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Cocoin Investors Discuss Suggestions About the Future Use of Dev Wallet Funds

Published by francis, 2021-08-05 04:16:21

Description: The COCOIN project has developed a wholly community-owned and controlled platform, and coin holders have been coming up with some wildly unique ways about how they would like to see the 60 trillion in tokens contained in their developer wallet used after August 2021.

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Cocoin Investors Discuss Suggestions About the Future Use of Dev Wallet Funds

A few weeks ago, when Cocoin or COCO was launched by a team of 4 publicly vetted developers from the Netherlands, there was a lot of excitement in the air in the Cocoin community chatroom called \" $COCO Community Official \" in Telegram. The developers believe that holders of the token should play a big part in the company's future, saying, \"We're in this together,\" Cocoin is genuinely a community-driven coin of \"The people.\" A deflationary currency with no way but up.

The Entire COCO Community Suggests Future Plans of Cocoin Following the Cocoin Roadmap, coin holders suggested some fascinating and innovative ideas in the last few weeks. How about a Coco energy drink? Or as proposed in the telegram group by a few community members, the purchase of a private island that will be exclusively for the use of Cocoin holders that hold over a yet to be decided number of tokens? These are all exciting future decisions yet to be hashed out.

The Cocoin project recently started on 23rd June 2021. Cocoin became the topic of discussion among some leading industry analysts.

They said, \"The Coco community is insane.\" They go on to describe one of their founders, Jessica as a \"Top-line digital marketer\" and finished their review telling their YouTube followers, \"Check out coco guys, coco is insane.\" You may see the video by clicking here. At the 2021 bitcoin conference, the boys spoke with Alex Mashinsky, \"Entrepreneur & CEO of Celsius Network,\" he was filmed saying, \"I need to give these guys credit, who's educating the community and caring for you guys out there? these guys!\" speaking about the Up Next Crypto boys.

It is always recommended that everyone does their own research with any project and this writer is certainly not a financial advisor, but the progress being made with Cocoin right now is amazing and it is anticipated that great things will come. A link to purchasing the coin may be found here ! Let's see if $COCO really does go \"Loco\".

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