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Legatus Magazine January 2022

Published by Legatus International, 2021-12-21 16:22:31

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January 2022


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01•22 INSIDE 10VOL35•NO1 AFTER ‘GREAT RESIGNATION,’ COMPANIES MHIORDINERGNTIAZCETIC by Gerald Korson Sweetening offers and workstyles to alleviate staff shortages 16 20 24 ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/TANE-MAHUTA LEGATE MUSIC NIGERIAN TWO LATE- PRODUCER RELIGIOUS YEAR CHARTERS PIVOTS SISTERS INVITED TO U.S. TO HELP SPOTLIGHT BUSINESS FOCUS T R A FVFIICCTKIIMNGS LEGATUS’ TOWINAMRDIDC-HLIRFIEST– by Patti Armstrong CONGTRIONWUTEHD by Jim Graves Two execs and Catholic priest by Patti Armstrong Awakened to God’s purpose for media 5January 20s22pe|arhead nation|wildegeatpusr.oorggram Raleigh, Evansville among enterprise – to evangelize youth latest chapter-additions

MORE COVER 08VICE CHAIRMAN’S DESK 39 RICH MICHELI PHOTO 39FEEDING THE FOODIE Christopher S. McMahon: Recalling year of recovery R. Micheli: Osso Buco Milanese 48FIVE MINUTES Rawpixel 09EDITOR’S DESK J. P. De Gance: Marriage key to healing society 50 MEET THE CHAPLAIN PAGE Christine V. Owsik: Easy thing rarely the right thing Monsignor Murphy: Lehigh Valley Chapter PHOTO 26ETHICS MATTERS Get the New Year off to a hearty fresh J. Bursch: Make commitment to life your business start with Chef 28CULTURE OF LIFE Rich Micheli’s Osso Buco Milanese, for a P. Cerroni: Use of abortion-derived cell lines festive gathering or cozy winter meal. 30GUEST VOICE M. Dannenfelser: Life challenges after Roe 32 FAITH MATTERS Fr. Menezes: Why spiritual retreats are crucial 34ENGAGING THE FAITH Bishop Hying: Illuminating the darkness of now 37WHAT TO SEE “The Most Reluctant Convert” 38 HEALTH MATTERS HealthNetwork: Stay ahead of racing heart BOARD OF GOVERNORS Berni Neal Randall W. Hammond Diana Parent President Thomas S. Monaghan Orange County Denver Fort Wayne Stephen M. Henley Ann Arbor Secretary Advent Capital Parke Group International Chaplain Legatus Troy L. King S. Craig Henry James P. Sarni Bishop Frank Caggiano Founder, Chairman & CEO Orlando Lafayette-Acadiana Pasadena Bishop of Diocese of Bridgeport Dentistry for Children Bradford Food Group Payden & Rygel Ecclesiastical Advisor Christopher S. McMahon Treasurer Jerry R. Jones Mark R. Scalise Archbishop José H. Gomez Pittsburgh Sean J. Bellew Indianapolis Jupiter-Palm Beach Archbishop of Los Angeles MFA Wealth, LLC Philadelphia Cannon IV Scalise Industries Corporation President, United States Conference Vice Chairman Bellew, LLC of Catholic Bishops LEGATUS MISSION STATEMENT: Editor Christine Valentine-Owsik Comments, queries and address changes: Legatus magazine is published 12 times per To study, live, and spread the Design  Shawna Kunz, Lime Design Legatus Magazine year by Legatus, a membership organization Catholic faith in our business, Editorial Consultant  Gerald Korson PO Box 444 of Catholic presidents and CEOs. professional, and personal lives. Contributing Writer  Judy Roberts Ann Arbor, MI 48106-0444 © 2021 Legatus Contributing Writer  Jim Graves [email protected] All rights reserved Contributing Writer Patti Armstrong Phone: 866-534-2887 Contributing Writer Trent Beattie Copy Editor  Nancy Carabio Belanger To advertise, contact: [email protected] Advertising Sales Representative Joe Giacalone

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VICE CHAIRMAN’S CHRISTOPHER McMAHON ST. ANDRE BESSETTE DESK (1845-1937) Recalling a year of recovery, rediscovery … and restoration FEAST DAY: JANUARY 6 CANONIZED: OCTOBER 17, 2010 PATRON OF FAMILY CAREGIVERS CANADA’S FIRST MALE SAINT TO MY FELLOW LEGATES, I I am so proud of how we have stuck together in André Bessette, Canada’s first extend a very Merry Christmas recent times. For many reasons, Legatus was male saint, was a brother of the and Happy New Year on behalf particularly threatened by the Covid pandemic, Congregation of the Holy Cross, of myself and the board of but we weathered the storm admirably. We which oversees Notre Dame governors. chartered new chapters, launched new forums, University in South Bend, IN. While 2021 presented recruited hundreds of new members, and He is known both as a healer, challenges and extraordinary perpetuated our major events regardless of and for his devotion to St. circumstances for all of us, the headwinds. The state of our organization is Joseph; he led the effort to build hopefully it has been a time undeniably strong. I admit that initially I was Montreal’s famous Oratory of of rediscovering what is truly concerned about the effect that Covid could have Saint Joseph. important: renewal of faith in on our membership, but thanks to our national the Lord, and perseverance staff, we maintained overwhelmingly strong André was through uncertainty. My wife, renewals throughout the pandemic. We are born in Quebec, Molly, and I have enjoyed extremely blessed by the team that our president Canada, the extra time with our five grown and our chairman have assembled. I would like eighth of 12 children that likely would not to thank the entire group for their incredible children. He have occurred in a normal year, work. was sickly, and discovered opportunities had little to serve the Church that we Prior to joining the board of governors, I was education, and may not have otherwise fortunate to serve as president of the Pittsburgh was orphaned considered. These have been Chapter. This is the busiest season for our by age 12. He great blessings to us and to our chapter officers as they plan for the new year COMMUNION OF was quickly family. and closely monitor member renewals which SAINTS recognized for If 2021 was a year of recovery make chapter life possible. If you have not his piety, and and rehabilitation from already done so, please consider renewing your his parish pastor sent him to try Covid-19 and the associated membership today, and know that it is sincerely his vocation as a brother of the impacts, I believe strongly appreciated by all of us on the national board as Congregation of the Holy Cross, that 2022 will be a year of well as by your chapter officers. telling them, “I’m sending you restoration. In fact, there is a saint.” He would become the nothing I am more hopeful community’s premier saint, and about right now than Legatus’ Canada’s first male saint. trajectory in 2022. We are perfectly positioned for a It has been said many times that Legatus is Brother André performed breakthrough year, and I invite “made for such a time as this.” I wholeheartedly menial duties for the you to be part of all that the agree, and I also know that Legatus is built for community, most famously Lord has in store for us. We the times ahead. We need one another now more as porter (doorman), greeting look forward to a full schedule than ever! Thank you for allowing me to serve as visitors and filling out Mass of pilgrimages, Summits, and vice chairman and for all that you do to build the cards. He later joked, “When special events all designed Kingdom of God here on earth in preparation for I joined this community, the to bring our members closer the one to come.  L superiors showed me the door, to God. We will continue and I remained there 40 years.” boldly pursuing our mission of growing together in faith CHRISTOPHER McMAHON His prayers led to the cure of and spreading it to everyone is vice chairman on Legatus’ board of governors. many who were sick, and he around us. became known as the Miracle Worker of Montreal. He told the sick to pray, especially to St. Joseph. Thousands wrote to him requesting prayers; upon his death over one million came to his funeral. L — Jim Graves 8January 2022 | |

MARK YOUR EDITOR’S CHRISTINE VALENTINE-OWSIK CALENDARS DESK 2022 SUMMIT EAST The right thing isn’t (usually) the easy thing JANUARY 27-29, 2022 RITZ-CARLTON AMELIA ISLAND CHRIST SPOKE OF THE MUSTARD New ways of being pastoral – like through seed to represent the small ‘accompaniment’ and ‘gradualism’ – are touted. AMELIA ISLAND, FL beginnings of His Church, Contemporary Catholics have been told by some which — like the mustard seed clerics that particular sins cannot be abandoned EL CAMINO PILGRIMAGE — would grow into a vast tree. immediately, but must be allowed to ‘gradually’ And it did. diminish. But such cushy heresies are in fact APRIL 25-MAY 3, 2022 But much-demanded ‘easier’ directly at odds with true Catholic doctrine and SPAIN doctrines over the centuries teaching. Hard stop. — in other religions, and some MEXICO FAMILY PILGRIMAGE stunning counterfeits pressing The tough thing now is standing for immutable into Catholicism – haven’t been truth, in and out of season. God’s Truth doesn’t JUNE 10-13, 2022 the winning ticket they seemed. change; neither do His laws of science, math, and MEXICO CITY, MEXICO Did they, too, “grow” the Tree — nature. But they’re all out of season — the easy the Church? thing is to go along to get along, and hype the OBERAMMERGAU Nope. In fact, in the past 50 - 60 wrong answer. It’s blatent – in today’s contortion PILGRIMAGE years, certain ‘easy’ preachings of laws (or the ignoring of them), attempt at have not resulted in more fruit revising history, pretense that fakery is fact, and ONLY 2 SPOTS LEFT on the Tree — but saw many in rewarding the offenders over the Offended. dropping off. In numerous AUGUST 22-30, 2022 places, Catholicism no longer Throughout history, when societies and BAVARIA & AUSTRIA seemed singular. Many Catholic empires left God, all sanity and right-thinking schools – once seen by parents disappeared and they went mad. Birthrates SOLD OUTOBERAMMERGAU and grandparents as the right dropped, suicides increased, economies way to educate their children collapsed, all hell broke loose. It’s on our doorstep. PILGRIMAGE – instead obliterated Catholic truth. Priests and religious To get a good refresh on his purpose, man cannot SEPTEMBER 27-OCTOBER 5, 2022 left vocations with others not re-author reality. The Divine Author has set forth BAVARIA replacing them, or they betrayed immovable boundaries on God, nature, and justice. their calling while persisting in And Christ’s followers must refuse to live according 2023 SUMMIT their ‘habits.’ Catholics in public to delusion, no matter how prevalent it is. life became entirely comfortable FEBRUARY 9-11, 2023 flouting anti-beliefs, then taking Wherever society – or even the Church – is remiss FOUR SEASONS RESORT ORLANDO Holy Communion on camera. in pointing out falsehood, remember that it’s not No shame in that anymore. charitable to play along with others’ delusions. ORLANDO, FL Many faithful were led to FOR MORE INFORMATION: believe that certain immorality [email protected] isn’t a sin now. Christ is again being spat upon. OR CALL 866-534-2887 Today, those Catholics adhering to longstanding teachings, and who instill them in their True wisdom, it has been said, is the innate families and witness to them knowledge of things as they relate to God. And publicly, are ridiculed as the fullness of God’s Truth is still found in the throwbacks and haters. But deposit of authentic Catholic teaching. those who exhibit politically correct postures are esteemed. The cost is high now – friends, family, jobs, profits, maybe even our lives. But these are unparalleled times to be unmistakable ambassadors for Christ. People are starved for wisdom and Truth. L CHRISTINE VALENTINE-OWSIK is Legatus magazine’s editor. 9January 2022 | |

