13-1396167) the including sanitary and/or metropolitan district charges to be adjusted for the current paid by Purchaser. Condominium fees and/or homeowners association dues, if any, to date of sale and thereafter assumed by purchaser. Purchaser is responsible for any by instrument duly recorded among the aforesaid Land Records, Substitute Trustee will sell at public auction PRINCE GEORGE'S year to the date of sale, and assumed thereafter by the purchaser. Condominium fees shall be assumed by the purchaser from the date of sale. Purchaser is responsible recapture of homestead tax credit. All transfer taxes and recordation taxes shall be default having occurred under the terms thereof, and at the COUNTY courthouse located at FRONT OF THE DUVAL WING and/or homeowners association dues, if any, shall be assumed by the purchaser from for obtaining physical possession of the property, and assumes risk of loss or damage paid by Purchaser. Condominium fees and/or homeowners association dues, if any, request of the party secured thereby, the undersigned Substitute OF THE COURTHOUSE COMPLEX 14735 MAIN ST, UPPER the date of sale. The purchaser shall be responsible for the payment of the ground to the property from the date of sale. The sale is subject to post-sale audit of the shall be assumed by the purchaser from the date of sale. Purchaser is responsible Trustee will offer for sale at public auction at THE PRINCE MARLBORO, MD 20772 . rent escrow, if required. Cost of all documentary stamps, transfer taxes (including status of the loan with the loan servicer including, but not limited to, determination for obtaining physical possession of the property, and assumes risk of loss or damage GEORGE'S COUNTY COURTHOUSE LOCATED AT FRONT OF agricultural transfer taxes, if applicable), and all settlement charges shall be borne by of whether the borrower entered into any repayment agreement, reinstated or paid off to the property from the date of sale. The sale is subject to post-sale audit of the THE DUVAL WING OF THE COURTHOUSE COMPLEX 14735 JULY 28, 2022 at 10:00 AM the purchaser. If the Substitute Trustees are unable to convey good and marketable the loan prior to the sale. In any such event, this sale shall be null and void, and the status of the loan with the loan servicer including, but not limited to, determination MAIN ST, UPPER MARLBORO, MD 20772 ON, title, the purchaser’s sole remedy in law or equity shall be limited to the refund of Purchaser's sole remedy, in law or equity, shall be the return of the deposit without of whether the borrower entered into any repayment agreement, reinstated or paid off ALL THAT FEE SIMPLE LOT OF GROUND and improvements the deposit to the purchaser. Upon refund of the deposit, the sale shall be void and interest. If purchaser fails to settle within ten days of ratification, subject to order of the loan prior to the sale. In any such event, this sale shall be null and void, and the JULY 28, 2022 at 10:00 AM thereon situated in PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY, MD and more of no effect, and the purchaser shall have no further claim against the Substitute court, purchaser agrees that property will be resold and entire deposit retained by Sub. Purchaser's sole remedy, in law or equity, shall be the return of the deposit without fully described in above referenced Deed of Trust. Trustees. Purchaser shall be responsible for obtaining physical possession of the Trustees as liquidated damages for all losses occasioned by the purchaser's default interest. If purchaser fails to settle within ten days of ratification, subject to order of ALL THAT FEE SIMPLE LOT OF GROUND and improvements The property will be sold in an \"as is\" condition and subject to property. The purchaser at the foreclosure sale shall assume the risk of loss for the and purchaser shall have no further liability. The defaulted purchaser shall not be court, purchaser agrees that property will be resold and entire deposit retained by Sub. thereon situated in PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY, MD and conditions, restrictions and agreements of record affecting the property immediately after the sale. (Matter #18-603282). entitled to any surplus proceeds resulting from said resale even if such surplus results Trustees as liquidated damages for all losses occasioned by the purchaser's default described as follows: same, if any and with no warranty of any kind. from improvements to the property by said defaulted purchaser. Sub. Trustees will and purchaser shall have no further liability. The defaulted purchaser shall not be BEING KNOWN AND DESIGNATED AS LOT SIXTEEN (16) IN Terms of Sale: A deposit of $ 25,000.00 will be required Laura H. G. O'Sullivan, et al., Substitute Trustees convey either marketable or insurable title. If they cannot deliver one or the other, or if entitled to any surplus proceeds resulting from said resale even if such surplus results SECTION TWO (2) IN THE SUBDIVISION KNOWN AS \"LITTLE at the time of sale, such deposit to be in CERTIFIED CHECK ratification of the sale is denied by the Circuit Court for any reason, the Purchaser's from improvements to the property by said defaulted purchaser. Sub. Trustees will WASHINGTON\" AS PER PLAT THEREOF RECORDED IN PLAT OR BY CASHIER'S CHECK, CASH WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. sole remedy, at law or equity, is return of the deposit without interest. BIDDERS ARE convey either marketable or insurable title. If they cannot deliver one or the other, or if BOOK 14 AT PLAT 94 AMONG THE LAND RECORDS OF Balance of the purchase price to be paid in cash within ten STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO FOLLOW CDC GUIDANCE AND WEAR A COVER OVER ratification of the sale is denied by the Circuit Court for any reason, the Purchaser's PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY, MARYLAND. days of final ratification of sale by the Circuit Court for PRINCE BOTH NOSE AND MOUTH AND PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING AT THE AUCTION. sole remedy, at law or equity, is return of the deposit without interest. BIDDERS ARE The property will be sold in an \"AS IS WHERE IS\" condition GEORGE'S COUNTY. Time is of the essence as to the purchaser. (Matter No. 333564-1) STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO FOLLOW CDC GUIDANCE AND WEAR A COVER OVER without either express or implied warranty or representation, If the purchaser defaults, the deposit shall be forfeited and the BOTH NOSE AND MOUTH AND PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING AT THE AUCTION. including but not limited to the description, fitness for a property shall be resold at the purchaser's risk and expense. The PLEASE CONSULT WWW.ALEXCOOPER.COM FOR (Matter No. 349123-2) particular purpose or use, structural integrity, physical condi- purchaser waives personal service and accepts service by first STATUS OF UPCOMING SALES tion, construction, extent of construction, workmanship, mate- class mail and certified mail addressed to the address provided PLEASE CONSULT WWW.ALEXCOOPER.COM FOR rials, liability, zoning, subdivision, environmental condition, by said Purchaser as identified on the Memorandum of Sale for Howard N. Bierman, Carrie M. Ward, et. al., Substitute Trustees STATUS OF UPCOMING SALES merchantability, compliance with building or housing codes or any Motion or Show Cause Order incident to this sale including other laws, ordinances or regulations, or other similar matters, a Motion to Default Purchaser and for Resale of the Property. Howard N. Bierman, Carrie M. Ward, et. al., Substitute Trustees and subject to easements, agreements and restrictions of record In the event of a resale, the defaulting purchaser shall not be which affect the same, if any. The property will be sold entitled to receive any benefit from the resale, including, but July 12, 19, 26, 2022 12390153 subject to all conditions, liens, restrictions and agreements of not limited to, additional proceeds or surplus which may arise record affecting same including any condominium and of HOA therefrom. Interest to be paid on the unpaid purchase money at McCabe, Weisberg & Conway, LLC June 28, July 5, 12, 2022 12388936 assessments pursuant to Md Real Property Article 11-110. five percent (5%) from the date of sale to the date funds are 312 Marshall Avenue, Suite 800 TERMS OF SALE: A deposit of $20,000.00 PAYABLE ONLY BY received by the Substitute Trustee. There will be no abatement of July 5, 12, 19, 2022 12389625 McCabe, Weisberg & Conway, LLC certified funds, shall be required at the time of sale. CASH WILL interest in the event additional funds are tendered at the time of Laurel, MD 20707 312 Marshall Avenue, Suite 800 NOT BE AN ACCEPTABLE FORM OF DEPOSIT. The balance of sale or any time prior to settlement or if the settlement is delayed BWW Law Group, LLC the purchase price with interest at 3.75% per annum from the for any reason. In the event that the Secured Party executes SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEES’ SALE 6003 Executive Blvd., Suite 101 Laurel, MD 20707 date of sale to the date of payment will be paid within TEN a forbearance agreement with the borrower(s) described in the OF IMPROVED REAL PROPERTY DAYS after the final ratification of the sale. There will be no above-mentioned Deed of Trust, or allows the borrower(s) to Rockville, MD 20852 SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEES’ SALE abatement of interest for any reason. Adjustments on all taxes, execute their right to reinstate or payoff the subject loan, 3708 KENILWORTH DR. (301) 961-6555 OF IMPROVED REAL PROPERTY public charges and special or regular assessments will be made prior to the sale, with or without the Substitute Trustee's prior CHEVY CHASE, MD 20815 1220 BLAIR MILL RD., UNIT #1208 as of the date of sale and thereafter assumed by purchaser. There knowledge, this Contract shall be null and void and of no effect, Under a power of sale contained in a certain Deed of Trust from Walter Wray a/k/a SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEES' SALE SILVER SPRING, MD 20910 will be no abatement of taxes, public charges and special or and the Purchaser's sole remedy shall be the return of the deposit Walter W. Wray, dated July 11, 2007 and recorded in Liber 34611, folio 712 among OF REAL PROPERTY AND ANY IMPROVEMENTS THEREON Under a power of sale contained in a certain Deed of Trust from Tara L. Meadows, regular assessments for any reason. If applicable, condominium without interest. Purchaser shall pay for documentary stamps, the Land Records of Montgomery County, MD, default having occurred under the dated June 19, 2007 and recorded in Liber 34494, folio 611 among the Land and/or homeowner association dues and assessments that may transfer taxes and settlement expenses. Taxes, ground rent, terms thereof and at the request of the parties secured thereby, the undersigned 18735 WALKERS CHOICE RD. Records of Montgomery County, MD, default having occurred under the terms thereof become due after the time of sale will be the responsibility of water rent, condominium fees and/or homeowner association Substitute Trustees will offer for sale at public auction at the Circuit Court for MONTGOMERY VILLAGE, MD 20886 and at the request of the parties secured thereby, the undersigned Substitute Trustees the purchaser. Title examination, conveyancing, state revenue dues, all public charges/assessments payable on an annual Montgomery County, at the Court House Door, 50 Maryland Ave., Rockville, MD Under a power of sale contained in a certain Deed of Trust dated September 6, 2013, will offer for sale at public auction at the Circuit Court for Montgomery County, at the stamps, transfer taxes, title insurance, and all other costs basis, including sanitary and/or metropolitan district charges, if 20850, on recorded in Liber 47682, Folio 396 among the Land Records of Montgomery County, Court House Door, 50 Maryland Ave., Rockville, MD 20850, on incident to settlement are to be paid by the purchaser. Time is applicable, shall be adjusted to the date of sale and assumed JULY 29, 2022 AT 4:22 PM MD, with an original principal balance of $274,800.00, default having occurred JULY 15, 2022 AT 2:00 PM of the essence for the purchaser, otherwise the deposit will be thereafter by the purchaser. Purchaser shall be responsible ALL THAT FEE SIMPLE LOT OF GROUND AND THE IMPROVEMENTS THEREON under the terms thereof, the Sub. Trustees will sell at public auction at the Circuit ALL THAT FEE SIMPLE LOT OF GROUND AND THE IMPROVEMENTS THEREON forfeited, and the property may be resold at risk and costs of the for obtaining physical possession of the property. Purchaser situated in Montgomery County, Maryland and more fully described in the aforesaid Court for Montgomery County, at the Court House Door, 50 Maryland Ave., Rockville, situated in Montgomery County, Maryland and described as Unit No. 1208 together defaulting purchaser and the purchaser agrees to pay reasonable assumes the risk of loss or damage to the property from the date Deed of Trust. The property is improved by a dwelling. MD 20850, on with the appurtenant Limited Common Element Parking Space Number L22 and the attorneys' fees for the Substitute trustees, plus all cost incurred, of sale forward. If the Substitute Trustee is unable to convey The property, will be sold in an \"as is\" condition and subject to conditions, restrictions, Common Elements appurtenant thereto in the Mica Condominium at Silver Spring if the Substitute Trustee's have filed the appropriate motion with insurable title for any reason, the Purchaser's sole remedy in easements, encumbrances and agreements of record affecting the subject property, if JULY 15, 2022 AT 2:14 PM Metro and more fully described in the aforesaid Deed of