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Legatus Magazine November 2020

Published by Legatus International, 2020-10-29 20:07:35

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November 2020
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11•20 10 INSIDE WITH U.S. VOL 33 • NO 11 FOUNDING PRINCIPLES UNDER ATTACK, CRUCIAL TO RENEW PATRIOTISM by Gerald Korson Two renowned authors describe socialism’s threats, stemming the tide 16 20 24 KENTUCKY BUSINESSES ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/THE BEST PHOTO IS EARNED LEGATES LATE TO BEATEN DOWN BY WHEN THOROUGHBRED CHARITY SUMMER RIOTS BECOMES A RACING EYE A NEW DAY FULL-TIME JOB by Brian Fraga by Jim Graves by Judy Roberts While running family sign business, Three big-city enterprises discuss Former Wall Street they dabble in fun with horses projected realities of unrest investment advisor embraces 5November 2020 | | (new website!) calling at Catholic Charities

MORE COVER 08CHAIRMAN’S DESK 39 PHOTO Tom Monaghan: Leading with gratitude 39FEEDING THE FOODIE subinpumsom 09EDITOR’S DESK Chef John Folse: Roasted Long Island Duck PAGE Christine V. Owsik: Year of fear, lined in Godly trust 49FIVE MINUTES PHOTO 26ETHICS MATTERS A. Abela: Business can be faithful in ‘woke’ times Place this stunning platter-presentation M. Severance: Spiritual kinship must trump seclusion 50 MEET THE CHAPLAIN on your holiday table 28CULTURE OF LIFE Msgr. Scott Borgman: San Juan Capistrano Chapter this season – Chef Folse’s succulent J. Brehany: Pandemic spotlights end-of-life issues Roasted Long Island 30GUEST VOICE Duck, with perfect harvest vegetables J. Pearce: Suffering has incredible merit 32 FAITH MATTERS Fr. Menezes: Danger of spiritual sloth 34ENGAGING THE FAITH D. Bahnsen: Re-engage world of local politics 37WHAT TO SEE “The Chosen”: Episode-series on life of Christ 38 HEALTH K. Martin: Know the A-B-Zs of healthy sleep BOARD OF GOVERNORS Thomas S. Monaghan Berni Neal Randall W. Hammond Diana Parent Executive Director Ann Arbor Orange Coast Denver Fort Wayne Stephen M. Henley Legatus Secretary Advent Capital Parke Group International Chaplain Founder, Chairman & CEO Bishop Sam Jacobs Troy L. King S. Craig Henry James P. Sarni Bishop Emeritus of Houma-Thibodaux Christopher S. McMahon Orlando Lafayette-Acadiana Pasadena Ecclesiastical Advisor Pittsburgh Dentistry for Children Bradford Food Group Payden & Rygel Archbishop José H. Gomez MFA Wealth, LLC Treasurer Archbishop of Los Angeles Vice Chairman Jerry R. Jones Mark R. Scalise President, United States Conference Sean J. Bellew Indianapolis Jupiter/Palm Beach of Catholic Bishops Philadelphia Cannon IV Scalise Industries Corporation LEGATUS MISSION STATEMENT: Bellew, LLC To study, live, and spread the Catholic faith in our business, Editor Christine Valentine-Owsik Comments, queries and address changes: Legatus magazine is published 12 times per professional, and personal lives. Design  Shawna Kunz, Lime Design Legatus Magazine year by Legatus, a membership organization Staff Writer  Judy Roberts PO Box 444 of Catholic presidents and CEOs. Staff Writer  Brian Fraga Ann Arbor, MI 48106-0444 © 2020 Legatus Editorial Consultant  Gerald Korson [email protected] All rights reserved Contributing Writer Patti Armstrong Phone: 866-534-2887 Copy Editor  Nancy Carabio Belanger Advertising Sales Representative Peter Kelly To advertise, contact: [email protected]

7November 2020 | | (new website!)

CHAIRMAN’S TOM MONAGHAN ST. FRANCES DESK XAVIER CABRINI Leading with gratitude (1850-1917) FEAST DAY: NOVEMBER 13 CANONIZATION: JULY 7, 1946 PATRONESS OF IMMIGRANTS OVER THE YEARS, I HAVE BEEN Recently, I was browsing through an airport St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, surprised by the number of bookstore when a book on gratitude caught Italian-born foundress of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, was drawn to religious life as a little girl, and dreamt of being a missionary. times I have been asked how my eye. It is called Leading with Gratitude: Eight Born in Italy in it is possible to be a successful Leadership Practices for Extraordinary Business 1850 with 10 businessman and also a good Results, by Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton. In siblings, she Catholic. I am amazed by how this book, the authors clearly and vividly explain was often ill. many people think the two how introducing gratitude into the everyday When existing are incompatible. When I am culture of your business will not only bless your religious asked to give a talk about my employees, but also increase their effectiveness orders turned career, the “Domino’s Story,” and build a better corporate culture for your her away, at 30 one of the central themes I try organization. she founded to emphasize is how I believe her own order being a faithful Catholic in I think many people have a subconscious fear COMMUNION OF with a few one’s personal and business that if they thank or praise their employees, then SAINTS other strong women. life is not an obstacle to they will let up and not work as hard, when in success in business, but in fact fact the exact opposite is true. We all want to a foundation for it. In other be noticed, valued, and appreciated. So, why do Mother Cabrini’s order focused words, I believe that when we we not think our employees will flourish in an on helping Italian orphans work to foster virtue environment and teaching school. A few in our personal where years later, she went to Rome to lives, families, “… if this is a virtue that gratitude and petition Pope Leo XIII to allow and businesses, appreciation her to open a convent in China. it is never an God wants us to foster are not rare, Instead, he told her to “go west, impediment to in our personal lives, it is but in fact the not east.” success in business. norm? We need Of course, this one that will bless our not look far to Mother Cabrini and six sisters sailed for America in 1889, makes perfect companies as well confirm this where they worked among sense…because experience in Italian immigrants in New York God knows what our own lives. City. Initially with almost no we need more than When someone money, she began catechism we do. we respect and education classes. She recognizes us ultimately built over 67 schools, With that said, as Catholics we for something we did, this causes us to have hospitals, convents, and often hear about the importance a greater sense of loyalty, commitment, and orphanages throughout the of gratitude. We are called connectedness to them and the organization! U.S., Europe, Central America, to be grateful to God for the and South America. many blessings He has given So, as we celebrate Thanksgiving this month, us and to express gratitude to let me encourage you to read this book and Him and those He has put in see if God is calling you – in your personal and In 1909, Mother Cabrini our lives. There are numerous business lives – to live and lead with more became an American citizen. scriptures about the importance gratitude.  L She died suddenly on Dec. of gratitude, so it follows that if 22, 1917 while planning a this is a virtue that God wants TOM MONAGHAN children’s Christmas party at a Chicago hospital. In 1946, us to foster in our personal is Legatus’ founder, chairman, and CEO. Pope Pius XII canonized her as the first U.S. immigrant-citizen lives, it is one that will bless our saint. He later named her companies as well. patroness of immigrants. L — Brian Fraga 8November 2020 | | (new website!)

MARK YOUR EDITOR’S CHRISTINE VALENTINE-OWSIK CALENDARS DESK 2021 SUMMIT EAST A year of fear, lined in Godly trust JANUARY 14-16, 2021 PALM BEACH, FL IT’S BEEN THAT KIND OF YEAR, collapse out of my chair. The call ended and I with hour-to-hour reports of dropped onto the couch. EL CAMINO PILGRIMAGE things to dread. Virus reports, political polls, business Practically wrapped in a coat, I passed out APRIL 12-20, 2021 crashes, jobless claims, health for hours, vacillating between sweating and SPAIN sinkholes. And in middle shivering. Even with mega doses of Advil, the age, even a little late-night wrenching joint and abdominal pain stabbed MEXICO PILGRIMAGE arrhythmia sounds mental through. Every breath became labored with sirens and visions of trauma. a new lung-whistling sound. I had strange JUNE 11-14, 2021 The October afternoon we thoughts of dying before anyone came back MEXICO CITY, MEXICO saw our president being into the room. But I was too weak to care or helicoptered from the White do anything more. My husband did his best to DECANTING THE FAITH & House lawn to Walter Reed take care of me, but it was unnerving for him – WINE OF BURGUNDY Hospital, I admit I was rattled. doctors had told us to just stay home. What is going on? I wondered. AUGUST 31 – SEPTEMBER 7, 2021 After exhausting our margins By the third night, I realized I was on serious FRANCE of patience and optimism verge of something worse. I strained for air, and during the previous six months, had to sit upright to stay awake and concentrate 2021 SUMMIT WEST we were running low on hope on my breathing, for fear I’d not get enough from too much sudden change. air. Between coughing, howling to exhale, SEPTEMBER 16-18, 2021 Now he’s sick? drinking water, blowing my nose, and worrying, SANTA BARBARA, CA After a number of heart- I thought: I really should be in the hospital. I feel stopping scares and close-calls like I might die. I thought of early news reports of MEDJUGORJE PILGRIMAGE of our own, the default activity ventilator shortages, and people who got worse has become to start begging in hospitals. I wasn’t going. SEPTEMBER 28-OCTOBER 5, 2021 God for help, and quick. Our BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINIA president deserved our I started praying. immediate and serious prayer MEN’S ENCLAVE attention. And he was out of Lord, is this it? I’ve tried really hard to reorient my the hospital in four days. life, and I’m sorry for being such a disappointment OCTOBER 13-16, 2021 It brought to mind the week to you over the years. I accept this if it’s what you THE JL BAR RANCH in mid-March this year, want. I know I look like hell, but please just help me. SONORA, TEXAS before all the end-of-life-as- Please. we-know-it COVID panic hit WOMEN’S ENCLAVE the world. My temperature Six hours later, I awoke and realized … I was still dropped during a ZOOM call alive. I was never so grateful. I slowly stood up, OCTOBER 24-27, 2021 as I shook involuntarily. Trying and could walk without continual pain. I could CALISTOGA RANCH, NAPA VALLEY not to let everyone hear my somehow breathe. Wow. I’d turned a corner – He teeth chattering, intense pain got me through. 2022 SUMMIT EAST migrated joint to joint, with a searing headache that seemed Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; L JANUARY 27-29, 2022 like an aneurysm. Pain save me, and I shall be saved; AMELIA ISLAND, FLORIDA worsened by the minute; after for thou art my praise. (Jer 17: 14) about a half hour, I thought I’d OBERAMMERGAU CHRISTINE VALENTINE-OWSIK PILGRIMAGES is Legatus magazine’s editor. AUGUST 22-30, 2022 BAVARIA & AUSTRIA 2022 SUMMIT WEST SEPTEMBER 1-3, 2022 COLORADO SPRINGS, CO FOR MORE INFORMATION: [email protected] OR CALL 866-534-2887 9November 2020 | | (new website!)

