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Get Your Personalized Merch Website Fast With This E-Commerce Software Solution

Published by francis, 2021-05-28 21:41:57

Description: BestBrandMerch, based in Spruce Grove, Alberta, now provides small businesses and social media influencers with pre-loaded, branded merchandise websites that come with a range of new features. Go to for more information!

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Get Your Personalized Merch Website Fast With This E-Commerce Software Solution

Do you want to add branded merchandise to your small business or social media channel? Discover the amazing ready-to-go service that provides you with professional e-commerce websites. Spruce Grove, Alberta-based provider of branded merchandising services BestBrandMerch has launched an updated range of ready-made, personalized web-store solutions for clients across Canada and the US.

Branded merchandising has seen a resurgence in recent years, owing to its popularity among social media influencers and small businesses. One study reported that the top 20 YouTube merchandise sellers made combined $29.9 million in sales in 2019.

The updated service from BestBrandMerch is designed to provide a turnkey solution for your small businesses or social media channels. It provides you with affordable, professional web-stores that contain powerful features not available from other providers.

The most noteworthy of the new features is the company’s proprietary GrooveKart (TM) platform. The software is included with all packages and allows you full control over your new e- commerce site. Some functions that GrooveKart (TM) provides you with include varying the size and colors of products, categorizing products, sales analytics and reporting, customer look-up, shipping features, and a built-in support desk.

Businesses and influencers who wish to use the new service can choose from 3 available packages: starter, professional, or corporate. Each package provides you with access to the powerful new features, but differs in terms of merchandising products available for sale.

Go to https://bestbrandmerch.c om/index for more information!

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