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Travel Suppliers In UAE & Saudi Arabia Can Boost Visibility With B2B Platform

Published by francis, 2021-09-30 11:22:42

Description: Connecting Travel, a new business-to-business travel news network focused on the Middle East, has expanded its reach into more of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations. Go to to find out more.

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Travel Suppliers In UAE & Saudi Arabia Can Boost Visibility With B2B Platform

After a lull in tourism due to the global pandemic, the Middle Eastern travel market is set to boom more than ever. Make sure you’re well positioned to profit from this growth by forging a partnership with the region’s fastest growing online travel hub. Following a successful launch in May this year, Connecting Travel is expanding its focus and is now offering content and business partnerships to clients across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait and India.

The launch of their market growth project coincides with the global return to travel post Covid-19. It also aligns with the latest figures from Statista, which indicate that travel in the Middle East is anticipated to double in dollar terms by 2028 to a significant US$486.1 billion. As the Middle Eastern travel market continues to grow, Connecting Travel wants to assist your company to connect with a wider audience and thus increase your sales and profits. 

By using a simple, cost-effective platform, the company helps you to easily reach and influence key buyers.  Since its launch, the Connecting Travel platform has provided an emergent readership of industry professionals and interested travellers with travel news, deals and tips articles in which your company can star. 

The platform has capitalized on a key area which was previously lacking in the GCC tourism industry, the provision of engaging, informative and industry-promoting journalistic-style content.  They have reported a consistent month- on-month increase in web traffic and are expected to reach 1 million visitors and page views by the end of their first full year of operation.

Catering to potential tourists and investors both within and outside the region, Connecting Travel will promote your company to all markets. It also creates a seamless ‘shop window’ for your firm and facilitates the growth of the GCC market share for international suppliers.  The site is available to all readers without a paywall in both English and Arabic. 

Connecting Travel is a subsidiary of the long-established Jacobs Media Group, chaired by Clive Jacobs. The platform is continuing its expansion into more Middle Eastern markets, including the coveted cruise market, thanks to a first-of-its-kind partnership with CLIA. A spokesperson for the company said, “We entered the market as we felt the Middle East region needed the quality of journalism and trusted content we have been providing since our launch in May, and our disproportionate traffic growth against established players in the market backs up these views.”

Go to to find out more.

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