…and to the republic for which it stands The founding principles of the United States are under attack –not only from historical revisionists, but also from a growing popularity of socialist ideology By Gerald Korson November 2020 | 10 | (new website!)

Two contemporary ideological ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/BEKLAUS trends are picking up steam in the contemporary political landscape, and experts say they challenge even the bedrock principles upon which the United States was established. In one troubling trend, historical revisionists are proposing that the continent’s long history of institutional slavery — which they say predated the Revolutionary War by more than a century and a half — indicates the American experiment was fatally flawed before it began. In another, recent years have witnessed the increasing embrace of socialist ideology in the United States, which critics say is a dangerous philosophy that is irreconcilable with the nation’s standing as a free republic. 11November 2020 | | (new website!)

Up from slavery?ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/SEANPAVONEalready done through newspaper and magazine essays, ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/OERSINpodcasts, and a widely distributed curriculum intended to The so-called 1619 Project, recast how American history is taught in U.S. schools. a New York Times initiative launched last year, began as a Former House speaker Newt Gingrich derided the 1619 ‘ Insisting that slavery series of essays “demonstrating Project at its launch, by tweeting in August 2019 that is THE defining reality that nearly everything that has the traditional Times motto should be altered to “All the of America is simply made America exceptional propaganda we want to brainwash you with.” After some factually wrong grew out of slavery,” as Times media blowback to the effect that the project does raise editorialist Mara Gay tweeted awareness of the nation’s tragic history of slavery, Gingrich in August 2019. The 1619 refers clarified his position: “Slavery was AND IS terrible (there to the year a ship bearing 20 are slaves today who need liberating.) A 1619 history slaves were brought to the of slavery project is great. Insisting that slavery is THE Virginia colony, said to be the defining reality of America is simply factually wrong.” first enslaved Africans to arrive on our shores. The Times explained initially that the project “aims to reframe the country’s history, understanding 1619 as our true founding, and placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of the story we tell ourselves about who we are.” At its launch, the 1619 Project went as far as to claim that the American colonists declared independence from Great Britain largely to protect the institution of slavery at a time when the British Empire was seeking to abolish it. The Times more recently walked back its most outrageous allegations, but not before damage was 12November 2020 | | (new website!)

A matter of principles Robert R. Reilly, director of the Westminster Institute and author of America on Trial: A Robert Reilly Defense of ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/RICHVINTAGE ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/KENTANNENBAUMthe Founding, said the primary threat to the idea of a free republic “is a loss of belief in the principles that made our republic possible.” Those founding principles, he articulates them in words familiar to us still today. Appealing “The problem today,” said Reilly, pointed out, were characterized to “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God,” the Declaration “is that so many do not believe well by John Adams, a founding proclaims the “self-evident” truths “that all men are created equal, that there are any immutable, father and second U.S. that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable eternal principles, nor are they president, when he described Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of able to articulate them.” them as “those general Happiness.” Paul Kengor, political scientist principles of Christianity” While the key words are still cited often, trends toward and executive director of the which “are as eternal and secularization and relativism have led many away from think tank The Center for Vision immutable as the existence acknowledging the natural-law basis — and therefore the self- & Values, sees the threats to and attributes of God.” evidence — for these statements. our republic’s foundation as The preamble to the Declaration of Independence ‘ [America’s] founding principles … were … “those general principles of Christianity” which “are as eternal and immutable as the existence and attributes of God” 13November 2020 | | (new website!)

cultural and from Nicaragua that the United States believes it can assimilate on an pushing the 1619 project rightly spiritual in annual basis,” Kengor said. “But it’s totally unreasonable to demand condemn. It was Abraham practice. that your pro-life, Catholic grandmother or the Little Sisters of the Poor Lincoln who fulfilled that be forced to pay for other people’s abortions.” promise of the Declaration.” “What Our 16th president expressed matters most Movements to change this principle in the Gettysburg are not issues Address when he recalled like, say, tax Critics point out that although the Declaration and the that the United States republic cuts or Social Constitution proclaimed these fundamental human rights, these was “conceived in Liberty, and Paul Kengor Security principles were not always supported by law. Institutionalized dedicated to the proposition slavery, for example, is a glaring example of how the right to that all men are created equal.” reform — liberty was not guaranteed to all. The movers behind the 1619 “The United States of America though those are certainly Project are among those who would conclude that the founding absolutely did not begin in important issues — but matters principles were flawed from the beginning — or at least that they 1619,” said Kengor. “It literally, of the soul,” Kengor said. People were a “work in progress” that ultimately didn’t work. technically, and philosophically can reasonably debate how to Reilly disagrees. began in 1776.” handle a municipality’s trash “It’s not the principles that are a work in progress, since they collection without putting are timeless, but their application,” said Reilly. That’s why the Socialism rears its head anyone’s soul in jeopardy, he Constitution allows for an amendment process that allows these explained in illustration, but principles to be applied more perfectly during time, he indicated. Movements espousing socialist whether or not one supports the Kengor said modern attacks on the founding principles constitute ideals have been around protection of unborn human “utter nonsense.” awhile, but socialist ideology life “is a decision of eternal has gone mainstream in recent consequences, not only for the years with the ascendancy child but those making public policy.” The “Religious Left” often insists The founders of our nation “believed that all human ‘ primary threat to ... a free that issues such as climate beings were made in the imago Dei — that is, in the republic “is a loss of belief change or immigration are as image of God” — in stark contrast to the founders in the principles that made important as abortion or religious of Marxism, who believed that humans evolved our republic possible” liberty, Kengor explained. from apes “through a brutal process of Darwinian- Although these other issues have evolutionary determinism,” Kengor said. importance, “Reasonable people That fundamental belief of the founders “made can disagree over hydraulic possible the very elimination of slavery that the people fracking vs. windmills, or over the precise number of people ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/BONNIEJ ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/ILBUSCA President Abraham Lincoln, c. 1865, who started the practice of an annual Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. November 2020 | 14 | (new website!)

of figures like Sen. Bernie Neither Reilly nor Kengor are persuaded in the least that socialism Sanders (I-VT), runner-up for has any place at all in a free republic, which almost by necessity the Democratic nomination espouses capitalism. for president in 2016 and 2020, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio- “Private property is good; socialism is bad,” Reilly said Cortez (D-NY). Ocasio-Cortez unequivocally. “Socialism is state control of private resources. is the leading advocate for the The extent to which the state controls your property is the extent Green New Deal, a package of to which you have lost your freedom. The new enthusiasts for proposed environmental and socialism should be sent to Venezuela without any toilet paper.” economic reforms that criticsWIKIPEDIA have called a “radical, socialist ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/CLAUDIODIVIZIAKengor stated that socialism is “entirely incompatible” withKarl Marx, the father of modern communism wish list” and “a Trojan horse a free republic founded upon God-given rights and natural for socialism.” law. In support, he cited the words of Marxist and communist publications are publishing The mainstreaming of socialist leaders such as Vladimir Lenin, who said there is “nothing more articles making a ‘Catholic thought has been abetted by abominable than religion” and that everyone must be free to “be Case for Communism,’” he talking heads and published an atheist, which every socialist is, as a rule.” wrote in a recent article in sources that attempt to “In Marxist-Leninist theory,” said Kengor, “socialism is the final the National Catholic Register, rehabilitate socialism from transitionary step to full communism.” referencing a 2019 article in the its association with Marxism Jesuit-run America magazine. and communism. Last year, Teach your children well “This is a highly disturbing for example, The New Yorker trend, prompting many of us to published an essay on “The The key to combatting such threats to the republic is largely a wonder if we really did defeat Many, Tangled American matter of education, said both experts. these ideologies when we won Definitions of Socialism,” “The first thing we have to do is recall what the founding principles the Cold War. while a series of articles in The are and then come to understand why they are true always, “We defeated socialism and Guardian — one of which was everywhere, and for everyone,” Reilly said. “This would require a communism in the war room, titled “Socialism used to be a massive re-education effort to reverse the horrendous miseducation but not in the classroom.” L dirty word” – proposed that that has taken place in our schools in recent decades.” perspectives on socialism were Kengor pointed to present trends in this election year with alarm. GERALD KORSON, editorial consultant changing. “Half of Americans “Here we are in the United States in 2020, and young people for Legatus magazine, is based in Indiana. under 40 say they would prefer are praising communism, voting for socialists, and Catholic to live in a socialist country,” it proclaimed. Marx: not of the Church Pope Pius XI at his coronation to the papacy, February 1922. The Catholic Church has long rejected Marxism and socialism. November 2020 | In his 1931 social encyclical Quadragesimo Anno, Pope Pius XI warned of socialism as an “alluring poison” to deceive the unwary. Socialist claims, “so far as they are just, are far more strongly supported by the principles of Christian faith and much more effectively promoted through the power of Christian charity.” Pope Pius offered this conclusion: “If you’re a Christian who wants to no one can be at thehelp the poor, then do the Christian Gospel, same time a goodnot atheistic socialism.” ‘ Catholic and a true“Religious socialism, Christian socialism, socialist (Pope Pius XI)are contradictory terms; no one can be at the same time a good Catholic and a true socialist,” stated the encyclical. 15 | (new website!)

Keeping horses in the race By Brian Fraga November 2020 | 16 | (new website!)

For most of the race, Dacita lagged behind the nine-horse pack. When the filly rounded the final turn of the 2015 Ketel One Ballston Spa Stakes, Dacita was in eighth place. Anna Cambron looked on as her daughter asked, ‘‘Mom, what if she comes in last?’’ 17November 2020 | ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/VM | (new website!)

