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Published by Legatus International, 2022-06-03 16:29:07

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June 2022


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06•22 20 INSIDE VOL 35 • NO 6 A LEGACY OF LOVE FOR THE DESTITUTE OF GIRLSTOWN by Patti Armstrong Tom and Glory Sullivan make their final Legatus pilgrimage to Guadalupe 10 16 24 DON’T SLEEP AFTER DOBBS TIMELESS CLASSICS RESOONLU‘WTIOOKNES’ WDHEFAETA’STNS ERXOTE?, FSOPRIRGIRTOUWALTLHIFINE by Judy Roberts by Jim Graves by Gerald Korson A U.S. Supreme Court leak Shareholders must take Centuries-old works offer sound those proxy votes seriously 5Juneu20n2l2ea|shes ‘hounds |of lhegealtlu’ direction in pursuit of holiness

MORE PAGE 08CHAIRMAN’S DESK 38 PHOTO 38FEEDING THE FOODIE Tom Monaghan: Blessings of adoration Rich Micheli: Appreciating a dad’s ‘tough love’ Chef Richard 48FIVE MINUTES Micheli’s tasty 09GUEST VOICE John Daly, Elizabeth Clines, 2021 Program Chair Award arugula and walnut 50 MEET THE CHAPLAIN pesto can be mixed Gerald Korson: My father’s model of faith Fr. Patrick Schultz, Cleveland Chapter with your favorite pasta or used 26ETHICS MATTERS as a dip. Sarah Lemieux: How execs can mentor women COVER: BILLION PHOTOS/ 28CULTURE OF LIFE SHUTTERSTOCK.COM Michael Kenney: Uniting for life after Roe 30FAITH MATTERS Fr. Shenan Boquet: Lessons from Bartimaeus 32ENGAGING THE FAITH Deacon Steve Greco: Our weapons of warfare 34 HEALTH MATTERS Dr. Anthony S. Oliva: The treatment of gallstones 35 BEST PRACTICES Mark R. Scalise: Forums make better leaders 37WHAT TO SEE Belfast: Courage in staying, leaving, and dying BOARD OF GOVERNORS Berni Neal Randall W. Hammond Diana Parent President Thomas S. Monaghan Orange County Denver Fort Wayne Stephen M. Henley Ann Arbor Secretary Advent Capital Parke Group International Chaplain Legatus Troy L. King S. Craig Henry James P. Sarni Bishop Frank Caggiano Founder, Chairman & CEO Orlando Lafayette-Acadiana Pasadena Bishop of Diocese of Bridgeport Dentistry for Children Bradford Food Group Payden & Rygel Ecclesiastical Advisor Christopher S. McMahon Treasurer Jerry R. Jones Mark R. Scalise Archbishop José H. Gomez Pittsburgh Sean J. Bellew Indianapolis Jupiter-Palm Beach Archbishop of Los Angeles MFA Wealth, LLC Philadelphia Cannon IV Scalise Industries Corporation President, United States Conference Vice Chairman Bellew, LLC of Catholic Bishops LEGATUS MISSION STATEMENT: Editor Christine Valentine-Owsik Comments, queries and address changes: Legatus magazine is published 12 times per To study, live, and spread the Design  Shawna Kunz, Lime Design Legatus Magazine year by Legatus, a membership organization Catholic faith in our business, Editorial Consultant  Gerald Korson PO Box 444 of Catholic presidents and CEOs. professional, and personal lives. Contributing Writer  Judy Roberts Ann Arbor, MI 48106-0444 © 2022 Legatus Contributing Writer  Jim Graves [email protected] All rights reserved Contributing Writer Patti Armstrong Phone: 866-534-2887 Contributing Writer Trent Beattie Copy Editor  Nancy Carabio Belanger To advertise, contact: [email protected] Advertising Sales Representative Joe Giacalone

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CHAIRMAN’S TOM MONAGHAN BLESSED VASYL DESK VELYCHKOVSKY To experience many graces, (1903-73) spend a Holy Hour with Christ FEAST DAY: JUNE 27 BEATIFIED: JUNE 27, 2001 PATRON OF PRISON MINISTRY “DO YOU WANT THE LORD TO When asked how she could do Blessed Vasyl Velychkovsky give you many graces? Visit Him all the amazing things that she was a bishop of the Ukrainian often.” — St. John Bosco did with the poorest of the poor Greek Catholic Church and a martyr. He had a great zeal for the salvation of souls and lived a life of great virtue. As noted in the past, I have whom she served, St. Teresa He was born in western of Calcutta pointed to starting Ukraine; his father was a experienced many blessings each day before the Blessed married priest. He entered since I started meeting Sacrament. regularly with my spiritual seminary, took director. One such blessing I imagine that how people vows with the came early on when he pray during their Holy Hour Redemptorist encouraged me to spend an varies greatly. I spend a part community, hour a day in adoration. My of my hour doing spiritual and was initial reaction was that this reading and journaling. I know ordained seemed like a lot there are special a priest in of time in addition graces promised 1925. He was to the other things “[T]he Church has for praying a a teacher I was doing, but I rosary before the and religious made the needed consistently taught that exposed Eucharist. COMMUNION OF superior. adjustments to there is special power The bottom line SAINTS my schedule and is that the Church At the end incorporated it into (grace) available to us has consistently of World War II, the Soviet my day. Over the when we pray before taught that there Communists occupied Ukraine years, it has become is special power and had Fr. Vasyl and other foundational and Christ in the Blessed (grace) available to clerics imprisoned for “anti- us when we pray Soviet activities.” He began a a highlight of my Sacrament before Christ in the decade of prison ministry as day, so I thought I a prisoner himself. Despite would share it here Blessed Sacrament. the harsh conditions and hard for your prayerful If doing this every labor, he was able to build a consideration. day seems like a small chapel in a coal mine, big step, consider starting by hear Confessions and celebrate Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI finding a parish near you that Divine Liturgy with wine made said, “The act of adoration has perpetual adoration and from raisins and prison bread. outside of Mass prolongs and signing up for one hour a week He also used the prison bread intensifies all that takes place — and go from there. and string to make a rosary, in the liturgical celebration which he prayed faithfully. itself.” This certainly makes Let me conclude with a quote Prisoners called him their sense, and saints throughout from St. Teresa of Calcutta: chaplain. the centuries have exhorted “Jesus has made Himself the the faithful to go to adoration Bread of Life to give us life. He was released and ordained often — daily, if possible. It is Night and day, He is there. If a bishop in 1969 but was said that if you want to know you really want to grow in love, arrested again in 1969. This the connection between come back to the Eucharist, time, the harsh treatment devotion to the Real Presence come back to adoration.”  L irreparably injured his health, and growth in sanctity, look at and after his release he made the lives of the saints: they all TOM his way to Canada, where he had it. Thus, it makes sense that MONAGHAN died. His incorrupt body is in our seminaries and religious is Legatus’ founder, St. Joseph’s Ukrainian Catholic communities build a Holy Hour chairman, and CEO. Church in Winnipeg, Manitoba, into the fabric of their day. Canada. L 8June 2022 | — Jim Graves |

MARK YOUR GUEST GERALD KORSON CALENDARS VOICE COOPER CLINIC Remembering my father: A Catholic faith observed EXECUTIVE PHYSICAL AUGUST 3-5, 2022 | DALLAS, TX SAINT FRANCIS OF ASSISI work and sacrificed much to provide for us. He purportedly instructed his was a thinker more than a talker, but when he OBERAMMERGAU followers to “preach the Gospel did speak his gentle wisdom and unique humor PILGRIMAGE always, and if necessary, use kept us both enlightened and entertained. words.” Yogi Berra, the not- He’s been gone nearly 16 years now, but there are AUGUST 22-30, 2022 yet-canonized former Yankee three things he left that I treasure most. BAVARIA & AUSTRIA player, manager, and king of One is the book he wrote, in his own inimitable malaprops, once said, “You can and self-deprecating prose, of his childhood, his OBERAMMERGAU observe a lot just by watching.” courtship of our mother, and his service as a pilot PILGRIMAGE My late father was usually a and bombardier in the Army Air Force during man of few words, although World War II. SEPTEMBER 25-OCTOBER 5, 2022 the words he used were often Another is his rosary — one decade of which has BAVARIA golden. It was rather his lived just nine beads. Where the bead is missing, the example that spoke volumes. links have been repaired, so on the 10th Hail MEN’S ENCLAVE And in my formative years, Mary my fingers come to this unusual open space I could observe a lot just by that catches me off guard every time. It serves to OCTOBER 25-28, 2022 watching. remind me of my father, who had a stub where CLOUD CAMP My parents raised their eight his right index finger once was, a relic of shrapnel children Catholic. For us, that injuries sustained during an Allied bombing run COLORADO SPRINGS, CO meant Mass every Sunday and over German oil fields in 1944 that earned him LEGATUS.ORG/ME22 12 years of Catholic education. the Purple Heart and the Silver Star. That missing We said grace before meals, bead is a call to pray for his intention. WOMEN’S ENCLAVE but we weren’t given to other The third is my dad’s old copy of The Imitation family prayer, and catechetical of Christ, a well-worn hardbound 1950s pocket NOVEMBER 7-10, 2022 discussions were rare. The edition he picked up somewhere for $1.50, if THE BROADMOOR closest we came to a family the penciled-in price on the inside cover is to rosary was the occasional vigil be believed. It remains one of my go-to books COLORADO SPRINGS, CO service before a funeral. Still, of spiritual reading, my constant companion LEGATUS.ORG/WE22 we were Catholic, and we knew whenever I travel. Within its exhortations on it. It was our identity. growth in virtue I see many of the traits that I NORTHEAST GALA My father wasn’t the type to associate with my father. play catch with us after work; My father never spoke much of his interior life, DECEMBER 9, 2022 the farm boy in him insisted he but I always sensed he possessed a deep faith UNION LEAGUE CLUB tend to the garden and orchard and quiet prayer life that formed him into the NEW YORK CITY, NY on our two-acre property. Nor virtuous man he was. From observing him, in do I ever recall him saying “I his actions more than his words, I learned how a 2023 SUMMIT love you” to any of us. He didn’t man must live his faith in everyday life. For that have to: there was something and so much more, I will always be grateful.  L FEBRUARY 9-11, 2023 about his very presence that FOUR SEASONS RESORT ORLANDO communicated his love, GERALD KORSON strength, and care, much in the is acting editor of Legatus magazine. ORLANDO, FL mold of St. Joseph. Dad modeled Catholic values BURGUNDY: in his 60-year marriage to our DECANTING THE FAITH mother. He was diligent in his APRIL 18-25, 2023 BURGUNDY REGION OF FRANCE FOR MORE INFORMATION: [email protected] OR CALL 866-534-2887 9June 2022 | |


Taking stock of shareholder votes: Pushing back on ‘woke’ resolutions Left-leaning activists are influencing corporate policy by proxy ballots, but conservative and religious groups are now mounting a spirited defense by Judy Roberts 11June 2022 | |

