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Om Yoga Magazine July 2022

Published by pochitaem2021, 2022-06-19 15:24:53

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WIN! A luxury holiday at Acrotel Athena Pallas in Greece — worth £1000 YbOegGAinFneOrRs JULY 2022 – £5.99 26-page special report OM MEETS COVER MODEL CULTIVATING COMPASSION Bhavisha Pankhania - EMBODIED LIVING YreOtreGatAs SUMMER FLOW TO SPECIAL- STRENGTH 14 pages of - home yoga yoga holidays sequence ALSO IN THIS ISSUE... • Living the teachings - Santosha • Salad season - fresh & healthy recipes • 3rd Rock - sustainable yoga fashion • Positive vibes - let your family thrive

OM Magazine Welcome Issue 131, July 2022 Welcome to our July issue. Inside, we’ve Published by: Prime Impact got everything you need to make your yoga 4 Nags Corner, Wiston Road, summer amazing. That includes insight Nayland, CO6 4LT and inspiration from top teachers, yoga Tel: 44 (0) 1787 224040 tutorials, our anatomy class, plus recipes, [email protected] and all the latest healthy foods and fab fashion. Chief Editor: Martin D. Clark Our special report this month is aimed [email protected] at beginners. If you’re new to the world of Designer: yoga then hopefully we can inspire you on your journey…and if you Art Director: Sophie Langton haven’t started yet, then now’s the time! Advertising Manager: Getting started is easy to do. Yoga is for everyone and every Emily Saunders body; wherever you are in your life right now, there’s a yoga out Marketing there that’s perfect for you. You don’t need anything to start, just a Sara Stant 44 (0) 1787 220646 willingness to give it a go. It might just change your life. [email protected] There are so many reasons to do yoga, from improved health to inner calm, but the best one of all is that it just feels great. That Jane Lambert post-yoga buzz that everyone gets after class is simply amazing. It’s also an ideal way to meet new friends and join a likeminded Subscriptions & Back Issues: Hannah Irons 44 (0) 1787 224040 community of super soul seekers just like you. [email protected] I’ve had so many wonderful yoga experiences, both on and off the mat…from feeling ‘at home’ in my own body after a class and Publishing Director: Keith Coomber less distracted, to chatting with the good folk afterwards, sharing spiritual insights and meaningful banter rather than just griping Managing Director: Julie Saunders about the British weather. (FYI: The worst day of my yoga life was when I discovered that downward dog was a resting pose — still Licensing: Bruce Sawford 44 (0) 1280 860185 getting my head round that one!) Accounts: [email protected] We’ve also got a special report this month on all the yummy yoga retreats going on this year. If you really want to change your Yolande Arnold life then book yourself onto one today…there’s no better feeling than immersing yourself into a week or weekend of pure yoga The Publisher accepts no responsibility in respect of advertisements appearing in the magazine and the opinions indulgence. Enjoy the journey. expressed in editorial material or otherwise do not neccessarily represent the views of the Publisher. The Publisher cannot accept liability for any loss arising from the later appearance or non publication of any advertisement. Information about products and services featured within the editorial content does not imply an endorsement by OM Magazine. OM Magazine is not intended to replace the professional medical care, advice, diagnosis or treatment of a doctor, qualified therapist, nutritionist or dietician. Always consult your doctor before undertaking any exercise programme. Every effort is made to ensure that all advertising is derived from reputable sources. OM Magazine cannot, however, accept responsibility for transactions between readers and advertisers. On the cover: Yogi: Bhavisha Pankhania @bhavishayoga Photographer: Sanjeev Bouri TriggerSanj Photography @triggersanj Makeup & Hair: Shreya Suchdev @ShreyaMakeup 3

OM in 30 seconds Contributors om beginnings Take a deep breath in... Grace McGeehan and relax at Yoga Stuff. Amazing The home of everything Grace is a yoga teacher and hypnotherapist. Her yoga in Salisbury, in lovely wellness business has been running since 2016, SPACES Wiltshire, this is a place starting out as a yoga teacher after training in where you can enjoy Costa Rica and then transitioning into the world YOGA STUFF aromatherapy goodies, it’s also a space to feel you can just be — with wellness events, as well as of therapy, integrating the mind and body to no judgement, no expectations, and freedom to talk (or not!) if you shop for your yoga gear, guide people through a transformational, healing 8 The Maltings, Salisbury SP1 1BD wish.” all under one happy roof. journey. She offers a variety of unique offerings She says Yoga Stuff is much more than a shop. It’s a safe space Amazing Spaces, to help clients unblock what is holding them for people to explore their inner and outer worlds, and creating a Page 16 back, teaching fun, free and intuitive yoga and Take a deep breath in…and relax at Yoga Stuff. The home of community is a big part of what she hopes to achieve. delivering empowering, revelational 1-1 therapy everything yoga in Salisbury, in lovely Wiltshire, this is a place sessions, hosting workshops and retreats. where you can enjoy wellness events, as well as shop for yoga gear, “I love people coming in who’d thought about trying yoga but Visit: activewear, accessories and beautiful products for bath and body. were unsure, answering their questions and hopefully putting them on a path to a yoga practice. I love meeting local yoga teachers, Lauren Hoffmeier Owner Ilona Coryndon Burns wants to create a community space swapping stories and laughing over common experiences. I love for everything yoga — all under one roof. “So although you can buy making chai that makes people feel good — a ‘hug in a cup’ it’s now Lauren was raised in New York with a all your yoga and meditation gear, well-made ethical clothing for called! I love that when people walk in, they take a deep breath and performance background in opera and musical women and men, books, chai, nutrition advice and lots of lovely say the shop smells wonderful. And I adore it when kids demonstrate theatre. She is the author of Mula and the Fly, a picture book series that provides parents and 16 teachers with a gentle introduction to yoga. The fun characters and engaging stories promote Special Report: Yoga for Beginners a happy and healthy lifestyle to encourage positive mental wellbeing during early Yoga is for anyone and Yoga for development. Lauren is also a certified vinyasa everyone. If you haven’t yoga instructor. In this brilliant world of oddballs started it yet, then now is BEGINNERS and misfits, she aims to inspire positivity by encouraging a mindset of joy and uniqueness. the time. Browse through Visit: our special report this Shaktari Sundari month for all you need Shakti Sundari is a priestess of love, facilitator of embodied awakening, soul guide and writer, to know about getting with a passion for tantric wisdom. Her book Rapture, A Guide to Sexual & Spiritual Awakening started and why you for Women was published in 2021. Trained as a yogi, conscious dance facilitator, tantrika need yoga in your life. and healer, Shakti is a passionate advocate of women’s empowerment, a masterful curator of Yoga For Beginners, full-bodied spirituality and an eternal student on the path of authentic living, with a gift for Page 42 holding compassionate, yet transformative space. Connect on Instagram @shaktisundari 42 Regular contributors: Special Report: Yoga Retreats Summer Special Nothing beats a yoga retreat! Sign up today for Claudia Brown, Paula Hines, Victoria Jackson, Lauren Bloxham, Yoga Retreats the holiday of a lifetime at Lydia Kimmerling, Kiki Morriss, Sue Pugh one of the incredible yoga Summer Special retreats we’ve compiled for you in this issue. Pack your bags and get ready to jet off to somewhere magical. Show yourself some love This month, we’ve compiled some of the best yoga retreats to explore with yoga. Yoga Retreats 2022, in 2022. There’s something out there for everyone: from simple Page 72 retreat weekenders here in the UK, to exotic adventures around the globe. Find your zen wherever you go with OM…your adventure awaits. Don’t miss... Subscription WIN! A luxury holiday at Acrotel Athena Pallas in Greece — worth £1000 ONLY £3.95 A MONTH YbOegGAinFnOerRs JULY 2022 – £5.99 • No Contract Words of wisdom • Delivered to your door 26-page special report OM MEETS • Cancel anytime you wan “Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember COVER MODEL what peace there may be in silence.” - Desiderata, CULTIVATING Bhavisha Pankhania COMPASSION Max Ehrmann - EMBODIED LIVING YreOtreGatAs SUMMER FLOW TO SPECIAL- STRENGTH 14 pages of yoga holidays - home yoga sequence ALSO IN THIS ISSUE... See page 27 • Living the teachings - Santosha • Salad season - fresh & healthy recipes • 3rd Rock - sustainable yoga fashion • Positive vibes - let your family thrive 4