Anna, and her husband, Tim “We hadn’t experienced racing That Catholic sensibility also Cambron, Legates of the outside of Kentucky,” Anna translates to how Tim and Lexington Chapter, owned said. “It was a great experience, Anna run their business, the a stake in Dacita. Anna something that we have Ruggles Sign Company in assured her daughter the continued to enjoy experiencing Versailles, Kentucky. Anna’s horse wouldn’t finish last. But from this business venture.” grandfather founded the privately, she prayed for the business just after World War Chilean-bred filly to at least “We honestly didn’t know what II. Next year, the company will beat one horse that day at the to expect,” Tim said. “But things celebrate its 75th anniversary. Saratoga Race Course in New Tim and Anna Cambron celebrate with turned out way better than we Tim and Anna began working York. champagne after Dacita’s 2015 win at thought it would, I’ll put it that there more than 30 years ago, Saratoga. way.” “I just didn’t want her to come and together they bought the in last,” Anna said. company in the late 1990s. Thoroughbred sign “The rest is history,” Anna said. Pays to be a ‘closer’ Their winning experience at the Saratoga Race Course was an affirmation for the Cambrons’ With one last furlong (220- decision to enter the world of thoroughbred yard distance) to work with, racing. Both grew up in Kentucky, in the heart Dacita found another gear and of “horse country,” but neither had ever thought galloped past the field, just about entering the racing business until a friend narrowly defeating a well- encouraged them. regarded horse named Tepin to win the race. “Our kids were on their own. Anna and I were looking for something we’d be interested in,” Tim Dacita “was a closer. A race said. “We don’t golf. We don’t do a lot of stuff. We didn’t start for her until the just wanted to find something we both would home stretch,” said Tim enjoy.” Cambron, who recalled the In the last five years, Tim and Anna Cambron, as Standing beside the 1946 truck that their employees restored, Tim and pageantry and carnival-like minority owners with a shared stake in several Anna in the Ruggles Sign plant in Versailles, KY, July 2020. The truck dates atmosphere at Saratoga, which back to the year her grandfather, John Ruggles, started the company. were magnified that August horses, have seen their thoroughbreds compete Adapting for people weekend by the presence of in the Breeders’ Cup and win several races. They have tasted and products Triple Crown winner American the winners’ champagne enough times for a recent industry Pharoah. magazine article to say they were blessed with good luck. In 2020, their business faced “In that article, they only talk about winning, but there’s many of the same challenges plenty of times you lose too,” Tim said. “While we’ve had a that other companies have little bit of luck, we’ve had plenty of bad luck too.” dealt with this year amid the novel coronavirus pandemic. Still, most of the employees Faith permeates all never missed a full paycheck, even if they worked fewer Tim and Anna Cambron, who are members of Legatus’ hours. The Cambrons even set Lexington, Kentucky Chapter, grew up with horses, up programs to provide workers including when they were high school sweethearts with online skills training. in the Bluegrass State’s “Holy Land” region, a pastoral countryside with some of the earliest Catholic settlements “We just felt like it was our in North America. duty to both take care of our people,” Anna said. “Tim and I Irad Ortiz, Jr., the jockey for Dacita’s win of G1 Beverly D. The couple grew up in a distinctly Catholic environment. made a commitment that we Stakes at Arlington International, August 2017. From the very beginning of their courtship, through 34 years of marriage and three children, the Catholic faith has been a central “We really had no big part of their lives, their relationship, and their family. expectation whatsoever. We were just there to see it all “Really, everything we do revolves around our faith,” happen because we were said Anna, who added that she and Tim always make brand new,” said Anna, who it a priority to attend Mass when they’re away on trips, added that the August 2015 whether it be for vacation or horse racing. race was the first time she and Tim had been to the race track “Even when you’re traveling and you’re in a different in Saratoga. church, when you go to Mass, it feels like you’re home,” Anna said. The Cambron Family outside a restaurant near Monmouth Park Racetrack in New Jersey; New York City skyline in background. November 2020 | 18 | (new website!)

were going to try to keep our Risky business, people as long as we could just with healthy limit because we felt that, morally, it was the right thing to do.” Meanwhile, Dacita is now retired and living near The company has also adapted Lexington, Kentucky, where to the COVID-19 landscape. Over she recently gave birth to her the last three to four months, second foal. the Ruggles Sign Company has shifted manufacturing Cambrons spend some quiet time with their horse, LaSignare “We’re kind of anxious to see operations to produce plastic (filly) at Keeneland Race Track, Lexington, KY in July 2020. how her offspring does on barriers, shields and “sneeze it because if you own all of one horse, you own everything. If it’s a the racetrack,” said Tim, who guards” for retailers, schools, bad horse, you own all the vet bills, the boarding, all that stuff. added that he and Anna plan banks, and sporting venues. to continue with their limited investment in the horse racing “The demand for the barriers “So to be able to spread your risk out a little bit to five, ten, or 15 industry for the foreseeable is still pretty high because a partners makes it a lot easier for us to do this,” Tim said. future. lot of schools and venues are “We wanted this to be something that while we’re investing hard- trying to open back up,” Tim earned money, we wanted to make a good decision while having “This is a sport that can sink said. “We’ve also gotten a lot some fun with it along the way, and that’s what it’s been,” said somebody in a heartbeat,” of orders from the restaurant Anna, who gets weekly status updates on their horses. Tim said. “It’s a pretty risky sector as well.” business, but our mindset is to Fun with horseplay When they travel to thoroughbred races across the country, Tim have fun and not try to get rich and Anna usually visit the barns where the horses are staying to with it. If we can have a little When it came to entering the talk to the trainers and their assistants, and to get to know them a fun and break even, that’s a world of thoroughbred racing, little better. good thing.” L the Cambrons decided to invest “We’ve got several runners right now, but we’re trying to figure in that kind of business, which out how successful they can be,” said Tim, adding that one of the BRIAN FRAGA can be financially risky, by horses they have an ownership stake in, Engage, was set to run in is a Legatus magazine staff writer. going into fractional ownership early October at Belmont Park in New York. where other entities own larger shares of the horses and the racing operation. “We personally are not big partnership types of people. We don’t get involved in partnerships because they usually don’t work out very well,” Tim said. “But on the flip side of the horse business, that’s the only way we would do ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/BENEDAMIROSLAV [She] was a closer. A race didn’t start for her until the home stretch November 2020 | 19 | (new website!)

Riot-weary businesses Father Ramil Fajardo, a priest of the Archdiocese of Chicago in residence at its Holy Name Cathedral, recalled the first night of rioting in May triggered by the death of George Floyd. The cathedral serves an unusual neighborhood, as it is two blocks from Michigan Avenue, with high- rise office and residential buildings, expensive retail shops, elegant world-class restaurants, luxury hotels, and the downtown campus of Loyola University. Normally safe and drawing many tourists, the area during that first night of rioting, he said, “was awful.  There were so many people running around in the streets, with a heavy police presence.” Rioters broke into and looted businesses, leaving much damage in their wake.  Even the cathedral was tagged with graffiti. Violence was part of the mix; the morning after the rioting, for example, two priests joined a local restaurant owner in surveying the damage, and when the owner turned a corner he was struck with a pipe by someone lying in wait.  A second serious round of rioting and organized looting occurred in August as looters drove in with trucks and hauled away millions of dollars’ worth of merchandise. by Jim Graves November 2020 | 20 | (new website!)

hope to rebuild ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/ZEFERLI 21November 2020 | | (new website!)

An ominous feeling ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/YOURNIKONMANdowntown.  Fr. Fajardo said, “Things are still shaky.  There is a lack COVID-19 lockdown and riots ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/MANUELVELASCOof confidence.  There are some who are still hesitant to go outside.has made it a struggle since. Today, with How long will it take the neighborhood, the parish, businesses, Harb left the tourists and city life to bounce back?  In the next year or so? Longer?” the city to avoid the gone and Someone who is also wondering if his community will “bounce lockdowns few business back” is Jacob Harb, a Legatus member and owner of Yara , and violence, people a Lebanese but since he around, restaurant returned in Father said When violence like this in midtown early July he has noticed Fr. Ramil Fajardo an ominous occurs, there needs to be Manhattan.  As that personal Jacob Harb feeling has late as February, safety is a descended [the] appropriate amount the restaurant constant concern.  He said, upon the neighborhood: shops of police and military force was going “My sixth sense has been up and down the avenue and “gangbusters,” heightened.  You don’t feel as the posh Gold Coast shopping but the twin safe walking around as you did district have been boarded on hand to deal with it effect of the previously.  I think that sense is up with plywood, giving the universal in the city.” area an uncharacteristically Running his business has “depressing” atmosphere.  also been a challenge, as Police and fire sirens are the city has been slow to constantly heard now.  Father ramp up indoor dining and said, “The whole thing is deeply an early round of generous unnerving.  People are on edge unemployment benefits made as though you risk a possible it difficult to persuade staff to confrontation with someone return.  Harb said, “Many are walking past you if they feel still weighing the costs and you are looking at them the benefits of working.” wrong way.  It makes me angry, this ‘new normal’ with which we are confronted.” At the cathedral parish Another challenge has been itself, Mass attendance is the decline in potential significantly down with no customers for the restaurant tourists and workers to fill its in the city, as many workers pews, and older parishioners have opted to continue are relocating away from working remotely outside of November 2020 | 22 | (new website!)

