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Home Explore Nutritionist Invites You To Join New Wellness Community To Create Sustainable Health Habits

Nutritionist Invites You To Join New Wellness Community To Create Sustainable Health Habits

Published by francis, 2021-10-26 18:44:07

Description: Nina Lane Wellness and Nutrition (306-518-7525) invites people from all over to join its new wellness community. The group offers an encouraging environment where members can learn from Nina Lane and learn how to optimize their well-being one step at a time.

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Saskatoon Nutritionist invites you to join new online wellness community.

The newly launched wellness community at Nina Lane Wellness and Nutrition addresses the gap in the market for a compassionate and goal-driven health society. The community was made to help individuals create sustainable health by optimizing their daily habits Members of the exclusive group will immediately have access to various resources and tools to jumpstart their health journey, including focused nutritional coaching.

Moderated by me, Nina Lane, NTP, MSc, the Next-Level Wellness Community connects like-minded individuals towards a healthier body and mind. Do you know that many people remain unaware of the connection between physical nutrition and psychological well-being? By strengthening the former, you protect the latter, consequently experiencing overall health!

In the community, I explain how having a healthy gut is one area that impacts one's overall functional wellness. In fact, a US National Library of Medicine article explained that taking care of your gut health can offer therapeutic benefits to one’s mental health. Emerging medical data supports this and identifies healthy gut function has been linked to a normal central nervous system, which experts call the gut-brain axis.

This is a more affordable alternative compared to expensive pharmaceutical drugs. With nutrition counseling, I help you to improve your health, reduce your dependency on medication and empower you to take control of your life.

I created the new wellness society to demystify certain perceptions on nutrition and wellness. Through the Next-Level Community, you can explore and learn from various experts on living a better life by embracing healthy habits.

Go to https://www.ninalanewel to learn more.

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