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ECO-VOICE- An OOD E-magazine- 2nd edition final

Published by divyalakshmi5804, 2020-10-22 12:10:03

Description: ECO-VOICE- An OOD E-magazine- 2nd edition final


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ECO VOICE An OOD e-magazine dedicated to our planet (Second Edition- WORLD ANIMAL DAY- 4th October 2020 and International Bird Week) An initiative by Divyalakshmi V.P. and Aishwaryaa V.P.

FROM THE EDITORS’ GREEN DESK… Our planet, Earth, is the only one of its kind, home to vividly infinite thriving ecosystems, glistening lakes and mighty seas, dense iridescent canopies of tall trees, birds of every flock and color, animals of every breed and, of course, humans. Doesn’t it seem like a priceless blessing to be amidst such natural beauty? Yes, it truly is and as the future global citizens, it’s our duty to step up and conserve the planet’s intrinsic beauty from pollution and global warming. We at GEMS Our Own English High School, Dubai leave no stone unturned in playing our part towards protecting the environment. OOD’s budding environmentalists have initiated numerous eco-friendly measures and campaigns in the past and continue to inspire others with their visionary ideas and love for the Earth. On the wondrous and momentous occasions of the World Animal Day and International Bird Week, we take great pride in bringing together the creativity of some of OOD’s talented gems and channeling it towards spreading environmental awareness on the conservation of Flora and Fauna. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude and acknowledge each one of our fellow eco-lovers for making this edition of ECO VOICE a huge success. We would also like to thank our beloved teachers and our mentor, Ms. Marie Ramos, for their constant guidance and support. We sincerely thank all our readers for their undying encouragement. Let’s save our home together. Happy World Environment Day! Divyalakshmi V.P. and Aishwaryaa V.P. (Co-Editors of ECO VOICE)

CONTENTS 1. World Animal Day- 4 October 2020 2. Green Pens 3. Eco-tastic Art 4. Fun Corner! 5. Green Films

WORLD ANIMAL DAY (4th OCTOBER 2020) World Animal Day is celebrated every year on 4th October 2020 all around the world. World Animal Day is the one day of the year that embraces all animals and the unique concerns of each, in every country. It is a special opportunity to commemorate our love and respect for animals by doing something special to highlight their importance in the world. It unites the animal welfare movement, mobilizing it into a global force for change. Participation in celebrating World Animal Day grows each year, with a huge variety of inspiring events being held in an increasing number of countries. It is an evident truth that the lives of animals are profoundly affected by the actions of individuals, businesses, and nations. Therefore, it is essential that, as sentient beings, their rightful status as recipients of social justice is established and translated into effective animal protection. World Animal Day embraces all animals and celebrates the biodiversity we have been gifted with. Through increased awareness and education, we can help develop a compassionate culture which feeds into legal reform and social progress to make this world a fairer place for all living creatures. A world where animals are recognized as sentient beings and full regard is always paid to their welfare. World Animal Day has already brought about a significant and lasting contribution towards advancing animal welfare standards, and its influence will only continue to grow. Divyalakshmi V.P. (11 A)

GREEN PENS GEMS OOD is known for its student enthusiasts who creatively express their views and opinions through captivating and beautifully crafted verses. Here we present to you another edition of wonderfully penned poems, articles, anecdotes and stories about Animal Conservation and Environmental Preservation by our budding writers. CONSERVATION OF FLORA AND FAUNA To preserve the world, we need to focus on the conservation of the flora and fauna of the world. With the loss of trees and by deforestation, there has been an immense loss of natural habitat of the wild animals. Many of the species are standing on the verge of being extinct. Poaching and hunting of the wild animals have also led to the destruction. Hence, we need to understand the need of the hour to preserve wildlife and act accordingly. To conserve them, several steps can be taken both by the government and by the people of the world. Wildlife prevention and conservation acts should be implemented strictly by the government. People should stop using the materials made by wild animals. This would decrease their hunting. Environmental education should be a compulsory subject to be taught in the schools and the colleges to make the upcoming generation very well-known with the fact. Wildlife refers to the collection animals and other all living things that live in the wild or simply, all living things (except human) that are undomesticated. Wildlife causes a proud feeling among the countrymen, nut nowadays it is being ruined by the one and only humans.

