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Published by Legatus International, 2022-04-27 19:46:37

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May 2022


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05•22 INSIDE VOL 35 • NO 5 10 MOTHER AND PROTECTRESS OF EMBATTLED UKRAINE by Judy Roberts Devotion to the Virgin Mary strengthens faithful under fire A bullet-ridden concrete 16 20 24 wall painted with the colors of the Ukraine flag represents the resilience in faith of a nation under attack. HEALING THROUGH IT’S NOT EASY FOUR DOGMAS WALL: ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/MAMMUTH • MARY: ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/THEPALMER ‘ZERTOHVINICKTIINMG’ ONSCRBEEENINCGHJREISSUTSS: CAATHBOOULITCOS UBRELLIAEDVYE by Gerald Korson by Gerald Korson by Jim Graves New attitude involves lens change, Actors who play the Son of God These solemnly defined teachings faith, and forgiving as Christ did express the glories of Our Mother 5Mamy 2a02y2fin| d it’s the role| ofleagaltuifse.otrgime

MORE COVER 08PRESIDENT’S DESK 41 PHOTO Stephen M. Henley: Be a pilgrim for May 41FEEDING THE FOODIE The Catholic icon of The Holy Virgin of 09GUEST VOICE Joe Micatrotto Sr.: Life lessons from Grandpa Nic Pochaiv, Ukraine, dating from the Gerald Korson: Mary, save our homeland 48FIVE MINUTES second half of the 19th century. 26ETHICS MATTERS Deacon Steve Greco, 2021 Bowie Kuhn Award From the Museum of Ukrainian Deacon James Toner: ‘Just’ intervention in Ukraine? 50 MEET THE CHAPLAIN Home Icons, Radomysl Castle, 28CULTURE OF LIFE Fr. Enrique Salvo, new chaplain of NYC Chapter Ukraine. Edward J. Furton: Assessing the dangers of A.I. wikipedia commons 30GUEST VOICE PAGE PHOTO Marge Fenelon: Get the ‘knots’ out of your life In honor of the 32ENGAGING THE FAITH grandfather who inspired him, Chef Sally Read: God recognizes who we truly are Joe Micatrotto Sr. offers a recipe for 35 FAITH MATTERS chicken saltimbocca Mark Miravalle: Time for a fifth Marian dogma? with escarole. 37WHAT TO SEE The Matter of Life: A film on pro-life apologetics 38 HEALTH MATTERS Dr. Richard Cartabuke: Let’s discuss mental health BOARD OF GOVERNORS Berni Neal Randall W. Hammond Diana Parent President Thomas S. Monaghan Orange County Denver Fort Wayne Stephen M. Henley Ann Arbor Secretary Advent Capital Parke Group International Chaplain Legatus Troy L. King S. Craig Henry James P. Sarni Bishop Frank Caggiano Founder, Chairman & CEO Orlando Lafayette-Acadiana Pasadena Bishop of Diocese of Bridgeport Dentistry for Children Bradford Food Group Payden & Rygel Ecclesiastical Advisor Christopher S. McMahon Treasurer Jerry R. Jones Mark R. Scalise Archbishop José H. Gomez Pittsburgh Sean J. Bellew Indianapolis Jupiter-Palm Beach Archbishop of Los Angeles MFA Wealth, LLC Philadelphia Cannon IV Scalise Industries Corporation President, United States Conference Vice Chairman Bellew, LLC of Catholic Bishops LEGATUS MISSION STATEMENT: Editor Christine Valentine-Owsik Comments, queries and address changes: Legatus magazine is published 12 times per To study, live, and spread the Design  Shawna Kunz, Lime Design Legatus Magazine year by Legatus, a membership organization Catholic faith in our business, Editorial Consultant  Gerald Korson PO Box 444 of Catholic presidents and CEOs. professional, and personal lives. Contributing Writer  Judy Roberts Ann Arbor, MI 48106-0444 © 2022 Legatus Contributing Writer  Jim Graves [email protected] All rights reserved Contributing Writer Patti Armstrong Phone: 866-534-2887 Contributing Writer Trent Beattie Copy Editor  Nancy Carabio Belanger To advertise, contact: [email protected] Advertising Sales Representative Joe Giacalone

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PRESIDENT’S STEPHEN M. HENLEY ST. JULIA MARIA DESK LEDÓCHOWSKA Make a pilgrimage of prayer (1865-1939) With Our Lady this month FEAST DAY: MAY 29 ONE OF THE HIGHLIGHTS OF and it’s a safe trip, as we’ll be staying right at the CANONIZED: MAY 18, 2003 membership in Legatus is airport. It’s also an easy flight: Mexico City is in PATRON OF POLISH GIRLS, the opportunity to journey on the Central time zone, and for most travelers it is pilgrimages to many different a flight of four hours or less. ORPHANS, EDUCATORS places that are incredibly I love the words of Tom and Glory Sullivan, fruitful in the nurturance of our creators of this pilgrimage, who said, “You get to Saint Julia Maria Ledóchowska faith. In my December column, see the only painting in the world by God, and it’s was a Polish nun who I shared my experience fabulous. People go to the art museums all over established the Ursulines of going to Medjugorje in the world, people will talk to you about visiting of the Agonizing Heart of Bosnia-Herzegovina, a shrine the hermitage, and then I say, ‘But did you go Jesus, also called the Grey recognized by the Vatican down to Guadalupe and see the one by God?’” Ursulines, an order dedicated in 2021. to “the education and training of children and youth, and service to the poorest and the oppressed among our brethren.” Over the summer “Our Blessed Mother In this month of May, She was born I was able to visit our the month dedicated in Austria Green Bay Chapter’s is our surest path to to Our Blessed Mother, into a Catholic 20th anniversary Jesus I encourage all of us family steeped event on the campus as pilgrims to journey in the faith. of St. Norbert’s through prayer to the Her uncle was College, and it was Mediatrix of Jesus a cardinal glorious. This visit Christ, whether it is and primate turned into a smaller praying the rosary as of Poland. Her COMMUNION OF sister founded SAINTS a missionary community; her brother became superior general of the Jesuits. pilgrimage for me. That day, a family after dinner, a rosary on your way to or She entered the Ursulines in after a morning officer training from work, or just some Hail Marys when you Krakow, taking the name Maria session, I was able to make an have free time. Ursula of Jesus. She would go excursion by Lambeau Field on to become mother superior on my way to my first visit to I would also recommend putting Mary front and in 1904 and founded Poland’s Our Lady of Good Help Shrine center in your home as a constant reminder to first residence for female in Champion, WI. Farm fields you and your family that our Blessed Mother is university students. surround grounds of a Marian our surest path to Jesus. apparition site, and walking Saint Julia established a home for through the manicured Let’s strive to live the “Five Stones” of Medjugorje: Polish children in St. Petersburg, grounds while praying the Russia; in Finland, she rosary brought a feeling of 1 | Pray the rosary with your heart every day. established a free clinic for the great peace. Peace through sick and translated a catechism. pilgrimages, both big and 2 | Fast twice every week. Expelled from the Russian small, is a gift from God. Empire at the start of World War 3 | Go to Confession once a month. I, she went to Sweden to found Next month, June 10-13, a girl’s school and started an Legatus members will embark 4 | Receive Holy Communion every Sunday. orphanage in Denmark. In 1920, upon the 10th annual family she established her Ursuline pilgrimage to Mexico City. 5 | Read the Bible every day.  L community. This trip is especially a great one for you to bring your kids STEPHEN M. HENLEY She died in Rome, shortly and grandkids. It is a short is Legatus’ president. before the outbreak of World trip, Friday through Monday, War II. She was canonized by L Pope St. John Paul II. — Jim Graves 8May 2022 | |

MARK YOUR GUEST GERALD KORSON CALENDARS VOICE EL CAMINO PILGRIMAGE May Mary’s intercession save our great nation too APRIL 25-MAY 3, 2022 | SPAIN ADELE DIRSYTE WAS BORN IN But while she lived, Adele wrote a prayer book MEXICO FAMILY PILGRIMAGE Lithuania, the youngest of six on scraps of paper, and three of her fellow children in a farming family. Lithuanian prisoners bound the book in cloth. JUNE 10-13, 2022 She completed college with The book was passed among the prisoners, and MEXICO CITY, MEXICO a philosophy major, worked the women were invited to add their own prayers for Caritas and other youth to the book. Titled Prayer Book for Girls Exiled in COOPER CLINIC organizations, and then taught Siberia, the book eventually was smuggled out and led retreats at an all-girls of the camp. It was first published in English in EXECUTIVE PHYSICAL school. 1960 under the title Mary, Save Us. AUGUST 3-5, 2022 | DALLAS, TX Beginning in 1940, Lithuania Can Mary “save”? Jesus, of course, is our one OBERAMMERGAU was occupied by the Soviet Savior, but those who intercede for us before PILGRIMAGE Union, then the Germans, Christ also have a role in “saving” us — and Mary and finally the Soviets again. is a mighty intercessor indeed. AUGUST 22-30, 2022 Adele joined a resistance BAVARIA & AUSTRIA movement against the Soviets. “With this booklet, we can all pray together with In 1946, she was arrested for those four young girls and other prisoners of OBERAMMERGAU harboring a woman who had captive nations who are suffering for freedom PILGRIMAGE fled Soviet custody, put on trial, and the faith,” wrote Cardinal Richard Cushing and sentenced to 10 years in a of Boston in a preface to the English edition. SEPTEMBER 25-OCTOBER 5, 2022 concentration camp. She would BAVARIA spend time at several camps The prayer that bears the English title of within the Gulag doing hard Dirsyte’s book is a powerful plea on behalf of MEN’S ENCLAVE labor in bitterly cold Siberia her Lithuanian homeland. But it also adaptable under the harshest and most and appropriate for other oppressed countries, OCTOBER 25-28, 2022 oppressive living conditions. such as Ukraine, or nations where moral values CLOUD CAMP Yet Adele’s faith and spirit and religious freedoms are increasingly being remained strong. She would challenged, as in our own United States: COLORADO SPRINGS, CO comfort and inspire the other prisoners at the women’s Mary, save the land woven with blood and tears, WOMEN’S ENCLAVE camps of her incarceration. with self-sacrifice, resolutions, and love. The brutal guards observed this NOVEMBER 7-10, 2022 and singled her out for special Mary, awaken in our breasts the power of mighty THE BROADMOOR abuse. They would take her to giants. Preserve our nation’s pure spirit, fostered an underground cell and beat through ages by our forefathers. COLORADO SPRINGS, CO her mercilessly, eventually knocking out all her teeth. Mary, enlighten those who have wandered astray; NORTHEAST GALA She was often kept in isolation save the heroes who have passed away. cells and starved. Her hair was DECEMBER 9, 2022 torn out. Her response was to Raise up our holy Lithuania, that it may radiate and UNION LEAGUE CLUB forgive the guards and pray for shine like a splendid star to glorify you and your NEW YORK CITY, NY them. She finally was placed Son’s boundless mercy and love. Amen.  L in a ward for the “mentally 2023 SUMMIT ill,” where she refused food GERALD KORSON is an editorial consultant so the other prisoners could and staff writer for Legatus magazine. FEBRUARY 9-11, 2023 have more. She died there in FOUR SEASONS RESORT ORLANDO September 1955 at the age of 46. He is serving temporarily as acting editor. ORLANDO, FL BURGUNDY: DECANTING THE FAITH APRIL 18-25, 2023 BURGUNDY REGION OF FRANCE FOR MORE INFORMATION: [email protected] OR CALL 866-534-2887 9May 2022 | |

