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Published by Guset User, 2021-12-19 08:25:15

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Exercise 25 Choose the best answer. 1. He a letter at this moment. a. is written C. is being written b. writing 2. A cake. . In the kitchen now. . write a. Is baked b. baked C. is being baked d. is bake 3. The crocodiles by the hunter. b. are shooting a. are shot d. had shot C. will be shoot b. would cheat d. will cheat 4. The honest man . WICe. D. was OCcurred a. has cheated d. was being occurred C. has been cheated D.aredellvered , The accident. while he was driving d. will be delivered . occurred . OCCur . The parcels. SOOn. a. deliver C. will deliver

P l e a s e drive slowly. The road is . . . a. repairing b. to repair d. having repaired C. being repaired . chose 8. John to be the leader of the group. d. was choose a. chooSes b. is built C. 1S chosen d. was built 9. The bridge.. thirty years ago. b. will be printed a. built d. is being print C. was building D. was repaired 10. The book SOon. d. repaired a. will print . s hold C. is printed d. will heid 11. The lift . . . this morning D. Written a. is repalring d. was written C. will be repair b. will be spoke 12. The meeting. at 6 o'clock. d. s spoken a. is held b. water C.will be hold d. are atering 13. The play \"Hamlet DY Shakespeare. a. is written C. was writing 14. E n g l i s h . . all over the world. a. s speaking C. will speak 15. The plants. every day. a. are watered C. are water

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