This deforestation also causes global warming, soil erosion etc. We also kill the wild animals for their tusk, skin, and horns. Some people hunt wild animals as a past time. But now governments around the world have imposed stringent measures on poaching of fauna. BE MILD, SAVE WILD. Raihana Fathima Saju (7 S) CONSERVE THE WILD! The term flora refers to all plant life and the term fauna represents all animal life. Each species incorporates a part to play within the ecosystem. Human beings have been endowed with a large amount of Natural Resources in the form of Flora and fauna and with the ever- expanding human population, these resources have begun enduring from their mishandle and over-exploitation. It is time these resources are preserved, or they will be inaccessible for long run eras to cheerfully live. Flora and fauna are exceptionally imperative for human existence. The flora release oxygen that's expended by the fauna for breathing. Fauna, on the other hand, frees carbon dioxide consumed by the flora for photosynthesis. Flora and fauna tremendously advantage mankind through its restorative and nourishment offerings. Animals keep up the balance by originating before on distinctive plants and creatures to adjust their population on earth. Also, the flora and fauna contribute to the economy of the area through tourism. Hence, we can say that the Conservation of Flora and Fauna is vital to recognize the significance of nature and other wildlife species.

Some of the measures that can be taken to conserve flora and fauna are: * Laws ought to be made to ban the slaughtering or capturing of endangered animals or birds. These laws should moreover be implemented strictly. *More number of National Parks and Sanctuaries must be built up for protecting the natural habitats of wild animals and birds all through the world. *Planting more- Plant more local plants around your region. This will offer assistance protect the natural habitat of plants. Planting trees truly is one of the most effective things you'll be able do to help with protecting natural habitats. We need our children and grandchildren to be able to see and appreciate what we have seen. Numerous endangered creatures are beautiful to look at. Trees and plants make our lives way better with their shade and colours. So, we have to do our level best to conserve this precious gift- the flora and fauna. Diya Mohan (9 N) SAVE EARTH Mother Nature will care, But we humans will scare, Mother Nature is caring, But we are never sharing.

Mother Nature gives and forgives, But we get and forget, Early humans were caring, But now we have become ruthless and unkind. Save animals, Begin today, Start planting trees , Then you can be forever free. Save the earth, For more birth. Be towards nature, Take care of your future! Lakshanya Chandramohan (6 J) SAVE THE ANIMALS First the sky then the sea All the animals are forced to flee Humans need all the pleasure Dug up the world for the smallest treasure. Never thought of the trees’ and animals’ pain Humans are the one who got all the gain.

But there is still some time, For animals to not be lost in time. There is still some time to fix history We all know that we can fix it- you and me . So, let’s work together; It won’t take us forever. To help the animals and the trees, Let’s set nature free. Srishti Bhatt (7 H) Rithanya S. (5 G)

Aarvi Singh (4 C) Aadya Arun (4 W)

IMPORTANCE OF FLORA AND FAUNA “I can imagine a world – because it has always existed – in which humans and animals make a covenant and live together in peace and harmony, a world that day by day is transformed by the magic of love. A world that is free from death. This is not a dream.” -HENRY MILLER Now’s the time for all animal-lovers to show us their compassion because October 4 is World Animal Day and we’re planning to make a big roar. Animals can’t talk in the conventional way that humans communicate with each other. But there’s one day where we can all give a voice to the animals who can’t speak for themselves. On October 4, people spanning the globe will come together to celebrate World Animal Day. In any corner of the planet, no matter which country you explore, animals will consistently have a strong impact on the region’s culture Animals play an important part in our life and environment. This day is celebrated to mark the importance of animal rights and the welfare of the animals. It is dedicated to not just house pets or domesticated animals but to all the animals out there including endangered species, wild animals. Several organizations, animal welfare groups, schools, charitable trusts, etc. celebrate World Animal Day with a lot of joy To raise the status of animals to improve welfare standards around the globe. Building the celebration of World Animal Day unites the animal welfare movement, making it into a global force to make the world a better place for all animals. Let us all hold hands to protect our nature’s pearls and diamonds, FLORA AND FAUNA this year. ANNLIA FINU (9 H)