For investors in individual stocks, the spate of annual meeting notices that begin arriving in electronic and postal mailboxes in January can represent an annoyance that is easily swept aside and into the trash. But as shareholder activism by 70 percent of that company’s shareholders. Green Century Capital has published a guide, on the part of organized Management, a mutual fund firm, filed the Costco proposal as a Balancing the Boardroom: How progressives ramps up, test and now is looking at 10 other food and agriculture companies Conservatives Can Combat conservative stockholders who for possible action. Green Century’s first shareholder resolution Corporate Wokeness, and its fail to exercise their voting – on protecting tropical rainforests – was filed eight years ago supporters have bought shares rights at annual meetings may when getting a 25 percent favorable vote was considered a success in companies like Disney, risk ceding valuable ground to because it was viewed as a means of pressuring a company. allowing them to introduce advocates of opposing causes their own proposals. and views. PUSHING BACK ON Additionally, the Boardroom Today, shareholder resolutions THE LEFTWARD DRIFT Initiative, in which the Free on issues like climate change, Enterprise Project is a partner, executive compensation, Jeremy Tedesco Jeremy Tedesco, senior counsel and senior is seeking to counter “woke” and workplace policies on vice president of corporate engagement policies in corporations diversity, inclusion, and sexual for Alliance Defending Freedom, said by getting the companies harassment are proliferating, progressive activists have largely cornered to focus on business goals typically sponsored by so-called the market on shareholder activism with instead of political ones. It ESG (Environmental, Social, 90 percent of shareholder resolutions also is spearheading its own and Governance) investors. coming from left-leaning groups driving a shareholder resolutions, most At one time, a majority vote on narrow political agenda. However, he said, recently a proposal asking such actions was a rarity, but there has been growth in such activity the Bank of America for a racial today more are succeeding. last few years among conservative and equity audit to determine if For example, a shareholder religious shareholders. the company — in the name resolution calling on Costco to of racial equity, diversity, and adopt greenhouse gas emissions One such effort is being spearheaded by the National Center inclusion — is committing reduction targets to achieve for Public Policy Research, a conservative think tank, which illegal discrimination against net-zero emissions by 2050 or is encouraging conservative investors to use their annual employees deemed “non- sooner was approved January 20 meeting proxy votes to counter progressive policies at Disney diverse.” and other corporations. The center’s Free Enterprise Project 12June 2022 | |

ACTIVE, Shareholders also should be aware that some boards now have stockholders have limited ATTENTIVE activist directors who got their positions as part of a progressive voting clout compared to SHAREHOLDING strategy to pressure corporations. Tedesco said it is possible to file institutional investors like a resolution to get a problematic board member removed, but that BlackRock and Vanguard, Joel Griffith, conservatives need to wake up to strategies that are impacting the Griffith said studies show a research way corporations are acting in the political and public square and that fewer than 20 percent of fellow in the kinds of policies they are adopting —­ in other words, to push individual investors are even financial back against those tactics. casting their votes. Meanwhile, institutional investors are regulations He encourages shareholders to contact the investor relations casting more than 90 percent for the departments of companies in which they hold shares to make of theirs. Heritage their views known. “More than half of American Foundation, households do own stock,” said it is “There are many stories of corporations hearing from conservative Griffith noted, “and to think Joel Griffith unlikely and religious shareholders and saying, ‘We’re really glad you called a vast majority are not us,’” Tedesco said. “Positive things sometimes can happen from exercising their right to vote most those conversations. These corporations need to understand the is allowing the woke agenda investors support the policies diversity of opinions represented among their shareholders. That to move forward faster than it being advanced in many will keep them from taking actions that will risk alienating people.” otherwise would.” progressive shareholder resolutions. “The majority are moderate or politically When they do take radical positions, especially those unrelated conservative,” he said, to a company’s performance, corporations should expect to “and they want the focus of hear from shareholders who object. Following Disney’s declared INFLUENCING businesses to be on generating opposition to the Florida Parental Rights in Education bill, DECISION MAKERS shareholder value, not for example, woke politics.” conservatives Legate have begun to George Hence, Tedesco said, “It’s “It’s critical speak out, and Schwartz of critical that people who Schwartz own shares pay attention that people who Tedesco predicted Investment to what’s going on, read own shares pay there could Counsel the resolutions, vote their be significant said it is shares, and even more blowback from important to so, engage in their own attention to what’s those who are note that in form of communication going on, read the shareholders. many cases, with companies and tell votes on them what they think.” resolutions, vote Although some shareholder George Schwartz their shares” say individual MICHELLE PATRICK/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM 13June 2022 | |

SWEEANN/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM resolutions are advisory and In yet another instance, Amazon in April announced it had hired guidelines for the companies that boards are not obligated a law firm to conduct a diversity, equity, and inclusion audit of in which the funds will invest. to act on them. For example, hourly workers after a proposal calling for such an audit failed “They are activists to the extent a shareholder proposal to at last year’s annual meeting but received 44.2 percent of votes. that they exclude companies de-stagger the board of Texas A similar proposal was on the ballot for the annual meeting that violate the core principles Pacific Land Trust, now scheduled for late May, but the company recommended a vote of the Catholic Church,” Texas Pacific Land Corp., was against it since it already is having the audit done. Schwartz said. approved by 56 percent of shareholders, but the board VOTE THROUGH INVESTMENTS Griffith said when investing, chose to retain staggered conservatives also must voting of directors. Schwartz said boards typically recommend voting against consider that progressives who However, when 77 percent shareholder resolutions because to capitulate to a group making are attempting to influence of Microsoft shareholders in a proposal is not without cost. “The board will often argue it’s not corporations and their boards 2021 approved a proposal to worth the shareholders’ money or that its policies are already have a vision of less economic publish a report on the efficacy adequately addressing the matters,” he explained. growth. of the company’s workplace sexual-harassment policies, Microsoft hired a law firm to review the policies, even after recommending a vote against the proposal. Likewise, “[The fact that] a He added that although Apple shareholders interested “A lot of them believe said it already in making sure their humankind is a parasite on had fulfilled vast majority are values are being the planet. When they buy a the objectives not exercising their reflected by the minority interest in a company, of a third-party companies in which they’re not looking at it as a civil rights audit right to vote is they invest also have way to generate a return for approved by its allowing the woke the option of engaging themselves,” he said. “That’s shareholders, agenda to move in morally responsible not their primary goal. Their the company investing through goal is to reorder the economic agreed to heed the funds like the Ave system, and they’re having recommendation forward faster than Maria Mutual Funds, trouble doing that through the in the resolution, it otherwise would” which his company democratic process. So, they’re which had been manages. This, he said, trying to do it through the back supported by can be another form of door of using this [proxy] voting SOC Investment shareholder activism. process.”  L Group, Service Employees International Union, and Ave Maria has six funds with varying objectives, and all operate JUDY ROBERTS is a staff writer for Trillium Asset Management. under the guidance of a Catholic advisory board that sets Legatus magazine. 14June 2022 | |

Where puzzled shareholders can find assistance Investors seeking guidance in navigating the sea of shareholder proposals being generated by progressive investors can look to organizations that are engaged in both research and solutions. The National Center for Public Policy Research ( serves as a clearinghouse for conservative votes and is responding with its own brand of shareholder activism. Similarly, the Boardroom Initiative (, a coalition that includes the Job Creators Network, Free Enterprise Group, and Second Vote, seeks to counteract progressive policies that are negatively affecting shareholders and employees of publicly traded companies. 15June 2022 | | CHARCOMPIX/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM

A WATERSHED DECISION IN THE ABORTION BATTLE? Will the U.S. Supreme Court send Roe gently down the stream? A leaked draft opinion suggests yes, but rougher waters lay ahead by Jim Graves 16June 2022 | |


“M any on our side are not behalf of the SBA List following sides generally expect that Roe will indeed be ready for the hounds of the Politico leak on May 2. overturned. While that in itself would not ban hell which will be unleashed Meanwhile, abortion advocates abortions nationwide, it would shift the decision if Roe is overturned” by from President Joe Biden of abortion’s legality and regulation to individual the U.S. Supreme Court, and Vice President Kamala states. About half the states are expected to said Marjorie Dannenfelser, Harris on down decried the ban elective abortion, while the rest will keep president of the pro-life court’s draft opinion. Senate abortion legal to a greater or lesser degree. group Susan B. Anthony List, Democrats brought to vote Dobbs is one of the most carefully watched in an early April interview. legislation to codify Roe v. cases in decades by activists on both sides of the “We need to prepare Wade nationally, a vote they abortion debate. At issue is the constitutionality ourselves spiritually knew was doomed to fail. And of a 2018 Mississippi state law (HB 1510) for the coming war.” radical pro-abortion groups protecting the unborn child from abortion after began picketing the homes of the first 15 weeks of pregnancy (with exceptions A foretaste of those hounds was unleashed just conservative Supreme Court for medical emergencies and severe fetal a few weeks later, after Politico media obtained justices, vandalizing several abnormalities). Oral arguments before the Court and publicized a draft opinion on Dobbs v. pro-life pregnancy centers were held in December 2021. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the and Catholic churches, and Lower courts have ruled the law highly anticipated U.S. Supreme Court decision staging protests or disrupting unconstitutional. In its appeal, the State of expected to be handed down early this summer, weekend Masses at Catholic Mississippi has asked the Court not only to that would reverse Roe v. Wade, the 1973 churches in a number of cities. uphold HB 1510 but also to overrule Roe, which decision that legalized abortion. One demonstration, at Old St. asserted a constitutional right to abortion. Patrick’s Cathedral in New “Roe was egregiously wrong from the start,” The draft opinion, written by Justice Samuel A. York, featured a protester states the leaked draft opinion, before going Alito Jr., indicated at least a five-justice majority simulating her abortion with on to state plainly that both Roe and Planned voting to overturn Roe — news that cheered pro-life baby dolls. Parenthood v. Casey, a 1992 decision that upheld Chief Justice John Roberts Roe, “must be overruled.” supporters even as the hellish decried the leak as “absolutely hounds went into attack mode. appalling” and called for an AN ARBITRARY investigation, while Justice ‘DIVIDING LINE’ Marjorie Dannenfelser “If the draft opinion made Clarence Thomas assured public tonight is the final conference attendees in Overruling Roe is a long time coming. In opinion of the court, we Atlanta that the Supreme Court December oral arguments, Chief Justice John wholeheartedly applaud the “can’t be an institution that can Roberts noted that U.S. abortion law is among decision,” said Dannenfelser, a be bullied into giving you the the most extreme in the world. Most countries Legate of the Northern Virginia outcomes you want.” prohibit abortion after 15-20 weeks, whereas in Chapter, in a statement on the U.S. abortions can legally occur up until birth A SHIFT TO under Roe. THE STATES Attorney Thomas Olp of the Thomas More Society in Chicago notes that under current law While the wording of the Roe offers the “dividing line” when states can majority opinion could change before it is finalized, both 18June 2022 | |

