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ABCDE Prices may vary in areas outside metropolitan Washington. SU V1 V2 V3 V4 Partly sunny 90/73 • Tomorrow: Partly sunny 89/73 B8 Democracy Dies in Darkness WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 . $2 An epic Trump hid Capitol plan, panel finds lawsuit: Twitter 2020 TWEET UNITED v. Musk RIGHT-WING GROUPS White House counsel says advice was ignored Company initiates legal SARAH SILBIGER/REUTERS BY ISAAC STANLEY-BECKER battle after billionaire AND JACQUELINE ALEMANY tried to terminate sale Rioter Stephen Ayres apologizes to Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn after testifying Tuesday before the Jan. 6 select committee. Donald Trump scrawled the BY ELIZABETH DWOSKIN Cheney: Trump tried to call Rivals tell of wild theories, words on Twitter that motivated AND RACHEL LERMAN witness who has yet to testify threats, fury in Oval Office right-wing extremists to seek blood on Jan. 6, 2021, and kept Twitter filed suit Tuesday BY ISAAC ARNSDORF identified as a witness who has BY ROSALIND S. HELDERMAN audience with the president of secret a plan to direct his sup- against Elon Musk to force the AND JOSH DAWSEY not yet appeared in the commit- AND JOSH DAWSEY the United States to argue the porters to the Capitol that day, billionaire to make good on his Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) tee’s hearings. The person election had been stolen by according to evidence and testi- promise to purchase the company, ended Tuesday’s hearing of the didn’t take the call and instead Late on a Friday night about shadowy foreign powers — per- mony presented Tuesday at the issuing the first legal volley in House committee investigating alerted their lawyer, who in six weeks after Donald Trump haps remotely via Nest thermo- seventh hearing of the House what is expected to be one of the the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the turn told the committee. The lost his reelection, a fistfight stats. select committee investigating most high-profile business trials Capitol with a direct warning to committee reported the call to nearly broke out in the White the pro-Trump riot. in recent history. former president Donald the Justice Department, House between the president’s For hours, the group tried to Trump. Cheney said, suggesting the fired national security adviser persuade Trump to take extraor- The tweet was issued at In a scathing attack on Musk Sometime in the past two possibility of a crime. and a top White House aide. dinary, potentially illegal action 1:42 a.m. on Dec. 19, 2020, after and his motivations, Twitter ac- weeks, Cheney said, Trump to ignore the election results an hours-long meeting with out- cused the world’s richest man of tried to call someone whom she “Let me say one more time,” A motley crew of unofficial and try to stay in power. And for side advisers about seizing voting flagrant hypocrisy, self-interested Cheney, the panel’s vice chair, Trump advisers had talked their hours, some of Trump’s actual machines that a White House rule-breaking and of purposefully way into the Oval Office and an adviser described in real time as trying to hurt the company that as SEE TRUMP ON A4 SEE MEETING ON A5 “unhinged.” incoming owner he was duty- bound to protect. “Big protest in D.C. on January 6th,” wrote the president. “Be “Having mounted a public spec- there, will be wild!” tacle to put Twitter in play, and having proposed and then signed The message marked a turning a seller-friendly merger agree- point in Trump’s efforts to stay in ment, Musk apparently believes power and, in the telling of Rep. that he — unlike every other party Jamie B. Raskin (D-Md.), “would subject to Delaware contract law galvanize his followers, unleash a — is free to change his mind, trash political firestorm and change the company, disrupt its opera- the course of our history as a tions, destroy stockholder value, country.” and walk away,” the company wrote in a fiery legal complaint, Notably, the committee mem- referring to Musk’s exit strategy as ber said, the president’s move to a “model of hypocrisy.” advertise a protest on Jan. 6 caused the Proud Boys and the For months Musk has publicly Oath Keepers, two right-wing ex- threatened to walk away from the tremist groups that have not his- sale of the influential social net- torically worked together, to join work, efforts that culminated last hands and coordinate their plan- week in a Securities and Exchange ning, including with maps of D.C. Commission filing claiming he that pinpointed the location of was “terminating” the agreement police. because Twitter hadn’t given him enough information about spam The tweet also illustrated, said and bots on its service. Twitter’s SEE HEARING ON A4 SEE TWITTER ON A17 The Critique: Two everymen seek redemption from the public. A2 Dire warning: Former Oath Keeper testifies on far-right violence. A5 Webb telescope delivers THE UBER FILES | A GLOBAL INVESTIGATION the drama of the cosmos Drivers risked debt and danger in South Africa Full-color images show BY DOUGLAS MACMILLAN NASA project is more powerful than expected cape town, south africa — BY JOEL ACHENBACH NASA, ESA, CSA AND STSCI/ASSOCIATED PRESS He had been a cop, a factory SAMANTHA REINDERS FOR THE WASHINGTON POST NASA on Tuesday released the worker and a taxi driver, but at 44, first set of full-color images and The Southern Ring Nebula seen Shaun Cupido had yet to find a Shaun Cupido thought driving for Uber would be a path to prosperity from his dangerous township. data obtained by the revolution- about 2,000 light-years away. path to prosperity. Murderous ary $10 billion James Webb gangs ruled Manenberg, the Space Telescope, and it is quite 13 billion years ago. apartheid-built township where the cosmic show: colliding galax- “It sees things that I never he had spent his whole life, and ies, a dying star shedding itself he was sick of having to remind layer by layer, a glorious stellar dreamed were out there,” senior his three children to lie down and nursery and the intriguing signs project scientist John Mather, a cover their heads every time they of water vapor and clouds on a Nobel laureate who started heard the pop of bullets. giant planet whirling around a working on the telescope in 1995, faraway star. said after the unveiling of the Then, in 2017, Cupido found a The telescope appears to be images. job he thought might finally even more powerful than the change his fortunes. Uber prom- people who dreamed it up had The Webb project has been a ised to let South Africans make hoped. It is able to see further long and difficult journey filled their own hours and be their own into the depths of space and time with hazards, but it has produced bosses. He rented a car, began than the acclaimed Hubble, col- ferrying tourists around Cape lecting the exquisitely faint in- SEE TELESCOPE ON A8 Town’s waterfront shopping dis- frared light emitted by the first tricts and cliffside resorts, and for stars and galaxies more than a while, the money was good. He started to dream of building his own business operating a fleet of cars for the ride-hailing company. But little by little, he said, Uber made changes to its service that lowered his pay and raised his risks. The company recruited new SEE CAPE TOWN ON A10 In the News according to a call he July 19 primary elec- Inside made to his mother. A13 tions because of a surge THE NATION Tobacco, Firearms and The United States in mail-in voting in the STYLE Justice Department Explosives at a time of plans to open new em- only state to prohibit officials announced a rising gun violence. A6 bassies and increase aid early counting. B1 Emmy standouts task force to prevent THE WORLD in the Pacific as China’s A network of Black en- overreach from state Russia’s blockade of sway grows. A15 trepreneurs, business A rundown of the and local governments the Black Sea is devas- THE ECONOMY owners and restaura- nominated shows, such on abortion bans. A2 tating Ukraine’s grain In a global sanctions teurs — funded through as the history-making Mourners honored Iri- farmers, some of whom fight, Russia’s airlines D.C. grants — is leading “Squid Game.” C1 na McCarthy, who was may not plant again. A9 are refusing to return the fight to end food HIRO KOMAE/ASSOCIATED PRESS shot to death with her U.S. officials said a top passenger jets worth bil- deserts east of the Ana- BUSINESS NEWS ....................... A16 FOOD husband while protect- Islamic State figure was lions of dollars that they costia. B1 COMICS ....................................... C6 Bidding farewell Days after former prime ing their 2-year-old son killed in a U.S. drone had leased from foreign The D.C. Council OPINION PAGES.........................A19 Forget decorum minister Shinzo Abe was gunned down, Japan in the July 4 attack in strike in Syria, an opera- companies. A16 passed a plan to end the LOTTERIES...................................B3 paused to remember him. A14 Highland Park, Ill. A3 tion aimed at undercut- Stocks tumbled as the practice preventing resi- OBITUARIES ................................ B6 Baby back ribs slathered Biden’s Saudi visit He finds himself in an The coronavirus pan- ting the terrorist organi- euro fell to nearly the dents with unpaid traf- TELEVISION ................................. C4 with cherry-bourbon uncomfortable position as he heads to a demic caused a surge in zation’s ability to carry same value as the U.S. fic fines from renewing WORLD NEWS..............................A9 glaze may be really nation he once sought to make a “pariah.” A15 superbug infections and out attacks globally. A12 dollar. A18 their driver’s licenses. B1 messy — but that’s part deaths in hospitals, A U.S. veteran cap- THE REGION The clock is ticking on of their charm. E1 health officials said. A6 tured by Russian forces Maryland officials a 2025 goal to enact The Senate confirmed in Ukraine is being held said results might not be policies and practices 1CONTENT © 2022 Steve Dettelbach to lead in solitary confinement, available until days after that can bring the The Washington Post / Year 145, No. 220 the Bureau of Alcohol, Chesapeake Bay back to health. B1

A2 EZ SU THE WASHINGTON POST . WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 KLMNO Two different men seek one thing: Redemption NEWSPAPER DELIVERY Two men came to who’d come to gift the country For home delivery comments Capitol Hill to with his wisdom. He’d come to or concerns contact us at testify before a set the Jan. 6 committee straight or committee where about Jan. 6. “I think we need to send us an email at they might find quit mincing words and just talk [email protected] or call redemption. One about truths,” he said, “and what 202-334-6100 or 800-477-4679 Robin had been among it was going to be was an armed TO SUBSCRIBE Givhan the rioters who revolution.” But frankly, we know 800-753-POST (7678) stormed into the this. TO ADVERTISE THE CRITIQUE Capitol on Jan. 6, Van Tatenhove spoke his truth Classified: 202-334-6200 2021. The other like it was a revelation when, in Display: 202-334-7642 had been a mouthpiece for the fact, it’s something that MAIN PHONE NUMBER Oath Keepers, a far-right Thompson’s committee has been 202-334-6000 extremist organization whose saying and showing for weeks TO REACH THE NEWSROOM members have been accused of now. Are we listening? Metro: 202-334-7300; attacking the seat of democracy [email protected] with militaristic precision. From the moment he entered National: 202-334-7410; These men came to bear the hearing room, Van Tatenhove [email protected] witness publicly in front of the set himself apart. In a room full Business: 202-334-7320; Jan. 6 committee. And in doing of suits and ties and sports b[email protected] so, they allowed their fellow jackets, he was a man in jeans Sports: 202-334-7350; citizens to get a good look at and a denim jacket. He wore the [email protected] them, hear them out and make black T-shirt of a punk rock band Investigative: 202-334-6179; an assessment. Can we make and a pair of sneakers. His [email protected] community with these men who refusal to kowtow to the Style: 202-334-7535; tested the seams of our traditions of Congress was writ [email protected] democracy? Can they make large. His attire wasn’t shocking; Reader Advocate: 202-334-7582; peace with those whose votes it was aspiring to be memorable. [email protected] they discounted and whose lives DEMETRIUS FREEMAN/THE WASHINGTON POST Who was the guy who testified in TO REACH THE OPINION PAGES they threatened? jeans and a T-shirt? Oh, right. Letters to the editor: Stephen Ayres and Jason Van Stephen Ayres, left, who pleaded guilty in June to charges related to Jan. 6, and Jason Van Tatenhove, Van Tate-something or other. He [email protected] or call Tatenhove walked into the former member of the Oath Keepers, had separate takes on how to present themselves Tuesday. was with that militia group that 202-334-6215 tried to foment a coup. Opinion: hearing room with wildly when that president told him basically deleted it all. You know, call themselves a militia, but [email protected] differing attitudes about how that the country was in danger. I started doing my own research they are. They’re a violent Van Tatenhove was covered in best to present themselves for Instead of sitting by the and everything. And for me, for militia,” Van Tatenhove said. tattoos with several just visible Published daily (ISSN 0190-8286). public consumption. They were sidelines, he took action. And if something like that to be that, to below his sweptback gray hair. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to like characters from wholly Ayres had been right, if Trump actually, for that to actually take When committee Chairman Thompson introduced him as a The Washington Post, 1301 K St. NW, Washington, different tales. One man seemed had not been lying, he may well place, it’s too big, you know.” Bennie G. Thompson (D-Miss.) former journalist and an artist. D.C. 20071. to long for a return to anonymity, have been a hero. asked Van Tatenhove to describe But mostly he was a man who Periodicals postage paid in Washington, D.C., and to the safety and quiet of simply “There’s no way you can keep the Oath Keepers’ vision of did not want to become a blur in additional mailing office. being ignored. The other looked Ayres has pleaded guilty to something like that quiet,” he America, his response was vague, the glare of the spotlight. keen on being a person of note. illegally entering the Capitol and said. “With all the, you know, all which perhaps is an accurate Viewers may well remember the CORRECTIONS Ayres described himself as a awaits sentencing; he was turned the lawsuits being shot down one reflection of their vision. It is a sight of Van Tatenhove at the “family man” who’d worked at a in by family who saw him after another, that was mainly blur of upheaval. “It doesn’t witness table. They may The Washington Post is committed to cabinet company in northeastern bragging about it on social what convinced me.” necessarily include the rule of remember him saying that he correcting errors that appear in the Ohio for 20 years. He’s a guy who media. He lost his job, Ayres said, law,” Van Tatenhove explained. finally quit the Oath Keepers newspaper. Those interested in speaks in short, gravelly voiced and sold his home. “It changed And then later, when Rep. “It includes violence. It includes when he heard members contacting the paper for that purpose sentences, sometimes mere my life — and definitely not for Jamie B. Raskin (D-Md.) asked trying to get their way through denying the Holocaust. And can: fragments. He’s a regular guy, the good.” him what lessons he wanted the lies, through deceit, through perhaps people will applaud Email: [email protected] whatever that might mean, who American people to take from his intimidation, and through the that or simply turn away in Call: 202-334-6000, and ask to be enjoys camping and playing He was dressed as though he testimony, he offered a word of perpetration of violence.” disgust that he was involved connected to the desk involved — basketball. He arrived at his was trying to disappear, as if he warning to his friends and with them at all. National, Foreign, Metro, Style, Sports, place at the witness table was trying to fade back into a guy neighbors: “I felt like I had, you Van Tatenhove began his Business or any of the weekly sections. because he was also a man who that no one notices on the street. know, like horse blinders on. I remarks by admonishing the Ayres was the guy in the bland Comments can be directed to The spent a great deal of time on He was wearing a gray suit and a was . . . I was locked in the whole committee, telling them that suit. The forgettable one who Post’s reader advocate, who can be social media absorbing the lies of blue shirt and a narrow red plaid time,” Ayres said. “Biggest thing they needed to be more precise thought he was saving reached at 202-334-7582 or former president Donald Trump tie. His hair was clipped short for me is take the blinders off. in their language and suggesting democracy. The man who [email protected] about a stolen election. Ayres and his glasses were modestly Make sure you step back and see that they need to ring the alarm believed the lie until he’d broken wasn’t part of a club or an stylish. And when Rep. Liz what’s going on, before it’s too even louder about the threat to a pact with the country he’d gone Washington Post Live organization when he went to Cheney (R-Wyo.) asked him if he late.” democracy. But the alarms are to Washington to protect. He was events Washington with his friends. He still believed the election was already sounding and if anything the witness who Tuesday shook was a citizen borne forward on stolen, he sounded not so much Van Tatenhove is a family the country is going numb to hands with the police officers All programs will be streamed live anger, patriotism and the like an evangelist preaching the man, too. He told the committee them. We’re learning how to live who had been abused and at, on assurance of like-minded pals gospel of truth but like a man that he has three daughters and with the constant ringing in our attacked and beaten on Jan. 6 Facebook Live, YouTube and that he was doing the right thing. who was just plain exhausted. a granddaughter, and he fears ears. and apologized to them. That Twitter. Email [email protected] He believed his president what might happen after future isn’t enough to mend our to submit “Not so much now,” Ayres said. elections. He came to the Van Tatenhove did not appear democracy. It wasn’t much at all. questions for our upcoming “I got away from all the social committee to explain the Oath to be a chastened man or a But for now, it’s all we’ve got. speakers. All times listed are media when Jan. 6 happened, Keepers. “They may not like to repentant one. He was someone Eastern. Wednesday, July 13 | 1:30 p.m. Justice Dept. to start task force keeping watch on abortion bans Reinventing Small Business Minnie Luong, chef and founder, BY DAVID NAKAMURA “The Court abandoned 50 years viders are facing on the ground in government shouldn’t attempt to approval of a drug preempts state Chi Kitchen AND RACHEL ROUBEIN of precedent and took away the states where abortions are newly block states’ efforts. action — and that new restrictions Brit Morin, co-founder, Offline The Justice Department is constitutional right to abortion, restricted. Senior U.S. health offi- in states where abortion is being Ventures, BFF and Brit + Co launching a “reproductive rights preventing women all over the cials reiterated their belief that “It can’t override federalism. It curtailed or outlawed wouldn’t Shiza Shahid, co-founder and co- task force” to marshal federal le- country from being able to make federal law supersedes state abor- can’t override the constitution,” hold up in federal courts. CEO, Our Place gal resources aimed at preventing critical decisions about our bod- tion bans, protecting clinicians’ said Clarke Forsythe, senior coun- Moderated by Danielle Abril overreach from state and local ies, our health, and our futures,” judgment when administering sel at Americans United for Life, Attorney General Merrick Gar- Sponsored by Google Play governments seeking to impose Gupta said in a statement. “The treatment during an emergency. an antiabortion law firm and ad- land signaled last month that the Thursday, July 14 | Noon new bans on abortion access after Justice Department is committed vocacy group. “It’s basically make- Justice Department would engage Future of Work: The Technology of the Supreme Court overturned to protecting access to reproduc- In a statement, Alexis McGill work.” in the fight to protect those seek- Tomorrow and the American Roe v. Wade, officials said Tues- tive services.” Johnson, president and chief ex- ing legal means to abortion ac- Workforce day. ecutive of Planned Parenthood Kristi Hamrick, a spokesperson cess, calling the Supreme Court’s Deputy Labor Secretary Julie Su Justice officials said the move Some Democratic activists and Federation of America, called the for Students For Life of America, decision in Dobbs a “devastating Moderated by Damian Paletta should consolidate work that was lawmakers have expressed frus- new Justice Department task called the task force a “misuse of blow to reproductive freedom.” Presenting Sponsor: AARP underway in the months leading tration over the White House’s force “a meaningful step in pro- our federal resources to prioritize Thursday, July 14 | 2 p.m. up to the high court’s June deci- response to changes in abortion viding a framework for enforcing abortion.” Justice officials said the new Race in America: Giving Voice sion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s law in recent weeks, urging the federal protection for those help- task force would respond to a Zoe Saldaña, executive producer, Health Organization, which Biden administration to push the ing patients navigate access to Since the court’s ruling, more provision in Biden’s executive or- “Gordita Chronicles” struck down federal safeguards bounds of what it believes it can abortion, and we look forward to than a dozen states have moved to der to encourage private attor- Claudia Forestieri, creator and for abortion that had stood for five do in the wake of the Supreme seeing its work quickly take ban or severely restrict abortions, neys and law firms to provide pro executive producer, “Gordita decades. Court’s ruling. In response, Presi- shape.” according to The Washington bono services for patients and Chronicles” The task force, led by Associate dent Biden delivered a fiery Post’s tracker. health-care providers. The agency Moderated by Elahe Izadi Attorney General Vanita Gupta, speech Friday as he signed an Since the Supreme Court rul- also will gather online resources, will be charged with monitoring executive order asking his admin- ing, she said, she has traveled to Some of those efforts have been including legal briefs, and provide and evaluating state and local leg- istration to pursue an array of several states to discussed the im- at least temporarily blocked by technical assistance to congres- islation and weighing legal action measures aimed at bolstering pact of the decision. lawsuits from abortion rights sional lawmakers around legisla- against states that ban abortion abortion rights. groups. The legal arguments vary, tive efforts to codify abortion pro- medication or attempt to block a Justice officials said they have though they often contend that tections. pregnant person from traveling On Monday, the Department of been working for months to pre- the state constitution protects a out of state for an abortion, Health and Human Services an- pare for the Supreme Court’s deci- patient’s right to obtain an abor- Nancy Northup, president and among other measures. The effort nounced one such measure in- sion and an expected flurry of tion. chief executive of the Center for will include dedicated staff and cluded in Biden’s directive. The legislation in some states to fur- Reproductive Rights, which representatives from a wide agency updated guidance re- ther restrict abortion, ban doctors Some Republican-led states served as the lead counsel for the swath of the Justice Department, minding doctors that they must from advising patients about the also have moved to ban the prac- Jackson Women’s Health Organi- including the civil division, U.S. terminate a pregnancy if doing so procedure or helping them access tice of medicine around abortion zation, welcomed the Justice De- attorneys’ offices, the civil rights is necessary to stabilize a patient it, and prohibit pregnant people pills, such as blocking them from partment’s efforts, saying advoca- division, the Office of Legal Coun- in an emergency medical situa- in states that outlaw abortion being shipped or prescribed dur- cy groups will need additional sel, the Office of Access to Justice tion. from receiving abortion medica- ing telehealth visits — setting up legal firepower. and the Office of the Solicitor tion in the mail or traveling across likely litigation in the courts. The General. Similar to the announcement state lines to terminate a pregnan- Food and Drug Administration “We’re seeing the intimidation of the Justice Department task cy. approved the medication in 2000, already in states that are making force, the HHS memo doesn’t in- saying the drugs were safe and people afraid to share informa- clude new policy but rather seeks Antiabortion groups hit back effective for use in the first 10 tion about legal abortion services to cut through the confusion pro- against the Justice Department’s weeks of pregnancy. in other states,” Northup said. “It effort, arguing that the federal is a really frightening time.” Some experts say that there’s a strong argument that the FDA Senators urge U.S. to move faster with aid for the global food crisis BY MISSY RYAN Russia’s crimes against humanity agency, which provides food relief, The agency, in reply to the letter, steady infusion of resources into programming by second guessing U.S. food aid is taking months and weaponization of the global requires some $22 billion to meet described the U.S. response to the humanitarian programs through humanitarian priorities and seek- to reach needy nations despite an food supply will go unpunished,” emergency needs in 2022 but faces food crisis as unmatched “in speed the fall and winter when we ex- ing to deviate funding to support urgent global food crisis, a biparti- the senators wrote. “The most sig- a major funding gap given soaring and scale,” and said that by the end pect to see the worst effects of the irrelevant development priorities, san group of senators said Tues- nificant proposal of humanitari- prices of basic commodities. of fiscal year on Sept. 30, USAID food crisis in many parts of the thereby undermining humanitar- day, urging the Biden administra- an aid in modern U.S. history will have spent more than 60 per- world.” ian requirements to scale-up and tion to accelerate delivery as the must be accompanied by an infra- Experts say the war in Ukraine, cent of the $7 billion in supplemen- respond quickly to save lives and war in Ukraine pushes more structure that assumes more pru- normally a major grain exporter, tal funding for humanitarian aid. But the senators allege that alleviate human suffering.” countries closer to famine. dent risk and quickly delivers sup- has worsened a slow-building cri- USAID is moving too slowly and is In a letter to U.S. Agency for port.” sis created by a combination of “This assistance has been criti- failing to get approved funding The letter’s signatories also in- International Development Ad- global conflict, climate change, cal to mounting not just a robust out the door, meaning that aid cluded Sen. James M. Inhofe (R- ministrator Samantha Power, one In the letter, a copy of which the coronavirus pandemic and in- response to meet the needs of approved in a March assistance Okla.) and Sen. James E. Risch Democrat and 12 Republican law- was obtained by The Washington creasing concentration in the Ukrainians, but also rapidly scal- package for Ukraine may not (R-Idaho), the top Republicans on makers said that inadequate stew- Post, the lawmakers asked for “an worldwide food production and ing up assistance to places already reach recipients until the fall. the Senate Armed Services Com- ardship of funding and staffing explanation of why such lifesav- distribution system. experiencing acute food insecuri- They said the agency has a woeful- mittee and the Senate Foreign Re- shortages jeopardized the effec- ing aid may take half a year to ty and hit hard by Russia’s war in ly inadequate system for oversee- lations Committee, respectively. tiveness of U.S. efforts against deliver.” The United States and its allies, Ukraine like Somalia, Ethiopia, ing food aid contracts, with a staff mounting global hunger. seeking to help Ukraine repel Rus- Kenya, and Yemen,” acting USAID of fewer than five contracting offi- Ernst, along with Sen. Christo- “Unless the United States The request comes as the United sia’s invasion, have promised spokesperson Shejal Pulivarti cers to manage more than 1,200 pher A. Coons (D-Del.), is spear- translates well-meaning rhetoric Nations’ World Food Program strong support for food insecurity, said in a statement. contracts. heading a separate effort to waive and appropriated dollars into a warns about what it is calling a but advocates say more is needed. requirements that half of U.S. food swift humanitarian response, global emergency, saying the num- Countries in the Middle East and USAID said the remainder of The lawmakers, led by Sen. Joni aid under certain authorities be ber of people who are acutely food Africa, among those who typically supplemental funding would be Ernst (R-Iowa), also cited reports transported on U.S.-flagged ves- insecure has nearly tripled since rely on imports from Ukraine, are spent by the end of 2022 “to en- that USAID leaders were “respon- sels, which can make aid delivery 2019 to some 345 million. The among the worst affected. sure we are able to maintain a sible for the relatively slow rate of slower and more costly.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 . THE WASHINGTON POST EZ RE A3 Politics & the Nation Highland Park mom who died saving toddler is mourned BY SUSAN BERGER ASHLEE REZIN/CHICAGO SUN-TIMES/ASSOCIATED PRESS tuck him in at night,” said Jordana Greenberg, 40, a lifelong resident highland park, ill. — Eight Mourners hug Tuesday as they head into a Wilmette, Ill., funeral home for services for Irina McCarthy, who died in the July Fourth attack. of Highland Park who also attend- ed therapy at the high school. “No days after the Highland Park been at the parade with her whole Mottlowitz said she and her sis- As she laid down seven rocks blue for the ones who had been at one should hear their 5-year-old shooting, mourners filled a funer- family when the shooting began. ters Madison, 29, and Miranda, 21, collected by her daughter, Hart- the shooting, white if not. Toys had say she no longer wants to ride her al home to honor Irina McCarthy, Her family had attended the have been inseparable since the man cried. “In Jewish culture you been donated by local businesses, bike because her last memory of it who was killed protecting her 2- Fourth of July festivities for 25 shooting. leave a stone at the cemetery,” she a distraction for children waiting was during ‘the parade where peo- year-old son Aiden. McCarthy’s years, always in the same spot. said. “I sat by each individual’s their turn. ple were hurt.’ I would not wish husband, Kevin, also died in the Last week, as the gunman fired Lindsey Hartman, 41, was at the memorial and sobbed.” this pain and uncharted parenting rampage, which left seven dead into the crowd from a rooftop, she parade too, along with her hus- Hartman said she had spoken territory on anyone.” and dozens injured, including an and her family dove to the ground band, Danny, and their 4-year old Others wept, too, she said. with someone at the school, and it 8-year-old whose spine was sev- amid broken glass and fallen bod- daughter, Scarlett. When the Strangers suddenly felt like family. had helped. “This is their job, and Susan Isaacson, 68, was at the ered by a bullet. ies. shooting started, she and Danny yet it felt you were talking to parade with her children and two huddled on top of their girl. At Highland Park High School, friends or family,” she said. She grandchildren. They sheltered in a “Our hearts are shattered,” Rab- Since then, Mottlowitz has been therapists and social workers said her daughter is doing well, wine store and were not injured. bi Dovid Flinkenstein told mourn- waking up in tears, dreaming of When she returned to the scene were on-site to talk to those affect- though she requires a few more But they are struggling. ers during a service at Weinstein & running from a shooter and hid- Monday, there were still traces of ed. Some of them had traveled hugs. Piser Funeral Home in nearby Wil- ing. “I came down here to make glass on the ground and bullet from other states, and many had “I’m not happy,” Isaacson said. mette. “The pain is unbearable. sure I could put a visual to what holes just above where she lay on recently worked with victims of Others are having tougher time. “I don’t feel like making dinner or There are rivers of tears. We don’t was replaying in my own head,” the ground. “It put a punctuation the school shooting in Uvalde, Tex. “No one should hear their 7- doing anything. I just don’t feel want to be here, nor should we be she said. mark on just how close we were,” As those seeking help arrived, they year-old say he is glad ‘none of his like myself. At night, when it’s here today.” Hartman said. received color-coded bands — friends were killed’ before you quiet, the thoughts come back.” Family and friends described She returned Sunday morning McCarthy, 35, as a loyal friend and to the scene of the shooting, sitting fierce mother to Aiden. Illinois on a bench with a young woman Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D) and High- with three little children. land Park Mayor Nancy Rotering were in attendance, along with “We both cried,” Isaacson said. about 150 others. “I just cannot get it out of my mind. I will never feel the same. … During the service, friends de- [The shooter] took our innocent scribed Kevin McCarthy as the city and made it a statistic.” Her love of Irina’s life and promised 7-year-old granddaughter is not their son would be taken care of. sleeping. The 5-year-old is acting One family friend said Aiden “will out, she said. have a family, a home, and will thrive and grow with us.” Isaacson said therapy has helped. And she appreciates the McCarthy’s colleagues at the way the community has come to- North Chicago-based pharmaceu- gether to mourn and honor those tical company AbbVie spoke as who risked their lives responding well, describing her as “more than to the shooting. Recently she at- a colleague, she was a friend.” The tended a large dinner for first re- Chicago Tribune reported that sponders. Her grandchildren McCarthy was a manager in oncol- drew pictures that firefighters ogy, according to LinkedIn. promised to hang on the wall. Plans for Kevin McCarthy, 37, Many who attended the parade have not yet been announced. say they feel they were playing the odds. One second running in a McCarthy’s funeral was only different direction and the out- the latest reminder of the tragedy come could have been tragic. that struck this still-traumatized Many describe everyday sounds of town. On Monday, community cars backfiring, alarms and loud members gathered at the recently voices as triggering. Others say reopened site of the shooting. they are still in shock and will need Some brought flowers and photos; time to recover. others came simply to bear wit- ness. “This is trauma with a capital ‘T,’ ” Mottlowitz said. Mackenzie Mottlowitz, 30, had DIGEST ALABAMA BRIAN SNYDER/REUTERS HAWAII area houses anchialine ponds — GEORGIA landlocked pools with a mix of Inmate charged in Ecological engineer Louiza Wise anchors an “emerald tutu” in Volcanoes park on fresh and salt water — where Man trapped in pizza death during escape Chelsea Creek, which leads to Boston Harbor. A project is testing such Big Island gets bay land some of Hawaii’s rarest shrimp oven vent rescued floating islands, which could be deployed to hold back storm surge. live. A prisoner who prompted a Hawaii Volcanoes National A Georgia man became nationwide manhunt when he White, the assistant director of charge if someone, “causes the Park on the Big Island on Tuesday The area is also culturally trapped while trying to crawl disappeared this spring from an corrections at the facility, death of any person” while was given new land in a deal that significant because it has remains down through a vent from a strip Alabama jail has been charged prompting a national manhunt engaging in certain other felonies will protect and manage an ocean of ancient Hawaiian villages, mall roof into a pizza restaurant with killing the corrections for the pair. On the day of the such as escape or if the person, bay area that is home to petroglyphs, burial sites and the on Tuesday, forcing firefighters to official authorities said helped escape, Vicky White, 56, told co- “recklessly engages in conduct endangered and endemic species largest known abrader tool slice open the vent to free him, him escape. workers that she was which creates a grave risk of and to rare, culturally significant quarry in the state, according to police said. transporting the inmate to a death to a person.” Native Hawaiian artifacts. the Trust for Public Lands. Casey White, 38, has been mental health evaluation, but Abraders are ancient tools used The man was taken to a indicted on a murder charge in the authorities later learned no such Friends and colleagues had Trust for Public Land, a for sanding, smoothing and hospital, and the extent of his shooting death of Vicky White, appointment existed. said they were bewildered by the national nonprofit land grinding. injuries was unclear. Lauderdale County District involvement of Vicky White, who preservation group, transferred Attorney Chris Connolly The two were eventually had worked for the sheriff’s office its ownership of Pohue Bay and Park officials hope to Police told local news outlets announced Tuesday. The pair’s discovered in Indiana where for 16 years, with the inmate, who surrounding land to the National eventually open the area up to the that emergency responders cut disappearance from an Alabama Casey White was captured. was already serving a 75-year Park Service. public, but the 26 square miles of open the vent where it extended jail in April sparked a national Authorities said Vicky White shot prison sentence for attempted land will remain closed to visitors upward from a pizza oven at a manhunt that came to a bloody herself in the head. murder and other crimes. Hawaii Volcanoes National as national park staff consult with Little Caesars outlet in suburban end in Indiana, where Casey White Park has the world’s largest and local experts and residents to Lithonia, about 15 miles east of was captured and Vicky White Alabama law allows a murder — Associated Press most active volcanoes, Mauna better understand the various downtown Atlanta. died. Loa and Kilauea. cultural sites. The man walked to an The indictment alleges that Pohue Bay is home to Trust for Public Land acquired ambulance shortly after being during the escape, “White caused endangered hawksbill sea turtles, the privately owned land on removed. Police did not identify the death of Vicky White, who green sea turtles, endangered Tuesday and gave it to Volcanoes him or announce any criminal died from a gunshot to the head.” Hawaiian monk seals and other National Park the same day. charges. The indictment does not specify species found only in Hawaii. The who pulled the trigger. — Associated Press — Associated Press Authorities have said Vicky White died from a self-inflicted gunshot SEPNETCRIAYLDOOFOFERR wound. 50% Off Installation White will plead not guilty at an arraignment hearing, defense attorney Mark McDaniel said in a statement. Casey White in April walked out of an Alabama jail in handcuffs in the custody of Vicky VA: 703.691.5500 Quality Entry Doors Installed In One Day MD: 301.388.5959 Professional, Highly Trained Craftsmen DC: 202.770.3131 Sliding Patio Doors and French Doors Available! 12 months 0% interest *with approved credit. OVER TEN THOUSAND HOMEOWNERS Offer expires 7/31/22 SERVED IN THE DMV NO payments for 12 months Industry leading 5 year warranty monthly payments as low as $59.* Skilled and licensed professionals IWT EDGOENTE. that care for you and your home 202-816-8808 DC WINDOWS VANITIES Voted “Best Handyman” in Washington 301-661-3168 MD SIDING FLOORING City Paper and Bethesda Magazine 703-552-4480 VA DOORS COUNTERTOPS Awarded “Top Workplace” by TRIM ACCESSIBILITY The Washington Post TILE & MORE A DIVISION OF VA #2705029456A | MHIC #46744 | DC #67000878 | NC #77474 VA #2701039723 | MD MHIC #1176 | DC #2242

A4 EZ RE THE WASHINGTON POST . WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 Jan. 6 committee hearings Trump hid plan to direct a march to Capitol, panel reports HEARING FROM A1 DEMETRIUS FREEMAN/THE WASHINGTON POST “show strength” and “fight like hell,” in changes to his prepared committee members, Trump’s A tweet by President Donald Trump encouraging people to come to D.C. and protest on Jan. 6, 2021, is shown during Tuesday’s select speech revealed by evidence from pattern of escalating efforts to committee hearing. The tweet at 1:42 a.m. on Dec. 19, 2020, galvanized his supporters for what became a violent day, panelists said. the National Archives and wit- thwart the peaceful transfer of ness testimony, according to Mur- power at every moment when he forum,, envi- TOM BRENNER FOR THE WASHINGTON POST saying the investigation was an phy — the images of violence had an opportunity to dial them sioned police officers “laying on effort to harm his poll numbers. emerging from the Capitol hours down. the ground in a pool of blood.” Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn watches a video during the later left some of his former top The site’s founder, Jody Williams, hearing. Dunn rejected an apology from a rioter afterward. Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D- aides uncomfortable. That tendency, they argued, told the committee that the presi- Fla.), who co-led Tuesday’s hear- was illustrated by his disregard dent’s tweet focused attention on administration. knew in advance about, was in- ing, presented evidence that Brad Parscale, his onetime for the advice of his lawyers. A Jan. 6. The committee obtained en- volved in or condoned any illegal Trump planned in advance to campaign manager who had clip of new testimony from White act at the Capitol on Jan. 6 is direct his supporters to the Capi- stepped away from the reelection House counsel Pat Cipollone “After it was announced that crypted content from a group categorically false.” He defended tol but kept his intentions veiled. effort, reacted to Trump’s con- showed he was among those he was going to be there on the chat called “Friends of Stone,” or his decision to give a speech on duct in a text message that eve- pushing back on baseless con- sixth to talk, then yes, everything F.O.S., that Raskin said included Jan. 5 “consistent with my consti- An undated draft tweet, ning to Pierson. “A sitting presi- spiracy theories launched by pro- else was kind of shut out, and it Tarrio and Stewart Rhodes, the tutional free-speech rights to marked as being seen by the dent asking for civil war,” he Trump lawyer Sidney Powell and was just going to be on the sixth,” founder of the Oath Keepers, skepticism about the anomalies president, promoted his Jan. 6 wrote. former national security adviser Williams said. among others. In the chat, and irregularities in the 2020 speech at the Ellipse and conclud- Michael Flynn, demanding dur- Rhodes said anyone not able to election. I am certainly entitled to ed, “March to the Capitol after. “If I was Trump and knew my ing an extended encounter in the A post on that forum pressed, travel to D.C. should instead my apocalyptic view of America’s Stop the Steal!!” rhetoric killed someone,” he add- White House on Dec. 18, 2020, “JOIN YOUR LOCAL PROUD launch protests in their state future as expressed in my ed. When Pierson pushed back, “Where is the evidence?” BOYS CHAPTER AS WELL.” capitals. He also called on Trump speech.” A Trump campaign spokes- saying, “It wasn’t the rhetoric,” to invoke martial law, according woman, Katrina Pierson, wrote in Parscale replied, “Katrina. Yes it And the same inclination has The Proud Boys and the Oath to video shown by the committee. Ahead of Tuesday’s hearing, an email after a Jan. 2 call with was.” continued to shape Trump’s be- Keepers, some of whose members Trump attacked the committee White House Chief of Staff Mark havior, claimed Rep. Liz Cheney have been indicted on charges of Flynn did not respond to a on Truth Social, the social media Meadows that the president’s “ex- Parscale is now advising (R-Wyo.), the committee’s vice conspiracy related to Jan. 6, “re- request for comment. Stone, in a platform developed by his allies pectations are to have something Trump’s leadership PAC, Save chair, who said the former presi- sponded immediately to Presi- text message, said, “Any claim after he was banned from Twitter, intimate at the Ellipse and call on America, and has been paid dent had recently tried to call a dent Trump’s call,” Raskin said. assertion or implication that I everyone to march to the Capitol.” $150,000 by the group since he witness in the panel’s investiga- sent those text messages. He de- tion. She said the committee had Kelly Meggs, the head of the “The creation of the internet and social media has Rally organizers indicated they clined to comment. But a person notified the Justice Department Florida branch of the Oath Keep- given today’s tyrants tools of propaganda and had advance knowledge that the familiar with Parscale’s thinking of the episode, promising, “We ers, took to Facebook on the president would issue the call at said he was angry with Trump at will take any effort to influence morning of Dec. 19 to declare an disinformation that yesterday’s despots could only the last minute. “POTUS is going the time for dismissing him as witness testimony very seriously.” alliance between the two groups, have dreamed of.” to call for it just unexpectedly,” campaign manager and thought writing, “We have decided to Kylie Kremer, a leader of Women the president should have com- As she has throughout this work together and shut this … Rep. Jamie B. Raskin (D-Md.), member of the House Jan. 6 select committee for America First and an organiz- mented hours before he did to tell summer’s hearings, Cheney in- down,” with an expletive for em- er of the rally at the Ellipse, wrote people to leave the Capitol. The sisted on Trump’s ultimate re- phasis. in a text message on Jan. 4. She person, who spoke on the condi- sponsibility for instigating an in- did not respond to a request for tion of anonymity to discuss a surrection that was built on a lie. Phone records obtained by the comment. sensitive matter, said Parscale “President Trump is a 76-year-old committee, Raskin said, show has since made peace with man,” she said. “He is not an Meggs called Proud Boys leader Ali Alexander, another orga- Trump. The two spoke Tuesday impressionable child. Just like Enrique Tarrio, who has been nizer of pro-Trump protest activi- after the texts were revealed, the everyone else in our country, he is indicted on conspiracy charges in ty, also exhibited prior person said, adding that Parscale responsible for his own actions the Capitol attack, that after- knowledge of the president’s would be involved in a prospec- and his own choices.” noon. plans in a text message the fol- tive 2024 campaign. lowing day. “Trump is supposed The committee presented evi- The next day, the Proud Boys to order us to the capitol at the Trump’s mood was brightest dence showing that Trump’s “got to work,” Raskin said, end of his speech but we will see,” during the post-election period tweet on Dec. 19 altered planning launching an encrypted chat he wrote. on the evening of Jan. 5, 2021, for the protest activity that would called the “Ministry of Self De- former White House aides told ultimately bring deadly mayhem fense,” in which they used maps Alexander said Tuesday he the committee, according to clips to the Capitol. Originally, a pro- of D.C. and other tools to engage could not recall who notified him from their depositions. That’s be- Trump group called Women for in “strategic and tactical plan- about the president’s remarks. cause he could hear his support- America First had been prepar- ning about Jan. 6.” “Plans were changing daily,” he ers gathering from his perch in ing for a rally after the inaugura- said. “We went with the flow and the Oval Office, they said. tion of Joe Biden on Jan. 20. But, The lawmaker said members of were focused on compliance.” following the president’s tweet, both extremist groups worked Those supporters, said Mur- the group changed the permit to with Flynn — the former lieuten- But Murphy said the “evidence phy, “believed him” when he said Jan. 6, according to documents ant general who attended the confirms that this was not a falsely that the election had been displayed by the House panel. Dec. 18 meeting in the White spontaneous call to action, but stolen. House and had been pictured just rather was a deliberate strategy Among pro-Trump influencers days before being guarded by an decided upon in advance by the “And many headed towards the who enjoy broad online follow- Oath Keeper — as well as with president.” Capitol. As a result, people died. ings, the tweet was a siren. Alex longtime Trump friend Roger People were injured,” she said. Jones, the far-right host of In- Stone. Both men were pardoned When he executed that strat- “Many of his supporters’ lives will fowars, said, “President Trump, in the final weeks of the Trump egy — and ad-libbed remarks never be the same.” in the early morning hours today, instructing his supporters to has tweeted that he wants the One of those supporters, Ste- American people to march on phen Ayres, a cabinet maker from Washington.” Tim Pool, a promi- Ohio who pleaded guilty in June nent YouTuber, said of Jan. 6, to a misdemeanor charge of dis- “This could be Trump’s last orderly and disruptive conduct in stand.” And Matt Bracken, a a restricted building, testified right-wing commentator, became Tuesday. specific, envisioning “storming right into the Capitol.” He said he marched to the Capitol on the president’s in- Further afield, the tweet structions, recalling, “We basical- caused violent rhetoric to course ly just followed what he said.” through anonymous pro-Trump Ayres said he left the Capitol after sectors of the internet. “Trump Trump instructed the rioters to just told us all to come armed,” do so in a video message that also one message read. Another user called them “very special,” and said volunteers were needed “for would have gone home sooner the firing squad.” Jim Watkins, had the president asked. the owner of the online message board where the extremist Instead, Raskin said, Trump QAnon ideology took root, told “became the first president ever the House panel he was moved by to call for a crowd to descend on Trump’s tweet. “When the presi- the capital city to block the con- dent of the United States an- stitutional transfer of power.” nounced that he was going to have a rally, I bought a ticket and “The creation of the internet went.” and social media has given to- day’s tyrants tools of propaganda Some of the messages were and disinformation that yester- “openly homicidal,” Raskin said, day’s despots could only have and littered with racist and geno- dreamed of,” he said. cidal rallying cries. One asked, “Why don’t we just kill them. … Ayres, asked to reflect on les- every last democrat ….” Another sons from Jan. 6, said, “The big- said, “white revolution is the only gest thing for me is take the solution.” blinders off, make sure you step back and see what’s going on A post on a popular pro-Trump before it’s too late.” Josh Dawsey contributed to this report. After warning during previous hearing, Trump allegedly calls witness himself TRUMP FROM A1 Philbin; former media officials least one witness and a form of about ending each of the commit- was charged with urging radio public relations firm asking them Sarah Matthews or Judd Deere; corroboration such as a message tee’s seven hearings with a tanta- host Randy Credico not to cooper- to falsely testify about secret lob- said at the hearing. “We will take or former campaign manager sent in writing or a tape record- lizing revelation, and advisers say ate with congressional investiga- bying. The prosecutors’ case in- any effort to influence witness Brad Parscale. Matthews is ex- ing. Without a better indication she reviews the scripts carefully tors, including by threatening cluded texts and phone calls, as testimony very seriously.” pected to appear publicly at the of what Trump said, it could be and is trying to make people Credico’s dog. The indictment in- well as an affidavit from one of next and possibly final hearing, hard to make a legal case, experts understand the committee’s work cluded quoted emails and text the people Manafort called. The revelation was extraordi- people with knowledge of the said. and want to keep tuning in. Her messages. Stone was convicted of Trump pardoned Manafort, as nary because the call allegedly plans said. office usually declines to say more witness tampering, but Trump well. came from Trump himself, rather “There are a lot of open ques- than what she says publicly. She pardoned him in December 2020. than an intermediary, and fol- A Cheney spokesman declined tions here given that this doesn’t has also studied how impeach- In addition, Mueller’s report lowed a warning at the commit- to answer questions about wheth- appear to be a completed call,” ment trials and other investigato- The special counsel’s report on the Russia investigation found tee’s previous hearing on June 28 er Trump left a voice mail, the said Andrew Weissmann, a mem- ry hearings have failed in her quoted an email that Trump law- that Trump wanted then-White about messages to one of the identity of the witness or whether ber of the special counsel’s inves- estimation. yer Rudy Giuliani relayed to Mi- House Counsel Donald McGahn committee’s witnesses. A person the committee has evidence the tigation into Russian interfer- chael Cohen, Trump’s fixer who to write a memo denying that familiar with the committee’s call was definitely about the Jan. ence in the 2016 election. “The Trump and his allies have a was about to turn against his Trump wanted to fire Mueller, work said both messages that 6 committee. thing that’s surprising to me is the long history of pressuring wit- boss. “You are ‘loved,’ ” the email which would have contradicted a Cheney read out loud during that foolhardiness of making that call nesses to protect the boss from said. “Sleep well tonight … you deposition McGahn had already earlier hearing were directed to A spokesman for Trump de- yourself. It suggests potentially legal jeopardy, with varying de- have friends in high places.” given. Cassidy Hutchinson, a former clined to comment on who the that his circle of people willing to grees of subtlety. At the previous Trump White House aide who former president may have do his bidding may be narrow- hearing, Cheney quoted from the Similarly, a lawyer for Trump Close congressional ally Matt was that day’s star witness. called. “The media has become ing.” witness’s account of one of the sent a voice mail to an attorney Gaetz (R-Fla.) also faced an ethics pawns of the Unselect Commit- contacts: A person called, saying for Michael Flynn, the former inquiry for tweeting about Cohen The former president has tee,” the spokesman, Taylor Budo- Jason Miller, a longtime advis- someone “let me know you have national security adviser who was before his testimony to a House called witnesses throughout the wich, said, using a frequent er to Trump, criticized Cheney’s your deposition tomorrow. He considering cooperating with the committee in 2019. “Do your wife Jan. 6 investigation, according to Trump phrase for the House se- disclosure as a publicity stunt wants me to let you know he’s special counsel investigation, re- & father-in-law know about your people familiar with the matter, lect committee. “Liz Cheney con- rather than a serious legal con- thinking about you. He knows minding Flynn “what we’ve al- girlfriends? Maybe tonight would who spoke on the condition of tinues to traffic in innuendos and cern. you’re loyal and you’re going to do ways said about the president and be a good time for that chat. I anonymity to reveal confidential lies that go unchallenged, uncon- the right thing when you go in for his feelings toward Flynn and wonder if she’ll remain faithful conversations. The people famil- firmed, but repeated as fact be- “It’s a classic political misdirec- your deposition.” that still remains.” when you’re in prison. She’s about iar with the matter ruled out a cause the narrative is more im- tion play,” said Miller, who has to learn a lot.” Gaetz apologized number of former officials as the portant than the truth.” testified to the committee. During special counsel Robert Former Trump campaign man- and deleted the message. The recipient of the latest call high- “Cheney and the committee knew S. Mueller III’s investigation into ager Paul Manafort, who was also House Ethics Committee criti- lighted by Cheney, saying it was It is a crime to pressure some- they didn’t have anything refer- Russian interference in the 2016 charged in the Russia probe, was cized Gaetz but concluded he did not former White House counsel one to lie to government investi- able in regards to President election to help Trump, longtime ordered back to jail in 2018 after not violate laws against witness Pat Cipollone; his deputy, Patrick gators. But prosecutions for wit- Trump today.” Trump confidant Roger Stone prosecutors said he and an associ- tampering. ness tampering usually involve at ate contacted two members of a Cheney has been fastidious

WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 . THE WASHINGTON POST EZ SU A5 Jan. 6 committee hearings An astonishing fight in a White House known for chaos MEETING FROM A1 DEMETRIUS FREEMAN/THE WASHINGTON POST White House advisers tried to per- From left, Chairman Bennie G. Thompson (D-Miss.), Vice Chairwoman Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) and Rep. Jamie B. Raskin (D-Md.) at Tueday’s hearing of the House Jan. 6 suade him that those ideas were, committee. Raskin said that the night of Dec. 18, 2020, had provided President Donald Trump with a forum to watch as his advisers shot down false election theories. in the words of one lawyer who participated, “nuts.” escort them into one of the coun- the former chief executive of the they had brought a draft — that ing machines and Powell’s prom- Post.) There the fighting contin- try’s most secure facilities, where discount furniture outlet Over- would appoint Powell as special ise that if she could seize the ma- ued. There was shouting, insults and the group met for a time with, who was helping to counsel and instruct the Defense chines, she could prove her theo- profanity, former White House Trump alone before any White organize and fund Powell and Department to seize voting ma- ries. By the end, after midnight, lawyer Eric Herschmann testified House staffer even realized they Flynn’s efforts. Cipollone told the chines, testimony showed. Powell testified that she believed to the House committee investi- were in the building. committee he was chagrined. “I A third person told The Post that Trump had agreed to name gating the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on don’t think any of these people But, according to Cipollone, the that Cipollone had his jacket on to her special counsel and extend her the U.S. Capitol. Herschmann said Testifying to the committee via were providing the president with group was unable to answer one leave for dinner with his family top secret clearance. Cipollone de- he nearly came to blows with Mi- remote video, wearing oversized good advice. And so I didn’t un- key question from Trump’s White when he got the call about the clined to explain to the committee chael Flynn, a former national glasses and an animal print top, derstand how they had gotten in,” House advisers. meeting. “He thought he was go- what Trump said in the meeting security adviser who was part of and sipping periodically from a he testified. ing to be there for a few minutes, but insisted no paperwork was the Trump’s group of impromptu can of Diet Dr Pepper, Powell — “We were pushing back and and he was there for many hours,” ever filed to complete the appoint- visitors. who had filed several unsuccess- Cipollone was joined by other asking one simple question as a the person said. ment. Regardless, Lyons said ful lawsuits challenging the elec- White House aides including Her- general matter: Where is the evi- Trump came away convinced the “Flynn screamed at me that I tion — wryly explained that schmann and staff secretary Der- dence?” he recounted. It was Lyons’s last day as a outsiders were working to keep was a quitter and everything. … At Trump’s aides came running when ek Lyons, and the group listened White House official, and he him in office, as he desired. The a certain point I had it with him,” they realized what was happen- as Flynn, Powell, Byrne and an- According to Cipollone, Powell planned to go to dinner with meeting ended as it had started, Herschmann recalled in taped tes- ing. other lawyer working with Powell and the others reacted with anger, friends but was unexpectedly de- Lyons testified: “Sidney Powell timony that played at a Tuesday named Emily Newman assured suggesting that even asking the layed in the Oval Office. Shouting was fighting, Mike Flynn was hearing. “So, I yelled back: Either “I bet Pat Cipollone set a new Trump the election had been sto- question was a sign that Trump’s could be heard from down the fighting. They were looking for come over, or sit your effing ass land-speed record,” she said, refer- len. Meadows arrived eventually. White House team was insuffi- hall, the person said. avenues that would enable — it back down.” ring to the White House counsel. Trump at times called other cam- ciently loyal to him. The commit- would result in President Trump paign aides and placed them on tee emphasized the point by then Herschmann testified that the remaining President Trump for a Even for a White House known For his part, Cipollone testified speaker phone. showing a clip of Powell. screaming got “completely, com- second term.” for its unconventional chaos, the that he got a call that he needed to pletely out there.” Dec. 18, 2020, meeting was an be in the Oval Office and rushed “At one point, General Flynn “If it had been me sitting in his At 12:11 a.m., with apparent re- extraordinary moment, demon- into the room. There, he spotted took out a diagram that supposed- chair, I would have fired all of “It’d been a long day. And what lief, Hutchinson texted Anthony strating how Trump invited fringe Flynn and Powell and another ly showed IP addresses all over the them that night and had them they were proposing, I thought Ornato, then deputy chief of staff, players advocating radical action man he did not recognize world, and who was communicat- escorted out of the building,” she was nuts,” he testified. that Powell, Flynn and Giuliani into his inner sanctum, as he ing with whom via the machines testified. had left the building. She ex- searched for a way to remain in “I walked in, I looked at him and some comment about, like, The committee then immedi- pressed amazement that Byrne — office despite losing an election. and I said, ‘Who are you?’” said Nest thermostats being hooked up All parties agreed the meeting ately played a video of Trump at- the former Overstock CEO — had Cipollone, in one of a number of to the internet,” Herschmann re- was heated. torney Rudy Giuliani, who had been with the group. “Dream “The west wing is UNHINGED,” clips played by the committee of called. made his way to the White House team!!!!” she wrote. declared Cassidy Hutchinson, a testimony given by Cipollone last Three people familiar with the that night and joined the meeting top aide to Trump’s chief of staff, week, after months of negotia- The group recommended that hours-long session told The Wash- already in progress. Seated jacket- She then sent someone a photo- Mark Meadows, in a text message tions. Trump sign an executive order — ington Post that the committee’s less in a leather armchair and graph she had just taken of her sent as the meeting unfolded. presentation captured the broad speaking in gravelly tones, Giu- boss, Trump’s chief of staff, escort- The man was Patrick M. Byrne, outlines of the meeting. They each liani explained to the committee ing Giuliani from the building “to The rolling, hours-long shout- spoke on the condition of ano- what he told Trump’s closest ad- make sure he didn’t wander back ing match was absurd, said Rep. “Flynn screamed at me that I was a quitter and nymity to candidly describe the visers that day: “I’m going to cat- to the Mansion.” Jamie B. Raskin (D-Md.), a com- everything. . . . At a certain point I had it with him. private meeting. egorically describe it as, ‘You guys mittee member. But nevertheless, are not tough enough.’ Or maybe I The White House aides might the night was “critical,” he argued, So, I yelled back: Either come over, or sit your “The only thing that they didn’t put it another way, ‘You’re a bunch have been relieved to bring the since it provided a forum for effing ass back down.” quite capture was how loud and of pussies.’” meeting to a close. But at 1:42 a.m., Trump to watch as his own advis- how profane it was. It was literally Trump made clear which side in ers shot down, one by one, the Eric Herschmann, former White House lawyer, describing in testimony a people just screaming and swear- At some point, the meeting mi- the debate had won his heart. false theories to which he had contentious Oval Office debate in December 2020 over stolen-election claims ing and yelling at each other for grated to the Yellow Oval Room in been clinging in hopes of staying hours,” one person said. the White House residence, where “Statistically impossible to in office. Trump served the group Swedish have lost the 2020 Election,” he “Sidney Powell was screaming meatballs. (Byrne was “nonstop tweeted. “Big protest in D.C. on “President Trump got to watch at the president that we were try- housing meatballs — he ate so January 6th. Be there, will be up close for several hours as his ing to undermine him the whole many meatballs,” one person fa- wild.” White House counsel and other time,” said another person, who miliar with the gathering told The White House lawyers destroyed added that much of the meeting the baseless factual claims and revolved around discussion of vot- ridiculous legal arguments being offered by … Mike Flynn and oth- ers,” Raskin said. Still, Trump was not dissuaded. The wild session — during which Trump weighed seizing vot- ing machines from key counties, deploying the National Guard to potentially rerun the election or appointing lawyer Sidney Powell as a special counsel to investigate the election — had been widely reported in past accounts of Trump’s final weeks in office. But the committee, at its sev- enth public hearing on Tuesday, brought forward powerful and vivid personal testimony from six different participants — both those who wanted the president to act and those begging him not to do so — weaving them together in a video montage that intercut voices from both sides. It took place four days after the electoral college met and, con- firming the popular vote in key states, formally elected Joe Biden the next president. The committee showed clips of testimony demon- strating that Trump was told by everyone from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to Attorney General William P. Barr to Secretary of Labor Eugene Scalia — a lawyer and son of a deceased conservative Supreme Court justice — that there was no longer a legal path for him to remain in office, and it was time to concede. Yet somehow, the delegation that included Flynn and Powell prevailed on a junior staffer to Former Oath Keepers spokesman details ominous worldview behind riot BY HANNAH ALLAM TOM BRENNER FOR THE WASHINGTON POST dent’s tweets. Members of the bullet that fixes the problem of Oath Keepers denying the Holo- With his face tattoos and committee described Trump’s domestic extremism.” While some caust. rocker-style denim jacket, Jason Jason Van Tatenhove, a former Oath Keepers insider, testified that posts as a call to action for his violent actors might be spooked by Van Tatenhove stood out among the country was “lucky” Jan. 6 didn’t involve more bloodshed. millions of followers, even “a call the federal government’s prosecu- The vilification of “the other the buttoned-up Capitol Hill to arms.” tion of those who participated in side” that’s now common in this crowd at Tuesday’s select commit- ist agenda to weaken public trust extremist movements involved in the Capitol siege, the risk for more polarized political environment tee hearing examining the Jan. 6 in democratic institutions and the Capitol attack, but it did un- Rep. Jamie B. Raskin’s opening unrest remains high because state was ingrained in the Oath Keepers attack on the U.S. Capitol. make political violence more pal- derscore how Trump’s rhetoric statement portrayed extremist or- and local politicians are openly long ago, Van Tatenhove said. He Van Tatenhove spent years as the atable. about “fighting” political oppo- ganizing as one of three rings of parroting far-right talking points testified that he once refused a senior spokesman and a close aide nents on a “wild” day instantly was attack that day, along with politi- and demonizing democratic insti- request by Rhodes to create a deck to Oath Keepers founder Stewart “I think we’ve gotten exceeding- received as an order to mobilize. cal maneuvering inside the White tutions and political opponents, of playing cards of Democratic Rhodes, who faces seditious con- ly lucky that more bloodshed did Van Tatenhove spoke alongside House and the “large and angry” he said. enemies like the ones the Penta- spiracy charges in connection with not happen because the potential another witness, Jan. 6 rioter Ste- crowd assembled outside. The gon issued showing high-value the violence. The ex-insider was has been there from the start,” Van phen Ayres, who testified that he middle ring, Raskin (D-Md.) said, “We shouldn’t fixate on Oath targets in the U.S.-led invasion of perhaps a risky witness choice, Tatenhove told lawmakers. and other Trump supporters acted was where “members of domestic Keepers as an organization,” Jack- Iraq. Rhodes wanted Hillary Clin- having left the group around 2018 directly in response to the presi- violent extremist groups created son said. “We should recognize ton to be the queen of hearts, Van and apparently possessing no Tuesday’s hearing revealed lit- an alliance both online and in them as a concrete example of a Tatenhove said. unique insights into its actions in tle new intelligence about the key person to coordinate a massive broader phenomenon. So even if the run-up to the assault. effort to storm, invade and occupy Oath Keepers is Stewart Rhodes, Van Tatenhove summed up the Instead, Van Tatenhove’s role the Capitol.” and even if Stewart Rhodes is con- group as a vanity project for was to lay out the apocalyptic victed of seditious conspiracy and Rhodes, whom he said envisions worldview that underpins Sam Jackson, an assistant pro- spends 20 years in jail, there are himself as a powerful paramilitary far-right movements such as the fessor at the University of Albany other actors out there who aren’t leader, a description that jibes Oath Keepers, which he said who wrote a 2020 book about the going to be deterred by that.” with other former members who dreamed of and trained for the Oath Keepers, called the commit- say that, for all his bravado, kind of high-profile uprising that tee’s presentation “compelling” Van Tatenhove told the commit- Rhodes commanded few actual unfolded in the waning days of but said he’s eager to hear more tee he first connected with the forces. Donald Trump’s presidency. His details about the planning ex- Oath Keepers during high-profile grim warnings about the potential tremist groups engaged in before- standoffs with the federal govern- Still, Van Tatenhove stressed, for future violence also under- hand, particularly about coordi- ment. He spent around three years the group should be considered lined the House committee’s cen- nation among rival extremist promoting the group before grow- dangerous because of its ability to tral theme that Jan. 6 was not a groups and any potential links to ing concerned as he witnessed an widely disseminate violent mes- single event but part of an extrem- members of the Trump adminis- embrace of white nationalists and saging and radicalize followers. tration. other “straight-up racists.” Van And he said that thinly veiled Tatenhove said he finally broke tweets like Trump’s essentially Bringing down the Oath Keep- with Rhodes after hearing senior “gave the nod” to Rhodes and his ers, Jackson said, is “not a silver ilk that it was time for action.

A6 EZ RE THE WASHINGTON POST . WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 Pandemic fueled surge in superbug infections, CDC says who died of superbug infections care units. In 2020, hospital Covid care may have also had covid-19. infections for carbapenem- stoked a deadly rise in The CDC estimates more than resistant acinetobacter jumped antimicrobial resistance 2.8 million antimicrobial- 78 percent, with 7,500 cases and resistant infections in the United 700 deaths, the report found. BY LENA H. SUN States each year, with more than The coronavirus pandemic 35,000 people dying as a result. There was also a 60 percent caused a surge in superbug infec- The total number of deaths in increase in hospital infections of tions and deaths in U.S. hospi- 2020 from these resistant infec- a deadly superbug yeast called tals, reversing years of progress tions may be much higher; sur- Candida auris, and a 35 percent fighting one of the gravest public veillance and data reporting increase in hospital infections of health challenges in modern were curtailed because of the carbapenem-resistant enter- medicine, according to a new pandemic. obacteriaceae (CRE), also known analysis released Tuesday by the Antimicrobial resistance as “nightmare bacteria.” CRE are Centers for Disease Control and occurs because bacteria are con- a large group of bacteria of major Prevention. stantly evolving to fend off the concern for patients who require In 2020, the first year of the drugs used to kill them. As they catheters and other devices, long pandemic, infections and deaths mutate, some bacteria develop courses of some antibiotics or among several serious pathogens the ability to fight off different long hospital stays. The super- increased about 15 percent over- antibiotics, multiplying and bugs are resistant to all or nearly all from 2019, the report said. spreading resistance along the all antibiotics, kill up to half of Infections of one especially dan- way. The more antibiotics are patients who contract blood- gerous drug-resistant bacteria used in health care and agricul- stream infections, and can trans- that causes bloodstream and uri- ture, the less effective they be- fer their antibiotic resistance to nary tract infections skyrocketed come. other related bacteria, potential- 78 percent in one year. Antibiotic resistance is partic- ly making the other bacteria The report analyzed anti- ularly deadly for patients in untreatable. microbial resistance in the Unit- hospitals and nursing homes, ed States, focusing specifically and those with weak immune The CDC had previously cate- on superbug infections that systems. But these hard-to-treat gorized the toll that 18 pathogens started in hospitals. DAVID GOLDMAN/ASSOCIATED PRESS infections now threaten people are taking on humans, ranking Public health efforts had driv- undergoing common modern the threat of each as “urgent,” en down these resistant infec- Nurse Patricia Carrete walks down the halls of a field hospital set up to handle a surge of covid-19 surgeries and therapies, such as “serious” or “concerning.” But tions in hospitals by nearly patients in Cranston, R.I., in 2021. knee replacements, organ trans- the agency is missing data for 30 percent between 2012 and nine of those germs, including 2017. But in 2020, the pandemic fever and shortness of breath — whelmed staff had difficulty fol- covid . . . is with these antibiotic- plants and cancer treatments. many that are spread outside pushed hospitals, health depart- symptoms of the viral illness. lowing infection prevention and resistant infections, infections Young and otherwise healthy hospital settings. They include ments and communities “near From March 2020 to October control protocols, the report that are very difficult to treat, in people can get a methicillin- sexually transmitted drug- their breaking points,” CDC 2020, almost 80 percent of said. Many personnel were some cases untreatable, with resistant Staphylococcus aureus, resistant gonorrhea and drug- Director Rochelle Walensky patients hospitalized with covid- pulled away from infection con- very high rates of mortality.” or MRSA, infection on their skin. resistant Streptococcus pneumo- wrote in the report. 19 received an antibiotic, the trol to help take care of patients Women can get a urinary tract niae, a leading cause of bacterial Sicker patients overwhelmed report said. Those lifesaving with covid-19. That created a Some patients recovered from infection from another bad bug, pneumonia and meningitis. hospitals. They needed more fre- drugs work against bacteria, not kind of double whammy: fewer their covid-19 illness, he said, ESBL-producing enterobacteri- quent and longer use of medical against viruses. High levels of staff members to prevent infec- only to face “a horrible out- aceae, that can no longer be Of the roughly 6,000 U.S. hos- devices, such as catheters and antibiotic prescribing can put tions treating more patients at come”: dying from a drug- treated with first-line oral medi- pitals, about 2,400 voluntarily ventilators. Devices that break patients at risk for side effects risk for them. resistant infection. cations and require intravenous submit monthly data on antibi- the body’s natural protective bar- and allow drug-resistance to de- antibiotics. otic use to the CDC, Srinivasan rier — the skin — increase infec- velop and spread. “In addition to having devas- In 2020, more than 29,400 Hospital infections rose in the said; of those, about 1,100 are tion risk. tating impacts for the millions of people died of antimicrobial- first year of the pandemic for also providing data about resis- Clinicians unfamiliar with the In addition, hospitals faced people who got covid and the resistant infections commonly three of the five resistant bacte- tant bugs. new covid-19 disease relied heav- severe shortages of staff and millions of people who died of associated with health care, the ria and fungi that pose the ily on antibiotics as the first personal protective equipment, covid, the covid pandemic had a report found. Of these, nearly greatest threats to human “We don’t have the data be- option to treat patients with especially the higher-quality N95 profound and far-reaching im- 40 percent acquired the infec- health. The biggest jump was in cause our surveillance systems masks that offer the best protec- pact on the safety of patients in tion while hospitalized. The re- carbapenem-resistant acineto- weren’t able to even function to tion. In some places, hospital the United States,” said Arjun maining infections occurred out- bacter, bacteria that cause pneu- provide us that information dur- personnel used parts purchased Srinivasan, the top CDC official side the hospital, including in monia and wound, bloodstream, ing the pandemic,” Srinivasan from Home Depot and craft leading the agency’s prevention nursing homes and other com- and urinary tract infections, of- said. “That should be every bit stores to create protective face efforts to control superbugs. munity health-care facilities. ten among patients in intensive as alarming to people as the shields for workers. Over- “One of the knock-on effects of Because of limited data, the CDC pathogens that went up. It’s just does not know how many people as alarming when you don’t know.” O∞cials urge use of booster shots, antivirals against BA.4, BA.5 variants BY LENA H. SUN White House coronavirus co- DEMETRIUS FREEMAN/THE WASHINGTON POST received their second booster variants when those become Biden administration officials ordinator Ashish Jha said the dose, said Centers for Disease available later this year. In addi- warned Tuesday that the latest administration’s strategy to man- White House coronavirus coordinator Ashish Jha, seen in April, Control and Prevention Director tion, officials want to use vaccine coronavirus variants are driving age BA.5 relies on vaccination, said vaccines, boosters and antiviral treatments remain effective. Rochelle Walensky. The risk of doses that are reaching their a new wave of cases across the antiviral treatments, testing, dying from covid-19 for people 50 expiration dates and would oth- country and urged Americans to masking and improved indoor preclude people from getting a you have not gotten a vaccine and older who have received one erwise be discarded. take precautions to protect them- ventilation, measures that have very specific vaccine later in the shot in the year 2022, if you have booster dose is four times the risk selves against infection, reinfec- worked to keep people out of the fall or winter, when vaccines tar- not gotten one this year, please go for those who have had two or “I know that the FDA is consid- tion and serious illness. hospital and from dying. geting omicron are expected to be get another vaccine shot.” more booster shots, she said. ering this and looking at it,” Jha The BA.4 and BA.5 variants available, he said. said. “And I know CDC scientists now make up 80 percent of circu- “If we do the things that we Many Americans are under- In addition, one-third of Amer- are thinking about this and look- lating virus in the United States, know, that we have learned over For those 50 and older, “my vaccinated, with only 28 percent icans live in communities where ing at the data as well.” according to federal data, and the last two years, we can get message is simple,” he said. “If of those 50 and older having the CDC recommends people their greater transmissibility and through whatever Mother Nature mask indoors to protect against Fauci said the latest variants immune-evading ability have throws at us in the next four, six, infection, Walensky said. have a greater ability to evade raised alarms as cases and hospi- eight weeks ahead,” Jha said. virus-fighting antibodies in- talizations have increased. “And also whatever Mother Na- The Washington Post reported duced by vaccination and infec- Hospital admissions for covid- ture throws at us this fall and Monday that administration offi- tion. But there’s no evidence that 19, while far lower than they were winter.” cials are weighing a plan to allow vaccine effectiveness against se- in January, are at about 5,100 per all adults to receive a second vere disease is substantially re- day, a doubling since early May, “Even in the face of BA.5, the booster shot to provide greater duced, he said. according to federal health data. tools we have continue to work,” protection against the latest Many people who were infected he added. surge — a move requiring sign-off Fauci also stressed the impor- with omicron earlier in the pan- from the Food and Drug Admin- tance of keeping virus levels low. demic “really don’t have a lot of In particular, officials urged istration as well as the CDC. Preventing the virus from repli- good protection against BA.4 or eligible Americans, especially Officials are concerned about cating and spreading gives it BA.5,” said Anthony S. Fauci, the those 50 and older, to get a waning immunity within several fewer chances to mutate. president’s chief medical adviser booster. months of the first booster shot. for the coronavirus response. Swiftly expanding access to “If the virus circulates globally Those 5 and older should get booster shots also would enable and in this country, we should their first booster five months people to receive reformulated not let it disrupt our lives,” he after their initial vaccinations. shots that target newer virus said. “But we cannot deny that it “Do it now,” Jha said. Getting a is a reality that we need to deal booster shot this summer will not with.” As gun violence rises, Senate confirms Dettelbach to lead ATF Biden’s previous nominee, Da- vid Chipman, spent decades with BY MARK BERMAN familiar with such mass carnage. School massacre in Newtown, stetler, the law firm where he had and federal law enforcement offi- ATF before going to the Giffords The Senate on Tuesday con- Deadly gun violence has also Conn. After getting confirmed, been a partner before serving as cials. advocacy group. firmed Steve Dettelbach, a former Jones continued in the position U.S. attorney. Before his first stint top federal prosecutor, to lead the surged across the country. A spike until 2015. with the firm, Dettelbach worked The National Rifle Association, The White House pulled his Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Fire- in fatal shootings nationwide as a federal prosecutor in Mary- in contrast, called Dettelbach nomination last fall during oppo- arms and Explosives, boosting the pushed the rate of gun deaths in The bureau’s challenges do not land and Ohio. In 2018, Dettel- “anti-gun,” while the National sition from Republicans and agency as the country struggles 2020 and 2021 to the highest come from the title of the person bach ran for Ohio attorney gener- Sports Shooting Foundation, the some Democrats in the Senate — with rising gun violence. levels in a quarter-century. At the leading it, Jones said, but from its al, losing to Republican Dave firearms industry’s trade group, and from the NRA, which said it Dettelbach was confirmed by a same time, gun purchases have limited resources and intense op- Yost. said after he was nominated that spent millions to oppose Chip- 48-to-46 vote that split mostly soared, with a Washington Post position from supporters of gun it had “significant concerns” man and called him “a grave along party lines; Sens. Susan analysis estimating that more rights. The NRA once published a Dettelbach is “very much a con- about some of his previous state- threat to the Second Amend- Collins (R-Maine) and Rob Port- than 43 million guns were bought full-page newspaper ad pillorying sensus-driven leader,” said Carole ments, including those support- ment,” saying he spent a decade man (R-Ohio) voted with Demo- during those two years. ATF as “a rogue agency,” and there S. Rendon, a longtime friend, who ing universal background checks. “working for gun control groups crats. The vote marks the first have been calls over the years to is also a partner at BakerHo- A group of more than a dozen and lobbying on Capitol Hill to time the Senate has confirmed an B. Todd Jones, the last ATF abolish the bureau outright or stetler, worked as Dettelbach’s top Republican state attorneys gener- restrict Americans’ rights.” ATF leader since 2013. director to win Senate approval merge its work with another deputy at the U.S. attorney’s office al wrote to senators urging them ATF, which is tasked with regu- since that became a requirement agency. and, when he stepped down, suc- to reject his nomination, saying The recent spate of high-profile lating the firearms industry, has for the job in 2006, said Dettel- ceeded him in leading it. that “it appears he would likely mass shootings sparked momen- long lacked resources and steady bach’s “challenge will be to focus Dettelbach issued a staunch continue or even accelerate ATF’s tum on Capitol Hill to pass mod- leadership, operating under a the limited resources” of the bu- defense of the bureau and its “He wanted to hear every- attempts to restrict Americans’ est gun-control legislation de- string of acting directors while reau on significant issues, such as workforce when he was nominat- body’s opinion and truly valued rights and erode constitutional spite NRA opposition. multiple nominees failed to win firearms used in crimes and ghost ed, saying that “the men and people’s input, whether they restraints on federal power.” confirmation. The bureau, which guns. women of the ATF and the public agreed or disagreed with him,” The tragedies also appear to be has more than 5,000 employees, that they protect deserve better she said. One key challenge for any new spawning a new wave of grief- has also been a punching bag for Having a confirmed director in support from us.” ATF leader is getting up to speed driven advocacy, echoing efforts the firearms lobby and other op- place can matter for how others After Dettelbach was con- on all of the regulatory processes that followed earlier shootings in ponents, stumbling into self-in- perceive the bureau, Jones said, For Dettelbach, the ATF job is a firmed, Biden issued a statement the agency has to oversee, said Newtown and Parkland, Fla. flicted wounds including the because people inherently give homecoming of sorts. He previ- praising his “distinguished prose- Michael Bouchard, a former assis- botched Obama administration “some level of cachet” to an offi- ously worked as a federal pros- cutorial experience” and said “to- tant director of the bureau. On Tuesday, survivors of the gun operation known as “Fast and cial who is presidentially named ecutor in the Justice Department, day’s vote is another important recent rampages in Highland Furious.” and Senate-approved. The “act- which is ATF’s parent agency. sign that both parties can come ATF plays a pivotal role in help- Park and Uvalde were scheduled When he was nominated by ing” label, he said, might imply to During most of the Obama ad- together to support law enforce- ing local and state law enforce- to visit Capitol Hill to push for President Biden this year, Dettel- others that “you’re a placeholder, ministration, he served as the U.S. ment and stand up against the ment officials, Bouchard said, more gun-safety measures. bach, 56, pledged to tackle “an that you’ve really just sort of attorney in the Northern District horrific scourge of gun violence.” bringing “specific types of exper- Among them was Emily Lieber- epidemic of firearms violence” in maintained steady state opera- of Ohio. tise that aren’t matched by any man, a pediatrician who survived America. He will take command tions.” A confirmed director, he Dettelbach’s nomination re- other federal agency.” A con- the Fourth of July parade attack, of the bureau, whose budget ex- said, can be “meaningful within During that time, the office ceived support from a range of firmed director chosen by the fleeing to safety inside a winery ceeds $1 billion, at a fraught mo- the bureau” for morale. worked on a reform agreement groups including Giffords, the president, Bouchard noted, will bathroom with her 5-year-old ment, with recent shooting ram- with the Cleveland police and gun-control group led by former automatically have a prominent daughter and more than a dozen pages in Buffalo, Uvalde, Tex. and Jones, now the NFL’s special prosecuted cases against an Indi- congresswoman Gabrielle Gif- seat at the table. other people. Highland Park, Ill., horrifying a counsel for conduct, worked in ana man who tried to burn down a fords; the U.S. Conference of May- nation that has become painfully both capacities, serving as the Toledo-area mosque and another ors, which said he “understands “The ATF will get more re- “There is no way to settle this acting ATF director from 2011 man who threw explosives at a the importance of federal and sources if they have somebody issue until assault rifles are until 2013, when President Ba- city hall and courthouse, a case state law enforcement’s collabor- who can talk to the White House,” banned from civilians,” Lieber- rack Obama nominated him for Dettelbach tried himself. ative efforts to combat and pre- Bouchard said. “It’s their person. man said in an interview. “Gun the permanent job in the wake of vent violent crimes”; and organi- They’re going to trust what this control does not have to be a the Sandy Hook Elementary After stepping down in 2016, zations representing police chiefs person is saying.” Republican or a Democratic or Dettelbach returned to BakerHo- even a bipartisan issue. This is not political. This is the safety of our country.”

WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 . THE WASHINGTON POST EZ RE A7 Announcing The National Desert Storm and Desert Shield Memorial Washington, D.C.’s Newest Landmark Scheduled for Completion in 2024 Public Groundbreaking Ceremony set for 10 a.m. on July 14 at Constitution Avenue and 23rd Street NW Thank you to all who bravely served and to our many donors. A special thank you to lead donor, the State of Kuwait and His Highness the Emir Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, His Highness Crown Prince Sheikh Meshal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and Ambassador Sheikh Salem Abdullah Al-Jaber Al- Sabah. We will permanently commemorate a remarkable period in world history due to their kind and generous support. Visit to learn more

A8 EZ RE THE WASHINGTON POST . WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 NASA unveils first images of cosmos from Webb telescope TELESCOPE FROM A1 Carina Nebula spectacular images that the space agen- NASA, ESA, CSA AND STSCI/ERO PRODUCTION TEAM/REUTERS cy and its international partners are eager to share with the world. The dramatic image echoes the famous Pillars of Creation seen by the Hubble and has been given a similarly flamboyant name: the Cosmic Cliffs. The vast nebula brings to mind a rugged landscape on Earth. It is a star-forming region with a cliff-like structure caused by the intense ultraviolet radiation emitting from hot young stars outside Hundreds of people — scientists, the frame of the image. It is roughly 7,500 light-years from Earth, within our own Milky Way galaxy. engineers, members of Congress — gathered in an auditorium at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Green- belt for the big reveal. Goddard interns waved pompoms and cheered as VIPs entered the room. NASA put on a live-streamed show, largely beamed out of a studio nearby, but with an interna- tional flavor, featuring scientists in Canada and Europe and cutting briefly to watch parties held by space buffs across the planet. Project manager Bill Ochs expressed relief, saying before the start of the ceremony: “I always expected to have a few little gotchas — things that come and along and bite you.” But nothing bit. All the things that can go wrong with a complex mission like this are just old news at this point, mission systems engineer Mike Menzel said. “The new news is that the telescope right now is performing twice as good as we expect- ed,” he said. The Webb’s five initial “targets” are: Wasp-96 b This is a giant, hot, steamy planet, maybe half the mass of Jupiter, that circles a star 1,150 light-years from Earth. It is so close to the star that it makes a full orbit in 31/2 days. That is far too close to be resolved as an individual object, but an instrument on the tele- scope has obtained the spectra of the planet, showing the presence of water vapor and signs that the planet is enveloped in clouds and haze. The same technique can be used to study atmo- spheres on smaller, rockier planets that orbit their parent star in the “habitable zone” where water could be liquid on the surface — as it is on Earth. Southern Ring Nebula SMACS 0723 NASA, ESA, CSA AND STSCI/ERO PRODUCTION TEAM Located about 2,000 light-years away, the nebula is formed by a star The Webb’s deepest look into space and back in time. The cluster of NASA/GETTY IMAGES in its death throes. The image is paradoxically a beauty, a blue galaxies functions as a massive gravitational lens and magnifies swimming hole in space. The foamy outer fringes come from waves of distant objects behind it — including thousands of other galaxies. ground, literally. matter violently expelled by the star in its old age as it pulses and Scientists said one of them, a little red dot, is a galaxy that emitted its The ambitious scientific goals set out by NASA and its partners sheds itself into interstellar space. The image includes an ambiguous light 13.1 billion years ago. streak on the left side that astronomers came to realize is a distant required a revolutionary design. The scientists who in the 1980s galaxy. The image of SMACS 0723 was revealed Monday in a White House began advocating what was originally called the Next Generation Stephan’s Quintet ceremony by President Biden and top NASA officials, and it was a Space Telescope argued that an infrared space observatory would be doozy, capturing the faint light of galaxies forming in the infancy of able to peer deeper into the universe — and further back in time to an NASA, ESA, CSA AND STSCI/ASSOCIATED PRESS the cosmos. era roughly a few hundred million years after the big bang. That’s when the first stars ignited and starlight flooded the young universe. Five galaxies, four of them in a gravitationally bound cluster about That first image demonstrated Webb’s superiority as a space 290 million light-years away in the constellation Pegasus. Two of the telescope. The image is what is known as a “deep field” observation, The telescope — or the “observatory,” as scientists often call it — galaxies are in the process of colliding. A third has a supermassive with the telescope staring at what NASA called a “patch of sky features 18 gold-plated, hexagonal, individually maneuverable mir- black hole at the center, similar to but several times the size of the one approximately the size of a grain of sand held at arm’s length by rors that function like a single mirror about 21 feet across. This giant at the center of our Milky Way galaxy. The image also shows numerous someone on the ground.” It looks remarkably like a famous deep field light bucket is not inside a protective tube but rather is open to the extremely distant galaxies behind the quintet. image that Hubble obtained more than two decades ago by staring at universe like a flower. the same dark patch of space for 10 days. The mirrors, cameras and other instruments that need to be kept “With Webb, we took that image before breakfast,” operations ultracold for infrared astronomy are protected from the sun’s project scientist Jane Rigby boasted Tuesday when NASA showed it to radiation by a five-layer, tennis-court-size sun shield. The sun shield the world again. and many other components, including the mirrors, were folded up at launch and had to be deployed during the telescope’s nearly “The universe, it’s been out there. We just had to build a telescope to month-long journey to its orbital post. go see what was there,” she added later at a news briefing. One report found 344 separate things that could go wrong — NASA and its partners, the European Space Agency and the “single-point failures” — and potentially derail the entire project. The Canadian Space Agency, had been keeping a close hold on the first telescope is not designed to be fixed if something goes seriously awry. Webb images during the initial sequence of observations as the The instruments are not modular and cannot be swapped out if they telescope, launched last Christmas, orbits the sun roughly a million break. Unlike the Hubble, the Webb is too far away to be visited by miles from Earth. NASA had previously released a few testing-phase astronauts. images of the telescope — thrilling astronomers with their clarity — but has described the images released Monday and Tuesday as the But none of those single-point failures happened. The Webb has first full-color images. surpassed astronomer’s scientific expectations, despite getting dinged recently by a micrometeoroid that put one of the mirror segments The initial deep look into the universe by the Webb is just a taste of slightly out of whack. what is to come, said planetary astronomer Heidi Hammel, who is among the scientists scheduled to use the Webb in coming months. The Webb will study the formation of the earliest galaxies and the Hammel described the initial deep look unveiled Monday as “proof of evolution of the universe as it has expanded. It will look at objects that concept . . . whetting our appetite for the record-breaking results we are in our own solar system, including small, icy worlds beyond the now know will come from this exceptional facility.” orbit of Neptune. Regardless of whatever wow factor is generated by the new images, NASA will soon put a massive archive of Webb data on a database the significant fact is that the Webb works. This was never a open to researchers across the world, and scientists in a news slam-dunk mission. The telescope was repeatedly delayed, and its conference Tuesday said they expect thousands of people to rummage price tag soared. At one point, Congress nearly killed the project. For through the observations to produce new scientific papers. many years, it was unclear whether the Webb would get off the The clear message is that the Webb, which is designed to operate for at least 10 years but has enough fuel to last longer, could produce new science at a rapid pace for a long time. Seeing the universe through James Webb Space Telescope a broader spectrum Spitzer Space Telescope (retired) Peering into space with just our eyes Hubble Space Telescope shows us the optical portion of the electromagnetic spectrum – a fraction ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM of the energy in the universe, often obscured by interstellar dust and Gamma X-ray Ultraviolet Optical spectrum Infrared Microwave Radio gases. The James Webb telescope’s ability to see far into the infrared WILLIAM NEFF/THE WASHINGTON POST spectrum will afford scientists a clearer view into the deep cosmos than has been possible before. Sources: NASA; European Space Agency; Space Telescope Science Institute

WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 . THE WASHINGTON POST EZ RE A9 The World PHOTOS BY SERHIY MORGUNOV FOR THE WASHINGTON POST Volodymyr Onishchuk at the edge of a crater made by a Russian missile in his field of rapeseed in the Mykolaiv region. Farmers are encountering low prices for crops and high costs for moving it by other routes. BY ISABELLE KHURSHUDYAN Blockade puts Ukraine’s grain Mykolaiv region, he walked AND SERHIY MORGUNOV in storage and its farmers in a fix through grain fields in brown slippers and pointed to a large bashtanka, ukraine — The With Russian warships lingering in the Black Sea, some growers may decide not to plant again crater where a missile had landed in March. This town of Bashtanka morning Russian tanks and means farmers are losing money, Danube River, where it flows European Union and Ukraine use when Ukraine was still part of the was the site of a fierce fight troops stormed across Ukraine’s they said. down to Romania’s Black Sea different sizes of track, so the Soviet Union. between Russian and Ukrainian borders, Volodymyr Onishchuk’s ports of Sulina and Constanta. grain must be transferred from forces before the Russians re- grain got stuck. He had delivered Many farmers are declining to But the Romanians are struggling one car to another at the border — “They want to introduce the treated in mid-March. Farming about $100,000 worth to a stor- export the current harvest at all — to handle the volume of grain another time-consuming and ex- whole world to this,” Kubrakov on Onishchuk’s plots had to be age site at Ukraine’s Black Sea unless a diplomatic solution is Ukraine needs to export, which pensive task. said of the Russians. “They want stopped until a de-miner could port in Mykolaiv on Feb. 23, but reached to unblock the Black Sea creates costly waits, officials said. the international community to check the full territory — more by Feb. 24 — when the ship with ports. Some said they’ll store Ukraine will have plenty of take off some of the sanctions and than 5,000 acres. his harvest was to set sail — their grain in silos for now. But More problematic is that West- grain for its own consumption, then the grain can get out. So Russian troops were on the with no money coming in, they ern countries helping Ukraine to but Infrastructure Minister Olek- they’re holding people all over the He has since invested in a large ground and warships lingered might not be able to harvest this move grain will soon have their sandr Kubrakov said Russia is world hostage basically. This is metal safe to store important menacingly off the Ukrainian fall — threatening to dramatically hands full with their own har- trying to create another Holodo- terrorism.” documents, such as his land lease coast. slash the output of one of the vests. Some grain has been loaded mor, on a global scale — a refer- agreement, in case there is more world’s largest grain producers onto train cars going west, but the ence to the famine of the 1930s, “Even after all of our efforts, we shelling. On that day, Onishchuk wasn’t for years to come. understand that we can only ex- overly concerned that he hadn’t Onishchuk with grain he didn’t ship. “If we don’t sell this grain port about 20 percent of what we Onishchuk typically sells 5,000 been paid yet. Fending off Russia “We feed the world, but we also now ... tomorrow we simply won’t be able to plant,” he said. need to,” Kubrakov added. tons of grain a year, a relatively was foremost on his mind. But have to feed ourselves,” said Olek- modest yield. Unlike some of then one week passed — and then sandr Chumak, a farmer in the Ukrainian Agriculture Minis- Ukraine’s biggest producers, he a month and then four months — southern region of Odessa. ter Mykola Solskyi said he expects doesn’t own a large steel cylindri- with Ukraine’s main ports still Ukraine to have about 60 million cal grain bin, which can store dry blockaded by Russia’s fleet. Not Chumak and Onishchuk said tons of grain to export this year, grains for years. The cool brick only was he missing the money that while wheat prices on the including some of last year’s har- warehouses he uses for storage from his last yield but a new crop global market have skyrocketed vest that hasn’t been moved yet. hold less grain and only for about was nearly ready to send to mar- to more than $400 a ton, wheat But Ukraine is currently export- six months. Solskyi said the Agri- ket, with no way to profitably traders are offering them about ing 2 million tons of grain a culture Ministry is working to move it. And future crops were $60 a ton because of the high cost month — only about a third the provide farmers with other stor- uncertain. of getting the grain out of the amount of previous years. age options, including large plas- country — from expensive fuel to tic silo bags. “If we don’t sell this grain now long delays at the border. Onish- “Many of us do not have and don’t cover our expenses, chuk, who rents his land and has enough capital to pay salaries — But with Onishchuk still wait- tomorrow we simply won’t be to pay about 40 employees, said and I’m not even talking about ing for his last shipment to leave able to plant,” he said. that covers only about half his the taxes,” said Chumak, the the Mykolaiv port, he’s had to costs. farmer in the Odessa region. confront how much longer he can Farmers across Ukraine are in- afford to wait and whether his creasingly feeling the financial Ukraine has worked to im- “We just need to destroy the business of 17 years might be strain of Russia’s Black Sea block- prove the other export routes, but entire Russian fleet and then ev- doomed. He won’t be selling this ade, and the sector’s economic they each come with their own erything will be fine,” he said. latest harvest if the price remains collapse is affecting food security headaches. Farmers and govern- “Long-range rocket systems will so low. Will he plant in the fall? across the world. Ukraine ac- ment officials said most of the be cheaper than solving these counted for 10 percent of global grain is now going out via the logistics issues.” “I’ll let you know,” he said. “I wheat exports in 2021, according still have hope. If I didn’t have to the United Nations. At Onishchuk’s farm in the hope, I would have fled the coun- try.” The high cost of exporting Lesia Prokopenko, Kostiantyn grain via alternate routes — by Khudov and David L. Stern in Kyiv truck or train to a Western neigh- contributed to this report. bor or on a barge through smaller ports on the Danube River — DIGEST BRITAIN chancellor of the exchequer helped reported Tuesday, the third A colleague who spoke on the ID cards. Rights groups say tens of attorneys said he decided “to give launch the revolt against Johnson; Iranian director to be locked up in condition of anonymity for fear of thousands of Palestinians in the up his right to appeal for reasons 8 nominated in race Penny Mordaunt, a junior trade less than a week as the reprisals said authorities sent West Bank and Gaza lack such only known to him.” to succeed Johnson minister who served as Britain’s government escalates a Panahi to the notorious Evin status, forcing them to live under Mali arrests nearly 50 troops first female defense chief; and crackdown on the country’s prison to serve out a term dating to severe movement restrictions. from Ivory Coast: Malian Eight candidates will be on the Foreign Secretary Liz Truss. celebrated cinema industry. 2011. Panahi received the six-year Israel said it would grant an authorities arrested nearly 50 ballot Wednesday in the first sentence on charges of creating additional 1,500 permits for troops from Ivory Coast who came round of voting for Boris Johnson’s Also in the running: The arrest of award-winning anti-government propaganda and Palestinian laborers in Gaza to to Mali to work for a contractor for successor as Conservative Party Conservative backbench director Jafar Panahi and the was banned from filmmaking for work in Israel, bringing the total MINUSMA, the United Nations leader and British prime minister. lawmaker Tom Tugendhat; former wider pressure on filmmakers 20 years. However, the sentence number to 15,500. mission there. Mali called the health secretary Jeremy Hunt; follow a wave of recent arrests as was never really enforced. Man convicted in 2015 Paris Ivorians “mercenaries.” The Britain’s next leader will be YouGov polling founder and newly tensions escalate between the attacks reportedly won’t appeal: arrests could raise tensions selected by Conservative members appointed chancellor Nadhim hard-line government and the — Associated Press The only surviving attacker from between the two West African of Parliament and dues-paying Zahawi; Attorney General Suella West. Security forces have Israel grants more Palestinian the November 2015 massacre in countries. A U.N. mission members of the Conservative Braverman; and former equalities detained several foreigners and a permits ahead of Biden visit: Paris has renounced the right to spokesman said the Ivorians “are Party, which will remain in power. minister Kemi Badenoch. prominent reformist politician as Israel said it would increase the appeal his murder conviction and not part of one of the MINUSMA Conservatives are aiming to talks to revive Tehran’s 2015 number of work permits issued to his sentence of life imprisonment contingents but have been announce their next leader on — Karla Adam nuclear accord with world powers Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and without parole, his attorneys said. deployed for several years in Mali Sept. 5, with that person installed hit a deadlock and fears grow over allow thousands more Palestinians Salah Abdeslam was found guilty as part of logistical support on as prime minister soon after. IRAN the country’s economic crisis. to gain legal status ahead of last month of murder and behalf of one of our contingents.” President Biden’s visit to the region attempted murder in relation with He said their arrival as relief would To stand, candidates needed to Renowned filmmaker Panahi had gone to the this week. Israel will allow an a terrorist enterprise, among other have been communicated meet a Tuesday deadline to get the arrested in crackdown prosecutor’s office in Tehran on additional 5,500 Palestinians to be charges, for his role in the attacks, beforehand to Malian authorities. support of at least 20 fellow Tory Monday to check on the cases of included in the Palestinian which killed 130 people. His lawmakers. Iran has arrested an two colleagues detained last week population registry so they can get — From news services internationally renowned when security forces scooped him The contenders include Rishi filmmaker, several newspapers up, as well, the reports said. Sunak, whose resignation as

A10 EZ RE THE WASHINGTON POST . WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 The Uber files | A global investigation Uber enticed drivers in Cape Town with lucrative subsidies CAPE TOWN FROM A1 LUCY NALAND/WASHINGTON POST ILLUSTRATION; SAMANTHA REINDERS FOR THE WASHINGTON POST; MORNE DE KLERK/GETTY; UBER SCREENSHOTS; ISTOCK they will make good money. In a 2014 submission to the South Afri- drivers to the city, flooding the sity of the Western Cape, who “The Uber platform became a ager for Uber in South Africa who argument ensued, and one of the can government, part of the Uber streets with competitors and cut- researches labor conditions in the platform of crime, a platform of says he was briefed on internal passengers bludgeoned him in the Files, the company said it “not ting Cupido’s daily number of digital economy and helped a fear,” said Derick Ongansie, 66, a management decisions about head repeatedly with the handle only creates more jobs for more customers in half. Trying to make group of drivers challenge Uber former Uber driver who helped drivers from 2015 to 2018, said of a knife. As blood streamed people, it creates better paying up the difference, he logged 12- for worker rights in a South Afri- organize driver protests and one Uber knew requiring drivers to down his face, Cupido escaped the jobs.” In public statements, Uber hour days and began driving in can court. of the drivers who mounted a legal keep cash would make them more car and collapsed in the yard of a executives sometimes pointed to a the sprawling slums of the Cape challenge against the company. vulnerable to robberies. Uber woman who saw him and called body of academic research by Flats, where many drivers were Uber says it now has 20,000 “Once you get into that vehicle, rolled out the policy anyway, he for help. The two men drove off economists — some affiliated with afraid to go. drivers throughout South Africa, you either fear that the traffic cop said, because managers believed it with his rental car. Uber — whose work showed that including delivery drivers for is going to pull you over and would appeal to millions of South Uber helps drivers become more “Hustling,” as he called it, grew Uber Eats. Some say they struggle impound your vehicle, or you fear Africans who lacked credit or deb- Lying in a hospital bed with productive and thus make higher even riskier after Uber began let- to make minimum wage, now the criminal.” it cards, boosting rides in the stitches in his head, Cupido real- hourly wages than traditional taxi ting passengers in South Africa equivalent to about $1.40 an hour, country by as much as 30 percent, ized he was too scared to ever drivers. pay in cash as part of an effort to after sharing a portion of their South Africa is one of the vio- and helping Uber compete with drive for a living again. He spent a boost ridership. Cupido heard earnings with Uber and rental car lent-crime capitals of the world, other forms of transportation, month recovering from his attack, Another group of independent about drivers getting robbed and companies, and paying for ex- and workers in its volatile trans- such as traditional taxis, that ac- then took the first job he could academic researchers has argued attacked, but he trusted his in- penses like gas. Some say they portation sector had been targets cept cash. find, working the graveyard shift this research often failed to ac- stincts for danger. have been robbed by criminals, of theft and violence long before at a factory downtown. “I just lost count for one of the company’s key hassled during periodic govern- Uber arrived in the country. The Uber did not respond to Swart’s everything,” he said. advantages over taxis: a mountain He folded a stack of bills inside ment crackdowns against Uber Post did not find data showing claim but said the company has of outside financing it was willing his wallet and kept working long and targeted by rival taxi opera- Uber caused a rise in crime in taken steps to improve driver safe- Uber, despite promising to to spend sweetening driver earn- hours, unaware he was driving tors who attack drivers to defend South Africa. However, the com- ty in South Africa, including giv- help, refused to even pay for the ings and lowering prices for rid- straight into an ambush. their turf. pany’s policy decisions, such as ing them the ability to reject cash pair of glasses Cupido broke dur- ers. Over time, Uber pulled back enabling cash payments after pre- transactions, more upfront infor- ing the attack, he said. these subsidies, increased its com- In its bid to upend global trans- In 2016 and 2017, Uber drivers viously rejecting the idea as less mation in the app about passenger mission and multiplied the num- portation and make its investors in South Africa were burned when safe, exposed some workers — destinations and a button that The company declined to an- ber of drivers on the platform — rich, Uber sold drivers like Cupido their cars were set on fire, both including many first-time drivers drivers can press to call emergen- swer questions about this inci- altering the financial picture for on a vision of upward mobility. men victims of suspected attacks — to a level of risk they say they cy security services. dent, but it said all Uber drivers in drivers who came to rely on the Years later, some drivers say they by taxi businesses, according to had not envisioned. South Africa are covered under its app, documents and interviews are worse off than when they news reports. One died from his “Safety is and has always been a insurance program, which reim- show. started because Uber made policy injuries, according to the reports. Stephan Swart, a former man- top priority for us, and we have burses drivers for emergency decisions that deprived them of invested heavily over the years in medical treatments and lost earn- “That happened all the time. their ability to earn a living and technology to help keep drivers ing opportunities. You’d lure the drivers in with heightened the risks of driving in and riders safe,” Frans Hiemstra, subsidies, and over time you cut some parts of the world. Uber’s general manager in sub-Sa- ‘Stepping stone’ back on that,” said one former haran Africa, said in an emailed When Uber came to South Afri- senior Uber executive interviewed The Uber Files is a rare look statement. by The Post. The person spoke on inside years of Uber’s internal ca in 2013, nearly two decades the condition of anonymity to dis- deliberations made possible by One night in 2019, Cupido was after the end of apartheid, it en- cuss internal company matters. more than 124,000 records that carrying about 700 South African tered a society still profoundly former Uber lobbyist Mark Mac- rand, or roughly $50, when his divided by race, class and the Uber’s Glover told The Post that Gann provided to the Guardian. It phone buzzed with the name of his economic prospects of its citizens. incentives and referrals are a com- shared the trove with more than next passenger: Nadine. mon way for companies to grow 40 news organizations, including By then, the company had their business. “As the market has The Washington Post. The joint Two men got in his car, saying raised over $300 million from matured we have adjusted these investigation, coordinated by the their friend Nadine had ordered investors and begun using that incentives accordingly,” he said. International Consortium of In- the ride. After a short drive, an money to recruit an army of driv- vestigative Journalists, provides LEFT: David ers in dozens of cities. Uber be- By the end of 2015, Uber had insights into how the company Drummond, a taxi lieved that when it put more cars tapered off most subsidies for viewed its drivers. MacGann was business owner in Cape on the road, it would reduce the drivers in South Africa, but new the company’s head of public pol- Town, had raised average wait time for passengers, drivers were still signing up in icy for Europe, the Middle East concerns about Uber’s thereby generating more dedicat- droves, company emails and inter- and Africa from 2014 to 2016. plan to expand in the ed Uber customers. views show. Uber implemented a city of 4 million. waiting list for new drivers in the Emails, presentations and text BELOW: Derick Uber told some local businesses country, which helped it limit the messages from 2013 to 2017 show Ongansie, seen at his it aimed to have 10,000 cars on the number of cars on the road and Uber officials, led by then-chief home in Cape Town, is a road in Cape Town, a number the negative impact on driver executive Travis Kalanick, carry- former Uber driver who some believed the market could earnings, said Swart and one oth- ing out a business plan that mounted a legal not sustain, according to Yazeed er former Uber manager in South proved to gradually undermine challenge against the Orrie, a former leader of a South Africa, who spoke on the condi- their own drivers. Top executives company. African taxi industry council that tion of anonymity to discuss inter- advised local managers around met with Uber soon after the nal company matters. the world to spend millions of company arrived in the city. dollars on lucrative incentives for Citing the strong driver num- new drivers and then steadily “We said, ‘No, it’s not going to bers, the pricing team in Uber’s raise Uber’s commission, depriv- happen. We’ll all be out of busi- San Francisco headquarters sent ing those drivers of income and ness,’ ” said David Drummond, a emails to regional managers over- increasing the money that flowed taxi business owner and another seeing the Middle East and Africa to Uber, the documents show. former member of the industry operations in December 2015, say- council. “Instead of doing 10 trips ing it looked like a good time to In public, Uber repeated a mes- a day, we’ll do one trip a day. It’s raise the company’s commission sage that its service empowered not sustainable.” to 25 percent of every ride, up from people to become “entrepreneurs.” 20 percent. In private email exchanges, com- Uber’s Glover denied that the pany officials referred to drivers as company stated an intention to The regional managers pushed a mass of “supply” whose low pay bring 10,000 cars to Cape Town back, warning that taking from and minimal job protections were when it arrived in the city. drivers could backfire. These man- necessary for Uber to profit. agers argued that “if we push Uber recruited its first drivers partners to 25% we are putting The documents, taken together in Cape Town, a city of roughly 4 pressure on [drivers’] earnings with interviews of four former million people, by approaching and the risk is that this will end up Uber managers and 20 current taxis and offering the drivers cash with protests again and union and former drivers, show that payments equivalent to roughly formation around our drivers,” Uber created working conditions $400 to join the app, according to Joanne Kubba, a public policy it knew would result in many Swart. Cape Town’s earliest Uber manager for Uber’s Middle East drivers barely scraping by. Uber drivers were also rewarded with and Africa operations, wrote in incentivized more drivers to sign about $4 per trip in driver subsi- one email. up than were necessary, shrank dies, an incentive that managers driver earnings and built a system saw as “aggressive” but necessary Kubba declined to answer ques- that rewarded workers for under- to build the city’s initial supply, tions about this exchange. taking routes and schedules that according to an internal presenta- put them at risk of harm in loca- tion given to Uber’s regional man- Uber raised the commission, tions plagued by violence, the doc- agers in January 2015. helping South Africa become one uments and interviews show. of the company’s most lucrative One of the locals who signed on markets. Despite losing money in In written responses to ques- was Ongansie, a former trucker, its global business for much of its tions from The Post, Uber spokes- who became an Uber driver in existence, Uber became profitable man Gus Glover said drivers have 2014. “The money was too good,” in Johannesburg 14 months after found good economic opportuni- he said. “We’d do 3,000 rand a day launching there — its fastest city ties using its app, even as their just driving around.” That was outside the United States to turn a earnings fluctuate “as a normal about $290 a day before expenses. profit, according to a 2015 man- part of business.” Because drivers agement presentation. Another may freely choose to work for Uber has long promised drivers document shows Uber turned a different app-based services, Glov- profit in Cape Town by March er said, it is “fundamental that we 2015, within two years of launch- endeavour to create conditions to ing. retain drivers on the platform.” As Kubba predicted, driver pro- Glover did not respond to ques- tests became a regular feature of tions about Cupido or any of the life in Cape Town. Crowds of driv- specific information contained in ers swarmed Uber’s local offices in the Uber Files. the downtown waterfront. But be- cause Uber’s senior leaders re- In a statement, Devon Spur- fused to raise drivers’ pay, there geon, a spokeswoman for Kalan- was little the local managers felt ick, said the Uber co-founder they could do, according to Swart, helped pioneer a new business who at the time oversaw driver model. “To do this required a recruitment. change of the status quo, as Uber became a serious competitor in an Once a year, Swart helped orga- industry where competition had nize “engagement days” for driv- been historically outlawed,” Spur- ers, where Uber served hot dogs geon said. “As a natural and fore- and held question-and-answer seeable result, entrenched indus- sessions. “We would do these pho- try interests all over the world ny baloney sort of events to prove fought to prevent the much-need- that we look out for the drivers,” ed development of the transporta- Swart said in a recent interview, tion industry.” his first about his experience at the company. “We would listen to She did not answer questions drivers and hear their concerns, about Uber’s treatment of drivers, but you often felt like, ‘Yes, we hear its business in South Africa or its it, but what can we really do about rollout of cash payments. it?’ ” The challenges for drivers are Swart now runs Lularides, a particularly pronounced in coun- start-up helping unemployed tries like South Africa, where ex- South Africans find work at app- treme levels of unemployment based delivery companies. and inequality give Uber access to a deep pool of laborers willing to Glover, the Uber spokesman, endure challenging work with few said the company regularly meets benefits. One in three working- with drivers to hear their con- aged South Africans are unem- cerns. Driver earnings “are affect- ployed — the highest jobless rate ed by factors such as seasonality in the world among countries and the macroeconomic environ- tracked by the World Bank. ment (cost of living, fuel etc),” he said in an email. “We closely moni- “The vast majority of workers tor these changes and review pric- can’t walk away and go to another es accordingly to ensure that driv- job because there is no other job,” er economics remain healthy.” said Darcy du Toit, a lawyer and emeritus professor at the Univer- CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 . THE WASHINGTON POST EZ RE A11 The Uber files | A global investigation Uber policies made drivers’ work more perilous, files show FROM PREVIOUS PAGE Makhosandile Tumana, a credit the taxi industry, docu- SAMANTHA REINDERS FOR THE WASHINGTON POST MORNE DE KLERK/GETTY IMAGES the country. spokesman for the South African ments show. A ruling overturned In his third year driving with National Taxi Council, which rep- because it used no cash. Less than ABOVE: Minibus taxis in Uber, Ongansie, the former truck- resents minibus operators, de- In its responses to The Post, two years before launching cash Cape Town in 2012. The A driver uprising is gathering er, says he made about one-third nied that the industry is responsi- Uber acknowledged past mis- payments, Uber had even lobbied taxis compete with ride- momentum around the globe. as much in earnings as his first ble for any attacks against Uber takes in its treatment of drivers the South African government to hailing company Uber. Uber drivers are demanding bet- year. After expenses — including drivers. but said no one at the company ban cash payments from inside LEFT: Elize Faivelowitz, ter pay and job protections, argu- gas, insurance, cellphone data and wanted violence against Uber ride-hailing services, according who owns Prodriver ing the company illegally classi- car maintenance — his hourly pay Timothee Nduwimana, a 32- drivers. In markets such as South to a draft of the proposed rules Placements, helps new fied them as independent con- often came out to less than $1 an year-old Uber driver in Cape Africa and Brazil, where there is a Uber executives circulated in Oc- Uber driver Imeraan tractors to avoid giving them ben- hour. Town, said taxi drivers held him history of violence, Uber devel- tober 2014. Naidoo with paperwork at efits. In recent court rulings in hostage earlier this year when he oped extra features designed to her home office in Cape Britain, Switzerland and France, Some drivers say they had no was picking up passengers during ensure the safety of riders and “Unlike traditional taxi and Town. drivers have prevailed. choice but to keep driving be- a taxi driver strike. The taxi driv- drivers, the company said. charter/shuttle operators who  For more photos and cause they were locked into costly ers took Nduwimana from his are required to carry large sums revelations from the But in South Africa, little has rental car agreements. Uber part- vehicle and held him somewhere Uber declined to comment on of cash, Uber drivers operate on a international investigation changed. In 2017, the country’s nered with WesBank, a local bank private, he said, warning him Nduwimana’s story or on the Gig cashless system and are therefore into Uber, visit labor tribunal found a group of that offered financing for car they would burn his car if his boss Workers Rising report. at far less risk of robbery,” the former Uber drivers were “eco- rentals to South African Uber — the person from whom he draft proposal said. Prohibiting driver who helped lead a driver nomically dependent on the abili- drivers based on the number of rented the car — didn’t send the In 2016, Uber began requiring cash would “ensure that drivers advocacy group in South Africa, ty to drive for Uber” and were kilometers they drove, even when equivalent of about $300. some drivers to accept cash for are safer,” the document said. said this measure was ineffective, therefore Uber employees. But no passenger was inside the vehi- payment in a few countries in- because she and other drivers the next year, following a legal cle, according to WesBank. “They started to slap me. Then, cluding South Africa, where, ac- Drivers again protested, de- continued to see riders with obvi- challenge by Uber, the ruling was when the boss heard how I was cording to the World Bank, manding the company remove ously fake names. overturned because of a techni- At an event announcing the crying, he sent the money,” Ndu- roughly 40 percent of adults cash payments from the app, ac- cality. The drivers had signed partnership, Alon Lits, Uber’s wimana said. lacked credit or debit cards. Two cording to interviews and news After Uber launched cash as a contracts with Uber BV, the com- then-general manager for sub-Sa- people who were senior execu- reports. In 2017, Uber made cash payment option in Sao Paulo, pany’s Netherlands-based hold- haran Africa, described the rental Uber drivers all over the world tives at the time said the strategy optional for drivers. But many Brazil, in 2016, attacks or robber- ing company, but had lodged agreement as “a stepping stone” have faced vicious attacks. At sparked an internal debate about drivers, including Cupido, con- ies involving Uber drivers in the their complaint with Uber SA, its for drivers. “It becomes an ecosys- least 50 workers for app-based the wisdom of making drivers tinued to use the cash feature, city rose tenfold — from an aver- South African subsidiary — inval- tem for drivers to work towards ride and food delivery services potential targets of crime in plac- because it helped them find more age of 13 a month to 141 a month idating the tribunal’s ruling. self employment and ownership,” have been killed in the United es where robberies were com- daily trips and gave them some — according to a Reuters report, he said in a video of the event States in past five years, accord- mon. Both former Uber execu- money to use at the gas pump. which cited data obtained from a “Uber, like other major plat- posted online by WesBank. Wes- ing to Gig Workers Rising, a driv- tives spoke on the condition of public information request. forms, litigate with vast resources Bank later scrapped the partner- er advocacy group. In countries anonymity to discuss internal As part of an effort to stop to defend their business model,” ship because, after Uber began including France, Switzerland, company matters. criminals from creating fake, un- In his responses, Glover said said du Toit, one of the lawyers accepting cash payments, many Belgium and Portugal, Uber’s ex- traceable accounts, Uber in 2017 Uber’s “original model” focused who worked on the case. “This drivers failed to pay off their ecutives tried to exploit incidents The policy contradicted Uber’s began requiring all passengers on card payments, but as the makes it difficult, if not impossi- loans, according to Chris de Kock, of violence against drivers in the marketing and lobbying messag- with no credit cards to verify business grew, “we introduced ble, for most workers to challenge who stepped down as chief execu- company’s efforts to publicly dis- es, which had said for years Uber themselves using social media cash payments in order to be them in the courts.” tive of WesBank in June. was safer than traditional taxis profiles, the company said. But inclusive and offer mobility op- Teresa Munchick, a former Uber tions to as many people as possi- As the coronavirus pandemic “It could be that the business ble.” dried up tourism and gas prices case for drivers did not allow climbed, many drivers found it enough to cover all expenses,” de Uber acknowledged in its most even harder to make a living. This Kock said in an email, adding that recent annual filing with securi- March, drivers in Johannesburg he didn’t remember enough ties regulators that the use of cash and Durban shut off their ride- about the specifics of Uber driver with its services “can increase hailing apps for three days to earnings, so he “cannot say for safety and security risks for Driv- protest for better pay, calling on sure.” ers and riders, including poten- ride-hailing companies to reduce tial robbery, assault, violent or their cut to 10 percent. Uber kept Glover did not respond to spe- fatal attacks, and other criminal its commission unchanged at 25 cific questions about the Wes- acts.” Cash-paid trips accounted percent. Bank partnership, but he said for seven percent of all money Uber has worked with a number spent on Uber rides and goods An annual study of 12 app- of financial institutions to give last year, the filing said. based platforms for drivers and drivers access to vehicles at af- other tradespeople in South Afri- fordable rates. “It is important Glover said Uber improved its ca by Fairwork, a joint research that these financial offers work verification process last year, project of the University of Ox- for drivers, and we have therefore when it started requiring passen- ford and the Berlin Social Science reviewed and changed the offers gers to upload a photo of them- Center, found Uber’s treatment of when they have not,” he said. selves the first time they take a workers ranked lower than that trip using cash. Uber declined to of six other companies operating Lits, who left Uber in 2020, comment on the Reuters find- in the region. Uber, unlike some declined to comment. ings. At the time of the report, the other companies, did not guaran- Robberies, hijackings, company said it had seen a rise in tee workers the local minimum murder safety incidents but was unsure wage, did not provide clear and whether that was the result of transparent terms of their em- When Elize Faivelowitz’s added dangers or the surge in ployment and did not give them phone rings, it usually means business that resulted from the the freedom to collectively bar- something bad has happened to introduction of cash payments in gain. an Uber driver in Cape Town. Glover said Uber increased the The owner of Prodriver Place- cost of fares in December 2021 ments, an independent business and again in March 2022 to re- that manages a fleet of Uber cars flect the rising price of fuel. Uber and a team of drivers, Faivelowitz did not comment on the Fairwork gets frequent calls informing her study. that her cars have been impound- ed by the city, that her drivers Recently, Cupido returned to have been assaulted or robbed, or, the place where he was assaulted, occasionally, something worse. a quiet suburban street where kids played in the yard of a nearby “This is a dangerous business,” elementary school. For three said Faivelowitz, 51. “You will years, he had replayed the inci- possibly get hijacked, and you can dent in his head, wondering get murdered.” whether he could have done something to avoid the attack and As ride-hailing became a ubiq- processing the trauma with his uitous mode of transportation in wife, his kids and a therapist. South Africa, it also became a source of opportunity for crimi- Being there, he said, made the nals. When gang members in the pain come rushing back. “It unruly Cape Flats discovered they brings back the agony.” could bring a car containing cash to their doorstep with the touch The threat of gang violence still of a button, they began robbing hangs over Cupido’s community ride-hailing drivers on a daily of Manenberg like storm systems. basis, according to Dail Andrews, On days when it looks clear, he a state advocate who this year walks his 13-year-old son home won the convictions of two gang from school. On days when the members of murdering a driver neighborhood erupts with shoot- with a brick during a 2019 rob- ing, he drives to school in his car. bery. Cupido has given up on his And when Uber cars began dream of entrepreneurship. He’s siphoning customers from the resigned to live in Manenberg, local industry of minibus taxi working nights at the factory, operators, those companies coaching soccer for the local launched a campaign of violent youth and trying, as best he can, intimidation, kidnapping Uber to keep his kids out of danger. drivers, holding them for ransom, and, in multiple instances, burn- Jessica Contrera, Alice Crites and ing ride-hailing cars with the Aaron C. Davis in Washington, and drivers inside, according to news Joseph Menn in San Francisco reports and interviews. contributed to this report. French president defends his support for Uber after leak of company files ‘I saw foreign business and against the will of the left- “collusion of interests.” worldwide. the company’s expansion in Far-left leader Jean-Luc Mélen- leaders — horror!’ leaning government he served at Macron lost his absolute ma- Macron had made no secret of France. chon has regularly complained of Macron said the time. the “uberization” of French soci- jority in parliamentary elections his general support for Uber Macron’s allies appeared ready ety, an umbrella term used to BY RICK NOACK “I’m very proud of what I’ve last month, which leaves him when he was economy minister. this week to defend his interac- describe ride-hailing and home done,” Macron told reporters dur- more exposed to scrutiny than in Asked for comment ahead of tions with the company. Budget delivery services, and he lashed paris — French President Em- ing a visit to the southeastern his first term, and under political publication of the documents, Minister Gabriel Attal portrayed out against Macron’s support for French region of Isère. pressure from his emboldened the French presidency said in a the outrage as overblown on a sector that he views as having manuel Macron on Tuesday de- far-left and far-right opponents. statement to The Post and other Tuesday. “As usual, we make a ton undermined worker rights. Mé- fended his interactions with The president, who appeared outlets that the “economic and of foam with a gram of soap,” he lenchon is now the public face of Uber, responding to a trove of to be visibly emotional, ignored “In substance, your project is employment policies at the time, said on BFM TV. “I don’t even see the biggest opposition bloc in the company documents that reveal several attempts by aides to get [to create] Uber’s society of a in which [Macron] was an active an issue.” lower house of Parliament, where he at times even surprised execu- moving as he offered his first worker without rights. It is a participant, are well known” and the possible inquiry would be tives with the extent of his sup- public comment since the Uber collective social suicide,” said that his “functions naturally led But the files could prompt un- expected to take place. port when he was economy minis- documents were published on Danielle Simonnet, a left-wing him to meet and interact with comfortable questions for Ma- ter and they were trying to muscle Sunday by Le Monde, The Wash- member of parliament, address- many companies.” cron and his supporters. Members and allies of Mélen- their way into European markets. ington Post and other outlets. ing the government in the Nation- chon’s party, France Unbowed, al Assembly on Tuesday. But the Uber files show that Although the documents end were among the most vocal critics The documents dominated a “I saw foreign business leaders his support went further than in 2017, the year Macron was this week. portion of the debate in France’s — horror!” he said sarcastically. The Uber files, containing ex- previously known. According to elected president, they directly Parliament on Tuesday, amid calls “If they created jobs in France, ecutives’ internal messages from the documents, Uber managers relate to how he has tried to Mathilde Panot, the alliance’s for an inquiry and criticism that then I’m super proud of it. And 2013 to 2017, were leaked by for- and lobbyists believed he was implement his agenda since. leader in Parliament, suggested Macron had done Uber’s bidding you know what? I would do it mer Uber lobbyist Mark Mac- willing to champion them by that Macron had helped Uber in at the expense of workers’ rights again tomorrow and the day after Gann to Britain’s Guardian news- pushing regulators to be “less Macron, who was reelected in “looting the country” and criti- tomorrow.” paper, which shared with the In- conservative” in their interpreta- April, has sought to liberalize the cized the president for having ternational Consortium of Inves- tion of rules limiting the compa- French economy — and, accord- acted as a “lobbyist for a U.S. Some members of the opposi- tigative Journalists, a D.C.-based ny’s operations and by attempt- ing to his critics, that has involved multinational aiming to perma- tion have described the Uber doc- nonprofit newsroom, and dozens ing to ease rules that hampered steamrolling anyone who raises nently deregulate labor law.” uments as a looming “state scan- of other news organizations concerns over the social impact of dal” and potential evidence of a his moves.

A12 EZ RE THE WASHINGTON POST . WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 Key Islamic State figure killed in Syria strike, U.S. says BY KAROUN DEMIRJIAN sents the culmination of deter- picture, showing shrapnel on a The strike came a day ahead of be watched for any develop- In both operations, U.S. mili- AND KAREEM FAHIM mined and meticulous intelli- road in a rural area, surrounded Biden’s planned visit to the Mid- ments it may yield in the realm of tary officials came under scruti- gence work and stands as testa- by what appeared to be olive dle East, where he will visit with oil and gas markets. Biden is ny after civilians, including chil- A top leader of the Islamic ment to the bravery and skill of groves. The area, near the Turk- Israeli, Palestinian, Saudi and expected to attend a summit of dren, were killed. The Pentagon State terrorist organization was our armed forces.” ish border, is controlled by other Arab leaders. Biden is the Gulf Cooperation Council, has faced broad criticism in killed in a U.S. drone strike Turkish-backed Syrian rebels. expected to focus on promoting whose members include some of recent years for incurring civil- Tuesday in northwest Syria, the “It also demonstrates that the regional security cooperation in the most influential oil pro- ian casualties in attacks on the White House and U.S. military United States does not require Other Syrian social media ac- response to Iran, which has car- ducers in the region. But the Islamic State — including charg- announced, an operation offi- thousands of troops in combat counts posted pictures of a se- ried out a string of recent provo- president also faces pressure not es that it covered up the death of cials said would undercut the missions to identify and elimi- verely wounded man purported cations as hopes for a revived to compromise the U.S. message women and children in a 2019 group’s ability to plan and carry nate threats to our country,” to be the second passenger, as nuclear deal dim. on human rights in exchange for strike on the group’s fighters in out attacks globally. Biden said in a statement. The well as the mangled remains of guarantees that could help alle- Baghouz, Syria. U.S. military footprint in the the motorcycle. Domestically, Biden’s trip will viate high gas prices at home Maher al-Agal, who worked Middle East has been significant- exacerbated by the war in While the U.S. military has “aggressively” on building the ly reduced in recent years as RAMI AL SAYED/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY IMAGES Ukraine, particularly when it acknowledged it can do better, it group’s networks outside of Iraq Washington contends with comes to making deals with has rejected accusations that it and Syria, according to the U.S. threats posed by China in the People inspect the site near the village of Khaltan in northern Syria Saudi Arabia. actively tried to hide civilian military, was one of two targets Indo-Pacific region, as well as where a U.S. drone targeted Islamic State operatives on Tuesday. deaths, declining to mete out of the strike outside Jindires, Russia’s pronounced aggression The Islamic State was not serious punishments of U.S. per- about 35 miles northwest of in Europe. expected to be among the top sonnel or hold commanders re- Aleppo. Agal was considered to agenda items for Biden’s trip. But sponsible over the incidents. be one of the top five Islamic U.S. officials, citing an initial Tuesday’s strike is a reminder of State leaders in Iraq and Syria, review, said no civilians were the destabilizing role it contin- Still, it appears such accusa- U.S. officials said. harmed in the attack. ues to play in the Middle East. tions have made some impres- sion. A second individual closely Tuesday’s operation occurred Tuesday’s strike is the latest in associated with him, whom the in a village called Khaltan, ac- a number of U.S. military efforts CENTCOM was quick to point military did not identify, was cording to the White Helmets, a to pick off or capture top opera- out Tuesday that, according to “seriously injured” in the strike, team of first responders that tors within the terrorist organi- initial assessments, no civilians according to U.S. Central Com- works in northwest Syria. In a zation. were injured or killed during the mand. A humanitarian group message posted on Twitter early strike on Agal. They took a with personnel on the ground Tuesday afternoon, the group The drone strike on Agal fol- similar tone last month when said the person eventually died affirmed that one person was lows the high-profile raid earlier announcing that no civilians had of his wounds. U.S. military offi- killed and another was wounded this year that led to the death of been harmed during a raid to cials did not immediately con- after a drone struck, targeting a Islamic State leader Abu Ibrahim capture Islamic State bombmak- firm that report. motorcycle. In a subsequent al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi. er Hani Ahmed al-Kurdi, known post, the group said that the as the “Wali of Raqqa.” President Biden praised the second person had later died. His predecessor, Abu Bakr al- Fahim reported from Istanbul. development, saying it “repre- Baghdadi, was killed during a The White Helmets posted a similar raid in October 2019. U.S., allies bend to Russia’s demand for limited extension of aid in Syria BY KAREN DEYOUNG leaving others with what they many of them displaced by the summer when Russia backed resolution, in the middle of Syr- sure that we can continue to Accusing Russia of holding said was no choice. In comments country’s 11-year civil war and down from insisting on only six ia’s harsh winter. Aid organiza- deliver humanitarian assistance millions of desperate Syrians after the vote directed toward crowded into Idlib province in months, after extensive negotia- tions, Mills said, “told us it was to people in need.” Juul added “hostage” to its demands, the the United States, Britain and Syria’s northwest corner, tions that included a summit better than nothing. That is why that “we need to remind our- United States and its allies none- France, Dmitry Polyanskiy, Rus- stopped abruptly on Sunday eve- between President Biden and we did not stand in the way of selves that the Russian position theless agreed Tuesday not to sia’s deputy ambassador to the ning, when the previous U.N. Russian President Vladimir Pu- this resolution.” this year, as the previous year, is veto a new Moscow-backed reso- United Nations, said, “It’s time mandate expired. The area, con- tin. that they don’t want to have this lution at the U.N. Security Coun- for you to start respecting the trolled by militant groups, is one Ireland and Norway wrote mechanism” for aid delivery. cil that limits continued delivery opinions of other states.” of the last redoubts of opposition Expiration of that mandate on both the one-year extension ve- “That’s their starting point. We of food, medicine and other as- to the government of Russian- Sunday came as Washington and toed Friday and Tuesday’s six- managed to have it continued for sistance to six months. The three abstained from the backed President Bashar al- Moscow are on opposite sides of month resolution. “We have set- another six months.” The Security Council vote vote, allowing its passage with Assad. the war in Ukraine and no longer tled for six months. That’s not came after Russia on Friday approval from the council’s 12 speaking to each other. Mills, in what we wanted,” said Irish Am- Aid deliveries have averaged vetoed a resolution, sponsored other members. Sending shipments across bor- his comments Tuesday, asserted bassador Geraldine Byrne Na- around 800 trucks a month by the West and requested by the ders requires a U.N. mandate. that “some of the most dire son. through Bab al-Hawa. Humani- United Nations and internation- “This vote is what happens Russia, which argues that the needs” in Syria and around the tarian groups, while not achiev- al aid organizations, that would when one member of the Secu- operation is a violation of Syrian world “are the direct result of “Look, there are no secrets ing the goal they sought, ex- have allowed delivery across the rity Council takes the entire sovereignty and that all aid Russia’s brutal invasion of here,” she said after the meeting pressed relief. “Millions of lives Turkey-Syria border without in- international community hos- should go through Damascus, Ukraine,” where it has blocked adjourned, in response to ques- depend on it,” said Mark Cutts, terruption for a year. tage,” said Deputy U.S. Ambassa- has used its council veto in past grain exports. “The simple truth tions from reporters about the the United Nations’ deputy re- Agreement came after a week- dor Richard M. Mills, calling years to limit access, progressive- is that Russia does not care,” he role played by the Ukraine con- gional humanitarian coordina- end of tense negotiations during Russia’s intransigence a “heart- ly reducing aid corridors from said. flict. “We’re dealing with a very tor for the Syria crisis. which Russia refused to yield, less play” that “will only serve to four to one, at Bab al-Hawa. difficult geopolitical context.” Kareem Fahim in Istanbul hurt the Syrian people.” The mandate will have to be contributed to this report. The single-corridor mandate renewed again by Jan. 10, requir- “This is not about politics,” U.N.-managed aid shipments was extended for a year last ing a new debate, and a new Norwegian Ambassador Mona to more than 4 million Syrians, Juul said. “This is about making Giving Voice Thursday, July 14 at 2:00 p.m. Forestieri and Saldaña talk about their new comedy show and their work to bring more Latino stories to television. CLAUDIA FORESTIERI ZOE SALDAÑA Creator & Executive Producer Executive Producer “Gordita Chronicles” “Gordita Chronicles” To register to watch, visit: or scan code using a smartphone camera: @POSTLIVE #POSTLIVE Listen wherever podcasts are available.

wednesday, july 13, 2022 . the washington post EZ RE A13 war in ukraine Call with mother reveals U.S. veteran’s life in captivity Ala. man held by Russian Jeronimo Nisa/Decatur Daily /Associated Press Lois Drueke/Dianna Shaw/Associated Press whether she had been told of “any forces seems hopeful that new steps or progress.” In re- release is being pursued LEFT: Marine veteran Andy Tai “The pattern is always the tion, such as negotiated release. Drueke volunteered little infor- sponse, she disclosed the planned Huynh is seen on April 6. same,” Shaw said in an email. During their conversation Fri- mation during Friday’s phone call meetings between senior officials BY ALEX HORTON RIGHT: Army veteran “First, he calls the State Depart- with his mother. “I’m doing fine. in the U.S., British and Ukrainian Alexander Drueke and his ment and then he calls her. And day, Lois Drueke made clear to her No real danger currently,” he said, governments. An American military veteran mother, Lois Drueke. Both men then she and the State Depart- son, “It just might be awhile.” before offering that he had seen captured by Russian forces in are from Alabama. ment immediately talk and com- Their State Department case Huynh the day prior when they Drueke expressed gratitude for Ukraine is being held in solitary pare notes.” worker, she said, had noted that spoke with a lawyer. others’ efforts on his behalf. confinement but appears hopeful nothing further to add.” “they were meeting with ambas- the U.S. government is pursuing The Russian Embassy in Wash- It has been clear to the family sadors and teams from Ukraine When Lois Drueke asked her Hunyh has still not spoken with his release, according to a phone that Drueke is closely monitored and also from the U.K. to discuss son if he is still being held in any U.S. officials or his family, said call with his mother recorded last ington did not respond to a re- during the calls, making the con- the British prisoners and all of solitary confinement, he affirmed, his fiancee, Joy Black. week and provided to The Wash- quest for comment. The Kremlin versations feel scripted and tense, y’all, and you and Andy were on “Yes, ma’am. I’m still in the same ington Post by his family. has signaled it would not extend Shaw said. Friday’s seemed a little the agenda.” location” and acknowledged that “We don’t know the reason,” protections typically afforded to less strained, she noted. “This one the room’s size presents challeng- said Darla Black, Joy Black’s Friday’s call between Army vet- prisoners of war for any Ameri- was more, ‘Hi, Mom. How are Drueke, 39, and Huynh, 27, es for day-to-day living. It’s big mother, who described Hunyh as eran Alexander Drueke and his cans and international volunteers you?’ ” Shaw said. were captured by Russian forces enough for some exercise, he said, her “bonus son” who has won over mother, Lois Drueke, offers new detained in Ukraine, lending to outside the city of Kharkiv, near but it has been difficult “finding the family with his humor and insight into the Biden administra- the sense of urgency surrounding The call, which the family edit- Ukraine’s northeastern border. little things to think about, just, empathy. tion’s efforts in what’s become a these cases. ed to remove personal details, Drueke’s family maintains that he you know, [to] fill in the bore- high-stakes showdown with Mos- lasted more than four minutes went overseas to train Ukrainian dom.” Drueke’s calls have revealed cow over U.S. involvement in the Drueke’s aunt, Dianna Shaw, and highlighted ongoing diplo- troops on U.S. weapons, not to some insights into his captors’ war. It was their fifth conversation said that, to date, each conversa- matic efforts between the United engage in combat. Huynh did take He said the State Department thinking, Shaw said. They appear since Drueke and another U.S. tion between mother and son co- States, Britain and Ukraine. Shaw up arms, according to his fiancee’s official assigned to his case did not proud to be detaining the Ameri- military veteran, Andy Tai Huynh, incides with separate calls involv- said officials are working to have family, in addition to training convey “any concrete news” dur- cans, and she said she suspects were taken into custody in June, ing U.S. government personnel Drueke and Huynh included on a Ukrainian troops and bringing in ing their most recent conversa- they have coached him on what to his family said. Both men are from assigned to his case. list of prisoners for potential ac- medical supplies. tion, and he asked his mother say. In one instance, when his Alabama and traveled overseas as mother asked what he was eating, volunteers, joining the campaign he responded “food” and gave oth- despite public warnings from top er vague answers to straightfor- U.S. officials that doing so was ward questions, she said. dangerous and ill-advised. The families of both men have A third U.S. citizen, Grady insisted their captors treat them Kurpasi, is missing in Ukraine in accordance with the Geneva and feared captured or killed, his Conventions, which offer prison- family has said. At least two Amer- ers of war protection from tor- icans are believed to have died in ture, summary execution and the fighting. prosecution for fighting in armed conflict, and they would like to see Drueke and Huynh are being the International Committee of held by members of the self-pro- the Red Cross visit them and as- claimed Donetsk People’s Repub- sess their condition. lic, a Russia-backed group based in eastern Ukraine. That has com- The Kremlin has described plicated negotiations, their fami- Drueke and Huynh as mercenar- lies said, because the organization ies with no protection, suggesting is not recognized by the U.S. gov- they could be sentenced to death. ernment and has no diplomatic presence. Their captivity has under- scored the diplomatic impasse be- In a statement, the State De- tween Washington and Moscow partment said it is in contact with since Russia’s invasion of “Ukrainian and Russian authori- Ukraine, and the challenges Presi- ties” concerning the captured dent Biden and his administra- Americans. “We are seeking to tion face in trying to secure the learn as much as we can and are in men’s release. touch with the families,” it said. “Out of respect for the families’ Facing growing public pres- privacy during this time, we have sure, Biden has expressed person- al interest in the case of WNBA star Brittney Griner, who was ar- rested in Russia on a drug charge, and that of Paul Whelan, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran sentenced by a Russian court to 16 years in prison on espionage charges that he has denied. Reinventing Small Business Wednesday, July 13 at 1:30 p.m. Entrepreneurs discuss how they have reinvented their businesses in the face of uncertainty and the role small businesses play in the national economy. Content from Google Play MINNIE LUONG BRIT MORIN SHIZA SHAHID PURNIMA KOCHIKAR Chef & Founder Co-Founder, Offline Ventures Co-Founder & Co-CEO Vice President Chi Kitchen BFF & Brit + Co Our Place Google Play Partnerships To register to watch, visit: or scan code using a smartphone camera: SPONSORED BY

A14 EZ M2 THE WASHINGTON POST . WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 Embattled president flees Sri Lanka Japan bids farewell at Abe’s funeral hours before expected resignation Family gathers at temple His brother, a former graced Rajapaksa family. retracted his claim in speaking to for private ceremony, finance minister, is Basil Rajapaksa was forced to another news outlet. blocked at an airport and mourners flock there step down as finance minister in The Hindu newspaper report- BY HAFEEL FARISZ, April as anti-government pro- ed Tuesday that Gotabaya Raja- BY MICHELLE YE HEE LEE EUGENE HOSHIKO/POOL/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY IMAGES NIHA MASIH tests over economic despair gath- paksa’s request for a U.S. visa was AND JULIA MIO INUMA ered momentum. Those tensions rejected recently. A State Depart- Government officials pray as the hearse carrying the body of Shinzo AND BRYAN PIETSCH finally erupted last weekend be- ment spokesperson said the tokyo — Four days after former Abe visits the prime minister’s office in Tokyo after his funeral. cause of a total collapse of the agency could not comment be- colombo, sri lanka — Embat- country’s economy amid extreme cause visa records are confiden- prime minister Shinzo Abe was headquarters and the office of Kishida and pay respects. fuel and food shortages. tial. gunned down by an assassin, Ja- Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. During his tenure from 2012 to tled President Gotabaya Rajapak- pan paused on Tuesday to re- sa fled Sri Lanka early Wednes- With the president’s resigna- Many Sri Lankans see his deci- member one of the country’s most Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi, 2020, Abe forged deeper relation- day, only hours before his expect- tion deadline approaching, the sion to not resign immediately as influential leaders, as his family who is Abe’s brother, issued a ships with European countries ed resignation after less than Rajapaksa family seemed to be a way of buying time to leave the and friends gathered for a private statement Tuesday for the first and emphasized a strong alliance three years in office. scrambling to quickly leave the country safely. funeral at a Tokyo temple. time since the assassination. with the United States, even as country. A petition seeking a President Donald Trump tested Rajapaksa, his wife and two travel ban on Basil Rajapaksa and Rajapaksa, formerly a dual cit- In the capital, residents young “I have lost my brother. But at long-standing relationships with security guards flew out of the his brother Mahinda, who izen of Sri Lanka and the United and old lined up to lay flowers the same time, Japan has lost an allies. The pair forged a personal country aboard a Sri Lankan air stepped down as prime minister States, gave up his American and pay respects. The line snaked irreplaceable leader,” Kishi said, bond and often played golf to- force plane from the civilian air- in May, cites their “arbitrary and citizenship ahead of the 2019 around the block from the Zojo-ji calling the attack an “act of ter- gether. port outside the capital, accord- unreasonable acts or omissions” elections because of a law that Temple, which had to curtail its rorism.” ing to Group Capt. Dushan Wijes- that brought about the economic prevented foreign nationals from opening hours because it was Trump told Breitbart News inghe, a spokesman for the air crisis. running for president. He won overwhelmed with mourners, “My brother loved Japan and over the weekend that he was force. The request was made by the election with a significant many of whom were crying as risked his life in politics to protect eager to attend to attend Abe’s the Defense Ministry, he said, and On Saturday, protesters majority but became arguably they reached the head of the line. this country,” he said. “Those of us funeral, presumably a reference the plane was headed to Male, the stormed the president’s resi- the country’s most unpopular City halls set up memorials who are left behind all under- to a potential state funeral. capital of the Maldives. dence, cooking in his kitchens, leader midterm as the economy around the country. stand. Thank you for your serv- leaping into the swimming pool melted down. ice.” On Tuesday, the head of the The president’s brother Basil and jumping on his bed. He had The funeral, which began at 1 National Police Agency said the Rajapaksa, a former Sri Lankan moved out the day before and “This was a failed president p.m. local time, was followed by a The Japanese government has department was “deeply finance minister, was blocked at reiterated on Monday that he and a failed government,” said procession to carry Abe’s body to honored Abe with its highest dec- ashamed” over the shooting and the international airport outside would resign effective Wednes- Faiszer Musthapha, a member of the institutions where his legacy oration, the Collar of the Supreme raised concerns about the secu- of Colombo on Tuesday as he also day. an opposition party that previ- looms large: the Kantei, or the Order of the Chrysanthemum, rity measures that were in place, tried to flee, two people familiar ously allied with Rajapaksa. The prime minister’s office; the Diet, making him the fourth postwar especially the placement of offi- with the matter told The Wash- There had been intense specu- country now needs political sta- or the national legislature; and leader to receive the honor. The cers behind Abe. ington Post. lation since then about his bility to turn the economy the headquarters of his ruling national flag was flown half-staff whereabouts. Rumors that he left around, he added. “All parties Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). until Tuesday at the prime minis- “We have failed to fulfill our Basil Rajapaksa arrived at the the country spread after the Par- have to shed their political differ- ter’s office in Tokyo. responsibility as a police force. airport in a black van to try to liament speaker, Mahinda Yapa ences and start working towards The killing of Abe, who was We take this incident extremely board Emirates Flight 649 to Abeywardena, said in an inter- taking this country out of the shot in Nara on Friday while Plans for a state funeral have seriously. We are deeply Dubai, according to an airport view with the BBC that Gotabaya mess the Rajapaksas put us all campaigning for a fellow LDP not been made public. But foreign ashamed,” said Itaru Nakamura, official, who confirmed an eye- Rajapaksa had departed but in- in.” politician ahead of upper house dignitaries are already making commissioner general of the Na- witness account and spoke on the tended to return for his official elections held over the weekend, plans to attend and pay homage tional Police Agency. condition of anonymity because resignation. Abeywardena later The streets in Colombo re- horrified a nation unaccustomed to the leader who sought to raise he was not authorized to publicly mained quiet on Tuesday. People to gun violence. Japan’s global influence during The agency has set up an inves- discuss the situation. The flight Gotabaya Rajapaksa, continued to flock to the presi- his nearly nine-year second term tigation team that will report its was set to depart shortly after 3 his wife and two dent’s compound. There, loud- “He was the kindest person I as prime minister. findings to the National Public a.m. speakers blared songs, and im- knew who always protected me. I Safety Commission in August, he security guards flew out passioned protesters made knew he still had a lot of unfin- On Tuesday, U.S. Ambassador said. The former minister, who was of the country aboard a speeches hailing the victory of ished business a politician. But he Rahm Emanuel attended a tsuya, not accompanied by his family, the people’s movement. planted a lot of seeds, which I am a traditional private wake, along The man accused of assassinat- tried to enter through a VIP Sri Lankan air force sure will bloom,” Akie Abe, widow with Treasury Secretary Janet L. ing Abe, 41-year-old Tetsuya entrance but was blocked by se- plane from the civilian Those demonstrators issued of the assassinated leader, said in Yellen, who was in town to dis- Yamagami of Nara, told investiga- curity workers who told him he an ultimatum, saying they would a memorial address at the funer- cuss economic sanctions on Rus- tors he believed that the former did not qualify, the people famil- airport outside the again take to the streets if Raja- al. sia. Secretary of State Antony prime minister was linked to a iar with the incident said. He capital, according to an paksa didn’t carry through on his Blinken made a refueling stop religious group he blamed for his then went to a commercial fast- air force spokesman. promise and resign by 1 p.m. Deputy Prime Minister Taro between travels to meet with mother’s financial difficulties. track entrance called the “Silk Wednesday. Aso also paid tribute to Abe, who Route,” where immigration offi- was 67. cials declined to authorize his Signs of the crisis are visible departure. Bloomberg News first everywhere. Fuel lines stretch for “You were supposed to be the reported that Basil Rajapaksa blocks. In one location late Tues- one giving the memorial address was stopped from leaving. day, some drivers were asleep in at my funeral. I enjoyed going their vehicles to keep their places often to drink and play golf to- The incident reflected the na- in line. gether,” Aso said at the funeral. tional mood against the dis- Pietsch reported from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Missy Ryan in Outside the temple, a huge Washington contributed to this crowd gathered to catch a report. glimpse of the hearse carrying Abe’s body as it left for the LDP Thursday, July 14 at 12:00 p.m. @POSTLIVE #POSTLIVE Listen wherever podcasts are available. Su discusses how the increasing use of technology in the workplace will impact the future of work. DEPUTY LABOR SECRETARY JULIE SU To register to watch, visit: or scan code using smartphone camera: PRESENTING SPONSOR

WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 . THE WASHINGTON POST EZ SU A15 Discomfort and criticism as Biden heads to Saudi Arabia Ukraine war, strategic Biden himself, are fumbling their ADEM ALTAN/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/ Amos Hochstein, his special envoy Jiddah, which would have allowed McGurk, a longtime Middle realities drive reversal articulation of why they’re even GETTY IMAGES for energy affairs, to Saudi Arabia him to voice his criticism on Saudi East hand who was deeply in- from campaign rhetoric going,” said Brian Katulis, vice to determine whether a presiden- soil. Some Democratic senators volved in the fight against extrem- president of policy at the Mohammed bin Salman, crown tial visit would be justified. By called on Biden to set conditions ists in the region, was instrumen- BY TYLER PAGER Washington-based Middle East prince of Saudi Arabia, in June. May, Biden and his aides had de- for his meeting with Mohammed, tal within the administration in AND YASMEEN ABUTALEB Institute. “There seems to be al- cided that he would visit the coun- including an admission of wrong- arguing that Saudi Arabia was too most a sense of chagrin about The engagement with Saudi try, the White House official said. doing for the killing of Khashoggi important to isolate. Sullivan has jerusalem — Shortly after tak- going. That’s unfortunate, be- Arabia, however, will be his most and progress on the fragile cease- also long pushed for increased cause that sends messages over to complicated diplomatic test. The importance of the U.S.-Sau- fire in the Yemen war. engagement with the kingdom, as ing office, President Biden or- the region and makes the likeli- di relationship came into sharp has Hochstein. dered U.S. intelligence agencies to hood of success in their trip lower.” Discussions about a possible relief after Russian President Biden and his aides defend declassify their assessment that presidential visit to Saudi Arabia Vladimir Putin’s invasion of their record on Saudi Arabia, Biden’s broader Middle East Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed White House officials say the began in February, when Biden Ukraine, which prompted the pointing to Biden’s moves to de- priorities have been vague, as he bin Salman had ordered the kill- trip’s goals are clear: to help inte- told his national security team he United States and its allies to ban classify the U.S. intelligence re- took office determined to avoid ing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, grate Israel further into the re- wanted to visit the Middle East, a imports of Russian oil, causing port on Khashoggi’s killing; im- getting bogged down in the intri- an outspoken critic of the Saudi gion; to solidify a delicate cease- senior White House official said. domestic gasoline prices to spike. pose sanctions on Saudis tied to cacies of the region’s diplomacy government. fire between Saudi Arabia and Over months of sometimes con- the killing; encourage the Saudi- that had enmeshed previous ad- Yemen; to align Saudi Arabia, Isra- tentious internal discussions, Saudi Arabia has so far in- Yemeni cease-fire; and reverse ministrations. Biden was eager to distinguish el and other Arab partners on a Biden and his senior aides con- creased oil production by only a Trump’s “blank check” policy himself from President Donald stalled nuclear deal with Iran; and cluded that the U.S. security and limited amount, prompting lead- toward the kingdom. Biden made clear that counter- Trump, who had been criticized to counter China and Russia’s in- energy relationship with Saudi ing Democratic lawmakers to ing China was his top foreign pol- for his closeness with the Saudis fluence in the Middle East. Arabia was too important to iso- complain in a letter last month Speaking to reporters Monday, icy goal. That was reflected inside and had cast doubt on the conclu- late the country, according to the that its “refusal to stabilize global national security adviser Jake Sul- the White House, where the direc- sion that the crown price had or- Biden will sit down face-to-face White House official and two oth- energy markets is helping bank- livan said administration officials torates overseeing the Indo- dered the killing of Khashoggi, a with the crown prince, but only as er top administration officials roll Vladimir Putin’s war crimes in had been in touch with Khashog- Pacific region and China were en- Washington Post contributing col- part of larger meetings with Saudi who spoke on the condition of Ukraine, while inflicting eco- gi’s family, although Biden per- larged in comparison with those umnist. Biden pointedly took a King Salman, who at 86 is the anonymity to discuss the private nomic pain on everyday Ameri- sonally had not. Sullivan said offices in past Democratic admin- step Trump would not, imposing country’s nominal head, and lead- conversations. cans.” Saudi Arabia and other gulf Biden would make a “major state- istrations, and fewer spots on the sanctions and travel bans on Sau- ers of other Persian Gulf nations, countries have expressed only tep- ment” on his vision for the Middle National Security Council were dis connected to the killing. White House officials said. Still, Biden had reservations id support for the Western cam- East before the end of the trip. allocated for staffers working on about meeting with the crown paign to isolate Russia. the Middle East, according to offi- But Biden did not actually put When asked about the meeting prince, hesitant to reward a leader Asked whether Biden regretted cials familiar with the strategy. sanctions on the crown prince, the last month, Biden said: “It’s in who has an extensive record of Biden hopes to change that, but his comments promising to make de facto ruler of the oil-rich king- Saudi Arabia, but it’s not about human rights violations, accord- the visit will require engaging an Saudi Arabia a “pariah,” Sullivan But very quickly, it became dom. That obvious omission sig- Saudi Arabia. And so there’s no ing to two of the officials. indisputably harsh regime. Hu- said no. clear that simply staying away was naled an early decision by Biden commitment that is being made man rights groups say Saudi au- not an option. that, despite his campaign pledge or — I’m not even sure; I guess I Biden sent Brett McGurk, his thorities regularly repress and “The president has not ex- to make Saudi Arabia a “pariah” will see the king and the crown chief Middle East adviser, and torture dissidents and human pressed regret about his state- Just a few months after Biden and notwithstanding the coun- prince, but that’s — that’s not the rights activists. The country does ments,” Sullivan said. “He’s been took office, a violent conflict broke try’s brutal human rights viola- meeting I’m going to. They’ll be not tolerate public worship by fol- focused on his view that the Unit- out in the Gaza Strip between tions, he would end up engaging part of a much larger meeting.” lowers of religions other than Is- ed States has important interests Israel and Hamas. After 11 days of with the country, according to lam and even discriminates to advance and protect, including fighting, the two sides agreed to a White House officials. Biden’s visit is part of his first against Muslim minorities, and its the partnership with Saudi Ara- cease-fire, but it took a flurry of trip to the Middle East since tak- judges punish people suspected of bia, and among other things the diplomatic activity among U.S., Biden now finds himself in an ing office. On Wednesday, Biden having sex outside marriage, ac- need to increase the prospects of Israeli and Arab officials. uncomfortable position as he vis- will arrive in Israel, marking his tivists say. peace in the region.” its Saudi Arabia, trying to signal 10th trip to the country. He has The crisis was tamped down, at simultaneously that he values the long been an ardent supporter of The crown prince has imple- As a candidate, Biden vowed to least temporarily, but that did lit- country as an ally and that he Israel, often touting his relation- mented modest reforms, such as restore U.S. global leadership on tle to clarify Biden’s longer-range harbors significant reservations ships with its leaders dating back allowing women to drive. But the human rights after the Trump era goals in the Middle East. about visiting. That discomfort to Golda Meir, who was prime Saudis’ brutal record was punctu- and said he found “very little so- has created uncertainty around minister in the early 1970s. ated by the 2018 murder of cial redeeming value in the pre- “I haven’t heard an articulation what, exactly, will be the outcome Khashoggi, who investigators sent government in Saudi Arabia.” of the objectives for the trip,” said of the president’s four-day swing On Friday, Biden is to meet with have concluded was killed and Evelyn Farkas, a former Obama through Israel and Saudi Arabia. Mahmoud Abbas, the president of dismembered in the Saudi Con- But once in office, Biden found administration official who is ex- the Palestinian Authority. Biden sulate in Istanbul. himself battling an ascendant Chi- ecutive director of the McCain In- “The Biden team, and President will also hold bilateral meetings na for global influence while seek- stitute. “It would be really helpful with leaders of Egypt, the United Human rights activists have ing to fend off Russia’s growing if the president himself could ar- Arab Emirates and Iraq while in criticized Biden in part because aggression. And Biden has taken a ticulate a clear Middle East strat- Saudi Arabia, according to a sen- the White House has scheduled no political hit from the sharp in- egy, so that our allies and partners ior White House official. news conference for the visit to crease in the price of gas, although could help the United States in it has come down in recent days. achieving those objectives.” U.S. to Pacific island nations. China “We are significantly stepping Chinese Foreign Minister Pacific Islands Forum, which, de- That agreement stirred fears of open new struck a security agreement with up our game in the Pacific is- Wang Yi visited both countries spite infighting, has emerged as a a Chinese military base about embassies the Solomon Islands in April de- lands,” said a senior administra- during his Pacific tour in late May key regional bloc. In a sign of the 1,000 miles from Australian in Pacific spite American objections. And tion official who spoke to report- and signed bilateral agreements region’s growing geopolitical im- shores, though China and the the Chinese foreign minister re- ers on the condition of anonymity with each. portance, the Biden administra- Solomon Islands denied that BY MICHAEL E. MILLER cently signed several other bilat- ahead of the vice president’s PIF tion will also design and release would happen. eral agreements during an eight- appearance. Kiribati announced this week its first national strategy specifi- sydney — The United States said country tour of the region. that it was withdrawing from the cally devoted to the Pacific is- China recently failed in an at- The official said the United PIF, purportedly over a leader- lands. tempt to strike a similar but far Tuesday it would expand its dip- The Biden administration has States is not asking Pacific island ship dispute, although an opposi- broader security agreement with lomatic presence in the Pacific, as sought to shift American focus nations to choose between it and tion leader told the Guardian the Harris will announce the re- 10 Pacific island countries, but it seeks to counter the growing from the Middle East to Asia. It China. withdrawal was the result of Chi- turn of the Peace Corps to Fiji, Beijing has suggested it will try influence of China in a region of has withdrawn U.S. troops from nese pressure. China has denied Tonga, Samoa and Vanuatu after again. intensifying great-power rivalry. Afghanistan, ramped up the “We are focusing on our own that. volunteers were withdrawn dur- Quadrilateral Security Dialogue engagement and our own inter- ing the pandemic. The Biden ad- Australia’s recently elected The new efforts, which will be with Japan, Australia and India, ests and our own support,” the The U.S. official said that the ministration is also exploring ex- center-left Labor government has announced by Vice President and launched the AUKUS pact official said. “Of course contrasts Biden administration was “con- panding the program to addition- also promised to boost diploma- Harris during a virtual address to with Britain and Australia, [with China] will be made, and we cerned” by Kiribati’s withdrawal al Pacific island countries. cy, aid and military ties to Pacific leaders at the Pacific Islands Fo- which, like the Quad, is seen as a would like to think that contrast but that discussions over the is- island nations to counter Bei- rum (PIF) in Fiji, will include two countermeasure to China’s grow- looks favorably on us, where sue are ongoing. “We are expanding our foot- jing’s growing influence. additional U.S. embassies and a ing military assertiveness in the we’ve been a responsible security print and making sure we have tripling of some aid, among other Indo-Pacific. actor in the region, in fact, in the Harris will also announce that the people and apparatus in place Despite a slight easing of ten- measures. entire Indo-Pacific, for many dec- the administration aims to triple to deepen our cooperation on a sions between the two countries, Yet China’s security agreement ades and have helped to preserve funding for economic develop- day-to-day basis and to deliver highlighted by the first ministeri- The diplomatic push comes with the Solomon Islands — the a free and open Indo-Pacific.” ment and ocean resilience in the concrete results,” the senior ad- al meetings in three years, China amid concerns that China has site of a key American military region to $60 million a year for ministration official said. has yet to lift punishing tariffs on supplanted the United States as victory at Guadalcanal during Among the measures Harris the next decade, although Con- Australia. the friend of choice for some World War II — appeared to catch will announce to Pacific leaders gress will have to approve the But the Solomon Islands show the United States and its close will be new U.S. embassies in increase. Some of the funds the limitations of such outreach. During a visit to Washington regional allies, Australia and New Kiribati and Tonga. would go toward combating the In February, the Biden adminis- this week, Richard Marles, the Zealand, by surprise. impact of climate change on the tration announced it would re- Australian defense minister and In 2019, Kiribati and the Solo- Pacific island nations, which are open its long-shuttered embassy deputy prime minister, said the The new diplomatic initiatives mon Islands both switched their among the world’s most vulner- in the nation’s capital, Honiara, United States and Australia will come as the United States tries to diplomatic recognition from Tai- able. only for China to announce its need to increase their presence in restore some of its influence in wan to China, underscoring the security agreement two months the Indo-Pacific, warning that a the region. inroads Beijing has made in the The United States will also later. failure to maintain a balance of region. appoint its first envoy to the power could be “catastrophic.” Mexico’s president meets Biden amid tension over migration, fentanyl BY MARY BETH SHERIDAN SUSAN WALSH/ASSOCIATED PRESS eral Central American leaders fol- pressure as midterm elections ap- AND ASHLEY PARKER lowed his lead, casting a shadow proach and detentions at the bor- Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and President Biden in the Oval Office on Tuesday. over Biden’s premier gathering der hit record levels. Mexican President Andrés The meeting came a month after López Obrador boycotted Biden’s Western Hemisphere summit. with Latin American leaders. Manuel López Obrador needled López Obrador’s government President Biden over high gas After boasting about the Unit- Mexico is the top source of unau- from the country’s leftist move- López Obrador’s boycott “has has obliged, detaining nearly prices in the United States during ed States as the “fastest-growing” thorized migrants and illegal ment, delights in tweaking the only further contributed to fears twice as many migrants in the a White House visit Tuesday in- economy in the world, Biden re- drugs reaching the United States, United States. On July 4, he pro- surrounding the shaky health of first third of 2022 compared with tended to serve as a make-up turned the favor, calling Mexico a while flowing the other way are posed a campaign to dismantle Mexico’s democracy and its part- the same period last year. meeting between the two leaders. “great nation” and suggesting guns from the United States that the Statue of Liberty if a U.S. judge nership with the United States,” that both countries would benefit are used in Mexico’s spectacular handed a life sentence to Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), Yet a growing number of Mexi- “While we’re waiting for prices from a cooperative relationship. organized-crime violence. WikiLeaks founder Julian As- chairman of the Senate Foreign cans are headed to the United to go down, we have decided that sange. Relations Committee, wrote in States, reversing a decade-long it was necessary for us to allow “I do believe that working with Despite the neighbors’ com- the Mexican newspaper Reforma. decline in such migration ending Americans who live close to the you we can help solve both our mon interests, relations have re- More serious was his snub of (López Obrador, widely known as in 2019. borderline so that they could go problems,” Biden said. mained rocky, even as Biden has the Summit of the Americas in Los AMLO, said his critics in the U.S. and get their gasoline on the Mex- sought to chart a more diplomatic Angeles. The Mexican president Senate had “a lot of hate for the Mexicans now make up the ican side at lower prices,” López Mexico is the second-biggest course than President Donald announced he would skip the Cuban people.”) largest group of people appre- Obrador said. trading partner of the United Trump. June event unless the leftist auto- hended at the U.S. southwest bor- States, and the countries are cratic leaders of Cuba, Nicaragua Tuesday’s meeting the second der, with more than 560,000 de- Speaking for 31 minutes to bound together by geography and López Obrador, the first mod- and Venezuela were invited. Sev- face-to-face talks between the U.S. tentions in the first eight months Biden’s 10, López Obrador said culture — for better and for worse. ern Mexican leader to emerge and Mexican presidents. They of fiscal 2022 — a 35 percent jump that gas in his country is roughly a long-running concerns — migra- over the same period in 2021. dollar less than in the United tion, narcotics trafficking and the States — the average U.S. gas price economy — as well as their sharp López Obrador is keen to ob- is now $4.66, according to AAA. divisions over López Obrador’s tain more temporary U.S. work He also noted that “since the en- nationalistic energy policies. visas for Mexicans and Central ergy crisis started, Mexico has Americans, and the two countries used 72 percent of its crude and The Mexican leader’s comment are working on streamlining pro- fuel oil exports to United States about cheaper Mexican gas “was a cedures for applicants. refineries.” clear attempt to show that divi- sion between Mexican energy pol- The U.S. government is also The meeting between the two icy and U.S. energy policy and worried about skyrocketing drug- men came a month after López what AMLO sees as the implica- overdose deaths from fentanyl, Obrador boycotted Biden’s West- tions of each policy,” said Jason most of which comes from Mexi- ern Hemisphere summit, and was Marczak, a Latin America scholar co. López Obrador has had an icy intended to reflect something of a at the Atlantic Council. relationship with the U.S. Drug detente amid rising concerns over Enforcement Administration, al- migration, trade and the flow of Marczak said López Obrador leging it became too involved in fentanyl across the southwest U.S. has prioritized Mexico’s govern- Mexico’s domestic affairs during border. ment-owned oil industry and fa- prior governments. For years, his vored development of fossil fuels government played down Mexi- Despite the tensions, López Ob- over renewable energy, a very dif- co’s role in the fentanyl trade. rador expressed optimism about ferent approach from Biden’s the relationship between the two green energy policies. But it has stepped up raids on countries, telling Biden: “We trust synthetic drug labs and seizures you because you respect our sov- Biden, like Trump, has relied on of fentanyl in recent months, in ereignty. … Count on our support Mexico to serve as a buffer as what has been perceived as a reac- and solidarity always.” migration has surged through the tion to American pressure. hemisphere, and he faces heavy Sheridan reported from Mexico City.