July 2022 Contents OM Regulars 3 Editor’s Letter 4 Contributors 8 My Secret Place 10 Letters 12 Yoga Changed My Life 13 The Rise Of Yoga 14 The Happiness Explorer: Joy 15Cover Living The Teachings: Santosha Story 16 16 Amazing Spaces: Yoga Stuff 18 18 OM Loves: Beautiful Things For Beautiful People 20Cover Yoga Fashion: 3rd Rock Story 24 Planet Yoga 111 OM Books: Great Yoga Reads 112 Yoga Is For Every Body: Your Photos. Your Community 114 OM Lite: Sun Seekers OM Body 28Cover Yoga At Home: Flow To Strength Story 32 360˚ Yoga: OM’s Anatomy Academy 34Cover OM Meets: Bhavisha Pankhania Story 38 Yoga In The NHS: Integrating Yoga Into Healthcare Cover Yoga For Beginners: Special Report Story 44 Getting Started: Simple Tips 28 46 Best Yoga Styles For Beginners 48 A Beginner’s Practice: With Eva Kristlova 51 My Magic Carpet: My Yoga Mat 52 Iyengar Yoga: Ideal For Everyone 54 Beginner Questions Answered 56 Beginner Yoga: Busting 8 Common Myths 58 Yoga For Children: Start Them Young 60 Getting Started: Amazing Yoga Goodies 62 The Eternal Beginner: Yoga Wisdom 64 7 Things Every Beginner Should Know 6

70 66 Yoga For Menstruation: Simple Practices OMFM 69 Man On The Mat: Reverse Warrior 70 Yoga On Fire: The Work Of Jason D. Page 74 Cover Yoga Retreats: Summer Special Story Paradis Plage, Morocco 74 YinYang Exclusive Yoga Retreat 76 Huzur Vadisi Yoga Retreats 78 Yoga Rocks, Crete, Greece 80 Summer Yoga Immersion Holiday 82 Finding Freedom Through Movement 83 Alamos Retreat, Portugal 84 86Cover OM Mind Story Embodied Living: Cultivating Compassion The Art Of Journalling: Writing Therapy 88 OM Spirit 90 Conscious Comedy: Laughter The Best Medicine 92 The Mother Of All Compassion 94 The Tantric Dance Of Meditation & Embodiment OM Living 96 Eat Drink Yoga: Healthy Living Goodies 97Cover Salad Season: Delicious, Healthy Recipes Story 100 Beat The Afternoon Slump: Nutrition Tips 88 OM Family 102Cover Positive Vibes: Counter Negativity Bias Story 104 Stress & Family Life: Mindfulness Magic 97 Teacher Zone 107 My Yoga Biz: Natalie Austin 108 Nurturing The Seed: Wellness Hub 110 Teachers’ Tales: Write It Down 26Cover Competition: Win A 5-Star Holiday In Greece Story 27 Subscriptions: Join The OM Community Today 7

om beginnings My secret place Yogi: Safia Siddiqui Bowley Photographer: Sarah Carmody Location: Birling Gap, nr Eastbourne East Sussex, England This photograph was taken at Birling Gap, not far from Eastbourne, on a beautiful, mellow sunny evening, yogini Safia Siddiqui Bowley tells OM. “My knees have chalk on them as I had been climbing on rocks and my bare feet had been paddling after being planted in the sand in a warrior pose,” she says. The natural environment is the perfect place for yoga. “I always feel at home by the sea, instantly comforted by the rhythm of the waves, refreshed by the sea air. I relish the freedom and inspiration that comes from looking up into a vast sweep of sky.” She believes outdoor yoga encourages a playful approach, offers different points of view, and can be wonderfully liberating. “Whatever the weather, infinite combinations of colour, tone, light and atmosphere are fascinating to observe,” she says. “Slowing down to absorb it all has become a favourite meditation. I sometimes jot down a few words as a reminder of the moment, which can be used to conjure up the scene later, as part of a yoga practice…taking a little snapshot of the magic with me.” 8

om beginnings 9

N@maste WIN! A luxury holiday at Acrotel Athena Pallas in Greece — worth £1000 Love OM magazine and want to tell YbOegGAinFneOrRs JULY 2022 – £5.99 the world? Here’s your chance 26-page special report OM MEETS COVER MODEL CULTIVATING COMPASSION Bhavisha Pankhania - EMBODIED LIVING YreOtreGatAs SUMMER FLOW TO SPECIAL- STRENGTH 14 pages of yoga holidays - home yoga sequence ALSO IN THIS ISSUE... • Living the teachings - Santosha • Salad season - fresh & healthy recipes • 3rd Rock - sustainable yoga fashion • Positive vibes - let your family thrive I am a yoga teacher Like father, like daughter Hey OM. It made me giggle seeing your I have been practicing yoga for 45 years. I am now 61, teacher training report in the June issue. recently retired from medicine, and live in Sheffield. My It was your teacher training report five years ago that daughter is 28 and is a qualified yoga instructor, living and working made me realise the time was right for me to dive in in London. The handstand scorpion photograph of me here was and follow my dream of becoming a qualified yoga taken in Corfu in 1990 when I was 29. The corresponding picture of instructor. I’m happy to say that I am now qualified my daughter, Ellie, was taken recently, she is almost the same age and a professional yoga teacher. I was just thinking as I was — the two photos are 32 years apart! The other pictures of all the new students reading the June issue and show us doing a split variation (taken when I was 59, my daughter grappling with the decision to go for it. My advice is 26). Like father, like daughter! definitely go for it! It’s the best thing you can ever do! Stephen Bostock & Ellie Bostock @elliebyoga Mandie C, by email TeacherJackie Heffer-Cooke: @Jackie.freedomseekers. Photographer: Jess Wilkins Photography Training Show time Guide So excited to see that the OM Yoga Show is back again year…it’s 2022 been far too long! Can’t wait to try lots of new classes, eat lots of yummy food and see all my old friends again! Keep in touch Imogen, by email OM Letters, Prime Impact Events & Media, The OM Yoga Show takes place from 14-16 October, 2022 at Alexandra Palace, 1 Nags Corner, Nayland, Essex, CO6 4LT London. Visit: [email protected] 10