the city rather than return to needs to be an appropriate amount of police and military force on their Manhattan offices.  A hand to deal with it.” reflection of this, Jacob has noted a significant decline in The city of Milwaukee itself, where Barry the amount of street traffic for and Milwaukee Legatus Chapter president which New York City had been Rick Schmidt are headquartered, saw famous.  Harb continued, “It’s less violence, but the rioting they did see hard for me to believe I would combined with pandemic lockdowns ever say this, but it gives the has made economic life difficult.  city a desolate feeling.  I’m Schmidt owns a Milwaukee construction worried that New York City is management firm which is anticipating changing for the worse.” a significant slowdown in 2021.  He said, “With the uncertainty in the economy, a Wracked after Rick Schmidt ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/PETEWILL recent rebound lot of businesses are reluctant to pull the trigger on capital improvements.  So, next year is not looking favorable.” Another community hard hit Bringing Christ to the demoralized by violence has been Kenosha, Wisconsin, in the aftermath Schmidt noted that despite the challenges his firm faced, He explained, “No amount of of the August 23rd shooting of employees were active in a variety of efforts to help those government fiat is going to Jacob Blake suffering, including donating blood and supplies to combat the help when people don’t have by police.  pandemic and offering a corporate donation to a local school to a moral foundation and an Jim Barry facilitate online learning by students. underpinning in faith.  We is a 15-year Father Fajardo warns faithful Catholics that the Church itself are experiencing a morality member can expect to become a target of this rage.  He recalled a recent and virtue crisis; people don’t and past Chicago dinner with a priest-friend during which a man came up act this way in an educated, president to them and asked if they were Catholic priests.  When they replied just society.  We’ve seen a lot of the in the affirmative, the man screamed vulgarities at them, and of built-up rage and hatred, Milwaukee walked away.  Another priest-friend was spit on. resulting in violence.  There’s Chapter of Ultimately though, Fr. Fajardo recognizes that the solution been a dramatic change in our Jim Barry Legatus, to violence in the cities ultimately does not lie solely with country since March, and not governments and civil authorities, but with more people “getting just in my neighborhood.” and he to know Jesus, then committing more than ever to know, love, and owns a commercial real estate live their faith.” He urged Catholics to be company with properties in “apostles in the world, Southeast Wisconsin.  Barry we are experiencing a witnesses, doers of the drove through the Kenosha morality and virtue crisis Word.”  He continued, “With a area in the weeks after the positive attitude and a joyful, rioting, and was troubled to supernatural outlook, we are see that the area that had been not discouraged.  We choose enjoying an economic rebound to make a positive impact in recent years “looks like the wherever we are, because city of Berlin at the end of believers are anchored in, and World War II.” bring Jesus Christ to, the center of all their daily activities.  We He explained, “Cars on car live the Faith, and not just talk lots were burned.  Buildings about it.  We want to share Him destroyed; some literally blown with everyone.” up.  Others boarded up as a defensive measure.  The city “And we always pray that God has a beautiful old courthouse changes hearts – mine, yours, building, but it was surrounded all of ours – and that this by barricades in an effort to conversion makes us authentic protect it.” participants in building a culture of life and a civilization The area suffered a major ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/INNOVATEDCAPTURES of love.  The gift we offer the economic decline in the world is the gift of faith, the 1980s, but had been on a peace and love only Jesus positive economic trajectory Christ can give, because as we since.  The riots have been “a hear at the Mass, all things are major setback.”  Barry called intended by God to be through on elected officials to put Him, with Him, and in Him.”  L aside partisan differences and “enforce the law … When JIM GRAVES is a Catholic writer violence like this occurs, there in Newport Beach, California. November 2020 | 23 | (new website!)

ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/SOUTH_AGENCY When charity becomes a full-time job asmuch as he enjoyed and assumed the Catholic Volunteer depletion, working with investors during Charities post Dec. 1. funds challenge – his 32-year Wall Street career, then Godsends Legate Mike Donoghue felt he Then, just as he was settling into had another purpose – to use the new position, COVID-19 hit. At the same time, Donoghue had some of what he had learned to “It was a pretty crazy period,” he to deal with a depleted volunteer help those less fortunate. recalled. Knowing this was a time corps that had included many His opportunity came when, when the agency’s services would seniors considered at higher shortly after retiring at 58 be needed the most, he said, “I risk of serious illness from as president of Phoenix wanted to keep every one of our the coronavirus. He reached Investment Advisor, he heard programs open and active as long out to younger volunteers and that Catholic Charities of as we could keep employees safe, families, youth groups, and Fairfield County in Connecticut protected, and healthy.” Three organizations like Legatus and was seeking a new executive large soup kitchens continued the Order of Malta, who helped director. “It’s what I like to call operating, offering 1,200 meals make sandwiches for the food a ‘God-incidence,’” Donoghue Mike and Cece Donoghue a day, triple the normal number, centers. said. Just 30 minutes earlier he Like many directors of had been praying for guidance and food pantries provided 10 nonprofit organizations, about his next step. days of groceries to 300 families a month, twice as many as usual. Donoghue also had to rethink After a national search that ways to raise the money took several months, Donoghue Because meals could no longer be served in a cafeteria, the needed to maintain services. emerged as the top candidate agency switched to takeout. “We were still preparing meals, but people had to line up out front, socially-distanced six feet apart. Unfortunately, it looked like a bread line in the Depression era, but we were able to get people meals.” November 2020 | 24 | (new website!)

Additionally, Donoghue reached out to pastors organize the food drives and and parishes who organized drive-through the sandwich preparation. food drives. “We would provide a list of items We’ve always believed in we needed most and publicize it through social working hard to serve people media. People could either buy extra supplies in need and she’s just been a or have them delivered and then on Saturday tremendous partner in that.” morning, they would drive through the parish parking lot, pop their trunks, and volunteers in Despite the challenges of masks and gloves would take the items out and his new position, Donoghue load them into the Catholic Charities van.” The hasn’t looked back. The biggest drives also provided an opportunity for pastors difference between his last to greet parishioners and give them a blessing, job and this one has been the Donoghue said. “It was a real community- people. Although many work building thing for parishes, a win-win all the way for modest salaries, he said, around.” “They tell me how much they love their job . . . These people are the hands and feet of Jesus Pre-COVID, the agency had Roll-up-their-sleeves style every day.” L been depending on three key fundraisers scheduled for May Legate Ann McCrory, a Catholic Charities of Fairfield County JUDY ROBERTS and June along with funds from board member, credits Donoghue’s leadership with maintaining is a Legatus magazine staff writer. the diocesan Annual Catholic services and keeping the agency solvent during Appeal, which was affected by the coronavirus shutdown. “Mike did an amazing the closure of churches. job of not only motivating staff to respond to the Despite anticipating a $1.5 crisis of the moment, but also just by his presence million to $2 million deficit, on site and making sure communication got the agency broke even for the out there as to needs; he generated tremendous fiscal year that ended June 30, financial support for those services.” thanks to an outpouring of Besides keeping the food centers and donations support from the community. going, McCrory said Donoghue made sure “COVID’s been a challenging the agency’s behavioral health services were and difficult time,” Donoghue converted from in-person to telehealth sessions said, “but when times get tough, and that the “meals on wheels” program for the you really see the good in so elderly met a nearly overnight increase in demand. many different people. The “It was a test of his ability to be nimble and react.” fundraisers we had planned Donoghue said, however, that although he has the turned into virtual events and job and title of executive director, his wife, Cece, ended up bringing in double does as much or more to help him and people the amount overall that we had in the community. “We’ve always been a team budgeted for a year previously.” on that front. As soon as COVID hit, she helped … when ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/MOTORTION times get tough, you really see the good in so many different people November 2020 | 25 | (new website!)

ETHICS MICHAEL SEVERANCE MATTERS Spiritual kinship trumps personal seclusion STATISTICS ON RELIGIOSITY ARE Over the last decade, nones increased enigmatic. Many say religiosity by 9 percentage points and Christians means more than mere decreased by 12 points. Alarm bells “religious affiliation.” Or does it? should be ringing in evangelizing ears. Should the trend line continue, it would The Pew Research Center (PRC) mean that within six or seven decades, conducts the most reliable nones will beget more nones and zero ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/VIEWAPART surveys on religiosity. Its out the religious population in America. questions measure religiosity according to levels of belief in When we drill deep down, we can find divinity, prayer life, spiritual many scapegoats for the rapid decline peace, church attendance, in American religiosity. Among these and how religion is important are terrible catechesis, Hollywood, divorce, missionary regions in South America, Asia, to values, decisions, and pornography, secularized schools, cultural and Africa; and, oddly enough, in prisons and milestones. Marxism, and clerical sexual abuse. Each has hospitals where ministers proactively build helped drive religion further out of mainstream genuine personal relationships with criminals According to a 2018-2019 culture. and the sick. They treat those they encounter as religious landscape poll, true fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, of the the United States was still However, maintaining religiosity boils down to same Heavenly Father. overwhelmingly Christian at 71 something even more basic. percent. Non- This “affiliation” is not to be taken for granted Christian faiths At heart, religiosity rests anymore in an American society where the (Judaism, “ …the greatest factors and grows on a real, nuclear family is under full attack, marriages Islam, [reducing] religiosity in regular relationship with do not form or quickly rupture, and where Buddhism, the divine. Above all, it individuals are isolated by myriad forms of Hinduism, New [America] … encourage means bowing in humility digital heroine. Not even the American market Age) comprised [individual] isolation as dependent creatures system can help if divinity is snuffed out of just 6 percent of a Creator. We “affiliate” personal relationships. As such, economic of religious or a false sense of (from Latin filius/filia, exchanges are reduced to utilitarian and, believers. The independence meaning “son”/“daughter”) ultimately, transactional relationships that remaining religiously, because cannot help but diminish religiosity. 23 percent we see ourselves in a were branded dependent relationship In conclusion, Pope Francis’s latest social “nones,” or with God our Father. As encyclical, Fratelli Tutti (“All Brothers”), comes at religiously unaffiliated. In the Catholic believers, as sons and daughters of the a time when extreme isolation and emaciated latest PRC poll, nones were same Father, we are spiritual kindred. human charity is ripping apart the delicate fabric estimated a little higher at of religiosity. Echoing St. Francis of Assisi (“Let 26 percent and Christians Hence, the greatest factors diminishing us all, brothers, consider the Good Shepherd, dropped to 65 percent. religiosity in American society are those that who bore the suffering of the Cross to save His encourage extreme personal isolation or a false sheep”), the Holy Father urges all humanity to Nones are agnostics, atheists, sense of independence. Given that 2020 is well- return to the bread and butter of lasting religious and “nothing in particular.” defined by forced social distancing, draconian affiliation: our interdependent kinship in Christ. They are mostly Millennials market lockdowns, and state welfare crowding L and Gen-Xers, aged 25-50, out personal charity, these forms of spiritual who might believe vaguely in malady are more omnipresent than ever. MICHAEL SEVERANCE directs external a transcendent God or Power relations for the Acton Institute’s Rome office, but don’t practice spirituality How do we re-nourish a deeper religious where he oversees the think tank’s academic nor seek a deep personal affiliation in the truest sense of the word? We relationship with a divine need look no further than where religiosity outreach at pontifical universities and seminaries. being or force. is rising: small-town Christian communities; He is a frequent contributor in Italian and English to media outlets on religious affairs, economic thought, and moral virtue. November 2020 | 26 | (new website!)