A16 EZ RE THE WASHINGTON POST . WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 ○ DOW 30,981.33 Economy & Business DOWN 192.51, 0.6% ○ NASDAQ 11,264.73 ○ S&P 500 3,818.80 ○ GOLD $1,724.80 ○ CRUDE OIL $95.84 ○ 10-YEAR TREASURY YIELD 2.97% CURRENCIES DOWN 107.87, 0.9% DOWN 35.63, 0.9% DOWN $6.90, 0.4% DOWN $8.25, 0.8% DOWN 0.8% $1= 136.84 YEN, 1.00 EURO BY JEANNE WHALEN, PAVEL GOLOVKIN/ASSOCIATED PRESS ELLEN NAKASHIMA AND HAFEEL FARISZ Aeroflot planes at Sheremetyevo International Airport outside Moscow in March. Russian airlines are retaining more than 400 planes worth billions of dollars. Early last month, an employee of Sri Lanka’s court system Russia holds passenger jets hostage walked into the nation’s biggest airport brandishing a judicial or- In a global sanctions fight, the country’s airlines are refusing to return the planes they’d leased from foreign companies der grounding an Aeroflot flight that was about to take off for And Moscow is fighting hard Aviation sanctions were de- dent Vladimir Putin delayed some June 2, Aeroflot protested, cancel- tweeted about a phone call with Moscow. where it can to blunt the sanc- signed to target one of Russia’s of the pain by signing a law allow- ing all of its flights to the country Putin. The aircraft’s nearly 200 pas- tions’ impact. Aviation is one of key vulnerabilities — it relies on ing airlines to keep foreign air- and claiming that Sri Lanka had sengers were deplaned and taken those sectors. Boeing and Airbus jets manufac- craft for use on domestic flights. given Russia a “state guarantee” “While thanking him for all the to local hotels, their travel foiled tured overseas and owned by So far, Western companies have that its aircraft could fly in and support extended by his gvt to by an Irish company that had To date, Russian airlines are Western leasing companies. Of recovered only about 80 of the out unmolested. Moscow’s For- overcome the challenges of the leased the jet to Aeroflot and was refusing to return more than 400 the 968 planes in Russia’s com- 515 planes they leased to Russia, eign Ministry warned Sri Lanka’s past, I requested an offer of credit now demanding its return to com- planes and a slew of aircraft parts mercial fleet on the eve of the according to Cirium. ambassador of “negative impact” support to import fuel to #lka in ply with Western sanctions on that they leased from Western Ukraine war, 515 belonged to non- on bilateral relations. defeating the current econ chal- Russia. companies, forcing the leasing Russian leasing companies, ac- “The lessor community as a lenges,” he tweeted, using an ab- The incident kicked off a diplo- companies to file $10 billion in cording to Rob Morris, global whole has accepted the fact that Among Moscow’s threats, ac- breviation for Sri Lanka. matic row on the tropical island insurance claims, according to head of consultancy at Cirium. most aircraft they have placed cording to the European official, south of India, which is heavily data and research provider Ciri- within Russia will not be repos- was to cut off energy deliveries. AerCap isn’t the only leasing dependent on Russia for tourist um. Even aircraft manufactured in- sessed,” said Mike Stengel, a con- Those had proved crucial on at company affected. Maeots, the income and, of late, for fuel. First, side Russia, such as the Sukhoi sultant with Michigan-based least one occasion in late May, chief executive of Estonian com- Aeroflot halted all flights to the “Sanctions may be serving the Superjet, a regional aircraft, and AeroDynamic Advisory. when a shipment of Russian oil pany Magnetic MRO, said that island, blocking the flow of leisure long-term purpose of isolating the Irkut MC-21, intended to com- allowed Sri Lanka’s sole refinery before the invasion, he had four travelers. Then, in private talks, Russia,” said Risto Maeots, chief pete with the Airbus A320 and AerCap’s tortured pursuit of to restart for the first time in over Boeing engines leased to Russian according to a European official executive of an aviation-servicing Boeing 737, use engines, avionics the jet that escaped seizure in Sri two months, Bloomberg News re- airlines. With the imposition of familiar with what took place, company in Estonia that has been and software from the United Lanka shows how poorly the re- ported. European export controls, he had Moscow threatened to cut off en- unable to recover several engines States and Europe. A Russian covery efforts have gone. The Irish one month to get them back. The ergy deliveries as well — some- from Russia. “But in the short state-owned company is attempt- company, the world’s largest les- In an interview with a local Russian airline simply refused to thing that would have worsened term, they weren’t as painful as ing to develop a fully domestic sor of commercial aircraft, says it paper published June 5, Sri Lan- return them. “My assets are still an economic crisis that was al- they were meant to be.” engine for the MC-21, but it’s go- alone has more than 100 planes ka’s justice minister said he in- there,” he said. ready causing food and fuel short- ing to take time, analysts say. stuck inside Russia, for which it structed the attorney general to ages and widespread unrest. For all the attention given to has submitted $3.5 billion in in- “sort it out because there are con- Even if the companies even- Within days, the court, acting the seizure of yachts belonging to Sanctions required Western surance claims. sequences beyond the law. Our tually regain the planes, that’s not after a request from the govern- Russia’s oligarchs, what happens companies to terminate their country can be affected prejudi- the end of their worries, said Ja- ment, issued a new ruling clearing with the aircraft is of far greater leases and recall their planes. And According to court documents cially due to such orders.” son Dickstein, the general counsel the jet to fly, and it left for Russia, import, he added. an unprecedented set of export in Sri Lanka, AerCap wrote Aero- of the Aviation Suppliers Associa- where it now flies regularly be- controls imposed by a coalition of flot demanding the return of the The next day, Sri Lankan gov- tion, a U.S.-based group repre- tween Moscow and Kyrgyzstan. “What will the West do with the 37 countries in Europe, North Airbus A330-300 two days after ernment lawyers representing the senting aircraft parts distribu- For Sri Lanka, the battle over yachts — go fishing? Russians can America and Asia also banned Russia invaded Ukraine in Febru- state-owned airport joined Aero- tors. the Irish-owned airliner was just a do much more with the jets,” he companies from selling new ary. It followed up with five more flot in asking the court to over- blip in a long string of develop- said. “So short term, they got a planes, parts or software to Rus- letters by mid-April, but Aeroflot turn the grounding order. The “There is a fear among leasing ments that last week led to chaos fairly good deal.” sia, from servicing Russian-oper- kept using the plane, worth an court obliged, saying the order companies that if and when they as protesters stormed the homes ated aircraft or providing them estimated $17.3 million, to shuttle had been improperly served, and ever recover [their planes] they of the president and prime minis- Russia’s embassy in Washing- online software updates. Even re- tourists to and from Sri Lanka — the plane promptly took off for won’t be able to use them because ter, forcing them both to promise ton didn’t respond to a request for fueling a Boeing jet leased by a providing the nearly bankrupt na- Moscow. they won’t be able to verify their to resign. But for Russia, it was a comment. Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Russian entity was off-limits. tion a rare source of income. air worthiness,” he said. victory in a hard fought campaign Foreign Affairs called the incident Last week, a month after the Farisz reported from Colombo, against a four-month Western a commercial dispute and said the But in March, Russian Presi- When AerCap won the court plane left Sri Lanka, the nation’s Sri Lanka. sanctions campaign, demonstrat- government did everything to not order that grounded the plane on president, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, ing the lengths Moscow is willing escalate it into a diplomatic one. to go to defend its economy, par- ticularly in vulnerable nations where it has leverage. There are signs that the sanc- tions are starting to bite. Russian government statistics show that auto production plummeted by 96.7 percent in May compared with a year ago, threatening a sector that employs 600,000. Economists say that reflects a broad collapse in manufacturing as foreign-owned factories close and domestic ones struggle to import Western components. Hundreds of foreign compa- nies have ceased operations in Russia, inflation is running at 16 percent and the country’s gross domestic product will contract by 8.5 percent this year, the Interna- tional Monetary Fund predicts. Economists say Russia’s long- term prospects remain dire. “The potential for the decline is far from exhausted,” Sergey Alek- sashenko, a former top official in Russia’s Finance Ministry and central bank, who now lives in the United States, wrote June 30 in a newsletter. But some factors continue working in Russia’s favor, includ- ing lucrative oil and gas exports that fund the military and social safety net. Russia earned about 93 billion euros — roughly $93 billion, or $1 billion a day — in revenue from fossil fuel exports in the first 100 days of the war, according to the Centre for Re- search on Energy and Clean Air, a nonprofit in Finland. DIGEST RETAIL reignite sales growth. Syngal had connected to Three Arrows for MICHAEL NAGLE/BLOOMBERG NEWS fueled an opioid epidemic in the been the head of Old Navy, which more information. city. Under the deal announced Gap fires CEO amid generates more than half of the A worker delivers packages on Amazon Prime Day in New York on by City Attorney David Chiu, cost, stock challenges company’s revenue. Three Arrows, which Zhu and Tuesday. Bargain hunters were expected to find the company’s annual Israel-based Teva will pay Davies founded after trading at sale underwhelming this year, with many sellers minimizing profit- $25 million in cash and Gap fired chief executive Syngal’s departure further Credit Suisse Group, succumbed eating discounts in an era of soaring costs. The event actually runs for contribute a $20 million supply Sonia Syngal after 21/2 years, with reduces women’s representation to the widespread crypto sell-off two days, through Wednesday. of the overdose-reversal drug rising costs and deepening at the top of U.S. public last month. Insolvency Narcan. AbbVie will pay discounts threatening to wipe companies. There are 33 women proceedings kicked off in the request for comment. ALSO IN BUSINESS $13 million. Teva’s settlement out this quarter’s operating leading companies in the S&P British Virgin Islands and were Three Arrows’ downfall has Teva Pharmaceutical Industries also resolves the city’s claims profit. 500 Index, according to followed by a Chapter 15 and AbbVie’s Allergan unit on against drug distributor Anda Bloomberg Data. Gap was bankruptcy filing in the United rippled through the digital asset Tuesday reached a $58 million Inc, which is owned by Teva. Chairman Bob Martin is removed from the index at the States. industry, helping drive at least settlement with the city of San London’s Heathrow Airport taking over immediately as CEO start of the year. one crypto platform that counted Francisco just before completion asked airlines to stop selling on an interim basis, according to “We don’t know where they’re it as a counterparty into of a trial over claims that they tickets for summer departures a statement late Monday. The — Bloomberg News located today,” Adam Goldberg of bankruptcy already. on Tuesday, after it capped the stock has been battered amid law firm Latham & Watkins said number of passengers flying missteps such as a clumsy FINANCE of Zhu and Davies. The pair have — Bloomberg News from the hub at 100,000 a day to implementation of expanded provided information about limit queues, baggage delays and women’s sizes at the company’s Crypto fund founders some of the fund’s assets, but cancellations. Britain’s busiest Old Navy chain, which caused to face subpoenas “this is by no means a sufficient airport, like others across inventory levels to swell just as form of cooperation,” according Europe, is struggling to cope as demand may have crested. Gap Three Arrows Capital to Goldberg, who is representing demand rebounds after the already announced the liquidators won permission to Teneo. pandemic. Heathrow had departure of Old Navy’s top subpoena founders Kyle Davies between 110,000 and 125,000 executive earlier this year. and Zhu Su — whose The duo will continue to daily passenger departures in whereabouts remain unknown — provide information about the July and August 2019. Airlines at Gap shares are down along with banks and digital firm’s assets on a “rolling basis,” Heathrow had already 50 percent this year, compared asset exchanges tied to the Zhu posted from his verified responded to a government with a 30 percent drop for the cryptocurrency hedge fund. Twitter account Tuesday. The appeal to cut capacity, but the S&P 500 Retailing Index. founders are under intense airport said it needed them to go A federal bankruptcy judge pressure — including threats of further. The London hub said the Back in early 2020, it was granted the emergency motion physical violence and inquiries cap was in line with limits Syngal, now 52, who stepped in in a hearing Tuesday. Liquidators from Singapore regulators — and implemented at its rivals. to replace a CEO who abruptly at advisory firm Teneo are are displeased with the behavior departed amid operational seeking to investigate and of the liquidators, according to — From news services problems. Predecessor Art Peck preserve the assets of the the post. Advocatus Law, the law left after a scrapped plan to spin bankrupt hedge fund, and plan firm representing the founders, off Old Navy and failing to to contact as many as 24 entities didn’t immediately respond to a

WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 . THE WASHINGTON POST EZ RE A17 High prices, savings drain among reasons to perhaps wait on a home purchase You’ve probably problem, up 10 percentage points Bureau,” according to a review by been told from early 2018, according to a Washington Consumers’ repeatedly by Pew Research Center report Checkbook and your mama, released at the end of 2021. “Even the most comprehensive daddy, financial plans include long lists of fine- experts, real Don’t forget one of the print exclusions.” Michelle estate agents important lessons of the Great Singletary and bankers to Recession, which is that home Mortgage is a big budget hit buy a home. values can come crashing down. When qualifying for a mortgage, THE COLOR Renting is too People who purchased at the lenders allow for some debt. But OF MONEY often — and height of the housing boom had the lending process doesn’t to learn the hard way that homes account for the money you need incorrectly — don’t always appreciate. If you to have in your budget to save for viewed as just throwing good buy too high, you may not be able retirement or college savings for money away. The sooner you buy to sell your home and make a your child or children. a home, the sooner you can profit. become rich with home equity, is If you buy a home before you the money mantra you keep And can I throw in this extra are economically ready, it can hearing. piece of advice? drag you down financially. While it’s true that you can add to your net worth by owning a Don’t overestimate the tax The market may be cooling home that appreciates in value, advantage of homeownership. A year ago, the average 30-year it’s not always clear when buying Often, home buyers point to a fixed rate was 2.9 percent. a home makes the most economic mortgage deduction as a big sense for you. reason to buy a home. Yet many As of July 7, following months Homeownership for many is homeowners with mortgages of increases, the 30-year fixed the key to achieving the American don’t receive the tax break rate dropped slightly, to an Dream of prosperity. But does it because they don’t itemize their average of 5.30 percent, make sense to defer that dream in federal tax returns. according to Freddie Mac. a still-recovering economy? BLOOMBERG NEWS At a time of high inflation and The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act In an effort to beat back rising interest rates that sage nearly doubled the standard A house for sale last month in Crockett, Calif. A recent dip in the 30-year fixed rate after a year of inflation, the Federal Reserve advice to buy a home may not be deduction, resulting in fewer increases could be a sign that the housing market is cooling. began pushing rates up. taxpayers itemizing deductions in your best financial interest. on their tax returns. communications at the National big-ticket item such as a maintain it, which may mean Higher mortgage rates can Some folks, in part because of Foundation for Credit mortgage.” making home improvements. make it more difficult for some rising interest rates, are realizing You credit history needs time Counseling. “Rising mortgage buyers to qualify for a mortgage. now is not the right time to buy. With interest rates rising, you interest rates make it even more It’ll wipe out all your savings I’ll just get a home warranty Fewer buyers manically bidding In June, close to 15 percent of need to do what you can to get important to review your credit If purchasing a home will clean policy, you might argue. up available homes can have the home-purchase agreements fell your credit score as high as report and address any items that out your rainy-day fund, you effect of lowering home prices. through as buyers backed out of possible. FICO, the scoring model might negatively influence your might want to rethink your Based on my own experience Less demand, potentially lower their contracts, according to an most lenders use, ranges from a score.” timing. with various home warranty prices. analysis by Redfin. low of 300 to a high of 850. policies, having one doesn’t Here are five reasons you McClary highly recommends If the economy gets worse and guarantee you will get your Heed this prospective from shouldn’t buy a home right now. Lenders consider your credit aiming for a score over 700. unemployment ticks up, you appliance repaired or replaced in Freddie Mac: “While the drop score in determining the interest don’t want to be in the position of a timely manner. For each visit to provides minor relief to buyers, Home prices are still too high rate and payment terms on a “Because mortgages represent losing a job and not having fix something that was broken, I the housing market will continue Although the housing market is mortgage loan. The higher your large loans that last for a long enough savings to cover your had to pay a service fee ranging to normalize if home price showing signs of cooling down, score, the better deal you may get. time, improving your credit score mortgage and other expenses for from $100 to $125, which is on growth materially slows due to it’s still pricey for many families. Even a few points’ difference can could save you a ton of money,” at least a couple of months. top of the monthly or annual fee the combination of low housing push you into a pricing tier that points out Ted Rossman, senior for the policy. affordability and an expected About half of Americans — can increase the cost of your loan. industry analyst at As a homeowner, the economic slowdown.” 49 percent — say the availability and “It’s maintenance and repairs of your “Warranty companies are the of affordable housing in their “A higher credit score helps especially important to do property are on you. If you want subject of thousands of Yes, homeownership is one local community is a major ensure that you’ll qualify for the whatever you can to improve to keep up your property value or complaints and negative reviews path to prosperity. But patience most affordable mortgage loan,” your score before applying for a increase it over time, you have to at consumer agencies and groups in the current economic said Bruce McClary, senior vice such as the Better Business environment can also work in president of membership and your favor. Twitter suit could mean months of legal drama, experts say TWITTER FROM A1 RICHARD DREW/ASSOCIATED PRESS filing said that Musk’s complaints The Twitter logo at the New York Stock Exchange last fall. The company filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against Elon Musk, writing that he “apparently believes that he — unlike about bots had no merit, and that every other party subject to Delaware contract law — is free to change his mind, trash the company, disrupt its operations, destroy stockholder value, and walk away.” Musk, despite getting reams of data and information from Twit- cial media company. make up fewer than 5 percent of found out later that those esti- speedier timeline than other types will give is harder to forecast.” ter, hadn’t been able to produce Soon after, Musk began to the accounts on its service of mates might not be accurate, of court cases and one reason that The court could order that any evidence that the company’s 229 million daily users, but some could be viewed as reasonable by a businesses prefer to headquarter estimates were wrong. throw wrenches in the deal, using outside researchers have project- judge. in Delaware. Twitter hopes for a Musk pay the $1 billion breakup his popular Twitter account to call ed that the number could be far trial of a week or less, a person fee specified in the contract, but Now a judge in a specialized out individual company execu- higher. But Twitter doesn’t share Attorneys involved in the case, familiar with the discussions, who that may not satisfy Twitter, which business court in Delaware must tives and to highlight what he comprehensive usage data with as well as experts, expect that spoke on the condition of anonym- has faced a sinking stock and a determine whether the billionaire indicated were misleading esti- researchers, preventing signifi- Chancellor Kathaleen McCor- ity, told The Washington Post. beleaguered workforce as the deal can exit the $44 billion deal, de- mates of spam and fake accounts cant external evaluation of the is- mick, head of the Chancery Court created uncertainty around the fu- spite a contract binding him to on the platform. In May, Musk sue. and the highest-ranking of the Both Twitter and Musk have ture of the brand. complete the acquisition barring a tweeted that the deal was “on seven judges in the system, will hired law firms with close ties to major change to the company’s hold” over the bot problem. Experts on Delaware’s Chan- take the case herself. Last year the Chancery Court, a reflection of The court could also order business. cery Court system say the rigid McCormick forced private equity the tightly knit system. Last week Musk to go through with the deal, The fight escalated Friday, contract, combined with the fact firm Kohlberg & Co. to go through Twitter hired Wachtell, Lipton, a decision that would be “momen- “Oh the irony lol,” Musk tweet- when Musk’s legal team said he that Musk failed to amend it and with a deal to buy cake-decorating Rosen & Katz. Leo Strine Jr., for- tous,” said Anthony Casey, a pro- ed shortly after the case dropped. was pulling out of the agreement waived due diligence, will make it supply company DecoPac after the mer chief justice of the Delaware fessor of law and economics at the in its letter to the SEC. Twitter difficult for the billionaire to win. firm tried to get out of the deal. Supreme Court and former chan- University of Chicago Law School. Experts said they anticipated executives and board members, cellor of the Chancery Court, is an agonizing legal drama to play who had long anticipated this sort “From the outside, it seems like Experts said it is more common corporate counsel at Wachtell. But it’s not unheard of. In a 2001 out in the Delaware Court of Chan- of move from Musk, said they were Musk has an uphill climb,” said for the Chancery Court to force a And a current vice chancellor of decision, the court ruled Tyson cery, a tiny, clubby court that has prepared to take him to court to Jeremy Eicher, an attorney with company to follow through with the Chancery Court, Lori Will, Foods needed to complete its ac- decided the outcomes of some of force him to follow through with more than a decade of experience its obligations than to enable the hails from Skadden, Arps, Slate, quisition of IBP Inc. after the foods the biggest business squabbles in the contract. representing clients with cases in buyer to wiggle out of a deal. The Meagher and Flom, a firm which is giant tried to call it off. the United States. The court has the Chancery Court. “He’s a so- bar is fairly high for doing so. representing Musk. Will also for- just seven judges — one chancellor “We are confident we will pre- phisticated buyer with a highly merly clerked for Strine. Forcing Musk to go through and six vice chancellors — who vail in the Delaware Court of competent legal team that could But the court has allowed com- with the deal could lead to a court have enormous discretion to force Chancery,” Bret Taylor, the Twitter have asked about these issues be- panies to get out of deals in some There’s a multitude of ways the appeal and tension between a re- companies to take specific actions. board chair, tweeted last week. fore. It’s not just a deal between cases where the judge determined disagreement could be resolved, luctant owner and his new team. two guys.” that the business being acquired legal experts say, though most Already many Twitter employees The process is likely to submit Twitter views its chances in the was not forthright. In one notable doubt that Musk will be able to have protested his ownership. Twitter to a grueling level of public court system as favorable because But Eicher noted that in recent case in 2018, a Chancery Court walk away without forfeiting scrutiny, forcing the platform to Musk had not pressed the plat- years, Chancery Court decisions judge allowed medical-care com- some sort of payment. Some legal experts think the open up its books and expose in- form on the bot issue before sign- have become fairly unpredictable pany, Fresenius, to terminate its most likely outcome is for the two ternal deliberations in ways that ing the contract, though the com- and that the outcomes are fre- planned purchase of generic phar- “If I had to call it today, Twitter’s sides to reach some sort of settle- might further damage its stock pany had offered public quarterly quently dictated by whims of any maceutical company, Akorn, after got the better of the argument,” ment agreement, either one that price and reputation, already bat- estimates of spam and fake ac- particular judge, who is known as finding that Akorn had not dis- said Lawrence Hamermesh, exec- allows Musk to buy Twitter for a tered from the market downturn counts for years. He had waived a chancellor or a vice chancellor. closed major “data integrity” is- utive director of the Institute for lower price or that requires him to and months of sparring with his right to due diligence, despite sues to the acquirer. Law and Economics at the Univer- pay a higher breakup fee to Twit- Musk. In the complaint, Twitter’s being well aware of the bot issue, And Musk’s argument, that he sity of Pennsylvania Carey Law ter. But Musk is the wild card. lawyers said Musk broke his the complaint said. Twitter esti- and his team relied on and trusted Experts said they expected the School. “What remedy the court promises to “use his best efforts to mates that spam and bot accounts Twitter’s bot estimates, and only case to last four to six months, a far “I think Musk is a little less get the deal done” and accused predictable than most litigants,” him of refusing to honor his obli- Casey said. gations because the deal he signed “no longer serves his personal in- terests.” Although Musk agreed to buy Twitter at a premium, as market conditions worsened, Musk’s per- sonal wealth has declined signifi- cantly — by more than $100 billion from its peak. “So Musk wants out,” the com- plaint alleges. “Rather than bear the cost of the market downturn, as the merger agreement requires, Musk wants to shift it to Twitter’s stockholders.” Twitter’s legal team argues Musk repeatedly disparaged the company on Twitter, referring to his attitude toward the platform as “disdain” for a company he was expected “to protect.” Musk began breaking rules earlier this year, the filing alleges, when he bought large amounts of Twitter stock without proper notification. At first Musk claimed he was buying the company and taking it private to rid it of spam, Twitter’s lawyers note. Then, after the mar- ket downturn, Musk changed his tune, “suddenly demanding ‘veri- fication’ that spam was not a seri- ous problem on Twitter’s plat- form, and claiming a burning need to conduct ‘diligence’ he had expressly forsworn.” The lawsuit is the latest in a tumultuous saga that began in April, when Twitter’s board ac- cepted Musk’s surprise offer to purchase the long-struggling so-

A18 EZ RE THE WASHINGTON POST . WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 THE MARKETS 6 Monitor your investments at Data and graphics by DOW JONES NASDAQ COMPOSITE INDEX STANDARD & POOR'S Close 36,800 '21 Close 17,000 '21 Close 4,800 '21 30,981.33 11,264.73 3,818.80 1D % Change 33,340 1D % Change 13,000 1D % Change 4,230 -0.6% -0.9% -0.9% YTD % Change YTD % Change YTD % Change -14.7% -28.0% -19.9% 29,880 10,000 3,660 J A S O N D J F M A M JJ J A S O N D J F M A M JJ J A S O N D J F M A M JJ Dow Jones 30 Industrials RATES S&P 500 Industry Group Snapshot Company Close 1D % Chg % Company Close 1D % Chg % 4Ban.7k P5rim%e 5.72%30-Yr Fixed mtge '21 10-yr note Industry Group Daily % -41.4% Chg % 1Yr +41.4% Chg YTD Chg YTD 4.90%15-Yr Fixed mtge Yield: J&J 1.75%Federal Funds 13-Y.r8AR5M% Airlines Chg 3M Co 130.20 0.9 -26.7 JPMorgan 175.85 -1.4 2.8 2.97% Auto Components AmerExpCo 139.18 -1.0 -14.9 McDonald's 112.97 0.1 -28.7 2.46%LIBOR 3-Month 5Yr CD Natl Media 6.3 Amgen Inc 246.97 -0.3 9.8 Merck & Co 251.48 -0.7 -6.2 5-yr note Real Estate Mgmt & Dev 2.5 Apple Inc 145.86 0.7 -17.9 Microsoft -0.7 22.1 Consumer Rates 1.56 Yield: Household Durables 1.8 Boeing 147.15 7.4 -26.9 NIKE Inc 93.60 -4.1 -24.6 Software 1.1 Caterpillr 174.49 -0.3 -15.6 Prcter& Gmbl 253.67 -1.3 -37.7 Money Market Natl New Car Loan Natl 3.01% Life Sciences 1.0 Chevron 138.92 -1.8 18.4 Salesforce 103.76 -0.9 -11.5 Construction & Engineerng -4.1 Cisco Sys -0.9 -32.4 Travelers Cos I 144.75 -4.6 -34.5 0.11 5.07 2-yr note Energy Equipment & Svcs -4.1 Coca-Cola 42.86 -0.4 5.8 UntdHlthGr 166.33 -1.9 5.7 Yield: Internet & Catalog Retail -2.6 Dow Inc 62.67 -1.2 -11.1 Verzn Comm 165.28 -0.5 2.4 6Mo CD Natl Home Equity Loan Natl -2.3 Gldman Schs 50.42 -0.2 -23.5 Visa Inc 514.42 0.6 -2.3 3.04% -2.2 Hnywll Int 292.53 0.4 -16.7 Walgreens -0.1 -5.5 0.50 7.41 Home Depot 173.61 -0.4 -31.3 Walmart 50.78 1.4 -27.2 6-month bill Gainers and Losers from the S&P 1500 Index 1D % IBM 285.12 -1.3 4.1 Walt Disney 204.82 -0.3 -13.6 1Yr CD Natl Yield: 1D % Close Chg Intel Corp 139.18 0.0 -27.7 0.0 -39.6 Company Close Chg Company 37.21 37.97 0.94 2.72% Amer Airlines Group 14.77 10.0 ServiceNow Inc 427.94 -12.7 125.07 Mexico $ Gannett Co Inc 2.65 8.2 BioLife Solutions 15.49 -10.8 93.60 20.86 United Airlines Inc 38.23 8.1 PriceSmart Inc 65.54 -9.6 Currency Exchange YTD % Chg Amer Axle & Mfg 7.76 7.6 Comty Health Systems 3.49 -8.9 COMMODITIES EU € Japan ¥ Britain £ Brazil R$ Canada $ +12% Carnival Corp 9.13 7.5 Enphase Energy Inc 189.47 -8.1 Futures Close 1D % Chg Futures Close 1D % Chg 1.00 136.84 0.84 5.44 1.30 +18.8% Boeing Co/The 147.15 7.4 SPS Commerce Inc 105.27 -7.6 Copper 3.29 -4.2 Silver 18.96 -0.9 +12.7% -7.9 Sugar 18.69 -0.9 INTERNATIONAL STOCK MARKETS Adient PLC 30.25 7.0 ExlService Inc 141.18 -7.6 Crude Oil 95.84 -0.4 Soybean 13.43 -4.4 -4.1 Wheat -4.9 eHealth Inc 8.59 6.6 Paycom Software Inc 296.80 -7.2 Gold 1724.80 -4.5 Corn 8.14 -6.8 Markets 5.87 Hawaiian Inc 15.05 6.5 Core Laboratories NV 16.72 -6.3 Natural Gas 6.16 Americas Daily % Chg -12% Enhabit Inc 18.80 6.2 Repligen Corp 161.94 -6.2 Orange Juice 1.56 BRAZIL IBOVESPA INDEX Close S&P/TSX COMPOSITE INDEX Delta Air Lines Inc 31.09 6.1 Oceaneering Intl 9.85 -6.2 S&P/BMV IPC 98271.21 0.1 18678.64 Zimvie Inc 17.13 6.1 West Pharma Services 296.77 -6.1 47651.52 -0.7 $1000 invested over 1 Year $1000 invested over 1 Month REGENXBIO Inc 29.27 6.0 Talos Energy Inc 13.52 -6.0 0.6 $1686 Mohawk Industries 127.48 5.9 NOV Inc 15.02 -5.9 Exchange-Traded 1D % Chg $704 Europe -18.8% NorwegianCruiseLine 11.60 5.8 Helmerich & Payne 39.18 -5.9 (Ticker) -3.2 STXE 600 (EUR) Pr 417.04 0.5 GameStop Corp 137.12 5.4 Paylocity Holding 176.15 -5.8 -2.8 CAC 40 INDEX 6044.20 0.8 Coffee (COFF.L) -4.7 DAX INDEX 12905.48 0.6 Organogenesis Inc 5.19 5.3 Harsco Corp 6.01 -5.8 Copper (COPA.L) -3.5 FTSE 100 INDEX 7209.86 0.2 Corn (CORN.L) -6.3 Fossil Group Inc 5.82 5.1 Catalent Inc 104.61 -5.6 Cotton (COTN.L) -4.6 Crude Oil (CRUD.L) -0.3 Bed Bath & Beyond 5.04 5.0 CIRCOR International 13.67 -5.5 Gasoline (UGAS.L) -3.6 Gold (BULL.L) -0.6 Asia Pacific -12.7% Bread Financial Inc 40.59 4.8 R1 RCM Inc 21.57 -5.4 Natural Gas (NGAS.L) Silver (SLVR.L) S&P/ASX 200 INDEX 6606.28 0.1 Data and graphics by: Note: Bank prime is from 10 major banks. Federal Funds rate is the market CSI 300 INDEX 4313.62 -0.9 rate, which can vary from the federal target rate. LIBOR is the London HANG SENG INDEX 20844.74 -1.3 Bloomberg Interbank Offered Rate. Consumer rates are from Bankrate. All figures as of NIKKEI 225 26336.66 -1.8 4:30 p.m. New York time. YOUR DREAM KITCHEN WITHOUT Fears of a global downturn rise as THE RENOVATION euro reaches near-parity with dollar Simplify storage with custom shelf systems Slump in currency could for your existing cabinets intensify E.U.’s struggle with rising inflation rates 12 BY YIWEN LU JOHN MINCHILLO/ASSOCIATED PRESS MONTH AND HAMZA SHABAN Stocks tumbled Tuesday as in- The New York Stock Exchange in Manhattan. INTENROEST vestors wrestled with a dimming WE’ PAYMNOENTS global economic outlook signaled Europe. On Monday, the main better-than-expected revenue by a sinking euro, which fell to natural gas pipeline between Rus- and earnings per share as con- INES *On Approved Credit* nearly the exact same value as the sia and Germany shut down for sumers were left to pay more for ING U.S. dollar for the first time in two scheduled maintenance, raising its namesake soda and snacks like CALL NOW! decades. concerns that Moscow could use Doritos. Sales rose more than CDC The Dow Jones industrial aver- it as an excuse for a longer shut- 5 percent, to $20.2 billion, from 50% OFF age shed more than 192 points, or down. the year-ago period. It also earned 0.6 percent, to close at 30,981.33 $1.86 a share INSTALL* in wobbly trading. The broader The weakened euro could in- S&P 500 index declined 0.9 per- tensify the bloc’s struggles with Investors will be closely moni- RE FOLLOW cent to settle at 3,818.80, while the inflation, which in June swelled to toring results from the major tech-heavy Nasdaq sank nearly 8.6 percent, the highest level since banks, including JPMorgan SAFETY GUIDEL 1 percent to end at 11,264.73. the euro was created in 1999. Chase and Morgan Stanley on The decline of Europe’s com- Imports would become more ex- Thursday, and Wells Fargo, PNC Schedule your FREE design consultation mon currency reflects growing pensive under a weaker currency, Financial and Citigroup on Fri- fears of recession in a region making it harder for the central day, to gauge the health of the 703-258-1750 gripped by inflation and growing bank to bring inflation back to 2 economy. uncertainty about its energy sup- percent, a rate it equates with *Limit one offer per household. Must purchase 5+ Classic/Designer Shelves. EXP 8/31/22. Independently owned and operated franchise. © 2022 ShelfGenie SPV LLC. All rights Reserved. plies. In the United States, soaring price stability. “There is little doubt that a prices pressed the Federal Re- major focus of the … earnings serve to tighten monetary policy But exerts say there are ben- calls will feature a wide range of in a bid to rein them in, rattling efits for American consumers be- remarks noting how the strong markets, experts said. cause it will insulate them from [U.S. dollar] has weighed down “There has been an enormous “even worse inflationary pres- companies’ performance over- amount of pessimism in recent sures.” However, for companies seas,” Vecchio said. Though it’s months,” said Kristina Hooper, with international trade expo- unclear how that will play, he chief global market strategist for sure, the decreasing euro value added. Invesco. could affect their sales, said Chris- Earlier Tuesday, the euro hit its topher Vecchio, Senior Strategist Oil prices also bent back, with lowest point since 2002 to move at financial analytic firm DailyFX. Brent crude, the international nearly even with the U.S. dollar. benchmark, toppling nearly The common currency dropped U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet L. 8 percent to fall below $100 per as much as 1.3 percent to $1.0002 Yellen traveled to Asia this week barrel. The U.S. benchmark, West at one point, a 12 percent slump intent on winning support for a Texas Intermediate crude, since the start of the year that proposed price cap on Russian oil plunged 8 percent to $95.65 per analysts attributed to a combina- at the Group of 20 finance minis- barrel. The first case of the coro- tion of forces, including the conti- ter meetings. Such a cap would navirus B. A. 5 variant in China nent’s energy crisis sparked by the bar Moscow from selling its oil at was the primary driver, raising Russian invasion of Ukraine and elevated prices, which have con- fears the county’s zero-covid pol- the European Central Bank’s lag- tributed to inflation. On Tuesday, icy could slash demand. ging actions on inflation. she and Japan’s Finance Minister Europe’s heavy reliance on Rus- Shunichi Suzuki agreed that both The yield on the 10-year Treas- sian gas left member nations es- sides would pursue price caps ury fell to 2.945 percent. Bond pecially vulnerable when the Eu- “where appropriate.” yields, which move inversely to ropean Union decided to cut Rus- prices, reached their high in mid- sian imports in response to the On Wall Street, investors are June after the Fed raised the invasion. Russian President closely monitoring second-quar- interest rates, but then floated Vladimir Putin later mandated ter results, which begin in earnest downstream. Experts said that that buyers from countries that this week, for insights on how investors opted for safe havens imposed sanctions pay for gas in businesses are faring against like bonds amid recession fears rubles, which helped boost his soaring inflation. and drove them away from riskier nation’s currency and weakened assets like stocks. the euro. On Tuesday, PepsiCo reported Meanwhile, Russia also split its supplies via its biggest pipeline to Broken Doors A six-part podcast | No-knock warrants can destroy Listen wherever you get your podcasts lives. Why are they so easy to obtain and carry out? N0229 6x1

WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 . THE WASHINGTON POST EZ RE A19 WEDNESDAY Opinion CATHERINE RAMPELL LAURA BETZ/NASA/ASSOCIATED PRESS EUGENE ROBINSON Fixing inflation The James Webb Space Telescope at a staging facility in Greenbelt on April 13, 2017. Trump, and begins with not Trump alone, making it worse DAVID VON DREHLE turned Jan. 6 into a debacle T pittsfield, mass. We paid billions to glimpse here’s not a ton that most politicians the heavens. It was worth it. I t was Donald Trump, and Donald can do to push inflation down. The “T here are more things in Trump alone, who summoned and few, limited tools they have available heaven and earth, Hora- The one galaxy we know best, our own Another startling image looks like loosed the mob that sacked the Capi- might carry some political risk. So tio, than are dreamt of in Milky Way, contains anywhere from a painted mountain range studded tol, threatened Congress and the vice maybe it’s unreasonable to expect them to try, your philosophy.” So says 100 billion to 400 billion stars. with brilliant flecks of light but is president, and imperiled our democracy. and perhaps pundits like me should stop Hamlet to his school chum after a actually a picture of cosmic dust and That is the powerful message that fussing. chilling encounter with a ghost. The And here it might be helpful to superheated gas driven by the energy emerged from Tuesday’s televised hear- line went through my mind as I spend a moment with the concept of a of new star formation across distanc- ing of the Jan. 6 select committee. And But can we at least agree that politicians looked at the first image released by billion. es many times larger than our solar these hearings make clear just how dan- shouldn’t do things that will make inflation NASA from the James Webb Space system. gerous it would be for the former presi- worse? Telescope, the marvel of engineering The word gets tossed around a lot, dent to be elected again. and audacity recently parked and but the scale of it is not easily grasped. Yet another dazzling pair of images That message hasn’t yet made it here to unfolded in an orbit roughly 1 million If you spent eight solid hours each day unpacks the story of a star’s gradual Amazingly enough, this wasn’t the plan Massachusetts, where Democratic state law- miles from home. counting off the seconds, every day of death, its energy pulsing away in advanced by Sidney Powell, Rudy Giu- makers have proposed sending out checks to the year without a break, starting at rings. And in the background, deep in liani, Michael Flynn and the rest of most residents to help absorb the “increased Operating so far away gives the age 5, you would need to live almost to time, are galaxies and more galaxies Trump’s “Team Crazy” advisers. The page costs due to inflation [that] have cut into Webb supersensitivity to infrared age 100 to reach 1 billion. In 100 such and more galaxies. from the authoritarian playbook they family budgets.” Gov. Charlie Baker (R) has light that cannot be seen by the lifetimes, a person might count the chose was sedate by comparison: Nullify said the proposal would represent “a welcome human eye. It can see much, much stars of this single galaxy — one of It’s not too much to say that a the 2020 election by sending troops to piece of relief.” farther than the low-orbiting Hubble thousands in a speck of the universe. handful of images published over the impound the voting machines. And it Space Telescope. And because light space of 24 hours has already justified certainly wasn’t the course advocated by “Given that the cost of everything has gone travels at a constant speed, seeing Thankfully, some people are better the decades of work and $10 billion Trump’s “Team Normal,” including then- up, anything helps,” the governor said last farther in distance is the same as able to absorb such vastness, to get invested in the Webb telescope. This White House Counsel Pat Cipollone, who week. looking more deeply back in time. their heads around it and to think on is Hubble on steroids, the closest urged Trump to acknowledge the truth: such a scale, than I am. Their philoso- humans have yet come to glimpsing that he had lost the election to Joe Biden. Sadly, it’s not actually the case that “any- The image is a picture from 4.6 bil- phies (as Hamlet might put it) are the true dimensions and inner work- thing” helps. “Inflation relief” check proposals lion years ago. This is only the first of sufficient to conceive an instrument ings of the universe. Our too-solid On the night of Dec. 18, 2020, witnesses like this one, which have also been proposed or many mind-boggling concepts con- that records infinitesimal waves of flesh prevents us from traveling told the committee, Trump presided over adopted in California, Indiana, Delaware and tained in the spellbinding frame. A energy emitted around the time the across such distances, but we can a rancorous, hours-long screaming match several other states, are likely to be actively pitch-black background is speckled Earth was formed; to deploy that look. between the Crazy and Normal camps harmful in the fight against inflation. That’s with thousands of distinct lights, instrument at a position in space four that ended after midnight with no real because these and other tax cuts or rebates some starlike in their brilliance, oth- times farther than the moon; and And perhaps by gazing outward, resolution. At 1:42 a.m., Trump embarked will make red-hot demand even hotter. ers smudgy, and still others smaller thus to take a picture of thousands of we will be inspired to examine anew on a third, radically different course of than pinpoints. galaxies containing trillions of stars. our own existence. Earth is so small action: He posted the infamous tweet Inflation has lately reached 40-year highs and humanity so transient, yet as far telling supporters to come to Washington because demand is strong while supply re- All these distinct lights are con- Other images, released by NASA on as we know we are the only ones on Jan. 6, ending it with what MAGA mains constrained. Consumers have a lot of tained in a tiny speck of space. How July 12, demonstrate the versatility of watching and deciphering this cosmic extremists understood as a call to arms: cash on hand, thanks to both pandemic-forced tiny? Scientists proposed this way of Webb’s magnificent eye. Peering at unfolding. We turn steadily around a “Be there, will be wild!” savings (delayed vacations, fewer restaurant envisioning: Take a single grain of the blur of light that Hollywood’s small but reliable star, and were it not outings, etc.) and federal policies that pumped sand, hold it out at arm’s length, and Frank Capra imagined as an angel, in for the problems we cause ourselves, That was his decision, not anyone a lot of money into their pockets as well as the compare it with your entire field of “It’s A Wonderful Life,” the new tele- we would live in a near-utopia. else’s. As Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), the broader economy. vision. That is the speck of space scope compiled a detailed image of committee’s vice chair, said in her open- Webb looked at to acquire its first newly forming galaxies crashing into The more we can see the scale of the ing statement: “President Trump is a Meanwhile, global supply chains are still observation. and through one another, tugging at universe — the innumerable heavens 76-year-old man. He is not an impression- snarled and worker shortages persist across one another’s stars and triggering the and countless earths — the smaller able child.” That might be how Republi- many sectors. Companies simply can’t ramp Those thousands of lights in that formation of new stars as one of the our part in it feels. Smaller, yet more cans eager to exploit his candidacy saw up production quickly enough to give con- speck of space are not individual stars galaxies swirls around a massive precious. For the farther we see, the him in 2016. And it’s the accidental sub- sumers everything they want. So, the prices like our sun. They are entire galaxies. black hole emitting the energy of humbler we become, and the fruit of text in efforts to exculpate him for Jan. 6. for the products that are available get bid 40 billion suns. humility is gratitude. But it’s not true. higher. KATHLEEN PARKER Neither the chaos at the White House The best, least painful way to fix this mis- that December, nor the insurrection that match between demand and supply would be Will Lindsey Graham explain followed in January, leave any doubt as to to dramatically expand supply. That’s easier his 2020 call to Brad Raffensperger? what happened. said than done, however. E very time I think of Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.), which is a lot McCain’s wingman with Trump’s grate- hard and see how many ballots you The pandemonium around Trump es- How do you untangle global manufacturing these days, Coldplay’s “Viva la ful caddie. could throw out.” Graham called this calated after courts throughout the coun- and food supply chains, which are being Vida” starts in my head and allegation “ridiculous.” try rejected claims of election fraud disrupted by war, covid lockdowns and other Chris Martin belts out lyrics that seem to “I used to roll the dice / feel the fear in lodged by Trump’s team of campaign freak events? How do you nudge more people have been written for him: “I used to rule my enemies’ eyes / listen as the crowd Allowing Graham some slack, it is lawyers, led by Giuliani and Powell. Much into the labor force? How do you encourage oil the world / seas would rise when I gave would sing / now the old king is dead, normally fair to note that one man’s of what happened has already been de- companies to increase refinery capacity — the word / now in the morning, I sleep long live the king.” inference isn’t necessarily another scribed by witnesses such as Cassidy which would help increase the supply of alone / sweep the streets I used to own.” man’s implication. Can’t a senator pose Hutchinson, an aide in the chief of staff’s gasoline — when doing so requires expensive, Graham’s petulant dismissal of a re- a question in the hope that some ballots office. But Cipollone was one of the princi- long-term investments that these companies Graham might not be ready for the cent subpoena from a special grand jury might be challenged without crossing a pals best positioned to see and hear what don’t think will pay off? dustbin yet, but his mojo sure seems to in Georgia regarding possible 2020 elec- legal line? To paraphrase another was really going on, and the clips from his have hit “pause.” The man who once tion improprieties has eliminated any lawyer-turned-politician, I guess it de- long-sought testimony were striking. These objectives are all challenging, to put delighted news organizations — the re- facsimile of the guy who was funny pends on what your definition of “impli- it mildly. porter’s go-to guy for quips and quotes because he always told the truth. What cation” is. He testified that, by Dec. 1, 2020, he had — has morphed before our eyes into an mysteries remain to Graham’s character accepted Attorney General William There are a few, more modest things federal obsequious footman to a reality-show could be illuminated next month now Maybe Graham can shed some light P. Barr’s assessment there was no voter policymakers could do to help with supply- hoodlum. that a superior court judge has ordered on that distinction when he appears on fraud to uncover that would change the side problems. These include allowing in more him to appear before the grand jury. The Aug. 2. He could still resist the judge’s election outcome. And by Dec. 14, when competition from foreign suppliers and ships. I’ve asked myself and been asked order came in response to Graham’s order, though legal experts have argued the electoral college tallied the votes, the Or, fixing bottlenecks in our legal immigration dozens of times, what the hell happened attorneys’ statement that the senator convincingly that claiming executive question of who would be the next presi- system could increase the supply of workers. to Lindsey? had no intention of honoring the Fulton privilege doesn’t apply. Norm Eisen of dent was, for him, firmly settled. County district attorney’s subpoena. the Brookings Institution recently So far, the Biden administration and feder- Why, indeed, would someone of tweeted: “A federal senator contacting a Not for Trump, though. Powell, Flynn al Democratic lawmakers have been reluctant Graham’s standing — as a well-liked and I hate to say it, but Graham’s reaction state official to selectively disqualify bal- and other delusional supporters egged to adopt such measures. Perhaps they fear respected veteran, a Judge Advocate is so gone-with-the-wind. Cue Southern lots is a political act, not an official one.” the president on with conspiracy theories alienating crucial allies (such as organized General’s Corps officer, senator and a accent: A subpoena? Why, what on earth about an international cabal, including labor). Maybe they worry about providing Good Man, who raised his sister after for? Being held in contempt wouldn’t do Venezuela and Iran, magically transform- fodder for right-wing attacks about being their parents died — why would he much for Graham’s credibility, though ing machine-cast votes for Trump into “soft on China.” surrender his dignity and reputation to Graham’s insistence that the subpoe- in some quarters back home, it would ballots for Biden. a loudmouth hustler such as Donald na and investigation are “all politics” is probably boost his popularity. For all we The other obvious way to deal with that Trump? Well, there’s this: South Caro- hardly cause for goose bumps. Given know, contempt might be a more ap- When White House staff saw Powell, demand-supply disparity involves reducing lina voters who like Trump wouldn’t that everything under the sun is nowa- pealing option than trying to explain Flynn and an unfamiliar businessman demand. This is precisely what the Federal give Graham a cracker crumb if he days political, Team Graham might have himself. But my guess is he will testify in named Patrick Byrne meeting with Reserve is doing. By raising interest rates, the wandered too far from Trump’s shadow. a point. But as most literate citizens and, part because he has great confidence in Trump on Dec. 18, they alerted Cipollone. central bank is making borrowing more presumably, all lawyers know, a subpoe- his ability to explain himself. Graham, He and others rushed to the Oval Office to expensive, which in turn cools spending, Still, locals have long insisted there na isn’t an invitation. It’s a legal order. assuming he wasn’t trying to pressure intercede. Powell floated a banana repub- particularly on big purchases (such as houses must be something at work in Graham’s Fulton County Superior Court Judge Raffensperger, would relish the con- lic scenario in which Trump would name and cars). metamorphosis. Dirt? Scandal? Video? Robert McBurney, describing Graham frontation. Optimally, Graham has her a special counsel with extraordinary Graham is on record saying his loyalty to as a “necessary and material witness,” nothing to worry about and should view powers, the voting machines would be This is undoubtedly a more painful way to Trump was his way to stay relevant. Let has made this clear. his testimony as an opportunity to seized, and Trump would remain in the deal with inflation. It’s a risky one, too: The me offer a charitable translation: By hammer home his commitment to the White House until the “fraud” was uncov- Fed might overshoot and raise interest rates staying close to Trump, Graham be- The logic behind the subpoena, rule of law. ered and dealt with. so much that it not only slows demand but lieved he could dissuade the former real meanwhile, would seem unassailable. accidentally tips us into full-blown recession. estate magnate from some of his worst Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffen- Or not, in which case, that song again: Cipollone and another White House (This has happened most of the times when impulses. This was nice to believe for a sperger, a Republican, has stated that “People couldn’t believe what I’d be- lawyer, Eric Herschmann, forcefully in- the Fed has raised rates to stomp out infla- while, but through the years, it became Graham contacted him after the elec- come / and revolutionaries wait / for my sisted on the truth: Powell, et al., had tion.) Blunt as this instrument is, though, increasingly difficult to reconcile the tion to question the validity of ballots head on a silver plate / just a puppet on a presented no evidence to back up their monetary tightening remains the most effec- Graham who served as Sen. John that were legally cast. Raffensperger lonely string/ Aw, who would ever wan- fanciful claims. In Powell’s videotaped tive tool available at present to curb price told CNN in November 2021 that the na be king?” testimony, she swigged from a can of Dr growth. “implication” was that he should “look Pepper as she dismissed Cipollone and his team as worthless — and managed to do Unfortunately, both federal and state poli- the impossible by making Giuliani look ticians have lately decided to make the Fed’s sane. already hard job even harder. “I don’t think any of these people were The main lever politicians seem to want to providing the president with good ad- pull in times of economic turmoil is to cut vice,” she sniffed. “If it was me, I would taxes or otherwise send out money. And, look, have fired all of them that night and had in some scenarios sending out checks is them escorted out of the building.” helpful — if we’re in a recession, say, and facing the risk of deflation. Then it’s useful to But whatever credit Powell wants to give households cash to support their spend- give herself, it was still Trump making ing, particularly if those households have the decisions. And he chose a course suffered job losses. different, and far more uncontrollable, than the self-aggrandizing scenario Pow- But now is not one of those times. Usually ell suggested. these checks are referred to as “stimulus payments” because they’re designed to “stim- A former member of the Oath Keepers ulate” the economy. If the problem now is militia group and a onetime sympathizer overheating, what exactly are we trying to who joined the Capitol mob told the stimulate? committee what happened next. Trump’s Jan. 6 tweets galvanized not just random Federal politicians are also weighing other MAGA acolytes but also more-established measures that might, on the margin, juice violent groups. And some leaders of the demand and thereby make inflation worse, insurrection somehow learned in ad- such as a gas tax “holiday” or broad-based vance that Trump would call on the crowd student debt forgiveness. Some federal Dem- to march on the Capitol. ocrats are even pushing punitive measures that might reduce supply, such as price con- There are still dots left for the commit- trols, or penalties for energy producers that tee to connect. But the emerging picture have any drilling permits sitting unused. is of one man who made the horrific events of Jan. 6 happen. His name is All of these measures would make that Donald Trump. demand-supply mismatch a bit worse. Which would, to varying degrees, drive prices higher. This matters, and not just for the his- And could ultimately force the Fed to raise tory books. Trump can’t be let anywhere interest rates even more aggressively than it near power again, now that we know already plans to — which would in turn raise exactly how he will use it. the likelihood that we fall into recession. Sending out yet more checks, and avoiding supply-side interventions that could anger some allies, probably looks politically smart in the near term. Longer term could be a very different story.

A20 EZ RE THE WASHINGTON POST . WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 ABCDE DRAWING BOARD WALT HANDELSMAN AN INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER EDITORIALS Lies can kill Mr. Trump’s supporters trusted a president who cares nothing for truth. “B IG PROTEST in D.C. on Jan- uary 6th,” President Donald The committee’s focus Tuesday, how- Department told him there was no evi- BY WALT HANDELSMAN FOR THE TIMES-PICAYUNE/NEW ORLEANS ADVOCATE Trump tweeted in December ever, was on how the then-president’s dence of the widespread voter fraud he of 2020. “Be there, will be words inspired his followers to violent alleged. Many of his supporters, though, LETTERS TO THE EDITOR wild!” His supporters listened. action. At least one pro-Trump group did not know better at all — because they [email protected] moved up plans for a rally later in trusted a president who cares nothing for This week’s hearing by the House January to the 6th; the Proud Boys and truth. Mr. Trump relished in the effect his Not that long ago capacity magazines and ghost guns im- select committee investigating the Jan. 6, the Oath Keepers coordinated with the words had on his supporters. A responsi- mediately to save lives. Assault weapons 2021, attack on the Capitol underscored help of longtime ally Roger Stone to ble president would have used that pow- National Soccer Hall-of-Famer Bruce are weapons of war and have no place in the connections between key Trump as- honor Mr. Trump’s wishes; conservative er to restore our shared reality, but he Murray is the spitting image of his gentle- our society. Americans want to be safe. sociates and right-wing militia groups influencers promoted the protest as a used it lead his followers further into manly father and was (in the likely words Americans should have the freedom to go along with others who participated in the “red wedding,” a “Game of Thrones” delusion. A responsible Republican Party of his expat Scottish father) but a “wee lad” outside, attend a parade, watch fire- insurrection. The “unhinged” six-hour reference that invokes mass slaughter. would, today, also fight for the facts when I had the distinct pleasure of ac- works, shop for groceries or go to school meeting in advance of Jan. 6, filled with Most important, text messages showed rather than resist efforts to find them. quaintance with the family back in the without fear of being massacred. Ameri- expletives and shouting so loud it could that Mr. Trump’s exhortation to march to 1970s, and I wish him nothing but good- cans deserve this basic freedom now. be heard outside the closed Oval Office, Capitol Hill was planned rather than These lies matter — to democracy, and will through his current health issues, as remains disturbing as ever. So does the spontaneous — and that those involved to individual people. They can wound, reported in the July 6 Sports article “ ‘We Rebecca Batt, Rockville draft executive order presented to the in coordinating the rally sought to con- the way they did when a crowd pushed, just don’t know.’ ” president that would have authorized the ceal this intention, because they knew it kicked and sprayed with chemicals a Crypto firms are not banks Defense Department to seize all voting would get them into trouble. police officer who, Rep. Jamie B. Raskin The “phenom” 1990 World Cup player machines. More alarming still is the (D-Md.) explained on Tuesday, will now was noted to have learned the game at the I was disappointed to read in the July 5 revelation that lawyer Sidney Powell Congress heard from one of the pro- never return to the force. They can kill; Bretton Woods Recreation Center in news article “Experts fear part of new bill believed she had been appointed special testers who illegally entered the Capitol. at least seven people lost their lives in Germantown. could destabilize traditional banking sys- counsel, another part of that plan. He came to D.C. because Mr. Trump told connection with the violence of Jan. 6. tem” that some lawmakers are proposing him to; he marched to the Capitol because Brad Parscale, the former Trump cam- Lest it be forgotten or overlooked, it is allowing cryptocurrency companies to Perhaps most consequential is the Mr. Trump told him to; he left, after so paign manager, said after the attacks worth noting — in the current political have access to the banking system with- news, shared by Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) many hours, because finally after 187 min- that he felt guilty for helping his boss climate in which some wish to deny sys- out the safeguards that apply to tradi- at the end of Tuesday’s hearing that utes of silence Mr. Trump told him to. “I win in 2016. temic racism — that the Bretton Woods tional banks. Mr. Trump recently tried to call an un- feel like I had horse blinders on,” he said. Recreation Center was the creation of the named witness in the House’s investiga- “I was locked in the whole time.” “If I was Trump and knew my rhetoric State Department back in the late 1960s. I don’t own any investments involving tion. This troubling outreach to a witness, killed someone,” he wrote to his colleague The State Department sought a local venue cryptocurrency and probably never will. along with the rest of Mr. Trump’s con- The Jan. 6 committee has shown that Katrina Pierson. Ms. Pierson replied, “It where Black African diplomats might en- Frankly, I don’t understand what pur- duct, deserves further probing. Mr. Trump knew better: His closest advis- wasn’t the rhetoric.” “Katrina,” he an- joy golf or tennis outings with public- and pose cryptocurrency serves other than ers, his in-house lawyers, his own Justice swered, “Yes it was.” private-sector individuals. There was no something to gamble on. I don’t want my local country club at the time whose bylaws taxpayer dollars to be used to bail out Uber’s unraveling allowed participation by these diplomats, risky crypto firms that are unable to meet even as a guest, much less a member. their obligations. I lived through that The company’s story illustrates what happens when you move fast and break things. during the 2008 financial meltdown. U BER IS well known for brawling Progress on this front has admittedly in its early days — but a recent been made, but that was not such a very So, if crypto firms are afforded the investigation reveals just how long time ago, and there is a long way to go privilege of having access to the banking dirty the company was willing to yet. system like traditional banks, they fight to set its wheels in motion. The should be subject to the same rules that ride-hailing start-up deserves credit for Rocky Semmes, Alexandria apply to traditional banks, including the revolutionizing transportation, and crit- requirements to maintain financial re- icism for causing so much harm along A filibuster tweak serves and pass a financial stress test. the way. The Post reported this week on a I do not share James Hohmann’s rever- Bob Benna, Potomac 18.7-gigabyte store of data, including ence for the filibuster, relayed in his July 7 83,000 emails, direct messages, presen- Thursday Opinion column, “Ending the Centrists lead the way tations and other files, that was obtained filibuster now would be madness.” Howev- by the Guardian and shared with the er, here is a modest reform even its enthusi- Michael Gerson was right in his July 8 International Consortium of Investiga- asts should embrace: eliminating its use to Friday Opinion commentary, “A centrist tive Journalists. The documents cover prevent a bill from even being debated. coalition is the answer to Trumpism,” but the years 2013 to 2017, during co-founder he understated the value and importance Travis Kalanick’s tenure as chief execu- The Senate’s rule that requires 60 votes of a robust centrist bloc. It is not just the tive — a time when his firm was notori- to end debate has mutated to choke start- answer to Trumpism or any other far- ous for its ruthlessness, rule-breaking ing debate. This “silent filibuster” is a right successors to Trumpism. It is also and toxic corporate culture. In that major reason the Senate has devolved the answer to similar initiatives from the regard, many of this week’s revelations from “the world’s greatest deliberative far left. Both are equally divisive. are, well, less than revelatory: The world body” into one approximating Gilbert and already knew that Uber operated illegal- NAM Y. HUH/ASSOCIATED PRESS Sullivan’s House of Peers, which “did Centrists used to decide who gets nothing in particular and did it very well.” elected in most elections, what passes in ly until lawmakers could be bullied into An Uber sign is displayed inside a vehicle in Palatine, Ill., on Feb. 10. Congress and who is president. Gerry- authorizing its operations; that it lob- There ought to be at least 60 votes for mandering has dwindled their effective- bied aggressively; that it made rides a crisis to avert at all costs. “Violence Chicago decreased when Uber burst this practical suggestion, including from ness, but they are still key in many cheaper than it could afford and paid guarantee[s] success,” Mr. Kalanick al- onto the scene. Anecdote suggests the senators who cherish the filibuster as a elections and the fate of much legisla- drivers more than it could sustain, then legedly texted fellow executives. (A same: When was it ever this easy to get to lubricant of compromise and bipartisan- tion. What has been lacking is a strong pulled out the rug. spokesperson has denied the exchange the airport? ship. But if not, the next time the silent centrist leader who can unite the center Nonetheless, a number of the newly occurred.) Yet there’s another side to this coin. filibuster is deployed to prevent opening right and center left and stand up to detailed practices are galling. Uber’s Many people are inclined to forgive Cheering on an upstart, or start-up, for debate, it should be challenged and the efforts of extremist political leaders to so-called kill switch that it could use to Uber’s more mild sins. The taxi industry, flouting too-burdensome regulations as a rule clarified by majority vote. This mod- pick off centrists through misleading cut off access to its internal systems after all, needed shaking up. A noncom- means of improving the status quo can est reform would allow the Senate to rhetoric and political advertising. when regulators attempted to investi- petitive market benefited only a narrow, turn once-firm lines blurry. And it can deliberate. Senators could explain them- gate it, or its effort to block access to cars privileged class of medallion-holding encourage that same plucky underdog, as selves, albeit at length, and when they Bruce Hahn, Winchester, Va. around police stations so that authori- drivers, at the expense of riders who well as others, to violate all manner of laws have either been accommodated or driven ties couldn’t benefit from its services, waited too long and were charged too and norms that exist for good reason. The 60 colleagues to distraction, a majority Humanities are alive speaks to a company with no interest in much. Uber was never going to get same sort of story describes plenty other could act. accountability. Worse still is the compa- permission to roll into cities and change Silicon Valley unicorns that have made George F. Will’s tone-deaf whining ny’s response to physical attacks on its the game, so it gate-crashed instead. The society better and worse at the same time. It is not as good as the Ornstein solution about kids these days in his July 10 op-ed, drivers during clashes with the taxi numbers suggest its intervention Uber might be the model case for the age (which would require the minority to “Those aggressively illiberal millennials,” industry, which it treated as a strategic helped: A 2015 study, for instance, found of disruption — not because it always did muster 41 votes to continue debating), but was about what you'd expect from its title. opportunity to be exploited rather than that cab complaints in New York and the right thing, but because it didn’t. it might help a little. It was remarkable, mostly, for its failure to make the causal argument alleged by the Algal blooms are becoming more dangerous Royce Hanson, Montgomery Village headline or to provide any evidence of the phenomenon that Mr. Will believes to be Agencies need to pick up the pace on managing them. No assault weapons. Ever. caused. N OW THAT summer is in full swing, it’s time to hit the water. report in June on the effectiveness of the additional resources to achieve them. It Regarding the July 6 front-page article I, as a younger millennial, learned more But wait, why is the beach interagency working group. To their would also report on progress toward “21-year-old made violent threats in ’19, tools, and more useful tools, for media green? credit, the two agencies have done good goals.” Why — after two decades — is so police say”: analysis by reading, watching and partici- work in researching harmful algal much more planning needed before the pating in discussions online than I ever Harmful algal blooms — excessive blooms, monitoring harmful marine actual implementation of the national It doesn’t matter that Robert E. Crimo did in my English classes. Mr. Will might vegetation growth in bodies of water, events and assisting local, state and program starts? III’s upbringing was troubled or that he wish it were otherwise, but Aristotle’s often caused by runoff polluted by fertil- tribal actors. The interagency working Not only devastating to the environ- had mental health issues. What matters analysis of highly formalized live theater izer — are the problem. These blooms group itself has been punctual in submit- ment and to public health, harmful algal is that he should never have had access to productions created on specified themes deplete waters of oxygen, causing mass ting required reports to Congress, creat- blooms also damage many industries and assault rifles. for contests simply has nothing much to die-offs of plant and animal life. Some ing action strategies and coordinating local economies. A 2006 study showed add to discussions of the long-term epi- harmful algal blooms release toxins harmful algal bloom work between agen- that the blooms cause an estimated When are lawmakers going to realize sodic storytelling and serialized epics that deadly enough to kill fish, birds and cies. But, as detailed in the GAO’s report, $82 million in losses annually in the that these assault rifles should never be form the core of the modern media land- mammals, even humans in rare circum- the interagency working group has yet to United States — a figure that is likely to sold? scape. As to the decline in humanities stances. Others discolor or stink up implement a national harmful algal have increased, as blooms are becoming majors, it has become increasingly obvi- water, poisoning drinking sources and blooms program, one of its main con- more frequent and more toxic because of What good is it to save unborn chil- ous that “the humanities” are a frankly shutting down recreational fishing, boat- gressional directives. It also lacks per- climate change and nutrient pollution. dren only to kill them later? incoherent category. ing and beaches. Congress has already formance measures to assess just how The problem has been documented in all directed the Environmental Protection effective their agencies’ efforts are in 50 states, in marine environments as well Leah Sheps Zendel, Potomac And, of course, I would be foolish not to Agency and the National Oceanic and managing harmful algal bloom events. as in freshwater sources such as the I am sick to my stomach and furious point out that discussion, production and Atmospheric Administration to address When asked what exactly a “national Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay. after reading about more and more mass analysis of the “literature” he mourned is this issue. But the two-decade-old inter- program” entails, J. Alfredo Gomez, the Thanks to the GAO, NOAA and the EPA shootings in our country [“ ‘Nothing feels alive and well in many an online space. agency working group, bogged down by director of the GAO’s Natural Resources have their tasks clearly laid out in front of safe’ for Americans rattled by violence, bureaucratic back-and-forth, needs to and Environment team, told The Post a them. They should heed the GAO’s advice gripped by fear,” front page, July 6]. It’s so Ben Reis, Washington move faster. program “would identify goals, strate- — and do so quickly, resisting the urge to difficult to read about these shootings, At the request of Congress, the Gov- gies, and plans to achieve them and the slowly come up with the perfect plan which occur every single day. It is dis-  Letters and Local Opinions: ernment Accountability Office released a available resources . . . and need for before taking action. gusting and appalling that nothing will [email protected] change in our country as long as there are politicians who are under the thumb of Op-eds: [email protected] the National Rifle Association and care more about guns than about the lives of Americans. We must ban assault weapons, high- ABCDE NEWS EDITORIAL AND OPINIONS OFFICERS RUTH MARCUS................Deputy Editorial Page Editor FREDERICK J. RYAN JR. SALLY BUZBEE .................................... Executive Editor SHARIF DURHAMS.................Deputy Managing Editor KAREN TUMULTY.............Deputy Editorial Page Editor JAMES W. 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WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 . THE WASHINGTON POST EZ RE A21 LEANA S. WEN JOHN PAUL BRAMMER/THE WASHINGTON POST DAVID IGNATIUS Biden’s bold JOHN PAUL BRAMMER A court case move on shows the drug deaths As a gay kid, I felt the instinct limits of Saudi to hide. I feel it again now. tolerance “H arm reduction” is a phrase I wasn’t too young, at age 6, to previous administrations hear that “queers deserve a bul- ed state agencies to investigate the to prevent suicide. A week before President Biden’s have used sparingly, if at all, let between the eyes,” nor too parents of trans youth for child To be so callous, you have to scheduled visit to Saudi Arabia, when discussing drug pol- young, at 7, to be called a “faggot” abuse. (The same day Abbott made lawyers for a Saudi company con- icy. But the Biden administration not only by my classmates, despite not know- the order, a 16-year-old trans boy convince yourself that there is no way trolled by Crown Prince Moham- uses it often regarding the escalating ing what the word meant. I wasn’t too attempted suicide. Weeks later, his a young person could possibly know med bin Salman delivered a jarring message epidemic of overdose deaths, which young to start skipping the classes family was investigated as alleged they are different somehow — that in a filing with a federal appeals court: claimed more than 100,000 lives last year; where I knew I’d be bullied right abusers.) they would never come to identify as National security arguments made by it has made it the centerpiece of its nation- under the nose of an apathetic teach- anything but cisgender and straight America’s top intelligence official were be- al drug control strategy. er, or too young to reach the conclu- Florida’s “don’t say gay” legislation were it not for the nefarious interfer- ing used to support a “strategic fiction.” sion I’d be better off dead. Before I is still the clearest way to explain this ence of adults with ulterior motives. That bold move deserves recognition. was allowed to be a kid, before I had moment. Undergirding that law — As a kid who was tormented nearly to This dismissive tone on the eve of a presi- By explicitly emphasizing the term and the chance to figure myself out, I was and the rest of this panic, too — is a death in rural Oklahoma, who didn’t dential visit meant to repair the U.S.-Saudi providing funding for programs once re- given an all-consuming directive, fresh attempt to cast all queer people know any gay adults and only found relationship illustrates a problem that will garded as too controversial, the adminis- spoken and unspoken: Hide. as predators. The trope, now var- out what “gay” was thanks to the confront Biden when he visits MBS, as the tration is normalizing harm reduction nished in “groomer” Q-speak, asserts straight people who tarred him with crown prince is known. When it comes to and paving the way for its widespread Years later, coming down from the that LGBTQ people are collecting the word, I know this is untrue. Like I sensitive topics, such as the murder of Post adoption across the United States. highs of political victories into the children to make more LGBTQ peo- was, today’s kids are not “too young.” contributing columnist Jamal Khashoggi or throes of a moral panic where kids ple. We’re sexualizing vulnerable They are not the political props other human rights problems, the Saudi Harm reduction recognizes that people are being used as an excuse to target youth, indoctrinating them into a reactionaries pretend them to be, leader doesn’t seem interested in account- engaging in harmful behavior may not be the LGBTQ community, I could swear degenerate lifestyle with the goal of with no inner worlds. ability or compromise. ready to quit but need help in the mean- I hear it again. bringing down the moral pillars of time. For example, individuals with the society, the nuclear family, God. It’s Of course kids are vulnerable, and The underlying legal dispute is compli- disease of addiction may not be ready to Last month — Pride Month — pure 1970s Anita Bryant, proselytiz- of course the LGBTQ community has cated, but it evokes some fundamental is- enter treatment or may not have treat- dozens of far-right extremists in ing that “homosexuals cannot repro- isolated bad actors. Every communi- sues. As the United States reengages with ment easily available. Instead of penaliz- Idaho were detained before they duce, so they must recruit.” ty does. Kids are hurt every day by the kingdom, is Saudi Arabia ready to bury ing or shaming them, harm reduction were able to incite a riot at a their parents and their churches, by past feuds? Can it provide assurances that focuses on reducing overdose deaths and family-friendly event celebrating LG- On an intellectual level, I’ve long their teachers and their classmates, human rights violations, such as the preventing the spread of infectious dis- BTQ people. The same day, the Proud understood that what we call “prog- by the frightening, dangerous world Khashoggi murder, won’t happen again? eases such as HIV and hepatitis. Boys descended on a California li- ress” isn’t guaranteed, that it’s not they have inherited. What won’t hurt Are the two countries truly ready to work brary’s children’s book reading to just as easy as saying “love won.” kids is encountering an adult saying together on a shared counterterrorism Some local and state health depart- harass a drag queen, just one of many Bryant managed to win a rollback of it’s okay to be different, or, God agenda? ments have piloted these programs. In recently targeted. “Christian fascists” queer people’s modest gains in the forbid, a glammed-up queen reading 2015, when I was Baltimore’s health com- crowded Pride festivities in Dallas, '70s; maybe Florida Gov. Ron DeSan- “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” The sharp language from the kingdom’s missioner, I issued a blanket prescription strangers assaulted Pridegoers in tis (R), Libs of TikTok and Supreme lawyers came in a brief filed Friday in a case for everyone in our city to obtain nalox- Utah and online provocateurs de- Court Justice Clarence Thomas can I can’t say I have much faith in the involving Saad Aljabri, a former senior Sau- one, the opioid overdose reversal drug. scribed queer people as depraved or do it now. utility of pointing out the contradic- di counterterrorism official who has Our team provided naloxone to outreach perverted or sick, all month long. tions within homophobia and trans- emerged as a chief nemesis of MBS. The workers, police officers and family mem- But no amount of intellectualizing phobia. Moral panics feed on illogic. kingdom accuses Aljabri of stealing bers of drug users; in three years, bystand- Now, Pride Month is receding, and prepared me for the emotional toll of What I do hope is that no one who $3.47 billion in funds from Sakab Saudi ers reversed over 2,000 overdoses. We also with it much of the visible support we watching such a cultural regression. considers themselves an ally stays Holding Co., a government front company. operated a needle exchange van that pre- queer people get from outside our A knot in my stomach takes me back silent but, instead, speaks up against Aljabri has responded that he can’t defend vented nearly 2,000 HIV infections in a community. What will linger is the to my childhood, because I know kids this creeping hate. So many of us feel himself without disclosing the secret coun- 10-year period. fearmongering, especially as legisla- will be the people most hurt by this the old instinct to make ourselves terterrorism activities that Sakab was fund- tion enshrines it: Eighteen states are cynical fear campaign that purports invisible; tell us we don’t have to. ing in cooperation with the CIA. Despite proven successes, harm reduc- targeting the relatively few transgen- to protect them. Conservatives have tion programs drew unfounded criticism der athletes who play youth sports. In even gone so far as to attack the Silence, I know from personal Aljabri’s warning that the case could re- that they condone drug use. This is why Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott (R) instruct- Trevor Project, an LGBTQ youth-fo- experience, is where kids go to hide, veal sensitive intelligence was bolstered by it’s so important to see them being em- cused nonprofit that offers lifelines and sometimes never come out Director of National Intelligence Avril braced by federal leaders. again. Haines. She filed a sworn statement last August, supported by the Justice Depart- Health and Human Services Secretary ALYSSA ROSENBERG ment, invoking the “state secrets” privilege Xavier Becerra recently referenced them to ban discussion of issues in the case that, if during an appearance at Aspen Ideas: A murdered parent should be revealed, could cause “exceptionally grave” Health, naming harm reduction as part of worth more than $1.4 million harm. U.S. District Court Judge Nathaniel the administration’s efforts that “broke W hat is a dead parent worth? M. Gorton, who was hearing the Sakab case, glass.” He explained that rather than wait- That horrible question who died of a heart attack after his Victims’ Fund that raised nearly ruled in October that Aljabri couldn’t de- ing for people with addiction to overdose, has nagged at me as I’ve wife’s murder. $12 million on the platform and an fend himself without the banned informa- public health officials can help reduce watched donations roll in to additional $20 million as a stand-alone tion. Gorton dismissed the Saudi case in their risk. “If we can stop them from doing crowdfunding campaigns for the chil- Those figures wildly exceed the goals nonprofit. Even so, the fact that many December. the harm,” he said, “when they finally get dren orphaned by mass shootings in the organizers set — and still feel totally of the individual fundraisers for vic- on track, they’ll be ready to get back into Highland Park, Ill., and Uvalde, Tex. insufficient. After all, what figure could tims’ families failed to take off suggests It was the judge’s action, following a life.” possibly make up for the experience of how easy it is to be overwhelmed by recommendation from America’s top spy Unlike the careful actuarial award being lost in a panicked crowd after mass horror. Absorbing each loss in its chief, that prompted Friday’s Saudi riposte. Dr. Rahul Gupta, director of the White calculations for victims of the Okla- your parents have been murdered, or full devastation can be a formula for Aljabri’s “supposed inability to litigate this House Office of National Drug Control homa City bombing and the 9/11 at- for knowing your father died of a hopelessness rather than action. case without disclosing U.S. state secrets is a Policy (ONDCP), told me in an interview tacks, efforts such as GoFundMe cam- broken heart? And how in the world strategic fiction,” argued the kingdom’s law- that the administration is “prioritizing paigns are a raw display of public can we assign a value to a parent’s Crowdfunding also reveals a gap yers, denouncing the district court’s “draco- harm-reduction practices because these opinion. tender presence after a nightmare, a between the energy available for chari- nian remedy of dismissal.” The brief was are proven, cost-effective and evidence- lesson in how to ride a bike, a walk ty versus change. After the 2016 shoot- filed with a federal appeals court in Boston. based methods that work to save lives.” He Donations function as votes: This down the aisle? ing at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, added, “They meet people where they are person is worthy. This cause is impor- Equality Florida collected nearly MBS’s lawyers appear to be reaching a instead of expecting them to come to us in tant. In the aftermath of mass violence, As the father of a firefighter who died $7.9 million from almost 120,000 Go- similar dead-end in parallel litigation in health-care settings, because otherwise it individual altruism becomes a grim on 9/11 told the New Yorker’s Elizabeth FundMe donors to help the victims. The Canada. Canada’s attorney general sought might be too late.” barometer of our collective conscience. Kolbert in 2002, “I would like them to organization’s follow-up effort to raise an injunction last month, at the request of And crowdfunding provides a reveal- say we all get a trillion dollars, just so I $375,000 for an “Honor Them With the U.S. government, to prevent Aljabri from Gupta specifically cited expansion of ing, often dispiriting catalogue of know my son was worth a trillion Action Fund” — intended to combat disclosing secret information to defend naloxone access and syringe service pro- which qualities and causes tend to dollars, not that I would ever want it.” homophobia and transphobia in Flori- himself in the case. If Aljabri can’t respond grams, as well as distribution of test strips activate public sympathy — and of how da — had a rather different result: fully to the allegations in Canada, that case to detect whether drugs are contaminated much sympathy there is to activate at At least there was collective agree- 1,200 people donated $277,825, far may be dismissed, too. with fentanyl, a synthetic opioid up to all. ment that the 9/11 victims deserved short of the campaign’s goal. 50 times stronger than heroin that can lead something. Crowdfunding in response The Aljabri battle is wrenching for senior to overdose death within minutes. Many Manicured narratives play better to other large-scale tragedies reveals Subsequent reporting indicated that U.S. officials who worked closely with him users inadvertently take fentanyl and die. than messy realities. Donors are more the ways disaster can fracture public anti-LGBTQ bias might not have been on counterterrorism projects when he was a likely to kick in for one-time efforts attention and energy rather than con- the gunman’s core motivation. But the top adviser to former crown prince Moham- Six years ago, I tried to incorporate than for chronic problems. One analy- centrate it. contrast between the two fundraisers med bin Nayef, who MBS toppled in 2017 to fentanyl testing as part of Baltimore’s sis suggested that campaigns for Black suggests 28 times as much interest in assume de facto control of the kingdom. outreach programs, but it was deemed too and Hispanic recipients perform less Take the response to the 2017 mass helping people after they were brutally Former CIA directors George Tenet and contentious. Now, incredibly, it’s a signa- well than those for White and Asian shooting at the Route 91 Harvest festi- attacked as in doing something — John Brennan, and many other senior CIA ture part of the Biden administration’s people. val, the most lethal such event in anything — to stop such attacks in the officials, have praised Aljabri’s work as a plan. modern American history. Some of the first place. counterterrorism partner. It’s no surprise — and reflective of campaigns for individual victims raised “We have to prioritize preventing peo- basic decency — that children who lose hundreds of thousands of dollars Morally and logistically, there’s no A grim consequence of MBS’s seeming ple from overdosing and dying,” Gupta parents to violence are an easy cause to apiece. But it’s wrenching to realize real way to make up, in dollars, for the vendetta against Aljabri was the arrest and said. “That’s why, for the first time, the take up. As I type this sentence, more how unsuccessful many of the efforts loss of a human life. Even if we could set imprisonment in March 2020 of his two federal government removed restrictions than 57,000 people have donated nearly were: $87,650 for the family of a Las an ethically acceptable figure, there’s youngest children, Omar and Sarah, then to allow grantees the flexibility to use $3.2 million to support Aiden McCar- Vegas police officer; $79,547 for the no source of revenue, no economy of 20 and 21, and the arrest and torture of his grant dollars to purchase fentanyl test thy, whose parents, Irina and Kevin, survivors of a mother of three; $29,882 any scale, that could provide that kind son-in law, Salem Almuzaini. According to strips. This way, people can be aware of were shot dead at the July 4 parade in Canadian for the four children of a of money. Aljabri, MBS told him that his children what they’re taking and have naloxone Highland Park. More than 51,000 peo- single mother; $6,255 earmarked for would be released if he returned home to available and accessible if they overdose.” ple have given more than $2.8 million the college education of a woman’s But if human life is as cheap as face inquiries, making the children, in effect, to a fundraiser for the children of Irma surviving children and grandchildren. $30,000? As $6,000? No wonder we hostages. A U.N. working group on arbitrary Michael Botticelli, the ONDCP direc- Garcia, who was killed trying to protect don’t do much to stop gun violence. We detention called for the three Aljabri family tor under President Barack Obama, her students at Robb Elementary Those figures might have been lower can afford widows and orphans, these members’ release in a report issued in May. commends his successor. He was a School in Uvalde, and her husband, Joe, because Steve Sisolak, then the Clark numbers say — but not to change the strong proponent of naloxone access County commissioner, arranged a Go- conditions that created them. A final footnote to this case is that Aljabri and also successfully advocated for Con- FundMe campaign called the Las Vegas has offered to pay back money that MBS gress to remove its prohibition on using alleges he stole, if his family members are federal funds to operate syringe service released. That restitution proposal was programs. made to MBS’s lawyer in the kingdom on Feb. 7, 2022, according to a source familiar “We can’t underestimate the impor- with the offer. Details of this settlement offer tance of naming harm reduction and have been shared with the White House, the elevating it as a top-line strategy,” he told source said, adding that the Saudis haven’t me. “It sends a strong signal to states that responded. this is an important priority, especially since the administration is putting fund- Biden’s rationale for meeting with MBS is ing behind it.” (Botticelli and I both advise that, despite these human rights issues, Sau- the Behavioral Health Group, which pro- di cooperation is important for long-term vides treatment for patients with opioid U.S. national security reasons. That’s realpo- use disorder.) litik, direct and simple, but Biden needs to get a real partnership in exchange for his If anything, Botticelli wishes the ad- pragmatic approach. ministration would go even further. “The federal government needs to create legal A key issue is whether MBS will drop his space for states and cities to pilot over- grudges and focus on common interests, dose prevention sites,” he says, referring too. His diversion of Saudi security services to safe injection facilities operated across to attack political enemies, such as Europe and Canada that have been shown Khashoggi and Aljabri, has been a costly to reduce overdose deaths. Gupta didn’t distraction. For example, the Saudis take a position on such sites, citing on- missed the radicalism of Air Force going litigation at the Justice Depart- 2nd Lt. Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, ment. But he said he remains “interested who killed three Navy sailors during train- in understanding and evaluating the clin- ing in Pensacola, Fla., in December 2019. ical effectiveness of all emerging harm Even the notorious bone-saw doctor, Salah reduction practices.” Muhammed al-Tubaigy, who allegedly dis- membered Khashoggi’s body in Istanbul in The urgency cannot be overstated. October 2018, was trained to use modern “Our projections show that if we do noth- forensic tools, such as DNA evidence, ing, we could have 165,000 deaths a year against terrorists. due to overdose by 2025,” Gupta said. “On the other hand, if we implement our Biden can’t bring back Khashoggi. But he strategy, we can cut that number in half. can ask MBS to release Saudis who are Literally, tens of thousands of lives could unjustly detained in the kingdom, such as be saved.” Aljabri’s family. If it’s time for a Saudi- American restart, as Biden believes, then it He is right. We need to do everything should be a two-way process. possible to prevent overdoses while also encouraging treatment. After all, if some- one dies today, that person has no chance of a better tomorrow.

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METROKLMNO EZ RE B WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 . WASHINGTONPOST.COM/LOCAL 8 a.m. Noon 4 p.m. 8 p.m. High today at JOHN KELLY’S WASHINGTON VIRGINIA OBITUARIES approx. 4 p.m. 77° 85° 90° 84° An 11-year-old nature Fairfax County officers Barber Willie Lee Morrow, 90° photographer and her point guns at a juvenile 82, founded a business father drive across the filming them taking empire as an innovator of Precip: 5% West in search of birds. B3 someone into custody. B3 Black hair care. B6 Wind: W 6-12 mph Primary PHOTOS BY AMANDA ANDRADE-RHOADES FOR THE WASHINGTON POST District results in votes on Md. may Amanda Stephenson organizes shelves June 30 at the Fresh Food Factory in Washington. Regarding the lack of tra∞c come late food options in Ward 8, she said, “I felt like an immigrant going to other places for access to healthy food.” tickets Mail voting has surged in Black-owned businesses work FINES WON’T AFFECT only state that prohibits to end food deserts in D.C. LICENSE RENEWAL early counting of ballots Some on council worry City grant program promotes access to groceries through small community ventures about effects of leniency BY STEVE THOMPSON Election results in tight races BY VANESSA G. SÁNCHEZ The Anacostia Arts Center houses the Fresh Food Factory, a community-based BY JULIE ZAUZMER WEIL are likely to come days after Mary- grocery store opened in 2019. It sells fresh salads, fruit and other produce. D.C. lawmakers moved forward land’s July 19 primary as a pan- When Mary Blackford became with a plan on Tuesday to end the demic-era shift to mail-in voting a vegetarian seven years ago, she “Food apartheid really speaks to a long history and legacy practice of preventing residents runs up against the state’s prohi- spent hundreds of dollars in cab in this country of discrimination in communities of color.” from renewing their driver’s bition against counting ballots fares traveling out of the Benning licenses if they have unpaid traffic early, officials warn. Ridge neighborhood in Ward 7 to Mary Blackford, founder of Market 7 in Ward 7 fines, despite several council Maryland regulations prevent find fresh fruits and vegetables. members’ concerns that leniency election workers from even start- could worsen unsafe driving in ing to count these mail-in votes — Amanda Stephenson had a the District. which could amount to a signifi- similar story — when the D.C. Several council members ar- cant portion of the total — until Ward 8 resident wanted grocer- gued that drivers who have re- the Thursday after Election Day. ies, not fast food, she too had to peatedly been ticketed for run- “Be patient,” advised William look far from home. ning red lights or driving far G. Voelp, chairman of the Mary- above the speed limit should not land State Board of Elections, “I felt like an immigrant going be able to renew their licenses whose members are appointed by to other places for access to without paying the fines for their the governor. “Every legal vote healthy food,” said Stephenson. violations, lest they keep putting will be counted, and then the state other drivers and pedestrians at board of elections will certify Blackford and Stephenson live risk. based on not more than and not east of the Anacostia River, which But others said that blocking a less than every legal vote being has the city’s highest concentra- person from a driver’s license is a counted.” tion of “food deserts” — areas of severe economic hardship, which The popularity of voting by poverty where many people live tends to fall most often on those mail shot up during the coronavi- more than a quarter-mile from who live in low-income neighbor- rus pandemic as Maryland and the closest grocery store and can hoods with many traffic cameras, other states sought to make vot- have limited access to vehicles. and the city’s years-long practice ing safer. Maryland, however, is of preventing low-income people the only state that prohibits pro- For years, the D.C. government from renewing their licenses be- cessing these ballots before the has tried initiatives, including tax cause they can’t afford to pay off polls close, according to the Na- breaks, to attract chain super- fines is unjust. tional Conference of State Legisla- markets to Wards 7 and 8, with That argument prevailed, and tures. The regulation, created in some success. Now a network of the council passed the bill — in- an era when mail-in, or absentee, Black entrepreneurs, business troduced by member Kenyan R. voters were a tiny portion of the owners and restaurateurs — McDuffie (D-Ward 5) — to block electorate, addressed concerns funded through city grants — is the city from stopping anyone that mail-in results could be leading the fight to end food from renewing a license because leaked before Election Day and of unpaid fines. sway the overall outcome. SEE GROCERIES ON B2 Council members Charles Al- In April, the Maryland General len (D-Ward 6), Mary M. Cheh Assembly approved a bill to per- (D-Ward 3), Christina Henderson mit processing mail-in votes be- (I-At Large) and Brooke Pinto (D- fore Election Day, giving election Ward 2) were in the minority, workers a head start. Gov. Larry voting for an amendment that Hogan (R) supported the measure would have narrowed the bill to but vetoed the larger bill, saying it allow the city to keep withholding did not contain election security license renewals from those who measures he favors. have at least three unpaid tickets The May 27 veto surprised for certain violations like speed- many election officials and caught ing and running red lights. them flat-footed. The state board “Make no mistake, we are send- of elections considered asking a ing a message that will go out and court to waive the rules, but as tell people they can run red lights, time ran short, it decided against they can go significantly over the it. By late last month, when the speed limit, and nothing will hap- board made the decision, there pen to them. They won’t have to was little time for election officials pay their tickets,” Cheh said. to act ahead of early voting, when “We’re inviting dangerous drivers. processing mail-in votes is feasi- We’re making our streets less ble, Voelp said. It’s difficult for safe.” SEE MARYLAND ON B5 SEE LICENSES ON B2 Election guide: Where candidates for governor stand on key issues. B4 The enduring marriage of Willie and Angela Scott Maryland races to hit bay cleanup targets Willie Scott, just two weeks shy of 81, was dapper in a royal blue suit and BY ANTONIO OLIVO (R) announced Monday that 22 silver-blue paisley The clock is ticking for the bay restoration projects — includ- tie. He used a Chesapeake Bay’s surrounding ju- ing stream restorations, rain gar- Courtland walking cane risdictions to meet a 2025 goal set dens and storm pond retrofits — Milloy lightly as he under a federal lawsuit settle- would be awarded a combined strolled to the ment to implement policies and $18.8 million in grants. front of a large room filled with practices for bringing the nation’s family and friends. After turning largest estuary back to health “Each of these projects plays a smoothly to face them, he twirled after decades of pollution. critical role in improving the the cane until it locked under one Last year, Maryland fell short quality of the bay, and making our arm, Fred Astaire-style, and in meeting federally set targets ecosystem more resilient,” Hogan began a tutorial on how to make a under the settlement for nitrogen said in a statement. marriage last. and phosphorous, the two pollut- “It’s not easy,” Mr. Scott began. ants that have fueled algae Since 2019, Maryland has spent “It’s give-and-take, and blooms leading to low-oxygen nearly $500 million on bay-relat- sometimes you take more than “dead zones” harmful to fish and ed restoration projects, the most you give.” other aquatic life, according to a so far of any of the neighboring He and his wife, Angela, who is June evaluation by the Environ- jurisdictions. 76, were celebrating their 58th mental Protection Agency. wedding anniversary at a Overall, the state has achieved The commitment is part of what community center in Fort 58 percent of its 2025 goals for has become a race against time to Washington on Sunday. The nitrogen and 74 percent of its reduce the effects of urban pollu- average marriage in the United phosphorous reduction target, tion in an area of the country that States lasts only about eight according to a separate assess- continues to grow. Automobile oil years, according to the Census ment published in June by the on roads, construction site debris Bureau. So the guests were Chesapeake Bay Foundation. and general pollution are all flow- understandably curious about MARKEL GALE/SHOTBYKEL In hopes of accelerating the ing into surrounding streams that how the Scotts had managed state’s efforts, Gov. Larry Hogan feed into the bay’s larger tributar- Angela and Willie Scott celebrate their 58th wedding anniversary Sunday at a community center in ies, including the Potomac River. SEE MILLOY ON B2 Fort Washington, where they let guests in on some of the secrets of their long marriage. In more rural areas, agricultur- al runoff, including fertilizer and SEE CHESAPEAKE ON B5

B2 EZ RE THE WASHINGTON POST . WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 Businesses tackle shortage of grocery stores in Wards 7, 8 GROCERIES FROM B1 AMANDA ANDRADE-RHOADES FOR THE WASHINGTON POST in the Anacostia Arts Center, and received a grant through the deserts east of the Anacostia with Access to grocery stores is lowest in D.C. wards D.C.’s food deserts are concentrated in majority-Black Food Access Fund to open a small community food ventures. with highest poverty Wards 7 and 8 second FFF in Kenilworth in Ward 7. “In the absence of big box There were 75 full-service grocery stores in the city last year. Of those, only Low-income census tracts where the closest grocery store is more than a: [stores] that are not investing in three were in Wards 7 and 8. Ward 6 had 15 stores, and Ward 3 had 13. The store sells fresh salads, traditional communities that half-mile mile fruit and other produce, allows have been underserved and dis- NUMBER OF FULL-SERVICE customers to pay with SNAP, and, enfranchised, this is where there WARD GROCERY STORES PERCENTAGE BELOW POVERTY with the help of Elaine Meredith, is a unique opportunity for smart a Howard University public markets to step up,” said Black- 1 12 12% 4 health graduate student who is ford, who is about to start her certified in nutrition and dietet- own marketplace. 2 12 6% ics, is training local entrepre- A lack of options neurs who are interested in open- 3 13 2% ing their own businesses. Full-service grocery stores pro- liferate across the city, but in 4 11 7% 3 15 Single mom Sherron Feggins majority-Black Wards 7 and 8, has put months of work into what they can be counted on one hand. 5 9 8% will be called Sha’s Creation, a A D.C. Hunger Solutions report start-up of healthy salads and from November found that just 6 15 8% 2 lunchboxes that she hopes to sell three out of 75 such stores were 6 to the schools in the area. located in those wards. A fourth, 72 23% Good Food Markets, opened in A medical assistant for three Ward 8 in November. 81 27% 7 decades, Feggins decided to re- sign and start her own entrepre- Wards 7 and 8 lost four of their Data as of 2021 TIM MEKO/THE WASHINGTON POST neurship. “That was not my pas- seven full-service grocery stores sion, and I wanted to heal between 2010 and 2020, while the Source: D.C. Hunger Solutions through food,” she said. city’s other six wards gained 37 grocery stores during that dec- Elaine Meredith, a public health graduate student at Howard 8 Millée Spears, 71, a longtime ade, according to an earlier D.C. University, talks with Sherron Feggins at the Fresh Food Factory. resident who lives a couple of Hunger Solutions study. Over 75 Feggins is working on a start-up of healthy salads and lunchboxes blocks from the center, said she percent of the city’s food deserts buys spinach and other fresh were in Wards 7 and 8 alone, the and economic development. 2024, according to Falcicchio’s Data as of 2019 HANNAH DORMIDO/THE WASHINGTON POST greens more often because she D.C. Policy Center reported in Meanwhile, a Lidl grocery store office. Now, 42,000 people live can use her benefits card at FFF. 2017, and 85 percent of the ap- at the Skyland Town Center in beyond a mile from a fresh-food Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture proximately 160,000 residents of Ward 7 is under construction. option, and the fund will cut the Economic Research Service “I remember when I first the two wards lived more than a number by half in the next few moved” to the area, Spears said. mile from a grocery store. In recent years, Mayor Muriel years, Falcicchio said. cal. The Food Access Fund grants tion,” she said. “People believe “One evening I decided to go to E. Bowser’s administration has require that the local stores that that a large chain grocery store is the little bodega because every There is a correlation between invested in funding, including Full-service grocery stores are receive them also apply to be- the only answer, and it’s not.” neighborhood, I thought, had a good health and access to healthy $22 million in the city’s fiscal needed because they give resi- come authorized to accept SNAP bodega to get something I need- food. When these are not avail- 2023 budget, to support local dents the ability to use federal and WIC. Creating change ed. I walked, and I walked, and able, people may turn to fast food initiatives to reduce food deserts benefits money, which not all In 2019, Stephenson opened there was nothing.” and other foods that are higher in through the city’s Food Access small stores do, Wheeler said, but “They tend to hire more com- calories and lower in nutritional Fund. The city will have spent initiatives that inject capital in munity members and they tend the Fresh Food Factory (FFF), a Stephenson said “food deserts” value, putting people at risk of about $70 million on the fund by small, local businesses are criti- to have a community connec- community-based grocery store are more like “food apartheids,” a obesity, diabetes and heart dis- term used by sustainable-food ease, according to the Centers for advocates to highlight racially Disease Control and Prevention. discriminatory political struc- tures that have created inequita- A 2019 Washington Post D.C. ble food systems. poll asked residents to rate their neighborhood for access to fresh “Food apartheid really speaks fruits and vegetables: 74 percent to a long history and legacy in rated their access as excellent or this country of discrimination in good, but only 49 percent felt the communities of color that really same east of the Anacostia River. make it difficult to attract retail in spaces and communities that Beverley Wheeler, director of are predominantly minority com- D.C. Hunger Solutions, said when munities,” said Blackford, who the organization started to con- founded Market 7, a food hall in duct studies about grocery store Ward 7 that will open this year. accessibility 10 years ago, devel- opers were only interested in Blackford has been working investing in higher-income areas. for four years on a plan to open a decentralized market that will “They say it was not profit- showcase eight Black-owned able,” Wheeler said. But, she businesses and a hydroponic pointed out, lower-income fami- farm at the Benning corridor. lies can make a business profit- When it launches sometime this able. SNAP holders, for instance, year, Market 7 will be a “nucleus will spend more in big box stores of health and community,” Black- — using their benefits to get ford said. groceries, but also usually buying more than just food. Blackford said she will be ap- plying for a Food Access Fund Still, the city is attracting some grant this year, and Stephenson grocery stores to the area. A will soon open a 3,000-square- 55,000-square-foot grocery store foot second grocery store in Ken- will offer fresh food options to the ilworth in Ward 7. community at the Capitol Gate- way Marketplace in Ward 7, Blackford said that opening which the city is in the process of sustainable pathways for Black- acquiring. The city has a letter of owned businesses that are often intent with Giant, and city offi- left out of the food ecosystem is cials hope they can reach an critical. agreement with the supermarket chain by the fall, said John Falcic- “This is the beginning of a very chio, deputy mayor for planning long journey, in terms of making sure that we have equitable com- munities, because at the end of the day, this is a health equity issue,” said Blackford. D.C. bill prevents tickets COURTLAND MILLOY from impacting licenses Scotts o≠er masterclass in making a marriage work LICENSES FROM B1 Others focused on the impor- MILLOY FROM B1 The ceremony was so uplifting you have to provide for them, set Because of the pandemic, a tance of ending the practice of that I wrote about it. an example for them, show them renewal of vows scheduled for Some lawmakers pointed out blocking low-income residents eight years times seven plus two. right from wrong, show them 2020 was canceled. Some of their that D.C. doesn’t have alternate from driving. The debt-focused “It’s a rough road, but you can And here they were in 2022, how to respect one another closest friends contracted the means of traffic enforcement that legal nonprofit Tzedek DC (whose with an additional three decades because you want your kids to be coronavirus and died. some jurisdictions have. The Dis- name means “justice” in Hebrew) make it easier if you do it the right of proof that what they had proud of you and you proud of trict doesn’t use points on driver’s first drew attention to the issue way,” Mr. Scott continued. “She discovered really works. them.” But the Scotts decided to go for licenses that cause a driver to lose with a 2021 report that said the gives and I give —” He paused, it this past weekend. They had a their license after accumulating law may be blocking tens of thou- smiled. “And the next thing you Willie and Angela Scott married After the wedding, Angela beautiful anniversary party, with too many violations, and D.C. po- sands of D.C. residents from re- know, we have six children.” in 1964. Angela was 17, a recent Scott got a job at the Agriculture lots of guests getting a glimpse of lice have been cautioned not to newing their licenses, and that graduate of Dunbar High School in Department and later at the what it takes to keep the flame of chase motorists and to avoid most the practice had disparate racial Mr. Scott’s risque innuendo D.C. Willie was 21, also a Dunbar Interior Department. Willie Scott love burning bright. traffic stops for violations like impact, with Black drivers 19 caused the room to erupt in graduate. He had held jobs as a made a career as a professional speeding. That leaves most of the times more likely to be arrested laughter, while Mrs. Scott put her cabdriver, a grocery store employee roofer. They bought a house in “I have a name that I call him, District’s traffic enforcement to for driving without a permit than hand on her forehead as if to hide and a construction worker. Seat Pleasant, continued to grow and when I call his name my voice automatic cameras that send White ones. her embarrassment. Actually, she their family and became pillars of is always sweet,” Mrs. Scott said. fines to speeders. was stifling a giggle. Mr. Scott did The odds of marriages the community. They now have 11 “I call him my love dove. He is But Council member Elissa Sil- not include joking in his secrets to succeeding that involve teens grandchildren and four great- agape love, unconditional love, Tuesday’s vote was the council’s verman (I-At Large), who ulti- a long marriage. But making with only high school diplomas grandchildren. and together we weather the second on the bill. It heads now to mately supported the bill, cau- people laugh — or blush — was are not good. storms of life, all of the hurricanes the desk of Mayor Muriel E. Bows- tioned that while Black residents one of the qualities that his family and tornadoes.” er (D). are disadvantaged by traffic fines, found most endearing. But the young Mr. Scott had they are also at the greatest risk Mr. Scott chimed in with a Some of the lawmakers who from unsafe drivers being allowed “Father is a cutup,” said Sharon “I call him my love dove. He is agape love, rendition of Sam & Dave’s 1966 supported the bill said the District to stay on the roads. Scott, the eldest of the six children. unconditional love, and together we weather the hit, “You don’t know like I know needs to crack down on danger- “We are a family that laughs a lot, storms of life, all of the hurricanes and tornadoes.” what that woman has done for me ous driving, but did not see fines “I looked at the crash data in and we get that from Father.” . . .” as the right way to do so. terms of who is dying when it Angela Scott, 76, speaking about her husband, Willie comes to traffic deaths, and Of course, there was more to “Mrs. Scott,” he said, turning to “Are we just going to be punish- there’s a racial equity issue there marital bliss than guffaws, as I persuaded Angela’s mother to There have been losses, too. In his wife, “It’s been a long, long ing poor low-wage folks with tick- as well,” Silverman said, pointing learned when I first met the permit the marriage, making his 2018, Gary Scott, the third-oldest road, and we have traveled it ets while wealthy reckless drivers to a Washington Post report on couple in 1989. case in part by sharing what he of their six children, died of a together.” He referenced the can pay them off and keep being the far greater incidence of traffic had learned from his father about heart attack. He was 50. In 2019, column I had written about them reckless drivers?” said Janeese deaths east of the Anacostia River, I’d been walking past the open manhood. Willie Scott had a close call when in 1989. “In that article, it said we Lewis George (D-Ward 4). “We where a history of racism in infra- front doors of Holy Comforter-St. he began experiencing atrial had a long kiss. Well, let me show know dangerous driving needs to structure planning has left more Cyprian Catholic Roman Church, “Pops always told me, to be a fibrillation and needed a you something.” be tackled by a systemic invest- high-speed roads in low-income, on East Capitol Street in man you have to take care of your pacemaker implanted to save his ment in roadway design . . . rather mostly Black neighborhoods. “It’s Southeast Washington, when I family,” Willie Scott recalled at the life. Cheers and squeals filled the than trying to penalize or ticket a racial equity issue on both sides.” heard organ music and decided to celebration. “If you have children, room as he took her in his arms. our way to safety.” peek in. Willie and Angela were And when their lips finally standing at the altar, renewing parted, another secret to their their wedding vows after 25 years enduring marriage had been of marriage. revealed. Subscriber Exclusives Get pumped: Enter to win a $100 Don’t Make Me Go gas card When a single father (John Cho) to a teenage daughter (Mia Isaac) is diagnosed with a fatal brain tumor, he takes her on a road trip to find the mother who abandoned her years before. A wholly original, emotional, and surprising journey, new movie Don’t Make Me Go explores the unbreakable bond between a father and daughter from both sides of the generational divide with heart and humor along for the ride. “Don’t Make Me Go is a trip well worth taking” ( Available on Amazon Prime Video beginning July 15. See details at

WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 . THE WASHINGTON POST EZ M2 B3 A father-daughter photography team heads west VIRGINIA Summer vacation O∞cers point guns at began for Karsyn juvenile filming them Sterns when school let out at 1 p.m. on May 25. By 2:15, the 11- nature of the call and not locating John year-old was on After video circulates, a weapon, officers ordered the Kelly's the road headed Fairfax board chairman subject to the ground at gunpoint.” Washington west, her father, pledges ‘thorough’ probe They said the officers “determined Stephon, behind the juvenile was holding a cell the wheel of his BY OMARI DANIELS phone and filming.” Toyota RAV 4 hybrid. Fairfax County police are inves- “Her goal was to get to tigating an incident in which offi- The video on Reddit seems to be Arizona,” said Stephon. cers pointed their guns at a juve- taken by someone approaching Treasure awaited: the Grace’s nile who was filming them taking the area where officers are taking warbler, the Harris’s hawk and someone into custody, authorities a person into custody. An officer dozens of other birds. The rising said. appears to yell “stop him,” and seventh-grader and avid nature The incident, a video of which another officer draws a gun and photographer from Dumfries, circulated on Reddit, began approaches, pointing it in the di- Va., was embarking on an epic around 7 p.m. Saturday, according rection of the person filming. road trip across the American to a Fairfax County police state- West. ment. The person asks why the officer “We set out to photograph as Police said a group of three to pointed the gun at him, and the many birds as we could,” said four juveniles entered the IHOP officer responds, “Because you Stephon, 56. on Arlington Boulevard in the have a weapon.” This has become a regular Falls Church area, and one of them thing for the pair, ever since threatened a hostess and another “What weapon?” the person re- Karsyn was 6 and Stephon lifted his shirt and revealed what sponds. Another officer then ap- handed her his old camera after appeared to be a handgun in his proaches with a gun drawn and buying a new one for himself. STEPHON STERNS waistband. Police at that point appears to order the person to get “I don’t think she said were not contacted about the mat- on the ground. Efforts to identify anything, but she took 123 Karsyn Sterns, a rising seventh-grader from Dumfries, Va., works a camera. The 11-year-old has taken ter, a Fairfax County police spokes- and reach the person filming were pictures that day: around the annual photography trips with her father, traveling to Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon and Maine. woman said. not immediately successful. The juveniles left, police said, house, out the front window, These annual road trips — the but returned around 11 p.m., try- Police said the juveniles were birds at the feeder,” Stephon latest one put 7,000 miles on the ing to get the hostess to come out detained and later released to said. “I knew there was an odometer — are a far cry from to the parking lot. This time, some- their parents. A police spokesper- interest. It blossomed from that what Stephon did at Karsyn’s one called police, the spokeswom- son said that a detective in the point. I bought her her own age, when summers meant going an said. When officers arrived, ac- Criminal Investigation Division is camera.” to West Virginia to stay with cording to the police statement, investigating. In 2017, they drove to some cousins. the group ran into a nearby park- Yellowstone, in 2018 to the ing lot, where officers detained An IHOP manager declined to Grand Canyon, in 2019 up to “We really didn’t do much,” he two of them. Police said they did comment on the incident. Maine. The pandemic put things said. “When you grow up and go not locate a weapon. on hold until this year, when into the military and see there’s a After that, according to the po- Fairfax County Board of Super- Karsyn vowed to photograph at great big world out there, I think lice account, another person ap- visors Chairman Jeffrey C. McKay least 60 new species. it changes you. You come back proached with something in his (D-At Large) said on Twitter that a Stephon retired from the and you know there’s more than hands. Police said the person “thorough investigation will take Army in 2007, then worked for a what you were exposed to. You matched the description that offi- place,” and its findings will be few years as a contractor in should do better by your kid.” cers had of one of the juveniles shared publicly. McKay said that Afghanistan. Since Karsyn’s involved in the earlier incident. the pointing of a firearm prompts birth, he has structured his jobs As a proud survivor of life Police said that because of “the an internal review that will be around spending time with her, with preteen girls, I asked monitored by the independent po- recently as a substitute teacher STEPHON STERNS Stephon if there isn’t the lice auditor, who reports directly in Stafford County. He and occasional friction when cooped to the Fairfax County board. Karsyn’s mother are divorced, Stephon and Karsyn Sterns at Carr Canyon in Sierra Vista, Ariz., up together for hours. and Karsyn lives with him over one of the places they visited on a road trip in search of birds. “Ensuring our officers are fol- “Her enjoyment is picking at lowing departmental policies and the summers. They pack in a lot. me, making fun of me, finding the expectations of our community the things that slightly annoy are of paramount importance,” Mc- and irritate me,” he said. “I mock Kay wrote. McKay also said in an pretend like I’m upset.” email statement that his office will continue to monitor the situation. Karsyn is in friendly “I’m just going to do the best I competition with some of the can with the time that I'm given,” other birders she and her father he said. “The very best I can do is bump into around here. She has VIRGINIA squeeze as much good into the other interests, too: soccer, summer as we can.” basketball, video games. Antiabortion activists Stephon has taught Karsyn sentenced for trespassing the basics of photography, “I’m trying to make my helping her set up her camera. daughter into the most well- “It’s not always about the rounded person in the world that birds,” he said. “One of the first I can,” Stephon said. “People ask lessons I gave her was don't take me, ‘Is she going to be a a picture because you see me photographer?’ I don’t ask her The Alexandria Women’s take a picture. Take a picture that question. That’s not a Two sent to jail also Health Clinic declined to com- because you see something decision for me. That’s not even a claimed to have obtained ment Tuesday. beautiful. She has always done question to pose to her. My job is fetuses from D.C. clinic that. I’ll turn around and she’s to expose her to as many things “Our actions reflect that we flat on her back looking straight as possible. Whatever she BY MICHELLE BOORSTEIN accept consequences,” Handy told up into leaves in the trees. She’ll KARSYN STERNS chooses is totally up to her.” Two antiabortion activists who The Washington Post before she say, ‘I see something abstract and claimed earlier this year to have was sentenced. “I think it brings I haven't taken anything abstract A Grace’s warbler is seen in a photo taken by Karsyn during a I asked Karsyn if there’s obtained dozens of fetuses from a legitimacy to our movement.” today.’ ” 7,000-mile road trip across the West with her father this year. anything other kids interested in D.C. facility that provides abor- bird photography should know. tions were sent to jail Tuesday for PAAU said it will be holding Karsyn was 7 when she won Stephon’s house in Dumfries Stafford Middle School has a trespassing at an Alexandria nightly vigils outside the Alexan- her first photo contest, in the — he lives in his childhood home classroom decorated in shades of “A lot of times they’re going to women’s clinic last year. dria Detention Center. junior category at Huntley — is filled with photos he and purple and green. have to get up early in the Lauren Handy, who faces simi- Meadows. Some of her photos Karsyn have taken on their morning, especially when it’s like lar charges in multiple cases Late last month, Handy was are part of the hummingbird adventures. They print up photo “I have a picture of a 80 degrees at 5 in the morning,” around the country, was sen- found guilty by a jury of trespass- exhibit at Green Spring Gardens books and make gifts of prints. hummingbird that’s green,” she said. “He has to wake me up.” tenced in Alexandria District ing and resisting police during a in Alexandria. Karsyn’s history teacher at Karsyn said. “I gave that to her Court to 30 days in jail, starting protest at a Flint, Mich., abortion and she put it in her room.” That’s what fathers are for. immediately. Terrisa Bukovinac clinic in 2019, WNEM reported. was sentenced to four days. She is scheduled to be sentenced LOTTERIES The two were among six activ- there in September and faces up ists who, in November 2021, tres- to two years in jail, she said. Results from July 12 passed in the waiting room of the Alexandria Women’s Health Clin- Smith said Handy faces similar DISTRICT 8-2-7 ic, handing out roses to women charges in California and Ohio. Day/DC-3: 5-5-0-1 and advocating against abortion, DC-4: 1-8-9-3-9 according to news reports and a In March, the Justice Depart- DC-5: news release from the women. ment charged Handy and eight Night/DC-3 (Mon.): 9-2-2 The other four were Joan An- others with federal civil rights DC-3 (Tue.): 2-4-6 drews Bell, Kristin Turner, Cassi- offenses in connection with an DC-4 (Mon.): 2-0-6-4 dy Shooltz and Jonathan Darnel. alleged blockade at the Washing- DC-4 (Tue.): 0-8-7-6 Bell, another longtime activist, ton Surgi-Clinic in D.C. in 2020. DC-5 (Mon.): 6-2-3-9-1 was also sentenced to 30 days. No trial date in that case has been DC-5 (Tue.): 7-6-5-6-7 Turner, Shooltz and Darnel were set. If convicted of the offenses, sentenced to four days apiece, the defendants each face up to MARYLAND 8-8-4 MATT MCCLAIN/THE WASHINGTON POST according to court records. 11 years in prison, three years of Day/Pick 3: 6-2-8-8 This was the first time the four supervised release and a fine of Pick 4: 7-8-0-2-5 A splash of shade who received the shorter sen- up to $350,000. Pick 5: tences have been jailed, said Car- Night/Pick 3 (Mon.): 6-1-0 People relax at an outdoor pool Monday at a residential building in Arlington’s Rosslyn area. oline Smith, a member of Progres- The same day in March that the Pick 3 (Tue.): 5-4-7 In and around the District, high temperatures entered the 90s on Monday. sive Anti-Abortion Uprising federal indictment was an- Pick 4 (Mon.): 3-1-3-3 (PAAU), a group to which Handy, nounced, D.C. police removed five Pick 4 (Tue.): 7-1-7-4 Bukovinac and most of the others fetuses from a rowhouse where Pick 5 (Mon.): 7-7-1-3-1 belong. Handy has been jailed for Handy had been staying. Pick 5 (Tue.): 3-9-1-9-9 her activism before, Smith said, Multi-Match (Mon.): 4-8-12-37-40-43 but 30 days will be her longest Handy and Bukovinac said Bonus Match 5 (Mon.): 5-10-28-32-39 *19 stint. they had obtained them and oth- Bonus Match 5 (Tue.): 7-9-10-14-36 *2 er fetal remains from a medical waste company worker who was VIRGINIA 7-3-1 ^1 picking them up from the Day/Pick-3: 7-2-6-6 ^5 Washington Surgi-Clinic. Pick-4: Night/Pick-3 (Mon.): 8-7-6 ^6 The medical waste company Pick-3 (Tue.): 2-9-2 ^4 has denied that its workers hand- Pick-4 (Mon.): 6-6-7-8 ^0 ed the activists any remains. Pick-4 (Tue.): 4-6-4-8 ^3 Handy and Bukovinac have said Cash-5 (Mon.): 13-20-36-37-38 that they buried most of them Cash-5 (Tue.): 5-11-25-28-39 with the help of a Catholic priest at an unknown location. LOCAL DIGEST MULTI-STATE GAMES THE DISTRICT His attorney did not respond went into Shoe City, and police feared Mattocks was reaching pedestrian. They later identified Cash 4 Life: 8-28-35-46-57 ¶4 to a request for comment. allege Anderson followed him for a gun at the time of the the victim as 53-year-old Jackie Mega Millions: 4-7-10-45-64 **12 Man, 21, arrested in and shot him as the victim came shooting. Monroe of Hyattsville. Megaplier: 2x killing near shoe store The shooting occurred about outside. Lucky for Life: 8-14-23-47-48 ‡9 11:45 a.m. on June 15 in front of — Peter Hermann Police found Monroe in the Powerball: 4-26-34-37-52 †9 D.C. police have arrested a Shoe City in the 3900 block of Police said Mattocks had been road. They said he was taken to Power Play: 2x man in a fatal shooting that Minnesota Avenue NE, in the shot seven times and that he MARYLAND a hospital for treatment, where Double Play: 16-25-38-62-67 †5 occurred outside a shoe store East River Park Shopping had a .40-caliber handgun he died of his injuries on last month at a shopping center Center in the Benning loaded with 14 bullets tucked Pedestrian hit by Saturday. *Bonus Ball **Mega Ball †Powerball in Northeast Washington, neighborhood. inside his waistband. vehicle has died ‡Lucky Ball ¶Cash Ball ^Fireball authorities said. According to a preliminary Police identified the victim as Police said in court A pedestrian who was struck investigation, police said For late drawings and other results, check Darius Anderson, 21, of Israel Mattocks, 30, of documents that Anderson had a by a vehicle last week in Palmer Monroe was trying to cross the Northeast, was charged with Southeast. An arrest affidavit gun when he was arrested Park in Prince George’s County street when he was struck by a first-degree murder while filed in D.C. Superior Court says Monday. has died, police said. vehicle heading west on armed. A D.C. Superior Court Anderson and Mattocks were in Barlowe Road. Police said the judge on Tuesday ordered a different shoe store across the According to the arrest At about 10:40 p.m. on July 5, driver remained at the scene Anderson detained and set a street from Shoe City when they affidavit, Anderson told police police were called to the after the collision. hearing for July 22. began arguing. Police said he had argued with Mattocks 8000 block of Barlowe Road for Mattocks left that store and over shoes. Anderson a collision involving a — Omari Daniels reportedly told police he

B4 EZ RE THE WASHINGTON POST . WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 MARYLAND Where gubernatorial candidates stand on the issues BY WASHINGTON POST STAFF MICHAEL ROBINSON CHAVEZ/THE WASHINGTON POST safe. There is no other candidate Yes: Baron, Franchot, Gansler, mental health centers. Finally, I in the field who has received an F Ficker will incentivize universal child Voters in Tuesday’s Maryland The Maryland State House in Annapolis. from the NRA, prosecuted hun- care. primary elections will choose dreds of gun-carrying criminals, No: Jain, King, Segal Democratic and Republican nom- opportunities and reduce stan- not our ceiling. I will expand sup- including the Beltway snipers, Note: Perez and Moore declined Jain: We need a governor who inees to succeed term-limited Gov. dardized testing so students and port for education support profes- and championed legislation to re- to answer the question. will tackle issues comprehensively Larry Hogan (R) in November. teachers are empowered. We also sionals, build pipelines for a more duce gun violence. I will target and include residents in the proc- Here is where candidates stand on need core competencies like fi- diverse educator pool through felons in possession of guns by 7. If so, should they be armed? ess. That’s why each of the 150 several key issues. nancial literacy and other career- partnerships with HBCUs and sending them to the federal sys- Yes: Baron, Franchot, Gansler, policies detailed on my website ready skills that prepare our stu- community colleges, enhance our tem. I will enforce red-flag laws (since last January 2021) are fully 1. Who are the candidates? dents to engage in society. commitment to community and ensure that ghost guns and Ficker paid for and created by residents. Ten Democrats will appear on school models, and support school assault rifles are never legal in No: One of our signature programs is Gansler: I have been consistent safety efforts. As someone who Maryland. Finally, I will close ev- called the Maryland Now Plan, the ballot: former Prince George’s in my support of the Blueprint, and served in local government, I be- ery loophole to end the influx of 8. Would you seek a Maryland which will eliminate the state in- County executive Rushern L. I will implement it as governor. The lieve in preserving local control guns from other states. constitutional amendment come tax for 95 percent of Mary- Baker III, who suspended his one thing that is glaringly missing for issues like school resource offi- protecting abortion rights? land workers, make public transit campaign last month; former gov- from the Blueprint is a meaningful cers for local governments, school Jain: Part of the solution is re- free and create a guaranteed jobs ernment worker and nonprofit ex- investment in school safety. I will systems and school boards. forming our entire criminal justice Yes: Baron, Franchot, Gansler, program. ecutive Jon Baron; State Comp- fund a well-trained school resource system (meaning replacing school Jain, King, Moore, Perez, Segal troller Peter Franchot; former officer in every school to keep our Segal: Greatly broaden the mis- resource officers in public schools King: I will make historic in- Maryland attorney general Doug children safe and reduce the pipe- sion of our public schools. Give with more social workers; treating No: Ficker vestments in the social safety net. Gansler; Ralph W. Jaffe, a retired line to the juvenile justice system. emphasis to learning: history, es- drug abuse as a disease, not a We will use our surplus to create teacher; Ashwani Jain, a local We will couple the SROs with one pecially history of slavery and rac- crime; ending the money bail sys- 9. Do you plan to vote for the universal affordable child care, program director for the National licensed mental health profession- ism; critical thinking; virtue; con- tem; ending for-profit prison con- statewide ballot question to build out public transit and invest Kidney Foundation; former U.S. al available for every 250 students. flict resolution; how to add to the tracts; legalizing marijuana and legalize recreational in the state’s housing trust fund to education secretary John B. King Finally, I will fund universal child beauty of the world; learning to expunging records; access to jobs marijuana use? ensure a supply of housing people Jr.; author and former nonprofit care and pre-K. love books; how to listen; how to and affordable housing); banning can afford. We can tackle the cli- chief Wes Moore; former Demo- take charge of your own life; the ghost guns; supporting red-flag Yes: Baron, Franchot, Gansler, mate emergency by lowering cratic National Committee chair Jain: While we now have the richness of the cultural wealth we laws; and closing the loophole to Jain, King, Moore, Perez, Segal Marylanders’ energy costs long- Tom Perez; and Jerome M. Segal, funds, we must do more to increase have inherited from all of human ensure all gun owners (even those term by investing in charging sta- a philosopher and activist. sustainability of resources. Part of civilization; and how to bring with rifles/shotguns) get a permit. No: Ficker tions and offering incentives for this means being held accountable about change. homeowners and small-business Four Republicans are on the for promised revenue streams (if King: Maryland needs safe 10. Do you support the public- owners to retrofit their homes and ballot: Del. Daniel L. Cox, who we promise funds from slots will be Ficker: No tax increases. Cut storage and child access preven- private toll lane projects for workplaces for renewable energy. was endorsed by former president used for education, it should actu- sales tax 2 cents. Expand tax base tion laws, like Jaelynn’s Law. We the Capital Beltway? Donald Trump; disbarred lawyer ally get allocated as such). Part of to fund Blueprint by bringing in must also address the recent Su- Moore: My top priority as gov- and perennial candidate Robin this means we include voices of large companies, all of which have preme Court decision on con- Yes: Baron, Franchot, Ficker ernor is creating opportunities for Ficker; Kelly M. Schulz, a former educators in the budget process shunned Maryland and Com- cealed carry by adopting a broad No: Gansler, Jain, King, Moore, people to step into better jobs, Hogan administration official; (before, during and after). And merce Secretary Schulz. definition of sensitive locations Perez, Segal earn higher wages, and build and lawyer Joe Werner. part of this means increasing rev- where guns cannot be carried and wealth that people can pass down enue streams for our state by keep- 5. What changes would you strengthen training require- 11. How about Interstate 270? to their children — especially for The answers below are from the ing people in our state and encour- make to Maryland’s gun- ments. I would pursue legislation Yes: Baron, Franchot, Ficker, underserved communities. Our candidates; they have been edited aging more to move here. control laws? that allows gun manufacturers to administration will fix our broken for length and clarity. Jaffe, Cox, be sued. We need to create inter- Gansler child-care system that’s keeping Schulz and Werner did not re- King: I would institute the mini- Baron: I’ll immediately work vention programs for people with No: Jain, King, Moore, Perez, people from getting back to work, spond to The Washington Post or mum $60,000 salary for teachers by with the legislature to strengthen a history of gun offenses and focus address the rising cost of rent and declined to participate. Since Bak- 2023 and raise salaries for educa- the state’s concealed-carry laws our police resources on stopping Segal unaffordable homes, build a trans- er has suspended his campaign, he tion support professionals. I would (e.g., with enhanced gun training the flow of illegal guns. portation system that connects was not invited to participate. also eliminate the BOOST program requirements) following the reck- 12. The pandemic left the state the people who rely on it the most and increase the funding for the less new Supreme Court ruling. Moore: Too many families have better off financially than to new jobs and opportunities, 2. Should the Washington Maryland Teaching Fellows pro- We’ll also enact a safe gun storage experienced the agony of losing a anyone could have ever and more. Commanders remain in gram to support 1,000 new teachers law (requiring gun owners to store loved one to gun violence. It is predicted. How do you plan to Maryland, despite the annually, invest in a pipeline of and lock firearms when not in use) unacceptable, and it has to stop. I use some of that money to help Perez: Budgets are moral docu- organization’s ongoing issues? bilingual teachers and create teach- and invest in “smart gun” technol- was proud to be named a gun put Maryland residents on a ments, and as governor, I will en- er recruitment programs at HBCUs ogy (making guns inoperable in sense candidate by Moms De- better financial footing? sure we prioritize efforts to fully Yes: Baron, Franchot, Gansler, so our teaching workforce reflects the hands of anyone but the own- mand Action, and as governor, I fund the Blueprint for Maryland’s Jain, King, Moore, Perez, Segal, the diversity of our students. I er). These measures would pre- will be committed to strengthen- Baron: The bottom 40 percent Future to support students and Ficker would ensure universal pre-K and vent many school shootings, sui- ing our gun laws, expanding back- of Marylanders have seen flat wag- educators to ensure Zip code nev- universal affordable child care. cides and homicides stemming ground checks, implementing ex- es since 1980, as income inequality er determines destiny, make long- No: from unsecured or stolen guns. treme risk protective order laws, has soared. We’ll partner with overdue investments in our state’s Moore: The Blueprint for getting ghost guns off our streets, Maryland businesses to provide mental health infrastructure, and 3. If so, would you commit Maryland’s Future was a tremen- Franchot: As a delegate, I intro- and using a data-driven approach proven job training to every adult make strategic investments in public dollars to keep them dous legislative victory, and we duced legislation banning assault to address crime with the urgency who wants to advance — training “talent-driven economic develop- here? must ensure it is fully funded and weapons and led efforts to ban the and intensity it demands. shown to raise wages $8,000 a year. ment” in industries critical to implemented. As governor, I will selling and manufacturing of cheap The key is to focus the training on Maryland’s economic future like Yes: Franchot, Ficker build robust pathways to good- handguns, the first state to take this Perez: While Maryland has tak- fast-growing industries and work offshore wind and the Port of Bal- No: Baron, Gansler, Jain, King, paying jobs, support our educa- step. I am proud to have received en action to enact some of the with employers who provide paid timore. Moore, Perez, Segal tors and students, ensure free the Gun Sense Candidate Badge strongest gun laws in the nation, internships to the trainees. Under pre-K for every child in need, and from Moms Demand Action, and I we have more to do — including our plan, the state pays for the Segal: Address the fundamen- 4. What would you change drive more students into STEM will continue to fight for expanding supporting renewed federal ef- training, employers pay for intern- tals: income, security and basic about the Blueprint for fields. I was proud to be named the background checks, increasing forts. As governor, I’ll strengthen ships, the economy gets skilled needs: guaranteed basic employ- Maryland’s Future? education candidate by the Mary- waiting periods and holding gun Maryland’s handgun purchaser li- workers — everyone benefits. ment: a legal right to a 32-hour/ land State Education Association, dealers and manufacturers ac- censing law, enhance concealed- week job, with work-sharing in- Baron: More than a quarter of and I will not stop until every child countable by requiring dealers to carry safety training requirements, Franchot: I’m proud to have centives to ensure that state gov- the state’s eighth-graders can’t is set up for success. keep detailed long-term records on ensure that the Firearm Safety Act played a key role in managing our ernment isn’t the employer of last read at a basic level; more than a gun and ammunition purchases. of 2013 is fully implemented, in- state’s financial resources, includ- resort; zero-interest mortgages third can’t do basic math — num- Perez: The Blueprint for Mary- crease data sharing, establish stan- ing extending tax deadlines for for low-income families, allowing bers that are no different than 20 land’s Future must be our floor — Gansler: I will make Maryland dards for proactive gun law en- Marylanders to give them time to them to become homeowners and years ago. The Blueprint can be a forcement of illegal-gun-posses- recover from covid and leading then be mortgage free in 10-15 turning point for our state, but we sion laws, and fully implement oversight of covid spending to en- years; progressive property taxes must focus its funding on solu- Maryland’s ghost-gun ban. sure greater accountability. I will — zero percent for modest homes, tions that don’t just sound good, use our surplus to provide im- higher rates for McMansions. but are tested and proven to work Segal: Allow only hunting rifles mediate child-care assistance, — like raising an army of tutors and home-protection shotguns. grow our economy through infra- Ficker: Cut state sales tax by 1/3 from the community to help every When this is struck down by our structure projects that fuel family- or 2 cents=$780/yr./household. struggling first- and second-grad- right-wing Supreme Court, lead the supporting jobs, and attract and End inflationary gas tax increas- er, moving them up toward grade nation in the fight to amend the retain new graduates by forgiving es=$50/yr. Fund jobs strike force level early, before their problems Second Amendment to the U.S. their student loans if they live, to pursue such recent multibil- become serious in later grades. Constitution. Rally the overwhelm- work and pay taxes. lion-dollar expansions and head- ing will of the American people to quarters relocations as Amazon, Franchot: I have seen the im- put the nuthouse in order. Gansler: I will suspend the gas Apple, Boeing, Facebook, Google, pacts of education reform legisla- tax and ensure there are no new Hyundai, Intel, Microsoft, Nucor tion from Thornton and now Kir- Ficker: Follow ruling of courts. taxes of any kind. I will fund my Steel, Parsons, Raytheon, Sam- wan. These commissions are good 6. Do you support having Green Maryland Plan, which will sung, Taiwan Semiconductor, Tex- starting points, and I support out- school resource officers in significantly invest in green en- as Instruments, Tesla and Toyota, comes such as universal pre-K. As schools? ergy, public transportation and which have all shunned Maryland we implement a bold vision for the cleanup of the bay, as well as my and Commerce Sec. Schulz. state, I believe we also need to Safe Maryland plan, which will emphasize experiential learning raise officer pay and fund 1,000 more police officers trained in de- escalation across the state. I will ensure abortion clinics are fully funded and establish 10 regional WE DO IT ALL! Tub Liners Tub and Shower Replacements Tub-to-Shower Conversions Sale4TH OF JULY REMODELING In as little as one day Microban technology Unlimited combinations FREE consultations BIGGEST OFFER OF THE YEAR FITS YOUR standards $1,000 OFF SHOWER REMODEL With quality you can trust and a lifetime guarantee, OR NO PAYMENTS Bath Fitter doesn’t just fit your bath, it fits your high FOR 18 MONTHS!* standards. Why have over two million people brought *Valid with purchase of bath or shower replacement. Subject to credit approval. * Bath Fitter into their homes? It Just Fits. For qualified customers. Offer valid until 8/1/2022. 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MD136343, VA2705170348, WV058033.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 . THE WASHINGTON POST EZ RE B5 MARYLAND Toll lane critics point to possible flaws in state’s latest tra∞c analysis BY KATHERINE SHAVER Transit advocates ask the new traffic forecasts could Ross, a Bethesda resident who as the Federal Highway Adminis- change the plan, slow it down or Critics of Maryland’s plan to federal government to have been generated by correct- is retired from reviewing com- tration considers the project’s stop it. widen Interstate 270 and part of ing previous errors and suggest puter models for groundwater FEIS for approval. Environmen- the Capital Beltway with toll order a review possible falsification of model flow, said he found the problems tal approval is required to receive MDOT’s first contract on the lanes cited possible flaws in the outputs.” “buried in a blizzard of numbers” federal funding and typically is a project also is being challenged state’s analysis of whether the “final environmental impact in an appendix of the state’s FEIS target of federal lawsuits seeking in court, where a losing bidder new lanes would relieve traffic statement” (FEIS) that the state Project spokesman Terry Ow- released last month. to block major infrastructure has alleged that the state im- congestion, saying the federal released last month regarding ens said the traffic analysis was projects. Questions over Mary- properly awarded a “predevelop- government should order an in- Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan’s reviewed by experts and “fol- “The numbers simply do not land’s ridership projections for ment agreement” to the Transur- dependent review. plan to alleviate traffic conges- lowed accepted professional look like what a computer model the Purple Line, which is more ban team to design the lanes and In a Monday letter to the U.S. tion. State officials have said the practices” approved by the Fed- would produce,” Ross said in an than four years behind schedule negotiate the longer-term con- Department of Transportation, highway widening also would eral Highway Administration. interview. and $1.46 billion over budget, tract to build and operate them. transit advocates said the state free up more room in the regular were at the heart of a legal hasn’t explained why its latest lanes, but critics have said it The latest regional traffic In one example, Ross said, the challenge that delayed the light- Under MDOT’s plan, the state computer traffic models pro- would attract additional traffic model used in the analysis “fol- state’s latest analysis found rail line construction by almost a would add two toll lanes in each duced “substantially different” and exacerbate climate change. lows industry standards and has “drastically” improved drive year. direction to the Beltway between results from an earlier study. The been thoroughly reviewed and times on the Beltway’s inner loop the Virginia side of a new and more recent findings, critics said, In the letter, Ben Ross, chair of validated,” Owens wrote. MDOT, during the evening rush between MDOT needs the federal envi- expanded American Legion further support the state’s argu- the Maryland Transit Opportuni- he said, “has provided a vast Connecticut Avenue and Inter- ronmental approval before it can Bridge and the exit for Old ment that the highway widening ties Coalition, said the Maryland amount of high quality data sup- state 95 compared with its previ- secure a 50-year contract worth Georgetown Road in Bethesda. would reduce backups. However, Department of Transportation porting the FEIS.” The state’s ous analysis. However, he said, billions for a private consortium From there, the lanes would they said, numerous discrepan- declined to explain the different efforts, Owens wrote, “far exceed the calculations didn’t appear to led by Australian toll road opera- extend up I-270 to Frederick, cies appeared designed “to ob- findings or changes in its model- the [federal] requirements.” consider, as traffic models typi- tor Transurban to build the with the lower part to I-370 being tain a desired result.” ing. The “anomalies,” Ross wrote, cally would, that more motorists lanes. Project supporters say Ho- built first. The traffic modeling was done “create serious doubt whether In releasing the FEIS, MDOT would switch to the faster Belt- gan (R), who is term-limited, is as part of a federally required said it had “modified analysis way from other roads to save eager to secure the contract be- The regular lanes would be methodologies” and “conducted time, which would add traffic fore he leaves office in January, rebuilt and remain free. One of new analysis” based on public and slow speeds. when a new governor could the toll lanes on lower I-270 comments it had received. The would come from a converted state did not elaborate. The critics’ accusations come carpool lane. Mail-in vote count may petuated his election-fraud claims. delay Md. election results Cox, following like-minded elec- tion-result deniers in states such MARYLAND FROM B1 both the primary and general CHIP SOMODEVILLA/GETTY IMAGES as Arizona and Pennsylvania, is elections, election officials say. calling for a “forensic audit” of the local election officials to simulta- The rest were from voters who Campaign signs are seen outside the Silver Spring Civic Building on Thursday, the first day of early 2020 results in Maryland, where neously process mail-in ballots asked at some point to be “perma- voting. Maryland is offering both mail-in voting and early voting ahead of the July 19 primary election. Joe Biden won with 1,985,023 and manage early voting. nent absentee voters.” votes against Trump’s 976,414. people will be impatient because concerned about the possibility tion fraud were backed by no Voelp, who cautioned that he In Maryland’s 2018 primary, they want to know the results,” that a candidate could take advan- credible evidence and compre- Cox did not return an email or couldn’t speak for the board, said which like this year had no presi- said David A. Naimon, secretary tage of delayed results to claim hensively rejected by judges phone message on Monday. A re- he “would hope that we would dential race, 872,207 people — of the board of elections in Mont- fraud. Former president Donald across the political spectrum, they cent Goucher College poll, con- seek relief from the courts for the 24 percent of eligible voters — gomery County, which has the Trump did this in the 2020 elec- continue to undermine confi- ducted in partnership with the general [election in November] in voted. Of those, 30,122 cast mail- largest number of eligible voters tion; in several states, he led in- dence, particularly among Repub- Baltimore Banner and WYPR- a timely enough fashion that the in ballots. of any jurisdiction. “We’re going person voting tallies, only to have licans, in the integrity of elections. 88.1, found him in a statistical local boards could set up for that to do it as efficiently as we can, but his lead later wiped away by mail- dead heat against his opponent, and handle that.” Delayed results in tight races obviously the most important in ballots. Trump falsely claimed One of the candidates in the Kelly M. Schulz, among decided have long been the norm. In 2018, thing is that we do it accurately.” the mail-in votes were invalid. Republican primary for governor, Republican voters. While the 2020 primary and it took two weeks to declare the Del. Daniel L. Cox (Frederick), is general election saw huge vol- winner of Montgomery County’s Many officials and observers are Though Trump’s claims of elec- endorsed by Trump and has per- “Any time you have delays, it umes of mail-in voting, a now- Democratic primary for county sows these folks who want to expired emergency order by Ho- executive, which came down to come out and talk about conspira- gan during the health crisis al- absentee and provisional ballots. cy theories, and they want to in- lowed for processing mail-in votes Marc Elrich saw his Election Day ject some doubt in our system,” before Election Day. lead drop with each new round of said Kevin Kinnally, legislative di- ballots counted. In the end, he rector of the Maryland Associa- While it’s difficult to predict won by just 80 votes. tion of Counties. Such claims what proportion of voters will breed threats and intimidation of vote by mail in the primary, there This year, with a high volume of election workers, among other are signs it will be significant. As mail-in ballots awaiting tabula- problems, he said. of Sunday, local election offices tion, candidates will need more- had received just over 115,000 decisive margins among in-per- “Mostly what we’re trying to do mail-in ballots. Nearly 500,000 son voters to declare victory on is make sure that people have the people had requested mail-in bal- Election Day. correct expectations here,” Kin- lots. Of these, 35 percent came nally said. “That they shouldn’t from voters who requested them “I don’t know really what to expect all the results on election specifically for the primary or for expect, except that I think it’ll night, that they may have to wait take a while, and I think that some time.” Expert: Bay’s cleanup Public Notice ‘is gonna be a stretch’ Updated weight limits on Virginia bridges and culverts CHESAPEAKE FROM B1 100 percent of the reduction goal for sediment, the foundation In accord with state and federal law, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has imposed new pesticides, have been contribut- found. or changed existing weight restrictions and installed new signage indicating the updated weight ing to the problem. restrictions on the following bridges and culverts (structures) in Virginia within the last 30 days. The District has so far been on “If you look at pollution com- target in meeting its goals for all The list above is not a comprehensive list of all structures with weight restrictions in the Commonwealth, ing from urban and suburban three pollutants, according to the but shows only structures that have new or changed weight restrictions within the last 30 days. The list land, pollution increases, and a EPA. contains only basic structure identification and location information and the date the new or changed lot of that is because we’re con- weight restriction and signage became effective. verting more land into developed The efforts have led to stream For a full listing of all bridge and culvert weight restrictions with detailed information about specific land,” said Beth McGee, director restoration projects across the re- structures, including location data and actual weight limits, visit and navigate of science and agricultural policy gion, with each project aimed at to Info Center/Trucking Resources. This page references a posted structures report and a GIS map tool at the Chesapeake Bay Founda- meeting state-mandated reduc- that contain detailed information about restricted structures in Virginia. To receive email notifications tion. “Now, we have a lot more tion targets — known as “total regarding new or updated weight restrictions for structures statewide, complete the sign-up form on the land that’s in that category.” maximum daily loads” — for web page. those pollutants. Notices regarding bridges and culverts with new or updated weight restrictions are published monthly by In 2020, Washington-region VDOT. For additional information or questions, please contact [email protected] jurisdictions and Delaware sued The 22 projects receiving mon- the EPA for what they claimed ey through Maryland’s Chesa- The Virginia Department of Transportation is committed to ensuring that no person is excluded from participation in, be denied the was a lack of aggressive enforce- peake and Atlantic Coastal Bays benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any of its programs or activities on the basis of race, color, or national origin, as ment of the 2010 settlement in Trust Fund include the Croydon protected by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. If you need further information on VDOT’s Title VI Program or special states that were far behind in Creek-Calvin Park Tributary assistance for persons with disabilities or limited English proficiency, please contact the Virginia Department of Transportation’s Title meeting the 2025 goal, especially Stream Restoration project in the VI Program Specialist at 804-786-2730. Pennsylvania, undercutting their city of Rockville. That $3.2 mil- efforts. lion effort will get $2 million in new state funding. With the bay’s health slightly improving, that case is currently Montgomery County will get in settlement discussions. $550,000 for four storm-water pond retrofits and a tree-planting Under the 2010 court settle- project near the Wheaton Branch ment reached with the EPA and storm-water management pond the bay’s neighboring jurisdic- outside Sligo Creek. tions, if the 2025 timetable is not met, permits for projects with Baltimore County will receive new sources of pollution must be $1.4 million for its Kings Eye withheld, including for sewage Stream and Riparian Corridor treatment plants and other major Restoration project near the projects. eroded banks at Piney Run. Last year, Maryland’s reduc- Several rural counties will re- tion efforts were stymied when ceive money to restore flood- major pollution violations were plains, create wetlands and, in found at the state’s two largest Kent County, re-create a beaver wastewater treatment plants, dam to help filter pollutants that leading to millions of gallons of have made their way into Turner’s bacteria and nutrient-laden Creek. wastewater dumping into water- ways flowing into the bay. Still, McGee said meeting the 2025 the state is on track for meeting implementation goal “is gonna be its goals for reducing sediment. a stretch” for most of the jurisdic- tions unless they accelerate their Virginia has reached 75 per- efforts. cent of the 2025 reduction goal for nitrogen, 68 percent of the reduc- “It seems to be a little bit of a tion goal for phosphorus and long shot, but we’re going to keep the pedal to the metal until 2025,” McGee said. Retropolis S0129-2x1.75 Stories of the past, rediscovered.

B6 EZ RE THE WASHINGTON POST . WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 obituaries WILLIE LEE MORROW, 82 Barber became a pioneer of Black hair care, styling BY EMILY LANGER “Hair is the basic, FAMILY PHOTO FAMILY PHOTO of other hair-care manufacturers Willie Lee Morrow, a barber natural symbol of things when they took off in popularity. turned entrepreneur who helped people are or want to be Mr. Morrow helped popularize hair-care tools such as the Afro pick Barber Willie Lee Morrow, Jheri Redding, a White entrepre- popularize tools such as the Afro and styles including the one dubbed the Jheri curl. seen in an undated photo, neur and founder of Redken, Jhir- pick and styles including the one everywhere and the became one of the most mack and Nexxus, produced a dubbed the Jheri curl over more social-cultural influential figures in the history modified product that gave rise to than half a century as an innova- of how Black hair is cared for. the term “Jheri curl” — “the popu- tor in Black hair care, died June 22 significance of hairstyle lar or layman’s term to refer to all at his home in San Diego. He was should not be He was later engaged by the U.S. curly perms, much as Xerox is to 82. military for a program to train copy machines,” the authors of The cause was pneumonia, said underestimated.” 6,000 barbers and 1,100 beauti- “Hair Story” wrote. his daughter, Cheryl Morrow. cians in the care of Black hair. By Mr. Morrow started his career Willie Lee Morrow, in his 1973 book 1971, the New York Times report- “I feel no animosity because my at age 12 or 13 as what he described “400 Years Without a Comb” ed that he had traveled 60,000 idea was copied and exploited by as a “stump barber,” with a tree miles across the United States, the very same companies which stump as his barber chair, in the suitable styling tools for the Afro. Europe and Asia for the project. had declined to do the research tiny Alabama locality where his “You know what people would and development of a much need- parents worked as sharecroppers. use?” Mr. Morrow once told the “The entire program is a god- ed product,” they quoted Mr. Mor- In pursuit of greater economic San Diego Reader. “Angel food send to the approximately one row as writing. “Instead, I am opportunity, he moved in 1959 to cake cutters.” After an acquain- million black military personnel gratified that I was able to intro- San Diego, where he established tance traveled to Africa in 1962 and their dependents,” journalist duce a process that has been ac- himself as a go-to stylist in the and brought back a hand-carved Lacy Banks wrote in Ebony maga- cepted universally.” African American community African hair comb, Mr. Morrow zine in 1970. “Everywhere Morrow and, eventually, one of the city’s began crafting similar models went, blacks flocked begging for In an interview, Tharps de- most prominent Black business that in time were selling 12,000 haircuts, Afro combs, hair sprays, scribed Mr. Morrow as an “an leaders as the founder of a hair- units a week. Ayana D. Byrd and permanents and conditions. They underappreciated hero.” care supply empire. Lori L. Tharps, writing in the book all had problems and they were The tools and products he de- “Hair Story: Untangling the Roots desperate for help.” Willie Lee Morrow was born in veloped, including combs used to of Black Hair in America,” de- Eutaw, Ala., on Oct. 9, 1939. By his create the Afro hairstyle popular scribed Mr. Morrow as “the man Mr. Morrow described the “Afro account he did not do well in in the 1960s and 1970s and a line who first mass-produced the plas- natural” look as a “cultural badge.” school but recognized from an of creams formulated to produce tic Afro pick” in the United States. But he also sought to give Black early age that academic achieve- the looser curls that later came people choices in hairstyles, and ment was not the only avenue to into fashion, made him one of the In 1966, Mr. Morrow published as early as 1966 began experi- success. most influential figures in the his- the manual “The Principles of menting with what the authors of tory of how Black hair is cared for Cutting and Styling Negro Hair.” “Hair Story” described as “a chem- “Where I came from, you were a and viewed in society. ical process to turn kinky hair misfit if you didn’t do well in “Ever since there was racism, curly.” He originally called his line school or go to college to become a ever since there was discrimina- of products the Tomorrow Curl teacher or a preacher,” he told tion against Black bodies, there but found greater success when he Ebony in 1970. “So I felt I always was discrimination against Black rebranded it in 1977 as the Califor- had to work that much harder at hair as well,” Tameka Ellington, nia Curl, according to the book. other things to get a little recogni- the co-curator of the exhibit “Tex- tion.” tures: The History and Art of His products were at first mar- Black Hair” on view at Kent State keted only to stylists — not to the The San Diego Reader reported University in Ohio, said in an in- public — but caught the attention that Mr. Morrow’s father saved terview. “His work was a means of enough as a sharecropper, with a being able to uplift the Black com- side operation in bootleg whiskey, munity.” to pay for his son to attend barber Ellington and other scholars school in San Diego. After open- placed Mr. Morrow in a historical ing his own shops, Mr. Morrow line of African American hair-care cultivated a devoted clientele entrepreneurs including Madam while developing his hair-care C.J. Walker, the first Black female supply business. millionaire in the United States, whose life at the turn of the 20th In addition to the California century was dramatized in the Curl product line, Mr. Morrow 2020 Netflix series “Self Made.” was credited with creating combs Mr. Morrow regarded his work and hair dryer attachments de- not merely as a job, he told the signed for the care of Black hair. Nashville Tennessean in 1985, but For years he operated a radio sta- rather as a “calling.” tion and newspaper, the San Di- “With hair, the individual dem- ego Monitor, that catered to Afri- onstrates his or her social signifi- can American audiences. He was cance, philosophical and cultural credited with using some of the legacy,” he wrote in “400 Years profits from his businesses to help Without a Comb,” a 1973 book that fund the civil rights movement. was one of multiple volumes he published about the history and Mr. Morrow was divorced from practice of Black hair styling. his first wife, Helen. Their son, “Hair is the basic, natural symbol Todd Morrow, predeceased him. of things people are or want to be everywhere and the social-cultur- Survivors include his wife of al significance of hairstyle should more than five decades, the for- not be underestimated.” mer Gloria Lacy of San Diego; two For generations, many Black daughters from his second mar- people seeking acceptance in riage, Cheryl Morrow and Angela White society felt pressure to Morrow, both of San Diego; and straighten their hair to conform to several sisters and brothers. White notions of beauty, a time- consuming, expensive process Over the years, Mr. Morrow that often damaged the hair and amassed an extensive collection scalp. The early years of Mr. Mor- of artifacts related to the history row’s career coincided with the of Black hair care, including bar- rise in popularity of the Afro, a ber chairs, combs, clippers, other hairstyle that showcased natural styling tools and product contain- texture and became a symbol of ers. Black pride. At the time, there were few “He was one of the first people to publicly proclaim that Black hair is a cultural contribution to American history,” Byrd, the co- author of “Hair Story” observed, as well as “a way that Black people came together and formed tradi- tions and rituals and language and all of these things that really define what is a culture. He was one of the first people to publicly proclaim that.” ROBERT F. CURL JR., 88 That’s how “we got into the in ultrathin protective coatings carbon business,” Dr. Curl re- nearly as hard as diamonds. Nobel-winning chemist who called in a 2016 Rice News inter- helped discover ‘buckyballs’ view. The buckyball discovery also was key in the development of BY BRIAN MURPHY bel Prize in chemistry in 1996. JEFF FITLOW/RICE UNIVERSITY The concept of carbon arrang- nanotubes, essentially graphite Over 11 days in late summer And buckyballs became famed as ing itself in molecular structures, rolled into atomic-level cylinders, 1985, a group of scientists and a kind of Swiss Army knife of the Rice University professor Robert F. Curl Jr. is seen in 2016 with a such as spheres or tubes, had used as super-efficient pathways graduate students gathered at molecular realm — with potential framed replica of his 1996 Nobel Prize in chemistry medal. He was been part of scientific inquiry for electricity and thermal ex- Rice University in Houston to use applications ranging from vessels part of experiments in 1985 that changed understandings of and theories for decades. It change. a powerful laser to vaporize car- for hydrogen fuel storage to molecules and opened new frontiers for emerging nanotechnology. wasn’t proved until the unexpect- bon and chill the atoms to near paint-on solar panels to ultra- ed findings from the Rice experi- Since 1985, buckyball-shaped absolute zero. The hunt was for strong armor. It was also adopted week, I had decided to become a toral work on molecular bonds. ments. The initial work was pub- carbon molecules have been quirky molecular structures then as the name of a magnetic office chemist,” he wrote in an autobio- He then joined the Rice faculty, lished in Nature in a manuscript, found in nature in some ancient unknown on Earth but detected toy. graphic sketch for the Nobel eventually chairing the chemis- “C60 Buckminsterfullerene.” geological formations, possibly in deep space. Foundation. try department. He held the title (C60 refers to the 60 carbon delivered by meteors, and in Rice chemistry professor Rob- Dr. Curl died July 3 in Houston of professor emeritus following atoms arrayed in 12 pentagons sooty flames. “Think of this the ert F. Curl Jr. and others noticed at age 88 after a six-decade career There were no chemistry class- his retirement in 2008, at 74. and 20 hexagons.) next time you light a candle,” surprise readings on the spec- at Rice, the university said in a es at his elementary school in Lennart Eberson of the Royal trometer: evidence of 60 carbon statement. No cause was given. Texas. He dabbled on his own, In the early 1980s, Dr. Curl was At the time, carbon was Swedish Academy of Sciences atoms bonding together, possibly making things that sizzled, oozed deep into experiments on semi- thought to exist in just three said in the presentation speech in a hollow cluster shaped some- “Bob was our insurance pol- and exploded. One of his high conductors using a laser-and- forms: soot or coal, graphite and for the Nobel Prize. thing like a soccer ball. Dr. Curl icy,” said James Heath, president school teachers gave him special vacuum apparatus in Smalley’s diamond. painstakingly went through the of the Institute for Systems Biolo- science projects to keep up with lab. Dr. Curl then suggested his In 2015, Rice named the Small- results. gy in Seattle and one of the his expanding interests. friend Kroto come from Britain to “No one had ever heard of ey-Curl Institute in honor of the It all checked out, Dr. Curl graduate students involved in the use the lab for his work, attempt- round carbon before,” Heath said. two Nobel laureates. Of his fellow concluded. Suddenly, new fron- 1985 experiments. “We were all After graduating in 1954 from ing to re-create unusual carbon Nobel winners, Smalley died tiers in physical chemistry and excited, but he checked every what was then Rice Institute, he chains identified by radio astron- It also laid set a new course for 2005 and Kroto in 2016. nanotechnology were thrown detail before we could announce received a doctorate in chemistry omy in interstellar clouds and red nanotechnology, making innova- open. They named the discovery anything. He made sure what from the University of California giants, old stars with relatively tive materials and devices at a In recent years, Dr. Curl after the geodesic domes (think looked interesting was not actu- at Berkeley in 1957 and went to low surface temperatures. near-atomic scale. The strength worked with Rice economists to Epcot) of architect and futurist R. ally boring.” Harvard University for postdoc- and stability of buckyballs — in study subjects such as energy use Buckminster Fuller: buckmin- 60-atom form and bigger — has and how automation impacted sterfullerenes, or buckyballs for Robert Floyd Curl Jr. was born offered dozens of possible uses the U.S. economy. short. in Alice, Tex., on Aug. 23, 1933, because of their shape and elec- Dr. Curl and two colleagues, son of a Methodist minister tron-bonding properties. Survivors include his wife of Richard Smalley from Rice and whose job took the family hop- 66 years, the former Jonel Whip- Harry Kroto from England’s Uni- scotching around Texas. His fa- Buckyballs have found appli- ple of Houston; two sons, Michael versity of Sussex, shared the No- ther also helped establish Meth- cations in ultrasmall light-emit- Curl of Houston and David Curl odist Hospital in San Antonio. ting diodes and solar cells. Other of Fort Worth; and three grand- research moves in many direc- children. When Mr. Curl was 9, his tions: medical uses such as anti- parents bought him a chemistry oxidants by siphoning up free “Reporters asked us, ‘Tell us set for Christmas. “Within a radicals; mixing with polymers how you made this great discov- for a possible paint that collects ery,’ ” Dr. Curl told the Houston solar power and generates elec- Chronicle in 2008. “Well, it was a tricity; as potential lubricants stroke of luck. The only credit you because of their round shape, or can claim is not ignoring your stroke of luck.”

WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 . THE WASHINGTON POST EZ RE B7 DEATH NOTICE DEATH NOTICE DEATH NOTICE DEATH NOTICE DEATH NOTICE DEATH NOTICE BULLOCK JONES ROBINSON SANCHEZ JONES MEIGS MARION D. SANCHEZ The members of the Retired Firefighters Association of Washington, DC regret to an- nounce the passing of Life Member Marion D. Sanchez on July 7, 2022. Brother Sanchez was appointed on October 20, 1968 to Truck 17 and retired on June 17, 1989 as 8th BFC-Aide. NORMAN RICHARD BULLOCK JUNE E. JONES (Age 87) GWENDOLYN BLAYTON ROBINSON DEATH NOTICE YVONNE JOYCE JONES MARILYN FRANCES MEIGS (Age 96) (Age 60) Transitioned into Eternal Rest on Wednes- DWYER Entered into eternal rest on Wednesday, Marilyn Frances Meigs, age 73, of Sel- Norman Richard Bullock entered into eter- day, June 29, 2022. She is survived by her Peacefully transitioned to her heavenly June 29,2022. She is survived by her hus- byville, DE, and Washington, DC, passed nal rest on July 5, 2022. He leaves to cher- loving children, Sabrina James and Andre’ home on Tuesday, July 5, 2022. Prede- BARBARA LYNN DWYER (Age 59) band, Sidney Jones; daughter, Kia Jones away on Thursday, June 2, 2022. ish his wife, Felicia Bullock; two children, Jones; three grandchildren; and a host of ceased by her husband, Jones Robinson. Mitchell (Herbert); two grandsons, Brian Born in Westchester, NY, on October 14, Ashley and Adam; seven siblings, Olujimi other relatives and friends. Visitation will She leaves cherished memories with her On Sunday, July 10, 2022, be- Paige and Sean Ellerbee; four great-grand- 1948, she was the daughter of the late Bullock (Linda), Yusef Bullock, Denise Har- be held from 10 a.m. until Mass of Chris- two sons, Mark Robinson (Lydia) and Mi- loved daughter of Loretta and children, Sydney Paige, Brilyn Paige, Brian Frederick Madison and Florence (Napole- ley(Aaron), Deborah Simmons(Tyrone), Vir- tian Burial at 11 a.m., on Friday, July 15 chael Robinson (Ramona); four grandchil- the late Robert Ravenscroft; Paige, Jr. and Zoe Ellerbee; a host of other one) Meigs. She is survived by her brothers, ginia Queen (George), Hensil Bullock and at Church of the Incarnation, 880 Eastern dren, Leah, Matthew, Jordan and Ngozi; loving mother of daughter, relatives and friends. She was preceded in Robert Meigs (Carol) and Gordon Meigs Florence Smith (Kenny); a host of aunts, Ave., NE, Washington, DC 20019. Interment sister-in-law, Barbara Robinson and a host Julia (John) Mayotte, and sons, death by her father, Frank Braxton; mother (Darlene); nieces and nephews; and close uncles, nieces, nephews and friends. On Arlington National Cemetery at a later of nieces, nephews, other relatives and David and Matthew Dwyer. Geneva Braxton and brother Frank Braxton friends. Friday, July 15, 2022, from 10 a.m. until ser- date. Services by Henry S. Washington & friends. A graveside service will be held Relatives and friends may call at Borgwardt Jr. Mrs. Jones will rest at St. Martin’s Cath- A celebration of life will be held on Friday, vice time at 11 a.m. friends may visit with Sons. on Friday, July 15, 2022, 11 a.m., at Lincoln Funeral Home, 4400 Powder Mill Road, olic Church, 1908 North Capitol St., NW on July 22, 2022, at 5 p.m. at St. David’s Epis- the family at Antioch Baptist Church of Memorial Cemetery, 4001 Suitland Rd., Beltsville, MD, on Saturday, July 16, from 12 Thursday, July 14 from 10 a.m. until service copal Church, 5150 Macomb Street NW, Deanwood, 1105 50th St. N.E., Washington, Suitland, MD. A memorial service will be to 4 p.m. Interment private. Memorial do- at 11 a.m. Interment at Lincoln Memorial Washington, DC 20016. DC 20019 Interment: Private held at a later date. nations may be made to Gilchrist Hospice Cemetery. In lieu of flowers memorial contributions may be made to the American Society for WWW.MARSHALLMARCHFH.COM the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (AS- PCA), 424 East 92nd Street, New York, NY When the DEATH NOTICE HIMES 10128-6804. need arises, let families BALLESTEROS LEE JOSEPH HIMES (Age 88) SPICER-MULLIKIN FUNERAL HOMES find you in the & CREMATORY Funeral Services On Sunday, July 10, 2022, of 302-378-0300 Directory. Fort Belvoir, VA and Colesville, MD. Preceded in death by To leave online condolences, visit: To be seen in the his loving wife Janice Ringley Funeral Services Himes; father of Kathy Himes Directory, please call who eventually became a professor’s wife (Donald) Cohlman, Kenneth DEATH NOTICE paid Death Notices and made warm, loving homes for her fam- Himes, and Karen Himes (Christopher) at 202-334-4122. ily in college towns like Ponce, Puerto Rico; Walsh; grandfather of Courtney, Macken- MANDAVA Tahlequah, Oklahoma; Davenport, Iowa; and zie and Mallory Walsh and Shannon Himes DEATH NOTICE ERNESTINE BALLESTEROS Reading, Pennsylvania. Through the United (Marcus) Rebersak and Austin (Suzanne NAGA BHUSHAN MANDAVA Bhushan served as president of The Chemi- Methodist Church in Reading and Washing- Zakaria) Himes. Also survived by his broth- cal Society of Washington and as a council- BURTS Ernestine Ballesteros, age 94, passed away ton, DC, she became a social justice activ- er-in-law and sister-in-law, Edward Ringley Our beloved husband, father, and grandfa- or, career consultant, and ACS Ambassador peacefully on July 6, 2022 at Georgetown ist whose life’s work was securing dignity, and Karen Dunlop. Relatives and friends ther Naga Bhushan Mandava passed away for the American Chemical Society for over MARJORIE C. BURTS University Hospital. She was preceded in fairness, and comfort to those who were may call at Collins Funeral Home, 500 Uni- at the age of 87 years old in Potomac, 25 years. death by her husband, Dr. Paulino Balles- unhoused, disenfranchised, and neglected. versity Boulevard, West, Silver Spring, MD, Maryland on Thursday July 7 2022. He was He received the prestigious Hillebrand On Wednesday, July 6, 2022, Marjorie C. teros, and her son, Keith Luster-Ballesteros. Ernestine was as playful and childlike as (Valet Parking), Thursday, July 14, from 2 born October 14, 1934 in Andhra Pradesh, award in 1986 and served as Director of Burts transitioned to life everlasting. She She is survived by four daughters, four she was keenly intelligent and charismatic. until 4 p.m. Funeral Service at Colesville India. Bhushan received his Ph.D. from the United Nations Agencies (UNIDO, UNDP, leaves a loving family to mourn her pass- grandchildren, and two great-grandsons, She would recite Shakespeare’s Macbeth Baptist Church, 13100 Andrew Drive, Silver Indian Institute of Sciences (IISC) in Banga- FAO) to advise 15 countries in Asia and the ing. Viewing and visitation will take place who love and miss her dearly. The youngest from memory, light up when dancing to any Spring, MD, on Friday, July 15, beginning lore, India in 1962. The family immigrated to Pacific Region on agricultural productivity at Harvest Assembly Baptist Church, 8008 of 16, “Ernie” was a proud Chicago native Latin rhythm, sing from her jukebox brain of at 11 a.m. Interment Parklawn Memorial the United States in 1963 on a fellowship at and crop safety. Fordson Road, Alex, VA on Thursday, July 6, hundreds of songs, listen to opera, read ev- Park. Memorial contributions may be made Oklahoma State University. Bhushan held 4 U.S. and Canadian patents 2022 from 9 a.m. until time of service at erything from the daily newspaper to Rumi, to American Heart Association, Memorial A renowned scientist; notable for his work as well as published over 170 papers, 2 11 a.m. Kierkegaard, and the Bible. She used her & Tribute Processing Ctr., 4217 Park Place in the field of Agriculture, he dedicated 24 books, and edited 6 books on naturally oc- “mind’s eye” to decorate and turn any room Court, Glen Allen, VA 23060 years of public service to the USDA and EPA curring pesticides. DEATH NOTICE into a colorful retreat where one always felt where he was involved in the discovery of Our father was a kindred spirit who touched loved and welcome. Ernestine loved Lester the sixth class of plant hormones: Brassin- many people across different communities. CERUTTI Holt, Pope Francis, and Maxwell. She was DEATH NOTICES olide. He was an iconic pillar in the communities a second Mom to many and a phenomenal he helped create. His greatest impact was DAVID W. CERUTTI woman to all. A private memorial service MONDAY- FRIDAY 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. on his family and the telugu community. and repast will be held on July 17. In lieu of SATURDAY-SUNDAY 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. Bhushan’s spirit is carried on through his April 9, 1959 – July 8, 2022 flowers, donations can be made in Ernes- loving life partner of 66 years, Leela, and David William Cerutti, of Alexandria, VA, tine’s honor to Pathways to Housing DC. To place a notice, call: their son Srinivas, daughter Santi and son- died peacefully Friday, July 8, 2022 follow- The family thanks the staff of Chevy Chase 202-334-4122 in-law Milan; grandchildren Natasha, Shaan, ing a nearly two-year battle with cancer. Assisted Living in Washington, DC for their Nikhil, and Kosh as well as extended family He was born in Washington, D.C., April 9, wonderful care of Mom over the past two 800-627-1150 ext 4-4122 and friends. 1959, to Priscilla Jane (Crowe) Cerutti and years. The viewing is on Tuesday, June 12 from 6 William Benjamin Cerutti both of whom FAX: to 8 p.m. and the Funeral services are to be preceded him in death. He is survived by BARDEN 202-334-7188 held on Wednesday June 13 from 9 a.m. to his life partner Elizabeth “Libby” Shough; 12 noon with cremation to follow at Pum- three brothers: Charles E. (wife Chrysti- by her brother, William A. “Bill” Barden, Jr. EMAIL: phrey Funeral Homes, 7557 Wisconsin Ave- anne), Brian S., and Andrew C. (wife Joyce); (Diane); nephew (Eric); nieces (Carolyn, Su- [email protected] nue, Bethesda, MD 20814. niece Ann Marie, and nephews Brian and san, and Anna); and her many beloved cous- Email and faxes MUST include Stuart. He worked as a Machinist and Proj- ins. Bette was a loving, generous, and kind name, home address & home phone # MONTGOMERY ect Engineer in support of the U.S. Postal daughter, grand daughter, sister, and aunt of the responsible billing party. Service Engineering Department: training BETTE ANNE BARDEN and was devoted to her family and friends. Fax & email deadline - 3 p.m. daily teer in community organizations, especially and mentoring colleagues. He previously Bette grew up in Falls Church, Virginia, at- those in which her children were involved, worked for Raytheon and numerous other Bette Barden was born September 4, 1944, tended Mars Hill University, and enjoyed Phone-In deadline such as the Boy Scouts and the Gonzaga job shops in support of DoD and private in Dayton, Ohio, to proud parents William a long career with the US Department of 4 p.m. M-F High School Mother’s Club, for which she projects. He was a true master of his trade A. and Carolyn J. Barden and was the first Agriculture. She was a long-time member served as President 1966-1967. After rais- and was always willing to give his knowl- grandchild on both sides of the family. She of Columbia Baptist Church in Falls Church 3 p.m. Sa-Su ing her children, Mary returned to the law edge to anyone desiring to learn. A private went to be with Our Lord on July 3, 2022, and a proud member of both PEO and the CURRENT 2022 RATES: firm, then known as Craighill, Mayfield and memorial service will be held by the family. which, probably by Bette’s design, was her Order of the Eastern Star. Bette served as McCally, in 1970, where she excelled as a In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions parents’ 85th wedding anniversary. She was Worthy Matron and held Star Point Martha ( PER DAY) paralegal specializing in estate administra- may be made to the INOVA Schar Cancer predeceased by her parents and is survived and Marshal sta- tions in Eastern Star. We MONDAY-SATURDAY tion and serving as office manager for the Institute. are all saddened by Bette’s passing, but next 30 plus years. blessed beyond measure to have had her in Black & White Mary was a strong, talented, and deter- When the our lives. Bette’s friends will be gathering at 1\" - $150 (text only) mined woman who put her heart into ev- need arises, Murphy Funeral Home, 1102 West Broad St. 2\" - $340 (text only) erything she did. She loved life and was let families Falls Church, VA on Thursday July 14 from always a joy to be around. After Mary re- find you in the 6 to 7 p.m. to honor her work with Eastern 3\" - $490 tired, she was happiest spending time with Funeral Services Star / PEO. A memorial service for Bette will 4\" - $535 her family, especially her grandchildren and Directory. be held at Homer Avenue United Methodist 5\" - $678 great-grandchildren and sharing stories of Church, Cortland, NY, at 11 a.m. on Satur- her childhood in DC. To the end she could To be seen in the day July 16, 2022, with burial to follow at ------ recall her neighbors on Kentucky Ave. and Funeral Services Evergreen Cemetery, Fabius, NY. In lieu of SUNDAY favorite teacher at Holy Comforter School. Directory, please call flowers, you are encouraged to contribute Black & White She touched the lives of so many people paid Death Notices in memory of Bette to Mars Hill University, 1\"- $179 (text only) and will always be remembered for her car- at 202-334-4122. Mars Hill, NC, or to a charity of your choice. 2\" - $376(text only) ing heart, joyful nature, contagious smile, 3\" - $543 and her deep love of friends and family. BARRETT 4\" - $572 MARY HIGGS MONTGOMERY (Age 96) In addition to her husband of 54 years John 5\" - $738 W. M. Montgomery, Mary is predeceased by EILEEN MARY REGAN BARRETT liam J. Barrett, Jr.; her six children, Mary Beth 6\"+ for ALL Black & White notices Passed away peacefully on June 2, 2022. her beloved son, William R. Montgomery. Habel (Daniel), Anne Beres (Edward), William $150 each additional inch wkday A 4th generation Washingtonian, Mary was Family surviving to cherish her memory Eileen Barrett, of Rockville, MD, J. Barrett III (Kari), Patricia Mayo (Marc), Jo- $179 each additional inch Sunday born on July 12, 1925, to the late Samu- include her son John (Kathy) and daughter died peacefully surrounded by seph Barrett (Wendy), and Maureen Miller -------------------- el and Alma (Hager) Higgs. She grew up in Barbara (Peter) Weimerskirch; along with her her family on Saturday, July 9, (Adam); her eleven granddaughters and one MONDAY-SATURDAY the Barney Circle neighborhood and was a four grandchildren Jennifer (Daniel) Martin, 2022. She is survived by her de- grandson and many nieces and nephews. graduate of St. Patrick’s Academy. She at- J. Michael Montgomery, Brian Weimerskirch voted husband of 64 years, Wil- Born in the Yorkville section of New York Color tended George Washington University and (Whitney), and Robert Weimerskirch (Jessi- City in 1935, she attended St. Jean Baptiste 3\" - $628 later Benjamin Franklin University. While ca); and seven great-grandchildren. High School and graduated from St. Joseph 4\" - $676 attending college she worked at the Wash- Mass will be held at St. Agnes Catholic College, Emmitsburg, MD, where she was 5\" - $826 ington D.C. law firm of McKenney, Flannery Church in Arlington, VA on August 24, 2022, class president and played varsity basket- and Craighill. at 11:30 a.m. with burial to follow at Arling- ball all four years. Eileen served as a neo- ------ A Navy wife for over 20 years, Mary was ton National Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, natal unit secretary at Holy Cross Hospital, SUNDAY forever the gracious hostess. She loved to donations can be made in her name to Gon- Silver Spring, MD for twenty years. There, cook and entertain family and friends and zaga College High School and the Sisters of she was the first employee to be honored Color ended up with an extensive collection of St. Joseph, in Philadelphia, PA. www.advent- as the “Employee of the Month.” Family 3\" - $665 cookbooks from her travels, which she read will greet relatives and friends from 10:30 4\" - $760 like novels in her spare time. She also devel- to 11:30 a.m. on Friday, July 15, at St. Pat- 5\" - $926 oped a love for gardening and floral arrang- rick’s Church, 4101 Norbeck Road, Rockville, 6\"+ for ALL color notices ing. Loving wife and devoted mother, Mary MD, where a Mass of Christian Burial will be $249 each additional inch wkday focused her greatest attention on raising celebrated at 11:30 a.m. Interment at Gate $277 each additional inch Sunday her three children and instilling in them the of Heaven Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, me- Notices with photos begin at 3\" value of education and the belief that any- morial contributions may be sent to Mont- (All photos add 2\" to your notice.) thing is possible. She was a frequent volun- gomery Hospice-Casey House, 1355 Piccard ALL NOTICES MUST BE PREPAID Drive, Suite 100, Rockville, MD 20850. MEMORIAL PLAQUES: NEWMAN All notices over 2\" include complimentary memorial plaque Additional plaques start at $26 each WINTER and may be ordered. iel Weppner. Wife of 67 years to William M. All Paid Death Notices Newman. She leaves behind eight children: ROBERT H. WINTER “Bob” (Age 80) appear on our website through Steve Newman (Donna), John Newman (Cathy), Jim Newman (Pam), Mark Newman, On July 5, 2022, Robert H. Winter passed then joined the law firm of Arnold & Porter LEGACY.COM FLORENCE ANNE NEWMAN “Anne” Vince Newman, Phillip Newman, Catherine away in suburban Maryland. Services will where he stayed for 42 years until his retire- Included in all death notices Craig (John), Patricia Fleming; 16 grand- be private. ment in 2012. Optional for In Memoriams Florence “Anne” Newman, 90, of Dunkirk, children; and 13 great grandchildren. Born He is survived by his beloved wife Carole Robert rose to the most senior ranks of the PLEASE NOTE: MD, passed away on July 6, 2022. She was in the suburbs of Chicago, and graduated Winter, daughter Sharon Hawkins (husband firm as a Partner and was a profoundly re- Notices must be placed via phone, fax or predeceased by her parents, Richard and from Abington High School in North Phila- Daniel), sons David Winter (wife Ellen) and spected leader, serving on and chairing mul- email. Photos must be emailed. You can Florence Weppner; and three brothers, delphia, she then moved to Maryland where Jeff Winter (wife Lauren), and nine grandchil- tiple committees, and mentoring dozens of no longer place notices, drop off photos Richard Weppner, David Weppner, and Dan- she raised her family in Lanham/Cheverly dren, Alexandra Hawkins, Mackenzie Haw- young attorneys who today sprawl across and make payment in person. while employed at Woodward and Lothrop kins, Nolan Hawkins, Trent Hawkins, Zachary the legal landscape in and outside of Wash- Payment must be made via phone with Department Store. She was a homemaker, Winter, Jake Winter, Matthew Winter, Reid ington, DC. debit/credit card. enjoyed swimming, going to the beach, trav- Winter, and Everett Winter. A lover and admirer of the arts, Robert and eling, attending church, reading, bowling, Born In Brooklyn on September 21, 1941 to his wife attended countless events and con- and spending time with family. Herman and Bessie Winter, Robert attend- tributed to numerous local institutions. Also The viewing will be held on Thursday, July ed Rabbi Jacob Joseph Yeshiva in Williams- an avid birder, Robert could be seen with his 14 from 2 to 4 p.m. and 6 to 8 p.m. at Lee burg, NY. He earned a BA from Columbia trusty binoculars and pocket guides at nu- Funeral Home Calvert, 8200 Jennifer Lane, University, where he studied philosophy and merous parks, trails, and conservation areas Owings, MD 20736. Funeral services will math. He then spent two years in England in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Robert also be held the following day, Friday, July 15, at at Oriel College, where he earned addition- enjoyed traveling, having set foot on every 11 a.m. at Jesus the Good Shepherd Cath- al degrees. Following his return, home, he continent, except Antarctica, a trip that was olic Church, 1601 W Mount Harmony Road, earned a JD at Harvard Law School (class of planned but ultimately derailed by Covid-19. Owings, MD 20736, with interment at Fort 1967). Robert’s dry sense of humor, quick-wit, and Lincoln Cemetery 3401 Bladensburg Road, Robert met his wife of 58 years – Carole story-telling ability was equally matched Brentwood, MD 20722. Levine (nee) in 1960, during a teen tour to by his generosity and warmth. He could be Europe. The couple married four years lat- seen at once in a heated intellectual discus- SILVERMAN er on June 25, 1964 in Brooklyn, New York. sion on politics or philosophy and next in his After a few years living in Brookline, Massa- pajamas on the floor, playing with one of his In retirement, Iris was a volunteer docent chusetts, the couple moved to Silver Spring, nine grandchildren. He lived a full life and at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, Maryland and ultimately Potomac, where left this earth a better place than he found it. D.C., leading tours and explaining art his- they laid down roots to the present day. In lieu of flowers, please send any contribu- tory with her signature insight and wit. An Robert clerked on the Second Circuit Court tions to World Central Kitchen or Save The adventurous and intrepid traveler, Iris lived of Appeals for Judge Irving Kaufman. He Children (Ukraine). in France and Italy with Leslie. In her 70s, she toured China and Tibet with a group of Because your loved one served proudly... IRIS SILVERMAN docents (Leslie stayed home). Iris and Leslie spent many summers work- Military emblems are available with death notices and in-memoriams Iris Silverman, née Hill, passed away June ing and attending classical music concerts 26, 2022 in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. at the Tanglewood Music Festival in Lee, To place a notice call 202-334-4122 or 800-627-1150, ext. 44122 She was 91. MA. They had countless friends with whom Iris Hill was born on December 6, 1930, in they traveled, attended concerts, discussed C0979 2x3 Rye, New York. She graduated from Doug- books, and enjoyed sumptuous meals. Iris lass College at Rutgers University in 1952. was a regular at the Politics & Prose Book- Iris was Director of the Division of Assess- store, where she and Leslie attended author ment and Coordination for the Office of Ed- talks and even worked for a time. Iris’s pas- ucation, and later the Executive Director of sion for art, music, and literature, her gener- the Advisory Council on Education Statistics ous nature, and her quick wit will be missed at the National Council on Education Statis- by all her friends and family. tics. There she met the love of her life, Leslie Iris is survived by her son Henry Garfield; J. Silverman, whom she married in 1982. her stepdaughters Beth Kljajic, Amy Sil- ver O’Leary, and Sara Silverman; and three step-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her parents Agnes Donigan Hill and Robert Lawrence Hill; her beloved sis- ter Nancy Hill Davenport; and her husband Leslie. No service is planned. Should friends wish to make a memorial gift, donations may be sent to the National Gallery of Art.