om beginnings After challenging personal times and a busy life, finding yoga felt like coming home for Catherine Rolfe Name: Catherine Rolfe with uncertainty and change. The holistic practice of yoga has Age: 38 given me a roadmap for living, helped me inhabit and find kinship with my body and taught me the agency I have with my Occupation: Yoga teacher Yoga years: 16 mind and my breath. Through yoga, I find joy, solace and Why did you start yoga? empowerment. And the realisation that the most Through the generosity and wisdom important things you possess of a friend. Stressed out and trying can never be taken away to juggle the demands of caring for from you. and riding horses with a full-time veterinary nurse apprenticeship, Best yoga moment? I proclaimed myself too busy for yoga when my friend first tried to I think very fondly of my time persuade me to come to a class completing my 500 hours with her. Thankfully she didn’t teacher training with the British give up and gifted me two private Wheel of Yoga. The energy of yoga sessions with her teacher as a our group in our London studio birthday present. I was hooked from space as we practiced and grew the start. It felt like coming home. together under the guidance of our three wonderful teachers Favourite yoga haunts? yielded many special moments. Anywhere me and my little purple Anything else? mat go. One of the many things I love about yoga is that your practice is always available to you, wherever you are. My yoga Everything I know about practice has been my companion in hotel rooms, by the ocean yoga is due to the generosity and on safari, but body, mind and breath are with you wherever of others. From that introductory birthday gift to the wisdom of you go. my teachers and all their teachers before them, to the time my students give to me when they come to my classes, I feel great How has yoga changed your life? gratitude. And, in turn, the deepening of my practice through these gifts helps me offer more outwards – the ultimate kind of Yoga has been and continues to be a life raft for me. I went paying it forwards. through an incredibly painful time in my twenties and early thirties, which was punctuated by trauma and loss, taking away To find out more or for information on classes and events much of what I knew my life to be about up until that point. To visit: or connect via Instagram borrow from Pema Chödrön, yoga taught me to live beautifully @catherinerolfeyoga 12

om beginnings The rise of yoga New study from Reebok shows how the UK yoga industry is set to exceed £1 billion by 2026 It’s official…the UK is yoga obsessed! love to hear your thoughts). London Course for all Over 380,000 people in the UK alone Movement Teachers • According to research, Norwich — Starting 4th June 2022 reportedly practice yoga weekly, so it where Hatha Yoga is the yoga of choice doesn’t come as much of a surprise that — has the highest number of yoga A few places left the yoga ‘industry’ is seeing rocketing enthusiasts in the UK. Therefore, there Please enquire by email sales — from yoga classes and instructors is an increased demand for classes and to yoga pants and mats. instructors in the East Anglian capital. Other courses in 2022/2023: Leeds and Brighton The team at fitness giant Reebok • The other big yoga-loving city in the Anatomy & Myofascial Movement Courses looked into the rise of yoga across the UK is, of course, Brighton and Hove, country to reveal the most practiced whose yoga of choice appears to be types of yoga, the types of yoga people Kundalini Yoga, a type of yoga involving around the UK are most interested in, more chanting and singing, as well as and to shed light on the classes that breathing and repetitive poses. instructors could be making the most money from based on supply versus • And we all just want to curl up in a ball demand in their location. sometimes — the UK's most searched-for pose is Child’s Pose with around 5,400 Here are some of the key findings from searches per month. Now that one Reebok’s study that stand out: makes sense! • In the UK alone, there are over 3,000 You can view the full research at: reebok. searches related to teaching yoga every month, showing a growing interest in yoga teaching as a career path. Let us know your thoughts on the current state of the UK yoga ‘industry’. • Yoga teachers earn an average of £27.54 We’d love to hear from you. per hour; if they teach an average of six, Email: [email protected] one-hour classes per day they could earn £42,962 in a year (if any OM readers out there would like to confirm that we’d

om beginnings HaTphepEixnpleorsesr How to… get more joy from the process By Lydia Kimmerling Iwas recently asked this question by because you don’t like your job, the time of the course what they are most grateful a follower on my Instagram account. goes more slowly. What you want (the end for is who they have become in the process. How can you be less attached to the of the day) feels further away from you. It’s important to acknowledge and see the outcome and enjoy the process? My When you are enjoying something, time growth that is occurring along that way followers are people who want to disappears because you are being present because that is the outcome in process. get the most out of life whilst also being and in the moment. When we want change That is what is happening. And once it their happiest, so it’s a question I am to occur it’s usually because we want to has happened it won’t feel as good as you often asked. feel happier. The truth is that happiness expect anyway because you missed it all attracts more happiness, so if in the quest happening by wanting it to have happened. Have you ever worked towards a goal for more happiness you are making yourself But when something has happened it’s or wanted something so much that the stressed, anxious, angry or overwhelmed, done and finished. Be in the process. process was painful and unenjoyable you are pushing more happiness further because what you wanted wasn’t arriving and further away. So here’s how to do it: quick enough? If you are an ambitious person, or a person who wants the most 2. You see more opportunities 1. Set your intention on the outcome. out of life, or someone who just desperately 2. Feel excited about it coming into wants their life to change — waiting for the If you are too focused on the outcome your life. change to happen can be uncomfortable. (meaning you are living in the future) you 3. Then let it go by accepting your current will miss what is happening around you. position in life. I love making things happen in my life Have you ever noticed how your day goes 4. Focus on what you can be grateful for but I’ve also learned that ‘making’ things differently when you’re not stuck in your currently. happen hasn’t always been the best head? Maybe you smile at more strangers 5. Break your goal down and set yourself approach — in fact, it’s had an impact on or notice something different about a free of the action that comes tomorrow. my happiness because I stopped enjoying building, or remember an idea you had. 6. Be in a state of joy as you focus on the the life that was happening! When you’re thinking only about what you action that comes today. can create in the future you’ll miss what’s 7. Celebrate the small wins. It’s no lie that changing your life requires right in front of you now. Sometimes life 8. Acknowledge the growth that is effort, working hard and taking action. can be nudging you to take a different happening in you now. Anyone who has started a business, run a direction, or speak to someone or research marathon, become a parent, lost their job, something. If you’re too stuck to your plan Remember that you don’t know for sure gone through a break up, given up alcohol, you may miss these subtle whispers which that your outcome will make you happier paid off their debts or pulled themselves are trying to make it easier for you. (you are making an educated guess) so if up and out of a dark hole will tell you that you place too much expectation on arriving it didn’t happen without dedication and 3. You grow more there and feeling happy, you will only set focus. yourself up for disappointment. What I have noticed in my clients and my Creating change to be better is amazing own life is that whilst reaching the outcome It’s rarely the outcome that creates — I am here for it all. What I want for you, is a wonderful accomplishment, what we happiness, it’s who you have become in the however, is to find a way to enjoy not just are most grateful for is the growth we have process. the outcome, but the process too and there acquired. I hear this from my students on are three main reasons why. When you let my 12-month accredited life coach training Loved this? Follow Lydia Kimmerling on go of the outcome to enjoy the process: course. At the beginning of the course, they Instagram and say hello @LydiaKimmerling are dreaming about having clients and or if you’d like to know more about training to 1. It happens faster running their own business but by the end become a life coach, or working with her direct 121 visit: When you clock-watch at work, counting down the minutes until you can go home 14