and cannot restrict abortion as viability, or when abortion majorities, such as Dannenfelser sees the panic on the pro-abortion the unborn child can exist outside the mother’s New York, California, Vermont, side as it prepares to “circumvent and do an womb, which today is designated at 22-24 weeks. Rhode Island, and New Jersey, end run around [anti-abortion] laws they see He speculated that the Supreme Court would not are already attempting to use coming.” Chief among these are the expanded have opted to take the Dobbs case “unless they state legislation and state use of chemical abortion pills and the creation were interested in eliminating the viability line. constitutional appeals to of pro-abortion “sanctuary states,” such as in If they do, you’re essentially pushing the abortion enshrine abortion into law. California, where abortion-seeking women can issue back to the states [to legislate], which has be flown in from other states to have abortions. been the conservative view all along.” FINALLY, A She sees the “hand of God” in the appointment of The Society filed an amicus curiae brief with the ‘FULL DISCUSSION’ new Supreme Court justices during the Trump Court arguing the “viability line” adopted by the administration and the “grace of God” in having Court in Roe is irrational, as modern science has the Dobbs case arise “which tests revealed that at conception an organism with a Catherine Glenn Foster Roe and could lead to the saving of unique DNA comes into existence. of Americans United millions of lives.” Further complicating the issue is that states have for Life describes already passed laws recognizing the rights of Dobbs as “the most A pro-life America will be a more the unborn child, Olp said, such as laws which critical abortion case religious America, Dannenfelser declare if a pregnant woman is murdered and since Roe.” One thing believes. Overturning Roe her unborn child dies along with her. “You can that struck her during should lead to greater protection be prosecuted for two crimes,” he said. “It doesn’t oral argument, she of the unborn and “will have a depend on the viability of either.” said, “was that for tremendous impact,” she said. Should Dobbs result in the overturning of Roe, the first time in 50 “When we get this right, it can be a Olp believes, it will lead to “contentious fights” years we saw a full Catherine Glenn Foster gateway to many more conversions in state legislatures. In fact, he noted, the pro- abortion lobby is “in a panic” in anticipation discussion of abortion and changes in the culture.”  L of Roe’s overturning. To counter this strong by the Court — a discussion possibility, states with strong legislative pro- that we should have been JIM GRAVES is a Legatus magazine contributing writer. allowed to have over the past Legatus staff contributed to this article. 50 years.” “‘Roe was egregiously wrong from the start’ KIEFERPIX/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM PRAYING FOR A VICTORY FOR THE UNBORN Father Frank Pavone of Priests Fr. Frank Pavone Priests for Life is coordinating a national prayer campaign for a for Life predicts that pro- June 2022 | Dobbs victory (visit, he said, as well as for abortion activists will seek the justices themselves — perhaps particularly important now given to find a right to abortion in the vitriol against them spawned by the leaked draft opinion. state constitutions. He gave “We need to pray for the justices that they remain strong in the face the example of Kansas, where of underhanded tactics and are true to their convictions and judge in voters will decide in August the right way,” said Fr. Pavone. “We don’t know what kinds of threats whether or not their state they are experiencing.” constitution should have a right to abortion. 19 |

A farewell visibt, ut a June 2022 | 20 |

lasting legacy Tom and Glory Sullivan will accompany the Legatus pilgrimage to Guadalupe for the last time this month, but their longtime support for the care and education of the destitute children of Girlstown goes on by Patti Armstrong For Tom and Glory Sullivan, World Villages’ Girlstown in Chalco, Mexico, is a very special place. So special, in fact, that they have made it a large part of their charitable focus since their first visit there in 1990. “There is nothing else like it,” Glory said of the Catholic boarding school for destitute girls. Tom went as far as to call it “the best charity in the world.” Over the years, the Sullivans have visited Girlstown about three dozen times, usually taking dozens of interested visitors with them. In 2013, at their suggestion, Legatus began to lead pilgrimages annually to Guadalupe and Girlstown, with as many as 80 Legates and guests participating each year the pilgrimage was offered (there was no trip during the pandemic year of 2020). The Sullivans have been part of the group each time. This June 10-13, the Sullivans, members of the Jacksonville Chapter and founders of the chapter in Washington, D.C., will once again accompany the Legatus pilgrimage to Guadalupe and Chalco — and at ages 87 and 83 respectively, Tom and Glory have said it will be their last. 21June 2022 | |

It takes a all three of our children [Colleen, Colleen Opack, the oldest world village Kathy, and Tom] were in college, Sullivan daughter, can speak to we went. We dropped the youngest that life-changing experience. World Villages for Children off at school on a Sunday [in 1988], Her parents took her on a trip today is a network of and on Monday were on a plane to to Seoul, South Korea, and to boarding schools that cares Korea.” Manila, Philippines, while in for 21,000 children across college. 15 communities in seven The Sullivans continued on with “We went to ‘Smokey countries. More than 170,000 Fr. Al to the Philippines, where he Mountain,’ which is a dump, children have graduated from had also established a Boystown in Manila where a large the Boystowns and Girlstowns Tom and Glory Sullivan and Girlstown. He kept expanding population of poor live,” Opack run by the Sisters of Mary, said. “I didn’t know such places a congregation of over 400 his care for the poor even after existed. That was my moment sisters whose vocation is to be receiving the diagnosis in 1989 of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis that changed who I was going mothers to these children from (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, and given three years to be for the rest of my life.” destitute and often abusive to live. He accepted his illness as a gift of suffering and became When the youngest of her situations. determined to work even harder. own two children was in high school, Opack volunteered It all started in 1957 when Within the year, Fr. Al heard of crushing poverty in Mexico that at World Villages. She now 27-year-old Fr. Aloysius was leading many people to leave the Catholic faith. The Sullivans works full time as their grant Schwartz (“Fr. Al”), a priest of were among his confidants who traveled to Mexico to look at a coordinator and donor advisor. the Archdiocese of Washington, site he had picked out for a new school. They returned when the “It is so striking to me what D.C., asked to be assigned to new Girlstown and Boystown were dedicated and opened there in these nuns do,” she said. “Spend minister in the most destitute 1990. (Boystown was eventually moved to Guadalajara, Mexico.) an hour with them, and you place in the world. He was will be better for having been sent to South Korea, where the Fr. Al died in 1992 at age 62. He was named Venerable by the around them.” Korean War had left countless Church on January 22, 2015. His cause for sainthood proceeds. In addition to academic children alone on the streets. education and religious He built the first Boystown Their final pilgrimage instruction, the girls at Girlstown there in 1969. receive haircuts, dental visits, The 2022 Legatus pilgrimage begins at the Basilica of Our Lady food, sports, art, clothing, music “We knew his family and would Guadalupe, where the Blessed Mother’s image on the tilma of instruction, and vocational invite him over for dinner St. Juan Diego hangs behind the altar. This pilgrimage destination training. “The education of these when he was home,” Glory is among the most-visited churches in the world, with an children is more well-rounded said of Fr. Al. “He kept wanting estimated 20 million visitors annually. than the average American us to visit him in Korea. Once In nearby Chalco, pilgrims will experience the immensity of student gets,” Opack said. nearly 3,500 girls singing to greet them, tour the grounds with Advocates their many fruit trees and vegetables, be for the poor entertained by the choir, and learn of the girls’ well-rounded education that includes Father Daniel Leary, a priest of music, sports, self-defense instruction, the Archdiocese of Washington vocational skills, and the Catholic faith. who as chaplain to the Sisters of Mary regularly ministers Father Aloysius Schwartz (center) with members of the Sullivan family in “We’ve taken thousands down to visit,” Tom in World Villages, praised the the 1970s. At right are two Sisters of Mary and the late Monsignor Vincent said of the many groups he and Glory have Sullivans’ work. Gatto of the Archdiocese of Washington. accompanied to Chalco.. “Everyone cries. It’s a pilgrimage, not a tour. Children and grandchildren are encouraged to come.” He noted that the life perspectives of young people have been powerfully impacted through the experience. Sisters of Mary at Girlstown June 2022 | 22 |

have shown that through their talents, through their gifts, Tom concurs. “Frankly, the and through their love for the poor, they can advocate for the Sisters of Mary are able poor and speak for the poor when the poor cannot speak for to bring about amazing themselves.” transformations,” he said. “The Although this is the last year Tom and Glory will be part future of these children would of the Legatus pilgrimage to Chalco’s Girlstown, they will have been to be a drug runner continue to support World Villages and the Sisters of Mary. or prostitute or some nefarious “They are saving the Church one child at a time, and the activity, but instead they are Fr. Daniel Leary graduates are off-the-chart wonderful,” Glory said. “It’s a transformed into doctors, “Tom and Glory have been true miracle in action every day.” teachers, nurses, and nuns, and missionaries for the poor in other professions.” L their lives,” said Fr. Leary. “They PATTI ARMSTRONG is a Legatus magazine contributing writer. CpWhloaaarnclpdedlaoVrfieinslhlua:orgpreeesc, tjiiosoyna, This year, Fr. Daniel Leary, chaplain of the this way; to be a part of this healing Sisters of Mary, will be the main celebrant and evangelization to children through at Mass on June 11 at the Basilica of Our Confession and the Eucharist. Lady of Guadalupe during the Legatus “World Villages is clearly forming lay and pilgrimage. Father Leary first met Tom religious missionaries to live their faith and Glory Sullivan when they knew and evangelize within their families and him as Danny, a high school pal of their their communities,” Fr. Leary explained. son Tom. In 1993, during summer break “It is enabling the young people to have a from the seminary, Leary worked for the joy in their Catholic faith.” He described Sullivans’ publishing company. When World Villages’ mission as not just giving Leary’s comedic entertaining decreased children a fish for today but teaching them office productivity, they sent the 23-year- to fish so that they will then teach others old seminarian to Chalco for three weeks, to fish. “They are forming missionaries ostensibly to be sure it was a good charity. who will then evangelize their families.” “My impression as a young seminarian Initially, however, Fr. Leary admitted was that this was such a place of hope for feeling angry as he listened to so much the poor,” he said. Two years ago, after 23 trauma during Confessions. “The abuse years as a parish priest in the Archdiocese was off the charts,” he said. “I try to go to of Washington, Fr. Leary was given the Blessed Sacrament a lot. I would put permission from Cardinal Wilton Gregory them in the tabernacle with Jesus. One to become chaplain to the Sisters of Mary. time, I felt Jesus ask, ‘Why are you angry? “I go to the different countries with This child is a resurrection.’ the Sisters of Mary and hear hours of “I have all these Lazaruses. walking confessions a day,” he said. “I just do around resurrected; they are set free!” priestly stuff and I say: Thanks be to God!” Fr. Leary said. “I’ve been a priest for 25 Father Leary called it a great blessing years this June, and I’m happier than ever.” of the Church to work for the poor in June 2022 | 23 |