CONSERVATION OF BIODIVERSITY Flora is basically the plant life that is present in a particular region or habitat or at a particular time and fauna is the animal life that is present in a particular region or habitat or at a particular time. Biodiversity is a very large topic and somewhat difficult to define adequately in only a sentence or two. In the very simplest terms, \"biodiversity\" means the diversity of life on our planet, which includes genetic diversity, species diversity, and habitat diversity. Diversity can be defined as the number of different items and their relative frequency. For biological diversity, these items are organized at many levels, ranging from complete ecosystems to the chemical structures that are the molecular basis of heredity. Thus, the term encompasses different ecosystems, species, genes, and their relative abundance. The area of flora, fauna and biodiversity is quite interrelated. Flora and fauna form a major part of biodiversity. India is a land of varied flora, fauna and biodiversity. India is one of the twelve mega-diverse nations of the World. Two of India's great mountain ranges, the Eastern Himalayas and the Western Ghats have been designated among the world's eighteen 'hotspots' of biodiversity. But In the last few decades we have seen a steady increase in the extinction rate of flora, fauna etc. all over the world including India and so now, conservation of biological diversity is of paramount importance to the survival of man. Conservation of biological diversity leads to conservation of essential ecological diversity to preserve the continuity of food chains. The genetic diversity of plants and animals is preserved. It ensures the sustainable utilization of life support systems on earth. It provides a vast knowledge of potential use to the scientific community.

A reservoir of wild animals and plants is preserved, thus enabling them to be introduced, if need be, in the surrounding areas. Biological diversity provides immediate benefits to the society such as recreation and tourism. Biodiversity conservation serves as an insurance policy for the future. Sivani Radhakrishnan (7 O) THE WONDERS \"The succumbed voices rise A long-awaited tryst with mother. They who were shunned in darkness, Wage now a combat together.\" I sat hours on end My back to the ebony sill. My thoughts drifting on and on Against the moonlight, chill. The calginious obscurity Igniting the momentum of thrill, Every beetle and bug Every owl and chameleon still. Dawn descends below And brooding I lay, still, Captivated by the sweet chirrupings Against the ebony sill.

The little flowers waltz in The wind waves past. I look up; the sun smiles And the river meanders vast. I reiterate the pressing question, \"How long will this wonder last? Will there turn-up a bleak future With wonders in the past? I lay brooding still Brooding still I lay. But brooding is not what will Conserve the wonders today. I rise with clarity; Rush out to seize the day My home needs me And I am here to protect; to stay. Aishwaryaa V.P. (7 Q)

Sanjana Sreenath (3 A)

Yashaswi (Kindergarten) Juaan Ditty (KG 1 O)

FLORA AND FAUNA, THE BEAUTY OF NATURE Nature is the one and only thing there is because of which life exists. It cannot be described in a word or a sentence or a paragraph or maybe a whole life because nobody has ever seen everything that is a part of nature. However, everything that we have seen in nature is commendably splendid. Nature has everything we could possibly need our entire lives. It consists of uncountable things but the first and the most important thing that comes to my mind when I think of nature is what it is made of. The main two components or living organisms other than us humans, which are plants and animals, also known as flora and fauna. Everything in nature is interdependent. None of the things can survive alone without the other. Animals depend on plants for shelter, plants depend on animals for seed dispersal, humans depend on both for food and we all depend on air to breathe. Despite all this, many of us fail to keep nature happy. We survive because of it so each one of us should take responsibility to contribute to protecting the nature. It is a quality we all lack in but let us change and make a difference. For a long time, we have been causing the destruction of our beloved Earth for our own gains. So, let us change before it is too late and take a little effort to do the simple things, we can keep nature beautiful and to continue our happy survival. For, if we do not protect our great mother nature who keeps us alive, it will roar in anger and cause the destruction of not just itself but us too.