om beginnings Living the teachings — understanding yoga’s everyday spiritual meanings <RXUVSDFHWRUHOD[ UHFKDUJHDQGUHVWRUH SANTOSHA: COMPLETE CONTENTMENT By Sue Pugh There are ‘eight limbs’ of “There are two kinds of unhappiness in (VFDSH UHFKDUJH yoga…the postures (asanas) the world: not getting what you want, the <RXUPDWLVZDLWLQJ make up just one limb. When other being, getting what you want”. This is $ZDUGZLQQLQJUHWUHDWV we really ‘get’ yoga, we so true of modern living, where many of us grow to understand that it is are constantly planning the next adventure, Join us in the sunshine for about so much more than simply adopting the next dopamine hit, only to discover that year-round weekly retreats. postures and moving the body. The Niyamas when we get it the feeling is transient and are the second limb of the eight limbs of doesn’t leave lasting happiness after all. Rated #1 on Trip Advisor. yoga. They specifically remind us of our duties towards ourselves and are considered Such seeking and avoiding also takes up Quote OM2022 for 10% to be character building, encouraging us a great deal of energy and depletes us. The RôZHHNORQJUHWUHDWV to look inwards, as opposed to the Yamas, way towards a more content life is to start WKURXJK$XJXVW which largely have an external/social focus, practicing being content with discontent, looking at our relationship with others. sitting with it, not chasing the next fantasy LQIR#D]XOõWFRP or adventure. We should remind ourselves The second Niyama is Santosha, that ‘this too shall pass’ and that everything ZZZD]XOõWFRP which literally translates to ‘complete in life is temporary, the good things and contentment’. For many of us this would the bad. appear to be utterly unobtainable, enough to make us not want to read on, an example This then allows us the space to more fully of ‘toxic positivity’. We may feel that this appreciate what we do already have. We means we have to accept our lives just as are reminded that there is no contentment they are and give up on any dreams that we without gratitude. By turning our attention may have. Santosha teaches us that this is away from what we don’t have, towards not the case and yogic philosophy does not what we do already have, we will slowly discourage dreams or aspirations. Instead, strengthen our ability to notice the good it teaches us that we can accept and be things in our lives before the bad and be content with how we are now and also invest guided towards greater contentment. in or work towards change or improvement. Ultimately, it teaches us that happiness is an inside job and that we have to start looking Santosha asks us to try and ‘stay in the within for the answers. centre’ appreciating what we already have instead of constantly being preoccupied by Sue Pugh is a yoga teacher and satisfying our wants and avoiding anything founder of and that we dislike. Oscar Wilde once said:

om beginnings Amazing SPACES YOGA STUFF aromatherapy goodies, it’s also a space to feel you can just be — with no judgement, no expectations, and freedom to talk (or not!) if you 8 The Maltings, Salisbury SP1 1BD wish.” She says Yoga Stuff is much more than a shop. It’s a safe space for people to explore their inner and outer worlds, and creating a Take a deep breath in…and relax at Yoga Stuff. The home of community is a big part of what she hopes to achieve. everything yoga in Salisbury, in lovely Wiltshire, this is a place where you can enjoy wellness events, as well as shop for yoga gear, “I love people coming in who’d thought about trying yoga but activewear, accessories and beautiful products for bath and body. were unsure, answering their questions and hopefully putting them on a path to a yoga practice. I love meeting local yoga teachers, Owner Ilona Coryndon Burns wants to create a community space swapping stories and laughing over common experiences. I love for everything yoga — all under one roof. “So although you can buy making chai that makes people feel good — a ‘hug in a cup’ it’s now all your yoga and meditation gear, well-made ethical clothing for called! I love that when people walk in, they take a deep breath and women and men, books, chai, nutrition advice and lots of lovely say the shop smells wonderful. And I adore it when kids demonstrate 16

om beginnings poses they’ve been learning with their parents on the shop floor!” whole range of yoga-related areas. They include senior yoga teacher It’s also a place for wellness talks and events. The first was a talk Clare Allen, of Brave Fish Yoga, who will be offering a series of talks, the first of which is scheduled for July 8 (head to the Yoga Stuff entitled ‘Periods, Perimenopause and Women’s Cycles’, led by two website for further details). local yoga teachers — Samantha Garstin (who was featured in the February issue of OM) and Louise Pitman. It was a big success, says “We’ll also be running a monthly relaxing sound bath on a Friday Burns. “To see the sudden understanding dawn in the attendees’ evening at the shop, giving people some time to ‘zen out’ after the faces was so rewarding, especially when many have really struggled, week and to get the weekend started off in the right way. We’ll be and been worried about speaking out. People left with a new playing a range of instruments, including crystal and Tibetan bowls, understanding of themselves and productive steps to take to help a symphonic gong and koshi chimes. If you’re in the area, come and themselves in their journeys.” give it a try!” There’s a line-up of fabulous speakers and workshop leaders Take a look for yourself…get the Yoga Stuff vibe on Instagram ahead in the coming weeks and months, who plan to make use of @yoga_stuff_salisbury the shop after hours to share their knowledge, wisdom and skills in a 17