B8 EZ RE THE WASHINGTON POST . WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 The Weather WASHINGTONPOST.COM/WEATHER . TWITTER: @CAPITALWEATHER . FACEBOOK.COM/CAPITALWEATHER Hot, with lower humidity Today Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday OFFICIAL RECORD Partly sunny Partly sunny Partly sunny; A t‑storm A t‑storm An afternoon Mostly sunny, seasonably hot and nice around t‑storm Temperatures AVERAGE RECORD ACTUAL FORECAST less humid compared with Tuesday. Highs should range from the upper 90° 73° 89° 73° 87° 69° 82° 73° 86° 73° 87° 72° 80s in the outer suburbs to low 90s near and south of the city, with dew FEELS*: 94° FEELS: 91° FEELS: 92° FEELS: 85° FEELS: 92° FEELS: 93° points in the 60s instead of 70s thanks to drying breezes from the northwest and west at about CHNCE PRECIP: 5% P: 25% P: 15% P: 40% P: 80% P: 60% 10 mph or less. An isolated evening storm can’t be WIND: W 6–12 mph W: WNW 6–12 mph W: NE 6–12 mph W: ESE 6–12 mph W: S 6–12 mph W: SSW 6–12 mph ruled out. HUMIDITY: High H: Moderate H: Moderate H: High H: High H: High REGION NATION Weather map features for noon today. F Sa Su M Tu W Th F Sa Su M Tu W Th F Statistics through 5 p.m. Tuesday Dulles BWI Reagan 91° 3:00 p.m. 92° 4:00 p.m. 65° 5:00 a.m. 67° 3:21 a.m. Harrisburg Philadelphia High 91° 4:00 p.m. 88°/67° 89°/68° 89/68 91/73 Low 70° 6:00 a.m. 97° 1986 97° 1908 Normal 90°/73° 47° 2002 53° 2002 Hagerstown Baltimore Record high 99° 1908 87/67 Record low 53° 1895 90/70 Dover Difference from 30–yr. avg. (Reagan): this month: –1.4° yr. to date: +0.1° 88/69 Davis Cape May Precipitation PREVIOUS YEAR NORMAL LATEST 77/58 Washington Annapolis 85/70 90/73 87/71 OCEAN: 72° Charlottesville Ocean City 90/68 84/70 Lexington OCEAN: 74° Reagan Dulles BWI 87/64 0.00\" 0.00\" 0.00\" Virginia Beach Past 24 hours 4.74\" 2.77\" 5.51\" Richmond 88/72 Total this month 1.75\" 1.62\" 1.60\" 91/71 26.66\" 22.74\" 27.48\" OCEAN: 79° Normal 22.08\" 23.16\" 22.81\" Norfolk Total this year 89/73 Normal Kitty Hawk 88/74 OCEAN: 78° Pollen: High Air Quality: Moderate Moon Phases Solar system Grass Low Dominant cause: Ozone Rise Set Trees Low Weeds Low UV: Very High Mold High 10 out of 11+ Blue Ridge: Today, mostly cloudy, humid. High 74 to 78. Sun 5:54 a.m. 8:34 p.m. Winds west 6–12 mph. Tonight, partly cloudy. Low 58 to 62. Moon 9:05 p.m. 5:15 a.m. Winds northwest 6–12 mph. Thursday, partly sunny. High 71 T-storms Rain Showers Snow Flurries Ice Cold Front Warm Front Stationary Front Yesterday's National World July 13 July 20 July 28 Aug 5 Venus 3:58 a.m. 6:40 p.m. to 75. Winds west–northwest 6–12 mph. High: Needles, CA 113° High: Algodones, Mexico 116° Full Last New First Atlantic beaches: Today, humid. A heavy thunderstorm Low: Afton, WY 32° Low: El Calafate, Argentina 12° Quarter Quarter Mars 1:17 a.m. 2:40 p.m. in the south this afternoon; partly sunny elsewhere. High <–10 –0s 0s 10s 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s 100s 110+ Jupiter 12:06 a.m. 12:25 p.m. 84 to 89. Winds south 6–12 mph. Tonight, partly cloudy; a for the 48 contiguous states excludes Antarctica thunderstorm in spots in the south. Low 69 to 73. Winds Saturn 10:16 p.m. 8:45 a.m. south 6–12 mph. NATIONAL Today Tomorrow Des Moines 88/67/s 88/69/s Oklahoma City 95/70/s 100/73/s WORLD Today Tomorrow Islamabad 85/76/t 86/77/t Rio de Janeiro 74/69/sh 78/69/pc 81/60/s Riyadh 108/86/pc 110/84/s Detroit 79/59/t 98/76/s Omaha 91/69/s 92/72/s Addis Ababa 67/58/r 66/57/sh Istanbul 83/67/s 84/70/s Rome 85/66/s 85/67/s 70/50/c 70/52/pc San Salvador 86/69/t 84/69/t Albany, NY 82/62/s 82/59/t El Paso 98/76/s 85/66/t Orlando 95/77/t 93/75/t Amsterdam 76/54/pc 89/76/s Jerusalem 85/63/s 84/63/s Santiago 55/37/r 46/34/r 85/61/t 60/53/r Sarajevo 76/50/pc 84/57/s Albuquerque 91/69/t 91/69/c Fairbanks, AK 68/49/sh 86/75/c Philadelphia 91/73/pc 90/70/pc Athens 87/72/s 111/85/s Johannesburg 64/42/s 65/41/s Seoul 79/75/r 86/72/t 95/76/t 90/79/sh Shanghai 103/87/pc 104/87/pc Anchorage 64/56/c 64/57/r Fargo, ND 83/63/s 84/64/s Phoenix 111/91/pc 112/91/c Auckland 60/51/sh 92/73/s Kabul 88/65/s 86/68/s Singapore 88/79/c 87/79/t 90/70/t 75/54/pc Stockholm 76/54/pc 65/50/t Atlanta 85/72/t 83/71/t Hartford, CT 89/65/s 91/70/t Pittsburgh 82/61/t 81/58/pc Baghdad 111/86/s 65/49/sh Kingston, Jam. 89/79/pc 90/79/t Sydney 57/50/sh 59/46/pc 93/71/s 76/52/pc Taipei City 96/81/c 96/81/t Waterways: Upper Potomac River: Today, more clouds than sun. Austin 104/75/pc 102/73/pc Honolulu 87/76/c 108/89/pc Portland, ME 83/62/pc 78/59/pc Bangkok 88/79/t 56/50/sh Kolkata 92/82/sh 92/82/sh Tehran 98/77/s 95/76/s Wind west–northwest 4–8 knots. Waves less than a foot. Visibility 95/71/s 94/72/s Tokyo 81/75/t 82/75/r clear. • Lower Potomac and Chesapeake Bay: Today, partly sunny. Baltimore 90/70/pc 90/69/pc Houston 100/78/t 83/65/pc Portland, OR 82/57/pc 84/60/s Beijing 91/74/s 78/66/sh Kyiv 63/57/r 76/56/pc Toronto 75/59/c 78/59/s Wind west 4–8 knots. Waves 0–1 foot on the Lower Potomac; 1–2 86/69/s 68/54/t Vienna 86/63/pc 91/65/pc feet on the Chesapeake Bay.• River Stages: The stage at Little Falls Billings, MT 98/65/c 93/65/pc Indianapolis 86/64/s 97/74/s Providence, RI 89/68/s 84/65/t Berlin 85/58/pc 85/78/s Lagos 84/76/r 84/75/pc Warsaw 79/62/pc 74/54/pc will be around 3.20 feet today, with no change of 3.20 Thursday. 91/79/t 67/54/c Flood stage at Little Falls is 10 feet. Birmingham 87/71/t 89/71/t Jackson, MS 94/72/t 75/64/s Raleigh, NC 93/71/t 88/70/c Bogota 64/48/r 67/53/c Lima 63/58/pc 63/58/pc 85/69/pc 85/56/pc Bismarck, ND 87/64/s 90/64/s Jacksonville, FL 94/74/pc 93/69/s Reno, NV 98/60/s 98/63/s Brussels 83/59/pc 93/64/s Lisbon 99/72/pc 93/68/pc 85/75/r 83/76/sh Boise 100/67/s 101/69/s Kansas City, MO 90/68/s 87/70/pc Richmond 91/71/t 89/69/pc Buenos Aires 59/50/s 71/51/t London 82/60/pc 78/56/s 86/73/pc 88/77/t Boston 87/69/pc 79/65/t Las Vegas 109/89/s Sacramento 90/59/s 97/60/s Cairo 94/72/s 91/83/t Madrid 104/77/pc 106/78/s Buffalo 78/60/t 76/58/s Little Rock 93/72/t St. Louis 90/73/s 92/74/s Caracas 79/66/t Manila 89/80/t 90/80/t Burlington, VT 80/60/pc 75/57/pc Los Angeles 80/62/pc St. Thomas, VI 88/78/t 88/79/pc Copenhagen 76/56/pc Mexico City 76/57/t 73/57/t Charleston, SC 91/75/t 91/72/t Louisville 89/70/pc Salt Lake City 101/77/pc 102/79/s Dakar 86/78/c Montreal 78/62/s 74/60/pc Today’s tides (High tides in Bold) Charleston, WV 84/62/pc 83/60/pc Memphis 94/73/c San Diego 71/66/pc 71/65/pc Dublin 69/50/pc Moscow 76/59/pc 75/57/r Washington 2:31 a.m. 7:58 a.m. 3:35 p.m. 8:38 p.m. Charlotte 88/71/t 89/69/pc Miami 92/79/t San Francisco 72/57/pc 72/57/pc Edinburgh 67/52/c Mumbai 82/78/r 82/78/r Key: s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, r-rain, Annapolis 5:41 a.m. 12:21 p.m. 5:16 p.m. 11:26 p.m. sh- showers, t-thunderstorms, sf-snow flurries, Ocean City 1:49 a.m. 7:34 a.m. 1:39 p.m. 8:09 p.m. Cheyenne, WY 92/64/s 91/60/s Milwaukee 74/62/pc San Juan, PR 85/76/t 86/77/pc Frankfurt 91/64/pc Nairobi 76/52/pc 76/57/c sn-snow, i-ice Norfolk 3:49 a.m. 9:40 a.m. 3:42 p.m. 10:11 p.m. Sources:; US Army Centralized Point Lookout 1:21 a.m. 8:46 a.m. 1:34 p.m. Chicago 81/61/pc 80/64/s Minneapolis 82/64/s Seattle 76/56/pc 78/55/s Geneva 89/63/s New Delhi 94/86/t 94/86/t Allergen Extract Lab (pollen data); (air 7:11 p.m. quality data); National Weather Service Cincinnati 85/66/s 84/65/s Nashville 90/68/t Spokane, WA 88/59/s 88/61/s Ham., Bermuda 84/77/pc Oslo 69/52/t 65/50/pc * AccuWeather's RealFeel Temperature® combines over a dozen factors for an accurate Cleveland 81/63/t 79/61/s New Orleans 87/76/r Syracuse 82/60/t 78/57/pc Helsinki 72/59/c Ottawa 78/59/pc 73/58/pc measure of how the conditions really “feel.” Dallas 104/80/pc 102/80/s New York City 89/73/s Tampa 94/80/t 91/77/t Ho Chi Minh City 85/77/t Paris 96/67/pc 89/59/s Denver 97/67/s 96/66/s Norfolk 89/73/t Wichita 94/69/s 99/74/s Hong Kong 92/83/t Prague 82/62/pc 80/54/t CUSTOM BLINDS, SHADES, SHUTTERS & DRAPERY We INSTALL Yo u R E L A X ® We DESIGN We MEASURE WE BRING THE SHOWROOM TO YOU! 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Licensed through Great Windows Services, LLC: 1-84545-784006-86263509 Virginia 2705172678. West Virginia WV061238. Various City Licenses Available Upon Request. © 2022 3 Day Blinds LLC. oorr vviissiittwwwwww..33DdayyoOffefer2r27180.c.coomm

StyleKLMNO EZ RE C WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 . WASHINGTONPOST.COM/STYLE Ada Limón tapped to be the next U.S. poet laureate BY JESS ENG NOH JUHAN/NETFLIX MACALL POLAY/HBO/ASSOCIATED PRESS The natural world has always spoken PAUL SARKIS/SHOWTIME/ASSOCIATED PRESS CRAIG BLANKENHORN/HULU/ASSOCIATED PRESS to Ada Limón. As a young student, she took frequent nature walks around TOP FROM LEFT: Lee Jung-jae from Netflix’s “Squid Game” and Brian Cox from HBO’s “Succession” were nominated for best lead actor in a drama for the Northern California where she memo- 74th Primetime Emmy Awards. ABOVE LEFT: Christina Ricci got a supporting-actress nod for Showtime’s “Yellowjackets.” ABOVE RIGHT: Hulu’s “Only rized bird and plant species and counted Murders in the Building” stars Steve Martin and Martin Short got acting nominations, but their co-star Selena Gomez was noticeably left out. newts in the creek. In her own family, she witnessed her mom care for a Scene stealers and a historic nod 40-acre horse ranch near her home and nurture emotional connections between the four-legged trotters. Snippets of nature — everything from a bundle of rattlesnake grass to Emily Dickinson’s dog — have woven themselves into her critically acclaimed poetry. Now, Limón, 46, hopes to share her devotion to nature with the whole country. She was named the 24th poet laureate of the United States on Tuesday. Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden called Limón with the news, much to the poet’s pleasant surprise. “For someone who is a poet and believes in the power of language, I can tell you that language definitely went out the window at that moment in my life,” she says. Born in Sonoma, Calif., Limón was first enchanted by the world of poetry while working at her local bookstore. At the University of Washington, she ma- jored in theater and planned to continue theater studies in graduate school. That is, until her poetry teacher Colleen McElroy pulled her aside during office hours. “She said, ‘You should think about going to graduate school in poetry,’ ” Limón remembers. “And she was incred- ibly tough. Those teachers do not hand out a compliment lightly.” Taking McElroy’s advice to heart, she SEE LIMÓN ON C4 BOOK WORLD ‘Succession,’ ‘Squid Game’ among the standout New series manage to break through awards shows to dominate the Emmy nominations race that’s never been more competitive A debut novel dripping with BY SONIA RAO, BY INKOO KANG exquisite BETHONIE BUTLER, suspense HELENA ANDREWS-DYER It’s no one’s favorite time of the year: the day of Emmy AND EMILY YAHR nominations. This is true even for TV critics, who generally “Succession,” the gripping HBO drama about a massively wealthy complain that the Television Academy, which votes on the awards, and dysfunctional family that runs a media empire, earned the most tends to reward the same (middlebrow) fare year after year. nominations Tuesday for the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards, with 25 But the Emmys are getting better, and one total. CRITIC’S of the highlights of tracking the nominations The series earned nods for best drama, as well as a slew of acting NOTEBOOK is seeing which new shows break through, nominations for nearly its entire main cast, including Brian Cox, Jeremy Strong, Kieran Culkin, Nicholas Braun, Matthew Macfadyen, hopefully giving deserving freshmen a boost Sarah Snook and J. Smith-Cameron. in attracting a larger viewership. This year, those shows were BY RON CHARLES Close behind with 20 nominations were “Ted Lasso,” the Apple TV “Abbott Elementary” and “Only Murders in the Building” on the Plus comedy starring Jason Sudeikis as the earnest American coach comedy side and “Severance,” “Squid Game” and “Yellowjackets” Lovers drift apart. of a Premier League soccer team, as well as “The White Lotus,” HBO’s on the drama side. Nothing could be more ordinary. But acclaimed limited series centered on a group of miserable rich people that common tale of woe feels shocking in on vacation at a fancy resort in Hawaii. Here are the biggest winners and losers among the 2022 nods, Julia Armfield’s debut novel, “Our Wives As usual, HBO (and HBO Max) continued to dominate with 140 which reflect industry trends and argue mostly successfully for Under the Sea.” nominations total, including accolades for comedian-centric comedy the Emmys’ continued relevance. The very first line of her exceedingly “Hacks” and teen nightmare fuel “Euphoria” with 17 and 16 nods, respectively. But in a win for Hulu, the streaming service’s breakout Winners: The overdogs. We won’t be in for many surprises on comedy-mystery “Only Murders in the Building” also landed 17 Emmys night on Monday, Sept. 12. Still the king of the networks, moody story warns us to expect the unex- nominations, with acting noms for Steve Martin and Martin Short, HBO (and its streaming offshoot, HBO Max) ruled over the TV pected: “The deep sea is a haunted house,” though the Television Academy curiously snubbed co-lead Selena realm with 140 nominations, more than any of its rivals. And Armfield writes, “a based on the cascade of nods bestowed on last year’s comedy place in which things SEE EMMYS ON C2 winner, “Ted Lasso” (which received another 20 nominations that ought not to exist Tuesday), and 2020’s drama winner, “Succession” (which added move about in the 25 more nods to its proverbial mantel), the Apple TV Plus darkness.” And yet even that SEE NOTEBOOK ON C4 gothic portent can’t prepare us for what lies beneath the surface of this queer romance. In one sense, the plot OUR WIVES is simple, even daringly A N.Y. county teen’s ‘I Voted’ sticker is winning by a landslide UNDER THE static. Two young wom- SEA en are stuck in their By Julia Armfield apartment, where they Flatiron. 228 pp. will remain almost un- $26.99 til the end of the novel. BY ANNABELLE TIMSIT more than 165,000 votes out of more than When voters in Ulster County, N.Y., 177,000 total votes. Ulster County in its Leah works as a marine head to the polls in November, they’ll entirety has a population of about biologist, and Miri walk away with an “I Voted” sticker that 180,000. writes grant applications, but their nor- looks a little different. mal lives have been entirely suspended. Instead of the traditional themes of “It took me, like, 10 minutes to draw it,” When the novel opens, Miri is caring red-white-and-blue, stars and stripes, Hudson told The Washington Post. “It for Leah, who’s just returned from a and eagles, this sticker will feature a was a quick … little sketch, and then I deep-sea disaster. We learn that a three- multicolored, discombobulated human submitted it. And a couple days later, my week research mission went horribly head set atop six turquoise legs resem- mom was like, ‘Hudson, your thing has awry and dragged out over six hope- bling that of a spider (or crab) — next to like a couple thousand votes.’ And I was crushing months before she was unex- the message, “I Voted.” just freaking out, ’cause I didn’t know pectedly rescued. During that period of It was designed by a local teen who isn’t how that happened and how so many worry and arrested grief, Miri fantasized even old enough to vote. people voted.” Hudson Rowan, 14, is the clear front- SEE BOOK WORLD ON C3 runner in a contest organized by the On Reddit, one user wrote sarcastically Ulster County Board of Elections to de- of the sticker, “I can’t imagine a better BOOK WORLD sign the sticker that will be given to HUDSON ROWAN/ULSTER COUNTY BOARD OF ELECTIONS metaphor for the current state of US county residents who vote in the Novem- politics.” Take the mystery out of which ber general election, after his unusual “It took me, like, 10 minutes to draw it,” Hudson Rowan, 14, says about his books to pack for vacation with design went viral, generating buzz that contest artwork. “It was a quick … little sketch, and then I submitted it.” “We all laugh, but this sticker alone three whodunits. C3 local election officials believe will lead to might unironically increase voter turnout more voter turnout in the county. north of New York City, says he has been favorite of six finalists until the end of in Ulster County,” another wrote on Twit- CAROLYN HAX “This sticker is going to increase turn- doing for years. July. ter. out,” John P. Quigley, the Republican elec- Getting over the hurt when tion commissioner for Ulster County, said The contest is part of the Ulster County The 14-year-old’s design has captivated Dittus and Quigley, the Democratic family members don’t live up with confidence — or, at least, “we think it Board of Elections’ outreach program to the internet, generating TikToks and and Republican election commissioners to expectations can be tough. C8 will,” added Ashley Dittus, the Democrat- young voters. All 13-to-18-year-olds in the news coverage — and every time, more for Ulster County, hoped for a reaction ic commissioner. county were invited to submit a sticker votes for the humanoid-spider-crab. As of like this when they picked Hudson’s de- KIDSPOST As for the artist, Hudson says: “I did not design, and anyone could vote on their Tuesday afternoon, Hudson’s sticker had sign as a finalist — but were blown away expect it to take off the way it did at all.” when it came. Julian Randall’s “Pilar Ramirez The sticker — which he describes as a and the Escape from Zafa” “colorful human head on, I guess, spider “John and I are sort of different from offers a magical adventure. C8 legs?” — is similar to the “kind of crazy, your typical election commissioners in chaotic” drawings that Hudson, who is New York state,” Dittus told The Post. from Marbletown, N.Y., about 100 miles “If you combine both of our ages, we’re probably about the average age of a stan- dard elections commissioner. I’m 36, John just turned 30. So we know how the internet works. And our office is relatively young, too. And we all kind of thought SEE STICKER ON C5

C2 EZ RE THE WASHINGTON POST . WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 ‘Squid Game’ is the first non-English-language series to get best drama nod EMMYS FROM C1 Elle Fanning, “The Great” (Hulu) Gomez. COLIN HUTTON/APPLE TV PLUS/ASSOCIATED PRESS OLLY COURTNEY/BBC AMERICA/ASSOCIATED PRESS Netflix, of course, had a major Three cheers for first-time act- Jason Sudeikis earned another Emmy nomination for his titular “Killing Eve” star Sandra Oh, up for best actress in a drama series, ing Emmy nominees Elle Fanning presence among the nominees role in Apple TV Plus’s “Ted Lasso.” The actor won last year. has been nominated for an Emmy 13 times but has never won. and Quinta Brunson, whose estab- with 105 nominations, including a lished comedic talent shines history-maker: “Squid Game,” the McKinnon getting a tip of the hat infamous Oscars slap. Outstanding drama series “Yellowjackets” (Showtime) bright in her breakthrough net- hugely popular Korean series for supporting actress in her fare- The Emmy Awards will air Sept. “Better Call Saul” (AMC) “Euphoria” (HBO) work sitcom. This is a (well-de- about debt-ridden people signing well season, as well as Bowen Yang “Ozark”(Netflix) “Squid Game,” Netflix’s Korean- served) goodbye nomination for up to compete in deadly games for for supporting actor. Jerrod Car- 12 on NBC. A host has not yet been “Severance” (Apple TV Plus) language juggernaut, makes his- Issa Rae — previously nominated money, is now the first non-Eng- michael was the only guest host to announced. “Squid Game” (Netflix) tory here, but it’s got some steep in 2018 for “Insecure,” which con- lish-language show to compete in garner a nomination, for his mem- “Stranger Things” (Netflix) competition in the category from cluded late last year — and a “keep the best drama category, along- orable episode shortly after the Here are the nominations in the “Succession” (HBO) departing academy favorites doing what you’re doing” for Ra- side “Succession,” “Euphoria,” major categories, with our analy- (“Better Call Saul” and “Ozark”) chel Brosnahan, Jean Smart and “Better Call Saul,” “Ozark,” “Sever- sis. and newcomers (“Yellowjackets” Kaley Cuoco, all of whom have ance,” “Stranger Things” and \"Yel- and “Severance”) alike. HBO’s been nominated and the first two lowjackets.” “Euphoria” is a pleasant surprise, of whom have won for these roles but only to an extent considering before. It’s a tight race pitting And although network shows Zendaya’s big win at the 2020 newcomers against comedy veter- are increasingly squeezed out of ceremony. Note the lack of net- ans; we’d love to see Brunson take the Emmys, ABC’s critically be- work shows, though — there was a trophy home. loved freshman hit “Abbott El- apparently no love for “This Is Us” ementary,” set in an underfunded in its final season. Outstanding lead actor public school in Philadelphia, in a comedy series earned seven nominations, in- Outstanding comedy series cluding acting nods for Janelle “Abbott Elementary” (ABC) Donald Glover, “Atlanta” (FX) James, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Tyler “Barry” (HBO) Bill Hader, “Barry” (HBO) James Williams and creator and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” (HBO) Nicholas Hoult, “The Great” star Quinta Brunson. “Hacks” (HBO Max) (Hulu) “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” Steve Martin, “Only Murders in NBC’s stalwart variety sketch the Building” (Hulu) series “Saturday Night Live” saw (Amazon Prime Video) Martin Short, “Only Murders in nine nominations, with Kate “Only Murders in the Building” the Building” (Hulu) Jason Sudeikis, “Ted Lasso” Balance. Harmony. Beauty. (Hulu) (Apple TV Plus) “Ted Lasso” (Apple TV Plus) The latest season of “Atlanta” Are our ultimate pursuits. “What We Do In the Shadows” flew under the radar compared to Whether you’re considering an its others, making Donald Glov- outdoor oasis, food lover’s kitchen, (FX) er’s nod a bit of a surprise. Those or owner’s suite. Because during these Fans of newcomers “Abbott El- we expected to see? Bill Hader and times, home is more important than ever. Jason Sudeikis, both of whom ementary” and “Only Murders in have won for the same roles in the Building” will be happy to see recent years, as well as “Only Mur- the critically acclaimed shows ap- ders” dynamic duo Steve Martin pear in this category alongside a and Martin Short, whose comple- hefty number of return nominees. mentary performances propel the The other series stand a decent quirky series. Nicholas Hoult is a chance at taking the Emmy home welcome addition, though unlike- — “Hacks,” for instance, managed ly to win. a successful sophomore season — but if the academy has its finger on Outstanding limited series the pulse, it’ll likely go with either “Dopesick” (Hulu) “Abbott” or “Only Murders” in the “The Dropout” (Hulu) end. “The White Lotus” (HBO) “Inventing Anna” (Netflix) Outstanding lead actress “Pam & Tommy” (Hulu) in a drama series Well, hello Hulu. Academy vot- Laura Linney, “Ozark” (Netflix) ers clearly loved “Dopesick,” the Melanie Lynskey, “Yellowjack- streamer’s thorough (and thor- ets” (Showtime) oughly heartbreaking) series Zendaya, “Euphoria” (HBO) about the opioid epidemic. They Jodie Comer, “Killing Eve” also showed love to “The Drop- (AMC) out,” which follows the rise and Sandra Oh, “Killing Eve” (AMC) fall of Theranos (and Amanda Sey- Reese Witherspoon, “The fried’s vocal cords). “Inventing Morning Show” (Apple TV Plus) Anna” and “Pam & Tommy” are This is the 13th Emmy nomina- the zany wild cards here. But tion for Sandra Oh, who has yet to HBO’s “The White Lotus” may be actually snag a trophy. Could this just enough of a love-to-hate-the- finally be her year? The award characters watch to trump them season veteran faces stiff competi- all. We’re a little surprised to not tion from her own co-star — Jodie see “The Staircase,” which earned Comer, who won this category top acting nods, or the well-re- three years ago — and Laura Lin- viewed “Maid,” which landed Mar- ney, who has four Emmys to her garet Qualley a lead actress nom, name. Critics’ Choice winner Mel- in the mix. anie Lynskey getting another award for “Yellowjackets” would Outstanding lead actress in a be a nice conclusion to a long- limited series or a movie overdue year of attention; Zenda- ya, who won the year after Comer, Toni Collette, “The Staircase” tends to receive tons of attention (HBO Max) but really put her all into this past season of “Euphoria.” Reese With- Julia Garner, “Inventing Anna” erspoon, who beat out co-star Jen- (Netflix) nifer Aniston for a “Morning Show” nod this year, doesn’t seem Lily James, “Pam & Tommy” likely to win. (Hulu) The CaseStudy® I 844.831.5966 Outstanding lead actor Sarah Paulson, “Impeachment: in a drama series American Crime Story” (FX) Since our first renovation over 60 years ago we’ve MD MHIC #1176 | VA # 2701039723 | DC # 2242 been a team of visionaries, but we recognize Jason Bateman, “Ozark” (Net- Margaret Qualley, “Maid” (Net- that some things should be consistent every flix) flix) time. Our unique approach to the remodeling process is tried and true. It’s so effective that we Brian Cox, “Succession” (HBO) Amanda Seyfried, “The Drop- had to give it a name: The CaseStudy®. We guide Lee Jung-jae, “Squid Game” out” (Hulu) you through every step, using 3D renderings to (Netflix) bring new possibilities to light. At every phase of Bob Odenkirk, “Better Call The talent in this category is our work, we’ll maintain strict attention to time Saul” (AMC) top-notch, and several actresses — and budget. Don’t forget our 5-year warranty. Adam Scott, “Severance” (Ap- Colette, Garner and Paulson — Because you are our highest priority. ple TV Plus) have earned multiple nods from Visit our website to set a virtual appointment Jeremy Strong, “Succession” the academy during their careers. or to learn more. (HBO) Seyfried and James are newcom- The Television Academy adores ers to the Emmys race, and Qual- ® Our commitment to providing a safe, healthy, “Ozark” as much as it does recog- ley earns her most visible nomina- nizing a series in its last season, so tion (following a 2019 supporting and respectful worksite and experience. Jason Bateman’s nomination was actress nom for “Fosse/Verdon”). a sure bet. “Succession” stars Bri- Who will win is anyone’s guess, an Cox and Jeremy Strong have but there’s a strong argument that appeared in this category before the Emmy is Seyfried’s to lose after — Strong won in 2020 — as has rave reviews for her turn as Eliza- Bob Odenkirk, who has been nom- beth Holmes. inated for “Better Call Saul” al- most every year since 2015. The Outstanding lead actor in a most interesting nominations limited series or a movie here are “Severance” star Adam Scott, better known for his com- Colin Firth, “The Staircase” edy chops, and Critics’ Choice win- (HBO Max) ner Lee Jung-jae of “Squid Game.” Andrew Garfield, “Under the Outstanding lead actress Banner of Heaven” (Hulu) in a comedy series Oscar Isaac, “Scenes From a Rachel Brosnahan, “The Mar- Marriage” (HBO) velous Mrs. Maisel” (Amazon Prime Video) Michael Keaton, “Dopesick” (Hulu) Quinta Brunson, “Abbott El- ementary” (ABC) Himesh Patel, “Station Eleven” (HBO Max) Issa Rae, “Insecure” (HBO) Jean Smart, “Hacks” (HBO Sebastian Stan, “Pam & Tom- Max) my” (Hulu) Kaley Cuoco, “The Flight Atten- dant” (HBO Max) Colin Firth and Sebastian Stan are classic Emmy nominees, rec- ognized for tackling real-life fig- ures well-known to the public (convicted murderer Michael Pe- terson and musician Tommy Lee, respectively). Andrew Garfield and Michael Keaton are about halfway there, playing fictional characters in real situations (the former a detective looking into a murder seemingly tied to the Mor- mon faith, and the latter a doctor who unwittingly contributes to the opioid epidemic in its early days). “Scenes From a Marriage” was carried by lead performances by Juilliard classmates Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac, who hasn’t appeared this emotionally tormented since “Inside Llewyn Davis,” perhaps? Garfield seems the front-runner here, capping a great year for him. (Himesh Patel, unlikely to win, is still nice to see.)

WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 . THE WASHINGTON POST EZ RE C3 book world ELIZABETH VON OEHSEN/WASHINGTON POST ILLUSTRATION MYSTERY by Dennis Drabelle BOOK WORLD FROM C1 ‘Our Wives Under But that’s exactly what transpired early in ‘The Last to Vanish’ the Sea’: A deep dive her mission when the vessel’s electrical Western North Carolina is known for about joining a support group for people into a relationship system partially shut down. “Our craft its waterfalls, mountain views and inns with missing spouses: “Wife Under the seemed suddenly less a piece of precision- strategically located to capture the Sea? Here’s the Number to Call.” get bored enough to return.” decompression socks and a book of apho- tooled engineering and more a swiftly tourist trade. Megan Miranda has set That reference to boredom gives some risms, but Miri senses something more sinking box,” she says. her clever new mystery, “The Last to But in practice, Miri did nothing but complicated happened and is still hap- Vanish,” in one such inn and the ruminate, despair and resent the world’s indication of the trouble in this relation- pening to her spouse. It’s not just Leah’s For months, she and her two colleagues adjacent town, Cutter’s Pass. The blithe continuance. Now, as Leah recu- ship — and the risks that Armfield’s chronic fatigue; she’s bleeding from her rested on the bottom of the ocean beneath Passage, as the inn is called because it’s perates, Miri is stuck dialing and redial- ruminative story takes. After all, this is a gums, and her skin has taken on a pecu- millions of tons of water, staring out at the a jumping-off point for the Appalachian ing the mission administrator to find out novel in which one of the narrators says, liar sheen. “She is silvered over,” Miri says, blackness. “None of us commented on the Trail, draws not only adventure-lovers what exactly happened to her debilitated “For a long time nothing happened,” and “oystered at her elbow creases and strangeness of the situation, on the way a but also sleuths both professional and wife on the ocean floor. She waits endless- she means it. There is little movement around the neck.” Increasingly taciturn, routine research dive had so quickly amateur. In the previous quarter- ly on hold, gets cut off — rinse, repeat. here in the fetid atmosphere that drifts remote and irritated, Leah spends so turned into this,” Leah says. “We were century, six visitors — a quartet of With her often achingly poetic style, Miri between convalescence and hospice. much time in the bathtub that their water onboard the only vessel capable of diving buddies remembered as the Fraternity admits, “My heart is a thin thing, these bill skyrockets. “It isn’t that her being to such a depth” — far below the habitat of Four and two singletons — have days — shred of paper blown between the But Armfield exercises an exquisite — back is difficult,” Miri says, “it’s that I’m even the ocean’s aptly named monsters: disappeared. The most recent goner, spaces in my ribs.” even sadistic — sense of suspense. She’s not convinced she’s really back at all.” And the vampire squid, the zombie worm, the who gives the book its title, was an cleverly designed this story so that we with that, almost imperceptibly, the story cosmic jellyfish. And yet, in this lifeless investigative journalist. The novel opens “Our Wives Under the Sea” is present- only gradually become aware of how little slithers from a love story to a Lovecraft hadal zone, the crew members heard with the check-in of a guest who gives a ed as a series of short chapters narrated we know. There’s more than a drop of story. something trying to scratch its way into pseudonym but is soon identified by inn alternately by these two lovers. For Miri, “The Turn of the Screw” in these pages — a the submarine. Or were they just going manager Abby Lovett as the journalist’s the act of nursing excites profound feel- fungal terror that spreads by sustained Meanwhile, in Leah’s chapters, the de- mad? brother, ready to do some detecting. ings of hypochondria and dread, exacer- vagueness. Each of Miri’s chapters fills in tails of that disastrous deep-sea mission Abby tells the story in an unorthodox bating the sorrow she’s still feeling from some fresh and alarming detail about begin to accrete, sharp and beautiful as Somehow the pressure Leah experi- way, covering the disappearances in the loss of her mother. But what troubles Leah’s symptoms. We know that she was coral polyps. “It is actually very rare for a enced six miles beneath the surface of the reverse temporal order. The structure her even more is the swelling sense of discharged and sent home with nothing submarine to sink,” Leah reassures us. ocean is matched by the pressure Miri works well because Cutter’s Pass is rife separation from Leah. “I have found my- except a white noise machine, a pair of experiences in their apartment. It’s with secrets — “This town [is] a vault,” self trying to escape this new lack be- enough to fuse the story of dying love with Abby muses — all of which Miranda tween us,” Miri confesses, “grown consci- a tale of gothic horror. brings skillfully to light. “The Last to entious about my running, lingering Vanish” is a well-wrought example of hours in the supermarket, pointlessly “Panic is a misuse of oxygen,” Leah how important timing can be to a deliberating over brands of detergent, warns, but by the climax of this eerie thriller. (Marysue Rucci Books/Scribner, scrutinizing tubs of yogurt and butter and novel, I was misusing it with abandon. July 26) butter substitute. Occasionally, I will tell Ron Charles reviews books and writes the ‘The Swell’ Leah I’m leaving the flat to complete a Book Club newsletter for The Washington Allie Reynolds’s “The Swell” takes specific activity and instead simply walk Post. place at a quite different vacation spot: to some fixed point and stand there until I a coveted surfing beach in an Australian national park. Sorrow Bay is the beach’s Julia Armfield has cleverly designed this story so that we only gradually become aware of how little we know. name, and one of its sorriest features is the pair of corrupt wardens who, for a ‘The Misconceiver,’ released 25 years ago, proves timely monthly bribe, let a small band of fanatics have the peerless waves all to BY RON CHARLES is a startling novel in ways that highlight Phoebe secretly performs a “misconcep- the novel offers a challenging explora- themselves. The story is told mostly by a The Supreme Court’s scheme to sub- how unsurprising most abortion rights tion,” she asks her patient, “Do you want tion of one woman’s struggle to work sports therapist named Kenna, ject women’s bodies to the whims of their novels are. Ferriss isn’t interested in me to kill your baby?” It’s a grotesque through the profound moral dilemmas of originally from respective state governments has birthed merely confirming our liberal ideals; she question that seems to shatter the abid- her life. Cornwall, where she a million new allusions to “The Hand- makes us work for them. Her story begins ing pro-choice theme of the novel. But grew up surfing with maid’s Tale.” But let’s consider another with a graphic description of an abor- Ferriss insists that complication is what Unfortunately, when “The Misconceiv- her best friend Mikki, feminist novel, one that few people tion. This is not “women’s health care” makes the book work. “I was trying to er” was published in 1997, it got caught in now a member of the remember. It’s titled “The Misconceiver,” through a glass darkly: We feel the head imagine myself into the head of someone the penumbra of a frivolous lawsuit group monopolizing and it was published 25 years ago this in the forceps; we hear the hum of the who would have been born at the millen- against Ferriss’s first novel. By the time Sorrow. “The Swell” month by Lucy Ferriss. vacuum; we see the “bloody mess.” nium,” she says, “and who had been given that legal issue was resolved, distribu- opens with Kenna Set in the year 2026, long after Roe v. a script very early on by the culture that tion of “The Misconceiver” had been arriving at Sorrow to Wade was overturned and the United That disturbing opening was a deliber- she was in, saying, This is murder. She’s badly fumbled, and so, Ferriss says, pay Mikki a surprise States grew sharply conservative, “The ate choice. Ferriss tells me that in the late conflicted about it because she’s been “Nobody read it.” Then it went out of visit. Eyed warily at Misconceiver” is narrated by a young 1990s when she started writing “The half convinced that what everybody’s print. first, Kenna makes woman named Phoebe. Ostensibly, she’s Misconceiver,” abortion rights advocates telling her is true. It didn’t seem to me herself useful by a computer virus technician, but secretly were marching but seemed reluctant to that she would be as interesting or as I recently tracked down a used copy of nursing her new she works as an abortion provider, fol- use the word “abortion.” “They would credible — or not credible to me — if she “The Misconceiver” online, but those mates, on whom lowing in the illegal footsteps of her talk about ‘terminating pregnancies,’ ” were this independent thinker who came have become increasingly hard to find. Sorrow’s waves take a mother, who was assassinated, and her Ferriss says, but “nobody wanted to out of what was then the left wing of the Ferriss is working on offering an e-book fearsome physical toll. sister, who died in prison. really talk about what actually happens. 1990s.” edition and possibly a paperback reissue. Away from the water, Although it includes the typical con- So, I met with a nurse who assisted at She plans to donate her royalties to Mikki keeps time with straints and humiliations of a strictly Planned Parenthood because I thought, As a consequence, “The Misconceiver” NARAL Pro-Choice America. handsome Jack — a patriarchal society, “The Misconceiver” if I’m going to deal with abortion, let’s isn’t merely a polemical recitation of This article was excerpted from our free Book relationship that gives actually deal with abortion.” misogynist horrors — although it in- Club newsletter. To subscribe, visit rise to foreboding on cludes plenty of those horrors. Instead, booknewsletter. Kenna’s part: Mikki Even more unsettling, every time comes from money, which may be her Literary Calendar chief appeal to the FRIDAY | 7 P.M. Ginny Hogan discusses “I’m More Datable Than a Plate of Refried Beans” at Politics and Prose at Union Market, 1270 5th St NE. Free. (202) 544-4452. perennially broke Jack. The book’s pervasive ominousness can be numbing, but the payoffs eventually come. By the end of “The Swell,” several characters have died violent deaths, and the reader has reason to believe more carnage is coming. (Putnam, July 19) ‘Daisy Darker’ “My childhood friends were Agatha Christie and Stephen King,” says the eponymous narrator of “Daisy Darker.” The remark highlights the challenge taken on by Daisy’s creator, Alice Feeney: Follow the classic recipe for Christie’s “And Then There Were None”— isolated cast of characters, who get knocked off one by one until nobody is left — and reinvigorate the dish. Feeney sets her whodunit at a family reunion, where Daisy and six other Darkers, plus an honorary member of the clan gather at Seaglass, their crumbling house on a private island off the Cornish coast. The occasion is the 80th birthday of the matriarch, Nana, which happens to fall on Halloween. As the night wears on, one by one the celebrants are being knocked off, an especially harrowing trend because as Daisy explained at the outset, “When the tide comes in, we’ll be cut off from the rest of the world for eight hours.” Daisy’s narration darts back and forth between past and present while an already frightful night is made worse by a thunderstorm, and I forgot to mention that Nana collects clocks, 80 of which tick menacingly in the background. Feeney leavens her plot with humor — as in a flashback featuring Conor, the adjunct family member, who as a teenager livened up a birthday party at Seaglass with his “not-bad impression of Tom Cruise in Top Gun. He wore aviator sunglasses indoors even when it got dark, so was constantly bumping into things and people …” The most striking feature of “Daisy Darker,” however, is not its group dynamics or black comedy or its audacity. A surprise sprung in the final chapters may leave some readers feeling they’ve been had. To say that Feeney breaks the rules of mystery-writing would be an understatement. My own take on the unorthodoxy is this: “You’re getting away with it this time, Alice Feeney, but I wouldn’t try it again.” (Flatiron, Aug. 30) Dennis Drabelle is a former mysteries editor of Book World.

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Bravo Gumball King of Hill King of Hill Burgers Burgers Cartoon Network Gumball American American American Rick, Morty Erin Burnett OutFront Anderson Cooper 360 CNN Tonight (Live) Don Lemon Tonight Don Lemon Tonight CNN Yankers South Park South Park South Park South Park South Park South Park Comedy Central (6:30) South Park Yankers Big Brother (CBS at 8) Neighborhood Wars (A&E at Expedition Unknown Expedition Unknown (9:32) Expedition Unknown (11:02) Expedition Unknown Houseguests compete to win the 10:01) Two girls attempt to steal an Discovery Big City Big City Big City Big City Raven Raven Big City Big City Ladybug Ladybug power of veto; the winner of the air freshener, which infuriates the competition can keep the store manager who catches them; Disney Mod Fam Mod Fam Mod Fam Mod Fam Mod Fam Mod Fam Mod Fam Mod Fam Mod Fam Nightly nominations the same or rescue an Oklahoma couple lives with someone from eviction during the endless disturbances from the E! 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Freeform Guardians of the Galaxy Movie: Bad Boys for Life ★★ (2020) Movie: Bad Boys for Life ★★ (2020) episode focuses on water plants, some of which can count, hunt or SPECIAL FX (6:00) A Wish for Christmas Movie: A Shoe Addict’s Christmas (2018) Movie: A Royal Christmas (2014) escape from predators. Baby Sharks (National The Real Housewives of Beverly Geographic at 10) Baby sharks are Hallmark Crossword Mysteries Murder, She Wrote Hills (Bravo at 8) Erika seeks to more than just a catchy tune Hallmark M&M Flower Shop Mysteries rectify her past indiscretions by adored by preschoolers; these (6:00) The Bourne Identity Movie: The Survivor (2022) (10:10) The Anarchists (11:05) Irma Vep getting forgiveness from Garcelle; creatures start out adorably small HBO Bargain Block Bargain Block Bargain Block Hunters Hunters Hunters Hunters Sutton’s love life is invaded by but grow into formidable creatures. Crystal; Kyle is stunned because of HGTV Forged in Fire Forged in Fire Forged in Fire Power More Power (11:03) Forged in Fire an accusation she rebuts; Dorit RETURNING finds peace in Hanukkah Big Timber (Netflix) Season 2. History Castle Married at First Sight (10:03) 5 Guys a Week Married at First Sight traditions. Solar Opposites (Hulu) Season 3. Wellington Paranormal (CW at 9) Lifetime 2022 Perfect O’s Xtra MLB Baseball: Baltimore Orioles at Chicago Cubs (Live) O’s Xtra Take Me Out A meteor strike gives a vigilante LATE NIGHT neighborhood watch group Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC at MASN The ReidOut (Live) All In With Chris Hayes MSNBC Prime (Live) The Last Word With 11th Hour superpowers and Minogue and 11:35) Billy Bob Thornton, Marcus O’Leary must try to keep the Scribner, Sean Paul featuring MSNBC Ridiculous Ridiculous Ridiculous Ridiculous Ridiculous Ridiculous Ridiculous Ridiculous Ridiculous Ridiculous peace. Gwen Stefani, guest host Anthony Anderson. 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Matters The National Desk WNC8 LEGEND: Bold indicates new or live programs ◆ High Definition Movie Ratings (from TMS) ★★★★ Excellent ★★★ Good ★★ Fair ★ Poor No stars: not rated Ada Limón, the next U.S. poet laureate, aims to bridge nature and humanity LIMÓN FROM C1 trauma,” she says. “And we’re not SHAWN MILLER bridges these gaps by weaving even given a moment to breathe, together keen observations earned an MFA in poetry at New let alone grieve because we’re on Ada Limón will begin her term in the fall with her first reading on Sept. 29 at the Library of Congress. about leaves with childhood nos- York University. After a stint to the next hard thing, whether talgia: working in marketing, she be- it’s dealing with the pandemic or came a full-time writer in 2010. the climate crisis.” Later, I remember leaves, Critics have called her a “careful through car windows, witness” to nature’s rare gifts and But poetry, as her podcast a versatile composer bringing reminds listeners, is an invita- through bedroom windows, together big ideas and little de- tion to slow down and consider through the classroom tails, sometimes with a dash of what’s happening. window, humor. Her latest poetry collec- tion, “The Hurting Kind,” pub- For Limón, poetry is about the way they shaded and lished in May to rave reviews, digging into thorny issues, patterned the ground, all and her 2018 collection, “The though she coaches her MFA that Carrying,” won the National students at Queens University of Book Critics Circle Award for Charlotte to never lose sight of power from roots. Imagine Poetry. She received a fellowship their mental health. you must survive from the Guggenheim Memorial Foundation and hosts the poetry “Remember that when we’re without running? I’ve come podcast called “The Slowdown,” exploring the heavier material of from the lacing patterns which reflects on a new poem our lives — whether it’s genera- of leaves, every weekday. tional trauma, whether it’s our own wounds, whether it’s a polit- I do not know where else I Limón assumes the role of ical rage — you can’t go down to belong. poet laureate with two primary the bottom of the well unless you intentions: to use poetry to help have a ladder back out,” she says. The poet laureate runs an people reclaim their humanity annual lecture and spotlights and to repair their relationship These days, Limón recalls emerging and established poets with the natural world. “So many from her home in Lexington, Ky., in the Library of Congress’s po- people right now are living in early and pivotal lessons from etry series, the oldest in the their own personal realities, liv- nature. Instead of seeing nature Washington area. Limón will ing sort of amidst the chaos and as separate from humanity, she serve a one-year term and suc- implores us to remember that ceeds Joy Harjo, the first Native “we are nature too.” An excerpt American U.S. poet laureate, who from her poem “Ancestors” served three terms. Limón offi- cially begins her term in the fall with her first reading at the Library of Congress on Sept. 29. The winners (HBO) and losers (movie stars) of this year’s Emmy nominations NOTEBOOK FROM C1 proved no guarantee of an Emmy Elizabeth Holmes’ lover and busi- (That, or the implied cannibal- with its majority owner’s much to describe the academy’s overall nod this year, portending the end ness partner, was at least as great ism.) The Showtime genre series larger player in the streaming taste. But in recent years, they’ve breakout and HBO heavyweight of the industry trend where A- as Amanda Seyfried in “The garnered nods for beloved former wars (Disney Plus), Hulu enjoyed increasingly demonstrated that are pretty much a lock. (“Succes- listers “slumming it” on TV are Dropout”; Brian Tyree Henry, child stars Melanie Lysnkey and a fantastic morning, with multi- they aren’t entirely out of touch sion” ceded the category to “The handed a trophy for their trou- who served as the emotional Christina Ricci, who play the ple nominations for “Dopesick,” with the changes in the industry. Crown” in 2021, since it didn’t bles. Julia Roberts got zilch for anchor of a rootless third season haunted, middle-aged versions of “Pam & Tommy,” “Only Murders They championed Apple TV Plus produce a season eligible for last her turn as tangential Watergate of FX’s “Atlanta”; and Sarah Lan- teenage girls who survive a plane in the Building” and the Russian early, for instance, even if they year’s ceremony.) player Martha Mitchell in Starz’s cashire, who put her own inimi- crash and are determined to live royalty comedy “The Great.” If overcompensated by practically “Gaslit,” as did Jared Leto and table spin on Julia Child in HBO at all costs. Hulu execs want to make the case salivating all over “Ted Lasso.” Of those two, “Ted Lasso,” Anne Hathaway for their We- Max’s “Julia.” to Big Mouse that they should which delivered a divisive second Work revisit “WeCrashed” (Ap- Losers: “This is Us” and stay an independent venture, Academy members have con- season, is the slightly weaker ple). John C. Reilly was fantastic Winner: ’90s nostalgia. It “Black-ish.” For most of their they could certainly start with tinued their occasional forays contender, squaring off against in HBO’s “Winning Time,” but the looks like we won’t be done runs, the NBC weepie and ABC Tuesday’s Emmy tallies. beyond the nominees spoon-fed stalwarts like “Hacks” (HBO basketball series about an un- reexamining quarter-century-old family sitcom kept network pro- to them by expensive awards Max) and “The Marvelous Mrs. stoppable team was forced off the scandals anytime soon. Despite a gramming on the Emmys radar. Losers: Sophomore slump- campaigns this year, nominating Maisel” (Amazon Prime) as well court. Michelle Pfeiffer and Viola mixed critical reception, Hulu’s But both shows were locked out ers. By and large, it’s still the case programming from Paramount as newcomers like “Abbott El- Davis fared no better with their revenge-porn tale “Pam & Tom- for their valedictory seasons — a that Emmy voters tend to nomi- Plus and the Roku Channel, and, ementary” (ABC) and “Only Mur- larger-than-life (or, depending on my” scored 10 nominations, in- notable development especially nate the same shows over and in a pleasant surprise, dipping ders in the Building” (Hulu). who you ask, scenery-chewing) cluding three for stars Lily James, for the nighttime soap’s buzzy over again, no matter how down- their toes into grisly genre fare “Succession” should hold strong performances as Betty Ford and Sebastian Stan and Seth Rogen. final year, which featured a fan- hill a show goes. (Case in point: with “Yellowjackets” and “Squid against first-time nominees “Yel- Michelle Obama on Showtime’s The even more coolly received favorite performance from Man- the self-indulgent and messy-as- Game.” The latter became the lowjackets” (Showtime) and shamelessly awards-baiting “The “Impeachment: American Crime dy Moore. But loyalists of the hell second season of HBO’s “Eu- first non-English-language nomi- “Severance” (Apple TV Plus), but First Lady.” Even freshly minted Story,” FX’s star-studded but list- broadcast networks — if that’s a phoria,” which picked up 16 nods nee in the drama category — there’s a 1 in 456 chance that Academy Award winner Jessica less retelling of the relationship thing — needn’t despair. ABC’s this go-round.) But the Television recognition that viewers are “Squid Game” (Netflix) pulls off Chastain got snubbed by the TV between Bill Clinton and Monica “Abbott Elementary,” the first- Academy took note of other more willing than ever to over- an upset. Academy; only her “Scenes From Lewinsky, received five nomina- year mockumentary comedy set shows that experienced signifi- come the “one-inch barrier” of a Marriage” (HBO) co-star, Oscar tions, including a surprise nod in a Philadelphia public school, cant sophomore slumps, with subtitles, per “Parasite” director As ever, limited or anthology Isaac, proved the exception to the for Sarah Paulson, who played has picked up the baton, with “The Morning Show” (Apple TV Bong Joon-ho’s memorable series is the only category where rule. Linda Tripp and received flack (richly deserved) nominations Plus), “The Flight Attendant” phrasing. But the most home- the victor doesn’t feel preor- for the increasingly controversial for cast members Quinta (HBO Max), “Russian Doll” (Net- grown and comforting TV, like an dained, with a dead heat this year If you can’t drum up much practice of actors donning fat Brunson, Sheryl Lee Ralph, flix) and “Bridgerton” (Netflix) “Abbott Elementary,” got some between Hulu’s Elizabeth sympathy for the impossibly rich, suits. Janelle James and Tyler James declining precipitously in voters’ love from the Emmys this season, Holmes series “The Dropout,” the beautiful and famous, perhaps Williams. regard. too. Television should offer many same streamer’s opioid drama spare a few thoughts for the Perhaps that’s why the original types of excellence, and the Em- “Dopesick” and HBO’s eat-the- smaller snubs that bummed me premise of “Yellowjackets,” which Winner: Hulu. Despite its un- Winner: The widening TV mys are finally getting closer to rich satire “The White Lotus.” out: Naveen Andrews, who, as jumps in time between the ’90s certain future as a Disney landscape. “Adventurous” cer- acknowledging that. and now, feels so refreshing. streaming site in competition tainly isn’t a word one would use Losers: Movie stars. An Oscar

WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 . THE WASHINGTON POST EZ RE C5 Teen’s ‘I Voted’ sticker What to say to friends who take calls in front of you could be a boost at polls Miss Dear Miss Why would you feel better about working order, if that is all that he anyone to overhear. Manners Manners: I was this if you knew that your friends needs to accomplish his purpose? Should I acknowledge that I invited to lunch by found you dull? Does it make a difference if the Voting for the contest will close a friend who, bathroom is designed for single hurt her feelings and apologize? STICKER FROM C1 July 29. If Hudson’s sticker wins, JUDITH partway through Never mind. The problem is occupancy, i.e., if there is a lock to Incidentally, I would have no he’ll receive an award from the MARTIN, the meal, took a that they are not thinking of you keep others out? expectation of forgiveness. this could happen. Did we think it Ulster County Legislature. All the JACOBINA at all. Although Miss Manners Supplied plumbing is there to be Is it not also possible that her would? No.” finalists who don’t win will re- MARTIN AND phone call. It was does not condone returning used, a point that Miss Manners behavior is either unintentional ceive school supplies — and the NICHOLAS an extended rudeness for rudeness, she would does not intend to police no or motivated by something else? “We had a bit of a hunch that it chance to have their stickers IVOR MARTIN conversation. She understand your resorting to matter how many, or how few, was going to take off,” Quigley handed out at an upcoming pri- your own phone for other people are in the room. But Miss Manners asks, because added. mary and special election in late was seated facing companionship, with the she does recommend locking the she worries that your proposed August, when the 19th Congres- into the restaurant, while I was justification that there is an door. course of action might alert the Since the contest went live, the sional District, of which Ulster facing only her; I had to sit there unstated, but mutual, agreement Dear Miss Manners: Sometime neighbor to a cause for offense of Ulster County commissioners County is part, is set to elect a new and stare straight ahead, waiting that study hour has begun. over the summer, I noticed my which she was not previously have been flooded with emails U.S. representative and New York for her to complete the Etiquette would see no difference next-door neighbor had cooled aware. Better to seek her out in a from people in different states state senator. conversation. if, instead of a phone, you toward me. We weren’t close friendly way and wait for a wanting a sticker, and counties Another time, I was invited to produced a book — but your friends before that, but she definite indication that she is across the country wanting to Boosting voter turnout wasn’t lunch at a friend’s home. She, too, friends undoubtedly, if seemed to arbitrarily decide to offended before asking why and learn from their efforts to get Hudson’s goal when he designed took a phone call and had a long irrationally, would. avoid me. I figured I offended her, seeking forgiveness. young people engaged in the elec- the sticker, but he says he’s glad of conversation, as I sat there Dear Miss Manners: I have but I did not know how. New Miss Manners columns are toral process. the attention it has received. “I’m patiently and awkwardly, waiting noticed that many “unisex” posted Monday through Saturday on super glad I’m inspiring people to for her to end the call. toilets are simply men’s rooms Then I recalled a gossipy You can Dittus always tells them the … take the time to vote to get my What is a proper and with a new sign on the door. remark about her I made to send questions to Miss Manners at same thing. “It doesn’t take a lot of sticker,” said the teen, who will courteous response for me in Inside, it contains all the normal someone else that she could have her website, You time, and anybody could do it. attend Rondout Valley High these situations? Shall I just accoutrements of any men’s overheard. I don’t know for can also follow her And if this gets replicated because School next year. consider that two different room, including urinals. certain that she did, but it was @RealMissManners. of what we did, then I would be so friends consider me a dull something I would never want proud of us for inspiring people to Imagining people “walking companion, even though they Is it proper for a man to use the © 2022, by Judith Martin engage with ... a part of their around with my art on them — it’s invited me voluntarily? urinal, assuming it to be in full community that usually doesn’t crazy,” he says. get as much attention as they might need.” MOVIE DIRECTORY (!) No Pass/No Discount Ticket Wednesday, July 13, 2022 DISTRICT Lost Illusions 2:45 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) Happy Birthday (Telugu) 11:45- The Deer King (Fan Event) (R) Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) CC: Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) Regal Kingstowne & RPX Official Competition (R) 12:15- OC: 12:30; 6:45 10:40-1:40-4:40-7:40-10:40; 3:15-6:50-10:10 7:00 10:15-1:10-4:05-7:00-10:00 CC: 11:15-2:45-6:45-10:00 1:30-4:55-8:20 5910 Kingstowne Towne Center AMC Georgetown 14 9:20 11:00-2:00-5:00-8:00-11:00; Where the Crawdads Sing Early Everything Everywhere All At Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) Won't Back Down (PG) 7:00 3111 K Street N.W. Elvis (PG-13) 12:40-3:40 AMC Loews St. Charles Town Ctr. 9 10:15-4:15-7:15-10:15; 5:50 Access Event (PG-13) 7:00 Regal Waugh Chapel & IMAX Once (R) CC: 10:30-3:15 CC: 11:30-1:30-2:30-4:30-5:30- 10:30-1:30-4:30-7:30-10:30 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Thrilling Bloody Sword (Shen jian 11115 Mall Circle Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) 1419 South Main Chapel Way Met Summer Encore: The Merry 7:30-8:30-9:30-10:30 Kaduva (Malayalam) 2:30 11:30-12:05-12:35-1:05-1:35-2:35- Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) CC: dong shan he) (1981) 9:30 Cinépolis Gaithersburg OC: 11:00AM Widow 12:30-6:30 Lightyear (PG) CC: 11:45AM Paw Patrol: The Movie (G) 3:10-3:40-4:10-4:40-5:40-6:15- 11:00-12:25-2:40-5:00-9:00-10:15 The Music Room (Jalsaghar) Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) CC: 629 Center Point Way The Deer King (Fan Event) (R) Sing 2 (PG) 10:00AM Thor: Love and Thunder 3D (PG- The Black Phone (R) CC: 12:00- 10:00AM 7:15-7:50-8:45-9:50-10:20 Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) CC: (1958) (NR) 12:30 11:30-12:30-2:00-4:30-7:45-8:00- 7:00 Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) 12:40- 13) CC: 11:00-2:15-9:15 2:45-5:15-8:00-10:45 Lightyear (PG) 10:45AM Sing 2 (PG) 10:45AM 1:00-3:35-4:00-9:55 The Goddess (Devi) (NR) 2:30 9:00-9:45 Mad Max: Fury Road (R) 8:00 3:40-6:40-9:50 Minions: The Rise of Gru 3D (PG) Elvis (PG-13) CC: 10:30-2:15- The Black Phone (R) 10:55-1:40- Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) 1:10- Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) CC: Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Regal Germantown Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) CC: 10:00-12:30-3:00-5:30-8:00 2:30-6:15-9:45 4:20-7:05-9:45 4:15-7:20-10:30 CC: 12:05-3:30-6:45-10:05 AMC Academy 8 11:30-2:45-6:00-10:15 3:15-6:20 20000 Century Boulevard 12:40-2:50-6:50-10:10 The Deer King (Fan Event) (R) Thor: Love and Thunder 3D (PG- Elvis (PG-13) 11:35-3:10-6:45- Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) 6198 Greenbelt Road Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Space Jam: A New Legacy (PG) 7:00 13) CC: 12:30-3:30-6:30-9:30 10:20 11:10-2:15-5:45-9:10 CC: 12:00-3:00-6:00-9:00 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) CC: CC: 11:45-3:15-6:30-10:00 3:45-7:20 10:20AM 10:00AM Thor: Love and Thunder - The Minions: The Rise of Gru 3D (PG) Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) 11:25AM Space Jam: A New Legacy (PG) Lightyear (PG) CC: 1:30-4:05-9:40 1:30-2:30-5:15-7:30-9:15-10:30 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) 11:50- Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) IMAX 2D Experience (PG-13) CC: CC: 11:00-2:15 Thor: Love and Thunder 3D (PG- 10:45AM The Black Phone (R) CC: 12:35- Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) CC: CC: 10:45-11:15-1:45-2:15-4:45- 2:30-3:30-5:00-6:00-7:00-7:40 3:20-6:40 12:00-12:30-1:30-3:00-3:30- 11:30-2:30-8:30 13) XD: 2:00 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) 3:10-5:40-8:10-10:40 1:30-4:20-7:15-10:10 5:15-8:15-10:15 Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) 4:30-5:30-6:00-6:30-7:30-8:30- Thor: Love and Thunder - An Alamo Drafthouse Happy Birthday (Telugu) 2:20- 12:50-7:00-10:05 Elvis (PG-13) CC: 12:50-4:15- Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) The Black Phone (R) CC: 11:30- 4:00-5:40 12:10-3:50-7:20 9:00-9:30 IMAX 3D Experience (PG-13) Cinema - One Loudoun 5:35-8:50 Lightyear (PG) 11:05-2:00-4:50- 7:40-9:45 CC: 12:50-4:10-7:20-9:45 2:10-4:45-7:30-10:30 The Black Phone (R) 4:30 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) Lightyear (PG) 11:30-2:40 CC: 5:30 I Love You (Bahebek) 11:40-10:05 10:50 Marcel the Shell with Shoes On Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) Elvis (PG-13) CC: 10:45-2:30- Lightyear (PG) 2:45 10:00-11:30-12:00-1:30-2:00-2:30- The Black Phone (R) 11:10-1:50- Where the Crawdads Sing Early 20575 East Hampton Plaza Where the Crawdads Sing Early The Black Phone (R) 5:00-7:55- (PG) CC: 1:15-3:40-8:25 CC: 1:00-3:00-4:00-6:00-7:00- 6:15-10:00 Elvis (PG-13) 3:00-6:40 3:00-3:30-4:00-5:00-5:30-6:00- 5:20-8:10 Access Event (PG-13) CC: 7:00 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) Access Event (PG-13) 7:00 10:40 Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) CC: 1:25 9:00-10:00 Thor: Love and Thunder 3D (PG- Hoyt's West Nursery Cinema 14 7:00-7:30-8:30-9:00-9:30 Elvis (PG-13) 12:20-3:50-7:20 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) 12:00-1:00-3:30-4:00-4:30-6:30- Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Elvis (PG-13) 11:45-3:30-7:10- Everything Everywhere All At The Black Phone (R) CC: 1:45- 13) CC: 12:00-3:00-6:00-9:00 Lightyear (PG) 10:10-12:55- Met Summer Encore: The Merry CC: 10:00-11:15-12:00-1:00- 7:00-8:00 10:45-12:25-1:35-2:50-5:15- 10:45 Once (R) CC: 4:15-10:40 4:30-7:40-10:15 Minions: The Rise of Gru 3D (PG) 1591 West Nursery Road 4:10-6:50 Widow 1:00-6:30 3:00-4:00-5:00-5:15-6:00-8:15- Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) 7:40-10:05 Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) 1:45 Thor: Love and Thunder 3D (PG- Thor: Love and Thunder 3D (PG- CC: 3:00-5:30 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) The Black Phone (R) 11:20-2:20- Thor: Love and Thunder 3D (PG- 9:00-10:00 6:45 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) Thor: Love and Thunder 3D 13) CC: 11:30-2:30-5:30 13) CC: 2:00-5:00-8:00 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) 12:55-1:40-2:20-3:10-4:00-4:40- 5:10-7:50 13) 10:30-10:30 Gabby Giffords Won't Back Down Perfect Blue (Pafekuto buru) 12:20-2:40-3:20-4:05-6:20-9:20 (PG-13) 3:55 Minions: The Rise of Gru 3D (PG) Minions: The Rise of Gru 3D (PG) 7:00 5:20-6:20-7:00-7:40-8:40-9:20- Elvis (PG-13) 11:00-2:40-6:20 Thor: Love and Thunder - The - Special Presentation (PG-13) (1997) (R) 7:30 Thor: Love and Thunder 3D (PG- Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) CC: 11:30-1:45-4:10 CC: 4:15-6:45 10:05 Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) 10:50AM IMAX 2D Experience (PG-13) CC: 7:00 Sing (PG) 11:30AM 13) 11:40-5:40-8:40 11:50-2:55-6:00-9:05 The Deer King (Fan Event) (R) 7:00 AMC Annapolis Mall 11 AMC Magic Johnson Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) Met Summer Encore: The Merry 4:00-7:00-10:00 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) The Black Phone (R) 3:00 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) Thor: Love and Thunder 3D (PG- Thor: Love and Thunder - The 1020 Annapolis Mall Road Capital Center 12 1:00-2:00-3:20-4:20-6:15-7:15- Widow 1:00-6:30 Thor: Love and Thunder - An OC: 7:15; 10:45-1:45; 7:00 Elvis (PG-13) 11:15-2:15 XD: 10:00-11:00-1:00-4:00-5:00- 13) 11:15AM IMAX 2D Experience (PG-13) CC: Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) CC: 800 Shoppers Way 9:10-10:10 Thor: Love and Thunder 3D IMAX 3D Experience (PG-13) 1:00 Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) 12:15- 7:00-8:00-10:00-11:00 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) 11:00-2:00-8:00-10:50 10:05-11:20-12:20-1:50-2:50-4:20- The Bob's Burgers Movie (PG-13) (PG-13) 12:30 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) AMC Potomac Mills 18 3:50-7:15 The Deer King (Fan Event) (R) 1:20-1:50-2:05-2:20-3:25-4:25- Thor: Love and Thunder - An 5:20-6:45-7:45-9:10-10:10 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) CC: 1:20-9:45 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) 12:50-3:10-5:40-7:50-9:40 2700 Potomac Mills Circle Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) 7:00 4:55-5:10-5:25-6:30-7:30-7:45- IMAX 3D Experience (PG-13) Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) CC: 1:15-2:15-3:45-4:40-6:45 Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) 11:40-12:40-2:10-3:10-4:40-5:40- The Deer King (Fan Event) (R) Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) CC: 11:00-2:30-6:00 8:00-8:15-8:30-9:35-10:35-11:00; CC: 5:00 9:10-10:10-1:10-4:10-6:20-7:20- Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) CC: 12:45-4:00-6:15-9:40 7:10-8:10 7:00 10:10-10:45-11:30-11:45-12:40- Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Regal Ballston Quarter 12:20 Where the Crawdads Sing Early 9:20-10:20 1:45-4:55-8:00 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) 1:15-2:00-2:15-3:10-3:45-4:15- 11:00-12:30-3:15 671 North Glebe Road Access Event (PG-13) CC: 7:00 Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) 12:45-1:30-3:00-3:40-4:25-6:00- OC: 10:30AM Regal Westview & IMAX 4:30-4:45-5:40-6:15-8:45-9:50 Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) Regal Manassas & IMAX Gabby Giffords Won't Back Down CC: 11:10-2:40-6:10-9:50 CC: 1:40-3:50-7:10 6:35-7:20-8:50-9:30-10:15 The Deer King (Fan Event) (R) 5243 Buckeystown Pike Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) CC: 11:35-3:10-6:15 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) 11380 Bulloch Drive - Special Presentation (PG-13) Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) Doctor Strange in the Multiverse Lightyear (PG) 1:05-3:50-7:10- 7:00 11:20-12:30-2:30-3:45-8:40-10:00 Elvis (PG-13) 6:15 12:00-12:30-2:30-3:00-5:10-5:40- CC: 7:00 CC: 10:00-11:00-12:00-12:30-1:00- of Madness (PG-13) CC: 1:20- 9:25 Regal Hyattsville Royale Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) 7:40-9:45-10:20 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) 2:00-3:00-3:30-4:00-5:00-6:00- 4:20-7:20 Downton Abbey: A New Era (PG) 2:30-5:05-6:40-9:50-10:20 CC: 11:40-3:00-7:15-9:40 Angelika Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) 11:55- 11:30-1:35-2:10-3:10-4:10-4:40- OC: 7:15 7:00-8:00-9:00-9:30-10:00-11:00 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) 4:05-6:55 6505 America Blvd. Sing 2 (PG) 12:00 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) Film Center Mosaic 3:15-7:10-10:00 5:40-6:45-7:15-8:20-9:15-9:40 Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) OC: Lightyear (PG) CC: 10:45-1:20- CC: 12:30-2:00-5:00-6:30-8:00 The Black Phone (R) 12:50-4:55- Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) 12:20- CC: 10:00-1:00-4:00-7:00-10:00 Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) Sing 2 (PG) 11:00AM 8:20 3:50 Lightyear (PG) CC: 12:55-3:40- 7:30-10:00 11:00-11:45-12:30-1:30-2:30-3:40- 3:30-7:30-9:10 Lightyear (PG) CC: 10:20-1:10- 2911 District Ave 11:40-3:15-6:50-10:10 Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) 12:10- Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) The Black Phone (R) CC: 11:50- 6:15 Elvis (PG-13) 1:10-7:50 4:25-5:45-6:10-7:30-8:15-9:10 Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) 4:00-6:40-9:20 Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) 3:40-6:50-10:15 CC: 1:00-4:00-7:00-9:30 2:30-5:10-7:40-10:40 The Black Phone (R) CC: 12:40- Thor: Love and Thunder 3D (PG- Sing 2 (PG) 11:30AM 3:00-6:30 The Black Phone (R) CC: 11:00- 4:45-7:30 10:45-11:15-11:50-12:50-1:50- Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) Lightyear (PG) OC: 6:25 Elvis (PG-13) CC: 12:10-3:40- 3:15-6:10-8:45 13) 2:15-5:10-8:05 Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) Space Jam: A New Legacy (PG) 1:40-4:20-7:00-9:45 Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) 2:20-3:25-3:55-4:55-5:25-6:00- 7:20 Marcel the Shell with Shoes On 7:10-10:15 Thor: Love and Thunder 3D (PG- Elvis (PG-13) 4:30 12:05-3:35-7:10-10:40 12:00 Elvis (PG-13) CC: 10:30-2:15- 1:15-4:30-7:35 7:00-8:00-8:30-9:05-10:05-10:35 Space Jam: A New Legacy (PG) (PG) OC: 6:05 Where the Crawdads Sing Early 13) CC: 12:00-3:30-6:00 Landmark Bethesda Row Cinema Space Jam: A New Legacy (PG) Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) 6:00-9:30 Lightyear (PG) 4:35 Lightyear (PG) 12:20 11:00AM Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) Access Event (PG-13) CC: 7:00 The Deer King (Fan Event) (R) 11:30AM 12:30-2:20-3:10-3:50-5:30-6:20- Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) CC: 5:45 Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) The Black Phone (R) 12:10-10:40 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) OC: 10:00; 7:30 AMC Center Park 8 7:00 7235 Woodmont Avenue Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) 8:40-9:20 Thor: Love and Thunder 3D (PG- OC: 1:55 Elvis (PG-13) 3:25-7:10 11:50-1:20-1:50-2:20-2:55-3:25- 4001 Powder Mill Rd. Thor: Love and Thunder - The Official Competition (R) (!) 12:20-1:50-2:20-3:00-3:25-4:00- Elvis (PG-13) 11:30-3:20-7:20 13) CC: 9:30 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) Met Summer Encore: The Merry 4:20-4:55-5:25-6:00-6:30-7:30- Angelika Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) IMAX 2D Experience (PG-13) CC: 1:05-6:45 4:55-5:25-6:00-6:30-7:05-8:00- Met Summer Encore: The Merry Minions: The Rise of Gru 3D (PG) 12:00-1:00-1:30-2:45-3:45-4:15- Widow 1:00-6:30 8:00-8:30-9:00-9:35-10:30 Pop-Up at Union Market CC: 12:45-3:00-4:45-5:45-8:00- 1:00-4:00-7:00 Lightyear (PG) CC: (!) 3:45 8:30-9:10-9:35-10:10 Widow 1:00-6:30 CC: 11:15-1:45-6:45-9:15 5:30-7:00-8:15-9:15-9:35 Thor: Love and Thunder 3D Lightyear (PG) 12:00-5:15-7:50 9:45-10:20 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) Elvis (PG-13) OC: (!) 1:00 Lightyear (PG) 3:10-6:45-9:25 Thor: Love and Thunder 3D (PG- The Deer King (Fan Event) (R) Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, a (PG-13) 2:55 The Black Phone (R) 12:00-2:40 550 Penn Street NE - Unit E Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) CC: OC: 3:00; 7:00 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) The Black Phone (R) 11:25-2:10- 13) 11:50AM 7:00 Journey, a Song (PG-13) 1:55- Kira & El Gin 8:10 Elvis (PG-13) 2:45-6:15 Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) 1:00-4:00-7:00-10:00 OC: (!) 4:15 5:00-7:40-10:40 Thor: Love and Thunder - The Thor: Love and Thunder - The 7:10-9:35 The Deer King (Fan Event) (R) Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) 9:50 1:15-4:30 Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) AMC Montgomery 16 Downton Abbey: A New Era (PG) Elvis (PG-13) 11:35-3:25-7:20 IMAX 2D Experience (PG-13) IMAX 2D Experience (PG-13) CC: Marcel the Shell with Shoes On 7:00 Thor: Love and Thunder 3D (PG- Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) CC: 1:15-4:15-7:15-10:15 7101 Democracy Boulevard CC: (!) 3:50-6:50 Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) 10:00 4:00-7:10-10:10 12:00-3:00-9:00 (PG) 12:40-2:50-4:55 13) 11:20AM 1:30-4:15-7:20 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) CC: Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) CC: Thor: Love and Thunder 3D Thor: Love and Thunder - An Thor: Love and Thunder - An Thor: Love and Thunder 3D Regal Thor: Love and Thunder - The Elvis (PG-13) 3:00 CC: 1:30-3:30-4:30-6:30-7:30- 12:00-12:45-1:30-2:00-2:30-3:15- (!) 3:40 (PG-13) 12:50 IMAX 3D Experience (PG-13) 1:00 IMAX 3D Experience (PG-13) (PG-13) 6:30 Dulles Town Center IMAX 2D Experience (PG-13) Whisper of the Heart (Mimi wo 9:30-10:30 4:00-4:30-5:45-6:30-7:30-8:15- Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) CC: (!) I Love You (Bahebek) 12:00-2:55- Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) CC: 6:00 Whisper of the Heart (Mimi wo 21100 Dulles Town Circle 12:50-7:00-10:05 sumaseba) (PG) 7:00 The Black Phone (R) CC: 1:45- 9:00-10:00 1:20-2:00-4:20-5:00-7:30-8:15 5:35-8:40 OC: 11:15AM Where the Crawdads Sing Early sumaseba) (PG) 7:00-9:30 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Thor: Love and Thunder - An 4:45-7:45-10:45 Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) CC: Elvis (PG-13) CC: (!) 4:30-7:50 Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) 12:15- The Deer King (Fan Event) (R) Access Event (PG-13) CC: 7:00 Elvis (PG-13) 1:35-4:55-8:15 12:10-1:00-1:30-2:40-3:30-4:10- IMAX 3D Experience (PG-13) 3:55 Avalon Theatre Thor: Love and Thunder 3D (PG- 1:45-5:15-7:00-8:30-10:15 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) 3:30-6:50-10:15 7:00 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) 5:10-5:50-7:40-8:20-9:55-10:50 Kira & El Gin 11:40AM 5612 Connecticut Avenue 13) CC: 2:30-5:30-8:30 Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) CC: (!) 12:45-1:15-2:30-5:30-6:45- Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) Xscape Theatres Brandywine 14 OC: 8:10 CMX Village 14 Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) 11:20- Elvis (PG-13) 12:15-3:45-7:15 Minions: The Rise of Gru 3D (PG) CC: 12:15-3:45-7:05-10:30 7:15-8:30 OC: 11:15AM Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) 1600 Village Market Boulevard 3:00-6:10-9:30 Regal Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) 1:30-4:30 CC: 2:00-7:10 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) OC: 7710 Matapeake Business Drive CC: 10:30-11:00-11:30-12:30-1:30- Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) Springfield Town Center Havel (NR) 8:00 AMC Columbia 14 CC: 12:30-1:15-2:00-2:30-2:45- (!) 1:10 Regal Laurel Towne Centre Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) CC: 2:00-3:30-5:00-5:30-6:30-7:30- 3:20-4:05-4:35-5:50-6:40-7:10- 11:40-3:20-6:40-10:20 10300 Little Patuxent Parkway 4:00-4:15-5:00-5:30-5:45-6:30- 14716 Baltimore Avenue (!) 10:10-11:30-12:20-1:50-2:50- 8:00-8:30; 4:30; 6:45; 2:30 8:20 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) 6859 Springfield Mall Landmark Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) CC: 7:00-7:15-8:00-8:45-9:30-10:00- Phoenix Theatres Marlow 6 4:10-5:10-6:40-7:20-8:50-9:50 AMC Shirlington 7 Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) 3:10- 11:15-11:50-12:50-1:50-2:20-2:55- Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Atlantic Plumbing Cinema 12:15-3:45-4:45-6:15 10:30 3899 Branch Avenue Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) CC: 2772 South Randolph St. 4:25-5:20-6:30-7:50-8:30 3:55-4:55-6:00-7:00-7:20-8:00- 11:30-12:10-2:00-4:30-7:10-10:00 Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) CC: Lightyear (PG) CC: 1:00-4:15- 11:00-1:15-2:10-2:40-4:30-5:10- 10:20-1:20-4:20-7:10-10:10 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) CC: Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) 8:30-9:05-10:05-11:05 Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) 12:20- 807 V Street Northwest 12:30-3:30-6:30-8:30-9:30 7:15-9:30 Smurfs: The Lost Village (PG) 7:00-7:45-9:20-10:00 Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) 10:50-1:00-3:20-5:40-8:00-10:50 3:50-7:20 Elvis (PG-13) 11:30-3:10-10:30 3:30-6:40-9:50 Everything Everywhere All At Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) The Black Phone (R) CC: 1:15- 10:00AM Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) 11:10- CC: 11:40-2:50-6:10-9:20 Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) CC: Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) Thor: Love and Thunder 3D (PG- Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) Once (R) CC: (!) 4:10 CC: 12:00-3:20-6:25-9:55 3:30-7:20-10:05 The LEGO Movie 2: The Second 1:50-4:35-7:10-10:00 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) 10:05-1:10-2:10-4:10-7:20-10:20 2:45-3:45-4:15-6:00-7:00-7:30- 13) 10:45AM 11:00-2:30-6:20-9:50 Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) CC: (!) Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) Elvis (PG-13) CC: 12:30-3:35- Part (PG) 9:55AM Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) CC: (!) 10:00-11:00-1:00-2:00-4:05- Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) 8:00 Minions: The Rise of Gru 3D (PG) Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) 4:30-7:30-8:15 CC: 1:00-4:00-7:00-10:00 6:00-9:50 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) 11:10-2:35-6:00-9:30 5:00-7:00-8:00-10:00 CC: 12:10-3:30-6:50-10:15 Lightyear (PG) 6:50 11:00AM 10:50-11:20-11:50-12:50-2:20- Elvis (PG-13) CC: (!) 4:00-7:00 Lightyear (PG) CC: 12:40-3:20- Everything Everywhere All At 12:15-2:30-4:45-7:00-9:30 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) Lightyear (PG) CC: (!) 10:25- Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) The Black Phone (R) 5:30-8:10 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) 2:40-3:00-4:00-5:00-5:30-6:00- Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) 6:10-9:05 Once (R) CC: 12:15-3:45-8:15- Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) 11:00-11:30-1:00-2:00-2:30-3:00- 12:55-3:25-6:35-9:05 CC: 10:10-11:00-1:10-1:50-4:00- Elvis (PG-13) 4:00-7:40 OC: 5:25 7:00-8:00-8:30-9:10-9:40-10:10 CC: (!) 3:50-4:20-4:50-6:40-7:10- The Black Phone (R) CC: 12:40- 10:20 11:05-2:15-5:35-8:45 3:30-4:00-5:00-5:30-6:00-6:30- The Black Phone (R) CC: (!) 11:50- 4:40-5:10-6:50-7:30-8:00-9:50- Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) 3:30 The Deer King (Fan Event) (R) Lightyear (PG) 1:00-3:40-6:50 7:40 3:20-6:20-9:10 Gabby Giffords Won't Back Down Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) 7:00-8:00-8:30-9:00-9:30-10:00 2:40-5:20-7:50-10:20 10:25 Thor: Love and Thunder 3D 7:00 The Black Phone (R) 11:10-1:50- Elvis (PG-13) CC: 12:00-2:40- - Special Presentation (PG-13) 11:00-12:00-1:55-2:45-4:35-7:15- Lightyear (PG) 11:10AM Elvis (PG-13) CC: (!) 11:55-3:35- Elvis (PG-13) CC: 10:30-3:25- (PG-13) 4:45 Regal Fairfax Towne Center 4:40-7:30-10:20 Landmark E Street Cinema 6:20-9:50 CC: 7:00 8:15-10:00 The Black Phone (R) 11:10-1:50- 7:05-10:20 7:00-10:10 Minions: The Rise of Gru 3D Elvis (PG-13) 11:40-3:20 555 11th Street Northwest Met Summer Encore: The Merry Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) The Black Phone (R) 11:30-2:00- 4:20-7:00-9:40 Thor: Love and Thunder 3D (PG- Thor: Love and Thunder 3D (PG- (PG) 2:55 4110 West Ox Road Met Summer Encore: The Merry Widow 1:00-6:30 OC: 5:00 4:35-7:15-9:45 Elvis (PG-13) 11:00-2:30-5:55- 13) CC: (!) 12:05-3:00-6:05-9:00 13) CC: 12:30-10:40 Thor: Love and Thunder 3D Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Widow 1:00-6:30 Mad God (!) 2:15-5:00-7:40 Thor: Love and Thunder 3D (PG- Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) Thor: Love and Thunder 3D 9:15 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) Minions: The Rise of Gru 3D (PG) (PG-13) 4:45 1:20-4:00-7:30-9:35 Thor: Love and Thunder 3D Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, a 13) CC: 1:30-4:30-7:30 OC: 3:30 (PG-13) 5:30 Met Summer Encore: The Merry CC: (!) 10:30-12:30-1:30-3:30-4:30- CC: 10:05AM Cinema Arts Theatre Sing 2 (PG) 12:00 (PG-13) 1:50 Journey, a Song (PG-13) CC: (!) Minions: The Rise of Gru 3D (PG) Cinemark Egyptian 24 and XD Widow 1:00-6:30 6:30-7:30-9:30-10:30 AMC Tysons Corner 16 Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) 12:30- Where the Crawdads Sing Early 1:10-4:10 CC: 2:15-9:30 7000 Arundel Mills Circle Regal Bowie Thor: Love and Thunder 3D 7850e Tysons Corner Center 9650 Main St 3:40-6:50-9:50 Access Event (PG-13) 7:00 Official Competition (R) (!) The Deer King (Fan Event) (R) Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) 15200 Major Lansdale Boulevard (PG-13) 12:00 iPic Pike & Rose Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) CC; Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) The Deer King (Fan Event) (R) 1:20-7:20 7:00 9:35-10:00-10:55-11:30-12:35- Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Minions: The Rise of Gru 3D 11830 Grand Park Avenue CC: 11:20-12:05-12:50-2:45-3:25- DVS: 10:00-1:00-4:00-7:15 2:40-6:00-9:20 7:00 Everything Everywhere All At Thor: Love and Thunder - The 1:05-1:25-1:55-3:30-3:55-4:20- 12:00-1:10-2:30-3:40-5:00-6:20- (PG) 12:20 Dirty Dancing (1987) (PG-13) 4:05-5:20-6:15-7:45-8:40-9:45- Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) Space Jam: A New Legacy (PG) Once (R) CC: (!) 1:00 IMAX 2D Experience (PG-13) CC: 4:30-6:20-6:45-7:55-9:10-10:20 7:30 (!) 7:00 10:25-11:00 CC; DVS: 9:40-12:00-2:30-5:00- 12:00 Regal Virginia Gateway & RPX Gabby Giffords Won't Back 12:00-6:00-9:00 Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) Sing 2 (PG) 11:00AM Regal Rockville Center Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) CC: 7:30 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) 8001 Gateway Promenade Place Down - Special Presentation Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) 9:55-10:45-1:10-2:20-4:25-7:35- Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) 12:45- 199 East Montgomery Avenue 6:45-10:15 1:20-4:35-7:40-9:35-10:50 Downton Abbey: A New Era (PG) 1:50-3:10-3:50-4:30-5:00-6:10- (PG-13) 7:30 CC: 2:00-3:30-5:00-8:00-9:45 9:00-10:45 4:00-7:15-10:00 Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) 11:35- Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) CC; DVS: 2:35-5:05-7:40 7:00-7:50-9:10-10:00-10:20 Sing 2 (PG) 11:00AM Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, a Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) 2:50-6:10-9:20 6:00-8:45 CC: 11:15-2:40-6:05-9:30 The Phantom of the Open (PG-13) Elvis (PG-13) 12:40-4:10-7:40 Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) 12:45- Journey, a Song (PG-13) OC: OC: 7:15 12:10-3:35-10:25 12:00-3:20-6:45-9:45 Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) CC; DVS: 9:50-2:30-4:50 Met Summer Encore: The Merry 1:30-4:35-7:40-10:10 (!) 7:10 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) Space Jam: A New Legacy (PG) 1:20-4:50-8:40 7:00-10:30 CC: 12:00-3:05-6:10-9:10 Lost Illusions CC; DVS: 1:10-7:00 Widow 1:00-6:30 Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) CC: (!) 4:20 OC: 12:30 10:40-1:40-4:40-7:40-10:40 11:00AM Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) Lightyear (PG) CC: 12:35-3:15- Official Competition (R) CC; DVS: Kira & El Gin 6:40-10:10 11:10-2:30-6:05-9:30 Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) CC: (!) 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4:40-8:20 Lightyear (PG) CC: 11:00-12:45- Access Event (PG-13) 7:00 3:30-6:50-10:10 11:20-12:10-1:40-2:50-3:10-4:10- Minions: The Rise of Gru 3D (PG) Where the Crawdads Sing Early Happy Birthday (Telugu) Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) 11:30AM Thor: Love and Thunder 3D Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) 9:40 3:30-6:25-9:00 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) 5:50-8:20 CC: 10:55-4:00 Access Event (PG-13) CC: 7:00 4:25-7:40 Thor: Love and Thunder 3D (PG- (PG-13) 2:55 Met Summer Encore: The Merry The Black Phone (R) CC: 12:00- OC: 5:30 11:30-11:55-3:05-3:30-6:40- Sing 2 (PG) 11:30AM Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) 13) 12:50-3:55-7:00-10:05 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Widow 1:00-6:30 2:45-5:30-8:15-10:50 Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) 9:45-10:15 Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) 12:30- AMC Hoffman Center 22 CC: 11:35-1:00-1:25-2:35-4:00- 10:55-11:45-12:35-1:20-2:10-3:45- Thor: Love and Thunder - The 11:45-2:20 Thor: Love and Thunder 3D (PG- Elvis (PG-13) CC: 11:15-3:00- OC: 5:35 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) 4:00-7:20 206 Swamp Fox Rd. 4:25-5:35-7:30-8:35-10:40 4:35-5:25-6:10-8:35-9:25-10:55 IMAX 2D Experience (PG-13) 13) 1:00-4:00-7:00-10:00 6:45-10:30 Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) 11:30-12:15-12:45-1:00-1:30-2:00- Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) Gabby Giffords Won't Back Down Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) 11:50-6:00-9:05 Smithsonian - Airbus Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) Jug Jugg Jeeyo 12:00-3:30 OC: 7:00 2:30-3:20-3:45-4:00-4:30-5:00- 11:40-3:40-7:10 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) CC: - Special Presentation (PG-13) OC: 7:20 Thor: Love and Thunder - An IMAX Theater 11:30-12:00-1:20-2:50-3:30-4:20- Everything Everywhere All At Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) 5:30-6:25-7:00-7:30-8:00-8:30- Space Jam: A New Legacy (PG) 11:00-12:00-1:30-2:00-2:30-4:00- CC: 7:00 Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) IMAX 3D Experience (PG-13) 2:55 6:00-7:30-9:10-9:40-10:30 Once (R) CC: 7:00-10:15 10:30-10:50-11:10-11:50-12:15- 9:30-10:00-10:15-10:30 11:30AM 4:40-5:15-6:30-9:00 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) 10:15-10:15 Happy Birthday (Telugu) 10:50- 14390 Air and Space Museum Parkway Thor: Love and Thunder 3D Thor: Love and Thunder 3D 12:30-12:50-1:30-1:50-2:10-2:50- Lightyear (PG) 11:20-2:10-4:45- Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) CC: OC: 9:50 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) 2:15-5:45-9:20 Journey to Space (2015) (NR) (PG-13) 2:20 (PG-13) CC: 11:00-2:00-5:00- 3:15-3:30-3:50-4:30-4:50-5:10- 7:20-9:55 12:50-3:50-7:00-10:00 10:00-12:00-2:10-3:15-6:30- Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris (PG) 9:30-10:00-10:45-12:15-1:00-1:45- Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) 10:25-1:15-3:15 Where the Crawdads Sing Early 8:00-11:00 6:15-6:30-6:50-7:30-7:50-8:10- The Black Phone (R) 11:40-2:20- Lightyear (PG) 12:20-3:30-6:20- 8:00-9:45 7:00 3:15-4:00-4:45-7:00-7:45-9:15- 11:10-12:30-2:00-3:00-4:30-5:30- To Fly! (1976) (NR) 11:05-1:55- Access Event (PG-13) 7:10 Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) CC: 8:50; 9:15-9:30-9:50-10:30-10:50 5:05-7:40-10:15 9:10 Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) 10:00-10:45 7:15-8:10-9:45-10:30 3:55 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) 11:30AM Lightyear (PG) OC: 7:25 Elvis (PG-13) 11:05-2:50-6:25- The Black Phone (R) 11:30-2:10- CC: 11:15-1:45-2:45-6:15-8:50- 7:00 The Black Phone (R) OC: 9:00 Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) Aircraft Carrier: Guardians of the 5:30-8:30 Thor: Love and Thunder - An The Black Phone (R) 11:05-1:45- 10:00 4:50-7:40 9:45 Nope (R) 10:00AM Elvis (PG-13) OC: 6:00 11:40-6:50 Seas 2D 11:45-2:35-4:35 The Black Phone (R) OC: 5:15 IMAX 3D Experience (PG-13) 4:35-10:00 Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) 12:15- Elvis (PG-13) 11:00-2:40-6:40 Doctor Strange in the Multiverse AMC Worldgate 9 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) Top Gun: Maverick - The IMAX 2D The Deer King (Fan Event) (R) CC: 4:00 Paw Patrol: The Movie (G) 3:20-6:20-9:20 Mr. Malcolm's List (PG) 12:00 of Madness (PG-13) CC: 12:00- 13025 Worldgate Drive OC: 7:00 2:50-10:15 Experience (PG-13) 5:20-7:55 7:00 Minions: The Rise of Gru 3D (PG) 10:00AM Everything Everywhere All At Met Summer Encore: The Merry 10:00 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) CC: Jurassic World Dominion (PG-13) Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) The Dream is Alive (NR) 12:25 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) CC: 8:40 Elvis (PG-13) OC: 6:55 Once (R) 7:00 Widow 1:00-6:30 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) OC: 8:05 10:45-1:20-1:50-2:05-2:35-4:25- OC: 6:30 Thor: Love and Thunder 3D (PG- Met Summer Encore: The Merry Thor: Love and Thunder 3D (PG- CC: 11:45-2:45-5:45-8:45 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) 4:55-5:10-5:40-7:30-8:00-8:15- University Mall Theatre 13) 11:25-2:25-5:25-8:25 Widow 1:00-6:30 13) 11:50-9:00 Lightyear (PG) CC: 10:00-12:40- OC: 6:15 10659 Braddock Road MARYLANDAFI Silver Theatre Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) Thor: Love and Thunder 3D (PG- Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) 3:20-6:00-8:40 Cultural Center XD: 11:00-2:00-5:00-8:00-11:00 13) 12:00-3:00-6:00-9:00 The Black Phone (R) CC: 10:15- Cinemark Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) CC; 8633 Colesville Road Thor: Love and Thunder - The 1:00-3:40-6:20-9:00-10:00 Fairfax Corner and XD DVS: 12:30-2:30-4:40-7:00-9:00 The Wind Rises (Kazetachinu) IMAX 2D Experience (PG-13) The Forgiven (R) CC: 10:15-1:10- Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) CC; 11900 Palace Way DVS: 1:00-4:00-7:15-9:55 Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG) (PG-13) 4:30 Thor: Love and Thunder - The The Deer King (Fan Event) (R) 12:30-6:30-9:30 1:50-2:20-3:00-3:20-5:00-5:15- 4:05-7:35-10:00 12:00-4:30-5:00-6:00-7:15-9:00 10:25-12:50-3:15-5:40-8:05-10:35 8:45-10:35 Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13) When Marnie Was There (Omoide IMAX 2D Experience (PG-13) CC: 7:00 Thor: Love and Thunder - An 5:30-6:00-6:30-8:00-8:15-8:30- Elvis (PG-13) CC: 10:00-11:00- Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) CC: Top Gun: Maverick (PG-13) 12:55- Thor: Love and Thunder 3D CC; DVS: 12:10-2:35-5:00-7:30- no Marnie) (PG) 7:00 1:00-7:00-10:00 The Black Phone (R) OC: 7:20 IMAX 3D Experience (PG-13) 3:30 9:30 2:45-5:15-6:30-9:50 10:45-2:00-6:00-9:15 4:05-7:15-9:55-10:25 (PG-13) 2:20 10:00

C6 EZ RE THE WASHINGTON POST . WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 CLASSIC DOONESBURY GARRY TRUDEAU PICKLES BRIAN CRANE BRIDGE RED AND ROVER BRIAN BASSET AGNES TONY COCHRAN TOM THAVES WUMO MIKAEL WULFF & ANDERS MORGENTHALER N-S VULNERABLE NORTH ♠ K 10 9 8 7 5 ♥ 84 ♦ J 10 8 ♣ K4 WEST EAST FRANK AND ERNEST ♠ 32 ♠ AQ6 ♥ 10 6 2 ♥ Q975 ♦ 732 ♦ AQ5 ♣ QJ987 ♣ 10 3 2 SOUTH (D) ♠ J4 ♥ AKJ3 ♦ K964 ♣ A65 The bidding: SOUTH WEST NORTH EAST 1NT Pass 2 ♥ Pass 2 ♠ Pass 3 ♠ Pass 4 ♠ All Pass Opening lead — ♣ Q CLASSIC PEANUTS CHARLES SCHULZ MIKE DU JOUR MIKE LESTER RHYMES WITH ORANGE Cy the Cynic was filling out LIO HILARY PRICE MARK TRAIL JULES RIVERA some sort of application HAGAR THE HORRIBLE (not for a job, to be sure), and BLONDIE MARK TATULLI MOTHER GOOSE & GRIMM MIKE PETERS one question was, “Have you ever been in jail?” CHRIS BROWNE BALDO HECTOR CANTU & CARLOS CASTELLANOS DEAN YOUNG & JOHN MARSHALL SALLY FORTH FRANCESCO MARCIULIANO & JIM KEEFE Cy answered no. The next question was “Why?” And the Cynic wrote, “Never been caught.” Cy got caught in today’s deal from a penny game. He was South and played at four spades after a “transfer” auction. West led the queen of clubs, and Cy took the ace and let the jack of trumps ride. Alas for Cy, East was Ed, our club expert. He won with the ace of trumps and led the ace and five of dia- monds. Fearing a ruff if he played low — and seeing 10 easy tricks — Cy took his king and led a second trump to dummy’s 10. He was aghast when Ed produced the queen ... and the queen of diamonds. If Ed wins the first trump with the queen, Cy will surely make game. If Ed switches to the ace and a low diamond, Cy can succeed by finess- ing, or by taking the king and finessing with the jack of hearts to get a pitch for dummy’s third diamond. DAILY QUESTION You hold: ♠AQ6♥Q975 ♦ A Q 5 ♣ 10 3 2 Your partner deals and opens one club, you bid one heart and he raises to two hearts. What do you say? ANSWER: Your partner has minimum opening values and will often have four-card heart support, but he may have raised with three-card support and a hand that looks good for suit play. Bid 3NT. If partner has four cards in hearts and unbalanced pattern, he can insist on playing at hearts. — Frank Stewart ©2022, TRIBUNE CONTENT AGENCY, LLC. SUDOKU SHERMAN’S LAGOON JIM TOOMEY CURTIS RAY BILLINGSLEY BREWSTER ROCKIT: SPACE GUY! TIM RICKARD

WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 . THE WASHINGTON POST EZ RE C7 MUTTS PATRICK McDONNELL ZITS JERRY SCOTT & JIM BORGMAN HOROSCOPE DILBERT SCOTT ADAMS JUDGE PARKER FRANCESCO MARCIULIANO & MIKE MANLEY BIRTHDAY | JULY 13 You are friendly and caring and always eager to help others, especially family members. You’re a loyal friend who is easy to talk to. Personally, you are adventurous. This is a wonderful year for you because you are getting recognition for what you do, perhaps a raise, a promotion or an award. Congratulations! Moon Alert: There are no restrictions to shopping or important decisions today until 12:15 a.m. The Moon is in Capricorn. FRAZZ JEF MALLETT CANDORVILLE DARRIN BELL ARIES GARFIELD JIM DAVIS BARNEY AND CLYDE (MARCH 21-APRIL 19). DUSTIN You might be surprised today STEVE KELLEY & JEFF PARKER THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN by a parent or an older family member, because they will say or do something that catches you off guard. Meanwhile, you might see the need to do home repairs, or possibly a home repair project will be interrupted. (Yikes!) TAURUS (APRIL 20-MAY 20). Today is full of interruptions! You might have a chance to see new places and meet new faces. You might also envision original, new ideas. Travel plans will change, or perhaps you will suddenly have to travel when you didn’t expect to do so. WEINGARTENS & CLARK GEMINI (MAY 21-JUNE 20). Keep an eye on your money and your assets today, because anything could happen. Something will catch you off guard, almost certainly. For example, you might find money; you might lose money. CANCER (JUNE 21-JULY 22). Today is full of impulsive desires and unexpected activities. Expect to make new discoveries or encounter new people who will generate a sense of excitement in you. Oh yes, your interest is piqued! STAN LEE & ALEX SAVIUK LEO (JULY 23-AUG. 22). Today your mind is shooting off in many directions like electrical impulses. Although this will make you feel restless, it also will help you come up with solutions to old problems. Research will definitely pay off. PRICKLY CITY SCOTT STANTIS LOOSE PARTS DAVE BLAZEK VIRGO (AUG. 23-SEPT. 22). Today your ruler Mercury is dancing with unpredictable Uranus, which is why you feel mentally restless and eager for fun diversions. This is also why you might have an unusual arrangement with a friend or a member of a group. LIBRA (SEPT. 23-OCT. 22). A parent, boss or someone in a position of authority might surprise you today. They might have fresh news or suggestions. This also might relate to something unexpected taking place at home. NON SEQUITUR WILEY BABY BLUES RICK KIRKMAN & JERRY SCOTT SCORPIO (OCT. 23-NOV. 21). Travel plans might be delayed or upset today; conversely, you might suddenly have to travel. Surprise news also might catch you off guard. Stay flexible today, because plans will change. SAGITTARIUS (NOV. 22-DEC. 21). Keep an eye on your wallet today. Protect what you own from loss, theft or damage. Meanwhile, new ideas and approaches to how you handle shared property or deal with an inheritance might arise. BIG NATE LINCOLN PEIRCE ON THE FASTRACK BILL HOLBROOK CAPRICORN (DEC. 22-JAN. 19). This is an exciting day, and you’re eager for adventure! In part, this could be because a partner or close friend surprises you by doing or saying something unexpected. You might be introduced to someone who is unusual. BEETLE BAILEY MORT, BRIAN & GREG WALKER PEARLS BEFORE SWINE STEPHAN PASTIS AQUARIUS (JAN. 20-FEB. 18). Pet owners should be vigilant about their pets today. Meanwhile, interruptions at work will occur. They might create delays, even cancellations. Give yourself extra time to deal with the unexpected today. PISCES (FEB. 19-MARCH 20). Social plans will surprise you today. You might receive an exciting invitation or, conversely, a fun event might be delayed or canceled. Parents should be vigilant about their kids to avoid mishaps. — Georgia Nicols © 2022, KING FEATURES SYNDICATE, INC. PREVIOUS SUDOKU SOLUTION SPEED BUMP DAVE COVERLY DENNIS THE MENACE H. KETCHAM FAMILY CIRCUS BIL KEANE REPLY ALL LITE DONNA A. LEWIS PREVIOUS SCRABBLEGRAMS SOLUTION More online: Feedback: 1301 K St. NW, Washington, D.C., 20071; [email protected]; 202-334-4775.