Under a Mother’s veil of protection A light in dark times: Faith of Ukrainian christians burns brightly, united in their devotion to Mary by judy roberts May 2022 | 10 |


A vivid, poignant Whether they are kneeling on pavement and picture of the praying the rosary or marching through the faith of Ukrainian streets carrying icons of the Mother of God, or Catholics is Theotokos, Ukrainian Catholics — who represent emerging from the the largest of the Eastern Rite churches in images of death communion with Rome — are showing the world and destruction that their strength is not in numbers, arsenals, wrought by the and political power, but in Christ and His Church. Russian invasion “Since Ukrainians have not had a Ukrainian of their country. state behind them for most of their history,” said American-born Archbishop Borys Gudziak, “the Church has been their protector, the educator of the people, the institution that lifted up what was otherwise often socially and politically marginalized in a repressed population.” Archbishop Gudziak, who heads the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church’s Philadelphia Archeparchy, said that after its revival following decades of such suppression the Ukrainian Church developed, articulated, and incarnated Catholic social doctrine, applying it to critical issues in Ukrainian society. In the process, the Church achieved a moral authority, respect, and influence that surpasses its minority status. This has infused the response to the Russian invasion and is what is astounding, motivating, and uplifting the world, Archbishop Gudziak said. ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/JAKUB LAICHTER 12May 2022 | |

“Ultimately, what we’re seeing is the manifestation and Wheeling, WV. “Eastern Catholics, Western WIKIPEDIA COMMONS of the greatest love. Jesus said in John 15:13, Catholics, and Orthodox Christians have a shared ‘Greater love has no one than this: to lay down spiritual mother and intercessor in the Mother one’s life for one’s friends,’” he said. “What we’re of God.” seeing is hundreds of thousands doing that. To this day, Fr. Charron said, “In Ukraine, you’ll They are willing to give their life for the truth have big burly men kneel down on the side of the and willing to protect at the highest personal road and pray to the Mother of God for protection cost the innocent.” and for her intercession . . . They call her ‘our Amid this, Archbishop Gudziak said, “People sweet little Mother of God’ – ‘Matynka Bozha.’” are seeing a real sacrament, visible signs of Ukraine was God’s grace, something it is not natural to do. consecrated to Mary There’s supernatural sacrifice and that requires in 1037 by Prince supernatural grace.” Yaroslav the Wise when the country was ‘UNITED IN LOVE OF MARY’ part of Kyivan Rus, and the entire culture Marked by what the archbishop called a high is rich with images degree of piety and a softness and engagement of her. A particularly of sentiment, the Ukrainian Catholic expression prominent image is of faith is imbued with a strong devotion to Mary that of the Pokrova, or that is shared by Ukraine’s majority Orthodox “Protection of Mary.” It Christians. is based on a 10th- “This is the great beauty of Ukraine – that the century apparition in Catholics and Orthodox are united in love of which Mary reportedly Mary,” said Fr. Jason Charron, a Ukrainian Catholic spread a veil over the priest who serves churches in Carnegie, PA, people in a church 13May 2022 | |

in Constantinople time when Church during a siege on structures in many the city. After she Western countries appeared, the enemy dwindled. forces retreated. The “From 1946 to 1989,” Pokrova is one of the Archbishop Gudziak images that have been said, “the Ukrainian seen being held by Catholic Church was Ukrainians and their the biggest illegal supporters during church in the world.” the current Russian Banned by the invasion. Soviets, the Church saw its Another popular bishops imprisoned and thousands of priests, Marian depiction is religious, and faithful sent to Siberia. Many WIKIPEDIA the Oranta, which the family prayer corner,” were martyred. “This was a consequence of the shows Mary with her he pointed out, “and every fact that the Church did not collaborate with hands uplifted in traditional Ukrainian house the Soviet totalitarian regime that wanted to prayer. This image is is going to have those images expunge all religion but worked with particular in a mosaic in the apse in it.” vehemence against Ukrainian Catholics,” the of the 1,000-year-old Such spaces also are known archbishop explained. St. Sophia Cathedral as “icon corners” and serve as When the Soviet Union fell apart and the Church in Kyiv. Archbishop reminders of Jesus Christ, who was decriminalized, Archbishop Gudziak said Gudziak said the is known as “the cornerstone.” the recovery was astounding. The number of mosaic is on what is In addition to Mary and Jesus, priests returned to pre-World War II levels, called “the immovable these icons also can include growing by a factor of 10 in the last 33 years. wall” because it has St. Nicholas, who signifies Because of their history, Ukrainian Catholics Archbishop Borys Gudziak continued to stand compassion and hospitality. have good reason to fear a possible Russian These corners are more than occupation of their nation. “Anytime any Russian even when the church has been damaged and decorative. Families often authority — whether Czarist, Communist, the town around it ravaged. pray in them, and parents will or Putinist — takes over Ukraine, where the bless their children with the Catholic Church ministers, it is strangled,” “For Ukrainians, [Mary] represents the protection icons at such key moments as Archbishop Gudziak warned. of the people and the Church,” he said. “She is the start of a new school year, Still, in the past, Mary, the Mother of God, has in the depths and very heart of the capital of a marriage, or departure for delivered the nation. The archbishop’s hope is the country and that protection is what we are military service. that it could happen again, possibly through the imploring.” Father Charron, who went to act of consecration by Pope Francis united with Ukraine in late February to the world’s bishops that took place on the feast of MARY AS ‘QUEEN OF UKRAINE’ help rescue and relocate to the Annunciation, March 25. Lithuania 22 orphans between “It is hard to say when and how people will Father Charron, who the ages of 3 and 16, said that be converted, but I hope it will be soon,” said is not Ukrainian, but is even among these young Archbishop Gudziak, “and I have no doubt that married to a Ukrainian people he witnessed signs of an act of dedication, an act of fervent prayer, woman and lived in faith. “I was only with them will greatly contribute to conversion and to the Ukraine from 1999 to a few days, but they are kids deliverance of people in Ukraine, Russia, and 2002, said, “Mary is the who pray, and they raise their throughout the world.” queen of Ukraine.” (In voices in song to the Lord Jesus For his part, Fr. Charron said he is encouraged to some Eastern Catholic Christ, and they evidenced that see the Ukrainian nation united as never before churches outside the faith during our time together,” in resolve and a common goal. United States, married he said. “Especially the older “It is perhaps one of the last truly religious men can be ordained children talk freely about God societies left in Europe,” he said, “and it will be Fr. Jason Charron and how He is going to assist that faith which will enable them to emerge priests.) Her feasts, he continued, are celebrated them.” victorious from the hellfire of Russia’s bombs.”  L throughout the year – her Annunciation in March, her Dormition in August, her Nativity in FAITH SUSTAINS JUDY ROBERTS September, and her Protection in October. “These IN PERSECUTION is a Legatus magazine staff writer. are all very big feasts in Ukraine and you can’t understand religiosity in Ukraine without the Such faith is what likely Mother of Christ,” said Fr. Charron. sustained the Ukrainian Catholic Church during its Although every Ukrainian Catholic church has years of persecution and led at least one Marian icon, images of Mary also it to revive and thrive at a are found in most Ukrainian homes, Fr. Charron said. Even people of limited means traditionally will place in their living rooms depictions of Jesus and Mary with a cross between them and an embroidered cloth over them. “That’s 14May 2022 | |

Devotion to Mary, ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/EUCALYPTYS as always, points to Jesus Mary, the Mother of God, is a prominent figure in the Ukrainian Catholic Church, but she is always portrayed or mentioned in reference to Christ, her Son. Archbishop Borys Gudziak, head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Philadelphia Archeparchy, said this is why she is referred to as Theotokos, which means “Mother of God” or “Bearer of God.” “Mary’s whole mission is bearing God, and pointing to God, and doing God’s will.” Like their Roman Catholic counterparts, Ukrainian Catholics express their devotion to Mary through the rosary and other prayers. However, they also refer to her frequently throughout their liturgical services. “The place of the Mother of God in the prayer in the liturgy is very important,” said Archbishop Gudziak. “Almost all prayers reference the Mother of God in one form or another.” Ukrainian Catholics pray the Hail Mary, the biblical prayer that is repeated in the rosary, but they have a rich treasury of other devotions as well. One is the “Akathist Hymn to the Theotokos,” which consists of 24 stanzas and recounts the events of Christ’s Incarnation from the Annunciation to the Presentation in the Temple. Another devotion is the “Moleben to the Mother of God,” a prayer service containing a Gospel reading, psalms, and prayers and based on the service of Matins, part of the Divine Office or Liturgy of the Hours. Many Ukrainian Catholics know it by heart. Father Jason Charron, a Ukrainian Catholic priest, said another popular prayer to Mary is one drawn from the Church’s Divine Liturgy (or Mass). It says in part: “More honorable than the Cherubim and by far more glorious than the Seraphim, ever a virgin, you gave birth to God the Word. O true mother of God, we magnify you.” Ukrainian Catholics will sing this, Fr. Charron said, as little nestlings who are chirping for their mother to return to the nest with food. “We sing it to Mary in the hope that the Mother of God will come to our aid and bring crumbs from heaven to nourish us in our time of affliction and to sustain us during this trial,” he said. 15May 2022 | |



“I recognized that dealing with it in a way that is acceptable and a way A lack of accountability. I was as smart that we can move forward as a nation.” People with victim thinking as any other kid make excuses and do not take in the room,” he Ward told Legates that he believes victim thinking responsibility for their own said in his talk at permeates some of the racial tensions in this country. behaviors, preferring a mantra Legatus Summit Critical race theory “grows out of the soil” of victim of “it’s not my fault.” There are East 2022 in thinking; woke ideology he calls “a counterfeit revival.” true victims, of course, but Florida in January. often individuals bear some “I recognized that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “had a dream, but we have a personal responsibility for bad I was everyone’s vision,” Ward said. “America needs a new movement, things that happen to them. equal, and they Pastor James Ward Jr. Anger and resentment. Victim were my equal.” thinking surfaces emotions a ‘zero victim’ movement, to be spiritually awakened that lash out at others and at and not ‘culturally woke.’” the world, believing even loved ones don’t care and resenting From that moment, “I did not Victim thinking produces toxic energy, he stated. people who seem successful believe in white supremacy,” “Victim mentality is a perceived or conditioned mental tendency and happy. Ward said, “because I didn’t to regard yourself as a victim of the negative thoughts, words, Poor self-esteem. Lack of believe in black inferiority.” or actions of others,” he writes in Zero Victim. “It often provokes confidence increases the sense In his book Zero Victim: an individual to respond as if he/she really is a victim even when of powerlessness. Trying to Overcoming Injustice with a there is inadequate evidence.” improve one’s situation and New Attitude, Ward addresses He told the Summit failing to do so can likewise the current state of racial audience that reinforce the “I’m a victim of divide in the United States and, victim thinking is circumstances” belief. more broadly, the tendency of like wearing a set of Not seeking solutions. many to descend to a victim dark lenses indoors Those with victim mentality mentality. and blaming others often descend to wallowing in In August 2020, a few months for not turning the unhappiness and rejecting after George Floyd’s death in lights up. the help of others. police custody in Minneapolis “That’s how victim It’s important to recognize that sparked waves of racial protest thinking works,” apart from those who embrace and violent unrest amid anti- Ward said. “It’s victim status as a means of police sentiment, another like people are manipulation, there usually is black man, Jacob Blake Jr., wearing lenses, real pain that underlies victim was shot to death by police in and they literally thinking. Often it results from Kenosha, WI. A new wave of read victimization past trauma, a betrayal of trust, riots and destruction followed. into every situation or a codependent relationship. Blake’s mother, Julia Jackson, in life, into every Nevertheless, “Having a victim a member of Ward’s Insight relationship, into mentality doesn’t excuse bad Church in suburban Chicago, everything that happens…. And there’s nothing you can do to behavior,” Botnick said. But invited him to speak at her change that person’s perspective until the lenses change.” “also understand there may family’s press conference. be a lot more going on than Ward’s calls for love and IDENTIFYING VICTIM THINKING just wanting attention.” forgiveness in the face of racial tensions drew him into THE ROAD national prominence. TO HEALING “We’ve got to bring the Classically, persons with victim mentality embrace three primary Father Dan Leary, another foundation and the beliefs: they believe they are destined to have bad things happen session speaker at the January conversations of the spiritual to them, that these bad things are the fault of other people or Summit, approaches the idea and moral law back to America circumstances beyond their own control, and that it is no use of victim mentality cautiously and for us, faith does that,” he trying to prevent or avoid these bad things because they will keep from a pastoral perspective. said in a later interview with happening anyway. “We see so much suffering, CNN alongside Jackson. “It is the Vicki Botnick, a psychotherapist with a practice in Tarzana, CA, and everybody has a mindset of Jesus Christ Himself, says it begins when a person identifies most closely with the different capacity — mentally, the only innocent man that role of a victim. She describes five signs of victim thinking, each emotionally, physically, ever lived, suffered the greatest clearly linked to the beliefs describe above: injustice that the world has A sense of powerlessness. A person may feel downtrodden, but ever known, and He prayed for from their perspective they have no solutions to overcome or forgiveness. He prayed for love. escape their pain. Botnick tells Healthline that while some people “That does not dismiss who embrace victimhood make a conscious effort to blame others sin. That does not dismiss and take offense, more often her patients have deep psychological unrighteousness, but it does wounds that leave them feeling hopeless. give us a new framework for 18May 2022 | |