om beginnings loves Beautiful things for beautiful people Ticket To The Moon King Size Hammock There’s only one way to spend the summer this year — and that’s in a Ticket To The Moon King Size luxury hammock. Handcrafted in Bali since 1996, Ticket To The Moon is the original fair trade manufacturer and distributor of the iconic parachute hammock, as well a range of other feel-good outdoor products. Ethically manufactured in its own Indonesian factory, all items are PFC-free and come with a 10-year guarantee. Awesome products, robustly constructed, beautifully designed, and a great brand. And if you’ve never been in one of the silky-soft parachute hammocks, now’s the time to try — ideal as a travel bed, and perfect for taking a nap or just chilling (it also makes for a marvellous playground too, all you secret acro yogis out there!). Guaranteed fun, relaxation and good vibes all summer long. £69.95 Ultimate Bide Eco-Cleaning Box Pokita Black Leopard Crop Top Introducing bide, an eco-brand addressing unemployment in marginalised women. Its Introducing Pokita, a sustainable and stylish products – toilet bombs, dishwasher tablets, washing up liquid, and more – are toxic- yoga, tennis, running and activewear brand free, palm oil free, cruelty free and vegan. And instead of making its products in a factory, founded by two lifelong friends, Hannah bide brings the factories into people's homes, creating the opportunity for marginalised Younis and Amy Kenworthy. The two pals women to earn from home, straight from their kitchen tables. Every product you receive is developed direct-to-consumer Pokita in handmade and signed by the women who made it. lockdown when they recognised a gap in the £25 market for vibrant designed yet ethically- made tennis wear. The range includes signature skorts and skeggings, as well as crops, shorts, leggings, base layers and accessories. £38 18

om beginnings Roar Leopard Print Doormat Fern Linen Lavender-Infused Eye Mask Take a walk on the wild side with this vibrant doormat to welcome you Lavender infused sleep mask, hand printed and home with a roar. Unleash your inner animal with your fearsome lion pose. handmade of naturally sourced eco-friendly 100% Be aware, neighbourhood, and admire my ruff! Material: 100% coir (with linen, it has a covered elasticated strap and is lined with a PVC backing). Dimensions: 75cm x 45cm x 2cm. 100% soft cotton and filled with 100% cotton padding. £24.50 Sumptuous, cosy eyewear for a luxe nightwear feel, also helps aid sleep, relaxation or meditation or to catch some respite on long-haul flights. Both cool and warm due to the use of natural materials. £20 Halo Bottle - Aurora Yellow Stay hydrated this summer! We love this Halo Bottle. Extra compact and ultra-lightweight. It’s a handbag-friendly water bottle! Leakproof, premium stainless steel, vacuum-insulated and reusable. Great to take with you to the yoga studio as well! £28 (500ml) Relaxation Candles Move More Forest Green Leggings Take some time for yourself Ladies eco-friendly high waisted capri leggings from with these lovely relaxation Perky Peach. Sweat-wicking fabric and quick-drying candles. Put your feet up, made from 73% recycled polyester, 27% spandex. Secret light a candle and lose stash pocket in the waistband. Suitable for yoga and all yourself in the moment. sports. 100% non-drip pure £40 beeswax, these candles burn cleanly with a gentle honey aroma for at least 20 19 minutes. £14.95

om beginnings Recycled sculpting high waist buttery soft multiple colours THOR LEGGINGS £46 Paired with BOOP cropped slim fit comfy breathable t-shirt multiple colours £32 3RD ROCK Sustainable clothing for dynamic living 3rd Rock blends functionality and comfort to bring you sustainably-sourced garments, fit for dynamic living and performance in active pursuits. Planet-kind yoga leggings and fashion for every occasion. 20

EQUINOX AXOLOTH reversible om beginnings high coverage Sports Bra/ Bikini Top in multiple colours £46 IRIS high rise slim fit 5 pocket shower resistant Paired with TIDE WAVE secure trousers £86. wide cut smoothly high Paired with CELESTE coverage bikini bottoms £27 yoga comfort vest with built in bra multiple CELESTE yoga comfort colours £49 vest with built in bra multiple colours £49 TITAN IN TOO DEEP ankle pocket high rise Paired with GAIA high regenerated made to rise 4-way stretch last power leggings £59 Eco-Morph denim Ultra comfortable soft elasticated waistband super comfy Mom sustainable organic Jeans £85 cotton VELA CONCH UNISEX HOODIE £59 21

om beginnings Ultra comfortable 100% recycled fabric super Ride the wave in TITAN WAVE supportive LUNA high rise regenerated ankle sports Bra/ Top in pocket leggings £59 multiple colours £46 Ultra comfortable 100% recycled fabric super Recycled sculpting high supportive LUNA Sports Bra/ waist cycling THOR Top in multiple colours £46 SHORTS buttery soft EQUINOX WAVE reversible high coverage Sports organic cotton multiple Bra/ Bikini Top in multiple colours £46 Paired with maximum movement BATABOOM colours £46 UNISEX organic cotton active yoga sweatpants £60 22

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om body YOGA IN THE NHS BREATHE THE YOGA4HEALTH WAY are taught in a chair or on a yoga mat, and WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR Breathwork on the Yoga4Health we make the programmes affordable and YOGA IN HEALTHCARE? protocol evolves week-by-week reach out to marginalised communities and patients describe it as the and those who might not otherwise YIHA has paved the way for yoga to most powerful takeaway from the consider yoga. Even though Yoga4Health become an accepted social prescribing programme. Here for two of the is a standardised protocol, there is still pathway in the NHS. The Yoga4Health breathing practices: plenty of leeway for our teachers to programme is now accredited by the Royal express themselves and meet the needs of College of GPs via the Personalised Care Practice 1: the long exhale. Sit each cohort of service users. Institute. Many yoga teachers already comfortably on a chair or on the work in healthcare through relationships mat with the spine supported and The West London NHS Clinical they have built up over many years and body relaxed. Tune-in to your breath, Commissioning Group gave YIHA a we celebrate that. Our charitable purpose breathing in and out through the substantial grant to develop and deliver is to support the integration of yoga into nose. There should be no strain on the Yoga4Health social prescribing healthcare broadly, not just via our own the breath at any time. If you are programme. After piloting it on NHS programme. To support yoga teachers familiar with ujjayi breathing, which staff and seeking expert advice on all more widely, YIHA works closely with the we call the “ocean breath” on our aspects of our approach and content, College of Medicine and Integrated Health programme, use it to cultivate a soft the programme was delivered to 279 on initiatives like creating a professional sighing sound in the throat. When patients in West London. Westminster code for yoga teachers wishing to work in you are ready, begin to extend the University conducted a detailed evaluation healthcare. We also promote yoga more length of the exhale, allowing it to of the programme, collecting data from widely through the All-Party Parliamentary fade away and really enjoying the participants on Week 1 and Week 10 of the Group on Yoga in Society, for which YIHA is feeling of relaxation and stillness programme and three months afterwards. the Secretariat. that this brings. Sustain the practice They have published two academic papers for 5 or 10 minutes. The long exhale on their findings, including this overall By helping NHS patients look after their stimulates the parasympathetic side conclusion: own health and wellbeing, together we of the autonomic nervous system (the can make a big difference to them and to relaxation/rest and digest response). “Patient reported outcome data the sustainability of healthcare systems. This is a great way to de-stress, steady demonstrated significant improvements the mind and feel grounded. from baseline to post-intervention on all Paul Fox is a former Chair of the British outcome measures, which were sustained Wheel of Yoga and current Chief Operating Practice 2: equal breathing. Settle three months after the Yoga4Health Officer of the Yoga In Healthcare Alliance yourself as above. Once your ocean programme.” ( He has breath is established begin to co-written the book Yoga on Prescription lengthen both the inhale and exhale, Patients had lower stress, improved with Heather Mason and previously authored keeping both equal. We are aiming mood, felt more socially connected, were Yoga Quest. to work towards breathing in for 5 or more physically active and felt more in 6 seconds and breathing out for 5 or control of their health. 6 seconds. However, there should be no strain on the body or breath, so find a comfortable equal rhythm that works for you. Sustain the practice for 5 or 10 minutes. Equal breathing (also known as Coherent Breathing) has been shown to maximise heart rate variability – an important indicator of underlying health. It also promotes resilience and feelings of equanimity and heightened awareness. 40

