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Published by pochitaem2021, 2022-08-11 12:24:39

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Welcome! Issue 33 13 – 19 August 2022 tYhoiusrwsteaerks! It’s a challenge to predict a Barbara Windsor. Writers create when a soap character is these characters, but it’s actors 12 going to hit the big time – to who make them into legends. make that move from peculiar, Emmerdale’s Sally Dexter is Jeff Hordley mildly irritating newcomer to the best of both those worlds; essential icon of their show. an impressive CV and true “Cain & Al have been Roy Cropper was once merely showbiz pizzazz. As with Peggy, circling each other Deirdre’s weirdo neighbour. “She brings true her dazzle blots out the Many viewers found Phil and memory that Faith Dingle for ages…” Grant’s nagging shrew of a was ever played by anyone else. While Faith’s imminent 42 showbiz pizzazz”mother unbearable when she moved to Albert Square back in 1994. demise causes me pain, it’s fitting that it’s at Harriet Bibby One clue is when the casting directors the heart of the Dales’ big birthday drama. reach into their top drawer – for the skill Until then, I shall savour every moment… “There’s a lot going on of a David Neilson, or the star quality of for Summer – she feels Gary Gillatt, Exec Editor as if she can’t escape” sTthoeriBesIG... I always get 46 heartburn when Coronation Street I eat birthday cake Aaron Thiara 10 Summer’s dreams ripped apart: 30 You know “I’d love to work with you’re supposed Steve McFadden more she gets her results – and faints! to take out the – he’s a role model!” 24 Upset Faye pounces on Michael candles first 48 30 Audrey’s tragic confession… 31 Stu thrown a lifeline by Zeedan? YAODUDRUSSHTOOP! .m..aonred! LHuucdys-oJno 32 Leanne fears for sister Toyah! Don’t forget, 12 Inside Gossip: 42 Summer looks to the future… you can have your latest soap “Donna-Marie has lnsideSoap news headlines! really evolved!” EastEnders delivered along with your 34 What Happens lnsideSoap 3 4 Lewis kidnapped – Sam & Phil online shop from When? Your soap plan to make Ben’s attacker pay the following week at a glance! supermarkets… 18 Avery’s emotional farewell… 36 Classic Scoop 19 Angry Jay: “You’re fired, Stuart!” 38 Soapbox 26 Mick & Linda united in song… 56 Style watch 27 Single Honey in hot demand! QKUEILTLSY! 92 Puzzles 32 Kim & Howie family dilemma TVR…SEAEVKCSEIRLAGELLAETERRDIYS?’SGU7WI-DDITAEHY! 95 Who’s Who? 46 Huge drama ahead for Ravi… CDHHAAORRKUIERTSYT’S Emmerdale pbri5ret0vhitdehway! G&TCOFAAHIIOTNEHDLBAYSET! &ECAXHLAAPSFOFASEIRD! 96 The Hot List 98 Hits & Misses 8 Heartbreaking news for Mack & STWOARRMNING!icnLhiEvaemnsgmwedeirlfldobareelev…er Charity: they’ve lost their baby ONCHCFEARAYATEISG! HINARPMLMEIINRCODKFNAE&YC!T KRIDEPVNHEAINLP’GSPEED! RPESluTHs!UORCNKS! 20 Naomi leaves Charles for dead? Marriage Sean Bean and 28 Jai & Laurel are finally reunited! Nicola Walker 29 Dawn’s happy family struggle… 7DOG-IDNUGA-IIDDTYEAEML A&ND INSIDE TV &ALClyloisnmonpnGilJeiobdnsboeysn star in a moving 33 Has Mandy rumbled Sandra? new drama… Your brightest guide to the box... Turn to p57! Hollyoaks OPWFiETcEHkKE! PHOTOS: GETTY 16 Sienna’s fierce fight for survival! 33 Tony begins to grow suspicious THE BIG BREAKFAST | Channel 4 SATURDAY of his loner brother Eric… SFTRAESRHTAJHOOBDMRUEEDATUKHFAEANSBDTACMSOHONOGWAISLRLTEIGHTAEUNRICNBOSRN…IINCG 48 Donna-Marie’s new business! Home and Away 22 Newcomer Tex stalks the Paratas 32 Eden leaps into Cash’s arms! Dramas 33 Casualty Paige & Rash over? 50 Inside Soap Awards 2022 The stars of Dramas & Daytime tell us why they deserve your support! Sis of death Premium bond Cash and grab Novel ideasALWANITCHAARGRA’STHAADVCEHNRTISUTRIEES MARRIAGE BAD SISTERS S

Sam reveals Lewis – bound and gagged – in the boot of her car! WTEHEISK! KTLhIeEDMWiNtchIAeSllP!s HE DOESN’T STAND A CHANCE AS SAM AND PHIL PREPARE TO MAKE HIM PAY FOR ATTACKING BEN… 4 lnsideSoap

EASTENDERS | BBC1 TUESDAY Zack lets slip to Ben about Sam’s plan for Lewis Will Sam’s Phil and Sam unite stemmed from Lewis’ brutal revenge plot this week to do attack on him. Phil is baying get her back on what the Mitchells for blood – and although the side with Phil? do best – dish out week starts on a positive note deadly revenge to when Ben is released from someone who’s crossed them! hospital, the Mitchell hard man can see that his son still has Desperate to worm her way a long road ahead of him. back into the family fold, Sam is delighted when Zack calls Desperate to ease his to say that he’s tracked down boy’s pain, Phil pleads with Lewis – the creep who raped DI Keeble to haul Lewis down her nephew, Ben. Hoping to to the cop shop and throw show Phil that she’s worthy the book at him. But it’s not of the Mitchell name, Sam long before the Mitchells demands Zack take her to decide to take matters Lewis – as she coolly stashes into their own hands… a weapon in her handbag… “Phil may have cut a “Sam may not look capable deal with Keeble in return of firing a gun, but make no for his release from prison, mistake, she means business!” but working with the feds declares our Albert Square still doesn’t sit well with insider. “She’ll stop at nothing him,” explains our sneak. to make Lewis pay for what “He doesn’t trust them to he’s done to Ben – and if it make sure justice is served, earns her brownie points with so if an opportunity arises Phil in the process, then it’ll to dish out punishment make her revenge plan all the Mitchell-style, furious Phil sweeter. The chances of Lewis is going to take it!” still breathing by the end of Meanwhile, Sam is still on the week are slim to none!” the outer with Phil, who lays the blame for Ben’s overdose Wrong side at her door. He knows that she of the law stood by and allowed dealers to operate at Peggy’s, and The Mitchell family is has made it abundantly clear still reeling from Ben’s to his sister that she’s no drug overdose, and the longer part of his family. revelation that his recent bad behaviour has all CONTINUED OVER↘ lnsideSoap 5

INSIDE SCOOP Jay manages ↘ FROM PREVIOUS PAGE to persuade Macicsosmiopnlished Callum to speak with Ben Determined to make it up to both Phil and Ben, Sam asks Kat to put in a good word for her with Phil; but Kat doesn’t want to get involved. So, fearing that her family will never forgive her, Sam makes the decision to leave Walford. Needing to get her hands on her passport, Sam asks Kat for the Desperate Sam asks him see Lexi until he’s been the strength to face Lewis? new code to the Kat to put in a good to get professional help. She Or would he be better to safe at Peggy’s. word with Phil can’t believe he was taking focus on healing himself?” drugs while looking after Kat is hesitant to their little girl, and fears Whatever Ben feels, what could have happened matters are soon taken out give it to her, but eventually Phil, she’ll be back in the if Lexi had got her hands of his hands once Sam finds on a dangerous substance. Phil – and reveals Lewis agrees – on the proviso that family fold. And if that bound and gagged in the Ben’s already at rock boot of her car! She declares Sam doesn’t touch anything means getting blood on bottom when Zack lets slip it’s time they made Lewis about Sam’s plan to make pay for what he did, and the else in the safe… her hands, then so be it.” Lewis pay. How will he react? two of them drive out to a remote warehouse to dish However, just as Sam is “Ben’s been to hell and out their own violent justice… back thanks to Lewis, so preparing to wave farewell to Ben’s revenge? nobody could blame him for So is Lewis about to Walford for good, she gets But as Sam’s dealing with wanting to get his own back,” become Phil’s latest casualty? points out our spy. “Though Or might there be yet another the call to say that Zack has Lewis, Ben is struggling to after everything Ben has twist in this gruesome tale been through in the past two before the week is out? tracked down Lewis. So, adjust to being back on the weeks, does he really have Sarah Ellis having spotted Phil’s gun in Square after his overdose. the safe, Sam pockets the There’s a glimmer of hope firearm – before demanding after Jay persuades Callum that Zack takes her to Lewis! to talk to Ben – but with Ben “This is Sam’s chance to still unable to admit what finally show Phil that she’s a really happened to him, their Mitchell through and through!” meeting doesn’t go well. reveals our mole. “She knows There’s more bad news for if she can deliver Lewis to Ben when Lola refuses to let “I know what you did, Sam!” Shirley threatens to “Shirley knows exactly expose her secrets… what Sam’s been up to, and this week she While Sam goes a long way to getting back into Phil’s good threatens to expose all books, she still has many more her dirty secrets!” gasps skeletons in her closet that she’d our gossip. “Of course, rather he didn’t know about! Shirley also makes it known that she can be Phil has no idea that his sister persuaded to stay quiet has been working with Jonah, launching a fake campaign – for the right price.” of violence to scare Phil So will Sam into handing over the reins bow to Shirley’s of Peggy’s. But sadly for blackmail? Or Sam, she hasn’t covered risk blowing all of all of her tracks… this week’s hard work if Shirley blabs to Phil? 6 lnsideSoap

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INSIDE SCOOP Devastated Charity explains things to inexperienced Mack EMMERDALE | ITV THURSDAY Agony as Charity & Mack lose their baby THEY RECEIVE HEARTBREAKING NEWS AT THE HOSPITAL… EMMERDALE | ITV THURSDAY 8 lnsideSoap