original sin, but the response to that victimhood and then unite with Him. is the redemptive act of Jesus Christ, who was the Invite, then unite.” ultimate victim, he said. “When a person has the victim mentality, Pastor Ward also sees such a which is self-serving and doesn’t know how or spiritual conversion and a turn doesn’t want to heal, they draw the attention to to Jesus as keys to overcoming themselves with a lack of willingness to change,” victim thinking. Fr. Leary explained. “It’s almost like giving a sick person medication, and they choose not to take it. “I know that God is for me, They want to remain in this cycle of sadness and so no one can be against me,” isolation.” he said, evoking Romans 8:31. But people can rise above victim thinking, said “White people can’t be against Fr. Leary. The cycle can be broken through prayer, me because God is for me.” sacrifice, and sometimes counseling. In his work especially with children in the mission Christ demonstrates “zero lands who have experienced sickness or trauma, victim” thinking, Ward said. he finds that getting them to focus on others — “While the victimization and telling them to be “missionaries” of God’s healing the injustice is still taking and mercy — changes the mentality. place, Jesus is already praying, “They come out of the pain and out of the suffering,” Fr. Leary said. ‘Father, forgive them, because “I call them ‘little Lazaruses,’ because they come out of the ‘tomb,’ they know not what they do.’ and the work we must do is to untie them and set them free. spiritually,” said Fr. Leary, “That’s the work of every Catholic in the world: to untie people and “The standard for how we a priest of the Archdiocese set them free.” should deal with injustice in of Washington who is a When we are freed from victim thinking in other words, we must help our society is the love of God, missionary and chaplain to the others join their own pain to Christ’s redemption as an act of love. the power to forgive by the Sisters of Mary. “But the Body “If somebody is suffering in our life, you have to ask them, ‘Where cross of Calvary,” he said. of Christ is called to offer all is Christ in this pain?’” Fr. Leary said. “Invite Him into this pain, of the suffering in humanity “Our only reconciliation, our L to God the Father for His mercy, only hope, is in Christ.” grace, and love to be poured out on humanity.” GERALD KORSON, editorial consultant Everyone is a victim of the for Legatus magazine, is based in Indiana. sin of Adam and Eve through HO‘ZEWROTOVIDCETVIME’LOMEPNATALITY FRAN_KIE/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM In Zero Victim, Pastor James Ward offers four techniques “that will bring you freedom from offenses and injustice with a Zero Victim Mentality”: 1. Develop humility to be able to pause and discern. Avoid quick-trigger reactions. Your perceptions may be wrong. Act with prudence and self-discipline. Engage in constructive dialogue before choosing the wisest response. 2. Extend forgiveness to release you both. Offer a redemptive response rather than a punitive one. An unrepentant offender does not deserve restoration, but we are morally obliged to forgive and seek to make amends. 3. Cultivate clear vision to keep looking ahead. Victim thinkers often think and speak of past wounds and complain about how things are in the present. Zero victim thinkers believe neither the past nor the present dictates their future success. Keep everything in proper context. 4. Affirm your identity: you are not a victim. Victim thinkers embrace victimhood as their identity. Do the opposite: reject the role of victim, even when you have every right to feel like one. Identify as a non-victim in all circumstances. 19May 2022 | |

playingI t ’ s n o t e a s y Godt h e S o n o f Actors who have portrayed Jesus in movies and on television face challenges depicting His humanity along with His divinity by gerald korson May 2022 | 20 |

21May 2022 | |

oisJbsfanieeiufllnvsembmcmenujoneoswesttvctahheiteseads.s to some audiences but were deemed irreverent THE DEFINITIVE JESUS? or blasphemous by others. Several silent films on the life But no Jesus film is perfect, said Eric Groth, a Legate Franco Zeffirelli’s Jesus of Nazareth wins praise of Jesus were made in France of the Rockford Chapter and president of ODB Films. from Greydanus for its “depth and sympathy of between 1898 and 1908, each “I love Jesus films that beautifully portray His its presentation of Jesus’ Jewish milieu” and its consisting of a series of brief humanity,” said Groth. “Filmmakers do an dramatic depiction of Christ’s miracles. “While scenes with intertitles. The injustice to Jesus storytelling when they do not not necessarily the best Jesus movie ever,” he English actor Robert Henderson offer an honest look at both Christ’s humanity wrote just a few years back, it remains “the Bland was the first to play and His divinity.” standard by which other Jesus films are judged.” Christ in a full-length motion While all films on Christ have flaws, “most have Greydanus had a mixed evaluation of the picture, starring in the pious something valuable to offer,” he said. “Most of the portrayal of Jesus. After noting Powell’s 71-minute 1912 black-and-white films about Jesus present beautiful imagery that “Shakespearean bearing and diction, long silent film From the Manger draws me deeper into reflection on who Christ is dramatic pauses,” and “‘Jedi-like histrionics’ to the Cross. Other silent films and who He is calling me to be.” during miracle scenes,” he said Powell’s followed, including Cecil B. performance as Jesus errs in the direction “of DeMille’s The King of Kings THE IMPORTANCE OF PLAYING JESUS stiffness and ethereality.” Still, Powell is “capable (1927). There, Jesus was played of emotional expressiveness,” such as when by H.B Warner, best known for King of Kings (1961) was the first major preaching the parables, he added. his later role as Mr. Gower, the production on the life of Christ to freely show Groth, who said he “grew up” on Jesus of pharmacist who boxed George Jesus’ face. It met with critical reviews, in part Nazareth, said the actor evidently made a Bailey’s ears in Frank Capra’s because Jeffrey Hunter was seen as too youthful convincing Jesus even during filming. “Rumor It’s a Wonderful Life. to play Jesus. has it that Robert Powell was so believable in his Out of reverence, the early “You try to get the feel of any role, but it’s much portrayal of Jesus on the set that crew members “talkies” showed Jesus at a more difficult in the case of Christ because would stop cussing during breaks whenever he distance with few close-ups. everyone has their own personal image of Him,” would interact with them,” he said. The classic Ben Hur (1959, with Hunter said of his portrayal. “It’s a role you take Powell recently told The History Channel of the the uncredited Claude Heater), on, knowing that no matter how you play it, you challenges he met while attempting to play Jesus. which won Best Picture, does are going to disappoint many.” “Franco Zeffirelli and I originally thought that not show Jesus’ face but instead In 1964, director Pier Paolo Pasolini, an atheist we could combine the divine Christ with the uses over-the-shoulder angles and Marxist, cast Enrique Irazoqui as Jesus in human one and that we would be able to show or close-ups of his hands. The Gospel According to St. Matthew. Despite the human side of Him, but we discovered that it Since 1960, dozens of actors never having acted before, Irazoqui acquitted was just not possible,” he said. “You go as an actor have played Jesus onscreen, himself well, according to at least one Catholic and work subjectively, but the moment you start each providing a unique critic. to try and play Him as a real person, you lose the interpretation. The highly “What stands out to me is Irazoqui’s lack of divinity completely.” acclaimed Jesus of Nazareth, self-consciousness and affectation,” writes which debuted as a two- Deacon Steven D. Greydanus on his Decent Films JNEESWUSMIILNLETNHNEIUM part television film in 1977, blog, which includes reviews of several movies established Robert Powell as on Christ. “Few Jesus films manage to avoid Powell has more recent competition for the “face the “face of Jesus” for millions of the pitfall of making Christ seem artificially of Jesus” label from Jim Caviezel (The Passion viewers; the musical Godspell preoccupied with His own authority and status.” of the Christ, 2004) and Jonathan Roumie (The and the rock opera Jesus Christ The following year, Max von Sydow got the Jesus Chosen, 2017-present). Superstar (both 1973) appealed role in The Greatest Story Ever Told. This epic film Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, a gritty with its all-star cast, complete with John Wayne depiction of Jesus’ torture and death filmed in in a bit role as a drawling centurion, was not Aramaic and Latin with subtitles, nevertheless received well either, but like King of Kings found extended life in later television broadcasts. Von Sydow’s “austere, otherworldly Jesus was felt to be off-putting and unapproachable” by audiences, Greydanus writes. His “impassive performance is best seen as an interpretation of John’s overtly divine and sovereign Lord, in contrast to the generally clearer indications of humanity in the Synoptics. He isn’t warm or approachable, but he’s persuasively authoritative and all-knowing.” May 2022 | 22 |