Jahnvi Jayakrishnan (6 B) Stuti Jambigi (6 U)

MY LOVE FOR PUPPIES! When I was studying in 5th standard, on my way back from school one day, I heard a “Woof-Woof” sound, from a big pile of hay. With curiosity, I looked there and found a small puppy. I understood that it was an abandoned one. I grabbed the small puppy and went to home with the thought of perhaps keeping him as my pet forever. I had already thought of a name for him. I would call the puppy Tommy. My father initially refused to allow me to adopt the small puppy. I was so sad, but eventually, my father agreed to have the puppy. Tommy and I spent our days together in play and laughter. He was my best friend. Sheona Sunil (7 T) Devanandha Vinod (1 A)

FOREST AND WILDLIFE CONSERVATION Conservation stand as for active and judicious utilization of natural resources. We need to conserve our flora and fauna now more than ever. The way our Biodiversity has declined over the years it is but natural to evolve a conservation strategy in India where it can become a Mass – Movement. For example, in agriculture we are still dependent on traditional crop varieties. Fisheries too are heavily dependent on the maintenance of aquatic biodiversity. A national level wildlife protection program came into being in the year 1960s and 1970s as demanded by conservation of that time. Setting up of national park and wildlife sanctuary were one of the steps in this direction. There are species which are not found after searches of known or likely areas where they may occur. Species may be extinct from a local area, region, country, continent, or the entire Earth. Examples of such Extinct are the Asiatic cheetah, pink head duck etc. We should conserve the forest and the wildlife. Our life depends on nature. The Flora of India is one of the richest in the world due to the wide range of climate, topology, and the habitat of the country. India is a land of diverse flora and fauna which is around 8 % of the world’s total species. It is our responsibility to take of our Mother Earth rather than polluting it and destroying it. Krishnapriya Vinod (5 A)

ECO-TASTIC ART “Art is language of the mind and the soul.” Students of GEMS OOD are firm believers of this statement and are extremely talented artists who enjoy expressing themselves through fluid brush strokes and digital art. Art is truly an integral medium in spreading awareness and inspiring the masses. Presenting some of our students’ wonderful posters, digital artworks, paintings, and doodles based on the theme of ‘Flora and Fauna Conservation’. Devika Divyanshi (5 G) (4 D)

Anjalina Madhu Babul Urvashi (7 S) (9 R) Drishya Mohammed Aslam (1 X) (1 L)

Bushra Umar Kaviya (4 F) (6 H) Haya Fatima Keren Varghese (6 I) (6 Q)

Mohammed Amaan Ananya Thakur Yunus (10 B) (1 W) Sreelakshmy Zoha Rizwan (9 P) (11 B)

Athira Mathew Navya Parwal (12 L) (4 B) Yuvasri Karthik Mahreen Basha (4 D) (1 V)

FUN CORNER! We at GEMS OOD believe that learning must take place everywhere and in a holistic and fun way. Our magazine would be certainly incomplete without the renowned riddles and puzzles column. So, bringing to you our very own collection of riddles, crosswords, puzzles, facts and quotes about the environment and flora and fauna. Have fun eco- enthusiasts! Aniketh Arjun (3 E) (1 W)

Vaishnavi Sai Smrithi (3D) (4 J)

GREEN FILMS Films, videos, and documentaries have always been a major means of communication and a mode of spreading awareness about social issues that require immediate attention. We, at GEMS OOD Dubai, encourage young film making talent in our students. Our budding film makers enjoy expressing their opinions and perspectives through illustrative and beautifully crafted films, videos, documentaries, comic strips, digital programs etc. Here are a few creations of our students, spreading awareness about the preservation of Flora and Fauna. D/view Cayleb Antony (4 M) E1m6Fnz/view Keziah (6 F) WHKLLD/view Aishwarya S (4 D) 0jKeVrflP/view Aliya Batool (6 W) bn5Gb9xFF2MH_sTTAGtgnL/view Avyukth Anand (3 D) byuXHPCb/view Kalai Krishnan (6 U) vbn5eyJn_CjkBxEE4/view Hannah Elizabeth (6 B) 3bydZkmaha0bBbX/view Nawal (KG2 O) hy6fnHvrgGBJt5XOPjm3bGu4Kavc/view Zunairah Haq (KG1 M) /view Nooriyah (KG2 J) E1m6Fnz/view Keziah (6 F) Scratch Project by- Khadija (4 G) TIR7icBy6F/view Yusra Ibrar (7 I)

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