Trust. The property is the Court to resell the property. The purchasers waives personal law or equity shall be limited to a refund of the aforementioned any, and with no warranty of any kind. ALL THAT FEE SIMPLE LOT OF GROUND, together with any buildings or improved by a dwelling. service of any papers filed in connection with such a motion deposit without interest. In the event the sale is not ratified Terms of Sale: A deposit in the form of cashier's or certified check, or in such improvements thereon located in Montgomery County, MD and more fully described in The property, will be sold in an \"as is\" condition and subject to conditions, restrictions, and expressly agrees to The purchaser agrees to accept service for any reason, the Purchaser's sole remedy, at law or equity, is other form as the Substitute Trustees may determine, at their sole discretion, for the aforesaid Deed of Trust. easements, encumbrances and agreements of record affecting the subject property, if by first class mail at the address provided by the Purchaser as the return of the deposit without interest. (File # 44377.0255) $117,000 at the time of sale. If the noteholder and/or servicer is the successful The property, and any improvements thereon, will be sold in an \"as is\" condition and any, and with no warranty of any kind. identified on the Memorandum of Sale. If the sale is not ratified bidder, the deposit requirement is waived. Balance of the purchase price is to be subject to conditions, restrictions and agreements of record affecting the same, if any, Terms of Sale: A deposit in the form of cashier's or certified check, or in such or if the Substitute Trustees are unable to convey marketable Eric D. VandeLinde, paid within fifteen (15) days of the final ratification of the sale by the Circuit Court and with no warranty of any kind. other form as the Substitute Trustees may determine, at their sole discretion, for title in accord with these terms of sale, the purchaser's only SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEE for Montgomery County, Maryland. Interest is to be paid on the unpaid purchase price Terms of Sale: A deposit of $23,000 in the form of certified check, cashier's $34,000 at the time of sale. If the noteholder and/or servicer is the successful remedy is return of the deposit. at the rate of 5% per annum from date of sale to the date the funds are received in check or money order will be required of the purchaser at time and place of sale. bidder, the deposit requirement is waived. Balance of the purchase price is to be paid The sale is subject to post-sale confirmation and audit of the the office of the Substitute Trustees, if the property is purchased by an entity other Balance of the purchase price, together with interest on the unpaid purchase money within fifteen (15) days of the final ratification of the sale by the Circuit Court for status of the loan with the loan servicer including, but not than the noteholder and/or servicer. If payment of the balance does not occur within at the current rate contained in the Deed of Trust Note from the date of sale to Montgomery County, Maryland. Interest is to be paid on the unpaid purchase price at limited to, determination of whether the borrower entered into fifteen days of ratification, the deposit will be forfeited and the property will be resold the date funds are received by the Sub. Trustees, payable in cash within ten days the rate of 6.875% per annum from date of sale to the date the funds are received in a repayment agreement, reinstated, or paid off the loan prior to at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser. There will be no abatement of interest of final ratification of the sale by the Circuit Court. There will be no abatement the office of the Substitute Trustees, if the property is purchased by an entity other sale. In any such event, this sale shall be null and void, and the due from the purchaser in the event settlement is delayed for any reason. Taxes, of interest due to the purchaser in the event additional funds are tendered before than the noteholder and/or servicer. If payment of the balance does not occur within Purchaser's sol remedy, in law or equity, shall be the return of water rent, and all other public charges and assessments payable on an annual basis, settlement. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE FOR THE PURCHASER. Adjustment of fifteen days of ratification, the deposit will be forfeited and the property will be resold the deposit without interest. including sanitary and/or metropolitan district charges to be adjusted for the current all real property taxes, including agricultural taxes, if applicable, and any and all at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser. There will be no abatement of interest Trustee's File No. (75010) year to the date of sale, and assumed thereafter by the purchaser. Condominium fees public and/or private charges or assessments, to the extent such amounts survive due from the purchaser in the event settlement is delayed for any reason. Taxes, and/or homeowners association dues, if any, shall be assumed by the purchaser from foreclosure sale, including water/sewer and front foot benefit charges, to be adjusted water rent, and all other public charges and assessments payable on an annual basis, Robert A. Jones, et al SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEES the date of sale. The purchaser shall be responsible for the payment of the ground to date of sale and thereafter assumed by purchaser. Purchaser is responsible for any including sanitary and/or metropolitan district charges to be adjusted for the current rent escrow, if required. Cost of all documentary stamps, transfer taxes (including recapture of homestead tax credit. All transfer taxes and recordation taxes shall be year to the date of sale, and assumed thereafter by the purchaser. Condominium fees agricultural transfer taxes, if applicable), and all settlement charges shall be borne by paid by Purchaser. Condominium fees and/or homeowners association dues, if any, and/or homeowners association dues, if any, shall be assumed by the purchaser from the purchaser. If the Substitute Trustees are unable to convey good and marketable shall be assumed by the purchaser from the date of sale. Purchaser is responsible the date of sale. The purchaser shall be responsible for the payment of the ground title, the purchaser’s sole remedy in law or equity shall be limited to the refund of for obtaining physical possession of the property, and assumes risk of loss or damage rent escrow, if required. Cost of all documentary stamps, transfer taxes (including the deposit to the purchaser. Upon refund of the deposit, the sale shall be void and to the property from the date of sale. The sale is subject to post-sale audit of the agricultural transfer taxes, if applicable), and all settlement charges shall be borne by of no effect, and the purchaser shall have no further claim against the Substitute status of the loan with the loan servicer including, but not limited to, determination the purchaser. If the Substitute Trustees are unable to convey good and marketable Trustees. Purchaser shall be responsible for obtaining physical possession of the of whether the borrower entered into any repayment agreement, reinstated or paid off title, the purchaser’s sole remedy in law or equity shall be limited to the refund of property. The purchaser at the foreclosure sale shall assume the risk of loss for the the loan prior to the sale. In any such event, this sale shall be null and void, and the the deposit to the purchaser. Upon refund of the deposit, the sale shall be void and property immediately after the sale. (Matter #19-602824). Purchaser's sole remedy, in law or equity, shall be the return of the deposit without of no effect, and the purchaser shall have no further claim against the Substitute interest. If purchaser fails to settle within ten days of ratification, subject to order of Trustees. Purchaser shall be responsible for obtaining physical possession of the Laura H. G. O'Sullivan, et al., Substitute Trustees court, purchaser agrees that property will be resold and entire deposit retained by Sub. property. The purchaser at the foreclosure sale shall assume the risk of loss for the Trustees as liquidated damages for all losses occasioned by the purchaser's default property immediately after the sale. (Matter #18-601305). July 12, 19, 26, 2022 12390155 and purchaser shall have no further liability. The defaulted purchaser shall not be entitled to any surplus proceeds resulting from said resale even if such surplus results Laura H. G. O'Sullivan, et al., Substitute Trustees from improvements to the property by said defaulted purchaser. Sub. Trustees will Try new foods convey either marketable or insurable title. If they cannot deliver one or the other, or if June 28, July 5, 12, 2022 12388934 ratification of the sale is denied by the Circuit Court for any reason, the Purchaser's Search our database of tested sole remedy, at law or equity, is return of the deposit without interest. BIDDERS ARE recipes by ingredient or name. STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO FOLLOW CDC GUIDANCE AND WEAR A COVER OVER BOTH NOSE AND MOUTH AND PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING AT THE AUCTION. (Matter No. 342465-3) PLEASE CONSULT WWW.ALEXCOOPER.COM FOR STATUS OF UPCOMING SALES Howard N. Bierman, Carrie M. Ward, et. al., Substitute Trustees June 28, July 5, 12, 2022 12388938 bo ks? July 12, 19, 26, 12389192 S0115-2x3.75 TE H? Washington Post newsletters snow day Washington Post newsletters deliver more. deliver more of what you’re looking for. or S0114 2X2 Discover and subscribe for free at school day? S0114 2X3 Stay one step ahead of the weather with the Capital Weather Gang July 12, 19, 26, 12389643 @capitalweather S0141 2x2

TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 EZ OPQRS CLASSIFIED D7 856 Frederick County 851 Prince Georges County 851 Prince Georges County 851 Prince Georges County 851 Prince Georges County 855 Charles County 855 Charles County 856 Frederick County 856 Frederick County 856 Frederick County Samuel I. White, P.C. Samuel I. White, P.C. MCMICHAEL TAYLOR GRAY, LLC BWW Law Group, LLC BWW Law Group, LLC 596 Lynnhaven Parkway, Suite 200 596 Lynnhaven Parkway, Suite 200 11900 Parklawn Drive, Suite 320 6003 Executive Blvd., Suite 101 6003 Executive Blvd., Suite 101 Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Rockville, Maryland 20852 Rockville, MD 20852 Rockville, MD 20852 SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEES' SALE OF SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEES' SALE OF (470) 289-4347 (301) 961-6555 (301) 961-6555 VALUABLE FEE SIMPLE PROPERTY VALUABLE FEE SIMPLE PROPERTY TRUSTEE'S SALE SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEES' SALE SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEES' SALE KNOWN AS KNOWN AS 9515 Ironsides Road OF REAL PROPERTY AND ANY IMPROVEMENTS THEREON OF REAL PROPERTY AND ANY IMPROVEMENTS THEREON 2202 Norlinda Avenue 7004 Valley Park Road Nanjemoy, MD 20662 Oxon Hill, MD 20745 Capital Heights, MD 20743 6203 CLIFFSIDE TERR. 6220 FULMER RD. Under a power of sale contained in a certain Deed of Trust dated FREDERICK, MD 21701 FREDERICK, MD 21703 Under and by virtue of the power of sale contained in a Under and by virtue of the power of sale contained in a July 13, 2011 and recorded in Deed Book 7533 at Page 161 Under a power of sale contained in a certain Deed of Trust dated August 31, 2009, Under a power of sale contained in a certain Deed of Trust dated August 1, 2007, certain Deed of Trust to LAWYERS TITLE INSURANCE CORP. , certain Deed of Trust to OLD REPUBLIC NATIONAL TITLE among the Land Records of Charles County, Maryland, default recorded in Liber 7539, Folio 176 among the Land Records of Frederick County, MD, recorded in Liber 6685, Folio 410 among the Land Records of Frederick County, MD, Trustee(s), dated April 12, 2007, and recorded among the Land INSURANCE COMPANY, Trustee(s), dated February 28, 2020, having occurred under the terms thereof, the Substitute Trustees with an original principal balance of $228,734.00, default having occurred under the with an original principal balance of $256,000.00, default having occurred under the Records of PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY, MARYLAND in Liber and recorded among the Land Records of PRINCE GEORGE'S will sell at public auction at the Charles County Courthouse terms thereof, the Sub. Trustees will sell at public auction at the Circuit Court for terms thereof, the Sub. Trustees will sell at public auction at the Circuit Court for 27705, folio 059, the holder of the indebtedness secured by COUNTY, MARYLAND in Liber 43577, folio 26, the holder located at 200 Charles Street (In the Breezeway between Circuit Frederick County, at the Court House Door, 100 W. Patrick St., Frederick, MD 21701, Frederick County, at the Court House Door, 100 W. Patrick St., Frederick, MD 21701, this Deed of Trust having appointed the undersigned Substitute of the indebtedness secured by this Deed of Trust having and District Court), La Plata, MD, on on on Trustees, by instrument duly recorded among the aforesaid Land appointed the undersigned Substitute Trustees, by instrument JULY 22, 2022 AT 10:57 AM JULY 29, 2022 AT 12:07 PM Records, default having occurred under the terms thereof, and duly recorded among the aforesaid Land Records, default having July 20, 2022 AT 11:45 AM ALL THAT FEE SIMPLE LOT OF GROUND, together with any buildings or ALL THAT FEE SIMPLE LOT OF GROUND, together with any buildings or at the request of the party secured thereby, the undersigned occurred under the terms thereof, and at the request of the party improvements