became the highest-grossing Christian film Wa hleifne-bcehinagngCihnrgisrtoilse ever both in the United States and worldwide. Caviezel has said playing Jesus was his most difficult role he’s ever taken. “There is nothing more glorious and at the same Jeffrey Hunter, who had starred with studio, and I hadn’t done anything time more humbling than this role,” he said in John Wayne a few years earlier in The wrong,” he said in an interview. an interview. “Nothing could teach me humility Searchers, was at the age that Christ “I just played Jesus.” Likewise Jesus, better.” died — 33 — when cast as Jesus in King he pointed out, “was betrayed by His own of Kings (1961). people and abandoned by everyone.” The role led him to pray more. “I asked God to show me how I could present Jesus in the most “I was warned not to do it,” he later Caviezel’s career did recover, and he accurate way, how to make the viewers feel recalled in an interview. “Actors who went on to star in films and television closer to Him, how to inspire them,” Caviezel play Jesus are supposed to have a hard productions. He is set to reprise his role said. “It has been my inner journey, which hasn’t time getting other roles to follow, but I in Gibson’s sequel, tentatively titled finished yet.” felt this was a myth. After all, how can The Resurrection. you be typecast as Christ?” His role as Jesus emboldened his Roumie, Hunter made sure he wasn’t. After King Catholic faith and gave his life new who spoke of Kings, he took on far different roles impetus going forward. “My duty was at January’s — war films, Westerns, and even as not only to show it all on the screen,” Legatus Summit captain of The Enterprise in the original Caviezel said. “My real duty is to live in East 2022 in pilot for Star Trek — but never reached accordance with the gospel every day Florida, has the same level of stardom. He died of a and to give witness to the truth.” said he tries to brain hemorrhage and skull fracture in Jonathan Roumie, who told the Legatus portray Jesus 1969 at the age of 42. Summit audience in January of how “from a point Ted Neeley, who played Jesus in the Robert Powell’s portrayal in Jesus of of infinite controversial 1973 rock opera Jesus Nazareth inspired him as a youth, had compassion Christ Superstar, hasn’t minded the experienced a “deeper conversion” and mercy,” typecast. He made it part of his career shortly before taking on The Chosen which he sees and continues to play the role in touring that led him to begin living his life as God’s greatest theater performances. He is scheduled through the lens of his Catholic faith. attribute. to appear in Superstar in four Italian Broke and unemployed in Los Angeles, cities during the month of May 2022. he knelt before his crucifix and prayed, “His infinite Jim Caviezel, also 33 when he played “I surrender, I surrender,” he recalled. ocean of mercy Jesus, knew that signing on to the title A call from The Chosen director Dallas is what makes Him so indescribably and role in Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Jenkins, with whom Roumie had inutterably worthy of adoration and praise, and Christ could affect his career afterward. worked previously on smaller projects, that’s been spoken of through the Bible in both It did, to some degree. came three months later. the Old and New Testaments,” he explained in an interview. “That’s where I have to start. “All of a sudden I stopped being one “With The Chosen, because of the Otherwise, it’s just a very pale representation of the five most popular actors in the amount of time I had to spend with of who I understand Him to be.” Christ and the stories about Christ and researching Him and His time and Roumie believes people have warmed to his all the conversions I’ve had, I believe portrayal “because Jesus has felt relatable and that has brought out more of what human for the first time in any iteration that God has put within me,” he explained [they] can remember.” in an interview. “It also clarified or expounded upon the mission that I For Groth, Roumie’s performance makes think I’ve been given, which is to help The Chosen his favorite among Jesus films. lead people to Christ through my art.” “Like Jim Caviezel, Jonathan Roumie is a Roumie now fully accepts portraying practicing Roman Catholic who integrates Christ as his calling. his faith in the exploration and presentation of the Christ role that he plays,” he said. “For these “I feel like I was made for such a time men, the acting in and of itself is a prayer, an as this,” he told Christianity Today. intentional opportunity for them to be a conduit “This is what God put me on this planet for Christ in the character of Christ.” to do right now. The Chosen “leads with beauty,” Groth said. “When you lead with beauty, the human heart and mind open to truth and goodness that can only come from the gospel.”  L “Until He calls me to do something else, I’m just going to try to embrace it as best GERALD KORSON, editorial consultant for I can.” Legatus magazine, is based in Indiana. May 2022 | 23 |

UnderstandingMthareiafonudrogmas Traditions of Our Lady as Mother of God, perpetual virgin, immaculately conceived, and assumed into heaven date to early Christianity but took centuries to be formally defined by Jim Graves I n the month of May, Catholics honor Christotokos (“Christ-bearer”) the Blessed Mother and acknowledge but not Theotokos. her key role in our spiritual lives. Over The debate led to the Council the centuries, the Church has defined of Ephesus, which in 431 four great Marian dogmas that can help proclaimed that Mary was us understand her better and grow in our indeed the Mother of God. The relationship with her. council further explained that Christ’s divine and human These four dogmas — that Mary is the nature were united in one Mother of God, that she remained a person, not two separate virgin all her life, that she was conceived persons as Nestorius asserted, without original sin, and that she was assumed into heaven — and so it is correct to say should not be considered that Mary gave birth to separate “privileges” the person who was God. of Mary, according This mystery is the to Fr. Hugh Barbour, foundation of all the other a Norbertine priest dogmas, said Fr. Barbour. and regular chaplain- “This mystery presenter on the program establishes that the Catholic Answers Live, Eternal Son of God has “as though they did not one sonship since He form a unified whole of is one person,” he said. “Even connecting mysteries.” Fr. Hugh Barbour though He has two births, one eternally of the Father as God, Instead, they are like “threads of a tapestry, and the other as man in time which, when woven together, present a of His Mother, He is still one coherent picture, and when unraveled son, just as any son is the son of come completely apart.” They “flow from both his father and his mother, and connect to each other,” he said. not having two sonships, one of his father and the other from Just as the Church grappled with his mother.” understanding Jesus Christ in both His humanity and His divinity and took Perpetual virginity centuries of debate to define its teachings officially, so too did its understanding of Mary and her role in salvation history. ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/SHELLY ALEXANDER Theotokos, Mother of God Mary’s virginal conception and birth of Jesus were never Early Marian devotion considered Mary in question due to the clarity the Theotokos (“God-bearer”), or Mother of of Scripture, but even her God. As the Church came to understand perpetual virginity — that she Christ as fully human and fully divine, this remained a virgin her entire view of Mary as Theotokos was challenged life — was held by many of the by those who said Mary gave birth to the early Church Fathers as well. It human Jesus but not to His divinity. In also was generally accepted by the fifth century, Nestorius, archbishop of the faithful. In 553, the Second Constantinople, said Mary should be called Council of Constantinople gave Mary the title “ever-virgin”; in May 2022 | 24 |

649, Pope Martin I convened a council at which he salvation, she dedicated herself to the service of “As the Mother of the Incarnate declared dogmatically that “ever-virgin” meant that the person and work of Jesus.” Son of God and Redeemer, Mary indeed retained her virginity perpetually. then, Mary must be utterly There is a very early tradition, expressed in Immaculate conception free from all sin or state of sin, the apocryphal Protoevangelium of James, that original or personal,” Father Mary had vowed a life of perpetual virginity as Mary’s Immaculate Conception means that Barbour explained. “This a young girl and was betrothed to Joseph so he Mary was conceived by her parents but was means she is created in the could serve as her guardian and protector in a miraculously kept free from original sin. This fullness of grace, immaculately celibate marriage, as was the practice in such was a special grace to prepare her for becoming conceived in her holy parents’ instances. the Mother of God, since she was chosen by natural union, untouched by Although the Gospels refer in places to the God Himself for this role. The belief was widely the fall of our first ancestors, “brethren” or “brothers” of Jesus, the term accepted by the time Pope Pius IX, In his fit to be a Second Eve for translated as “brothers” (adelphos in the Greek) 1854 apostolic constitution Ineffabilis Deus, the Second Adam, truly the could also refer to other male relatives such proclaimed the dogma of Mary’s Immaculate ‘Mother of all the living’ by as cousins or uncles, to spiritual “brothers,” or Conception, teaching that from the moment of grace and charity.” even men from the same tribe. It is sometimes her conception, by a special “grace and privilege” speculated that these “brothers” were actually from God, she “was kept free from every stain of Assumption into heaven stepbrothers, sons of Joseph from a previous original sin.” marriage. Such views are compatible with It is sometimes confused with Mary’s The Assumption is the doctrine Mary’s perpetual virginity. miraculous conception of Jesus, which it is not. that says that Mary was Speaking at a conference in Capua in 1992, Pope The Catechism of the Catholic Church states assumed into heaven, body and St. John Paul II related Mary’s perpetual virginity that after they committed the first sin, “Adam soul, at the end of her life by to her virgin birth. and Eve immediately lose the grace of original an act of God. The Church does “She gave birth to Jesus, truly and in a virginal holiness” (399). Original sin is passed on to not suggest whether she died way; that is why she remained virgin after Adam’s posterity, the Catechism continues. before she was assumed. Belief giving birth, according to the holy Fathers and “By one man’s disobedience many [that is, all in the Assumption of Mary is the councils who have expressly treated the men] were made sinners,” writes St. Paul (Rom recorded as early as the second question. The same is true about her bodily 5:12). While baptism takes away original sin, or third century, so it is a long- integrity,” the pope said. “She lived, after Jesus’ the Catechism states, human nature is still held tradition. The Eastern birth, in total and perpetual virginity; and “weakened in its powers; subject to ignorance, Orthodox tradition refers to the together with St. Joseph, who was himself called suffering, and the domination of death; and “Dormition of the Theotokos,” to play a predominant role in the events of our inclined to sin (This inclination is called which commemorates the ‘concupiscence’)” (418). painless, peaceful death of Mary and her subsequent “taking up” into heaven. Think of Mary, pure and lowly Pope Pius XII proclaimed the Father Kevin Kennedy, spiritual play in God’s plan for salvation and dogma of the Assumption director at St. Patrick’s Seminary in the Church. She is our mother and our in 1950 in his encyclical Menlo Park, CA, encourages Catholics model.” Munificentissimus Deus: “[W]e to understand and reflect on Marian Father Kennedy recommends pronounce, declare, and define dogmas. Catholics “talk to Mary in the most it to be a divinely revealed simple and ordinary and natural dogma: that the Immaculate For Catholics, prayer is offered to Fr. Kevin Kennedy ways, as if they were speaking to their Mother of God, the ever Virgin God through Christ and the power own mothers … it is the most natural Mary, having completed the of His spirit, and is therefore Christ- thing to pray to Our Lady. When you course of her earthly life, was centered. Yet “how does Christ come pray the ‘Hail, Mary,’ think of yourself assumed body and soul into to us but through His mother?” he sitting in front of your best friend, heavenly glory.” asked. because that is what she is.” The month of May “is an ideal time The Assumption, states the The Incarnation of Christ is a central for heart-to-heart conversations Catechism, “is a singular fact of our faith, “and an incarnation with Mary, praying the rosary and participation in her Son’s needs Mary,” Fr. Kennedy pointed out. entrusting your heart and life to her Resurrection and an “She is the means through which God heart,” he suggested. “When you do anticipation of the resurrection plans for us to get closer to His Son.” that, bring everyone you know and of other Christians” (966). love into that act of consecration or Father Quan Tran, a priest of the Fr. Quan Tran entrustment.” Father Barbour noted that Diocese of Orange and author of the Mary’s Assumption means she 2020 book The Imitation of Mary, said is “enjoying the glory that will that Mary “has an important role to be ours if we cling to her Son and to her as we pass from this life into the world to come.” L JIM GRAVES is a Legatus magazine contributing writer. May 2022 | 25 |