C harity and Mack are It’s an emotionally dealt the cruellest exhausting crisis blow possible this week, when a trip for the couple to the hospital reveals their pregnancy is ectopic – and their baby won’t survive. It’s after Charity collapses in agony that she realises something is terribly wrong, and Mack is panicked when he arrives to find her on the floor. But as he scoops Charity up in his arms and rushes her Is Mack dealing reservations, emotionally drained Charity strong for Mack, which to hospital, Mack with it as well as and is secretly psyches herself up for what’s hopefully will make for really is unprepared for he makes out? to come. She and Mackenzie interesting viewing,” muses are united as they grieve the Lawrence. “I hope it will break the devastating news delighted when loss of their baby – however, the stigma that men always is Mack really as okay as need to be strong for their that awaits them… Moira shares some he’s making out? partners. It was not easy to film, so one can only imagine “For Mack it’s blind panic, touching words about what “While Mack is strong for what it will be like to view…” Charity throughout, there are peppered with denial,” a great parent he’ll be. moments when Charity is Sarah Ellis explains Lawrence Robb, “The concept is massively who plays him. “He’s totally alien to Mack, he has never inexperienced in scenarios even thought about having like this, and kids before,” Lawrence “Mack reactshe doesn’t understand with blind reminds what’s panic and us. “That’s denial” happening probably initially. His because he naivety on never really the subject had a father combined with his denial figure in his life to look up to.” means that Charity needs But sadly, it’s just not to boil it down for him.” meant to be. After Charity is Charity and Mack are examined and told that her only just getting their heads pregnancy isn’t viable, Mack UNITED IN GRIEF? around the idea of having a refuses to believe it. Which is Can Charity and Mackenzie get child when tragedy strikes. why he asks doctors to hear through this testing time? Mack can’t wait to be a his baby’s heartbeat. What Charity and Mack go through this week is one of the most difficult things a couple can face. dad, despite some initial “If it were me in the same They’ve already had a lot of ups and downs in position, I don’t their relationship. So will this heart-wrenching tragedy be what finally tears the two of them apart? think I would make Or will it make them more united – and stronger? Charity that request,” “It’ll be extremely difficult for them to move past, hopes to because he wants to talk about it, and she doesn’t,” move on by reveals Lawrence. reveals Lawrence. “There may be some resentment going about “It’s so, so sad, and there, though it’s more confusion and hurt.” life as normal it makes the next “A lot of the feedback we get from viewers is part of the process that the chemistry between Mack and Charity is great,” adds Emma Atkins (aka Charity). “People so much more are hoping they stay together!” difficult. Mackenzie requests it, and I don’t think Charity is very keen; but she shows strength by agreeing to let it happen, because it’s something that Mackenzie needs.” As the doctors leave the couple to process the devastating news, lnsideSoap 9

INSIDE SCOOP CORONATION STREET | ITV FRIDAY Summer’s dreams ripped apart! SHE RECEIVES HER EXAM RESULTS – AND COLLAPSES… Summer’s future plans anything a little bit risky, he’s wars – Summer calls in to are left in tatters this going to be looking out for see him at the garage, and is week, after she fails her,” explains Harriet Bibby, shocked to find him nursing one of her A-Levels who plays her. “The reason a fat lip. It’s not the first time – then collapses just as the two of them got so intense, she’s caught him with awful she’s about to go on holiday! so quickly, is because they’ve injuries like this, yet when gone through similar situations, she asks her boyfriend how It’s a terrifying moment for and they really connect. Aaron it happened, Aaron snaps. Summer’s boyfriend, Aaron, is definitely helping her.” when he sees her unconscious He later apologises, but on the floor in front of him, and As the week kicks off, it’s Summer is stunned when he it’s enough to send him into a actually Aaron who’s in the reveals the truth behind his blind panic. But as Summer comes round, will she and ASuamromnecra, raensdfohre’s Aaron get to the bottom of looking out for her” what caused the blackout? “Aaron genuinely cares for Summer – so even if she does 10 lnsideSoap

The couple are excited for their first holiday together cuts and bruises – they were Aaron opens up to on the here and caused by his alcoholic dad. Summer about his now, and gets ready for her “To see anyone you love in alcoholic dad first holiday pain, or suffering, is awful,” points out Harriet. “But with big problems of her own with Aaron. Summer’s an understanding to deal with when she gets her He’s excited person, and she’s always the exam results – and although as he calls to first to try to offer help if she she passed two of them with collect her – but flying colours, the fail in the that buzz fades can. So when Aaron opens third means her dreams of once Summer up to her about his dad, going to Oxford are shattered. falls unconscious, they come to an agreement causing them to that they will help each other. “I think she’s sort of miss their flight! She’s really fallen for Aaron.” accepted the fact that she “This is Summer’s Aaron begs Summer to doesn’t actually want to go first serious relationship,” keep quiet about his dad’s to uni anymore,” confirms Harriet reminds us. “It’s always abuse, and she agrees. Yet Harriet. “It’s quite liberating for exciting when you meet the teenager finds herself her to make the decision and someone who you like say, ‘Actually, I’m stepping enough, and they like you away from this, because I’m enough to want to go away not happy’. There’s a whole with you. But Summer’s in a mix of emotions in there.” really tricky situation – she’s not managing things properly. With her future plans It’s really quite dangerous…” uncertain, Summer focuses We know that in recent weeks Summer has been battling to manage her diabetes alongside her eating disorder – and when Aaron later rummages through her bag, he’s shocked at what he finds! So was Summer’s collapse a result of her own actions? And will Aaron agree to stand by her if that’s the case? Sarah Ellis How long can Turn to p42 for our big Summer hide the interview with Harriet, truth from Aaron? who tells us why she was praying Summer didn’t make the grade… lnsideSoap 11

Time’s up: Al and Chas’ affair looks set to be revealed! Lovelorn: Could Harriet’s declaration end things between Kim and Will? Prepare for the most epic of just one day, why don’t we However, that’s not the only where Malone’s body is stunts in Emmerdale celebrate the whole month?” hiccup, as Will’s old flame buried – so Harriet shouldn’t Harriet will declare her love get on the wrong side of her! history this autumn, “A massive storm will rip just before the wedding – and Kim overhears… Faith’s farewell as the show marks its 50th through the village and leave “Harriet’s playing with The Dingles are devastated year with a terrifying storm a trail of destruction in its fire, but it’s last chance as October sees the tragic saloon!” shares Katherine goodbye of Faith. How will that rips the village apart! wake,” adds Kate. “Villagers Dow Blyton, who plays Cain and Chas navigate her “She’s got to make her their mum’s final days? Executive producer Jane will be in peril, and it’s safe feelings known. Harriet is no Kim Tate, but they are “Faith’s story is going to Hudson and series producer to say that Emmerdale will both fiery women. Kim’s not be huge across our 50th very happy about this on – it’s so emotional and Kate Brooks unveiled their never be the same after this. the eve of her wedding!” heartbreaking,” says Jane. “Everybody who’s involved plans at an event to launch What we are filming is quite Let’s not forget that Kim in that storyline is pulling out is the only one who knows some of the most amazing the 50th – and guaranteed unprecedented on this scale. a spectacular celebration… There are elements that I’ve “We have every story never seen on a soap!” imaginable – we’ll make you Wed or dead? laugh, cry, and the stunts will rock your world,” teases The storm hits just as Kim 12 lnsideSoap

ANE WBLOAHCOOKK’S! Some beloved faces are making their way home for Emmerdale’s 50th… LE! Danger zone: T hree Emmerdale of a happy family be performances I’ve What does the characters will be shattered forever? seen in soap for storm have in back in October to a long time!” play a part in the show’s “Tracy is coming back store for anniversary extravaganza. with a bit of news of her Chas & Al exposed! Amelia? own,” hints Jane. “How’s Newlywed Danny Miller Nate going to respond?” The affair between Chas and Amelia lost! will reprise his role as Al looks set to be uncovered Aaron, who arrives in time Also coming home during the storm. And one Eagle-eyed viewers will to discover the two most is show stalwart Diane thing’s for sure – when Cain have noticed that pregnant important women in his life Sugden. Star Elizabeth gets wind, he’ll be raging! Amelia is due this autumn. are in trouble. His grief- Estensen retired in 2021, But labour won’t be her only stricken mum Chas is in but she’ll return to see her “Cain and Al have been painful ordeal, as she gets danger of blowing her life family as the storm hits. circling each other for ages caught up in the storm. up; meanwhile, sister Liv is saying, ‘I’ll get you!’” laughs being played for a fool. “Diane, Aaron and Tracy Jeff Hordley, who plays Cain. “Amelia plays a big part are back on a temporary “However, this is going to – she needs to be found, “Aaron’s home, and how basis,” points out series lead to something because, if because she’s all on her is he going to respond producer Kate Brooks. Cain finds out, there could be own!” explains Jane. when he discovers his “They’ll be at the heart fireworks – and not the kind “Going forward, we have mum is cheating on Paddy, of some really big stories you get on 5 November!” the Spencers versus the who he sees as a father?” that’ll impact the lives of Dingles. There are some teases executive producer the characters they leave great rows coming up!” Jane Hudson. “Sandra, behind. It’s really exciting!” Liv’s mum, is back and that story is building. Will Aaron discover that Sandra isn’t all about Liv?” Nate will get a surprise when Tracy and baby Frankie return for a visit – but will the devoted dad’s dreams lnsideSoap 13

INSIDE Gossip Father figure: Gary has tried to look out for Kelly CORONATION STREET EXPKEELXLOLIYTS’S!IVE Millie Gibson to leave Final showdown: Rick Coronation Street – as Gary’s Protective: Gary rushed and Gary got into a to Kelly’s aid when fight in the woods killer secret is revealed? she was kidnapped Drama magnet Kelly depart, but the smart bet Neelan is to bow is on horrified Kelly finally out of Weatherfield learning that Gary murdered in dramatic fashion this her father, Rick… autumn, following the news that actress Millie “There have been some Gibson is waving goodbye great twists and turns for to the cobbles! Gary and Kelly – and the best is yet to come!” teases Corrie bosses are keeping our Corrie insider. “He dotes tight-lipped on how she’ll upon her like a daughter, and has become the father Kelly never had – but if she finds out what Gary’s really like, all hell will break loose…” 14 lnsideSoap

Loved up: Yasmeen thought she had found Mr Right Dying wish: Laura “Stu needs Frosty reception: Stu took the rap for turned up at daughter Rick’s murder Bridget’s door Gary’s killer secret began Yasmeen to to unravel after Kelly’s mum believe him!” Bill Fellows lifts the lid on his Laura found out that he was character’s shocking past… the one who bumped off Rick. However, as Laura J aws hit the floor following she has met a man who has brought was dying of cancer, she an episode of Corrie recently her nothing but problems. I think a lot sacrificed her relationship – after Stu was outed as a of people will think, ‘Get rid of him!’ with Kelly by taking the murderer! Yasmeen was Stu is a nice fella, but he has brought fall for Gary, hoping horrified, and the news came as a trouble to the Nazirs, if I am honest! that he would take surprise to star Bill Fellows, too… care of her little girl Was it hard to keep the secret? after she was gone. Hi, Bill! What was your reaction Although when when you were first told No, as an actor I did not tell anyone Gary was forced to what Stu’s secret was? because my sister watches Corrie rescue Kelly from avidly, and she wouldn’t want me two of Rick’s violent I thought it was a great storyline, to ruin it for her. I know that some associates recently, and I liked the twist! The fact that people love to know the spoilers the monster within Stu had been in prison for 27 years sometimes, but deep down I think him boiled to the surprised me, and that he had that they like to be surprised, too. surface – and she had an affair with a young waitress got a glimpse of when he was married with a child Have you seen anyone on social what Gary is truly at home – that was a surprise, too! media guess Stu’s secret correctly? capable of. “It’s surely only How do you think the audience Someone mentioned that they thought a matter of weeks will react to the revelation? Stu had been in prison, which was before the truth correct, but no one has guessed why! comes spilling out, I think people will question whether but how will Kelly Stu is telling the truth about being Can you tell us what happens leave the cobbles?” innocent, and I think viewers will feel next as Stu attempts to prove sorry for Yasmeen – as, yet again, his innocence? muses our spy. “Will she flee in disgust? Or will Gary Blast from the past: The first major thing is to try to be forced to silence her?” Ex-wife Lucy dropped get the people he loves and cares a bombshell about to believe him; Yasmeen, Insiders say Kelly’s exit will Alya and Zeedan (see p31 for more). be explosive, as fans mourn Without giving the game away, it’s the goodbye of rising star not just that Stu needs to prove Millie. The actress scooped his innocence. There are loads of the gong for Best Young elements that come into play now Performer at the British that this bombshell has blown up… Soap Awards earlier this year, and had been tipped lnsideSoap 15 as Corrie’s next big thing. “Millie’s a huge talent,” says our source. “She has really loved her time on Corrie and is excited about what is to come next.” All the best, Millie – we’ll certainly miss you!

