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Ambient Sounds YouTube Channel Has The Meditation Videos You Need In One Place

Published by francis, 2021-07-06 06:41:26

Description: Magic Mind Meditation has released a video titled Rain and Thunder Sounds for Sleeping. The hour-long ambient soundtrack with a black screen helps induce deep sleep through nature sounds. Get the media at

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Ambient Sounds YouTube Channel Has The Meditation Videos You Need In One Place

Here's a great way to improve sleep at no cost: Magic Mind Meditation has posted a new soundtrack featuring heavy rain and thunderstorms. The hour-long video with a black screen can lull you into deep sleep or tranquil meditation.

The black video limits visual distraction to quiet the mind. Research shows that nature sounds induce a focus on external influences, which calm the brain, in contrast to an inward focus associated with stress.

Good sleep is as important to your health and diet and exercise. Sleep helps improve concentration and productivity. Your immune function may also get a boost from better sleep patterns.

The Magic Mind Meditation YouTube channel features an extensive library of videos synced with holistic wellness soundtracks. Magic Mind Meditation offers several types of audiovisual content for relaxation, meditation, rest, sleep and wellness. Playlists include affirmations, healing waves, meditation and visualization, binaural beats, pure notes and Solfeggio frequencies.

The variety of soundtracks can help you relax, meditate, and sleep by streaming music, sounds and frequencies linked with mental, physical and spiritual healing. The videos on Magic Mind Meditation also include river sounds, alpha waves, health- tuned frequencies, transcendental meditation tracks, music for studying, and for hypnotic pain relief.

Go to the link in the description for Magic Mind Meditation soundscapes.

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