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CULTURE OF JOHN F. BREHANY LIFE End-of-life issues come clearly into focus 2020 HAS BEEN A YEAR TO Critical and Terminal Phases remember. As the holidays of Life”) was released in approach, people long to return September. As the subtitle to old routines in work, school, suggests, Samaritanus and socializing without fear Bonus is concerned with and without social distancing. the challenges posed by Yet at this time, the Church’s death and dying. The way liturgical calendar and that people are being highest teaching office are conditioned to approach calling us beyond a return to dying and death in the 21st routine, to reflect on ultimate century is bringing new realities, and to face new moral challenges, especially given ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/KALI9 challenges in society. the increasing spread of legal euthanasia and assisted The month of November is suicide. more than a kick-off to the holidays. In the liturgical There are three things worth COVID-19 panic caused some states to overlook calendar, November is a time noticing in the CDF’s letter. threats to the elderly in nursing homes and some to focus on the “Last Things” hospitals to ban all access to priests and to the (Catechism of the Catholic First, Samaritanus Bonus reminds us that we sacraments. Church, 1020-1065). The month cannot adequately approach the challenge of begins with the feasts of All dying and death without the resources of a living Finally, Samaritanus Bonus provides updated Saints and All Souls. November faith. All of us have witnessed the decline in guidance regarding assisted suicide and also marks the end of the religious practice in the United States, especially euthanasia. Just in the past five years, five U.S. liturgical year, so the Scripture among Catholics. When Catholics stop practicing states, the District of Columbia, and Canada have readings for Mass draw our their faith, they lose access to grace and to legalized assisted suicide. Samaritanus Bonus attention to ultimate realities— guidance from the Church. Samaritanus Bonus strongly reaffirms the Church’s condemnation the radical reminds us that of these practices and, more importantly, issues choices involved human suffering limits on providing sacraments to people in accepting the “[W]e cannot adequately and death have intent on ending their lives. This guidance is Gospel, the end approach the challenge been changed needed because some bishops in Canada and times, and the definitively by the Europe, out of a misplaced sense of compassion, Last Judgment. of dying and death suffering, death, and appeared to permit access to the sacraments in Despite our without the resources of Resurrection of Jesus these cases. wish for relief Christ. Only with after this year of a living faith this perspective and We are not finished with the challenge of pandemic, we with a share in His COVID-19. Rather than seek a return to our old should take this life can we approach routines, however, we are called to face the time to renew death with hope. perennial realities of dying and death with a our focus on the ultimate renewed commitment to live out our faith in realities taught by faith. Second, although Samaritanus Bonus was not challenging times. L written to address COVID-19, the CDF reminds us The Church recently gave of our perennial duties to care for the sick and to JOHN F. BREHANY, PH.D., S.T.L., Catholics a new resource accompany the dying with effective and ethical is director of institutional relations at the National for reflection and action in interventions. Samaritanus Bonus reiterates the form of a letter from the important Church teachings about ordinary Catholic Bioethics Center and past executive director of the Catholic Medical Association. Congregation for the Doctrine interventions at the end of life, about the need to of the Faith (CDF). Samaritanus provide food and water to the sick and injured, Bonus (“The Good Samaritan: and the good of principled palliative care. on the Care of Persons in the This focus on the basics is not misplaced. The November 2020 | 28 | (new website!)

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GUEST JOSEPH PEARCE VOICE Seeing suffering’s merit, in strangest of years THERE’S NO DOUBT THAT THIS And yet, as faithful Catholics, has been the strangest of years. is there something that should It’s possibly the strangest in transcend our differences living memory and certainly and unite us? Is there, or the strangest since the 9/11 can there be, a coherent and terrorist attack of 2001. cohesive Catholic response to our troubled world and these What are we to make of the world challenging times? in which we find ourselves? The answer is to be found in Our globalized culture has led the words of Christ when He to a globalized pandemic on reveals himself as “the way, the a scale unknown in human truth, and the life.” He is the history, and our globalized way out of the mess in which social media network has led to we find ourselves and in which global herd hysteria in the wake many of us have lost ourselves. of the killing of a black man by He is the truth that exposes a white police officer. Opinions the lies of the dictatorship are divided with respect to how of relativism. And He is the to cope with the pandemic and life that can save us from the how to deal with the rioters culture of death. besieging several ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/IMAGESBYTRISTA U.S. cities. Should we And the real challenge is that lock down, or open “He expects us to be up? Is more harm He expects us being caused by the His presence in enemy to play a part, economic impact of territory … to suffer as He and not merely the pandemic than any part but His by the pandemic has suffered … to show part. He expects work that the Christian civilization was built of which we are all the inheritors and beneficiaries. itself? What’s the risk the way and tell the truth us to take up We have to labor as they have done. These are our cross and dark times, to be sure, but they are no darker than involved in returning many of the times in which our forebears lived. to some semblance follow Him. He of economic expects us to be normality, and is it His presence in a risk worth taking? Has the enemy territory. He expects us And as for suffering, we should not shy pandemic been used cynically to suffer as He has suffered. He away from it for the simple reason that it is as a weapon in the presidential expects us to show the way and unavoidable. We all have our crosses, whether election campaign? Should tell the truth. He asks us to be we like it or not. The question is whether we federal law enforcement be the light and life in the midst choose to carry them, with Christ’s help, or used to tackle the rioters, or of darkness and death. It goes whether we choose to refuse His help, crucifying is this a matter best left to the without saying, of course, that ourselves and others with the crosses we refuse states and the cities in which none of this is possible without to carry. The way of the cross is the truth of Christ the rioting is taking place? His help; but it also goes and the life He promises, not just in this pride- without saying that, with His darkened world but in the world of everlasting We all have our own views on help, all things are possible. life and love to come.  L these issues that are tearing our country and our culture The good news is that JOSEPH PEARCE is the author of many apart. We all have our own Christians have been doing books including the authorized biography of Tom place on the lockdown-or-open- this for 2,000 years and that it is Monaghan, the founder of Legatus. up spectrum. through their witness and their November 2020 | 30 | (new website!)

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FAITH FR. WADE L. J. MENEZES, C.P.M. MATTERS Cling to sacraments in precarious times AMONG CATHOLICS, A extending the dispensation from the Sunday and So, let’s look at the seven sacraments and their phenomenon has taken place holy day Mass obligation due to the pandemic. normative frequency — that is, how often we across the United States in He wrote: “Recognizing that restrictions on should receive them. What does the Church recent months as COVID-19 public activities across different sectors of teach in this regard? restrictions have been lifted society have gradually been lifted over the to varying degrees in different past several months, as well as the need for us Three of the sacraments can only be received dioceses and geographical to recover a more normal rhythm of life even once. This is because of the spiritual character or locations. What is this while taking precautions, I warmly challenge indelible mark they leave on the Christian soul, phenomenon? Low Mass those who have not yet returned to the practice of never to be erased. These three sacraments are attendance. the sacraments yet have assumed similar risks Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Orders. During the COVID-19 crisis, even (such as eating after local governments have out in restaurants, “ … [many are] venturing Two of the sacraments, Confession permitted church services to doing nonessential out to eat, go on vacation, and Eucharist, can be received take place at limited capacity, shopping, going to repetitiously (“again”) and attendance has remained low. the beach or on other frequently (even daily), provided Catholics are no exception to travel/vacations, and do nonessential it’s not scrupulosity that leads one this. How much of this “non- visiting more with shopping, but … not to daily Confession. attendance” is tied to such things as fear, bitterness, or despair? family and friends, making it to Mass … This is The last two of the sacraments, While some non-attendance etc.) to begin finding a type of “liturgical sloth” Matrimony and the Anointing may be caused by a real their way back to of the Sick, can be received concern over contracting the church also. We need virus (especially for the elderly the unique graces repetitiously but not frequently. In and those with pre-existing that the sacraments other words, they can indeed be health conditions), my hope offer – now, more received “again” (if your spouse is that Catholics do not lose than ever” (emphasis added). dies, you can remarry), but they’re not received sight of the enormous benefits daily or with much frequency. The Anointing of of frequent reception of the In other words, we’re venturing out to eat, go the Sick can be received whenever one begins Eucharist and Confession. on vacation, and do nonessential shopping, but to be in danger of death because of sickness or One bishop recently brought we’re not making it to Mass to partake in divine old age, even monthly or more frequently with all this to light in a decree and sacred worship of Almighty God. This is a chronic illness. type of “liturgical sloth.” Let us remember that each sacrament is an In his treatment of the seven capital sins, St. efficacious sign of grace, instituted by Jesus Christ Thomas Aquinas identifies other dispositions and entrusted to the Church, by which divine life that each one is dispensed to us through the work of the Holy may engender. Spirit. This is the reality each sacrament affords For the capital sin us when it is received worthily. Let’s not let the of sloth, Aquinas COVID-19 crisis cause us to absent ourselves states that it may from such wonderful gifts, especially the regular allow such things participation in the Eucharist and Confession. L as hopelessness, ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/LMGORTHAND despair, bitterness, FATHER WADE L. J. MENEZES, and timidity to set C.P.M., is the assistant general of the Fathers in. Growing slothful of Mercy, an itinerant missionary preaching order toward the sacred based in Auburn, KY. He is host of EWTN Global liturgy is possible, Catholic Radio’s Open Line Tuesday and the author thus letting these of two books: The Four Last Things: A Catechetical other problems take Guide to Death, Judgment, Heaven, and Hell; and root. Overcoming the Evil Within: The Reality of Sin and the Transforming Power of God’s Grace and Mercy (EWTN Publishing). November 2020 | 32 | (new website!)