thereon located in Frederick County, MD and more fully described in improvements thereon located in Frederick County, MD and more fully described in Substitute Trustee will offer for sale at public auction at secured thereby, the undersigned Substitute Trustee will offer ALL THAT FEE SIMPLE LOT OF GROUND, together with the the aforesaid Deed of Trust. the aforesaid Deed of Trust. THE PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY COURTHOUSE LOCATED AT for sale at public auction at THE PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY buildings and improvements thereon situated in Charles County, The property, and any improvements thereon, will be sold in an \"as is\" condition and The property, and any improvements thereon, will be sold in an \"as is\" condition and FRONT OF THE DUVAL WING OF THE COURTHOUSE COMPLEX COURTHOUSE LOCATED AT FRONT OF THE DUVAL WING Maryland, located at the above address and more fully described subject to conditions, restrictions and agreements of record affecting the same, if any, subject to conditions, restrictions and agreements of record affecting the same, if any, 14735 MAIN ST, UPPER MARLBORO, MD 20772 ON, OF THE COURTHOUSE COMPLEX 14735 MAIN ST, UPPER in the aforementioned Deed of Trust (the “Property”). and with no warranty of any kind. and with no warranty of any kind. MARLBORO, MD 20772 ON, Terms of Sale: A deposit of $18,000 in the form of certified check, cashier's Terms of Sale: A deposit of $25,000 in the form of certified check, cashier's JULY 21, 2022 at 10:00 AM TAX ID#: 03-003388 check or money order will be required of the purchaser at time and place of sale. check or money order will be required of the purchaser at time and place of sale. JULY 21, 2022 at 10:00 AM TERMS OF SALE: A deposit of $18,000.00 by cashier’s/certi- Balance of the purchase price, together with interest on the unpaid purchase money Balance of the purchase price, together with interest on the unpaid purchase money ALL THAT FEE SIMPLE LOT OF GROUND and improvements fied check or such other form as the Substitute Trustee may at the current rate contained in the Deed of Trust Note from the date of sale to at the current rate contained in the Deed of Trust Note from the date of sale to thereon situated in PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY, MD and ALL THAT FEE SIMPLE LOT OF GROUND and improvements allow, in their sole discretion, required at time of sale except the date funds are received by the Sub. Trustees, payable in cash within ten days the date funds are received by the Sub. Trustees, payable in cash within ten days described as follows: thereon situated in PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY, MD and for the party secured by the Deed of Trust. Risk of loss on of final ratification of the sale by the Circuit Court. There will be no abatement of final ratification of the sale by the Circuit Court. There will be no abatement LOT NUMBERED SEVEN (7) IN BLOCK LETTERED \"H\" IN described as follows: purchaser from date and time of auction. The property and of interest due to the purchaser in the event additional funds are tendered before of interest due to the purchaser in the event additional funds are tendered before THE SUBDIVISION KNOWN AS \"SECTION TWO, BLOCKS \"G\", LOT NUMBERED THIRTY-FIVE (35) IN BLOCK LETTERED \"P\" improvements will be sold in “as is” physical condition without settlement. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE FOR THE PURCHASER. Adjustment of all settlement. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE FOR THE PURCHASER. Adjustment of all \"H\" AND \"I\", CLEARVIEW MANOR\", AS PER PLAT THEREOF IN THE SUBDIVISION KNOWN AS \"PLAT THREE, INDEPEN- either express or implied warranty of any kind and subject to all real property taxes, including agricultural taxes, if applicable, and any and all public real property taxes, including agricultural taxes, if applicable, and any and all public RECORDED AMONG THE LAND RECORDS OF PRINCE DENCE ESTATES\" AS PER PLAT THEREOF RECORDED IN PLAT conditions, restrictions and agreements of record affecting the and/or private charges or assessments, to the extent such amounts survive foreclosure and/or private charges or assessments, to the extent such amounts survive foreclosure GEORGE'S COUNTY, MARYLAND IN PLAT BOOK 98 AT PLAT BOOK WWW 35 AT PLAT 93, AMONG THE LAND RECORDS same. Balance of the purchase price to be paid in cash within sale, including water/sewer, ground rent and front foot benefit charges, to be adjusted sale, including water/sewer, ground rent and front foot benefit charges, to be adjusted 43. FOR PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY, MARYLAND ten days of final ratification of sale. Interest to be paid on the to date of sale and thereafter assumed by purchaser. Purchaser is responsible for any to date of sale and thereafter assumed by purchaser. Purchaser is responsible for any The property will be sold in an \"AS IS WHERE IS\" condition The property will be sold in an \"AS IS WHERE IS\" condition unpaid purchase money at the rate of 4% from the date of sale recapture of homestead tax credit. All transfer taxes and recordation taxes shall be recapture of homestead tax credit. All transfer taxes and recordation taxes shall be without either express or implied warranty or representation, without either express or implied warranty or representation, to the date funds are received in the office of the Substitute paid by Purchaser. The purchaser shall be responsible for the payment of the ground paid by Purchaser. The purchaser shall be responsible for the payment of the ground including but not limited to the description, fitness for a including but not limited to the description, fitness for a Trustees. There will be no abatement of interest in the event rent escrow, if required. Condominium fees and/or homeowners association dues, if rent escrow, if required. Condominium fees and/or homeowners association dues, if particular purpose or use, structural integrity, physical condi- particular purpose or use, structural integrity, physical condi- additional funds are tendered before settlement or if settlement any, shall be assumed by the purchaser from the date of sale. Purchaser is responsible any, shall be assumed by the purchaser from the date of sale. Purchaser is responsible tion, construction, extent of construction, workmanship, mate- tion, construction, extent of construction, workmanship, mate- is delayed for any reason. for obtaining physical possession of the property, and assumes risk of loss or damage for obtaining physical possession of the property, and assumes risk of loss or damage rials, liability, zoning, subdivision, environmental condition, rials, liability, zoning, subdivision, environmental condition, TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE FOR THE PURCHASER. Adjust- to the property from the date of sale. The sale is subject to post-sale audit of the to the property from the date of sale. The sale is subject to post-sale audit of the merchantability, compliance with building or housing codes or merchantability, compliance with building or housing codes or ment of all real property taxes, including agricultural taxes, if status of the loan with the loan servicer including, but not limited to, determination status of the loan with the loan servicer including, but not limited to, determination other laws, ordinances or regulations, or other similar matters, other laws, ordinances or regulations, or other similar matters, applicable, and any and all public and/or private charges or of whether the borrower entered into any repayment agreement, reinstated or paid off of whether the borrower entered into any repayment agreement, reinstated or paid off and subject to easements, agreements and restrictions of record and subject to easements, agreements and restrictions of record assessments, including water/sewer charges and ground rent, to the loan prior to the sale. In any such event, this sale shall be null and void, and the the loan prior to the sale. In any such event, this sale shall be null and void, and the which affect the same, if any. The property will be sold which affect the same, if any. The property will be sold be adjusted to date of sale and thereafter assumed by purchaser. Purchaser's sole remedy, in law or equity, shall be the return of the deposit without Purchaser's sole remedy, in law or equity, shall be the return of the deposit without subject to all conditions, liens, restrictions and agreements of subject to all conditions, liens, restrictions and agreements of Condominium fees and/or homeowners association dues, if any, interest. If purchaser fails to settle within ten days of ratification, subject to order of interest. If purchaser fails to settle within ten days of ratification, subject to order of record affecting same including any condominium and of HOA record affecting same including any condominium and of HOA shall be assumed by the purchaser from the date of sale forward. court, purchaser agrees that property will be resold and entire deposit retained by Sub. court, purchaser agrees that property will be resold and entire deposit retained by Sub. assessments pursuant to Md Real Property Article 11-110. assessments pursuant to Md Real Property Article 11-110. Cost of all documentary stamps, transfer taxes and settlement Trustees as liquidated damages for all losses occasioned by the purchaser's default Trustees as liquidated damages for all losses occasioned by the purchaser's default TERMS OF SALE: A deposit of $20,000.00 PAYABLE ONLY BY TERMS OF SALE: A deposit of $20,000.00 PAYABLE ONLY BY expenses shall be borne by the purchaser. Purchaser shall be and purchaser shall have no further liability. The defaulted purchaser shall not be and purchaser shall have no further liability. The defaulted purchaser shall not be certified funds, shall be required at the time of sale. CASH WILL certified funds, shall be required at the time of sale. CASH WILL responsible for obtaining physical possession of the Property. If entitled to any surplus proceeds resulting from said resale even if such surplus results entitled to any surplus proceeds resulting from said resale even if such surplus results NOT BE AN ACCEPTABLE FORM OF DEPOSIT. The balance of NOT BE AN ACCEPTABLE FORM OF DEPOSIT. The balance of the Substitute Trustees are unable to convey title for any reason, from improvements to the property by said defaulted purchaser. Sub. Trustees will from improvements to the property by said defaulted purchaser. Sub. Trustees will the purchase price with interest at 6.875% per annum from the the purchase price with interest at 4.125% per annum from the the purchaser's sole remedy in law and equity shall be limited convey either marketable or insurable title. If they cannot deliver one or the other, or if convey either marketable or insurable title. If they cannot deliver one or the other, or if date of sale to the date of payment will be paid within TEN date of sale to the date of payment will be paid within TEN to a refund of the deposit without interest. If the Purchaser ratification of the sale is denied by the Circuit Court for any reason, the Purchaser's ratification of the sale is denied by the Circuit Court for any reason, the Purchaser's DAYS after the final ratification of the sale. There will be no DAYS after the final ratification of the sale. There will be no defaults, the deposit shall be forfeited to the Substitute Trustees sole remedy, at law or equity, is return of the deposit without interest. BIDDERS ARE sole remedy, at law or equity, is return of the deposit without interest. BIDDERS ARE abatement of interest for any reason. Adjustments on all taxes, abatement of interest for any reason. Adjustments on all taxes, for application against all expenses, attorney's fees and the full STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO FOLLOW CDC GUIDANCE AND WEAR A COVER OVER STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO FOLLOW CDC GUIDANCE AND WEAR A COVER OVER public charges and special or regular assessments will be made public charges and special or regular assessments will be made commission on the sale price of the above-scheduled foreclosure BOTH NOSE AND MOUTH AND PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING AT THE AUCTION. BOTH NOSE AND MOUTH AND PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING AT THE AUCTION. as of the date of sale and thereafter assumed by purchaser. There as of the date of sale and thereafter assumed by purchaser. There sale. In the event of default, all expenses of this sale (including (Matter No. 332683-3) (Matter No. 353856-2) will be no abatement of taxes, public charges and special or will be no abatement of taxes, public charges and special or attorney's fees and the full commission on the gross sale price regular assessments for any reason. If applicable, condominium regular assessments for any reason. If applicable, condominium of this sale) shall be charged against and paid out of the PLEASE CONSULT WWW.ALEXCOOPER.COM FOR PLEASE CONSULT WWW.ALEXCOOPER.COM FOR and/or homeowner association dues and assessments that may and/or homeowner association dues and assessments that may forfeited deposit. The Trustees may then re-advertise and resell STATUS OF UPCOMING SALES STATUS OF UPCOMING SALES become due after the time of sale will be the responsibility of become due after the time of sale will be the responsibility of the Property at the risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser the purchaser. Title examination, conveyancing, state revenue the purchaser. Title examination, conveyancing, state revenue or may avail themselves of any legal or equitable remedies Howard N. Bierman, Carrie M. Ward, et. al., Substitute Trustees