(OVER)TURNING THE TABLES IN THE EMPLOYMENT MARKETPLACE No longer business as usual: ‘The Great Resignation’ has forced companies to sweeten their offers in order to lure workers to return after the pandemic by Gerald Korson January 2022 | 10 |


Employees have been ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/SITTHIPHONG leaving their jobs voluntarily in unprecedented droves in recent months — 4.3 million in August, 4.4 million in September — continuing an exodus that stretched throughout much of 2021 and showed little sign of letting up as the new year began. IT’S DUBBED THE “GREAT RESIGNATION,” OR THE “BIG QUIT.” Analysts say it started last resist compliance with workplace vaccine and mask mandates. Resignation April, the first month in a Some experts suggest government relief payouts left many last May and three-month span that saw an furloughed and laid-off employees with an increased sense of is credited alarming 11.5 million workers entitlement and reduced motivation to return to work or to seek with coining quit their jobs, just as the new jobs. the term. hemisphere was reawakening from the social and economic “Like all well-meaning programs, there are Klotz’s doldrums of the Covid-19 always unintended consequences,” said professional pandemic. Yet the roots of the Michael Naughton, director of the Center research has Great Resignation reach back for Catholic Studies at the University of St. centered Anthony Klotz to worker dissatisfaction that existed long before the novel Thomas in St. Paul, MN, noting that the upon why coronavirus was first detected. federal government played “an important and how employees quit Various factors have been cited role” in assisting workers and organizations and what happens to them as contributing to the troubling during the pandemic, including through afterward. “Most of your trend. Some observers point to the CARES Act and its $800 billion in extra time as an employee, the the way the pandemic forced Michael Naughton unemployment relief. “Companies that corporation has the power,” companies to allow many employees and managers had to furlough employees often had a he told The Verse. “When you to work remotely, and the hard time getting them back, in part because the unemployment decide to leave, that power reticence of many to return to assistance was equal or more than what they were getting paid by shifts, and I’m interested in the workplace environment the business.” what employees do with that after experiencing the upsides power when they get it.” of working from home. Some FUELING THE FIRE workers express lingering That power has indeed shifted. concerns over contracting Yet the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on employment Just as the balance of housing Covid-19, while many more was only “an accelerant” for the unprecedented level of job supply and demand can create departures, according to Anthony Klotz, an associate professor of a “buyer’s market” or a “seller’s management at Texas A&M University who predicted the Great market” that tips the advantage in negotiations, the large 12January 2022 | |

number of vacated positions remotely, while laid off, or while on … roots of the Great supports has given rise to a “job-seeker’s furlough — gave people ample time Resignation reach workers’ rights market” that allows prospective to contemplate their priorities, to back to worker from the employees greater bargaining think outside the box about what dissatisfaction that perspective of power with prospective they want from life. They enjoyed existed long before Catholic social employers. The availability of the flexibility and autonomy they the novel coronavirus teaching. “Tens more attractive jobs vacated experienced during their “new was first detected of millions in during the Great Resignation normal” and wanted more of it. the hotel and likely has encouraged workers “During the pandemic, a lot of us restaurant to leave less attractive jobs have spent time doing different industry lost in hopes of securing better things, whether with family or their jobs. situations for themselves. Other essential Klotz saw resignations hobbies,” Klotz said. “And I think a workers risked increasing already by 2019, lot of people now realize ‘I’m more exposure to the then dropping dramatically than just my job.’ … All these things came together into pandemic virus.” in 2020. “I thought plenty of epiphanies, where people decided they wanted to pivot — they employees still wanted to didn’t miss their old life and wanted to do something different.” MISSILES OF quit their jobs, but few would quit voluntarily during the For many, their reflection surfaced simmering discontent over STRIKETOBER pandemic because there was issues other than compensation, such as feeling valued, having so much uncertainty,” he said. a sense of purpose, and addressing practical concerns such as The signs are clear in many “I figured if we got a vaccine daycare options. communities where fast-food and the economy improved, outlets, ordinarily the domain there could be a backlog of The pandemic affected rank-and-file workers differently in of low-paying, entry-level jobs, people who’d enact their plans manufacturing and service industries, openly advertise wages up for any number of reasons.” where slowdowns and shutdowns were to twice the state minimum Burnout is another broad factor common but remote work wasn’t an option. along with perks including in the Great Resignation, Klotz daily pay and bonuses. But said, an emotional draining “There were two groups of workers bigger companies likewise are from the pandemic experience impacted by the pandemic: the ones who sweetening their compensation with its related restrictions and worked throughout, and the ones who packages and perks in hopes stresses. Yet spending time at didn’t have work,” said Clayton Sinyai, of drawing and retaining a top- home — whether while working executive director of Catholic Labor shelf workforce. Network, an association of the faithful Clayton Sinyai in the Archdiocese of Washington that Even as the quitting trend continued last fall there came “Striketober,” the name given to strikes involving … [many were reticent] to return to the workplace environment after experiencing the upsides of working from home ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/EGGEEGGJIEW 13January 2022 | |

tens of thousands of availability of more Catholic Health System, and for employers seeking to workers nationwide attractive jobs Mercy’s parent company. improve employee retention emboldened by the “These new contracts rates. Great Resignation. address both and more.” Corporations including vacated during the A particular concern for Workers should think long Kellogg, Nabisco, Great Resignation Catholic labor advocates has and deeply before making the and John Deere were … has encouraged been to ensure that workers decision to quit. What’s better, hit hard, as was the workers to leave who were laid off during the Klotz said, is “to actually talk to healthcare industry. less attractive jobs pandemic receive “first dibs” your boss about how to recraft In Buffalo, NY, more in hopes of securing on getting their old jobs back or restructure your job to than 2,000 nurses better situations … as the business ramps up align it more with what you’re and other employees operations again. looking for post-pandemic in at Mercy Hospital this stage of your career.” ended a contentious “The workers deserve respect Employers, meanwhile, five-week strike and for their work,” said Fr. Ty “are experimenting with returned to work in Hullinger, a Baltimore pastor different ways of working, early November after union who joined area Catholics in successfully lobbying the Baltimore different ways of interacting members overwhelmingly City Council to pass “Right to Recall” legislation in October 2020. with their employees,” such approved new contracts. The “We wanted to see them protected and not lose their jobs through as determining whether negotiated deal, said a union no fault of their own. When conditions changed, we wanted them workers can be as productive spokesman, includes “historic to have the right to go back to work.” working remotely or in hybrid breakthroughs in guaranteed arrangements, partly from the safe staffing ratios, substantial SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK? office and partly from home. across-the-board wage increases, including bringing In the end, after the Great all workers above $15 an hour, An upshot of the Great Resignation is that employers need to Resignation has subsided, we and preserving health and change their strategies in hiring and retaining employees. will find “a better world of work retirement plans intact,” as with more options and benefits well as the hiring of hundreds “If you want your people to stick around, you’re going to have to for employees,” Klotz said. “At of new workers to alleviate convince them that what they’re getting from signing in each day least one nice silver lining from staffing shortages. outweighs the stress, lost time, and forgone opportunities it costs the pandemic is improving the them,” writes business journalist Jessica Stillman in the online world of work from what it was “We listened to our associates, journal Inc. “That’s always the case to some extent, but after a in 2019.” L and their primary concerns year of looking mortality in the face, your employees are probably were market-competitive considering that bargain a lot more closely than ever before.” GERALD KORSON, editorial consultant wages and increased staffing,” for Legatus magazine, is based in Indiana. said Mark Sullivan, CEO of Klotz of Texas A&M had advice both for disaffected workers … employers need to change their strategies in hiring and retaining employees ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/SILVIA JANSEN 14January 2022 | |

ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/STURTI WHAT WORKERS WANT “The Contribution Effect,” a 2021 study undertaken by KRC Research for the management consultancy firm United Minds, analyzes results from a comprehensive global survey of some 2,800 office-based, front-line, and trade or manufacturing workers as to what factors are most vital to their employee experience today — factors that influence job satisfaction and retention. Here are the study’s four key findings, or “pillars,” of what employees want in a post-pandemic world: Pillar 1: The non-negotiables. Employees at all levels expect fairness and safety. A “fair deal” includes not just pay equity and job security, but also an environment without harassment or discrimination — with age and sex discrimination topping the list of unfair treatments reported. Pillar 2: A desire to contribute. Employees want to feel valued for their contributions. They are motivated by doing good, purposeful work and being recognized for it. Pillar 3: Agency and balance. Perhaps surprisingly, the ability to work remotely does not rank high in retention factors. What ranks high is work-life balance, suggesting that workplace flexibility and self-management are seen as signs of trust and confidence. Pillar 4: Meaningful fun. This means not so much providing workplace diversions but building a positive work environment by engaging employees in solving problems and developing a deeper affinity to their peers and employers. Workers who feel their environment is fun and/or positive are several times more likely to stay with the company than those who do not. 15January 2022 | |


Never too late to turn modern media spotlight– and audiences –toward Christ by jim graves 17January 2022 | |

Mario Costabile, president experience His beauty, love, and documentaries. He of Legatus’ Newark Chapter empathy, and mercy.” remarked, “I found I had the and winner of the Legatus talent and ability to do well in 2020 Bowie Kuhn Award, was GREW UP IN the industry.” enjoying a successful career as THE BRONX Although he raised his five a music industry producer when children Catholic, he was a certain life events prompted Mario Costabile Mario grew up in the Bronx nominal Catholic himself, him to feel that God was calling in New York City, the son keeping his key focus on him not only to the more serious of Italian immigrants. He career success. A series of practice of his Catholic faith, but was interested in sports as events, however, led him to to use his media talents to bring a youth, but broke his leg explore his Catholic faith more young people for Christ. So, in while playing baseball, and seriously, beginning with a 2010, he founded Array of Hope spent a summer in traction cancer diagnosis at age 31 (, which healing. To pass the he feared might take his life. produces high-quality music, time, he turned to music, Although it was a trial for his film, events, and other content and upon his recovery wife and children, he came to which bring the Gospel to ever- refocused his efforts on believe God allowed it “in His increasing numbers of young singing and playing guitar, permissive will, as it led me to people. bass, and drums in a band. slow down and reflect on life.” Mario explained, “Our goal is to He survived the cancer and point them to the Person of Jesus He married and started a family, and in search of a more stable pressed on with his career, Christ and encourage them to income started a production company outside of Manhattan in 1980. but years later he would face develop a relationship with Him. He recorded music for television shows, bands, and off-Broadway another major challenge, the We want them to know and productions, and in 2000, began producing television commercials 18January 2022 | |