ETHICS DEACON JAMES H. TONER MATTERS Beware of the dangers of centrifugal force: let’s ‘reason together’ for peace in Ukraine AS WE POLITICAL LAYMEN TRY Military planning and execution depend to understand—and the world’s upon the virtue, vision, and valor of “capable statesmen try to resolve— men” (Exod 18:25). Keen competence the crimes and tragedies in without noble character is tyrannical; noble Ukraine, we encounter an character without keen competence is element common to all military torpid. Wisdom, I fear, is not the norm. crises: the danger of centrifugal force. That we should not overreact is vitally important. The passions of the moment Because good-hearted citizens can seize the minds and hearts of both may ordinarily view political people and politicians. A kind of synergy IHORM/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM and military matters through can result, leading to a cycle of violence emotional lenses, we may masquerading as a crusade for justice. react imprudently to the crises around us. I do not mean to The French stateman Talleyrand (1754-1838) criticize “good hearts.” Sheer once said that the essence of wise politics emotion, however, is rarely a is “Surtout, pas trop de zele” (“Above all else, personalities and events in generous perspective— reliable guide to wise practical not too much zeal”). Be wary, then, of excessive peace will invariably be thwarted. Unless peace or political judgment, and enthusiasm for any cause. Keep in mind that is the consequence of a shared image of justice uncontrolled emotion runs original sin affects all people in all countries. among negotiators and the governments they the risk, as the Catechism represent, peace will remain a chimera. admonishes us, of being Conflicts that have been raging, overtly or “perverted by the vices” (1768). covertly, for hundreds of years will not be solved In the meantime, we must avoid exacerbating by some political or military deus ex machina. circumstances by encouraging wild or This, in short, is Diplomatic success is unrestrained policies. In the U.K., one traffic sign the “centrifugal measured in inches, not advises motorists: “Do not enter roundabout until force” to which “Conflicts which have miles, and in decades you see your exit.” There is a political lesson there. I refer: things been raging, overtly or rather than in days. We are not mistaken in judging the actions of can spin rapidly covertly, for hundreds The realist observer of aggressors, such as Putin, and then charting a out of control global politics studies if and when national interests and reasoned course of diplomatic and, if necessary, passion, rather of years will not not merely motives; military action to contain or to reverse such than prudence, be solved by some aggression. Be leery, though, of anyone who rules the day. We evaluates capabilities, suggests that intractable international problems trust our leaders political or military not only intentions; can be resolved by “progressive” humanitarian to provide calm deus ex machina and considers factors policies or by military strikes. The most and thoughtful of power, not just serious global problems may be managed analysis. As proclamations of or manipulated, but they will not be eliminated President Truman political pieties. as long as sin permeates the earth. L once observed, however, “A statesman is a Political judgment must, of course, be rooted in DEACON JAMES H. TONER, PH.D., politician who has been dead what is objectively true, but it is grounded as well is professor emeritus of leadership and ethics at the for 10 or 15 years.” Our political in what is practicable. Indeed, the statesman U.S. Air War College, a former U.S. Army officer, and leaders are hardly immune nobly attempts to effect linkage between what to the impulsive riptides of ought to be and what can be. author of numerous articles, books, essays, and the day. Too often, we turn to reviews, including multiple columns in The Catholic our leaders for “fish,” and we Tentative peace in Ukraine, and elsewhere, will be receive, instead, “stones” (cf. achieved only by morally serious leaders who can Thing, Crisis Magazine, Homiletic & Pastoral Matt 7:9). in fact “reason together” (Is 1:18; 43:26). Without Review, The Imaginative Conservative, One Peter Five, and The Wanderer. He has taught at Notre Dame, Norwich, Auburn, and Holy Apostles College and Seminary. He has also served as “Distinguished Visiting Chair of Character Development” at the U.S. Air Force Academy. leaders’ ability and desire to reason—to see May 2022 | 26 |

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CULTURE OF EDWARD J. FURTON LIFE Artificial intelligence has its perils, but consciousness not among them WE HEAR A LOT ABOUT alter traffic signals, deprive emergency OCIACIA/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM artificial intelligence, its rooms of power, or cause other types dangers, and its possibilities. of widespread mayhem. By using our Science fiction lovers have advancing technology, malevolent long wondered about the actors could cause chaos within vast possibility of conferring life on sectors of society. inanimate matter. Some claim But the possibility that a robot might that, in the future, it will be acquire consciousness and then possible to upload one’s mind run amok on its own seems remote. to a computer and so extend There is very little reason to think life indefinitely. Machines that intelligence can be bestowed on of extraordinary physical anything that is not alive—although capabilities may one day rule it makes for good science fiction. the battlefields, replacing No machine has ever been given life, soldiers. much less awareness. Machines may Alan Turing, a noted be provided sensors that serve as their mathematician, once said that eyes, and their mechanical brains may the first successful example be programmed so that they can move of artificial intelligence would with great agility through space, but be a machine that looked and they are not aware that they are seeing acted exactly like a person or responding to their environment. even though it was not. The Even those machines endowed machine just had to be good with the highest degrees of artificial enough to fool people. intelligence will never be conscious. How realistic are these We, as human beings, are conscious community that life arises out of matter. There possibilities? Although of our world. More than that, we are conscious has never been any experiment that confirms there are dangers with all that we are conscious of our world. To be aware, this hypothesis. A typical biology textbook will technological advances, we one must have thoughts. For example, one begin in chapter one with the statement that life need to separate can picture an apple first arose from nonliving matter, but there will the possible from and then reflect on be no explanation for how this might be possible. the impossible if we “The greatest how good it would RNA and DNA reproduce themselves, the text are to make a good possible danger be to eat. This simple will say, but how RNA and DNA acquired this assessment. process transcends any power is left unsaid. These descriptions seem to from artificial material explanation. imagine that something can come from nothing. The greatest possible intelligence comes The machine could danger from artificial certainly display a Consciousness is a spiritual phenomenon. intelligence comes picture of an apple Machines are material. We can imagine from those who might from those who on some interior machines that think, but it is just a fantasy. misuse it. We all hate might misuse it screen and react Turing’s robot may look and act like a human spam email, phone to its presence, but being, but when you peer inside what you find scams, and computer that reaction would is that there is no awareness. God alone can viruses. The criminals be the result of the produce a conscious being. We are just kidding who do such things are the programmer’s intention, not its own. The robot ourselves if we think we can do the same. L real threat because they could would not have had an actual thought about the use the power of artificial apple. EDWARD J. FURTON, PH.D., is the intelligence for schemes that director of publications for the National Catholic are much worse. They could We live in an age dominated by materialism, Bioethics Center. disrupt nuclear power plants, and it is an article of faith within the scientific May 2022 | 28 |

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GUEST MARGE STEINHAGE FENELON VOICE Got troublesome ‘knots’ in your life? There’s a Marian novena for that I FIRST HEARD ABOUT THE the miracles granted through the Our Lady, novena to Our Lady, Undoer Undoer of Knots novena do not come suddenly of Knots, in a homily given and all at once, but gradually and with a broader by an exorcist priest. He reach. I also believe that the unique efficacy of described it as a “very powerful this devotion lies in its origin. novena” and talked about its history. Perhaps I would have In the early 17th century, a German nobleman, been less intrigued if I didn’t Wolfgang Langenmantel, was having difficulty know the priest to be highly in his marriage of many years to his wife, educated and experienced in Sophie. The marriage teetered on the brink of the spiritual realm. He spoke collapse, leading the couple to consider divorce. with conviction, challenging Desperate to save his marriage, Wolfgang sought the congregation to pray the counsel of Jesuit Fr. Jakob Rem, who lived the novena and witness its in a monastery at the University of Ingolstadt, power for themselves. With about 70 kilometers north of the Langenmantels’ skepticism about unfamiliar Augsburg home. Father Rem was honored for his devotions, I took up the priest’s holiness, wisdom, and exceptional intelligence. challenge. Wolfgang visited him four times over the course VIVIDA PHOTO PC/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM of 28 days, and each time they prayed together to I began the novena by daring the Blessed Virgin Mary for help with Wolfgang’s the Blessed Mother to prove marital problems. herself victorious as Our Lady, Undoer of Knots. I offered it for At the time, it was customary for a German a complicated and years-long bride and groom to have their hands gently dilemma burdening our family. bound with a silk ribbon during the wedding One day into the novena, I felt ceremony, symbolizing the unbreakable bond Turning their marriage ribbon over to Our a sense of peace enfold me and between spouses. On the day of their final visit, Lady was the first step in healing Wolfgang experienced an inexplicable Wolfgang gave his marriage ribbon to Fr. Rem. and Sophie’s marital difficulties and resolving “knowing” that Our Lady was The priest lifted the ribbon up to the image of their family problems. From there, she adeptly already at work, loosening the Mary, motioning as if to untie the knots that had smoothed it out, untying its tangled knots and knots that entangled occurred over the making it new and gleaming white again. Our our family. These years. Miraculously, Lady, Undoer of Knots, repeats this process with convictions grew “Our Lady was already the ribbon became every ribbon that is placed into her hands with stronger by the day. intensely white. faith and trust. When we surrender to her the By the devotion’s at work, loosening the Because of this ribbons of our lives – regardless of how snarled end, I felt completely knots that entangled miracle, Wolfgang and dirty they’ve become – she takes them in her at ease, convinced and Sophie were skilled hands and lovingly, patiently, unknots that although I could our family reunited and and renews them.  L not immediately see lived a long, MARGE STEINHAGE FENELON tangible results, they happy marriage is an award-winning author and journalist, would appear in time. thereafter. The dilemma rested in the retreat leader, internationally known speaker, and capable and dedicated hands Many years later, the couple’s grandson, Catholic media personality ( of Our Lady. Ambrosious Langenmantel, commissioned She has written several books on Marian devotion a painting depicting Wolfgang and Sophie’s and Catholic spirituality including the best-selling I have heard others speak of miraculous story and hung it above the family this same experience with altar commemorating the reunion in the Church Our Lady, Undoer of Knots: A Living Novena the novena, the same sense of St. Peter am Perlach in Augsburg. This image (Guided Reflections from the Holy Land) and award-winning My Queen, of peace and “knowing.” became known as Our Lady, Undoer of Knots, My Mother: A Living Novena (A Marian Pilgrimage Across America). Her next As with my family situation, and the devotion spread worldwide. book, America’s Mary: The Story of Our Lady of Good Help, will be released in June. She is an instructor for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee Deacons’ Wives Program, and her podcast, Simply Holy, airs weekly on Breadbox Media. May 2022 | 30 |

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ENGAGING THE SALLY READ FAITH As with Mary at her Annunciation, God recognizes who we truly are GOD KNOWS US, HE KNOWS OUR FOTODUETS/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM Of all visible CATECHISM true name and what we are called to be (Rev 2:17). It seems to me that this is why Mary was so startled at the angel’s words. It was the amazement of recognition. Mary had always walked creatures only 101 in God’s gaze, but the man is ‘able to Annunciation brought this to know and love a new consciousness. She lifted his creator.’ He her head like someone who is is ‘the only creature on earth called aloud after a lifetime about finding God (and this often happens in the that God has willed for its own of prayerful silence. She minutes after Communion) was the realization sake,’ and he alone is called to heard her name, a name that of myself as I was gathered in his gaze. share, by knowledge and love, contained the significance of in God’s own life. not necessarily how she viewed After Communion, when Christ is in the physical herself or her state that day but depths of you, it is as though a lamp has been Catechism of the her truest self, which always placed in the darkness of your soul where you Catholic Church, #356 contains God’s plan for us. And truly are… You may be aware of God watching though, in her most profound you, even as he watched Mary. He sees far SCRIPTURE Lord, modesty, she could hardly beyond the present moment to things you cannot 101 you have have guessed at the magnitude know — and the contrarieties inside you, the probed me, of what that might mean, scuffed days or moments that you would rather you know she of all people would have blot out, the things that make no sense and that me: you recognized the rightness of you would never post on social media. He knows God’s vision of her. Full of grace. all of that, and deeper, further; and in the context know when I sit and stand; One who will be filled with God. of that knowledge, pain and shame are lost…. you understand my thoughts Who will be nearest to God. from afar, you sift through my Mary is without sin. She is the Mary heard God’s name for her that afternoon, travels and my rest; with all my cut pink rose that never browns and then she heard his incredible divine ways you are familiar, Even at the edges of its petals. She plan. And then she could say, “Behold, I am before a word is on my tongue, has not inherited the twisted, the handmaid of the Lord.” She knew that the Lord, you know it all. gnarled growths of sin through authenticity of her self lay in doing God’s will. her being that the rest of us He made her; he loves her; he knows her. His Psalm 139: 1-4 have. It did not take much to plan for you, like his plan for her, will, as Saint make her realize herself in Catherine of Siena wrote, set the whole of Italy God’s gaze — just that moment and the world ablaze. Only in fulfilling God’s of soft rupture, that moment of plan for ourselves will we find peace. But first we being “troubled.” must listen to God and recognize who we are.  L For you and me, this realization of ourselves is more difficult. Excerpt from Annunciation: A Call to Faith in a Broken World by Sally Read Anxiety makes us illogical, and (Ignatius Press, 2019), pp. 74-76, deaf to God’s gentle call. Stress can make us bad tempered, SALLY READ is the author of Night’s and bad judges of our own Bright Darkness: A Modern Conversion Story actions. But what shocked me (Ignatius Press, 2016) and three books of poetry published by Bloodaxe Books. She is poet in residence with the Hermitage of the Three Holy Hierarchs, and she lives with her family in Rome. May 2022 | 32 |