INSIDE SCOOP Sienna’s life is in serious peril this Norma’s hitman, The week, when both Embalmer, mistakes Warren and Norma Liberty for Sienna! hire hitmen to try to kill her! The war between Sienna and Warren has been raging since he returned from the ‘dead’. But he wants to end it once and for all, so Warren hires a hitman to take Sienna down – but so does Norma! And when Sienna finds out what they’ve done, it comes to a head in one epic showdown, as Hollyoaks star Anna Passey reveals… Hi, Anna! First of all, how are Warren and Sienna coping with living under the same roof? Since Warren came back, Sienna’s been on high alert. She keeps testing him and asks him a lot of questions to see what he knows. Sienna starts to believe he doesn’t remember anything about her trying to kill him, but then she begins to feel unwell – and suspects he’s drugging her! Does Sienna have a Sienna’s plan to prove that? fight for survival! She wants to confirm it, so Sienna brews up Warren’s tea for Damon, and it knocks him straight out! From that point on, Sienna becomes very cagey around Warren. She’s got to keep her eye on him, and work out what she’s going to do about it. Sienna refuses to NORMA’S HITMAN, THE let her guard down EMBALMER, IS AFTER HER… around Warren – and with good reason! HOLLYOAKS | Channel 4 MONDAY 16 lnsideSoap

Will Warren’s soft spot for Sienna make him change tack? Then Warren puts What does Norma a hit out on Sienna! have in store for the warring duo? He does! Sienna starts to get a little suspicious when THDTERECELAEAAMNMI!NG Norma sends her on a job, and Warren is very keen on AnnafoirsadnelIingshidteedStooabpeAnwoamrdin…ated her going alone. But Sienna decides to bring Ste along, We’ve loved watching Sienna and Ste team up thinking safety in numbers. after co-founding their cleaning company, Deadly When Sienna gets there, Sheen. They’ve been doing the odd job for Norma, she realises Warren’s put and even buried bodies together. Anna tells us out a hit on her – however, she’s very happy that she and Kieron Richardson she manages to swerve (aka Ste) are up for Best Double Act this year… that one with Ste’s help. “Kieron saw the nomination first and messaged Then there’s Norma’s me about it – we’re thrilled!” she exclaims. “We’re hitman, The Embalmer, having such a fun time together, and I know the and he’s after her, too… audience are really enjoying it, so to be up for an award is very nice. It’s a joy to see a funnier Yes. But there’s a mix-up and softer side to Sienna. because of Sienna’s jacket, and The Embalmer ends up “The longer time goes on, the pair of them are going after Liberty! Sienna developing friendship feelings for each other,” rushes to save Liberty with adds Anna. “And the more they care about each Warren, who’s starting to other and the more they bicker, the better it gets.” doubt whether he can go through with killing Sienna… lnsideSoap 17 Should we be scared of The Embalmer? Well, he’s very good at his job, and a serious hitman. But I find him quite amusing, and he wears different wigs. He’s quite possibly my all-time favourite Hollyoaks character. Can you tell us about the showdown in the flat? It’s just one big, horrendous mess really. Sienna and Warren go head-to-head and have to figure out what they’re going to do – they can’t both go on living side by side in the village if they’re constantly going to kill each other! So they need to have it out, just the two of them… Alice Penwill

INSIDE EASTENDERS | BBC1 MONDAY Avery’s emotional send-off TOUCHING FAREWELL… T here’s a sombre say a final farewell to their entirely appropriate for a struggling Stuart gets some mood on Albert dad. However, after the hearse Square this week, pulls up outside No 23, Mitch funeral!” points out our Albert key details of the funeral as the Baker family is somewhat taken aback comes together to lay Mitch’s when Tara struts out of the Square sneak. “It’s a sombre wrong (see right for more on brother Avery to rest. house instead of Felix… occasion, and Mitch believes that). Mitch is terribly upset Understandably, Avery’s “Mitch has embraced Tara as part of the family, though that his late brother should be that the day hasn’t gone as sons Felix and Finlay are in he’s not sure her attire is the main focus of attention smoothly as he’d hoped, so bits while they prepare to Tara gives a typically fabulous – not Tara’s fabulous dress!” he’s moved to see the amount eulogy for Avery Even so, the family is of people who’ve turned up united as they in the Vic to head to the pay their final crematorium to say their last “The funeral respects to goodbyes to his larger-than- Avery. Once the ceremony is memorable life brother. concludes, for the wrong There’s reasons” a touching moment as though, and the Tara delivers mourners head to the wake, a heartfelt tribute to her dad, Mitch is forced to offer Tara before the family heads a grovelling apology as the outside to release a dove in penny drops that her being Avery’s honour. Though even there is exactly what Avery that doesn’t quite go to plan! would have wanted. “We all know that Avery The tough day is made was skint when he died, so the even harder for Mitch when family has had to pare back 18 lnsideSoap

EASTENDERS | BBC1 MONDAY Finlay and “You’re fired, Felix will have Stuart!” to make their WILL HE FINALLY ACCEPT THAT HE NEEDS PROFESSIONAL HELP? own way without Avery Stuart’s mounting Jay is furious with problems get even how badly Stuart worse this week, botched the funeral as Jay fires him! It’s after Stuart makes a actually gave him the all-clear, series of cock-ups at Avery’s they’re left even more baffled. funeral that Jay realises he’s a liability, and makes the difficult Once he and Karen get a decision to let him go from the moment alone, Stuart reveals undertakers. Given that Stuart that he’s signed all parental is clearly struggling with his rights to Roland over to Rainie mental health, will this be the – and that she never wants push he needs to seek help? to see him again! Karen can see how much pain he’s in, “The day of the funeral kicks and tries to broach the subject off with Stuart turning up late, of post-natal depression with then getting most of the details him once more. As she finally wrong!” splutters our Walford makes a breakthrough, Stuart insider. “It makes the business agrees to see his GP – and look totally unprofessional, and Karen offers to go with him, Jay ends up receiving several even missing out on Bernie’s complaints. Though it pains birthday party to be there Jay to have to sack Stuart, to support her friend. he has no other choice.” Will Stuart finally get the help Stuart’s loved ones are he so desperately needs? extremely worried – and there may be more bad news as he Sarah Ellis heads to hospital for the results of his cancer treatment… When Callum, Vi and Karen later find Stuart packing up his belongings, they’re scared he’s been given the worst news. So after he reveals the doctor The emotional day is almost too much for Mitch to handle their plans somewhat,” our do with Avery’s ashes. sneak reminds us. “Both To lighten the mood, Felix and Finlay would Karen reminds everyone have loved to push the that it’s Bernie’s birthday boat out and give their dad the following day, and a lavish day to send him enlists her nephews’ help out in style, but they’ve to organise a fabulous been hampered by budget party for her. restrictions. Let’s just say it ends up being memorable So with Avery laid to rest for all the wrong reasons!” and Felix and Finlay now officially part of the Taylor- Later in the week, the Baker household, will they family faces another start to put down some emotional moment, as proper roots in Walford? they must decide what to Sarah Ellis lnsideSoap 19

EMMERDALE | ITV MONDAY Charles left for dead! DID HIS DAUGHTER NAOMI ATTACK HIM? C harles is left fighting gasps our Dales insider. “All Charles out – but he has no state. But while she implores for his life following Manpreet knows is that there idea that their meeting will end Manpreet to tell her if Charles a showdown in the was an almighty row, and in such a devastating way… will be okay, his furious partner church this week – Naomi stormed out in a fury. screams at her to get out. and his loved ones point the Now she finds Charles at Thankfully, doctor Manpreet finger at his daughter, Naomi! death’s door, and she’s certain is precisely the right person “Let’s not forget that that Naomi is responsible.” to tend to Charles. Naomi is Manpreet has experience of The vicar’s been desperate shaken when she hears sirens killer relatives!” our snoop to build bridges with his It’s actually Ethan who blaring and sees emergency reminds us. “It’s not long since estranged child, so he’s persuades Naomi to meet with services pull up by the church. Meena had Manpreet drugged, thrilled when Naomi agrees their dad; the siblings have She rushes over, horrified to tied up and on the brink of to meet. However, once dad been talking for weeks, and see her dad in such a terrible death. Things have been so and daughter are left alone, Charles asked his son to put in things go horribly wrong… a good word, hoping Naomi Mtheanscperneee,t aisnfdircsterotnain would change her mind about Naomi is responsible” “Manpreet is first on the seeing him. Ethan obviously scene, and she’s horrified has the magic touch, as he to find Charles unconscious persuades his sister to hear on the floor of the church!” 20 lnsideSoap

Manpreet and Ethan wait for news at the hospital God only knows HHEeLaPveUnS! what’s going to Emmerdale’s place of worship has been the happen to venue for some ungodly events… Charles! HOLY SMOKE! Charles is relieved A nightmare unfolded when when Naomi agrees Zoe Tate, in the grip of a to hear him out schizophrenic breakdown, took refuge in the church toxic between Charles and They follow the and lit candles, causing Naomi that Manpreet is ambulance to the hospital a huge fire. It went up in convinced this is her doing, and start up a vigil in the flames with vicar Ashley and she’s raging. In the end, waiting room as the doctors and Zoe inside, but they got Harriet arrests Naomi on work on Charles. In those out as the church burned. suspicion of assault!” terrifying hours, Ethan and Manpreet pray that they THE DEVIL’S WORK! Poor Ethan is in turmoil won’t lose him. But when the when he arrives to find his subject of Naomi comes up, Stalker Sally Spode turned father in a critical condition, Manpreet is adamant she’s up the heat on love rival Laurel and Manpreet accusing his Meena Mark II. Is she right by locking vicar Ashley’s wife sister. He can’t believe that – or is Naomi being blamed in the burning church. She’d Naomi would do such a for something she didn’t do? planned the inferno in a bid to terrible thing, but Manpreet’s take Laurel’s place at Ashley’s account is compelling. Kate White side, but heroic Zak thwarted the evil scheme by rescuing Laurel in the nick of time. DARK DESIRE! Vicar Harriet forgot all the commandments when her steamy affair with crooked cop Malone started in the vestry. She’d already sinned with bad boy Cain in the sacred space, and later used the graveyard to hide the body of murdered Malone from the police! lnsideSoap 21