Special Report: Yoga for Beginners Yoga for BEGINNERS 42

Special Report: Yoga for Beginners Yoga is for everyone and every body. Fact! You’re never too old or too young to start yoga. No matter where you are in life there’s a class and a teacher out there for you. We’ll help you find them. In this 26-page special report we’ll offer you a glimpse into the big, beautiful world of all things yoga so that you can take your first steps with confidence — and once you start, you’ll be hooked! Your journey starts here. Inside: 44 Getting Started: Simple Tips 46 Best Yoga Styles For Beginners 48 A Beginner’s Practice: With Eva Kristlova 51 My Magic Carpet: My Yoga Mat 52 Iyengar Yoga: Ideal For Everyone 54 Beginner Questions Answered 56 Beginner Yoga: Busting 8 Common Myths 58 Yoga For Children: Start Them Young 60 Getting Started: Amazing Yoga Goodies 62 The Eternal Beginner: Yoga Wisdom 64 7 Things Every Beginner Should Know 66 Yoga For Menstruation: Simple Practices 43

Special Report: Yoga for Beginners Getting started Simple tips and advice for getting started on the mat. By Eva Kristlova Well done for your interest in yoga! Now Before you start usually practice with bare feet. let’s get started! If you are thinking of starting yoga you Getting started is simple and you really Yoga is beneficial on so many levels: don’t need much (if anything at all). If you are already half way there! Make that final physically, mentally and emotionally, can afford it, get yourself a yoga mat, and step, unroll your mat and let a new chapter and especially now, as we are navigating I would also recommend getting a couple of your life begin! through these challenging times, it is of blocks and a strap (although most of needed more than ever! Yoga will bring these things would be provided at your you peace, clarity, increased strength and local studio). I like using a blanket and flexibility as well as helping you through a cushion too, for a little bit of comfort! this journey called life. And you don’t have Blankets provide padding and keep you to be flexible to begin; you don’t have warm. to change anything about who you are. The blocks provide support and can be Yoga is not only about the physical used to elevate your hips and promote postures (asana). These are only the tip better posture. We use the strap to create of the iceberg. The practice also has a more space in the body, for example, in a deep spiritual component; it is a way for seated forward fold. I love working with you to get to know yourself. bolsters that support the body especially in a restorative yoga practice. Plus The most beautiful part of the practice soothing eye pillows to help you relax! is that it truly is for everyone. Providing support, it can lift you and hold you But remember: if you have a body, you and help you to explore and get to have all you need to practice yoga! The know yourself. Yoga can really transform props can help you along the way, but your life. The practice of yoga welcomes none are ultimately necessary, especially everyone, in every phase of life. It honours at the beginning…and your local studio our bodies, it reminds us to breathe, it will nearly always provide these for you quietens our busy mind. anyway. Yoga is for absolutely everybody, and What to wear available to everyone. As long as you can breathe you can do yoga! The word ‘yoga’ Anything you like as long as it’s itself can be translated as ‘union’. So come comfortable, such as yoga leggings or exactly as you are…now it is time to begin! tracksuit bottoms with a comfy top. We 44

Special Report: Yoga for Beginners Photos: @sarahcarmodyphotographyuk In relaxation, translation. you let go of Pranayama – breathing techniques. What to expect any physical and Beginners will usually start by simply mental activity observing the breath, noticing the rise A yoga class usually starts and finishes and let your body and fall of the belly and chest, the flow in Savasana (corpse pose) where you rest and receive of the breath through the body, before will be lying on your back. The teacher all the benefits of progressing into breath retention, count will encourage you to close your eyes your practice. The and more advanced practices. and focus on your breath, letting go of teacher will guide Mudra – hand seals or gestures that direct the busyness of the world and your daily you verbally subtle energy to certain areas of the body. worries, and instead connecting with your or might let One that you may practice at the end of a breath, the present moment and your you relax in class is Anjali mudra (hands in prayer) and deeper self. silence. This is most likely Chin mudra, where the tip of a much-needed the thumb and index finger connect. The teacher will lead you through treat and reward Om - Om is a mantra that is often chanted a series of warm-ups, mobilising and for all your work at the beginning and end of yoga sessions. limbering your body and working towards on and off the It is both a sound and a symbol rich in the main pose (or series of postures) mat. In today’s meaning and depth. It is said to be both that we refer to as ‘peak pose’. You will busy world, the sound of the creation of the universe, gradually cover all bases such as sitting, relaxation is and the sound of silence. kneeling, standing and lying down, an absolute exploring forward folds, backbends, must have! Eva Kristlova is a BWY Yoga teacher based inversions, spinal twists, balances and side Meditation is also in East Sussex, who runs Yoga Life Studio in bends. a wonderful tool Eastbourne. Visit: and that is proven to There may also be a focus on the breath help us de-stress where you will learn various breathing and bring about A teacher’s advice to techniques, known as Pranayama. a sense of overall anyone wanting to try yoga The class usually finishes either in wellbeing. It Savasana, where you will be treated to a relieves anxiety, By Georgina Warrick blissful relaxation, or in a seated cross- enhances self- legged position (Sukasana) where you awareness, My advice to someone wanting to try can become completely still through brings about focus and sparks creativity. yoga for the first time would be to meditation. As the Sufi poet Rumi states: simply go for it! You may believe that “The quieter our mind becomes, the more you can’t do yoga but there is a yoga we can hear.” class and style out there for everyone. You may also hear your teacher speaking Maybe you tell yourself that you are too in different language! This is Sanskrit, stiff, too old or don’t believe you have the original language of yoga that carries the right body shape for yoga. sacred sounds and vibrations. Here are some of the phrases that you But I will tell you a secret: if you may hear your teacher say: can breathe, you can do yoga! Yoga Namaste – used at the end of class (or as is literally for every body! The breath a greeting at the beginning). One of the is the key, and you don’t need to do many translations is: any complicated poses you may have seen on social media. Find a gentle or My soul honours your soul beginner-focused class to start with, I honour the place in you then unroll your mat and get started. Where the entire universe resides I honour the light, love, truth, beauty The quote that, “in life you don’t regret the things you do, only the things and peace within you. you don’t do” is more true than ever Because it is also within me after the pandemic. It is time to grab life And in sharing these things by the horns and enjoy the journey and adventure of trying something new. We are united We are the same One warning though: be prepared to fall in love with yoga. You’ll want to be We are one practicing every minute you get. Asana – the physical postures. All postures that your teacher will take you through have Sanskrit names and an English 45