Howard N. Bierman, Carrie M. Ward, et. al., Substitute Trustees stamps, transfer taxes, title insurance, and all other costs stamps, transfer taxes, title insurance, and all other costs against the defaulting purchaser without re-selling the Property. incident to settlement are to be paid by the purchaser. Time is incident to settlement are to be paid by the purchaser. Time is In the event of a resale, the defaulting purchaser shall not July 5, 12, 19, 2022 12389624 July 12, 19, 26, 2022 12390158 of the essence for the purchaser, otherwise the deposit will be of the essence for the purchaser, otherwise the deposit will be be entitled to receive the surplus, if any, even if such surplus forfeited, and the property may be resold at risk and costs of the forfeited, and the property may be resold at risk and costs of the results from improvements to the Property by said defaulting 857 Howard County 857 Howard County defaulting purchaser and the purchaser agrees to pay reasonable defaulting purchaser and the purchaser agrees to pay reasonable purchaser and the defaulting purchaser shall be liable to the attorneys' fees for the Substitute trustees, plus all cost incurred, attorneys' fees for the Substitute trustees, plus all cost incurred, Trustees and secured party for reasonable attorney's fees and BWW Law Group, LLC Rosenberg & Associates, LLC if the Substitute Trustee's have filed the appropriate motion with if the Substitute Trustee's have filed the appropriate motion with expenses incurred in connection with all litigation involving the 6003 Executive Blvd., Suite 101 4340 East West Highway, Suite 600 the Court to resell the property. The purchasers waives personal the Court to resell the property. The purchasers waives personal Property or the proceeds of the resale. This sale is subject to service of any papers filed in connection with such a motion service of any papers filed in connection with such a motion post-sale audit of the status of the loan secured by the Deed Rockville, MD 20852 Bethesda, MD 20814 and expressly agrees to The purchaser agrees to accept service and expressly agrees to The purchaser agrees to accept service of Trust including, but not limited to, determining whether (301) 961-6555 (301) 907-8000 by first class mail at the address provided by the Purchaser as by first class mail at the address provided by the Purchaser as prior to sale a bankruptcy was filed; forbearance, repayment or identified on the Memorandum of Sale. If the sale is not ratified identified on the Memorandum of Sale. If the sale is not ratified other agreement was entered into; or the loan was reinstated SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEES' SALE or if the Substitute Trustees are unable to convey marketable or if the Substitute Trustees are unable to convey marketable or paid off. In any such event, this sale shall be null and void OF REAL PROPERTY AND ANY IMPROVEMENTS THEREON SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEES’ SALE title in accord with these terms of sale, the purchaser's only title in accord with these terms of sale, the purchaser's only and Purchaser’s sole remedy shall be return of deposit without OF IMPROVED REAL PROPERTY remedy is return of the deposit. remedy is return of the deposit. interest. 557 PRIMUS CT. The sale is subject to post-sale confirmation and audit of the The sale is subject to post-sale confirmation and audit of the FREDERICK, MD 21703 7319 WYE AVE. status of the loan with the loan servicer including, but not status of the loan with the loan servicer including, but not Keith M. Yacko, Glen H. Tschirgi, Gregory Thorne, Under a power of sale contained in a certain Deed of Trust dated March 16, 2005, JESSUP, MD 20794 limited to, determination of whether the borrower entered into limited to, determination of whether the borrower entered into Substitute Trustees recorded in Liber 5222, Folio 545 among the Land Records of Frederick County, MD, Under a power of sale contained in a certain Deed of Trust from Joan Mancho dated a repayment agreement, reinstated, or paid off the loan prior to a repayment agreement, reinstated, or paid off the loan prior to with an original principal balance of $202,000.00, default having occurred under the August 20, 2005 and recorded in Liber 9760, folio 129 among the Land Records sale. In any such event, this sale shall be null and void, and the sale. In any such event, this sale shall be null and void, and the File No.: MD2021-00854 terms thereof, the Sub. Trustees will sell at public auction at the Circuit Court for of Howard County, MD, default having occurred under the terms thereof, the Sub. Purchaser's sol remedy, in law or equity, shall be the return of the Purchaser's sol remedy, in law or equity, shall be the return of Frederick County, at the Court House Door, 100 W. Patrick St., Frederick, MD 21701, Trustees will sell at public auction at the Circuit Court for Howard County, at the Court deposit without interest. Trustee's File No. (79471) the deposit without interest. July 5, 12, 19, 2022 12386045 on House Door, 9250 Judicial Way, Ellicott City, MD 21043, on Trustee's File No. (79381) JULY 29, 2022 AT 12:05 PM JULY 15, 2022 AT 9:40 AM Robert A. Jones, et al SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEES ALL THAT FEE SIMPLE LOT OF GROUND, together with any buildings or ALL THAT FEE SIMPLE LOT OF GROUND, together with the buildings and Robert A. Jones, et al SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEES improvements thereon located in Frederick County, MD and more fully described in improvements thereon situated in Howard County, MD and more fully described in the the aforesaid Deed of Trust. aforesaid Deed of Trust. Tax ID #06-526969. 856 Frederick County 856 Frederick County The property, and any improvements thereon, will be sold in an \"as is\" condition and The property, which is improved by a dwelling, will be sold in an \"as is\" condition and subject to conditions, restrictions and agreements of record affecting the same, if any, subject to conditions, restrictions and agreements of record affecting the same, if any, July 5, 12, 19, 12387639 July 5, 12, 19, 12387636 BWW Law Group, LLC and with no warranty of any kind. and with no warranty of any kind. 6003 Executive Blvd., Suite 101 Terms of Sale: A deposit of $18,000 in the form of certified check, cashier's Terms of Sale: A deposit of $52,000 in the form of certified check, cashier's check Explore check or money order will be required of the purchaser at time and place of sale. or money order will be required of the purchaser at time and place of sale. Balance cuisines Rockville, MD 20852 Balance of the purchase price, together with interest on the unpaid purchase money of the purchase price to be paid in cash within ten days of final ratification of sale (301) 961-6555 at the current rate contained in the Deed of Trust Note from the date of sale to by the Circuit Court for Howard County. Interest to be paid on the unpaid purchase Search our database of tested the date funds are received by the Sub. Trustees, payable in cash within ten days money at the rate pursuant to the Deed of Trust Note from the date of sale to the date recipes by ingredient or name. SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEES' SALE of final ratification of the sale by the Circuit Court. There will be no abatement funds are received in the office of the Sub. Trustees. There will be no abatement of OF REAL PROPERTY AND ANY IMPROVEMENTS THEREON of interest due to the purchaser in the event additional funds are tendered before interest in the event additional funds are tendered before settlement or if settlement settlement. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE FOR THE PURCHASER. Adjustment of all is delayed for any reason. The noteholder shall not be obligated to pay interest if it is 21 EAST C ST. real property taxes, including agricultural taxes, if applicable, and any and all public the purchaser. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE FOR THE PURCHASER. Adjustment of all BRUNSWICK, MD 21716 and/or private charges or assessments, to the extent such amounts survive foreclosure real property taxes, including agricultural taxes, if applicable, and any and all public Under a power of sale contained in a certain Deed of Trust dated March 17, 2017, sale, including water/sewer, ground rent and front foot benefit charges, to be adjusted and/or private charges or assessments, to the extent such amounts survive foreclosure recorded in Liber 11730, Folio 474 among the Land Records of Frederick County, to date of sale and thereafter assumed by purchaser. Purchaser is responsible for any sale, including water/sewer charges and ground rent, to be adjusted to date of sale MD, with an original principal balance of $210,000.00, default having occurred recapture of homestead tax credit. All transfer taxes and recordation taxes shall be and paid at execution of the deed, except where the secured party is the purchaser, under the terms thereof, the Sub. Trustees will sell at public auction at the Circuit paid by Purchaser. The purchaser shall be responsible for the payment of the ground and thereafter assumed by the purchaser. Condominium fees and/or homeowners Court for Frederick County, at the Court House Door, 100 W. Patrick St., Frederick, MD rent escrow, if required. Condominium fees and/or homeowners association dues, if association dues, if any, shall be assumed by the purchaser from the date of sale 21701, on any, shall be assumed by the purchaser from the date of sale. Purchaser is responsible forward. Cost of all documentary stamps, transfer taxes and settlement expenses shall JULY 22, 2022 AT 10:55 AM for obtaining physical possession of the property, and assumes risk of loss or damage be borne by the purchaser. Purchaser shall be responsible for obtaining physical ALL THAT FEE-SIMPLE LOT OF GROUND, together with any buildings or improve- to the property from the date of sale. The sale is subject to post-sale audit of the possession of the property. Purchaser assumes the risk of loss or damage to the ments thereon located in Frederick County, MD and more fully described in the status of the loan with the loan servicer including, but not limited to, determination property from the date of sale forward. Additional terms to be announced at the time aforesaid Deed of Trust. of whether the borrower entered into any repayment agreement, reinstated or paid off of sale. The property, and any improvements thereon, will be sold in an \"as is\" condition and the loan prior to the sale. In any such event, this sale shall be null and void, and the If the Sub. Trustees are unable to convey good and marketable title, the purchaser's subject to conditions, restrictions and agreements of record affecting the same, if any, Purchaser's sole remedy, in law or equity, shall be the return of the deposit without sole remedy in law and equity shall be limited to a refund of the deposit without and with no warranty of any kind. interest. If purchaser fails to settle within ten days of ratification, subject to order of interest. If the purchaser fails to go to settlement, the deposit shall be forfeited, Terms of Sale: A deposit of $20,000 in the form of certified check, cashier's court, purchaser agrees that property will be resold and entire deposit retained by Sub. to the Trustees for application against all expenses, attorney’s fees and the full check or money order will be required of the purchaser at time and place of sale. Trustees as liquidated damages for all losses occasioned by the purchaser's default commission on the sale price of the above-scheduled foreclosure sale. In the event Balance of the purchase price, together with interest on the unpaid purchase money and purchaser shall have no further liability. The defaulted purchaser shall not be of default, all expenses of this sale (including attorney’s fees and the full commission at the current rate contained in the Deed of Trust Note from the date of sale to entitled to any surplus proceeds resulting from said resale even if such surplus results on the gross sale price of this sale) shall be charged against and paid out of the the date funds are received by the Sub. Trustees, payable in cash within ten days from improvements to the property by said defaulted purchaser. Sub. Trustees will forfeited deposit. The Trustees may then re-advertise and resell the property at the of final ratification of the sale by the Circuit Court. There will be no abatement convey either marketable or insurable title. If they cannot deliver one or the other, or if risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser or may avail themselves of any legal or of interest due to the purchaser in the event additional funds are tendered before ratification of the sale is denied by the Circuit Court for any reason, the Purchaser's equitable remedies against the defaulting purchaser without reselling the property. settlement. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE FOR THE PURCHASER. Adjustment of all sole remedy, at law or equity, is return of the deposit without interest. BIDDERS ARE In the event of a resale, the defaulting purchaser shall not be entitled to receive the real property taxes, including agricultural taxes, if applicable, and any and all public STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO FOLLOW CDC GUIDANCE AND WEAR A COVER OVER surplus, if any, even if such surplus results from improvements to the property by said and/or private charges or assessments, to the extent such amounts survive foreclosure BOTH NOSE AND MOUTH AND PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING AT THE AUCTION. defaulting purchaser and the defaulting purchaser shall be liable to the Trustees and sale, including water/sewer, ground rent and front foot benefit charges, to be adjusted (Matter No. 353612-2) secured party for reasonable attorney’s fees and expenses incurred in connection with to date of sale and thereafter assumed by purchaser. Purchaser is responsible for any all litigation involving the Property or the proceeds of the resale. Trustees' file number recapture of homestead tax credit. All transfer taxes and recordation taxes shall be PLEASE CONSULT WWW.ALEXCOOPER.COM FOR 21-000733-MD-F-1. paid by Purchaser. The purchaser shall be responsible for the payment of the ground STATUS OF UPCOMING SALES rent escrow, if required. Condominium fees and/or homeowners association dues, if Diane S. Rosenberg, Mark D. Meyer, et al., Substitute Trustees any, shall be assumed by the purchaser from the date of sale. Purchaser is responsible Howard N. Bierman, Carrie M. Ward, et. al., Substitute Trustees for obtaining physical possession of the property, and assumes risk of loss or damage heels to the property from the date of sale. The sale is subject to post-sale audit of the July 12, 19, 26, 2022 12390156 June 28, July 5, 12, 2022 12388941 status of the loan with the loan servicer including, but not limited to, determination or of whether the borrower entered into any repayment agreement, reinstated or paid off bo ks? the loan prior to the sale. In any such event, this sale shall be null and void, and the Washington Post newsletters boots? Purchaser's sole remedy, in law or equity, shall be the return of the deposit without deliver more of what you’re looking for. interest. If purchaser fails to settle within ten days of ratification, subject to order of Discover and subscribe for free at Stay one step ahead court, purchaser agrees that property will be resold and entire deposit retained by Sub. of the weather with the Trustees as liquidated damages for all losses occasioned by the purchaser's default and purchaser shall have no further liability. The defaulted purchaser shall not be Capital Weather Gang entitled to any surplus proceeds resulting from said resale even if such surplus results from improvements to the property by said defaulted purchaser. Sub. Trustees will convey either marketable or insurable title. If they cannot deliver one or the other, or if ratification of the sale is denied by the Circuit Court for any reason, the Purchaser's sole remedy, at law or equity, is return of the deposit without interest. BIDDERS ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO FOLLOW CDC GUIDANCE AND WEAR A COVER OVER BOTH NOSE AND MOUTH AND PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING AT THE AUCTION. (Matter No. 344479-1) PLEASE CONSULT WWW.ALEXCOOPER.COM FOR STATUS OF UPCOMING SALES Howard N. Bierman, Carrie M. Ward, et. al., Substitute Trustees @capitalweather S0115-2x5.25 S0141 2x5.25 July 5, 12, 19, 2022 12389623 S0114 4X3 Take The Post shopping P litics? Washington Post podcasts go with you everywhere wheelalln hs&s? Politics • History • Culture • More S0108 4x5 Washington Post newsletters Washington Post newsletters deliver more of what you’re looking for. deliver more of what you’re looking for. Discover and subscribe for free at Discover and subscribe for free at S0114 2X5 S0114 4X5

D8 EZ SU THE WASHINGTON POST . TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 Banchero, Holmgren sparkle in debuts SCOREBOARD On the las vegas — The overwhelmed at times, was less to the rim, working on the block BASKETBALL SOCCER TENNIS NBA assertive and involved offensively, and fighting for rebounds. widest smiles in but his defensive versatility was WNBA MLS ATP the gym Thursday evident against Banchero and in a Scouts nodded approvingly as belonged to Saturday win over Holmgren’s he grabbed a defensive rebound, HALL OF FAME OPEN BEN Orlando Magic Oklahoma City Thunder. dribbled up in transition and EAST W L Pct GB EAST W L T Pts GF GA At International Tennis Hall of Fame; In Newport, R.I. GOLLIVER executives Jeff quickly found a teammate with a Chicago ....................................... 16 6 .727 — New York...........................9 5 6 33 30 21 Purse: $594,950 For Orlando, which badly well-timed pass for a bucket in a Connecticut ................................ 14 8 .636 2 Philadelphia ......................8 2 9 33 29 13 Surface: Grass needed a scoring fulcrum after sequence that justified the Washington................................ 14 10 .583 3 New York City FC ..............9 4 5 32 37 21 SINGLES — QUALIFICATION ROUND Weltman and ranking in the bottom 10 in “unicorn” talk that bubbled Atlanta ....................................... 10 12 .455 6 CF Montréal ......................9 8 2 29 33 35 Liam Broady (2), Britain, def. Brandon Holt, United offensive efficiency for the past 10 throughout his one-and-done New York...................................... 9 13 .409 7 Orlando City ......................8 7 4 28 24 28 States, 6-1, 6-3; William Blumberg, United States, def. John Hammond, whose decision seasons, the contrast was season at Gonzaga. While his thin Indiana.......................................... 5 19 .208 12 Charlotte FC ......................8 10 2 26 23 24 Noah Rubin, United States, 4-6, 6-3, 6-2; Mitchell affirming. Banchero should have 195-pound stature drew some GB Cincinnati ..........................7 7 5 26 30 33 Krueger (3), United States, def. Gage Brymer, United to select Paolo Banchero with the a larger impact than Smith this chuckles, Holmgren was — Columbus ..........................6 5 7 25 23 20 States, 6-1, 6-4; Christopher Eubanks (4), United States, top pick in the NBA draft stunned season, and he has a higher ferocious in denying Houston WEST W L Pct New England .....................6 6 7 25 31 32 def. Mirza Basic (8), Bosnia-Herzegovina, 7-6, 7-5. ceiling as an offensive threat attacks with several jaw-dropping Las Vegas ................................... 15 7 .682 1/2 SINGLES — ROUND OF 32 the basketball world and set the thanks to his mix of physicality blocked shots in the second half. Seattle........................................ 15 8 .652 Inter Miami CF ..................6 8 4 22 18 27 Peter Gojowczyk, Germany, def. Ugo Humbert, France, and well-honed shot-creation 12 .455 5 Atlanta..............................5 8 5 20 26 29 7-5, 6-4; Jason Kubler, Australia, def. Jordan Thompson, discourse for this year’s Las Vegas skills that recalls a young Holmgren struggled with foul Los Angeles ................................ 10 12 .455 5 Toronto FC ........................5 10 4 19 26 36 Australia, 6-2, 6-3; Steve Johnson, United States, def. Carmelo Anthony. Standing trouble at times in college and is Dallas.......................................... 10 14 .417 6 Stefan Kozlov, United States, 7-5, 6-3; Jack Sock, United 6-foot-10 with a strong frame, susceptible to being overpowered Phoenix....................................... 10 15 .348 71/2 D.C. United ........................5 10 2 17 23 37 States, def. Radu Albot, Moldova, 6-1, 7-6 (7-2). Summer League. Banchero had the gym buzzing by traditional centers, but the Chicago..............................4 10 5 17 18 27 DOUBLES — ROUND OF 16 Saturday with a corkscrew dunk Minnesota native has the length, Minnesota .................................... 8 Robert Galloway and Alex Lawson, United States, def. What did the Magic see that and his relentless forays into the timing, intelligence and feel to Adrian Mannarino and Quentin Halys, France, 6-3, 3-6, made Banchero the pick over paint. blossom into a defensive player of SUNDAY’S RESULT WEST W L T Pts GF GA 10-7; Marcelo Melo, Brazil, and Raven Klaasen (1), South the year candidate. He finished ALL-STAR GAME Los Angeles FC................12 4 3 39 38 21 Africa, def. Ivan Sabanov and Matej Sabanov, Serbia, There were some warts. with 12 points, eight rebounds Team Wilson 134, Team Stewart 112 Austin FC ........................11 4 4 37 38 22 6-2, 6-4; John-Patrick Smith, Australia, and Ramkumar Jabari Smith Jr., who was widely Banchero seems to relish taking and four blocks against the Real Salt Lake ...................8 5 6 30 24 24 Ramanathan, India, def. Hans Hach Verdugo, Mexico, expected to go first? Should tough two-pointers, and he will Rockets, and he twice showed his MONDAY’S RESULTS FC Dallas ...........................7 5 7 28 30 23 and Hunter Reese (2), United States, 6-3, 6-4. need to reorient his shooting diet wide-ranging defensive skills by No games scheduled. LA Galaxy ..........................8 7 3 27 26 22 Orlando have taken Chet to maximize his efficiency. Scouts blocking first-rounder Tari Eason. Minnesota United .............8 8 3 27 26 24 NORDEA OPEN Holmgren, who drew rave grumbled that Banchero’s TUESDAY’S GAMES Nashville ...........................7 6 6 27 25 25 At Bastad Tennis Stadium; In Bastad, Sweden patient, probing style disrupted The Thunder’s not-so-secret Washington at Los Angeles, 10:30 Seattle ..............................8 8 2 26 26 22 Purse: $536,943 reviews for his play at the Salt Orlando’s ball movement, and weapon for building a winner Dallas at Seattle, 3 Portland ............................6 6 8 26 32 29 Surface: Red clay they noted his turnover rate around Holmgren is guard Josh Las Vegas at New York, 7 Vancouver .........................7 9 3 24 20 31 SINGLES — QUALIFICATION ROUND Lake City summer league? And increased when he wasn’t Giddey, a 19-year-old Australian Atlanta at Chicago, 8 Houston ............................6 9 4 22 24 25 Federico Delbonis (4), Argentina, def. Pavel Kotov, how would this draft class, which surveying from the top of the key. blessed with superb vision and a Phoenix at Minnesota, 8 Colorado ............................5 8 5 20 21 26 Russia, 7-6, 7-6; Marc-Andrea Huesler (7), Switzerland, fearless approach off the dribble. Sporting KC .......................5 11 4 19 18 34 def. Fabio Fognini (1), Italy, 7-5, 5-7, 6-4; Tomas Martin lacked a clear-cut headliner, Empowered as a lead Giddey and Holmgren already WEDNESDAY’S GAMES San Jose............................4 7 7 19 29 37 Etcheverry (3), Argentina, def. Daniel Elahi Galan (8), shake out in showcase matchups playmaker in this setting, have struck up a nice chemistry Connecticut at Indiana, 12 Colombia, 3-6, 6-4, 7-5; Pedro Sousa, Portugal, def. that pitted Banchero against Banchero threw multiple on and off the court, a crucial SATURDAY, JULY 2 Jaume Munar (2), Spain, 6-4, 6-4. Smith, Holmgren against Smith, laserlike passes that drew oohs development given that young big THURSDAY’S GAMES Seattle 2, at Toronto FC 0 SINGLES — ROUND OF 32 from the crowd, but he forced the men often take a few years to Washington at Phoenix, 10 at Vancouver 1, Los Angeles FC 0 Elias Ymer, Sweden, def. Daniel Altmaier, Germany, 6-4, issue at times, committing what adapt to the professional game. Las Vegas at New York, 11 a.m. 7-6 (7-0); Pablo Carreno Busta (5), Spain, def. Stan and Banchero against No. 4 pick he called “bad turnovers” against The pair look comfortable in the Dallas at Minnesota, 8 SUNDAY, JULY 3 Wawrinka, Switzerland, 7-5, 6-4; Laslo Djere, Serbia, Keegan Murray during the first Sacramento. Banchero had a pick and roll, and both thrive in Chicago at Los Angeles, 10:30 Atlanta 2, at New York City FC 2 def. Lorenzo Musetti, Italy, 6-3, 7-5. three days of Las Vegas action? game-high eight giveaways transition because they are Philadelphia 0, at Columbus 0 DOUBLES — ROUND OF 16 Banchero had the Magic brass against the Kings; he repeatedly capable of pushing the ball and Cincinnati 2, at New England 2 Aleksandr Nedovyesov, Kazakhstan, and Nikola Cacic, beaming by outplaying Smith, the struggled to find his targets once finishing. NBA Summer League at Minnesota 3, Real Salt Lake 2 Serbia, def. Maximo Gonzalez, Argentina, and Andrey third pick by the Houston he had collapsed the defense. New York 1, at Sporting KC 0 Golubev (3), Kazakhstan, 6-3, 6-4. Rockets, during a victory on “[Holmgren] does everything NBA 2K23 SUMMER LEAGUE Charlotte FC 2, at Houston 1 Whether Banchero emerges as on both sides,” Giddey said. SATURDAY’S RESULTS Portland 2, at Nashville 2 WTA the best player from a class he Detroit 105, Washington 99 at San Jose 2, Chicago 1 calls “underestimated” remains Smith got the last laugh Toronto 97, Philadelphia 77 LADIES OPEN LAUSANNE opening night, and two days later to be seen. Holmgren, 20, was against the Thunder when he Orlando 94, Sacramento 92 (2OT) MONDAY, JULY 4 At Stade-Lausanne (Switzerland) Tennis Club he delivered a game-saving block sensational in his Salt Lake City successfully defended a Giddey Miami 88, Boston 78 D.C. United 5, at Orlando City 3 Purse: $251,750 and a game-winning assist in a debut, finishing with 23 points, coast-to-coast drive at the buzzer Utah 72, Atlanta 66 Austin FC 3, at Colorado 2 Surface: Red clay double-overtime victory over seven rebounds and six blocks in to seal a hard-fought win. As he Houston 90, Oklahoma City 88 Miami 1, at FC Dallas 1 SINGLES — QUALIFICATION ROUND a blowout of the Utah Jazz. The works to find his footing within L.A. Clippers 94, Memphis 76 at LA Galaxy 4, CF Montréal 0 Olga Danilovic (2), Serbia, def. Anastasia Zakharova (7), Gonzaga product unveiled his full Houston’s offense, the 19-year-old Portland 85, New Orleans 68 Russia, 6-4, 6-1; Eva Lys, Germany, def. Katie Volynets Murray’s Sacramento Kings. shooting arsenal, knocking down Auburn product has welcomed SUNDAY’S RESULTS FRIDAY’S RESULTS (1), United States, 6-1, 3-6, 6-2; Anna Blinkova (3), There was a lot for the 19-year-old a one-legged, Dirk Nowitzki-style the toughest defensive matchups Washington 97, Phoenix 72 at Philadelphia 7, D.C. United 0 Russia, def. Ipek Oz (10), Turkey, 7-5, 7-6; Cristina Bucsa Seattle native to process, but he pull-up jumper while hitting four and responded with good Sacramento 103, Indiana 96 at Los Angeles