terminal illness of his mother. [ ] John nominated Mario for the Bowie Kuhn Award. He said, I spent time withHe recalled, “It led me to again “What makes Array of Hope non-Catholic Christianask the important questions: so important is that it allows Mario to bring his expertise Is God real? Is the Catholic and talents from the secular sphere to Catholic ministry so “performers. I saw themChurch rooted in the teaching that he can spread the Gospel in an effective way.” praise and worship.of Christ?” He continued, “Mario is the It created in me a archetype of the Legatus man: It led him to read and pray yearning for Catholics a successful professional, more, and begin going to to evangelize through prolific philanthropist, devoted daily Mass, a practice he still music like the Catholic, and committed to his maintains. His mother did Evangelicals family.” eventually pass away, but the Father Mariusz Koch, CFR graces he received from being has celebrated Mass for the a daily Communicant, “enabled Array of Hope staff and has me to see truth with greater invited Mario to speak at New clarity, and have a deeper York’s Immaculate Conception conversion to Christ. I started He began producing 2 ½-hour multimedia concerts for Catholic Seminary, where Father offers to feel the presence of Christ in venues utilizing film, lights, song, and witness, “like a Steubenville spiritual direction. Noting a way I never had before.” Youth Conference on steroids.” The events grew in popularity, and that Mario gave a “beautiful the messaging was “fine-tuned and oriented to Catholic theology.” personal witness about what And a third crucial life- The concerts, he said, are “a theological journey of the virtues, God is doing in his life,” Father experience led him to found faith, hope and love, culminating with prayer.” said, “Mario is amazing, and Array of Hope, which occurred demonstrates that we need when he first produced music Inspirational films were part of the events, and due to repeated to get the word of God out in for a Christian band, and went requests, Array of Hope began creating films and distributing creative ways.” to Nashville and met non- them through a variety of Catholic outlets. Among their Although Mario is grateful to Catholic Christian performers best-known films is Fatima Gems, which Mario produced in God for the success he’s had from groups such as Casting conjunction with the late Franciscan Father Andrew Apostoli, CFR over the past dozen years Crowns, MercyMe, and Amy (1942-2017), a 13-part series on the 1917 apparitions at Fatima, “evangelizing thousands,” Grant. He said, “I spent time Portugal. His experiences with the Franciscans, he said, led him he does at times feel with them. I saw them praise to develop a devotion to the Blessed Mother, culminating with uncomfortable in his new and worship. It created in me him consecrating the work of Array of Hope to her three years career as an evangelist. He a yearning for Catholics to ago. Its next major film is a 2022 documentary he hopes will explained, “I still feel like an evangelize through music like reveal “the horror of abortion,” not using a polemical approach but outsider, as I came to ministry the Evangelicals.” “informing through a common bond of humanity and love.” so late in life.” He asked God in prayer why Catholics couldn’t do the same, and he believed he received a clear answer: You do it. He continued, “That was the beginning of Array of Hope.” ATTUNED TO While leading Array of Hope THE NEW is the most difficult thing he EVANGELIZATION has ever done, he has found it rewarding and believes its Array of Hope’s mission work “more important than is to engage in the New ever.” He advises his staff to Evangelization using music, join him in attending Mass film, events, and other daily to pray for the success of content on a quality level Other components of the ministry include a regular podcast, the ministry, and for guidance commensurate to the best in featuring Mario interviewing prominent Catholics on topics as to where the ministry the secular world. He made related to the faith. And, in January 2022, Array of Hope will should go. Mario concluded, “I use of what he had learned launch an online channel with weekly programming, films, tell them I’m not the boss, the from the Evangelical artists, music, and other materials which users can enjoy. Holy Spirit is. It is important but went deeper to share the for our efforts that we stay Catholic faith. ARCHETYPE OF THE LEGATUS MAN connected to Him.” L He noted, “I came to see very clearly from the experiences I Array of Hope is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Old JIM GRAVES is a Legatus magazine had had in the music industry Tappan, New Jersey. It employs a small staff with a wide variety of contributing writer. that God was preparing me for talents, and is funded by donors and the modest fees charged for Array of Hope.” content and events. Mario serves as executive director, and was invited by John Knowles, Legatus Lehigh Valley Chapter member, to join Legatus in 2018. 19January 2022 | |

Religious sisters resuscitate human-trafficking victims Not long ago, prostitutes were scorned and discounted in respectable society. But as the real layers of human trafficking were peeled away, it became apparent that many prostitutes are victims trapped in slavery. by patti armstrong January 2022 | 20 |


A unique partnership has been forged by three Catholics to heal and protect these survivors. They have joined forces to bring Deb O’Hara-Rusckowski, is a former critical care nurse, married The problem is immense, religious sisters in to the U.S. to Steve Rusckowski with two children (one in heaven) and four O’Hara-Rusckowski explained. to minister, provide safe places grandchildren. She is a special advisor to the ambassador on “Forty million worldwide are for victims while they heal, and human trafficking for the Order of Malta’s Mission to the United trafficked. It is estimated there to put programs of prevention, Nations, focusing on human trafficking and the global refugee is $150 billion in profit; $60 protection, identification, and crisis. O’Hara-Rusckowski co-founded Global Strategic Operatives million in labor trafficking healing in place. for the Eradication of Human Trafficking (GSO), which conducts and the rest in sex trafficking. Through this partnership, 24 trainings for health care and other front-line entities such as Seventy-two percent of sex religious sisters were brought airlines and the service industry, on how to identify survivors and trafficking is of women and in from Nigeria this past fall. take appropriate actions. She has likewise been a guest speaker girls, and labor trafficking is The sisters representing six on human trafficking at both the New York City and Long Island 63 percent boys and men.” different congregations were Legatus Chapters. She revealed that little boys flown into Louisiana to join as young as four are victims five sisters already working Global Strategic Operatives (GSO) formed in 2018 to train health of sex trafficking. “It makes at a safe house in Louisiana. care systems in combatting trafficking worldwide. It concentrated homeland security sick to their They stayed at a Louisiana on the healthcare sector, based on evidence that some 88 stomachs, and they want to get police training barracks for 10 percent of victims seek medical care or treatment while being these people.” days of training, then split up trafficked. GSO thus created a pilot project in six large healthcare to apprentice at six different systems in six U.S. cities and five internationally – in India, the Nurses and social workers rehabilitation homes. In UK, Italy, Ethiopia, and Nigeria – to train and institute programs learn to look for women who December, the sisters were through entire hospital networks while simultaneously dispersed among five dioceses establishing relationships with local shelters, law \"[the sisters] will work in five states to minister to enforcement, and Homeland Security agents. with other Christian survivors. Plans are in place to bring in more sisters from The problem organizations, but they Nigeria, and also from the Philippines, and to build more In the 1980s, O’Hara-Rusckowski was a critical care are following Catholic safe houses. nurse in Boston, sometimes working in the emergency room. “If a prostitute came in, we [the nurses] used to New partnership look at one another and roll our eyes,” she told Legatus teaching which means magazine. “Now, I’m trying to teach them to start The effort began with three thinking: Who is forcing them to do this?” no abortions [or] Catholics who learned of one another through their contraception own work against human trafficking. Keenan Fitzpatrick, co- founder with his wife Brianna Fitzpatrick of AVODAH Farms based in Colorado, provides space for women, families, and young people to find restoration from human trafficking through farming, compassion, and supportive housing, with the integration of teaching and prayer. Father Jeff Bayhi of the diocese Deb O’Hara Rusckowski (back, center), Special Advisor to the Ambassador on Human Trafficking for of Baton Rouge in Louisiana the Order of Malta’s Mission to the United Nations, and co-founder of Global Strategic Operatives for is running Metanoia Manor — the Eradication of Human Trafficking (GSO), shown here with the Nigerian sisters brought in this past Greek for “change of heart” — fall to Baton Rouge to help human-trafficking survivors in dioceses throughout the U.S. a house for survivors of human trafficking, ministering through five religious Sisters of Mercy caring for them ’round the clock. January 2022 | 22 |

don’t seem to know their \" Nurses and social address because they are moved around so often, workers learn to look or if someone sitting with for women who don’t them answering all the questions. The goal is to get them separated and offer an opportunity to seem to know their ask for help. “On average, address because they are it takes seven visits to a moved around so often … health care facility before a victim is ready to accept help,” O’Hara-Rusckowski said. “You can put the help in “AVODAH first provides space for front of them, but if they are not women-survivors of sex trafficking to ready, forget it. You may just be find healing.” planting the seeds.” “The Catholic Church is the This father of soon-to-be five children works in several jobs, best place to go,” Fitzpatrick She noted that when a victim including consulting and investing. He finds creative ways to noted. “Their model is the most is ready for help, they are often make safe housing available, such as the repurposing of a former sustainable; having these nuns put in homeless shelters where 50-bed Mormon seminary in Boulder for Christian student as mothers and mentors who the recidivism rate is seven housing, while setting aside five to 10 of those beds for trafficking rely on Jesus. They show the times higher than that of a safe survivors ready to move into phase two. women that they are lovable.” home. “They are traumatized,” she explained. “They need Fitzpatrick was inspired by a friend working against human Although the religious sisters’ someone proficient to get them trafficking and felt called to also help. “I had an idea that churches mission is to provide a new the help they need. When I have leftover land and vacant buildings,” he said. “I began talking start, not to proselytize, their started 10 years ago, all of New with bishops about turning them into safe homes.” commitment to their vocations England had six beds and now speaks volumes. O’Hara- has 34 beds, which is still not The idea to bring in religious sisters came through Fitzpatrick’s Rusckowski noted that they enough. This is a crisis. When friendship with Fr. Bayhi. “He has a home for juvenile-trafficked will work with other Christian they are ready, they need help.” survivors in Baton Rouge that relies on five sisters from Nigeria,” organizations, but they are Fitzpatrick explained. “They are emotionally and spiritually following Catholic teaching A godly solution strong for this work and their success rates are high. This is which means no abortions and a model with great results that we wanted him to help bring no contraception. nationally.” Through her work, O’Hara- “Victim survivors need to Rusckowski met Keenan Fitzpatrick noted that in countries such as Nigeria and the abstain from sexual activity Fitzpatrick, founder of the Philippines, vocations for religious sisters are booming. “The for their healing,” she said. Colorado-based AVODAH sisters are truly witnesses of rejoicing in all things,” he said. “Even “Abortion is often a big issue. Farms, who was repurposing after traveling for two days to America and being exhausted We will not participate in church buildings as safe physically and emotionally, they were constantly singing, taking them to another homes. “The name AVODAH dancing, and praising God. Their hearts are primed to receive the abortion. Forced abortion is is a Hebrew word that means brokenness of these women and direct them to the healing heart part of the trafficker’s tool kit. If ‘work, worship, and service,’” of Jesus.” that costs us federal money, so Fitzpatrick explained. be it. We are doing this through Fr. Bayhi helps make connections with the grace of God.” L religious congregations, then local bishops give permission and parishes agree to accept them and offer support. The Order of Malta has helped PATTI ARMSTRONG is a Legatus magazine contributing writer. finance their transportation, training, and legal work for immigration. – SAINT JOSEPHINE BAKHITA PATRON OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING Pope St. John Paul II canonized Josephine Bakhita in 2000. Her feast day, February 8, became in 2015 the first international day for prayer on human trafficking. In a training class, the Nigerian sisters learn much about U.S. culture In 2019, Pope Francis drew special attention to human trafficking and how to work effectively with human trafficking victims here. on Saint Bakhita’s feast day, calling upon government leaders worldwide to intervene and stop the trafficking. The Pope prayed to Saint Bakhita for her intercession for trafficking victims. January 2022 | 23 |