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ENGAGING THE DAVID L. BAHNSEN FAITH Re-engage the lost world of local politics MOST DAMAGE IS DONE AT THE on the topics and ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/SDI PRODUCTIONS … the CATECHISM local level of politics. I confess issues that matter participation to this being a case of the most. For example, of all in 101 pot calling the kettle black, city councils and having been a federal politics county boards realizing junkie for my entire adult life have done more the common good calls and most of my childhood, as damage to for a continually renewed well. I wish I could say that by property rights conversion of the social engaging in local politics you than any liberal partners. Fraud and other will become less cynical and Supreme Court could have done in a lifetime. City subterfuges, by which some frustrated, but I must warn you councils and county boards control zoning laws, people evade the constraints of – it’s highly likely to get worse. which have proven to be extraordinary tools for … Nevertheless, the need is central planning and statism. overwhelming in our cities, counties, and states. The business-friendliness of a community is the law and the prescriptions We need greater competence often either established or destroyed at the local of societal obligation, must be and greater integrity. The level, because the general process by which firmly condemned because dilemma we face is this: the business gets done is determined by the tax, they are incompatible with most competent and honest in regulatory, and enforcement framework. When I the requirements of justice. society have found the world of say cronyism festers at the local level, it’s because Much care should be taken local politics repugnant (for good local officials are most guilty of making special to promote institutions that reason, most of the time). In their handouts of public dollars (or selectively waiving improve the conditions of absence, ne’er-do-wells or worse tax liabilities, the reciprocal expression of the human life. eagerly fill the vacuum. But exact same thing). who fills the halls of Congress Catechism of the eventually? Former state senate So much of the American quality of life is a Catholic Church, #1916 and state assembly members. by-product of the local community leadership. Who gets elected to these state Protecting and enhancing that quality of life positions? Former members of requires men and women of responsibility to SCRIPTURE Remind county boards and city councils. lead with diligence, character, and competence. 101 them to be Local politics is generally a And for those who, like me, believe in submissive training ground for state and subsidiarity, the best defense against a far- to rulers and federal politics. Thus, our apathy removed federal government intruding into a authorities, to for local politics leaves us with local community … is not to give them a reason terrible consequences now for to do so. Strong local governance always and be obedient, to be ready for any our cities and terrible future forever limits the need for a stronger, more honest work. consequences for everywhere oppressive federal government.  L else. Titus 3:1 Truth be told, plenty of fantastic people enter local civic Excerpt taken from The Crisis of Responsibility: Our Cultural Addiction to Blame leadership for no other reason and How You Can Cure It, by David L. Bahnsen (Post Hill Press, 2018), pp.139-141. than to serve their communities. By no means do I want to paint with a broad brush, but we have a systemic problem. There DAVID L. BAHNSEN is founder, managing are not enough high-quality partner, and chief investment officer of The candidates in the local domain Bahnsen Group, a bi-coastal private wealth and not enough citizens engaged management firm managing over $2.25 billion in assets. Named as a top financial advisor in America by Barron’s, Forbes, and the Financial Times, he is a frequent guest on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business and a regular contributor to National Review and World. November 2020 | 34 | (new website!)

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WHAT TO READ Profits for All: Flexible Wages of the “creative destruction” yet it is in that sacrament that try to in a Free Economy that often results from they receive God’s healing imagine Michael Szpindor Watson economic fluctuations by and grace to overcome sin what it’s like. and Grattan Brown giving manufacturers and and lead lives of greater They might Acton Institute, 104 pages other businesses a means holiness. Fr. Menezes provides fear it. Some to successfully ride out the guidance on making a good choose to The wave. As an alternative to examination of conscience, deny it. But economy throttling free markets, it’s an the elements of true Catholics has its intriguing idea worth serious contrition, and the aspects understand ups and conversation. and benefits of a proper hell is real, downs, and Confession. He also discusses and a real sometimes Overcoming the Evil Within: how to handle the shame of threat if they stray far from certain The Reality of Sin and the sin, what to do when one feels the straight and narrow. The industries Transforming Power of God’s far from God, how to do God’s biblical images of fire and suffer Grace and Mercy will, and how to maintain a darkness are figurative rather more than Fr. Wade L.J. Menezes, C.P.M. good prayer life. The faithful than literal. Paul Thigpen here others, with devastating EWTN Publishing, 160 pages can use this book to revitalize explores the accounts from ramifications particularly for their faith-practice, and enter Scripture as well as those of communities where a large A great more deeply into experiencing saints and visionaries who sector of the workforce is back-to- God’s mercy. have reported glimpses of invested in a single employer. basics book hell. Reading them sparks the But what if employee wages for one’s Saints Who Saw Hell… and reminder that bad choices were allowed to fluctuate interior Other Catholic Witnesses to can bring consequences that with the market? Michael life. Many the Fate of the Damned are eternal, irreversible, and Watson and Grattan Brown Catholics Paul Thigpen unimaginably horrifying.  L propose that flexible wage find TAN Books, 185 pages rates might stabilize the job Confession market and reduce the harm difficult, Hell fascinates people. They November 2020 | 36 | (new website!)

WHAT TO SEE On following Him – through Whom all things are possible THE LIFE OF JESUS CHRIST HAS of every character with a plausible been portrayed in numerous both complexity and gentle back story to films, with Franco Zeffirelli’s humor. Nicodemus appears the Gospel Jesus of Nazareth and Mel early as a Pharisee intrigued narratives. Gibson’s The Passion of The by reports of Jesus; Peter There are Christ ranking among the most and Andrew are partners touching popular treatments in recent in a fishing enterprise who moments, and memory. Now there’s a new struggle to cover their taxes there is repartee entry that has already met and care for their loved ones; without with broad approval despite Matthew is depicted as having sacrificing its unique marketing efforts. high-functioning Asperger’s reverence — and it The Chosen Rather than a single epic film, syndrome, a clever device all works. Beautifully Johnathan Roumie, Shahar Isaac, Elizabeth The Chosen was released as an that suits his skills as a tax filmed and paced, the Tabish, Paras Patel, Erick Avari, Noah James ongoing series, beginning with collector and adds another series has met with 8 episodes (Season 1), 30 to 56 min. ea. • Unrated eight episodes for download layer to his status as a misfit in or streaming through its own Jewish society. Jesus Himself seemingly universal in later episodes. But judging app. What’s more, the entire is not the gravely serious praise among viewers. project is being crowdfunded, Messiah of other films, but an from the season already and ongoing appeals already approachable and personable Thus far there is nothing in released, this is solid family are close to subsidizing a figure with an attractive smile. The Chosen that raises red viewing that has the power to second season. The dialogue isn’t straight flags for Catholic viewers, but enrich faith and reinforce the What makes The Chosen from the Douay-Rheims Bible, it will be interesting to see truth that we, too, have been unique is its presentation and the script goes beyond the how events such as Christ’s chosen to follow Him.  L confines of Scripture to relate appointment of Peter to lead the Church and the institution GERALD KORSON of the Eucharist are presented is a Legatus magazine staff writer. November 2020 | 37 | (new website!)

HEALTH KATE MARTIN MATTERS Getting the A-B-Zzzs of sleep GETTING ENOUGH SLEEP IS ONE sleepers and of the easiest, cheapest, most can get away natural things you can do to with four to six improve your health. And yet, hours a night. 40 percent of U.S. adults cut But most their sleep short. people—90 percent of If you’re one of them, you are us—need putting your health at risk, approximately and more than you know. eight hours of Today, I’ll share some helpful sleep a night information about sleep — this to function thing we all do every day, but optimally. some of us not enough. Have you ever ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/SOLOVYOVA A generation ago, it was almost experienced unheard of for a person to sleep jet lag from fewer than six hours. Today, it’s changing just quite common, but that doesn’t one or two mean it’s normal. For optimal time zones? function, your body and brain When you’re depend on getting enough living in a chronically sleep-deprived state — forward and lose an hour of sleep. After the fall sleep. But what’s “enough”? which most of us are, to some degree — the time change, there was an equally dramatic rhythms in your brain that maintain sleep and effect in the opposite direction: the day after The CDC wakefulness can drivers got an extra hour of sleep, accidents were recommends a become fragile way down. minimum of seven “Health problems [from] to the point that you’ll have a hard hours of sleep a insufficient sleep include If you have trouble falling asleep or staying night on average time adjusting asleep, before you resort to supplements or for adults. Less weight gain, high blood to even small medication, the first thing to try is changing than that and the pressure, diabetes, heart changes. your environmental factors. Limit exercise and consequences use of electronics in the hours before bedtime. are no laughing disease, stroke, depression, A study published Optimize the temperature in your bedroom. matter. Health and dementia in the New England Avoid caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol too close problems linked Journal of Medicine to bedtime. (Alcohol can help one fall asleep, to insufficient in the early ‘90s but it is rapidly metabolized and can cause sleep include demonstrated wakefulness within a couple of hours.) Give weight gain, high how even minor yourself a buffer before bed with a pre-sleep blood pressure, amounts of sleep ritual, like reading or a warm bath. L diabetes, heart disease, stroke, loss can have major consequences. Investigators depression, and dementia. A tallied all motor vehicle accidents in Canada KATE MARTIN is director of marketing for very small percentage (around around Daylight Savings Time and discovered Healthnetwork. She compiled this article from a five percent) of adults is a dramatic rise in accidents on the day after recent lecture given by Nancy Foldvary-Schaefer, genetically wired to be short the spring time change, when we set our clocks D.O., M.S., director of the Sleep Disorders Center at Cleveland Clinic. HEALTHNETWORK is a Legatus membership benefit, a health care “concierge service” that provides members and their families access to some of the most respected hospitals in the world. One Call Starts It All: (866) 968-2467 or (440) 893-0830. Email: [email protected] HEALTHNETWORK FOUNDATION is a nonprofit whose mission is to improve medicine for all by connecting CEOs with leading hospitals and their doctors to provide the best access to world-class care and increase philanthropic funding for medical research. November 2020 | 38 | (new website!)