Special Report: Yoga for Beginners Best yoga styles for beginners What styles of yoga are best for a beginner? Rosie Iles-Jonas presents a quick and light-hearted look at some of the most popular options A physical yoga practice is about uniting best. two in plank rather than rattle through the body, breath and mind. It’s worth the effort! Before we launch whole sequence. When you align all three, it feels so good and you’ll be back next week for more! into the styles, let These classes can be nice for beginners me just say that who have quite active minds (you’ll be The benefits of a regular practice what follows is a kept busy!) and dread the thought of quiet accumulate. A slow and full breath happens very brief and light-hearted survey of some spaces. When you go to a class, don’t feel in a relaxed, content body, which can’t help main styles. There are so many out there! rushed to keep pace with the teacher or but house a calm mind. These things will There’s no ‘correct’ or ‘authentic’ style, and other students, go at your own pace, sweat become very familiar to you. When we’re a lot of styles are more accurately described and have fun. less focused on the aches in the body or as a ‘brand’. Which doesn’t diminish their accommodating a racing heart rate and contribution to the evolution of modern Yin tossing and turning at night, life is better yoga, it’s just helpful to know. and relationships with ourselves and others A fairly modern addition to the yoga menu, improve. Vinyasa/ Power/ Strong/ Yang designed to increase flexibility of ligaments rather than muscles (more on this later). In If that’s a hope we hold on to gently, how A nice style for sporty people and those a Yin class, wear warmer layers and expect do we start a practice, and what style is drawn to exercise, or who enjoy feeling like to practice only 5-6 postures in a 60-minute best for a newbie? First, it’s worth getting to they’ve had a workout. Wear light layers as class. You’re likely to be seated for most know yourself a little bit: these sorts of classes involve fast-flowing of it and work deep into joints. It’s a very postures and you can expect to work different sensation to a muscle stretch, • Why do you want to practice and what are up a bit of a sweat. You’re likely to visit which happens actively. Yin is very passive. you hoping to achieve? postures like plank and downward facing This style is best suited to a studio setting • What’s your current activity level? dog often, a great way to strengthen wrists because you’ll want to make full use of • What (if any) movements do you enjoy? that get weaker when we use computers, all the props (blocks, belts and blankets); Like, do you enjoy HIIT training, a nice stroll but something to consider if you have a don’t hold back, grab everything that isn’t in nature, or… it’s been a while since you’ve wrist injury or currently seeking treatment nailed down! These classes can feel really done much of anything? for RSI. There are always ways to adapt spacious, perhaps a welcome contrast to a • What environments inspire you: a studio, a postures, but it’s just worth knowing this in fast-paced lifestyle. There could be poetry, community setting, a gym or leisure centre? advance. a particular focus on a part of the body (like Top tips: If you’re sporty and strong, the hips), or an organ, as Yin likes to link to Give these questions a bit of thought focus on those elements in the sequences. meridians. because there’s a teacher’s interpretation Be mindful of postures that emphasise of a style out there for you; it’s just a case of flexibility in the beginning. knowing what you’re looking for. This article is going to inspire you to make some great If you don’t consider yourself strong, choices about what style is likely to suit you you’re going to develop strength when you go a bit slower…perhaps have a breath or 46

Special Report: Yoga for Beginners Top tips: Great if it’s been a little while there’s likely to be more explanation. A THINGS I WISH I HAD since you had a regular movement practice, good option if you’re already active and KNOWN YEARS AGO and you’re wanting to ease back in. This would like to slow down a little, or, if you’re will also suit you if you find quiet settings seeking out a practice to gently improve • Arrive in plenty of time so you don’t relaxing. This style isn’t ideal for people your fitness and stamina. feel flustered (and you can find the with hypermobility, as the last thing they Hatha is a really nice middle ground back of the room!). need is to stretch ligaments. between the more fast-moving styles and Any beginner could potentially benefit the more seated style of Yin, making it a • If you’re feeling a little nervous from this style because it teaches us self- good choice for most newbies. When we when you arrive, look around (that, in regulation and moderation; you’ll be shown return to our initial understanding of yoga, itself, will feel soothing), take in your a posture, and arrange yourself, and that’s which is to unite body, breath and mind, surroundings, maybe exchange a smile it… for anywhere between 3-7 minutes. you’re perhaps most likely to experience with another student. They’ll have It will be about 30 seconds in and you’ll this in Hatha because there will be a bit been new once, so they’ll send you be like this is too much! So, you’ll wisely of challenge, relaxation and some middle some nice vibes to help you relax. back out a bit to be comfortable. You’ll ground. If you attend your first class with a potentially do the same thing in the next bit of an anxious mind and breath pattern, • When the class starts, students posture, until… finally you learn to do less with a tired body, because, well it’s been a are focused on their union of body, and go easy. I guess that’s why it’s called a long day, Hatha will support your nervous breath and mind, they’re not thinking practice! system (which is driving the anxious mind about what you’re up to. Enjoy what and breath) to down-regulate. When it you’re doing, it’s a gift to be exploring Hatha/ Hatha Flow/ Flow Yoga/ Yin does, you might notice your body feels less movement and breath in your body. Yang heavy, less exhausted. You’ll have achieved yoga! • Keep trying different styles and If Vinyasa and Yin had a baby, this would be Top tips: Wear a range of layers as you teachers. We all do it so differently, it! You’ll have a lovely relaxing start, some could get warm at times, and you’ll so don’t let one class or teacher medium intensity, with standing postures in definitely want to snuggle up for the cool experience turn you off the myriad the middle, and a deep rest and relaxation down at the end. of benefits of a yoga and meditation at the end. This is such an open style: practice. there could be breath work (pranayama), Rosie Iles-Jonas BA Hons, MA Hons is a chanting, meditation, mudras (nice shapes yoga teacher and teacher trainer based in with the hands) or none of these things. Brighton ( A particularly good style for the beginner because sequences flow a little slower, so 47