FC 3, LA Galaxy 2 (4), Spain, def. Alexandra Cadantu-Ignatik (12), Roma- three-pointers. positioning, focus and Brooklyn 91, Philadelphia 84 Minnesota 3, at Vancouver 1 nia, 1-6, 6-3, 6-2; Erika Andreeva (8), Russia, def. Magali competitive spirit. New York 101, Chicago 69 Kempen, Belgium, 6-1, 6-2; Leolia Jeanjean (5), France, pointed to his right forearm after Against the Rockets, Denver 84, Cleveland, 76 SATURDAY’S RESULTS def. Yuki Naito, Japan, 6-0, 7-5. eking out the victory against Holmgren’s offensive impact was “That’s my greatest attribute,” San Antonio 85, Golden State 84 at New York City FC 4, New England 2 SINGLES — ROUND OF 32 Sacramento. stunted somewhat by Smith, who Smith said. Memphis 70, Minnesota 63 Portland 3. at Seattle 0 Sara Sorribes Tormo (4), Spain, def. Lauren Davis, “I’ve got it tattooed on me,” he has the length and quickness to Charlotte 89, L.A. Lakers 86 (2OT) Austin FC 3, at Atlanta 0 United States, 6-2, 7-6 (7-1); Jule Niemeier, Germany, said, revealing a graphic with the stick with him. But Holmgren was Banchero, Holmgren and MONDAY’S RESULTS at Charlotte FC 4, Nashville 1 def. Ylena In-Albon, Switzerland, 7-5, 6-7 (7-3), 6-3; words “know pressure” and “no an offensive force given his 7-foot Smith will be linked in debates for New Orleans 101, Atlanta 73 New York 1, at Cincinnati 1 Anna Kalinskaya, Russia, def. Tamara Zidansek (7), pressure” in green ink. “I’ve frame, setting ball screens, years. The first checkpoint of Houston 97, San Antonio 84 Sporting KC 2, at CF Montréal 1 Slovenia, 7-6 (7-2), 3-6, 6-3; Anastasia Potapova, always dealt with pressure well popping to the perimeter, cutting their pro careers saw strong first Boston 111, Milwaukee 109 San Jose 2, at Toronto FC 2 Russia, def. Lucia Bronzetti, Italy, 6-2, 3-6, 6-4; Clara and been able to handle it.” impressions across the board. Oklahoma City 84, Orlando 81 Columbus 3, at Chicago 2 Burel, France, def. Zhu Lin, China, 6-0, 6-1; Susan There wasn’t a bust in sight. Dallas vs. Utah, late FC Dallas 2, at Houston 2 Bandecchi, Switzerland, def. Oceane Dodin, France, 6-2, New York vs. Portland, late Colorado 2, at Real Salt Lake 2 6-1. TUESDAY’S GAMES at Orlando City 1, Miami 0 DOUBLES — ROUND OF 16 Chicago vs. Toronto, 5 Kristina Mladenovic, France, and Olga Danilovic, Serbia, Not since Tracy McGrady in the Memphis vs. Brooklyn, 6:30 TUESDAY’S MATCH def. Samantha Murray Sharan, Britain, and Vivian early 2000s has the Magic had a Atlanta vs. Miami, 7 Houston at Austin FC, 9 Heisen, Germany, 3-6, 6-3, 11-9; Anna Blinkova and Boston vs. Golden State, 8:30 Varvara Gracheva, Russia, def. Nuria Parrizas Diaz, polished perimeter scorer like Detroit vs. Indiana, 9 WEDNESDAY’S MATCHES Spain, and Oksana Selekhmeteva, Russia, 6-2, 6-3. Banchero. Over the past 10 Phoenix vs. Dallas, 10:30 Columbus at D.C. United, 8 seasons, Joel Embiid, Donovan L.A. Lakers vs. L.A. Clippers, 11 Real Salt Lake at Atlanta, 7:30 HUNGARIAN GRAND PRIX Toronto FC at Chicago, 8 At Europe Tennis Center; In Budapest Mitchell, Luka Doncic and Zion Vancouver at Cincinnati, 8 Purse: $203,931 Williamson are the only rookies GOLF Philadelphia at Miami, 8 Surface: Red clay to average 20 points, and Sporting KC at Minnesota, 8 SINGLES — ROUND OF 32 Banchero will have every World Golf Ranking Seattle at Nashville, 8:30 Lesia Tsurenko, Ukraine, def. Carolina Alves, Brazil, 6-4, opportunity to join that list. Orlando City at Colorado, 9 6-1; Kamilla Rakhimova, Russia, def. Elena-Gabriela Through Sunday. New York City FC at FC Dallas, 9 Ruse (7), Romania, 6-4, 6-7 (7-3), 6-3; Bernarda Pera, San Jose at LA Galaxy, 10 United States, def. Marina Bassols Ribera, Spain, 6-2, 1. .......................Scottie Scheffler 7-5; Kateryna Baindl, Ukraine, def. Timea Babos, Hunga- After finishing with 17 points 2. ..............................Rory McIlroy USA 10.62 SATURDAY’S MATCHES ry, 6-4, 6-3; Aliaksandra Sasnovich (5), Belarus, def. and six assists in his debut, 3. .................................. Jon Rahm NIR 7.58 D.C. United at Minnesota, 8 Fanny Stollar, Hungary, 6-3, 0-6, 6-3. Banchero posted 23 points and 4. ..........................Patrick Cantlay ESP 7.47 Toronto FC at CF Montréal, 7:30 DOUBLES — ROUND OF 16 six assists against the Kings. 5. .................... Xander Schauffele USA 7.31 New England at Philadelphia, 7:30 Anna Bondar and Panna Udvardy, Hungary, def. Laura- Banchero dictated the action 6. ......................... Cameron Smith USA 7.25 Seattle at Chicago, 8 Ioana Paar, Romania, and Julia Lohoff, Germany, 5-7, from the early going vs. Houston, 7. .......................... Justin Thomas AUS 6.92 Charlotte FC at Miami, 8 6-0, 10-3; Carolina Alves, Brazil, and Gabriela Lee, 8. ........................ Collin Morikawa USA 6.91 LA Galaxy at Colorado, 9 Romania, def. Elixane Lechemia, France, and Jesika 9. ..........................Viktor Hovland USA 6.90 Austin FC at FC Dallas, 9 Maleckova, Czech Republic, 6-3, 6-2; Renata Voracova, 10. ......................Matt Fitzpatrick NOR 6.18 Czech Republic, and Ingrid Neel, United States, def. attacking Smith off the dribble 11. ...............................Sam Burns ENG 6.08 SUNDAY’S MATCHES Natela Dzalamidze and Kamilla Rakhimova (3), Russia, and hounding him defensively. 12. ..........................Jordan Spieth USA 6.05 Orlando City at Atlanta, 3 6-2, 7-5. Smith, who looked nervous and 13. .......................... Will Zalatoris USA 5.64 New York City FC at New York, 5 14. ..................Hideki Matsuyama USA 5.25 Cincinnati at Columbus, 7:30 AUTO RACING 15. ..........................Billy Horschel JPN 4.98 Los Angeles FC at Nashville, 8:30 16. .................... Joaquin Niemann USA 4.88 Sporting KC at Real Salt Lake, 9:30 NASCAR Cup Series 17. ...............................Tony Finau CHI 4.19 Houston at San Jose, 9:30 18. ....................... Dustin Johnson USA 4.19 Vancouver at Portland, 10:30 2022 SCHEDULE 19. ...............................Max Homa USA 4.02 Winners in parentheses. CUSTOM BLINDS, SHADES, 20. ........................ Brooks Koepka USA 3.73 NWSL Feb. 6: x-Clash at the Coliseum Heat Race 1 (Kyle Busch) SHUTTERS & DRAPERY 21. ....................... Abraham Ancer USA 3.68 Feb. 6: x-Clash at the Coliseum Heat Race 2 (Tyler Reddick) 22. ........................... Shane Lowry MEX 3.55 W L T Pts GF GA Feb. 6: x-Clash at the Coliseum Heat Race 3 (Justin Haley) 23. .............................. Sungjae Im IRL 3.54 San Diego ..........................6 3 3 21 19 11 Feb. 6: x-Clash at the Coliseum Heat Race 4 (Joey Logano) 24. .................... Louis Oosthuizen KOR 3.52 Chicago..............................5 1 5 20 19 12 Feb. 6: x-Clash at the Coliseum Last Chance Qualifying 25. ............................Kevin Kisner SAF 3.52 Portland ............................4 1 6 18 24 10 Race 1 (Denny Hamlin) 26. .......................... Daniel Berger USA 3.25 OL Reign............................4 2 5 17 11 8 Feb. 6: x-Clash at the Coliseum Last Chance Qualifying 27. ......................... Tyrrell Hatton USA 3.25 Angel City FC ....................5 4 2 17 10 11 Race 2, (Ryan Preece) 28. ...............................Paul Casey ENG 3.21 Houston ............................4 4 3 15 16 13 Feb. 6: Clash at the Coliseum (Joey Logano) 29. ......................... Corey Conners ENG 3.20 Kansas City .......................4 4 3 15 11 14 Feb. 17: x-Duel 1 at Daytona (Brad Keselowski) 30. ......................... Harris English CAN 3.17 Gotham FC ........................4 5 0 12 7 13 Feb. 17: x-Duel 2 at Daytona (Chris Buescher) 31. ..................................Kevin Na USA 3.03 Orlando .............................3 5 3 12 12 26 Feb. 20: Daytona 500 (Austin Cindric) 32. .......................Cameron Young USA 3.01 Louisville...........................2 5 4 10 13 18 Feb. 27: Wise Power 400 (Kyle Larson) 33. ...............Bryson DeChambeau USA 3.00 Washington ......................1 5 6 9 11 15 March 6: Pennzoil 400 (Alex Bowman) 34. .......................Thomas Pieters USA 2.99 North Carolina...................2 5 2 8 14 16 March 13: Ruoff Mortgage 500 (Chase Briscoe) 35. .................. Tommy Fleetwood BEL 2.89 SUNDAY, JULY 3 March 20: QuikTrip 500 (William Byron) 36. ...........................Jason Kokrak ENG 2.87 at San Diego 2, Washington 1 March 27: Texas Grand Prix (Ross Chastain) 37. ........................ Seamus Power USA 2.86 Louisville 2, at Orlando 2 April 3: Toyota Owners 400 (Denny Hamlin) 38. ..................... Harold Varner III IRL 2.82 FRIDAY’S RESULTS April 9: Maximum Pain Relief 400 (William Byron) 39. ......................... Joohyung Kim USA 2.73 at Orlando 1, Houston 0 April 16: x-Qualifying Race 1 (Tyler Reddick) 40. ............................. Talor Gooch KOR 2.64 Gotham FC 2, at Louisville 1 April 16: x-Qualifying Race 2 (Christopher Bell) 41. ............................Patrick Reed USA 2.62 SATURDAY’S RESULT April 16: x-Qualifying Race 3 (Justin Haley) 42. ....................Kyoung-Hoon Lee USA 2.58 at Angel City FC 2, San Diego 1 April 16: x-Qualifying Race 4 (Ty Dillon) 43. ....................... Keegan Bradley KOR 2.58 SUNDAY’S RESULTS April 17: Dirt Race (Kyle Busch) 44. ............................. Aaron Wise USA 2.57 Kansas City 1, at Washington 0 April 24: Geico 500 (Ross Chastain) 45. ................................ Tom Hoge ENG 2.57 North Carolina 2, at Chicago 2 May 2: Drydene 400 (Chase Elliott) 46. ............................. Adam Scott USA 2.56 Portland 2, at OL Reign 2 May 8: Goodyear 400 (Joey Logano) 47. ........... Guillermo Mito Pereira AUS 2.56 FRIDAY’S MATCHES May 15: AdventHealth 400 (Kurt Busch) 48. ..................................Ryan Fox CHI 2.33 Angel City FC at North Carolina, 7:30 May 22: x-NASCAR All-Star Open (Daniel Suárez) 49. ....................Cameron Tringale NZL 2.33 Louisville at San Diego, 10 May 22: NASCAR All-Star Race (Ryan Blaney) 50. ............................. Justin Rose USA 2.29 SATURDAY’S MATCHES May 29: Coca-Cola 600 (Denny Hamlin) ENG 2.26 Chicago at Houston, 8:30 June 5: Enjoy Illinois 300 (Joey Logano) Gotham FC at Portland, 10:30 June 12: Toyota/Save Mart 350 (Daniel Suárez) PGA Tour SUNDAY’S MATCHES June 26: Ally 400 (Chase Elliott) Orlando at Washington, 5 July 3: Kwik Trip 250 (Tyler Reddick) FEDEX CUP LEADERS OL Reign at Kansas City, 7 July 10: Quaker State 400 (Chase Elliott) Through Sunday. FRIDAY, JULY 29 July 17: Ambetter 301, Loudon, N.H. Points Money Washington at North Carolina, 7:30 July 24: Explore the Pocono Mountains 350, Long Pond, Pa. 1. ................... Scottie Scheffler 3,514 $13,056,624 Portland at Louisville, 8 July 31: Verizon 200 at the Brickyard, Speedway, Ind. 2. ............................. Sam Burns 2,261 $6,681,923 SATURDAY, JULY 30 Aug. 7: FireKeepers Casino 400, Brooklyn, Mich. 3. ................. Xander Schauffele 2,097 $6,357,516 San Diego at Chicago, 8 Aug. 14: Federated Auto Parts 400, Richmond 4. .......................... Rory McIlroy 1,894 $7,301,566 OL Reign at Angel City FC, 10:30 Aug. 21: Go Bowling at the Glen, Watkins Glen, N.Y. 5. ...................... Patrick Cantlay 1,812 $5,674,138 SUNDAY, JULY 31 Aug. 27: Coke Zero Sugar 400, Daytona Beach, Fla. 6. ....................... Justin Thomas 1,777 $6,497,327 Houston at Gotham FC, 5 Sept. 4: Southern 500, Darlington, S.C. 7. ......................Cameron Smith 1,735 $7,347,004 Orlando at Kansas City, 7 Sept. 11: Hollywood Casino 400, Kansas City, Kan. 8. ................ Hideki Matsuyama 1,694 $5,676,023 TUESDAY, AUGUST 2 Sept. 17: Night Race, Bristol, Tenn. 9. ..............................Max Homa 1,592 $5,033,132 OL Reign at Louisville, 8 Sept. 25: Automotive 500, Fort Worth 10. .......................Will Zalatoris 1,569 $6,441,437 Oct. 2: YellaWood 500, Talladega, Ala. 11. .................. Matt Fitzpatrick 1,554 $6,373,686 TRANSACTIONS Oct. 9: Roval 400, Concord, N.C. 12. ...................... Jordan Spieth 1,486 $4,504,527 Oct. 16: South Point 400, Las Vegas 13. ............................. Jon Rahm 1,428 $4,279,314 MLB Oct. 23: Dixie Vodka 400, Homestead, Fla. 14. .......................Billy Horschel 1,334 $4,704,628 Cleveland Guardians: Designated CF Oscar Mercado for Oct. 30: Xfinity 500, Ridgeway, Va. 15. .............................Tom Hoge 1,309 $3,955,721 assignment. Selected the contract of CF Alex Call from Nov. 6: NASCAR Cup Series Championship, Avondale, Ariz. 16. ..........................Talor Gooch 1,281 $3,650,084 Columbus (IL). 17. ...........................Sungjae Im 1,240 $3,623,324 Detroit Tigers: Recalled RHP Alex Faedo from Toledo x-Non-points race 18. ................... Cameron Young 1,235 $4,217,611 (IL). 19. .................Joaquin Niemann 1,221 $4,359,511 Kansas City Royals: Acquired OF Drew Waters, RHP NASCAR Cup Series 20. .....................Viktor Hovland 1,179 $3,993,899 Andrew Hoffman and INF C.J. Alexander from Atlanta in 21. ...................Collin Morikawa 1,089 $4,309,271 exchange for a competitive balance draft pick. Designat- POINTS LEADERS 22. ...........................J.T. Poston 1,046 $2,837,397 ed LHP Foster Griffin for assignment. Reinstated LHP Through Sunday. 23. ...........................Davis Riley 993 $2,954,369 Daniel Lynch. Optioned OF Drew Waters to Omaha (IL). 1. Chase Elliott, 684. 24. .....................Seamus Power 990 $3,068,741 Recalled LHP Ángel Zerpa from Northwest Arkansas 2. Ryan Blaney, 637. 25. ................ Cameron Tringale 948 $2,966,146 (TL). 3. Ross Chastain, 634. 26. .............................. Luke List 938 $2,702,170 Los Angeles Angels: Optioned RHP Chase Silseth to 4. Kyle Larson, 579. 27. ....................Keegan Bradley 914 $3,563,310 Rocket City (SL). 5. Kyle Busch, 569. 28. ......................... Sepp Straka 909 $2,983,184 Seattle Mariners: Reinstated OF Jesse Winker from the 6. Martin Truex Jr, 566. 29. ............................ J.J. Spaun 903 $2,508,802 10-day IL. Reinstated RHP Erik Swanson from the 7. Joey Logano, 562. You R E LA X 30. ........................ Shane Lowry 898 $3,126,069 paternity list. Designated RHP Jacob Barnes for assign- 8. Christopher Bell, 523. 31. .........................Mito Pereira 888 $2,708,825 ment. 9. Alex Bowman, 508. E 32. ............... Maverick McNealy 885 $2,398,707 Tampa Bay Rays: Reinstated C Christian Bethancourt 10. William Byron, 505. ® 33. ......................Keith Mitchell 883 $2,883,842 from the 10-day IL. Recalled RHP Luke Bard from 11. Kevin Harvick, 504. We INSTALL 34. ........................... Tony Finau 881 $2,580,719 Durham (IL). Optioned RHP Phoenix Sanders and C René We MEASUR 35. .......................... Aaron Wise 879 $2,936,041 Pinto to Durham. Formula One 36. ......................Corey Conners 867 $3,057,315 Atlanta Braves: Reinstated OF Adam Duvall from the paternity list. Selected the contract of INF Robinson SCHEDULE-WINNERS We DESIGN LPGA Tour Canó from Gwinnett (IL). Designated INF Phil Gosselin March 20: Bahrain Grand Prix (Charles Leclerc) for assignment. Optioned INF Mike Ford to Gwinnett. March 27: Saudi Arabian Grand Prix (Max Verstappen) MONEY LEADERS Colorado Rockies: Placed OF Kris Bryant on the paterni- April 10: Australian Grand Prix (Charles Leclerc) Through Sunday. ty list. Recalled OF Sam Hilliard from Albuquerque April 24: Imola Grand Prix (Max Verstappen) Trn Money (PCL). May 8: Miami Grand Prix (Max Verstappen) HURRY! 1. ................................ Minjee Lee 11 $3,372,950 Pittsburgh Pirates: Reinstated OF Jake Marisnick from May 22: Spanish Grand Prix (Max Verstappen) 2. ............................... In Gee Chun 13 $1,810,531 the 60-day IL. Placed OF Bryan Reynolds on the 10-day May 29: Monaco Grand Prix (Sergio Perez) WE BRING THE LIMITED TIME OFFER! 3. ..........................Lexi Thompson 9 $1,613,622 IL. Designated LHP Cam Vieaux for assignment. Sent June 12: Azerbaijan Grand Prix (Max Verstappen) SHOWROOM TO YOU! 4. ........................Jennifer Kupcho 14 $1,447,566 RHP Austin Brice outright to Indianapolis (IL). June 19: Canadian Grand Prix (Max Verstappen) 5. ..............................Hye-Jin Choi 13 $1,409,538 NBA July 3: British Grand Prix (Carlos Sainz Jr) Custom Styles and Looks For 6. .................................... Lydia Ko 12 $1,223,270 Detroit Pistons: Acquired C Nerlens Noel and G Alec July 10: Austrian Grand Prix (Charles Leclerc) Your Window Treatment Needs: 50Buy One 7. ....................... Atthaya Thitikul 14 $1,193,640 Burks and a draft consideration from New York Knicks in July 24: French Grand Prix, Le Castellet. %* 8. ............................ Mina Harigae 13 $1,164,721 exchange for a draft consideration. July 31: Hungarian Grand Prix, Budapest. Draperies & Sheers Get One 9. ............................. Jin Young Ko 9 $1,082,271 WNBA Aug. 28: Belgian Grand Prix, Spa-Francorchamps. Valances & Cornices OFF 10. ............. Brooke M. Henderson 13 $1,049,923 Minnesota Lynx: Re-signed F Nikolina Milic to a third Sept. 4: Dutch Grand Prix, Zandvoort, Netherlands. Specialty Shape Windows 11. ......................... Nasa Hataoka 14 $900,716 seven-day contract. Sept. 11: Italian Grand Prix, Monza. Decorative Hardware 12. ........................ Leona Maguire 14 $813,723 NFL Oct. 2: Singapore Grand Prix, Singapore City. Motorization 13. .......................... Jessica Korda 7 $798,710 New York Giants: Signed TE Daniel Bellinger to a rookie Oct. 9: Japanese Grand Prix, Suzuka. 14. ............................ Hyo Joo Kim 9 $789,107 contract. Oct. 23: United States Grand Prix, Austin, Texas. on Custom Blinds, Shades & Drapery 15. ......................... Hannah Green 11 $764,926 NHL Oct. 30: Mexican Grand Prix, Mexico City. 16. ......................... Celine Boutier 14 $698,118 Tampa Bay Lightning: Re-signed G Maxime Lagacé to a Nov. 13: Brazilian Grand Prix, Sao Paulo. 17. ................................... Xiyu Lin 12 $658,111 one-year, two-way contract. Nov. 20: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Abu Dhabi, United Arab PLUS FREE In-Home Design Consultation 18. ............................. Nelly Korda 6 $648,478 Emirates. 19. ...............................Eun-Hee Ji 10 $603,725 20. ............... Madelene Sagstrom 14 $596,491 Call to Schedule 21. .......................Anna Nordqvist 11 $581,694 22. ..........................Danielle Kang 11 $579,277 1-855-505-9415 23. .........................Sei Young Kim 8 $572,853 24. .......... Nanna Koerstz Madsen 12 $559,260 or visit 25. .......................... Megan Khang 14 $557,535 26. .................................... Lilia Vu 12 $449,359 27. ............................ Marina Alex 12 $444,856 28. ............................... Yuka Saso 13 $418,408 29. .........................Ryann O'Toole 13 $411,119 30. .......................Hinako Shibuno 11 $404,488 31. .............................. Bronte Lae 10 $398,836 32. ............Pajaree Anannarukarn 14 $391,811 . State Contractor and Home Improvement Licenses: Arizona 321056. California 1005986. 33. ...................Patty Tavatanakit 11 $364,599 Connecticut HIC.0644950. New Jersey 13VH09390200. Oregon 209181. Pennsylvania PA107656. Tennessee 10020. Washington 3DAYBDB842KS. 34. ............................ Georgia Hall 10 $355,522 County Licenses: Nassau County, NY H01073101. Rockland County, NY H-12401-34-00-00. Licensed through Great Windows Services, LLC: 35. ................. Moriya Jutanugarn 14 $350,250 Virginia 2705172678. West Virginia WV061238. Various City Licenses Available Upon Request. © 2022 3 Day Blinds LLC. 36. ............................... Inbee Park 12 $347,123

HEalthKLM&NSOcience TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 . SECTION E EZ EE MEDICAL MYSTERIES Some women’s Getting to the root Q&A asthma worsens of his broken bones during periods TikTok doc He dug into his medical records to find the answer offers wry takes BY EMILY HARRIS on medical world In January, Jess Johnson woke F BY SANDRA G. BOODMAN in the middle of the night strug- or as far back as he can remember, Aaron Blocker’s bones had given him trouble. ¶ Born BY DAWN FALLIK gling to breathe. While lying in with severely bowed legs, Blocker as a baby wore metal leg braces while he slept, which Emergency room doctors savor bed, she could not stop coughing enabled him to walk. Even so, he said, his legs “always hurt.” The rash of broken bones adrenaline and bike helmets. Or- or wheezing. started when he was 10 years old and fell on his hand, fracturing several fingers. A few years thopedic doctors are bros who “My inhaler would not work, later he broke his nose for the first time when it was clipped, not forcefully, by a swing made of soft love the gym. Neurosurgeons are nothing was working,” Johnson just a tad confident. And medical recalls. plastic. ¶ “My family just thought I was a clumsy child,” said Blocker, 30, who grew up near Jackson, students are living in a special Her first thought was the coro- kind of hell, from match day to navirus. But then the North Caro- Miss., where he still lives. “I was very active.” ¶ Over the years, Blocker said, doctors set his broken rotations. lina resident remembered she They have one thing in common was due to get her period that bones and treated other orthopedic problems, including scoliosis, a sideways curvature of the spine. — being mocked by Will Flanary, week. an ophthalmologist known to mil- When she was in fifth grade, But none suggested taking a closer look, even after Blocker underwent multiple surgeries to replace lions in the medical world as “Dr. Johnson was diagnosed with Glaucomflecken,” a term for a sign asthma, a chronic condition char- both hips in his 20s — an operation typically performed on people decades older. ¶ The premature of glaucoma. acterized by lung inflammation. On TikTok, Instagram and Twit- That inflammation, which can be and unexpected failure of those hip replacements convinced Blocker his skeletal problems had a ter, Flanary posts videos several caused by genetic and environ- times a week — for more than 1.6 mental factors, often makes it cause that was being overlooked. SEE MYSTERY ON E4 million followers — about the hard to breathe. medical system. Sometimes it’s a About 17 years later, Johnson CAMERON COTTRILL FOR THE WASHINGTON POST sarcastic look at coronavirus started noticing that, for a few guidelines, an insider’s view of the days each month, her asthma medical hierarchy (nurses are the would flare and tasks as simple as true rulers) or the expensive world folding laundry or talking on the of peer-review publishing. But phone would leave her breath- mainly, the young, mellow-voiced less. Today, Johnson, 33, still doctor focuses on the strong per- finds herself relying heavily on sonalities involved in everyday her inhaler the week before her medical practice. period. There are many YouTube “reac- Johnson isn’t alone. tion” videos from doctors on Fla- For some, bodily changes nary’s assessments of their char- around menstruation bypass dis- acter — such as trauma surgeon comfort and careen into danger David Hindin and neurosurgeon territory. Martin Rutkowski — who say the Research shows that anywhere portrayals are spot-on. from 10 to 40 percent of women For nonmedical personnel, Fla- experience worsening of asthma nary’s videos give insight and a symptoms just before and during few tips in dealing with a world menstruation. (Experts think the most only see from the patient true number lies somewhere in side. For example, neurologists the middle.) The worsening of may have a slight rage stroke hear- asthma symptoms can have seri- ing someone described as having ous consequences: Women visit- an “altered mental status,” which ing the emergency department they describe as “garbage termi- for asthma attacks are often with- nology” because it could mean in a few days of getting their anything from slightly confused to periods, researchers say. comatose. Flanary, 36, has been on both SEE ASTHMA ON E5 sides of the stethoscope. He was diagnosed with testicular cancer Researchers twice — the first time was when he explore infantile was in his fourth year of medical amnesia’s impact school at the Geisel School of Med- icine at Dartmouth, and the sec- BY VANESSA LOBUE ond time while he was in his third Whenever I teach about mem- ory in my child development SEE TIKTOK ON E5 class at Rutgers University, I open by asking my students to Weather recall their very first memories. New tools could help forecasting Some students talk about their for wildfires, heavy rains. E2 first day of pre-K; others talk Aging about a time when they got hurt How to stretch away aches and or upset; some cite the day their increase flexibility. E3 younger sibling was born. CBD Despite vast differences in the Epilepsy patients navigate a murky details, these memories do have a marketplace. E4 couple of things in common: Night skies They’re all autobiographical, or Night-shining clouds are lighting up memories of significant experi- northern skies. E6 ences in a person’s life, and they typically didn’t happen before OLIVER SCHWENN/SPACEWEATHERGALLERY age 2 or 3. Most people can’t remember events from the first Noctilucent clouds in Denmark few years of their lives — a last month. phenomenon researchers have dubbed infantile amnesia. But why can’t we remember the things that happened to us when we were infants? Does memory start to work only at a certain age? Here’s what researchers know SEE MEMORY ON E5

E2 EZ EE THE WASHINGTON POST . TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022 SCIENCE NEWS South African fossils are a million years older than believed, reignite debate on human origins ROBERT BROWMAN/ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL/ASSOCIATED PRESS BY ELLEN FRANCIS viewed journal Proceedings of Fossils of early human ances- the National Academy of Scienc- Smoke hovers over Las Vegas in May. In a recent review of the planned burn that turned into one of the largest blazes in New Mexico’s tors in a cave in South Africa are es. recorded history, the U.S. Forest Service acknowledged miscalculations and inaccurate models and views about the dryness of the region. a million years older than re- searchers previously thought, ac- “But it’s hard to get a good date New tools may predict months ahead cording to a study published late on them,” Granger, a professor at the severity of wildfires and rains last month that gives insight into Purdue University who specializ- the history of humankind. es in dating geologic deposits, Researchers seek ways to anticipate how much land will burn, where ocean heat waves will occur The study of fossils from the said in a statement. His team’s Sterkfontein Caves, which yield- findings show that “these fossils ed the near-complete skull of a are old — much older than we cave woman nicknamed Mrs. originally thought.” Ples, found they date back 3.4 million to 3.6 million years. The researchers, including ex- The findings suggest homi- perts from Johannesburg and nins in South Africa existed France, examined radioactive de- around the same time as others cay in rocks buried at the same in East Africa, such as the re- time as the fossils, whereas earli- nowned 3.2-million-year-old er estimates were based on cal- skeleton called Lucy, which was cite flowstone deposits. discovered in 1974 in Ethiopia. East Africa was long considered The age of the fossils helps the more likely origin of the scientists understand “how and earliest hominin that eventually where humans evolved, how they evolved into the Homo genus we fit into the ecosystem, and who belong to, so this study reignites their closest relatives are and the debate on the origins of were,” Purdue University said in modern humans. an