FEEDING THE JOHN D. FOLSE AND MICHAELA D. YORK FOODIE ‘Plagues’ of 2020 shake priorities – on living to serve God EXODUS IS AN INTRIGUING Derecho a destructive force across Eighth Plague: Locusts. book of the Old Testament, the Midwest in August, carrying 2020: Murder hornets especially in its account of how damaging winds, tornadoes, appeared in the Pacific God sent ten plagues upon torrential rainfall, and large hail. Northwest in July. Egypt when Pharaoh refused In 14 hours, Derecho left a 770- to release the Israelites for mile swath of devastation from Ninth Plague: Darkness. a three-day journey into the South Dakota to Ohio. 2020: Catholics experienced wilderness to serve Him. Each darkness during the Easter plague mocked an Egyptian Third Plague: Gnats. 2020: While Triduum and Easter Sunday god or goddess, cutting to the the Saharan “Gorilla Dust Cloud” when no one could attend heart of the powerlessness of did not carry gnats, it is afflicting Mass. Egypt’s idol worship. It seems skies and air quality in the Caribbean region. that similar plagues have Tenth Plague: Death of the firstborn. 2020: beleaguered the United States Fourth Plague: Flies. 2020: Following Hurricane COVID-19 caused the death of family members this year, mocking our idol Laura, thick clouds of mosquitoes descended on and small businesses across America. worship of work, money, power, southwest Louisiana, killing cattle and horses. pleasure, technology, and Just as God spoke to Pharaoh through the entertainment. Fifth Plague: Livestock disease. 2020: COVID- Egyptian plagues, so has He brought many of us related issues caused meat plant closures and to our knees through the COVID-19 pandemic First Plague: Water turned shuttered slaughterhouses. Millions of farm and natural disasters. I ask myself, “What are the to blood. 2020: Hurricane animals were “depopulated.” lessons of 2020? Am I a better person now than Laura lambasted when 2020 began?” southwest Sixth Plague: Boils. Louisiana in “Am I a better person 2020: Though rare, As we give thanks to God this Thanksgiving, I August, causing bubonic plague take to heart the words of Joshua: “As for me and a large fish now than when caused the death of a my house, we will serve the Lord” (Jos. 24:15). Am kill, littering 2020 began? New Mexico man in I truly serving the Lord? What about you? Will L marshlands with August. California also you and your house serve the Lord? debris, and leaving reported a case. hundreds of CHEF JOHN D. FOLSE is an entrepreneur with interests ranging thousands of people Seventh Plague: from restaurant development to food manufacturing, catering to culinary without potable water. Thunder and hail. 2020: September snow in Colorado triggered winds that fanned wildfires education. A cradle-Catholic, he supports many Catholic organizations Second Plague: Frogs. 2020: along the Pacific Coast, causing a firestorm that including the Sister Dulce Ministry at Cypress Springs Mercedarian Prayer Center in Baton Rouge, LA.  Just as frogs were a destructive raced from Mexico to the Canadian border. MICHAELA D. YORK is vice president of force across Egypt, so was communications for Chef John Folse & Company. ROASTED LONG ISLAND DUCK • Prep Time: 2½ Hours • Yields: 6 Servings Ingredients: ¼ cup garlic cloves, peeled and divided Place birds in roasting pan with a When done, remove from oven and brush outside 2 Long Island ducklings ½ cup cane syrup, divided two-inch lip, breast side up, and of each duck evenly with cane syrup. Ducks are Salt and cracked black Method: surround with necks, livers, gizzards, done when legs separate easily from body. Meat pepper to taste Preheat oven to 375° F. Rinse ducks and remaining half of fresh vegetables. will be tender, and skin will be crisp. Granulated garlic to taste inside and out under cold running water. Do not put water or butter in pan. Paprika for color Remove necks, livers, and gizzards from Cover pan tightly with aluminum foil 2 medium onions, cut into cavities. Season each duck inside and and bake 1½ hours. Remove foil and two-inch pieces and divided out with dry seasonings. Overseason bake uncovered 30 minutes. Steam 2 medium carrots, cut into inside of ducks, as only a small amount produced in a tightly covered pan two-inch pieces and divided of seasoning will affect taste. Stuff tenderizes ducks and ensures that fat is 2 stalks celery, cut into two- each duck cavity with half of the fresh cooked away from under skin. inch pieces and divided vegetables. November 2020 | 39 | (new website!)

NEWS BRIEFS DR. ANTHONY FAUCI SUGGESTED St. Joseph, which began in 2016, is amid the coronavirus pandemic, CANCELING THIS YEAR’S the only college seminary program “liturgical norms are not matters THANKSGIVING between Washington and Miami on which civil authorities can WASHINGTON — Yearlong advisor but has not had a permanent home legislate, but only the competent to President Donald Trump on the until now. At dedication time, the ecclesiastical authorities.” coronavirus, Dr. Anthony Fauci, new building is at about two-thirds “We cannot be without the banquet director of the National Institute of its 40-seminarian capacity. of the Eucharist,” the letter said. of Allergy and Infectious Disease Private donors have already COLLATERAL DAMAGE OF COVID-19 (NIAID), suggested in mid-October contributed more than $15.5 million PANDEMIC? ABORTION RATES that Americans expecting out-of- toward the $20 million project. SOAR IN ENGLAND AND WALES town Thanksgiving guests consider IN LETTER TO THE WORLD’S LONDON, England — The number canceling the occasion. BISHOPS ON PANDEMIC, CARDINAL of abortions in England and Wales SARAH URGES ‘RETURN TO THE soared in the first half of 2020 In an interview with CBS news EUCHARIST’ amid the coronavirus pandemic, anchor Nora O’Donnell, Fauci said, VATICAN CITY — In a letter to the according to statistics released in “… you might have to bite the bullet leaders of the world’s episcopal September by the Department of and sacrifice that social gathering conferences, the head of the Health and Social Care. unless you’re pretty certain that Vatican’s office for worship and [those you invite] are not infected…” sacraments said that Catholic The report showed that 109,836 Most also recall that in April, Fauci communities should return to Mass abortions took place between Jan. 1 remarked that he does not think as soon as it can be done safely. and June 30. That represents 4,296 people should “ever shake hands Titled Let Us Return to the Eucharist more abortions than in the first six again.” with Joy, the letter was written by months of 2019, a year in which the CHARLOTTE DIOCESE OPENS NEW Cardinal Robert Sarah with the two countries saw a record annual SEMINARY TO SERVE GROWING approval of Pope Francis and sent number of abortions. CATHOLIC PRESENCE to bishops in August. MOUNT HOLLY, NC — Charlotte It said that while the Church should Catherine Robinson, spokesperson Bishop Peter J. Jugis blessed cooperate with civic authorities for Right to Life UK, said: “This year the newly completed St. Joseph and be attentive to safety protocols we’ve come together as a nation and College Seminary in an official made great sacrifices to protect the ribbon-cutting ceremony in vulnerable from COVID-19. Sadly, mid-September. Featuring Gothic at the very same time we protected architecture and 30,000 square feet one group of vulnerable people, of living-and-learning space, the we as society have also ended college seminary serves as home thousands of young vulnerable to young men who are exploring a lives through abortion.”  L vocation to the Catholic priesthood while also pursuing undergraduate SOURCES: Catholic News Agency, Catholic News degrees at nearby Belmont Abbey Service, Crux, Lifesite News College. November 2020 | 40 | (new website!)

CHAPTER NEWS FORUMS POSE GOOD QUESTIONS ­— TO INSPIRE ANSWERS Last month, we talked about listening, and Good questions come from intent listening, Good questions shouldn’t satisfy our how Legatus forums provide members the and few things strengthen relationships curiosity, but help others discover insights chance to sharpen that pivotal leadership like it. But it’s good questions that set you to solve problems. Forums aren’t self-help skill.  What prepares any forum member to up to listen well. Long before Steven Covey groups but they help each member learn listen? Asking a good question. penned his 7 Habits bestseller, there was and grow, which comes through asking What’s a good question? the line from St. Francis of Assisi’s prayer, good questions, not giving advice. One that invites all members to express “O Divine Master, grant that I Think of questions Jesus asked…“But who themselves without may not so much seek… to be do you say that I am?” (Luke 18:41). And fear of judgement. Good understood as to understand.” some were open-ended… “Show me a questions help members This is the spirit of good coin. Whose likeness and inscription has it?” examine issues more listening. (Luke 20:24). Christ, the perfect leader, closely and think outside Everyone wants to employed powerful questions. the box – and in the end, feel understood. That spur forward-movement. calls for use of varying Asking good questions leads to insight, Good questions engage members to share communication skills. In my wisdom, and prudent action. Good from personal experiences, not tell anyone experience, lack of good questions is often questions are informed by listening. what to do. Good questions make members at fault. It takes intentional effort to ask Next forum—think questions, not advice. think. I clearly recall a time in one of my rather than advise. Drucker said, “The leader of the past knew forum meetings I was chomping at the bit A thoughtful balance must be struck how to tell. The leader of the future will to give my two cents, AKA “free advice.” between listening, asking, and talking. know how to ask.”  What’s your tell vs. ask Before I chimed in, one of my forum If any of these is over-used, connections rate? brothers asked a question that let us all suffer. We suggest assessing your forum think more introspectively. I was glad I a few times per year on how well it’s MIKE MCCARTNEY and his wife, hadn’t jumped in with what I thought was working. In fact, make it an agenda item— Molly, are members of The Genesis Chapter. “the” answer. Whoever asks the question “ forum continuous improvement.” And controls the communication. I continue to don’t relegate this pulse-taking to an email He has served on the National Board of learn a lot from my forum brothers. survey. Governors, and currently works with Legatus to help launch and strengthen Forums. MIAMI MIAMI. ST. LOUIS. At its September 15 event, the St. Louis Chapter ST. LOUIS. Also at the The Miami VENTURA/LA NORTH. The celebrated two new member-couple inductions – Ed and September 15 event, St. Louis Chapter had Ventura /LA North Chapter met Mary Ann Ignaczak (pictured, right), and Ben and Angie Geis Chapter member Mike Heck a wonderful in person on September 24 for (pictured, left). The Ignaczaks’ sponsors were Tom and Kelly received the Legatus Catechism turnout for its the first time since February. Adamitis; the Geis’ sponsors were Donn and Kelli Mitchell. completion pin for full reading/ September Chapter chaplain, Fr. Dave Chapter Chaplain Monsignor Henry Breier and president Tom study of the Catechism. 15 meeting at Heney, celebrated Mass with Reh led the induction ceremony at St. Peter’s Catholic Church. St. Augustine member Deacon George Esseff, Jr. Catholic Church assisting.  Vice president Justin VENTURA/LA NORTH. Ventura/LA North’s well-attended September 24 meeting took (Coral Gables, Alvarez welcomed 32 members place on the outdoor deck of the Westlake Yacht Club. FL), with Father and guests, and Chuck Harley Nathan Cromly introduced Fr. Dave who spoke on 41 | (new website!) as guest speaker. his new book, Luke 10 Leadership: Fr. Nathan How to Succeed at Parish Ministry, reminded the with the topic focusing specifically group to dare on ‘how Jesus trained disciples to greatly and be change the world.’ the leaders God called each of them to be. Everyone left ready to enter the fight and do hard work for God. November 2020 |

CHAPTER NEWS NEW ORLEANS. Early in the summer at the Chapter’s June 23 meeting, Ronnie and Veda Dawson were newly inducted. At the same event, new members Michael and Tracie Griffin were also inducted. NEW ORLEANS. Kevin and Kerri Morris were newly inducted into the Chapter at its September 22 event, held at Notre Dame Seminary. Also at the September 22 gathering, the Chapter was honored with an inspiring talk by Fr. Jim Wehner, celebrant at Mass and who subsequently spoke on “The Mystery of the Eucharist in Times of Crisis.” NEW ORLEANS. The New Orleans Chapter’s September 10 Meeting – beginning with Rosary, Mass, and a special Adoration service – was followed by dinner and induction of new members, Melissa and Matt Ross, at Metairie Country Club. BUCKS COUNTY. Father Thomas Mary of Jesus hands out blessed scapulars to Bucks BUCKS COUNTY. Bucks County Legate Bill Lahr gives a powerful pro-life reflection at the County Chapter members at the August 13 meeting at the Washington Crossing Inn Chapter’s October 8 meeting at Jericho National Golf Club (New Hope, PA). Also at the October (Washington Crossing, PA). Father Thomas was also the evening’s featured speaker. 8 meeting, Bucks County chaplain Monsignor Joseph Gentili delivers a memorable homily. CLEVELAND. The Chapter’s September 16 event was held at the Cleveland CLEVELAND. (Pictured, left): Cleveland Chapter president Steve Revnew presented a gift of gratitude Yachting Club. Pictured here are: Bishop Roger Gries, Chapter chaplain; Fr. Patrick on September 16 to Brian and Maria Dean, who served for many years on the Chapter board. (Pictured, Schultz, assoc. chaplain; the Chapter’s two newest members, Tony and Erin right): Christopher Check, president of Catholic Answers and member of the San Diego Chapter, was Donatelli, who were inducted that evening; and Steve Revnew, Chapter president. guest speaker on the topic of “The Catholic Option: What Are You Doing Here?” His talk did an immense job of inspiring members to follow God’s personal and unique call, wherever they may find themselves. November 2020 | 42 | (new website!)