Holiday season charters grow Legatus Legatus topped off the year by welcoming two new chapters. Tom Monaghan made his traditional visits at chartering ceremonies in Raleigh, North Carolina and Evansville, Indiana in November and December. Although the pandemic brought challenges to gathering memberships, both groups found creative ways to still draw new members.  Raleigh Chapter 20 years. “We first learned this about Legatus through past August. Prior to that, The chartering Mass an advertisement in he introduced the ministry for the Raleigh Chapter the National Catholic to Father Daniel Oschwald commenced on November Register,” Charlie explained. “I who agreed to come on as his 18 at St. Michael the thought it would be nice to try, replacement. Archangel Church, with so we joined and have loved it In addition to Fr. Tighe’s help, Monsignor David Brockman ever since.” Charlie said connections were officiating joined by pastor Fr. With no local chapter at the made through networking in Michael Burbeck. Dinner and time, the Doughertys’ at-large the diocese and with those a conversational ‘chat’ with membership allowed them to involved in pro-life work. Tom Monaghan followed at the participate in various Legatus Gathering membership Prestonwood Country Club just activities. “We attended the became especially challenging down the street from the church. yearly Summits and pilgrimages during the pandemic, Charlie Before a group in Raleigh got to Rome and other places, and noted, but he credited Legatus started, Chapter president did an Enclave,” Shannon said. with finding ways around that. Charlie Dougherty and “We were very happy to have connected with “We got to 15 toward the end of people in Legatus nationwide.” summer, but had to be creative,” his wife Shannon had When a Legatus chapter began forming in Charlie said. “We couldn’t have been “at-large” Legatus Raleigh, the Doughertys anticipated enjoying members for the company of like-minded people closer to home. Andy Oreffice was their first president, but after his recent move back to his Atlanta Chapter, Charlie was then chosen. Bishop Luis Rafael Zarama had agreed to a chapter in their diocese and their good friend Father Phillip Tighe offered to be the founding chaplain. “Fr. Tighe was very helpful getting things started,” Charlie said. Sadly, his health declined due to cancer in 2019 and 2020 and he died Gathering membership became especially challenging during the pandemic … but … Legatus [helped] with finding ways around that. January 2022 | 24 |

in Southeast and Heartland byPattiArmstrong in-person meetings, so we did things virtually. The enjoying one from the pandemic, so that Legatus folks were inventive.” Having dinners another’s company,” created some hurdles.” brought individually to members, enjoying Matthew noted. speakers on Zoom, and participating in a wine Still, they began to tasting event through home-delivered samples feel that it would also were fun ways to continue monthly meetings. be nice to network with other Catholics Evansville Chapter professionally, closer to home. They began Evansville chartered on December 1 in the by reaching out to Fr. Diocese of Evansville. Mass was celebrated Tyler Tenbarge who is at the St. Benedict Cathedral with Bishop Lindsey’s cousin. He Joseph Siegel as the main celebrant and Fr. is the director of the Tyler Tenbarge (Chapter chaplain) and Fr. Alex Fr. Deydier House of Zenthoefer (associate chaplain) joining him. A Discernment, and director of vocations at St. celebratory dinner and ceremony followed at the Boniface parish. Evansville Country Club. President Matthew Nix and his wife Lindsey “We first took him as a guest to a Louisville The Nixes credited having a were originally charter members in the meeting to introduce him to Legatus,” Lindsey dynamic chaplain as a help Louisville Chapter. “Evansville didn’t yet have a shared. “He’s a very dynamic speaker and spent with recruitment. “People chapter, so we were a part of Louisville for about time in Rome at the Gregorian University, so he know they are going to get four years,” Lindsey explained. The four-hour has a lot to draw on. He ended up being asked to be a great homily each month round trip was not a deterrent. “We saw the value a speaker in Louisville, so when we made the jump tailored specifically to them,” in having that time together in the car, kid-free, to Evansville, he was excited to be on board.” Lindsey said. “Father Tyler was Since the Nixes are both in instrumental their mid-30s, they were able in helping us to also reach other couples in connect with their age group, in addition some key folks,” to some in their 50s and 60s Matthew said. and one in his 80s who is a “We met with chairman of the board and still three or four very involved in church and couples who we politics. “The feedback we’ve thought would be gotten from folks is that they strong candidates really enjoy doing this as a and then they couple once a month, coming The feedback we’ve gotten from helped us recruit together with other Legates,” folks is that they really enjoy doing others. We had our Lindsey said. L information night this as a couple once a month, just as the world PATTI ARMSTRONG coming together with others was shutting down is a Legatus magazine contributing writer. January 2022 | 25 |

ETHICS JOHN BURSCH MATTERS Make the commitment to life your business ON DECEMBER 1, THE U.S. left to the people and the political Supreme Court heard oral process to resolve. The Court must arguments in the most stay neutral. Roe is anything important case of this but neutral. It was a power grab generation: Dobbs v. Jackson that created out of thin air a Women’s Health Organization. constitutional right to end life. The dispute involves Mississippi’s Gestational Age But as Catholic business leaders, Act, which protects preborn things are more complex. The life after 15 weeks’ gestation. Church’s pro-life teachings Remarkably, the case gives ask far more of us than simply the Court its first opportunity supporting and protecting ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/FIZKES in decades to overrule Roe v. unborn babies. Consider the Wade, which for 49 years has following questions: prohibited laws that safeguard — Does your organization our most vulnerable citizens. provide abortion coverage as an employee “health care” benefit? and treat customers and employees while As Catholics, it is easy to support — Do you own a company that engages in respecting life. To start, consider A Catechism for innocent life in the womb. research that destroys human embryos? Business: Tough Ethical Questions & Insights from Life is the most fundamental — Have you imposed a mandate that requires Catholic Teaching by Andrew Abela and Joseph human right, and the Church employees to take a vaccine developed with Capizzi. The book provides questions and answers has spoken with great clarity human embryos? to more than 100 challenging moral questions that on the importance of protecting — Does your company provide insurance Catholic business leaders face. It includes relevant pre-born life. As the Catechism coverage for euthanasia? quotations from many Church documents. of the Catholic Church explains — Have you ensured that your organization it: “Since the first century the provides benefits that incentivize and support The book covers major business topics such Church has affirmed the moral pregnancies, or that disincentivize and as marketing, investment, and finance. But it evil of every procured abortion. discourage them? also addresses social issues, including those This teaching has not changed — Do you provide services that are hostile to implicating life. When the Church provides and remains unchangeable. human life? a definitive answer, the authors say so. And Direct abortion, that is to say, — Do any company activities provide support to when the Church has not, the authors provide abortion willed either as an end the abortion industry? guidelines to assist your discernment. For or a means, example, if a company provides cleaning is gravely These are important services to an abortion clinic, the book provides contrary to the “… as we approach what questions that implicate resources and comments to help discern moral law” (CCC many kinds of company whether that makes the owner complicit in 2271). could be the end of Roe, policies and strategic performing abortions. As a legal it has never been more objectives. But if we are As business leaders, we must always strive to matter, the important to enact to not only hold pro-life act according to the Church’s teachings. As we views but also live the Court’s decision Church’s commitment approach what could be the end of Roe, it has is simple. policies that protect to life in our business never been more important to enact policies that Nothing in the and respect life life, they are questions protect and respect life. L text, structure, that deserve serious or history of the attention and JOHN BURSCH owns Bursch Law PLLC and Constitution consideration. serves as vice president of appellate advocacy at says anything about a mother’s right to take This column does not provide adequate space Alliance Defending Freedom. He has argued 12 her child’s life. And when the to dive deeply into how the Catholic Church’s cases in the U.S. Supreme Court and frequently Constitution is silent, issues are teachings should inform how to run a business represents companies and business owners exercising their religious faith in the public square. He is president of the Grand Rapids Chapter of Legatus. January 2022 | 26 |

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CULTURE OF PHILIP CERRONI, M.P.H. LIFE Ever licit to use abortion- derived cell lines? THE MORAL ACCEPTABILITY other circumstances, it is not of using abortion-derived cell necessarily illicit for researchers lines in research has been to use them. In Dignitas an area of debate in Catholic personae, the Congregation bioethics for some time. The for the Doctrine of the Faith Magisterium first weighed in advised, “It is fitting therefore over a decade ago. to formulate general principles on the basis of which people of Although it is a relatively good conscience can evaluate uncontroversial position that and resolve situations in which Catholics can use vaccines they may possibly be involved developed using abortion- [with such research] on account derived cell lines, the stance of their professional activity” toward conscientious (34). ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/GERENME participation in research has been more ambivalent. Eleven years later, in Moral Some people have made the Reflections on Vaccines moral distinction between a Prepared from Cells Derived supervisor, who has authority from Aborted Human Foetuses, to decide which cell lines are the Pontifical Academy for Life (PAV) indicated permissible to achieve a proportionate good, used, and a technician, who through a double negative the conditions in and the PAV indicates that protecting the has no say in this area. The which researchers can use such cell lines. public’s heath, especially that of children and implication is that a Catholic Vaccine producers, the PAV said, engage in pregnant women, is a proportionate reason in conscience could be a illicit passive material cooperation “if they do to justify cooperation in these cases. (The technician but not denounce and academy expresses greater reservations about would be on less reject publicly the the permissibility of marketing these drugs, but morally stable “[B]ecause of the great original immoral this may be because it is difficult to object to a ground if he or she act (the voluntary product’s origins and seek alternatives while were promoted. temporal distance from abortion), and if rigorously promoting its adoption.) Although this the abortions as well as they do not dedicate distinction themselves together Considering this guidance, scientists who use correctly identifies other circumstances, it is to research and abortion-derived cell lines, object to their use, cooperation as the not necessarily illicit for promote alternative and try to find alternatives appear to engage in operative principle, ways, exempt licit remote mediate material cooperation with and establishes researchers to use them from moral evil, abortion. First, their research projects do not use neat, role-based for the production aborted fetal tissue (and are causally unrelated responsibilities for of vaccines for the in that regard); the abortions occurred long ago, cooperators, it does same infections.” and current research did not contribute to them not seem to reflect magisterial in any way; and the potential effect of using statements, which provide less- In this document, the PAV associates research these cell lines on encouraging future abortions rigid guidelines. using abortion-derived cells lines with material is similarly remote. Second, this minimal cooperation with evil but does not specify assistance is outweighed by the great goods of The Church has continuously whether this would be immediate, proximate developing life-saving medical products and affirmed that aborted-derived mediate, or remote mediate. Immediate material giving Catholic witness by going to great lengths cell lines are originated in a cooperation is virtually indistinguishable to use ethical cell lines. L grave injustice from which from the principal agent’s action, such as their use cannot be separated. directly assisting the agent. Mediate material PHILIP CERRONI, M.P.H., Nevertheless, because of cooperation is characterized by causal distance is an associate ethicist at the National Catholic the great temporal distance between the actions of the cooperator and from the abortions as well as the principal agent. Material cooperation is Bioethics Center. He also is managing editor of the National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly. January 2022 | 28 |