INSIDE HOME AND AWAY | Channel 5 WEDNESDAY Tex stalks the Paratas! WHAT IS HE REALLY DOING IN SUMMER BAY? Mysterious Summer officer Rose off her feet. But robbery years ago – and that Ari and Mia bought Bay newcomer there’s more to Tex than meets was the money he and Mia the gym with Tex shows his the eye as he begins to snoop bought the gym with! Tex and dodgy money from true colours this around the gym. Why has Tex his mates are after revenge, an armed robbery! week – and he isn’t the got his eye on the Parata as well as the cash…” charming local handyman family business? learns something that could he’s making out to be… The following day, Chloe is put Chloe in grave danger… “Tex turned up in the bay unknowingly being watched Tex hasn’t been in town for for a reason, and the gym is by Tex, who’s outside on his “Tex discovers Chloe is long, but he couldn’t have it!” reveals our Summer Bay motorbike. But the Paratas Ari’s stepdaughter!” our insider made a better impression sneak. “But what’s more remain unaware of the danger tells us. “At the moment, Tex is on the locals, and has even disturbing is, when Tex meets lurking right under their noses. just on surveillance, watching managed to sweep police up with a gang of bikers, he Tex even signs up to the gym the Paratas’ every move and shows them a picture of Ari simply to keep an eye on keeping up his façade of being Will Rose’s police and Mia. It turns out that Tex is Chloe, which is when she the heroic handyman. Though skills rumble Tex working for the man Ari stole notices her family photo is whenever Tex decides to take amid their romance? the money from in an armed missing. More worryingly, Tex action, Chloe could be the first one on his hit list!” 22 lnsideSoap Tex and his mates aasrewaefltlearsrethveencgaesh–” However, while Tex is watching the Paratas, Rose begins to fret about their romance – and Xander puts doubts in his sister’s mind

sYaaogyuatcihanan!t Chloe and “So, you didn’t remarry OUR FAVOURITE Tane have after Deirdre? Oh, sorry! RECENT SOAP Another reason why I’m no no idea QUOTES… that Tex is good with wine!” stalking Drunk talk = “It’s pointless getting sober thoughts! properly dressed for the them nursery run, isn’t it?” He’s only saying what we’re all thinking. “Alicia has “Right, no more called me from A&E. alcohol for you, “Who’s got the She’s broken her leg, her Mum.” recipe for a collarbone and she’s got a “How has screaming orgasm?” load of thorns in her she managed to do that?” See Wendy. backside.” “Taking a selfie on a cliff edge. She stepped back to get a better shot, fell – and luckily for her, there was a prickly bush six foot below.” That’ll learn her. too. Later, Rose runs into Tex by “I’ll let you “You ruin my family – accident – but she’s suspicious buy me a coffee, and and now you’re trying to because Tex told her he was in return I’ll explain to you tell me how to save it?” out of town, visiting his brother. how a man and a woman Once you’re on the Walford can’t ever really be friends.” Yet by using his charm and With Peter’s track record, merry-go-round, there’s affection, Tex manages to win they’d be better off sitting down no getting off. Rose around – and soon their relationship is back on track. for a seven-course lnsideSoap 23 And Tex’s run of good luck tasting menu and an continues as Alf considers offering him a full-time job. amuse-bouche. Will Tex stick around and manage to get the stolen cash back from the Paratas? Or is there a chance savvy Rose could rumble him first? Alice Penwill

INSIDE SCOOP CORONATION STREET | ITV WEDNESDAY Faye pounces on Michael! HE DOESN’T LOOK PARTICULARLY THRILLED ABOUT IT… Craig and Faye get when he asks Carla to go easy “Craig is trying to be into a heated row, on her at work, Faye is furious! nice and supportive, but and he moves out! he just doesn’t get it,” “Faye’s still trying to get her sighs Ellie. “Faye feels he’s Upset Faye makes reveals Ellie Leach, who own head around the diagnosis putting pressure on her to a drunken pass at plays her. “Then she sees – and I think she’s a little bit act a different way. The things colleague Michael him enjoying himself with his embarrassed,” points out Ellie. he does are nice gestures, yet this week – so are colleague, Jess – that’s why “She doesn’t want anyone Faye finds it overpowering she and Craig over? she makes a pass at Michael. to know, and feels as if Craig – she really can’t bear it.” It’s not out of spite. She thinks has gone behind her back.” It’s after Craig tries to help Craig is fine without her, but Realising he’s upset his Faye with her early menopause she doesn’t feel the same.” Craig is absolutely mortified girlfriend, Craig suggests that symptoms that the couple when Faye tears a strip off him he move back to his mum’s have a barney, and he moves For Craig’s part, he’s just for humiliating her, and he’s – and Faye doesn’t disagree! back in with his mum. Feeling desperate to help his girlfriend keen to make it up to her. But However, Faye soon realises alone and dejected, Faye come to terms with her when he later presents her with she’s made a huge mistake. drowns her sorrows – before diagnosis, and make her life a nightie, which is designed to attempting to snog Michael… easier in any way he can. Yet keep her cool during her hot “Craig thinks this is what he doesn’t realise that he’s flushes, it’s the final straw! Faye wants,” explains Ellie. “Faye’s just really sad about been smothering her – and Craig, and she’s missing him,” Faye wants some attention to make her feel normal” 24 lnsideSoap

“I hope Faye daonnd’tCsrpaliitg!” Elliet’sorpoaottcinhgthfoinrgtsheupc…ouple Hi, Ellie! How did you doesn’t, because me and feel about tackling the Colson [Smith, who plays early menopause story? Craig] get on well. I’ve worked with him for a long Really excited! It’s a very time, and we’ve done a lot real issue, though it’s not of big storylines together. something I’ve experienced. So I was excited to raise What was it like filming awareness, because not a scenes with Ryan Russell, lot of people know about it. who plays Michael? There’s trouble for Faye It was nice to get to work and Craig this week – with him more. When you how would you feel work with someone new, if they broke up? there’s a different vibe. I would be so upset if that Is there potential for happened! Hopefully it romance between Faye and Michael? I don’t know! I think Faye’s heart is with Craig – but never say never! Faye’s confidence is wants him back,” confirms Faye can’t have any at rock bottom Ellie. “She’s a bit down more children, so has on herself as well. At that made her think “Although, in reality, she 20 years old, she never about her daughter, doesn’t want him to go, imagined going through Miley, who she gave because she loves him.” something like this. She up for adoption? has low confidence, so The situation only gets worse she just wants some Definitely – I reckon she for Faye later in the week attention to make her probably thinks about once she spots Craig with his feel normal again.” her a lot. Whether colleague, Jess, and assumes From our pictures, she regrets giving he’s moved on! So as Carla it looks as though her up or not, only cracks open the fizz to celebrate Michael is horrified time will tell… a big order at the factory, by Faye’s shock Faye hits the bottle – with move! So will he embarrassing consequences… reject her, and leave her feeling “Craig seems to be enjoying even worse about himself, but Faye’s sad – she herself? And can Faye and Craig find a way through this rocky patch? Sarah Ellis lnsideSoap 25

Janine needs to up EASTENDERS | BBC1 THURSDAY her game to keep her fella Mick & Linda united in song! IS THERE STILL HOPE FOR THEM YET? Janine’s left seething As the week kicks off, Mick affections,” our Walford spy to get stuck into when Mick and Linda is still away visiting Zsa Zsa in reminds us. “But even when the karaoke… bond over karaoke France, and scheming Janine Mick isn’t around, the two this week – and what’s tries to throw Linda off her ladies are at odds, trying to With Mick totally more, the chemistry between game. So when Janine finds get one-up on each other. on board with the them is electric while they the man setting up for Linda’s Janine thought Linda would entertainment, duet to B*Witched! Raging karaoke event at the Queen be gone by now – she paid Janine is faced with with jealousy, Janine realises Vic, she tells him to go home! her off, and even framed her the challenge of bringing back she seriously needs to for a car accident! But like the Linda’s singing night. Luckily, up the ante if she wants “We all know that there’s proverbial bad penny, Linda she manages to convince to keep her man… still major rivalry between just keeps coming back.” the karaoke man to return, Janine and Linda for Mick’s and the event is back on! The karaoke evening is officially cancelled, thanks However, after all her to Janine’s meddling. But the hard work, Janine sees plans are swiftly reinstated red after Linda steps up when Mick arrives back from to the microphone – and his trip and gifts Janine an Mick gets up to join her… Eiffel Tower souvenir, before declaring that he can’t wait “To see them singing Janine seems unimpressed by Mick’s gift from Paris 26 lnsideSoap

EASTENDERS | BBC1 MONDAY Billy’s Honey Honey accepts desperate for in demand!anothershot Sonia’s ‘yes’ challenge with Honey SHE CATCHES THE EYE OF THREE WALFORD MEN… Newly single Honey drink – but before he can, awkward date when agrees to go out Mr Lister approaches Honey someone else gets there on a date with Mr and invites her out to first. Finlay sees Honey’s Lister this week lunch! Honey isn’t too not enjoying her male – but Billy and Finlay also keen on the idea, but with company – so he gallantly have their eyes on her. Sonia’s challenge fresh swoops in and pretends in her mind, she has no to be her boyfriend.” Mr Lister is thrilled when choice but to accept. he overhears Ash and While Honey’s grateful Honey talking about how The pair go out to for Finlay’s interruption, Billy’s she’s no longer with Jay. eat at the Vic while Billy disappointed he didn’t get So, wanting to impress watches on, upset that he’s there first. However, what Honey, Mr Lister rushes missed his chance again. Billy doesn’t know is that out and asks Lola for a But he’s given hope once Finlay’s more interested in mini-makeover! Meanwhile, more when Sonia explains getting his food stall up and Sonia gives Honey a the “yes” challenge, then running on the market than challenge as a single encourages Billy to go for securing a date with Honey. woman – to say “yes” it and ask Honey out… to everything… Will Billy find the courage “Billy’s chances are to ask Honey out again? Or “Honey’s a little bit dashed again!” laughs our will the exes miss out on apprehensive, but what insider. “Poor Billy is just another chance at love? does she have to lose?” about interrupt Honey’s muses our Albert Square Alice Penwill spy. “Her romance with Jay In a bid to scupper Linda’s has ended – and you never plans, Janine sends the know who is around the karaoke guy packing! corner. But unfortunately for Honey, Mr Lister is waiting in the wings!” Elsewhere, Eve encourages smitten Billy to ask Honey out for a our sneak. “She sees there’s still chemistry between them; and Janine’s embarrassed that Mick is up there singing with his ex-wife, and not her. We all know Janine, and this will surely just spur her on to do more to keep Mick onside – and chase Linda out of Albert Square for good!” Will Janine try something more underhand to get rid of Linda? Or has karaoke proved that Linda and Mick Billy’s gutted when are still the King Finlay plays the gent and saves Honey and Queen of from her awkward the Vic? dinner date Is Linda Alice Penwill wearing pink to make Mick lnsideSoap 27 wink?