READY TO CAST INTO THE DEEP? GET HOOKED ON THE CLASSICS Authors spanning several centuries SUTA IMAGES/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM provide timeless direction for growth in the spiritual life Christ challenges us, as He did by Gerald Korson four booklets the St. Peter, to “cast out into the German-Dutch deep” (Luke 5:4). While there DIALOGUE (1377) priest wrote to are several layers of meaning instruct novices to this call, among these are The Dialogue of in an Augustinian to trust in His word, to do Divine Providence monastery. As God’s will, and to embrace our was dictated by such, a lay reader Christian mission to the fullest. St. Catherine of will need to adapt As the Second Vatican Council Siena while she references to stressed, the fundamental was in ecstasy and communal life vocation of a Christian is the takes the form of a and religious call to holiness. The Church dialogue between superiors to his or her own state of life. offers us powerful tools a soul (Catherine) The Imitation of Christ stresses humility as in this pursuit through its and God Himself. essential to all the virtues. “If there is good in sacramental life. This spiritual Mystical writing you, see more good in others, so that you may progress, the Catechism of the is not always easy to comprehend, but within remain humble,” Thomas writes. Prudence and Catholic Church tells us, “tends Catherine’s Dialogue is to be found instructions trust in God follow closely: “Do not yield to every toward ever more intimate on the steps to attaining the perfection of love impulse and suggestion but consider things union with Christ” (CCC 2014). and union with Christ through trust, virtue, carefully and patiently in the light of God’s will.” To this end, the faithful suffering, prayer, and obedience. His direction is topical rather than structured, through the centuries “[T]he soul unites herself with God by the but the fundamental principles of a sound have often found valuable affection of love,” writes Catherine. But “a interior life are present throughout. assistance in the writings of soul could not be of use, whether in doctrine, saints and spiritual directors example, or prayer, to her neighbor, if she did not THE WAY OF PERFECTION (1566) on growth in virtue and the first profit herself, that is, if she did not acquire perfection of the interior life. virtue in herself.” Saint Teresa of Avila wrote this work on the Here we present a brief taste contemplative life for her Carmelite convent, of six exemplary works from IMITATION OF CHRIST (1420) but it adapts well to lay spirituality. Union with the 14th to the 19th centuries Christ is achieved through ever-deepening that are still beloved of pious Thomas à Kempis’s The Imitation of Christ contemplation, she writes, but prayer also Catholics today. remains among the all-time great works on the interior life. This book is actually a collection of June 2022 | 24 |

must be accompanied by participation the laws of God, His Church, and our state of life, self-discipline. Even as in Mass and whereas passive fidelity “consists in the loving she instructs the reader on Confession. acceptance of all that God sends us at every prayer methods, she also He urges the moment.” extols the practice of poverty, abandonment detachment, mortification, and of vices and STORY OF A SOUL (1898) humility. the fostering of virtues, The spiritual Humility “is the principal particularly autobiography aid to prayer,” writes Teresa; patience and of St. Thérèse it produces peace and trust humility: “We of Lisieux, first in God, and awareness that must learn not only to love our burden, which is published a everything is a gift from Him. done by the virtue of patience, but also to love year after her Suffering and temptations can its attendant abasement, which is done by the death, describes also be means by which God virtue of humility.” the blueprint draws us closer to Himself: The evangelical counsels, Francis argues, are for her “little “God guides those He loves for all and must be practiced according to one’s way” of living by the way of afflictions; the own vocation. “Charity alone can place us in as a disciple of dearer they are to Him, the perfection,” Francis writes, “but obedience, Christ, as a child of God. Like Fr. de Caussade, more severe are their trials.” chastity, and poverty are the three principal she found grace and holiness in the fulfillment means by which to attain it.” of routine duties, in doing the ordinary things INTRODUCTION TO extraordinarily well — and always in a spirit of THE DEVOUT LIFE ABANDONMENT TO DIVINE love. (1609) PROVIDENCE (1700s) “Charity is the most excellent way that Other works on interior life Although Fr. leads to God,” she writes. “I understood that were addressed to those in Jean-Pierre de love comprised all vocations, that love was consecrated life, but St. Francis Caussade wrote everything, and that it embraced all times and de Sales explicitly insists these various places, in a word, that it was eternal. Then in the that lay people similarly letters of spiritual excess of my delirious joy, I cried out, O Jesus, can seek holiness and the direction in the my love, my vocation, at last I have found it, to be perfection of love. The first 18thcentury, they love.” step is to purify the soul, were not collected finding deep contrition for sin and published in The list is by no means exhaustive of our and a firm resolve to avoid a single volume spiritual reading options. There are countless evil inclinations. He offers until 1851. His older works on prayer, theology, and the lives detailed instructions on prayer key theme is that complete trust in God and and confessions of the saints from which we and encourages frequent abandonment to His perfect will is the true path can reap ample spiritual benefit. There also to interior peace. He writes of the “sacrament of are many contemporary authors and thinkers the present moment,” meaning that God reveals whose books and podcasts provide inspiration His will for us through the immediate duties we and guidance. face in every moment within our particular state in life. What do these spiritual classics of the interior “In reality, holiness consists in one thing life have in common? The encouragement that alone, namely, fidelity to God’s plan,” writes de sanctity and union with God is accessible to all Caussade. “And this fidelity is equally within the baptized in every state of life. We can indeed everyone’s capacity in both its active and advance along the path toward the holiness to passive exercise.” Active fidelity means keeping which we are called, even in our most ordinary of circumstances. L GERALD KORSON is acting editor of Legatus magazine. NITR/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM June 2022 | 25 |

ETHICS SARAH LEMIEUX MATTERS How to help young women professionals develop and climb the corporate ladder THE PROFESSIONAL WORLD the challenge with confidence, and can be a very daunting place thrive. Only then will the upper for any aspiring young woman management get a sense of whether who wishes to climb the ladder they are capable of being successful of success. This is partially professionals in the long term. because she is inexperienced compared to her co-workers, Managers and supervisors should the majority of whom will create opportunities for their have many more years of employees once a basis of trust is expertise on her, but mostly established. Trust is not a right: FIZKES/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM because of the unknown young professionals need to properly challenges that she will face. earn it by respecting their bosses, performing all that is asked of However, any female who them, providing helpful solutions to desires to be the best in problems, and — most importantly her field needs to fully — attempting to approach each If the upper management embodies the embrace each challenge situation with a positive attitude. qualities that were previously mentioned that that is presented to her with are unique to their role, and if the employees determination, integrity, Conversely, employers should be approachable, accept each challenge that is presented to patience, and gratitude. direct, patient, and supportive with their them with determination, integrity, patience, It is essential for her to employees. If higher-ups are unapproachable, and gratitude, they will produce a good perceive these challenges they create a stressful work environment for working environment and eventually a as opportunities to prove their employees. No one wants to feel like they trustworthy relationship that will render her professional worth by are walking on eggshells all the time. Bosses the further challenges needed to create establishing her credibility need to be kind yet direct when communicating successful professionals. Once this trust is with her co-workers and with employees. Upfront and honest advice firmly established, the boss will advocate for supervisors. is the best form of communication. Young their employees, thereby contributing to their professionals do not grow from sugarcoated professional success. Opportunities do not produce conversations. themselves. Women, this means you have merited Therefore, it Finally, bosses their respect, and your worth has been is crucial for “Opportunities do not must be mindful acknowledged as an asset to the company. managers and produce themselves. that their supervisors to employees are Executives have an important opportunity to create them Therefore, it is crucial for going to make lead by example because of the noteworthy for their young managers and supervisors mistakes. Failure steps they have taken to establish credibility colleagues to create them is part of the in the workplace. Their authoritative role so that they learning process is amplified in the business environment can have a and a necessary and witnessed by their young professionals. chance to prove component Hence, it is crucial that they recognize the themselves as for success; significance they hold in forming their assets to the therefore, employees and note their responsibility in company. Bosses, note that they must be patient and supportive with creating and developing successful young these young women will their young staff. They should not fearfully women professionals in the workplace. L sink or soar when presented micromanage them in order to mitigate with these challenges. They mistakes. Micromanaging inhibits the lower SARAH LEMIEUX is director of publicity for will either procrastinate management’s ability to demonstrate worth. Sophia Institute Press. She is also an alumna from and devote minimal effort How can young workers be expected to grow if to the task at hand, or they the chance is constantly withheld from them? Ave Maria University with a degree in marketing. will be innovative, heed Most importantly, she is passionate about her career and wants to share her experience with her fellow working women through a Catholic lens. June 2022 | 26 |

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CULTURE OF MICHAEL KENNEY LIFE Fallout from the Dobbs draft opinion leak underlines need for a united pro-life front ON DECEMBER 1, 1862, rights not mentioned in the Abraham Lincoln concluded Constitution, but those rights his remarks to Congress with must be “deeply rooted in these words: “Fellow citizens, this Nation’s history and we cannot escape history.” tradition” and “implicit in the A month later, he issued the concept of ordered liberty.” Emancipation Proclamation. Abortion is not such a We too cannot escape history. right. In fact, when the 14th Amendment was adopted, JANECE FLIPPO/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM In its 1973 Roe v. Wade the vast majority of the states decision, the U.S. Supreme outlawed abortion at all Court declared a right to stages. abortion, and over the past 50 years, millions have been Never has it been more lost, and millions more suffer. important for the pro-life Fortunately, God’s mercy movement to unite than now. endures forever. As the Supreme Court and the nation come to Women’s Health Protection Act + finally codify see the truth that abortion involves two distinct Roe into law. We cannot afford to wait.” On December 1, 2021, the U.S. human beings, the pro-life movement must be a Supreme Court heard oral source of healing and reconciliation. The next day, Sen. Charles Schumer railed against argument in Dobbs v. Jackson the draft opinion flanked by other pro-abortion Women’s Health Organization, The leak undermines the Supreme Court and politicians. That evening, Vice President Kamala the first case in decades to our constitutional republic. Draft opinions are Harris angrily addressed the annual gala for the address whether a right to circulated with the understanding that this is a abortion advocacy group Emily’s List. Within abortion exists. The opinion confidential process designed to advance sound days, an abortion advocacy group published the was expected to be released in reasoning and achieve justice with integrity. home addresses of the justices believed to be in late June, but for the first time Leaking the draft torpedoes this process. agreement with the draft opinion. in history someone leaked the draft. If the draft Additionally, Supreme Pro-abortion politicians condemned the becomes final, Roe will “[T]he pro-life Court justices receive draft opinion but not the leak. Some activists be overruled, and the lifetime appointments championed the leaker. issue of abortion will be movement must be to be free of political decided state by state. a source of healing pressure. Leaking the John Adams, our nation’s second president and a The draft opinion and reconciliation draft has unleashed signer of the Declaration of Independence, noted: a firehose of pressure “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and consists of 98 pages and a firestorm of religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the and more than 100 fury. government of any other.” footnotes, but here are a few key points: A little more than an hour after the leak, Sen. We are the only nation in the history of the Bernie Sanders tweeted: “Congress must pass world founded on a creed. Reverence for God is The court’s conclusion: “Roe legislation that codifies Roe v. Wade as the law of foundational – particularly as Creator and as the was egregiously wrong from the land in this country NOW. And if there aren’t Source of Law. May we be worthy stewards of the start.” 60 votes in the Senate to do it, and there are not, this creed. And may the pro-life movement be a we must end the filibuster to pass it with 50 votes.” united force for a new birth of freedom. L The Constitution makes no reference to abortion and does Minutes earlier, Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John MICHAEL KENNEY, J.D., LL.M., serves not imply a right to abortion. Fetterman tweeted: “Let’s be clear: The right as president of Pro-Life Partners Foundation The 14th Amendment has to an abortion is sacred. Democrats have to ( been held to include some act quickly – get rid of the filibuster to pass the June 2022 | 28 |

