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Published by Dvir Frishtik, 2022-02-08 12:03:02

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Vision 4 Values 6 Our logo 8 Typography and Colors 12 Moodboard 15 Office paperworks 17 Roll-up 18 Billboard 19 Poster A3 20 Event invitation 21 Social media posts 23 Social media stories 27 UI kit 28 Banners set 29 Store and product 30 3

Table of contents 2

Our vision We want one thing and only- improve people's sleep. We believe that sleep has a significant influence on our quality of life, and we should do whatever it takes to make it better. Our brand uses technology, researches and traditional wisdom to find the best solutions for your sleep. 5


Our values Modesty We don't know everything, and we believe it's important to admit it. Hundrads of years of intense researches led us, the humanity, to wonderfull conclusions and solutions about sleep. Still, there's a long way to explore. Integrity We want our customers to be 100% satisfied with their order and we are making sure it happens in every purchase. We offer our customers happiness guarantee. Excellence Our products are made of the top quality raw materials. Our aim is to give you the best product for the best price and that's what we're doing every day in our company. 7


Our Logo 9

The word \"Shena\" or as you write it in hebrew \"‫ \"שינה‬means sleep. My mother tongue language is hebrew, and although it's not an easy or romantic language, I love it. I believe that you don't have to speak hebrew in order to feel the soft and relaxed vibe this word has. The moon refers to the night. Together, with the colors of the dawn, this symbol is trying to give the feeling of a sleeping brand. The result: 8

Using the logo It's important to give the logo enough space to keep it clear and clean. I chose the Letter \"S\" from the logo to measure the required space. Permitted uses of the logo The original logo on a white When shown on a black When shown on a white background. background, use the background, use the black logo. white logo. 11

Prohibited uses of the logo Do not add shadow to the Do not rotate the icon. logo. Do not change the capital S Do not change the weight in the logo. of the font. 10

Typography & Colors 13

# 6E3785 #D27277 #190252 RGB: 110,55,133 RGB: 210,114,119 RGB: 25,2,82 CMYK: 69,94,12,2 CMYK: 15,67,43,0 CMYK: 100,100,25,40 Yanone Kaffeesatz a a a a a a AAAAAA ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 12

Moodboard 15


Office paperworks 17


Billboard 19

Roll Up 18

Poster A3 21

Event invitation A5 20

Social media posts 23


Social media posts 25


Social media stories 27


UI kit Action buttons Header menu Purcahse/payment buttons Icons 29

Banners set 28

Store and products 31


Thank you for watching. Sleep well. 32

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