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Westchase, TX Best Family Dentist Offers Affordable Dental Crown Services

Published by francis, 2021-09-10 18:10:57

Description: Houston, TX - Dentist 101 announces its updated dental crown services for residents in Westchase. Led by Dr. Jessica Su, the dental clinic takes pride in its budget-friendly packages that always put the patients first. Learn more at

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Westchase, TX Best Family Dentist Offers Affordable Dental Crown Services

Our dental clinic, Dentist 101, is proud to offer strengthened dental crown offerings that solidify our commitment to provide high-quality care at affordable prices.

Led by the beautiful and talented Dr. Jessica Su, our team understands the “terrors” of visiting the dentist That’s why our team uses only the latest state-of-the- art equipment to hasten the processes and reduce any pain felt during any operation.

Dental crowns are affordable solutions to chipped or cracked teeth.  These coverings, which are usually made from porcelain or ceramic, are placed on top of damaged teeth to protect and restore their shape. 

Dental crowns are not to be mistaken for dental implants which are used to replace missing teeth. 

With dental implants, an artificial \"root\" is made on the jaw bone so that we can screw it with your replacement teeth. Compared to dental crowns, dental implants typically take more time to make and fasten.

 Dr. Su also notes that not all patients are eligible for dental implants. 

To comply with current health guidelines to limit physical gatherings, we encourage you to call us beforehand to schedule your appointment.  We accept most PPO and Medicaid. 

Go to westchase.html to learn more.

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