CHAPTER NEWS TAMPA BAY Regina.” Afterward, all enjoyed the Tampa Bay had its September 8 evening’s featured guest speaker, event at Christ the King Catholic YG Nyghtstorm – a big hit with our Church with a special celebration members and guests. He spoke on for Mary’s birthday. They assisted his journey to the Catholic faith, at Mass together, with a special why he will never kneel for BLM, soloist singing “Immaculate and his work on spreading the Mary,” “Ave Maria,” and “Salve gospel and uniting the country. NEW YORK CITY. Members of the New York City Chapter and their chaplain, TAMPA BAY. Monsignor Robert Ritchie, gather after Mass at The Basilica of Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral in the Nolita neighborhood of Lower Manhattan on September 22. This special Chapter meeting featured a private tour of this very historic site and remarks from Pastor Fr. Brian Graebe. PHILADELPHIA. Longtime Philadelphia Legatus leader Tim Flanagan receives the Bowie Kuhn Special Award for Evangelization on September 15 at Aronomink Country Club (Villanova, PA).  Presenting the award (l. to r.) are: Legatus governor Sean Bellew and Northeast director John Matthew Knowles. PHILADELPHIA. Philadelphia Chapter officer Theresa Murtagh receives an Ace Pin to recognize her extraordinary leadership in recruiting new members at the September 15 Chapter meeting at Aronomink Country Club (Villanova, PA). Theresa and her husband Paul celebrate 10 years as very active Legatus members this year. November 2020 | 43 | (new website!)

CHAPTER NEWS RALEIGH RALEIGH. The Raleigh Chapter’s LONG ISLAND. Deacon Frank Kurre speaks at the September 9 Long Island Chapter meeting at the Garden September 24 event City Country Club (Garden City, NY). was held at Umstead Hotel & Spa. Conor Gallagher was the evening’s featured speaker, giving an engaging talk on the “Beatitudes of Business.” The Chapter also honored its chaplain, Fr. Philip M. Tighe, 57, who passed away at the end of August. RALEIGH. PASADENA LEHIGH VALLEY. Dr. Imrich Gombar spoke to the Lehigh Valley Chapter CINCINNATI. Members enjoyed the guest presentation The Pasadena Chapter met meeting on October 7 at the Lehigh Country Club (Lower Macungie Township, of Nancy Economou, founder of Watts of Love, on the September 9 at the home PA), on the topic of “Faith and Science.” simple power of light, earthly and heavenly, at the Chapter’s of Dr. & Mrs. Martin O’Toole September 13 meeting at Kenwood Country Club. – some members came in person; others joined virtually. Being able to attend Mass (which was likewise live-streamed), receive Holy Communion, and have access to Confession was indeed spiritual food for everyone’s soul. Fr. Nathan Cromly, CSJ was the featured speaker. SAVANNAH PASADENA. CINCINNATI. The Cincinnati Chapter also welcomed its newest members The Savannah Chapter at its September 13 meeting: David and Chris Burleigh. Shown (l. to r.) are: met on October 6 at the president Mike Huhn, Fr. James Bramlage, Chris and David Burleigh, and Savannah Golf Club to sponsor Denise Kuprionis. hear Dr. Paul Voss discuss “The Catholic Work Ethic.”L SAVANNAH. BOSTON. Members of the Boston Chapter relax while listening to a talk from Arthur Brooks of Harvard University, formerly of the American Enterprise Institute, at their October 7 Chapter meeting at Brae Burn Country Club (West Newton, MA). November 2020 | 44 | (new website!)

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2021 SUMMIT EAST SPEAKER 5 MINUTES BRIAN FRAGA WITH Businesses can still remain faithful in ‘woke’ times CUA BUSINESS SCHOOL DEAN ANDREW ABELA TO SPEAK ABOUT TIMES OF CORPORATE HYPER-CONFUSION ABOUT 20 YEARS BEFORE HIS we’re in right now with a lot of What have your experiences with academic career, Andrew Abela societal chaos, and how in our Legatus been like? left a consulting job when he businesses there is a sort of was tasked with laying off confused morality about what Before my academic career, I was the managing 10,000 middle managers from is right. director of the Marketing Leadership Council of a large bank. Abela was the Corporate Executive Board. I joined Legatus unsure what his newly It used to be that at that time first as an At-Large member, and rediscovered Catholic many people then I was a charter member of the Arlington faith had to say about thought business Chapter (now Northern Virginia Chapter) 17 such a charge. was amoral, which years ago. I’ve had positive experiences as a “I couldn’t find any as Catholics we member. My wife last year was president of our guidance anywhere,” said don’t agree with. chapter and did a terrific job. Abela, who went on to But those very same I love visiting and speaking at chapters. At the study theology and earn people now seem Busch School, the reason we exist is to teach a Ph.D. in business ethics. to think business young men and women to become faithful He is the founding dean should be crusading Catholic business leaders. So it’s a treat for me to of the Busch School of for things like gay go to Legatus meetings around the country and Business and Economics rights. There’s this meet the kind of people we want our students to at the Catholic University new morality, if you become. of America. will, that’s trying to That’s what I have in mind when I’m thinking “At the center of all my adult force itself on everybody. I’ll about curriculum, when I’m thinking about life has been my Catholic faith, try to diagnose that and to talk forming our students. I want them to become the my relationship with Christ, about where it’s coming from, kind of people I meet at Legatus chapters. and how one lives out that what it means, and what the relationship, particularly in the associated risks are — not just business world,” said Abela, for Catholics, but everybody. 55, a charter member of the Northern Virginia Chapter. What caused the shift What value does Legatus have for the At Legatus Summit East 2021, from an amoral view Church? Abela will speak on “Faithful of business to “woke” Catholic Business in a Time of capitalism? The stronger Catholic business leaders know Moral Hyper-Confusion.” He their faith, the more likely they will value service recently spoke with Legatus It’s hard to diagnose exactly, to their parishes and dioceses, both by being magazine. but nature abhors a vacuum. generous, and by serving on finance councils The pretense that business and helping with strategic planning. Priests are What will you speak on is morally neutral has left formed to be pastors of souls, but then they’re at the Summit? business open to be re- given these enterprises they have to run without moralized, but in the wrong ever having been in finance, strategic planning, I’m going to speak about why way. The other part, it can be or HR. It’s the job of the laity to help out with that. I think we’re in the mess argued, is the growing interest I think Legatus has some of the most qualified in Marxism in certain areas, folks who can do that kind of service. L and this is a reflection of that. November 2020 | 49 | (new website!)

MEET THE BRIAN FRAGA CHAPLAIN San Juan Capistrano chaplain a convert from evangelical-missionary family “LEGATUS IS ONE OF THE ANSWERS TO THE PURPOSES WITHIN OUR LORD’S HEART FOR AMERICA” AS A YOUNG EVANGELICAL multiple years, he had to start demon. There was no other explanation for why Christian, Monsignor Scott crossing things off that list. he’d become Catholic. Borgman lived 17 years in West Africa with his Protestant Archbishop Fulton Sheen had What convinced you that Christ missionary parents. He was a a great quote: “There are not a founded the Catholic Church? young adult when his parents hundred people in the United underwent a dramatic Two things. One was reading the lives of the conversion and entered States who hate the saints, learning about these extraordinary the Catholic Church. Catholic Church, but people who had a personal relationship with God there are millions and yet were Catholic. How could these people “As Evangelicals, we were who hate what they be Catholic and know Jesus? told that we were living wrongly perceive the the real early Church, but Catholic Church to be.” It was also the experience of Mass and learning of course we never read So when we entered to pray. I started going to Mass every day because the Fathers of the Church,” the Catholic Church, I wanted to understand what my parents were said Monsignor Borgman, it was like playing a getting into. I had no idea what was going on. I’d sit 49, who subsequently had country-western song in the very back, and little by little I’d understand his own conversion and backward, where you that what was happening on the altar was became Catholic. get your truck, your basically what I had memorized as a kid from the wife, and your dog back. writings of St. Paul. Whenever I left Mass, I had In June 2010, Monsignor this deep sense of joy and peace. I kept going back, Borgman was ordained a What did you think but I never went to Communion, because St. Paul Catholic priest. He is the when your parents told writes clearly that some of the early Christians judicial vicar for the Diocese you they were entering were sick and some had died because they had of Orange in California. As the Catholic Church? communed unworthily. I didn’t want to risk it. chaplain of Legatus’ San Juan Capistrano Chapter, he It was shocking. We just didn’t How is it being chaplain of the San spoke recently with Legatus know anything about the Juan Capistrano Chapter? magazine. Catholic Church. Were they changing direction, or taking a We have a great chapter that’s growing. Members What were your step closer to what Christ was are young, they’re vibrant. These are great people impressions of the calling them to do? “Oh, Jesus is who are highly accomplished in their own fields Catholic Church growing calling you to be a missionary and who are looking to deepen the spiritual up? to the Catholics and get them aspect of their lives. saved” was basically how I We had heard the Catholic reconciled it. The business men and women we’re reaching Church had gone south It was a big shock to our entire out to today are those who command the legions somewhere in the Middle Ages. family and friends. My parents — politically, business-wise — and they can have They were “the bad guys.” My were cut off from almost all a tremendous impact on culture and the future dad had written something like of the financial support they of our country. Legatus is one of the answers 30 Reasons Why the Catholic were receiving. One pastor said to the purposes within our Lord’s heart for Church Is Wrong. But over my father was possessed by a America. L November 2020 | 50 | (new website!)

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