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Aspire Monthly Newsletter- December

Published by Yasar Abbas Syed, 2016-12-17 04:21:46

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December 2016 ISSUEAspire worldInvestmentsSAREMCO- ASPIRE Holdings Invest in Europe- Get Immigration Patroclos GroupCIarlton James nvestment Management Strategies The SEAHORSEAliBaba of UAE ThSemaNSrEmtXaLrTTteEecCrhnACodilvtoaygnyt-age FAST Marketing Consultants High Net Worth Marketing SKS Media of LondonThe Heartof EUROPE

CONTENTAspire WorldInvestmentsMonthlyMagazine GLOBAL SAHEIWndAtiIKroMtEdoHilureAcsitNtaiooDlnneSs SAREMCO- ASTPheIRTEraHnOsfLoDrmINatGioSnFromPAinTtReOrnJCaAtLiMOonESaSGl CbRoAOrLdUTeOPrsNUNITED MARBLE & GRANChITinEa THE HFloEAatRinTgOSFeaEhUoRrsOePE The

SAKGSlTMoAhbWEeaDIlHiMInAaaPpOripkcFeteutLnirnOeingsNgADsgORenoNcuyndupA NAeSwPIRErEaIoNfVAEsSpTirMatiEoNnT&SInUsMpiMraItTioSn NTEhXeLSTmEaCrtANDOVWA!NTAGEBDaElaSnTIcNMeAdITDIPODoNLrtEPfoLEAlAioCSEITnEvReTNhsteEmA- eCLnAOtBMsBAMREERffCeEctInvestEthical Prosperity High Tech Intellectual Development

editor - Yasar ABBASWelcome to the second edition of Aspire World Investment Mag. We have introduced the AWI World and its glimpses here in this issue, that includes the global handshakes, happenings in the month, our joys, aspirations, outreach and importantly, our committment to the next generation of economies. AWI is going to integrate the inspiring aspirations of AWI World by inviting the global community of our friends, clients, and dignitaries to the ASPIRE INVESTMENT SUMMITS, in 2017. This is another hallmark of AWI journey towards prosperity & excellence. Meet some of the most amazing projects of AWI friends, in Dubai, including the Heart of Europe, Patroclos, SAREMCO- Aspire Holdings, & Fast Marketing Consultants, who are all providing world with exceptional excellence. We hope you will enjoy experiencing the AWI World! Syed Yasar Abbas Editor

SAREMCO- ASPIRE HOLDINGS SAREMCO ASPIRE Holding has played an instrumental role in diversifying Dubai’s and Pakistan’s economy across multiple fields. Collectively, our companies represent our involvement across 3 major divisions.SAREMCO Group is one of the largest fully integrated real estate and community development businesses in Pakistan, creating successful projects, homes and delivering commercial and retail developments across the Pakistan for over 10 years.Striving for a sustainable, innovation-led future by diversifying Pakistan’s economy across multiple industries.

Th e HoefaErut rope The Floating SeahorseThe Floating Seahorse in Dubai is an iconic, one of a kind luxury lifestyle product which was officiallyunveiled at The Dubai International Boat Show at in March 2015.

“The Heart of Europe StTuIshnleanniSndIXgsin Dubai will be a truly The Floating Seahorse is aunique holiday destination truly unique underwater productproviding an authentic which is the first of its kind in theexperience of some of world. It is an exclusive marineEurope’s most charming style retreat (essentially a boatand timeless features. The without propulsion) which has itssix stunning islands willbe home to a variety of own plot in the Arabian Gulf.fantastic hotels, climatecontrolled plazas, authenticEuropean cafes andrestaurants, boutiques,a plethora of quality liveentertainment and so muchmore! Dubai is synonymouswith innovation, ambition,excitement and intrigueand The Heart of Europewill be another iconic firstfor the city with a forwardthinking vision!”

Projects Established in 1986, Universal Marble & Granite Group (UMGG) invested in Dongguan and set up factory in 1991. ThroughSheikh Zayed Bin more than two decades of development, it has developed into aSultan Al Nahyan group with nearly 2,000 staff and covering 1.2 million㎡, owningGrand Mosque several manufacturing and processing bases in Dongguan, Fujian, Shandong, Tianjing, etc,. Based on middle and high-end stoneLas Vegas WYNN engineering market, it is capable of independent mine operation andHotel products research and development; it is a famous stone enterprise whose products are sold worldwide.Emirates PalaceHotel(UAE)Shanghai WorldExpo CenterThe Greatwall Hallof The PeopleBeijing CapitalAirportUlan-Ude OperaHouse,Russia

Universal Marble & Granite Group Human-oriented, responsibility, fineness and progressUMGG earned honorable We adhere to dig the natural beauty of stone with advanced technologytitles including “China Famous and to realize people’s yearning and pursuit for better life by ourTrademark”, ”Well-Known Trademark perseverance and enthusiasm. To create value and to decoratein Guangdong Province ”, “National unlimited life.High-Tech Enterprise”