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GUEST MARJORIE DANNENFELSER VOICE Even if Roe overturned, more life challenges loom THIS SPRING OR SUMMER, THE He also could have heard Supreme Court is poised to Chief Justice Roberts point out decide whether Mississippi’s (correctly) that, under Roe, the 15-week abortion limit, and United States shares its abortion pre-viability limits on abortion policy with just a handful of generally, are constitutional. In nations, like China and North the Dobbs late abortion case, Korea. A comprehensive any way of answering “yes” analysis by Charlotte Lozier undercuts Roe v. Wade, which Institute found that 47 out of 50 imposed abortion on-demand progressive European nations ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/LJUBAPHOTO up to birth nationwide. limit elective abortion prior to 15 weeks; eight of them, including Decades of pro-life political Great Britain, don’t allow elective and legal strategy brought abortion at all. us to this moment. The end of abortion in America is no Average Americans hold similar longer theoretical, and we must views. Seventy-six percent favor significant team is in the field once more, going door to door be prepared. limits on abortion that Roe doesn’t allow. Almost to educate persuadable voters about what’s at two-thirds of Americans would modify or stake. It’s a shame the current completely overturn Roe, when they understand Administration wasn’t paying it allows painful late-term abortions, and most After Roe, the people of each state – not attention during would welcome unelected judges – will determine abortion oral arguments a 15-week limit. policy. Catholics, always among the vanguard of in December. “I “After Roe, the people No wonder state the fight for human rights and dignity, will play didn’t see any of the of each state – not lawmakers a vital role. debate today…” the enacted more President stated. “I unelected judges – will than 100 new The pro-life movement must redouble its efforts to serve women, children, and families support Roe v. Wade. determine abortion policy pro-life laws in and strengthen the pro-life safety net. State I think it’s a rational 2021, a record. initiatives like Texas’ $100-million-per-year position to take.” Alternatives to Abortion program complement The Biden America’s 2,700 pregnancy centers, proving we If he’d listened, he administration can “love them both.” might have heard how reason responded to this momentum by opening the supports our Catholic faith. floodgates to dangerous mail-order abortion Science reveals in detail how pills. Research shows chemical abortions are Consensus will differ by state, and the debate each of us is fearfully and four times riskier for women than surgical will sometimes be messy – but by holding it in wonderfully knit together in abortion, with complications like severe the public square, we can shape the culture and our mother’s womb. In 1973, pain and bleeding, infection, even death. A pass ambitious laws that save countless lives. sonogram images consisted of landmark study found that the rate of emergency grainy black-and-white dots. room visits related to chemical abortion has Victory is not inevitable, but with God nothing is Today, we can watch in 4-D skyrocketed 500 percent since 2002. This impossible. Throughout 2022 and beyond, please as unborn babies suck their reckless move crosses a new frontier. Thankfully, join me and millions of Americans in praying thumbs, make faces, and even seven states enacted proactive safeguards in without ceasing for life to be restored.  L cry. We know that by 15 weeks, 2021, with more likely to follow. their hearts have beat nearly 16 MARJORIE DANNENFELSER million times, their fingers and Dobbs ensures the life issue will be front and is president of the national pro-life group Susan toes have formed, and they feel center in elections this year. Pro-life candidates B. Anthony List. SBA List is a network of 900,000 pain. Any shadow of doubt about have a strong advantage when they stay on their humanity is untenable. It’s offense, exposing their pro-abortion opponents’ pro-life Americans nationwide, dedicated to time our laws caught up. extreme policy positions. Susan B. Anthony List’s ending abortion by electing national leaders and advocating for laws that save lives, with a special calling to promote pro-life women leaders. January 2022 | 30 |

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FAITH FATHER WADE MENEZES, C.P.M. MATTERS Why spiritual retreats are so crucial “AND HE SAID TO THEM, ‘COME to a place of solitude for away by yourselves to a lonely meditation, self-examination, place, and rest a while.’” and prayer, in order to make - (Mark 6:31) certain necessary decisions in one’s spiritual life. Although Widely neglected in our the practice is older than day and age, but of great Christianity, the example of importance for growth in Christ’s 40 days in the desert the spiritual life and for the makes such retreats part ordering of one’s temporal of divine revelation, to be life, is the occasional making imitated, as far as possible, by of a spiritual retreat – at least his followers” (Modern Catholic ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/AGUSTAVOP annually. This is true for Dictionary [MCD], by Fr. John everyone, regardless of their Hardon, S.J., p. 466). vocation and state in life. As noted by Pope Benedict XVI The word “retreat” means to (writing as Joseph Cardinal “pull away from” or to “pull Ratzinger), “Without doubt, back” and is associated with numerously.” So it is that many religious orders a Christian needs certain military combat—for example, when soldiers in own, staff, and operate retreat houses or retreat periods of retreat into solitude combat pull away from or retreat from the front centers, as do some dioceses and Catholic to be recollected and, in God’s line of battle. When making a good retreat, that’s lay-based organizations. All of these will offer presence, rediscover his path” exactly what the Christian is doing: he or she calendars of specifically themed retreats (e.g., for (Congregation for the Doctrine is pulling back from the affairs of everyday life individuals, married couples, father-son, mother- of the Faith, Letter to the and re-connecting with God in a special way in daughter, Ignatian, etc.) and will also give the Bishops of the Catholic Church surroundings that are conducive to this end. name and credentials of the retreat master on some Aspects of Christian giving the retreat. Meditation, October 15, 1989, According to Fr. John Hardon, S.J. who was a A time of renowned retreat master himself, “As a formal One final note: While a registration fee is often spiritual retreat refreshes the devotion among all classes of the faithful, required for a spiritual retreat, it is usually a whole person retreats were reasonable one given the costs associated with – soul, body, introduced with hosting a group of persons at a retreat center mind, and spirit. “ … refreshes the whole the Counter- (such as food, utilities, groundskeeping, general Reformation, led It provides person – soul, body, mind, staffing, etc.). So, do some research and check time for by St. Ignatius out what Catholic retreat houses exist in your contemplation and spirit … a time for “a of Loyola, and diocese and surrounding area. Make sure they’re and prayer – in friendly intercourse and followed by St. reputable for their faithfulness to the teaching of short, it’s a time Francis de Sales the Church, and then invest in your spiritual life for “a friendly frequent solitary conversation and St. Vincent – and make a spiritual retreat. L intercourse and with Him who … loves us de Paul” (MCD, (Excerpt from Fr. Menezes’ forthcoming book, Faith at the Forefront, p. 466). ... to be published by EWTN Publishing in conjunction with frequent solitary Sophia Institute Press in Spring 2022.) conversation with Him who, Worth noting, as we know, too, is that Pope loves us” (St. Teresa of Avila, Pius XI, in his Apostolic Constitution Declaring FR. WADE L.J. MENEZES, C.P.M., Life, Chapter VIII). St. Ignatius Patron of all Spiritual Exercises is the assistant general of the Fathers of Mercy, [July 25, 1922], wrote: “We desire that retreat an itinerant missionary preaching order based in A retreat involves a houses, where persons withdraw for a month, Auburn, KY. He hosts EWTN Radio’s Open Line “Withdrawal for a period or for eight days, or for fewer, to put themselves Tuesday and authored the soon-to-be-released of time from one’s usual into training for the perfect Christian life, may book Faith at the Forefront. His other titles include surroundings and occupations come into being and flourish everywhere more The Four Last Things: A Catechetical Guide to Death, Judgment, Heaven, and Hell and Overcoming the Evil Within: The Reality of Sin and the Transforming Power of God’s Grace and Mercy (EWTN Publishing). January 2022 | 32 |

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ENGAGING THE BISHOP DONALD HYING FAITH Called to illuminate the darkness of right now [SERIOUS CHRISTIANS] CAN ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/EVGENIIAND The social duty CATECHISM never stay safely attached of Christians to the merely theoretical; None of this opposition should deter us from is to respect 101 our Catholic faith sends living our faith in the concrete situations of our us into this world that is society; sometimes such criticism can actually and awaken in marred and warped by be a stamp of approval that we are living Gospel each man the love of the true sin, violence, poverty, lust, values. As Jesus said, “Woe to you, when all and the good. … Christians despair, and greed, in order men speak well of you, for so their fathers did to are called to be the light of to apply the doctrines of the false prophets” (Luke 6:26). Embracing the the world. Thus, the Church the Church to living people, teachings of Christ can be a subversive activity, shows forth the kingship of concrete situations, and social because when we follow the Lord, He uses us to Christ over all creation and structures. When we actually overthrow the deceptions, injustices, hatred, and in particular over human start acting the Gospel out in sin of this world to help the Kingdom of God to societies. the lived reality of economics, flourish with greater authenticity and power. politics, and culture, we start Catechism of the getting into trouble. … G.K. Chesterton famously said in his What’s Catholic Church, #2105 When I served in the Wrong With the World that “Christianity cannot Dominican Republic, no one be condemned because it has not yet been SCRIPTURE And those took issue with our parish fully tried.” [20th-century French Catholic and 101 who are building latrines, teaching co-founder the Catholic Worker movement with wise shall people to read, or dispensing Dorothy Day] Peter Maurin said that “the Gospel shine like the food and medicine, but when is a keg of dynamite that Christians have been we formed a human rights sitting on for two thousand years.” brightness of the firmament; committee, started working on and those who turn many to needed land reform, and talked We ask the Lord to inspire us to go ever deeper righteousness, like the stars for about the rights and needs into our faith, to make our love more specific ever and ever. of the campesinos, a group of and practical, and to allow the Lord’s generous government soldiers with guns sacrifice on the Cross to move our hearts to be Daniel 12:3 came to the rectory one day to question me about what we that lavish in our response to His astonishing were doing. mercy. The world needs the light of Christ When we start helping to free more than ever; we are called to illuminate the persons from the evil clutches darkness of the world! of human trafficking, those L who profit from prostitution and sweat shops will get angry. Excerpt from Love Never Fails: Living the Catholic Faith in our Daily Lives, by Bishop When we attempt to help Donald Hying (Ignatius Press, 2021), pp. 87-89. women in crisis pregnancies choose for the life in their MOST REVEREND DONALD HYING wombs, the lucrative abortion is the fifth bishop of Madison, Wisconsin, industry will come after us. When we question the ethics appointed by Pope Francis in 2019. After his 1989 and greed of Wall Street, some priestly ordination, he served parishes in the will call us Communists. When Archdiocese of Milwaukee and a parish in the we defend religious freedom and the integrity of marriage, Dominican Republic. He was dean of formation, some will call us “haters” or then rector, at St. Francis de Sales Seminary (Milwaukee). Pope Benedict “intolerant.” … XVI appointed him auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee in 2011, then bishop of the Diocese of Gary, Indiana in 2015. January 2022 | 34 |