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FAITH MARK MIRAVALLE MATTERS Time for a fifth Marian dogma for a world in need of a mother IN THE RICH TRADITION OF OUR it would lead to historic graces of peace holy Catholic faith, the Church and mercy for the world. More than has been inspired to proclaim a century later, over 1,200 cardinals four “dogmas,” or solemnly and bishops, coupled with 8 million defined truths, about Our laity from 180 countries, have petitioned Lady. Mary is the Mother of the popes for this fifth Marian dogma. God, proclaimed at the Council of Ephesus in 431. She is the Why would a papal proclamation of this Perpetual Virgin, defined by dogma bring monumental graces to Pope Martin I in 649. She is the world? Jesus wants His gospel truth “conceived without original sin” publicly proclaimed, and when it is, (the Immaculate Conception), He responds with great graces. TANAKORN MOOLSARN/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM defined by Bl. Pope Pius IX in 1854; and Mary was “assumed In Scripture, Jesus asks the apostles, body and soul into heavenly “Who do they say that I am?” This was glory” (the Assumption), not because Jesus was in doubt about defined by Pope Pius XII His divine nature and mission. Rather, in 1950. He wanted to hear the truth proclaimed by His disciples. Only with Simon’s These four dogmatic truths proclamation of truth, “You are the about the Mother of Jesus, Christ, the Son of the living God,” does Jesus in Christ through the Spiritual Mother of all sublime as they are, do not turn reward the Church with the historic grace Peoples. Mothers can unite children in ways include a further doctrinal of the papacy, serving the Church until the end children cannot unite themselves. The Spiritual truth about her, one which of time (cf. Matt 16:13-20). Mother of All Peoples can unite nations in ways is quintessentially only she can. important for Now, Jesus wants every single “The Mother of All Peoples the truth about Join millions of Catholics globally and send a petition to Pope Francis for the fifth Marian human being— can unite nations in ways His mother dogma (Pope Francis, 00120 Vatican City State). Our Lady’s only she can to be publicly Pray for its proclamation, especially through this relationship to proclaimed by inspired, Church-approved Prayer of the Lady of us. The crucified the Successor of All Nations: Jesus gives from Peter, which will Calvary, as Pope allow Our Lady St. John Paul II to fully activate Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Father, teaches, a personal gift to every her powerful maternal roles for a Church and Send now your Spirit over the earth, human person—the gift of His world in serious global crisis. Only when the Let the Holy Spirit live in the hearts of all nations, mother: “behold your mother” Holy Father solemnly defines Our Lady as the That they may be preserved from degeneration, (John 19:27). world’s Spiritual Mother, inclusive of her three disasters, and war. maternal roles as human Co-redemptrix (the May the Lady of All Nations, In 1915, Belgian Cardinal “Mother Suffering”), Mediatrix of all Graces (the The Blessed Virgin Mary, Desire Mercier initiated an “Mother Nourishing”), and Advocate (the “Mother Be our Advocate. Amen. L international Catholic petition Interceding”), can our Immaculate Mother most drive among bishops, clergy, fully exercise these powerful motherly roles for MARK MIRAVALLE, S.T.D., holds the and the faithful for the solemn a humanity in desperate need of a mother. St. John Paul II Chair of Mariology at Franciscan papal definition of Mary as University of Steubenville, where he has been the “Spiritual Mother of All The time for the fifth Marian dogma has come. teaching since 1986, and is a fellow of Mariology Peoples.” His rationale for The present grave world scene, underscored by this fifth Marian dogma was the recent tragic events in Ukraine and beyond, at Ave Maria University. He also is the founder and simple: if the Holy Father would cries out for a historic release of grace— senior editor of Ecce Mater Tua, an international solemnly proclaim this truth, a supernatural intervention of the peace of journal of Mariology research, and president of the International Marian Association. He is known throughout the world for his lectures on Mariology and is the author of more than 20 books. May 2022 | 35 |

WHAT TO READ How They Love Mary: who maintained a special love the eyes of a young Belgian husband 28 Life-Changing Stories of for the Blessed Mother. There’s immigrant girl. When little and wife Devotion to Our Lady also a fine collection of Marian Slainie, disfigured and grief- have not Father Edward Looney prayers and litanies. It’s like stricken, becomes a pupil of adequately Sophia Institute Press, 240 pages (pb) seeing Mary through new visionary Adele Brise, she is nurtured eyes, and it might just infuse skeptical but curious about their Ideal for the you with fresh perspectives the reports surrounding her relationship month of and renewed reverence for the claims and is slowly drawn sufficiently May, this Mother of God. into the mystery. Adele’s lived to keep 30-day witness challenges Slainie’s their love Marian The Woman in the Trees: dormant faith as she comes alive and vibrant. Cardinal devotional A Novel About America’s First to new perspectives on her Sarah has preached retreats to provides Approved Marian Apparition personal tragedies. This is married couples on how they powerful Theonie Bell historical fiction that packs a can renew their relationships readings TAN Books, 224 pages lot of truth, and it makes for even if they seem to be at a not just about the Virgin edifying reading for adults crossroads. This collection Mary, but specifically about Here is and young people alike. of retreat talks, if read and the devotion that some a clever discussed thoughtfully, can of our greatest saints and retelling of Couples, Awaken Your Love! help husbands and wives holy ones have had for her. the story Robert Cardinal Sarah strengthen or even save You’ll find stories about St. of the 1859 Ignatius Press, 138 pages their marriages through Thomas Aquinas, St. Faustina apparition a rediscovery of faith, Kowalska, Mother Angelica, of Our When a marriage goes from the meaning of marriage, Bishop Fulton Sheen, St. Lady of “sweetheart” to “falling apart,” the sacraments, and the Damien of Molokai, St. Kateri Good Hope or when that spark of love that intercessory power of Tekakwitha, and nearly two in Robinsonville (now brought a couple together has Our Lady. L dozen more Catholic figures Champion), WI, through dimmed, it’s a sign that the May 2022 | 36 |

WHAT TO SEE The Matter of Life: science, reason call for protecting the unborn THE U.S. SUPREME COURT counters the argument that the enough for decision in Dobbs v. Jackson pro-life position stems strictly women in crisis Women’s Health Organization, from religious conviction and pregnancies, expected to be announced therefore has no place in public or are we too before the court recesses in policy. It’s almost a minicourse judgmental? late June, is the most highly in pro-life apologetics, offering anticipated abortion ruling persuasive arguments without “We’ve got to The Matter of Life in recent years. The pro- resorting to Scripture or overrule Roe life movement may be on doctrine. v. Wade in our the verge of a major legal The film also surveys the Tinika Wyatt, Scott Klusendorf, Alan Shlemon, victory. Winning the hearts history of how we got into this own pews,” says Catherine Glenn Foster, Terrisa Bukovich, Angela Franks, and minds of the American mess: how, in the wake of the Roland Warren, Destiny De La Rosa • 101 minutes• Not Rated people, however, is yet sexual revolution of the 1960s, president and another challenge. the men seeking to profit from CEO of CareNet, a network for to treat her the way Jesus did.” The Matter of Life, a new abortion persuaded women’s- crisis pregnancy assistance. documentary in theaters for rights feminists to take up the “If a woman wakes up Sunday It’s a question worth asking. If two nights only May 16-17, abortion mantle and flooded morning, takes a pregnancy Roe v. Wade does fall, we will powerfully presents the the nation with the kind of lies test, and it’s positive — and its have many more mothers and arguments in the abortion and false statistics that grew not good news — exactly who babies coming to us for love debate and demonstrates how popular support for the “choice” is she supposed to speak to in and support. And that’s a good science and reason support to “terminate a pregnancy.” your church? She’s got to know thing. L the protection of human life Yet Christians come under that her church is not going from its very beginning in the scrutiny as well. Are we doing to treat her like the Pharisees GERALD KORSON womb. The film effectively tried to treat the woman is a Legatus magazine editorial consultant caught in adultery. She has to and staff writer. know that her church is going May 2022 | 37 |

HEALTH RICHARD H. CARTABUKE, M.D. MATTERS Conversation starters for evaluating mental health with friends, colleagues IT’S BEEN A CHALLENGING feeling?” By recognizing they are going through JORM S/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM few years. For a lot of people, a rough time, it can give them an opportunity to their mental health took a talk about it and feel supported. beating. Many professionals 3. Tell them you care. dealing with anxiety, stress, If you aren’t sure how you can help, just letting and depression do not feel them know that you want to help is a positive comfortable asking for help way to get the conversation going. You could from their peers. If you suspect say, “I know things are difficult for you at the someone might be having moment. I want you to know that I care, and I’m a hard time, here are a few here for you.” strategies you can employ to start a conversation. 1. Open with something other There is tremendous value in simply listening than mental health. to someone; it ensures a fundamental human need is being met. Dealing with mental health Simply check in. Ask them how struggles can feel very lonely, so listening, they are doing. Ask how their giving the individual time and space, and simply work and social life stating that you are not a mental health professional it may not be are. By primarily there for them can appropriate to give advice. Stay focused on them, reaching out to “There is tremendous make a world of as opposed to talking about your own stories. catch up, you’re difference (even if We all process our thoughts, feelings and creating space value in simply listening you don’t see it). emotions in our own unique ways, so instead of for your friend to to someone; it ensures advice, consider suggesting options for support. share and receive 4. Offer your help the support they a fundamental human and support. You might ask, “Have you considered talking to need. Starting out need is being met someone about how you’re feeling?” If you share with a general, Dealing with mental a spiritual tradition, perhaps offer to pray with light-hearted topic health issues can feel the person. of conversation can all-encompassing, help to make your and even simple 6. Let them know you are a long-term advocate. friend feel more comfortable tasks can feel unmanageable. Offer practical about opening up. help and support, like helping with a work Just as physical healing takes time, people project or running an errand. Small acts of need time when going through mental health 2. Recognize they’re going kindness like this can make a huge difference to challenges, and one way you can honor this is by through a hard time. someone who is feeling overwhelmed and helps letting them know you’ll be there in the weeks lessen the pressure. You may even find these and months to come. You can say, “I’m here if you If you know your friend or actions naturally lead to a conversation about need to talk—whether it’s today, tomorrow, or colleague has been through how they are doing. another time that suits you.” L a difficult time, acknowledge this. For example, you might 5. Avoid giving advice – this is critical! RICHARD H. CARTABUKE, M.D., say: “I’m aware you’ve been specializes in internal medicine and geriatrics at dealing with a lot of pressure at While it might seem helpful to offer advice based work or at home. How are you on your own personal experiences, if you’re the Cleveland Clinic and is medical director of the Healthnetwork Foundation. HEALTHNETWORK is a Legatus membership benefit, a health care “concierge service” that provides members and their families access to some of the most respected hospitals in the world. One Call Starts It All: (866) 968-2467 or (440) 893-0830. Email: [email protected] HEALTHNETWORK FOUNDATION is a nonprofit whose mission is to improve medicine for all by connecting CEOs with leading hospitals and their doctors to provide the best access to world-class care and increase philanthropic funding for medical research. May 2022 | 38 |