INSIDE SCOOP Dawn lets Lucas know Clemmie is moving in EMMERDALE | ITV MONDAY Dawn’s dreams of a happy family future Let’s try hit a stumbling again! block this week, when Clemmie struggles JAI AND LAUREL ARE to settle in her new home. FINALLY REUNITED… The future’s bright in the past, but it felt grossly While she and Billy feared for Jai and Laurel unfair that he took the rap Lucas might have teething Clemmie and Lucas become this week, when for Leyla’s drugs when he troubles after such a big firm friends as soon as they decide to give was an innocent man. Now change, Dawn hoped possible. At first, it looks their love another chance. Laurel knows he hasn’t Clemmie would feel happy as though he’ll be the relapsed, she feels bad and safe immediately. But the Things have dramatically for misjudging him – and traumatised little girl has been improved since Laurel hopeful about the future.” through so much that she discovered that the drugs clings to her social worker in Take A Vow didn’t belong Jai never stopped loving when they arrive at Home to Jai. And after having her Laurel, and he’s been hoping Farm. And before long, fingers burned by Kit, Laurel things might change. It was there are bigger problems, realises she’s been looking painful for him to see Laurel as Clemmie lashes out… for love in the wrong place – moving on with a younger which is music to Jai’s ears… man – but then Kit turned “This is no fairy-tale ending out to be a cheating love-rat for Clemmie,” warns our “No matter what Laurel who was also bedding her Emmerdale insider. “She’s said, it felt as though there stepdaughter, Gabby! seen too much in her short was unfinished business life, and it’s had a profound between her and Jai,” insists Jai has been Laurel’s impact on her. In the movies, our Emmerdale spy. “Jai has rock in the aftermath of Kit’s it’d be a dream come true to made all kinds of mistakes betrayal, so when the two arrive at a big country house reconnect, he’s quick to tell with a ready-made family The kids are gathered her that he wants them to waiting for you with open to hear about the be a family again. Despite arms. However, this scenario renewed romance having plenty of fun getting isn’t that simple.” seduced by Marlon’s hot young physio, Laurel wants The most important thing a partner who she can make for Dawn is that half-siblings a life with – and that’s Jai. Fragile Clemmie So how will the kids react clings to the social when Laurel and Jai break the happy news that they worker at first are getting back together? Kate White 28 lnsideSoap

EMMERDALE | ITV THURSDAY Dawn’s new struggle! CLEMMIE’S HOME – BUT IT’S Kim’s not prepared NOT PLAIN SAILING… for the outburst between the kids person to break through “It all kicks off in the Dawn and Billy can’t believe stability and reassurance those barriers after Clemmie playground!” reveals our their eyes once they arrive she’s never had before. finally comes out of her shell gossip. “Kim takes the kids to find both kids in a terrible as they play together. But there, but Lucas innocently state. They knew Clemmie’s If they don’t handle this when she thinks she’s lost grabs Clemmie’s toy, and she first few weeks would be a properly, Clemmie will never her doll, the poor little girl loses it! This time it’s not just period of adjustment, but settle in and enjoy being part panics and has a meltdown. tears and upset; Clemmie they didn’t realise it would of the family. Will Dawn and attacks Lucas by scratching be quite this tricky. Dawn Billy find a way to keep their And little does Dawn him. Things get even worse feels terrible because she little brood together? know that worse is ahead when Kim tells Clemmie off, was happy to hand over the next day, when Kim and she starts sobbing.” babysitting duties to Kim Kate White offers to babysit the kids… when Clemmie needed her undivided attention. lnsideSoap 29 The new house is no fairy-tale ending Given the horrors that for Clemmie” this vulnerable child has witnessed, Dawn should be by her side to give her the

CORONATION STREET | ITV MONDAY Audrey’s heartbreaking confession! HER FRIENDS ARE DEVASTATED BY HER WORDS… T he shocking truth soon turns serious as the topic overdose of sleeping pills. comfort, and he’s not always about Audrey’s of Audrey’s recent birthday mental anguish is comes up. And the group is But at this moment, Audrey reliable. But now that her revealed this week, stunned when Audrey matter- when she admits that she of-factly tells them that she not is honest about her suicide dearest friends know, they will tried to take her own life. long ago tried to end it all… attempt, and everyone is do whatever it takes to keep She tells close friends “Nobody has realised just Ken, Rita and Claudia what how serious Audrey’s mental horrified. They are determined her safe and help her heal… happened when they gather health issues have become,” for afternoon tea at a posh warns our Street insider. “She to rally around her so that However, Stephen begins hotel. What begins as a lied at the hospital and swore pleasant afternoon together she didn’t deliberately take an this never happens again.” to suspect something is amiss 30 lnsideSoap Audrey gathers a For months, Audrey has after Audrey comes up with meeting of the Street elders been grappling some grand with feelings of plans for the “If somethingunbearable salon, which receive a loneliness and strange reaction from is wrong,isolation. Stephen wantsHer tricky relationship to know” her pals. He’s with her family concerned by has made Ken and Rita’s matters a hundred times knowing looks when he tells worse. She’s convinced that them what Audrey is about to David, Sarah and Nick only do, and tries to probe further. care about their inheritance, “Stephen’s instincts are and she’s fallen out with Gail that Ken and Rita are hiding over her being too controlling. something, and he’s really Only Stephen seems to concerned,” says our source. provide Audrey with some “If something is seriously

CORONATION STREET | ITV WEDNESDAY Hope for Stu? ZEEDAN BELIEVES HE’S INNOCENT – AND IS ON THE CASE… The Nazirs turn vaults. If Stu can get his to Adam for some hands on them, he thinks he pricey assistance can prove he’s not a killer. But he can’t do it alone.” Jailed Stu is thrown a lifeline this week, when Yasmeen won’t even take Zeedan visits him in a phone call from Stu when prison and offers to Zeedan begs her to listen to help prove his innocence. what he has to say. After being so traumatised by Geoff, the Zeedan agrees to hear Stu domestic abuse survivor is too out after Craig drops him some scared of history repeating vital information about the itself to even think about giving detective who Stu says forced Stu the benefit of the doubt. him into confessing to murder. It transpires that the officer Instead, Yasmeen throws in question took suspiciously herself into a charity fundraiser early retirement, and there in a bid to forget all about Stu. are uncertainties around his Luckily, Zeedan and Alya are character. It’s enough for willing to fight Stu’s corner, Zeedan to make a special visit and they turn to solicitor to the prison to find out more Adam to get the police files. – and Stu has plenty to say… He agrees to help, but tells “Stu is determined to prove the Nazirs it’ll cost £1,200 to his innocence and win back get sight of the documents. Yasmeen!” declares our Corrie Are the siblings prepared to spy. “He believes the critical fork out the dosh to help Stu evidence to clear his name will prove he’s not a killer? be found in the case files buried in the police Kate White Yasmeen distracts herself at the charity event Stephen has his mind on the family fortune – but why? wrong with his mum, convince Audrey to sign Stephen wants to know. it all over now, so that When he can’t get he has authority should anything out of her friends, anything happen to her. he tackles Audrey herself about it, but she lies again. Given the situation, it He’s not happy to hear seems a bit hard-hearted that she hid a ‘minor of Stephen to bring up health scare’ from the money; though we know family, and tries to push he’s been hiding secrets his mum to open up.” about his own finances, and Sarah tackles her Interestingly, Stephen’s uncle over some unpaid main concern seems to be bills at the factory this the paperwork that puts week. So, does Stephen him in charge of the family have an ulterior motive? trust fund. He tries to Kate White lnsideSoap 31

INSIDE SCOOP Cash’s secret CHhOaMnEneAlN5DTAUWESADYAY Eden used to have a thing for Cash, but thought it was all in C ash gets more than the past. Cash seems jumpy, he bargained for at though, and wonders how Felicity’s band night this Jasmine will react if she hears week – when Eden leaps off about Eden’s behaviour. the stage into his arms! Felicity is shocked to find Felicity is bemused by her out that Eden and Cash brother’s reaction; she knew actually slept together! Are there feelings between them? Happy families? EBABSCT1EMNODNERDSAY on the matter, she returns to Howie and tells him that K im and Howie clash Denzel is welcome to stay over their future plans for as long as he needs to. this week – as Howie declares that his son Denzel Will Denzel behave will be staying with them himself from now on? longer than he thought. It’s clear that Kim isn’t happy about the news – and no wonder, considering the chaos that Denzel has been causing on Albert Square! However, after Kim later asks for advice from Felix Trouble CORONATION STREET uncomfortable when fellow brewing! ITV MONDAY protestor Griff introduces himself to Toyah in the café… LEANNE THINKS TOYAH IS L eanne worries that IN TOO DEEP WITH SPIDER… Toyah is being led Griff is keen to get Toyah astray by Spider this involved in the group’s latest 32 lnsideSoap week, after her sister heads activities, and invites her off to another protest! along to their demonstration that day. Toyah excitedly Spider and Toyah have been agrees – but when they return spending lots of time together, later, Spider warns Toyah that and even ended up in bed Griff is a loose cannon, and recently! Yet it’s clear Spider she should give him a wide isn’t being entirely honest berth while she’s still on bail. – and he looks decidedly Meanwhile, Leanne’s worry mounts as she warns Spider not to drag her sister into any more trouble, and predicts that disaster is just around the corner. Is Leanne right to be so concerned for her sibling? And why is Spider so desperate to keep Toyah away from Griff?

Holby heartbreak R&ERGAIODNIOS... PAIGE AND RASH CALL IT QUITS? FAIR CITY Rash’s calls, Paige continues CASUALTY to ghost him. But when Rash Cian has an idea to BBC1 SATURDAY talks to Robyn, he hears the solve James’ money problem this week, R ash and Paige’s union bad news: Paige has tested and stages a robbery hits the rocks this positive for the gene. at the site! Will week, after Paige gets anyone realise that a shocking diagnosis. Rash attempts to get in it was an inside job? contact with Paige, though Elsewhere, Doug and The pair have been dating she still doesn’t pick up the Erica are smitten with for a mere few months, but it phone. So once he spots her their baby girl – but looks as though their romance outside the ED waiting for soon need the support could be over already. Rash is Robyn, Rash finally confronts of family and friends. concerned for Paige, who’s Paige – and encourages her Plus, Hayley is furious suddenly vanished after going to seek help now… with Anto for returning to pick up some test results to to talk to Sharon… find out if she’s inherited the However, as the pair end BRCA gene – and despite up in a bitter argument, will THE ARCHERS they work things out? With Natasha just Sandra too overwhelmed rumbled? at home to sell her produce at this EMMERDALE Eric caught out? week’s food festival, ITV THURSDAY could supportive HOLLYOAKS Pat be her saviour? M andy becomes Channel 4 WEDNESDAY Meanwhile, Pip and suspicious of Toby are pleased to Sandra’s behaviour T ony becomes see daughter Rosie this week, and is determined suspicious of his doing well, but they to prove that she’s up to brother’s behaviour, need to discuss their something dodgy! after he discovers that Eric future… Finally, Tracy has a folder full of pictures keeps a close eye Poor Rishi is the one of Cindy on his laptop! on Chelsea after a on the receiving end of moment of madness! Sandra’s cruel manipulation. Caught in the act, Eric is The pair shared a drunken forced to think on his feet, See TV listings for times bunk-up recently, and now and lies that he has a crush & channel details. River Sandra is blackmailing him on Cindy. Meanwhile, Cindy City is on a summer for cash, in return for her herself is still shaken after break – it will be back keeping her mouth shut being visited by an intruder on screen in August. about their night together! while she was sleeping – but her friends begin to lnsideSoap 33 Mandy can see that think she may have there’s something going imagined it all! on between the pair – but will she rumble Sandra’s Will Tony put two grubby secret? and two together, and realise that creepy Eric has been stalking Cindy?