Special Report: Yoga for Beginners practice A beginner’s A simple yoga sequence to follow from the comfort of your own home. By Eva Kristlova 2. 1. 1. Breath Awareness to the future. your head towards your right shoulder Keep coming and then very slowly and gently to the left Start your practice in a comfortable seated back to now. shoulder. Repeat several times, be mindful position. If comfortable, cross your legs of any stiffness and sensitivity in the neck and close your eyes. You can use a block 2. Easy Pose area. When you feel ready bring your chin to sit on and elevate your hips. Make sure back towards your chest and gently start your spine is long and straight and you are (Sukhasana) to lift your head up. not rounding your back. You can rest your With Head hands on your knees, in your lap or place Rolls 3. Shoulder Rotations one hand on your chest and one hand on your belly. Chose what feels best for you. Sit cross-legged (Skandha Chakra) Start to focus on your breathing and allow if your body lets your body to relax a little bit more with you, use a block Still seated, bring your fingertips to your each passing exhale. Let go of your daily or folded blanket/ shoulders and slowly start to roll your worries and try to stay in this moment in cushion for support. Your spine needs to shoulders forward and up, then back time. You will notice your mind tries to be straight and posture comfortable; if and down. Try to connect this shoulder take you away from here, to the past and you find this challenging you can stretch movement with your breath, inhale as your legs or sit on a chair. Bring your chin you take your shoulders forward and up, 3. towards your chest and slowly start to roll exhale as you take them back and down. Don’t forget to change direction too. Photos: @sarahcarmodyphotographyuk 4. Side bend (Parsva Sukhasana) Place your right hand on the floor beside you, or on a block. As you inhale lift your left arm up and with your exhale take your arm over your head, fingers pointing to the right. Stay here for several breaths (four is 48

Special Report: Yoga for Beginners 4. 5. 6. fine). Feel a beautiful opening across the feels beautifully open. Your right knee is 7. left side of your body. Repeat on the other above your ankle – adjust if not. Take a 8. side. couple of breaths here and then slowly start to twist your torso to the right with 5. Head To Knee Pose your exhale. Keep your hands together as you place your left elbow on top of your (Janusirsasana) right thigh and your right elbow will be pointing up towards the sky. Keep your Bend your right knee and place the sole chest lifted and open; try not to sink into of your right foot high on your left inner this posture and don’t forget to breathe! thigh. Inhale and lengthen your spine; You can rest in child’s pose before you go exhale and bend at your hips and lean to the other side. forward over your left leg. Take a couple of breaths here and then slowly lift your 8. High Lunge (Utthita Ashwa arms up and lengthen your spine on your inhalation. Release your arms and switch Sanchalanasana) the sides. We are slowly making our way up into 6. Child’s Pose (Balasana) standing. Keep your right foot at the front of the mat and take a long step back with Make a transition onto all fours. Sit on your left foot. Both feet will be pointing your heels and let your upper body fold forward towards the short edge of your over your thighs with your head resting on mat. There is a space between your feet the floor. Your arms are resting beside your (hip distance) and the heel of your back legs. For extended child pose, separate foot is lifted off the floor. The front leg your knees but keep your big toes together creates a right angle with the knee right and stretch your arms in front of you. For above the ankle. Back leg is straight, knee more comfort you can place a blanket presses up towards the ceiling and heel under your knees or bolster under your stretches towards the floor. Lift your arms torso. Enjoy this beautiful resting pose. up whilst you roll your shoulders back and Slow down your breathing and relax. I down and open the chest. Don’t forget to enjoy this variation with hands in prayer. breathe and keep your shoulders away from your ears. After several breaths, step 7. Low Lunge With Twist your back foot forward and change sides. (Parivrtta Anjaneyasana) 9. Reversed Warrior From your child’s pose come back onto all (Viparita Virabhadrasana) fours and step your right foot forward – place the foot between your hands. Keep From the high lunge with your right foot at your left knee on the floor, feel free to put the front of the mat, turn your left foot 90º a blanket underneath. Bring your hands to the left, so your toes are pointing to the to Anjali mudra (hands in prayer) and roll long edge of your mat. With the right knee your shoulders slightly back so your chest 49

Special Report: Yoga for Beginners 9. bent, guide your hips so they are parallel with the long edge of the mat and lift your arms to shoulder level. Inhale and lift your right arm up to the ceiling. At the same time, lower your left hand and slide it down the back of your left leg. Lift your chest and enter a gentle back bend. Look up to your raised hand and stay for a couple of breaths. 10. Wide-Legged Forward Fold With A Twist (Parivrtta Prasarita Padottanasana) Shake your legs and then step your feet wide distance apart again. Place your hands on your hips and as you exhale 10. 11. start to make your way down into 12. Knees To The Chest 12. a wide legged forward fold. Place your hands on the floor or a block (Apanasana) below you. Take a couple of breaths here, focusing on your exhales and Bend your knees and bring them letting go of anything that you wish to towards your chest. Here, you can release. Try to place your right hand gently rock and sway from side to on your hip and maybe even stretch side. This posture will massage your your right arm up to the sky. Don’t lower back and will give your internal forget to breathe in this wonderful organs a lovely massage too. After a spinal twist that is so good for our couple of lovely rocks, let your body internal organs, spine and releasing roll over to your right side. toxins from our system. Repeat on the left and, when ready, very slowly Savasana & Relaxation come back up into standing with your knees slightly bent. Now simply lay back and find your comfort in Savasana (corpse pose). 11. Tree Pose (Vrksasana) All that matters now is for you to feel comfortable and relaxed, so use Let’s check our balance in this your props, cushion, blanket, eye wonderful balancing and hip-opening pillow, maybe even a lovely lavender pose. Transfer your weight to the essential oil. Lay back and close right side of your body and feel your your eyes, letting go of your practice, left leg becoming lighter. Fix your slowing down your breathing and your gaze on a still point directly ahead of thoughts. This is your time to relax. you – something on the wall or floor. You can give yourself a little body Slowly lift your left foot off the ground scan, relaxing all parts of your body and place the sole of that foot against from your toes all the way up to the your right calf. Make sure you avoid crown of your head. Alternatively, you your knee. Bring your hands together can simply follow your breath, listen in Anjali mudra (prayer). Breathe! If to some gentle soothing music or you can, take your arms up above enjoy a few minutes of silence. your head. Repeat on the other side and notice that each side is slightly Eva Kristlova is a BWY Yoga teacher different. You might feel steady on based in East Sussex, who runs your right and wobbly on the left and Yoga Life Studio in Eastbourne. that’s absolutely fine! Visit: and 50

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