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FAITH FR. SHENAN BOQUET MATTERS We must cast aside our ‘cloaks’ to become good disciples of Christ “PEOPLE WHO KNOW CHRIST, With the words, “Go your way,” and follow Christ, and make Him the miraculous restoration of his sight known.” only seconds before, and probably still in a daze, Bartimaeus faces a critical I have always been drawn to decision. Jesus asks something of him the story about Bartimaeus, the (from us) that requires complete trust and blind beggar at Jericho (Mark openness to God’s will. Would he accept 10:46-52). I picture myself Jesus’ invitation to follow Him, to be His reaching out to Jesus, seeking disciple? Bartimaeus gives his answer mercy and healing, eagerly and “followed him [Jesus] on the way” awaiting Jesus’ response to my to Jerusalem and to His passion. Hence, cry. And upon hearing Him ask, we learn from Bartimaeus that faith is “What do you want me to do not meant to sit at the roadside, looking for you?” I enthusiastically leap blindly inward. Instead, with gratitude forward with simplicity and for all Jesus gives and in response to His faith, daring to answer, “Master, invitation, we cast aside our cloaks, and I want to see.” Jesus answers, our faith enthusiastically rises to His call, “Go your way; your faith has joyfully willing to follow Him “on the way.” WIKIPEDIA/ ”JESUS HEALING BLIND BARTIMAEUS” BY JOHANN HEINRICH STÖVER, 1861. saved you.” ST JOHN’S CHURCH, ERBACH, RHEINGAU, HESSE, GERMANY As Bartimaeus quickly learns, discipleship But the story does not end is not just about being saved (receiving his there. sight) and enjoying Jesus’ company. The world desperately needs the saving truth Bartimaeus realizes that Jesus and healing touch of Christ. Therefore, to is the path forward. Some be His witnesses to the ends of the earth, biblical scholars see his act proclaiming the Good News to all people of casting aside his cloak as a everywhere and always, requires that sign that he wanted something the seeds of faith planted at Baptism be different, something new. nurtured through prayer, acts of penance After all, this cloak was a tool and charity, and faithful study, for “unless of his trade; it was a kind of the Lord build the house, they labor in “basket” where any coins that vain who build” (Psa 127:1). were tossed to him would fall. Without his This requires of the saints. Moreover, we seek the beauty and cloak, Bartimaeus listening to the necessity of silent retreat, relishing quiet time Word of God with the Master, so we may hear His voice and would have great “[F]aith is not meant to as it comes to receive His guidance and peace. difficulty collecting us through the the alms offered to sit at the roadside, looking him. Thus, the act blindly inward Church, which A disciple, therefore, develops a heart for God of casting aside his helps us to grow and is willing to make sacrifices to personally cloak essentially in knowledge grow – casting aside our cloaks – to live the demonstrates that and love of what habits of the Christian life, and to seek integral Bartimaeus no God has revealed formation, concerned with the kind of person the longer wants to be identified through Sacred Scripture and Tradition. So, Master calls each of us to be. L with his past life. He believes we immerse ourselves in contemplation and and trusts that Jesus is going reflection of Sacred Scripture; we learn and FATHER SHENAN J. BOQUET to heal him; therefore, he familiarize ourselves with Catholic doctrine and is the president of Human Life International no longer needs his cloak. the Church’s moral tradition, as well as reading However, Bartimaeus receives and studying the writings of the popes, the ( and a priest of the Diocese more than he expects. Fathers and Doctors of the Church, and the lives of Houma-Thibodaux, LA. Please keep Human Life International in your continued prayers and support. June 2022 | 30 |

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ENGAGING THE DEACON STEVE GRECO FAITH The Church gives us weapons to battle the powers of evil FOR THE CHRISTIAN, SPIRITUAL Ephesians 6:11: “Put on the armor of God so that warfare is our life-long battle you may be able to stand firm against the tactics of to reject temptation to sin the devil.” and choose God. Temptations may come from the demons, 1 Peter 5:8: “Be sober and vigilant. Your opponent In this petition CATECHISM or through our fallen human the devil is prowling around like a roaring lion nature. The Catechism notes looking for [someone] to devour.” that an effect of Original Sin is that we are “…inclined to Christ Himself knew well the weakness of [“but deliver 101 sin – an inclination to evil that human nature and the importance of continual us from evil”], is called ‘concupiscence.’” Our prayer if we are to stay out of sin. Recall the evil is not an Baptism removes Original Sin, night in the Garden of Gethsemane as Jesus abstraction, but, in this life, not its effects, underwent His agony, breaking from His regular but refers to a person, Satan, including concupiscence: practice of going off to pray alone, He brought the Evil One, the angel who “the consequences for nature, the Apostles Peter, James and John with Him. He opposes God. The devil weakened and inclined to evil, repeated this warning to them: (dia-bolos) is the one who persist in man and summon “throws himself across” God’s him to spiritual battle.” (405) Luke 22:40: “Pray, that you may not undergo plan and his work of salvation Temptation may also come the test.” accomplished in Christ. from people and things around us that point us to worldly The fact that we are told, “And [the Apostles] all Catechism of the things rather than God; for left him and fled” (Mark 14:50), as well as Peter’s Catholic Church, #2851 centuries, Catholic religious denial of Jesus (Luke 22:54-62), suggests that the have fled to remote areas to Apostles did more sleeping than praying! SCRIPTURE For our found communities away 101 struggle is from the worldliness of the Our battle against evil must begin with an not with flesh civilizations in which they awareness of evil, and the use of the spiritual and blood found themselves. St. Benedict weapons the Church offers us with which to but with the (480-547), the father of western protect ourselves. These weapons include many monasticism and author of the of the things we’ve been speaking about in this principalities, with the powers, Rule of St. Benedict (a rule of book: regular prayer, the Mass, the sacraments, with the world rulers of this life for monks), for example, sacramentals, devotion to the Blessed Mother, present darkness, with the evil found the licentiousness of penance and mortification, etc. spirits in the heavens.. Rome harmful to the health of his soul, so he fled to the We must also work to overcome sin and remove Ephesians 6:12 mountains in search of the things in our lives that lead to sin, as sin is the solitude. He went on to found portal through which we invite the devil into our 12 monasteries and settled in lives. If we are living a devout Catholic life and the famous monastery Monte are striving to avoid sin, the devil will have little Cassino in southern Italy. power over us. Yet if we neglect our spiritual lives His twin sister, Scholastica, and live a life of sin, the opposite will be true.  L followed her brother’s example, and founded the first Excerpt from Miracles Through Prayer, by Deacon Steve Greco “Benedictine” community for (Spirit Filled Hearts Ministry, 2020), pp. 209-213, women. Scripture repeatedly reminds DEACON STEVE GRECO is a permanent us of the reality of spiritual deacon of the Diocese of Orange, CA, warfare… and a member of Legatus’ Orange County Chapter. He is also founder and president of Spirit Filled Hearts Ministry (, and winner of Legatus’ 2021 Bowie Kuhn Special Award for Evangelization. June 2022 | 32 |

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HEALTH ANTHONY S. OLIVA, M.D. MATTERS Gallstones are common and can be painful — but effective treatments are available THE GALLBLADDER IS A SMALL Other gallbladder problems may organ attached to the liver that arise in the absence of stones stores and releases bile into the including poor emptying, polyps, intestines. The liver produces acute inflammation, and cancer. bile that aids the digestion of Polyps are often discovered fatty foods. While normally incidentally and usually do not watery, bile can become thick cause symptoms but do require and produce gallstones that monitoring. cause problems. Asymptomatic gallstones may Gallstones are present in 10-15 be followed with observation. percent of the population with Currently, there is no effective way EMILY FROST/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM three times as many women as to eliminate gallstones without men affected. The vast majority surgery. Attempts to dissolve them of those with gallstones will with medications or extracorporeal never develop symptoms from shockwave lithotripsy (which them, and only 20-30 percent succeeds with kidney stones) yields of patients with asymptomatic recurrence rates of 20-50 percent. stones will develop symptoms within 20 years. Risk factors for Fortunately, there is a safe and minimally gallbladder with the laparoscope, a large the development of gallstones invasive way in which to treat gallstones. incision in the upper abdomen will be required include age, female sex, and Laparoscopic cholecystectomy entails removing (open cholecystectomy). obesity. Gallstones are best the gallbladder using four small incisions on detected with an ultrasound. the abdominal wall. The operation has a very Key points to remember: low complication The main problems rate. When done • I f you have gallstones but no symptoms, caused by “Fortunately, there is electively, the you do not need surgery. gallstones include patient often may intermittent a safe and minimally be discharged the • I f you have gallstones and symptoms, it is best to have the gallbladder removed episodes of pain invasive way in which same day or, at most, electively to prevent complications from and nausea, to treat gallstones will stay overnight the stones. acute or chronic in the hospital. If inflammation of the surgery is done the gallbladder, emergently, patients • I f you have any sort of abdominal pain, bacterial infection stay one to three contact your doctor. If the pain is severe, of the bile ducts, days in the hospital. persistent and accompanied by nausea/ and acute inflammation of the vomiting, fever/chills, or jaundice, go to the pancreas. Patients typically Occasionally patients require another procedure emergency room. L experience severe pain in the prior to surgery called an ERCP (endoscopic upper abdomen just beneath retrograde cholangiopancreatography) in which ANTHONY S. OLIVA, M.D., F.A.C.S., the breastbone or under the the bile duct is accessed with a scope from inside is a general surgeon at St. Joseph’s Health in right rib cage. Other symptoms the upper intestinal tract to remove stones stuck Syracuse, NY, and has been a member of the may include nausea, vomiting, in the main bile duct. In the uncommon event fever, and yellow skin. that the surgeon is unable to safely remove the Catholic Medical Association since 2008. A graduate of Boston University Medical School, he resides in Manlius, NY, with his wife and five children. Listen to engaging CMA doctors discuss important health  The Catholic Medical Association – comprised of over 2500 topics on Doctor, Doctor  each Saturday at 11 a.m. Eastern/ health care professionals from 109 local guilds – inspires 8 a.m. Pacific on the EWTN Radio Network or Sirius XM  Channel 130.  All episodes can also be accessed on your  physicians to imitate Jesus Christ by forming and supporting favorite podcast app. current and future physicians to live and promote the principles of the Catholic faith in the science and practice of medicine. June 2022 | 34 |