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN? 1S3AT EASTENDERS CORONATION STREET EMMERDALE AUG 1SU4N AUG 1MO5N Ben is discharged from hospital, Audrey makes a confession over Manpreet believes Naomi AUG but there’s a long road ahead… her special afternoon tea. left Charles unconscious… It’s an emotional day as Craig asks Carla not to put … and Harriet arrests Naomi 1TU6E Avery’s funeral begins. Faye under pressure! on suspicion of assault. A fellow protestor of Spider’s AUG Mr Lister hears Ash and Honey introduces himself to Toyah… Jai and Laurel agree to tell the talking about Honey being single! kids they’re back together! 1WE7D S tu tells Zeedan how he plans Ben gets bad news – Lola is on proving his innocence. Billy and Dawn break the news AUG Faye sees Craig with Jess, so banning him from seeing Lexi. she makes a pass at Michael! that Clemmie will live with them… 1TH8U Sam reveals that she has Aaron tells Summer that his dad … although how will Lucas Lewis tied up in the boot! caused his recent injuries… react to the revelation? AUG Eve encourages Billy to ask Summer receives her exam Mandy opens up to Bernice over Honey out for a drink… her suspicions of Sandra! results – but then collapses! Stuart’s friends grow concerned S tephen lies to Sarah about Dawn and Billy are hopeful one of his employees. about his strange behaviour… Arnie returns to the Street, and Clemmie will gain confidence… … and Karen believes he Steve gives him the job back. …and finally it’s Lucas who has post-natal depression. ● Zeedan and Alya find shocking gets Clemmie to open up… Finlay swoops in to help Honey truths while looking into Stu… …Dawn realises Clemmie wants while she’s out with Mr Lister! ● Kelly and Aadi hope to win the house to feel like her home! Karen reminds everyone that it’s a wedding competition! Charity is hit with a wave of pain – ● Bernie has a lot of explaining Bernie’s birthday tomorrow… is something wrong with the baby? …so Karen, Felix and Finlay to do after a shopping trip. M ackenzie is devastated arrange a party for her! by news at the hospital… Janine seethes when Mick and Sandra continues to blackmail Linda do karaoke together. Rishi over their rendezvous. 1F9RI Chas is torn between Al and Faith – what will she do? AUG Charity deals with her miscarriage SPNEEEAKK One resident lashes out as NEATXT their health deteriorates! by moving on with normal life… WEEK … but will Mackenzie be A day out for the Walford able to do the same? youngsters ends in disaster. One resident confronts Chas – Mick helps Linda try to remember do they know about her affair? more about the car accident… Faith throws a party for her family and friends in the pub. Harriet’s shocked when she spots Noah and Amelia sharing a kiss… 34 lnsideSoap

YOUR ENTIRE SOAP WEEK AT A GLANCE! HOLLYOAKS HOME AND AWAY Cindy’s friends aren’t sure if Mackenzie agrees to let the VOTE NOW someone really broke in… band play at Salt for one night… N orma questions whether … but when Flick tells the Just scan Warren will betray Sienna. band, they refuse to play! the QR code Lexi warns Zoe not to interfere Meanwhile, Tane is shocked at the or visit with DeMarcus’ investigation. mess Flick’s friends are making. Honour demands an apology Mackenzie and Felicity prepare VOTING CLOSES ON FRIDAY 9 SEPTEMBER for Salt’s glamorous event. We will use the information you supply to process ☠from Cindy after her accusation. your votes only. For our privacy policy, please visit S ienna’s in danger when Cash tries to get Eden to stop Warren puts a hit on her! outwardly flirting with him… Tony enlists Goldie to help …what went on between lnsideSoap 35 him talk to the community… the pair in the past? Sienna believes Warren must Rose and Tex return to Summer be secretly drugging her. Bay happy and loved-up… T ony discovers pictures Ziggy is approved to be of Cindy on Eric’s laptop! Theo’s new teacher. Donna-Marie hopes to turn Tex meets up with his mates the Salon De Thé into a gym… – they’re going after the Paratas! Liberty gets her own back on Nikau is a bag of nerves on the day one of Norma’s evil associates… of his bravery award ceremony. W arren and Sienna have it Nosey Tex discovers Chloe out in an epic showdown! is Ari’s stepdaughter… Vicky finds herself in the middle Naomi checks in with Nikau and of feuding Scott and Joseph. kisses him – what will Nik do? Sienna searches for the person John is disappointed in who ran down Warren. Nikau’s behaviour… Scott hopes to help Vicky Roo makes her case in order to with her self-esteem… keep Tex on as the handyman! Zain declares his love for Misbah, Tane finds a photo on his car, but does she feel the same? along with a threatening note. James puts his life on the line as Ziggy believes Mackenzie needs he tries to double-cross Norma. a new romance in her life… It’s the week of Shaq and Nadira’s Felicity and Nikau realise Tane wedding, but will it go ahead? might be in trouble again! Maxine tells Vicky that she can Chloe encourages Theo to do much better than Joseph! reembrace his love of music.

Lisa sees cuddly You- Walford’s resident Mark as a better hard man is out for revenge alternative EPISODES FROM APRIL 2001 CLASSIC EASTENDERS | Phil’s armed and ready… to wave Phil’s shooter is revealed the gun around this week, EastEnders rolling out that classic plot device where every suspect gets a phone call/rattle on the door/text message/ letter delivered by carrier- pigeon post at the same time. Several answer a knock on the door, but it’s mousey Lisa who has Phil, fresh from Walford General, on her doorstep. Things start with niceties as Phil plays it cool over a cuppa, but that doesn’t last long. “What now?” enquires Lisa. “Go home, put your feet up?” 36 lnsideSoap

Lisa opens CLASSIC CORONATION STREET | ITV3 MON-FRI her door EPISODES as 20 FROM million MAY viewers 2001 gasp tactics in their relationship Sbheelllsl’!s Alma faces her drove Lisa to her actions. T here’s a new face cancer diagnosis Phil then set out to frame behind the bar of the to the nation’s press saw her with Audrey on hand enemy Dan Sullivan Rovers, but she feels in a Bet Lynch-style leopard- instead to quench his thirst like a blast from the past as print top, while her early she was no fool – she clocks for revenge. At the time, much as a breath of fresh air. scenes at the Rovers proved her colleague Peter Barlow some Walford viewers found she could provide a warm helping himself to the whisky this development a bit of a Shelley Unwin was very welcome, yet unleash a sharp straight away – but that doesn’t let-down, but it kept the plot much set up as the old-school tongue when needed. Like stop her trusting the wrong running through another six Corrie woman. Her introduction all classic Corrie women, man (spoiler: this isn’t the end months of sky-high ratings. of her interactions with Peter) CLASSIC EMMERDALE | ITV3 MON-FRI and having her heart broken. FOWLER PLAY! However, in the end she’ll get Tanadtevile back up, freshen her lippy and Meanwhile, though Phil Poor Zoe has been venture out there once again. believes that he holds all the bouncing from pillar to to take advantage of her cards, Lisa has an ace up post around the village, advances. If this leaves a With the Street feeling a little her sleeve. Or rather a bun with no one quite managing to rather bad taste in viewers’ darker in recent times – this in her oven. She wants the get her the serious help she mouths, it’s nothing compared week is dominated by Toyah baby to have nothing to clearly needs. When Charity to what Zoe is left with. confronting her attacker and do with Phil – and smitten is suggesting an intervention, Alma facing her cancer – kitten Mark is willing to you know you’re in too deep! Elsewhere, the village Shelley’s dose of back-street step in as daddy, in another Jubilee fete gets under way, blousyness is very welcome. plot that will run and run. But sadly, Zoe is too lost to with Katie as Queen. But listen to even her favourite EPISODES thSheoroatintignugps! ex-lover/arch-enemy as her FROM breakdown continues. Not that JUNE Nearly 20 million any of that seems to bother 2002 people watched the Scott Windsor, when he Phil and Lisa episode, spots drunk Zoe and is quick Andy and with the kick-off of the Katie enter a UEFA Cup semi-final Golden era moved to accommodate the extended runtime. she’s cheering for Amazingly, it was the Andy’s golden balls second most-watched rather than the Golden Jubilee. episode of non-sport TV of She’s pregnant! The lovebirds’ the 2000s, beaten only by plan to prove that they’re an episode of Only Fools serious has worked. Surely And Horses. Lovely jubbly! their dads will give them their blessing now… won’t they? WHERE TO WATCH… EASTENDERS Drama Double bill at 1pm  CORONATION STREET ITV3 Double weekdays. Catch up on the UKTV Play app. bill at 2.50pm weekdays, repeated the following EMMERDALE ITV3 Double bill at 1.45pm weekday at 6am. Catch up on the ITV Hub. weekdays, repeated the following weekday at 6.55am. Catch up on the ITV Hub. lnsideSoap 37

SOAPBOX £10 RANT! RAVE! WE LOVE TO HEAR YOUR OPINIONS! cGonettainct squabbling over petty things – but by the end of the episode, they kiss and make up. While I was pleased they got together at the beginning, I’m not sure these two work as a couple any more… | Jennifer You can’t say that – Justin and Leah are meant to be together! £S2ta5r Drop our Alice George even letter! a line and join cracked out his WWE moves to fend PLAYING DRESS-UP in the fun! off the competition! There’s £10 Life in EastEnders is pretty depressing at on offer for CASH IN THE BANK the moment – so thank god for Kim and every comment Howie! The pair of them are a laugh a we publish – I’m so glad George is unwilling to minute on screen. I think other couples and £25 for the sell off the Shuttleworth business in Albert Square should look up to the star letter! – it provides so much comedy Kimfluencer and the panda bear! for Corrie. But if I were George, Email us at I’d keep an eye on Todd; there’s | Jim, Basingstoke [email protected] a chance he’ll try to swindle him out of the funeral home now he CENTRE STAGE! knows how much it’s worth… Find us on I have been amazed by Daisy Instagram at | Luke, Manchester Campbell’s performance as Don’t worry, we’re confident Amelia in Emmerdale. She has @insidesoapmagazine George’s sister Glenda will ensure taken this storyline by storm, and her brother does the right thing. has been brilliant over the past few comJominunoiutyr at weeks. Now Amelia has decided GIVING UP to keep the baby, so the question THE DAY JOB… is: who is the babydaddy? insidesoap I really don’t think John Paul | Louise, Leicester oFnoltlowwittuesr should be considering going We’re sure that question will back into teaching after be answered very soon. Poor @InsideSoapMag almost killing a van-full Amelia has a long road ahead… of students! There’s Mum in a million: plenty of other jobs he LOOKING TO We’re in awe of Amelia could do in Hollyoaks; THE FUTURE… stock the shelves in Price Slice, get a stall Does anyone else feel as if the in the market, or Home and Away writers are at a loss take over from about what to do with Leah and Zain as Donna- Justin? The pair are constantly Marie’s tutor. 38 lnsideSoap | Maddie It doesn’t look as if John Paul is going back to school!