January 2022 | 35 |

WHAT TO READ Catholic Stories of Faith and redemption in their suffering its present destructive course. based Hope: How God Brings Good might inspire us to do likewise Can we fix what is wrong? advice with Out of Suffering when the opportunity strikes. Sometimes it’s best to get back the latest Steven R. Hemler To suffer is part of the human to basics and “build anew,” as findings of TAN Books, 264 pages condition, but God bringing Hartch indicates in the title of science and good out of our suffering is a his new book. He advocates psychology A generation key to our journey to heaven. we rebuild through selfless to help those ago, the service, through reclaiming who have spiritual A Time to Build Anew: How art as a reflection of true trouble advice given to Find the True, Good, and beauty, through establishing keeping their brains in sync. to someone Beautiful in America new Catholic institutions to Negative thinking, self- who was Todd Hartch crowd out failed ones, and doubt, and patterns of mass undergoing Angelico Press, 234 pages through fundamentals like distraction are enemies of our any kind of strengthening family life. The peace of mind and personal suffering It’s getting tougher to be a examples offered here provide success, and this book was to faithful Catholic in today’s both inspiration and real explains how our brains work “offer it up.” That’s still good society, and yet the morals blueprints for success. and how to use prayer and advice: if we endure our pains Godly thoughts to transform prayerfully and heroically, and Winning the War in Your Mind: our lives. Groeschel is a uniting them to the Passion values of Change Your Thinking, Change founder of his own Christian of Christ, then our suffering Catholicism Your Life church, but you’ll want to takes on redemptive value. are precisely Craig Groeschel couple his insights with sound That’s easier said than done what Zondervan, 256 pages Catholic reading and spiritual when in the midst of agony, America direction to keep yourself — of course. This book of stories needs in Pastor and author Craig and your psyche — on the about people who have found order to Groeschel combines Scripture- right track.  L emerge from January 2022 | 36 |

WHAT TO SEE Multi-faceted look at almost-Catholic, C. S. Lewis SOME KNOW C.S. LEWIS AS A one-man show, a film version the script culled expertly The Most Reluctant Convert: writer of science fiction and of which already is available for from his published writings The Untold Story of C.S. Lewis children’s fantasy through his streaming as C.S. Lewis Onstage: including Surprised by Joy popular Space Trilogy or The The Most Reluctant Convert. and The Problem of Pain. The Max McLean, Nicholas Ralph, Chronicles of Narnia. Others McLean is the founder of the film recounts the trials and Eddie Ray Martin • 93 minutes • Not Rated know him as the author of Christian live-theater group tragedies of his childhood, some of the most beloved Fellowship for Performing Arts, his nominally Christian probable explanation is that I Christian spiritual classics of and has performed solo stage upbringing, his lapse into was made for another world.” the past century, including Mere dramatizations of Bible books atheistic materialism, his The Most Reluctant Convert Christianity, The Screwtape as well. dalliance with the occult, serves as a reminder that this Letters, and The Great Divorce. In the new film, McLean and his distressingly is true of us all.  L Perhaps fewer realize that portrays the older Lewis as slow but inexorable turn Lewis embraced Christianity he walks through well-acted toward belief in God and, GERALD KORSON only as an adult after a long and scenes from his younger life, eventually, Christianity. The is a Legatus magazine editorial consultant circuitous path, first of apathy breaking the “fourth wall” older Lewis narrates his and later of intellectual inquiry. with narration directed conversion tale charmingly and staff writer. This journey of conscience is the toward the film audience. and movingly, with eloquent subject of The Most Reluctant The younger Lewis’s questions and discoveries Convert: The Untold Story of C.S. intellectual journey is worthy of our meditation. Lewis, which began a limited prodded along by friends and “If I find in myself a desire theatrical run in November colleagues who challenge which no experience in this and will soon be available him, including the author world can satisfy,” Lewis on streaming services. It’s an J.R.R. Tolkien, with much of says, echoing his words in adaptation of Max McLean’s Mere Christianity, “the most January 2022 | 37 |

HEALTH HEALTHNETWORK FOUNDATION STAFF MATTERS Staying ahead of a racing heart ATRIAL FIBRILLATION (AFIB) where most arrhythmias originate led to is a quivering or irregular developments in ablation procedures. Today heartbeat, or arrhythmia, when someone comes in with AFib, they that can lead to blood clots, have several treatment options available. stroke, heart failure, and other An ablation can be done as an outpatient complications. procedure using catheters (inserted through the groin) that deliver energy to make small Some people live for years scars in the heart tissue to stop abnormal with AFib without problems electrical signals. By the next day, patients or symptoms. Others feel significantly better. It’s life changing! may experience heart ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/MAGICMINE palpitations, lack of energy, HNF: What’s on the horizon? lightheadedness, fainting, chest pain or pressure, or Saliba: We’re studying the effect of ablation shortness of breath even at rest. on the heart and how newer forms of Untreated AFib doubles the energy might help us do more effective and risk of heart-related deaths and safer ablations. clinical trial with humans. That requires funding. is associated with a fivefold This is where philanthropy can really help. increased risk for stroke. Dr. Wazni: There are a lot of initiatives, especially in advanced cases with patients who Wazni: Another way philanthropy makes a Electrophysiologists are have persistent AFib, looking at what do we do difference is how it enables us to spend more experts in ablation next when the time with the patient and investigating problems. procedures and usual approach Many come here for a re-do procedure after an management “Untreated AFib isn’t working. unsuccessful experience elsewhere. They notice of patients with We’re also looking this difference, and many then become donors. pacemakers and doubles the risk of at the way we defibrillators. We heart-related deaths manage heart I remember a patient who was referred for a asked Drs. Walid failure. There’s defibrillator because his heart was weak. After Saliba and Oussama and is associated with a new device spending time with him and investigating his Wazni from the a fivefold increased being studied that case, I told him we can avoid the defibrillator if Cleveland Clinic to paces the normal we perform an ablation instead. That was more give us a glimpse risk for stroke conduction system than 10 years ago. He has maintained rhythm into their world of to re-sync the left and his heart became stronger without the need electrophysiology (EP). and right ventricles for a defibrillator. L and improve heart Healthnetwork function. It appears WALID SALIBA, M.D., is medical director Foundation: What has to be safer, cheaper, and better because it’s more of the Center for Atrial Fibrillation and director of changed in electrophysiology in line with the body’s natural physiology. during your time in the field? the Electrophysiology Lab at the Cleveland Clinic. HNF: How does private philanthropy contribute OUSSAMA WAZNI, M.D., M.B.A., Dr. Saliba: It used to be that to this innovation? is section head and director of the Outpatient when a person had AFib there wasn’t much doctors could do. Saliba: Whenever you have a new modality, Electrophysiology Department and director of the Around 1999, a discovery of you need to experiment in an animal lab or in a Ventricular Arrythmia Center, the Center for AFib, and the AFib Stroke Prevention Center at the Cleveland Clinic. HEALTHNETWORK is a Legatus membership benefit, a health care “concierge service” that provides members and their families access to some of the most respected hospitals in the world. One Call Starts It All: (866) 968-2467 or (440) 893-0830. Email: [email protected] HEALTHNETWORK FOUNDATION is a nonprofit whose mission is to improve medicine for all by connecting CEOs with leading hospitals and their doctors to provide the best access to world-class care and increase philanthropic funding for medical research. January 2022 | 38 |

FEEDING THE CHEF RICH MICHELI FOODIE Make the most of a fresh start “A FRESH START” — WHAT A “distancing” that many close connections have easy as picking up sense of renewal these words been neglected. This sense of connectivity with trash when you carry. We look forward to what our fellow brothers and sisters can be a focus for walk to the store the future holds, reminisce on us this new year. or sponsoring an what has happened, and work “adopt-a-road” within ourselves to change Community reconnection can range from the campaign through for the better. Change for the very simple and easy to the extremely intense your social group or better is not only personal, but and time-consuming. The best strategy is to company. communal. seek activities according to Don’t become When we think “… sense of connectivity your interests overwhelmed by so of New Year’s with our fellow brothers and talents that many ways to assist resolutions, the most fit your lifestyle your local area basic quickly come and sisters can be a and schedule. and your neighbor. to mind. Many of us focus … this new year Feeding the Make one clear, resolve to eat better, poor can involve God-inspired decision at a time, and this will exercise more, or donating food lead you to the next opportunity to serve. “Trust enrich ourselves with to your church in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean reading or learning food drive or on your own understanding. In all your ways projects. Some put spending weekly acknowledge him, and he will make straight volunteering on their list of time at a food bank or shelter. Mentoring a your paths” (Prov 3:5-6). L resolutions, but that is often young person can range from sitting down to too broad a goal. Recently, talk with someone interested in your field of CHEF RICHARD MICHELI, new this month to the “Foodie” roster, families and friends have work to joining a “big brother” or “big sister” is chef-owner at The Portofino Restaurant in Arlington, VA. been separated for so long by program. Cleaning your community can be as OSSO BUCO MILANESE • SERVES: 4 Ingredients: bottom and a little more. Heat over 4 - 1¼-1 ½-inch thick-cut osso buco medium-high heat until shimmering. pieces (veal shank) 1 cup flour, for dredging Place flour in bowl. Dredge veal pieces Olive oil, as needed in flour and shake off excess. Add to 2 tbsp. unsalted butter pan; do not overcrowd the pan. Cook 1 onion, large, diced medium until lightly brown and turn over to 2 carrots, diced medium brown both sides, approximately five 2 celery stalks, diced medium minutes per side. 2 cloves garlic, minced Salt and pepper, as needed to taste Remove pieces to platter and repeat with pieces to pan. Try to fit veal in an even Remove pan from oven. Remove veal 1 28 oz. can whole peeled tomatoes remaining pieces. Add more oil if needed. layer. Bring to simmer. pieces to platter. Discard bay leaf and 1 cup red wine rosemary. Adjust consistency of the 1 qt. store-bought or homemade veal Add butter to pan; heat to medium. Transfer to oven. Cook for 45 mins. cooking liquid: add more liquid if too broth or chicken broth Add vegetables; stir and cook until soft. dry, or simmer on stovetop if too thin. 1 sprig rosemary Remove from pan and hold in bowl. Remove Dutch oven, turn over veal 1 bay leaf pieces. Add more liquid (water) to pan Serve veal pieces individually; spoon Remove pan from heat; add red wine. if necessary to maintain moisture (not sauce over top. Can be served over Directions: Scrape any pieces stuck to the bottom too dry). Add reserved vegetables and risotto or pasta. Buon Appetito! Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Heat of the pan. Add tomato, broth, bay leaf, stir. Return to oven. Cook one hour. olive oil in Dutch oven, enough to cover rosemary sprig, and veal osso buco January 2022 | 39 |