announcement on the study. Hundreds of Australopithecus fossils of human ancestors have The study indicates that the been found at the Sterkfontein South African hominins, which Caves, at a UNESCO World Heri- had been considered “too young” tage site known as the Cradle of to be ancestors of the Homo Humankind. The site, northwest genus, were actually “contempo- of Johannesburg, was home to raries” of those in East Africa and the discovery of the first adult had the time to evolve, said Australopithecus, an ancient Dominic Stratford, director of hominin, in 1936. research at the caves and one of The caves have more Australo- the paper’s authors. pithecus fossils than anywhere else in the world, said Darryl “This important new dating Granger, an author of the new work pushes the age of some of study published in the peer-re- the most interesting fossils in human evolution research, and one of South Africa’s most iconic fossils, Mrs. Ples, back a million years to a time when, in East Africa, we find other iconic early hominins like Lucy,” he said. BY MADDIE STONE colleagues turned to a weather several months out, while the west- land will burn, a forecast the MUJAHID SAFODIEN/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY IMAGES In the parched southwestern model from the European Centre ern edges of oceans that are more researchers will validate as the United States, few forecasts are as for Medium-Range Weather Fore- influenced by rapidly changing summer progresses. While still The Little Foot skeleton, found at the Sterkfontein Caves, unveiled important as the future height of casts. This model, the researchers currents don’t have such patterns, experimental, such predictions go at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg in 2017. Lake Mead, which tells federal found, can reliably simulate large- according to the research. beyond current operational fire authorities how much water to scale surges of atmospheric mois- season outlooks, which focus on SCIENCE SCAN release to the 20 million people ture from the Gulf of Mexico or For predictable ocean regions, whether the fire activity out West living downstream of the giant the tropical Pacific over the south- the authors believe a heat wave will be above or below average. ACADEMIC PUBLICATIONS reservoir. This year, the U.S. Bu- western United States several forecasting system could be readi- reau of Reclamation is testing out months ahead of time. Those ly developed because the underly- John Abatzoglou, a fire expert Retractions of studies may increase the chances a new tool it hopes will make moisture surges correlate with ing climate models are already at the University of California, bad research will be amplified on social media those projections a little better: a how much rain actually falls, in a being run every month. Merced, said the authors’ findings model that can predict — months given month, over a given drain- “add another tool to the toolbox” BY ERIN BLAKEMORE Dynamics of cross-platform in advance — the summer rainfall age area. That allows researchers Ocean managers are keen to see to help fire managers take preven- Retractions — when an aca- attention to retracted papers associated with the North Ameri- to predict how rainy it will be even that system built. tive measures in advance of fire demic journal withdraws an al- PNAS can Monsoon. though they can’t say exactly season. But Abatzoglou, who was ready published study — are a big The ability to forecast monsoon where or when the thunder- Steven Lonhart, a research not involved in the paper, said deal for researchers. Such with- mentions upon publication were rains that far in advance has long storms will form. ecologist with the Monterey Bay summer weather is of “para- drawals correct the record and higher than papers that weren’t eluded meteorologists. But if the National Marine Sanctuary, said mount importance” to fire season remove faulty information from discredited, and the distribution new approach proves successful, As the Bureau of Reclamation long-range heat wave forecasts severity — conditions not current- circulation, and they happen of mentions suggests that most the bureau believes it could lead puts that new tool to the test this could help natural resource ly integrated into the tool. more often than you might real- people who had been aware of the to better summer projections of summer, a separate research team agencies monitor the health of ize. According to the Retraction studies’ reported findings did not Lake Mead’s January water level with the National Oceanic and species critical to their environ- Study co-author Cenlin He ac- Watch Database, over 3,100 sci- know about the retractions. — a key metric the agency uses to Atmospheric Administration is ment, like kelp, and prepare to knowledged that predicting and entific articles and studies have plan water releases during the developing seasonal forecasts for assist heat-vulnerable animals integrating summer weather, as been retracted since 2020 in “One of the main takeaways is coming year. With water levels in a climate hazard far offshore: like sea otters. Fisheries manag- well as summer activities that what researchers say is a reflec- that retractions come too late,” Lake Mead running at a record Ocean heat waves. ers, meanwhile, could use heat cause fires, into seasonal forecasts tion of tightened editorial over- Daniel Romero, a professor at the low and the bureau implementing wave forecasts to alter annual is a “very challenging problem sight. University of Michigan who co- its first-ever water shortage decla- Ocean heat waves, which like catch quotas or the timing of and different groups in the scien- But retractions don’t just hurt authored the paper, said in a ration in 2022, even small im- their counterparts on land are fishing season to account for how tific community are working on careers and tarnish the trust- news release. “They remain im- provements in these reservoir increasing in severity as the plan- warm water will impact popula- resolving this problem.” worthiness of the scientific com- portant, but they’re not serving projections can make a difference. et warms, can impact everything tion numbers. munity: A study finds that they the purpose of reducing the The monsoon forecasting tool, from the productivity of commer- All of these seasonal forecast- fail to reduce misinformation’s amount of attention that we pay detailed in a recent study pub- cial fisheries to the migration pat- Wildfires, another hazard in- ing advances could benefit com- reach. to these problematic papers be- lished in the journal Advancing terns of endangered species. The tensifying across the country, are munities affected by weather and In the paper, published in cause, by the time they come, the Earth, Space and Science, is one of ability to predict them far in ad- also becoming more predictable climate extremes — though it’s PNAS last month, researchers say public is no longer paying much several emerging efforts by re- vance would help resource man- at seasonal time scales. A recent not the same as being able to say most retractions do not happen attention to the original paper.” searchers to predict key weather agers prepare for these impacts — study published in Environmen- exactly when or where a specific soon enough to prevent the patterns, or weather-related haz- which is exactly what the NOAA tal Research Letters found cli- weather event or hazard will oc- spread of faulty science. It’s unclear whether the in- ards, months ahead of time. Other scientists now say is possible with mate conditions in the winter and cur with months of notice. The team studied nearly 3,000 creased attention that flashy re- research teams are also rolling out their new seasonal forecast tool. spring help drive the severity of retracted papers from the past search garners contributes to experimental, long-range fore- the summer fire season out West, “The state of the science is not decade, looking at their reach in eventual retractions. And despite casts that can predict how many “The high-level finding is that accounting for more than half of there yet,” said Jon Gottschalck, news publications, social media paying more attention to re- acres will burn during an upcom- in a lot of cases, these events are the year-to-year variability and who heads the Operational Pre- and elsewhere online. When they search that would eventually be ing wildfire season and where predictable,” said Michael Jacox, trend in summer burned area. diction Branch at NOAA’s Climate compared the discredited papers’ pulled, the spotlight wasn’t al- ocean heat waves will occur up to an oceanographer NOAA’s South- Prediction Center. reach with that of 13,500 studies ways adoring. Social media users a year in advance, providing more west Fisheries Science Center in “What we found is winter and that were not retracted, they on Twitter were twice as likely to explicit and comprehensive infor- Monterey, Calif., who led the re- spring climate sets the stage for Still, Gottschalck said the types found the problematic papers be critical of studies that were mation than existing tools. search published recently in the summer fire activity,” said lead of approaches the new studies are received more attention and were eventually removed from jour- Collectively, these new tools are journal Nature. study author and NCAR scientist taking — mining data with ma- mentioned more often on news nals than those that stayed put. pushing the boundaries of season- Ronnie Abolafia-Rosenzweig. chine learning; predicting the platforms than their counter- al forecasting, a realm of weather Jacox and his colleagues com- large-scale patterns that correlate parts, probably because of their Nonetheless, the researchers forecasting that has traditionally pared 30 years of forecasts pro- With that insight in mind, Abo- with specific types of weather — compelling results. conclude, “Journals, the scientific focused on predicting patterns in duced by six North American cli- lafia-Rosenzweig and his col- could be important for advancing Despite early hype, however, community, and the lay public temperature and rainfall. mate models with actual sea sur- leagues developed an experimen- seasonal forecasting at large, with attention waned over time. The should not think of retraction as “When we’re thinking about face temperature measurements tal tool for predicting, at the end numerous potential applications. number of social media and news an effective tool in decreasing really long lead times, and the collected at the same time, and of April, how much land in the online attention to problematic ability of models to forecast if found specific ocean regions where West will burn between June and For instance, the authors of the papers.” there’s moisture available and the heat waves are predictable months September. Researchers feed data monsoon study are exploring atmospheric patterns are in the ahead of time. These include the on precipitation, temperature, at- whether their approach can be right configuration, advancing eastern tropical Pacific, where heat mospheric moisture and other cli- used to forecast winter snowfall beyond this traditional approach waves are closely tied to the El mate metrics from the preceding over the Rockies several months of looking myopically at tempera- Niño climate pattern and are pre- winter and spring into the tool, out. Winter snowpack is “the lead- ture and precipitation is the way dictable nearly a year in advance, which is based on machine-learn- ing factor” in annual runoff and to go,” said Chris Castro, an expert as well as the West Coast of North ing models. Based on these condi- water supply predictions, bureau on the North American Monsoon America, where forecasts are pos- tions, the models predict how hydrologist and study co-author at the University of Arizona who sible up to six months out. In much land will burn in a given Shana Tighi said. was not involved with the new general, ocean regions influenced summer, a forecast researchers monsoon paper. by El Niño and La Niña have heat can validate by comparing it with “Any tool that improves the Runoff from snowpack in the wave patterns that are predictable satellite-measured burned area. forecasts for snow accumulation Rocky Mountains supplies most will be extremely useful for water of the water to reservoirs that feed This summer, their models are management planning,” Tighi the Southwest. But as drought predicting 3.8 million acres of said. persists, water managers have taken an increasing interest in the MARIO TAMA/GETTY IMAGES HEALTH & SCIENCE rain that falls over Arizona and Editors: Margaret Shapiro, Mary-Ellen Deily • New Mexico in the summer due to A “bathtub ring” of mineral deposits left by higher water levels is visible recently at the drought- Art Director: Elizabeth von Oehsen • Photo Editor: Bronwen Latimer • the monsoon, a seasonal climate stricken Lake Mead in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area in Arizona. Copy Editor: Ron Jones • Advertising Information: Ron Ulrich, pattern. But monsoon rainfall, 202-334-5289, [email protected] • To contact us: which falls in bursts as thunder- Email: [email protected] Mail: The Washington Post, Health, storms quickly form and dissipate 1301 K St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20071 over mountains, is notoriously difficult to forecast with even just a few days’ lead time. “Our modeling systems are very bad at simulating this kind of thunderstorm rainfall, especially in regions where you have moun- tains like the desert Southwest,” said Andreas Prein of the National Center for Atmospheric Research, lead author of the recent study. To try to predict the rainfall further in advance, Prein and his

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