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FEEDING THE JOE MICATROTTO FOODIE The life lessons, wisdom, and joy I learned from my mentor and guide, Grandpa Nic “GIVE HER SOMETHING TO of Holy Rosary Church. The world At the feet of my Grandpa Nic, I learned eat” (Mark 5:43). These words famous “Little Italy” icon served a that being Italian is not the blood in your of Jesus after healing Jairus’ nearly 100 percent Italian immigrant veins, but the spirit in your heart. I was daughter always impressed me base for many years, although amazed at the adulation he would get concerning how practical our during the past 30 years there have from people so happy and so satisfied! Lord was. been few “vowel ending” names in this upscale trendy neighborhood. I have been CEO of three major These words were also the Instead, the majority of parishioners restaurant companies, founded essence of my grandfather, are from the surrounding Case another, and with my two sons my mentor and spiritual guide Western Reserve University and the renowned brought Raising Cane’s out west in our own Nicolangelo Iammarino, Cleveland Clinic. restaurant company 15 years ago. It all began who took his family from because of Grandpa Nic. He had a sense back Southern Italy — Campobasso, It was in the heart of this historic area that I then that delivering a great food product not only in the province of Molise — to was born and raised. At 10, I was following my filled a hunger, but also brought real joy. America in the 1940s. He chose grandfather and my mother, Mary, his eldest America and, like countless daughter, to weddings, anniversaries, bar In the early 2000s, I headed the Educational others, traveled through Ellis mitzvahs, and other special occasions to watch Foundation for the National Restaurant Island to Cleveland, where him prepare and serve his famous homemade Association. It was wonderful speaking to thousands of his Molise pasta, meat dishes, sauces, and exquisite colleges and business organizations throughout paisanos came to work in the desserts to hundreds. America. On most occasions my PowerPoint steel mills and opened with DaVinci’s Last Supper. My opening foundries. In his Cleveland was populated line was simple: Jesus knew how to get people’s youth in Italy, “Food must be by Europeans, and this attention and make his point — at a good meal! however, his embraced and loved iconic neighborhood Nic Iammarino understood this. Food must be passion was in the became the melting pot embraced and loved to be truly good! kitchen, and he to be truly good for all to enjoy amazing In honor of Nic, I chose a tantalizing dish we served quickly recognized dishes of renowned at every Italian restaurant I was involved with, that “giving them restaurants named chicken saltimbocca. By the way, the meaning of something to eat” Guarino’s, Roman “saltimbocca” says it all: “sapore ti salta in bocca” would be his true Gardens, Golden Bowl, (“flavors that jump in your mouth”)! Mangia! L meal ticket to a new life for his Mama Santa, Minnillo’s, and our own family- wife and five children. based Theresa’s (Iammarino). It was here and JOE MICATROTTO SR., K.C.H.S., has been a founder at Iammarino Catering where I cut my teeth in and CEO in the restaurant industry for more than 45 years, So it was that the Iammarino the fabulous restaurant industry: dishwasher, Catering Company was born in bus boy, pizza flipper, cook. I was a Catholic high including among his credits Bucca di Beppo, Panda Express, and the early 1950s in the shadow school kid living his dream! MRG Marketing & Management, Inc. (Micatrotto Restaurant Group). He and his wife, Connie, are members of the Las Vegas Chapter. CHICKEN SALTIMBOCCA WITH ESCAROLE Ingredients: 4 tbsp butter toothpick to secure. 1 lb escarole greens, chopped Salt and pepper to taste Heat olive oil and pan fry chicken 4 slices prosciutto, thin Flour for dusting to golden brown (5-6 min per side), 4 ea 6 oz boneless, skinless chicken drain. breasts Directions: Cook in pan chicken stock, wine, 2 tbsp finely chopped sage Boil escarole for 3 minutes, drain, lemon juice, escarole, salt, pepper, 2 tbsp olive oil cool, put aside. and butter until it lightly thickens. ¼ cup chicken stock Pound chicken to 1/8 in. Add salt, ¼ cup white wine pepper, sage. Then place prosciutto Pour all this into platter and place 2 tbsp lemon juice on flour-dusted chicken with the chicken on top. 41May 2022 | |

U.S. University’s School of Business The last stop will be BRIEFS Administration, told WalletHub. St. Bernadette Church The United States, he explained, was in Los Angeles from THE GREAT RESIGNATION I: going through “a hidden pandemic” July 31 to August 4. 72 PERCENT OF WORKERS of “employee burnout” for at least a A full schedule of REGRET HAVING QUIT JOBS decade before Covid hit. the relics’ U.S. tour NEW YORK — Seventy-two percent “Americans notoriously do not take can be found at of U.S. workers who switched jobs paid time off or vacation,” Wheeler during the “Great Resignation” said. “Americans notoriously HIGHER GROCERY during the Covid-19 pandemic say take their work home and fail to COSTS AFFECT they now regret having quit and disconnect from work even while on POCKETBOOKS, feel a sense of “buyer’s remorse.” vacation.” FOOD BANKS, AND PANTRIES That’s according to a recent survey When the pandemic hit, Boomers DETROIT — If escalating food costs of 2,500 millennial and Gen Z job decided to retire, and Gen X and are affecting your grocery budget, seekers by The Muse, a leading Gen Y workers were not equipped imagine what they’re doing to online career platform. to fill the void. When employers ministries that supply food to the implemented remote work options, needy — and rely on bulk purchases “Shift shock” is how Muse CEO it “now gave a largely burned-out and donations to provide that aid. Kathryn Minshew described the workforce a chance to breathe and Many food banks and parish-based trend. “They’ll join a new company reassess the importance of work.” pantries are feeling the pinch of thinking it’s their dream job, and RELICS OF ST. BERNADETTE, inflation as food prices rise at their then there’s a reality check,” she told VISIONARY OF LOURDES, fastest pace in nearly 40 years. FOX Business. NOW TOURING THE U.S. Minshew believes the trouble is MIAMI — The relics of St. Bernadette, “We are definitely seeing that job seekers often don’t ask the the Marian visionary of Lourdes, substantial increases in the cost of right questions during the interview France, began a tour of the United items that we purchase and make process, or recruiters sometimes States in early April with a visit at Our available through our distribution,” misrepresent the role or the Lady of Lourdes Church in Miami. said Stacy Averill, vice president company. To be fair, however, she of community giving and public acknowledged that it’s difficult to The relics relations for Gleaners Community “assess the culture of a new company” eventually will Food Bank, one of the largest food through online recruiting and hiring. make their way banks in Metro Detroit. THE GREAT RESIGNATION II: across the country Food prices, which are among the BURNOUT BIGGEST FACTOR with stops at most volatile commodities, rose an IN PANDEMIC DEPARTURES 34 churches, average of 3.9 percent in 2021.  L WASHINGTON — Americans left cathedrals, and SOURCES: Catholic News Agency, Catholic News their jobs in record numbers in shrines within 23 2021 in the “Great Resignation,” and dioceses along the Service, Fox Business, WalletHub burnout has been identified as one way. of the lead motivating factors. “The conditions for the Great Resignation simmered in the years leading up to the Covid-19 pandemic,” Anthony Wheeler, dean of Widener May 2022 | 42 |

WORLD Sviatoslav Shevchuk of Kyiv-Halych ANGOLA PRIEST DECRIES BRIEFS in a March video message. GOVERNMENT CLAIM THAT “When we care for our people who HUNGER IS ‘RELATIVE’ FOUR ANGLICAN BISHOPS are hiding in bomb shelters, we see LUBANGO, Angola — Although WHO TURNED CATHOLIC first of all women. The woman is a severe drought in southern UNITED ON AUTHORITY today the symbol of the strength Angola has led to widespread LIVERPOOL, England — Four and courage of Ukraine,” he said. hunger among more than 1 million former Anglican bishops became BRITISH PARLIAMENT people, the government has Catholics in 2021, and one of them REJECTS LEGALIZATION taken few measures to address it. — already ordained a Catholic OF ASSISTED SUICIDE President João Lourenço recently priest — said all four were all MANCHESTER, England — The went as far as to say in a speech united by the convictions they had British Parliament threw out an his “adversaries” only talk about about authority within the Church, attempt to legalize assisted suicide hunger, but that “hunger is always particularly where it rested and how in England and Wales. The mid- relative.” it was exercised. March, 179-145 vote by the House Father Jacinto Pio Wacussanga of “I have, for a long of Lords turned down Amendment Lubango in Huíla province, who for time, described 170 to the Health and Social Care years has organized local farmers myself as a Catholic Bill, which would have forced the and peasants and helped them evangelical,” said British government to introduce gain new skills in response to the Father Michael assisted suicide legislation in the drought, knows first the struggles Nazir-Ali, the near future. of hungry people in his work at St. former Anglican The defeat of the amendment Anthony of Gambos Mission. bishop of Rochester, represents the 12th time in 25 who was ordained years that the British Parliament “Unfortunately, the government has for the Personal has dismissed an attempt to adopted a denialist attitude lately,” Ordinariate legalize assisted suicide, which is he told Catholic News Service. of Our Lady of punishable under the 1961 Suicide Walsingham last October, just a Act by up to 14 years in jail. month after he was received into the Catholic Church. “Affirming that part of the Angolans Two other former Anglican bishops, are starving would be an insult Fathers Jonathan Goodall and for the authorities, who have been John Goddard, were ordained claiming that it is a middle-income Catholic priests in March and April country with a considerable level of respectively, while former bishop development.” L Peter Forster retired after his conversion. SOURCES: Catholic News Agency, UKRAINIAN ARCHBISHOP Catholic News Service PRAISES UKRAINE WOMEN AS SYMBOLS OF COURAGE KYIV, Ukraine — Women praying for peace, defending their nation, staying behind to care for loved ones, mourning loss and death, or fleeing to bring their children to safety all symbolize hope for Ukraine, said the head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church. The women of Ukraine are “a symbol of fearlessness, a symbol of victory of life over death, a symbol of the fact that Ukraine will stand even through such inhumane circumstances,” said Archbishop May 2022 | 43 |

CHAPTER NEWS TUSCON Calvary. “I am convinced that Dr. burned within us.” Dr. Scott Hahn, chair of biblical Hahn was able to ignite many The Tucson Chapter asks for prayers theology at Franciscan University hearts on fire,” said Roa, “and as the as it continues development efforts of Steubenville and president of disciples on the road to Emmaus in hopes of chartering in 2022. the Saint Paul Center for Biblical experienced, indeed our hearts Theology, delivered three talks over the course of two days in March as the invited guest of the developing Tucson Chapter. On Friday evening, TUSCON. Scott Hahn regales his audience with a talk TUSCON. Gathered after Mass at St. Thomas the Apostle Church in Tucson are (from left) Dr. March 25, the Legates on “Hail, Holy Queen.” Scott Hahn, guest speaker; Fr. Patrick Crino, pastor; Tim Reckart, founder and charter member of began their meeting the Tucson Chapter; and Dr. Art Roa, charter member and program chair. with the rosary, Confessions, and Mass celebrated by their chaplain, Fr. Arnold Aurillo, in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel at St. Thomas the Apostle Church. Afterward they repaired to the Westin La Paloma for dinner, after which Hahn gave his first talk of the weekend, “Hail, Holy Queen,” in honor of the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord that day. The next morning, following a morning Mass celebrated by Fr. Patrick Crino, pastor of St. Thomas, Hahn then gave two more addresses on “The Fourth Cup: Unveiling the Mystery of the Last Supper” and “Hope to Die, Hope to Rise.” “In Dr. Hahn’s talk we had our hearts and minds opened by Sacred Scripture,” Fr. Crino remarked afterward. “Lent was the perfect time to hear the fulfillment of God’s promises through Christ.” Dr. Art Roa, charter member and GREENVILLE. The Greenville Chapter recently held a pin ceremony for its new president and vice president. Marking the moment program chair for the Tucson are (from left) Fr. Jonathan Duncan, chaplain; John Shorter, president; Gary Hedinger, vice president; and Roger Quesnel, treasurer. Chapter, said it was “a blessing” to have Hahn share his zeal for Scripture and help his audience understand the meaning of the Eucharist and the “cup of consummation” He drank at May 2022 | 44 |