U.S. BRIEFS SUPREME COURT DENIES “We need to tell our Meanwhile, the number of Catholics RELIGIOUS LIBERTY CHALLENGE story of salvation who say they never attend Mass TO NY COVID-VACCINE MANDATE in a new way, has increased by 62 percent from WASHINGTON — On December 13, with charity and 18 percent before the pandemic to the high court rejected an appeal to confidence, without 29 percent at the time of the survey. block New York’s Covid-19 vaccine fear,” he said in a mandate for health care workers videotaped address ARCHDIOCESE TO PAY $1 MILLION without a religious exemption. for the 23rd Catholic SETTLEMENT FOR ‘FRAUDULENT’ Justices Brett Kavanaugh and and Public Life HURRICANE DAMAGE CLAIMS Amy Coney Barrett cast votes in Congress, held in NEW ORLEANS — The Archdiocese opposition to the challenge, in mid-November in of New Orleans will pay more than the 6-3 defeat. Justices Clarence Madrid. “This is the $1 million in a settlement related Thomas, Samuel Alito, and Neil Church’s mission in every age and to allegations of fraud in the wake Gorsuch voted to uphold the appeal every cultural moment.” of Hurricane Katrina, which hit – with Gorsuch issuing a scathing The archbishop said the Church the city in 2005, the Department opinion. needs to understand these of Justice announced in mid- movements “as pseudo-religions, November. The mandate affects workers in and even replacements and rivals New York hospitals, nursing homes, to traditional Christian beliefs” diagnostic and treatment centers, because “they claim to offer what adult care facilities, certified home religion provides.” health agencies, hospices, long- term home health care programs, SURVEY: WEEKLY MASS According to the DOJ, the settlement AIDS home care programs, licensed ATTENDANCE HAS DROPPED “resolves allegations” that the home care service agencies, and 14 PERCENT SINCE PANDEMIC archdiocese “knowingly signed limited licensed home care service COLUMBUS, Ohio — The number certifications for FEMA funding agencies. of Catholics who say they go to that contained false or fraudulent ARCHBISHOP GOMEZ: CHRIST IS Mass every week has dropped damage descriptions and repair THE ANSWER, NOT ‘WOKENESS’ significantly since the Covid-19 estimates” from a period lasting AND ‘INTERSECTIONALITY’ pandemic, according to The Pillar’s from 2007 through 2013. LOS ANGELES — Archbishop José new Survey on Religious Attitudes The Archdiocese of New Orleans H. Gomez said that the Catholic and Practices. has in the past denied any Church must proclaim Jesus Christ Forty-one percent of those who wrongdoing. The archdiocese filed “boldly” and “creatively” in the face describe themselves as Catholic for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2020 of new secular movements that reported going to Mass at least once amid multiple lawsuits related to promote “social justice,” “wokeness,” a week before the pandemic, the historical sexual abuse of minors. L and “intersectionality” as the October 2021 survey found, but only answer to all of society’s ills. 36 percent say they attend at least weekly now, including streaming Masses — a drop of 14 percent. January 2022 | 40 |

WORLD BRIEFS WITH COVID-19 CAUSING INCREASE Ravenna, northern Italy, site of November, would evaluate the IN POVERTY, LATIN AMERICAN Dante’s tomb, to the Renaissance performance of the army in Papua BISHOPS CONFRONT THE ISSUE magnificence of Florence, his given the frequent clashes with MEXICO CITY — The Covid-19 birthplace — and back again — separatist rebels resulting in both pandemic “has certainly brought over 20 stages to mark the 700th civilian and military casualties. more poverty,” said Peruvian anniversary of Dante’s death in “Repeated violence is causing more Archbishop Héctor Miguel Cabrejos 1321, according to a new Italian- unrest and depriving Papuans of a Vidarte, president of the Latin language guidebook. sense of security,” Gusma said. American bishops’ council, or CELAM, A “Year of Dante” in Ravenna came Activists say the army’s heavy- “One has to confront this situation.” to a close at the end of 2021. Pope handed approach in dealing CELAM has made it a priority to Francis said in October 2020 that with rebels from the West Papua address the pandemic’s effects the milestone of Dante’s death Liberation Army has triggered on poverty, including at the Sixth should inspire people to rediscover an escalation of violence that has Ecclesial Assembly of Latin America The Divine Comedy. increasingly affected civilians. and the Caribbean in late November. INDONESIAN CATHOLIC FRENCH MUSLIMS HARANGUE “In our region, the pandemic ACTIVISTS ASK MILITARY FOR MARIAN STREET PROCESSION has revealed with great force the HUMANITARIAN APPROACH OUTSIDE PARIS serious problems we have been JAKARTA, Indonesia — A Catholic NANTERRE, France — A candlelit suffering for decades,” said a organization has joined advocacy street procession on the Solemnity CELAM preparatory document for groups in calling on Indonesia’s of the Immaculate Conception, the assembly. These worsening new army chief to change the December 8, was assaulted by a problems, it said, include income military’s way of dealing with dozen young Muslim men in the inequality, unhealthy living problems in Papua by prioritizing a town of Nanterre, west of Paris. conditions, and limited access to humanitarian approach. Catholic faithful were buffeted quality health care, education, clean Stefanus Asat Gusma, chairman with insults, profanities, and death water, sewage, and electricity. of Catholic Youth, said he hoped threats based on the Quran. Lit WALKING WITH DANTE: CATHOLICS General Andika Perkasa, sworn candles were grabbed and thrown INVITED TO PILGRIMAGE ON in by President Joko Widodo in into the crowd. POET’S ANNIVERSARY RAVENNA, Italy — The poet Dante Some Catholic processors were famously traveled through hell, shoved and pushed, and a priest purgatory, and paradise in his leading the procession was spat at. masterpiece, The Divine Comedy. No one was injured, but authorities Now, Catholics have a chance to were quickly alerted and the thugs follow in his footsteps. dispersed upon arrival of law Dante’s Walk is a 235-mile route enforcement officers. No arrests that takes pilgrims from the were made.  L Byzantine splendor of the city of SOURCES: Catholic News Agency, Catholic News Service, The Pillar, Catholic Vote, LifeSiteNews 41January 2022 | |

CHAPTER NEWS WASHINGTON, D.C. often divisive time in our in particular have experienced, it also has The Washington, D.C. Chapter nation. Tom Monaghan’s been a threat to our way of doing business. welcomed Cardinal Wilton vision 34 years ago of a … Gregory as Mass celebrant and collaboration of business … This virus and the global crisis it brought guest speaker at its October 27 leaders from across have also helped us to understand just how meeting. The gathering marked many fields of enterprise interconnected we are – whether to our the five-year anniversary to working together to family and neighbors who continue to battle the day of the chartering of the become better Catholics illness, or to our industries, large and small, Chapter by Cardinal Wuerl, and to support each that continue to confront the challenges of which was likewise held at St. other in all aspects of stressed supply chains, worker shortages, Matthew’s Cathedral. life has – like that of the and rising costs. Domino’s Pizza empire This interconnectedness is especially Highlights of the Cardinal’s he built – grown and pertinent in this month of October, when address included his specific WAHINGTON, D.C. Washington prospered. we in the Church observe Respect Life remarks about Legatus and D.C.’s Cardinal Wilton Gregory Legatus provides a Month. I see in the October edition of the its pivotal role. Here are a few addressed the Chapter on its five-year witness to the world of Legatus magazine, that you, like The Roman excerpts: anniversary, October 27. His Eminence how success in business Catholic Archdiocese of Washington, view was the Chapter’s Mass celebrant as “respect life” as about a full spectrum of … Your service as members of well as its featured guest speaker. need not be self-serving. life issues. Our call to care for “the least of these” indeed includes protecting human Legatus is vital in a time such You use the power that life from the moment of conception to as this because we have truly witnessed business success confers to be a positive one’s last breath. I appreciated seeing the how nimble businesses can be as industries influence for society, well beyond the articles in the magazine discussing how to have adapted – and at times, completely balance sheets and shareholder demands of respect the dignity of people in the throes of altered – their operations throughout the the corporate world. Alzheimer’s; the blessings of children with pandemic to remain responsive to the needs Down syndrome, and the essential role of of employees and the people that you serve. All of us have struggled over the last [two fatherhood. years] to battle the Covid-19 pandemic Your founder, Tom Monaghan, would indeed as a threat to our health, to our everyday be gratified by your outreach as Catholic interactions with each other, to our ways of business leaders in this challenging and worshipping and learning. As many of you OMAHA. At Omaha Chapter’s Christmas social on December 8 at Shadow Ridge Country Club, shown here are Jim and Karol Carroll (middle) with Fr. Ryan Lewis, Chapter chaplain (r.), and Central Region vice president Ken Darnell (l.). Jim and Karol won the National Chapter Administrator of the Year Award. CHARLOTTE. The Chapter held its advent retreat at Belmont Abbey College in Belmont, NC on COLORADO SPRINGS. The Colorado Springs Chapter Christmas party was a Dec 4. Officiating at the retreat were Abbot Placid Solari, Chapter chaplain (left photo); and Fr. Joseph delightful event! Mass was followed by a beautiful seafood and prime rib buffet. Matlak, associate chaplain (right photo). Both of their reflections were very well received – Abbot Shown (l. to r.): Paul Carroll, 2020 president; Kris Sprehe, 2021 president; Gail Solari spoke on “St. John The Baptist Who Prepared the Way,” and Fr. Matlak spoke on “The Prophets Hickert, 2022 president; and Joel Ernster, 2023 president-elect. Who Announced The Way.” January 2022 | 42 |

CHAPTER NEWS KANSAS CITY SAN DIEGO “Advent is not Christmas.” Chaplain Fr. Immaculee Ilibagiza spoke The San Diego Chapter Anthony Saroki celebrated Mass, and to the Kansas City Chapter gathered at Estancia La the Chapter witnessed the investiture on November 10 of her Jolla Hotel & Spa for their of new members, and its Summit consolations through the rosary November 18 meeting. The pinning ceremony for first-time while she was in hiding during evening’s featured speaker Summit attendees (Paul and Rena the 1994 Rawandan Genocide. was Fr. Paul Check, on Jona, and Dr. Scott French). Immaculee was sponsored by Nelson and Marcia Newcomer to speak. Chaplain Monsignor Stuart Swetland offered Holy Mass, followed by a reception, book signing, and catered dinner at the offices of Unbound, where Chapter member Scott Wasserman is CEO. The gathering, held in Unbound’s reception room, featured life-size photos of KANSAS CITY. Immaculee signed copies people from disadvantaged of her book Left to Tell for chapter members nations which Unbound serves. at the November 10 event. SAN DIEGO. New members invested at the Chapter’s November meeting. Shown (l. to r.): Mark Scalzo, Veronique Scalzo, Fr. Anthony Saroki (back), Paul Jonna (back), Michelle Delaney, Michael Delaney, Becca Williams, Dave Williams. KANSAS CITY. Featured speaker at the Chapter’s November 10 meeting, shown here are Rawandan Genocide survivor Immaculee Ilibagiza and her daughter Nikki Black with the Chapter board. Pictured (l. to to r.): Nelson Newcomer, membership chair and his wife, Marcia Newcomer; Nikki and Immaculee; Nick Manning, Chapter president and his wife, Patti. LEHIGH VALLEY. The members of Lehigh Valley Chapter gathered at Lehigh Country Club on December 1, for their Advent/Christmas event. The Chapter was honored to have their original chaplain, Bishop Alfred A. Schlert, as Mass celebrant and speaker for the evening. January 2022 | 43 |