C8 EZ RE THE WASHINGTON POST . WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 CHIP SAYS kidspost The capital city of the Dominican KIDSPOST.COM TODAY Republic, Santo Domingo, is the oldest permanent city established NASA has released the first photos from Sunny skies rule the day, which by the Europeans in the Americas. the James Webb Space Telescope, which features lower humidity and highs launched in December. See images on our reaching the upper 80s or low 90s. website of the universe’s early galaxies. ILLUSTRATION BY ILA BENSON, 12, SILVER SPRING SUMMER BOOK CLUB Next time in book club Magical journey inspired Unfadeable by a Dominican mystery By Maurice Broaddus Ages 8 to 12 Pilar Ramirez and the Escape happens. She is sucked through a Thirteen-year-old Bella hopes to from Zafa file folder — and dropped onto a start an arts program for teens in beach. The beach of a magical her neighborhood, but city officials By Julian Randall tropical island called Zafa. dismiss the idea. That’s when she WAges 8 to 12 notices something funny: Money hat happened to Before you can say Evil Coco- seems to be going to projects that Mami’s cousin nut Trolls, Pilar is being chased by the community neither wants nor Natasha in the Do- a whole pack of the snarling needs. When she shares her minican Republic creatures. Luckily, she is rescued suspicions, Bella is ignored. Grown- 50 years ago? by Carmen, a strong, quick-think- ups think she’s just a loud, nosy Twelve-year-old Pilar is deter- ing teen with backward feet. The kid. Then she’s threatened and mined to discover the long-hid- island is also inhabited by shape- realizes: Someone is trying to shut den truth. She plans to make a shifters, demons and a powerful her down. When she teams up with documentary about Natasha, fiend named El Cuco. Pilar recog- a retired private investigator, Bella who disappeared, like many oth- nizes them from Abuela’s tales. makes mistakes that amp up ers, during the brutal dictator- tension — even as she learns how ship of Rafael Trujillo. The island also has a heavily to speak truth so that others will But Mami and Abuela won’t guarded prison, La Blanca. Per- listen. cooperate. They answer her ques- haps Natasha is jailed there, tions as they always have, with along with others who vanished Join the club tears and silence. Pilar knows during the Trujillo regime. ALLISON COLPOYS FOR THE WASHINGTON POST The Summer Book Club is open to only that they fled to the United But how can Pilar, Carmen and You might also like ... kids ages 6 to 14. They may read States soon after Natasha’s disap- their magical allies get close to some or all of the books on our list. pearance and settled in Chicago, the prison? For many years, these In “Tristan Strong Punches a Find information about each book Illinois. allies have battled El Cuco’s forces Hole in the Sky” (ages 8 to 12) by uncle plunge Freddie into a at the KidsPost website: Pilar is smart and persistent. If — and they’re losing. Leaders Kwame Mbalia, seventh-grader strange, often funny adventure. kidspostbookclublaunch2022. The her family won’t talk, maybe oth- have been crushed, cities de- Tristan teams up with African Young readers should look for first 600 kids registered will receive ers will. She travels crosstown to stroyed. The allies’ magic is wan- American folk heroes to convince a “Mysterious Tea Set” (ages 6 to a notebook and pen. To join the speak with a professor who re- ing, and El Cuco grows stronger. West African god to help mend a 10), by Corey Ann Haydu, the fourth club, children must be registered searches these disappearances. dangerous tear in the world. chapter book in the Hand-Me-Down by a parent or guardian. To register, When Pilar enters his empty of- As the danger mounts, Pilar Freddie and his Filipino American Magic series. Alma and Del, who that adult must fill out our form at fice, though, something strange receives a crash course in combat family have long been plagued by are best friends and cousins, find If from a cranky bruja or witch. She bad luck in “Freddie vs. the an old, perhaps magical, tea set in you have questions, contact learns about the island’s protec- Family Curse” (ages 8 to 12), by their abuela’s secondhand store. It [email protected] tive black sand and how to safe- Tracy Badua. And the bad luck only seems to be connected to their guard stories and memory. intensifies when a magical amulet family, but if so, why is it being and the ghost of his great-great sold? And why won’t their abuela Even with her new friends, answer their questions? skills and knowledge, though, Pi- MACMILLAN lar can’t discover the answer to Do you have a suggestion? The 2022 KidsPost Summer Book Club has the theme “Speaking Truth,” and we would one very important question: like to know your favorite books that relate to the theme. Kids ages 6 to 14 are eligible to participate; one entry per How will she return home? person. Have a parent or guardian fill out the top part of the form at and then share your suggestions by July 28. We may include your favorites in KidsPost. At the end of the summer, we will send a selection Growing up in Chicago, the of books to three randomly selected kids who sent in suggestions. Winners will be notified by August 30. author, Julian Randall, had lots of questions about the Trujillo dicta- torship and his ancestors in the Dominican Republic. He wanted to write a high-stakes novel that his young self — and today’s read- ers, too — might have learned from and enjoyed. — Mary Quattlebaum LA TIMES CROSSWORD By Alexander Liebeskind & Jeff Chen Even with tempered expectations, the shortcomings of family still hurt ACROSS 1 Monastery Dear Carolyn: You have given figure advice for years 6 Move quickly, along the lines of, “This person/ as clouds situation will not 10 Speak up? Carolyn change, so you 14 Jazz singer Hax need to face reality and Vaughan change your known as “The expectations to align with this Divine One” reality.” 15 Despise I hear that. I have 16 Lingerie trim relationships with family 17 Speak from a members where I need to do this lectern exact thing. But … how do I get 18 “C’est la vie” over the hurt? Why can’t my 19 Bronze, Iron, family members themselves et al. change and become more 20 *Fried fare healthy? How do I get through traditionally the pain of realizing the “new” wrapped in reality and my “new” newspaper expectations mean I’ll always be 23 “Allow me” disappointed or hurt by what 24 Pal they should be doing? 28 Rx Or does this mean I’m actually 31 *Missing NOT facing reality, and I haven’t nothing adjusted my expectations? 34 Colorful South © 2022 Tribune Content Agency, LLC. 7/13/22 — Hurt Asian garments 35 Veer off course, 2 Italian port on 29 Urgent event 42 __ favor 56 Fatty tuna, Hurt: Yes, that. To be advice as, “This person/situation NICK GALIFIANAKIS FOR THE WASHINGTON POST as a rocket the Adriatic 30 Fix badly? 45 “Let me at a sushi bar disappointed or hurt “always” is will not change,” but that’s not 36 __ Dhabi 32 Tell (on) a sign you’re still going into necessarily accurate. They simplest form, by exercising your 37 *With 3 Garments with 33 Be in debt repeat ...” 57 Personnel list situations looking for them to do might. Who knows. Other people right to choose what 40-Across, hooks 34 Zoom 48 Bronze, iron, 58 Spine something different, say just won’t change to our conversations you will and won’t defenders of something different, be different, specifications on our timelines have. the Holy Grail 4 Part of a alternative et al. component and still having those under our control or pressure. 40 See 37-Across swearing-in 38 Tit for __ 49 Fire pit 59 “Twilight” incremental hopes dashed. They’ll change or not change If you have done this, then 43 Golf hole meas. ceremony 39 __ shed based on their own calculations. have you held your line firmly? 44 “Bingo!” 41 “Super heroes residue vampire Cullen Dropping your hopes to zero And given that strategy enough 46 Straight up 5 Community 50 Chaps 60 Wetlands plant is not a magic wand. It’s not We can only ask for the time to work? Unhealthy people 47 *Monkeys, e.g. with barn must eat oats” 53 Super Bowl 61 Sack realistic to suggest you can let go treatment we prefer and accept push back against new 50 Pfizer rival raisings for the Great 62 “It’s the of expectations, longings or their answers as final, then boundaries, often intensifying 51 Lightens up Lakes, e.g. LV city entire relationships and not feel choose our path forward the very behaviors you’re saying 52 Grocery cart 6 Suitable for 55 The “A” in end of an __” any ill effects. It’s still going to accordingly. no to. It can take weeks, months unit hosta 63 Label feel sad; the goal is merely for it or longer for people to process 54 “Do it now!,” many degrees not to feel frustrating or Let’s look at your “old” and that you will no longer react or and what can 7 Turn to stone disappointing anymore on an “new” reality and expectations. respond to their antics. be said about 8 Four Corners TUESDAY’S LA TIMES SOLUTION endless, soul-sucking loop. First, have you: (a) identified the answers changes to the way you want to If you have done this, then to the starred state That’s why a good companion be treated, and (b) asked your have you accepted that you’ve clues 9 Javier’s “Being to letting go of expectations is family members for them, with progressed with them as far as 61 __ carotene letting go of assumptions, too. (c) consequences attached? To they’re able, and must behave 64 Travel aimlessly the Ricardos” You don’t know why they are this use a common example: with them accordingly? 65 Clamor role way — what they’re able to do, 66 Depleted Asian 10 Flat panel TV what they want to do, how they “My relationship status/ Again, no magic here. lake type feel. Your family members have lifestyle/family planning/body/ Although, when you start to 67 Journey 11 Ride (on) reasons for not changing that career is my business (a), and I trust yourself — when you’re 68 Familiar “Who’s 12 Card worth are complicated and fully theirs. ask that you stop commenting confident you’re doing the right there?” reply four points in The word “should” is not your on it (b).” After which you never thing and your limits will hold? 69 Jokes evaluating a friend. again respond to such prying It can feel suspiciously good. 70 __ cracker bridge hand from them except by calmly, Write to Carolyn Hax at 71 Like dry mud on 13 “Bingo!” A practical take on this is to calmly, calmly changing the [email protected] Get her cleats 21 Snooze replace “Why can’t they”-type subject, ending the call or column delivered to your inbox each 22 Cooking spray questions with telling yourself, leaving the room (c). morning at DOWN 25 Slanted, as “They just can’t,” because it will  Join the discussion live at noon 1 Starting from some writing always be true in some respect. If you haven’t taken these Fridays at 26 “Retreat!!” They can’t until they do. steps, then summon the courage chats. 27 Sky blue to do so. Use your agency in its 28 Oh of “Killing About that. You phrase my Eve”

SPORTSKLMNO DM2 WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 . WASHINGTONPOST.COM/SPORTS Ambitious Mystics are gearing up for title run A favorable schedule fuels their optimism as the second half tips off BY KAREEM COPELAND JONATHAN NEWTON/THE WASHINGTON POST los angeles — Ariel Atkins Wayne Rooney is introduced as D.C. United’s new coach Tuesday by President of Soccer Operations Dave Kasper, left, and General Manager Lucy Rushton. produced a subtle smirk as she A risk-reward situation sat courtside at Are- na and talked about the next Yes, he’s a soccer superstar. But more Rooney decides to bet on himself month of basketball. This is the importantly, he truly wants to coach. as he takes over struggling United stretch the Washington Mystics have been talking about all sea- Wayne Rooney nodding back at Birnbaum, BY STEVEN GOFF timing would be right to bring son while dealing with inconsis- had already seated on a stage behind him. On June 24, Wayne Rooney him here and to help lead us tency, and they sat in the WNBA’s discussed how, “That’s part of the job.” informed Derby County, a soccer forward.” fifth playoff spot coming out of when he club in England’s East Midlands the all-star break. inevitably wants It is apparent, even as Rooney burdened by financial problems Things had gone south quickly to pull out what’s spent fewer than 10 minutes and recently relegated to the for United, too, even after a Everything the team hopes to Barry left of his hair talking about his new position as third division, that he was step- coaching change in April. Long- accomplish is still there. The Svrluga because of the United’s coach, that merely being ping down after 18 months in his time assistant Chad Ashton was Mystics were 14-10 and just three technique or work Wayne Rooney is a job. He is a first head coaching job. named the interim coach, slated games back of the first-place ethic of one of his new D.C. celebrity of the first order, worthy In Washington, the wheels be- to oversee the team for the rest of Chicago Sky (16-6) ahead of Tues- United players — even captain of breathless coverage in the Fleet gan turning — a process that the season. United, however, nev- day night’s game at the Los Steve Birnbaum — he will berate Street tabloids back home in culminated Tuesday with er found its groove, prompting Angeles Sparks, which ended too him. There are, as Rooney said, England. So his introductory Rooney’s appointment as coach Levien and the front office to late for this edition. The schedule “demands, principles that the news conference couldn’t end of another troubled soccer team, reach out to Rooney — more than is favorable with just 12 games players need to stick by.” He is without a glimpse of what that’s D.C. United. 21/2 years after he ended a short remaining, and it offers both here to enforce them. like on a day-to-day basis. As “When I saw that he was going but mostly sweet playing tenure challenge and opportunity. Four “There’s going to moments United officials tried to cut off the to step down, I said, ‘This is a in Washington. of those games are against teams where he’s going to be a bit session, a reporter who “came all moment,’ ” chief executive Jason — Seattle, Las Vegas and Chicago frustrated, because I will be the way from London,” she said, Levien said. “I thought there was “The results weren’t going our — higher in the standings. shouting and putting him in his followed up a question about a narrow window that maybe the way,” said Dave Kasper, United’s There’s a chance to move up and place,” Rooney said Tuesday, whether Rooney’s wife was president of soccer operations. also make an impression against “We said, ‘Well, this may be potential playoff opponents. SEE SVRLUGA ON D3 SEE ROONEY ON D3 And seven of the last 10 are at home. Crew at D.C. United Today, 8 p.m., NBC Sports Washington “We know that our destiny is in our own hands,” Atkins said. “We get to either take them down or put a little thought in their mind of, like, ‘Dang, we might have to see them in the playoffs.’ You just want to make people hate when you have to come to their gym or hate when they have to come to you. That’s kind of the psychological part of the game. I just want you to know every time you see our jersey that you’re going to have a hard life that night.” Coach Mike Thibault has pointed to this stretch since training camp. He knew there would be ebbs and flows with players moving in and out of the lineup early and then needing SEE MYSTICS ON D8 Mystics at Mercury Tomorrow, 10 p.m., Monumental Online: Last night’s game ended late. Visit us at SOCCER In September, the U.S. women will play at Audi Field for the first time. D3 PRO BASKETBALL The Wizards added three veterans who cherish their new opportunities. D3 BASEBALL After Tuesday’s rainout, the Nats and Mariners will play two today. D5 Woods has harsh words Morikawa’s rapid rise began with earnest question for Norman, LIV golfers BY CHUCK CULPEPPER Los Angeles in May. BY CHUCK CULPEPPER our game, and we’re coming back HARRY HOW/GETTY IMAGES On to now, not so long since to probably the most historic and st. andrews, scotland — Just st. andrews, scotland — Ti- traditional place in our sport. I Defending British Open champion Collin Morikawa delights then, and Collin Morikawa comes believe it’s the right thing.” spectators during a practice round Monday at historic St. Andrews. 17 brisk years ago, a golf coach at to the 150th British Open as the ger Woods has arrived at this the far end of a driving range in defending champion, his pris- crazy historic 150th British Open He specified a few answers British Open, first round Tomorrow, 1:30 a.m., Peacock; 4 a.m., USA Glendale, Calif., saw an 8-year- tine, rugged, closing 66 having and has brought along his voice, later: “I know what the PGA Tour old boy and his parents making clinched matters last year down all earned and found and sea- stands for and what we have done the trek toward him. The kid in England at Royal St. George’s. soned. He sounded statesmanlike and what the tour has given us, hauled his golf bag in that ador- He comes as a two-time major Tuesday morning as he spoke the ability to chase after our ably disproportionate way kids winner at 25 who won the PGA without reluctance about the careers and to earn what we get haul golf bags. The parents had Championship and British Open blaring, glaring issue disrupting and the trophies we have been an earnest question that went on his first tries. He comes as a his sport: the breakaway, Saudi- able to play for and the history something like: Hey, would you player whose relationship with funded LIV Golf Invitational Se- that has been a part of this game. mind working with our son? He pressure has drawn praise from ries. He even recoiled at the idea I know Greg tried to [put together has done some group classes, but golf intellectuals as the best since of loud music. a rival tour] in the early ’90s. It we understand you work with Tiger Woods. He comes as a didn’t work then, and he’s trying some very good junior golfers. player so good that an “off ” year He started early at his news to make it work now. spent flummoxed about the conference, fielding a question Across the ensuing decade shapes of his shots also includes about the Royal & Ancient Golf “I still don’t see how that’s in came this routine picture: boy, six top-five finishes, including the Club of St. Andrews’s decision to the best interests of the game.” coach and father squished in a Masters and the U.S. Open. All disinvite Greg Norman because cart during weekly lessons at a people should have such off of the distracting noise Norman’s And he did not flinch in his par-3, nine-hole course with un- years. presence might cause given his calm answer to a question about derrated teaching terrain, all chairmanship of the LIV circuit. the cluster of players who have while the father suggested noth- “I woke up this morning and defected already, including major ing, interfered never and studied looked at it,” he said Monday of “The R&A obviously have their winners Phil Mickelson, Brooks always — surely among the best the claret jug, which he relin- opinions and their rulings and Koepka, Bryson DeChambeau, sports parents in the checkered quished per tradition. “The repli- their decision,” Woods said. “Greg Patrick Reed and Louis Oosthui- history of sports parents. ca is beautiful, but it’s not the has done some things that I don’t zen. same. It really isn’t. It will never think are in the best interest of “It’s like he was there as a be.” SEE WOODS ON D2 support system, which I found very refreshing,” the coach said in SEE MORIKAWA ON D2

D2 EZ M2 THE WASHINGTON POST . WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 Woods says British Open Morikawa seeks a repeat performance was right to exile Norman MORIKAWA FROM D1 WOODS FROM D1 ROBERT PERRY/EPA-EFE/SHUTTERSTOCK PETER MORRISON/ASSOCIATED PRESS Then, per methodology: “But I “I disagree with it,” Woods said. Tiger Woods is slated to play don’t want to dwell in the past.” Collin Morikawa, right, finished in the top five at both the Masters and the U.S. Open this year. “I think what they’ve done is the British Open after sitting they’ve turned their backs on out the U.S. Open last month. For those aching for some good I’ve been around [other attri- anybody that I’ve coached, or as be as windy as possible, because what has allowed them to get to past-dwelling, this one soars, butes]. But not the whole package an AD, I’ve never seen it like that,” he has improved that skill set, this position. Some players have course, and he recalled playing maybe even as some sort of prim- at that age, and then having Venger said. “I’ve seen kids who because he took ownership for never got a chance to even experi- the 1995 event as an amateur er for sports coaches and parents. supportive parents, I’m going, come close, but not like that. It that. You see what I mean? So ence it. They’ve gone right from alongside Ernie Els and Peter It’s a testament to three factors in ‘This is different.’ ” was different, and the way that that’s the difference that makes the amateur ranks right into that Jacobsen the first two days. He ascending order: a coach so au- people were drawn in was some- the difference.” organization and never really got spoke of how the timelessness thentic and listenable that you Blaine and Debbie Morikawa thing I’ve never seen before — not a chance to play out here and feel has outweighed the technology so might want him to start coaching belonged to the blissful set of like that. The coach calls it “a constant what it’s like to play a tour that with rude winds Tuesday, your life, clearheaded parents parents who hadn’t played much feedback loop of learning,” with- schedule or to play in some big “On 10, I hit a 6-iron from 120 who by all accounts refrained golf, hadn’t succumbed to a little “And, again, I had a very short out judgment for what just hap- events. And who knows what’s yards.” from those typical parent foibles knowledge and, best of all, didn’t period of time to see this, which pened but with curiosity for how going to happen in the near and, most of all, a guy who retains crave kid medals and the ques- for me was even more like, ‘Wow, to improve what just happened. future with world-ranking And he spoke as an oldster two crucial elements for all pur- tionable plaudits that can accom- what is going on with this kid?’ “Maybe you end up doing the points, the criteria for entering when he said, “And with the suits: curiosity and ownership of pany them. “They were always And it drew me in.” exact same thing,” Morikawa major championships? The gov- fairways being fast and firm, it missteps. looking it as: ‘Hey, did you have a said, “but you got there in a erning body is going to have to allows players who are older to good time? Did you enjoy it?’ ” Sessinghaus wants to stress different path. You got there in a figure that out. run the ball out there and have a “I think he’s embraced that Sessinghaus said. “I never, ever something more: the absence of way I never thought about — my chance.” asking questions is not a weak- heard them come to me: ‘Hmm. excuses. hands being here or doing this or “Some of these players may not ness,” that coach, Rick Sessing- Why hasn’t Collin won a tourna- lining up the ball. There’s just so ever get a chance to play in major This course will not challenge haus, said of Morikawa. “Some ment in the last two months?’ in There was that time Morikawa many things that I still can im- championships. . . . We don’t his body as did the severe undula- people will be like, ‘If I’m asking juniors. Because this happens all went to a junior event in Florida prove on as well.” know that for sure yet. It’s up to tions of Augusta National at the questions, people will know [I the time. ‘My kid should be beat- and played poorly. He returned all the major championship bod- Masters in April or the slopes of don’t know].’ No. He’s looking at ing that person. They’re not as and quickly said, “ ‘Rick, I need to When son, coach and father ies to make that determination. Southern Hills in Tulsa at the it as, ‘No, I need to do that.’ ” good.’ All these expectations, stuff work on flighting my irons,’ ” crammed into their cart on their But that is a possibility, that some PGA Championship in May. In like that. Instead of saying, ‘Well, Sessinghaus said. “ ‘The winds constant loop of learning, they players will never, ever get a those cases, the walking bested Those “some people” include one, is your son or your daughter were, you know, pretty severe; I did so at the pretty, unpreten- chance to play in a major champi- the golfing as a challenge to a many people, of course, but Sess- even enjoying this game?’ That’s wasn’t used to that and I lost tious Chevy Chase Country Club onship, never get a chance to lower right leg damaged and inghaus has watched Morikawa lost on a lot of them.” control of my ball flight, and we tucked in the hills in Glendale, experience this right here [or] infused with hardware after his at the 2021 Ryder Cup as a two- have to work on that.’ Again, the which Sessinghaus found ideal walk down the fairways at Augus- frightening car crash in Califor- time major winner seeking By the time Greg Venger, a opposite of most juniors; they’re even with its whole par-3-ness. ta National. That, to me, I just nia in February 2021. green-reading advice from Harris two-decade baseball and soccer going to come to me and say, don’t understand it. English and Fred Couples. He has coach and athletic director in ‘Yeah, I shot that because it was Before his doctorate in applied “It’s still not easy,” he said. learned how Morikawa got high schools and colleges, spent so windy.’ And they’ll just leave it sports psychology, he had played “I understand what Jack [Nick- “Granted, the inclines are not Bermuda grass chipping pointers his one year coaching golf as a at that. So they’re going to blame quarterback (in college) and laus] and Arnold [Palmer] did steep in any way. They’re not — in Florida from Paul Azinger — fill-in at La Cañada High north of wind for the score. He says: ‘I shot catcher, always concerned with [when they started the PGA Tour the declines are not steep. But it’s then won the tournament that Los Angeles, he got Morikawa’s that score. My skills did not solving situations — third and in the 1960s] because playing the unevenness that is still diffi- week. The putting method senior year. match what was needed. We have one, men on first and second. He professional golf at a tour level cult on me. I have a lot of hard- changed when Morikawa queried to go work on it, so next time I’m felt shocked when he learned that versus a club pro is different, and ware in my leg.” He said: “Playing 65-year-old two-time major win- “The demeanor itself, it’s going to be better.’ So now he golf got coached differently, often I understand that transition and Augusta, I didn’t know. My leg ner Mark O’Meara in Las Vegas, something I haven’t seen from would prefer a PGA Tour event to by having someone stand at a that move and the recognition was not in any condition to play where Morikawa resides. range and perfect a swing over that a touring pro versus a club 72 holes. It just ran out of gas. But ANDREW REDINGTON/GETTY IMAGES and over again — from a mat! At pro is. But what these players are it’s different now. It’s gotten a lot Even more so, he’s always Chevy Chase sat a situational doing for guaranteed money, stronger, a lot better.” watching. Morikawa, who won two of the first eight majors he played, has wonderland, with a lack of on- what is the incentive to practice? always relished watching, “kind of like a silent hunter,” he said. course crowdedness allowing for What is the incentive to go out Where once he came here and “Yeah, I’m kind of like a silent multiple shots without any next there and earn it in the dirt? ordered a wood plank to his room hunter,” Morikawa said in May. “I group pushing from behind, and You’re just getting paid a lot of to harden the mattress for his don’t really like go and ask and with slopes and trees and all money up front and playing a few back, he said, now he orders just like chirp and bother these whatnot allowing for multiple events and playing 54 holes. “more ice.” guys. I just kind of watch from stances and serial problem solv- They’re playing blaring music afar, which sounds really creepy ing. From that place grew one of and have all these atmospheres At the end, he took another when I say it. But that’s what I do. the world’s best short games. that are different.” question apt for a statesman — Xander Schauffele has moved out about whether he believes the to Vegas and we’ve just started Now they’ve got clippings of He trolled ever so gently. new generation shares his appre- playing a bunch together. . . . You Morikawa on the front of the desk “I can understand 54 holes is ciation for history. And while he just kind of grasp and you watch in the gift shop, and there’s some almost like a mandate when you said young players could check how other people do it. It doesn’t palpable energy upgrade when get to the senior tour. The guys history on their phones nowa- have to be Xander. It could be any he stops by. And now, around the are a little older and a little more days, he waxed more about the guy. . . . world at the birthplace of golf, banged up. But when you’re at golf history he knows. he’s the defending champion at this young age and some of these “When you play on team the most important British Open kids — they really are kids who “I saw Bob Charles out there on events like Ryder Cup you just in forever. “And it’s very surreal,” have gone from amateur golf into 18 hitting,” he said. “I think he watch, and there’s so much Sessinghaus said. “Very, very sur- that organization — 72-hole tests won in ’63 or something like that. knowledge there that if you just real” — even as it makes a heap of are part of it. . . . It would be sad Just to be able to see that in sit back and actually listen, you sense. to see some of these young kids person, live, God, it was so spe- can gain so much and learn so never get a chance to experience cial. I just hope the kids appreci- much about what they do and it and experience what we’ve got a ate that.” what makes them so great. That chance to experience and walk doesn’t mean I’m going to copy these hallowed grounds and play He ended: “Nothing’s ever giv- them, because at the end of the in these championships.” en to you. You have to go out there day there’s no way for me to copy Woods did pronounce himself and earn it, and I earned it what they do because they have “very optimistic” about the through the dirt. I’m very proud completely different feels. What sport’s future, noting “the great- of that.” they tell me might not be exactly est golf boom ever right now what they feel. It’s just about because of covid” and how golf piecing a lot of things together became an outdoor respite from and making yourself think in a indoor isolation. “Just look at the different way.” tour,” he said. “The average age is getting younger and younger, and He won two of the first eight they’re just getting better earlier majors he played but will remain and faster, and they’re winning at forever anti-stagnation. He al- earlier ages.” ways did relish the day-to-day He spoke at fond length about learning, such that Sessinghaus the most hallowed of those came home to his wife and said he grounds, St. Andrews, as it cel- found the 12-year-old Morikawa ebrates an anniversary with the unprecedented: “Here’s a junior number “150” omnipresent on who shows up focused, who shirts and signs around here. “It shows up with a smile, who is my favorite,” he said of the shows up asking relevant ques- tions, who loves competition, loves to compete, never makes excuses. I’m going, ‘I’ve never been around that whole package.’ I’ve been around competitive. DIGEST TELEVISION AND RADIO CYCLING Tour de France, Stage 11 » USA Network MLB 8 a.m. PRO FOOTBALL unacceptable and the committee Noon Seattle at Washington, first game » MASN, WJFK (106.7 FM) SOCCER Men’s friendly: Tottenham at K League All-Stars » CBS Sports Network intends to proceed with a Noon New York Mets at Atlanta » MLB Network 7 a.m. UEFA Women’s Championship, Group C: Sweden vs. Switzerland » ESPN2 House committee, subpoena “to ensure that 3:30 p.m. Detroit at Kansas City » MLB Network (joined in progress) Noon UEFA Women’s Championship, Group C: Netherlands vs. Portugal » ESPN2 Snyder still sparring Mr. Snyder’s testimony will be 6 p.m. Seattle at Washington, second game » MASN2, WJFK (106.7 FM) 3 p.m. MLS: Columbus at D.C. United » NBC Sports Washington, WONK (104.7 FM) full and complete and will not be 7:45 p.m. Los Angeles Dodgers at St. Louis » MLB Network 8 p.m. MLS: Sporting Kansas City at Minnesota United » ESPN If Washington Commanders restricted in the way it would be 8 p.m. Baltimore at Chicago Cubs » MASN, WIYY (97.9 FM) 8 p.m. Brazil Cup round of 16, second leg: Atlético Mineiro at Flamengo » owner Daniel Snyder agrees to if the deposition were conducted 11:30 p.m. Houston at Los Angeles Angels » MLB Network (joined in progress) 8:30 p.m. Fox Sports 2 provide “full and complete” voluntarily.” MLS: San Jose at LA Galaxy » Fox Sports 1 testimony, the House Committee WNBA Connecticut at Indiana » NBA TV 10 p.m. on Oversight and Reform will Under a subpoena, Snyder Noon accept his offer to appear would be placed under oath, remotely July 28 as part of its could not choose which NBA SUMMER LEAGUE TENNIS investigation of the NFL team’s questions he would answer and 5 a.m. workplace, the chairwoman could not cite existing NDAs as a 4 p.m. Minnesota vs. Milwaukee » NBA TV ATP: Hall of Fame Open and Swedish Open, early rounds; wrote to Snyder’s attorney reason for refusing to answer 5 p.m. Cleveland vs. Charlotte » ESPNU WTA: Ladies Open Lausanne and Hungarian Ladies Open, early rounds Tuesday. questions. Such questioning 6 p.m. Washington vs. New Orleans » NBA TV » Tennis Channel would be done by House lawyers 7 p.m. Toronto vs. Utah » ESPN2 The date was one of two in a private setting. 8 p.m. Sacramento vs. Oklahoma City » NBA TV SOFTBALL World Games, third place » CBS Sports Network offered last week by Karen 9 p.m. Miami vs. Philadelphia » ESPN2 5 p.m. World Games, championship » CBS Sports Network Patton Seymour, an attorney for — Mark Maske and Liz Clarke 10 p.m. Denver vs. Los Angeles Clippers » NBA TV 9 p.m. Snyder, but significant A judge ruled that results of a disagreement remains over the blood alcohol test taken from GOLF terms of his appearance. former Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Henry Ruggs III can be 3 p.m. LPGA Tour: Great Lakes Bay Invitational, first round » Golf Channel Norway, in the knockout round. handling of December’s Abu Seymour has stated Snyder used as evidence in his DUI 4 a.m. (Thurs.) British Open, first round » USA Network In Tuesday’s other game, Dhabi Grand Prix. would appear only if his crash case. concerns about “due process” Authorities said Ruggs, 23, contract worth $6.1 million placed forward Oskar Lindblom Denmark defeated Finland, 1-0, — Glynn A. Hill could be resolved. To that end, who could be sentenced to more annually — just hours before he on waivers with the intent of in Group C, in Milton Keynes. . . . The NBA’s board of governors she offered that Snyder could than 50 years in prison if he’s could become a free agent. . . . buying out the final year of the voted to keep the play-in appear “voluntarily,” which convicted of all charges, was 25-year-old cancer survivor’s New Manchester United tournament around. means he would not be placed driving 156 mph just seconds Scotty Bowman left the contract. . . . manager Erik ten Hag oversaw a The play-in tournament — in under oath and could decline to before the November 2021 crash Chicago Blackhawks after 4-0 win over archrival Liverpool its current form — has been used answer certain questions. that left a woman dead and serving 14 years as the clubs’s The Buffalo Sabres re-signed during a friendly in Bangkok, his in each of the past two seasons, Seymour also informed the Ruggs and his female passenger senior hockey operations adviser. pending unrestricted free agent first game in charge. where the teams that finish committee staff that Snyder injured. forward Vinnie Hinostroza to a MISC. seventh, eighth, ninth and 10th would not address questions on Prosecutors said Ruggs’s blood His son Stan stepped down as one-year deal for $1.7 million. . . . in the East and West meet to matters covered by alcohol level after the crash general manager in October after Former Formula One race determine the final two playoff nondisclosure agreements. Many several miles west of the Las an independent investigation Defenseman Alexander Edler director Michael Masi left his spots in each conference. . . . former Commanders employees Vegas Strip was 0.16 percent, into the team’s mishandling of is staying in Los Angeles after role with the sport’s governing Semeon Tesfamariam, 51, who have come forward with which is twice the legal limit for sexual assault allegations in 2010 signing a one-year contract body seven months after his faces a felony count of assault stories of sexual harassment or drivers in Nevada. revealed he knew about the worth $750,000 with the Kings. controversial decision helped tilt with a deadly weapon, according mistreatment were required to HOCKEY situation. . . . SOCCER the outcome of last year’s drivers’ to a statement from the Los sign NDAs to receive severance Evgeni Malkin is staying in championship as eventual Angeles County District pay. Pittsburgh after the three-time Defenseman Duncan Keith Germany ended Spain’s champion Max Verstappen and Attorney’s Office, as he was Stanley Cup champion and the retired; he won three Stanley 24-match unbeaten run to Lewis Hamilton dueled on the charged in the case of an attack Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney Penguins agreed to a four-year Cups and two Norris Trophies advance to the quarterfinals at last lap of the season’s final race. on former Olympic volleyball (D-N.Y.) made clear in Tuesday’s with Chicago during his 17-year the Women’s European player Kim Glass last week. letter that such conditions are NHL career. . . . Championship with a 2-0 victory Masi will “relocate to Glass said she suffered in London. Australia to be closer to his multiple facial bone fractures. The Minnesota Wild traded family and take on new goalie Cam Talbot to the Ottawa The Germans sealed the top challenges,” the FIA said in a — From news services Senators for goalie Filip spot in Group B and will play statement. Masi was reassigned and staff reports Gustavsson. . . . Group A’s runner-up, Austria or in February by FIA following his The Philadelphia Flyers

WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 . THE WASHINGTON POST EZ M2 D3 Rooney accepts challenge of United job U.S. women will make Audi Field debut at last ROONEY FROM D1 JONATHAN NEWTON/THE WASHINGTON POST BY STEVEN GOFF play two games in October and something we need to address The U.S. women’s national soc- two at home in November. Ven- now.’ ” “His soccer IQ is unbelievable,” United captain Steven Birnbaum said of new coach Wayne Rooney. cer team will finally make its ues and opponents have not been Audi Field debut Sept. 6 for a finalized. Team officials contacted excite the fans. It will take a little question I had for him when we qualities as a player here and in friendly against Nigeria, organiz- Rooney’s agent, Paul Stretford. bit of time, but ultimately when started talking: ‘How’s it going to his coaching tenure at Derby ers confirmed this week. The match at Audi Field fig- There was already a strong rela- we get the players used to it, it work with your family?’ ” Kasper County, which, amid a 21-point The U.S. Soccer Federation ures to showcase many Spirit tionship in place. Even after will benefit us.” said. penalty in the standings because and stadium officials had en- players. Seven were named to the Rooney ended his MLS playing of financial issues, almost avoid- gaged in negotiations several U.S. squad for the Concacaf W career, he remained in communi- Rooney had cut short his stay Rooney reassured the organi- ed relegation. times in recent years to bring the Championship, which is taking cation with former teammates as a player for family reasons. His zation that he is committed to the top-ranked U.S. squad to the place this month in Monterrey, and Levien, who on occasion wife, Coleen, wasn’t happy living mission, Kasper said, and won’t “His soccer IQ is unbelievable,” 20,000-capacity stadium, which Mexico. picked his brain about potential abroad full-time after a lifetime abruptly head home for good. United captain Steven Birnbaum opened in July 2018. player signings and other soccer in the Manchester-Liverpool Still, United officials acknowl- said. “The way he would discuss The most recent time the The Americans clinched a topics. area. On Tuesday, though, edged Rooney isn’t likely to stay things in the locker room [in Americans played in the District World Cup berth Thursday and Rooney said the family dynamic for more than a few years. 2018-19] and the adjustments was March 2017 at RFK Stadium advanced to the tournament After leaving Derby, Rooney this time is “no issue whatsoever.” we’d have to make at halftime, it for a 3-0 defeat to France in the semifinals Monday. said he planned to weigh his He said if his wife had told him to “I’m hoping he stays quite a was basically having a second SheBelieves Cup. Audi Field, coaching options in Europe, and not take the D.C. job, he wouldn’t long time,” Levien said, “but the coach.” home to MLS’s D.C. United and Before losing to France five the assumption around the Eng- have accepted it. realities of people’s personal lives the NWSL’s Washington Spirit, years ago, they had won all nine lish game was he would land a job are always a challenge.” As United looks to improve the hosted two U.S. men’s matches in appearances at RFK Stadium. in the Premier League or with a “It’s more work as a manager roster, the club is banking on the 2019. second-division club. [than a player], so probably best Rooney also said that, though Rooney name carrying weight. “I’ve visited several times for Nigeria, ranked 39th by FIFA, for the time being for my wife and he is focused on turning United’s NWSL games and [it’s] a fantas- is seeking to qualify for its ninth The more thought he put into children to stay and allow me to fortunes, he’s also looking to set “Players are already calling tic venue for our team to play in consecutive World Cup this week it, though, he “wanted to experi- really put my teeth into the job,” himself up for bigger coaching him off the hook,” said Kasper, front of our home fans,” U.S. at the Africa Cup of Nations in ence something different outside he said. He then joked, “I think roles in Europe. who is aiming to sign two high- Coach Vlatko Andonovski said. Morocco. of England.” the kids are ready to get rid of me end designated players, among The match falls during a FIFA for a while!” “Playing at the top level, you others, before the transfer win- international window, when the The Super Falcons, coached by “There are many managers can really choose which club you dow closes Aug. 4. “When you tell NWSL doesn’t have any games University of Pittsburgh women’s who don’t take that risk,” he said. Coleen Rooney and their four want to go to,” he said. “As a perspective players Wayne scheduled and European clubs coach Randy Waldrum, have lost “I know it’s a risk because I have children will remain in England manager, I’m at the beginning of Rooney is the coach, their ears are off. The U.S. team also will all six meetings against the Unit- to do well. But I’m willing to take for the remainder of this MLS that journey. I am at a point in my perk up.” play Nigeria on Sept. 3 at a venue ed States, including four at that chance to come here and season, which, unless United managerial career where I have to be announced Wednesday. World Cups. prove myself in a different coun- (5-10-2) rallies for a playoff berth, to put the work in, I have to put Note: Greek forward Taxi The matches against Nigeria try in a different league. I’m ready will end in less than three the hours in. Of course, I am an Fountas (nine goals and three are the start of six friendlies in a The U.S.-Nigeria match caps a to take the challenge.” months. They’ll visit periodically, ambitious person. One day I want assists in 11 matches) was named 21/2-month stretch as the U.S. busy stretch at Audi Field that and he’ll spend much of the to manage at the top level. This is to the MLS all-star team, which team ramps up preparations for includes an MLS game between United also interviewed three offseason in England. part of that process in terms of will play the Mexican Liga MX the 2023 World Cup in Australia United and the Colorado Rapids other candidates in recent weeks, coming here.” all-stars on Aug. 10 in St. Paul, and New Zealand. It also will on Sept. 4 and an NCAA men’s two of whom were not White, “That was the most important Minn. game between Maryland and satisfying MLS’s diversity policy, United noted his leadership Virginia on Sept. 5. two people familiar with the search said. Tickets for the U.S. game will go on sale to those who are Rooney, though, was undoubt- registered with a U.S. soccer fan edly the top choice. To prepare group beginning July 25. The himself, he said he watched sev- general sale starts Aug 1. eral matches on tape and the past two live. “The last game was For three new Wizards, D.C. difficult to watch,” he said of a 7-0 o≠ers familiarity, opportunity defeat at Philadelphia on Friday. Wright and Morris join in front of family and friends as Over the weekend, a deal was friend Kuzma; Barton strong motivation. He averaged struck. He arrived Sunday night returns to home region 14.7 points and shot 36.5 percent and signed a guaranteed contract from three-point range last sea- through the end of the 2023 BY AVA WALLACE son, when he became the Nug- season, with a team option for One of Kyle Kuzma’s goals gets’ all-time leader in three- 2024. Terms were not disclosed, after the Los Angeles Lakers pointers. He’s also a standout but people close to the situation dealt him to the Washington passer for his position and aver- said United will pay him the Wizards last summer was to turn aged 3.9 assists. highest coaching salary in its an unexpected trade into an history, topping $1 million annu- opportunity. In quieter, smaller “Knowing that the open man ally. D.C., with fewer stars orbiting, is the best man,” Barton said Kuzma vowed to prove he could Tuesday of his philosophy. “Get Until he receives a work visa in be more than a decent role player some easier shots, get some a few weeks, Rooney cannot be on — he could be a leader. threes, and just make the ball the sideline. Ashton will continue That worked out splendidly pop. I feel like when the ball is to oversee the squad, which re- for the forward, who led the team popping and moving, you have sumes play Wednesday against in points scored last season. more fun just playing that style Columbus. Now, Kuzma is spreading the of basketball.” good word around the NBA, and “I’m trying to learn and devel- it sounds something like this: Barton knows his style of of- op myself as a coach, but also I Come to Washington. There’s fense will be welcome in Wash- feel I can create a team here space here to make a name for ington because he knows Coach which can rise up the league,” yourself. Wes Unseld Jr. well from their Rooney said. “I really believe that “He saw me last year playing time together in Denver. — the way I work, the way I want behind Trae [Young], playing like the team to play, I think it will 12 minutes; some days I might That’s another thing Wright, not play,” said Delon Wright, one Morris and Barton have in com- BARRY SVRLUGA of the Wizards’ newly acquired mon — they all had strong ties to guards. “Here, I feel like the the Wizards before touching Megastar arrives in D.C. ready to roll up his sleeves opportunity to show more of down in D.C. what I can do. I’ve been bouncing SVRLUGA FROM D1 JONATHAN NEWTON/THE WASHINGTON POST around a lot, adjusting to differ- “He was probably ent systems. [Kuzma] knows a better recruiter than supportive of this move to the “It’s going to take a lot of really hard work,” Wayne Rooney said, “but that’s what I’m here to do.” what I can do, so that was his United States with a question recruitment pitch. [Wizards General about whether Rooney’s wife was made his first foray here. There is Back to the commitment: This isn’t perfectly analogous, but “He was probably a better Manager Tommy really supportive of this move to that “let’s get to work” attitude Levien said part of Rooney’s I remember talking to recruiter than [Wizards General Sheppard]. He has the United States. that is so admirable from a figure request as he was becoming coach Washington Nationals who Manager Tommy Sheppard]. He GM in his future.” who has achieved as much as was to find housing within five played under Frank Robinson, a has GM in his future.” “So first, I think your first Rooney has — more goals than minutes of the club’s still-new Hall of Famer as a player if there Wright was one of three play- Delon Wright, on Kyle Kuzma question, I’ve answered, so I’d anyone, ever, for both Manchester Leesburg training headquarters. ever was one and a tough old soul ers the Wizards introduced this appreciate if you’d listen,” Rooney United and the English national With his family coming stateside as a manager. The players revered week as free agency slows and Morris and Barton were with said sharply. “It’s always trying to team. only for visits, Rooney wants to Frank. But they couldn’t always rosters around the league — at Unseld when he was an assistant get different answers out of a just- room with one of his assistant relate to him. Some of what Frank least those with no space for with the Nuggets; Wright and asked question.” “I think he has a unique soccer coaches. could do as a hitter, mere mortals Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving — Morris are close with Kuzma; IQ,” Levien said. couldn’t hope to ever replicate. round into form. and Barton is from the region. This has been his life probably “He wants to be able to talk They almost spoke different Wright, a 6-foot-5 guard; Mon- He described himself as a big since he was 16, when he debuted So, then, the family. Yes, he was soccer deep into the night,” languages. te Morris, a 6-2 point guard; and brother to fellow Baltimore na- with English club Everton, and pressed on the question — to his Levien said. “He’s even talked Will Barton, a 6-6 wing, have a tive Isaiah Todd, Washington’s certainly since he was 18, when he frustration. But the commitment, about having room for players to That is part of what was few things in common, none second-year forward. transferred to that behemoth, it has to be there. stay with him.” refreshing about Rooney’s stronger than a hunger to make Manchester United. What Rooney succinct introduction Tuesday. hay on a roster begging for For Morris, comfort equates to tried to present himself as “I think I’ve seen that back in Now, where the celebrity might He is here because he is Wayne players to step into starring confidence. He’s looking forward Tuesday afternoon at Audi Field, England as well,” Rooney said. “Of be a plus: Levien admits United Rooney, international superstar, roles. to reuniting with Unseld and though, wasn’t some sort of course, any major decision I make has struggled to land prominent for sure. But he is approaching Wright, 30, has played on six playing with his “best friend,” above-the-lowly-MLS soccer icon. like this is discussed with my international players. Welsh star this as a step in his coaching teams since 2018-19 and is striv- Kuzma, a fellow Flint, Mich., Rather, he’s a lunch-pail-toting wife. My family for the time being Gareth Bale, I suggested? career, a career he is not building ing to make the league’s native whom he has known since bloke from Liverpool trying to will stay back in England. . . . on presumptiveness and privilege all-defensive team. He felt he their elementary school days. take a blue-collar approach to That’s not an issue whatsoever “We tried to get Bale,” Levien but brick by brick. wasn’t being used adequately in Coming to a new team where the climbing each rung of his sport’s from a family point of view.” said. Atlanta, his most recent stop, coach already knows his game coaching ladder. “I think he’s all-in on what he and said Tuesday that Kuzma — a and he already has a supporter in (To be clear: When reading Bale now plays for Los Angeles said up there,” Levien said, former college teammate at Utah the locker room means the point “We can really get this club quotes from Rooney, replace each FC. “which is developing himself as a — sold him on Washington as a guard is more likely to use his back to successful ways again,” “my” with “me” to get a sense of manager and to grow.” team that needs strong defend- voice. Rooney said. “It’s going to take a what he sounds like. He might be What if Rooney had already ers. lot of really hard work, but that’s addressing D.C. soccer fans in been with D.C.? Who knows? If United is the venue for that Morris, too, is eager to show he It should be a welcome asset what I’m here to do.” Washington, but cut him open growth and it results in a return can be a full-time starter. The on a team that has struggled to and he’ll forever be Liverpool to “I think he can draw players to prominence for a franchise 27-year-old was traded to the communicate on the court in That all makes Jason Levien, the core. The Scouse accent is here,” Levien said. “I think players that badly needs one, then who Wizards along with Barton after past seasons. United’s CEO, think back to when here whether he’s discussing his will want to play for us because loses? A legend has returned, spending five seasons in Denver, the club brought in Rooney four four kids, his optimal United Wayne is the coach.” albeit in a new role. Now, let’s get where he worked his way onto “I’m not going to be scared to years ago — as a player. Back then, lineup or his preferences for his to work. the roster from the G League and speak up. I’m not going to be Levien and club officials asked tea or his pint. Even that’s a joy!) Make that a massive TBD — contributed to four straight play- scared to give my experience Rooney how he would like to be but fun to find out. off appearances. Last season, he with me playing a lot of playoff introduced. The answer was started 74 games while Jamal games,” Morris said. “. . . Guys simple: “Let’s get to work.” These legendary players, they Murray was recovering from a are going to be looking at me to don’t always work out as coaches. torn ACL and averaged 12.6 speak up and give my knowledge “That was his mantra,” Levien points and 4.4 assists. because I’ve played in the play- said. For Barton, who was a fre- offs every year I’ve been in the quent member of the starting league.” Levien, who served as a player lineup over his eight years in agent before investing first in the Denver, the trade to Washington Barton feels the same level of NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers and represents a different kind of comfort with Unseld. Beyond then in United a decade ago, opportunity. that, nestled in the combination understands the potential pitfalls Barton, 31, is a Baltimore na- of playing for a new team near of hiring a coach who not only tive and views the chance to play his old city, he senses a familiar instantly becomes the most opportunity to create something recognizable figure for your strong and lasting with Unseld. franchise — and it’s not close — but also could be of iffy “We helped turn that thing commitment given that, when he around,” Barton said of their was a player here in 2018-19, he time in Denver. “That’s the goal returned to England essentially here — to do the same.” because his family wasn’t happy. “We asked a lot of questions,” Levien said Tuesday. “I’ve seen situations where things like this haven’t worked out.” Levien and his team also came armed with what they had learned about Rooney when he

D4 EZ M2 THE WASHINGTON POST . WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 Baseball National League American League EAST W L PCT GB L10 STR CENTRAL W L PCT GB L10 STR WEST W L PCT GB L10 STR EAST W L PCT GB L10 STR CENTRAL W L PCT GB L10 STR WEST W L PCT GB L10 STR New York 54 34 .614 — 6-4 L-1 x-Milwaukee 48 39 .552 — 4-6 L-2 Los Angeles 56 30 .651 — 8-2 L-1 New York 61 26 .701 — 5-5 L-3 x-Minnesota 48 40 .545 — 5-5 W-1 x-Houston 56 29 .659 — 8-2 W-1 Atlanta 53 36 .596 11/2 7-3 W-1 St. Louis 48 42 .533 11/2 4-6 W-3 San Diego 50 39 .562 71/2 4-6 L-1 Tampa Bay 47 40 .540 14 6-4 W-2 Cleveland 43 43 .500 4 3-7 L-1 Seattle 45 42 .517 12 9-1 W-8 Philadelphia 46 42 .523 8 5-5 L-3 Pittsburgh 38 50 .432 101/2 6-4 W-4 x-San Fran. 43 42 .506 121/2 3-7 L-1 Boston 47 41 .534 141/2 4-6 L-2 Chicago 42 45 .483 51/2 4-6 W-1 x-Texas 40 44 .476 151/2 4-6 W-1 Miami 41 45 .477 12 5-5 L-2 Chicago 34 53 .391 14 3-7 L-5 x-Arizona 39 48 .448 171/2 4-6 W-1 Toronto 46 42 .523 151/2 2-8 W-1 Detroit 37 51 .420 11 6-4 W-1 x-Los Angeles 38 49 .437 19 2-8 L-4 Washington 30 58 .341 24 1-9 L-4 Cincinnati 33 54 .379 15 7-3 W-5 Colorado 39 49 .443 18 5-5 W-1 Baltimore 44 44 .500 171/2 9-1 W-9 Kansas City 34 53 .391 131/2 5-5 L-1 x-Oakland 29 59 .330 281/2 4-6 L-2 x-Late game x-Late game NOTES As streak hits nine, TODAY O’s make it to .500 MARTINEZ, COOPER AND Interleague games RODÓN ARE ALL-STARS ORIOLES 4, CUBS 2 DH J.D. Martinez (Red MARINERS AT NATIONALS, 12:05 Sox), 1B Garrett Cooper ASSOCIATED PRESS (Marlins) and Giants ace W-L ERA TEAM Carlos Rodón were added chicago — Ramón Urías hit a two-run homer and to the rosters for next Flexen (R) 5-8 4.00 6-10 week’s All-Star Game, made a big defensive play, and the Baltimore Orioles MLB announced Tuesday. beat the Chicago Cubs, 4-2, on Tuesday night for their Gray (R) 7-5 4.14 8-8 Martinez replaces Astros ninth straight victory. slugger Yordan Alvarez, MARINERS AT NATIONALS, 6:05 Cooper steps in for Jorge Mateo also homered as Baltimore (44-44) reigning NL MVP Bryce reached .500 for the first time this season. It’s the W-L ERA TEAM Harper of the Phillies, and longest winning streak for the Orioles since they won Rodón will fill in for 13 straight in September 1999. Milone (L) 0-1 3.60 0-0 Brewers closer Josh Hader. Afterward, Cooper Baltimore right-hander Jordan Lyles (6-7) pitched Fedde (R) 5-6 5.01 9-8 left Miami’s game against seven innings of two-run ball in his second straight the Pirates in the sixth win. Jorge López, the Orioles’ lone all-star selection, ORIOLES AT CUBS, 8:05 inning after fouling a pitch worked the ninth for his 17th save in 21 chances. off his left knee. Watkins (R) 2-1 4.15 6-5 All-star Ian Happ homered for Chicago, which PERSONNEL DEPT. dropped its fifth in a row. Adrian Sampson (0-1) Steele (L) 3-5 4.13 6-10 Angels: All-star OF Mike allowed three runs and six hits in 51/3 innings. Trout left the game BREWERS AT TWINS, 1:10 against the Astros with Baltimore trailed 2-1 in the fourth before Urías upper back spasms. almost cleared the left field bleachers with a two-run Ashby (L) 2-6 4.52 5-5 Braves: Manager Brian drive for his seventh homer. 8-5 Snitker said RHP Kenley Ryan (R) 6-3 3.09 Jansen (irregular The Cubs trailed 3-2 in the sixth and had Seiya heartbeat) is likely to Suzuki at third with one out. But Urías gloved Nico REDS AT YANKEES, 7:05 come off the injured list Hoerner’s liner inches off the ground and trotted to Wednesday after missing third to complete the double play. Minor (L) 1-6 6.63 1-6 15 games. Orioles: Claimed RHP Mateo went deep in the seventh against Brandon Severino (R) 5-3 3.11 10-5 Louis Head off waivers Hughes. It was his seventh homer of the season. from the Marlins and PHILLIES AT BLUE JAYS, 7:07 designated LHP Kirk The Orioles went 52-110 last season. They are the McCarty for assignment. second major league team to lose 110-plus games one Wheeler (R) 8-4 2.46 9-7 Red Sox: 2B Trevor Story season and then have at least a nine-game winning 6-6 left Boston’s game at streak the following year. The Louisville Colonels Stripling (R) 4-3 3.34 Tampa Bay after being hit went 27-111 in 1889 before posting winning streaks of by a ball in the hand while 12, 11 and 10 games in 1890. Interleague scores swinging. Baltimore’s winning streak began after it lost four TUESDAY’S RESULTS QUOTABLE consecutive games — and five of six — on a road trip. Seattle at Washington, ppd. Baltimore 4, at Chicago Cubs 2 “I guess they at Toronto 4, Philadelphia 3 rented out Cincinnati 4, at N.Y. Yankees 3 a suite. I don’t Milwaukee at Minnesota, late know how they got the money.” NL games — Rob Thomson, METS AT BRAVES, 12:20 interim Phillies manager, who on Tuesday in Toronto LYNNE SLADKY/ASSOCIATED PRESS W-L ERA TEAM became the first Canadian to 3.94 9-7 manage a major league Up to the task Bassitt (R) 6-6 4.21 10-7 game in his home country. Eight of his teammates from With a lift from Jack Suwinski, left, and Ben Gamel, the surging Pirates have won four straight games. Morton (R) 5-3 the 1984 Canadian Olympic team, for whom Thomson, DIAMONDBACKS AT GIANTS, 3:45 now 58, was a catcher, Gallen (R) 4-2 3.62 9-7 attended the game TBD ---- ---- ---- in a suite at Rogers Centre. PIRATES AT MARLINS, 6:40 STAR OF THE DAY José Berríos, Blue Jays Brubaker (R) 2-8 4.34 7-10 Matched his career high 10-7 by striking out 13 over six Rays 3, Red Sox 2 Braves 4, Mets 1 Pirates 3, Marlins 2 Orioles 4, Cubs 2 López (R) 6-4 2.91 innings in Toronto’s 4-3 Chris Sale worked five Matt Olson hit a go- Rookie Oneil Cruz hit a victory over the Phillies. GAME 1 GAME 2 DODGERS AT CARDINALS, 7:45 scoreless innings in his sea- ahead, two-run homer in tiebreaking RBI triple and TODAY’S GAME Guardians 4, White Sox 7, son debut, but the Boston the sixth inning and Adam Jake Marisnick homered ORIOLES AB R H BI BB SO AVG Gonsolin (R) 11-0 1.62 13-3 TO WATCH White Sox 1 Guardians 0 bullpen couldn’t hold a Duvall went deep for two for the second straight 10-7 Mets at Braves, two-run lead in a loss to runs in the seventh to pow- game, helping Pittsburgh Mullins cf............4 1 2 0 0 0 .261 Wainwright (R) 6-7 3.15 noon, MLB Network Shane Bieber pitched a José Abreu hit a two-run Tampa Bay. er Atlanta past New York. beat Miami. Mancini dh ..........3 0 0 0 2 0 .281 New York RHP Chris three-hitter for his first homer in the first inning, Santander lf .......4 0 1 1 0 0 .242 PADRES AT ROCKIES, 8:40 Bassitt (6-6, 3.94 ERA) complete game, and José Josh Harrison had a solo Sale reached 97 mph The Braves, who cut the Diego Castillo had two McKenna lf .........0 0 0 0 1 0 .244 faces Atlanta RHP Charlie Ramírez and Amed Rosario home run in the second, on his fastball during a Mets’ National League hits for the Pirates in their Mountcstle 1b ....5 0 0 0 0 3 .272 Musgrove (R) 8-2 2.09 12-3 Morton (5-3, 4-21) in an drove in two runs apiece in and Luis Robert hit a three- 78-pitch, 53-strike outing to East lead to 11/2 games, fourth straight win. Hays rf ................4 0 0 0 0 1 .258 8-8 NL East clash. the doubleheader opener. run homer in the ninth as start his year. haven’t lost two in a row Pittsburgh is 14-6 against Rutschman c.......3 1 0 0 1 1 .216 Kuhl (R) 6-5 4.02 Chicago earned a split of since June 17-18. They are Miami since 2018. Urías 3b ..............4 1 3 2 0 0 .249 AL leaders Bieber had been 0-2 in the doubleheader. 30-9 since June 1, best in Odor 2b ...............3 0 0 0 1 0 .201 NL scores six starts since winning the majors over that span. The Marlins’ Daniel Mateo ss.............4 1 2 1 0 0 .202 Entering Tuesday’s games June 3 at Baltimore for the Castano allowed three MONDAY’S RESULTS HOME RUNS longest winless streak of runs in five innings. TOTALS 34 4 8 4 5 5 — Pittsburgh 5, at Miami 1 Judge, NY ............................................ 30 the 2020 American at St. Louis 6, Philadelphia 1 Alvarez, Hou ....................................... 26 League Cy Young Award CUBS AB R H BI BB SO AVG N.Y. Mets 4, at Atlanta 1 Trout, LA ............................................. 24 winner’s career. San Diego 6, at Colorado 5 Buxton, Min ........................................ 23 WHITE SOX AB R H BI BB SO AVG RED SOX AB R H BI BB SO AVG Ortega cf.............3 0 0 0 0 0 .255 Arizona 4, at San Francisco 3 Stanton, NY ........................................ 22 Ramírez, who is heading Higgins ph...........1 0 0 0 0 0 .273 TUESDAY’S RESULTS Rizzo, NY ............................................ 22 to his fourth All-Star Game, Anderson ss ........4 0 1 0 1 2 .311 Duran cf...............2 0 0 0 1 1 .271 METS AB R H BI BB SO AVG Velazquez cf .......0 0 0 0 0 0 .226 Pittsburgh 3, at Miami 2 Seager, Tex ......................................... 20 pushed his RBI total to 68. Vaughn rf ............4 2 1 0 0 1 .291 Wong ph-c...........1 0 0 0 0 1 .143 Contreras dh.......4 0 1 0 0 0 .266 at Atlanta 4, N.Y. Mets 1 Ohtani, LA .......................................... 19 Engel rf................1 1 1 0 0 0 .234 Vázquez c-1b.......4 0 0 0 0 2 .285 Nimmo cf ............3 1 0 0 1 1 .266 PIRATES AB R H BI BB SO AVG Happ lf ................4 1 1 1 0 0 .276 at St. Louis 7, L.A. Dodgers 6 Devers, Bos ......................................... 19 Robert cf .............4 1 3 3 1 1 .290 Devers dh ............4 0 1 0 0 1 .326 Canha lf ..............4 0 1 0 0 2 .273 Suzuki rf .............4 0 1 0 0 1 .256 at Colorado 5, San Diego 3 Guerrero Jr., Tor ................................. 19 Abreu 1b..............5 1 2 2 0 0 .297 Bogaerts ss .........4 0 0 0 0 1 .311 Lindor ss .............4 0 1 1 0 1 .245 Newman 2b ........4 0 1 0 0 1 .286 Wisdom 3b .........3 0 1 0 1 1 .229 Arizona at San Francisco, late STOLEN BASES Jiménez dh..........5 0 0 0 0 1 .206 Verdugo lf ...........4 1 2 0 0 1 .268 Alonso dh............3 0 0 0 1 3 .269 Hayes 3b.............4 0 1 0 0 0 .250 Hoerner ss ..........4 1 1 0 0 0 .305 Mateo, Bal .......................................... 21 Pollock lf .............4 0 0 0 0 1 .243 Story 2b...............1 0 0 0 0 0 .221 Guillorme 2b .......3 0 1 0 1 1 .309 Chavis 1b ............4 0 0 0 0 1 .233 Rivas 1b ..............3 0 1 1 0 2 .238 Arozarena, TB ..................................... 18 Harrison 3b .........4 1 1 1 0 1 .231 Downs ph-2b.......2 1 2 0 1 0 .375 Do.Smith 1b........4 0 0 0 0 2 .203 Tsutsugo dh........3 0 0 0 1 0 .185 Gomes c ..............3 0 0 0 0 0 .204 Mullins, Bal ......................................... 16 García 2b .............4 0 0 0 0 1 .208 Cordero 1b-rf.......3 0 0 1 0 3 .236 Escobar 3b ..........3 0 1 0 1 2 .217 Castillo rf............4 1 2 0 0 1 .209 Bote 2b ...............3 0 1 0 0 2 .286 Witt Jr., KC ......................................... 16 Zavala c ...............2 1 0 0 1 1 .313 Dalbec 3b.............2 0 1 1 1 1 .208 Jankowski rf .......3 0 0 0 0 0 .188 Suwinski lf..........4 0 0 0 0 0 .201 Merrifield, KC ..................................... 14 Bradley Jr. rf .......2 0 0 0 0 0 .211 Davis ph..............1 0 0 0 0 0 .240 Marisnick cf........3 1 1 1 0 1 .200 TOTALS 32 2 7 2 1 6 — Semien, Tex ........................................ 14 Rfsndr ph-rf-cf....1 0 0 0 0 0 .333 Mazeika c............3 0 1 0 0 1 .176 Cruz ss ................3 1 1 1 0 2 .218 Tucker, Hou ........................................ 14 WHITE SOX AB R H BI BB SO AVG TOTALS 37 7 9 6 3 9 — Nido ph ...............1 0 0 0 0 0 .209 Delay c ................3 0 1 1 0 0 .286 BALTIMORE... 001 200 100 — 4 8 1 SLUGGING PERCENTAGE CHICAGO........ 110 000 000 — 2 7 1 Alvarez, Hou .................................... .653 Anderson ss........4 0 0 0 0 1 .312 GUARDIANS AB R H BI BB SO AVG TOTALS 30 2 6 2 3 11 — AL games Judge, NY ......................................... .610 Moncada 3b ........4 0 0 0 0 2 .186 E: Urías (6), Wisdom (11). LOB: Balti- Trout, LA .......................................... .604 Vaughn dh ..........3 1 1 0 0 0 .291 Kwan lf-cf ...........4 0 2 0 1 1 .285 RAYS AB R H BI BB SO AVG more 9, Chicago 4. 2B: Hoerner (11). TIGERS AT ROYALS, 2:10 Devers, Bos ...................................... .593 Abreu 1b .............3 0 1 0 0 0 .295 Giménez ss..........5 0 0 0 0 3 .291 HR: Urías (7), off Sampson; Mateo (7), Ramírez, Cle .................................... .571 Jiménez lf ...........3 0 1 1 0 2 .224 Ramírez dh..........5 0 2 0 0 1 .289 Díaz dh ................3 0 0 0 1 1 .303 TOTALS 32 1 5 1 4 13 — TOTALS 32 3 7 3 1 6 — off Hughes; Happ (9), off Lyles. Buxton, Min ..................................... .550 Sheets rf.............3 0 0 0 0 0 .234 Naylor 1b.............4 0 1 0 0 1 .279 Ramírez rf ...........4 1 2 0 0 0 .333 RBI: Santander (44), Urías 2 (26), Altuve, Hou ..................................... .536 Engel cf...............3 0 0 0 0 0 .229 Reyes rf-lf ...........3 0 0 0 1 1 .220 Bethncurt c-1b....3 0 0 0 0 1 .244 BRAVES AB R H BI BB SO AVG MARLINS AB R H BI BB SO AVG Mateo (23), Happ (41), Rivas (23). W-L ERA TEAM ON-BASE PERCENTAGE Harrison 2b.........3 0 0 0 0 1 .231 Miller 2b..............3 0 1 0 1 2 .245 Aranda ph-1b ......1 0 0 0 0 0 .444 SB: Hoerner (8), Mateo (22), Suzuki (4), 3.99 8-9 Arraez, Min ...................................... .420 McGuire c............3 0 0 0 0 1 .223 Call cf...................2 0 0 0 1 1 .000 Paredes 3b ..........3 1 1 0 1 0 .242 Acuña Jr. rf .........3 0 1 0 1 2 .274 Wendle 2b-ss .....3 0 0 1 0 0 .268 Mullins 2 (18). Skubal (L) 6-7 4.25 5-5 Díaz, TB ........................................... .418 Jones ph-rf..........1 0 0 0 0 1 .412 Arozarena lf ........3 0 0 0 1 1 .252 Swanson ss ........2 1 0 0 2 0 .297 Berti lf-2b ...........4 0 0 0 0 2 .271 Alvarez, Hou .................................... .405 Maile c.................3 0 0 0 0 3 .174 Choi 1b ................2 0 0 0 0 1 .280 Olson 1b..............4 1 1 2 0 2 .251 Cooper 1b............3 0 0 0 0 2 .296 Singer (R) 3-3 Kirk, Tor ........................................... .395 Rosario ph ...........1 0 1 0 0 0 .283 Mejía ph-c ...........2 1 1 1 0 0 .239 Riley 3b...............4 0 1 0 0 2 .282 García rf..............1 0 0 0 0 0 .228 Bogaerts, Bos .................................. .393 TOTALS 29 1 3 1 0 7 — Hedges c..............0 0 0 0 0 0 .157 Walls ss...............3 0 1 0 0 0 .164 Ozuna dh.............3 0 0 0 1 3 .226 Aguilar dh ...........4 0 1 0 0 0 .248 ORIOLES IP H R ER BB SO ERA RED SOX AT RAYS, 7:10 Benintendi, KC ................................. .384 Clement 3b..........4 0 1 0 0 0 .213 Chang 2b .............3 0 1 0 0 2 .175 d'Arnaud c ..........4 1 1 0 0 0 .262 De La Cruz rf-lf ...4 0 0 0 0 2 .221 Devers, Bos ...................................... .384 GUARDIANS AB R H BI BB SO AVG Phillips cf ............3 0 0 0 0 3 .145 Duvall lf ..............3 1 1 2 0 2 .207 Sánchez cf ..........3 0 0 0 0 0 .205 Lyles .................... 7 7 2 2 1 5 4.37 Seabold (R) 0-2 11.91 1-2 Martinez, Bos .................................. .380 Arcia 2b ..............3 0 0 0 0 1 .248 Anderson 3b .......3 1 2 0 0 0 .258 Pérez ................... 1 0 0 0 0 0 0.93 1.72 11-6 ERA Kwan lf ...............4 1 2 0 0 0 .281 TOTALS 35 0 8 0 4 14 — Harris II cf...........3 0 0 0 0 1 .288 Rojas ss-1b .........3 1 0 0 0 0 .244 López ................... 1 0 0 0 0 1 1.70 McClanahan (L) 9-3 McClanahan, TB ............................... 1.73 Rosario ss...........4 1 2 2 0 1 .280 Fortes c...............3 0 2 1 0 1 .293 Verlander, Hou ................................ 2.00 Ramírez 3b .........3 0 1 2 1 0 .287 TOTALS 30 3 6 1 3 9 — CUBS IP H R ER BB SO ERA WHITE SOX AT GUARDIANS, 7:10 Manoah, Tor .................................... 2.34 Reyes dh .............4 0 1 0 0 1 .223 Cease, Chi ........................................ 2.45 Giménez 2b.........3 0 1 0 0 0 .297 CHICAGO ........ 211 000 003 — 7 9 0 BOSTON ......... 000 020 000 — 2 6 2 TOTALS 29 4 5 4 4 13 — TOTALS 31 2 5 2 0 7 — Sampson .......... 51/3 6 3 3 2 3 3.33 Giolito (R) 5-5 5.05 5-10 Valdez, Hou ..................................... 2.64 Jones rf...............3 0 0 0 0 1 .438 CLEVELAND ... 000 000 000 — 0 8 1 TAMPA BAY... 000 003 00X — 3 6 0 Hughes ............... 2/3 1 1 1 0 0 3.91 Pérez, Tex ........................................ 2.72 Miller 1b .............3 0 0 0 0 1 .244 E: Clement (4). LOB: Chicago 7, Cleveland NEW YORK .... 000 010 000 — 1 5 0 Effross................. 1 0 0 0 0 0 3.03 Civale (R) 2-5 6.28 5-6 Cortes, NY ....................................... 2.74 Hedges c .............3 1 1 0 0 0 .157 12. 2B: Ramírez (30). HR: Abreu (11), off ATLANTA....... 000 002 20X — 4 5 0 PITTSBURGH . 001 020 000 — 3 7 0 Givens ................. 1 0 0 0 0 1 3.06 Gilbert, Sea ...................................... 2.80 Straw cf ..............2 1 0 0 1 0 .210 Pilkington; Harrison (3), off Pilkington; E: Strahm (1), Cordero (6). LOB: Boston MIAMI............ 001 010 000 — 2 5 0 Swarmer.............. 1 1 0 0 3 1 5.03 ATHLETICS AT RANGERS, 8:05 Gausman, Tor .................................. 2.86 Robert (11), off Shaw. 5, Tampa Bay 6. 2B: Verdugo (18), LOB: New York 8, Atlanta 5. 2B: Escobar SAVES WHITE SOX IP H R ER BB SO ERA Paredes (7). 3B: Dalbec (2). (17). 3B: Lindor (3). HR: Olson (14), off LOB: Pittsburgh 3, Miami 3. 2B: Fortes WP: Lyles (6-7); LP: Sampson (0-1); Blackburn (R) 6-4 3.36 9-8 Clase, Cle ............................................ 19 Cease .................52/3 5 0 0 3 9 2.30 RED SOX IP H R ER BB SO ERA Peterson; Duvall (11), off Lugo. (3). 3B: Cruz (1). HR: Marisnick (2), off S: López (17). Inherited runners-scored: 8-7 Pressly, Hou ....................................... 18 TOTALS 29 4 8 4 2 4 — López..................11/3 1 0 0 0 2 2.90 Castano. Hughes 2-0, Effross 1-0. IBB: off Gray (R) 5-4 4.03 Romano, Tor ....................................... 18 Graveman ............ 1 2 0 0 1 2 2.33 Sale ...................... 5 3 0 0 1 5 0.00 Swarmer (Mancini). HBP: Hughes Hendriks, Chi ...................................... 17 CHICAGO........ 000 000 100 — 1 3 0 Foster .................. 1 0 0 0 0 1 4.75 Brasier .................2/3 1 2 1 1 1 4.59 METS IP H R ER BB SO ERA PIRATES IP H R ER BB SO ERA (Mullins). T: 2:54. A: 31,079 (41,649). ASTROS AT ANGELS, 9:38 Soto, Det ............................................. 17 CLEVELAND... 003 010 00X — 4 8 1 Strahm................. 0 2 1 0 0 0 3.58 GUARDIANS IP H R ER BB SO ERA Ort........................1/3 0 0 0 0 1 0.00 Peterson........... 51/3 2 2 2 3 9 3.48 Stratton ........... 21/3 2 1 1 0 0 5.06 ORIOLES’ LEADERS Javier (R) 6-4 3.01 7-5 E: Miller (8). LOB: Chicago 2, Cleveland Pilkington ............ 5 6 4 3 1 3 4.24 Schreiber ............. 1 0 0 0 0 2 0.60 Lugo.................. 11/3 3 2 2 0 2 3.97 Peters............... 22/3 2 1 1 0 3 3.81 8-6 3. 2B: Rosario 2 (14). Sandlin................. 1 0 0 0 0 2 3.18 Sawamura ........... 1 0 0 0 1 0 2.70 Holderman........ 11/3 0 0 0 1 2 2.25 Beede................... 2 0 0 0 0 2 3.41 Ohtani (R) 8-4 2.44 WHITE SOX IP H R ER BB SO ERA Karinchak............. 2 0 0 0 1 3 5.40 Crowe .................. 1 0 0 0 0 1 3.20 Martin ................. 6 8 4 4 2 3 4.67 Shaw.................... 1 3 3 3 1 1 5.52 BRAVES IP H R ER BB SO ERA Bednar ................. 1 1 0 0 0 1 2.57 Batters Avg R H RBI SB Ruiz ..................... 1 0 0 0 0 0 3.67 Mancini .284 34 85 35 0 Kelly .................... 1 0 0 0 0 1 8.59 WP: Cease (8-4); LP: Pilkington (1-2). RAYS IP H R ER BB SO ERA Strider .............. 42/3 5 1 1 3 8 2.56 Mountcastle .277 38 80 44 4 Inherited runners-scored: López 3-0. Matzek ............. 11/3 0 0 0 0 2 3.24 Hays .261 41 80 45 1 GUARDIANS IP H R ER BB SO ERA HBP: Pilkington (Zavala). WP: Cease. Kluber .................. 6 4 2 2 1 7 3.58 McHugh ............... 2 0 0 0 1 2 3.15 MARLINS IP H R ER BB SO ERA Mullins .258 46 88 36 16 AL scores Bieber .................. 9 3 1 1 0 7 3.24 T: 3:15. A: 11,750 (34,788). Beeks ................... 2 2 0 0 1 2 2.31 Minter ................. 1 0 0 0 0 1 1.66 McKenna .244 15 22 6 2 WP: Bieber (4-5); LP: Martin (1-3). B.Raley................. 1 0 0 0 1 2 3.04 Castano ............... 5 5 3 3 0 3 3.86 Santander .241 38 71 43 0 MONDAY’S RESULTS IBB: off Martin (Ramírez). HBP: Bieber WP: Matzek (1-2); LP: Peterson (5-2); Hernandez ........... 3 1 0 0 1 3 6.23 Urías .238 24 46 24 0 Game 1: at Kansas City 3, Detroit 1 (Vaughn). T: 2:09. A: 11,342 (34,788). WP: Kluber (5-5); LP: Strahm (3-3); S: Minter (4). Inherited runners-scored: Bleier ................... 1 1 0 0 0 0 4.44 Rutschman .221 22 32 12 1 at Cleveland 8, Chicago White Sox 4 S: B.Raley (5). Inherited runners-scored: Holderman 1-0, Matzek 2-0. IBB: off Odor .203 30 49 32 1 at Tampa Bay 10, Boston 5 Strahm 2-2, Ort 1-0. WP: Sawamura. Strider (Alonso). WP: Strider. T: 3:04. WP: Peters (5-2); LP: Castano (1-3); S: Mateo .197 30 51 22 21 Game 2: at Kansas City 7, Detroit 3 T: 2:49. A: 10,653 (25,000). A: 42,217 (41,084). Bednar (16). Inherited runners-scored: at Texas 10, Oakland 8 Peters 2-1. T: 2:43. A: 8,022 (36,742). TUESDAY’S RESULTS Game 1: at Cleveland 4, Chicago Sox 1 Blue Jays 4, Phillies 3 Cardinals 7, Dodgers 6 Tigers 7, Royals 5 Reds 4, Yankees 3 Rockies 5, Padres 3 Diamondbacks 4, Game 2: Chicago Sox 7, at Cleveland 0 José Berríos struck out Albert Pujols slugged the Miguel Cabrera tied Jonathan India drove in Charlie Blackmon hit a Giants 3 at Tampa Bay 3, Boston 2 Late Monday Detroit 7, at Kansas City 5 13 over six innings, Lourdes 685th home run of his Ted Williams for 14th place two runs with a go-ahead, tiebreaking three-run Houston at L.A. Angels, late Gurriel Jr. had four hits career and rookie Nolan on the career RBI list as bases-loaded single with homer and Austin Gomber Arizona scored three Oakland at Texas, late (including a go-ahead Gorman added his eighth Detroit snapped a four- two outs in the ninth. pitched six strong innings runs in the third inning and double in the sixth inning), as St. Louis ended Los game skid. Cabrera’s fifth- to vault Colorado to victory. then held off a late rally NL leaders and Toronto snapped a Angeles’s seven-game inning sacrifice fly pushed New York was 49-0 to beat struggling San four-game losing streak. winning streak. him past Ken Griffey Jr. for when leading after eight Blackmon’s 14th homer Francisco, which has Entering Tuesday’s games 15th on the list, and his innings, and the Reds were in the sixth inning off Mike lost nine of 12. HOME RUNS Berríos is the third pitch- DODGERS AB R H BI BB SO AVG grounder in the seventh 0-48 when trailing after Clevinger turned the game. Schwarber, Phi ................................... 28 er in Blue Jays history to put him equal with Wil- eight before closer Clay He is 7 for 16 with four Riley, Atl ............................................. 24 strike out 13 or more with- Betts rf ...............4 1 1 0 1 2 .271 liams at 1,838 RBI. Holmes failed to retire any extra-base hits and five RBI D’BACKS AB R H BI BB SO AVG Alonso, NY .......................................... 23 out a walk, joining Roger T.Turner ss .........4 3 2 2 0 0 .303 of the five hitters he faced. in his past four games. Walker, Ari ......................................... 21 Clemens and Robbie Ray. Freeman 1b.........5 1 4 2 0 0 .311 Rojas 3b ..............4 0 1 0 1 2 .282 Betts, LA ............................................ 20 Smith dh-c ..........4 0 2 1 1 1 .261 TIGERS AB R H BI BB SO AVG REDS AB R H BI BB SO AVG PADRES AB R H BI BB SO AVG Thomas cf ...........5 0 3 0 0 1 .250 Cron, Col ............................................. 20 J.Turner 3b .........3 0 0 0 2 2 .247 K.Marte dh..........4 1 1 0 1 0 .265 Goldschmidt, StL ................................ 19 PHILLIES AB R H BI BB SO AVG Thompson lf .......3 0 0 0 0 0 .228 Greene cf ............5 0 1 0 0 1 .253 India 2b ...............5 0 2 2 0 0 .221 Kim ss.................4 0 2 1 1 0 .239 Walker 1b ...........4 1 1 0 1 0 .209 Drury, Cin ............................................ 18 Muncy ph-2b.......1 0 0 0 1 0 .161 Báez ss ...............5 2 2 0 0 1 .214 Drury 3b..............4 0 1 0 1 2 .276 Cronenwrth 2b....4 0 0 0 0 1 .238 Peralta lf.............4 1 1 1 1 1 .241 Hoskins, Phi ........................................ 18 Schwarber lf........4 0 0 0 0 1 .216 Alberto 2b...........4 1 1 0 0 0 .222 Grossman rf........5 0 0 0 0 1 .206 Pham lf ...............3 1 0 0 1 3 .246 Machado 3b ........5 0 0 0 0 1 .305 Kennedy 2b.........2 0 0 0 1 1 .217 SLUGGING PERCENTAGE Hoskins 1b ..........4 0 0 0 0 2 .252 Lamb lf................1 0 0 0 0 0 .250 Cabrera dh ..........3 1 0 2 1 0 .287 Votto 1b..............4 1 1 0 0 1 .211 Voit 1b ................3 0 0 0 1 1 .222 McCarthy ph .......0 1 0 0 1 0 .228 Goldschmidt, StL ............................. .602 Castellanos rf......4 0 1 1 0 2 .251 Bellinger cf .........3 0 0 0 1 1 .209 Haase c ...............4 0 1 0 1 1 .243 Stephenson c......3 0 1 0 0 1 .320 Alfaro dh.............4 1 2 0 0 2 .268 Herrera c.............1 0 0 0 0 0 .204 Harper, Phi ....................................... .599 Hall dh .................4 0 0 0 0 3 .260 Barnes c ..............3 0 0 1 0 0 .163 W.Castro 3b........4 1 0 0 1 1 .255 Papierski c ..........0 0 0 0 0 0 .161 Nola c..................4 0 1 0 0 0 .236 Varsho rf.............3 0 1 2 1 0 .235 Riley, Atl .......................................... .564 Gregorius ss........4 0 1 0 0 2 .241 Lux ph-ss ............1 0 0 0 0 1 .302 Schoop 2b ...........5 2 2 1 0 1 .216 Naquin rf.............4 0 1 1 0 2 .248 Mazara rf ............4 2 2 1 0 0 .316 C.Kelly c ..............3 0 1 0 0 0 .175 Cron, Col .......................................... .544 Stott 2b...............4 2 2 1 0 1 .184 Torkelson 1b.......4 1 3 1 0 0 .201 K.Farmer ss ........3 1 0 1 0 2 .264 Ruiz cf-lf.............4 0 2 1 0 0 .500 Alcántra ph-2b....1 0 1 1 0 0 .177 Betts, LA ......................................... .543 Vierling 3b...........4 0 1 0 0 3 .242 TOTALS 36 6 10 6 6 7 — Baddoo lf ............4 0 2 1 0 0 .167 Moustakas dh.....3 0 1 0 0 2 .209 Azocar lf .............2 0 0 0 0 0 .229 Perdomo ss.........4 0 0 0 0 1 .206 Drury, Cin ......................................... .540 Herrera cf............4 0 1 1 0 0 .240 Solano ph-dh ......1 1 0 0 0 0 .283 Grisham ph-cf.....1 0 1 0 1 0 .193 Machado, SD .................................... .538 Stubbs c ..............3 1 1 0 0 0 .281 CARDINALS AB R H BI BB SO AVG Senzel cf .............4 0 0 0 0 0 .257 TOTALS 35 4 10 4 7 6 — Alonso, NY ....................................... .531 Schwarber, Phi ................................ .524 Edman ss ............5 0 2 0 0 0 .256 TOTALS 39 7 11 5 3 6 — TOTALS 35 3 10 3 3 5 — GIANTS AB R H BI BB SO AVG ON-BASE PERCENTAGE Carlson cf............4 1 0 0 1 1 .256 Goldschmidt, StL ............................. .420 TOTALS 35 3 7 3 0 14 — Goldschmdt 1b ...5 0 1 0 0 1 .333 ROYALS AB R H BI BB SO AVG TOTALS 34 4 7 4 2 13 — Wade Jr. 1b-rf ....4 1 1 0 1 0 .190 Soto, Was ........................................ .398 Arenado 3b .........3 0 1 1 1 0 .293 Pederson lf .........3 0 0 0 0 0 .256 Bell, Was ......................................... .386 BLUE JAYS AB R H BI BB SO AVG Gorman 2b ..........4 1 1 1 0 1 .242 Melendez c .........5 1 2 0 0 2 .221 YANKEES AB R H BI BB SO AVG ROCKIES AB R H BI BB SO AVG Ruf ph-1b............2 1 1 0 0 1 .224 Harper, Phi ....................................... .385 Pujols dh .............3 1 1 1 1 1 .219 Witt Jr. ss...........4 1 0 0 1 0 .248 Flores 2b .............4 1 2 1 0 0 .253 Machado, SD .................................... .385 Springer cf-rf ......4 1 1 0 0 1 .250 Yepez rf ..............3 1 1 0 0 1 .256 Benintendi lf.......5 1 2 2 0 1 .314 LeMahieu 1b .......3 1 1 0 2 0 .268 Joe 1b .................2 1 0 0 0 0 .265 Belt dh ................3 0 3 0 0 0 .232 Contreras, Chi .................................. .384 Bichette ss..........3 1 1 0 1 1 .260 Nootbaar rf.........1 1 1 0 0 0 .183 Dozier 1b ............3 0 1 0 1 0 .262 Torres 2b ............4 2 3 0 1 0 .275 Iglesias ss...........4 1 1 1 0 1 .295 Slater ph-dh........1 0 0 1 0 0 .275 Freeman, LA .................................... .381 Guerrero Jr. 1b ....4 0 1 0 0 3 .266 Dickerson lf ........4 2 2 0 0 0 .207 Pasquantno dh ...4 0 0 0 0 2 .196 Rizzo dh ..............3 0 1 2 1 1 .227 Blackmon dh .......4 1 2 3 0 1 .271 González rf-lf .....3 0 0 1 1 0 .302 Lux, LA ............................................. .376 Kirk dh.................4 1 2 0 0 2 .312 Knizner c.............4 0 3 3 0 0 .197 Olivares rf...........2 1 0 1 0 0 .300 Stanton rf...........4 0 1 0 0 2 .237 Grichuk rf............4 0 0 0 0 0 .241 Villar 3b ..............2 0 0 0 2 1 .231 Canha, NY ........................................ .374 Hernández rf .......4 0 2 2 0 1 .263 Isbel cf ................3 1 3 1 0 0 .221 Donaldson 3b......4 0 1 1 0 0 .228 McMahon 3b.......3 0 1 0 1 0 .236 Crawford ss ........4 0 0 0 0 1 .217 ERA Zimmer cf............0 0 0 0 0 0 .113 TOTALS 36 7 13 6 3 5 — Rivera 3b ............4 0 1 1 0 1 .235 Hicks cf ...............1 0 0 0 0 0 .237 Daza cf................4 1 0 0 0 1 .292 Yastrzemski cf ...4 0 1 0 0 1 .231 Gonsolin, LA .................................... 1.62 Gurriel Jr. lf.........4 1 4 1 0 0 .305 Lopez 2b .............4 0 0 0 0 2 .233 Gonzalez ph-lf ....2 0 0 0 1 1 .245 Serven c ..............4 0 0 0 0 0 .256 Bart c ..................3 0 0 0 0 1 .155 Alcantara, Mia ................................. 1.73 Chapman 3b ........3 0 1 1 1 1 .220 L.A.................. 001 021 101 — 6 10 0 Trevino c .............4 0 0 0 0 1 .255 Hampson 2b........3 0 1 1 0 1 .231 Mercedes ph .......1 0 0 0 0 0 .217 Musgrove, SD .................................. 2.09 Espinal 2b............4 0 1 0 0 0 .271 ST. LOUIS....... 031 200 01X — 7 13 2 TOTALS 34 5 9 5 2 8 — Kiner-Falefa ss ...4 0 1 0 0 0 .267 Hilliard lf.............3 1 1 0 0 1 .165 Burnes, Mil ...................................... 2.20 Jansen c ..............3 0 1 0 0 0 .237 Gallo lf-cf............3 0 1 0 0 0 .168 Wheeler, Phi .................................... 2.46 E: Knizner (2), Nootbaar (1). LOB: Los DETROIT ........ 020 010 400 — 7 11 0 Judge ph .............1 0 0 0 0 1 .282 TOTALS 31 5 6 5 1 5 — TOTALS 34 3 8 3 4 5 — Fried, Atl .......................................... 2.56 Angeles 10, St. Louis 8. 2B: Freeman KANSAS CITY 120 000 020 — 5 9 4 Mikolas, StL .................................... 2.62 TOTALS 33 4 14 4 2 9 — (28), Alberto (4), Dickerson 2 (5), Noot- SAN DIEGO .... 010 000 020 — 3 10 1 ARIZONA ....... 003 000 010 — 4 10 0 Rodón, SF ......................................... 2.70 baar (4). HR: T.Turner (12), off Libera- COLORADO .... 000 013 10X — 5 6 0 SAN FRAN. .... 000 100 020 — 3 8 1 López, Mia ....................................... 2.91 PHILA. ............ 010 110 000 — 3 7 0 tore; Freeman (12), off Gallegos; Pujols E: Witt Jr. 2 (11), Melendez (5), TOTALS 33 3 9 3 5 6 — Wright, Atl ...................................... 2.97 TORONTO....... 200 101 00X — 4 14 1 (6), off White; Gorman (8), off White. Payamps (1). LOB: Detroit 9, Kansas SAVES City 7. 2B: Haase (6), Báez 2 (17), CINCINNATI ... 000 000 004 — 4 7 0 E: Grisham (2). LOB: San Diego 9, E: González (4). LOB: Arizona 11, Hader, Mil ........................................... 26 E: Guerrero Jr. (4). LOB: Philadelphia 5, Schoop (14), Isbel (5), Rivera (7), NEW YORK .... 201 000 000 — 3 9 0 Colorado 5. 2B: Kim 2 (14), Hilliard (5). San Francisco 8. 2B: K.Marte (26), Rogers, SD .......................................... 24 Toronto 7. 2B: Hernández (16), Gurriel Jr. Benintendi (14), Melendez (9). 3B: McMahon (3). HR: Blackmon (14), Thomas (8), Flores 2 (16), Belt (5). Jansen, Atl ......................................... 20 2 (23), Chapman (15). HR: Stott (5), off DODGERS IP H R ER BB SO ERA 3B: Melendez (2). LOB: Cincinnati 7, New York 8. 2B: off Clevinger. D’BACKS IP H R ER BB SO ERA Díaz, NY .............................................. 19 Berríos. Moustakas (11), India (5), Torres 2 (18). Bard, Col ............................................. 18 White .................. 5 10 6 6 2 3 4.20 TIGERS IP H R ER BB SO ERA REDS IP H R ER BB SO ERA PADRES IP H R ER BB SO ERA M.Kelly ................ 7 5 2 2 2 4 3.36 Bednar, Pit .......................................... 15 Bickford ............... 1 0 0 0 0 0 5.22 Mantiply ............. 1/3 2 1 1 1 0 2.08 Kimbrel, LA ......................................... 15 PHILLIES IP H R ER BB SO ERA Almonte .............. 1 0 0 0 1 1 1.46 Brieske ................ 6 5 3 3 1 4 4.19 Ashcraft .............. 5 7 3 3 3 3 4.45 Clevinger .......... 51/3 5 4 4 1 4 3.79 Ramirez .............. 2/3 0 0 0 1 0 4.86 Price .................... 1 3 1 1 0 1 3.63 Chafin .................. 1 1 0 0 0 1 2.30 Hoffman .............. 1 1 0 0 0 0 3.00 Martinez.............. 1 1 1 0 0 1 3.68 Melancon............. 1 1 0 0 0 1 5.04 Bellatti................. 1 2 2 2 1 2 3.64 Jiménez .............. 1/3 2 2 2 1 1 3.48 Gibaut.................. 1 1 0 0 0 2 5.40 Knehr................ 12/3 0 0 0 0 0 0.00 Appel.................... 3 5 1 1 0 2 1.29 Fulmer ................ 2/3 0 0 0 0 1 1.89 Sanmartin ........... 1 0 0 0 1 0 8.10 Familia ...............11/3 4 1 1 0 2 4.85 CARDINALS IP H R ER BB SO ERA Soto ..................... 1 1 0 0 0 1 2.59 Díaz ..................... 1 0 0 0 1 1 2.18 ROCKIES IP H R ER BB SO ERA GIANTS IP H R ER BB SO ERA Knebel..................2/3 0 0 0 1 0 3.03 Hicks................. 12/3 1 0 0 3 1 4.08 Alvarado .............. 1 2 0 0 0 2 4.68 Oviedo .............. 11/3 2 1 1 1 1 3.32 ROYALS IP H R ER BB SO ERA YANKEES IP H R ER BB SO ERA Gomber................ 6 6 1 1 1 3 6.11 Cobb..................... 6 6 3 3 4 4 4.57 Kelly..................... 1 1 0 0 0 1 2.25 Liberatore......... 21/3 4 3 3 0 0 5.33 Stephenson ......... 1 1 0 0 0 1 5.86 García ................. 2/3 2 0 0 0 0 2.10 Fernández........... 2/3 2 1 0 1 0 0.00 Colomé ............... 2/3 2 2 1 1 0 2.94 Llovera................ 2/3 1 1 1 2 1 5.27 BLUE JAYS IP H R ER BB SO ERA Naughton ............ 1 0 0 0 0 1 3.80 Bubic................. 52/3 8 3 3 2 5 6.63 Cole...................... 7 4 0 0 1 11 3.05 Gilbreath ............ 1/3 1 0 0 1 0 3.71 Long.................... 2/3 0 0 0 0 1 2.43 Berríos ................. 6 6 3 3 0 13 5.38 Helsley ................ 1 0 0 0 0 2 0.71 Garrett ............... 1/3 0 0 0 0 1 6.23 King ..................... 1 0 0 0 0 1 2.28 Bard ..................... 1 0 0 0 0 1 2.14 Leone................... 1 1 0 0 1 0 3.52 Mayza .................. 1 0 0 0 0 0 2.92 Gallegos .............. 1 1 1 1 1 2 3.44 Cuas.................... 2/3 2 4 1 1 0 3.06 Holmes ................ 0 2 4 4 1 0 1.37 García................... 1 0 0 0 0 0 3.10 Payamps........... 21/3 1 0 0 0 0 2.84 Peralta................. 1 1 0 0 0 1 2.43 WP: Gomber (5-7); LP: Clevinger (2-2); WP: M.Kelly (8-5); LP: Cobb (3-4); Romano................ 1 1 0 0 0 1 2.53 WP: Oviedo (2-1); LP: White (1-2); S: Bard (19). Inherited runners-scored: S: Melancon (12). Inherited runners- S: Gallegos (10). Inherited runners- WP: Brieske (3-6); LP: Cuas (2-1); WP: Sanmartin (2-4); LP: Holmes (4-1); Martinez 1-0, Knehr 3-0, Gilbreath 1-1. scored: Mantiply 1-1, Ramirez 2-0, WP: Berríos (7-4); LP: Familia (1-1); S: scored: Oviedo 1-0, Fernández 1-1, S: Soto (18). Inherited runners-scored: S: Díaz (3). Inherited runners-scored: HBP: Gomber (Cronenworth), Clevinger Llovera 1-0, Long 1-0. IBB: off Leone Romano (19). Inherited runners-scored: Naughton 3-0. WP: White. T: 3:28. Fulmer 2-1, Garrett 2-0, Payamps 1-1. Peralta 3-2. HBP: Holmes 2 (Stephen- (Joe), Martinez (Joe). WP: Gomber. (Peralta). PB: Bart (2). T: 3:46. Knebel 2-0. T: 2:52. A: 32,795 (53,506). A: 37,150 (45,494). HBP: Brieske (Olivares), Fulmer (Isbel). son, K.Farmer). T: 3:21. A: 40,235 PB: Serven (1). T: 3:11. A: 26,577 A: 25,325 (41,915). WP: Cuas. T: 3:08. A: 14,541 (37,903). (47,309). (50,445).

WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 . THE WASHINGTON POST EZ M2 D5 SCOREBOARD NATIONALS NOTES PRO BASKETBALL TENNIS Storms cloud Nats’ rotation WNBA NBA summer league ATP BY JESSE DOUGHERTY child tell his father he would NATIONALS ON DECK Before storms drenched Na- make his season debut against the EAST W L Pct GB NBA 2K23 SUMMER LEAGUE HALL OF FAME OPEN tionals Park on Tuesday night, the Braves. Truth is, Martinez had Chicago ....................................... 17 6 .739 — At Las Vegas At International Tennis Hall of Fame; in Newport, R.I. Washington Nationals had a clear already called Sánchez with the Connecticut ................................ 14 8 .636 21/2 Purse: $594,950. rotation heading into next week’s news. But it was still a nice mo- x-Washington ............................ 14 10 .583 31/2 SUNDAY’S RESULTS Surface: Grass. all-star break. But after the series ment for the 38-year-old, who has vs. Seattle Mariners Atlanta ....................................... 10 13 .435 7 Washington 97, Phoenix 72 MEN’S SINGLES — ROUND OF 32 opener with the Seattle Mariners been sidelined since early April New York...................................... 9 14 .391 8 Sacramento 103, Indiana 96 Christopher Eubanks, United States, def. Dominik was postponed — forcing a spit with a nerve impingement in his Today 12:05 MASN Indiana.......................................... 5 19 .208 121/2 Brooklyn 91, Philadelphia 84 Koepfer, Germany, 6-4, 7-5; Jiri Vesely (7), Czech doubleheader Wednesday — neck. 6:05 MASN2 GB New York 101, Chicago 69 Republic, def. Feliciano Lopez, Spain, 6-4, 6-2; Benja- those pitching plans became less WEST W L Pct — Denver 84, Cleveland, 76 min Bonzi (5), France, def. William Blumberg, United clear. Having returned to Washing- Las Vegas ................................... 16 7 .696 San Antonio 85, Golden State 84 States, 2-6, 6-3, 6-2; James Duckworth (8), Australia, What’s known: Josiah Gray, ton on a minor league deal, Sán- Seattle........................................ 16 8 .667 1/2 Memphis 70, Minnesota 63 def. Liam Broady, Britain, 6-2, 4-6, 6-2; Max Purcell, originally scheduled to start Tues- chez was expected to make the vs. Atlanta Braves x-Los Angeles............................. 10 12 .455 Charlotte 89, L.A. Lakers 86, 2OT Australia, def. Adrian Mannarino, France, 6-3, 1-6, 7-5; day, will face the Mariners at Opening Day rotation. Instead, a Dallas.......................................... 10 13 .435 51/2 Quentin Halys, France, def. Alexei Popyrin, Australia, 12:05 p.m. Wednesday. Erick long recovery ended with three Tomorrow 7:05 MASN Phoenix....................................... 10 15 .400 6 MONDAY’S RESULTS 7-6 (7-5), 6-3; Andy Murray (6), Britain, def. Sam Fedde will follow him in the 6:05 rehab appearances for Class AAA Minnesota .................................... 9 15 .375 7 New Orleans 101, Atlanta 73 Querrey, United States, 6-2, 6-0; Mitchell Krueger, nightcap. From there, Aníbal Sán- Rochester. In his final one, Sán- Houston 97, San Antonio 84 United States, def. Tim van Rijthoven, Netherlands, chez is expected to make his sea- chez pitched 51/3 innings, walked Friday 7:05 MASN 71/2 Boston 111, Milwaukee 109 7-6 (9-7), 4-6, 6-3. son debut against the Atlanta three and yielded an earned run Oklahoma City 84, Orlando 81 MEN’S DOUBLES — ROUND OF 16 Braves on Thursday, setting up on four hits. Martinez did not x-Late game Utah 83, Dallas 82 Steve Johnson and William Blumberg (4), United Patrick Corbin and Paolo Espino share any specific limitations, Portland 88, New York 77 States, def. Jason Kubler and Jordan Thompson, for the next two contests. Sunday only saying the team will watch TUESDAY’S RESULTS Australia, 6-4, 3-6, 11-9; Benjamin Bonzi, France, and presents a question mark. Sánchez closely as the start pro- Saturday 4:05 MASN Washington at Los Angeles, late TUESDAY’S RESULTS Felix Auger-Aliassime, Canada, def. Peter Gojowczyk With two starters pitching gresses. at Seattle 83, Dallas 74 Chicago 93, Toronto 83 and Dominik Koepfer, Germany, 6-1, 6-4; Treat Conrad Wednesday, none of Gray, Fedde, Sunday 1:35 MASN Las Vegas 107, at New York 101 Memphis 120, Brooklyn 84 Huey, Philippines, and Radu Albot, Moldova, def. Sánchez, Corbin or Espino will be If he can last five or more at Chicago 90, Atlanta 75 Atlanta 95, Miami 88 Nicholas Monroe, United States, and Fabien Reboul, on full rest for the final game of innings, the bullpen will be in at Arizona Diamondbacks at Minnesota 118, Phoenix 107 (2OT) Boston 103, vs. Golden State 92 France, 6-3, 7-5. the first half. One option is to good shape heading into the Indiana 101, Detroit 87 recall Joan Adon for another spot weekend. Anything less, though, WEDNESDAY’S GAME Phoenix vs. Dallas, late NORDEA OPEN appearance. Another is to activate will further complicate the situa- July 22 9:40 MASN2 Connecticut at Indiana, noon L.A. Lakers vs. L.A. Clippers, late At Bastad Tennis Stadium; in Bastad, Sweden. lefty Josh Rogers, who is recover- tion. Purse: €534,555. ing from a shoulder injury and THURSDAY’S GAMES WEDNESDAY’S GAMES Surface: Red clay. last pitched for Class AA Harris- Soto explains HR Derby entry July 23 8:10 MASN2 Washington at Phoenix, 10 Washington vs. New Orleans, 6 MEN’S SINGLES — ROUND OF 32 burg on June 6. Or if the bullpen is So why exactly did Juan Soto Las Vegas at New York, 11 a.m. Minnesota vs. Milwaukee, 4 Alejandro Davidovich Fokina, Spain, def. Joao Sousa, even moderately rested, Washing- July 24 4:10 MASN2 Dallas at Minnesota, 8 Cleveland vs. Charlotte, 5 Portugal, 6-4, 6-2; Albert Ramos-Vinolas, Spain, def. ton (30-58) could tap a group of decide to enter the Home Run Chicago at Los Angeles, 10:30 Toronto vs. Utah, 7 Tomas Martin Etcheverry, Argentina, 6-3, 6-3; Federico relievers for the nine innings. Derby at the All-Star Game again Radio: WJFK (106.7 FM) Sacramento vs. Oklahoma City, 8 Coria, Argentina, def. Federico Delbonis, Argentina, The Nationals already will have this year? Storm 83, Wings 74 Miami vs. Philadelphia, 9 0-6, 6-4, 6-4; Aslan Karatsev, Russia, def. Lorenzo to make two roster moves to acti- it was really good. It was really Denver vs. L.A. Clippers, 10 Sonego, Italy, 6-0, 2-6, 6-4; Hugo Gaston, France, def. vate Sánchez, who needs a spot on “I mean, for me, it worked last fun. I enjoyed it a lot, and I’m Dallas .................................. 19 22 17 16 — 74 Nikoloz Basilashvili (6), Georgia, 7-6 (8-6), 3-0, ret; the active and 40-man rosters. At year, right? You saw the second going to try to do the same thing: Seattle ................................ 25 14 27 17 — 83 THURSDAY’S GAMES Francisco Cerundolo, Argentina, def. Pedro Sousa, that point, what’s one more before half that I had,” Soto said, nod- Be around all those stars and be Memphis vs. Boston, 3:30 Portugal, 6-4, 6-3; Dominic Thiem, Austria, def. Emil the team breaks for four days? ding to how last year’s derby led to part of it. Even if I don’t win, I’m DALLAS MIN FG FT O-T A PF PTS Atlanta vs. San Antonio, 4 Ruusuvuori, Finland, 3-6, 6-1, 7-6 (5); Marc-Andrea Right after announcing Sán- a spike in power. going to try to enjoy it as much as I Harrison 14:06 2-5 3-3 1-3 1 0 7 Cleveland vs. Detroit, 5:30 Huesler, Switzerland, def. Holger Rune (7), Denmark, chez’s return Tuesday afternoon, can.” Thornton 18:36 1-1 0-0 0-2 1 5 2 Chicago vs. Charlotte, 6 6-3, 6-4; Sebastian Baez (8), Argentina, def. Fabio Manager Dave Martinez picked After struggling to elevate con- Sabally 22:58 3-9 4-5 0-5 3 1 10 New York vs. Orlando, 7:30 Fognini, Italy, 6-3, 6-4. up Sánchez’s young son in the tact for the first three months of Soto names his pitcher Mabrey 23:47 4-11 0-0 0-4 5 4 9 Dallas vs. Milwaukee, 8 MEN’S DOUBLES — ROUND OF 16 home dugout, putting the kid on 2021, Soto smacked 18 homers Jorge Mejia, a former minor Ogunbowale 36:12 4-18 3-4 2-6 2 1 12 Portland vs. Houston, 9:30 Andres Molteni, Argentina, and Hugo Nys, Monaco, his lap. Then Martinez had the and posted a 1.164 on-base-plus McCowan 26:58 8-14 2-4 6-10 1 4 18 Brooklyn vs. Minnesota, 10 def. Sander Gille and Joran Vliegen, Belgium, 6-4, 6-4; slugging percentage from league instructor for the Nation- Burton 26:52 2-2 0-0 2-4 1 3 6 Joao Sousa, Portugal, and Pablo Carreno Busta, Spain, mid-July on. als and Soto’s offseason hitting Harris 26:43 3-11 1-2 0-1 3 0 10 FRIDAY’S GAMES def. Philipp Oswald, Austria, and Aslan Karatsev, coach in the Dominican Republic, Kuier Indiana vs. Washington, 9 Russia, 7-6 (7-0), 7-6 (7-0); Fabrice Martin, France, “I’m just going to try and see will pitch to Soto in the Home Run 3:48 0-1 0-0 0-0 0 1 0 L.A. Clippers vs. Utah, 5 and Franko Skugor, Croatia, def. Rohan Bopanna, India, how it feels in there and try to Derby. TOTALS Philadelphia vs. Denver, 6 and Matwe Middelkoop (1), Netherlands, 7-6 (7-3), enjoy the show,” the 23-year-old 200 27-72 13-18 11-35 17 19 74 Oklahoma City vs. Golden State, 7 6-3; Marc-Andrea Huesler, Switzerland, and Pavel continued. “At the end of the day, Mejia was with the organiza- Sacramento vs. Phoenix, 8 Kotov, Russia, def. Elias Ymer and Leo Borg, Sweden, tion until last offseason, when he Percentages: FG .375, FT .722. 3-Point Goals: 7-23, .304 Miami vs. Toronto, 10 6-1, 6-4. left to join an agency and train (Harris 3-4, Burton 2-2, Mabrey 1-6, Ogunbowale 1-8, L.A. Lakers vs. New Orleans, 11 amateurs in the Dominican. He Sabally 0-3). Team Rebounds: 8. Team Turnovers: None. WTA worked with Soto when he played Blocked Shots: 4 (McCowan 2, Burton, Thornton). SOCCER for Washington’s Gulf Coast Turnovers: 13 (Mabrey 4, Sabally 3, Harrison 2, Burton, LAUSANNE OPEN League team in 2016 and 2017. Harris, Kuier, Thornton). Steals: 10 (Burton 3, Ogunbow- At Stade-Lausanne Tennis Club; in Lausanne, Switzerland. And when Soto broke out in the ale 2, Sabally 2, Harris, Mabrey, Thornton). Purse: $251,750. majors in 2018, some credited Surface: Red clay. Mejia with helping Soto mold his SEATTLE MIN FG FT O-T A PF PTS MLS WOMEN’S SINGLES — ROUND OF 32 swing and approach. Stewart 30:22 6-12 6-6 0-7 3 2 19 Olga Danilovic, Serbia, def. Misaki Doi, Japan, 6-3, 6-3; Williams 17:40 2-3 0-0 0-1 3 2 4 EAST W L T Pts GF GA Irina-Camelia Begu (3), Romania, def. Tamara Kor- Magbegor 26:06 3-5 7-7 2-8 1 4 13 New York...........................9 5 6 33 30 21 patsch, Germany, 6-4, 6-2; Cristina Bucsa, Spain, def. Bird 28:13 2-3 0-0 1-1 7 1 6 Philadelphia ......................8 2 9 33 29 13 Kristina Mladenovic, France, 6-4, 7-6 (7-3); Eva Lys, Loyd 30:53 5-17 2-2 0-2 3 2 13 New York City FC ..............9 4 5 32 37 21 Germany, def. Varvara Gracheva (8), Russia, 7-5, 6-4; Charles 23:32 5-12 0-0 2-9 1 4 11 CF Montréal ......................9 8 2 29 33 35 Caroline Garcia (6), France, def. Jasmine Paolini, Italy, Talbot 22:20 6-8 0-1 1-3 1 3 14 Orlando City ......................8 7 4 28 24 28 6-3, 6-3; Erika Andreeva, Russia, def. Anna Blinkova, January 11:47 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 Charlotte FC ......................8 10 2 26 23 24 Russia, 6-1, 6-2; Petra Martic, Croatia, def. Nuria Prince Parrizas Diaz (5), Spain, 6-2, 6-2; Simona Waltert, 9:07 1-3 1-2 0-3 3 0 3 Switzerland, def. Danielle Collins (1), United States, 6-7 TOTALS (7-5), 6-3, 7-6 (8-6); Belinda Bencic (2), Switzerland, def. 200 30-63 16-18 6-34 22 18 83 Diane Parry, France, 3-6, 6-3, 6-1. WOMEN’S DOUBLES — ROUND OF 16 Percentages: FG .476, FT .889. 3-Point Goals: 7-17, .412 Cincinnati ..........................7 7 5 26 30 33 Latisha Chan and Hao-Ching Chan (4), Taiwan, def. (Bird 2-3, Talbot 2-3, Charles 1-1, Loyd 1-4, Stewart 1-4, Columbus ..........................6 5 7 25 23 20 Ekaterina Yashina and Alena Fomina-Klotz, Russia, Magbegor 0-1, Prince 0-1). Team Rebounds: 8. Team New England .....................6 6 7 25 31 32 7-5, 6-1; Raluca-Ioana Olaru, Romania, and Anna Turnovers: 1. Blocked Shots: 6 (Charles 2, Magbegor 2, Inter Miami CF ..................6 8 4 22 18 27 Kalinskaya (3), Russia, d. Yana Sizikova and Anastasia Stewart, Talbot). Turnovers: 14 (January 3, Bird 2, Loyd Atlanta..............................5 8 5 20 26 29 Potapova, Russia, 7-6 (9-7), 7-5; Ulrikke Eikeri, Nor- 2, Talbot 2, Williams 2, Charles, Magbegor, Stewart). Toronto FC ........................5 10 4 19 26 36 way, and Tamara Zidansek (2), Slovenia, def. Xenia Steals: 6 (Magbegor 2, Bird, Stewart, Talbot, Williams). D.C. United ........................5 10 2 17 23 37 Knoll and Ylena In-Albon, Switzerland, 6-0, 6-3; Han Chicago..............................4 10 5 17 18 27 Xinyun, China, and Alexandra Panova, Russia, def. Asia Muhammad, United States, and Alexa Guarachi, Chile, Aces 107, Liberty 101 WEST W L T Pts GF GA 3-6, 6-3, 10-7. Austin FC ........................12 4 4 40 41 23 Las Vegas ........................... 30 22 19 36 — 107 Los Angeles FC................12 4 3 39 38 21 HUNGARIAN GRAND PRIX New York ............................ 16 12 35 38 — 101 Real Salt Lake ...................8 5 6 30 24 24 At Europe Tennis Center; in Budapest, Hungary. FC Dallas ...........................7 5 7 28 30 23 Purse: €203,024. LAS VEGAS MIN FG FT O-T A PF PTS LA Galaxy ..........................8 7 3 27 26 22 Surface: Red clay. Hamby 22:57 2-6 4-4 0-6 2 2 8 Minnesota United .............8 8 3 27 26 24 WOMEN’S SINGLES — ROUND OF 32 Young 35:08 7-13 8-8 1-5 7 4 23 Nashville ...........................7 6 6 27 25 25 Aleksandra Krunic, Serbia, def. Laura Siegemund, Wilson 31:16 7-13 9-9 5-14 3 1 23 Seattle ..............................8 8 2 26 26 22 Germany, 6-3, 6-4; Martina Trevisan (2), Italy, def. Gray 25:34 5-7 4-4 0-1 4 2 14 Portland ............................6 6 8 26 32 29 Natalia Szabanin, Hungary, 2-6, 6-2, 6-0; Anna Plum 33:50 9-18 6-7 1-3 3 3 27 Vancouver .........................7 9 3 24 20 31 Bondar (9), Hungary, def. Jesika Maleckova, Czech Williams 23:33 1-3 3-3 0-2 2 6 6 Houston ............................6 10 4 22 25 28 Republic, 6-4, 6-4; Elisabetta Cocciaretto, Italy, def. Rupert 15:38 1-1 0-0 1-4 0 0 3 Colorado ............................5 8 5 20 21 26 Reka Luca Jani, Hungary, 7-6 (9-7), 6-2; Despina Stokes Sporting KC .......................5 11 4 19 18 34 Papamichail, Greece, def. Dalma Galfi, Hungary, 7-6 Plaisance 8:44 1-1 0-0 0-0 0 0 3 San Jose............................4 7 7 19 29 37 (7-4), 6-3; Yulia Putintseva (3), Kazakhstan, def. 3:20 0-2 0-0 0-1 0 0 0 Anna-Karolina Schmiedlova, Slovakia, 6-4, 6-1; Lau- TOTALS FRIDAY’S RESULTS ra Pigossi, Brazil, def. Rebecca Peterson, Sweden, 200 33-64 34-35 8-36 21 18 107 Philadelphia 7, D.C. United 0 7-5, 6-3; Ana Bogdan, Romania, def. Panna Udvardy, Los Angeles FC 3, LA Galaxy 2 Hungary, 6-2, 5-7, 6-0. Percentages: FG .516, FT .971. 3-Point Goals: 7-21, .333 Minnesota 3, Vancouver 1 WOMEN’S DOUBLES — ROUND OF 16 (Plum 3-9, Rupert 1-1, Stokes 1-1, Williams 1-2, Young Zhang Shuai, China, and Laura Siegemund, Germany, 1-3, Plaisance 0-1, Wilson 0-1, Hamby 0-3). Team SATURDAY’S RESULTS def. Amina Anshba, Russia, and Anastasia Detiuc, Czech Rebounds: 8. Team Turnovers: 1. Blocked Shots: 3 (Gray, New York City FC 4, New England 2 Republic, 7-5, 6-3; Oksana Kalashnikova and Ekaterine Stokes, Wilson). Turnovers: 14 (Gray 5, Hamby 4, Plum Portland 3, Seattle 0 Gorgodze (4), Georgia, def. Reka Luca Jani and Adrienn 2, Rupert, Wilson, Young). Steals: 8 (Young 3, Hamby 2, Austin FC 3, Atlanta 0 Nagy, Hungary, 6-3, 6-2; Jessy Rompies, Indonesia, and Wilson 2, Gray). Technical Fouls: coach Becky Hammon, Charlotte FC 4, Nashville 1 Yu-Chieh Hsieh, Taiwan, def. Natalia Szabanin and Luca 9:06 third. New York 1, Cincinnati 1 Udvardy, Hungary, 6-4, 3-6, 10-6. Sporting KC 2, CF Montréal 1 NEW YORK MIN FG FT O-T A PF PTS San Jose 2, Toronto FC 2 TRANSACTIONS Howard 31:26 5-11 10-13 3-11 2 3 20 Columbus 3, Chicago 2 Johannes 27:41 2-7 0-0 1-2 5 3 6 FC Dallas 2, Houston 2 MLB Dolson 19:29 3-8 0-0 5-7 1 4 8 Colorado 2, Real Salt Lake 2 Baltimore Orioles: Claimed RHP Louis Head off waivers Dangerfield 15:13 1-6 0-0 0-0 3 4 2 Orlando City 1, Miami 0 from Miami and optioned him to Norfolk (IL). Designated Ionescu 28:59 9-17 5-5 0-3 5 1 27 LHP Kirk McCarty for assignment. Whitcomb 21:31 6-7 0-0 0-0 3 4 17 TUESDAY’S RESULT Boston Red Sox: Reinstated LHP Chris Sale from the Allen 18:36 3-6 0-0 0-1 0 4 8 at Austin FC 3, Houston 1 60-day IL. Optioned RHP Brayan Bello to Worcester (IL). Onyenwere 16:38 1-5 2-2 0-3 2 1 4 Chicago White Sox: Recalled RHP Davis Martin from Richards 11:45 2-4 0-0 0-0 2 1 4 WEDNESDAY’S MATCHES Charlotte (IL). Sent C Yasmani Grandal to Charlotte on a Han Columbus at D.C. United, 8 rehab assignment. 8:42 2-5 1-2 0-0 1 0 5 Real Salt Lake at Atlanta, 7:30 Cleveland Guardians: Recalled LHP Konnor Pilkington TOTALS Toronto FC at Chicago, 8 from Columbus (IL). 200 34-76 18-22 9-27 24 25 101 Vancouver at Cincinnati, 8 Detroit Tigers: Optioned INF Kody Clemens and RHP Philadelphia at Miami, 8 Alex Faedo to Toledo (IL). Recalled OF Akil Baddoo from Percentages: FG .447, FT .818. 3-Point Goals: 15-31, .484 Sporting KC at Minnesota, 8 Toledo. (Whitcomb 5-6, Ionescu 4-9, Dolson 2-3, Allen 2-4, Seattle at Nashville, 8:30 Kansas City Royals: Optioned LHP Angel Zerpa to Omaha Johannes 2-5, Dangerfield 0-1, Howard 0-1, Onyenwere Orlando City at Colorado, 9 (IL). 0-1, Richards 0-1). Team Rebounds: 7. Team Turnovers: New York City FC at FC Dallas, 9 Los Angeles Angels: Reinstated RHP Austin Warren None. Blocked Shots: 4 (Dolson 2, Allen, Howard). San Jose at LA Galaxy, 10 from the 10-day IL and rehab assignment. Turnovers: 12 (Ionescu 3, Allen 2, Johannes 2, Danger- Oakland Athletics: Designated RHP Jacob Lemoine for field, Howard, Onyenwere, Richards, Whitcomb). Steals: assignment. Optioned RHP Adrian Martinez to Las 8 (Dangerfield 3, Allen 2, Ionescu 2, Howard). Vegas (PCL). Recalled LHP Jared Koenig from Las Vegas. Claimed RHP David McKay off waivers from Tampa Bay. Sky 90, Dream 75 SATURDAY’S MATCHES Tampa Bay Rays: Placed LHP Josh Fleming on the 15-day JOHN MCDONNELL/THE WASHINGTON POST D.C. United at Minnesota, 8 IL. Optioned RHP Luke Bard to Durham (IL). Recalled Atlanta ............................... 23 24 18 10 — 75 Toronto FC at CF Montréal, 7:30 RHPs Tommy Romero and Ralph Garza Jr. from Durham. Carter Kieboom is spending his summer in Florida, working his way back after Tommy John surgery. Chicago ............................... 25 19 16 30 — 90 New England at Philadelphia, 7:30 Toronto Blue Jays: Reinstated C Danny Jansen from the Seattle at Chicago, 8 10-day IL. Optioned C Gabriel Moreno to Buffalo (IL). Rehabbing Kieboom yearns for return ATLANTA MIN FG FT O-T A PF PTS Charlotte FC at Miami, 8 Chicago Cubs: Reinstated LHP Justin Steele from the Coffey 22:00 4-7 0-0 1-2 0 1 11 LA Galaxy at Colorado, 9 paternity list. Optioned RHP Anderson Espinoza to Iowa Howard 29:53 3-10 0-0 1-2 3 3 7 Austin FC at FC Dallas, 9 (IL). Ch.Parker 27:53 6-11 2-4 2-6 2 1 14 Cincinnati Reds: Placed OF Albert Almora Jr. and C Hayes 30:56 4-11 2-2 1-8 2 5 12 SUNDAY’S MATCHES Aramis Garcia on the 10-day IL. Recalled OF Stuart BY JESSE DOUGHERTY 2021, given another crack in was the six-week mark, meaning Wheeler 23:55 3-7 0-0 1-1 2 3 6 Orlando City at Atlanta, 3 Fairchild from Louisville (IL). How Carter Kieboom expected spring training, Kieboom was he no longer has to wear a brace. Billings 19:33 3-6 2-2 3-7 2 0 8 New York City FC at New York, 5 Colorado Rockies: Reinstated RHP Ryan Feltner from the to spend this spring and sum- sent down to start the season, Living near the Nationals’ facili- McDonald 16:05 4-9 1-2 0-0 3 1 12 Cincinnati at Columbus, 7:30 10-day IL and optioned him to Albuquerque (PCL). Sent mer: winning the third base job, was promoted midsummer and ty in West Palm Beach, Fla., he Wallace 10:11 1-1 0-0 0-2 2 1 3 Los Angeles FC at Nashville, 8:30 RHP Antonio Senzatela to Albuquerque on a rehab improving his defense, finally finished with a .207 batting aver- goes on long walks to stay in Durr Sporting KC at Real Salt Lake, 9:30 assignment. establishing himself as a key part age, a .301 on-base percentage shape. He expects to start throw- Vaughn 9:00 1-4 0-0 0-2 0 1 2 Houston at San Jose, 9:30 Miami Marlins: Sent OF Jorge Soler to Pensacola (SL) on of the Washington Nationals’ fu- and a .318 slugging percentage in ing and hitting in October. He Hillmon 8:54 0-3 0-0 1-2 1 4 0 Vancouver at Portland, 10:30 a rehab assignment. ture — or a part at all — after 249 plate appearances. has no problem saying he’ll be 1:40 0-0 0-0 0-1 0 0 0 Milwaukee Brewers: Reinstated OF Hunter Renfroe doubt followed him like a shad- ready next spring, when he could TOTALS from the 10-day IL. Designated RHP Chi Chi Gonzalez for ow in recent seasons. Still, the first full season of a be greeted by another shot to 200 29-69 7-10 10-33 17 20 75 assignment. Sent C Alex Jackson to Nashville (IL) on a How the 24-year-old has spent rebuild was a prime opportunity stick. rehab assignment. this spring and summer: relearn- for Kieboom. The Nationals Percentages: FG .420, FT .700. 3-Point Goals: 10-23, .435 Austin FC 3, Dynamo 1 Philadelphia Phillies: Sent INF Nick Maton to Lehigh ing to open a door with his right wanted him to play through What he’s battling, though, is (McDonald 3-4, Coffey 3-6, Hayes 2-4, Wallace 1-1, Valley (IL) on a rehab assignment. Sent INF Johan hand, then brush his teeth, then growing pains. The pressure loneliness. He typically arrives in Howard 1-3, Durr 0-1, Ch.Parker 0-2, Wheeler 0-2). Team HOUSTON 101 Camargo to Reading (EL) on a rehab assignment. touch his shoulder when his would be low. For insurance, they the morning to an empty club- Rebounds: 6. Team Turnovers: None. Blocked Shots: 3 AUSTIN FC 123 Pittsburgh Pirates: Reinstated LHP Dillon Peters from the range of motion allowed. signed Maikel Franco to a minor house. Those playing for the (Ch.Parker 2, Howard). Turnovers: 17 (Coffey 4, Vaughn 15-day IL. Optioned LHP Eric Stout to Indianapolis (IL). Tommy John surgery changes league deal during the lockout. Nationals’ Florida Complex 4, Hayes 3, McDonald 2, Wheeler 2, Billings, Durr). San Diego Padres: Sent INF Wil Myers to Lake Elsinore everything. Kieboom is learning Then at the start of camp, Kie- League team are all on the minor Steals: 7 (McDonald 3, Howard 2, Coffey, Hayes). (CAL) on a rehab assignment. Transferred RHP Robert by the day. boom had lingering elbow sore- league side. And after watching Suarez from the 15-day IL to the 60-day IL. Selected the “When I first got hurt, I ness, leading the medical staff to the first 50 games of the season, CHICAGO MIN FG FT O-T A PF PTS contract of INF Estury Ruiz from El Paso (PCL). Optioned thought, ‘Well, that was my diagnose a strained flexor mass. give or take, Kieboom is picking Copper OF Brent Rooker to El Paso. chance,’ ” Kieboom said in a The plan was to rehab and try to and choosing more. Meesseman 31:38 9-14 3-6 1-7 0 1 23 First Half: 1, Houston, Carrasquilla, 2, 11th minute; 2, NBA phone interview last week. “Ob- avoid surgery. Ca.Parker 32:55 5-9 0-0 3-6 8 3 10 Austin FC, Fagundez, 4, 15th. Atlanta Hawks: Signed C Frank Kaminsky. viously, I knew this was a huge He always checks the box Quigley 33:23 12-20 4-4 2-11 3 4 31 Second Half: 3, Austin FC, Urruti, 7 (Driussi), 57th; 4, Boston Celtics: Signed F Danilo Gallinaro. year for me. So my initial feeling But at every step, the pain scores. He is glued to any Nation- Vandersloot 29:49 2-6 5-6 1-5 4 3 9 Austin FC, Ring, 3 (Finlay), 70th. Minnesota Timberwolves: Signed G Bryn Forbes. is that it was horrible, that I returned. Kieboom underwent al League East matchup, figuring Gardner 29:16 2-6 1-2 0-1 5 1 5 Goalies: Houston, Steve Clark, Michael Nelson; Austin New York Knicks: Signed Cs Isaiah Hartenstein and could be done for the season and Tommy John surgery in late May. he’s likely to face some of those Allemand 17:39 2-4 1-1 0-3 1 2 5 FC, Bradley Stuver, Andrew Tarbell. Mitchell Robinson and G Jalen Brunson. never get this opportunity again. Franco has started at third in 79 pitchers in the future. But catch- Stevens 10:44 1-1 0-0 0-1 3 0 2 Yellow Cards: Hadebe, Houston, 14th; Lundqvist, Hous- NHL It took maybe 48 hours before I of the Nationals’ 88 games. ing every inning took a toll. TV Hebard 1-2 0-0 0 1 3 ton, 62nd; Lima, Austin FC, 66th; Herrera, Houston, 80th. Buffalo Sabres: Signed F Vinnie Hinostroza to a one-year remembered that I’m still young on or not, there’s a great physical Evans 7:00 1-4 0-0 0-0 0 1 0 Houston, Steve Clark; Teenage Hadebe (Daniel Steres, contract. and getting started. It was a “No one wants to have season- and metaphorical distance be- Yueru 5:48 0-1 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 85th), Adam Lundqvist (Sam Junqua, 78th), Tim Parker, Minnesota Wild: Re-signed G Zane McIntyre to a speed bump that seemed huge in ending surgery if they can help tween Kieboom and his team- 0:54 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 0 2 Zeca (Griffin Dorsey, 79th); Adalberto Carrasquilla one-year, two-way contract. Named Matt Harder the moment, but you have to look it,” Kieboom said. “But it got to a mates, the ones trudging TOTALS 0:54 1-1 (Hector Herrera, 47th), Darwin Ceren, Fafa Picault, strength and conditioning coach, David McLean pro at the big picture.” point where I couldn’t keep try- through a season that could end Memo Rodriguez, Thorleifur Ulfarsson, Matias Vera scout and Cody McLeod player development coach. A first-round pick in 2016, ing to rehab something that with more than 100 losses. Kie- 200 35-66 15-21 7-34 24 16 90 (Darwin Quintero, 65th); . Acquired G Filip Gistavsson from Ottawa in exchange for Kieboom has struggled in limit- clearly wasn’t right. I couldn’t boom knows only time can close Austin FC, Bradley Stuver; Julio Cascante, Ruben Gabri- G Cam Talbot. ed chances with the Nationals. miss two seasons. When was it. Percentages: FG .530, FT .714. 3-Point Goals: 5-14, .357 elsen, Zan Kolmanic; Diego Fagundez, Ethan Finlay New York Rangers: Agreed to terms with D Libor Hajek He debuted in 2019 and was sent enough enough, you know? Try- (Ca.Parker 3-8, Copper 2-2, Meesseman 0-1, Quigley 0-1, (Rodney Redes, 81st), Hector Jimenez (Nicholas Lima, on a one-year contract extension. down after 11 games. In 2020, ing to figure that out and then be “Baseball is not all I have . . . Vandersloot 0-2). Team Rebounds: 7. Team Turnovers: 22nd), Alexander Ring (Jared Stroud, 90th), Owen Wolff Tampa Bay Lightning: Named Jeff Blashill assistant after Anthony Rendon departed at peace with the decision was but it is all I’ve ever really worked None. Blocked Shots: 3 (Gardner 2, Meesseman). Turnovers: (Daniel Pereira, 47th); Sebastian Driussi (Felipe Mar- coach. in free agency, Kieboom couldn’t one of the bigger mental chal- for,” he said. “I thought this was 13 (Vandersloot 3, Allemand 2, Copper 2, Quigley 2, Ca.Park- tins, 81st), Maximiliano Urruti. NFL grab the everyday role. And in lenges I’ve faced.” the year my career was going to er, Gardner, Hebard, Meesseman). Steals: 11 (Ca.Parker 3, Carolina Panthers: Waived QB Davis Cheek. Added QB get on track. Now that was Copper 2, Gardner 2, Vandersloot 2, Allemand, Quigley). Baker Mayfield to the active roster. Recounting his recovery, Kie- delayed, and it’s okay. I mean, it MLS boom laughed about the mun- has to be okay. I’m still so far Lynx 118, Mercury 107 (2OT) NWSL Atlanta United: Signed F Edwin Mosquera to a four-year dane tasks that now feel like from being finished.” contract, pending receipt of his international transfer huge victories. This past Friday Phoenix .................20 25 23 21 14 4 — 107 W L T Pts GF GA certificate (ITC) and P-1 visa. Minnesota ............27 20 20 22 14 15 — 118 San Diego ..........................6 3 3 21 19 11 D.C. United: Named Wayne Rooney head coach. Chicago..............................5 1 5 20 19 12 Minnesota United: Signed D Alan Benitez to a two-and- PHOENIX MIN FG FT O-T A PF PTS Portland ............................4 1 6 18 24 10 a-half-year contract, pending receipt of his international Cunningham 47:16 13-20 4-5 3-7 2 4 36 OL Reign............................4 2 5 17 11 8 transfer certificate (ITC) and a P-1 visa. Peddy 30:47 2-13 2-2 7-10 4 4 7 Angel City FC ....................5 4 2 17 10 11 New York Red Bulls: Transferred D Jason Pendant to Turner 43:54 1-1 0-0 2-8 3 4 2 Houston ............................4 4 3 15 16 13 Quevilly Rouen Metropole (Ligue 2). Diggins-Smith 47:54 11-28 8-11 5-6 10 5 32 Kansas City .......................4 4 3 15 11 14 Real Salt Lake: Loaned F Jonathan Menendez to Club Taurasi 43:10 5-23 2-3 2-7 5 5 17 Gotham FC ........................4 5 0 12 7 13 Atletico Sarsfield (Argentina) for the rest of the season. DeShields 21:46 2-10 2-2 1-3 3 6 7 Orlando .............................3 5 3 12 12 26 Gray Louisville...........................2 5 4 10 13 18 Simms 9:12 2-3 0-1 0-2 0 4 4 Washington ......................1 5 6 9 11 15 6:01 1-2 0-0 1-1 0 0 2 North Carolina...................2 5 2 8 14 16 TOTALS 250 37-100 18-24 21-44 27 32 107 FRIDAY’S RESULTS Orlando 1, Houston 0 Percentages: FG .370, FT .750. 3-Point Goals: 15-50, .300 Gotham FC 2, Louisville 1 (Cunningham 6-11, Taurasi 5-17, Diggins-Smith 2-7, Peddy 1-6, DeShields 1-7, Gray 0-1, Simms 0-1). Team SATURDAY’S RESULT Rebounds: 8. Team Turnovers: 1. Blocked Shots: 9 Angel City FC 2, San Diego 1 (Turner 3, Diggins-Smith 2, Taurasi 2, Cunningham, Gray). Turnovers: 8 (Cunningham 2, DeShields 2, Gray 2, SUNDAY’S RESULTS Diggins-Smith, Turner). Steals: 13 (Cunningham 5, Kansas City 1, Washington 0 Diggins-Smith 3, Peddy 2, Turner 2, Taurasi). Technical North Carolina 2, Chicago 2 Fouls: Mercury, 3:05 first. Portland 2, OL Reign 2 MINNESOTA MIN FG FT O-T A PF PTS FRIDAY’S MATCHES Dantas Angel City FC at North Carolina, 7:30 Powers 13:22 2-8 0-0 1-3 3 2 5 Louisville at San Diego, 10 Retropolis Fowles 37:03 13-24 6-7 5-13 3 3 35 Jefferson 36:36 6-10 2-5 4-14 0 5 14 SATURDAY’S MATCHES McBride 21:34 1-4 2-2 0-1 3 1 5 Chicago at Houston, 8:30 Shepard 41:41 4-12 9-9 1-4 5 2 17 Gotham FC at Portland, 10:30 Banham 36:38 6-8 1-5 5-12 4 4 13 Carleton 31:05 8-14 3-5 1-3 7 1 25 SUNDAY’S MATCHES Achonwa 18:37 0-5 0-0 1-3 0 2 0 Orlando at Washington, 5 Milic 12:51 1-1 2-2 1-2 2 1 4 OL Reign at Kansas City, 7 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 TOTALS 0:33 0-0 250 41-86 25-35 19-55 27 21 118 Stories of the past, rediscovered. Percentages: FG .477, FT .714. 3-Point Goals: 11-27, .407 S0129-3x.75 (Banham 6-9, Powers 3-7, Jefferson 1-2, Dantas 1-3, Carleton 0-3, McBride 0-3). Team Rebounds: 17. Team Turnovers: 3. Blocked Shots: 1 (Achonwa). Turnovers: 19 (Powers 9, Shepard 4, Banham 2, Fowles 2, Jefferson, McBride). Steals: 5 (Powers 2, Shepard 2, Achonwa). Technical Fouls: Lynx, 2:44 first.

EZ CLASSIFIED zone EZ | 2022-7-13 | D 6 | BLACK CLAESFGSHIFIIED D6 WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 EZ the local expert homes for sale, rentals merchandise, garage dogs, cats, birds, fish Trustee Sales on local jobs commercial real estate sales, auctions, tickets 202-334-5782 rentals pets recruit realestate merchandise washingtonpost/ PublicNotice.asp For Recruitment advertisements, go to To place an ad, go to Legal Notices: 202-334-7007 or call or call 202-334-6200 Auctions, Estate Sales, Furniture: 202-334-7029 202-334-4100 (toll free 1-800-765-3675) Non-commercial advertisers can now place ads 24/7 by calling 202-334-6200 Biz Ops/Services: 202-334-5787 C JOBS C JOBS 825 Bids & Proposals 825 Bids & Proposals 850 Montgomery County 850 Montgomery County 850 Montgomery County 850 Montgomery County 851 Prince Georges County 851 Prince Georges County Rosenberg & Associates, LLC Newspapers carriers PUBLIC BIDDING #06 YEAR 2022 – Samuel I. White, P.C. Samuel I. White, P.C. 4340 East West Highway, Suite 600 File# EX-2022-60630857-APN-DGI#EA 596 Lynnhaven Parkway, Suite 200 6100 EXECUTIVE BLVD, SUITE 400 Bethesda, MD 20814 needed to deliver (301) 907-8000 Contracting organization: ARGENTINE ARMY – US Virginia Beach, VA 23452 ROCKVILLE, MARYLAND 20852 The Washington Post ATTACHE’S OFFICE SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEES' SALE OF PUBLIC AUCTION SALE SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEES’ SALE Bid Objective: ACQUISITION OF SPARE PARTS FOR ASEL- VALUABLE FEE SIMPLE PROPERTY OF IMPROVED REAL PROPERTY in SAN RADARS, FOR THE ARGENTINE ARMY A cooperative housing corporation, entitling the owner 13203 ARYA DR. BID OPENING AT: ARGENTINE ARMY- 1810 Connecticut Ave KNOWN AS thereof to possession of a dwelling unit BRANDYWINE, MD 20613 DC, MD and VA area NW, Washington D.C 20009 6113 GRANBY ROAD Under a power of sale contained in a certain Deed of Trust from Donna M. Eugene and Date and Time: August 10th, 2022, at 10:00 AM DERWOOD, MD 20855 KNOWN AS Erich K. Benton dated July 29, 2011 and recorded in Liber 32938, folio 544 among Great part-time income opportunity! Specifications can be downloaded at 5225 POOKS HILL ROAD #1612S, the Land Records of Prince George's County, MD, default having occurred under the Transportation required. and Under and by virtue of the power of sale contained in a terms thereof, the Sub. Trustees will sell at public auction at the Circuit Court for certain Deed of Trust to PHILIP A. LOGRASSO, Trustee(s), BETHESDA, MD 20814 Prince George's County, 14735 Main St., Upper Marlboro, MD, 20772 (Duval Wing 840 Trustees Sale - DC 840 Trustees Sale - DC dated May 15, 2002, and recorded among the Land Records SALE ON July 18, 2022 at 1:30 PM entrance, located on Main St.), on of MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MARYLAND in Liber 21167, folio To apply, go to DLA PIPER LLP (US) 698, the holder of the indebtedness secured by this Deed of By virtue of the power and authority contained in Security JULY 19, 2022 AT 10:52 AM 500 EIGHTH STREET, NW Trust having appointed the undersigned Substitute Trustees, by Agreement from Cecil Wiedman, Debtor to PNC Bank, National ALL THAT FEE SIMPLE LOT OF GROUND, together with the buildings and WASHINGTON, DC 20004 instrument duly recorded among the aforesaid Land Records, Association, dated June 13, 2013, default having occurred improvements thereon situated in Prince George's County, MD and more fully default having occurred under the terms thereof, and at under the terms thereof, and at the request of the party secured described in the aforesaid Deed of Trust. Tax ID #11-3707163. 1405 Cars 820 Official Notices 202-799-4101 the request of the party secured thereby, the undersigned thereby, by its undersigned attorney will sale at public auction The property, which is improved by a dwelling, will be sold in an \"as is\" condition and Substitute Trustee will offer for sale at public auction at at Montgomery County Circuit Court, 50 Maryland Avenue, subject to conditions, restrictions and agreements of record affecting the same, if any, 2008 TOYOTA SOLARA SE COUP Notice is hereby given that the SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEE’S SALE THE MONTGOMERY COUNTY COURTHOUSE LOCATED AT 50 Rockville, MD 20850 and with no warranty of any kind. Great cond't, minor body scratch following named company (Tri- THREE-STORY RESIDENTIAL APARTMENT BUILDING MARYLAND AVENUE, ROCKVILLE, MD 20850 ON, ALL the membership shares described in said Security being Terms of Sale: A deposit of $76,000 in the form of certified check, cashier's check dent Funding, LLC) at the address shares of capital stock of Promenade Towers Mutual Housing or money order will be required of the purchaser at time and place of sale. Balance of 100K mi - $7K - 301-996-1677 listed herewith (1077 Bridgeport 1225 CLIFTON STREET, NW JULY 18, 2022 at 1:30 PM Corporation., allocated to : the purchase price to be paid in cash within ten days of final ratification of sale by the Ave., Shelton, CT 06484), with WASHINGTON, D.C. 20009 5225 Pooks Hill Road #1612S, Bethesda, MD 20814, in the Circuit Court for Prince George's County. Interest to be paid on the unpaid purchase 2016 Dodge Dart SRT, Loaded, branch locations at 2424 S.E. ALL THAT FEE SIMPLE LOT OF GROUND and improvements cooperative housing corporation known as Promenade Towers money at the rate pursuant to the Deed of Trust Note from the date of sale to the date Silver & Black w/ all options. Red Bristol St., Suite 285, Newport By virtue of a certain Deed of Trust, Assignment of Leases and Rents, Security thereon situated in MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MD and described Mutual Housing Corporation. together with all rights, duties and funds are received in the office of the Sub. Trustees. There will be no abatement of MGP Brake covers. WILL NOT LAST Beach, CA 92660 and at 2100 Agreement and Fixture Filing from 1225 Clifton ST DE LLC, a Delaware limited as follows: obligations under the terms of the Occupancy Agreement and interest in the event additional funds are tendered before settlement or if settlement $8499. Please call 240-535-3346 Westlake Ave. N., Suite 101, Seat- liability company dated December 9, 2021 and duly recorded December 30, 2021 as LOT NUMBERED TWENTY-FOUR (24), IN BLOCK LETTERED Subject to the terms, provisions and conditions contained in the is delayed for any reason. The noteholder shall not be obligated to pay interest if it is tle, WA 98109, has made applica- Instrument No. 2021169186 among the Land Records of the District of Columbia \"B\" IN THE SUBDIVISION KNOWN AS \"SECTION 1, MUNCAST- Articles of the purchaser. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE FOR THE PURCHASER. Adjustment of all 1447 Autos Wanted tion to engage in the business (the \"Land Records\"), as assigned to Verus Mortgage Trust 1A, a Delaware statutory ER MANOR\", AS PER PLAT THEREOF RECORDED IN PLAT Incorporation, By-Laws, Occupancy Agreement and House Rules real property taxes, including agricultural taxes, if applicable, and any and all public of loaning money for the license trust by that certain Assignment of Security Instrument dated December 9, 2021 BOOK 105 AT PLAT 12027, AMONG THE LAND RECORDS OF of Promenade Towers Mutual Housing Corporation. The member- and/or private charges or assessments, to the extent such amounts survive foreclosure DONATE YOUR CAR/TRUCK/RV year ending December 31, 2022 and recorded January 19, 2022 among the Land Records as Instrument No. MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MARYLAND. ship shares will be sold subject to their proportionate share sale, including water/sewer charges and ground rent, to be adjusted to date of sale Lutheran Mission Society of MD as provided by the Act of Con- 2022007522, and subsequently assigned to IOF III Trust 1B, a Delaware statutory THE PROPERTY IS SUBJECT TO AN IRS RIGHT OF REDEMP- of certain underlying purchase money mortgages as delineated and paid at execution of the deed, except where the secured party is the purchaser, Compassion Place ministries gress, approved February 14, trust by that certain Assignment of Security Instrument dated March 25, 2022 and TION. in the Occupancy Agreement and subject to all conditions, and thereafter assumed by the purchaser. Condominium fees and/or homeowners help local families with food, 1913. Anyone desiring to protest recorded May 5, 2022 among the Land Records as Instrument No. 2022049758 The property will be sold in an \"AS IS WHERE IS\" condition liens restrictions and agreements of record affecting same, and association dues, if any, shall be assumed by the purchaser from the date of sale clothing, counseling. Tax deductible. against the issuance of this (collectively, the \"Deed of Trust\") and in accordance with Public Law 90-566 notice without either express or implied warranty or representation, subject to any assessments. forward. Cost of all documentary stamps, transfer taxes and settlement expenses shall license should do so in writing to recorded among the Land Records as Instrument No. 2022062224, a default having including but not limited to the description, fitness for a TERMS OF SALE: A deposit of $20,000.00 cash or certified be borne by the purchaser. Purchaser shall be responsible for obtaining physical MVA licensed #W1044. the Commissioner of the Depart- occurred in the payment of the indebtedness secured thereby and the covenants particular purpose or use, structural integrity, physical condi- funds shall be required at the time of sale. The balance of possession of the property. Purchaser assumes the risk of loss or damage to the 410-228-8437 ment of Insurance, Securities and contained therein, and at the request of the party secured thereby (the \"Noteholder\"), tion, construction, extent of construction, workmanship, mate- the purchase price with interest at 3.75% per annum from the property from the date of sale forward. Additional terms to be announced at the time Banking, 1050 First Street, NE, the undersigned Substitute Trustee, will sell, at public auction, within the office rials, liability, zoning, subdivision, environmental condition, date of sale to the date of settlement. All costs incident to the of sale. Suite 801, Washington, DC of ALEX COOPER AUCTIONEERS, INC., 4910 MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE, N.W., merchantability, compliance with building or housing codes or transfer of membership shares shall be borne by the purchaser. If the Sub. Trustees are unable to convey good and marketable title, the purchaser's 20002, in the manner prescribed SUITE 100, WASHINGTON, D.C. on other laws, ordinances or regulations, or other similar matters, All adjustments of cooperative fees and assessments will be sole remedy in law and equity shall be limited to a refund of the deposit without Career Training - Emp Svcs by said Act: See DC Code Title 26, and subject to easements, agreements and restrictions of record made as to date of sale, and to be assumed by thereafter by interest. If the purchaser fails to go to settlement, the deposit shall be forfeited, TRAIN ONLINE TO DO Chapter 9 and 16 DCMR 2. THURSDAY, JULY 21, 2022 AT 11:30 AM which affect the same, if any. The property will be sold the purchaser. In the event that the purchaser fails to go to to the Trustees for application against all expenses, attorney’s fees and the full MEDICAL BILLING! the following described land and premises: subject to all conditions, liens, restrictions and agreements of settlement as required, the share shall be re-sold at commission on the sale price of the above-scheduled foreclosure sale. In the event Become a Medical Office 850 Montgomery County Lot numbered Ten (10), in Block numbered Twenty-Seven (27) John Sherman, record affecting same including any condominium and of HOA purchaser’s risk and expense and the deposit is forfeited. If of default, all expenses of this sale (including attorney’s fees and the full commission Professional online at CTI! IN THE CIRCUIT COURT Trustee’s subdivision of part of “Mount Pleasant” and “Pleasant Plains”, known as assessments pursuant to Md Real Property Article 11-110. secured convey, purchaser's sole remedy is return of the deposit. on the gross sale price of this sale) shall be charged against and paid out of the Get Trained, Certified & FOR THE COUNTY OF “Columbia Heights”, as per plat recorded in the Office of the Surveyor for the District TERMS OF SALE: A deposit of $20,000.00 PAYABLE ONLY BY Additional Sale terms may be announced at the sale. forfeited deposit. The Trustees may then re-advertise and resell the property at the ready to work in months! of Columbia in Liber Governor Shepherd at Folio 158. certified funds, shall be required at the time of sale. CASH WILL Trustee’s File No. 80342 risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser or may avail themselves of any legal or MONTGOMERY, MARYLAND Also, part of Lot numbered One Hundred Sixty-Five (165) in Pumphrey’s subdivision NOT BE AN ACCEPTABLE FORM OF DEPOSIT. The balance of equitable remedies against the defaulting purchaser without reselling the property. Call 888-453-2456. of part of said Block numbered Twenty-Seven (27) “Columbia Heights”, as per plat the purchase price with interest at 2.5% per annum from the In the event of a resale, the defaulting purchaser shall not be entitled to receive the (M-F 8am-6pm ET) WILLIAM M. SAVAGE, et al. recorded in said Surveyor’s Office in Liber 50 at Folio 78, described as follows: date of sale to the date of payment will be paid within TEN surplus, if any, even if such surplus results from improvements to the property by said Trustee(s) BEGINNING at the Southwest corner of said lot One Hundred Sixty-Five (165), and DAYS after the final ratification of the sale. There will be no defaulting purchaser and the defaulting purchaser shall be liable to the Trustees and A JOBS Plaintiff(s) running thence North along the West line of said lot, 94 feet to the Northwest corner abatement of interest for any reason. Adjustments on all taxes, secured party for reasonable attorney’s fees and expenses incurred in connection with of said lot; thence East along the North line of said lot 80/100 of a foot; thence public charges and special or regular assessments will be made all litigation involving the Property or the proceeds of the resale. Trustees' file number Financial Analyst: Using math vs. Southwesterly to a point in the South line of said lot, distant 65/1000 of a foot East of as of the date of sale and thereafter assumed by purchaser. There 22-001201-MD-F-1. techniques to build financial the point of beginning; thence West along the said South line of said lot, 65/1000 of a will be no abatement of taxes, public charges and special or models; Perform attribution, PETER M CASTIGLIONI foot to the point of beginning. regular assessments for any reason. If applicable, condominium Diane S. Rosenberg, Mark D. Meyer, et al., Substitute Trustees p/loss measurement or pric- DEBORAH A CASTIGLIONI Note: At the date hereof the above-described land is designated on the Records of the and/or homeowner association dues and assessments that may ing models; Simulate data Defendant(s) Assessor of the District of Columbia for assessment and taxation purposes as Lot 827 become due after the time of sale will be the responsibility of into serial correlation & other Mortgagor(s) in Square 2865. the purchaser. Title examination, conveyancing, state revenue cost/benefit analysis equa- Property address known as: 1225 Clifton Street, NW, Washington, DC 20009. stamps, transfer taxes, title insurance, and all other costs tions; Master in Finance or CIVIL NO: 481030V The property is believed to be improved by a 3-story nineteen (19) unit apartment incident to settlement are to be paid by the purchaser. Time is rel. Knwl of or exp. in SAS, building. The property has approximately 16,424 square feet of floor space. This of the essence for the purchaser, otherwise the deposit will be Java & Python; Knwl of or exp. NOTICE property has a lot size of approximately 10,690 square feet. forfeited, and the property may be resold at risk and costs of the in using Bloomberg terminal defaulting purchaser and the purchaser agrees to pay reasonable & mkt research w/ big data NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THIS 1st FIXTURES AND TANGIBLE PROPERTY attorneys' fees for the Substitute trustees, plus all cost incurred, 12387701 June 29, July 6, 13, 2022 12388836 mining, selecting, simulating, day of July, 2022 by the Circuit Pursuant to the Deed of Trust as evidenced by Financing Statement recorded if the Substitute Trustee's have filed the appropriate motion with & modeling; Knwl of or exp. in Court for the County of Mont- December 10, 2021 as Instrument No. 2021161461, assigned by Financing the Court to resell the property. The purchasers waives personal June 29, July 6, 13, 2022 Rosenberg & Associates, LLC corp fin reporting & analysis, gomery, Maryland and by the Statement Amendment recorded January 19, 2022 as Instrument No. 2022007500; service of any papers filed in connection with such a motion 4340 East West Highway, Suite 600 forecasting & modeling, & real authority thereof, that the sale and assigned by Financing Statement Amendment recorded June 7, 2022 as and expressly agrees to The purchaser agrees to accept service Samuel I. White, P.C. estate investment reporting & made by William M. Savage and Instrument No. 2022062226 among said Chattel Records and upon occurrence of by first class mail at the address provided by the Purchaser as 6100 EXECUTIVE BLVD, SUITE 400 Bethesda, MD 20814 cash flow analysis.; Resumes Gregory N. Britto, Trustees, of the a default thereunder, the Secured Party, IOF III Trust 1B as the holder of a security identified on the Memorandum of Sale. If the sale is not ratified (301) 907-8000 to Job Loc: Fubon Financial Real Property designated as 19623 interest and lien on all of the tangible and intangible assets of the Debtor, will sell or if the Substitute Trustees are unable to convey marketable ROCKVILLE, MARYLAND 20852 Group LLC, 7708 Sebago Rhinestone Drive, Germantown, at public auction on the same date and at the same time and place, ALL OF THE title in accord with these terms of sale, the purchaser's only PUBLIC AUCTION SALE Road, Bethesda, MD 20817. MD 20874, and reported in the FIXTURES and TANGIBLE PROPERTY, ETC. of the Debtor located on or about the remedy is return of the deposit. SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEES’ SALE ATTN: Min-Hua Su. above entitled cause, will be final- Real Estate (that is subject to the security interest and lien of IOF III TRUST 1B and The sale is subject to post-sale confirmation and audit of the A cooperative housing corporation, entitling the owner OF IMPROVED REAL PROPERTY ly ratified and confirmed, unless not owned by any third party.) status of the loan with the loan servicer including, but not thereof to possession of a dwelling unit C JOBS cause to the contrary thereof be TOGETHER WITH any and all buildings, structures, improvements or appurtenances limited to, determination of whether the borrower entered into 1793 VILLAGE GREEN DR. shown on or before the 31st day now erected on the above-described land, including, without limitation, all equipment, a repayment agreement, reinstated, or paid off the loan prior to KNOWN AS HYATTSVILLE, MD 20785 CSRA State & Local Solutions of July, 2022, next; provided a apparatus, machinery and fixtures of any kind or character forming a part of said sale. In any such event, this sale shall be null and void, and the 3320 GLENEAGLES DRIVE #68-1B Under a power of sale contained in a certain Deed of Trust from Latasha Renae LLC has an opening for a Solu- copy of this order be inserted buildings, structures, improvements or appurtenances, and any furniture, furnishings, Purchaser's sol remedy, in law or equity, shall be the return of Stewart dated August 31, 2007 and recorded in Liber 28842, folio 89 among the tions Architect Sr. Advisor. in THE WASHINGTON POST, 1150 equipment, machinery and other personal property owned and located in, upon or the deposit without interest. SILVER SPRING, MD 20906 Land Records of Prince George's County, MD, default having occurred under the terms Position may telecommute 15th Street, Washington DC, MD about the above-described land and any buildings thereon all as more particularly thereof, the Sub. Trustees will sell at public auction at the Circuit Court for Prince from anywhere in the U.S. published in said COUNTY OF described in the aforesaid Deed of Trust (the \"Property\"). The “Property” does not Trustee's File No. (79091) George's County, 14735 Main St., Upper Marlboro, MD, 20772 (Duval Wing entrance, Duties include: provide busi- MONTGOMERY once a week for include any property owned by any tenants at the Property. Robert A. Jones, et al SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEES located on Main St.), on ness & technical architectural three successive weeks before TERMS OF SALE: ALL CASH. The Property will be offered as an entirety only. The JULY 19, 2022 AT 10:54 AM guidance to development the 31st day of July, 2022. bid that yields the highest price for the Property will be accepted by the Substitute ALL THAT FEE SIMPLE LOT OF GROUND, together with the buildings and teams, business groups & Trustee (unless the sale is postponed or cancelled) and all bids will be provisional improvements thereon situated in Prince George's County, MD and described as customers for existing & new The report states the amount of until acceptance. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Substitute Trustee absolutely SALE ON Building Unit No. Y-94 in Phase Two, Windmill Square Condominium and more fully products & services using IBM the sale to be $223,000.00. reserves the right to postpone the sale and/or cancel the sale at any time until the described in the aforesaid Deed of Trust. Tax ID #13-1460138. Sterling B2B Integrator. To auctioneer announces that the Property is \"sold\" and the deposit in the required The property, which is improved by a dwelling, will be sold in an \"as is\" condition and apply, email resume referenc- Karen A. Bushell amount and form is received by the Substitute Trustee. A deposit in the amount of July 18, 2022 at 1:30 PM subject to conditions, restrictions and agreements of record affecting the same, if any, ing Job Code SASA621RS to Clerk of the Circuit Court For $150,000 will be required at the time of sale as a condition to bidding. Such deposit and with no warranty of any kind. [email protected] must be by cashier's check or certified check or in such other form as the Substitute Terms of Sale: A deposit of $18,000 in the form of certified check, cashier's check County of Montgomery Trustee may determine in his sole discretion. The deposit must be increased to 5% or money order will be required of the purchaser at time and place of sale. Balance of of the purchase price within 2 business days after consummation of the sale, and the purchase price to be paid in cash within ten days of final ratification of sale by the Tech Jobs LOGS LEGAL GROUP LLP delivered to the Substitute Trustee in the same form of funds as the initial deposit. The By virtue of the power and authority contained in Security Circuit Court for Prince George's County. Interest to be paid on the unpaid purchase 10021 Balls Ford Road, Suite 200 Noteholder secured by the Deed of Trust (or any related party) shall be exempted by Agreement from Peter Joseph O’Connell, Debtor to PNC Bank, money at the rate pursuant to the Deed of Trust Note from the date of sale to the date TECHNOLOGY Manassas, Virginia 20109 the Substitute Trustee from submitting any bidding deposit. The Substitute Trustee National Association, dated September 5, 2017, default having funds are received in the office of the Sub. Trustees. There will be no abatement of CSC Covansys Corporation Trustees File #19-285658 will, as a condition of the sale, require all potential bidders except the Noteholder to occurred under the terms thereof, and at the request of the interest in the event additional funds are tendered before settlement or if settlement hiring for Professional Quality show their deposit before any bidding begins. The retained deposit of the successful party secured thereby, by its undersigned attorney will sale at is delayed for any reason. The noteholder shall not be obligated to pay interest if it is in Ashburn, VA (Ref. July 6, 13, 20, 2022 12390075 purchaser shall be applied, without interest, to the successful purchaser's credit at public auction at Montgomery County Circuit Court, 50 Maryland the purchaser. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE FOR THE PURCHASER. Adjustment of all #6612139). Prform qlty ass- settlement; provided, however, that in the event the successful purchaser does not Avenue, Rockville, MD 20850 real property taxes, including agricultural taxes, if applicable, and any and all public rnce actvties for sml to med 851 Prince Georges County consummate the purchase in accordance with the terms of sale as herein provided, and/or private charges or assessments, to the extent such amounts survive foreclosure sftwre dev prjcts & tsks w/in such deposit, at the option of the Substitute Trustee, will be forfeited. The terms sale, including water/sewer charges and ground rent, to be adjusted to date of sale the same and/or diff accnts. IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR of sale must be complied with and settlement consummated thereon within 30 days ALL the membership shares described in said Security being and paid at execution of the deed, except where the secured party is the purchaser, Pstn rqrs a Bchlr's dgre or a PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY, from the day of sale unless extended at the sole discretion of the Substitute Trustee. shares of capital stock of Montgomery Mutual Inc., allocated to : and thereafter assumed by the purchaser. Condominium fees and/or homeowners foreign equiv in Eng., M.I.S, TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. The balance of the purchase price over and above association dues, if any, shall be assumed by the purchaser from the date of sale Appld Comp Sci, Comp Sci, MARYLAND the retained deposit, with interest thereon at the note rate then being charged from 3320 Gleneagles Drive #68-1B, Silver Spring, MD 20906, forward. Cost of all documentary stamps, transfer taxes and settlement expenses shall or rltd fld, & 3 yrs of wrk JASON A. PARDO, the date of sale through the date of receipt of the balance of the purchase price, in the cooperative housing corporation known as Montgomery be borne by the purchaser. Purchaser shall be responsible for obtaining physical exp in job offrd, as an App Substitute Trustee, will be due at settlement by bank wire transfer; and if not so paid, the Substitute Mutual Inc.. together with all rights, duties and obligations possession of the property. Purchaser assumes the risk of loss or damage to the Dlvry, Sys Eng, or rltd occptn. c/o Pardo & Drazin, LLC Trustee reserves the right to retain the deposit and resell the Property at the risk and under the terms of the Occupancy Agreement and Subject to property from the date of sale forward. Additional terms to be announced at the time Wll wrk @ unantcptd clnt stes 4400 Jenifer Street, NW, cost of the defaulting purchaser, after such advertisement and on such terms as the the terms, provisions and conditions contained in the Articles of of sale. thruout the U.S. Telecmmtng Suite 2 Substitute Trustee may deem proper, and to avail himself and the Noteholder of any Incorporation, By-Laws, Occupancy Agreement and House Rules If the Sub. Trustees are unable to convey good and marketable title, the purchaser's is prmssbl. Email resume to Washington, DC 20015 legal or equitable rights against the defaulting purchaser. of Montgomery Mutual Inc. sole remedy in law and equity shall be limited to a refund of the deposit without [email protected] The Property is sold subject to the rights, if any, of parties in possession, if such interest. If the purchaser fails to go to settlement, the deposit shall be forfeited, resume must include Ref. Plaintiff, rights have priority over the Deed of Trust, and to any and all covenants, conditions, June 29, July 6, 13, 12387308 The membership shares will be sold subject to their proportion- to the Trustees for application against all expenses, attorney’s fees and the full #6612139, full name, email, v. restrictions, easements, rights of way, and limitations of record. The Property will ate share of certain underlying purchase money mortgages as commission on the sale price of the above-scheduled foreclosure sale. In the event address & mailing address. MARILYN MCPHERSON CORDER be sold \"WHERE IS\" and in \"AS IS\" condition without any warranty as to condition, delineated in the Occupancy Agreement and subject to all of default, all expenses of this sale (including attorney’s fees and the full commission No phone calls. Must be legal- 1206 Golf Course Drive express or implied, and without any representation or warranty as to the accuracy conditions, liens restrictions and agreements of record affecting on the gross sale price of this sale) shall be charged against and paid out of the ly authorized to work in the Bowie, MD 20721 of the information furnished to prospective bidders by the Substitute Trustee or any same, and subject to any assessments. forfeited deposit. The Trustees may then re-advertise and resell the property at the U.S without sponsorship. EOE. and other party, if any, and without any other representations or warranty of any nature. risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser or may avail themselves of any legal or FREDERICK CORDER Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Property will be sold without 851 Prince Georges County 851 Prince Georges County TERMS OF SALE: A deposit of $20,000.00 cash or certified equitable remedies against the defaulting purchaser without reselling the property. 815 Legal Notices 1206 Golf Course Drive representation or warranty as to (i) title to the Property, (ii) the nature, condition, IN THE CIRCUIT COURT IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR funds shall be required at the time of sale. The balance of In the event of a resale, the defaulting purchaser shall not be entitled to receive the Bowie, MD 20721 structural integrity, or fitness for a particular use of any improvements, fixtures or FOR PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY, PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY, the purchase price with interest at 4. 5% per annum from the surplus, if any, even if such surplus results from improvements to the property by said This Notice is an attempt to personal property included within the Property, (iii) the environmental condition of date of sale to the date of settlement. All costs incident to the defaulting purchaser and the defaulting purchaser shall be liable to the Trustees and locate Raphael Anew regard- Defendants. the Property or the compliance of the Property with federal, state and local laws MARYLAND MARYLAND transfer of membership shares shall be borne by the purchaser. secured party for reasonable attorney’s fees and expenses incurred in connection with ing his potential claim in a Case No. CAEF22-02218 and regulations concerning the presence or disposal of hazardous substances, (iv) All adjustments of cooperative fees and assessments will be all litigation involving the Property or the proceeds of the resale. Trustees' file number civil litigation matter. compliance of the Property with the Americans with Disabilities Act or any similar law, ERIC D. VANDELINDE ALLAN P. FEIGELSON made as to date of sale, and to be assumed by thereafter by 22-000188-MD-F-1. Raphael’s last known where- ACTION INVOLVING or (v) compliance of the Property with any zoning laws or ordinances and any and all 201 International Circle Substitute Trustee the purchaser. In the event that the purchaser fails to go to Diane S. Rosenberg, Mark D. Meyer, et al., Substitute Trustees abouts was District Heights, REAL PROPERTY applicable safety codes, and acceptance of the Deed to the Property by the successful Suite 230 Plaintiff settlement as required, the share shall be re-sold at purchaser's MD. If you are, or know of purchaser shall constitute a waiver of any claims against the Substitute Trustee or Hunt Valley, MD 21030 v. risk and expense and the deposit is forfeited. If secured convey, the current whereabouts of 322 Harry S. Truman Drive #232, the Noteholder concerning any of the foregoing matters. The successful purchaser Substitute Trustee YOLANDA HENRY purchaser's sole remedy is return of the deposit. Additional Sale Raphael Anew, please con- Upper Marlboro, MD 20774 recognizes that any investigation, examination or inspection of the Property is within Plaintiff Defendant(s) terms may be announced at the sale. tact Attorney Keith W. Wat- Account ID No. 13-1519933 the control of the owner or other parties in possession of the Property and not within v. ters at 1667 K Street, NW, NOTICE the control of the Substitute Trustee or the Noteholder. DAVENPORT, NAOMI Civil No. CAEF19-19422 Trustee's File No. 80392 Suite 1125, Washington, DC Conveyance shall be by Substitute Trustee’s Deed, without covenant or warranty, 6623 23RD AVE, NOTICE 20006 or at 202-293-5772. Notice is hereby issued by the express or implied. The risk of loss or damage by fire or other casualty to the Property HYATTSVILLE, MD 20782 12387103 June 29, July 6, 13, 2022 12388837 Circuit Court for Prince George's from and after the time of sale will be upon the successful purchaser. Sold subject Defendant Notice, this 27th day of June, 2022 820 Official Notices County, Maryland, this 23rd day to all taxes, ground rents, public charges, assessments, sewer, water, drainage and by the Circuit Court for Prince June 29, July 6, 13, 2022 855 Charles County Home delivery of June, 2022, that the sale of other public improvements, if any, whether assessments have been levied or not. The Civil No.: CAEF22-00466 George's County, Maryland, that IN THE CIRCUIT COURT is convenient. ABC LICENSE: PROVENDER LLC trad- the property mentioned in these Noteholder and Substitute Trustee assume no liability for fuel, gas, electricity, utilities NOTICE OF SALE the sale of the property men- 852 Anne Arundel County 852 Anne Arundel County FOR CHARLES COUNTY ing as PROVENDER GARDEN proceedings and commonly and other operating charges accrued before or after the sale and all such charges shall Notice is hereby issued by the tioned in these proceedings, MARYLAND 1-800-753-POST KITCHEN 12 S. Pendleton St. known as 322 Harry S. Truman be the sole responsibility of the purchaser from the date of sale. All costs incident Circuit Court of PRINCE GEORGE'S made and reported by Allan P. IN THE IN THE Jason Murphy, et al., (Loudoun County) Middleburg, VA Drive #232, Upper Marlboro, MD to the settlement and conveyancing including, without limitation, examination of COUNTY this 23rd day of June, Feigelson, Substitute Trustee, be CIRCUIT COURT CIRCUIT COURT Substitute Trustees, SF 20117. The above establishment is 20774, made and reported by title, conveyancing, all recordation taxes and charges, all transfer taxes and charges, 2022 that the sale of the proper- ratified and confirmed unless Plantiffs, applying to the VIRGINIA ALCO- Jason A. Pardo, Substitute title insurance premiums, notary fees, settlement fees and all other costs incident ty mentioned in these proceed- cause to the contrary thereof be FOR FOR v. Wake up HOLIC BEVERAGE CONTROL (ABC) Trustee, be ratified and confirmed to settlement shall be at the cost of the successful purchaser. If the Substitute ings, made and reported by Eric shown on or before the 27th ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY Rodney Nickens to home delivery. AUTHORITY for a Retail On and Off unless cause to the contrary Trustee cannot convey title, the purchaser's sole remedy is a return of deposit. Further D. Vandelinde, Substitute Trustee, day of July, 2022, next, provided Robin Nickens Premise Wine and Beer license to thereof be shown on or before particulars may be announced at the time of sale. For further information, please be ratified and confirmed, unless a copy of this Notice be inserted Defendant(s) 1-800-753-POST sell or manufacture alcoholic bever- the 25th day July, 2022, provided, contact Paul Cooper 443-470-1437. cause to the contrary thereof be in some newspaper published in Case No. C-08-CV-19-000799 ages. Benjamin Dore, General Man- a copy of this Notice be inserted shown on or before the 25th day Prince George's County once in NOTICE SF ager Date notice posted at estab- in The Washington Post, once in Stuart S. Levin, Substitute Trustee of July, 2022 provided a copy of each of three successive weeks Notice is hereby issued this 24th lishment: July 12, 2022 NOTE: Objec- each for three successive weeks, this Notice be inserted in The before the 27th day of July, 2022, day of June, 2022 that the sale of Home delivery tions to the issuance of this license before the 25th day of July, 2022. Washington Post, a newspaper next. the property in this case, 12000 is convenient. must be submitted to ABC no later The Report of Sale states the published in PRINCE GEORGE'S The report of sale states the Castle Pines Lane, Waldorf, MD than 30 days from the publishing amount of sale to be $175,000.00. COUNTY, once in each of three amount of sale to be $209,160.00. 20602, reported by Brittany M. 1-800-753-POST date of the first of two required successive weeks on or before The address of the property is: Taylor, Substitute Trustee, be rati- newspaper legal notices. Objections Mahasin El Amin #597 the 25th day of July, 2022. 117 Big Chimney Branch, Unit 9-1, fied and confirmed, unless cause SF should be registered at Clerk, Circuit Court for The report states the amount of Upper Marlboro, MD 20772. to the contrary be shown on or or 800-552-3200. Prince George's County, sale to be $283,000.00. before the 26th day of July, 2022, Mahasin El Amin #793 provided a copy of this Notice be Hisocmone vdeenliievnerty. Maryland Mahasin El Amin #597 Clerk, Circuit Court for inserted in the Washington Post, 1-800-753-POST SF Jason A. Pardo, Esquire Clerk of the Circuit Court Prince George's County a newspaper published in Charles Pardo & Drazin, LLC for Prince Georges County, MD June 29, July 6,13, 2022 County, Maryland, once in each of 4400 Jenifer Street, NW, Suite 2 June 29, July 6, 13, 2022 12389715 three (3) successive weeks on or Washington, DC 20015 12389707 before the 25th day of July, 2022. (202) 223-7900 (voice), The report states the amount of (202) 223-7901 (fax) sale to be $337,711.55. Substitute Trustee Sharon L Hancock June 29, July 6, 13, 2022 Clerk of the Circuit Court 12389709 Charles County, MD June 29, July 6, 13, 2022 Home delivery starts James E. Clarke, et al. James E. Clarke, et al. 12389086 your day off right. Substitute Trustees Substitute Trustees Versus Versus Home delivery starts 1-800-753-POST Youh,otmooe, dcoeluivlderhy.ave Home delivery Kathy Ann Jacobs AKA Charlesanna Harvin your day off right. 1-800-753-POST is convenient. Kathy A Jacobs and Defendants SF James L. Dailey Jr. SF Defendants No. C-02-CV-22-000007 Ask me about home delivery! NOTICE 1-800-753-POST SF No. C-02-CV-21-001285 NOTICE Notice is hereby issued, Wednes- July 11, 13, 15, 18 , 20, 2022 12389615 Home delivery 1-800-753-POST day, June 22, 2022 that the sale makes good Notice is hereby issued, Wednes- of the property in the proceedings INSURANCE INSURANCE Home delivery Wake up sense. SF day, June 22, 2022 that the sale mentioned, made and reported SERVICES SERVICES makes good to home delivery. of the property in the proceedings by Christine M. Drexel, Substitute sense. 1-800-753-POST Home delivery mentioned, made and reported by Trustee DENTAL INSURANCE from Physicians Hisocmone vdeenliievnerty. is convenient. James E. Clarke, Substitute Trustee BE RATIFIED AND CONFIRMED, Mutual Insurance Company. Cover- 1-800-753-POST SF SF 1-800-753-POST BE RATIFIED AND CONFIRMED, unless cause to the contrary there- age for 350 plus procedures. Real unless cause to the contrary there- of be shown on or before the dental insurance – NOT just a dis- Home delivery SF of be shown on or before the 22nd day of July 2022 next; pro- count plan. Do not wait! Call now! is convenient. 22nd day of July 2022 next; pro- vided, a copy of this Notice be Get your FREE Dental Information Kit 1-800-753-POST Hisocmone vdeenliievnerty. vided, a copy of this Notice be inserted in some newspaper pub- with all the details! 1-855-337-5228 1-800-753-POST SF inserted in some newspaper pub- lished in Anne Arundel County, SF lished in Anne Arundel County, once in each of three successive once in each of three successive weeks before the 22nd day of July weeks before the 22nd day of 2022 next. The report states that July 2022 next. The report states the amount of sale of the property that the amount of sale of the at 701 ORCHARD OVERLOOK 303, property at 207 WICKLOW ROAD, ODENTON, MD 21113 to be GLEN BURNIE MD 21061 to be $242,000.00. $290,000.00. Scott A. Poyer Scott A. Poyer Clerk of the Circuit Court Clerk of the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County for Anne Arundel County June 29, July 6, 13, 2022 12389052 June 29, July 6, 13, 2022 12389115 1-800-753-POST 1-800-753-POST Ask me about home delivery! Home delivery is so easy. 1-800-753-POST 1-800-753-POST SF 1-800-753-POST SF SF SF SF D 6 | EZ

