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Get The All-In-One Automatic Car Wash System That Offers Eco-Friendly Options

Published by francis, 2021-10-27 19:59:44

Description: Are you tired of all those “make money while you sleep” promotions? Well, if you’re looking for a really profitable business to invest in, this automatic car wash technology from North Carolina-based AUTEC (800-438-3028), is worth a look. Learn more at

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Get The All-In-One Automatic Car Wash System That Offers Eco-Friendly Options

You only need 1/3 of an acre of land available, and you could be offering customers an automatic car wash system like none they have used before. The InBay Express combines both touch-free and soft-touch technology, meaning that even car wash connoisseurs will be satisfied.

AUTEC has crammed so much into this system that they now call it an all-in-one solution. A major benefit of the updated InBay Express is its ease of use.

The ability for your customers to pay, wash, and dry their vehicle at any time of the day is a well-known advantage of automatic systems. The robust construction and internal lighting also provide your clients with a greater sense of security at night, which can generate addition returns.

Having the ability to wash 25- 30 vehicles per hour, the solution also provides you with a significant return on investment. AUTEC reports that real- world customers achieve an average of over 6,500 washes per month, so we’re talking real money here.

Founded in 1981, AUTEC continues to innovate in areas such as wash quality, durable construction materials, and eco-friendly options. The company’s North Carolina headquarters includes marketing, research and development, engineering, and comprehensive manufacturing operations.

Click on https://autec- so you can learn more!

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