A happy story in Emmerdale? That surely won’t last… HAPPY FAMILIES? Billy’s proving himself to be Dawn’s perfect husband now that he’s agreed to take in Clemmie. It was a very sweet move from him and if they end up with custody, they will have a lovely, blended family. Let’s just hope they all get along and it won’t head for disaster like the rest of the village households. | Rachel, Brighton Clemmie’s first week with Dawn and Billy isn’t smooth sailing – turn to p28 for more on that! MEANT TO BE! TDBhIeEGBATE! Can EastEnders hurry up and get Callum and Ben back together already? As soon as Callum hears about Bring back ILLUSTRATION: ROB DAVIS Ben’s Ballum! ordeal, he will definitely have a different view on everything that’s happened. THE BIG BISTRO HEIST… going to defraud them too. I bet Alya’s glad she I just want to see them happy! Debbie and Ryan teamed up to clear ditched him now! | Jon their debts in Coronation Street. But when We’re not sure seeing them the plan went awry, it was Ryan who got | Leanne, Bristol together and happy is a caught and took the blame! Will Debbie possibility in Walford! come clean about her part in it? The stakes were high – and many of you were pleased FOR GOOD, OR BAD! to see more of Ryan and Debbie on screen… It seems that everyone returns to Weatherfield as a baddie! Debbie and Ryan were putting his trust in Debbie? Debbie had a lot to do I used to love Spider Nugent kidding themselves believing She was the one in cahoots when she first came back when he first arrived as Emily’s that the insurance from the with Ray Crosby – that was to Weatherfield, trying to Bistro would get them both the first of many bad signs. break up Kevin and Abi, and nephew, but he has a out of debt. The way Debbie working with Ray. I’m so darkness to him now. was talking, she’d need a | Nathan, Cambridge happy she’s getting a meaty And it’s the same with huge amount of money to get story – Sue Devaney is superb! Audrey’s son Stephen – her businesses out of trouble. It’s a shame Ryan has lost he’s hiding a lot of secrets everything – again! It wasn’t | Nellie that are bound | Sophie long ago that he and Alya hit to upset his family. the rocks when she thought Sometimes I forget Ryan is | Darren, Debbie and Ryan’s plan was he cheated on her with Daisy. in the show! And he’s a good Staffordshire ridiculous from the get-go But I suppose this time is actor too, they need to show That’s very true! – it was never going to work. different because he actually him off a bit more. Neither Spider And what was Ryan thinking did rob the Bistro and was nor Stephen | Harrison, Essex are the same Well, if Ryan’s not careful, men they used he could be going to prison! to be… lnsideSoap 39

Request SPOT lnsiMdeESEoTaTpHTEEAM IN THE PINK YOUR TRICKIEST SOAP QUERIES ANSWERED… Executive Editor GARY GILLATT Daisy from Coronation Nancy has a dark Associate Editor SARAH ELLIS Street has such a great past with drugs Features Editor ALLISON JONES sense of style, and I’ve had my eye on her pink shirt HNAISNTCOYR’YS…DRUG birth in News Editor LAURA-JAYNE TYLER with the love hearts for a 2012. She Writer JOHNATHON HUGHES while now. Do you know Mercedes recently made a Writer KATE WHITE where can I get it from? commented to Nancy in recovery, but TV Writer LYNN GIBSON Hollyoaks that it wasn’t Nancy was drawn back | Lily, Swansea too long ago she was to painkillers again in Editorial Assistant/Junior Writer ALICE PENWILL We do! Daisy’s love heart popping painkillers – 2014; they also caused Production Editor/Chief Sub BEN WHISSON shirt is the ‘Topshop I don’t remember this! chaos at school, making Art Director PAUL LANG satin blouse in pink a lot of the students ill. Art Editor GEMMA BILBE heart print’ from | Joanie When the police became Art Editor RICHARD HOPE Currently Nancy’s had a long involved, Jack took the Senior Designer SOPHIE CHAPPLE it’s in the sale and history of drug abuse, rap – and Frankie Senior Designer MELISSA LIVERPOOL selling fast, too – so which started when she attempted to help Nancy Designer MARIA SOCRATOUS grab it while you can. was at school. But her get clean by locking Designer PAUL VYSE addiction to painkillers her in the bathroom! Junior Designer (maternity) MEGAN PENFOLD We heart began after Oscar’s Picture Editor FRAN JEPPS Daisy’s style! Senior Picture Researcher MICHELLE HALL Senior Picture Researcher LEONIE LODGE SOAPbubble! £W2in0! Picture Researcher MARTIN CARRIGAN Picture Researcher SHILA SULTANA ’Ere, if you WINNER! want smoked bacon CONTACT US you could just ask This week’s prize-winning WRITE TO The Editor, Inside Soap House of entry comes Hearst, 30 Panton Street, London, SW1Y 4AJ from Will, via email. EDITORIAL 020 7339 4588 The cash for EMAIL [email protected] your EastEnders FIND US AT caption is TWEET US AT @InsideSoapMag on its way INSTAGRAM US AT @InsideSoapMagazine – congrats! FACEBOOK US AT WYOAUNRTSTEOLFB£A2G0? ? TO ADVERTISE Tell us what you think is EMAIL [email protected] being said in this Corrie scene. Media Planning Manager Post your idea to the Soapbox STEPHANIE JAIYEOLA address, email your entry to [email protected], TO SUBSCRIBE or put it on our Facebook page. The prize-winning entry will be TEL 01858 438 863 announced in two weeks’ time! UK £75 IRELAND £99, EUROPE £99 REST OF WORLD £150 (Prices based on 50 issues) 40 lnsideSoap HEARST UK Group Editorial Director SIOBHAN WYKES Chief Brand Officer SHARON DOUGLAS Senior Production Manager STEVE OSBORNE Marketing & Circulation Director REID HOLLAND Head of Consumer Sales & Marketing JAMES HILL Chief People Officer SURINDER SIMMONS Director of PR & Communications ALISON FORTH Chief Agency Officer JANE WOLFSON Interim CEO, Hearst UK SIMON HORNE Inside Soap is a member of the Independent Press Standards Organisation (which regulates the UK’s magazine and newspaper industry). We abide by the Editors’ Code of Practice and are committed to upholding the highest standards of journalism. If you think that we have not met those standards and want to make a complaint please contact [email protected] or visit If we are unable to resolve your complaint, or if you would like to get more information about IPSO or the Editors’ Code, contact IPSO on 0300 123 2220 or visit Hearst UK is the trading name of The National Magazine Company Ltd, 30 Panton Street, London SW1Y 4AJ Registered in England 112955 All rights reserved

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THEinBteIrGview CORONATION STREET | ITV FRIDAY School’s out for AS HER CHARACTER LOOKS TO THE FUTURE, CORRIE STAR HARRIET BIBBY TALKS GROWING UP, LOVING HER SHOWBIZ LIFE – AND MEETING AN EASTENDERS ICON… ike many young adults Under pressure: have been like? That said, I think this month, hard-working Stressed-out Summer Summer feels relieved that it’s all over Summer in Corrie is set to collapses this week and done with. I know I certainly felt receive her A-Level results. that when I opened my exam results! It’s both an exciting and character or anything like that – daunting time for teens who have the the only struggle that she has tends What do you make of her world at their feet – yet as Summer to be inside her own head. Summer’s decision not to go to uni? juggles her anxieties with having left school and perhaps not achieved diabetes, a serious boyfriend and what she thought she would, so that I’m so pleased! That sounds awful, an eating disorder, she’s not having feels strange. Meanwhile, navigating doesn’t it? If Summer had gone away, an easy ride (see p10). her diabetes and the eating disorder that would’ve taken me away from the Corrie actress Harriet Bibby, who is draining for her. Summer feels as cobbles – and I’m loving my time here! plays her, can only begin to imagine though she can’t escape. what that must feel like – as she Did you always know what gives us a flavour of how it is to be Let’s talk about her A-Level you wanted to do in life? a 24-year-old girl living her life in results. What does she make of the showbiz spotlight… them when they come through? Acting had always interested me, though being from a tiny town in Hi, Harriet! Can you sum up how Two of her grades are top marks – and Lincolnshire, I didn’t know anyone it feels to be inside Summer’s if she hadn’t messed up in her other who had ever done it. I didn’t even head at the moment? exam, there’s the sense that she would know what drama school was! Growing have aced all three. And what could life up, I actually wanted to be a teacher, There’s a lot going on! The interesting and it wasn’t until after I’d been to thing about Summer’s storyline is summer school with the National that there’s no conflict with another Youth Theatre that I got into acting. Do you remember how it felt to be Summer’s age? Yeah, and I still think that I’m 18 when people ask me how old I am! I blame that on the pandemic as it felt as though we lost two years. CONTINUED OVER↘ Summer loving: Some fans want a reunion with Aadi 42 lnsideSoap

Serious relationship: Harriet enjoys playing Summer’s romance with Aaron (James Craven) Close friends: With her Corrie co-stars at the British Soap Awards lnsideSoap 43

↘ FROM PREVIOUS PAGE Your life does change; you come out of education and start taking care of yourself a little bit more. I left home when I was 18 and it was daunting. There are all these fears, but it’s exciting as well. What has it been like living your 20s in the Corrie spotlight? It was strange to begin with as I joined the show during the pandemic. I’d be wearing a mask when I went out and no one Cool Kat: Rubbing shoulders with recognised me for a soap royalty I went up and Summer’s loved up with Aaron long time. When I’m out – but what about Aadi? Are people with my friends who are still rooting for him? also in the show, we get said, “Sorry, we’re Yeah, it’s surprising – Adam [Hussain, who plays him] and I didn’t expect it! spotted a lot, and people with Corrie – and we’re big fans!” Jessie We still get messages saying Summer and Aadi should be together. It’s sweet. mostly want to tell us how much was so lovely, and we had a quick snap! Finally, tell us something that we they love Corrie, which is great. Back to Summer… who on don’t already know about Harriet? What’s the best night out you’ve the Street would make a good Well, on my weekends, I’m a singing had with your Corrie cast mates? mother figure for her? teacher. On Saturday mornings I teach The recent British Soap Awards was the To be honest, I don’t think Summer kids at a musical theatre club. I was a student and I've just carried it on as best. It was one of my first events and needs a mum – she loves all three I love it. It's really fun and the kids are great. The kids I teach watched me get I took my sister Nancy, who is obsessed of her dads so much. They all bring slimed on CBBC – and they loved that! with soaps. She was like, “I’m coming something different to her life, and Laura-Jayne Tyler with you – never mind Mum and Dad!” likewise Dan [Brocklebank, who plays We were at the party when Nancy Billy], Gareth Pierce [aka Todd] and nudged me and went, “Oh, my God, Paul [Peter Ash] are all amazing people. there’s Kat Slater [Jessie Wallace from In real life I go to each of them with EastEnders] – can we go and say hi?” different things and different stories I couldn’t not ask for a picture, so that they would find funny! The Harriet lifts the lid on Corrie’s rising stars… “Elle Mulvaney, who plays Amy, is “The lovely thing “Mollie Gallagher “I became friends “Tanisha Gorey PHOTOS: GETTY, INSTAGRAM/HARRIETANNEB, INSTAGRAM/NANCY_LOUISE96 the weirdest person about Adam [Nina] and I were with Jack James [Asha] is funny as I know [laughs]! Hussain [Aadi] in the same year at Ryan [Jacob] as we well. For me, she has I think that’s why is that he has drama school, but are close in age. no filter, but in the we’ve clicked so such a soothing we were on different We’re the grandma best possible way. well, she’s just energy about him. campuses. When and granddad of the Tanisha says what hilarious. I’m so If anyone is ever I joined Corrie, we group – most of the she thinks and is a glad I’ve found a in a stressful were both so happy. others are a good very honest friend. friend in her.” situation, Adam will Mollie really made five years younger We should all be calm them down.” me feel at home.” than us.” more ‘Tanisha’!” 44 lnsideSoap