BEST MARK R. SCALISE PRACTICES Become a better human and a better leader through participation in a Legatus forum A LEGATUS FORUM IS A Monthly meetings, typically conducted in a proven platform to explore confidential boardroom setting, encompass your deepest thoughts and a simple agenda. They commence with The experiences with like-minded Universal Prayer, then continue with sharing Catholics. your lows and highs of the past month and raising awareness of what is on your plate at Being a part of a Legatus that time. This process builds a bond among forum will not only give you members that reaches beyond your chapter a sounding board with other gatherings. Through this personal sharing and CEOs and corporate leaders, listening, you can build a relationship with but it also will give you an one another rooted in our Catholic beliefs. opportunity to hear from other forum members about Through a series of communication starters, how they too deal with the you get to know each other and your passions PHOTO BY BEN WHITE ON UNSPLASH challenges of being a Catholic while building trust and respect for one business leader. another through listening and structured participation. A moderator manages the To share your life experiences gatherings with humility by encouraging each through a forum in a member to share openly in a safely guided confidential setting with up process. The more mutual respect exists, the to 12 other Legatus members more openness will flow from the dialogue. As your forum grows, so will each of you. Many of varying age, trials, and life forums enjoy planning two- or three-day annual accomplishments is something A forum provides insights as to how each of us retreats, exploring a special theme or topic that unobtainable elsewhere. can become better leaders, fathers, mothers, is often mentioned at regular forum meetings Yes, you can find husbands, wives, (often referred to as “parking lot items”). Some other organizations and friends. As we forums invite to the retreat a guest speaker who such as YPO and “Through this personal are in this world has special talents with the specific topic to be explored. Such presentations can provide an Vistage where you sharing and listening, to share with one enlightening message and immense take-home can experience you can build a another, God has value. something similar, asked us to love but it will not be as one another. A encompassing as it relationship with one forum is another Recently I had the honor of working with Terry will lack the Catholic another rooted in our means to deepen Timm, life coach and author of A Movable Feast: Worship for the Other Six Days. While perspective that Catholic beliefs your faith though collaborating with him, he mentioned that Legatus brings. connectedness “better humans make better leaders.” with fellow Legatus A Legatus forum members. is also a way to That is where you begin. Legatus, especially enhance your membership In this confidential setting, “iron sharpens iron” through its forums, helps its members become outside chapter events. A (Prov 27:17). Each forum member has a chance better humans and, consequently, better leaders forum establishes a working to share knowledge and experiences with each of business and society. I encourage you to reach communication model other in a trusting environment. By engaging out to your chapter president and make a Legatus that respects privacy and and fully participating, you will deepen your forum a part of your chapter experience.  L encourages attendance, understanding of what it means to be a better punctuality, and protocol of Catholic. Through listening and accepting MARK R. SCALISE communication. When all one another as they are, you build a trusting retired as CEO of Scalise Industries in 2016. put together in an organized environment of communication that leads to and safe environment, these bonds of lasting friendship. elements tee up a recipe for personal and spiritual growth. June 2022 | 35 |

WHAT TO READ The Meaning and Mystery of St. Joseph, who links the his probing analysis of what early Church art through his of Man biblical Adam to Christ, the it means to live as a faithful development into the powerful Devin Schadt “new Adam.” A bit heavier Catholic amid the challenges figure he is now universally TAN Books, 268 pages theologically than some of our day. He suffered acknowledged to be, The Silent treatments of the subject, The persecution for his fidelity, Knight walks us through two What does Meaning and Mystery of Man even censure and silencing it mean to requires a deep-thinking by his religious superiors, but millennia of “be a man,” approach to true masculinity. always emerged again to offer images and especially in his good humor and pointed the evolving the context Jesuit at Large: Essays and insights into the struggles devotion to of marriage Reviews by Paul V. Mankowski of the Church as well as the Joseph they and family? George Weigel (editor) beauty of her teachings. Jesuit represent. Here’s Ignatius Press, 237 pages at Large is an enjoyable read Joseph a book from start to finish. “embodies that takes some of those A brilliant the power eyebrow-raising terms thinker The Silent Knight: A History of of silence such as “patriarchy” and and prolific St. Joseph as Depicted in Art and yet still speaks to the “headship” and develops writer, Elizabeth Lev hearts of all who turn to them from a firm scriptural Fr. Paul Sophia Institute Press, 256 pages him,” Lev writes. This rich and apologetics foundation. Mankowski historical and visual journey A man’s role as husband left us too Legates who heard Elizabeth is sure to enhance the reader’s and father is a God-given soon with Lev’s excellent presentation appreciation and love for this commission, and yet his job his sudden on the history of St. Joseph in remarkable saint who today description as a spiritual death in 2020 at the age of 66. Christian art at Summit East inspires husbands, fathers, leader and authority is Yet he also left us a collection 2022 will especially want to families, immigrants, and exercised through humility of essays and reviews that pick up this volume. From many others as the patron and service in the model reflect his genius, his wit, and Joseph’s “absentee” years in saint of the Universal Church.L June 2022 | 36 |

WHAT TO SEE Belfast: For those who left, those who stayed, and those who perished THE ONLY NEIGHBORHOOD The central issue in The but the radical Belfast you have ever known has Troubles wasn’t religious in loyalists who Jude Law, Lewis McAskie, Caitriona Balfe suddenly turned tempestuous principle; it just happened to begin to terrorize and even dangerous due fall mainly along religious and drive out the 98 minutes • Rated PG-13 to sectarian violence and lines. Irish nationalists and Catholic families religious bigotry. Do you stand republicans who wanted demand that fast, hoping to endure the your ground and endure the Northern Ireland to gain Buddy’s father forces of evil or perilous times. turmoil in hopes it passes, or independence from British join their cause Both are difficult, courageous do you take flight for safer rule and unite with the or face a similar decisions requiring prayer destinations far from home? Republic of Ireland were fate. Buddy’s father refuses and careful discernment. That’s the conflict facing the predominantly Catholic, but considers relocating his Belfast rightly is dedicated family of nine-year-old Buddy while the loyalists were family for safety, a move his “for the ones who stayed, for in Belfast, Kenneth Branagh’s overwhelmingly Protestant. wife opposes. British troops the ones who left, and for all Oscar-winning film (for Best Catholics began campaigning arrive, and hatemongering the ones who were lost” in The Original Screenplay) based on for equal civil rights, which escalates. Troubles. L his own recollections of growing drew the Protestants’ ire. Families get uprooted for up in the Northern Ireland Those who favored violence many reasons, as the ever- GERALD KORSON city. Belfast served as Ground on one side asserted present flow of refugees is a Legatus magazine editorial consultant Zero for the “The Troubles” that themselves, and their fleeing war, oppression, erupted in 1969, sparking nearly counterparts responded in or famine testify — think and staff writer. 30 years of ugly paramilitary kind. The Troubles were on. of South Sudan, Syria, violence and bloodshed until In Belfast, Buddy and his Afghanistan, Ukraine, Congo, the signing of the Good Friday family get along famously and the Rohingya for starters. Agreement of 1998. with neighbors of all stripes, We also see families stand June 2022 | 37 |

FEEDING THE CHEF RICH MICHELI FOODIE The importance and challenge of fatherhood: thank your dad for showing you ‘tough love’ I AM ALWAYS EXCITED FOR THE welcomes him home with open month of June. It reminds me of arms and a feast. The older son is the feeling you had as a child hurt by this action and considers for the end of the school year. it to be a sign of his father’s lack of The beginning of summer gives love for him. It is a very difficult everyone a sense of happiness role for fathers to have to be both and thoughts of vacations disciplinarian and compassionate. to come. Not only is June personally special because I On this Father’s Day, I remember celebrate my own birthday, my dad, Sergio, who was joyous and but also for the celebration of gregarious, the life of the party. At Father’s Day. the same time, he was hardworking and demanding. Through our Father’s Day reminds us about family’s Italian restaurant, both the importance and the Portofino, I had the unique and challenges of fatherhood. cherished experience of working Traditionally, parents are side by side with my father for put into different cultural many years. I also reflect upon how roles. Mothers are nurturing my father worked alongside his children, you need to provide more structure and and intimate; fathers are father before me as well. Family businesses can guidance. When your kids grow up, you hope stern and disciplinarian. As cause stress and strain, but today I am left only that they can make wise decisions on their own. we know, these are really with the positive and loving moments of our Now that they are moving out, you realize how interchangeable traits. Just time together. I can remember my father telling fleeting this time was together. because a father may me stories of my dole out punishments grandfather in the So, to celebrate this day, remember that if you doesn’t mean that “It is a very difficult role same way. consider your father to be stern and remote, there isn’t love one who doles out “tough love,” it is love behind these actions. for fathers to have to Now that I am a that is coming through. Now is the time to father of two grown One of the most be both disciplinarian children, I reflect show him an abundance of attention, praise, lasting examples on how special and acknowledgement, even to the point of and compassionate embarrassment — because once he is gone, you of this is in the and meaningful will not have that opportunity again. He will love parable of the the time of it, and so will you. L prodigal son. When parenting can be. the younger son With infants, you CHEF RICHARD MICHELI is chef-owner at The Portofino returns after having lost all are consumed with their care and concerned Restaurant in Arlington, VA. of his inheritance, the father that you will be a good role model. With young ARUGULA AND WALNUT PESTO • YIELD: 6-8 SERVINGS Ingredients: Preparation: Place in bowl. Stir in cheese, 4 cups arugula Preheat oven to 350 degrees. pepper, and lemon juice. 1 cup walnuts Place walnuts on tray. Toast in 1 cup parmesan cheese, grated oven for 15 mins. Let cool. Toss with cooked pasta (hot 1 cup extra-virgin olive oil or cold) or use for dip. Enjoy! 8 garlic cloves, minced In food processor, combine 2 tsp salt arugula, walnuts, salt, and 1 tsp black pepper, ground garlic. Pulse, drizzling in olive 1 lemon, juiced oil to combine. June 2022 | 38 |