CHAPTER MIAMI NEWS On November 16, the Miami DETROIT. The Detroit Chapter members shown on December 9 at their Advent celebration, held at Orchard Lake Country Club. Chapter held its monthly meeting at the Club of Knights, featuring an engaging presentation by Kari and Stephen Colella on “Your Marriage Can Make You Holy – If You Let It.” The Chapter also welcomed the investiture of its two newest members, Arthur and Beatriz Hoynack. JACKSONVILLE. Ken & Linda Inglima, shown here at their investment into the MIAMI. At the Miami Chapter’s November 16 gathering, (l. to r.): Chapter president Angel Jacksonville Chapter in late November. Gallinal; newly initiated members Beatriz and Arthur Hoynack; and chaplain Fr. Richard Vigoa — who has just been named 2021 National Chaplain of the Year. JACKSONVILLE. Jacksonville Chapter members at their Advent/Christmas gathering on December 8. JACKSONVILLE. Dr. Alejandro and Kerry Traveria, at their December 2021 initiation into the Jacksonville Chapter. January 2022 | 44 |

January 2022 | 45 |

CHAPTER NEWS SOUTH BAY LA The Chapter held an induction ceremony for its new chaplain, Fr. Marinello Saguin, at its November 10 gathering at Marymount California University – first time returning there since the Covid-19 outbreak. The evening’s featured presentation was from Fr. John Bartunek, who spoke on “Spiritual or Religious.” PITTSBURGH SOUTH BAY LA. South Bay LA Chapter president, PITTSBURGH. The guest speaker at the Chapter’s November 18 meeting, The Chapter’s November 18 Jamie Cappetta (l.) and their new chaplain, Fr. Marinello Steve Pries of FOCUS, presented an interactive Bible study to members. meeting was held at LeMont in Saguin, at his induction ceremony on November 10. Pittsburgh, overlooking the city. The Mass’ homily that evening was given by Legatus member Deacon Al Heiles. PITTSBURGH. Enjoying the Chapter’s November 18 gathering at LeMont overlooking the city, shown here are MADISON. Featured at the Chapter’s November 11 meeting (l. to r.): Pittsburgh Chapter president Judy Spanos; Chapter chaplain Father Thomas Kunz; new members Joseph was guest speaker Dr. Mary Healy, who gave a presentation and Mindy Bonifate; and Legatus Northeast Regional vice president Jill O’Donnell. on “Walking in the Supernatural: The Role of Healing in Evangelization.” MADISON. (left photo) Mark Courchane receiving his pin for attending the Men’s Enclave with chaplain Fr. Garrett; and president Charlie Crave and member-group from the Chapter’s Advent celebration on December 9. January 2022 | 46 |

CHAPTER NEWS VENTURA/LA NORTH VENTURA/LA NORTH. At the Chapter’s October 30 event at St. John’s Seminary (Camarillo, CA), shown (l. to r.): Fr. Marco Durazo Chapter president Justin Alvarez (seminary rector), Mike and Jessie Van Hecke, Dr. Paul Ford (guest speaker), Kelly and Justin Alvarez, Nancy and John Borchard, Heather welcomed the Chapter’s 30 members and Bud Daily. and guests on October 30 at St. John’s Seminary in Camarillo. Seminary rector, Fr. Marco Durazo, celebrated Mass and hosted their reception and dinner. Then longtime seminary professor, Dr. Paul Ford, gave an inspiring and energetic feature talk on “The Psalms, God’s Tools for Our Renovation.” At the Chapter’s November 18 meeting at the Westlake Yacht Club, Chapter vice-president Tom Ellis welcomed 39 members. Mass was celebrated by chaplain Fr. Dave Heney. Following dinner, Brian Burch from Catholic Vote gave a very informative talk on “Why Catholics Hold the Secret to the Crisis of American Politics.” INDIANAPOLIS The Indianapolis Chapter held their November 19 meeting in conjunction with the National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC) at Lucas Oil VENTURA/LA NORTH. Enjoying their November 18 gathering at the Westlake Yacht Club, shown (l. to r.): Bob and Patty Berry; Ryan Stadium. Both Mass (celebrated by and Jamie Luithly; Brian Burch (guest speaker); Deiter Huckestein; Francine and Jerry Weisbecker; Terri Dillon; Christine and Tom Ellis; Monsignor Schaedel) and subsequent Sherrie and Deacon George Esseff, Jr.; John Borchard; Judy and Tim Paulson. dinner were held in the Upper Club Lounge. National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry executive director Christina Llamas shared a few words with members about NCYC, then members viewed opening ceremonies from club suites. The Chapter thought it important to support and celebrate the youth and future of the Catholic church. L INDIANAPOLIS. TWIN CITIES. The Chapter’s October 20 gathering welcomed Archbishop Bernard Hebda. Chapter chaplain, Fr. Jonathan Kelly, and some TWIN CITIES. The Chapter’s of its newest members were invested into the Chapter by the archbishop. Shown (l. to r.): Fr. Jonathan Kelly; John and Donna Crotteau; Maura November 17 gathering featured guest and Aaron Keller; Kelby Woodard (Donna was unable to attend); and Archbishop Bernard Hebda. speaker Dr. Teresa Collett, professor at University of St. Thomas School of Law, who spoke on “Will the court reverse Roe — and why it may not matter.” January 2022 | 47 |

2022 SUMMIT EAST SPEAKER 5 MINUTES JIM GRAVES WITH When society’s families are intact, its churches fill, too “RESTORING A ‘MARRIAGE CULTURE’ WILL HEAL SOCIETY, AS IT ATTRACTS PEOPLE BACK TO GOD” A FEATURED SPEAKER AT THE its Culture of Freedom Initiative. Perceiving the solve the problem. The solution has to come 2022 Summit East, Jan. 27-29 in restoration and strengthening of the traditional through the Church. Amelia Island, FL is president family to be key to improving society, he founded and CEO of Communio, J. P. De Communio in 2018. How does Communio help? Gance – who will show how the family is key to rebuilding A co-author of Endgame: The Church’s Strategic When we contract with a church, we survey society and the Church through Move to Save Faith and Family in America, De its membership and its church registry to get healthy marriage, and healthy Gance is Catholic and he and his wife, Christina, an idea of the state of relationships among its perception of God. have eight children. His brother is a Catholic attendees. On average, we find that 24 percent Communio (www. priest. of married people tell us their marriages are struggling. We then work with the is a learning and What led you to church leadership to unpack the data we’ve marketing-support shift from politics accumulated and to develop a strategy to reach service for Catholic to the restoration of goals the church wants to see — such as more and Protestant marriage and family? couples preparing for marriage, or more young churches across people attending church. We supply a calendar the country, based In a story I relate in that serves as a game plan for the church to in Alexandria, VA. Endgame, my sister implement, with outreach events and ongoing It equips churches Danielle was in an abusive enrichment activities, and then support the at the grassroots marriage which failed. church with follow-up consulting. We currently level to bring more She and her four children work with 100 churches across the country, and souls to Christ became homeless and we have achieved many successes. by evangelizing moved in with my family. It and discipling was a huge moment for me. Do you believe stronger marriages lead relationships and marriages. I saw what happens when kids lose a mom and a to improved church participation? At the Summit, De Gance will dad. I saw this in other failed marriages as well. speak on “Rebuilding a Culture It’s a mistake to think we can save the country by The single biggest factor driving the collapse of of Marriage.” He’s been a politics alone; we need stronger marriages and faith in our country is the collapse of marriage. popular presenter on the topic churches. Whereas we know millennials and Gen Zs at Legatus events nationwide. are the most secular and least likely to attend A graduate of the University The collapse of marriage is a widespread church, when they have grown up in a home of Florida, De Gance initially problem. Fewer people are getting married, and with parents who stay married, they are just as worked in Washington, D.C. more children are growing up outside intact likely to attend church as baby boomers. to “save the world.” He was family homes. In fact, 54 percent of children will at The Leadership Institute, reach age 17 without married parents, due to Today, the family structure has collapsed, and which trains conservative either birth out of wedlock or divorce. This is an the collapse of faith has followed. The only way political activists – for Koch existential threat to the Church and society as a we can reverse this trend is by fixing the family, Industries and its Americans whole. which is our focus at Communio. L for Prosperity, and for the Philanthropy Roundtable and While the government can do a lot of things to make marriage worse, the government can’t January 2022 | 48 |

January 2022 | 49 |

MEET THE JIM GRAVES CHAPLAIN Lehigh Valley chaplain’s enduring love affair with Christ sustains and energizes him RETIRED MONSIGNOR REMAINS ‘WORKAHOLIC’ IN MINISTRY OUT OF DEEP AFFECTION FOR THE SAVIOR MONSIGNOR JOHN P. MURPHY, What do you find most rewarding and What are your retirement plans? 84, has been chaplain of the most difficult about the priesthood? Lehigh Valley Chapter in I want to stay as active as I can. I did not seek Pennsylvania for nearly 12 If I had to designate one single thing I found retirement. While I am not putting anyone down years. Born in Shenandoah, rewarding, I would say that I loved talking about who takes a day off, by nature I am a workaholic. PA, he attended Catholic Jesus Christ, telling people how deeply I am I rejoice in being able to get up in the pulpit and schools and entered St. look out at the people of God, telling them to Charles Borromeo committed to His mission live in Christ, to walk with Christ, and to follow Seminary outside and sharing His message. Christ. He is the way, the truth, and the life. Philadelphia, But it is difficult for me to where he point to anything ‘difficult!’ A 2018 grand jury report alleged abuse distinguished I loved being a pastor; I by hundreds of Pennsylvania priests, himself have loved being a priest. including some in Allentown. What are academically. My parishioners knew and your thoughts? He was ordained appreciated that. For years a priest for I worked without a day off, When a man has been endowed with the the Diocese of morning to night, because I privilege of being a priest, he must live out that Allentown in 1964. loved Jesus Christ and believe priesthood and not scandalize or harm anyone He was pastor it is an honor to serve His in any way. We are disciples of Christ, just as at Allentown’s mission. were Peter and the other apostles. We are called Immaculate to be His faithful followers. We must do our best, Conception BVM Parish and What advice would you offer a newly and not do anything to minimize the importance then at St. Thomas More Parish ordained priest? of following Christ or be an obstacle in the there where he served 41 years people coming closer to Him. until his retirement in 2021. He Love your Savior. Be grateful for your mission. also has served in a variety of Give thanks for the people that you serve. Don’t What has been your experience with other diocesan roles, including look upon them for one minute as a burden. They Legatus? director of the Society for the are a gift. Propagation of the Faith. I am grateful to my bishop for allowing me How has the Church changed during to continue as Legatus chaplain despite my It’s quite unusual your lifetime? retirement. Our Chapter members meet today to serve 41 years regularly to discuss aspects of our faith, looking pastoring a single parish. The world has changed a lot. People’s attitudes for opportunities to grow. The Chapter is filled Why were you at St. have changed a lot. Many find it difficult to with good people who are anxious to do good Thomas More so long? follow the path of Christ. There are many work and willing to make sacrifices. They want challenges for them to overcome. However, to make the world more Christlike. It is a joy to [Laughing] They must have we need to say it over and over: Trust in Christ. work with them. L liked me. They didn’t want to let Follow Christ. Live in Christ. Walk with Christ. me go! We say it to them because we believe it. It is important for them to embrace. January 2022 | 50 |

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