CHAPTER NEWS ANN ARBOR. Attending the Ann Arbor Chapter’s March meeting were (above, from left) Mike Ritchie, chapter president; ANN ARBOR Ken Weingartz, who was invested at the meeting; and Fr. Chas Canoy, chaplain. Below (from left) are Jerry Schoenle, director; At its mid-March meeting, the former U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski, guest speaker; and Ritchie. Ann Arbor Chapter hosted guest speaker Dan Lipinski, former U.S. representative from Illinois who was elected for the state’s 3rd Congressional District for eight consecutive terms, serving from 2005 to 2021. A rare socially conservative Democrat, he consistently opposed legal abortion and embryonic stem cell research during his years in Congress. Voters in his district became more liberal over the years, however, and in 2020 he lost the Democratic primary to challenger Marie Newman. At the same meeting, the chapter invested its newest member, Ken Weingartz. JACKSONVILLE. The Jacksonville Chapter recently installed a new president. 45 | From left are Ed Lombard, president; Kyle Hensley, vice president; and Fr. Christopher Liguori, chaplain. May 2022 |

CHAPTER NEWS FORT WORTH FORT WORTH. Legates of the Fort Worth Chapter meet after the mid-February commissioning of new chapter officers and the At its mid-February meeting, the investiture of new members Paul and Sherri Kotch. Fort Worth Chapter commissioned its chapter officers for 2022 and held the investiture of new members Paul and Sheri Kotch. Kelvin Cochran, former chief of the Atlanta Fire Department, was the guest speaker for the month and addressed the topic of the blessings of suffering. Cochran, a deacon at Elizabeth Baptist Church, explained how his earlier challenges in life steeled his will to defend his religious beliefs. After years of faithful service as fire chief, he was suspended and later terminated because his self- published book, Who Told You That You Were Naked?, briefly discusses the clear biblical teaching that sex is reserved for marriage between a man and a woman — a position that drew criticism from proponents of redefining marriage to include “same-sex marriage.” Ultimately, with the help of legal representation by the Alliance for Religious Freedom, a federal court awarded Cochran $1.2 million from the city of Atlanta for violating his rights to free speech and freedom of religion. MADISON. The Madison Chapter met at Edgewood College in early March for rosary, Confessions, Mass, and dinner. Guest speaker for the evening was Bishop Donald J. Hying of Madison, who spoke on “Our Identity, Purpose, and Destiny as Christians.” May 2022 | 46 |

CHAPTER After morning Mass and breakfast, and laity are all summoned to the NEWS Fr. Sirico spoke on “The Vocation of gospel way of life, signaled by the Business.” He spoke of how today, so-called evangelical counsels of WEST REGION more than 50 years after the Second poverty, chastity, and obedience On March 26, Legates representing Vatican Council, its discussion on proper to their state of life. 10 of 13 chapters attended the West the vocation of the laity is still not Region multi-chapter event at the well understood or appreciated. The day concluded with a robust Doubletree by Hilton Santa Ana His talk outlined a deeper Q&A session with Bishop Barron near John Wayne Airport, a property understanding of the lay vocation and Fr. Sirico, moderated by owned by Tim Busch of the San Juan as lived out primarily in the world Fr. Dave Heney, chaplain of the Capistrano Chapter. The 170 assembled and the sphere of commerce. Ventura-LA North Chapter. Legates spent the day together praying Following lunch, Bishop Barron the rosary, attending Mass, and hearing spoke on “The Evangelical Counsels Vendors were on hand to sell books informative and inspiring talks by of the Laity.” Keying off Vatican and religious items, all of which Auxiliary Bishop Robert Barron of Los II’s “universal call to holiness,” he were blessed by Bishop Barron. Angeles and Fr. Robert Sirico, founder explained how clergy, religious, Members were heard to say the of the Acton Institute for the Study of gathering was “an amazing event Religion and Liberty, which is based in Grand Rapids, MI. with amazing speakers.” L WEST REGION. (From left) Fr. Dave Heney, Ventura-LA North Chapter chaplain, moderates a Q&A Bishop Barron blesses young Clara Castelaz, daughter of Hailey Castelaz of the session with Bishop Robert Barron and Fr. Robert Sirico at the West Region multi-chapter event. San Francisco Chapter (center), during the West Region event. Father Scott Borgman, chaplain of the San Juan Capistrano Chapter, meets at lunch during the West After the West Region event, Fr. Heney hosted members of the Ventura-LA North Region event with Orange County Legates (from left) June and Paul Lange, Nancy and Larry Sigler, Chapter for a social, dinner, and soirée at St. Bruno’s Parish rectory in Whittier. Kimberly Jetton, Pat and Carolyn Tormey, and Ken and Cathy Clark. May 2022 | 47 |

5 MINUTES JIM GRAVES WITH Spreading the gospel with a spirit-filled heart DEACON STEVE GRECO, ORANGE COUNTY LEGATE AND 2021 BOWIE KUHN WINNER, EVANGELIZES THROUGH CHAPTER INITIATIVES AND HIS OWN MEDIA MINISTRY DEACON STEVE GRECO, Tell me about the Saint Joseph Summit Whereas previously Spirit Filled Hearts Ministry a member of Legatus’ Orange your ministry presented in 2021. had focused on in-person events, the pandemic County Chapter lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 forced us to bring in California, It was a first-of-its-kind, more of our ministry online, which has allowed received the 2021 online conference featuring us to extend our reach. That led to the launching Bowie Kuhn 64 Catholic speakers, of the Summit, online radio, and other online Special Award for including prominent initiatives, such as our Virtual Global Healing Evangelization at members of the clergy, Services, which we launched last November. Legatus Summit cardinals and bishops, I’ve co-hosted these services with Deacon Larry East 2022 in and lay persons. We had Oney of New Orleans, and they feature prayer, Florida in January. outstanding talks on talks, and healing services. These too have He is a permanent spiritual warfare, healing, been quite popular. We have been able to go deacon of the and the family themed to back to more in-person events, but our online Diocese of Orange the Year of St. Joseph. Father component is here to stay. assigned to Donald Calloway, author of St. Elizabeth Ann Consecration to St Joseph, was You’ve also brought the message of Seton Parish, our keynote presenter. It was a the gospel overseas. Irvine, and is huge success, which impacted founder of Spirit 45,000 people. You can visit Yes. Pre-pandemic I went on several trips with Filled Hearts and volunteers to preach and lead healing services in Ministry, which listen to the talks online. the Philippines and Indonesia. As a result of one engages in evangelization, of those trips, our ministry is helping to fund the the promotion of spirituality, Your ministry also has an internet construction of a parish church in Tondo, and support for foreign radio site. a desperately poor neighborhood in Manila. missions. He is host of a weekly As deacons are called to minister to the poor, Relevant Radio program called Yes, it’s at It features 20 I think this has been an important aspect of the Empowered by the Spirit, has shows hosted by dynamic members of the clergy ministry. authored seven books on and laity who address a wide range of topics Catholic spirituality, and is a related to our faith. We have a Norbertine priest, How has Legatus supported you in regular contributor to Catholic Fr. Jacob Hsieh, for example, who speaks about your ministry? Stand and Catholic Journal. liturgy and the beautiful traditions of our faith; He grew up in Southern we have a couple, Deacon Angelo and Cindy Legatus is a wonderful organization of dedicated California and is a retired Giambrone, who offer advice on building strong Catholic business leaders. Its activities have done pharmaceutical industry marriages; a lay woman and author, Kathleen much to enrich me spiritually, and its members executive. He has been married Beckman, who talks about issues related to support our ministry. Two members, Ralph to his wife, Mary Anne, for spiritual warfare; and we have a Catholic Linzmeier and Mark Prather, are not only on our 50 years, and together they layman, Andrew O’Keefe, who speaks about board but also co-host one of our radio programs, have three adult children and addiction. My wife, Mary Anne, and I do a Bible Finding Your Way. They’re on fire for the Lord. four grandchildren. study. I think we have something for everyone, and it’s free to the listener. I’m most grateful and humbled that Legatus has honored me with the Bowie Kuhn Award. L May 2022 | 48 |

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MEET THE JIM GRAVES CHAPLAIN St. Patrick’s Cathedral rector goes ‘the extra mile’ NEW NEW YORK CITY CHAPLAIN FR. ENRIQUE SALVO, A NATIVE OF NICARAGUA, FINDS CREATIVE WAYS TO TAKE THE LITURGY AND FAITH DIRECTLY TO THE PEOPLE FATHER ENRIQUE SALVO HAS need to pray for more. My role was to walk with people to see their priests, so one Holy Thursday been rector of St. Patrick’s those men who felt called to the priesthood. I took our Lord in the monstrance up and Cathedral in New York City down the streets. People watched us from their and chaplain of the New York How is ministering at St. Patrick’s windows, scared and in need of the consolation City Chapter of Legatus since Cathedral? of our Lord. November 2021. He was born in Nicaragua, where It is exciting and We were creative in other ways. If we had a his father managed different. People come funeral, for example, we’d have the prayer the family’s dairy here from all over the service outside of the church before going to the factory. He and his world to visit us. cemetery. three siblings grew up in an observant Covid-19 had a major What ideas are you implementing at Catholic home. It was impact on us, however, St. Patrick’s? a “traumatic time” with many people when the Sandinista opting to watch Mass We’re going the extra mile with our celebrations regime came to power, virtually. We’ve been to bring people back to church. We’re also however, and the reminding people emphasizing our online presence. For example, family was forced now that if they are we now offer Gospel reflections online. into exile in Miami in out and about, they 1979. They returned should come to Mass What have been your experiences with to Nicaragua a decade in person. We are seeing local people coming Legatus? later. back to church slowly but surely, but many of the businesses that occupy the buildings around It was a role I inherited from my predecessor, Enrique returned to the U.S. to us have closed or have reduced staffing, which but one I’ve been happy to take on. Its events are attend college. He and a brother adversely affects our daily Mass attendance. Our inspiring. founded a financial services major events are still drawing crowds, though. company, but soon after he Ash Wednesday, for example, drew a constant I have great respect for Tom Monaghan. In the discerned “that God was calling flow of tens of thousands of people from 7 a.m. to 1990s, he helped fund the reconstruction of me to something else.” Enrique 9 p.m. to receive ashes. Managua’s cathedral after it was destroyed by moved to New York and an earthquake. He also founded a branch of entered the seminary for the One big blessing of Covid has been that people Ave Maria University in Nicaragua for Central Archdiocese of New York. He all over the world have been viewing our Masses American students and American students who was ordained a priest in 2010. virtually. We have the opportunity to evangelize wanted to study abroad. One of my brothers is a them and have come to occupy a special place graduate. You served as a in their hearts. Some have come to visit us in vocations director. How person and told us, “I am a virtual parishioner.” It was my pleasure to offer the final blessing for is the archdiocese doing the December 2021 Legatus gala in New York for vocations, and what What did you do to minister during the City and share with him how grateful I am for all did you do in this role? Covid lockdowns? he has done. L We have a decent number of Before coming to St. Patrick’s, I was in a parish in seminarians, but certainly the South Bronx. I thought it was important for May 2022 | 50 |

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