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EASTENDERS | BBC1 MONDAY WALFORD NEWCOMER AARON THIARA TELLS US THAT HIS SHOCKING ARRIVAL ON THE SQUARE IS JUST A TASTER OF THE MASSIVE DRAMA AHEAD… W hen Ravi Gulati first appeared in a white vest with his formidable guns out at Phil Mitchell’s side in prison, viewers demanded that he become a regular character. The charismatic prisoner gave off the kind of intense, dangerous vibes that make for a top soap villain. Fast-forward to now, and released Ravi finds himself on Albert Square – and already locked in a secret pact with Suki about his evil father’s attack! For actor Aaron Thiara, it’s been a whirlwind ride; and the “RWavhiegroeevse,r mayhem is only just beginning… “Fasten your seatbelts, y’all!” laughs Aaron, who made his screen debut in July. “I’ve played a bad character before, but only at drama school, so it’s nice to do something different. It’s a level of escapism for me and the audience. Some of the things Ravi does would not go down well in this society!” trouble follows!” Dark plans: Ravi and Suki have made a secret pact 46 lnsideSoap

So far, we know the following of living. But because of his upbringing, things about Ravi: he’s been in Ravi’s been taken down a different prison, he wants dirt on Kheerat, route, and he’s been shunned by his and his relationship with his father father. That’s why he hasn’t achieved Ranveer is, er, complicated. He walked what he has the potential to be, and in just as Suki struck Ranveer in self- that’s the underlying root of his conflict defence, and this week he’s urging Nemesis: Ravi is with Kheerat, in my opinion.” desperate to get her to go about her business without We can’t wait to see how Ravi’s some dirt on arousing suspicion. That’s not the arch-rival Kheerat relationship with the Panesars unfolds, Inside job: Phil met Ravi behaviour of a son looking to avenge in the nick… could it be and Aaron says he’s having a great a sign of dangerous his father – yet Aaron says he received time working with his new co-stars. things to come? news of this massive introductory “They’ve welcomed me with open storyline with glee. arms and let me bring a new dynamic “I definitely sat up in my chair to the family,” he grins. “I knew Jaz – wherever Ravi goes, trouble Deol [Kheerat] previously, so it’s nice to does follow,” he admits. reconnect with him. All the Panesars “When something really exciting are so amazing, and happens, I just wonderful to work with.” go, ‘Okay, let’s go to work!’ The things Let’s not forget that Ravi I don’t know if Ravi does was first introduced as Ravi is already rubbing off on Phil’s man on the inside, me for his go- wouldn’t so will we see more of their alliance now they share go down the same postcode? well in this “If the audience wants it, getter attitude! society! I’m here for it!” enthuses On an artistic Aaron. “If I’m going to be level, I was looking selfish, I would love to work forward to the challenge, and with Steve McFadden more – he’s an making Ravi’s story a success.” actor’s actor, and a role model to us all.” It’s becoming crystal clear that Life in Walford is certainly not the friction between the Gulati family going to be dull now Ravi is in the and the Panesars is only just beginning. mix, and Aaron says that he’s had Alpha males Kheerat and Ravi are at nothing but good vibes from the loggerheads. Their rivalry is evident, viewers since he was cast. and Aaron believes jealousy is the root. “I’ve had a lot of love from people “Ravi thinks that in an alternative who don’t know me, and go out of their universe, he could be living the life way to congratulate me,” he tells us. Kheerat has,” he tells us. “I believe he’s “I’m excited for what’s to come – and fully capable of it – the businesses, the I don’t take any of it for granted.” legal mindset, the ‘straight arrow’ way Kate White MAKING MOVES? Herearetheladieswethink might catch Ravi’s eye… STACEY CHELSEA JANINE What better way to get one over Can you imagine a more beautiful If Ravi likes mind games and arch-rival Kheerat than to steal couple than the fantastic Ms power plays, Janine would surely his girlfriend? It wouldn’t be the Fox and Ravi? She loves a bad be his ideal woman. Like him, first time Stacey’s eyes have boy, and isn’t shy to get involved she has major daddy issues, wandered, and it’s hard not to in dodgy deals here and there. a criminal past and a penchant look at sexy Ravi. Sparks could fly for sorting After all, he’s across Peggy’s people who get working bar when in her way. with a these two Heaven similar six- lock eyes – help the pack to and they’d rest of the dearly make a Walford if departed formidable these two Kush! team. hook up! lnsideSoap 47

New woman: Donna-Marie has come a long way over the years phLgyeetst’sical! HOLLYOAKS School’s out: STAR LUCY-JO Donna-Marie has HUDSON TELLS felt embarrassed US ABOUT HER about not being ALTER EGO’S able to read NEW FITNESS BUSINESS… 48 lnsideSoap

HOLLYOAKS | Channel 4 WEDNESDAY FFAILVuMcyEO-JoU’sS Donna-Marie’s The star bigs transformation over up her cast the past few years has mates… been amazing!” exclaims Hollyoaks star Lucy-Jo Working out: Donna-Marie 1“I’ve learned Hudson, as we catch up has a lot on her mind as so much from with her about Donna- she opens her new gym Marie’s new business venture. “She’s Greg Finnegan always wanted to show her kids that gym, Juliet believes her mum is [aka James], they can do anything, and now she ruining Marnie’s legacy. has. Donna-Marie came from a tough he’s amazing background, and she’s really evolved Does she plan to honour Marnie? – I’m made up that she’s doing so well!” at his job. But It’s fair to say that Donna-Marie is She does! And she even gives it a almost unrecognisable from when she French-inspired name! Donna-Marie’s James’ relationship to Donna-Marie first rocked up to the village in 2018. always wearing berets and trying to She was struggling with addiction and speak a little French, too. After seeing confuses me; she had a baby with cast out from her family. But now, she’s all her mum’s hard work, Juliet comes the matriarch of the Nightingales – and round to the idea in the end. him, and his dad as well!” is about to open a gym in the village… Donna-Marie’s also been 2 “Owen Warner Hi, Lucy-Jo! Tell us why Donna- learning to read, what do [Romeo] makes Marie wants to open a gym? you make of that story? me laugh the Well, Marnie left Donna-Marie money, It’s brilliant, and I think out of all and she wants to put that back into the the characters, Donna-Marie can get most – he Salon De Thé. But she also wants to do away with not being able to read something a bit different and current because of what she used to do for a comes out with – she thinks she’s cool, even though living. A lot of the time in soaps, we she’s not! Donna-Marie is getting into don’t get to go into too much detail, some of the fitness, so she decides to open a gym. but I think it’s been told really well. She’s really turning a corner. most random things, and keeps Zain has been helping Donna- Are you pleased to have a set Marie, and Yazz accuses them everyone’s spirits high. He’s funny that belongs to your character? of having an affair! Is there any romance between them? and he doesn’t even know it!” Yes! Donna-Marie’s been the character who’s downtrodden, but now she’s on Absolutely not! They are just good “I’ve seen 3 the right path – it’s just brilliant. There mates. But Yazz is suspicious because are changing rooms, a reception area, they’re always getting into cabs and Ashling a studio, and a little gym. walking around together. Zain wants to O’Shea [who come clean, but it’s Donna-Marie who plays Nadira] What do the Nightingales think of doesn’t want people to know that he’s the change to the Salon De Thé? been helping her out. But I love that around the set, they’ve become friends and it’s been Romeo has his mum’s back, he’s so great working with Jonas [Khan, who and she always proud of her. But by turning the Salon plays Zain], he’s brilliant. De Thé – which was very classy – into a looks amazing in a very effortless way. I’d say she’s the coolest member of the cast.” 4 “Recently I’ve done a few scenes with Kieron Richardson [aka Ste] and I would love to work with him more. He’s also very funny and is always making us laugh on set.” Donna-Marie feels embarrassed 5“When I first about not being about to read – joined, I was but everyone is rooting for her… in awe of Nick I think everyone is hoping she’ll Pickard [Tony] succeed, and Donna-Marie really – he’s been here deserves it because she has a heart of gold. There are lots of opportunities for so long. He’s with the gym – I’m excited for where it will end up taking her. also funny – we’ll be on set, and Alice Penwill go, ‘Where’s Nick?’ We turn around and he’s helping with the lights!” lnsideSoap 49

VOTE FOR… DRAMAS and DAYTIME! The stars tell us why they deserve your support this year… “It’s been great to explore Faith’s imperfections!” Is there another story from the KIRSTY MITCHELL Gotta have Faith: show that you have been enjoying? FaithCadogan,Casualty Kirsty’s up against They’ve done a fantastic job with other Casualty stars David’s storyline, and the fallout from Faith has had a tough year the school shooting. Jason [Durr, who in Casualty, trying to get We’ve seen more scenes with plays David] is the loveliest man as well her life back on track Faith’s daughter, Natalia… – he’s always so happy all the time, so after the tragic death of Isn’t Zoe [Brough, who plays Natalia] a it’s interesting to see him play David. her husband, Lev. But her gem? She’s one to watch out for! I love Jason’s doing a fantastic job! emotional roller coaster has resulted working with all of Faith’s kids, they’re in Kirsty Mitchell being nominated in great. A big part of Faith is her kids – Jason, Elinor and Neet [Mohan, our Best Drama Star category – and and without revealing too much, we’re who plays Rash] are also she teases there’s still more to come… going to be seeing more of them… nominated alongside you. Do you feel as though you Hi, Kirsty! How does it feel to be have stiff competition? nominated for Best Drama Star? [Laughs] I mean, it’s all It’s such a lovely compliment! To see representative of the show! We four people nominated from our show make jokes online about going is just fab – we all work hard and put in up against each other – but really, a lot of hours, because our job and all we’re always being supportive. the Casualty fans mean a lot to us. Can you tell us what’s What is it about Faith that What has been a highlight for coming up for Faith? you love playing? you this year on Casualty? Things get personal for Faith! Faith tries to be so perfect, but she’s I’ve loved the relationship between We’re going to take a dive into clearly not! What I love about her is Faith and Stevie. I think it’s important what’s really going on in her head that Faith’s very gentle, sweet, and to have that friendship between two and we see what’s affected her together, but she’s fierce. It’s been great strong females. They’re both very through the last year, where she is to explore Faith more and slowly reveal independent and different – like chalk emotionally, and what she’s been her imperfections. Faith’s also very and cheese. I love working with Ellie covering up. And there may even protective of her children because of [Lawless, aka Stevie] too, she’s very be some romance for Faith, too… everything they’ve been through. funny and we have a laugh together. Alice Penwill 50 lnsideSoap

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