Fast Marketing Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd. established in 2005 with a vision of serving Real Estate Industry in project marketing services and gradually we have achieved the milestone of beingwinners and most Successful Real Estate Projects Marketing Brand in Pakistan.Our foremost goal is to align ourselves with the needs and wants of our developer clients. We dothis through our unparalleled expertise, innovation and execution. This razor-sharp focus allowsFMC to consistently outperform competitors and maximize value at every step of the process.That’s why leading real estate developers and financial partners of the country rely on our unrivaledunderstanding of market intelligence.The South Asian Real Estate Management Company (SAREMCO) is fully geared to take thecomplete charge of your Real Estate Ventures. By the Grace OF Almighty we have been working inthe dynamic conditions for over a decade and have been successful in living up to thecommitments that we made to our clients.We at Fast Marketing Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd take complete ownershipof the projects we win. Our unit of onsite and offsite professionalswear multiple hats to ensure the best possible market winningstrategies are deployed over the project.

European Immigration Patroclos Group of CompaniesInvestment OpportunitiesLuxury PropertiesIntelligent HomesIconic Landmarks

GPeaotrrogchlioosuChairman Patroclos Group of TheLMegaancwy ithCompaniesAssociate - Larnaca Court of Justice(for property cases)FIABCI CARGISAARDMEANLSEME Expansion – Commitment - Quality of LifeCARAISNAECMOORNAALLI & The group’s long-term vision for the future is to continue to expand, and to uphold a commitment to consistently provide a superior level of living for our clients through our construc- tion and developments. Professionalism - Specialists - Passion Quality and high standards within the group do not just apply to the level of construction, but also to the caliber of our staff. Our experienced and committed team is comprised of high- ly-trained and specialised technicians, architects, civil engi- neers, mechanical engineers, interior designers and experts within every field of construction. The Goup develops and constructs: Multi-storey Buildings Residences Offices Shops Residential Developments Tourist Villages VillasCARISGAARSDEAE-NCSORAL

High Net Worth Marketing

When you need it rPPDuebelsiacvpReeolraltniootnsspeDnmCiorneeetencntttr Marketing

Creative SolutionsMedia Planning &BuyingPublic RelationsDesigning

Event ManagementAV ProductionsAnimation/ 3DDigital Marketing

Carlton james groupCarlton James is a private funding group that specializes in hospitality, land and technology with the goal of investing in projects with the potential to generate higher returns. Carlton James offers a compelling investment vehicle that provides individuals the opportunity to invest in the company as preferred shareholders with a fixed return on investment and fixed term of investment.

A LOTCAN HAPPENCarlton James invests its energy andexpertise in exceptional businesses acrossindustry sectors where we believe there isthe potential for significant capital growthand market opportunity. OPen funds close funds Private FGunroduinpg

At AWI, something is alwaysHappenin HAPPENING!

ng Round

European ImmigrationInvestment Opportunities3 ABiEllDion DeSvPaAerrolseopjempicrmectsoentTDHrBeEEauUHmyRaEyOtAHoPRouETmrOeF A Whole world of opprortunities

Balanced PoerntftoslioT h e Investm buy, hold and rebalance approach to investing is one of the simplest and most effective ways to diversify and prosper in the financial markets over the long-term. A portfolio is allocated based on each investor’s needs across different asset classes such as stocks, bonds and real estate. The portfolio mix is maintained periodically using rebalancing.Most investors are used to hearing contains enough variety to minimise risk. the term ‘diversification’ – but it has For example, if you decided to invest in thea broader meaning than many realise. In stock of just one company, if that companythe simplest terms, it’s summed up by the took a nose dive, then your entire portfolioold homily; “don’t put all your eggs in one would be affected.basket”. Diversification is also about the type ofHowever, this doesn’t really give the full investments you choose. You can choosepicture. To put this into practice you’ll need to split your investments between equities,some further insight into how a diversified bonds and cash. Cash investments can beportfolio is created, and how it mitigates excellent when used as a short term reserve,risk. Investors also need to consider and it’s never a bad idea to keep at least awhether there can be such a thing as too portion of your invested assets in cash ormuch diversification – can you have too other short term securities. You can thenmuch of a good thing? access a portion of your capital relatively easily in case of emergency or in case a newIn essence, diversification means taking steps investment opportunity ensure that your portfolio of investments

Balanced AssetPortfolio Titleinvestments InitiativeJanuary 2017 February 2017Digital High YieldBusiness EthicalEcosystems InvestmentsMarch 2017 April 2017TheFuture LocatingEconomy FDIMay 2017 Imperatives June 2017 AWIInvestment Summits

AWIInvestment SummitsMustering CommunityThe FundingStartups PatternsJuly 2017 August 2017Productivity TheGrowth CognitiveSeptember 2017 EraPlanet October 2017&Profit Invest InNovember 2017 Humans December 2017

The Alibaba of the middle eastThe UAE is on the cusp of a digitalrevolution. And Emaar chairman MohamedAlabbar has already raised $1bn to spearhead it.Launching a pan-Arab commerce platform makes sense, as does developing andlaunching the first integrated payment gateway in the Arab world. In theUAE, this could be extended to a vast number of fields, such as creatingan e-wallet through which subsidies are delivered to local citizens.Rethinking every single government service from the digital customer pointof view and transforming e-health and e-education services could also be on the cards.

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