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U.S. “It is with broken hearts that we Beginning with the 2022 season, BRIEFS share the news of Vicki Thorn’s the Notre Dame team will head FAMILY THEATER MARKS passing,” read a tweet from the straight from their hotel to the 75 YEARS WITH NEW PLANS, group Pro-Life Wisconsin. “As Basilica on game days. The Victory TRIBUTE TO FR. PEYTON founder of Project Rachel, Vicki Walk to Notre Dame Stadium will HOLLYWOOD, CA — Family Theater brought more post-abortive people commence after the Mass, which Productions celebrated its 75th to a place of healing than any other will be optional for the entire team anniversary in April with a dinner human being that has walked the — coaches, players, and staff. paying tribute to the “humble earth since the fatally flawed Roe v. ACTOR MARK WAHLBERG beginnings rooted in prayer” of Wade decision in 1973. OF FR. STU FAME TEAMS Holy Cross Fr. Patrick Peyton, the “She was a force for good and will WITH CATHOLIC APP Catholic production company’s forever be remembered and loved CHICAGO — Hallow, the most founder, and his “faith and trust in by many.” downloaded and used Catholic app God,” according to Fr. David Guffey, NEW N.D. FOOTBALL COACH in the world, has partnered with also a Holy Cross priest. REINSTITUTES GAME DAY actor Mark Wahlberg, star of the BASILICA MASS, WALK 2022 film Fr. Stu, with content and Father Guffey announced a five- SOUTH BEND, IN — First-year spiritual aids related to the movie. year plan for new faith-based Fighting Irish football coach Marcus productions. “We have a direction Freeman said he plans to resurrect The app now offers an introduction that we’re headed,” he said in an a former University of Notre Dame and commentary from Wahlberg April interview. “We really believe football tradition of having team on the impact of Fr. Stu, which he that great stories unlock the heart Mass at the Basilica prior to home funded himself, on both his own and open up people’s heart to the games followed by a ceremonial life and the entire world. It also will possibility of love and faith in new walk of the players and coaches to include three of the real-life Fr. Stu’s ways. We believe in the power of the stadium. favorite prayers: the rosary, the narrative, either in a document or a With the 2017 season, former Notre Anima Christi, and the Come, Holy scripted film.” Dame coach Brian Kelly selected a Spirit. Select audio clips from the PRO-LIFE PIONEER variety of campus residence halls film will also be made available. VICKI THORN, FOUNDER and special locations for Friday Released in April, Fr. Stu tells the OF PROJECT RACHEL, DIES Mass before home games. story of the real-life Fr. Stuart Long, MILWAUKEE — Vicki Thorn, a former amateur boxer and atheist founder of the groundbreaking who converted to Catholicism and post-abortion healing ministry served as a priest for the Diocese of Project Rachel, died April 20 at the Helena, MT, for several years despite age of 72. being diagnosed with a debilitating The tireless pro-life pioneer also terminal autoimmune disorder.  L was an internationally known SOURCES: Catholic News Agency, Catholic News speaker, author, and a member of the Pontifical Academy of Life. Service, Fox Business June 2022 | 40 |

WORLD in a mid-April column in the Catholic the Syro-Malabar churches whereby BRIEFS Herald, a U.K. monthly magazine. the celebrant would face the altar But “we must do more,” the for the Liturgy of the Eucharist. EAST AFRICA DROUGHT: bishop said. “Above all, we cannot Priests of the archdiocese want CATHOLIC OFFICIALS ISSUE and must not look away, for the their present practice legitimized. DIRE WARNINGS OF FAMINE Crucified Christ is present in those The Syro-Malabar Catholic Church NAIROBI, Kenya — Catholic priests, who suffer.” is an Eastern rite in union with nuns, and church agencies are SYRO-MALABAR PRIESTS Rome that traces its origins to providing some relief in East REBEL AGAINST ORDER the first-century preaching of the Africa’s drought, its worst in ON NEW MASS FORMAT apostle Thomas. 40 years. But the need for food, KOCHI, India — Even after Cardinal POPE TO 80,000 TEENS: water, and other basics remains Mar George Alencherry, head of ASK MARY FOR COURAGE overwhelming. the Syro-Malabar Church, urged TO CARRY OUT GOD’S WILL Harvests are decimated, water the priests of the Archdiocese of VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis sources have dried up, and the Ernakulam-Angamaly to celebrate urged 80,000 teenagers gathered scorching heat has wiped out Mass under new rubrics on Easter, in St. Peter’s Square to turn to the livestock pastures, with dead priests in a majority of churches did Blessed Virgin Mary to find the animals littering the fields and not comply. courage to say yes to God’s will. roadsides. Agencies estimate that Among the 340 churches in the “May Our Lady, the mother who nearly 16 million people in Ethiopia, archdiocese, only five celebrated was almost your age when she Kenya, and Somalia are in urgent the Mass in the new format. Most received the angel’s message and need, suffering hunger, severe food other Syro-Malabar parishes in became pregnant, may she teach shortages, and extreme hardships. other Indian diocese had already you to say, ‘Here I am,’ and to not be implemented the new Mass in late afraid. Take courage and go forth,” “The situation is very bad,” said 2021. the pope told the Italian teens on Bishop Peter Kihara Kariuki of For a half-century, priests of the pilgrimage in mid-April. Marsabit, Kenya. “In the last three archdiocese have celebrated Mass years, it has not rained as expected, entirely facing the people. A recent In his message, Pope Francis told and the people are depending on synod called for a uniform format in the teens not to be afraid in this relief aid that comes.” post-pandemic world to reach out to UKRAINIAN SUFFERING others for help when experiencing UNITES THE PEOPLE WITH discouragement or anxiety, saying JESUS’ PASSION: BISHOP “crises must be brought to light to KYIV, Ukraine — Bishop Kenneth overcome them.” Nowakowski of the Ukrainian When fears “are brought into the Catholic Eparchy of the Holy Family light, the truth breaks out,” he said.L of London said the suffering of SOURCES: Catholic News Agency, the Ukrainian people during the Russian invasion of Ukraine is Catholic News Service, Catholic Herald, linked to the suffering of Christ in New Indian Express His Passion. “Today the entire world sees the senseless violence in Ukraine and the suffering of the Ukrainian people,” but “some try to look away,” he wrote 41June 2022 | |

CHAPTER season games, 240 playoff games Seminary in Philadelphia from NEWS (including 23 NBA Finals games), 2012 to 2019, when he was ordained and two All-Star games. After to the diaconate by Archbishop BUCKS COUNTY retiring from the NBA, he felt a call Charles Chaput. He currently is At their April 6 meeting at the to become a permanent deacon. He assigned to St. Andrew Parish in Huntingdon Valley Country Club, attended formation at St. Charles Newtown, PA. Bucks County Legates heard an engaging and inspiring talk by Deacon Steve Javie on how his Catholic faith has shaped his life. The title of his talk was “The Game of a Lifetime.”  Deacon Javie served as an NBA referee for 25 years, officiating at more than 1,400 regular- BUCKS COUNTY. Deacon Steve Javie and Monsignor BUCKS COUNTY. Deacon Steve Javie, who was an NBA referee for 25 years, speaks to the Bucks County Chapter about his Joseph Gentili during the celebration of Mass at Catholic faith at its April meeting at Huntingdon Valley Country Club.  Huntingdon Valley Country Club. BUCKS COUNTY. Above (from left): Bryan Pecherek, Ann Longon, and Linda and Floyd Carl were among Legates to attend the Bucks County Chapter meeting April 7 at Huntingdon Valley Country Club. Above right are Deacon Steve Javie, guest speaker; his wife, Mary-Ellen Javie; and Monsignor Joseph Gentili, chapter chaplain. June 2022 | 42 |

CHAPTER NEWS BOSTON humble, and effective in describing the-scenes tour in which Adams The Boston Chapter recently heard his incredible journey and offering explained what it takes to renovate from two speakers whose topics a beautiful message of hope, a mission and what the renovation were drawn from the chapter’s inspiration, resilience, and faith. team went through in restoring the themes. In early February, Boston SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO original artwork. Renovators had Legates heard from Liz Lev, an art The San Juan Capistrano Chapter to delicately remove layers to get to historian, author, professor, tour met in early April at Mission San the original art and make sure the guide, and leading influencer in the Juan Capistrano, where they structure was reinforced. topic of faith and art. Keying off the received a tour of the mission After the tour, Legates went across chapter theme of Lux Mundi (“The grounds from Mechelle Lawrence the street to the mission’s inn for Light of the World,” Matt 5:15), Lev Adams, the mission’s executive Mass and a dinner. provided an educational, thought- director. It was an intimate behind- provoking, and entertaining seminar on the concepts of light and SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO. Legates enjoy a tour of Mission San Juan Capistrano given by the mission’s executive director, dark as depicted in Italian Baroque Mechelle Lawrence Adams (seated, in yellow dress). master Caravaggio’s painting, “The Calling of Saint Matthew.” Focusing on the second theme, Duc in Altum (“Put Out into the Deep,” Luke 5:4), the Boston Chapter in March welcomed Paul Rose, creator of Sing the Hours, a globally recognized new media ministry dedicated to the Divine Office ( Paul led members in a Lenten mini-evening of prayer, reflection, and song that included the singing of the Liturgy of the Hours, both Vespers (Evening Prayer) and Compline (Night Prayer). At its April meeting, Boston Legates warmly welcomed Sam Goodwin, who gave an engaging and personal account of the story of his wrongful 2019 detainment in a Syrian prison on false charges of espionage. His talk, “A Test of Faith,” was authentic, BOSTON. Guest speaker Sam Goodwin (sixth from right) gathers with members of the Boston Chapter after his April talk about his 2019 arrest, confinement, and eventual release from a Syrian prison. June 2022 | 43 |

CHAPTER of the park as she spoke on the 2022 in Florida — Jim Akers, the NEWS religious sisters’ call to Christ’s 2021 National Membership Chair mission and how her order lives this of the Year, and Mike Huhn, 2021 CINCINNATI in her presentation titled “A Sacred National President of the Year. In a happy coincidence, the Mission.” Regional vice president Nate Wine Cincinnati Chapter’s scheduled Next, the chapter honored its presented the physical awards to event on April 10 happened to land two “all-stars” who were award these two “grand-slam” members, on Opening Day for the Cincinnati winners at January’s Summit East culminating what could be called a Reds, so baseball was in the air and “home run” of an evening. on the minds of Legates as they met downtown at The Phoenix. First, their guest speaker, Sister Mary Ann Barnhorn, a Sister of Notre Dame de Namur, hit it out CINCINNATI. Above: regional vice president Nate Wine (center) presents awards to Jim Akers, 2021 National KANSAS CITY. On Wednesday, April 13, the eve of the Sacred Membership Chair of the Year, and Mike Huhn, 2021 National President of the Year. Below: Jody Akers, host of the April Triduum, nearly every member of the Kansas City Chapter attended meeting; Sister Mary Ann Barnhorn, guest speaker; Fr. James Bramlage, chaplain; and Jim Akers. Mass at the Bishop Miege High School Chapel. Monsignor Stuart Swetland, chapter co-chaplain, celebrated the liturgy, assisted by Deacon Dan Borne, who later entertained the Legates as the evening’s speaker at the Mission Hills Country Club with his humorous anecdotes and reflections. Gathered (from left) are Monsignor Swetland; Ernie and Susan Straub; Deacon Borne; and Peggy and Terry Dunn. June 2022 | 44 |

