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Get The Best VA Social Media Support, Invoicing & Email Writing In Penrith, NSW

Published by francis, 2021-07-13 12:04:22

Description: Virtual assistant providers Kaya Services (+61-435-354-488) have launched updated content writing services for busy professionals through their outsourced administrative platform. More details can be found here

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Get The Best VA Social Media Support, Invoicing & Email Writing In Penrith, NSW

If you're struggling to find enough time in your working day to respond to emails, write blogs or prepare presentations, give the team at Kaya Services a call today to get your very own virtual assistant! Increase your productivity and make time for the things that really matter with a virtual assistant from Kaya Services.

Kaya offer you a streamlined, outsourced solution to the demands of modern business by attending to all your daily administrative online tasks According to an article by Lead Grow Develop, virtual assistants can save companies up to 78% compared to the costs of hiring a full-time employee.

Kaya Services virtual assistants can create presentations, issue and chase invoices, field general enquiries, look after data entry tasks, curate and update social media accounts, provide research and also prepare proposals. The company offer a 30 day trial of their services at a reduced rate to ensure their team is the right fit for your needs.

Part-time services start from $70 per week and include a client success manager and monthly reporting. Kaya Services was founded in 2017 by two Australian- Filipinos with a background in technology and the tertiary education sector.

A spokesperson says, \"Kaya aims to help business owners maximise their time and improve efficiency by outsourcing operational and day-to-day activities.\" If you need an assistant for your business but your budget won't stretch to a full-time PA, save time, money and accelerate your productivity with a VA from Kaya Services today!

Go to for more details.

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