EZ CLASSIFIED zone EZ | 2022-7-13 | D 7 | BLACK WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 EZ OPQRS CLASSIFIED H NOTICES H Trustee Sales—VA H MERCHANDISE H Pets & Animals D7 851 Prince Georges County 851 Prince Georges County 852 Anne Arundel County 852 Anne Arundel County 877 Spotsylvania County 878 Stafford County 878 Stafford County 879 Culpeper County 879 Culpeper County 245 Electronics Rosenberg & Associates, LLC Rosenberg & Associates, LLC TRUSTEE’S SALE OF TRUSTEE’S SALE OF TRUSTEE’S SALE OF TRUSTEE’S SALE OF TRUSTEE’S SALE OF DISH Network. $64.99 for 4340 East West Highway, Suite 600 4340 East West Highway, Suite 600 10910 ASTARITA AVENUE, 42 FIRE TRAIL LN, 32 SCOTTS FORD LANE, 17110 PADDINGTON CT 9066 JAMES MONROE HIGHWAY 190 Channels! Blazing Fast Internet, Bethesda, MD 20814 Bethesda, MD 20814 PARTLOW, VA 22534 FREDERICKSBURG, VA 22406 FREDERICKSBURG, VA 22406 JEFFERSONTON, VA 22724 CULPEPER, VA 22701 (301) 907-8000 (301) 907-8000 $19.99/mo. (where available.) In execution of a certain Deed In execution of a certain Deed of In execution of a certain Deed In execution of a certain Deed of In execution of a certain Deed of Switch & Get a FREE $100 Visa Gift SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEES’ SALE SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEES’ SALE of Trust dated July 28, 2005, in Trust dated September 20, 2005, of Trust dated July 8, 2010, in Trust dated September 6, 2006, Trust dated September 19, 2008, Card. FREE Voice Remote. FREE HD OF IMPROVED REAL PROPERTY OF IMPROVED REAL PROPERTY the original principal amount of in the original principal amount the original principal amount of in the original principal amount in the original principal amount 1805 VILLAGE GREEN DR. 342 NATURE WALK LN. $500,000.00 recorded in the of $296,000.00 recorded in the $568,982.00 recorded in the of $389,200.00 recorded in the of $229,500.00 recorded in the DVR. FREE Streaming on ALL HYATTSVILLE, MD 20785 PASADENA, MD 21122 Clerk’s Office, Circuit Court for Clerk’s Office, Circuit Court for Clerk’s Office, Circuit Court for Clerk’s Office, Circuit Court for Clerk’s Office, Circuit Court for Devices. Call today! 1-855-407-6870. Under a power of sale contained in a certain Deed of Trust from Joann L. Belt a/k/a Under a power of sale contained in a certain Deed of Trust from Michael A. Patterson Spotsylvania County, Virginia as Stafford County, Virginia as Instru- Stafford County, Virginia as Instru- Culpeper County, Virginia as Instru- Culpeper County, Virginia as Instru- Princess Hawkins Belt f/k/a Joan L. Belt dated February 10, 2006 and recorded in dated April 12, 2013 and recorded in Liber 26042, folio 240 among the Land Instrument No. 200500031078 . ment No. 050037767 . The under- ment No. 100010391 . The under- ment No. 060010295 .The under- ment No. 080006335 . The under- 265 Home & Garden Liber 25544, folio 108 among the Land Records of Prince George's County, MD, Records of Anne Arundel County, MD, default having occurred under the terms The undersigned Substitute signed Substitute Trustee will offer signed Substitute Trustee will offer signed Substitute Trustee will offer signed Substitute Trustee will offer BATH & SHOWER UPDATES default having occurred under the terms thereof, the Sub. Trustees will sell at public thereof, the Sub. Trustees will sell at public auction at the Circuit Court for Anne Trustee will offer for sale at public for sale at public auction in the for sale at public auction in the for sale at public auction in the for sale at public auction in the in as little as ONE DAY! Affordable auction at the Circuit Court for Prince George's County, 14735 Main St., Upper Arundel County, at the Court House Door, 8 Church Circle, Annapolis, MD 21401, on auction in the front of the Circuit front of the Circuit Court building front of the Circuit Court building front of the Circuit Court building front of the Circuit Court building prices - No payments for 18 months! Marlboro, MD, 20772 (Duval Wing entrance, located on Main St.), on Court building for Spotsylvania for Stafford County, 1300 Court- for Stafford County, 1300 Court- for Culpeper County, at the corner for Culpeper County, at the corner Lifetime warranty & professional JULY 19, 2022 AT 9:30 AM County, 9107 Judicial Center Lane, house Road, Stafford, Virginia on house Road, Stafford, Virginia on of West Davis Street and North of West Davis Street and North JULY 19, 2022 AT 10:50 AM ALL THAT FEE SIMPLE LOT OF GROUND, together with the buildings and Spotsylvania, Virginia on August August 11, 2022, at 1:00 PM, the August 11, 2022, at 1:00 PM, the West Street in the Town of West Street in the Town of installs. Senior & Military ALL THAT FEE SIMPLE LOT OF GROUND, together with the buildings and improvements thereon situated in Anne Arundel County, MD and more fully described 11, 2022, at 2:15 PM, the property property described in said Deed property described in said Deed Culpeper on August 11, 2022, at Culpeper on August 11, 2022, at Discounts available. 877-738-0991. improvements thereon situated in Prince George's County, MD and described as Unit in the aforesaid Deed of Trust. Tax ID #03-716-90070686. described in said Deed of Trust, of Trust, located at the above of Trust, located at the above 11:00 AM, the property described 11:00 AM, the property described No. X-128 in Phase Three, Windmill Square Condominium and more fully described The property, which is improved by a dwelling, will be sold in an \"as is\" condition and located at the above address, and address, and more particularly address, and more particularly in said Deed of Trust, located at the in said Deed of Trust, located at the 610 Dogs for Sale in the aforesaid Deed of Trust. Tax ID #13-1460476. subject to conditions, restrictions and agreements of record affecting the same, if any, more particularly described as fol- described as follows: described as follows: above address, and more particu- above address, and more particu- The property, which is improved by a dwelling, will be sold in an \"as is\" condition and and with no warranty of any kind. lows: larly described as follows: larly described as follows: CAVACHON PUPPIES in Virginia subject to conditions, restrictions and agreements of record affecting the same, if any, Terms of Sale: A deposit of $25,000 in the form of certified check, cashier's check ALL THAT CERTAIN LOT OR PARCEL BEING KNOWN AND DESIGNATED Adorable baby doll faces Ready and with no warranty of any kind. or money order will be required of the purchaser at time and place of sale. Balance ALL THAT CERTAIN LOT OR PARCEL OF LAND WITH ALL BUILDINGS AND AS LOT 50 OF CELEBRATE VIRGINIA LOT 67, SECTION 14, SOUTH THAT CERTAIN LOT OF LAND weekend. M/F. Local breeder Terms of Sale: A deposit of $10,000 in the form of certified check, cashier's check of the purchase price to be paid in cash within ten days of final ratification of sale by OF LAND LYING, SITUATE AND IMPROVEMENTS THEREON AND SECTION 21, AS THE SAME WALES, AS THE SAME APPEARS LOCATED IN SALEM MAGISTERIAL raised in home. 703-362-8718 or money order will be required of the purchaser at time and place of sale. Balance of the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County. Interest to be paid on the unpaid purchase BEING IN BERKELEY MAGISTERIAL ALL RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES APPEARS DULY DEDICATED, PLAT- DULY DEDICATED, PLATTED AND DISTRICT, ABOUT FIVE MILES TO the purchase price to be paid in cash within ten days of final ratification of sale by the money at the rate pursuant to the Deed of Trust Note from the date of sale to the date DISTRICT, SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTY, APPURTENANT THERETO, SITUATE, TED AND RECORDED IN PLAT MAP RECORDED IN INSTRUMENT NO. THE WEST OF THE TOWN OF CHURCHVILLE VA - SCOTTISH Circuit Court for Prince George's County. Interest to be paid on the unpaid purchase funds are received in the office of the Sub. Trustees. There will be no abatement of VIRGINIA, DESIGNATED AS PARCEL LYING AND BEING IN HARTWOOD NO. PM060000243, AMONG THE 010003052, IN PLAT CABINET 7, CULPEPER, VIRGINIA, ON THE TERRIER PUPS AKC vet checked money at the rate pursuant to the Deed of Trust Note from the date of sale to the date interest in the event additional funds are tendered before settlement or if settlement 17 ON PLAT ENTITLED \"PLAT MAGISTERIAL DISTRICT, STAFFORD LAND RECORDS OF STAFFORD PLATS 182 TO 185, AMONG THE SOUTH SIDE OF STATE HIGHWAY funds are received in the office of the Sub. Trustees. There will be no abatement of is delayed for any reason. The noteholder shall not be obligated to pay interest if it is SHOWING DIVISION OF WHELAN COUNTY, VIRGINIA, CONSISTING COUNTY, VIRGINIA. LAND RECORDS OF CULPEPER NO. 29 THAT LOT OF LAND DESIG- shots $2000 540-337-7277 interest in the event additional funds are tendered before settlement or if settlement the purchaser. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE FOR THE PURCHASER. Adjustment of all PROPERTY AND ROUTE 614 OF ONE ACRE AS SHOWN ON PLAT COUNTY, VIRGINIA. NATED AS LOT NO. 2 ON A PLAT is delayed for any reason. The noteholder shall not be obligated to pay interest if it is real property taxes, including agricultural taxes, if applicable, and any and all public ASSOC. LTD. PARTNERSHIP\" PRE- PREPARED BY JOHN C. RUSSELL, TERMS OF SALE: ALL CASH. A bid- MADE AUGUST 12, 1959 AND French Bulldog, M/F,, AKC reg, S/W the purchaser. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE FOR THE PURCHASER. Adjustment of all and/or private charges or assessments, to the extent such amounts survive foreclosure PARED BY C & D CONSULTANTS, CLS, DATED AUGUST 20, 1970, AND der’s deposit of ten percent (10%) TERMS OF SALE: ALL CASH. A bid- ATTACHED TO DEED RECORDED IN blue merile, lilac merile, bl/tn, real property taxes, including agricultural taxes, if applicable, and any and all public sale, including water/sewer charges and ground rent, to be adjusted to date of sale L.L.C., DATED FEBRUARY 9, 1999, RECORDED IN THE CLERK‘S OFFICE of the sale price or ten percent der’s deposit of ten percent (10%) DEED BOOK 157, PAGE 1, AND brindle, fluffy $3750-5500 and/or private charges or assessments, to the extent such amounts survive foreclosure and paid at execution of the deed, except where the secured party is the purchaser, RECORDED IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE CIRCUIT COURT OF (10%) of the original principal bal- of the sale price or ten percent MORE PARTICULARLY DESCRIBED Call or text 301-252-9213 sale, including water/sewer charges and ground rent, to be adjusted to date of sale and thereafter assumed by the purchaser. Condominium fees and/or homeowners CLERK‘S OFFICE OF SPOTSYLVA- STAFFORD COUNTY, VIRGINIA, IN ance of the subject Deed of Trust, (10%) of the original principal bal- IN SAID PLAT AS FOLLOWS: \"LOT Photos on website and paid at execution of the deed, except where the secured party is the purchaser, association dues, if any, shall be assumed by the purchaser from the date of sale NIA COUNTY, VIRGINIA IN PLAT FILE DEED BOOK 205, PAGE 441. whichever is lower, in the form ance of the subject Deed of Trust, NO. 2, BEGINNING AT B, IN PLAT, and thereafter assumed by the purchaser. Condominium fees and/or homeowners forward. Cost of all documentary stamps, transfer taxes and settlement expenses shall 7, PAGES 147 THROUGH 151. TOGETHER WITH A RIGHT OF WAY of cash or certified funds payable whichever is lower, in the form AN IRON PIPE AND STAKE DRIVEN association dues, if any, shall be assumed by the purchaser from the date of sale be borne by the purchaser. Purchaser shall be responsible for obtaining physical TOGETHER WITH THE RIGHT OF OVER THE 20 FOOT EASEMENT to the Substitute Trustee must be of cash or certified funds payable AS A CORNER TO LOT NO. 1, IN Goldendoodle & Labradoodle F1B forward. Cost of all documentary stamps, transfer taxes and settlement expenses shall possession of the property. Purchaser assumes the risk of loss or damage to the INGRESS AND EGRESS OVER THE ADJOINING THE PROPERTY ON THE present at the time of the sale. to the Substitute Trustee must be THE SOUTH LINE OF THE STATE pups! Hypo allerg nonshed. Hlth Guar. be borne by the purchaser. Purchaser shall be responsible for obtaining physical property from the date of sale forward. Additional terms to be announced at the time SIXTY (60) FOOT INGRESS/EGRESS NORTHEAST SIDE AS SHOWN ON The balance of the purchase price present at the time of the sale. HIGHWAY NO. 29, THEN WITH LOT Vet check $1000&up call/txt 540-729- possession of the property. Purchaser assumes the risk of loss or damage to the of sale. EASEMENT AS SHOWN ON PLAT THE AFORESAID PLAT. will be due within fifteen (15) days The balance of the purchase price NO. 1, SOUTH 13° 45‘ EAST 3.05 property from the date of sale forward. Additional terms to be announced at the time If the Sub. Trustees are unable to convey good and marketable title, the purchaser's RECORDED IN PLAT FILE 7, PAGES of sale, otherwise Purchaser’s will be due within fifteen (15) days CHAINS, = 201.30 FEET TO F, IN 6365 of sale. sole remedy in law and equity shall be limited to a refund of the deposit without 147 THROUGH 151. TERMS OF SALE: ALL CASH. A bid- deposit may be forfeited to of sale, otherwise Purchaser’s PLAT, AN IRON ROD AND STAKE ITALIAN CANE CORSO PUPPIES - If the Sub. Trustees are unable to convey good and marketable title, the purchaser's interest. If the purchaser fails to go to settlement, the deposit shall be forfeited, der’s deposit of ten percent (10%) Trustee. Time is of the essence. deposit may be forfeited to DRIVEN AND STONE PILE A COR- sole remedy in law and equity shall be limited to a refund of the deposit without to the Trustees for application against all expenses, attorney’s fees and the full TERMS OF SALE: ALL CASH. A bid- of the sale price or ten percent If the sale is set aside for any Trustee. Time is of the essence. NER TO LOT NO. 1, IN THE LINE OF AKC and ICCF certified. interest. If the purchaser fails to go to settlement, the deposit shall be forfeited, commission on the sale price of the above-scheduled foreclosure sale. In the event der’s deposit of ten percent (10%) (10%) of the original principal bal- reason, the Purchaser at the sale If the sale is set aside for any BROWN & VAREAN LUMBER CO., 7 weeks old. to the Trustees for application against all expenses, attorney’s fees and the full of default, all expenses of this sale (including attorney’s fees and the full commission of the sale price or ten percent ance of the subject Deed of Trust, shall be entitled to a return of the reason, the Purchaser at the sale LAND, THENCE WITH THEIR LINE, commission on the sale price of the above-scheduled foreclosure sale. In the event on the gross sale price of this sale) shall be charged against and paid out of the (10%) of the original principal bal- whichever is lower, in the form deposit paid. The Purchaser may, shall be entitled to a return of the SOUTH 73° 25‘ EAST 1.53 CHAINS, Call 202-957-7458 of default, all expenses of this sale (including attorney’s fees and the full commission forfeited deposit. The Trustees may then re-advertise and resell the property at the ance of the subject Deed of Trust, of cash or certified funds payable if provided by the terms of the deposit paid. The Purchaser may, = 100.98 FEET TO E, IN PLAT, AN Labradoodles , health guarantee, on the gross sale price of this sale) shall be charged against and paid out of the risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser or may avail themselves of any legal or whichever is lower, in the form to the Substitute Trustee must be Trustee’s Memorandum of Fore- if provided by the terms of the IRON ROD DRIVEN AND STONE PILE shots, worming, 2 vet visits. Parents forfeited deposit. The Trustees may then re-advertise and resell the property at the equitable remedies against the defaulting purchaser without reselling the property. of cash or certified funds payable present at the time of the sale. closure Sale, be entitled to a $50 Trustee’s Memorandum of Fore- IN THE SAID LUMBER COMPANY on premises$500. 717-372-0750 or risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser or may avail themselves of any legal or In the event of a resale, the defaulting purchaser shall not be entitled to receive the to the Substitute Trustee must be The balance of the purchase price cancellation fee from the Substi- closure Sale, be entitled to a $50 LINE, AND CORNER TO LOT NO. equitable remedies against the defaulting purchaser without reselling the property. surplus, if any, even if such surplus results from improvements to the property by said present at the time of the sale. will be due within fifteen (15) days tute Trustee, but shall have no cancellation fee from the Substi- 3, AND ANDREW TAYLOR‘S LOT, 717-372-1787. In the event of a resale, the defaulting purchaser shall not be entitled to receive the defaulting purchaser and the defaulting purchaser shall be liable to the Trustees and The balance of the purchase price of sale, otherwise Purchaser’s further recourse against the Mort- tute Trustee, but shall have no THENCE WITH LOT NO. 3, NORTH Marbury - Goldendoodles M avail. surplus, if any, even if such surplus results from improvements to the property by said secured party for reasonable attorney’s fees and expenses incurred in connection with will be due within fifteen (15) days deposit may be forfeited to gagor, the Mortgagee or the Mort- further recourse against the Mort- 14° 30‘ WEST 3.865 CHAINS, = defaulting purchaser and the defaulting purchaser shall be liable to the Trustees and all litigation involving the Property or the proceeds of the resale. Trustees' file number of sale, otherwise Purchaser’s Trustee. Time is of the essence. gagee’s attorney. A form copy of gagor, the Mortgagee or the Mort- 255.0 FEET TO C, IN PLAT, A STAKE Red & apricot. $1600. Vetted, 1st secured party for reasonable attorney’s fees and expenses incurred in connection with 21-000885-MD-F-1. deposit may be forfeited to If the sale is set aside for any the Trustee’s memorandum of gagee’s attorney. A form copy of DRIVEN ON THE SOUTH EDGE OF shot, health certf. 240-299-9592 all litigation involving the Property or the proceeds of the resale. Trustees' file number Trustee. Time is of the essence. reason, the Purchaser at the sale foreclosure sale and contract to the Trustee’s memorandum of SAID HIGHWAY, A CORNER TO LOT 22-001748-MD-F-1. Diane S. Rosenberg, Mark D. Meyer, et al., Substitute Trustees If the sale is set aside for any shall be entitled to a return of the purchase real property is available foreclosure sale and contract to NO. 3, IN THE EAST EDGE OF THE SCHNAUZERS Mixed reason, the Purchaser at the sale deposit paid. The Purchaser may, for viewing at purchase real property is available ROADWAY LEADING INTO LOT NO. Up to date on shots & wormed. shall be entitled to a return of the if provided by the terms of the Additional for viewing at 2, FROM THE SAID HIGHWAY, deposit paid. The Purchaser may, Trustee’s Memorandum of Fore- terms, if any, to be announced at Additional THENCE WITH THE SOUTH SIDE Can meet for delivery.. if provided by the terms of the closure Sale, be entitled to a $50 the sale and the Purchaser may terms, if any, to be announced at OF SAID HIGHWAY, SOUTH 75° 10‘ $400. Text preferred Trustee’s Memorandum of Fore- cancellation fee from the Substi- be given the option to execute the sale and the Purchaser may WEST 1.30 CHAINS, = 85.80 FEET closure Sale, be entitled to a $50 tute Trustee, but shall have no the contract of sale electronically. be given the option to execute TO THE POINT OF BEGINNING AND 301-672-1072 or 434-277-8108 cancellation fee from the Substi- further recourse against the Mort- This is a communication from a the contract of sale electronically. CONTAINING 0.455 OF AN ACRE, SHICHON TEDDY BEAR PUPPIES in tute Trustee, but shall have no gagor, the Mortgagee or the Mort- debt collector and any information This is a communication from a MORE OR LESS.\" Virginia Adorable little cuddle bugs. further recourse against the Mort- gagee’s attorney. A form copy of obtained will be used for that pur- debt collector and any information Rdy wkd. 10wks old. All colors. M/F. gagor, the Mortgagee or the Mort- the Trustee’s memorandum of pose. The sale is subject to seller obtained will be used for that pur- TERMS OF SALE: ALL CASH. A bid- Local breeder raised in home. 703- gagee’s attorney. A form copy of foreclosure sale and contract to confirmation. pose. The sale is subject to seller der’s deposit of ten percent (10%) 362-8718 the Trustee’s memorandum of purchase real property is available confirmation. of the sale price or ten percent foreclosure sale and contract to for viewing at Substitute Trustee: (10%) of the original principal bal- SHIH-TZU PUPPIES - $650. CKC reg, Diane S. Rosenberg, Mark D. Meyer, et al., Substitute Trustees purchase real property is available Additional Equity Trustees, LLC, Substitute Trustee: ance of the subject Deed of Trust, vaccinated. Falls Church, VA. for viewing at terms, if any, to be announced at 8100 Three Chopt Road, Suite 240, Equity Trustees, LLC, whichever is lower, in the form Call 202-304-6161 Additional the sale and the Purchaser may Richmond, VA 23229. 8100 Three Chopt Road, Suite 240, of cash or certified funds payable terms, if any, to be announced at be given the option to execute Richmond, VA 23229. to the Substitute Trustee must be SHITZU PUPPIES. Mother and father the sale and the Purchaser may the contract of sale electronically. For more information contact: present at the time of the sale. on premises, shots and wormed, be given the option to execute This is a communication from a BWW Law Group, LLC, attorneys for For more information contact: The balance of the purchase price $800+ each the contract of sale electronically. debt collector and any information Equity Trustees, LLC, 6003 Execu- BWW Law Group, LLC, attorneys for will be due within fifteen (15) days 540-406-0740 This is a communication from a obtained will be used for that pur- tive Blvd, Suite 101, Rockville, MD Equity Trustees, LLC, 6003 Execu- of sale, otherwise Purchaser’s debt collector and any information pose. The sale is subject to seller 20852, 301-961-6555, tive Blvd, Suite 101, Rockville, MD deposit may be forfeited to 620 Cats obtained will be used for that pur- confirmation. website: 20852, 301-961-6555, Trustee. Time is of the essence. pose. The sale is subject to seller VA-354937-1. website: If the sale is set aside for any Full bred Persian kitten. 3 wks old confirmation. VA-95590-1. reason, the Purchaser at the sale ready & 5 weeks. LICENSE NOS. A000004, A000176, A000177, A000234, A000394, A000424, Substitute Trustee: July 6, 13, 2022 12386783 shall be entitled to a return of the A000429, A000479 Equity Trustees, LLC, July 6, 13, 2022 12386785 deposit paid. The Purchaser may, $1200 571-699-7006 June 29, July 6, 13, 2022 12388834 Substitute Trustee: 8100 Three Chopt Road, Suite 240, if provided by the terms of the June 29, July 6, 13, 2022 12388832 Equity Trustees, LLC, Richmond, VA 23229. Trustee’s Memorandum of Fore- Home 870 Arlington County 870 Arlington County 8100 Three Chopt Road, Suite 240, closure Sale, be entitled to a $50 delivery TRUSTEE’S SALE OF TRUSTEE’S SALE OF 872 Fairfax County 876 Loudoun County Richmond, VA 23229. For more information contact: cancellation fee from the Substi- makes good 2400 S IVES STREET, 1300 ARMY NAVY DRIVE #726, BWW Law Group, LLC, attorneys for tute Trustee, but shall have no sense. ARLINGTON, VA 22202 ARLINGTON, VA 22202 TRUSTEE’S SALE OF TRUSTEE’S SALE OF For more information contact: Equity Trustees, LLC, 6003 Execu- further recourse against the Mort- In execution of a Deed of Trust BWW Law Group, LLC, attorneys for tive Blvd, Suite 101, Rockville, MD gagor, the Mortgagee or the Mort- 1-800-753-POST In execution of a Deed of Trust in the original principal amount 13410 Cavalier Woods Dr, 18537 Sierra Springs Sq, Equity Trustees, LLC, 6003 Execu- 20852, 301-961-6555, gagee’s attorney. A form copy of in the original principal amount of $100,000.00, with an annual Clifton, VA 20124 Leesburg, VA 20176 tive Blvd, Suite 101, Rockville, MD website: the Trustee’s memorandum of of $943,650.00, with an annual interest rate of 5.625000% dated 20852, 301-961-6555, VA-352999-2. foreclosure sale and contract to interest rate of 4.750000% dated August 20, 2003, recorded among In execution of a Deed of Trust In execution of a Deed of Trust website: purchase real property is available April 6, 2017, recorded among the land records of the Circuit in the original principal amount in the original principal amount VA-357142-1. July 6, 13, 2022 12387138 Home for viewing at the land records of the Circuit Court for the County of Arlington of $642,500.00 dated May 17, of $113,726.00 dated August 21, delivery Additional Court for the County of Arlington as Deed Book 3578, Page 485, 2018 recorded among the land 2014 recorded among the land July 6, 13, 2022 12387313 You, too, terms, if any, to be announced at as Deed Instrument Number the undersigned appointed Sub- records of the Circuit Court for records of the Circuit Court for is could have the sale and the Purchaser may 20170100007114, the under- stitute Trustee will offer for sale Fairfax County on May 18, 2018 as Loudoun County on September convenient. be given the option to execute signed appointed Substitute at public auction all that property Instrument Number: 2018028279, 10, 2014 as Instrument Number: home the contract of sale electronically. Trustee will offer for sale at public located in the County of Arlington, the undersigned appointed Sub- 20140910-0050792, the under- You, too, delivery. This is a communication from a auction all that property located at the front of the Circuit Court stitute Trustee will offer for sale signed appointed Substitute could have debt collector and any information in the County of Arlington, at the building for the County of Arling- at public auction, at the Main Trustee will offer for sale at public obtained will be used for that pur- front of the Circuit Court building ton located at 1425 N. Courthouse entrance of the courthouse for auction, at the Main entrance of home pose. The sale is subject to seller for the County of Arlington locat- Road, Arlington, Virginia on Sep- the Circuit Court of Fairfax Coun- the courthouse for the Circuit delivery. confirmation. ed at 1425 N. Courthouse Road, tember 14, 2022 at 3:00 PM, the ty, 4110 Chain Bridge Rd, Fairfax, Court of Loudoun County, 18 E Arlington, Virginia on August 17, property with improvements to VA 22030 on August 18, 2022 at Market St, Leesburg, VA 20176 on Wake up Substitute Trustee: 2022 at 3:00 PM, the property with wit: 11:00 AM the property described August 11, 2022 at 12:00 PM the to home Equity Trustees, LLC, improvements to wit: UNIT 726 HORIZON HOUSE in said deed of trust, located at property described in said deed delivery. 8100 Three Chopt Road, Suite 240, Lot 8 Block 28 Section 2 Aurora CONDO & P-96 the above address and briefly of trust, located at the above Richmond, VA 23229. Hills Tax Map No. 35-006-498 described as: All the following- address and briefly described as: Tax Map No. 36-037-024 THIS COMMUNICATION IS FROM A described lot or parcel of land Lot 189, Phase 1, Spring Lakes, as For more information contact: THIS COMMUNICATION IS FROM A DEBT COLLECTOR. together with improvements the same appears duly dedicated, BWW Law Group, LLC, attorneys for DEBT COLLECTOR. TERMS OF SALE: ALL CASH. A thereon, situate, lying and being platted and recorded in Deed Equity Trustees, LLC, 6003 Execu- TERMS OF SALE: ALL CASH. A bidder's deposit of 10% of the in the County of Fairfax Common- Book 1871 at Page 654, among tive Blvd, Suite 101, Rockville, MD bidder's deposit of 10% of the sale price, will be required in cash, wealth of Virginia: the Land Records of Loudoun 20852, 301-961-6555, sale price, will be required in cash, certified or cashier's check. Set- Lot 37, Section 1, Cavalier Woods, County, Virginia. website: certified or cashier's check. Set- tlement within fifteen (15) days as the same appears duly ded- Tax ID: 148379858000. VA-353324-1. tlement within fifteen (15) days of sale, otherwise Trustees may icated, platted and recorded in TERMS OF SALE: A bidder’s of sale, otherwise Trustees may forfeit deposit. Additional terms Deed Book 6619 at page 412, deposit of $10,000.00 or 10% of July 6, 13, 2022 12386786 forfeit deposit. Additional terms to be announced at sale. Loan among the Land Records of Fair- the sale price, whichever is lower, MARYLAND to be announced at sale. Loan type: Conventional. Reference fax County, Virginia. Tax ID: 0553- will be required in the form of a Roommates type: Conventional. Reference Number 22-289842. 05-0037. certified or cashier’s check. Cash Number 22-290443. PROFESSIONAL FORECLOSURE TERMS OF SALE: A bidder’s will not be accepted as a deposit. 1-800-753-POST 1-800-753-POST CAPITAL HEIGHTS - Sr.'s & disabled PROFESSIONAL FORECLOSURE CORPORATION OF VIRGINIA, Sub- deposit of $15,000.00 or 10% of Settlement within fifteen (15) rehab home. Furn rms. 2 baths, 2 CORPORATION OF VIRGINIA, Sub- stitute Trustees, C/O LOGS LEGAL the sale price, whichever is lower, days of sale, otherwise Trustee kits, $350 sec dep. $700m. W/D. stitute Trustees, C/O LOGS LEGAL GROUP LLP, 10021 Balls Ford will be required in the form of a may forfeit deposit. Additional prkg + sec fence. Util incl. Nr Metro. GROUP LLP, 10021 Balls Ford Road, Suite 200, Manassas, Vir- certified or cashier’s check. Cash terms to be announced at sale. N/S inside. Text/Call 202-568-0792 Road, Suite 200, Manassas, ginia 20109 (703) 449-5800. will not be accepted as a deposit. This is a communication from a Call after 4pm Virginia 20109 (703) 449-5800. Publication Dates: Settlement within fifteen (15) debt collector. This notice is an Publication Dates: July 13, August 10,17 12390147 days of sale, otherwise Trustee attempt to collect on a debt and 1-800-753-POST 1-800-753-POST SF SF CAPITAL HEIGHTS - House to share. SF June 10, July 13, 20, 2022 may forfeit deposit. Additional any information obtained will be Close to shopping & Metro. 12387195 Hisocmone vdeenliievnerty. terms to be announced at sale. used for that purpose. Home delivery starts Home delivery Hisocmone vdeenliievnerty. 1-800-753-POST SF This is a communication from a (Trustee # 22-000490) your day off right. makes good $175 & up each Friday. 240-840-6308 1-800-753-POST SF Home delivery debt collector. This notice is an Substitute Trustee: ALG Trustee, 1-800-753-POST sense. Germantown - Furn bedroom, is convenient. Home delivery starts attempt to collect on a debt and LLC C/O Orlans PC PO Box 2548, Home delivery your day off right. any information obtained will be Leesburg, VA 20177 (703) 777- SF 1-800-753-POST Rent incl util, wi-fi, cable. makes good 1-800-753-POST used for that purpose. 7101 website: Call 240-671-3783 sense. (Trustee # 22-001851) Publication Dates: Home delivery is so easy. SF SF Substitute Trustee: ALG Trustee, June 22, 29, July 6, 13, 2022 1-800-753-POST SF SILVER SPRING - 1 Room avail in 1-800-753-POST LLC C/O Orlans PC PO Box 2548, 12387310 Ask me about home delivery! bsmt w/ pvt entr & full bath. Furn Ask me about home delivery! Leesburg, VA 20177 (703) 777- Ask me about home delivery! 1-800-753-POST SF or unfurn, All utils inc. W/D Free Wi- SF 1-800-753-POST SF 7101 website: Youh,otmooe, dcoeluivlderhy.ave 1-800-753-POST SF Fi. Nr public trans. Call 202-997-2402 Publication Dates: July 13, 20, 2022 12388516 Time Shares/ Rentals, Sales Home delivery 1-800-753-POST SF SF is convenient. SF Timeshare Cancellation Experts If only you had home delivery. Youh,otmooe, dcoeluivlderhy.ave Wesley Financial Group, LLC Ask me about home delivery! 1-800-753-POST 1-800-753-POST If only you had home delivery. 1-800-753-POST SF 1-800-753-POST Over $50,000,000 in timeshare debt 1-800-753-POST SF SF 1-800-753-POST SF and fees cancelled in 2019. Get SF SF free informational package and learn how to get rid of your time- share! Free consultations. Over 450 positive reviews.Call 888-984-2917. Try new foods Search our database of tested recipes by ingredient or name. S0115-10x5.25 S0141 10x4 sweater or tank top? Stay one step ahead of the weather with the Capital Weather Gang • @capitalweather D 7 | EZ

D8 EZ M2 THE WASHINGTON POST . WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 Mystics prep for strong finish WNBA ROUNDUP Las Vegas sets a record from the line MYSTICS FROM D1 ACES 107, bined for the highest-scoring reg- Diggins-Smith added a season- LIBERTY 101 ulation game in WNBA history, high 32 points and 10 assists. time to play together after the with New York winning, 116-107. absences lessened. The goal was ASSOCIATED PRESS This game nearly matched it. l SKY 90, DREAM 75: Can- to peak heading into the playoffs. Kelsey Plum got Las Vegas dace Parker had 31 points and 11 started, and Jackie Young helped Plum, the MVP of the All-Star rebounds and Kahleah Copper The biggest need, Thibault the Aces close the door from the Game, and Las Vegas (16-7) scored 23 points on 9-for-14 said, is similar to what the Mys- free throw line. jumped all over New York and led shooting to propel Chicago past tics needed the past two months Plum scored 27 points, A’ja Wil- 52-28 at halftime. Then Sami visiting Atlanta. — consistency. He pointed to son and Young each added 23, and Whitcomb hit five three-pointers rebounding, transition defense the visiting Aces beat the New in the third quarter to get the Emma Meesseman added 10 and free throw shooting as areas York Liberty, 107-101, on Tuesday Liberty (9-14) within 71-63. points, six rebounds and a season- that have been up and down. night. Young made all eight of her high eight assists for the Sky free throws in the final 34 sec- Sabrina Ionescu finished with (17-6). Meesseman scored or as- The Mystics have allowed the onds. 27 points — 21 in the fourth quar- sisted on 18 of Chicago’s 30 fewest points per game and have Wilson also had 14 rebounds ter — for New York. fourth-quarter points. formed a defensive identity that for Las Vegas, which went 34 for starts with perimeter harass- 35 from the foul line. That set the l LYNX 118, MERCURY 107 Cheyenne Parker led Atlanta ment from Atkins, Natasha WNBA record for free throw per- (2OT): In Minneapolis, Aerial (10-13) with 14 points. Cloud and Alysha Clark. Atlanta centage with more than 30 at- Powers had career highs of 35 Dream Coach Tanisha Wright tempts in a game. points and 12 rebounds, Rachel l STORM 83, WINGS 74: Bre- recently talked about the difficul- “Down the stretch my team ex- Banham added season highs of 25 anna Stewart scored 15 of her 19 ty Washington’s perimeter de- ecuted well, made big free throws points and seven assists, and Min- points in the second half and Ezi fense presents, and three-time on the road. That’s never easy,” nesota got past Phoenix in double Magbegor added 13 points to help all-star Kayla McBride of the Aces Coach Becky Hammon said. overtime. host Seattle win its third in a row. Minnesota Lynx recently tweet- “I was pleased how they executed ed, “I wish I could explain to y’all down the stretch offensively.” Kayla McBride was 9 for 9 from Magbegor also tallied eight re- what sucks about the clark, The teams played last week be- the free throw line and finished bounds, two blocks and two steals cloud, atkins combo but you fore the all-star break and com- with 17 points for the Lynx (9-15). for the Storm (16-8). Stephanie gotta go thru it to understand . . . Sylvia Fowles had 14 points and 14 Talbot added 14 points, Jewell literally.” McBride ended the rebounds, and Jessica Shepard Loyd scored 13, and Tina Charles tweet with a hashtag that read: “I added 13 points and 12 rebounds. had 11 points, nine rebounds and just wanna take an open shot.” two blocks. Sophie Cunningham scored 36 “It’s in our lap to take care of points, hit six three-pointers and Teaira McCowan led Dallas it,” Thibault said. “Here’s where had five steals — all career highs (10-13) with 18 points on 8-for-14 we are, and here’s where we can — for Phoenix (10-15). Skylar shooting, grabbed 10 rebounds be. Lock in on the little things.” and blocked two shots. One thing that will help with TOUR DE FRANCE consistency is having Elena Delle Donne for a higher percentage of After interruption, Cort wins Stage 10 games. Before the break, she played 15 of 24 games and aver- SEAN D. ELLIOT/ASSOCIATED PRESS ASSOCIATED PRESS The stage was briefly halted two teammates. George Bennett aged a team-high 16 points to go with 35 kilometers (about 22 was forced out before Stage 10 with 6.1 rebounds as the Mystics “We know that our destiny is in our own hands,” said Ariel Atkins megève, france — Magnus Cort miles) left after a small group of following a positive test, only days were cautious with her surgically of the Mystics, who entered Tuesday three games out of first place. activists bringing attention to cli- after Vegard Stake Laengen tested repaired back. The offense has won a two-man sprint in a photo mate change sat on the road and positive and withdrew. run much smoother with the championship, but the group where we’re at.” finish to claim the 10th stage of lit flares, forcing the riders to stop two-time MVP in the lineup; she isn’t taking that for granted. Outside of those four games the Tour de France on Tuesday at for 12 minutes. UAE Team Emirates officials forces mismatches and double the end of a hilly trek in the Alps later announced that Rafal Majka teams that create creases in the Cloud has repeated through- against teams ahead of the Mys- that was interrupted by protest- Two-time defending champion also tested positive but was al- defense and open shots for her out the summer that the Mystics tics in the standings, Washington ers. Tadej Pogacar rode among a group lowed to remain in the race by the teammates. need to stop talking about being still has to face squads fighting of general contenders that crossed International Cycling Union med- a championship team and start for their playoff lives. That start- It was Cort’s second stage win the line less than nine minutes ical team. She was scheduled to play playing like one. ed Tuesday against the Sparks, at cycling’s biggest race after his behind and kept the race lead. Tuesday in Los Angeles, Thurs- who entered in the seventh play- maiden success in the medieval “In the end, it all worked out day in Phoenix and at home “It’s really important to keep off slot, and includes five games city of Carcassonne four years ago. Pogacar now leads Lennard like it did, and I’m still happy that against Minnesota on Sunday. building and getting better each against teams trailing the Mys- The Danish rider beat Australia’s Kämna by 11 seconds ahead of two I’m in the yellow jersey,” After that, the Mystics are sched- game,” Delle Donne said. “I think tics in the standings that are Nick Schultz by mere inches and daunting stages in the high moun- Pogacar said. uled to play one game in a 10-day we’re in a great position. Obvi- either in the top eight or within a fell on his back, exhausted, after tains. Kämna is not expected to span. That’s good for Delle ously, we have to show it now. But half-game. he crossed the finish line. stay in contention in the thin air, Wednesday’s Stage 11 features Donne’s back and allows for we’ve got really great leadership and Jonas Vingegaard of Den- two legendary Tour passes — the some rest and practice time that among a big group of vets. A lot of Washington went into the “I can’t believe what just hap- mark remains Pogacar’s most Col du Télégraphe and the Col du was rare in the first half of the us have been here before, and we break with wins in three of its pened today. I was on the limit for dangerous rival, 39 seconds off the Galibier — before a finish atop the season. know the importance of getting last four games and hoped that so long on this climb,” he said. “I pace. Col du Granon on brutal slopes better in games and practices momentum would continue on lost contact with the group a cou- culminating at 2,400 meters Delle Donne wants the team to because it’s still such a fast the other side as it starts its push ple of times in the last kilometers. But with the coronavirus trou- (about 7,900 feet) above sea level. focus on communication and of- season, but I feel good about toward a championship. Luckily, it went all back together bling his UAE Team Emirates Thursday’s stage ends at Alpe fensive pace. There is some com- and I was there.” squad, the Slovenian rider lost d’Huez. fort in being a veteran team that has the experience of winning a

FoodKLMNO EZ EE WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 . SECTION E PEGGY CORMARY FOR THE WASHINGTON POST; FOOD STYLING BY LISA CHERKASKY FOR THE WASHINGTON POST Grill ribs BY ALLISON ROBICELLI pig, where they curve around the loin. and forget Special to The Washington Post Because that is the leanest part of the all decorum Though it’s true that there really is never a bad time for ribs, summertime pig, baby back ribs have very little fat, and It’s summer, and once you slather some grilled ribs are extra special. You get to eat plenty of meat to douse with copious cherry-bourbon sauce on racks of baby outdoors. You get to embrace the mess. amounts of sweet, sticky sauce. All pork backs, a big mess is part of the charm. Eating ribs indoors requires some ribs will melt off the bone when cooked modicum of civility so that your clothes, low and slow, but thanks to their diminu- RECIPE ON E8 furniture and face remain sauce-free. We tive size — this is the shortest cut of rib — nibble at them with sticky pinkies up. We baby backs will get from the grill to the Cherry-Bourbon Glazed Ribs may fantasize about ripping those ten- table faster than all other cuts. This is an der, succulent racks of ribs apart with our important thing to consider when you’re bare hands and going to town on them spectacularly ravenous for ribs. like a dog with a throw pillow, but we don’t, because we are not barbarians. Where the baby backs end, the spare- As winter fades into spring and our ribs begin, curving around the pig’s fatty, days grow longer, our patience for rib flavorful belly all the way to its breast- restraint grows shorter. We emerge into bone. Spareribs are fattier, with very little the great outdoors with a thirst for free- meat on the top of their long, flat bones, dom. Freedom to run through wet grass and plenty of well-marbled meat in-be- with bare feet. Freedom to cartwheel on tween them. More marbling means more the sand and splash in the surf. Freedom flavor, but it also means you need to wait to eat ribs like no one is watching. a little longer for your ribs to be fall-apart The tenderest and meatiest of all ribs tender. are the baby back, which have nothing to do with babies, but everything to do with On the end of the spareribs where they backs. They come from the back of the meet the breastbone is a fatty flap of pork belly-like meat studded with small bits of cartilage known as the rib tip, and it is immaculate when given enough time to SEE RIBS ON E8 TASTE TEST Pasta salad is a summer favorite from the pantry It’s grilling season, so we ranked barbecue sauces BY AARON HUTCHERSON produce to use throughout the Pasta salad — alongside cole- year. “The drying process, they BY EMILY HEIL these sauces lean toward a ESSENTIALS slaw and potato salad — form the discovered, brought out an in- Volumes have been written smoky-sweet Kansas City-style. trio of staple summer side dishes. tense, sweet and tart flavor in the about barbecue sauce — there are We can debate the origins of the name all we While there’s practically an infi- tomatoes, so sun drying became a about as many regional styles as First, we assembled the goods, want, but everyone can agree that hush nite number of pasta salads one widespread technique.” there are places that serve tracking down the top sellers ac- puppies should be crispy and fluffy. E8 can make, at its most basic form, smoked meats. Serious ’cue- cording to data from IRI, a Chica- “You just need a nice tomato, some An article on sun-dried toma- heads have their favorites, parti- go-based market research firm TRAVEL pasta, olive oil and salt and pep- toes appeared in The Post in 1983 sans defend their hometown vari- (specifically, their data came from per,” chef Amy Brandwein of Cen- declaring them “all the rage” in the eties and competition teams grocery, drug, mass market, con- Be prepared to make the most of the kitchen trolina in Washington told Becky United States. They maintained guard the recipes for their elixirs venience, military and select club in your next vacation rental. E6 Krystal. that status for the next couple of like they were state secrets. and dollar retailers and covered My recipe for pasta salad with decades, showing up in food publi- And sure, you can always make the year ending June 3). “Private MORE AT WASHINGTONPOST.COM sun-dried tomatoes and white cations and on restaurant menus your own to slather on whatever label” brands — supermarkets’ Pan-Fried Scallops With Crispy Chorizo E2 beans is not too far from that across the country. you’re putting on the grill this house labels, that is — are No. Quesotacos With Peppers and Onions E3 fundamental version, but packs summer. But if you’re pressed for 4-selling on the list, so we Grilled Mahi-Mahi With Escovitch-Style Salsa E3 more of a punch and can be made “They were ubiquitous for time — or can’t get your hands on scooped up a few from popular Chat At noon: entirely with ingredients from cooks during the 1990s, which led your go-to brand — you might retail chains, opting for the “origi- your pantry. ultimately to their downfall,” Evan find yourself staring at a grocery nal”-style offerings where avail- “Sun-dried tomatoes them- Kleinman writes in the Los Ange- shelf wondering which of the bot- able to keep our samples as com- selves are a product of the Medi- les Times, as the once beloved tles to pluck. You’ve got enough parable as possible. terranean region, mainly south- ingredient reached a level of popu- on your mind, so let’s make this ern Italy,” Priya Krishna writes in larity that it became passe. How- easier. We enlisted eight tasters and Taste. Tomatoes arrived in the re- ever, just like any other trend, We took on the sticky task of asked them to score each sample gion in the mid 1500s, where the there are those who believe that tasting the top-selling brands and on a scale of 1 to 10, meaning the crops prospered. As a result, peo- sun-dried tomatoes should have separating the good from the maximum score was an 80, con- ple dried them in the sun and bland. We should note: Most of sidering seasoning, texture and packed them in oil to preserve the SEE PANTRY ON E8 overall taste. The samples — which tasters tried on their own RECIPE ON E8 SEE SAUCE ON E4 Pasta Salad With Sun-Dried Tomatoes and White Beans

E2 EZ EE THE WASHINGTON POST . WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 Pan-Fried Scallops With Crispy Chorizo 4 servings This simple preparation calls for fresh, big scallops. The chorizo and butter add a richness to the mild seafood. The recipe calls for specific fresh herbs, but you can substitute your favorites or use just one herb. Too much butter? Cut down it or sub in some olive oil. Serve the scallops with couscous or rice and/or a fresh green salad. Total time: 25 mins Refrigerate for up to 1 day. Adapted from “The Seafood Shack” by Kirsty Scobie and Fenella Renwick (Interlink Books, 2021). SCOTT SUCHMAN FOR THE WASHINGTON POST; FOOD STYLING BY NICOLA DAVIS FOR THE WASHINGTON POST Ingredients from spitting when added to For the couscous the hot oil. Chorizo is the flavor boost that goes a long way l In a large skillet over l 1 tablespoon extra-virgin medium-high heat, heat the Is everything fishing history. in. (Here I’m talking about her Slow-Roasted Fish With olive oil oil until shimmering. Add the better with Their cookbook features cured Spanish chorizo and not Chorizo and Chickpeas and her scallops. They should sizzle crisped, cured the fresh Mexican variety.) Grilled Clams With Garlicky l 11/2 cups plain couscous (see when they hit the hot oil. chorizo? Of about 80 recipes for dishes Chorizo Drizzle (find them at NOTES) Cook without moving them course not, but served at the business, where This simple preparation calls In until they are seared to a sometimes it can the two friends cook whatever for big scallops seared in hot fat. both, just a few tablespoons l 2 cups water caramel color, about 1 minute. Ann seem that way. the freshest catch of the day Then, chorizo, butter and herbs ramp up the flavor. l 1/4 teaspoon fine salt Lightly season with salt and Maloney might be. are added to the pan and the For the scallops pepper, flip and cook on the I’ve found that scallops are basted as they Even those who eschew meat other side until browned, a bit of the spicy About these bivalves, they caramelize on the outside. can enjoy the flavor, as Joe l 16 medium/large scallops about 1 minute. DINNER IN sausage tossed wrote: “Our scallop diver will Yonan demonstrated in his (about 11/2 pounds) (see l Add the butter, chorizo, MINUTES into savory dishes randomly pop his head in on The resulting chorizo- Weeknight Vegetarian column NOTES) chives, parsley and dill, and as any given day and say, ‘I’ve got enhanced sauce is so flavorful with a recipe for Chorizo-Spiced the butter starts to foam, can mean the some scallops for you,’ and even non-scallop lovers would Squash Tostadas (also at l 2 tablespoons canola oil or baste the scallops for about difference between fine and oh within an hour they’ll be on the likely be delighted. I chose to another neutral oil 30 seconds. Keep the temper- my, delicious. It also can be a menu.” balance the richness by serving Spanish chorizo can be spicy or ature at medium-high to help go-to if your ingredients are too it with steamed couscous, but sweet-ish, depending on how it l Fine salt caramelize the scallops more Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? you could choose rice or any is seasoned. l Freshly ground black pepper as the butter melts, cooking If I had scallops that fresh, I’d favorite grain. l 12 tablespoons (6 ounces, 11/2 1 to 2 minutes, but adjusting probably be so excited, I’d If you want to try playing the heat if the butter starts to lightly sear them in bit of butter, This idea of tossing just a around with chorizo, you don’t sticks) unsalted butter, thinly burn. It’s okay if it browns sprinkle them with salt and little chorizo into dishes that need a specific recipe, just dice sliced and smells nutty. pepper and dig in. need a little flavor boost is why I it, crisp it and add it to a salad, l 3 ounces dry-cured chorizo, l Spoon the couscous onto Unfortunately, I — and I bet you try to keep the sausage on hand. a quick blender marinara sauce, chopped small individual plates and top it — usually cook with less than Nourish columnist Ellie Krieger a plate of pasta, a baked potato l 3 tablespoons chopped fresh with scallops and some chori- fresh-from-the-water catch. often demonstrates this idea in and, of course, eggs of all kinds. chives zo sauce. Serve with lemon That’s where the chorizo comes her healthful recipes, such as l 2 tablespoons chopped fresh wedges. curly parsley leaves and l Notes tender stems l When buying scallops, check l 1 tablespoon chopped fresh labels and ask your fish- dill fronds and tender stems monger for dry scallops, l Lemon, cut into 4 wedges, which means fresh ones that for serving are not chemically treated; they will sear properly. Wet Steps scallops are treated with l Make the couscous: In a sodium tripolyphosphate, a chemical that causes the scal- medium skillet over medium- lops to expel water when high heat, heat 1 tablespoon cooked and can prevent a of oil until shimmering. Add proper sear. the couscous and cook, stir- l Do not substitute pearl, or ring frequently, until the Israeli, couscous, because it grains begin to brown, about requires a different cooking 3 minutes. Add the water and method. salt and stir briefly to com- mild or not quite up to snuff. bine. Bring the water to a boil, Nutrition | Per psareborotveuinitng1,/(4545csugcpasllaoupcse, )1:/27c9u2p Take this dish: Pan-Fried cover and remove the pan couscous and from the heat. Let sit until the calories, 28 g liquid is absorbed and the carbohydrates, 50 g fat, 24 g saturated Scallops With Crispy Chorizo, a couscous is tender, about 7 fat, 136 mg cholesterol, 937 mg sodium, one-skillet recipe from “The minutes. Uncover and fluff 4 g dietary fiber, 0 g sugar the couscous with a fork. Seafood Shack” by Kirsty Scobie l Make the scallops: While the Recipe tested by Ann Maloney; email and Fenella Renwick. They own couscous cooks, remove the questions to [email protected] side muscle from each scallop a food truck in Ullapool, a small by pulling it off and pat the scallops dry. This keeps them fishing village on the northwest coast of Scotland with a deep DGWEOETNIET. RELIABLE DECK EXPERTS YOU CAN COUNT ON! WINDOWS 571-500-3407 SIDING DOORS WPDECKGURU.COM TRIM TILE SEE WEBSITE FOR SERVICE AREAS VANITIES $O2F5F0 FLOORING RESTORE COUNTERTOPS WOOD RESTORE ACCESSIBILITY • Sand All Deckboards & MORE • Replace Loose Nails WITH THE WASHINGTON POST OFFER ONLY. NOT VALID WITH ANY OTHER OFFER. EXPIRES 8/31/22 OVER TEN THOUSAND HOMEOWNERS with Screws SERVED IN THE DMV • Replace Rotted or MUST PRESENT UPON INITIAL VISIT Industry leading 5 year warranty Damaged Wood Skilled and licensed professionals • Apply 2 Coats Color- that care for you and your home Voted “Best Handyman” in Enhanced Sealer Washington City Paper and Bethesda Magazine REPLACE $O3F5F0 Awarded “Top Workplace” by KDAT The Washington Post • Replace Old Decking with New Kiln Dried WITH THE WASHINGTON POST OFFER ONLY. NOT Wood Decking VALID WITH ANY OTHER OFFER. 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WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 . THE WASHINGTON POST EZ EE E3 Crispy fried cheese can enhance your taco game in so many ways The griddle, Quesotacos With Peppers and Onions blackened and well-greased, 2 servings (Makes 4 tacos) burned hot; the Quesotacos, sometimes called costras de queso, are thin patties of air above it quivered. On a crispy griddled cheese. A popular taqueria preparation, it’s also easily G. Daniela main street in made at home. The griddled cheese can either go into a tortilla, be Galarza Mexico City some attached to a tortilla, as it is here, or even replace the tortilla (see years ago, I VARIATION). It can also turn into a quesadilla — simply fill the interior EAT watched a of each tortilla with more cheese and fold it over on itself. Here, the VORACIOUSLY taquero keep an crispy cheese, attached to corn tortillas, is filled with sauteed spring onions and poblano peppers. Dressed with salsa, beans or stewed meat, eye on the flame they make a fine meal with lots of flavor and texture. as he pulled a handful of shredded, crumbly cheese out of Total time: 30 mins a large bag and sprinkled it into From staff writer G. Daniela Galarza. a thick circle on the hot griddle. Ingredients batches, repeat with the Immediately, it sizzled, steam l 2 tablespoons olive oil, plus remaining tortillas. rose, and soon the cheese l Lightly grease the same skillet transformed from solid to more for greasing and then make two piles of liquid, a puddle of molten l 6 spring onions or scallions, about 1/3 cup of cheese each. queso. Eventually, as its fat Spread each pile into a thin, burned off, it transformed back halved lengthwise and cut into even, approximately 5- or 6- into a solid. He slid a thin metal 2-inch pieces inch-wide layer with about an spatula under the molten cheese l 2 poblano peppers, seeded and inch of space between them. and flipped it over. Moments sliced (may substitute green Once the surface of each pile later, it was filled with toppings, bell peppers) looks melted, top it with a toast- folded into an envelope and l 4 (5-inch) corn tortillas ed tortilla, pressing it down so it handed to a hungry patron. l 11/2 cups (4 ounces) shredded adheres to the cheese. Cook Malleable in the middle and Oaxaca, Monterey Jack, until the edges of the cheese crispy around the edges, eaten manchego or other firm look browned, 2 to 3 minutes. as-is or stuffed into a tortilla, meltable cheese Slide a thin spatula under the this is a costra de queso. l Hot sauce, for serving cheese to loosen it from the But there’s another way: REY LOPEZ FOR THE WASHINGTON POST; FOOD STYLING BY LISA CHERKASKY FOR THE WASHINGTON POST (optional) skillet, and transfer to a plate, Before the cheese completely l Salsa roja, for serving cheese side up. Repeat with the firms up, a tortilla might be laid There are many (optional) remaining cheese and tortillas. atop it, the melty cheese gluing ways to incorporate l Beans, birria or carne guisada, l To serve, place two quesotacos itself to the tortilla so that one crispy melted for serving (optional) on each plate and fill each with side is tortilla and the other is cheese into you l Lime wedges and fresh cilantro the onions and peppers. Dress crisp, chewy cheese. Folded taco. Above, the sprigs, for serving (optional) each taco with hot sauce and around a pile of fillings, this is cheese is fused to a salsa, if using. Add beans or sometimes called a costra de tortilla for a Steps stewed meat and/or cilantro queso, but is more commonly quesotaco. At left, l In a medium skillet over sprigs, if desired, before serv- known as a quesotaco, the cheese is folded ing, with optional lime wedges. according to Bill Esparza, food then filled after it medium-high heat, heat the oil l VARIATION: To make costras writer and author of “L.A. crisps, becoming a until it shimmers. Add the de queso (without corn tortillas Mexicano.” de facto tortilla. spring onions or scallions and attached): Fry the cheese in thin There’s a third variation: The And at right, shards poblanos, and saute, stirring piles, then, using a thin spatula, chicharrón de queso. This of chicharrónes de occasionally, until they soften flip each pile — taking care not involves a much thinner layer of queso can be used to and just start to brown, about to squish it together — so it fries cheese, which melts and top you taco. 7 minutes. Cover, and reduce on the opposite side. Remove resolidifies more quickly, the heat to the lowest possible the costras from the pan and turning into a lacy, brittle wafer. setting to keep warm. use the flexible fried cheese These are broken up or rolled l Place a large, well-seasoned patties as your tortillas. into rough cylinders and, as cast-iron or nonstick skillet their name implies, are eaten over medium-high heat. Lightly Nutrition | Per serving (2 tacos): 402 like chicharróns or chips. You grease it with oil, then add the calories, 18 g protein, 31 g carbohydrates, could sprinkle crumbled tortillas — depending on the 24 g fat, 8 g saturated fat, 36 mg chicharrónes de queso on your size of your skillet, you may cholesterol, 400 mg sodium, 5 g dietary taco or you could take bites of need to do this in batches — fiber, 4 g sugar them with salsa. It’s an easy way toasting them until very lightly Recipe tested by Kara Elder; email browned, about 30 seconds. questions to [email protected] Transfer to a plate. If working in to add an additional layer of excited about it,” Esparza says. texture, flavor and fat. queso, or another variation restaurant makes costras a few I think it’s about time. If Mexico City has somewhat depending on the region,” different ways. “For the costra, stricter definitions for these Esparza says. It could be filled which is the fried cheese you’ve never had it or made it, varying styles of fried, melty, with meat, seafood or vegetables envelope, they stuff it with meat tonight’s the night to change crispy cheese. Once you leave — as is the case in this version and serve it like that on a flour that. Let this recipe be your Mexico City and go elsewhere in with spring onions and peppers. tortilla,” Esparza tells me. template. the country, different chefs and This is from our Eat Voraciously restaurants may use different Though a great many As to why it’s proliferated, newsletter, which delivers a quick terms. restaurants and taco stands Esparza points to the recent dinner recipe four days a week, “It’s whatever the vendors across Mexico serve variations popularity of quesabirria tacos Monday through Thursday. Sign up choose to call it. Some call it a on the costra, one of the spots and TikTok. “This is nothing at quesadilla, quesotaco, costra de that made it famous is Taqueria new in Mexico, but now people El Califa in Mexico City. The north of the border are getting Jamaican-style escovitch adds flourish to grilled mahi-mahi for a festive meal The punchy, or broil just about any type of fish bright acidity and instead. The salsa is also delicious spicy kick of a on grilled chicken or pork, or Jamaican-style grilled slabs of tofu. Arranged escovitch always generously over whatever protein perks me up, even you choose, like a colorful Ellie on the most confetti, it makes an everyday, Krieger sweltering healthful summer meal feel like a summer days. I celebration. NOURISH find the flavor Krieger is a registered dietitian nutritionist and cookbook author who combination hosts public television’s “Ellie’s Real absolutely titillating — sauteed Good Food.” Learn more at sweet bell peppers and onion, awakened with plenty of vinegar and hot pepper, perfumed with Grilled Mahi-Mahi fresh thyme and grounded by a With Escovitch-Style dash of allspice. Salsa Here, I used those flavors to create a versatile salsa that can be 4 servings served warm or at room Total time: 30 mins temperature, so it can be Refrigerate the salsa in an air- prepared ahead and pulled out of the refrigerator as needed. tight container for up to 3 days; To make it, you saute all the serve warm or at room tempera- salsa ingredients except the ture. vinegar, until the onion and peppers yield slightly to the heat From cookbook author and but still have some crispness — a registered nutritionist dietitian couple of minutes — then add the Ellie Krieger. vinegar and cook for a couple Ingredients minutes more. I call for quarter of For the salsa a Scotch bonnet pepper, which l 1 tablespoon olive oil TOM MCCORKLE FOR THE WASHINGTON POST; FOOD STYLING BY GINA NISTICO FOR THE WASHINGTON POST l 1 large red bell pepper, seeded gives the salsa a moderate, lightly For the fish Sprinkle both sides of the fillets more charcoal, if necessary, and tongue-tingling heat, but you can and finely diced cook, stirring occasionally, with the spice mixture. put the lid on the grill, making certainly amp that up if you like l 1 small yellow onion, finely l 1/2 teaspoon sweet paprika until the vegetables soften l Preheat a grill or grill pan over sure the air vents are open all things spicy, tone it down by l 1/4 teaspoon granulated garlic slightly but are still crisp, medium-high heat (see NOTE). the way. When all of the coals using a more mild pepper such as diced (1 cup) l 1/4 teaspoon fine salt about 2 minutes. Add the Grill the fish until it is just are gray and hot, about 15 min- jalapeño or leave the hot pepper l 2 teaspoons chopped fresh l 1/4 teaspoon freshly ground vinegar, reduce the heat to cooked through and grill utes, your grill should be out entirely. If you make the salsa medium and simmer until the marks have formed, 2 to 3 medium-hot. (Use a grill ther- ahead, you might want to add a thyme leaves black pepper vegetables have softened a bit minutes per side. Serve the fish mometer or test the heat by little vinegar before serving, as l 1 clove garlic, minced or finely l Four (5- to 6-ounce) skinless further but retain some topped with the salsa. holding your hand, palm-down, the acidity mellows with storage, crispness, 2 minutes more. about 4 inches from the grate and you definitely want a bright, grated mahi-mahi fillets or other firm, Remove from the heat and set Note for about 4 seconds.) quick-pickled flavor here. l 1/4 Scotch bonnet chile pepper white fish fillets aside until ready to serve, or l To prepare the grill: If using a When ready to serve, the salsa l 2 teaspoons olive oil refrigerate until needed. is spooned over grilled mahi- or habanero pepper, seeded Steps l Make the fish: In a small bowl, gas grill, set it to 450 degrees. If Nutrition | Per serving (1 fish fillet and a and finely diced, or to taste l Make the salsa: In a medium whisk together the paprika, using a charcoal grill, fill a phreoatpeiinng, 11/04 cup salsa): 209 calories, 28 g mahi that has been seasoned with l 1/4 teaspoon fine salt skillet over medium-high heat, granulated garlic, salt and chimney starter with charcoal, g carbohydrates, 7 g fat, 1 g l 1/8 teaspoon ground allspice heat the oil until it shimmers. pepper until combined. Pat the light it and when the coals are saturated fat, 101 mg cholesterol, 596 mg a savory combination of garlic, l 3 tablespoons rice wine Add the bell pepper, onion, fish dry, then drizzle with the white-gray with ash, pour them sodium, 2 g dietary fiber, 7 g sugar paprika, salt and pepper. You vinegar, plus more to taste thyme, garlic, Scotch bonnet oil, rubbing it in to distribute it into the charcoal grate, adding could substitute another grill- pepper, salt and allspice and evenly all over the fish. Recipe tested by Olga Massov; email friendly (firm, steak-y) fish such questions to [email protected] as halibut or tilapia, or pan-cook FOOD Food and dining editor: Joe Yonan • Voraciously editor: Matt Brooks • Recipes editor: Ann Maloney • Art director: Christine Ashack • Photo editor: Jennifer Beeson Joe Gregory • Assistant recipes editor: Olga Massov • Food critic: Tom Sietsema • Staff writers: Tim Carman, G. Daniela Galarza, Aaron Hutcherson, Emily Heil, Becky Krystal • Yonan Copy editors: Jim Webster, Jordan Melendrez | Contact us: [email protected], 202-334-7575. The Washington Post, Food, 1301 K St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20071 WEEKNIGHT VEGETARIAN He is away. His column will resume when he returns.

E4 MG EE THE WASHINGTON POST . WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2022 The secret is in which brand of barbecue sauce is best SAUCE FROM E1 PHOTOS BY PEGGY CORMARY FOR THE WASHINGTON POST; FOOD STYLING BY LISA CHERKASKY FOR THE WASHINGTON POST hued entrants. Our tasters de- tected less sweetness and more and on cubes of unseasoned, The array of store-bought sauces our testers tasted. The scores were generally pretty low, but a few of the brands provided bright spots. vinegar than in many others, roasted chicken breast — were setting it apart from the sweet- unlabeled, so the tasting was Great Value Original Barbecue Sauce from Walmart rose to the top Only one of those is a good attri- one. ($1.59/19.5 fluid ounces at and-smoky Kansas City style that blind. of our rankings, mostly by not offending anyone. bute,” wrote another. And it was Whole Foods) seems to dominate the biggest no wonder the brand was giving brands. And the ingredient list, Tasters reached an overall “stick to your ribs” a bad connota- 9. Bull’s Eye BBQ Sauce in which vinegar comes before consensus — there were few tion: a scan of the bottle’s ingredi- Original the sweetener — a reverse of raves and generally low scores, ents shows that its fourth-listed Score: 43 most other major brands — con- meaning it seems our panel ingredient is the thickener corn- firmed that impression. wasn’t super-impressed with the starch. ($2.79/18 fluid ounces at We seemed to be venturing lot. Still, there were a few options Wegmans) from active dislike into “meh” Was that a good thing? To you can find on many grocery territory with this sauce. Again, some, it was a no. “Vinegary, shelves that we would welcome 10. 365 Whole Foods Market many people didn’t find it to be thin, lacking in depth,” wrote to the neighborhood cookout. Barbecue Sauce very vibrant (“actually tastes like one. But others liked its unique Score: 41 nothing?”), and it seemed to lack character. “Like if sriracha and 13. G. Hughes Sugar Free complexity. “Too one-note,” as BBQ had a baby,” mused one. BBQ Sauce Original Another wallflower at the one taster described it. But a “Could be good on grilled wings,” Score: 26 cookout here. “Lacks depth of couple of people liked the vine- suggested another. ($4.59/18 flu- flavor; just kind of thin and flat,” gary vibe, and it got tepid praise id ounces at Wegmans) Unlike the other sauce-tes- remarked one of the panelists. A from a few, like “pleasant” and tants, this one was sweetened couple of people likened it to its “nice and tangy.” ($3.49/18 fluid 7. (Tie) Kinder’s BBQ Sauce with sucralose. And while that tamer condiment cousin, ketch- ounces at Safeway) Mild might be a win for people looking up. “Like a sad ketchup,” one Score: 44 to regulate their sugar intake, it summed it up, “Like ketchup pre- 7. (Tie) Stubbs Original sure didn’t hit the sweet spot tending to be BBQ.” Not everyone Score: 44 This one struck several tasters with our panel. Though they minded the meekness, though. “A as the prototype of the genre: weren’t alerted to a faux-sugar little mild compared to the oth- A bright orangy-red color dis- thick and sweet, but not terribly sauce in the lineup, two testers ers, but not in a bad way,” said tinguished this sauce from many spicy. “Seems like a classic com- seemed to sniff out the impostor, of the other deep mahogany- mercial sauce,” commented one. both likening it to “Diet Coke.” “A standard,” said another. A Others found it to be overly couple thought it was too bland sweet, and as one put it, “not the and one found it cloying ( “Dr good kind of sweet.” A couple Pepper in sauce form”). others found the cinnamon notes ($5.79/20.5 fluid ounces at Safe- to be overpowering. One taster way) summarized the reaction: “Oh gosh, no.” ($6.89/ 18 fluid ounces 6. Trader Joe’s Organic at Safeway) Kansas City Style BBQ Sauce Score: 45 12. Famous Dave’s BBQ Sauce Original Recipe For a couple of tasters, the Score: 37 grocery chain’s sauce struck the right notes of the barbecue-sauce Dave might tout his fame, but trifecta: sweet, tang and spice. “A he only achieved notoriety well-balanced sauce,” said one. among our judges. There were “Zingy but sweet,” enthused an- lots of complaints about strange other. But it didn’t universally flavors here — two tasters pegged impress. “Are we sure this isn’t it as slightly chocolate-y, and just aged ketchup?” wondered others found unpleasant hits of one. ($2.99/ 19 fluid ounces at celery, licorice and vinegar in its Trader Joe’s) bouquet. “Whoa! This is weird … not very traditional,” said one. It 5. KC Masterpiece left one wordsmith of a colleague Score: 48 speechless: “????” he wrote. This one might be the sweetest “This is what someone who of the bunch, which some people has never eaten barbecue thinks liked. “Might be too sweet for mass produced barbecue tastes some,” one fan acknowledged. like,” wrote another. ($3.29/ And it had a “nice kick” accord- 20 fluid ounces at Food Lion) ing to one taster, to balance out all that sugar. But its thick tex- 11. Sweet Baby Ray’s ture kept its score down. “This Score: 40 sauce sits on your tongue like it’s setting up camp,” said one critic. The plot thickened with this ($1.99/18 fluid ounces at Shop- brand — several tasters found this pers Food Warehouse) sauce’s texture unpleasant. “Like a BBQ sauce pudding,” one sug- 4. Sticky Fingers Memphis gested. “Thicc. Cloying. Peppery. Original Score: 49 COVID-19 VACCINES AVAILABLE! STAY SAFE AND SHOP CONTACTLESS ASSISTED REGISTRATION SCAN HERE TO SHOP CURBSIDE NOW Many tasters dug the strong pepper notes in this blend. “De- COME VISIT OUR PHARMACY cent spice that lingers on the palate,” one taster enthused. And PHARMACY D.C. STORE Our pharmacy is OPEN for all your others liked the vinegar-forward prescription and health & beauty needs. profile. “The tang — with the peppery heat — is appealing,” Email: [email protected] for orders that can be picked up curbside! wrote another. But it was a little too one-note for some: “way too FOOD ITEMS peppery, overwhelmingly so,” complained one. ($3.28/18 fluid PELLSEAGNRINO FENTIMANS WALKERS PURELY ounces at Food Lion) ItAaslisat.n ELIZABETH Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sodas BraBeonwdtaeMdniciSxaoeldlrysas Ass$o3r.t39e-d5..39COo9zokies 2. (tie) Kraft Original Assorted Granolas Barbeque Sauce 3L $20.99 11.15 Oz 4 Pk $4.99 CHOCOLOVE Score: 50 Italian Diced Tomatoes 6 Pk $4.99 8-12 Oz $4.99 KIND Assorted Gourmet Tasters thought this sauce 35 Oz $2.39 GIFFORDS Chocolate Bars TASTY BITE brought a lot of flavor to the Pe2t8iteOzDic$ed1T.o7ma9toes 1.4 OAzss3oBr/tAe$RdS4Ba.r0s 0 barbecue party. Several detected IcAesCsorretaedms 12 Pk Box 3.2 Oz Assorted Rice Mixes fruity notes in the complex, ¼ Cut Artichokes $31 P.in9t 9 $14.99 smoky blend. “Like a chutney 2/$5.00 8.8 Oz 2/$5.00 that’s been smoked, suggested 14 Oz 2/$5.00 FIREHOOK 10AOszso2rte/d$E6nt.ré0e0s one. “Pretty good balance of ChefsPeCpupt Reorsasted sweetness and kick here,” com- CRACKERS mented another. “It’s service- 12 Oz $2.49 able.” ($2.49/18 fluid ounces at $4.99Baked Crackers Giant) FlAatnc&hoRvoilelesd 5.5 Oz 2. (tie) Head Country Bar-B- 2 Oz 2/$3.00 Q Sauce Original 8 Oz $5.99 Score: 50 SkinSleasrsdBinoenseless This brand was a little thinner 2/$4.245 O.z00 than the pack and delivered a bit Anchovy Paste in Tube of welcome heat, which seemed a HARMLESS HARVEST MICHAELS OF rarity in this tame bunch. A 2.12 Oz $2.29 BROOKLYN sample of the spicy fan mail: Organic Coconut Water “Has some bite,” “A spicy kick” Tuna in Oil and “hot sauce vibes.” “Could $316.O9z 9 $632.O9z 9 APuathsetantiScaItuacleiasn $632.O9z 9 MARYLAND WINES ARE 750ML UNLESS NOTED definitely see myself using this 5 Oz 2/$5.00 WINE & BEER one,” said one taster. “It checks SPECIALS OAPLELNLEOVCEARTYIODNASY! all the boxes.” ($4.49/20 fluid D.C. WINE SPECIALS Rodet Mâcon-Villages......................... $17.99 ounces at Safeway) Generations 1905 ........................$9.99 SNaOLETSRDESPaOTNESSIB7LE-1FO3R-T2YP2OGTRHaRPuHIC7a-L2E6RR-O2RS2 BLOCKBUSTERS Casa Santos Lima Red Blend ...............$6.99 MTVMRoiiaubmlltsbautsoiaeMtnl.w..aB....roa..Nio..ay..Ed..W...................Z..........E..........A..........L.....A..........N..........D...............S..........B...............S..........A..........L.....E.................$$$.. $$11122189.....9999999999 1. Great Value Original Caceres White & Rosé..........................$7.99 Waterdog Red & White........................$6.99 LSPDJCSoeeaiaimssgnnMeuaoAnpCarnrilhealHdrniireAPeaVDsBteMuirPruBuFrctrProeduhNsiAtbeeaVe&é....Ct.....rN&.....eV.....m.....S......a......nP......t......A..............R..............K.......L..............I.......N..............G.....................S..............A..$$$$$..L$$31122E4729997.......99999999999999 BEER SALE LOCALS Barbecue Sauce (Walmart) Tinto Negro.................................$8.99 Seaside Cellars Vinho Verde.................$6.99 Miller Lite 6PkBottles.........................$7.49 Score: 56 Man Chenin Blanc...............................$8.99 Santa Margherita PG ................... $19.99 Leinenkugel’s SummerShandy 6PkBottles...$8.99 Flying Dog SnakeDogIPA6PkBottles.........$9.99 Langoix Pouilly Fume........................ $17.99 Heineken 6PkBottles&Can....................$8.99 Flying Dog TheTruthImperialIPA6PkBottles...$9.99 We did not see this one com- Moncontour Vouvray ...................... $16.99 ROSÉ SALE Baltimore Blonde 6PkBottles...............$8.99 Dogfish Head 60MinuteIPA6PkBottles......$9.99 ing. We would never have pre- Lapostolle Cuvée Alexandre Cab............. $19.99 Perrin ......................................... $8.99 Corona Extra,Light,&Premier6PkBottles.......$9.49 Brookeville Beer Farm (Olney,MD) dicted that the house brand for Four Bears Chard .......................... $11.99 Pourceaux................................. $12.99 Paulaner Hefe-Weizen 6PkBottles......$10.99 the mega-chain where you can Jadix Picpoul................................. $11.99 Paradis....................................... $9.99 Blue Moon Belgian 6Pk....................$8.99 Philsner Pilsner6Pk........................$9.99 buy both a grill itself and the Naufraget Vouvray......................... $11.99 Mont Gravet ................................$6.99 Sierra Nevada PaleAle&Torpedo6Pks......$9.99 Strawberry Run Lager4Pk.............$13.49 stuff to put on it would be where Le Haut-Medoc de Trintaudon ...... $12.99 Lastours Gaillac............................. $11.99 New Belgium FatTire6PkBottles.............$9.99 Snugz Hazy DIPA4Pk...................$14.49 we’d find our winner. But the Crasto Red & White........................... $12.99 Madeleine ................................... $9.99 Miller High Life 12PkBottles................$9.99 Sugar Baby WatermelonKolsch4Pk.....$13.49 unlikely champ — high fructose Raissac Viognier & SB..........................$9.99 Blue Moon Belgian12Pk....................$17.99 Aslin Beer Company (Alexandria,VA) corn syrup and all — won over Stella Artois 12PkCan......................$17.99 De Gens Pilsner4Pk.......................$10.99 our panel by not offending any- D.C. BEER SPECIALS Modelo Especial 24PkBottles.............$29.99 Cortes West Coast IPA4Pk............$12.99 one (no low scores to drag it Heineken SuitCase24Can...................$31.99 Small Town in Ontario IPA4Pk......$12.99 down) and by offering a classic Lef6fPeac&k $H9o.e9g9a.a..r.d..e..n..........Case $34.99 Corona, Corona Light 12 Packs ...$18.99 Cider & Sparkling Seltzer Von Trapp Assorted6PkCan................$11.99 Master of Karate DIPA4Pk............$17.99 flavor profile. “Like old-school 216PsPtearAcokmn$ie1,,,s..n.e..r..UCarsqeu$e3ll4,.99 Mahou 8.4oz 12 Pack $12.99...Case $24.99 Bold Rock, 6 Pack $10.99 ...Case $36.99 Sam Adams Assorted6Pk....................$8.99 BLOCKBUSTERS Burger King BBQ sauce,” said RigIN6hPPetAavcP,karLd$oaap1ge1u&rn.,,,.iC.nSCigaatsy,me,R$SAAi3deR9rarm.a9s9, YuBeonttglelsi.n..g...S.u..i.t.c.a..s..e..C.a.n...................... $$2241..9999 Austin Ciders 6 Pack $11.99...Case $39.99 Sam Adams Assorted12Pk.................$17.99 Tenuta Di Arceno ChiantiClassico..........$23.99 one nostalgia-struck taster. BelMAl’stilna2usHtAee,sasFrtlt.yei6dnPgIaPcDkAo$,gD1To2rgu.ft9ihs9hIP.H.Ae.,CaaDdsCe6B$0r4au2,.99 Natural Light/Ice 30 Pack.........$20.99 Tru1l2yPaSckp.a..r.k..l.i.n.g...S..e.l.t.z..e.r.,..W...h..i.t.e. $C2la1w.99 Nielson Santa Barbara Chardonnay.....$13.99 “Sweet without being ketchupy,” SteAllma,stHeel.i.n..e.k..e..n..&.......Loose Case $32.99 Sapporo 12 Pack......................$15.99 High Noon 4 Pk........................$8.99 SELTZERS Nielson Santa Barbara PinotNoir.......$17.99 said another. Michelob Ultra 12 Pack.............$14.99 High Noon 8 Pk......................$15.99 Truly & White Claw Variety12Pk.........$18.99 Carmel Road CabernetSauvignon...........$12.99 Beck’s 16oz Ca—n .1..6..o.z...C.a..n..s.—...Case $26.99 21.99MMGillDer2L4i,teB,uCdo,oBrsudLigLihgth,t $ Matnzas Creek Winery SauvignonBlanc...$17.99 Others praised it for being Erdinger, Bitburger German Pils, 30 PK CAN Kendall-Jackson VintersReserveChard....$14.99 “complex,” “fruity and a little 24 Pack Can National Bohemian and Pabst.......$19.99 Sand Point CabernetSauvignon................$8.99 spicy” with a “honey BBQ” flavor. 1K6öozsCtranit4zPearckS$c7hw.9a9r.z.b..i.e..r.,.Case $36.99 Michelob Ultra $23.99 Miller HighLife................................$20.99 Murphy Goode PinotNoir..................$12.99 And while we know we’ll take Coors, Coors Light & Miller Lite..........$25.99 Murphy Goode SauvignonBlanc............$10.99 plenty of heat for crowning a 24 Pack Budweiser & Bud Light..................$28.99 La Croix Belle Rosé.........................$14.99 Wal-Mart sauce, the unexpected *Select 6 Pack Excluded From The Sale* Busch & Busch Light.....................$23.99 Vina Otano RiojaRosé.........................$9.99 winner might help assure read- ers of our methodology. At least, Our Locations SALE DATES NON ALCOHOLICS Concha Y Toro Frontera as one editor put it, “no one will Athletic Brewing Co. Assorted6Pks......$11.99 be able to say it wasn’t a blind • 4301 Randolph Rd, Wheaton MD, 301-946-3100 07-13-22 THRU 07-26-22 Heineken 0.0 6PksBottles.................$11.99 test.” ($1.34/18 fluid ounces at • 5148 Nicholson Ln, Kensington MD, 301-881-6253 IMMPUAARGYPEODS SISFEHFSEOROWN-NLNYA.ORAET CFRTOEUSRAPIOLLNLPUSRSIOBTDLREUACTFITOOSRN Walmart) • 5100 Wisconsin Ave, Washington D.C., 202-363-3466 Our Locations Assorted 1.5L Bottles...............$8.99 TYPOGRAPHICAL ERRORS SPARKLING WINE SALE • 4301 Randolph Rd, Wheaton MD, 301-946-3100 • 5148 Nicholson Ln, Kensington MD, 301-881-6253 Mionetto Prosecco...........$15.99 Clara C Rose Prosecco......$12.99 • 5100 Wisconsin Ave, 202-363-3466

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