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Award-Winning Marketing Expert Offers Online Veterinary Directory And Job Board

Published by francis, 2021-07-23 20:05:43

Description: GeniusVets has announced that its co-founder David Hall has become a Forbes Agency Council member and been named one of MARsum's “Top 100 Marketing & Advertising Influencers” for 2021. Go to for more details.

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Award-Winning Marketing Expert Offers Online Veterinary Directory And Job Board

If you are a veterinarian trying to grow your practice, or a pet owner concerned about your pet's health, GeniusVets can help! Its online platform provides educational resources, a directory of quality veterinary clinics across the USA, and marketing tools to help veterinary businesses increase their online exposure.

The company has announced that its co-founder David Hall was named one of the “Top 100 Marketing & Advertising Influencers” for 2021 by the MARsum global marketing and retail conference. In addition, Hall has been invited to join Forbes' prestigious “Agency Council” for leaders in the marketing field.

GeniusVets helps small veterinary practices improve their online presence. Over 36,000 veterinarians in the USA that have been given full-page profiles on the GeniusVets searchable veterinary directory. The website also features a nationwide veterinary job board and complimentary HR resources to support independent veterinary clinics.

A veterinary marketing study showed that within the first year of using GeniusVets' program the average client's website traffic increased by 511%. Clients also saw a 7,805% increase in page 1 Google rankings, and received 229% more phone calls. The study also highlighted that GeniusVets' client websites outperformed its competitors' client websites by more than 30%.

In addition to helping veterinary businesses, GeniusVets provides pet owners with a way to search for local veterinarians, and publishes a wealth of resources about pet health. Thanks to Hall's skill and dedication, GeniusVets is able to deliver high-performance veterinary websites, marketing strategies, tools, content, and services.

If you need to increase traffic to your veterinary clinic's website, take advantage of GeniusVets' marketing webinars, articles, and searchable directory. David Hall has won all those advertising honors for a reason!

Click the link in the description to find out more!

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