CHAPTER NEWS VENTURA-LA NORTH The Ventura-LA North Chapter held its annual Aquinas Forum at Thomas Aquinas College on Saturday, April 23. TAC president Michael McLean and his wife, Lynda, hosted the group of 17 for a stimulating 90-minute discussion seminar on St. Thomas Aquinas’ meditation on the resurrection of Christ. McLean and TAC philosophy professor Paul O’Reilly, a member of the Santa Barbara Chapter, led the seminar. Following Mass in the Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity Chapel and a luncheon in the Dumb Ox Dining Room, McLean spoke briefly about the day’s reading and then led a tour of the newly completed St. John Paul the Great VENTURA-LA NORTH. Chapter members and their hosts meet in front of the Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity Chapel on the campus of Thomas Athletic Center, swimming Aquinas College after Mass. pool, and field. TAC alumnus Anthony Grumbine and his wife, Anne-Marie, participated in the day as incoming chapter members. As architect for the Athletic Center, Grumbine also explained the various design elements of the project during the tour. ORANGE COUNTY. Legates Julie Crisp and Lisa VanDorpe organized a luncheon at the Balboa Bay Club on a recent sunny Saturday afternoon to celebrate all the ladies in the women’s forums of the Orange County Chapter. June 2022 | 45 |

CHAPTER Jen Ricard, executive director of New Testament as well as through NEWS Theology of the Body Cleveland, the beauty and sorrow within our then led the group through talks daily lives. Participants found it to CLEVELAND and reflections on expressions of be a great day of communion with Legates of the Cleveland Chapter God’s love. The topics covered His fellow Legates and a powerful way met in April for a Lenten retreat. The love revealed through the Old and to prepare for the most holy week of day started with a rosary followed the year. by the celebration of the Mass, with Bishop Roger Gries presiding. CLEVELAND. Legates of the Cleveland Chapter participating in the April Lenten retreat include DENVER. At its April meeting, the Denver Chapter hosted guest speaker Kevin (from left) Teri and Ed Matuszak; Marney and Rick Costello; Leila and Mark Fleming; Ken and Mary Kay Chilton (at podium), retired four-star general in the U.S. Air Force who completed Haneline; Bishop Roger Gries, O.S.B.; Joe Sweeney; Nancy and Dan McMahon; Donna and Jerry Cirino; his 34-year career as commander of U.S. Strategic Command and flew three Shuttle and Angie and Rick Coyne missions during his 11 years as a NASA astronaut. On each space mission, he brought a pyx of consecrated hosts so that he and his other Catholic astronauts on the Shuttle could receive Holy Communion. COLORADO SPRINGS. Bishop James Golka of Colorado Springs, CO, stands with new Colorado Springs Chapter members Rob and Anne Alexander. The two new Legates were installed at the chapter’s April 6 meeting. They are the second set of new members to be welcomed to the chapter this year. June 2022 | 46 |

CHAPTER NEWS FORT WORTH At its April meeting, the Fort Worth Chapter of Legatus was privileged to have as its keynote speaker Hugh Blane, an executive coach, consultant, and self-described serial entrepreneur as well as a Legate of the Seattle Chapter. Blane left the Catholic Church for Eastern mysticism and business success at the age of 23 but found those two pursuits ultimately unfulfilling. In fact, without the spiritual strength the values of Catholicism confer, he was gripped by fear. Through Ignatian Spirituality he found his path back to the Church, a path that brought him happiness and, indeed, greater business success as he adhered to the guiding principles of his faith in his business endeavors. Mr. Blane’s insightful and impactful core message was to treat coworkers and customers with the dignity and respect that the Church teaches us are owed to all human beings — and that doing so is ANN ARBOR. John Scott, who converted to Catholicism after a 10-year career playing in the National Hockey the key to having highly motivated, creative, and League, was the guest speaker at the April 20 meeting of the Ann Arbor Chapter. Standing (from left) are successful employees and loyal customers. L Carole and Mike Ritchie, chapter president; and John and Danielle Scott. JACKSONVILLE. Father Christopher Liguori, Jacksonville Chapter chaplain, inducts Chad and Mary Scharf (above photo) and Stan Chapman (below) as new Legates. The event took place at the chapter meeting on April 13 at the Marsh Landing Country Club in Ponte Vedra, FL. John and Clare Clegg sponsored these new members. June 2022 | 47 |

5 MINUTES JIM GRAVES WITH Co-winners of 2021 Program Chair Award share secrets and fruits of their success ELIZABETH CLINES AND JOHN DALY OF THE VIBRANT LOUISVILLE CHAPTER SEEK TO BALANCE EXCELLENT SPEAKERS WITH SOCIAL TIME FOR LEGATES ELIZABETH CLINES AND What have you done to make your faith sustained him. John Daly of the Louisville monthly programs interesting to Father John Bartunek of the Legionaries of Christ Chapter are recipients of members? delivered the talk “Spiritual but Not Religious: the 2021 Legatus National How to Find Meaning in a Material World,” and Program Chair of Clines: One thing we agreed about was well received, as was Paul Kengor, who the Year Award. early on that has proven popular is speaks on communism. Paul Voss, an associate Their chapter that our speakers address a wide professor at Georgia State University, gave a has presented a variety of topics. We do have speakers popular presentation on ethical decision making. variety of popular on faith and evangelism, for example, Liz’s two daughters, Colleen and Maggie Clines, events and has but we’ll also have presenters on topics gave a wonderful presentation on the Anchal experienced steady related to health and business. Our Project, a nonprofit they created for women in growth, and today speakers are both priests and laity, India that gives them a pathway out of the sex has 70 members. and we’ve also welcomed some young trade. They make and sell clothes, bags, and quilts. Members meet people, like Franciscan University of As much as we enjoy our speakers, in past years monthly and have Steubenville graduate Pete Burak. we have had nights in which we have had no three forum groups, speaker and socialize for the evening instead. two for men and How do you believe these When we have a speaker, our schedule is pretty one for women. programs have benefited you quick, and we don’t always have the time to hang Clines is a former and your fellow members? out and talk with one another as we would like. board member who We’re going to have two such nights in 2022. has helped organize Clines: It has helped us to learn about and chapter events. Her husband, become more on fire for our faith. It is also an What venues have you used to present Tom, is CEO of United Mail, opportunity to meet new people who want to your events? which provides direct mail go out and make Christ more present in our and marketing services. She community. It was a privilege to serve on the Daly: In recent years we’ve made use of country was a co-founder of Corpus board and help organize these events. clubs, as restaurants haven’t been able to Christi Classical Academy in accommodate a group of our size. We get as Simpsonville, KY, explaining, Why do you think your meetings have many as 65 people turning out for our events. “I love evangelizing, and I been so successful? thought it would be wonderful to open a school.” Established Daly: Our board is interested in feedback. After How has Legatus benefitted you in 1999, Corpus Christi is each event we solicit participant feedback, and personally? an independent academy then we talk about it at our next board meeting. operated with the approval of the local archdiocese. Daly is a retired executive from As Liz mentioned, Pete Burak has been a popular Daly: I have appreciated the opportunity the restaurant industry. He is a speaker. Other favorites have included Sam to make some nice friends. I’ve also been current board member of the Goodwin of St. Louis, who has a plan to visit inspired by meeting people who take their faith chapter. Both Clines and Daly every country in the world. He was held captive seriously and want to grow in it. We always have are founding board members. in Syria for two months, arrested for no other enjoyable, relaxing evenings with great speakers reason than he was an American. He said his who challenge us. L June 2022 | 48 |

FebrJuuanrey 2022 | 49 |

MEET THE JIM GRAVES CHAPLAIN Cleveland chaplain finds joy in evangelization, slaking people’s thirsts for the gospel message THE ROAD TO PRIESTHOOD FOR FR. PATRICK SCHULTZ BEGAN AS A TEEN WITH FINDING CHRIST IN THE EXPOSITION OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT FATHER PATRICK SCHULTZ IS Yes. At that meeting, our parochial vicar exposed I love doing marriage preparation. I love working the new chaplain of Legatus’ the Blessed Sacrament, and I had no clue what it with families and couples. I love teaching Cleveland Chapter, succeeding was. All I can say is that evening, in the presence in our grade schools, youth ministry, young the retiring Bishop Roger of Jesus, I encountered the Lord. I met Him, and adult ministry, and just the general work of Gries. He grew up in Hudson, that began a process of seeking to understand evangelization. OH, as one of two siblings in and grow in my relationship with Christ and the a nominally Catholic home. Church. What do you find most challenging He attended the University of I was devouring books on philosophy, theology, about the priesthood? Dayton as a religious studies and Church teaching. I kept journals full of major before entering the questions that I needed answers to. I attended The greatest challenge of being a priest today is seminary in 2008. He was Bible studies and anything else that would help the cultural context in which we find ourselves. ordained a priest in 2016 and is me grow in my faith. Father Damian Ference, We are living in the first post-Christian culture — presently in his second parish a parochial vicar at my parish, was a huge namely, a culture that thinks it knows the gospel, assignment as parochial vicar influence on my first considering a priestly it knows Jesus, knows the story — “Been there, at Sacred Heart of Jesus Church vocation. done that. What else do you have to offer?” in Wadsworth, OH. Father Schultz How have your The hardest part is engaging the work of the New regularly speaks on first six years as a Evangelization, figuring out new ways to preach issues of Christian priest gone? the gospel in a compelling way. anthropology, the Theology of the I couldn’t be happier How have you enjoyed your time with Body, masculinity serving as a priest Legatus, and what do you hope to do and fatherhood, of Jesus Christ. It with the organization? and apologetics. He is an unbelievably also works with the humbling and I really like the organization. I think the folks Damascus Catholic beautiful vocation. are incredible, wonderful couples who sincerely Mission campus It is such a gift to be love their Catholic faith, who are looking for in Centerburg, OH, invited into the hearts community, formation, and encouragement bringing the faith and lives of so many to bring the gospel out into the concrete to young people. He people, to serve as a bridge between heaven and circumstances of their professional worlds. I am and a brother priest have a earth, to wake up and to have my whole life be very impressed. podcast titled Slaking Thirsts. simply about helping other people come to know He participated in Legatus the life-giving love, the transformative love, the One thing I’d like to introduce is to have couples meetings as an associate incredible love of Jesus Christ. share the concrete ways they have brought chaplain for more than a year. their Catholic faith to bear in their professional As a priest, you have a courtside seat to witness careers. Exemplarity is such a crucial component You began to get serious some of the most amazing miracles, to watch to the acquisition of virtues: I need to see virtue about your faith after people rediscover hope, to rediscover meaning, embodied in those around me, I need to see and attending a Life Teen and to discover that they actually matter to God. hear and be inspired by real men and women event in high school. who have taken and applied their faith to real- world situations within the business world. L June 2022 | 50 |

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